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YT 1
V NO. 40.
XL f Jl 11 n f v n u in
Wtaut Mooting mesciay
Paving uiwuuhmwu.
5,e meeting of the city couu
esday night at the city hall
Man's Business League was
irder by ITeBiaeut omun.
don under discussion was
of oar streets ana the vot
bondB on April 1st.
etiug was for the purpose of
leans to got out the vote in
issuing bonds, and selecting
the different voters in the
committee consisting of
oh. was then read but
For Sale:
I 79 X 99 Feet on east cirlo
I of Walnut street
hipfwpon f.
M.'lin ar rl..l n
I for three stores.
The Delta
Register, mihliulml .
. lamsnaie, gave the first nfflr,il .
the uouncemout of Gov. A. H. T,n,,n' .
liming the voters to each in caudiducy for the United States S,m
Ineetiug was found very un- to succeed Hon. H. D. Money. Iu
Jyana u wii iuuvou un a uraniun uie aunonncemeut the Regis-
ofo be appointed to appori- ter pays Gov. LoiiKiuo a n i,;i.
1st and act with the mayor compliment and speaks of him as be-
1 in carrying the elation tor mg in every way qualified for tlie
A. Everman, Wji. Yerger, position. It also says the auuounce-
a. Uolfistein ana u. r. ment win be hailed with
ro vnointed as commit- j thhroughout Mississippi.
,s t'i 'i "i've:l that a vote part remains to be seen.
Ireseut u,' t.ikeu on the ques- Hint Governor Longiuo has made a
V bonds and when the ( good Chief Executive the Herald is
fi motion for all to j not going to deny for there have been
many admirable tilings iu his admin
istration. On the other hand there
have been some that the Herald could
not endorse
This latter
fcivorijd it, every man pres-
i !ils feet. There were at
ity tive present, representing
. line of business in the
commit tee on apportionment
fcctjid to notify each member
ie committee the men for
to by addressing him a letter
the names. The meeting
pared, a
jsian Clnb:
Mersigned comittee, appoint-
m np and present resolutions
over the death of Major
Negus, a member of the
lnb, submit the followiing
Divine Providence lias seen
Jte from our midst Major
Negus, a member of this
i departed this life on Tues
tenth day of March, A. D. ,
k home iu the oity of Green-
mete and proper that ex
tra made of the regret felt by
iers of this club at his death
let be thus paid to his mem-
efore, be it resolved :
the death of Major James
the Elysian Olub has lost a
liable member who by con-
precept was an example
he individual members of
who knew him well and ap-
him most have suffered a
8i cannot be supplied.
ps friends in this community
here have been deprived of
a good friend.
iuinesB circles in this section
jemutry will miss his sound
id guiding hand.
be country has,, lost a valu-
ipendent and right thinking
le sympathies mid condolence
Ifflbers of the Elysian Club
Ired to his grief stricken
fi the wife who has lost a
B, tender and affectionate
to the children who have
Itteution, care and guidance
Ig, thoughtful and Christian
pis resolution be Bpread on
lies of this club and a copy
e bereaved family.
J. H. Wynu,
G. B. Alexander,
H. C. Watson.
That he lias some qual
ifications for the Senate the Herald
will not deny, but do not think that :
for this position he is as well qualifi
ed as Hon. H. D. Money, and for
that reason we will give our support
to Mr. Money so long as the two are
the only candidates.
Gov. Longino is a good politician
and will make an active canvass for
the coveted honor of representing
Mississippi in the Senate. Pitted a
gainst him is one of the finest and the
best politicains in the State, a man
who has no superior as an organizer.
So the race for United States Senator
is not going to be a dull one.
The announcement of the Governor
was no surprise, for it had been ex
pected for several weeks
yet seen, and the Rummer girl attired
in some dainty, delicate and airy
sun witn one of the season's attrac
tive turbans, or fanny straws, par
tially covering her golden curls or
raven locks, will cause a sigh from
the heart of many a young man and a
wish that she wsa his.
This year Mrs. Tuttle and Miss
Sheltou decided not to issue invita
tions to their opening, as last year
many of them were not roooived, and
they have asked The Times to state
that every lady in and out of the oity
are cordially invited to attend their
opennig and inspect their styles and
they hope to see them during one of
these days. Romember Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday are the
opening days of the Celeste Millinery
At a few minutes past seven o'clock
ou laBt Thursday morning, the sad an
nouncement came from the home
"f r J.M.Lee, the city ,tax collector' that the
lift' of his devoted and lovlnit wife had patted
from earth to the great b?yond.
The news of her death canted a gloom of
Badness in her large circle of friends, though
her demise had tteen expected. For several
weeks all that a devoted husband and loving
brother and true fnendt could do to relieve
lici snnVrines and nurse: her back to health
was do e' but it availed nothing.
Th" Mineral sen-ices were held at the house
Rev Dr Primrose conducting the last sad
rites in the presence of the family nnd large
circ'uof friends. After the ceremony the re
mains were interred in the cfty cemetery.
In the death of Mrs. Lee a true feeling of
s muathy gics out to the bereaved for in her
iosq the home is robbed of its brightness nnd a
fuilier and on of a love that can never be re
placed on thisearth.
The selection of Dr. J. T.Atterbury
as vice president of the First Nation
al Bank of this city gives this insti
tution a man whoso business experi
ence and financial ability is second to
none in the state.
Tuesday,..- Wednesday and
of Next Week.
penator McLnuriu of Missis-
elected for the. first time
isited by a negro in the his
ho wanted a job in the gov
erning office at Washington.
senator knew him to be a
80 he wrote to the public
p. Benedict, asking that the
pointed. He told the negro
im in Washington. When
arrived he went to Mr. Ben-
pe t Bee him about another
jT-he public printer was talk
forge and imposing looking
He turned to greet the new
Nd after exchanging a few
" him said : "By the way,
to me recommending a ne
PPOiutment, did you not?'
it flashed into Mr. McLau
d that the colored man sit
ie Mr. Benedict had in some
'led possession of his man's
'on card and palmed himself
candidate. Pointing an ac
Rer at the man, he said :
' that's not my nigger!"
c stricken look shot into Mr.
s face, and he colored vio
padiug Mr. McLauriu aside
jfttouhole, lie whispered into
for's ear: "Sh-h! Sh-h!
pressman Murray, of South
J New York Times.
On next Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday the Celeste Millinery Par
lors will have their Grand Opening.
Several weeks ago The Times an
nounced the extensive preparations
then being made by the enterprising
ladies, Mrs. Tuttle and Miss Sheltou,
to make the opening one of the larg
est in the history it their business
an I grandest as far as display, ever
hoju by the ladies of Greenville.
From a visit to their store and a
pwp into the hundreds of boxes stored
away ou the shelves, eacli containing
a creation to make the heart of some
lhd; admirer leap with joy when her
ee get sight of it and others envy
her for buying it before they had a
cli:iiice, we cau say that those who at
ten I the opening will find it even a
gn iter sight than it is now painted
to tliem iu words.
It is very natural every season to
say that the new styles are more beau
tiful than ever. But the plain truth
is, the styles in hats and their trim
mings this year are the most exquiiste
The fashionable Riverside drive dis-
trct is tittering over the originaltity
of a young bride last week,'' whose
gifts to her eight bridesmaids were
garters. Each girl received a single
garter . The bride was deep in ar
rangements before the wedding when
one of a popular superstition in her,
Yazoo City one of the Danish servants, told
her of her native laud. The maid said
the very essence of good luck.both for
bride and bridesmaid, might be accom
nlished, by the bride giving the left
garter to her attendant after the wed
ding ceremony. The Riverside drive
belle thought the superstiton de
lightful, and being Bomewhat "fadih,
she decided to try the Danish talis
man "But", cried the girl "I have
eight bridesmaids and only one "left
gutter ThispredieiHMMt ft coalld-.
ed to her fiance, blushing prettily as
she spoke the unmentionable word.
The man solved the problem in a mo
ment. He told her to wear eight paircf
garters for eight days.aud rn tlu wed
ding day wear all left garters. Iu this
wav each bridesmaid might receive
an acclimated garter teeming with
good luck. The ceremony was floursh
iug.aud before the white robed bride
slipped into her going away gown
she called her faithful bridesmaids to
a retiring room. "Girls," she said
" here is your gift", Then she un
clasped eight left garters that encir
cled her silk hose and each girl re
ceived her talisman,. A still worse
dilemma was when the ushers asked
the bridesmaids what their bride's
gifts were. They answered "Some
thin.? lucky". New York Post.
Money to lend on improved prop
erty in Wsahiugtou county at 8 per
ceut. interest. We cau offer a par
ticularly desirable ami liberal cou
tract to farmers and planters.
Thomas & rtose, Attorneys.
Held Sessions Tuesday and Wednes
day Nights This Week.
The council met on last Tuesady
night to consider the granting of the
gas franchise, The franchise, with
the alterations as suggested by the
councilmen at the last meeting was
read by the proposed gas company's
attorney, Mr. Percy Bell.
After the reading Councilman Blum
held that the company should be
made to give a bond in the sum of
152,000 to comply with franchise; that
he considered the franchise worth
something. This Mr. Bell held to be
unjust, as they had a right to grant
other gas companies a franchise and
if they started that what they had
would pay city for franchise if they
failed to carry out conditions of fran
chise or complete it.
Councilman Wilczinskl thought
street paving.
In response th the request of the City
council contained Id the ordinance
above, the president of the Young
Men's Business League has named as
the committee to 'act with the city
conncll the following gentlemen:
c Chas. Haf ter, Geo. Wheatley, W. H.
Negus, Jno. V. Bell, Max Lemler.
The committee met Wednesday and
agreed on a gene-al committee com
posed of the Dames given below and re
quest all of those named tomeetat ths
city hall Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock
to arrange for active work. The names
E. N. Thomas, Jake Scott. Chas. E.
Livingstone, H. T. Ireys, Jr., R. H.
Lake, James Jordan, Will Newman,
Percy Bell, L. P. Smith, S. R. Gelse,
J. A. Gaboury, Louis Waldauer, W.
H. Clements, J. B. Scruggs, Taykr
Harbison, Jas. Rosella, Gerard Bran
don, W. A. EvermaD, J. H. Nelms, W.
P. Shelton, N.Goldstein, Chas. Haf-
I Che Dollar is Vours
I if Vou Hold the number.
fro Sale: !
Two Brick Stores on Waluut
Street. Present income 15
per cent net.
A nrnnif iv e. ctavc
JJJ THIS being the political year when every JJJ
voter and citizen should keep nimstit in-
formed on what the candidates for state
jf and county offices are saying and doing,
jj together with the local and county hap
n pemngs, THb IIMILS todav Knocfes at
every door for admittance. Don't turn it
j away on the ground that you are already
taking too many papers. It is your home
j paper and a home enterprise, and
$ among all others it should come first with
HI you, for as the other papers you take work
for their county and state, THE TIMES
I works for yours.
I Beginning today, THE TIMES starts an
$ honest plan by which we will give away
ONE DOLLAR each week to one of our
$ subscribers, and the first we-k of each
t. montn a oarrei oi me r inesi rateni r iour-
jj or some article to the value of FIVE S
DOLLARS. This is no lottery -scheme,
?! but simply a gift. S
The plan is as follows: The papers, as
$ they come from the press, are numbered S
j consecutively for the entire issue. A mer-
chant will each week be asked to select a m
number unknown to ns or any oce con- ff
nected with THE TIMES, and the-iimbat..
selected, witty the Dollar, will be placed in ,
S an envelope, sealed and put in his safe. S
w Aftef the papers are issfied and mailed,
we will ask the merchant to open the envel
Jj ope, and the lucky number will be pub
w lished in our issue of the following
j week, and if the person who holds the
the merchant, ' whose name will be pub-
$ lished, he will receive the dollar, or barrel
jj of flour, ?s the case may be. So keep the $
m numner on your paper today ana watcn ior
J The Times next Saturday.
C a -z. t -C--g,- d jg: -g -a -ft -g- -g-'Si -g--g- -g- -g- -g- a
Method of Doing Easiness Pleases
.able Frontage on Y &
R R. Close to depot
Arkansas citv, Ark., Jax'y 13, 19n3
GrkexviiXK, Miss.
Dkar Boys:
ynur favor of the 10th inst.
five overcoat, to hand this a
very cordially for your
w-'i-d me another coat.
ne c:at
regarding the defec-
,i i . i. i- ......
rn., timi l desire in uuuik j u
execedng Kitidnes in onenng i
Am gl.-nl tliiit you have another
. T .1 - .1.. ..n.-.
ab.ut the same size, and ir l reinem.u-i conchy m
the font I now Have were lenyi.ieueu mc i.jv,.., t ...
.i... ;!,. il,,iihtUi rpiiipmher. and 111
ins it anyway, , .
ht! diien i ihw.uuuki, v. .. - - -
1 lit l"ast an ii'fti. "f"1 113 soon as 1 lcl;elvl- '"'
will ca'tiil von i id-" 01,J back. TiiuK you display ed
: .. ii .vi iirr 1 1 im ciih i it t m;i l j i'j iiin i ii
a rebate or bolching my present cat.
...;ii rivi. ,:itisfaoUrv 1
iood'cloth in it, a, I diike vc. mueh to luwe to complain
lases, aon u i leiiiwuri'iun .... .
plaint I've ever had to rn-ikn against any
i.. f von a . and you nave neieu mi hictd
nnrt'I use ujuk. ,. - - , - i e
' . . . .i . , has won tne a miration m seei:u ui
the people over here to whom
yAin thanking yon for yo.tr kindness in this matter
nnl b.min" to soon receive the new overcoat, and with best
'. i. all I IVIllBin
personal regai us u. " .
d 1 trust iliit the
,:itisfaotorv in everv win' and have
on anv or my puiuimo,
tin is the br-t cmii
I communicated the text of
Your friend
tliat the council every ten years should
have the right to regulate the maxi
mum price for gas. Mr. Taylor con
curred iu the contention and quite a
discussion followed, some holding that
the rate should he based ou the price
of coal, and others that it should be
lift free for the council then in power
to decide. Mr. Bell aUo objected to
this but seemed willing to amend his
franchise so as to give council the
right to regulate the rate every ten
years, to le based ou the price of coal
then and no ,v. He read letters giving
the price of gas at several cities in
the state, conditions being the same
as in Greenville, where the price of
gas was the same rate as he asked in
his franchise.
While the matter Was under discus
sion and just as Mr. Watt moved that
the franchise be granted, Mr. Tilford
came lu nnd asked that it be read
again so thnt he would know what he
was voting ou. After another dis
enssiiou he was given time to read
the charter and when the. vote was
but the charter was lost.
The following order was uassed: In
the matter of the election for bonds
and the disbursement of the proceeds
of same;
Whereas. The city council of Green
ville feels that it is of vital importance
to the future gro-.vth of the city that
the principal business street be paved,
Whereas, It Is essential to this end
that the council have the co-operation
.if tiie citizens, and
Whereas. The Young Men's Business
L;:suU represents the various inter
ests of the community. Therefore,
he it '
fiosohed, That the Young Men's
itus ness League be, and they aie
er by r. quested to lend their uitlu
ncu to this object. Be It further
Itenolved, that said League be re
quested to appoint a committee of five
ii co operate with the city council Id
11 1 tters penal:. In? to the paving,
issuance of bonis and the disburse
ment o( tud fund arislug from the
i at bjaii propsiel to be issued for
ter, Eugene Bogen, L. P. Sommers.
I). P. Shanahan, Chas. Canneman, Geo.
B. Alexander, .1. B. Conly. Will Dunn,
J. V. Bell, B. P. Shelby, W. H. Heal,
Malcolm Robertshaw, J. B. Hebron,
3eu Rucks, F. J. Butler, Louis Rite-
man, Joe Weinberg, K. P. Odeueal,
Harry March, Will Isenberg, C. M.
Ham, Edward Holland.
Colored Laurence Lewis, Ed North-
rip, Prof Jordan, Randolph Da-iieK
.T. W. Scctt, Sam Eai ies, Henry Kl-
liot, John Srrauthep, Granville Cartel1
Chv Lindsay, Nouli Co vin.
Another week of anxiety over the
river situation has passed The great
stream Is still confined within Its
strong banks of earth and no where In
this district today Is there any sign of
danger reported or break imminent.
The mighty river continues to rise at
the rate of from 4 to 6 Inches a day, but
the levees ehow no sign of weakening
anywhere and where low they are be
ing built up with sacks of earth.
It will be Monday or Tuesday before
the river will become stationary at
t bri s point, and judging from
points above.the water will fall slowly,
and If the equlnoxlal storms, which
start today, cause the swollen stream
to beat against the levees It will take
work to keep the water out. This
though, we hope will not be the case
and the same weather continue as we
are now experiencing, Still the peo
ple should be on the watch and be pre
pared for the worst.
From the rise of the water today with
gauge standing at 48, It looks like it
will reach at least -49 before the water
becomes stationary, unless break oc,
The levee at Huntington la now built
up and will hold back all tbe water In
sight, so no danger is now looked for
from this point which a week ago was
considered one of the weakest,
Leland, Ark., levee was threatened
with danger Thursday from caving,
but Capt. E. C, Tolltnger, by engineer
ing skill, has stopped this danger, and
it is thought now that unless some ac
cident happens it will hold to- the end.
From the bulletin received at 12 to
day the report from above is favorable
and the river la falling at Memphis,
which should cause pur river to come
to a stand tomorrow or Monday. j
The session of th chancery court Will con
tinu nnlll Wednesday or Thnredey of aes
week, . . ' '
Odd Fellow WflCMoefc jHerfi
In May. . ,, , ,,-
What promises to he the dramatic
treat of the season will be the ap
pearance here of Miss Eleanor Robsou
as Audrey, the heroine of Mary John
ston's famous novel by that name.
Audrey w ill be presented at the
Grand Oiera house on Friday, March
27th, exactly as seen in New York.
Theatre-goers who have not made the
acquaintance, profe-fsionaUy, of this
charming actress, are very certain to
be delighted with her performance.
In stage form, the story is divided
into six tableaux, the first being the
May Day festivities at Jamestown,
when Audrey engages in the famous
foot nice, and comes off vitcorious.
Tlie next scene is located at Fair
View Glebe House, where Haward
comes to visit Audrey. The third
tableaux is the ball room at the gov
ernor's mansion. In this scene Audrey
comes decked out in flue clothes and
is ocrtied by all. The next scene is
the interior of Brurou Church, iu
which the denunciation of Audrey cc
cuis. The list tt i g is Col. Byrd '
home, Westover, a haudsome colon
ial interior. The production and the
company is one of the very finest thnt
Liel.iri' and Co, managers of Viola
Allen, Mme. Duse and other . im
port.iut stars, have sent on the
Oinf 'o a -b-eaklng down of our
electric motor, h paper is a 'ew hours
q going to press.
The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows
will convene in this city on 8th, 9th
ahd 10th of May, .and .the local lodge
is preparing to give the delegates a
grand reception. During the last two
months the lodge here has nearly
doubled its membership and the inter
est in 4he work lias not in anyway lost
any of its power, for at the last meet
ing Grand Warden Menger, of Vioks
burg, was present and addressed them
and six or'more were ushered through
the mysteries of the order and several
new applciations balloted on.
The Odd Fellows of the state are a
strong and growing order and among
them are enrolled some of the state's
best and most promising citizens.
From-the information received here
by the local lodge a large attendance
is expected which will be increased by
the army of candidates announced for
state offices, who are all seeking to
know the mysterious workings of each
Odd Fellows mind as to his position
towards him for the office to which
he aspires.
There is no more charming adjunct
to a good play than rich and appro
priate costuming, and Pauline Phelps
and Marion Short's beautiful comedy
drama, "Sweet Clover," fortunately
admits of the most elaborate costum
ing, and a glimpse of the toiletttes
worn by the lsdies of the company
are alone well worth the price of ad
mission from a feminine standpoint.
The scene of the second act is laid
iu the interior of Mrs. Emmett's New
York home during the progress of a
tableaux party. Romeo, Rosalind,
Carmen, Priscilla, Qcenu Guinevere
iu her gorgeous robes, and other his
torical personages are there, and the
silts, satins, laces and jewels voiu
are long remembered.
Iu the third act which occurs in
tin drawing room of the Grosveuor
mansion an opportunity is afforded the
ladies to display the latest creations
of the famous Parisian modistes and
gowns by Felix, Archambairlt and
others, which are at once the envy
and admiration of all the ladies
presen.t Sweet Clover will appear
at the Grand April 10th.
Extra Session Next Fall. Other
; teresting Items.-
I For Sale:
.. . - A
A Two Brick Stores and 25 ?
foot lot adjoining, on north t
f Side of Main street between
At- I
Poplar and Walnut.
tractive proposition.
Washington, Mar. 18. The special
sesssion of the senate is drawing rap
idly to a close. , The leaders of both
parties have agreed to vote on the Co
lumbian tretay and a vote of the Cu
ban treaty will follow as soon m
practicable. That both convention
will be ratified is the belief of ail
well informed senators. The Demo-
crarss. will, it is understood, vote
unanimously for two amendment to
the Panama canal treaty, one provid
ing that the United States shall exer
cise absolute sovereignty over the strip
of land through which the canal will
pass, the other eliminating that ar
ticle of the treaty which says that
under no circumstances will the Unit
ed States Increase its territory at the
expense . or. Columbia or any other
South American republic It bas been
decided by . the republican steering
committee to reject both of these
amendments and it 1b understood that
the Democrats ' will permit the ap
proval of the treaty even though their
amendments fail. .
A material consession has been .
made to the Democrats and the Be-
pnbliean enemies of tbe Cuban treaty
by the determination' to accept an
amendment, already reported by , the '
committee . on Fo.eign Eelations,
Which provides that the provision of .
the treaty shall not go into effect un
til they are approved by both houses
of congress.'. This, of course, prevents
actual reciprocity with Cuba nntil
after oongres meets next winter. '
The amendment to the Cuban
treaty above referred to waa the oc-
oasion of muoh disappointment to the
president and he is serionsly oontem-
latlng calling an extra session of oon
gres to meet some time in the fall to
pass such legislation as will be neces
sary to pot the treaty into effect.
The five women immigrant, inspec
tors, who were appointed at the be-
best of the Women's Christian Tem
perance Union, have not thus far
proved a success, and the civil service
commission has been instructed not to
examine any more candidates for (he
positions. ; It was maintained that by '
having incoming vessels inspected by
moral yonng women tbe importation
of girls for immoral purposes could
be stopped, that class usually coming
first pr second olasa instead of in the
sieerage which would have subjected
them to the usual inspection to which
immigrants are subjected. With some
difficulty the civil service commission
secured the services' of 'five yonng '
women whose qualifications extended
from an ability to scale the high Bidet
ot-'the ocean liners to speaking several
foreign languages. After thirty days
service it has been ascertained that :
the young women coming to this
country resent being singled out by
the women inspectors, regarding the
letter's examination as indicating
that they are suspicions characters,
etc. The experiment will be contin
ued for ninety days but with little
prospect of snccess.
Granted to Southern ii.ventors this
week. Reported by C. A. Snow &
Co., patent attorneys, Wash itii.ton, "
D. C. : H. C. Adamsou, : Pryoicii.t,'
Ind. Ter., Dividers; J. Buchanan ui.d
E. M. Hickman, Chattanooga, Temi.,
wheelplow; J. Bunch, Eli Kei.o,
Okla. Ter., sound beam for violins
J. H. Davis, Elizabethhtown, Ky,
harrow;, F. J.Fitzpatritk, Frederi. k,
Md., corn husking machine; G.Grim,
Baltimore, Md., bowl holder; I. II.
Jackson. Flatlicx, La., cotton plarter;
R. W. Jemison, Macon, Ga., book
keeper's stool j . A. P. " Kerslmer,
Ftal woods, W. Va., ratchet wrench)
H. L. Massey, Memphis .Tenn.. copy
holder; J. McCoy, Apple Valley.Ga.,
Whereas: God in hie mysterious
Frovidence has seen fit to remove
from us our friend and colaborer, Mr.
Jamas E. Negus, be it
Resolved, That in bis death The
Lad es Parochial Aid Society has sus
tained the loss of a friend who in all
his relations to the 'society was the
personification of delicacy and help
ful kindness:
1 hat in extending our sympathies
to his family, we feel that we, too,
are bereaved; that the loss is com
mon to all of us and is in truth,
1 hat a copy of these resolutions be
sen. to tne family; mat they be pub
lished in the town papers, and that
they be recorded in tbe minutes o
the society.
Mrs. Lyne Starling,
1 ' Mrs. I, C. Brandon,
Mra. J. P. Finlay,
' Committee.
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