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The ; Greenville Times
Timet Printing and Publishing Com'y.
r, X
Office on Main SL. Oppotlte Poatoffloe.
, Cambcrlnd Telephone 209
" ill . I I II I" ' T" """" """""" " ' '"" " " ' - "'
IS L " I "
I. X
Entered at the Poetofflce at Green
Tllle, MisaifiHippI, as .Second-Clana
Mail Matter.'
H. T. Crosby, Business M'g'r.
8ATUKDAY, DEO. 27, 1002.
Rates of Subscription
ONE YEAR, cali n
SIX MONTH, rath n
Wo groet you tixluy with tin;" Hap
py New Year" w ish. If it vus in our
power there is not a home in Green
ville, or in the Delta, Imt what wonld
enjoy thin year liiipiiiuiKS, nrusixTity
and plenty ; hut isiuce tc "--n. uot (tivt
i we will ilofhr Jt heat and that
U wish e.eli and everyone a .bright
and glorious New Year. It had been
o,wl intention to make the New Year's
issue of the Times an interesting pa
per, but as our force enjoyed Christ
mas a few days longer then we ex
pected, it prevented ns from doing it.
Bnt next week we expect to present
onr readers with a paper that all will
appreciate, and the only New Year's
resolution we have made is that from
next week, on the Times shall be the
newsiest newspaper in the city.
. s 1903.
What will the harvest be for 1903,
it a qaetsion that the entire world is
asking iUelf. The world has jnst
passed seven years of plenty and it is
redfated that beginning with the
present year the opposite will be ex
perienced for the coming seven years.
This theory may prove trne, but Ve
are nnabU fensee, as far a our retro
, apect extends over the past, or as far
as we can peer ir? irffS future, any
thing to Warrant such a prediction.
. Today there is enough grain and food
y staff in the country to feed the peo
ple for twelve months, if the crop of
1908 should prove a failure the
world over. Money is plentiful and
cheap. The inventive genius of man
is solving the great problems of mo
tive power, light and fuel. New dis
coveries in medical science will bo
given to the world which will insure
health,, longer life and happiness.
Ware , strikes will be settled by arbi
tration. The argicultural schools of
;ir'innth that are turning out thons
rac:.. ... . ... .
- .n.iu.nriv will im
prove the condition of barren lands
by s.-totnatic and scientific fertiliza
tion iiiid cultivation, insuring plenti
ful i ;ops and at less cost, and larger
)ltn;: crorn'for chc.ip cltuiins nnd
wc;u-::h! 'ptiarol
To r.x, instead of seeing a dark fn
t :i b4'ii..!it one npicras tn imr vis-
o, m
This is
Always has a stock complete, fresh t
and fine Chrstmas Goodies Galore!
NEW TUKNIPri New Orlcaiw MoLvses
" CABBAGE The Finest Cheese
" BUCKVVIIKAT Tho V nest Pickles
" OAT MEAL Tho Fine-t Flour i
littVSftAlNUWVCi: New Potatoes
In fact we have the choicest in cvcrytliing
the market atfords. Thanks for yout
order. Call us op again. ,
ReicJ Dunn & Company.
t -i a a '
V.' '-. . . '
Every good dresser appreciates an ele
gant overcoat. The overcoat is always in
evidence at this season of the year. Yoti
admire some overcoats while yoti never have
a second glance for others. The coats yoti
do admire have a certain snap about them---they
are swell, swagger, smart. It's just
such coats that we want to show you.
They're here some long, some medium
length all are elegant and aristocratic.
Prices not too high for elegance, $10. to
$25. Come, see at any rate.
'i I ht
" "
The outcome will
great interest.
be watched with
The entire community wa shocked
this morning when it was learned
that Judge Larkin was no more. He
had been very sick for some time and
while his death was not nnlooked for
his demise came as a sad blow to all.
His death occurred at at 3:40
o'clock this morning, and the funeral
services will be conducted from the
Presbyterian Chncrh tomorrow morn
ing at 11 o'clock. He leaves a wife
and one child,besides a host of friends
and relatives who monrn liini as a
personal loss, f
Next week t1 V"c8 wil 1'puMishj
tin tv5"ai"!'iE'lut.T , .i
: fo
urn uenent 01 nil wi
will jirovo true.
Few cities have a harder working
Busiue League than has Greenville,
and the merchants and business men
should respond liberally to any call
made upon them by tho olficers of
that body.
V, h
). .-tollicc
of the city
hen : -fter it hmhl
r '- 'i:;-t.t.T f irc-nville, for
j't b .'Mif'ful little e it
l!i"i:t)'s!,; i,u- .r.! tn her ihrorii;
liliic y..i-.. I ii einzi i:s
;ve 1 i,,iM,. v hi, 1 1;.,
to the aj';.'-'u'MnM cf ;i
C -l i :,(;: ; iistl'e,-.-.. 'i'iiev rc(ilel( il
tit ' Mi"-- l.iilder of oT mlur to n-Mpn
Ii : n'turj or ;;ere;t the 'onscru'H
("'. .!r- l!i rew ni) tl"1 job alright,
h I in eisstiiCue d' :i:rt!':ej:t t:t
' i.Ki!ii refused to roi'iiiieiianco
ste- boM and unwarranted aetion-'
.!' t!io of:.' i o has been itiiii'.iUi d, the
Jniil for Iiidianola oiiler.rl sent to
Ii.. . i.cenville ol!iee,aid no.v fn.lian-(!-
is wit hunt a pnsloflice.
T!i buU!!'SS men of Greenville
h. .- ii." do their letter writting by
til p'k ith the Iiidianola mer
i h ints until this matter is straighten
i i o.t While we like to see thebnsi
a .n-. .ii w.-eeuville grow iu every line
ai.;i . leant tient, still wo sympathize
v .ti. tV !eo;le of this little citv pud
Let's pave Washington avenue be
fore 1004.
Hon. A.Q.May and Revenue Ace
Wirt Adams, it is expected, will 'iii
the gubernatorial race.
I'.iy ii:: your subscription and
ive ! beautiful pietmes, works
sintalde for franiing.
art and
It is eiii'tei.tly r.poited that Pn
(lent A. A. K iiiciiiiioii, will not be
candidate for rnvcrnnr.
"' them that if we could
win I 1 settle this affair for them.
It ;s r -.inured that the people of Iu
fi'a:'l are circulating a memorial to
li'f t to the Referee begging his
iuiiufjio uul power iu tli.iir behalf.
nd.- ;
'Hi- .
what yon owe. This is no joke. We
can't afford to work early and late and
of cold nights, setting np and ad
dressing papers to yon for nothing,
and no responsible person wonld ex
pect it. ' Some of yon have not paid
enough in four years to grease the
press. A paper tn this county, since
the homestead notices have about all
been run, is, dismal failure unless
these vrho take and read it, pay for it.
Maben MeteW: In a -jl'iort time
there will be no Choc fs in the
state, it is said. Seveffiy years ago
when the nation al government forced
the Indians to, emigrate beyond the
Missisisppi theie were seme who re-'
mained here. Their hutting grounds
were Soon converted in" plantations;
their life here since ii? tim e has
been one of sorrow Miy" wore un
able to adapt themselves to the new
order of things and a look ahead re
vealed no ray of hope . That we have
wronged the Choctaws no one can
deny. They have been our friends
siuee tho white man came to this
country. Tho government lias nindo
arrangements to givo each Mississippi
Indian his allotment of lauds, about
throe hundred acres, or in other ways
is eudeavorii'g to right the wrongs
of our forefal hers.
, Jackson Clarion-Ledger: The duel
i i a habaric survival. It is as barren
: ij co'umon s: use as was, and among
I seme only partially developed people
! t 11 is. the oidcal of fire. It never
: - ej i :,r..bl i. bed one man's honor or
, aai. tiler's dis! onor except as engaging
'a ,t at all a dishonor. In these days
, "i i ul ightem d humanity and I tw
' l !' itf:i can resort to this arl.i-it:''''-J
eilheut iii'-urring the rc-pi'-'-c.'i
oC d shhonor. The b e s t
i'i ' - -n o:- the best swordsman is,
the , v 'uvt- 'honor" is n.-uully vin- I
in th ,c eneouuters.
lis impressions of the city in vrs.
It is bnt fair to state, however,
tint the lustrous eyes and bewitching
smiles of a certain fair damsel whom
he met here did more to inspire the
poiin than did the beauties of the
cit', itself. But onr long suit is
pr4 girls, and the voung man who
caji come among as without falling a
victim 'to the charms of some one of
them must iudpe-i possess a heart of
stone. ColumC'otytnierciaL
comedy across the footlights. Her own
work is sinurularly unforced, and he r
serious power exhibits itself in the
stronger scenes.- The mounting of
the play by Manager George H.Bren
and has been made with a view to re
producing accurately the surroundings
and atmosphere of fashionable life in
New York and the Long Island colony,
The scenery is by the best metropoli -tan
artists; the costumes by Worth of
Paris and Dunstan of New York.
1 i' V
i ttMi
hPiK' i
1i -
Mrs. LeMoyna is supported by a
strong company including the follow
ing: Harold Russell, Carlootta Nil
son, William Hazeltine, Olga Flinck,
George Douglas Parker, George Gas
ton, Algernon Tannin,7" William Clag
gett.Martia Leonard, Cornelia Hunter
Marion Ashhworth, Mmj8
na Zorn and Edwin Jtm l
Two boys or jiiHi ltwV
16 years of ge id, feed f
t learn' tj ettiit, j
this officn Monday. . ,
Justice vs. Chivalry
-Mississippi STATU PKES
Raymond Gazette: It, is said
the men who are Known to be i
dates for governor aie alreadv b
1 1 .1 . e i . . , ....
oooiicu iui icirers mini proiiiiutjou
ists, urging them to (i.-iiue their por
tion on (lie licjaor ipiestion; which
goes to show that while the si curing
of statuary prohibition iu the state is
not at all likely the question is one
that will enibarass many of the candi
dates. The prohibitionists are not
going to allow :my candidate for gov
ernor to carry water on both shoulders.
All must show their hands, and the ! 1"'
issue will doubtless be forced niHiu '''' f ,ii'' ts V,;t in all the laud,
the candidates for the legislature. I 1 1 t :,il ' Columbus, Miss.
Smith County Reformer: If you de
linquents get to read tho Reformer
next year unless you borrow it from
your neighbor, yon will- have to pay
, ,- 1
,1 '
So v, la
end woudiMus strange
an and cirv ;
'giy old and never been
ids to me a pity. ( told.
; 'icr Columbio
; 1 nowu as Mr. )
ii mself and parents two,
al :airy sister.
din overed America,
I fi r his "sis,''
The b,
-.atilnl little poem which
nppcirs atiuve s from the pen of a
talent - l young Tenuessean who re
cently v is. t.l (Mnmbns and wrote
Rarely do the theatre-goers of Green
ville have such n tteatiheadof them
as may he expected oil January ii,
when Mr.L'.'Moyu,tha most delight
ful comedy actress on the Amreicau
stage, fills an engagement in a new
I and original play of modern life by
Cleu MacDouongli on" Awing Those
Present." Iu this play Mrs. LeMovne
is believed to be better fitted with re
gard to her talents than in any other
dramatic vehicle she has had.coining
to ns in tho role of Mrs. Clinton, pur
voyor of amusement and leader of fash.
ion to the "Four Hundred. " Enor
mous plans and grotesque shows in
volve her in financial difficulties. Dra
matic sitnatiions and pjwerful cli
maxes ensue, but in the fourth act
the clever author solves the Gordian
knot and the spectators go home hap
py. The play is said to be distinguished
by bright, and sparkling dialogue,
coherent plot and well drawn eharact
er types. Those who remember Mrs.
LeMoyne's diverting work as Mrs.
Lorimor in "The Moth and the
Flame," do not need to be told how!
she compels laughter and gets the.'
t A young man stood in his place
line of patient human beings who wrti '
ing slowly towards a bank teller's
He had been in line for a long time
window was now only one or two f
distant. Just as he was congratulatisJ
self that his errand was almost accorrf
some one touched him on the arnif.
woman whom he knew appeared bei '
lie smiled with pleased surprise ait
his hat. t,
"Oh, Mr. Jones," she said, wif
chievous disregard of business el'
"can't I squeeze in there somewhere',
have to go clear to the end of that awful line I'll just die, aW.e
more, I'll miss an important luncheon engagement."
The young man would gladly have had her sli p in ahead
but it occurred to him to look around to see what effect the
had on those immediately behind hint. His look of inquiry ii..
scowls of disapproval ; it apuld mean the taking of two or fc;
titcs of the time of every tx-vsnu in f.iat lontr line, and here an
he saw an exceedingly, impatient face. lie knew what the o:' J
.native was: Gracefully to slip out -of line and, with an iu
smile and bow. to sa'y : '"Certainly. Miss ; take my'platj-'
just at that moment he renjosnkred that his time was not his ov.
that his mission was one of haste. All this, however, could not',"
plained satisfactorily in the second or two at his command.
reddened and what did he do? What would one do?' It as' '
peud some on one's nationality, and some on othA" things. ;
It was unquestionably a case of justice versus chivalry. IV
and jostle of modern city life bring the two often face to face. h.
frequently asserted, chi fairy is waning in America, is it $ot beer
love of just ice, whicJS has always been a strong American In
growing still stronger? WAS THE OLD CHIVALRY J.
IN EITHER SEX? True, we are not rid of selfishness by a goo.
but it is doubtful if it is more common now than of old. It has
been pretty evenly distributed among the various members ofV ,
man family, of whatever - , ' ' .
nationality, color or sex. . yicC-t.
)' ' jo
mega Flour
Simply a Wonderftil'y
Satisfactory Flour.
"A Littla Better Than the fBest."
iyiiiis u tewuwu Utiles
l tii3 proper way of roaslng it
ui made it "CMce ofuexaaie.
lihllt i mrrtrTPa -Rita of Delicac:
i Wi mm Krn So Tht
v, PBESER7ES cultured tsi-
AMD r flaw VM w,w
: M"m" """"" i I -1 - . j " 0"" SPOOL " " i,845 Feet a em :
I Sole Distributees : J. T. .ASGAsOEV 6 CO: MemphisJ

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