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Aimee Craft were visitors to Leland
on Sunday.
Mrs. J. X. Head, of Holly Ridg,
was a guest of Mrs. F. Griffin on
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Skinner, or
Lake Washington, have been guests
of Greenville friends during rive past
few days. S, ' , - - '
Mrs. Hatt-e Erooks and Miss Jean
ette Broods, of Memphis, are gire?
of Mrs. Brctoks' parents, Mr. anl
Mrs. Mayor.
Mr. Charles Nulsexi, U. S. A., is
at "home from West Point to spend
! r 1 i ii "T i
a furlough.
9-110! 11 1121 18114115
16!17!18il9i20i21 S3!
23!24I25!26e37 28129
Dr. W. L. Howard was called to
Cleveland 'on Thursday on , profes
sional business
o -
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Meek, of
Clarksdale, are guests of Judge and
Mrs. J II. Wynn
octal ana Kzrsona
Miss Mary Watson has gone to
! spend the late winter in Ilazelhu.rst.
Mrs. S. R. Geise has returned from
a visit to Mrs. Crump at Nitta Yuma
..Mrs. W. G. Stirrirrel left a few days
since to visit relatives in the North.
Mr. J. J.
Henry, of Eenoit wa;
- Three novel entertainment? for
charity have recently beer, held in
Orchestra 1 1 all, in Chicago. The
firt,, a pageant vivant, netted $22,
000 for the Destitute Children Con
valescent Horn?. A co-imr.nttee Ki
well-known society leaders planned
and carried into execution this
unique form of entertainment, which among tho recent visitors in
consisted of exact r? productions o,";city.
famous portraits by English and! o
French masters, p1 rsed :by society; Mrs. E. S. Cooper, of Benoit, is
women. T!ie backgrounds or the
tableaux were painted by Frederick
Clay Biirtlett, and the poses and de
tails of .costume were admirably ar
ranged hy Ralph Clarkson. The
second entertainment was tor the
benefit o't the Chicago Hebrew in
stitute. Fan-tons by a group of prc
Rauhaeiite and mod'-rn French and
English painters were posed in ex
act (copy by men and ':men under
the direction of Charles Francis
Browne and Abbie Rirdsall Phillips.
A number of massive paintings Were since.
cnos-'-n. umcr.lt ot reproduction in
pose and costume. A musical pro
gram was given by a group of art
ists from the Italian Grand Opera
C'lmpany and sixteen members of
the Thomas Orchestra. A third en
tertair.mtnt , even more an 'Ititious,
was "Living Music,'' also given by
prominent members .of society, un
der the general direction of Mr.
lairds E'lld .n Smith. Its proceeds,
something like $10,000, will go to
ward forming a relief fund for mem
bers of f.-ie TliO 'iorc Thomas Or
chestra. The World Today.
Mr. Wil'bv.r Scruggs visited friends
in Leland en Sunday.
Miss Ruth Aldridge has gone to
visit friends in Missouri.
Mr. Riteman, of Port Gibson, is a
guest at the hcirr.e of his son. Mr.
Louis Riteman.
Mr. William Vaughan, of Yazoo
Citv. is soendinsr a few days with
T ! Grsenviile friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoke have re
turned after a sojourn of several
months in Leland.
Miss Sadie Maude Rucks has re
turned from a visit to Mrs. S. B.
Wilson in Vicksburg:
been "visiting Mrs: J. E. Negus and
relatives in this city, left a few days
since for her home in Port Gibson.
Mrs. W. H. Montgomcrvho has
been a guest of Mrs. C. R. Wortham,
left on Thursday to visit Mrs. R.
V. Garner, near Alham'wra before re
turning to Vicksburg.
..Mrs. T. B. Shaw Iras returned after
visiting Mrs. Charles Elliott in May
ersvii'e and a trip to Vicksburg on
the U. S. lighthouse tender, Olean
der" a guest of Mrs. Tilden.
The ladies of the Hebrew Union
congregation wh'o are interested in
the sucefss of the Purim Ball to 'e
given for the benefit "of the temple
are requested to meet at the Olyn.
pia Club hall Monday afternoon at
4 o'clock.
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Le
noir. o
Mrs. J. P. Hill, of Arkansas, is
visiting !h'?r sister, Mrs. Lamar Wat-
5:0 n.
Mrs. Mathews, bf Lake Village,
Ark., is visiting relatives in Green
ville. Mr. Jchn K. Xutt. "of Leota, wis
a nr. est in. Greenville a few. days
dp vs
Mri R. L. Bradley spent several
in Leland dV.ring the past
Mrs. T. B. Shaw is paying a visit
of a few weeks to Mrs II. E. YVeth
erbee. o
Mr. 'Dunbar Marshall, of) Img-wr.odrv.-as'Tgu'sf
in Greenville on
Major S. Kuse, of Colorado, is a
guest of Opt. and Mrs. Arthur
Mr. E. J. Bryan, of Alhambra, has
been a guest of Greenville friends
during the past few days.
Mrs. L. B. Hempstead, of L'ouis
ville, Ky., is visiting Mrs. W. V.
'JCYcrthington at Wavside.
Mrs George Wilkerson, of La
mont, has been a guest of Mrs. J. J.
Wilkerson for seme days.
Mr. and M-rs. Stanley Hensliaw
have returned from. N?.tchez, where
they were gv.es ts of friends.
Miss Margaret Dunn returned on
Friday from a visit to Tier sister,
Mrs. Stokes, in Greenwood.
Mr. Arthur Shepherd, of Fort
Adams, is a guest at the home of
Capt. and Mrs. Arthur Hider.
Misses Fannie and Sarah Walker
will entertain the Spinsters' Card
Club on cWdnesday afternoon.
Mice's Norbuta Garvey and Mary
Belle McGinty, who have been guests
of Misses Marguerite Ryan and Jen
nie Moore, left recently for their
home in Vicksburg. Misses Garvey
a'nd McGinty are both attractive
young women and were recipients of
a number of social honors during
their stay in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Wachsman an
nounce the engagement of their
Mrs. S. L. Sack has gone to spend
a few weeks in the East.
j ed from a visit
Mrs. James, ctf Bolivar county, is; Rp5Cale
visiting Mrs. Lamar Watson.
Mrs. XV. E. Negus has returned
after a sojourn of several weeks in
Mrs. V. A. Stein, of Chatham, is
visiting her brother, A. Byall, at
Miss Kathleen Harty has return-
to -Miss c?cott n
Capt. Charles West left "on yester
day for a visit in. St. Louis.
Mr. Ernest Smiths was the guest ct
friends in Cleveland vjn Sunday,
a- o
Mr. F. Giardina was the guest of
'riends in Vicksburg on Sunday.
Miss Irene Wilhelm. of Leland,
visited frknds in- Greenville cn
i Miss Winnie Wahl returned or
I Sunday from a visit to relatives 11
Mts. Craft and daughter, Miss
IHij Ths Rrst National Bank
Capital and Surplus lpl
Vlifj over $250,000.00, J
I wkI ers to Depositors 1 w I
Y M every facility which ! &
4 their balances, busi- J hgb$j
ij ness, and response j
bliity warrant j
' . i. . -g" rij -iT7. J
..Mr. Grover Huntzicker arrived re
cently from Memphis and will niaKC
his future hbme in Greenville.
Miss Howard and little "Miss Lady
Helen Turner, of Leland, were
guests in Greenville recently.
Mrs. Joe Weinberg entertained
prettily on Saturday evening compli
menting the Five Hundred Club.
Miss Pickett, who has been a
greatly guesKof Mrs. Dennis, left on
Sunday for her hoime in. Memphis.
Mrs. Johnson Erwin and Mis
Bessie Erwin have gone to visit
Mrs William Eggleslon in Shaw.
Little Master Wade Stokes, of
Greenwood, is visiting his grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Dunn.
Mrs. S. W. Shielder and her son,
Mr. Walton Shields, have gone to
spend a few weeks in Minnesota.
Col. and Mrs. D. L. Moore, of
Rolling Fork hlave been guests in
this city during the past few days.
Mrs. W. K. Green, of Longwood,
was a guest of Mrs. G. B. Alexand
ed during the early part of the week.
Mrs. Lillie Shurlds and Mrs. J.
Mark Wallace were the guests of
relatives and friends in Isola Thurs
day. Messrs. B., C. Wheeler Bayle
Shelby and- Ernest Norman left, on
yesterday for a brielf visit in Vicksburg.
Dr. Miller, of Rolling Fork, has
been a'guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Milb.r during the early part of this
... Mr. Malcolm Kretsch.mar, of St.
Lcnis, is visiting Mrs. K. C. Kretsch
mar and Mr. and Mr. W. P. Kretcb-
mar . -...',': '
Mr. and Mrs. Crawley, of Clarks
dale, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
George Tarner tai Friday and Sat
-o .
Misses Julia "Estelle P.ogue
daughter, Carrie, to Mr. Sam B.
Herzfeld, ctf Baltimore, Md. An
elegant reception was tendered the
young couple on Wednesday "even
ing. Feb. 19, at the home of Miss
Wachsman's sister, Mrs. M. Hart-
man, at 103 West 137th street, New
York city.
Mrs. W. H. Montgomery, of
Vicksburg, was guest- of honor at
a prettily arranged bridge party
given by Mts. Tayl!or Harbison on
Wednesday afternoon. A delic'iously
prepared luncheon was served and
the trophies of the garric, a choco
late pot, was awarded Mrs. A. L
Spinster Club v:
On Wednesday afternoon- the
Spinster Club met with Misses Fan
nie and Sarah Walker and was
charmingly entertained at bridge,
which was played at three tables.
The guest list included Misses An
nie Moore, Grace Everman, Mary
Walker, Carrie Belle Negus, Ella
Stone, Maud Bryan, Kate Treys, Su
sie Treys and Bettie Treys, Oryille
Stone, Sallie Hunt, Mrs. Herbert
Eustic, Mrs. Julian Fort and Mrs.
LeRoy Percy. Misses Orville Stone
and Sallie Hunt weire the fortunate
competitors in the game. The en
tertainment was brought to a close
with luncheon served in several
Leap Year Ball
One of the rrJost notable events of
the week was the leap year ball
given at the Olympia Club on Wed
nesday evening.
The guests included: Mr. and
Mrs. M. Goldstein, Mrs. Mayor,
Mrs. Brooks and Miss Jeanette
Brooks, of Memphis; Miss Hyman
Hart, of Natchez; Miss Hilda Wach
cnbeim, of Vicksburg; Misses Irene
Mayse, Jeanette Hartman, Bertha
Waldamer, Blanch Bergman, Maud
Rosenstock, Maud Rosenthal, Re
becca Berwin and Adah Marshall.
Messrs Sam Hartman, Sam Mayor,
Dave Weinberg, Jacob Livingston,
Lo.ris Scott, Jonas Ignace, Abe
Johl, Sidney Mayse. Meyh Brill, Nat
Iscnbesrg, Joe Dreyfus, Joel Wilcy
inski, Isadore Shongut, Malcolm
Bengman, Jacob Strauss, ' Ralph
Denney, of New Orleans;tibc Wal
daner, Albert Mayor, Julius Mayor
and Maurke Fischel.
Wiitsoon be very much in evidence
Have them done up where experts
give you just what you want. Ii
y05u carn't take our word for it, ask
your neighbor wbc knows
Phone 7?g.
Arlington Laundry
Annie Moore and Carrie Belle No-
gus, Mrs. Reid was assisted in enter-
tainir..g by Mrs. Lyne Starling, Miss
Lollie Starling and Miss Tunes Starling.
Reception Honoring Mrs. J. C. Han-
An unusually handsteme social
event cf the late winter took place
on Tuesday afternoon, the occasfon
being a reception tendered by Mrs.
Ann S. Haway to Mrs. Jchn C. Han
way, iccie of the season's lovely
The receiving party included
Mrs. A.'S. Hanway, Mrs. J. C. Han-
way, iVlirsv James urasty, Miss
Heintz of Buffalo, N Y., Mrs. Jno.
Cannon, Mrs. Shanahan, Mrs. Wil
liam Crump and Mrs. LeRoy Percy,
who stood in a graceful semi-circle
amid the exquisite floral ornaments,
totf white carnations, feans and palm..
that decked the drawing, rem.
Mrs. Hanway was gowned in gray
embrtoidered crepe de chdne and
point lace.
Mrs. Jofan C. Hanway, white duch
esse satin, garniture of lace and
Mres. Grastj', imported giDWii
blue pena "clVth, Miss Minnie Han
way, robe of white lace over silk.
Miss Heintz, white silk with over
dress cf lace.
A color schemgof lavender was
carried tout in the room. The
table was covered with embroidered
grass lineit and ornamented with car
nations tied wiViii lavender ribbon
and Japar.ese baskets fulled with vio
lets, while frtvm the chandelier an
inverted Japanese parasol formed of
lavender blossome was suspended.
American- Beauty roses and smilax
were effectively used in the decora
tions of the library.
Joihin Jackson and Mrs.. XV
F. Fordham presided over the punch
bbwl and the tea girls were: Misses
Minnie Hanway, Jenie Paxton, An
nie Moore, Mary Walker, Birdie
Robertshaw, Jennie Cannon and Sad
ie Maude Rmcks.
..Music was -rendered thrtwghout
the afternoon, by Prof. Baench's orchestra.
Young Married Women's Club-,
Mrs. W. M. Reid entertained the
Young Married Woman's Club in a
most graceful fashion on Friday
-morning. The decorations were ap
propriate v for 'the celebration of
George Washington's birthday, and
the score cards were decorated with
decorated with American flags done
in water colors and the national col
ors, red, white and blue, were pleas
ingiy arranged in v the .luncheon.
I Mrs. Helm received abridge set icr
a" J j having the highest score, and other
M sude liogue. cf -Cr.nrlcston, Miss., ; n.t. v - . trsv S. C. Mc"Cutc!i-
No other branch of horticulture offers such rich
rewards as the culture of Pecan Trees The irv
corr.e from an acre of Pecan Trees averages from
$100 to $500 per year. Pecans are thei richest
and most valuable of nuts. "Tis impossible to sup
ply the demand. Pecan Trees grow in any South
ern soil and require but little attention.
We own and operate the largest Pecan Nursery
in the world and make a business of selling Pecan
Trees. Don't waste, any time if you want to
-know anything about the great possibilities that
' await you in this new field..
Write today for our profusely illustrated catalog
ue abAut Pecan Culture and the prices of trees.
Write to
Southern Nut Nursery Co.
Ocean Springs, Miss. Lafayette, La.
Best months for planting pecan trees. Feb., March, April
"Put Money in Thy Purse
Shakespeare says, with the idea of pror
ing for later needs. Haying put it there
fee that a good pait of it is left safe and
secure in this Savings Bank so that you
may have it, and it plus 3 per cent, inter
est when it will be of the greatest value to
you when 3'ou are too old to earn more
or when you want to invest in a business
cf your own.
Qtisens Bask
armers' News
ONE YEAR, payable in Advance, 50c
SIX MONTHS, " " " 25c
Best Agricultural Paper in the Country.
Farmers' Union Articles from Every State in the
Reliable Market Reports.
The Latest Telegraph News. '
Page of CondensecTNews of the World.
Stories for the Women and Children.
Junior Department, of Great Interest to the
Mother and Little Ones.
arums' News Scimitar
r.:e visiting
their a::nU Mrs. C. M.
Mr. and M's. A. O. Reel, of
Virksburg. hsve fceen vtiting friends
tin this "city' during the- latter part ot
j.tic'.week., - . - '
eon, Mrs. Wade cgus. Mrs. W. C.
Ncsus, Mrs. Herbert Eusiicc, Mrs.
Mrs. C. P. . Williams, rMrs'. A. L.
Mclvcr, Mr. JacoV Strickland, Mrs.
G. G. Alexander, Mrs.f Louis osby,
Mrs.s Harry Wetherbee, . Mrs. J. W.
Bell, Mrs.. Stanley Henshaw, Misses
Put it in Some Safe Place, fcr it
May Come in Handy Some Day
Here is a simple home-made mix
ture as given by an eminent author
ity on Kidney diseases, who makes
the statemenet in a New York daily
newspaper, fhat if! will relieve al
most any case of Kidney trouble if
taken before the stage of Bright's
disease. He states that .such symp
toms as lame back, pain in the sidt,
frequent desire to urinate, especial
ly at night; pairrful and discolored
urination, are readily overcome.
Here is the recipe; try it:
Fluid Extract' Dandelion, one
half ounce; Compound Kargan, one
ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparil
la, three ounces. , : Take a teaspoon
iul' after each' meal and at bedtime.
A well-known druggist here in
town is authority that these ingre j
dients are all harmless and easily
mixed at home byshaking well in a
pottle. Tbis mixture has-, a pecu
liar healing and sctothing effect upon
the entire Kidney and Urinary struc
ture, and. of Jen overcomes the worst
forms of Rheumatism in just a lit
tle while. This mixtures-is . said to
remove all blood disorders and' cure
the Rheumatism fry forcing the Kid
neys to filter and strain 'from the
blood and system all uric acid and I
foul, .decomposed waste; matter,
which cause these afflictions. Try
it if. you arnt-well. Save the pre
scription. ' ' '
Of South Mississippi College,
March 33 to May 16
Offers thorough review of all public
school branrhes. Examination for
State lr-cnse at cPose. For particu
lars, address , '
. . South Mississippi College,
Hattiesfcurgvr Miss.
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Quality Brings Fame
O rn o s
Is Both Noted and Famous
Electric Light, Power
& Manhfacturinsf Co.
jreenville, .
The Cleanest
and Best
on the Market
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.and Lighting
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