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Hate Copyright
Books and
Easter Garfcs
Che Siejre of Lady Resolute" by Harris Diekson, tf QQ
author of the "Black Wolf's Breed. P'Jy
'Tie Methods of Lady Walderhurst" by Fracis Hodgson
Jurnett, author of "The Making of a Marchiones" 1 OC
"Lady of Quality" and Little Lord Fauntleroy.1' S"-
1ESTER BLAIR" by William Henry Carson. t 30
This is the sweetest love story ever told. , t
IF I WERE KING," a romantic novel by Juttin f 'IQ
HunOy McCarthy. Twenty-four illustrations. Ply
; Virginia Romance by MISS MARY JOHNSTON, author
To Have and To Hold." This book will outsell anything
. Johnston has ever written. Regular price $1.50. Our
e $1.25
,'e have a very select line of Easter Cards in all shapes and
3 now on sale. All Mail Orders have prompt attention.
Book Sellers, and Stationers,
Washington Avenue, - - Telephone No. 490
x..Greenvil!c MississiDDi.... -5K
The Social Whirl
!! Parties. Hecevthns. Visitors, Ed. , ,
nrlza. a handsome Ta.ee. and Mrs. L.
I). Weiss won tbe consolation, a French
Anion it tbe guests were Mesdames
Fasa.Frankle.I Heilbron, D. Leyser, F,
F.hrlich, U. Livingston, L. Fletcher,
Wm. Iseobera, 80I Isenberg- and Sam
Isenberg; Misses Bertha Fletcher, Lil
ly Marshall, Helen Moyse, 1'euri Him'
moot and Stella Newman.
undry and Machine Works.
Li "Hi
g, any lengths, test In the market at Memphis prices
Send yoor Gin Saws If they need sharpening to
WALL'S FOUNDRY, Greenville, Miss.
(0 j
Headquarters forS
Sagging and Tics.
702, 704, 706 Washington Avenue.
Cheap, Medium or High Priced.
They axe Beauties. ;
To Buy or Mend, ' '
vt ' There is no Better.
Retail or Wholesale Yoo Want to Boy
. Greenville, Miss-
Mmiii. W. n. Nemit and Guv Hll-
lin returned from a oriel visit to Mem
phis 00 Sunday.
Mrs. Green Clay, Of Lamont, was the
fuest 01 Mrs. Eugene l ay ior a lew
ays since.
Mr. U. S. Mathews, of Avon, was a
recent Greenville visitor.
Mr. and Mrs. Blum have , returned
from a visit to relatires In Baton
Rouge and New Orleans.
Mr. John T. Green paid a visit to
Birmingham recently.
Mrs. D. A. Love, wno naa been tne
truest of Mrs. JC. R. Wortham, has re
turned to her home near Wilczinskl.
Mrs. A . B. Nance, who has been
auite ill recently with a severe attack
of the grippe, has rone to reouperate
In Lelaod, where sue it tne guest 01
Mrs. Feltus.
Mrs. Reuter left recently with her
small daughter for Texas, after having
Deen the guest 01 Mrs. ueo. naunu ior
several weeks.
Miss Katherine Hemingway, who
has beea the guest of Miss Eleanor
Stone, has returned to her borne in
Judre Klmbrouffh, of Greenwood,
spent the past week in Greenville.
Gov. A. H. LoDsrino. of Jackson, at
tended the lecture delivered here by
Mr. Mike Connolly, of Memphis, and
tbe banquet given by the Elks in Mr.
Connolly's honor on Wednesday night.
Mrs. W. H Neal is at home after a
pleasant visit to friends In fcempbls.
Mr. C. H. Starling has moved with
his family into their handsome new
home in the southern suburbs of this
Mr. John McGuire, of Glen Allen,
was a visitor here during the week.
Mr. A. G. Paxton. of Hollandale,
was a this week's visitor la Greenville.
Mrs. Louise Hider and Mrs. J.
Vaughn have returned from a visit of
several weeks to relatives In Rodney.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Campbell, of La
mont, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.
H. Starling on Sunday,
Mrs. Eugene Miller, of South Caro
lina, who is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Hood, at Magenta, was
the guest of Greenville relatives this
Mr. G. Damerson came from his
home on Sunflower river and paid this
city a visit on Thursday.
Major and Mrs. J. B. Kemp will be
located at the Avenue Hotel after
April 1st.
Mr. Gist, of New Castle, Ky., arri ved
this week wvisit his daughters, Mrs,
Wm. Bell and Miss Mary Gist.
Miss Mabel Smith is the guest of
Mrs. Jayne on Broadway.
MIbs Lady D Shelton will leave In a
few days to visit irienas in iviempum.
Mrs. E. Sharkey, of Eetuge, was
visitor here early in the week.
Miss Prudence Chinn, of Frankfort,
V v.. was the truest of Mrs. G. M. Helm
early in the week -and is at present vis
iting Miss Katie jonnson.
Misses Carrie and Shirley Hart, of
New Orleans, are guests of their moth'
er, Mrs. Qulncy Ewing.
Mr. Rosa Walker, who has been the
guest of Mrs. Oracia waiton ana jura.
K. W. THford, left on Wednesday for
her home in St. Louis, accompanied
by Mrs. Walton, who will be absent some
MUsEUa Javne. a vivacious and
nnmilar Greenville belle, Is the guest
of our fair young friend, Miss Fannie
MoLemore. OreenwooQ enterprise. ,
Miss McPike, after spending several
months with her sister, Mrs. Kaigler,
has returned'to her home in St. Joseph,
Mra. P. Mozlnskv has issued invita
tions to the marriage of her daughter,
Annie, tc Mr. J. C. Radgeaky, which
will take place at tne xempie neurew
Union on Tuesday evening, April
eighth at seven o'clock.
Another little. son. has been added to
the family of Mr.- and Mrs. Harvey
The progamme for the May Day fete
is developing in a most Interesting
fashion. The following is the stand
ing of the vote for May Queen:
Miss Dora Atterbury 9
" Helen Moyse 4
" Belle Barkley 45
" Susie Neitus . ... .6
" Lavinla Dabnev 4
" Susie McCutchen 2
" Bertha Waldauer 4
" Sarah Stone Walker. . . 3
" Annie May Magrruder 2
" Beulah Frarikel 6
" Essie Schlestnger 2
" Claudle Schlesingor 1
" CeliaQulnn 1
" Carrie Bell Negus I
" Lizzie Harbison . . 1
" Grace Everman ....1
" Pearl Fisher. ...... . .11
The following entries for the flower
parade have been made:
Two horse vehicles: Goyer Co.,
Crouch & Melsner, Messrs. Duskas,
Morrjg Rosenstock; Mesdames Edmund
Taylor, Henry Crittenden '
One horse vehicles: Messrs. Butler,
Gilham, G. F. Archer, Gilkey, Dr. J.
D. Smyth; Mesdames W. G. Phelps,
W. A. Everman, J. H. Wynn, L. V.
Out riders: Messrs. Harry Fer
guson, Gannett Love, Robert Wjnn,
and Dr. Emmett Smytue.
Bicycle; Misses Adeline Harvey and
Ann Thomas.
Shetland Ponies: Mr. Morris Ros
enthal!, Mrs. Scruggs, Master Wm.
Baby carriages: Mesdames Edmund
Tavlor. Van B. Boddlo and J. Wyche.
The manv beautiful prizes will be
displayed in one of Mr. Chas. Hatter's
windows on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walton Shields
the parents of a little daughter.
:::g iij your job .uoan
Mrs. Geo. G. Johnson will entertain
the Cinch Club on Weduesday, , April
the ninth.
Mrs. Alfred H. Stone has issued In
vitations to a card party to be given on
Tuesday afternoon, the eighth -of
ADril. at one o Clock, in nonor 01 fcne
Sans Soucl Club. . '
A pretty card party was given In
Greonwood on Tuesday afternoon by
Mrs. Charles Johnson and Mrs. Charles
Gillespie, complimentary to Miss Ella
Jayne of Greenville, and Miss Mc
Clurg, of Jackson.
Interesting Easter services are to be
held for the children tomorrow after
noon at the Episcopal and Methodist
churches. ' ' j
The Mississippi Division of the Con
federate veterans has chosen Miss Mai
Soott, the beautiful daughter of Mr.
Charles Scott, of Rosedale, for sponsor
and Miss Mary L. Sykes, of Aberdeen,
for maid of honor at the Confederate
reunion to be held at Dallas, Texas.
Misses "Edna and Camilla Goldstein
and Sadie Witt were the charming
hostesses al an evening party on
Thursday, given In honor of Miss Stel
la Newman, of Helena, and Dr. Brill.
A number of selections, both In in
strumental and vocal music, were en
joyed, and a daintily prepared supper
was served, the effective table decora
tions being of white and purple violeu.
The guesta were Miss Newman, Miss
Helen Movse. Dr. Brill, Mr. Bergman,
Mr. Nat "Isenberg and Mr. Ferdie
Moyse. -
On Wednesday the Wednesday Aft
ernoon Club was delightfully enter
tained by Miss Annie Mozinsky.
An Interesting game of progressive
euchre was played, the score cards be
ing ornamented with sketches of Gib
son figures, and the tempting refresh
ments were prettily served.
Miss Bertha Fletcher won the first
Fun for Everybody.
Don't forget the day and date of the
ooming Grand Bazar and Duoh Luuch,
from 11 a. m. to 3 p. m., given by the
ladies of the Jewish congregation at
the Opera House, Thursday, April 3rd
from 8 to 11 p. m. There will be fun
for everybody, young and old. The
voting for the most popular child In
Washington county will then take
place. Prize, a handsome Angora
uoat. wacron and harness. The ballot
tickets can be purchased at Clark's
drug store.
New Books.
. "The Role of the Unconquered."
"Lespidus, the Centurion."
"Biegeof Lady Resolute."
"If I Were King."
"Leopard's Spots."
"Silent Pioneer."
"Surprises of An Empty Hotel."
"Bolanyo" By Ople Read.
"Kim'! By Rudyard Kipling.
"Thrall of Leif the Lucky."
A new line of of paper novels. All
the April magazines at
Judge Larkin sustained the lnjimc
tion filed by Mr. Percy Bell against
the using of the sewerage pump In
front of bis residence on Alexander
street. '
Madam Francis, the clairvoyant, is
still In the city, and Is kept busy by
our people having their past, present,
and future recalled.
Don't forget the day and
date, Thof sday, April 3rd,
of the Jewish Ladies' grand
Bazaar. And' don't forget
to vote for the most popular
child in the county. Ballot
tickets can he purchased at
Clarke's Drug Stare.
der sad by virtue of the authority conferred
upon me In a certain trust deed executed
by Lula R. Prince to me as trustee for
Patrick H. Jameson, dated the 31st day of
July, 1895. recorded the 31st day of July,
1895, in the office .of the Clerk of the
Chancery Court. In Washington county,
State of Mississippi, default having been
mod in payment of .the notes, and the In
debtedness secured by said trust deed, and
having been duly requested to make sale
of the real estate conveyed to me in said
trust deed. In order to pay the said Indebt
edness, I will on
VredBwdar, tbe 3d dy of April, lSO.
at the principal door of the courthouse In
the town of Greenville, In the county of
Washington, State of Mississippi, between
the hours of 10 a. m and 4 p. m offer
for sale to the highest bidder for cash the
following described real estate: Lot 1 In
section 19 and part of lot 2 In section 10,
bounded as follows: Beginning at the
half-mile stake between sections 19 and 24
In township 14, range 9 west; thence run
ning west with the section line 26:43 chains
to Lake Jackson; thence. "with the Lake
north 29 degrees, west 22.50 chains, to
the mouth of the bayou ; thepce east 3T.34
chains. Intersecting the- east boundary of
said lot ; thence south 19.83 chains to
beginning, , being all of said section 19
except 44 acres. All ef section 24. Also
lota 1, 2, 8, 4, 5 and 6 In section 25 ; also
lots 1, 8, 4 and 6 In section 26; also
1, 1 t, 4. S and T la section 27 ; also
west half of northwest quarter of section
28 ; all In township 14 north, range 9 west ;
con tain log 2188 acres, more or less, and
being what Is known as the Prince planta
tion, situated In the county of Washington,
State of Mississippi. All .rights to valua
tion or appraisement of said real estate,
nil rights of exemption, homestead and
dower, and all rights of redemption have
been waived and conveyed In said trust
deed, and the undersigned as trustee will
sell said real estate tree of all such rights
or Interests. Said sale will be-made with
out warranty of title. Any party to whom
said property, or any portion thereof, may
be struck off. nnet at once deposit In cash
one-tenth of tbe sum bid. otherwise the
bid will be disregarded and the property
at once reoffend.
MI-4CT Joum M. Jvmi. Trustee.
IT is bound lo he seta. You have been
- holding on to thai old threadbare suit all
winter, because you could cover it with an
overcoat. But vou can't do it any longer.
A few warm days like this will send that
: overcoat to the wardrobe, and, my dear fel
' low, that shiny, threadbare , bullonless and
shabby suilwillbe exposed. But nevermind,
, we can help you out in fine shape for $10,
$15 or $20. A top-nolcher for $25. If
your Spring Suit comes from here, it will
be right. . . . .
WJc"- -.
The Charter of Incorporation of tbe
.Glen Allen Cotton Oil Company.
1. Be It known by this charter or incorpora
tion that C. P. Rlchsrdson, P. L Mann, Chas.
MoOlnnis, R. V.Uaraer, B. S. Wheatley and
II. A. Mullally. and snch other persons ss may
become asuouiuted with them, bo, and they
are hereby constituted a body uolitio and cor
porate under the uame and style of the tihus
Alls L ottoit Oil Compamt, and as such may
contract and be contracted with, sue and be
sued, plead and bo Impleaded In all the oimrt
of law and equity in this stats; may have a
common seal und alter the same at pleasure;
mayjiold real and personal property, ac
quire and sell the same; make by-lawn, end
do any and all acts which corporate bodies may
do not violative of the laws of this state.
t, Tho domicile of said corporation shall be
In Washington County, (Mississippi, and Its
principal place of business in or near Olen Al
len, In said county and state,
8. The nature of the business, and tbe ob
ject and purposes proposed to be transaeted,
promoted and carried on, are to do any or all
of the things herein mentioned, as .fully and
to the oame extent as natural persons might
or could do ;lprlocipal, agent, contractor,
trustee, or otherwise, either alone or in com
pany with others, and in any part of the world,
To erect, on, maintain and operate a mill
or plant for the pnrpose of manufacturing
crude cotton seed oil, and all kinds of by
products from cotton seed; to erect, own,
maintain and operate a mill for said pnrpose,
and also lor the purpose of refining eolton
seed oil and other oils, and lo buy and sell
cotton seed, cotton seed oil, cotton seed meal,
hulls eake, etc, and to purchase, lease, main
tain own and operate tank lines and tank
ear, and steamboats for the purpose of trans
porting its raw material and manufactured
nroduots. and to do all business appertaining
or incidental thereto, with the right to make
legal and proper charges ior storing, handling
and rellnlng oils, and for the uee and hire or
Its cars and steamboats in the transput t ition
of same..
And said corporation is hereby granted all
snch rights and powers as are enumerated in
and conferred by Chap, m of the Annotated
Code of Miaslsaippi of 18112 upon corporations.
And in furtherance, and not in limitation of
the general powers oonfe:red by said Chapter
upon corporations, it is expressly provided
that this corporation shall also hare the fol
lowing powers:
To purchase, take, own, hold, mortgage,
or otherwise lien, lease, sell, exchange, trans
feror in any manner whatever dispose of real
property wherever situated, In so far aa may
be necessary or convenient In the conduct of
its business.
To manufacture, purchase or acquire, in any
lawful manner, and to hold, own, mortgage,
pledge, sell, transfer, or in any manner dis
pose of, and to deal and trade in goods, wares
merchandise, anil property of every class and
description, so far as the same may be neces
sary or convenient in carrying on its busnV .
4. The booksfor subscription to the oeplt il
stock of this coiporstlon may be opened and
aaid corporation organised whenever SIK.OOO of
the capital stock shall have been subscribed,
and the Urst meeting of the stockholders shall
be held either at Greenville, Mississippi, or at
qien Allen, after this charter has been legally
approved, and upon wTitten notice to the In
corporators herein named, signed by one or
more of them, suoh notice Axing the time and
place of such meeting, such meeting to be held
not less than three days after the issuance of
anch notice, and when assembled the meeting
shall pi-ociwt to organize the corporation in
accordance with tbe provisions of this charter,
fixing such time and place for stockholders
meetings as may be deemed advisable, and de
termining the manner In which the business
of the corporation shall be conducted j
5. The President or any three stockholders
may call a special meeting of the stockholders
at any time by mailing five days' notice to all
. The capital stock of said corporation shall
be Fifty Thousand Dollars, which may be in
creased or diminished by a vote of the major
ity In Interest of the stockholders, such In
crease or decrease to be in form of an amend
ment to tbe charter.as provided for in Section
884, of the Annotated Code of Mississippi, per
mitting amendments to charters, and said cap
ital stock shall be divided into shares of the
value of 1100.00 each.
7. This corporation shall have the right of
succession for a period of nfty yean, aaless
sooner placed In voluntary liquidation and
dissolved by the acts of Its stockholders, ow
ing at least a majority of all the stock, or
otherwise dissolved by authority of law.
ifTjp P' i''0''t't ( l'a lg40rt44,&tlfM0?''j0&'al "ssse" "sH" sW :
Gtytonf Sheared & Co,
. Have Just received a large lot cf
....( t
W w bTsi -owmib sfsa
m u
These mules are just out of work, and while youn, are
thoroughly "broken," and need homes.
Several nice Saddle and Ham:
Horses are also en hand
i Call on Jim Hotsell who hinchzt'-
and lie will do thz rest.
V Walnut Street, Near Southern Depot.
jj Greenville, - Llizzz'izz't.
5seV 5? s"'"' wV1,,W,w'sV',,a1,,W', "Hfc''b -Tin' "B Tagjn,, ,- -Bs
' .:.
( ?
5. ;t
I '
tloluSalG & Z "J
Ear Cora fl SPECIALTY. Vfe fsr
Prices. Delivered your Depot Carload Ldr.
Lockjaw From Cobwebs.
Cobwebs pnt on a cut lately gave a woman
lockjaw. M illioas know that the best thing to
pat on a eat la Bncklea's Arnica Balv, the la
fallible healer of Wounds, Ulcers, Sores, kla
Eruptions. Barns, Scalds sad Piles. It euros
or no pay. Only Be at A. B. Flnlay Co's
drug store.
Great Slaughter of Goods
Archer's Book Store,
Goods must be sold regardless of cost, on account of re
moval. ' Besides the reduction of prices, every purchaicr
of 50 cents worth of goods wiil be given a ticket for the
prize lot which will be given away; or a ticket for the ! '
doll which will be given away. '
Prices are Better than Ri!:t
Archer's Book Store has recently opened a Rc;,i 1.
Department. You can buy
Lots of all Descriptions
Lots Large ones on Broadway. Lots L
ones on Theoliald. Lots on Johnson Ki t-' '.
street- Lota on Walnut et -"ft. Lots on ' '
in Davie Addition, known i. , i"i)1v :.-( 1
Archer's New Addition. Lots m L,v ',
of land, lota of Gravel lots of Loot . (
toys, lots of other things for cvh fit.

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