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Ii Finally Referred to Committee to
Make Amendments to Meet Views
Expressed in Debate Schcol Dis
tribution Bill in the House.
Jackson, Miss., Feb. 20. Adjourn
ing at 6 o'clock, the senate spent
the entire day debating on the child
labor bill. It was finally sent to the
committee to make amendments ac
cordivng Po the views expressed in
the debate. Many thought that the
age limit should be placed at 12
yenrs. The bill provides that the
limit shall be 16 years.
In the "house of representatives the
, Jones' school fund distribution bill,
which would change' the constitution
relating to the distribution of the
common school ifun-d, provoked
much debate. In -this the house be
came much tangled up. Two sub
stitutes were offered, -but the- whole
was finally put on the table to be
taken up at some future time, per
haps. South Mississippi wants a
larger share of the fund than she is
now getting and to secure this the
members from this section may
block all other legislation1 to secure
their demands.
Representative Broyles tendered
his resignation as chairman of the
committee on institutions because
the house 'had slashed up the redom
rrjendatkms received from the com-mittc.-.
The action " of the senate in pass
ing the university appropriation bill
in the. precise form recommended by
the finance Committee, was in strik
ing contrast to the very close trim
ming: given by the house to the deaf
and : dumb institute appropriation
bill, which was mutilated beyond
recognition. . . ,.
Numerous attempt were made rt
the senate to amend the committee
of the university budget, but
Some of the amend -
m-ents offered were almost f.rivlcms
in character, and came chiefly from
members who knew nothing what
ever about "the affairs of the univer
sity or the character of its' wterk.
For instance, one member wanted to
cut the allowance for a new power
house froc $35,000 to $25,000, re-
gardlfss cf the fact that the finance
lind nrnnrd thr am'vUUt
$5,000. and if is doubtful whether an
adequate plant can be erected at the
figure approved by the commtittee.
However, the members of the sen
ate are manifesting a more liberal
spirit toward appropriations for the
. . , j t t:
educational ana eicciiiuicudry uisw
tutXxns than the lower house, and it
is expected that .measures sent in
. from' the latter body will be consid
erably modified, rendering confer
ence committees .necessary prior to-
. adjournment. . , , . . .
' C'oinpjying ,,'with a reque ifrom
Gov. Noel, the supreme Court today
tendered an informal opinion declar
ing that the Quin eleorive judiciary
hill passed by the lower house a few
days . since, is unconstitutional and
violative of Section 145 of the or-
i ganii law. , :u . r.. ;.;.
The opinion is a notable victory
for Gen-. Noel in his fight to secure
a cansdtutfcmal amendment - provid
ing for an elective judiciary systeim,
ht frnrU of th Ouin bill declare
they are going to .urge its passag:
through the senate; that they, real.
ize its unconstitutionality, strictly
: interpreted by the organic law, but
at the same time it does not coerce
th- governor to appoint judges nom
inated at the party primaries and
- voters can xercise the right therein
' conferred regardless of the consti
tution.. ,. . . ; , s..
Supporters of the bill also con
tend they can pass it in both, houses
In spate of the g'qvernor's view. .The
' opinion is signed, by Justices Maye
and ivhitfield. ;.'-V,vV
': Mr. Boddie, of Washington coun-
, ty, author of the anti-truck rtshqp
law, wants he; assessment - rolls of
Mississippi) to ; sftowth. proportion
j of property, real and personal, own
i ed by white an4. olored Itcitizens
I Tcf achieve this desir?, Mr. Bqd
'ti dRe has introduce d ...a bill providing
J tfbat S the assessor, jn listin g reaj ty
(and jpersosalty 'fwtssessment'shll
property of whites and negroes, and
that they shall he allowed an addi-
1. From'.; a statterkral- viewpoint, an
assessment' made In accvrdancc with
Mr. Boddie's plan, would be very 1
mterewting, as rt would show to wharf
extent the negroes 01 Mississippi
ecomwg freeholders. !
Canal Dover, O., Feb. o. Plead-i
ing guilty to .the charge of driving
a carpet tack through the tongue of
Sampson Fowler, . seven years old, an
inmate of the Tuscarawas County
Children's Home, Miss Clara Ster
ling, assistant matron, was firwd $10
and the costs Saturday by Mayox
Although this- ction was take?n
Saturday, the punishment of the
child, in what is said to have been
an admitted attempt to wring from
him a confession of the theft of a
fellow inmate's lead pencil, became
known only today.
The suffering of the child, whose
tongue is swfollen so terribly that
food cannot be taken, brought the
disclosure. The arrest of Miss
Sterling, who is a niece -of Robert
Nugen, superintendent of the insti
tution, came afout through the com
plaint of the janitor, wfoo told the
humane officer of seeing the assist
ant matron drive th? fack through
the ichild's tongue. A warrant was.
sworn out by Humane Agent Jack-
The. police chief is authority for
the declaration that MiH SreHHng
made no denial, but admitted calling
the child before the sc'bool in the
home and compelling him to -extend
his tongue 'over a chair back while
she drove a carpet tack into the ton
gue with a small hammer.
Little Rock, Ark., Feb. 20. Al
bert: Saunders, one of the escaped
prisoners from the Pulaski county
jail, was returned today by a farmer
from Mayflower, in the upper dge
of this county., Saunders 1 was
brought here from Perry county, un
der a- charge of muirdering his
brkther-in-law, for safekeeping. The
farmer capttured Saunders late last
'night while he was attempting to
purchase food. He had been in the
woods since his escape without food.
" The report that Jake Miller was
captured this ; miorning . is rt withou
foundation. Officers claim to have a
trace of the' prisoner, and he may
be taken. Other reports are that
Miller will surrender, upon advice, of
Resolutiosn of Respect
Chancellor; Commcsander ; and Broth
ers: We,' your - committee,"' appointed to
draft suitable resolutions on the
death of our late brother, Isadore
He-xter, beg leave tto .make this re
port: ' - : " ; :J
That whereas, Brother Hexter
was until a few years agio , a resi;
dent for many years of the city of
Greenville, and that he was a good
and useful citizen, and that
Whereas, he joined nfbe order of
Knights of Pythias when the order
was struggling 'tor a foothold, and
that . .
Whereas, He made a good and a
faithful Knisht, that he .was true to
i'.is obligatioss,- and that 'he cast his
lot 'in fheVanks of Stonewall' Jack
sort, and I'foat although, away from
here he mniainfd at alt rimes true
to the interests" of our lod-ge; there
fore,rbe ?tl "v r - :--" "
Resolved, That it was with sincere
regret that learned of Brother
Hexter's death,' and that in his final
departure r froni this 'World' of ours.
Stonewall 'Jackson Lodge; K. of P.,
lhas lost a Rood, fahnful member,
one whom we could always count
upon in our houirs of trouble and
need; one who 'wore tthte spurs of
Knighthood with honor to himself
amd with icredit to the lodge.'
Be it Resolved further, that we ex
tend - to his toereaved . family oitr
heartfelt symipathies, that while they
mourn the loss of a Ifather andj a
husbands we naoura the loss of a kind
and a-' fathfnl hrother. v .r
?r Reeotvexf,; that a- eopy at these ri
tolutioas be , sent to the-ifamUy xjf the
deceased! brotheT and . that the . local
papers be Fequested to publish. tlherrrJ
and. that they :be spreadi upon the
minutes i of . our "lodge ?and; fhiat ..the
charter he drafte ' in .wourning for
the- period f- thirvy" days., Respect
fully. -subirmtte'd, V'.-'" V.:Ki.t:.''4 i'
r fei Ji'AVA BR34I NGHAM, i
. .; :, s A. S. WINFOitD; v ;
Notice of: faaiwriasetih
-e- hff , nndersWned eitlgen and
taxpayers :Jof -vWahmjft county,
Mississippi iateiy-Mv3s.t meet-
proprrty located between the l.Vn-
nissippi river and Deer creek, in said j
- .Ar "' ... ,.. I
' ;
at 12 o clock tor the piirpose or coiyr j
sidering and discussing legislation
in regard VO, the establishment of a
drainage district, affecting the above
All property holders are especially
requested to be present; also mem
bers of the board of supervisors and
the mayor and members of the 'coun
cil of the city "of Greejnville, and of
the towns of- Areola and Hollendale.
The object of the rraeetting is to
endeavor to secure such legislation
as is determined upon in regard to
drainage, at the present term of the
Mississjfppi legislature.
Van B. Boddie, Wm. Yerger,
T. P. McMahon, W. A. Overman
H. Crittenden, E. R. Worthami,
G. M.7 Helm, John V. Bell,
LeRoy Tercy, C. P. Williams.
N. Goldstein,
Philadelphia, Feb. 20 A serious
clash occurred on Broad street this
afternoon between a party of foreigners-who
were marching to the
city hall to make a demonstration,
and a number of citizens who at
tempted to stop them
In the melee about fifteen persons
were injured. The polite arrived on
the scene in response tv a riot call
and iriade about sixty arrests. Th
foreigners were out 'of work, and
were on their way to the city 'hall
to demand work in order to live.
Further trouble is expected.
San Francisco, Feb. 20. The arm
ored cruisers West Virginia, Mary
land, Tennessee and Washington ar
rived ftere roday from Magdalena
bay. The cruisers Colorado and
Pennsylvania. which accompanied
rthenf up the coast did not. enter the
harbor, but proceeded northward to
the, Bremerton navy yar,d. The four
big vessels are anchored near . the
battleship Nebraska.
Evans Not Seriously 111.
Washington, Feb. 20. While not
yet ' formally advised by Admiral
Thomas-that lie lias assumed com
mand of ifhe Atlantic fleet, the offi
cials , of the navy department were
expecting1 some such announcement
as that, made , by the press, on the
basis of preceding reports from the
fleet on the condition of Admiral
Evans. ...... , .
These reporrs are not regarded as
indicating that the admirai is suf
fering, from any permanent in.-'.pacify,
'but that he is simply again a vic
tim of rheumatic gout, from- which
'he has suffered for many years, and
whidh is directly the result of injury
he received at .Fort. Fisher during
the Civil war.
, Beyond the statement that Read
Admiral Rcbley D. Evans "h prob
ably be rertired from Commanding
the Atlantic . battleship -'Beet cn its
return voyage from the Pacific by
reason of his retirement on account
of age, Aug. 18, ntxt. the navy de
partment officials decline to make
any prediction as to who will be
iti commando'f tfiiat 'fleiet on the
. r .. . , .... . .
homeward voyage. - "
With" the exception of Admiral
Specrs, 'who is nos in robust health,
none of the fleet admirals with Ad
miral Evans hag nunch more than a
year of active service ' in prospect,
a fact which will probably operate
to prevent' their assignment to the
supreme comonand.
Winonaj ;Miss.- 'Feb. 20. The
Catholic church will be ctmrpletd
fhis week, and there will be services
next.. Sunday conducted by Father-B.
O'Ritey. :A , ... , . .
This church has been, partially de
stroyedby r cyclones twice, within
one year. "- The cyclone In.November
1906, lifted thecharch off,, its foundi
Jionsvand blew the steeplre- off, . witj
dows tweret broken and .serious .dam
age was done to the interior, b-ut the
churchS;was plated hack, upon Ats
foundations and: -repaired.
The windstorjti !of October, 1967,
again Jju'ted ttcch.ur.cih "off its foun
dations, and the damage was such
thit-Cnrlthatclr !had :to, hfr- taken
down, and- rebuilt.
Milton H. Smith Replies to Presi
dent Roosevelt, and Says There
is No Fear of Trouble Between
Employes and Management.
New "York, Feb. 20. President
Milton H. Smith today replied to
President Roosevelt's letter to the
interstate commerce caramissfon
asking for an investigation as to the
reasons for reduction of wages
among the employes of the Louis
ville & Nashville railroad.
President Smith says there is no
reason, as Roosevelt intimates, to
fear any trouble between the em
ployes and management of the L.
& N. in which the public would be
affected. He says 'that in 1893 the
employes,, stood for a reduction in
wages of 20 per cent, from much
lower basis than now prevails, and
he Relieves the . employes as loyal
nfcw as they were then. He added
that the men stood aor the reduction
for a space of five years, till the com
pany got on its feet and at a time
when many more men were employ
ed than n'ow.
President Smith said that he did
not ascribe the troubles of the road
:b recent legislation, as Roosevelt
intimates, but in a large part to other
causes, but rate legislation is num
bered among one of the causes for
the reduction in wages.
Along this line the Southern rail
way announced a few days ago that
it would reduce the wages of its me
chanics and employes in the operat
ing department from 5 to 15 per
cent. As yet the reduction has not
gone into ; effect, the road trying to
bring about thei reduction without
causing a probable strike and tie-up
of the system.'- Employes of the Y.
& M. " V." railroad in Mississippi are
preparing a monster petit?on to the
legislature of that state against any
state legislation that will reduce the
present 3-cent passenger rate, fear
ing a reduction in their wages, if
this is done. Railroad" employes all
over, the country, are taking an ac
tive ' interest in railroad rate ' legisla
ttem and any concerted action on the
part of their unions will bring about
a very interesting,- though complex
Judge Ball Dissolves Temporary In
junction Against Vcting of - .
. .Chicago, Feb. 20. E. IT. . Harri
matt today gained a complete vk:
tory in the Illinois Central litigatBgn
which has been in th-e superior court
since last fall. Judge Ball today
rendered a decision dissolving, the
temporary injunction granted 10
Stuyvesaut FisJh by : which h 286,23:
shares of stock were , enjoined from
being voted at the annual, meeting
ofthe Illinois Central railroad com
pany. . ., ; . . , . . : . . .,
This stock, which was held by. th
Union Pacific railroad company and
the Railroad Securities, c'osnpany of
New Jersey, can now be voted at he
annual meeting, which will be. held
in this city March 2. e . ..
-.The, decision .of Judge Ball .,wa.s
quite extended, amounting to about
10.000 words.
Mr. Fish, who .was formerly pres
ident of the .Illinois CentraL,. filed, a
ibill km Ocr. I4 1907, , asking, that
286,231 shares of Illinois, Central
stockowned by the Union Pacific
railroad company, . the .Railroad S
curitiea company and the J.ituil
Lite Insurance company, of New
New York, be enjoined frrm being
voted at . the annual meeting of the
railway company,, set for October
16. The .matter was taken before
Master in Chancery Browning who
recommended the issuanceof,,. the
temporary, mjuncti'on as . asked in the
bill. This recommendation was act
ed upon by Judge Ball, who issued a
tesmoorary restraining . order. .
Deputy K$H Negro.
Tunica Miss.,. Feb."o. While re
sisting arrest; Will Smith was killed
by. Deputy j Albert". Smart. - Smi'Ji
wa wanted -Iot , the killing of J?
Manning; x wegro,Htvcral daya ago.
.' h . ... .. ....
To the River
Fair river! in thy fcright, clear flow
Of crystal, wandering water,.
Thou are an "ennblesm of the glow
Of beauty the : unhidden heart
The playful magirtess o!f art
In old AlbcrtQs daughter;
But when within thy wave she
looks - :, w. ': , . ... . . x " .: '
Which glistens then, and trero
'""" bles-
Why," then, the prettiest of brooks
Her worshipper resembles;
Far m his heart, as in they stream,
Her image deeply lies
His heart which trembles at the
Of her soul-searching eyes.
Drop a postal card to The Alaska
Packers Association, Advertising De
partment, Atlanta, Ga., if you use
"Argo and get their Argo Red Sal
mon Cook Book, with' 39 ways Kxt
preparing Salmon.
Helena, Ark., Fe1x 20. The
saloonists of Helena have signed an
agreement 40 closie their places of
business and observe all law regu
lating the sale "of liquor. This will
make this place a dry town next
Sunday 'for the first time in years.
The prohibition wave which is
sweeping , ovr the South has
aroused the fears of the saloonists in
this state, and it is uaderstood that
the salooni3ts all over the state will
hereafter conduct their business ac
cording to the requirements of the
Admiral Evans 111 Again; Relin
quishes Command To Thomas
Callao Crowded.
Callao, Feb. . 20. The Amierican
battleship fleet has jut h-een, sighted
off this port. - .: v
The latest wireless dispatch from
thie Connecticut says: that Rear Ad
miral Evans is still in pood health,
and that Rear Admiral Charles M.
Thomas, commander of the second
squadron ; and third division of the
fleet, has assumed charge off the ves
sel. - -v ..
From an eaerly htour this morning
the street cars coming into Callao
were crowded with passengers, who
are eager to witness the arrival of
the American, war vessels. -
The American warships had a
successful and uneventful passage up
ifrom Punta Arenas. Tihey left Pun
ta Arenas at :ti o'clock at night, Feb.
7, and in: column formatJon they
imiade their way through the western
half of the Strait of Magellan. The
torpedo boat flotilla accompanied the
warslhips . for the first part of the
passage through the strait, they kept
cksse to the." larger, vessels, but then
dropped behind and turned north to
Smyth cfhannel. "A minor accident
to" the engine1 ' oL the destroyer La w-reenrce.-.Tnadie
itnecessary. for her to
fall back, but she picked np the flo
tilla later. - ' 1
Former Gov. Bfckhanr, of Ken
tucky, might ' be termed a "near
Senator ? having"' been within hailing
distance of the goal for more than
.... r -. . . ; , .t
a month. "
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New York has produced a sirteen-yeear-bld
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fortunately it has no institution for
the treatment and ireftormation of his
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It is so unusual for William Ran
dolph Hearst to say nice things
about the government that his de
fense of the United States supreme
court is apt to be taken as an indl
cation that he is getting ready for
a campaign of atonement.
The Rjv. JobJn Gnc at house, ifor
merly of Douisville, resigned his pas
torate at Belleville, 111., because the
congregation was too fashionable to
hold revival services and because the
women were more interested in the:r
clubs than in their church.
A Remarkable Record
At the end of the year 1907, the
record of the Phoenix: -Mutual Life
Insuramce Company was as follows:
No death claims unpaid, papers completed;-
no doubtful claims awaiting
investigation; no claims disputed;
no suits pending againstt he com
pany; rro unpaid endowments. Com
parisons are invited. Be wise and sc
cure a policy tfrfcm E. II. Woolf, with
Geo. Wheatlcy.
I Fifed Metcalfe & Co
Having recently opened a lumber yard
and Builders Supply Depot in this city
we are in a position to fill any and aL
orders entrusted to us. Our Stock is New
and our prices are the best to be had in
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;you figure on anything in our line, If
you havent the time to call on us and
are needing anything we carry write or
phone us at 667 and one of our repesen
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Virden Lumber Co.
Office and yards near Y & . M. V. Depot
opposite Goyer Co.
$8,000,000 FOR PLRPO
ri -s p r
1 V. fc.
Bill Affects Lands in Mississippi,
Louisiana and Arkansas Goes on
Calendar Today Supreme Court
to Pass on Anti-trust Bill.
committee Km
Feb. 20. The
d.rainagc of public
lands committee lias reported very
favorably on the bill to drain ti e
swaarp lands in Mississippi, Louis
iana and Arkansas. There is in In-?
treasury of the Un'te.d States ab s t
$6,000,000 available for tins purpo?.
The biil will be placed on the calen
dar t m'..r; a . and il i-; bcliv vi-d v. ill
pass both branches conc.re- ..
The supreme cou t m" vlu' l.Tn:trl
States wl'll pass v.: 1 1: e Jiff D.ivi
anti-trust bill. belieinii that t sen
ate will lvac time l- accept or reject
it before adjournmk ntv S-cnat'-r
Davis introduced in tl.r senate
anti-trut law .f Arkan-a-. enlar.-1
10 'in
oet national net'N. The Ark.n-
sis law was declared
bv the state supreme
C US tit lit P
oir.rt, anil
will aUo go to the Tniled
supreme crurt fur ii.-
You will find excellent board a:: l
lodging at 30 Alexander street, tele
phone B62.

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