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XL s ill 11 L1CJO
fxVNO. 42.
Li Boy writes uwm..b
Jitters w "
Ltiers given below are irom
Lritteu to ins mower,
tw They will be found
Iterating to the readers of The
Sierra Leone,
Feb. 1st, 1903.
Mother: I arrived safe and
liter a pleasant voyage. Found
hot. - "is 18 1 luo,"c
ever s.W, simply grand.
Is, piueaiU'les cocoanuts breaa
foranges ana uum
the name or grow to peritenon,
liest you ever -"'
to see no horses, mum, uk
f any kind of conveyance,
.j,,,. is carried : ou a, man's
; e. Invu hammock, carried
Hi which you ride, and
1 For Sale: 1
79 X 99 Feet on east side f
: of Walnut street between
Main and Central, Room i
A for three stores.
At the Meeting of the Elks'
Tuesday Night.
behind and carry your
,,;s is a town of 20,000
,, them being white and
February 8tli, 1903.
s me in good health and
irits. The enmnce is very
it is ."0 awini not, dui
I am pitting used to it. It
hv what t-'.'V ("ill the dry season
feome ot r ne trees sum, mun
and sto;: growing lor about
re are some runny sights to db
E 1.1
here, anil sarnie or we """
. . r.. ,-,1.1
yiug vim -ei ever saw.
ju good to see tlieui.
entup tot Monday to i,ougo-
which is about forty miles on
ailroad, and stayed until Wert-
Eujoyed the trip and saw
If strange sights. The egg plant
wild hero. It looks liko ours,
not -so large. The cotton also
s wild. I saw a lot at Longo,
stalks six- years old and six
-s through at the ground. The
es make no use of it except to
i a kind of pillow. They do not
vate the ground, but with sharp
s and a small native hoe, they
very good crops of rice, sweet
;oes and lots of thigns I haven't
lied the names of.
lie people wear very few clothes.
vmrnm wear a strip ot ciotn
nd their hips, the men the same,
the children nothing at all. Hie
Ives look very much like the negro
ome, iu fact, you know they came
this Coast. They make many
things; mattings, and the pretti-
baskets I ever saw. They wear
ling on their . leet. xney weie
to us at Lougotown. Living so
the coast they speait a son w
;lish,and you can understand some
ids they say. They buy and Sell
r wives. Tlie highest price paid
pout three pounds, or about $15.00.
mother receives the money ioi
girl, but the man can sell her,
lr keeping bar for awhile; but
never sells for that mucii again,
felly about $5.00, and a man can
fe as many wives as lie can buy,
is cousii ered rich by the unmber
'ives he owns. Some of the huts j
very nice. They have some sman
(Intended for last week's Times.)
Tho Elks Lodge, No 148, held last
Monday night one of the most enthu
siastic meetings in the history of the
order. There were present over one
hundred members and being the
night for ths election of oilicers
much interest was taken.
It is not customary for a newspaper
to publish the secret proceedings of
a lodge but to be a wideawake news
paper wo have decided to do so and
await our deatli veridct. ThiB is done
more especially for the lodge readers
the wives of Elks who wonder
what their husbands do to keep them
at these meetings so late at night.
It was eight p. m. wlieu Exalted
Ruler, J. M. Hutsoll, bundled the
herd and had the gaps of exit closed.
Tho herd then remained quiet. Scribe
Bergman read tho proceedings of the
last nicotine which was us follows :
For Hon. E. N. Thomas to Becomo a
Candidate For Representative.
To Hon. E. N. Thomas,
Greenville, Miss. :
We, the undersigned citizens of
Wnuhimtrm nnnntv. earnestly urge
that you again consent to become a
candidate for the lower house of the
legislature at the ensuing election.
We recognize the fact that iu prefer
ring tlm rcnni'st. we are asking a per
sonal sacrifice ; but many questions of
vital interest to the state ana county,
will come before the next legislature
for consideration, and your long and
distingnihsod services in that horuor-
ahle body vou have so ably, adorned,
impels us to request that you once
again lav aside personal considera
tions, and consent to represent the
county in the impartial manner, and
with tlm signal ability that lias
characterized your course on all pub
lie questions in the past.
Very respectfully
J A i.'aboury
A s iilin
Churles H Starling
II en iy T treys, Jr
11 T i roBby
.1 II ''roach
8 Cl"meDS
W'ii iant I'unip
w .i Oi ise
W M McClain
L' P Uzin
A A orthlnKton
.in. I. ilnlirnn. .1)'
If) ilinanrt Ehrlich
H II Tavlor
Wra Giilllii
W Verger
' G Verger
I'rcd Metcalfe
W H Ave her
.1 A Hohiill
Sequent Allen
Hum' P I.ee
Nathan Goldsfin
Chan Halter
Harley Metcalfe
,loe SUverBtein
. A .1 lloue
Eugene J ftotren
Van H liodilii!
Ja ltol)eithaw
Kniauuel Calm
t'retl hii'iiua
J. U W'lison
W H l lemerts
W H Xwiub
(a II I alienator
John Md.'utclien
ti N Keith
J C Heard
E K Wottham
J A Siiackcirord
All Above Favorable-A ,New
Breach Below Lake Provi
dence on Louisiana Side To
Day. Little Water in South
ern End of City.
Memphis Jockey Club, Memphis,
March 80 to April 23, 1908.
The water situation is very much
Th wa'er is leaving the
city gradually, and it is to be hoped
that before the end or tne coming
wek all will be over. Reports from
above are all favorable, and Hunting
ton, Australia end the levee soutn
of Rosedale will now hold out to the
end. The levees south of the crevasse
are intact to Duvall's, where the sec
ond break occurred.
The gauge at the river at this writ
ing stands at 46. showing a fall since
tho break of nearly four teet.
News wasreceived this morning from
Lake Providence that the levee o n
that side broke at Holly Brook at 6 a.
m. this morning. This will no doubt
prove a serious break and we regret to
hear it. , . ,
The steamboat "Grace Vele," for
merly the ferryboat at Helena, was
bl own against a barge near Huntington
during the heavy wind yesterday aQd
On account - of the above occasion
the Y. & M, V. railroad will sell
tickets to Memphis as follows :
One and one-third fare for the
round trip, tickets on sale March 80
to April 22, 1908, final limit for re
turn, April 22, 1903. Also at rate of
one fare for the round trip on the fol
lowing days: March 80, Aprill, 7,
11, 18, and 20, with final limit forr
return two dayi from date of sale.
G. R. Bucks, T. A., . i
, . . "Greenville, Miss.
A. Q. Pierce, T .P. A.,
Memphis, Tenn. , .
Jno. "A. Scott, A. G.P.A.,
Memphis, Tenn.
iFot Sale:
Two Brick Stores on Waluut
Street. Present income 15
per cent net.
3 EVfcKMAN ft MUM:.
If a prize is to be given at the
wiiro tun rial meeting for the hand-
.nnuat hnnnfir carried by the lodges,
the "Cotton Pickers"' of Groonville
.uill vnrv easily oairy off tne nrsc
nrize. , Some time since The iimes
callod upon the young ladies of the
city to contribute a banner to huh
lodge, and the responses hi'the way
nf onntrihutious have been very gen
Tn fact, the fund has reached
proportions not dreamed of,, by the
members of the lodge. A neat sum
.lrnniW Wflll laid fiWIlV for tills
nau -
hmin when the following letter,
i,n,imr mitriotism. loyalty and the
kindliest of feelliugs, was received by
.... T-rt.il -Onr. UVoHo.. Prt 1 txv nf
, , , . ... s '
And One Wounded by Desperate Negro
Monday -Mgni, i
(Intended for last weeks' Times.) ,
J. R.. Balckwell was
killed and M.C.Scurry wonnded Tues
day, morning between th nonri'd
13 r and ; 1 o cock wnne iryiu(r w
arrest a negro by ; the name 'oi Doe
Smith who was wanted in bouvm
county for' the shootnig ot A, W.
Onsler, a manager of a Jarge planta,-
tion near PertiiShire. 4 - .
The negro arrived ,.in the o I t y
about dark and Capt. Qulnn, accom
panied by officers Blackwell and
Scurry started out to locate the man's
paramour who they knew came to tne
city last Saturday and where they
would without a doubt find their man,
It was not uuti a few minute to 12
o'clock when they found out where
Bhe was. Going direct to the house,
which is on the corner of Shelby and
Nelson, the officers surrounded it,
n,,i.t CVninn coinc on north side next
Nelson streei Scurry to the rear and
Rockwell to the front door. , Black
tie, hogs, goats aad sheep without j
lil. We had lots of pineapples at j
ligo and they were certainly flue, j
lev do not have the lemon here, uui
lime instead. We boil and hirer
onr di'itilrinir writer. I
1 am going down the Coast about
miles this week to stay about
ee weeks, then return to see tne
'ernor, Sir Charles King Hanna.
is un the country and will not
home before March 1st As soon
I see him I will outline my plan
work and mhke a start. I hope to
successful, as it will mean a lot tor
. Tiiey have a very nice ten-ten
machine here but it hardly pays.
fun staying at a hotel which is very
to, just two blocks from the ocean.
pere was a steamer iu Friday, but
mail for ma.
My best love for all my friends.
rite often. My best love.
Shelby Neely.
"The la
uoaisy evi
eloquent 1
have any s
under t!ie
him and 1
and lefi't e
the 'sprin
business t
suffering ;
by too in
will coat'
Also tl
Loeb (
Scott Schwartz,
Isen burs:
Abe Job I
L. Vornii
City, for
The abi
ordered V.
last it' m.
to the C
Just at th
unci em
against i
the city,)
imount v
e would
legal ser;
Uence si
called ai
name w
To Jas. E. Negus From the Press.
terian Church of Greenville.
Whereas the great head 'f th
ohurch on the 10th of March, I'M,
did call from labor to rest, Jame K.
Negns, member of this body, ti.
sentrioa of the Presbfy terian tslmreh ia
Greenville, Miss.,' grealty lament
the loss.
Elder James E. Neeus was born U
Philadelphia: Pa.i Sept. 87tb, 1813.
For nineteen years lie served t!.
oharch most acceptably as a deacon,
and as tresaurer of the hoard.' Ia th
fall of 1902, he was ordained an eldor
and in the few months of his inouiu.
bency gart amnranca of much utefttl
ness as" a judicious counsellor; until
incapacitated ty Sickners, he was al
ways present in the sanotnary as a
wnnhlTMr . of the true God. Tho
ohurch and session realize in 14b deatli
a great, loss. joa the Lord is pitilui
and of tender mercy. Elder Negus
knew full well that the grace of God
bringeth 1 salvation and on that grace
was bis. reliance.. ;,To be pbsent I mm
the body is to be "present with the
Lord. It is the declared will of the
Master that where He is there also
shall His servant be that they may
behold His glory.
i The session sympathizes deeply
with the widow and children of our
brother iii this bereavemeut.recogniis
ing their loss as greater than that of
all others, and commends them to God
and to the word of his grace.
The olerk of the session is hereby
ir,.nlCted to furnish the family of
ceased brother - with a copy of
tribute of respect, which is en
id upon our minutes ; and to re
( the "publiction of tho same iu
boal papesr, tho Southwestern
ytorian of New Orleans, tae
tian Observer of Louisville.Ky.,
he New York Observev. .
Olfa W.Primrose, Moderator,
bhn P. Finlay,
lamuel Brown,
iamnel A. Montgomery,,
lenry T. Ireys, Clerk,
: The Session.
A "
and eve:
man the:
in liia
and wit
they i
seated i
head In
ised th
the yi'aj
. Iain
(Lots of .wmplnsaudupi-iauso.)
Brother Lyne Starrling was next
,. t. .i. t Brother hiis.
,,roHKlir as they
Dunn ami tsuveisi. .
faw him and greeted lus rise
follows :
Iteudud for last weeks Times. )
ere was a shooting scrape la:.t
rday night in a crap room over
)ewey house, a negro rerfnnmiit
7ashington avenue near the lev. e
t Just how many shots wore
will never be known, for oo
ng at the honr it did, botwn n
id 1 o'clock, no one hoard the-u
;he negroes present, and tiny
so badly scared that they could
11 ten minutes later. But as a
of the shooting Eoderick Wabt-
he colored sorter at ine cim
fitnro. lies today beneath the sod
kvniin McRee. a rounder from
te, Miss., lies in the county jail
a hole in his back from which
O. H. Jones extracted a ball
lay morning.
dice officer Scurry made the ar
$ Walker only livod about two
after he was shot. Who fired
jhot, stuck the pistol up against
jliin, ?s the grains of powder in
face shows, may never be known.
pit out the ball before dying,
pnfiictiug stories are . told re to
the tragedy happened br t ftoia
tale of some who were prin r.t U
over a crap game. A m:.n .'.-iseA,
w bad words passod, a pifitoi t,ot
all was over.
'he preliminary hearing will t .ka
se next week or ns soon as thu. ty
hie to appear.
The worst thing about making love
poetry to win a woman is living
P to it in Drose after you have won
her husband
always going to follow the straight
rth ; she n 3ver doubts that her son
When a woman hnciiis to tiraise her
iiusband to Iipt friends for his good-
fss to her she has given up hope oi
"'rytlnng else.
A man doesn't necessarily neiie i
terms of
udearmeutt he uses to a woman, but
'8 knows th"v urn npcessnry.
j The tactful man is a success with
women because when he sees one in
cctton ul,irf -0irf iin mnkes her be-
other woman could do it
anrecriric rmimouplnce.
sew Tork Times.
mother Elk Tilford then arose and
.,he did so, every ear of an elk m
the room pricked up as they knew
something was coming from tins silver-tongued
buck. He said:
i'leve no
big bellow then went up from the
herd and he was escorted to h- n-w
i, c. He felt goon
P1 1 . . ...i. fr, ,.ciire new
llope by his spe mad
Elks for years to come. He v,as man.
Piteenied royal knight, .
The station of esteemed lecturing
horns ana as he canu-
of fatigue over j" -
, . !,ts of a foaming
mnnd which he grazeu
came to the minds of all
Brother r.ii ...
. ,iHnn ns scribe but ,
office by a ia. ---
hcwaB allowed mor -
Brother C. M. Han
tained as treasurer i;Vceptea
eloquent burst of a
Brother TUiorci vu
couutinued ap-
We are over 200 strong and
Whv. there is not a gin
a loo!'
j "Lovey
rle at ...
Mary," just out. For
Archer's Book Store.
daily :
;eut. I
allowed ;
-elks. " Applause, applause ! ! !
r-n.o,i Rnlpr Hutsell was
r-asi ji.A.i.vL"
then chosen and all hay necessary for
the promised trip was povided for. Re
freshments were then served and - ach
iu p,I to enjoy his hav .and
L. n3 water had become too
high to use. .
The receiving of the donation from
the King's Daughters for the herd s
banner caused a stampede of joy.
Brother Elk Sam Montgomery tnen
iiiv h-inu iu i"v in.' " -
hands are out of work.
The rumor to the effect, that the
Hotel Cowan would close is withou
Those who are in need of help are
being supplied by the relief commne, , q the cHy
, few considerin j the . t
la. ge colored population the city has.
At first the report got out among these
people that the government would take
care of them. . Several rooks are known
to have quit their positions, and men
refused work at 50 cents an ho.r to sit
idle and live off the relief funds: but
when each called on the committee for
ed iinrt told to
80 to work The stera order had a
food effec' and now only the needy
.mi' re cared for out of the
funds on bind. Kind's Daughter's is not without its
I ,1 leon of god will towards mankind,
Boat riding i now the popular , T than for Qnr
arm s 'tneht of our people. All .igrce ; iu ai. ting these ladies in
lha- 1 iseasier tr aveling than in mud of ri!lielviug suffer
ing iimnanity.
The me-ting Uea closed and each
elk's heart wS swelling with perfect
happiness as mended hisv,euy,
v eavy way .towards ll0me'
GoV A ! H. Louiguo has officially
,.,n,.P..'d himself as a candidate to
,.., r
U. .i:uurj
j.urs. J. "d. neuiuu, I
Each member of Lodgo No. 148
feel the same as Mr. Tilford did when
he said: "Words are inadequate to
express the full appreciation of these
cpucrous gifts ou the part of the la-
The banner we pro-
una,. tn enrrv with us to .Baltimore
will be very handsome, r.s betitting
the occasion of the meeting, and aside
from its value in cash will he ever
held dear to our hearts. We intend
to make every visiting lodge tarn
green with envy, less malice, for, you
know, such a word as malice is not
known iu the language of the Elks.
Whatever may have been the acts of
chiu-ily cf the lodge , no reward
was txpectid.and such a lemembrauce
la i:ud assistance to tiie
"Why do you call it that?'
the patron iu surprise.
"Because it is absorbing, yon
know. Next!" Philadelphia
t " ut Ai-iirifi'T T.
j . JJH.lJ... .
Intended for la-v weeKs Tt i;0.)
he funeral of Poilcemau J. R.
pkwell', who was murdered by the
10, Dock Sttiith.Tuesday morning,
held , from the undertaking pur
asked I tors ot Sommmer Bro's. on Main
street. Rev. Stevenson Archer per
forming tho burial ceremony over
the unfortunate Irian who lost his iife
at the post of duty.
.Tnrtu-e (to witness") You say
have known this prisoner mi your
v Witness Yes, yonr honor.
Judge Now in your opinion, do
you think be could be guilty of steal
ing this money?
Witness How much was it?
"Do you read Dickens?"
"No," said Mrs. Cumrox, rather
"Perhaps you are one of. those who
do not regard him as representing the
best literature?"
. "lam. I have seen liia books of
fered for sale as cheap as 25 cente a
copy." Washington Star.
1 1 The services were held at 1 p. m.
: nnd the little room was filled with
...limons voice as trusi.
t, nf an Elk to JOBimv ..i, y fl
... tnrpK W6S W vu." -. .
to the Baltinin re p..-Hutsell jari,i'proserts or nemg
, roposed ana u-otobwi Gr0en County Kegisier.
We ha.-e no card parties or balls to
chronicle this week. Moonlight beat
parties o' picnics will be the program
Owini to the rush out of the city
Saturd-. Sunday and Monday of our
people ie were nnible to get flames
prot.oseu Grpen
Gnai Oil at Geise Hood's.
I For Sale:
I Desirable Frontage on Y &
( M. V. R. R. Close to depoL j
citizens and and friends to show the
respect for the deceased. Mayor
Shields and councilmen Tilford and
Wortham together with the Marshal
and police force were present. The
Marshal and members of the police
force acting as pall bearers. The pres
ence of only one lady, not a relative
and the voices ' of men singing the
sweet hymn, "Nearer my God to
Thee," gave iinpressiveness to the
occasion. The remains were borne to
the city cemetery after the cerenio: .-.
where they were intened.
Peace to his ashes.
The electrio sign of E. H. Tn
the wideawake druggist is atw.
rable attention by i!--
(hanges. Mr. Taylor conduct
Ihe neatest drug stores in tl
which is a pride to Grr-e'n "
Tvo deaths occurred in the city this
week. Mr. C. Chippian, whotv9iaea
ii ir.li his family on Alexander street.
and Mr. C. A. Pearc-, whose home' -r "b
Uvas at Leland, Mis, but at the timf I d""
i of his death was at tho King's Daugh- ro'f-. rT ,
. ., .. . fhtiman Ilcaid a
ip.rsHome. OWin? tome cr.y s ceiue-
tery be.n over9oed the rn.in. this morrVin e 1. ?
were interred at the cemetery on Sububs o,ut I I
Poplar street. Both deaths were very reeded in f.' t ' r
,d. i,nd the Times, to the bereaved of vmV- . . ,
Sx th families, extends true' sympathy. er-

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