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The Handsboro Democrat. [volume] (Handsboro, Miss.) 1858-1878, April 12, 1859, Image 1

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_■— ..—--- ■■ . - ■ -- ■■ ----— ---—
yji sj i>n£a ca3a>a.
O- FFCIHt htrmfrmhm*! arr»i<y.tn th, <•«*
arn. «t BILOXI. and rirlnitr. and takr*
f hl» tarlhod of retarnin* hi* thank* to hi* frirod*
. far thr rrry Hlyrnl patron, jy hrrrtoforr rttrad
rd to him (Miter near tlir nworr »>f U«w*r
ktrrH and Pa*» (hri-tUn liuad. «rb*ro !'<• ran,
U fooad at all timra, »hjn not profcwicoally
• Kern* eonuttntlr on hand a rrrr larpc »t~k
of FKKKH nhvns Ir MKDH t!if.V
Tr■»••*, A*.,a-hirh hr . rllm* r*ry elirap
for CASH. ,
Hi lot . MSu . II, '3*. *• - If'
7 Hubbard Crawfoot
Justice of the Peace—Centre Bent.
Ufil.I. hold Court on the Ut Saturday in
1 each raonfa.
Orrii-a—At hit Heridcne.
. Handaiwro. M *•
January—•#. *'
Joshua Jacobs.
Justice of thr Peace—Center Brat.
ItTII.1. bold Court on thr 2d Saturday in
\ ? each month.
Ornr*—At hi* JV •wlt'O'-e.
Hiipltniro. Jan. IE—1J>—tf.
Champlin & Adams,
Altomry* and CouJiullort at Law.
•J* Autlrr-««—iiand*!*cio, Mir». 14 —!j •
IW..14. 1*3*.___
D. C. Glenn,
Bote At tome v General of the State,
IfTItL f»r»rlire Lst In the romitie* of
V W Htn ock. Haml in, and k*“o : and
• er^nf rsu^ at the riljr of Jicl«oa from tliu
Jtpprisle Conrt i»wtnrt,
Ornc*~Mii*siJi«trri City A Xw Obaxass.
XiT Ojfer—4 0 Camp Sir t, I
il cw urieon*.
JVe. 14. ISiA. 14 Ijr.
J. B. Deacon,
Attorney and Counsellor at Lair,
»■' ILL p,. «jr. UI *M«rtioa to r«IW.ln*
i t;.,r rouUir:B *od l>a*s*r»c u
tie* of tin* State.
Iw. u, JB. H-ly.
Attori,'-' and Counsellor at Lav.
Tt KTIIX |>ra tire tn *11 tbr mm «T«U* MS
Judicial ISrtrirt.
**,- Addi mi thnutsbnns Vji.
x. v. .. ot._I---1?
John Henderson,
Attorney and Counsellor at Lxtv.
r,r offer—TO St Charles St.
Ss.* Ol.UEANS. La
prsitirc in thr Cirri t *ih’. Om
'&M rrrv Cusnt* of the tiictith Judicial l»i~
triit, >r.d the li - !i Court of Error* mil Ap
j jil«. Jargon, Mix
x-t. ». 'et. _)2 ->r
Rodcrick Seal,
Mtameyantl Counsellor at lane.
PBACnCBS m tbe Court* of tbc Kigfclb Jodi
(ill Dwteict.
Xot. xi. ‘54. 1: tf
D. C. Welborn,
Not. 5. l«5t. S-Iy
Charles A. Smith,
Xwatar 22. ‘S4._ _«M1_
Dr, A. M. BOZtlB,
Tliarkf:;] tn hi- frira-I* »ad the pn!4i<- for tbc
liberal pstrootsr brTTtrfiTr exteedrd to bitn
*nT« n,uhii>itMi (A kilt nniiivitVJ i«sj
to the pnwtk* of medi. ine end b «n
their tbi-h.u- tnjH he*. Heeo»ol»>y*kefu«B4
■: s» ->r- ■»!*• rcofcwon»t}j- tlml.
BM3i, Jam Co.. Km*.. Oft. l*>4e.
• E. P. Fourniquet,
tsm CMMV1A*. HIM.
tm*&B**m*- Umm.- it. W R-i#
ipn, h. 2>
«t *e *
>■■11111111. «i» u| > m b «f
7 * JfcU > , A£xXT£Er>
Cast r» * S«r>feJ> Cured, j
See 39 "A ■noi'-etCe. Ak.
B4ltT. OlUX.t.(U«r. 1
<tn> tt» rifiki BHiot W® hnr- e \
»JUr be hell, -i the «COTO TMt'RM
AH P <rf reerj »■**. »t T o'riot*. P. M
AS 8. A. Vm to ««l iu»t «
I_ L. DAT1*
HttAiM'. AptS li, H. 1« “
ttHf to. Mernred to AO oid «r» fae b!1 kid
\V oftUaok. ot itkia Mflke.
rjMBk OEP-ipited to o der—*,- ar»u
D y u>d <.lKStot—Bt tbrto&A.
Just Opened!
Thr Sohnrribrr hut* Irmrc tr aannmicr t« tlw
1,11111:' sail th* put-1 ■« m (rami. that Ir ka
Hut rrriiol a well artecta-d • I' *■ k oi IA A t I
1 Sl> l>< Ml *TI
DRV aoovs,
Which hr will aril at the hnreat pnaaiHr late
for each.
litre ate a rail licfcrr per hr.ini rlwwhrrr
at the comer of laareo awd Water rteecl*
JU'Kl-ll mtVn .'1
H taai.Mlaa.
FrK 13.'59. 23 —I t.
□ i» isfotfcixy rm* v
6 4 aeivief ififoxiaadtrir>ti <ty tfest t<
ha« Incited bimwlf on Lofaruw St_ si
fM&t of the U«\ banic'a Ret real, wbrrw be » fal l
prepared to do all ki»*V* of
at tV* *.'» rtc*t m>t< e and on the m »*t nv-m*
Ijf utia*. and Will krrp f*»r;4icllv **n Itand a
fine a«f*-tn*ent of « JnSb*.r*«*rtjwTr«. and Yf*t
n.oeh he will trtake np in the eery br*1
>t v ic and ar<x*rdui£ to tbe Uic4 Lw.um*
A!r^» -
H.*« on hr.nd a fine a**»*rtmrfit of Gentlemen*
ftno|«. Shm. Hnt* A ftp*. RMdr-ltwde 4 »th
tag <*f ell kind*. ato’. I*ry gftod*. lju,‘c*»' HumI*
and H.ppe #. Ribbon*. l,ace*T A»* A
all of which he wditng eery cheap J r CASH
Biloxi. Mi*.. Feb 22, *.j9 21 ly.
Dtaltr in Fancy Dry GooJt,
Rcrpcctfnllf infirm, thr nthtrm rmrratlT
that he ha. on hands larpr 10 itioent m 1.1
bie*» I» *** G«t*l <"n*i'!inc «»* in,v k iitl « oj
M '
blpavaV. French end A merit -n <*ai.roe» ]
fallow jMijviii' ■
Tri®ah*r* «f til kin«K Ah*—a ry
li'iTfr as*- rtir< nt «*f i !»***•*. Hat*. * -p«
I’rrf'.inirrj ftp. Ar.. Ac., wtivcii be ui**liui«
«*hnsp for near tb»* t -rncr «»f 1-imi1 t St.
>oU ibc Pa«* CbrWbui l: «»l..
Ffb. 15, *59. 23— lr
Jiflixllor _ . Ar>* L*».\A&i».
ROY Si Co.,
Wholtnalt and Rt tail
IVa!rr« in O orc-if». PrM«i<-*. Fffil rf‘*!1
kin«l«. liAnhrmrr. Tinwmrr. »nl W.'^mwair
Ti'Wxo, Ac., Ar. Al«», Boot*, Sic***. and
AYllirh «i!I 1* «>Id r!«p for C*»W. C'flWl
«f Iawkiw -md From Mi—.
Jan. 4. IV.j. 17- tL
Chr«p! rbriprrl €lirnpr*tl
THE andeisijpwl wi-h to inform
their friends and the public in general,
that they hare now on hand and arc
conslanilr receiving some ofthecheap
est GOODS that are to !*<• found in
the Dry Goods line, such as
French and Engli-h Mcr rev-.. All wool
and Mix.-1 Beiaioet. French English
amt Am.-r ran l*r lit., and Lad
linetMid. in general. We hare
Also » targe stork of fine.
Huts, Cajis, Loots and Shorn,
French and American llLANKETS,
DOMESTICS of all kinds.
All of which w.U be ..Id at very low prices.
For Cash,
Thankful for tb* patnrejre wr bare hereto
Foee received, w, it-jKVlfallr solicit a rout au
line of the same.
Biloxi. Bee D, ok. —II—OAp i!21.
a. J. now. an. a. n. iiowako.
Howard & Brother,
Wholesale ami Retail Dealers in,
(•rorertr*, Pruducf* Feed
» »_*rv__i if*_»- ,
Maui !-»!r«rt. foot of Strata?*'at invading,
Ja»ntry S. 'ML _ 49 ly
W. T. Stocker,
X€k t» enter* STREET.
MmuJ W. Wilder. J. B. Fftt. J- B. «
A—* *em iMa.: Mr bene 4 Henry.Hoade
wv MOT
H-mOTr ri. 'i-_l*-ly
Jmh W. Wilder,
£*«. #, if-W e4 Sett Batin,
Site Orleans,
{Make a
,r Ordro ptaotpilT attendail to.
Her tlrtena . Pee. IEKA l« It.
IX THE OOU» KEnlOV and other port or« rf
niCOIXIA. or* to< he IfflM the
o..~ r.bere. Aw the ie®*« <i the new town of
p -rr-»—- - t >«ilotTt|awaa (WIT Tea lw
loot hath: Oao hot down. the rrM oa drtlvery
»!' the I>aap Eret-r oab-rriler will pet a Bail
Hwr LM or o Farm, raasmg ia rtlao f om *10
la tSSJtm. Tliewr Pl.n* and !M* ore >oM »o
rhea. t» adwc* OTfli meat, a eatBrieal ocaUt
OTac rawered, the ianwaoa in the raioe of
,hri wiB rompeoeote far the apparent low
ware uAe.1. t>oe acre iota ia Wtra w 11 tori* a
1- mdaftnoa* nwehaair* who wiU Baud ap»<»
ihew. *
Tar Eimnw-i Co. A*e now bonding
tad wtt raaoenn their arttlemea* at <«ce.
Ample eeraeity wiB to (nrea for the huhfail
Krformure rfoatmi- aad promOTo.
*o-- moan Aci»i> oax rum to chain
■oWrihen, Fa whom the nso.t Moral iaduee
nrnt* will be grown. Soma Are a to write that
her at* m^tec *»• per month. For fall jot
icalara H-haetipt> a«. A genr *•. hr. aapl r to
E. BAl'ItEB, Fort Royal. Car-tint Co % a.
Jaa 11—i» *t"
lit Itrnrkrd Am karp ami * ittami err# mtrmm’i
ir r the M&m*-boru4 I*»botbat.
So®* of tH*e.
F^T ft brifkl ir In dairaLfts *
See *"«* «i o®r abie*.
Tbe fhr*hwHPi of nemH^.
A*»lt * all tkt an w*.
A ad > ® lb# pmmi®.
That'« innnf tk r®r
Of o«r VfQajpe profrweiq®.* ,
Nj fftorr vitfc «44 Mejw* am.
And alkftfM MerUf ;
C«®» »kv the Mom. 4 .time
Tbit yn» <®jk far smarter.
Merhan* - and tr®4r#®w*.
Y-nt faanre t fan n««.
Awake and *a*f $ki.
No banger far dsmfa.
land Uio! t *e®fl
U In you w ith the rp*l:
Ob sell ymmr Ub4» rfaeap. then
Oar I am eUi *e bfa-M.
Y'*b| Hand- *>r&* m tlr^ki
W .tb a ♦[.r t «f rntfc.
And it ari«t e* be chided—
Ob then r*Tj n tr («>) otfc.
And ***» eeil faftfe HasuMwar * .
, Tb* pride »*t tk ?«wtk
('am*, rma* f. vm tk foundry *
F <*> !>aWffl l!o aeeeajft,
'Tj* the tiUM* t> >* nerry,
Ab4 that wJSta t8k
F«r the p o4 time * coming,
O r trruuipb 4* sear ;
Tbi* is bo time for ditming.
Tk time f<*r finer.
Come IHewl*. a ad ainwger*.
itrsiSO botnet and store*.
Yoe*!I ccae to 1«e mnger*.
If« are ©a er.r abnrea.
s For the good tin?- tualp cpm r.z.
(If *njrth it* c*n )
WiH make rrwnz IfajiiUbenj*.
(•row up to & tun.
April, l<i3.
srcoxi> maimmack— a widow
A friend of ours, who does business
on Main street in this ,i:y. wss travel
ling n few weeks ago in Arkansas,
some fiftr or sixty mites below Mem
phis A» night name on at th* nr.
cln»ion of a long uny's travel, ho nrri
red at a solitary house, where", it «]<
l-eared, (he rfehhnts w'tl.ln wtu* at
rendy prcjciring to retire to rest. He
knocked at the door; a head wa« pro
traded from a window, and, in reply t<>
a question from the owner of the head,
he said he »idled to stay for the night.
The head was withdrawn, and a consul
tation apparently look place with some
one within, and after a little delay the
I head was again advanced, and our
! friend n«kcd his name. We will not
give the name stated—that of “Fit User
son” will answer the same purpose.—
“Fulkerson.” repeated the man with his
head out of the window, »« if surprised,
an*l nr l agreeably so. “V***, J.,hn
Fulkerson,” was llic reply, in a tone
that had an expressiorf of impatience
about it; for the traveller wns hungry
as well as tired, ami not being a priest,
fasting never smoothed his temper.—
The head was again withdrawn a* this
announcm ent. a* rapidly ■* an Irish
man once wilhdivw his, when he knelt
and took a drink out of one of the boii
i ing springs of the State in which the
adventure we are relating t*v.k place.
Sometime now elapsed; the night was
cold, and our hungry friend found his
quarleis in front of the solitary house
not at all to his mind. At length he
hammered violently at the door several
times, and uttered a series of < jacula
liens, more indicative of a flexible '
| thun n! JTtMouinl 1le
then took a loos around the premises,
to a«cf*rtain, if possible, the reason of '
this ritjaecountab'e delay. lie disco
rered a man stealing silently away in
the rear, who jumped over the fence :
and set . ff in a run. that spoke well for
hi* agility, in the d-reetion of the tim
ber. The fiout door was opened at this
moment, and a negro girl called to him
to come in.
On entering be coo'd discorer no
thing suspicions; a good supjier was
set before him and he wa* attentively
waited upon. He noticed, however,
that the negro waiter was very curt in
her replies to bis questions an<l that
whet, he asked anything about tbe in
mate* of the place she manifested an
emotion that looked like alarm. He
retired to bed, too greatly fatigued to
reflect much upon the singularity of
this conduct; he slept well, and in the
morning wawat an early hour eating
his breakfast, when he observed a pair
o' eyes intently gating at him froui a
chink in the wall that divided the room «
’ in which he sat from an adjoining pa«
sage. Determined to know the mean
; ing of the singular behaviour he bar!
otwerved in that place—for every indi .
' tidnai ab- at it, whom he had accosted,
anawered him with trepidations in the ^
fewest possible number of words, and
i then hurried away from him as if in i
■fear—he rushed into the pa»*sge and (
1 catching boh! of the man » b'*e eye*
j had been so busily engaged, be detnan
j ded the reason of hi# singular scrutiny.
1 The man apfraren overcame with agi
, tation, and asked—in a voice the inter
i rogator at once recogr.ited a» tbe same
‘ be had beard on the prei tons night— i
if Mr FglkmetfhitnKlnl to »taif-N«%
Mr. Faiketsoa wood go as *-.ei a* I ■
bad Cnifiinl has Ir-aktant and paid hi*
bill, but be insisted tij* n knowing *lir
to much spying and .wl.bjcring «i<
goirg on! "\Vl»y, are you not Mr.
Fulkerson that wi.» lk:> boosef -.shed
the man. “No. 1 refer MS the bouse
before.” *as the r» j y. In a moment
of intense *a: »fre;i n b. am*—l fr.on the
ism', loe, who h bail before worn a
troubled ft s r. .*: . si d without ano
tber word lie r o 1 up »tmra, three or
four steps at a time, and quick y r- turn
ed. bringing silk I ns a ja>rt!y looking
danse, whose eyes were rial, a* sf with
*•<;■•! g, an! • t so eg in a t
joyoua surprise as soon as she nught
sight of eur lesiStlrrsi friend, who
rould rot fm the lifeof him gilt,» what
b id lew( i*■ 1 • ■ 1 ihu i .k*—“It is ti«t
An explanation tlon ensued. from
which it spia-an ! tliat the house in
which our ft tend had spent the night,
had fottr.eri'v ion the property of a,
Bsan erf the same tame of I. 1' *
man had b-■ ti ..* Jev, A
nothing had hen hoard fiom i 'n tfii
t w» ail that • ine, f, « latter halt, ill*
lair who appear ai *• tniirh pt*. -d
that he w-.tr * t ‘J n* bid i'misi t *
take another hnsj-ai .1, and the ne«
knot was lo lie tied that aery ey.-oii g |
f *n the pre foe* ear ning her Ititers.jo.
wa-ond bu-ban . an paying bit i at
tensions at a 1 vi r, when toe a«ni*«*'--~
ment of the name of ‘John Fulkerao.*”
from mt friend, in a moment Kjrtrad
iismav and ror .termtion where ail had
been joy and sweet anticipation, l b'
[over ‘toe oil the back way. to It" 1*
rond the rmcli of dnaff^r; the lao.y had
kfrnl the flight in weeping*; one** #H«*
It ad mourned her ho^niKl’# *b*ccvM**.
now she grieved over Ira f* U,Tn. T: -
juiciness i4 the un* spctid and tint#!
<tiGe putd had, however,
r* assured the distress* 4 coup •; the h*
rer h *d cautiously returned to the h»»no
Mid «n mmkin;* hi*observation*, when
unr friend uiMftniovi)n««|y m ■ 4 him.!
The tiding! were quickly upend, and i
laughter and mirth f-< n filled the iwelj
!b| thru had !»een doleful with di«wp
ai d «x>-tow. The tiaveUer
limndtitifited tosiwy w*+\ «^rt«k«
of the weddtfg su|*pei: l»» bn*-f»ro
called him away, however, hut l*e h *
since luarned .hat the marring** t * k
placewithout any untoward lutrrriap
lion.. If the teal John 1 nlb ir* »!.
Arkansas, should 1** aliv** and c th
let him tyke warning and t>eV*r ap
proach the hotiK he has deserted. f »r
ln» is most cmnhaticaiW not mint/vL—
We juaure our readers that the occur
rence we hive related is strictly tui*
Mew phi* ApjxmL
Th* Lip* of % Nnrsr trnR Karron
in Cauroitxia.— He ri>*«* at ten .» ,
ikn tnorning, him * If, fake* I *
Ii*»f, already j>ierc**4 with thr** or 1 » |
»ii I lets, and !o a re-Murat » • £• r 1
lit ! rcakfai:. After breakfast »»•
•itns to his afire to read the rn*»ri»i; •/ *
»n|h*Iii;. He fu*M* til t lie if c«o d ;i
vrttcii in on**, in another a liar, if. . in
i third a villaiu. U * nail*-* at i**•*
bought that he has something to «. •
i«h1 rign* his name to three ehwdeng
riiicb he always carries altoul him t »
>e ready for enierj-nu irs. Tii ^e h<
iispatrhes and sstsdown to write an
irtide, when he is suddenly interrupt
»d by some interlocutor whom at !a*t
je is compile.! to throw out of tbr
vindow. At noon k© learns that h:«
diellengt*: have !^ n aec- }4ed fhr next
iny. At three o'- !<* k I ** ipx-s fo :i *hl
. 3 . i _ i.; _i. l -1 .. . .... .. : • I .. .
lav la-fore, kill* 1 i« man ai . Morns
odinner. t >n hi* wry from dinner
le get* mitei t •» . li a riot, ar.: g~
ome bru.w* and wound*. When he
caches hi* sar.r'um he finds an infer
>al machine on li> table. W it!.. ■ t
nanifesling the slight st surprise, hi
brow* it ont of the window. He then
■rite* a letter on reform—this done lie
roe* to the theatre. On lii» way he
s attacked hv three men; he kill* two,
ind take* the third to the nearest st.V
jon house. When returning to hi*
jffice at eleven oVIork at night he
lies’* a man who trie* to rob him; k: ’*
i dog with a stone: i* *l<n<*t tnn over
1»t a hacknev coach, and on the thr»«h
chi ol hi* door receive* two more bul
let* in 1»:» hat; tbeacongratulate* lum
ie!f on hating pa****l a quiet day;
■ rites till two o’clock in the morning;
retire* to bed and sleep* tranquilly.
Fora Toiars or me Course# os
ilvnm icr, oa Wives as»Tb< : i at—
\n Eastern «lit.»r nay* that a man in
S’ew York got himself into 1-uutse by 1
Harrying two wives.
A Wewtern editor replies hv *—ur
ng hi* ootunporarv that a good n suv
rten in that section bate done the
*me thing hr marrying oar.
A Jioethern editor retort* that qua*
i number of l.i* acquaintance* (ouud
rouble by barely po-mising to marry,
i about going any farther.
A Southern editor sav* he was both
red bv »impiv being found in compa
ty with another man’s wile.
Hu who think* hi* placu below him.
rill certainly be below hr* place.
/» ‘ Af :m i i'.t ■ , i ti r >•
•Tried in the JS:>j h nn i "it at W»s],
ii ''••r, oh y. idav. lit the t’sief .Ins
tire, in the ca*« «-i t! e I '• i> ‘ <’rt a
v«. Skriinan ii. Ih-oij,' the I-”T-rim*
•A >t ii. Ijnir lu Sfipriioo • -ti . 1
'A iwotisin. The <■««<• inioN I t!
Irjh? of St iti* Coert* i« i< !• no. or, I t
bm$ mrpntt parties n cost.dr m Vr
process of the Coiled Sint I * lor <4ii *■
n;air «t ton l't>il«u State*. ’I let» was
•tone hy the court hetow, in the i
of an arrest nmi'i jwL it lr •
District Court of the {’riled S
for a fMtliw of the fngrlire ht» -
1 < e whole conduct of fh Court :
low was he'el to | •• : ital’y i. C .'
n (rt unity mointiotiaiy ; tL si tin- V r
■'hall hnJ a right, and 't wn« his ' it
•<» ipsw*t (>v anv sm 'i inf if, fT-fi
on the part < f the Mete ponser*. ar
ilr.it tin- Intfiiivo slave act was r' ally
St TICK to Si f -.M ra Tnir •->
South—A- marie ntsthorije* n*»!
I* end tfi apprise r.»ri»tioH *>f nss !
r- 'nr roeli*. »lmei* in I illi■ r • i;
<!l*( OVertsI in ill" s ft s ,* j" ,-f,
the pr -s to ii f *10 * ,n ! trnv-1 ■ 1
nil ii vr i til- that may er.vir n t'■ n»1
I'l tiieir ; itlfter . We Imre rec--» * v
• hiontehii the. reception j»; ft to r
I i •-! Iiiil,Hell.I iu i • •< e. Tile
New 1 nk Tt f If ri'-r -i
OH* , miI.' O ahead in a hill w I ft 1 •
her i : 'I 'ft .-i .: . ’ 1 fin
f.egiiiatne*. - piini-liirig anr S'-eilne ‘
or ffi: imp ii-,niiti i.t in the S ate • • 1
Men for a c ra of too lean, who » , I ]
. i* nr ('in S if.> m*i nri Uatr.i ItV nfc>
!■:* v|«ret. Awarding to this nwk I
sits statute a Udt who should travel j
fiout Chic-go to lVfio't w ’> a n»g.
wi.-nan to ritrse her rht!!, such nut-. :
being her store, would be > r I lu tli“ ^
pewter ' tty i ' \ .- . ..
It Jv jihern roLrtr; r:errh*n'‘ would
imrrh.t ■■ t'-eir :;•* -.is in Sondn m asr j
patts, the m■■ !i hoe's in Southern ‘,
•aorf* wonbi in one rear lie able to t ib r
-tacks as iaigc n* sari, d end at a* b.w
pries s as the noithern mi reliant*. Tbi*
■tone, there seuld lx! no Beer- or for
Southerner* to trarel in llu North,
i- illi-r with <r ailloQt staves, ami rre
•him'.d not hear so much Arse cl
Southern iBM.ittilioi:s.
1’alrtiT'a Pi«e- In "Southern IAgli’i
Si' , Sh: lows; or Life in Australia,"
r< ‘' ilthe following arousing r.nec
<1. •*:
A* a »- to all tie sunny tenth
erti lights, 1 must l ore tt on!.on l!
1 il if meet with a few extraordin ary
men in Sydney. Tl eie era-. »«
a merchant prir.ee, who rnr.de i' a
Knot that he had never gir-i away
'a shilling in his life. So (eras 1 know
he oniv departed from hi* extreme
■!£sht,**» oh on. occasion, ar:J the
<::retim**ariocs are worth relating:—
< non, rag -i po-r Irshman »•< pjw<J
into hi* e-nn'ing honse. and looking
the rerv picture of misery, «aid, *U >h 1
mav it p:.z.* v ■ r h loir, 1 is .. !t a pig
—ike t.iJ ,i p g I had—and Mi-stlite**
-, the gorernr**, ha* given me a
i sue. I and sent me to vou f r another.!
SI—aors von have enough gold to
bud-l u sty wid, ntd will t- sure to
g.ve «:*• a litth." At firs-, * M Inrd
(j-l to!o-ed; upon which I' whly threw
himself on a stool, and raised *i:eh .1
pileons wai! that th.; m radiant, t* 'rik
ii— |.e was mad about the pig. gave
hint ll e pund, to g-1 quit of I ni.—
N, It dav the prop:ii-'..r id ll e »:■ fund
porker w. s j..i g tin- warehouse sod
seeing hi- 1. heiM at ‘lie door |
ni hia l. it to 1 i.r. *"\V-II, d: l g-1
. . . * « « t
i.ruiTK • j *
j gr* a*ked the rich m u gruffly.—
"Hought a | g. vtr honor—a darling
little thing, arid a tweet twi»t in Ins
tail. like a lads’* « nil." Well, it * >*»
le hoped rf.u’li take hotter c*m of him
tl.an \r*n did of the other. M hat did
he die off* lt.eofl l>id re *.-.y die
t f, now * Why. get oat wwl ye—he
iru* aoJut that 1 lilted hn.i ’
Him Martha lintt, the Beautiful, i>ril
lianl and nce*‘i»p!i»bed author***, r.f
Norfolk, i* rani to he the nigning hefle
in aahington, the present sea-, n.—
We hear it rumored that a grand *ei
ding /r/f i* to take plane in a few wm k*
on which ooeneiou ti t*young lady :«lmv©
»*•: -rml to, aud tin- gallant M «j. li e .
of the Stats* am to t»e parti*» most in
(created.— I iryndl krsAenor.
T. ey will in* y\ ligeil to move to . ait
Lake and embrace Mermoniftn then,
for Mnj. Heim i* **-> fortunate a« to have
one already. He will be a mo*t fortu- j
na;e editie if be ran g*l another, ami
we aoad »'jgge*t that he divide with j
hi* editorial hr «thren. lie can find
. ii:or» i«* tbi* S;ate dri- g to marry—
lb ***. lor *4 the \ iekahurg U ho, and j
-oaraelt, (dr invianee.—Sark. EajU.
X ono TatcTct.—The Pontotoci
EiaKi.wf contain* a ear*! from one |
S. 11. Wood, deta’hng the circumstan j
era <4 an abortive atternp*. on the part J
of two white men, to Veal * negro vis 1
mull of hi*. The thrievt* escaped, nr
J, ,nU! *» they won hi hare icceired
their jurt reward. Let the oeoj le of
the s mb look sharp for thrso rrjgnin.!
IV •: ! . ; ki» !—An • i-t-it m M »
• f> ' m*kc* nn <• '«>>t **;••*' I" hi*
i j’> • • ■ itruoa l* j-rsy him, ami
* * ttf* X* i- ’}*»« **■ !
* l >r f* thcr part * tiTar«— %* #a «!*#■
*’■} * »r. i 4 ’ r**s of *H » Mt * > —
# :>»«■!. , kur.h c-.uiiiD, t . rii

fsn I tf**« thal t># ^ViT ! •’ *'* 1.03*
* ?. i lot Rfrt to U tsM W il -
I >1,. n|T, ♦« "1 -U. ! %• fto-vr* ^ Yii 3T; •
i ** 1 * u\ H «r kvoff *.:« pJiil4i
• 14 f • i.ttr *j |# •tt&rf |Im» CBtlU «i
1« f !. if i-»U*<4 to Up * -!tr»*-o if. «mI1
i -Ma. ot f tU# * j11 %V s* r»! nil
* t 1 * U - ’ * jU «H A
m«HI •liOP V!,«<{ |»V WH <*f 1 *
I "*«■*? #f;4?r J?fTN» R* •$*>« SHI SI -
- ! J **#. - v v- -*.jfe'
lot r?r *« r t (rest TYj-f ^ * : »
Kl« in 1112,1^ vi* t 1 * r* *’i
If n. \Ym, *■. Tl># tr«fi w#« ?;#*
n r» ■ - hub, L»«ri »*» » *r* tT n*3,
jim? mifkiir to Ktr#
n.*r*Uij» * f)9f HWsi«^ V» »tf# h* 1
flsOfffc J&vz# t ctto «ti-i lo »(r«ai
T«*, J*rfff*<| tfi* • U* f ;<;*•
M Mr. T» >*!• • • u 51 little
n»l*vfWi*!, *a*4 ’1 f?t<* #»**!
!»*4*0«£k& «*H tit# |*4 . •■**»! I f
;::r I !« nr? i*m »»*-•?}. a* : ♦- J*-: - •*•- «tir
|»r*»! *.!-W i **t Htjctt* ■ to *’*4 h
**Vt *r n «*!l, rrtr ts .** v»; I h , j»«*l
T*n*Vn~ * «»3j4i tff* , L-? knit!
’** ■ * n r &f*a rm P «r ard
crrStiMS, ami we know that
I bon art »!>!** t«* *m ply nil *>nr wj-.ps,
I ti* Cs afc'tti William - ■*.*> t h at * .fa»;g#!
done an*! lit* wif* from X.^fertile air ■
here, n: I > * ti-.-i to fan: !r nv**J> j\
an*! i %* r r„< ■ • v we .**•*, ;! re '* ro ;
time I * ‘paiein le/i&gTin-eour wants.!
Amen ! **
The J : *ge w*?* then taken nil aback j
nn<l *» waa t ti sin William. They j
boti pre'*» s tb* oM e*-* tinu* it *o cou- i
»iuci the s. rvice* ni his own w •« .
which bo »ka, to tbt:r gteat g*«ilnca
A U;tc.u i\ - *. war. i f —
\ - *, 1 * bare a rough aiastitr
I tin <p. whirl* n«t‘.K«s wIhuimh
llitot We eking, Bor rotten Mom c »«
ever prUab. One of that *«>rt open*
the /. «»r of a w.inn t **m nn<t I*<*U'>w*
“!>o you buow irliirh UTliotn^Hi'
* I <\»r i« f!»u Trttb! answer.
v ?iich is iff’’ growls the in
ferrets for.
**l' ‘i:.iit me li> n*k/* aay - the disc
if y«>u nr • jtrm<oiP*
-No—why in pi ire **
*T fbontrbt sir, by ’* ?rr per*-rrpfcn
manner, that von in?- n»?c*l to Nn
(itlor a Mrtiafcetorj reply or my life/
Ktreiio^rrumc —The New Orfeani
Pi-Minrn*, in some ob-crrnlioa* on lie*
science of «**’ *ct»<>neerieg, euyw ihat art
acknowledged necessity in this sc.«r.ce
is to cultivate the good wblin of 15.*
Isiiitv, in »’r h r to enlist their lor*!*.—
|* jt t?ie II »n. o ft. Singleton, of Mi*».
is < rilth iJ U v premium for carrrtr -
tie® present iBoda one step in urJhmne#* j
of bin cornpe'kof*. A few *!ay*
he adilrr* - : a package of g -r ’* *i in 4*|
to |h<» wife of one c f lb** l«oh'*!or edit* \
on c-f Vick-itug. to which the **OM I
noBtfiry” returns the following humor* J
on* r pic .
**\V(* hive r.o doubt *l*onM wn ever
tv® ho h r’lmitie ns to have a Mi-.—— j
that she nil! Ik* »!uir grateful to Mr. j
Vrrglf*' n. V/«* hv ** n v.iya heard !
that Si'.glefon m* s in- in a *• nv:.; ,'
hut hi- |*U>i?g the rtMitive to onr!
will-, I'l *' ic W t'.r. I -
within gun shot of that t:ec.-««a[r or
nament. is about tli“tallest” specimen
of electioneering we over heard of'—
It beats the fltoh tunes to death.
I*. S.—The seed await* lh>.* oiler of
the owner.'’
M v-;t Ettvi Era is Mt Lett Arnett—A
great masquerade ball coit.e < 0 .n Mi
wankce, a few evening* sir.ee. The
News, of that eitjr. in the cmite an ar
ticle dtsciiliir.g it s.ys:
\J tnr *»"• the Itnlierot-s Incidents.
One - n'lcrvm fell in love w Ui l ie
-,i - r. win.- .vi * • 'r '• n « '
talked, and promenaded with a gedlhi
tnan in wnc -r ■ t- r-‘* .:rs, u
the is n Ik-jv* of finding out who the
tici? rr,tu r>* was. One r*-tmg Jti*n
Ue k h i- mother t• >*tIfe mi-ur, and great
was tlie »npri*« of both ou learning how
matter* Hotel. One of car leading
mrrrhvnH gave his lit g to young law*a
if she « uhl raise her mssk that he
m'ght *ee her feat it res. a hen he found
it wa« his own sister, who he supposed
was at home with the tootbrrhv. 'i so
gewtUmm g» t ia a warm dispose a* to
wb<> a certain your-g lady with a black
demine wvs, anil after msk-ng a w;.ger
of two bottle* of champagne, f >und out
th'.t the ladr was the younger and mis
chorion- brother of the losing pvrty.
It is stated hr the Lvrehhnrg Jit
• ' x .
; '|(i/mmus. that steps are Swing lak*-n to
star a Hunter paper in Richmond, VaJ
that i», w paper whose obj-el wi i lie to
advocate the claims of fscnator Hunter
to the next Pre-id -m y.
M 1*1,—Hud .* J’ii lo* ; > •
i<*ai obi goijtIonian: "Mr e* i. «*’i
lukiitmen t.ik<* tliv l»-5 j «. jdvd .§
• ■ ! flip T».1 e rciofi 1 II *. whi c an
l i t ; ti( *' j V £i »i i :,v 11111
j> e* e* n fu’l ««:!*, when tht iasr* i f jii
• *• |>f t».• *i;,* • * ! 4 i« ml f< • * at .
<*' 1, • to: ! 1 ft i-. .
•bsti " il.ont a b*n’«« < f*. ••*.. O,
mnl lh •-! rUr.crt' liai' n c *
j whj «U1 to! i<> irutt with *
if gi t it. i twenty j*fi< . . , Bii.j • . .
j nr.'d >w lit r*4M J" fiw'v'
; j - i % ' -1 r-:i t ■ •Wfl 1 » r> '
! f r of a 4l • t, r" ;• *!i
i n * t. k * that the U> - a11,..it,’
\t ms Anottrt-m
• r . > ■ i - .V t‘. in *
r. «<- «,t an able artk-le nr^tiinp
Itlm •**! »<f nr■! *oti' 1
■ . *-»!..-til (tkiintnl be thc*fi who ar*
» vie hahti of feff*tcing ©err I bent©*
i rrtrrSM*, tnt* :
"It or1 * - ; !rn», sn.i tlifip ;.r
*' • tanrt hat* rrvireeontle abort
'* ( * w lllV t 11, lll« dp*
f- U« **f tlu 1 Vtitoeeritir it ti e Vi-rl’i,
li i • I--* ’* MiiJ. red m f O'.1' '•*l*0ij*- of
»upt it speed !>t li A n ri»t .t
.; >i. find the sr d mijoite «{ the
i'.-'.i r-'tir! ti -ml I'ra of t'lingipm* to
!!_ tt‘ of i <* Muith in t!> * Ti-nito—
• • *, a J to til" true Matrt Ui ;!lU odd*
is lion of tb* K a twin *<! end il l •
iitomiMM C*.n*',ituti< n. If tin Iheni*
'•rm* hate lent etery Nottbe*ll Siam*
three, It i* r-* treed he thorn who
d©**ri©d tap Sooth when the Admird*
frntii and the mn* ** * ©ft*n* i Irnifi*
..„ly • .. J I," j . (*, H i* ftttlfi.it
t'srif .re, ' ok imp it i in1-, tut
!!i .«** who bail t !o *e WiiiHUlMV
the cf an iisiissii.oii ttrtcrr
which can only r«rfi in throwing tier
(iovi'IMUfM in the bands lbs* Uiark
llrputdicai », and pii s'ipitat iirg A crisis
tilneli wav iayolt* a nl tin
«i sttfie. far, t ' (.if.,:,
,Sr}H'!" .11 tel a, 1/ dot. r<r : - * ; if III ( ' •
t Cilihr*, ■* ’ rrt trrd to rr yr^ t ■ '*,» n
• i o« tn ihr rule t f, bantu s tllonel
uutjnrity. qtti.UJ bj a .1 Wilwn ud- ''
I minittrct'on.
WtttTS St.*VEHV i t tc: Nomb — *
lThe New York Trt’tivir • r ports ti n -
\‘ “® of " -’’Wf”* *pjaaa. * “f* ■.**• * , ^
iiti a loom item »MMi all Inn funitTi*e«
Iliad been r- movetl i-.nal nrfd to otpcW *
: 1 herMermtitr, whohnd two small rlill*
! trail tn support, ntwl wlm was er.ile*
1 Vlto do so by rr.nktfw r'otll c^«s
I. .
“W« f nr.-l her,” sai.l thn v!* r.
•bard at r...rk. itiafcirg boys’ hlar < ; ><
r cup. trimmed with I raid, and I-.rr,
and buttons, lin*'*l with n’lszenl wit- a
acd vr ish-leslber. ami tilth p-.Ulil tea
■ th*r /Vo:it; f. r lb* tnabir'g ">ed pri**
of which ••fieri • A. I : ; 'r
j da i H or two r, .r , I u. n- t
I believe it, and asked to set* her j »
J book. It w.-.s true, 'in ;*•' i tin:.«,*
I-he * i 'I llw-d (n get three n.v i f-1 * -
p t.ee a sen, bat In w the price :» I
• *•
I Ui f J.
The Tribune should rut r-jett such
things ss tilis, for even it* niendac. .ns
Ooiti ‘pof.dft-t' rit.-f editots rani r! in*
v-:.: ...vrv horror item! to ; raibd , ,
ar d it i- an tw-ntrt a fpnn their phi*
iat-tbrnpby to jl'i -abroad to tin i a i «>
rtcl o ,ia fiiia’ fer ;•« rv'tti •• v ln ’i
•tii• re 1“ -'I* t. a £• i c id- r »i.; .! it- ‘ r
its r- *e. Kv en the stti 1 vsi : . . * !
can s. arn iy blame 5 w* r an in *t.ch a
strait this nr■ f. - r- s', ttieg to thiev
ing er prnstttetb n to gain tie- meansef
b.. : ~ hedv srd sen! t1*f !:er. Win
i ill e ender Mt the pr* -■ all t ■< i f 11 e ; ■ -
ter vac in Xstr York »Ii n so tun y
are tl.tt* com[ieile<l in eliew# lctween
it starr at;*»t.*' — Vn ■ ;».*♦
“PlJE ALWA'.C StAl'E rlcME He r."
— Serb *. * the brnf but in ; i ., i
sentence which a fiicnd wished «•- to
add to an oJ ituary notice of one ** who
t»-« rnno c before.**
\V | y« bl'cr (ri! nt* could l c ;T, r ■ i
to tin ’ >v«d m 5% ’ Eloijuonce, r c.W
lnr-loftiest eulogy—poesy, with her
n»! thrilling ditg*. oouid afford noth
ing so *w., so’tonehing, *ngo stive of
the virtue* of the dead, a* tho-n -itnpU
I srord*r-**5Ae altray< V tei< lip
' i y!*_^ ..
CcBtoaiTT ire a i’vrsi, M*tr.— I:
' tin
•ou, the.fpnndir oiliio i nitt -r aa In
|*titu!ion, wh-a he wa* dying I an nn»
■ I flown entr; laint. Sm thwa iia<i hu|
I Sre doctor*, and thev hail ' **<n (I'-fibe
j to di*coT<-r wl at hi* iiewe w■ ■ “. At
j !en":h lfci-r told the p-iti.-nt h» in' -t
die. -Calling them all Mound him 1 .»
“My f iend-, after i die. a |v--t
mortem eyaminatior, and fii d or.! v, >>*t
ail* me; f.>r really I have i> rrd *« i
lone and learned dwcu*4***® on the-: h
jeef. that 1 am dying to itm-w what the
disease i* my*eif."
An scfinuintacca ot otir* who was
ly married to a termagant, wa* *»k<d
how he ].-,**tsl the honeymoon. “W. U,”
»aid lie “we <jnarrelle<i for a work, tin
till one day 1 too* a bridle to her, a, ’
r.oar as »«l.::ii**ire at a lamb."
A vijiy auceesafui bridal t ur, that.
Virtue if tlia torch which light* it ■>
i road that lead* to happiness.

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