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be required of such person, so par
doned. to euliiie him to be registered.
■ a
edscmsftieuinted to exercise the fane
ti6usTanyoff.ee, civil or military,
under any authority or pretended
avetement, authority, power, or
ion, within the United
We or inimical thereto, ex
oepyft persons Who aided .coons true
twnly voting for this convention
who have continuously advocated
.the assembling of this Convention,
and shall continuously and in good
H nth advocate thy acts of theimanijw
p tl^J^islniurc may remove suoh
mabifity; Provided that nothing in
,j(U|i»jWO)SiM» except voting for or sign
ing the ordinance of secession shall
bo so construed us to exclude from
persoM engaged in armed hostility
fcCfhrvtifteiFStates, or who accept
ivate soldier of the late
nfederate States army.
Bo called
Sec. 6. In time of war, insurrection,
or rebellion, the right to vote at such
place, and in such manner as shall bo
wesetibed by law, shall be enjoy
by all persons otherwise entitl
ftergbLahixmay ,be in the actual
'" 'miliwff'or nmfservice of fte United
States or this State; Provided, said
votes be made to afply in fte county
or premnetwherein'they reside.
Section 1. As the stability of a
republican form of government de
* pends mainly upon the intelligence
andlvir|»e of fte plople, it shall be
the duty of the Legislature to encour
age, by alt suitable means, the promo
. tion of, intellectual, scientific, moral
' and agricultural improvements, by
, jS establishing a uniform system of free
pqblic schools, by taxation, or othen
ioffiildren betwe^i the ages
Hi (21) twenty-one years,
jmfeion as practicable, es
HLgof higher grade.
Tfee shall be a Superin
RnVlio Education elected
i« -time and in the same
the ^Governor, who shall
Salification of theSeoretary
nihold his office for four
year*, and juntil his successor shall be
eWlted '®l|qualified, whoso duties
shall be^prgeneral supervision of
la and the educational
111 -
copauiqn so
interests of the State, who shall per
form such other duties pertaining to
his office, and receive such compen
sation as shall be prescribed by law;
he shall report to the Legislature, for
its adoption, within twenty days after
the opening of its first session under
this constitution, a uniform system of
free public schools.
Seo. 3. There shall be a Board of
Education, consisting of the Secre
tary, of State, the Attorney General
and thd Superintendent of Public
Education, far the management and
investment of the school-funds, under
the general direction of the Legisla
ture, and to, perform me Ii other duties
as may be-gtascribed by law. ■"
superintendent and one other
board akallponstitute a quorum.
See. 4. There shall be a superin
tendent of public education in each
county, who'shall be appointed by the
board oi education, by and with the
aavice and consent of the Senate,
whose term of office shall be two
yeiftt ibi whose compensation and
duties shall be prescribed by law;
Provided* that the Legislature shall
haye power to mako said office ot
Gounty Sshoot Superintendent of the
several counties elective, as other
comity officers are.
school or schools
« each school
district at laast four months in each
yeiur^. Ajiy .school district neglecting
to maintain such school or schools
shall be deprived for that year of its
proptjMMb '(ffftbe income of the free
school fund and of ail funds arising
a common School fund which shall
consult of the prooeeds of the lands
now belonging to the state, heretofore
granted by the United States, and of
the lands known as "S»nap lands,''
except fop swamp lands lying and
situated on Pearl River, In the eoun
tjea of EapcftOk, Marion, Lawrence,
Simpson and Copiah, aud of all lands
note or hereafter vested in the State
by escheat or purchase, or forfeiture
e clear proceeds of
i in the several coun
ich of the penal laws,
received for licenses
and all i
laws of the
Heating ji,
of dram shops; all
quor, 01
m sons
ptsNfeas an etjnivtlant for per
i exempt from military duty, and
funds arising from tho consolida
tion of the Congressional township
fund*, and fte lands belonging there
ier with ajjjinonep donated
ids shall be securely invested
. States Bond-, and remain a
beinviolaby appropriated
which shall
for the support of free*sohools.
f See. 7. The legislature may levy a
A to exceed two dollars a
the sohoed fund, and
for no other
Sec. 8.
soon as practicable,
establishment of fh
he legislate# shall, as
" provide for the
agricultural col
•' , fe,* P fh , ElS
hufidred and 1
land donated td fte state for
prt of such a College by the
mpygpngress passed July 2d, A.D.
1866, oi. the money or BCrip, as the
■Mmtm be, arising from the sale of
said latWs or any lands which may
hereafter be granted, or appropriated
fat sqch purpose. .
1 Sec. 9.* No religious sect or seotp
shall ever control any part pf the
school or university funds of thia.i
state. ' t
. ^be legislature shaft from
time to time, as may be necessary
pw.de for the levy and collection of
such othe f " s "*7 be required
to properly support ftc syste.n of free
f ho fi h her « ln adopted, and allschool
•>« d.vided pro rata among
orl™ c cbl ^ ren ^ool a 8 e '
Sec. 1. All able bodied male citi
zens of this state, between the ages
of eighteen (18) and forty-five (4B)
years, shall be liable to military duty
in the militia of this state, in 'such
manner as the Legislature shall pro
vide, not incompatible with this Con
stitution, and* the Constitution and
laws of the United States.
See. 2. The Legislature shall pro
vide for tho organizing, arming,
equipping and discipline of the mili
tia, aud for paying the same when
called into active service.
Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the
fiist Legislature to make such laws as
shall be necessary to immediately
create an effective militia in this
Seo. 4. All officers of militia, ex
cept noncommissioned officers, shall
fie appointed by the Governor, by and
with the consent of the Senate, and
.shall he chosen for their military
knowledge, their experience in arms,
apd their fidelity and loyalty; and no
oomuissioned officer shall be removed
from office except by the Senate on
recommendation of* the Governor,
stating the grounds on which suaMrc
moval is recommended, or by theae
cision of a court martise, pursuant
to law or at his own request.
' See. 5. The Governor shall be
Commander-in-Chief of the militia,
except when it is called into the ser
vice of the United States, and shall
have power to call forth the militia to
execute the laws, repel invasion, and
•to suppress riots and insurrections.
See. 6. The Governor shall nomi
nate and by and with the consent of
the Senate commission one Major
General for the State, who shall be a
citizen thereof, and also, one Briga
dier General for each Congressional
District, who shall be a resident of
the district for which hi shall be ap
pointed, and each district shall con
stitute a Militia Divison.
See. 7. The Adjutant General, and
other staff offioars to the Commander
in-Chief, shall be appointed by the
Governor, and their appointment shall
expire with the Governor's term of
Seo. 8. The militia shall be exempt
from arrest during their attendance on
musters, and in going to and returning
from the same, except in case of
treason, felony, or breach of the
The Legislature at its first regular
session, after the adoption of this
Constitution shaft provide for the
Organization of a Board of Public
Works, prescribe its duties, fix the
compensation of its members, and all
officers, and employees upon publio
works in this state.
Sec. 1. Until the first enumeration
and a new apportionment shall be
made as provided and directed in this
Constitution, the apportionment of
Senators and Repftbentatives among
the several counties and districts in
this state shall be as follows :
1st. The county of Warren five
2d. The counties of Hinds and
Lowndes, each four Representatives.
3d. The counties of Adams, Car
roll, DeSoto, Holmes, Madison, Mar
shall, Monroe, Noxubee, Washington,
and Yazoo, each three Represontas
Jtives. ■
4th. The counties of Attala,Chick
asaw, Chootaw, Claiborne, Copiah,
Jefferson, Lafayette, Lauderdale,
Pontotoc, Oktibbeha, Panola, Tippah,
Wilkinson, Yalobusha, Tishomingo
and Rankin,each two Representatives.
5th. The counties of Amite, Boli
var, Calhoun, Clarke, Franklin,
Iseaqueua, Itawamba, Jasper,Kemper,
Lawrence, Leake, Lee, Pike, Suh
fiower, Scott, Tallahatchie* Winston,
Simpson, Coahoma, Tnnica, Newton,
Neshoba, Covington, Smith, Wayne,
Davis, Green, Jackson, Hancock,
Marion, Harrison, aud Perry, each
1st. The counties of ftancook,
Harrison, Jackson, Marion, Greene,
and Perry, shMl form the first district
and elect one Senat
2d. The counties
Amite, the second
iSOfop# counties of Pike, Law.
tnd one
T~ r
rtiice and ObviligtoJftiie third
tript, and one Senator.
4ft. The county of Adams, the
fourth district, and one Senator, a
Bth. The counties of Franklin, and
Jefferson, the fifth dtstriot, and one
6th. The counties of Claiborne and
Copiah, the sixth district, and one
Senator. ' ^
7th. The counties of JVarren and
Issaquena, the seventh district, and
two Senators.
8th. fthe counties of Hinds, Rankin
and Simpson, the eigth district, and
two Senates.
9th. The counties of Davis,Jasper,
Clarke and Wayne, the nintji district,
and one Senator. n
10th. The counties of Lauderdale
and Kemper, the tenth district, and
one Senator.
Ilth. The countie* of Newton,
Smith and Scott, the eleventh district,
and one Senator.
,12th./The county of Madison, the
twclth district, and one Senator.
13tli. The county of Yazoo, the
thirteenth district, and one Senator.
14tb. the counties of Washington
and Sunflower,the fourteenth district,
liffil one Senator.
Hjth. Tho county of Holmes, the
fiflfttith district, and one-Senator.
fflth. The counties of Attala,LeaXe
and Neshoba, the sixteenth district,
and one Senator.
17th. The county of Noxubee, the
seventeenth district, and one Senator.
18th. The counties of Lowndes and
Oktibbeha, tho eighteenth district,
and two Senators.
19th. The counties ot Choctaw and
Winston, the ninteenth distriet^find
one Senator.
20th. The county of Carroll, the
twentieth district, and one Senator.
21st. The counties of Calhoun and
Yalobusha, the twenty first district,
and one Senator.
22d. The counties of Ojiiftkasaw
and Monroe, the twenty second disi
trict, and two Senators.
23d. The
counties of Bolivar,
Coahoma, and Tunica, the twenty
third district, and one Senator.
24th. The counties of Panola and
Tallahatchie, the twenty fourth dis>
t: ict, and one Senator.
25th. The county of DeSoto, tho
twenty fifth district, and one Senator.
26th. The county of Marshall, the
twenty sixth district, and one Senator.
27th. The counties of Lafayette
and Pontotoc, tho twenty seventh
district, and one Senator.
28th. The counties of Tishomingo
and Itawamba, the twenty eighth dis
trict, and one Senator.
29th. The counties of Tippah and
Lee, the twenty ninth district, and
one Senator.
Sec. 1. The political year of the
State of Mississippi shall commeqce
on the first Monday of January in
each year, and the General Election
shall be holden on the -first Tuesday
succeeding the first Monday in No
vember, biennially.
Sec. 2. The Legislatnre*shall pass
laws to exclude from office, and from
suffrage, those who shall hereafter^
convicted of bribery, perjury, forgery
or other high crimes or misdemeanors;
anf every person shall be disqualified
from holding any office or place of
honor, profit or trust, under the au
thority of this State, who shall be
convictefd of having given or offered
any bribe to procure his election
Sec. 3. No person who denies the
existence of a Supremo Being shall
hold any office in this State.
_ Sec. 4. The Legislature shall pro
vide by law for the indictment and
trial of persons charged with the com
mission of any felony in any county
other«than that in which the of
fence was committed, whenever, owing
to prejudice or any other
impartial grand or petit jury cannot
be empannellcd in the oounty in which
the offence was committed.
Seo. 6. The credit of the State
shall not be pledged or loaned in aid
of any porson, association or corpora
tion, nor shall the State hereafter be
come a stockholder in any corporation
or association.
See. 6. The term of office of all
county, township and precinct officers
shall expire within thirty days after
this Constitution shall have been rat
ified, and tho Governor shall, by and
with the advice and consent of the
Senate, thereafter, appoint such offi
cers, whose term of office shall contim
ue until the Legislature shall provide
by law for an election of Baid officers;
Provided, the present incumbents of
all county, township district and beat
offices shall hold their respective of
fices until their successors
cause, au
ftpp^inted and elected, and duly qual
feeo. 7. In all eases not otherwise
provided for in this Constitution, the
Legislature may determine the mode
of filling all vacancies in all offices,
' shall define their respective pow
and provide suitable compensa
tion for all officers.
See. 8. The Legislature at its first
session, shall provide by law for the
sale of ail delinquent tax lands. The
courts shall apply the same liberal
principles in favor of suoh titles as in
sale by execution,
Sec. 9. No laws of a general fea
ture unless otherwise provided for,
shall be enforced until sixty days af
ter the passage thereof.
Sec. 10. It shall
the Legislature to
the cases in which
made from salaries of public offi
cers for neglect of dnt^ in their off
cial capacity and the amount of said
be the duty of
jT~ iT n r f
Seer il, fte Leglslttiite
first session under this Ooiwtitution,
shall have authority to designate by
law such loyal paper or papers in eacji
Circuit Court Restrict as shall pub
lish all legal advertising and such
official printing as shall be required
by law in such i.f
Mrtriot, 'and -WSt th
** -* 1 *"
Sec. -12, No oorpo
heppaRer be created, ;
tended, with the privij
or p U t,tiugr in
bills or other r
at its
per of any other haul
money, and the Legis
hibit, by law, iudivhb
tions from issuing bil
ets, promissory notes
as money. But noth
tained shall be constru
ebrporations or assoei
ming for such purpose
of Congress for a Nai
See. 13. The prope
porations for pecunia.
be subject to taxatb
that of individuals.
Seo. 14. The Legis
authorize any oounty,
to become a stoekhold
its oredit to any comp
or corporation, unles
the 'qualified voters e
city or towu, at a sp
regular election to l
shall assent thereto.
Sec. i5. The Li
never authorize any '/
the sale of lottery tii-~.^_
nor shall any lottery heretofore au
thorized, be permitted to be drawn,
or tickets therein to be sold.
Sec. 16. No county shall bo denied
raise, by special tax.
tho right to
money sufficient to pay for the build
ing and repairing of court houses, jails
bridges aud other necessary conven
iences for the people of the county;
and money thus collected shall never
be appropriated for any other purpo
ses; Provided tho tax thus levied
shall be a certain per cent, on all tax
levied by the State.
See. 17. Liabilities of banks
ciations and other corporations, shall
be secured by Legislative enactments;
but in all cases, no stockholder shad
be individually liable over and above
the stock by him or her owned, unless
so specified in the articles of associa
tion or act of incorporation^
Seo. 18. All lands sold in pursu
ance of decree of courts or execution
shall be divided into tracts, not to ex
ceed one hundred and sixty acres.
Sec. 19. Returns of all elections
by the people shall be made to the
Secretary of State in such manner as
may be prescribed by law.
Sec. 20. Taxation styll be equal
and uniform throughout the State.—
All property shall be taxed in pro
portion to its value, to be ascertained
as direoted by law.
Sec. 21. The State of Mississippi
shall never assume nor pay any debt
or obligation contracted in aid of the
rebellion, nor shall this State ever in
any manner claim from the United
States or make any allowance
.pensation for slaves emancipated
liberated in any way whatever since
the 9th day of January, 186ti
Sec. 22. All persons who have not
been married and are now fivin
gether, and cohabiting as husband and
wife, shall be taken and held, far a II
purposes in law, as married, and their
children, Whether born before or after
the ratification of this Constitution,
shall be legitimate, and the Legisla
ture may, by law, punish adultery
and concubinage.
Sec. 23. There shall be a Commis
sioner of Immigration and Agricul
ture, who shall be elected by the Leg
islature on joint ballot, who shall hold
his office for the term of four years,
unless sooner removed by law.
Sec. 24. The next Legislature shall
have power to repeal statutes of lim
itation, pass relief, stay injunction,
insolvent and homestead laws, and to
pass any and every act-deemed neces
sary for the relief of debtors subjoct
only to the restrictions imposed by
the Constitution of the United States.
Seo, 25. Representatives in Corf*
gross to fill the existing vacancies
shall be elected at the same time this
Constitution is submitted to tho elec
tqp State for ratification, and
for the full term next succeeding
their election, and thereafter eleotions
for Representatives in Congress shall
be held biennially. The first elec
tion shall be held on the first Tues
day after the first Monday in Novem
ber preceding the expiration of said
full term.
Sec. 26. Members of the Legisla
ture and all other officers elected or
appointed to any office in this State
shall, before entering upon the dis
charge of the duties thereof, take and
subscribe the following oath of office :
or eom
tor* of
j • i i
- ,, T '• < li°f 0 ' t C |m D f SW0!lr
(or affirm ) that I will faithfully sup
port and true alfogiance bear foe Con
station Of foe United States, and
the State of Mississippi, and obey the
laws thereof; that I am not disqual
lfied from holding offioe by the Gone
Stltutioq, of the United States, or of
the State of Mississippi; that I havo
never as a member of any Conven
tion voted for or signed any ordinance
of seoession; that I lmvC never as a
member of any Legislature, voted for
the call of any Convention that passed
any such ordinance; that I will faith
fully disekarge the duties of the Of
flee upon which I am about to enter.
So help me God.
Sec. 27. It shall be the duty of
the Legislature to provide by law,
for the support of institutions for
the .education of the Deaf, Dumb and
care efthe Insane,
Sett. 2$. The Legislature ahall pre
vide Houses of Refuge for the oor*
reetion and reformation of juvenile
Sec. 2§. The County Boards shall
'have power to W- ! -» e forms as an
sons, v who by
y or or other
aims upon the
Blind; and also, for the treatment and
of each branoh
all deem any
r amendment
titution, such
ion or amend*
House re
or the three
notice shall
Secretary of
nths preced
tiou,at which
11 vote direct
hunge, alter
and if more
11 be submit
11 be submit,
form that the
against each
and if it shall
if tho quali
members of
.■e voted for
alteration, or
be inserted
legislature as
.»-.un, and not
Provided, That no amendment,
which may be made prior to the year
one thousand eight hundred eighty,
five shall in any manner affect the
eighteenth section of the Bill of
Sec. 1. Tha ordinance of secession of the
State of Mississippi, passed January 9th, 1861,
is hereby declared to be null and void, The
present and all previous Constitutions of the
State of Missississippi,
he repealed and annulled by this Constitution
Sec. 2 . All laws now in force in this State,
not enacted in furtherance of secession and
hellion, and not repugnant to this Constitu
tion. shall continue i
hereby declared to
operation until they
shall expire by their own limitation, or be al
tered or repealed by the Legislature, except
the hereinafter mentioned laws, to wit:
"An act to change the name of the county
of Jones, and for other purposes," approved
December 1, A. D. 1865.
"All act to establish a forry across tho Mis
sissippi river, at Vicksburg," approved No
vember 29, A. D. 1865
"All act to provide for the removal and lo
cation of the seat of Justice of 8cott county
approved November 8, A. D. 1865.
"An act supplemental to an act entitled
aet to provide for the removal and location
the sdat of Justice of Scott county, approved
November 8, A, D. 1865, approved December
1, A. D. 1865.
Sec. 3. The Legislature shall provide for
the removal of causes now pending in the courts
of this State, to courts created by or under
this constitutioi.

Sec. 4. Immediately upon the adjournment
of this Convention this Constitution shall he
submitted for ratification to the registered
ters of the State, in conformity .with the acts
of Congress, passed March 2, 1867, entitled
"An act to provide for the more efficient gov
ernment of the rebel States," and the acts
gjem-nj,nry thereto.
Sec. 5. The election for the ratification of
this Constitution shall oommence on the 22d
day of June, A, D. 1868, and be held at such
places, and shall continue such time as the
Commanding General of the Fourth Military
District may direct, and the polls shall be
kept open from eight o'clock A. until seven
o'clock p. m. each day. At said election all
those m favor of ratifying the Constitution
shall have written or, printed on their ballots,
the words : "For Constitutionand those op.
posed to the ratification of the same, shall have
written or printed on their ballots, the words
"Against Constitution," but no person shall
vote for or against this Constitution
on a sepa
rate ballot from that cast by Wm for officers to
be elected at. said election under this Constitu
tioa. „
Sec. 6. In order to establish a civil g*ern
meut as required by .the act of Congress, ap
proved March 2d, 1867, and the acts supple
mentary thereto, an election shall be held at
thPsom* time and place, at which the Consti
tution is submitted for ratification, for all State
officers, including members <»f tho Legislature
and for Representatives in Congress, at which
election the electors who are qualified under
the Reconstruction Acts of Congress shall
vote and none other.
Sec. 7. The^ommittee of five appointed
der the authority of ftis Convention shall „ r
point tlfroe Commissioners of Election foreac'h
sounty, whose duty it shall be to attend the
election for the ratification or rejection of the
Constitution, who shall also, at the same time
and place, attend the election of all officers
and Representatives herein ordered and be
present at the counting of the votes, and' for
ward the'result of the same to the'chairman
of said committes within three days thereaf
Sec ; B. The Legislator elected under this
Constitution shall hold its first session in the
CasflSffln tile city of Jackson, on the second
''-f Pi-omnlgat.on „f th,.
Nation of ,h„ Coltitetion, and shall pro
ce * d lmmertift te1y upon It, organisation to vol
Upon the adaption of the fourteenth amend
meat of the Constitntion of the United State,'
proposed by Congress, and passed June is'
1868. Said Ltgftiatnre shall not have power
to enact any law, relative to the per diem of
member,, nor on any other .object after
organization, until said Conatitntional amend,
ment, shall have been adopted,
Stic. 6. The first term of all civil officer,
at the same time this Constitution is
for ratification or rejection, shall
Wm**!** on the second Monday after their
election shall have been officially promulgated,
"»<* Ohall continue to hold from said time until 8
** **piratten of the find foil term succeeding
^ MPjfom
Kec ' ,ft Tho-0#fiu,te|i<*»r«.of Election
,tatem for, shall -receive the same
on •lections, and allowances for tra
tidn.fwhon actual dtffursem&V. !tj
made,) as registrars, and shall jrm
any funds in the State Treasury!©!
oflhe Convention fund, upon tin- . omtirate
the chairman of said Committee of five.
^ outrtanpiagjiiicoimts
certify W their eerrwt
Auditor of Public Accounts shall
Ms wariaut iu paymentHereof.
appointed by. tliie Convention; Provklf,
shotim the Constitution be ygii&jd, this
Sec. 12. When this Convention
subject' to the call ot the
Corfvontion shall thereafter bp adjourn^ . sint
die, but in c«jee thp|Copsfitatjon should not
ratified, then the Convention may he recon
vened by said committee. '
Sec. 18. Sait^committoo of five shall have
authority to employ a clerk and to enforce the
collection of thetax
levied by the Several or
dinances of this Convention, and to perform
any and all duties appertaining to the same.
Sec.^14. The members of the committee
five, appointed by this Convention, and the
clerk thereof, shall receive the
same compen
sation as shall be allowed, and all liecessary
expenses incurred by them in carrying out the
objects of this Convention.
Sec. 15. If any candidate ' reoeiv&g the
highest number of votes cast, cannot take the
oath of office prescribed in this Constitution,
then, and in that case, the candidate receiving
the neit highest vote shall be entitled to enter
upon and perform the duties of the office upon
taking and subscribing to said oath.
• St Louis Mutual Life
Street , St/ Louis.
D. A. JANUARY, President.
JAS. H, LUCAS, Vice President.
Wm. T. SHELBY, Secretary.
IVm. N. BENTON, Gen'l Agent.
T Jal . 1 ?? 8 5; Lncas , Samuel Willi, Theodora
Layeiile, Chas H Peck, Robt. K. Woods, Jules
Valle, Oeo. R, Robinson, Robt E Carr, John
F Ihofnton, David K Ferguson, Hon John
Hogan, Henry Overstolz, Nicholas Schaeffer,
w ^ ^ am * son . R P Hanenkamh,
LH Baker DA January, Wm J Lewis,
Rozier, Jr, Jacob Tamm.
Assets, over $3,000,000,
Issues Policies on all the most approv
ed non forfeiting Plans, on as
good terms as any Company.
No Restrictions upon Acclimated Per
sons, or to Residence or Travel,
Co " A J dlett ' Kobinson
® Webb & Co, Tool, Phillips A Co, Lacy'
® McGeheo, N Coronna, A E Frankland, Jr.
xr *® xa nder, Clapp, Vance A Anderson,
? 1 J R Chalmers, Com
Montgomery, Judge JP Caruthers,
Rev S H Ford, D D, Rev J R Graves, Judge
Phineas T Scruggs, Gall away, Hampton &
L-o, DeSoto Insurance Company.
Aaeneu in Memphis —No 43 Madison street
Kit Williams' Block.
McMahon & otis,
State Agents for West Tennessee, Mississip
pi, Arkansas and North Louisiana I -
u s otis. . . . j h McMahon.
D ' w A Rayburn, Grenada,
Hon L C Q Lamar, Judge Howry, George D
£«. B A Parish, GD Moore, Oakland
K 8 Allstou, Batesviliee; M D L Stephens H
L Duncan, Water VoiRy: A M Welt, Prest
M C Railroad; Col E D Frost, Supt M C R R,
Water Yafty; S II Lamb, Treas MATE R
;W M Strickland, Holly .Springs, B II fte?
t', 2 kolon a; Gen W F Brantley, Greensbo
ro; F W Merrm, Ch|rloston; Samuel Hart- J
P Marshall, Carrollton; J H Kennedy, Cof
feeyille. W. H. NICHOLS;
Special Agent/'
Partieular attention given to Replating aud
Repairing old Ware,
Chicago, 111.
Agent for Grenada
machine shop.
Cor. Cheep, and Second Sts.
W. E. SMITH, - - - Proprietor.
Makes and repairs 1 wagons. Manufacture,
all kinds of Fanning implements; .Repaiis
machinery; stocks and repair, gnns; and exe
cutes ail kinds of work usually done in a first
class machine shop.
Ante Bellnm Prices. * 1
All kinds of work promptly attended to.
' - BUd Retail
.... Jt |*l
t Ml f •*■&*
I mmtfflA ' vtigteMM
East side Public Square.
We taka pleasure in announcing to tha puV
lie that, we have just received another lavs,
stock of •
a'tfrtnrything the planter wants, which
usually kept in similar establishments; all
which we are offering at unusually low prices
Wo also have a large •' Brick Warehouse"
for the purpose of storing ootton, being situs
ted on ii lot remote from any other building
thmk it the only safe place in town to store
cotton,-whichfis to remain any length of time
now in our large Warehouse at the
Railroad depot, where we will store and ship
cotton, and receive and store all freight which
may he shipped to our care.
We areTrepared to buy cotton, or adjunct
liberally on the same, when stored with us
turned over to us for shipment

Grenada, Miss.
Except Sum,lov,
E Whitmore, and F A Tjlor,
tinder the firia and jtyle of
IPPUBLIC LjyiGER is served to city
3epscr&m by faitfchi] carriers'at Fifteen Cents
per week, payable weekly to tho carriers. By
mail Eight Dollar per .annum, or Seventy
live Cents per month, in advance.
The Put»ljc Ledger has the
Largest Daily Circulation
Of an) paper published in the State of Ten*
* , |
ft complete,' and i
of the fetid
I the largest establishment
in the Southwest. We employ
lone bet.capable workmen, and turn out
jest of work at the most reasonable prices.
$ 100,000
Of Mississippi.
/ ' - v
OFFICE—Corner State and Fearl Streets.
Jackson, Mras.
U HUMPHRIES, President.
G. MILLIGAN, Secretary.
i, Gen'l Agent.
IS. Fishor, R. D.
McLean, Dr. B. W. Hughes, H. B. Sherman,
t||G. .Donkin, W-A. Rayburn,
W. H. Win
all of Greni
Aglnt, Grenada, Miss.
34 ly
Sardis, Miss.
6. H. rhcftARDS
fl Proprietor
fpHIS just been completed, aud
A is famished throughout in most hand sme
stylo., Tfee proprietor pledges
deavors give satisfaction to
his utmost en
those who fa

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