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'decembers. mno.
The Methodist ministers got their
anuual shaking up this week.
The season is no
country roads
at hand when good
ould be a blessing.
reminded that
Old bachelors
there is no revenue stamp required on
marriage license.
reorganized the
Don DicKinsoa and th
Post have not yet
Democratic party at this
The Congressional Record is putting
its appearance again and will give
the editors reading matter to occupy
these long winter nights.
Congress is in sessioo and Mark Hun
inteuds lo pass a fe
contributors to the Republican cam
paign fund can get their money tack.
bills by which
turkey is fattening in
The Christm
thousand coops aud the families in
.ill not carve
Mississippi are few that
one of these noble birds on the sublime
miversary approaching.
day from a thirty-four pound turkey
sent him by a Rhode Islander
been blessed by prosperity acd who is
thankful for the benevolent assimila
tion of the Filipinos.
The wars In tbe laojl have made a
large and constantly increasing
mand for horses and mules, and there
every reason to believe that there
will be money in raising them for sev
ere! years to come.
McKinley dined
ho has
Rank cashiers seem to be making a
record for the close of the nineteenth
He who defaults and de
one hundred
camps with less thai
thousand dollars in these strenuous
times is t-mall potato;
J. E. Gibson, of Indiana, can now
write a book, taking for his title "An
Incorruptible Governor." It would
sell well in tho Uoosier state, for peo
ple up there would like to read about
honesty in high official life.
Pay your debts or go to those you
owe and deliver a plain, unvarnished
tale of your difficulties. Those who
td in trouble always
profit by not trying to make out that
they could pay if they only
ted to.
A police judge in a Missouri town re
cently lectured the police for their lax
ity in the suppression of gambling etc..
whereupoa the guardians of the public
morals promptly confiscated HO slot
machines owned and operated by the
.magistrate's brother.
Tne West Point Leader and Times
nave signed and published an agree
ment not to say harsh things about
each other any more. The subscribers
to each paper evideutly protested
against assisting in the expense of
laundrylng so much dirty linen.
It is claimed that one-fourth of the
taxes in San Francisco are paid by wo
Oue female property holder has
refused to pay her taxes on the grounds
that 6he is denied a voice in the gov
ernment and that she is not allowed to
vill be taken into
The matter
the court?.
We have sent out this
ment of the accounts of subscribers to
the Sentinel. This is not done sim
ply for amusement but because wo
need the money an(l|are entitled to it.
Those who cannot pay, and there are
few such, should at least come in and
put us in touch with their case.
ek a state
Senator Cushman K. Davis,
nesote, died In St. Paul last week. He
was one of the strongest and most sub
stantial men in the councils of the Re
publican party, and in 181KJ was promi
nently mentioned a9 a presidential can
didate. He did his last active work as
a campaigner for McKinley, and left
the stump for his bed, from which he
aever rose sgain.
Col. Inge Dead.
Tho Clarion-Ledger la pained to hear
ol the death of Col. Wm. Inge, at his
home in Corinth. He was a noble man.
a fine lawyer and good citizen. He had
represented hia county in the legisla
ture and was speaker of that body in
1884. He was universally popular and
highly esteemed throughout the Stale.
—Jackson Clarion-Ledger.
The SENTINEL, endorses the above
tribute. Col. Inge was a noble, gener
ous-hearted man and the world is
better for his having lived In it. Col.
Inge was the father of Mrs. M. I.
Hoskins, of the Grenada College
faculty, and to her we extend our
heartfelt sympathy.
There are many things in Furni
ture which will make acceptable
Christmas gifts, and they would
be lasting' remembrances of your
kindness. We have a complete
line of Furniture from the costly
kind down to the commoner
grades. An easy chair for father,
a mirror for mother, a rug for the
whole family, and other things,
should be included in your holi
day purchases.
Gabbekt, Moore & Co.
At the opening of the present session
congress, which convened* in Wash
ington on Monday, President Me-,
Kinley transmitted odo of the most
voluminous messesages ever written by
of the chief executives of the
The Chinese question is gone
iuto in detail, though the president
makes no suggestions us to the settle
meot of the difficulties in the orient.
The prosperity of the country is dwelt
upon at tome length with an exultant
undertone which unwittingly reveals
the inward belief that McKinley and
prosperity are one and inseparable,
cow and lorever. Another long para
graph of self-praise recites the plelh
oric condition of the treasury. There
is no doubt but what there is a hand**
some surplus on hand now, but it has
been raised by a war tax in times of
comparative peace. And there will
that surplus be by the time Mark
Hanna gets his two million dollar ship
subsidy fastened on the people, when a
few thousand more pensioners are ad
ded to the roll, when the standing
army comprises one hundred thousand
men, when tbe trusts and combines
get their share by way of extortionate
government contracts, and when the
tale of the extravagances of the present
congress is all told? A surplus is
something in which Republicans take
great delight.
Taken in its broadest sense the mes«*
sage of the president shows an
excellent condition of public affairs,
looking upon them in the present, but
the sun always shine9 the brightest
just ns the storm clouds rise above the
horizon. Hopes run high now, but no
man knows the dangers that are just
ahead. The president has reasou to
think that bis policies are acceptable
to the people and the Republican party,
druuk with victory, .will feel careless
of public sentiment and criticism. The
S?:ntinel is one who hopes that the
greatest blessings of progress and
prosperity may come to this * nation,
under whatever parly that may admin
ister its government, aud that there
will be enough honest and patriotic
men iu both houses of congress lo
prevent the pround old ship of state
from running foul of snags.
President McKinley and Mark Han
na think that conditions are about as
near exactly perfect us they could
possibly be, so we are content to let
time wag on, and if they are right the
more honor and glory to them.
An attractive woman thrives on good
food aud sunshine, with plenty of exer
cise in tho open air. Her form glows
with health and her face blooms with
its beauty. When troubled with a cos
tive habit, she takes a few doses
HEROINE to cleans her system of all
impurities. Price, 50 cents. Second
Class Drug Store.
Mr. A. F. Williams, who has opened
up an establishment on Depot street,
just opposite Sam Wile's Btore, is
expert candy maker with twenty
years of experience. He makes the
very finest grades of candies and
vites inspection of his processes.
Chocolates and other fine candies are
made, and they equal the be6t to
found in the laDd. Mr. Williams
also conducting a bakery and is turn
ing out some splendid products of
skill. The iSBNTlNEL is disposed
feel proud of such an establishment
this and hopes that Mr. Williams will
be sufficiently patronized to make
venture a success.
We are proud of our stock of Jewel
ry, Cut Glass and Silver Novelties,
always pleased to show it.
Smith & Carter, Jewelers.
• •••
is hard enough as
it is. It is to her that
we owe our world,
and everything
should be made as |
easy as possible for J
her at the time of 1
childbirth. This ,
is just what
Friend ^
will do. It will mak e
baby's coming easy
and painless, and that without tak
ing dangerous drugs into the sys
tem. It is simply to be applied to
the muscles of the abdomen. It
penetrates through the skin carry
ing strength and elasticity with it.
It strengthens the whole system and
prevents all of the discomforts of
The mother
Panama, Mo., says: __
Mother's Friend and can praise it
of a plumb babe in
" I have used
Get Mother's Friend at the
Drug Store, SI per bottle.
The Bradfield Regulator Co.,
Write for our free illustrated book,
11 Before Baby is Born."
Oakland, Mias., Is a Utile town In
Yalobusha county, and about twenty
miles north o( Grenada. It has
progressive and enterprising
business men It has ever been our
oleasure to meet, and they succeed
by being successful. In the first place
they are o( that llberul turn of business
Ind which sees the necessity of spend
ing money in order to make money.
This is evidenced hy the large amount
of printer's ink used by them. They
issue large quantities of well-worded
and well-written circulars and posters,
which by the way, the SENTINEL has
the pleasure Of printing. Charleston,
in the county of Tallahatchie, has a
Oakland has none, but the
advertising pages of the Charleston
Herald are filled almost exclusively by
attractive advertisements of
wide-awake and far-sighted business
men of Oakland. Tho Oakland stores
are doing a fine business while those
in Charleston are doing almost nothing
Charleston has elected to die of dry rot
and her merchants uro helping her by
holding back on the reins and, driving
business away rather than attracting
It. Ask the Oakland merchants if
advertising pays and they will answer,
A town is judged abroad by the
amount of advertising displayed in the
nowspapers published there. It is an
unvarying criterion to the status of
things, and a glance at Its columns will
reveal whether the town wants your
business or simply does not
whether "school keeps or not."
vertising also brings trade that will go
elsewhere when home merchants are
careless about advertising what they
have to sell. Large sums of money
now go to St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago
and other points simply because large
houses Jlhere send out carloads of
handsomely gotten up catalogues ac
companied by urgent solicitations to the
{ people to send in their orders.
trade could be supplied by homo con
cerns but the trade is attracted else
It would bo
where by advertising,
surprising to learn how much money
goes out of towns in this and other
sections, every year to Barr's urd Nu?
gents in St, Louis, Montgomery Ward
& Go's., in Chicago, and other firms
continuous bid for tho
who make
trade. It would be sufficient, if 6pent
at home lo greatly increase the vol
ume cf business done. No money is
saved by sending away, and there is
the further difficulty fc of buying) goods
"unaightand unseen."
The merchant who does not ask tho
public to visit his stole, nnd|who [does
not advertise intelligently, and persist
ently, cannot expect to do ajgood* busi
ness. Advertising has become a
necessity lu this age, and.he who treats
the matter lightly will find the wind
going out of his business sails "and his
ship will soon be foundered on*a glassy
sea across, which the trade winds of
commerce will never blow again. In
short he will be "busied."
Under the above heading the Clarks
dalo Challenge, edited by Mrs. Hala
Hammond Butt, publishes the follow
ing forcible arraignment of a class of
people who constitute the most danger
ous element in Southern society; a cluss
who not only degrude themselves but
who put viciousness, daring and crime
into tbe easily corrupted minds of tbe
negro population. Mrs. Butt says :
"The servant question, so old aud yet so
thoroughly vital and constantly recurring,
as to Its vexatious aspects, is at high tide lu
Ularksdale. The real trouble, as is quite
well understood, rests in the independence
of the servant material,—the negro. The
ork has never been forced upon
him, either by climatic or any other condi
tions, as the paths to his subsistence without
work arc as Innumerable us they are inglo
rious. Like the Ulllcs of the field he tolls
not neither does he spin, and yet when It
es to ease und indolence lie sadly dls
the most carefully nurtured
necessity to
that gave its fragrance to the royul
gardens. The great army of vagalnind Idlers
In this community ns In many nth
•thods of living that are winked
they ub
industriul law
•rs. have
at by the authorities und thus
solved from any duty us
abiding class to town, e
duty that they In their idlenc
ness may see fit to Ig
know, as nearly every rational
of mature years must know also, that
there Is u white element in the community,
Irrespective of officials,depraved and vicious,
that Is largely responsible for this worth
lessness umong the negroes und that enables
them to live Independent of work and in open
defiance of the laws of the land. As repre
hensible as is the attldudeof the negro, this
responsible white element Is decidedly more
contemptible and a greater inenuee to the
welfare of the town. It Is disgusting und
disgraceful that the moral obliquities of
white men should react I
State, uny
» and vicious
pudlatc. We
and wo
luted bur
dens upon the good women of the town. It la
that these, the self-constituted
"protectors'' of the women of the race should
thus defile and debase thei
et uul cc
iselvcs until their
lamination; until
presence Is
they are become moral lepe
•H pollute the very utmosphure
they breathe."
DeWitt's Little Early Rigors are
dainty little pills, but Ithey never fail
to cleanse the liver, remove obstruct
ions and Invigorate the system. Som
me's Second Class Drug Store.
In Carload Lots.
We have received a car load of oats,
bran and corn, a car of tbe celebrated
Straight Snow Drop Flour, 2,800 pounds
o( stick candy, and everything else in
proportion. We have tbe goods and
you want them. Let us get together
and make a trade.
-Kimbrough & Perry.
Tbe Southern Industrial Association, j
hicb held a (our day* Bcaaion in New ,
Orlenns ibis week. Is doing a great
for Ibe South. Over 250 repre
sentatives were present, representing
nearly nil the southern slates and a
northern slates. Speeches were
made by Geoeral John B. Gordon, H.
Hargrove, the president of the As
soclalion. Bishop Sessums, Hon. Sidney
gtory, Governor I.ongino and other
notahlo personages. In all the speech
resolutions and proceedings there
sounded the object of the orgnni
zaiioo—the development of the South.
That great good will result cannot he
Governor Longino, in answering for
strong and patri
Mississippi, made
speech, from which we quote the
"Let tills convention by the wisdom of Its
proceed hips write it down In history that tho
South with this convention beplns to profit
tho errors of the past, and the states,
Mississippi, which have heretofore been
laggards in Industrial and material de
velopment, shall soon take tlielr proper place
ulonpby tho side of their sister states of
Georgia and the Carolinas In the manufac
of cotton and other products peculiar
soil and climate, and with Tennessee,
Kentucky. Kansas, Illinois and Missouri in
matter of grazing and stock ralslnp.
"To that end there should be given liberal
•ouriipement to the Importation and in
vestment of capital, by offerlnp fair and Just
Inducements thereto, and hy protecting by
the property of corporations with the
that of Individuals,
low degree.
whether of high
"Progress aud prosperity do not. cannot,
exist where a proper regard la not shown for
equal rights of both labor and capital,
•spccted alike by tho people; the one Is
likely to hunt a home, nor the other to
seek Investment, where life and property
.•redly protected by tbe courts and
the law.
"If the South desires to enter a new era of
life and development let It stand as It has
never done before for the enforcement of
the law, the supremacy of virtuous. Intelli
gent manhood and the suppression of hood
lumtsm." _
Now it the time when croup and lung
troubles prove rapidly fatal,
only harmless remedy that produces
immediate results is One Minute
Cough Cure. It is very pleasant to
take and can be relied upon to qiickly
cure coughs, colds and all lung diseases,
will prevent consumption. Somme's
Second Class Drug Store.
As will be seen by the report of the
Board of Supervisors, Mr. C. T. lioss
has been reappointed superintendent
the Grenada county home for the
poor lor a period of four years.
Ross' management of this institution
has been ail that could be desired. He
has given our poor the best possible
treatment and »at a small expense to
tho county. The action of the board
will receive cordial public approval
Laxative Bromo
All druggists refund the
E. W.
money if it fails to cure.
Grove's signature is on each box. zoc.
0 - 20 .
A new line cf millinery is being
exhibited at Kosminskv's,
comprises tho latest effects for winter
Abuiyr Women
The entry into womanhood b a
critical time for a girl. Little men
strual disorders started at that time soon
tions. That
g graveyards
es this. Wine of Cardul cstab
less and natural menstrual
n once this important:
healthy Ilk
r women, y
ves to Wh
Cardul. There is nothing like it to
give women freedom from pain and to
tit young women for every duty of fife.
$1.00 bottles at druggists.
into fatal com
troubles are
grow i
tlon is started right, a
usually follow. Man
aod old, owe their 1
Mlu Della M. Strayer, Tally, Kan., -I
have fullered untold pain at menstrual pe
riod. for a long time, was nervous, had no
appetite, and lost Interest In everything.
In fact was miserable. I have taken four
bottles of Wine of Cardul, with Thedlord's
Black-Draught, when needed, and to-day
I am entirely cured. 1 cannot express the
thanks I feel for what you have dona
lor me."
For advice In oases requiring special direc
tions, address, giving symptoms, the Ladles'
Advisory Department. Tbe Chattanooga Med
icine Company, Chattanooga, Tana.
whim i
'. E. Gay
FI Fa.
$15.00 and coats
und Interest.
execution directed to me
W. Heck. Clerk of the C'lreult Court of
Grenada county. Mississippi. 1 will on the
first Monday of January. 1001. being the 7th
day of hhI d month, proceed to sell to the
highest bidder for cash, within legal hours,
in f rout of the east door of the court house.
W. A. McMulUn's one-sixth interest In and
to the following lands, described us follows:
WH of N W»4 of KWHiind 4 acres In 8W?4 of
SW>4. sec. 9, two. 22. range ft.
8*4 of HE 1 * of and 8\V M of 8W*i, sec.
4, two. 22 range 6.
Lots 2H0 and 281 and 13 acres In lot 229. sec.
8, two. 22. range 5.
Lota south part In Crowder's survey iu
the city of Grenada. andNft of lot 222 In the
ell/ of Grenada, to be sold to satisfy said
ded and all costs. G. B. Jones, Sheriff
NV. A. McMulli
virtue of
For a Delightful Smoke
City Council
... 5 Cent Cigars ...
Christmas Goods
All Wool.
_15c and Up.
25 c and Up.
A beautiful and well selected line of Pictures
at prices to suit the times. Picture frames made
to order. A nice line of center and dining room
Tables. Ladies' handsome desks that would
just suit for a Christmas present. Good Sew
ing Machines, guaranteed, at $18.29.
E. A. Meaders & Co.,
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine T»bi.t.
the remedy that enrea n cold In one day
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
Itartlflcially digests the food and al(l«
Nature Id strengthening and recoil'
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans It Is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach It In efficiency. It in
stantly relievesand permanently curt
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,'
Sick Headache,Gastralgl a,Cramps,and
all other results of imperfect digestion,
Prepared by E C DeWItt A Co. Cfetcapo
D. O. Semmes Second Class Drug Store
..Lawrence & Bell.
Fire Insurance Agents.
The Ilo.vnl Kxchnnge of London, Eng.
The National ol Hartford.
The Mechanics and Traders ol N. O.
The Teutonia ol N. O.
Indemnity ol N. Y.
Fidelity and Casualty of N. Y.
We also write Burglary, Plate
Glass, Boiler, Health and Accident In
Give us a share of your business. We
Insure Gins, country Stores uud coun
try Dwellings. Oct. 27.
To the Honorable A H. Longl
of the Htute of Mississippi:
We. Uituuderslraed oltlcen* and neighbors
lilies Harris, who was convicted of larceny
the August, 1000. term of the circuit court
Grenada county. Mlsalsslupl. and was sen
tenced to the State penitentiary for tbe
period of three years for suld offense, do
most respectfully petition your excellency
to pardon the said Giles Harris, for the fol
lowing reasons, to-wtt: That tbe said Gllea
Harris was In our opinion unduly persuaded
by some of his superiors— as to raee-aud
was Influenced to lend a helping hand In the
commission of the offense charged simply
by. and only, the use of his wagon and team
in transportation, and that the petitioner.
OUes Harris, has a large family of smali
children on his hands, and that he stund*
well in his neighborhood. Thinking that the
aw has been fully vindicated, as to him, in
.!LV. ,u %r.' here affix our names, and
ask that QUe* be pardoned, uud for which
we will ever pray.
>, Governor
Giles Hahkih,
G. B. Jones. Sheriff.
W. G. Y ooifo,
D1 ot
and uilivrs.
The Charter of Inoorimration
nnda IiUinlx'r Company.
The purposes for which Oils corpora
' 5 as follows, viz:
FiHHT; The
o nf and
hkconh: Tho maintaining and
wholesale and retail lumber yard
Grenada. Mississippi.
TitiHD: The
sash, doors, blinds, oils, paints,
laths, cement, shingles, boards,
Ing material.
fouhth: Tbe buying, selling.
land, timber, trees uud lumber
necessary to pro
Interests and purpt
FIFTH: The currying o
?rcantlle business *ufflc! mt
;m»ls of the manufacturing
and interests of this corporation.
sixth : The building, operating.
maintainlng*and equipping other
and retail lumber yurd* and tramwip
'et the needs of thU
k rai'in*.
uf »<•
•the manufw
• f t hi* corporal
' ■ i
Hck , nl to
it.mxnutaeturlNi! hind
seventh: su.-fi iiu -
{?* rntt^u".!f n thiV™rDi.rstioD.
The t pernoii» int. r. -mi iu nil.®
Und who are inMrurmoo.d fi;
Mm5r h.reLfu.r fc -i,urd
The name of this corporation
tion are those defined ami mwciimw
ter 25 of tho Annotated Code of
Jet*out KewlonsX'aJd !w. and
•lit* thereto In the laws of the
sisslppl. puges 13 and It «»f A. I*.
Sections H42. H4U and Ml "f
said Code, end Section .(.M "J
which are necessary ami proper
it the purposes of this corporation.
This corporation shall have power*
any part of Its capital Mock »
stock, and to fix the rclut \ «• right
imm and preferred stock, and
bonds ana obligation*
to time determine.
The period for which this corpora
exist is forty-nine years from and
approval of this cha-ter.
The capital stock of this corpor*
be not leas than the sum of f-tw
more than the sun. of
of the stockholders toimnase
lab the aame within the said »uw.
serlpthms for stock shall be paid J
labor done (or In good faitn
be done* or money or property i
"Tbedomlello of this «,riwr«fiojji
lu the City of Urvrmda. < o"»JJSL.
State of lllsHl.Hlupl. nil,I
power null privileges
__ belonging to till' rporsotjyj
have those extended to sm n jx
virtue of Article Seven,
of the State of Mississippi
The officers of this eorporau
President, a Vice-President,
and a Treasurer. nnrnoraM
Any stockholder In tillsi corf**
bold one or more office* tlnreo
In,II be oonsl
ed by thisc<
$500 REWARD!
ache, Indigestion. I "Sfuwlt^i
neas we oannot cure witn *• ,j, e
to-Date Little Liver 1 h Thev
are strictly oomplled with.
Vegetable and never fail * ^,*2
86c boxes contain 100 p,.^
Pills, 5c boxes contain Jo F 1U ^ D
substlt u tions and JJVvTTAMNDICQ
Stamps taken. NKBVITA ® cb
Cor. Clinton and JmI«J WujtfWi
For sale by D. O. SenmiW*
nada. Miss
For family u«e l«'""fJfuSi
useful and valoable remedy
and SO eents.iSecond t Isis »

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