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.'Gulfport is to have a new half mil
Eon dollar pier.
Magnolia has voted $25,000 bonds
for a modern public school building.
"The city of Natchez is to do a largi
mount of street paving and sewerage
"Bishop Galloway, of Mississippi,
Jns taken a part in the Madison coun
ty prohibition fight. .
The Mississippi River is again with
in its banks and sipe and back water
is rapidly receeding. ;
The Mefdain battery of r artillery
"lias Lcc:: mustered out of the Missis
sippi National Guard.
The Mississippi Federation of Wo
men's Clubs held its annual meeting
t Meridian this week.
While riding on his way home Chas.
Srover Jr., was killed1 from "ambush
"Blear iTcadville Tuesday. '
The penitentiary expenses for
XXarch amounted to $19,000, $14,000
Of which were for supplies.
The State bar will meet at Vicks-
road camp when one of the negroes
struck his foreman on the head "with
the butt of his pistol, i . if
On next May 10th and nth, in the
various counties of the State, there
will be held examinations for candid
ates for the office of county superin
tendents of education. Examiners
have been appointed by, the State
Board bf Education.
A race war took place at Liberty,
Amite county, the first of the week.
Negroes with rifles paraded the streets
The cause was the killing of an offi
cer by the negroes who ambushed a
posse. In the first conflict two neg
roes were killed and several whites
A meeting of the Farmers' Union
of Lafayette county was called to as
semble at Oxford Friday to organize
a stock company Jo build a cotton
warehouse. This is the fifteenth lo
cal warehouse scheme launched in
the state by local organizations of
the Farmers' Union.'
Petition has been filed in the Tuni
ca county chancery court asking Chan
celor Percy Bell to formally organize
barg in early May. An . elaborate jthe Coldwater drainage districet, un
vprogram has been prepared. I der the provisions of the Alcorn dis-
1 .Friday, April 26th., Confederate ; trict drainage bill. The plan in view
-lecoration Day, will be generally
abserved throughout the State. "
" "Hilliafd Clarke, colored, will hang
in 'Vicksburg jail, June 5th, for mur
dering his'mistress, Lena Booth.
C ; A. Ncvvson, a farmer living 3
miles from Brpokhavenr was killed by
lightning whilesaddling a horse Tues-
- A fund of $20,000 has been raised
hy the whiskey men of Madison coati
tjr to fight the coming prohibition
flection. - - '
The Home Telephone Company,
with cheaper . rates, will be . given a
franchiser by Vicksbu.rg municipal
- Hailstones as large as marbles fell
for thirty minutes ' at Marked Tree
Monday mornirg doing serious dam
age to vegetables.
Dr. William A. Evans, who has been
"appointed as commissioner of public
fcealth of Chicago by Mayor Busse,
.vm a Mississippian.
The town of Libertyn, Amite
county will vote at a special election
for the issuance of $10,000 bonds for
public improvement.
The Episcopalians of the State will
plan two orthodox schools at the
meeting of the next council to be-held
at Yazoo City the first of May.
The State Bankers' Association will
meet in Vicksburg next May and a
ten-day trip through Mexico has been
planned at the conclusion of the meeting.
The prevailing rains last Sunday
morni" saved Mississippi farmers
$1,000. "00 on their cotton crop, the
rain saved the crops from a severe
Vick-btirg is the 1907 convention
city of th-o State. Besides a number
of Str.t j r'ec'tings the National King's
Daughters' convention will be held
there later in the year.
A special session of the Mississippi
Lurrfurnun's Association was held
at Meridian Tuesday to act on im
portant matters and to affiliate with
the Alabama Association.
Dr. J. F. Hunter, of Jackson, sec-reiar3-
f tne State Board of Health
for tlie past twelve years, will resign
his position at the expiration of his
term to enter private practice.
An effort is being made by the
newspapers' of the State to keep the
State printing work in the State. All
this movements needs is concerted
action hy the Mississippi press.
The Mississippi editors will not
miakr ,- t'p to ihe Jamestown Expo
sition v'uring their annual meeting as
at first ii tended. A trip to the Gulf
Coast to,ns Will be taken instead.
Mr. W. E. Williamson, a wholesale
grain merchant of Clarksdale, and
Miss Belle Michels, of Noble, 111., met
half v, ay in Memphis, Monday and
were man;; d by justice W. A. Taylor.
A branch road of the Y. & M. V.
from Sardis to Charleston, is about
completed. Charleston is one of the
three county seats in the state with
out railroad connection with the out
side world.
The campaign" for. the good roads
throughout the -state, inaugurated by
Agricultural Commissioner Blakes
lee, is receiving hearty support every
where. Associations will be organ
ized in all the counties.
The Board of Supervisors of Pren
tiss county will vote $25,000 bonds
lor the completion of the court
house at Booneville, the erection, of
which vas delayed for several years
by litigation with the contractors.
A meeting of the farmers of Holmes
county will be held at Lexington today
for the purpose of organizing a coun--
ty fair association, the purpose be
ing to hold a fair and industrial ex
position during the early. autumn. -
Mississippi furnished a large num
ber of soldiers for the Northern Vir
ginia Confederate army, and the an
imal reunion of this body - will be
largely attended by Mississippian
veterans who served before the fall pf
ImfStQiatey toiiowing a severe
calp of tTf?Jer "the fly' wheel at" the
electric lightSp!9J5r J"ase-at Brook
luven flew into aSfe?" pieces. The
building was. badly dJfced- , The
can be shipped. v
; A race war started at Bryan Thurs
day, in which two negroes were kill-
..-V. and ' fin nrl;! man frtilW in-
td. The trouble started at -a rail-
is to reclaim for cultivation a tract
of nearly 100,000 acres in that section
of the state.
A notable musical event was the
Spring Music andt Dramatic Festival
of the Industrial Institute and College
at Columbus,, which commenced last
Saturday night and continued until
Tuesday night. Madame Sembrich,
Frederick Wade, dramatist, and the
New York Symphony orchestra aid
ed) the college girls to make it the
grandest musical event in the South.
It is claimed! that the appropriation
of $200,000 available in 1907 by the
trustees of the prison board will be
enausted by next November. This
is caused by the extra large number
of convicts which is rapidly nearing
the 1,400 mark and incendiary fires,
in which 40 head of mules were lost.
The defiict will amount to between
of $25,000 and $30,000. The next legis
lature will be asked to make a larger
Within the next few days a call
will be issued for freight traffic offi
cials to hold a conference in Jackson
with representatives of the wholesale,
jobbing and commercial interests of
Jackson, West Point, Aberdeen, Tu
pelo, Corinth, Starkville, Greenville,
'Greenwood and Yazoo City, for the
purpose of seeing if an arrangement J
can not be reached concerning revi
sion of the Southern Classification
prior to its adoption. Each town
will of course have amendments to
offer audi concessions to ask, and it
depends upon the number and im
portance of these revisions whether
the substitution can be made.
A $500,000 Masonic Temple will be
erected at Indianopolis, Ind.
Spain will appropriate $64,000,000
for her navy at the next session of
the cortes.
Earthquake shocks were feit in
Chile, Spain, Turkey and Russia last
Wm. J. Bryan was the lion of th?
hour at the Brooklyn Club banquet
whenever the prince has any to sell.
It is iaid that Prcsicit -Roosevelt
.will stump the State of Ohio In the
interests of Taf t to offset Forakers
activity during Taft'a absence in Cuba
By- the derailing of the Oriental
Limited on the Great Northern "Rail
road at Brindley, N. D., five people
were killed and a score or more in
jured last Monday.
J. Pierpont Morgan was seventy
years old Wednesday. He is arrang
ing his business affairs to retire, and
will be succeeded by his son, J.
Pierpont Morgan, Jr. -
Deputy Sheriff Rabb, of Helena,
Ark,, was seriously shot by a negro
he was -trying to arrest Thursday,
and a. large mob with: bloodhounds
are in pursuit of the negro.
The jurors in the -Thaw case could
not agree upon a verdict " and were
discharged. Thaw's 'attorneys will
try to bail him out of the Tombs, but
Jerome Will fight this move.
Mrs. Donald McLean, of New
York,, was re-elected president of the
American Daughters of the Revolu
tion society at the sixtieth annual
meeting-held- in Washington.
In a public statement Mrs. Harry
Thaw's mother, has said that she her
self would have ki'Jed Stanford White
had! she kuo,w of her daughter's ruin
by White before he was killed.
A negro 'was lynched at Iola, La.;
for attempted assault last Tuesday.
Two attempts were made to get him
from the officers before the mob suc
ceeded in hanging their victim.'
Heavy earthquake shocks were felt
in Mexico the first of the week that
covered a iwide area of territory. It
is estimated that the death list num
bers 500 or more, with hundreds of
injured. '
General Manager Miller, pf the Chi
cago Eastern Illinois railroad, and a
party of friends are making a trip
down the Mississippi River to New
Orleans on two private cars-placed
on barges.
For alleged discrimination against
the cotton manufacturers of the
South, three charges "were brought
against thirty railroad companies be
fore the interstate commerce com
mission Thursday.
Yesterday, at Salt Lake City, Ab
salom Woolf, a Mormon, celebrated
the golden, wedding of himself to his
two wives. The remarkable thing
about it is that all three have lived
harmoniously together all this time.
Many distinguished foreigners and
prominent citizens of the United
kj tci j uiiv. nu.ti itiv, 11101 uiu v vi ja
peace meeting held in New York City
this week. This meeting - was pre
liminary to the coming Hague con
ference. : '
. At Rochester, N. Y., Rev. W. K
Coffey, colored, was arrested for un
lawfully marrying Arthur Jones, col
ored, to Dora Hitchcock, white. Fred :
Hitchcock, father of the girl, was
also arrested. The arrests were
made at the instance of the society
for the prevention of cruelty to chil
dren. The approaching meeting of King
Edward of England and King Victor
Emanuel of Itlay, at Gaeta, is not
very pleasing to Germany, according
to Berlin dispatches. Germany be
leives that. King Edwardd will try to
win the. King of Itlay from the Triple
Alliance, and otherwise disrupt the
European situation. '
Six thousand children, . orphans,
j deaf mutes and the maimed, were the
Nightriders are destroying many ' guests of the Barnum &'.Bailey . cir
of the tobacco beds of independent ! cus in New York Wednesday. Hun-
,' tobacco raisers. . ' I dreds of ambulances brought th?
The Tennessee legislature has en-(children from the hospitals, and as
dorsed the nomination of Wm. J.
Bryan for. the presidency.
The clerk of the Northern Express
Co., at St. Paul, was held up by rob
bers Tuesday and $25,000 was taken.
- Only a quarter of a crop of peaches
in Georgia will result this year be
cause of the heavy frost . of Sunday
night. ' - -. ' -
Jas. H. Eckles, of Chicago, a prom
inent financier, was found dead in bed
Sunday. Death was caused by heart
failure. "
A registered mail package contain
ing $10,000 was stolen between Wil
mington. N. C. and New York City,
Monday. :
Andy Carnegie's building to tht
Engineer's Society was dedicated with
impressive ceremonies at New York,
Tuesday. :."'".;-;'"'-''
The sensational charge is made in
Chicago that the police force paid
the freight in the recent municipal
election in that city.
For j, giving rebates the Chicago &
Alton railroad - must pay a fine of
$20,000, according to the ruling of the
supreme court Tuesday. :, "
The Daughters of the American
Revolution opened their annual meet
ing at" Washington Tuesday by a tilt
between officers and members.
The Peary expedition to the North
Pole has been temporarily postponed
owing to lack - of funds..' A public
subscription will be called for. V "
they entered Madison Square, where
the performance was given, each one
was given a sack of peanuts.
Mr.s. L. C. Gilman, of Dayton, CX.
heson and two daughters, practical
ly the whple family, were. re-arrested
Thursday for the murder of Dona
Gilman, the second oldest daughter..
Dona was found dead: near her home
last fall and the - grand jury at the
time ignored their arrest. Mrs. Gil
man and her children - were given
bail in the sum of $7,000.
Yazoo City is having a lively mun
icipal campaign. . ,
Hon. Luther Manship, candidate for
Lieutenant Gvernor" is now engag
ed upon an active campaign through-
tout the Stte. : ' ' .
For over two hours last Monday
morning Governor Vardaman spoke
to over 1,000 people at Raleigh. He
held the marked attention of his hear
ers and at the close of his address
was given a grand ovation..
: Hon. J. B; Carrington, candidate for
the legislature from Copiah county, is
also in the race for the speakership".
This makes three. entries in the race:
J. G. Millsaps, of Clay county and W.
A. Alcorn, of Coahoma county. jKzt -,
"The Grenada Sentinel has "register
ed a lrirlr 3 frn i n t cn'.4innr - en ' MtJv
whirling, blinding snow storm pre fn f. twkV-
vailed .over Topeka territory of Ark- Uss thc -ditor o;the Sentinel thinki
ansasr Tuesday .morning. The tem. the laws e cnQ h UQe
perature rstered 36 degrees. now ithout making them worse. ,
-Frank Hitchcock,,. First Assistant W. r?z i tt!: 1
Postmaster Gencfral,,, to be the suc:fco is' putting out candidates Tor
cessor of John M. Yerkes, aa Com-Khe legislature. This is a new rnove
misSioner of Internal Revenue. , - A - .
According to the Portsmouth treaty Kf. fatLA 11 nV m "i
of iece the' Rusian iad Japanese TTniW wlI nnt v
dicates for county offices. y -
forces -evactxated Manchuria t to. the
tobtin rf t Cknsese Hcnday.
j2T-'t Merman his pxiJ $!ZZ,
Iter. f:r t!:-J s-r,'
TLrre .are stylts i.i csss.
are t3iC latest". ' v "
' t
I )
mm of' fc Einnieirv Realty
City and Soborbao Property, Plantations and Timber Lands
There never- was a better time to
buy property in the city of ; Green
ville , than .now," and the. opportunity
will never again be afforded. Those
who want residences, vacant lots, "
tenant property or business blocks
should buy now, as they, are offered "
cheaper than "ever before. Soon the -prices
in real estate wilt rise" sky--ward
and those who do not purchase
now will regret it in a very; short
while when the advance has started.
There is no need to multiply words
a little investigation will prove
that we are 1 offering "city property- at ,
the lowest rock bottom prices and
these prices' will not maintain for any -length
of time. Get in on the ground
floor now, and don't let regrets fill
your heart and mind. Here are a few
of the bargains we have:
City Residences -
On the corner of Hunt and Poplar
streets ; we have a substantial house
with large lot that we offer at a gen
uine bargin price. Place "' needs but
few improvements, which -can 1e
made at small cost to purchaser and
a good lasting and comfortable home
will be the result. Price, $2,000.00;
$1,250 cash, balance to suit pur
chaser; - "' ' - : -
houses in the city of Greenville and
will be sold for $2,500; $1,000 down,
balance arranged tosuit purchaser.
The handsome, -commodious Met-calfe-Coilins
residence on South
.Broadway. This is one of ' the finest
houses in the city. The house stands
in a large yard, the entire 4 place oc
cupying a block. While far enough
away from the business part of the
city to escape its noises,, this place is
within a few minutes street car ride
from' town. House has every con
venience," it is well constructed, nice
ly arranged and is just the place for
those who want to purchase an ele
gant home. If whole lot is too large
the place will be sub-divided to suit
purchaser. For terms apply to the
In another part of the town we
have three 3-room tenant houses that
rent for $7.50 per month each.
Houses are a year old, are substan
tially built, and could not now be
erected for the amount they were
built last year. Price $i,6so. The
locality has not had a vacant house
for any length of time for years. This
property will be sold for $600 down,
balance in two yearly payments at
8 per cent. Don't overlook this opportunity.
One-half block from the new post
office site we have a large, thirteen
room house, on lot 96x230 that we
offer for a short while only at $5,500.
The vacant lot alone is well worth
this price. This is one of 'the best
opportunities ever offered an inves
tor. Property is easily worth $100 a
foot. ,It is located right in the center
of the town,' will be but a few steps
of the handsome new post - office
building. At the price it is offered it
will not stay long on the market.
Cash payment of $2,000 will cinch
the deal, and terms on balance can
be easily arranged. This is a chance
to grasp opportunity with a firm
Just a few blocks from the business
portion of the city we have one of the
most complete residences in the city
at a bargain. House is in perfect con
dition, has every improvement is
thoroughly- screened, has a 2-story
stable, Servant's house, carriage
house, etc. House has eight rooms,
all newly papered. From the front
gallery to the rear of the lot this
place is all that, could ' be desired.
Price reasonable and terms' very lib
eral. tSee us at once if you are look
ing for a home, that is a home, at a
price to suit the times. This, bargain
"will not last long. '
We have a house of five rooms and
bath, well built, complete with every
convenience, no repairs needed, that
is offered at a remarkably low price.
The lot to the house is 55x220 feet
deep, and has barn, coal, wood, chick
en and servant's house. This is one
of the finest and most complete
The above descriptions are but a
few of the bargains we have in resi
dent property. To describe them all
would take this whole page. We
have residences in all parts of the
city, in the north, south, east and
west ends. They are all bargains,
and will be sold on easy terms, some
of them for a small cash payment
and the balance in monthly payments
or "small yearly amounts.
We have a vacant lot 60x180 feet
deep, in good locality, that will be
sold for cash. Lot needs no grading,
and is higher than other lots in that
locality, and is offered now at a price
almost ridiculous.
We have other lots that will in
terest any builder who wants a loca
tion for a home or to build tenant
houses. We have some of the
cheapest in the town. Don't neglect
looking at these lots when you want
any kind of property.
A Small Plantation Will Pay for
On the Bogue we have a 120-acre
plantation, too acres in cultivation
that offers a genuine bargain to some
purchaser. The place is now leased
for five years for $2,250; $5,250 will
buy the place. Lease notes will be
transferred and the balance can be
paid in cash. Here is a chance for
an investor to get 120 acres of the
best land in the Delta at a bargain.
We can sell you any size or de
scription of plantation you want.
Our plantation list Consists of places
that are the most productive and
make the best investments.
Tenant Property Bringing Good Re
turns Wie have a list of houses that bring
$64.50 per month that will be sola
for $3,200 cash, if taken at once.
Property is in fair condition and will
bring to any purchaser a big per cent,
on the investment. Houses are al
ways rented. "
Wanted at Once
Acres and acres of gum timber.
Land must run 75 per cent, red
gum, good quality. Will get you
a quick purchaser for all you have.
If you have any timber lands for
sale, notify us, and we will dispose
of them for you.
Address all communications to
P. . Box 126. Greenville, Miss.
tK : -41 W
' r ' " ' $J'l' - ''X
Greenville's Greatest
PANTS Rosenwald & Weil' PANTS
" JHE best tailored and most vip-to-date Pants of the Fashion all were designed for
this seasons service by the master designer of Rosenwald & Weil's, establishing be
yond question that the styles are authoritative.
It is for you to decide whether you select the most radical or the most conservative
type. We have them in all the latest checks and stripes.
Each Pants Bears the Label R. & W.
R. & W. Pants Range in Price from $3.50 to $7.50.1
Panama Hats
The Latest Styles'
$5.00 and $6.00
Fancy Hat
Manhattan Shirts
A Swell Assortment
$1.50 and $3.50
Boys' Knee Pants Suits
The swellest line in the city. Sizes from j
2 1-2 to 18 years . $1.50-$7.50
Tiy-a.'Rair Leyser's $3.00 Men's Shoes for $2.50
The swellest line of Shirt Waiots
and Skirts evex 'shown in the city. '
Shirt Waists Button Back or Front,
with vvlace-'or embroidery, neatly
5 trimmed; - prices - ranging from $1.00
Our Skirt Department's now com
pleted; in- the latest styles and cuts
in Voile, Panama Serges, Plaid and .
Stripes at prices to suit your purse.
la Pr a end Cdrzzcll thJ
kt-l cuts, frcx cp "
- Dr. P.
i DEMKmnrr
The Home for
Quality and worth-more merits or more shane.
lines in foot dress cannot be had for Spring 1905.
The latest hv Ladies' Oxrords. Sole Agents for Red Cross Shoes
-Coney Island," Tan only S4.00 and Oxfords for Ladies f 3 - $4
William Kneeland Shoes for Men ,
: in Vici. Patent Leather and Tan Colored Slippers in all the latest
! in an the latest toes - - S3.50 - $5 Styles $3.50 . $5.00
' I
: -

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