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TOE ;:llEMmlE
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NO. 9.
TO OUR READERSi In Baying Or Selling From Out Advertisers Please Mention THE GREENVILLE
IMMWamI ujO ax vU., i
itracfiue llmas Goods at lost Attractiuo mm
Made Doubly Attractive by Our Determination to make a Clean Sveep by
. Christmas Eve of Everything in the way of
Tons. U
rinods of a holiday nature, To.that end we beganhe season by -IM G2&
?S "evervbefore known here and now
of not hinjy j7aited on during the week, .
ooilonuare, Fine BooksfF ancy Goods,
Holme Sc Corripsiry
Gtfeenviilee Mississippi
. .. - rjwvAvyvn if
"v?$$ -. -
one r ' JAS. K. vauamji i
;fpi ooxtou es Cuba.-
formation. conrernlBg th
, i-aditions, ad custom of
r.atry, or. ay intelligji."t8
t th Boil, Jt productive
i and its -mineralogio etato,
r ry interesting . sd instruo
, g matter to erery. on, -h
the oonrtesy of Mr. Cliaa.M.
S one of. Qr moat enteemed
we are'etabled to giro pur
' - a few inside glimpses of
on drfwa' In tim. Island
uie letters lie hatr re-
i .parties there. These
; will (rore of nunsnal interest
;.I,i!iU;i of thi section, and to
? who make cotton raising and
tluur roeaiiB of Jlivelihood. Ei-
to are Deing maae niero wit"
;;i cottonseed and the results i
s avalted with interest. Many
ts are brought out in conuec
.', make profitable reading, and
" is Indeed greatly indebted
Villiams for the lettros."' Next
two letter . giTen ht'!v will
'.id by some 'of l r ;te
tonally, if nt Tail
e infonnation, 1 ;
. M; Willialns, . '
I'reMrrille, Miss. " '
.!4ed itu..inst, .received. In
k to aay tliat I shall be . very
i d shall gladly receive your
t ton wed, jo as to give it a
1 here. : - 7 - j
' ar wishes and remarks about
pie of the Se Island grown here which
I should Jika very much for you to
daofi it pr.Jiavo it done by aome, 01
yoar eoUou tiperts, and . pos
sible, , toll.me what such an tusle
or ,-ht to soil for. ', 1 'v
K I will hav your instructions carried
out as to the method and distance of
( -f, ij'g and I trust good resultU ' will
be : ohtoined.; .Would you , ho . kind
enough to tell m which ia the best
gin machine bow in use, the one that
gins u';T'&r,yi ff
there is a special kind of gin used in
giuuiu($ b r
M you are well aware, the grow
i. nn nin linnld he made
or two hours' later; in leaving
MemphWj ThUfypoold make a corres-'
ponding, ifhangn W ? along At, Je
inconveniencJfignio onoi nuu , not
ing passengers toattend to liir busi
ness until me ubiimiuui
a trfan without wiiting a M ofet
time, and the riskWtending expdsuri
: It is not my lnteWoa,iw.do I Joel
that it is not that okOipblie Jo dio
tateto the 'commisiionr but when a
railroad company caVot maintain its
schedule, and the pubfy.who pay for
.. . j tnMnvAHlAiwed there
accomoawiuu w .
by that schedule sliould be ohanged to
meet the publio wants, especially as
1 ah Mail OA1viMI iff
,m,- .v:i 'w MlMissimu's.us at one stroke of his pen not only
X UU UUV WW'wv ' 1 . .. . .
pWhasbeen improved upon. Our """""""Tr
Uw are good- enough. It we ould our property as well, that up to this
!:., nm. ,Thoremf.'t he goi hour not a .ingle cnt as erw
vf V tw ". .r ": ' ' . . . .
some iniprovtuuenut made 1 am 111
favor of any measure which will pro
mote temperance. To eighteen years
Thave been ftghting the liquor devil,
nd I never expect to let an opportun-
atnii for - temperance.
This eounty, Leflore,, when I came to
it eighteen years ago, naa
. ..l.M. mnA t.ht little
nearly every pv-, - -- -- -
town of Greenwood of three .hundred
. ... , "k tarn
pcuj.w, .
a wnn an well aware, ine grow- nic - - 1 ana - :
. ik onlT In it. erperi- neither the railway or mail service or , uh may be
"g?e anl there bS f
'.Li deal to'.uffer any inconveniences therefrom. aget and for . nse. , in
,. "
Herman WilcainsW
study and learn. Old motner ex
perience wilL have to be the teacher,
still I beileve tnat oowra cu -v-.
j n,A,ay.l irrawn herein
cessiuiiy w i""""-j . .
Onba. I am am Louialaaian. raised
m the sugar ana
. . '-1. 4haVa in
little cotton patones no
my section: ' I have Vbut tery little
knowledge and experience in its cul
tivation, etci and this ia my reason
for seeking information.' ; Anything
you can suggest will be very much
appreciated and thankfullly received,
I feel that I have' put: you: into
considearble trouble and some expense
On securing the seed sent, and if you
will only let me know Ae cost I shall
be only too glad to refund y6n the
expenses incurred. . Of;
kindness and attention is -sot and can
. . .-. u 1- nnnuij rest assur-
UOt De repu " r
ishes and remarks about . . T " om.tful to you
..ue of yourlf riends coming .J " preaent it-
to spend the months of Jan-. that 1 can reciprocate,
.tebruary, and at the same 86 thanklng you most heartilj
vour . leisnre mo-1 . - -
9 some of
a linntinsr.
the rural districts, about 23
'" out of Havana where some
t can be "had. ' There are
- J pigeons, partridges, ducks
' '1 guineas, although not
-1 in the district, but very
'a Santa Clar and Puerto
provinces ; t here is, how-
t here a small deer weighing
Stands which is rather plen-
1 think you cou'. i Had enough
" be intereetirsg. '
i to. soon receive the few
?Med,Iam, .
, Tours very tnsty,
. -r'V H. I5. Ouiwt.'W
as. M. Wililams.
Greenville, V
ir: r
'"rday to my flre. .nl,- x-v- 1
'' received. the j . . . f r '
a's ' TJplaud Ootii.ti
' Cached me iu y ' t
1 for -which R.'i . t ; 1
1 hearty thti- "
f lwt incl, - ! :, -1
1 Rlion'.il 1 i .', . .
miililliti mi.' 1 1 ,
-t it sv". '
1 ton ttni!..:,r t ' ' ;
t v , TAmain. dear
m - ,
Tour very truly,
' H. P. Ousset.
' ..-.'n-.'it tha atte
I would respeoiiuiy- .--
.... 'Wanmissiouers,
tion or tne " t. . Btawii-
nf the v so in rtsi" . 1
Its to. Grievance ktht the People)
of Ais di strict endnre,and rromwu.v
they exirince daily V
The scnthbound afternoon train
the T & M. V. railroad robing
tue 1 ... tai schedule, at
Greenville, .
time from one to Are
This cans. tnouu- . ' .j
all along the line from Memphis to
Vi. k-hnrg. to be waiting ; coM
0,H-omfor.hlo stations annus
irtlT;:oca08e of the delay
,- . ,T f..veler, I am constan
: i., I am told the delay of tne
, F on the Illinois Ce
. ,.,rvlVl. tram. train wait
ivr W me, ;
,;, t r the propo
. that inasnin('n
'.. 1 i. i--ftiT8 rf,s"
, , i that the ch 5-
Could hardly express the thanks of
Homer Hall, of West
hT! A severe cold had Settled on
. .aino. a most obstinate
had consumpton, u-. v, -
him- When i rT T,...
doomed he.. began to use
NTDisoovery for Conxion -and
writes-" U oompltely cured me and
weigh. S27
Sk" positively gunteed
tot coughs, colds and Jung trouble
Src d $1.00. Trial bottesf
t B. D. Finlay s. ; :
.'. V nf P. Ltidg
. The Bouanua" ; . , ,
nrjoer Was
terveo.. . ... irs of thu
who was oneoi --". .iei ; ,b4
lodge, attendea u- ,
made ;e oHu-- ,
On Prohibition vs. Local Option A
The evil , of . strong drink is the
greatest curse of he agit has brought
more men in sorrow to the grave,
blighted more promising lives,, filled
the heart with gloom, and adumbrated
wiA Aelmpenetrable clouds of des
hnmea. th all all
other causes, and agencies combined.
AMI HliBBlUH " w ' . " -I DeOPACf 1MU a
b uiMia at iiAHr.iH iiiiD awuvrBim-1 ,a tniMirnnr anu u&Kiuaaw
itilwing waiU o ww, deTiwtation the flghtf and today - Leflore
and ' desolation mark Itt pwnwaj, cQnm u (reer from whiskey tnan ny
county in Mississippi, nothwitnswna-
ins our enormous negiu y.-
.. 1 A tuum iwr.
who by tne way 'f
i oithnr wav on this aues-
miiwu w - -
At the last election more dry
... wniioii in tne city im
votes www - - -
Greenwood, than there were w
votes in tne enure ouhuv- v
work of the people of the county, and
. - i. a.v. Ian fa inn-
they will see to 1 aa
.... a 1 .a. t . vain
held, and their won uu.
. . i.nttTA arood enoush, if
1 repeat, - " . .
. . . , t am.uk than
1 the people win omj .
1 v
: 1 h
any 17 ,ratch,
bruises, cuts, OTTtr , Arnica Salve
Md joints Bc. 8 fof
i, the best m w - eruptions
.,.i.n';i .
s .1 '
T,,eabbeiW Aeor
Uue has been jubscrtbea a
der for the ndeB, mana-
made. HeI"7ii iU' ftrt the
work 01 . ' . jyey of WW
Airty .JTiri. A
jXwVnt the li-
CrK tender .
chemistry alcohol is useful, but as a
beverage it H an unmitigated curse.
t would that the -world could see it
that way. and shun the
tempter. The call for
t,on convention" to be held in Jack
0B oxt February will not be wholly
barren of good results. The purpose
. an malted one.
or tnat cutmiu ,
Splendid men and consecrated women
.1. 4 v.mi at the movement.
Their only hope or amuiw
Htr fellow creature, s
-" ..
The solrit whicli moves tnem is uw
higher form of altruism. I am in
perfectrympathy with the ultimate
results irmv , .
Temrierance. Some people deprecate
nt I Ho not. 1 oeue
- , , ,,,B inter
that every speecu uu
!T , - nd airainst the sa
est Ol nwj,yc" " ' .
1 ' . ! 1 vui frnit. More is
loon wiu . rt
due to dlcsussion-pointing out the
pernicious effects of alcoholic liquors
i the human rtern. ff he
hMts; of our people, than to
rr.v. . counties.
nrotiibltion m i .
of Ae saloon www."
.. 1. . .tontial mt ral senti.
less inera l""" t . .
. . , i. It is for
"TL.-,- ht I always favored lo-
1 .'" . th. tMoole of a
1 "P'00 "f.3 ' fk. aabe
thing certain, - - - ,
ta a noaa v . ,
ilected wno win .
eion, and it will become a byword
ohw, - tj. nr vStein,
Manirham. who lias been
iO.1. vrw'w 0 .
... , 1. A waAbsi wir.h
...1 1 1 MIA 1HJIL XtSTf "WH"
,nmnnia.isnow fully out of danger
. m 1. 1.1 note tliat he IS
in iiuieo rj
on the road to speedy recovery.
beeu iiauueiui,lon fi anie. 1 '0 ti"
Southerner can and donbtiu- docs
appreciate the great intellect 01 air.
Lincoln and the fact further that his
victorious armies and. the deplorable
tlfA HftAth
KUU " "'- v.
constituted much to his immortaliaa-
tion, but we cannot iorge v
. . KlwlahA. heart
jeaxa w wwb. .
aches and inumerabU cruelties perpe
trated upon us as Southern people,
that ; President. .: Lincoln ; sanctlonea
without authority from the constitu-
ilOEU . DV www a -
unduly upon the life of the great dead
.. T v lut hla
statesman, x vj rojn"j
piaure remain north of the Mason
.t, Tiimn line ' and allow all the
space we have to spare for the occu
pancy of those whom we loved such
as Davis, Lamar, waltuaii, , uwtgo,
r-hrt' m Rtnne and a host of others
whose memory and deeds we delight
to reverie and honor, 1 '
Leroy T. Taylor.
lit t I ornnM lotlff CO llftVe
been in my grave, "writes Mrs. S. H.
Newsom, 01 ijwhiui, - - ...
not been for Electric Bitter. For three j yiaited Leland this wenlr.
. 4 M AV.& I
lela:;; 1
' Lt'J,:iiKi,
Kts. W I.,.; .5.
Vrs. J.H.II.x.Ti vi.,. : '
Sunday. .'
Mrs.' C. O. Emtry, f V. iui .
who has ben the go-t of 1 - 1
Best,; has returned to her hoi
': W. O. Aldridge, of Lrilll, w.w i 1
town this week.
Miss Bessie Pheluu,w lio l..k ' -
of themusio clas !.crf,l'ft on T! -day
to spend the holi(U..s at hi r
home in Grenada.
v R. J.'; Mosely, of Areola, wan a
visitor here this wek.
r Miss Cfleo ' Best will have a 1 "
Baker of Lexington, J-ins 1
. . . .- m iat.. rll . .
HmitlJ, ox uonwevuie, i
Clamjwt, Of Wintevrille.
Capt. and Mrs. J. S. McNeil!?, 1
VickHburg, have returned home
a short visit to apt. and Mrs. J. A.
Fetlus. . . .
Mias Addie Long, of the G. P. C.
of Grenada, is at home for lie
holidays. ,
Capt. W. W. Stone, of GreenviHc,
Verona, Miss., Dec. 8, 1902
Kditor Tupelo "ourual:
I notice in the paper, that lircwr
Rowland of the Mississippi Historical
Society, ha. recently requested of Hon.
Bob7iincoln a port.it of hi. distha
guished father, AbrahLinooln,tooc.
py place i tto HaU of Fame with
- r ann and a
Mississippi ww "'."I"-, 'a
triots. Whib? I cheerrwi, -
concede all the greatness and men
r.Mr. Lincoln, I submit a. a citi
0 . .,:,i that under the cir.
aea 01 "'r. ,
oanoe. that such a piooeedurs is
improper, .nut, ef
myjuen. -; a-- ' of
the peop" "' .. -
: y ,,..- t wovlde for the
the iegiii" r-- . .
rfonartment 01 Ar-
maintenance m
not c ontemplate tav
no ueeu iui ioviv
years I suffered untold agony from the
worst tonus 01 ( uiuhotu. -
brash, stomach and bowel oyspepsia.
But tliis excellent medicine did me a
world of good. Siuoe using it I can
. . . . a aw IU
eat heartily and have gainea w w .
For indigestion, loss of appetite, j
stomach, liver and kidney troubles j
Elcetrio Bitters are a poem
Only 60c at B. D. Finlay's. I
. .. ft
"rn. the citT haa been full of
strangers, but their Christmas pur
chase, have been. iuui "v
money. The recent bad weather ha.
put a stop to cotton picking.for which
the colored brother gets his Christm.
monev. -
Mr. Wm. Barret and Medon All i
of Greenville, were the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. 3. A. Garay Sunnily.
Miss Lora Miller, of the I.I. & C.,
r.ir,rr,in arriTwd home Saturday.
' Mrs. J. E. Miliar" and daaghter,
Miss Margarette, have returned iroia
a visit to frientl. in Tupelo.
Mr. W. T.Stovnll and Miss Eirdm
Long were . victiorg to UwW. .-.t
Tuesday. '":
On The Yaaoo & Mississippi Valley
. - Railroad. '. '.; ijj-
all OI m , . t. not o oniemi'" .
are derived from n coin's picture would ever hang on her
overned and we approach nearest tne , gide 0f Jefferosn Davw,
tS w;n we leave vri J Lr and oth.
to the largeat degree..' -
3 heir own local
01 . . .. . -l.on voa. must de
ciaiiy is - nntie8 for
pendupon tne v - --r
the enforcement of the law. The leg
saloon. i . Ae count of Ae
State, but H cannot for Aepeople
of the counties to uphold those laws.
it ha. rerceivea y .
TAry civmicu w"
ons wnom i" i"' . ,
TZi rtate were always proud and
oved to honor. hat did Mr 10,
citizens would want i j.i---memory
and deeds by hanging h.s por
iton the walls of our Hall of
ru27 By violating the constitution
tiven us by our forefathers as a guar
iZ Tor the protionofboth our
Hvesand propretfy. H Xtook fro
ito serv itle sabjeotion and took fro
tiokfita will be
nuiiuAj "'-"
sold for one and one-third fare for the
round trip on trie iouowiug "
December 23. 4, 2, il L wlth
final limit to return Jan. 3rd.
O. B. Racks,
. Ticket Agent.
r v th snat Ere It
1 . t.T,w.w, r. - - v
Throat Specialist, of Union C-.'r, I '
been the guest 01 rs. .rs a et, i
handsome home on Main street..
While here he waa pt bny by I
pie of our city affected with eitr.-.-r
throat or eye d:- , - , t'.t ! ;
no time to call h. a own. O' !' '
domand of hi hor.. v- " '
Wrfcday. rr. I ' 1 1
rrpntation .f f the
eye and thru .t sev i'.. t in t' - 1
el States toduv.
u n A. rv, crowded with
Chritenuw orders, hnt not so crowded
that they cannot take yours. Th- y
have the choi.-est line ji pr. ,
the city ana nen "
turkevs, Ae other, are not .in it. II
you have not plueed your Cl.ritra.o
order ring tl .m tip od g. t the bt.t.
. The police c '
a few csw l"-"'
the temicrui n n
eai'h ditnrlr r.
sliare of ti.e ( '
gnre, n i t' t
be run . rv
c.i'ii' v " n '
r I re
tl.e 1
live 1

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