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Ute ÄemMWt.
Issued Every Saturday .
Editor and Proprietor.
Ohs Müs [rom the Mississippi City Depot, New Orleans,
Biobile and Texas Railroad.
Saturday, January 13, 1872.
I III. ^ 11 I mi I 11 hi
The merchants and business men of New j
Orleans, Mobile aud elsewhere, who de- j
sire the trade from this section of
try, will find Ibe ilandsboro Democrat
So Advertisers.
a j
»Gat excellent medium of communication. !
unsurpassed by any j
other weekly paper iu the State and stead- j
ilr increasing* Terms—liberal.
circulation i
ÏQU The Itev. L. L. Lurton will preach 1
iu the Masonic Hall to-morrow (Sunday) *
at 11 o'clock, A. M*
. George JackaoïTwÏÏl preach I
iu Shieldsboro to morrow (Sunday) at 11 [
o'clock a. m.
,e a**« obliged to those agents who
ce . us new ists of subscribers occasion- >
, , !
in reply to
». r . . I
Tardrew &, to., says it wquld |
a tvise . Iississippi publishers to receive no
more orders for advertising from this firm
unaccompanied by the the cash. We don't
e have already been beat out
I. - ~~ ;-~ -- i
It is time that Insurance Agents '
doing business i
ItSr- The Summet Times ,
expect to take anymore orders only on ik >se
terms, but
cï considerable. But i
future wc do not
intend to pay auy attention to orders for
advertising from any firm North
'he cash accompanies the order.
tiiis district should send !
The P
: mighty bad when lie sent us a !
pair ut side-whiskered carpet-baggers as !
Clerk und Sheriff, but Bowers has eveu • ^
done worse. The Constitution
in their statements for publication,
law is very strict ou this subject.
Jpiaf" Re thought Ueu. Ames treated
. £*ve us j
authority to elect our own officers, and we |
did so,but the Gevernorby one stroke of his !
uiigbcy peu wiped out that guarantee, and \
appoints officers. |
j on
-V.V.- The Amnesty Bill
Monday in Congress for final
comes up on
BSL. ;i y the grace of Gov. Powers Pra
actiug Sheriff of this county. No
man of guod sense will recognize him as a
legal offiotr.
Oat i
r-Sr Chancery Court for Jackson
ty met Monday at East Pascagoula.
HCB. Mr f It n,. n„„ . , . "'
• . ile y Eks become asso- :
1 -Mr-Singleton Garrett iu the !
editorship of the Canton Mail. His salut- '' lUe
utory is good and to the point ! c '
^ ' 1
The Ya
for sile.
Banner office is offered
Here is a chance for
on enter»
Who wants to launch
prising man.
in the
rspaper business ?
SÇ&» Thanks to J. J Seal for Jackson i
_ j
' j
possible. This our
aw i „ m - h . , h0 P e lh *y
y e l.bsrally patromzed by the com- j
UD i t y- j
We with pleasure refer
ers to the advertisement of Messrs,
lor A Myers-in this issue. They will
this year at their old stand to fur
nish their Old customers and friends
U su
and at
our read
ul, with fresh dry goods of all kinds,
as reasonable rates r.s
is one of the oldest and best firms
in the
i are well known for fair, honest
dealing and liberality, and

-*- j
8 from an adja- i Pf
ceut county, that there is nothimr in his :
neckof Ihe,cods,ha, would interest the ;[ 0 b r
are unu-ualTv ' fIe 8nys l,açs |
eunu.ually duil, money extremely!
fccarce, lumber low, saw-logs lower h
• ., . b • ou ne
ideusantYace ZV.° aT "n ^
and closes his Idler b ~ ilES '° 0fl *v, ! upon
live long to fight the "itadi "l" > ,li8
These -iro nh a „, ■ * * 1C , a ! hut
.££.7 « - 1
motion n „ v auicai 00 >-j
looking to the material interesls of the
•Sunny South aud her people.
A friend writes
Dr. Lindsey has not made bis
maiden speech yet.
lie is
*«- The merits of «Skip Island Ha r - 1 "
bor," ns shown forth in a length, article I "°
countryman, Hon. It. F Harrison
are present*! on our first page, to which !
we call attention.
I is
OWL, The Southeren Organ has been re- 1
ceived. This is the first number ot a new I lost
Temperance family paper just started i
New Orleans, by Bev. John W. Harmon,
at $2 a year in advance.
preparing it.
Subject: The incorporation of WolfKiv
er Station, including his half
orchard : the
acre peach
propagation of fruit, and
fckeejj raising, kc.
It is well worth
the subscription price, and tvo hope to see
it circulate extensively through theSouth,
as we verily believe much good will be
done. Try the Organ for a year.
The Legislature of this State have nor,
invited Duke Alvi, vi.i» Mi • • ! v,
invitee Duke Alxis to visit Mississippi. Mrs.
He will hive the honor of vieiting the j Edwin
L^g î filature. 1 U qjd.
Another Revocation.
Gov. Powers has recanted and now
sends an order cancelling the commissions
issued to the officers elected at the recent
election in this county, except Sheriff and
Treasurer. This is conclusive evidence
that he was entirely ignorant of the facts
concerning the contested election case
. now pending, and we never could under
stand why the Governor revoked these
commissions at all, as they were not par*
I ties to the record, and therefore had no
I interest in the contest. But as the mat
ter now stands the officers
discharge ©f their duties under the elec
tion qualification and commission and
all going on well, except the Sheriff and
Treasurer, whose rights to the different
offices will be settled by the courts some
all in the
dll i'' web °i'° not far distant, and in the
meantime while those suite are gong on,
I he Executive intends to hold up the com
missions of Sheriff und Treasurer.
New j to the final result we have no doubt, for no
de- j election in any part of the State
«ver was
held with more reference to regularity and
a j strict justice and honesty,
! many elections conducted, and
We have seen
any j say that the election held in this county in
j November last was conducted with
j care, caution and particularity than any
' we have ever seen.
The warof factions iu Louisiana is
(still going in New Orleans, and rages
I HerceIy< A car P et,iba S member of the
11 [ R° U9 ® f rom Sabin Parish was murdered
lbe other day, and at last accounts an offi
, was in search of Col. Carter to arrest
who him, aud probably Warmoth will hang
> him to a limb if he gets hold of him.
î The Timrs of Thursday contains the
! fellowing :
to . . „ . .
. . I A committee of citizens, composed of
| Messrs. Johu L Adams, John II. Kennard
no and E. II. Sumners, representing the Citi
firm zen8 ' Executive Committee of Fifty-one,
on Bov. Warmoth last evening, and
requested him to appoint a committee to
meet a committee to be appointed by Geo.
out W. Carter, for the purpose settling up or
compromising the existing differenoes, aud
to mediate for the return of the absent
members of the House and Senate.
Governor Warmouth replied to the com
that be could hold
i tion with Geo.
' fugitive fro
no commumca
W. Carter, as he was a
justice and no longer a mem
! ber of the Legislature, he having been ex
The P e ^ et * fr° ,n House of Representatives,
lie also told the gentlemen composing the
j committee that the absent member© would
gladly be welcomed back, and that all
i would be admitted.
a ! The committee then retired,
as ! The general impression at the State
• ^ 0u8e ,bat 111081 of the abseut members
wiU reluru to-morrow and take their
us j seats ,
we |
his !
and \ publishing the following concerning the
| Democrat and ourself, and we hope our
; readers will overlook this seeming egotism
j on our part. The sentiments therein con
j tained eminate from a pure-minded gent
j leman, not given to writing compliment
I ary in order to get bis name in print, but
j they come from the heart, and he feels ex
actly what he writes:
Kind Words.—W i
cannot refrain from
Here is the extract :
Permit me, on this occasion, to express
to you my warmest admiration for tue
manly and unswerving course persued by
the Democrat, in advocatiug and defend
ing the rights and interests of our impov
erished and humiliated country, not only
in the last political contest, but also
I throughout ils whole history since the
"' ar - Although I have confined myself
: strictly to the sacred privacy of home, ever
! since 1 laid down my arms as a Corfieder
'' lUe 8olJ * er > I have, nevertheless, been a
! c ' ol '° "hserver of ■ lie events affecting ray
1 country, which have been
i aroun,i me; an,i in connection with them, I
have as narrowly watched the actors in
the drama, and I
truthfully and un
_ j hesitatingly assert, that l know of no one
' j who has figured so constantly before our
people, who is so emiuently entitled to
their gratitude and approbation for a uni
form and consistent effort in behalf of their
rights and interests, as yourself.
Were our whole people like-minded with
the Editor of the Democrat, the day of
our redemption would be near.
I offer no apology for this expression
of my sentiments toward you as a public
journalist, dimply because I deem it a debt
which I, in common with the rest of um
j people, owe you, and one the payment of
j which you have never solicited.
j Long may you and your Deeocrat pros
i Pf r * aud Ina Y ? ou never le8 * *be un
: tlincbin K champion of truth and justice,
;[ 0 b r a " y0U Pr ° VC " Üem °
| ' cry tru, J r >
Meinung Without Authority— .Gov.
is "»* ""«*«'«' luting his spleen
! upon the good people of this county by j>jll
> ,li8 infaraöLs orders relative to the officers,
! hut takes a whack at our sister county of
1 » —— 4 ..
because the Governor sags Toulme is dis
rr * om r n i office - Wbatha8
„ iT"
" * 0U '™Y' !e * to take the re
quired oath, he docs it at his own peril,
and we presume he is aware of the law
governing the case, and acts accordingly,
Gov. Powers has no right to question any
officer whether he can qualify or not, and if
he was a man of any sense he certainly
would not be poking his nose ints matters
1 " d0 " 0t fT™ Um '
I "° Tern0 " 80 f " r ' 18 a e™"' 1 »» least,
t'L'TT ° ^ ° f
! !*% ?" ° PP ? 8s, ' ,e an(J withotrt
warrant of law and honest judgment, and
I is censured by the best people here. It
1 an unfortunate thing that Mississippi
I lost Alcorn at the time she did.
it in
Iiis course as
He was
Irne lo Mississtpplans and Mississippi's
J%~ew Clothing Mloiue.
Saunders, Garner & Co., No. 26 fit.
Francis street. Mobile, Ala. Merchants
and Planters visiting Mobile will find it to
their interest to examine this immense
stock of Clothing and Furnishing Goods.
nor, .- - . ' -
v, 1 he P '. ,bho ls "«''fied to not trust
Mrs. Emma Meyer oc account of Mr
Edwin Meyer. Seencticeioanothercol
U qjd.
County Boundaries.
We are indebtèd to our Senator, Hon. J.
J. Seal, for the following advance copy of
an Act changing the boundary lines of
Hancock and Harrison counties:
To amend sections 40 and 41 of Art ole II,
in Chapter 2 of the Revised Code of Mis«
sissippi of 1871, entitled an Act in relation
to State boundaries and the districts of
counties for court purposes, approved
May 13, 1871.
Section 1. Be it enaeted by the Legisla
ture of the State of Mississippi as follows,
to wit : That Section 40 and 41, in Article
II of the above entitled act, be so amended
as to read " Hancock county, established
December 14, 1812. is bounded, beginning
at a point on East Pearl river where the
line between 2 aud 3 South in range 18
West, intersect shid river, starliug from
the middle thereof, thenoe extending due
East along the line dividing townships 2
and 3, through ranges 18, 17, 16, 15 and
14 West to the line between ranges 14 and
13 West, thence due South along said
range line to the middle of the Bay of St.
Louis, thence along the middle ofs^id^Bay^
of St* Louis, southwardly to its entrance^
tbeuce due South to the Southern bounda
ry of the State of Mississippi in the Gulf
of Mexico, thence Westwardly along the
boundary of said State, including all the
islands withio six leagues from the shores
of the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Borgne to
the most Eastern junction of Pearl river
and Lake Borgue, to the East mouth of
Pearl river, thence up along the middle of
said river to the place of beginning.
Section 2. That Section 41 of said Arti
cle II be so amended as to read " Harri*
fern county,established February 5lh, 1841,
is bounded beginning at Northwest corner
of township 2 South in range 13 West,
thence extending due East along the line
between townships 1 and 2 through ranges
13, 12, 11 and 10 to the line between ran
ges 9 and 10 West, thence South along
said range line to the line between town
ships 2 and 3 South, thence due East to
the sectional line between sections 3 and
4 of township 2 South in range 9 West,
thence due South through the middle of
said range 9 to the middle of the Bay of
Biloxi, thence along the middle of said
Bay of Biloxi to its entrance at the East
end of Deer Island, thence due South to
the Southern boundary of the Slate of
Mississippi in the Gulf of Mexico, thence
Westwardly along said Southern boundary
to a point from which a course due North
strikes the middle of the Bay of St. Louis,
thence due North to the entrance of said
bay (including all the islands within six
leagues of the shores of the Gulf of Mex
ico, except the jurisdiction ceeded by the
State of Mississippi to the United States
over Ship Island and one mile adjacent
thereto), thence along the middle of the
Bay of St. Louis Northwardly to a point
from whence the point at which the line
between ranges 14 and 13 West comes to
said bay bears due North, thence North to
the place of beginning.
Section 3. That all acts or parts of acts
conflicting with the provisions of this act
be, and the same are hereby repealed, and
this act be in force from and after its pas
Approved January 8, 1872.
Lindsey Seated. —This is unpleasant
news which comes from Jackson this week.
The Legislature acted hastily in determ
ining the contest between Messrs. Seal
and Lindsey. The Committee on Con
tested Elections never notified Mr. Seal of
the contest of Lindsey, they merely acted
on ex-parte evidence, and they did not
know whether he could take the oath or
not, except upon the statement of Lindsey,
which, in a case where he was interested,
was uot very reliable. No mau of any
sense of honor would have sought and ac
cepted the position that Lindsey now
holds under tbe circumstances. Lindsey
was not the choice of either political par
ty, and hod it not been for " modest Mus
grove " coming to this district and forciug
the choice of the party out of the way,
Lindsey would have received scarcely a
dozen votes in the district. Musgrove
came with his pockets stuffed with State
money, but left with them empty. That
done the work.
And Lindsey, Musgrove & Co. by all
manner of frttU1 j aml dece „t ion have now
foretd a man over us whom no one likes.
j>jll lend his influence to impoverish and
defraud the people of this district. His
interest lit this county is but small—a lit
a dangerous aud vindictive partizan, who
tie peach orchard away back on Wolf riv
er, on which he f>ays a few dollars taxes,
is all he has in eight, so high taxation
won't hurt him. If ifc did increase his
taxes, however, he is cei'tainly amply able
to pay as he now draws twu'lvâ dollars a
day, seven as member of the Legislature
and five as Superintendent of Education,
and has taken a cheap boarding house.
Bgk. " e neglected last week to thank
our esteemed friend, Charley Bradshaw, of
j^ew Orleans, for a demijohn of pure old
rye whiskey sent ns a Christmas presnt. It
was marked "for snake bites," and for
fear a snake would bite us we took a little
mixed with eggs and sugar, and found it
very palatable. Christmas is now
and we put away our snake medicine nntil
Spring-time when the snakes begin to crawl.
IVe thank « Brad " for tbe aooeptoble
present and wish himlong life, prosperity
and happiness*
rianlalin m i lathing |
At Saunders, Garner & Co.'s, No. 26 St.
Francis street, Mobile, Ala. The cheapest
Clothing'House in the South. Don't fail
to call and learn their prices,
BQk- Coy. Powers has delivered bis first
message lo the Legislature, and we have
received it, but hardly think it would- in
terest any ot our read urn were wo to print
it in full. Itiskeimi '«document chars
acteristic of itaasthor.
Our judiciary system is an admirable
erne; the high character sustained by the
bench of the Slate for purity; independ
ence atid learning. enables me to point lo
it wiih pride. While officers of thoother
departments of the Government have been
sometimes attacked, and subjected to ab
Tore criticism, in no single instance during
the past two years, has a judge been kharg
ed vntli oorrupd
The above tve take from Got. hovers'
maiden messagb tb the I.egisinti#e, and
point to an instance where Judges of the
State h ave been charged with corruption
and threatened with impeachment. Char
ley C. Shackelford and old ball-faced Aid
erson have been accused add denounced by
the bar and press of their respective dis
tricts as vile and corrupt creatures, the
fit associates of the lowest of the low.
Dou't you remember that, (Governor ? or
do you read the papers !
or threatened with irn
Tliere is a bill before our Legisla-.
ture to reduce the salaries of Circuit
Judges, Chancellors and District Attor
neys. It was read a second time und re
ferred to I ho Judiciary Committee. Also,
to reduce the number of Judges and re
district the State again.
Take it to Yodu Home. —It is so much
the lasbion new-a-days to convey informa
tion, aud moral truths and sentiments, in
the form of stories that even some popular
leoturers have adopted this style of ad
dress. The muss of Ihe people, especially
the young, demand stories to such a degree,
that papers filled with sensational novels
and exciting, trashy stuff, have a wide cir
culation. To forestall litis taste, and suçà
ply something betler to the musses, the
publishers of Hearth and Home, in addition
to Ihe usual variety of that paper, have
engaged n corps of first-clasB writers,
among whom arc Jean Inrolow, Edward
Eggleston, Mary E. Dodge, Louisa M. Ai
oott, Edward Everett Itale, Elisabeth
Stuart Phelps, Harriet Prescott Spofford,
Rose Terry, Maria R. Oukey Lucia G.
Runkle, and many others, Who furnish to
this Journal the beet Origionat Storiee, of
the purest character and highest grade —thus
conveying much instruction in a pleasing
form. Desides these, the weekly Hearth
and Home contains a large amount of first
class reading, editorials, literature, art,
science, amusement ; instruction for the
housekeeper, the gurdner, the farmer ; a
capital department forCbildren and Youth;
the news of the dny ; financial and market
reporls, etc. Its engravings, costing over
$25,000 a year, are of a high order of
merit, unsurpassed by any illustrated
paper in the world. Altogether, Hearth
and Home is such a journal aB may be
safely and very profitably taken into any
family. It is supplied at the low rate of
$3 a year ; four copies for $11 ; and ten
or more copies for $2,50 each. Orange
Judd & Go,, Publishers, 245 Broadway,
New York.
The Schoch Festival. —This beautiful
little Quarterly Magazine, devoted lo
and sparkling matter for School Exhibi
tions amt public days, is received for Jan
uary. Nu teacher or pupil should be with
out it. It costs only fifty oents a year ;
single copy, fifteen cents. Write for it, to
Alfred L. Sewell, Publisher, Chicago, 111.
Send your subscriptions
not regret it.
and you will
Tho Wcw Code.
For the benefit of our young
bloods, bull white and black, who
regard a pistol as a necessary part
of the apparel, aud who think they
show their manhood by discharging
their firearms on the street, we pub
lish the following section of the code
now in force: "Section 2,870. If
any persou shall be found guilty of
racing or shcotiug iu any street or
public highway, he shall, on convic
tion thereof in the circuit court, be
fined not more than five hundred
Another section may be interest
ing to some : " Section 2,833. If any
person shall profanely swear or
curse, or shall be drunk in any pub
lic place in the presence of two
more persons, he shall, on convictiou
before a justice of the peace, be fin
ed not more than ten dollars, and
committed until the fine and costs
are paid."
The vagrant law contained in the
code 8trikes'8everul that we could
name, lleit it Is. " Section 2,836
The following persons shall be
deemed andfpunislied us vagrants :
All able bulled persons who live
without employment or labor, and
who have no visible means of sup
port ; auy person who shall abandon
iiis wife or family without just
cause, leaving them without support,
and in danger of becouxiug a public
charge ; keepers of houses of public
gam iug, or houses of prostitution ;
all common prostitutes who have no
other employment or means of sup
port ; any able bodied persons found
hegg'tig for a livelihood, and com
mon gamblers or persons who for
the most part maiutuiu themselves
by gAining,"
Section 2,837 makes it the duty of
justices ot tlie peace to commit all
vagrants to jail for ten days, unless
they give bond in the sum of two
hundred dollars, with security for
their good behavior for twelve
The new code contains an excel
lent prevision in reference to tbe
moval of mortgaged property :
" Section 2,658. It'any person shall
move or cause to be removed to any
place beyond the jurisdiction'of this
State, auy personal property which
shall, at the time of such removal, he
under written pledge or mortgage,
deed of trust and lien» by judge
ment in this State, with intent to de
fraud the pledgee, mortgagee, trus
tee or cestui que trust of said propter
ty, said person shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon
conviction thereof shall he fiued in
any sum not less than one thousand
dollars, or imprisonment not iâss
than three nor more than twelve
months, or by both, such fine and
imprisonment at the discretion of
the court."
r Liberty Herald.
Mississippi Legislature.
Ail that is important to our read
era we copy below from the proceed
ings had up to going to press :
Jackson, January 10.—-In the
Hoiise the day was occupied in the
discussion of the contested election
case from Newton county. The
committee reported in favor of the
Democratic claim.mt, but the report
has uot yet been adopted.
In the Senate the resolution intro
duced yesterday to invite the Duke
Alexis to visit Mississippi,
ferred to the Committee on Federal
I s IV
A bill is prepared, and will be in
treduced at
early day, funding the
délit of the State, about one million
dollars, at six per cent., payable in
installments of two hundred thons
and dollars per annum ; and in fu
ture to collect all taxes in United
States currency. Thu proposition
meets with general favor.
A bill was introduced to prevent
unjust discriminations between citi
zens of Mississippi traveling on rail
roads of the Slate.
Tlie per diem bill, allowing seven
dollars pci- day aud twenty ceuts
mileage passed.
MESSAGE krum tue governor.
Mr. President: I am directed by
His Excellency the Governor to in
form the Senate that be has approv
ed the following acts originating in
tlie Situate, and passed at tlie last
session of the Legislature, viz :
Senate Joint Resolution No. 20, a
Joint Resolution iu relation to the
obstructions of the navigation of
East Pearl River, by tlie New Or
leans, Mobile and Cbuttanooga Rail
road Company.
S. B. No. 288, an act èiiplemeutal
to and amendatory of an act to in
corporate the Independent Hook and
Ladder Company No. 1, of tlie city
of Shieldsboro, in the county of Han
cock. Approved July 11, 1810,
S. B No. 271, an act to declare
Mulatto Bayou, in Hancock county,
a uavigable stream.
S. B. 320, an act to charter the
Frazer Ferry across Pearl river.
S. B. No. ICO, an act to re-organ
ize the New Orleans, Baton Rouge
and Vicksburg Railroad Company,
and to expedite the construction of
their road in the State of Miasissip
H. J. R. No. 42, a Joint Resolu
tion memorializing Congress on the
subject of aid, by grant of lumis, to
the Vicksburg, Pensaeolu aud Ship
Island Railroad Company.
By Mr. Seal : S. B. No. 5, an act
to provide for the collection of taxes
iu the county of Hancock, for tlie
year 18U.
Under a suspension of the rules
was read first and second times and
referred to the Committee on Fi
Mr. Seal : I give notice that I will
on toluol row, introduce bills with
the fallowing titles :
A hill to be entitled an act to pro
vide for u special election iu Hancock
A bill to be entitled an act to
change the time of holding the Cir
cuit Court in the first district.
A bill to be entitled an act to
change tlie burden of proof in cer
tain eases aud in certain oountiès.
And a bill to incorporate St.
Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church,
of Shieldsboro.
By Mr. Seal : S. B. No. 19, a bill
to incorporate the St. Louis Protest
ant Episcopal Church of Shieldsboro.
Read first time and under
pension of tlie rules read second
time and referred to Committee
Mr. Ford introduced II. B. No. 29,
an act to provide for representa
tives from the counties of Perry,
Sunflower, Greene. Jackson aud
Jones, and for other purposes.
Read first time, aud under suspen
sion of the rules was read a second
time aud referred to tbe Judiciary
Tlie following report was received
from the special committee on Con
tested elections •
Mr. Speaker, The Special Cumittee
on Contested Elections, to whom
referred the petition of Caleb- Lind
sey, have considered his claim to
seat us a member of this House, .and
beg leave to report favorably upon
the same, all of which is respectfully
submitted. A. P. HUGGINS,
Report received and agreed to.
Mr. Caleb Lindsey then came for
ward, took the required oath and
was seated as a member.
Jackson, January 11.—the sub
ject of reducing Circuit Court dis
tricts come up iu the Senate, and a
committee was appointed to inves
tigate the uumber of districts actu
ally necessary, and if advisable, to
report an amendment to the ' consti
tution, to he voted on by the people
to reduce the number.
A bill was introduced to allow su
pervisors to correct erroneous as
sessments on delinquent taxes.
A bill was introduced to allow
the New Orllbus and Northeastern
railroad lo exercise in Mississippi
tbe franchises granted to the
road in Louisiana.
In the House, Bolton, Democrat,
was seated over Swauo, from New
ton couuty, 80 to 30.
An act was introduced to preveut
fraud in weighing cotton.
a sus
A special election was ordered in
Hnncock county.
St. Luke's Church, Sbieldsboro,
was incorporated.
Governor Powers sent a message
to the House saying a large amount
of land was held by tlie State for
non-payment of taxes : in many in
stances the parties show a receipt
for taxes paid, and asks that an act
bo passed covering the case, and
hold the delinquent sheriffs respon
Both Houses passed compliment
ary resolutions in reference to Capt.
Hardee's map of Mississippi.
New York, Jau. 9.—A Herald
special says the Spanish fleet
iug in the far East has lately at
tacked Gilolo Island, of Molucca
group, and punished the piratical
Snltan of Torate. Several forts
were demolished, and some bomb
shells struck the palace.
Havana, Jan. 9.— Three Spanish
war vessels, which have been watch
ing Buspectea American vessels, ore
ordered here.
London, Jan. 9.— Seligman Bros,
have offered a bid here and on the
continent for four millions of the
new United States loan at 81 J.
A dispatch from Sandringham re
ports that tlie Prince of Wales went
out yesterday for the first time since
his illness.
A bill was introduced in the United
States Senate providing that tlie Cir
cuit Court or any Judicial District
iu which, at any time, the said Judge,
or designated District Judge, shall
hold court for the purposes of the
said Civil Rights act, shall be deem
ed tlie Circuit Court mentioned in
tlie 2d and 13th sections thereof.
A negro secret society, called the
" Knights of Justice," is said to be
organizing in Mississippi, for the
purpose, as its members alledge, of
labor protection." It is, doubtless,
a carpet-bag movement, with no
good in view.
A Mr. Harmond was shot and kill
ed tiy a Mr. Harbin near Richmond,
Miss., on Christmas day. A dispute
arose between them about a small
amount of money, when Harbin,
who was in liquor, drew his revolver
and fell to shooting.
The Macon Beacon says a negro
preactier of that place was arrested
for stealing a watch. The proof
against him was so strong that he
cut short tlie examination by coining
out squarely in a full acknowledge
ment "ob de coru."

John R Lynch, the negro Speaker
of tlie House of Representatives, is
a native of Mississippi, and there
fore, says tlie Meridian Mercury,
" the people of the State can look
upon his elevation to the distinguish
ed position with less of disgust than
upon the elevation of one of those
white men who but recently trumped
into the Stale with only a carpet
bug to contain liis wardrobe, and
brass in his face instead of currency
iu his pocket to pay his way with "
Some time ago it was reported
that a white man was visiting the
negroes in North Alabama with the
statement that th Emancipation Proc
lamation by Lincoln had been burned
at Chicago, and that it would
quire a large amount of money to
get up another ; and that, unless the
tiling was done soon, slavery would
be restored, and they would all go
back into servitude. Upon this he
was soliciting money with consider
able success. We now hear that
the same genius has been figuring
at several points in Mississippi.
The much-talked of *• Alcorn Uni
versity has been located four miles
back of Rodney, in Claiborne county.
The Governor's approval is still
needed to legalize the purchase.
St. Louis, Jan, 8.— Billy Carroll,
the bruiser, in a published letter this
morning, offered to back Mike Me
Coole against Tom Allen for a fight,
to take place four months lienee fifty
miles from Kansas City, for 82,500.
To-morrow morning Allen will reply,
stating that lie left the ring nine
years ago, but if Carroll really
means business he will meet him at
the St. Louis Billiard Hall to-mrorow
afternoon to put up $500, and will
fight McCoole when and where he
likes, or he will fight the friend lie
(Garrollj blows so much about, Joe
Coburn, for $2,500.
Late news from Chicot, Ark., report
affairs there still in an unsettled con
dition, the comity still being tinder
the control of the rioters A dis
patch just received by a gentleman
in this city, states that Governor
Dudley has sent fifty State troops to
tlie scene of disorder.
Chicot, in the city for tlie purpose,
to-day applied to Gen, Emory fur
nUtaliee.arid in response,Gen. Ernory
premised to send an oilicer of the
United States army to investigate
the condition of affairs immediately
—IV. O. ! Vîmes .
Citizens of
The first eleven miles of tlie
Natchez aud Jackson Railroad
awarded by tlie Company yesterday
to Messrs. Cooley, Boyle and Mur
phy. These contractors are gentle
men well known to this community
for their energy, perseveranco and
ability to carry out to the letter of
their contract (lie work awarded
them. Tlie Natchez dnd Jackson
Railroad -will stion he in active pro
gress of tons true tion Natchez Neu>
tv « .
At the reçut election for ciy
cers in Jacksop, the Iridepqjent
ticket wae elected over the regular
Radical nominees. They are wytliv
men and good citizens, and no diubt
will administer the affairs offho
Capital well and faithfully, Mai'ou
Smith (son of Judge 0. P. Smithjja
Mayor ; McLaughlin,
Hams Barksdale,
Stamps and John Nelson, are Aider'
M iaz tL
In the Legislature of lllanois a
bill lias been introduced which says
woman shall not bo debarred from
auy occupation except the military.
I be Now Or jeans Picayune says
thé grand Jury of St. James parish
have indicted Gov. YVnrinolh for re
leasing front custody the brothers
Oliver, who were committed to jhil
upon a second indictment for the al
legd murders perpetrated in tin».
Dunaldsonvilic riot.
At about five o'clock last even in ^
while Messrs. Walter Wheylam£
Mathews aud Houston, three
bers of the House of Representa
tives, who had left fho Mechanic*'
Institute to dine at Victor's, ■ wer©
leaviijg the latter establishmeu,
they were approached by Messrs.
W. W. McCulIock and Isadore Mc
Cormack, two assistant Sargent-at
Arins appointed by Col. Carter, and
we are informed the latte attempted
to arrest VV. W. Mathews.
That gentleman, it is asserted,
called for the police, and a rush was
made -to rescue him.
sued, in which Walter Whey land
shot and mortally wounded*.
The ball entered the left side, just
above the hip joint, and passed out
at the right side, between the sixth
and seventh ribs. IJe was convey
ed to the State House by his friends,
placed on a sofa in the Governor**
office, and examined by Dr. A. VV.
Sraythe and several other physic
Death was almost immediately
pronounced imminent, and at fifteen
minutes to 6 o'clock lie breathed bia
A scuffle en
McCulIock und McCormack were
arrested at the time of the occur
ence, and brought to the station
house with the body.
The tragedy,
if course, created
excitement, quite a
number of persons flocking to tlie
place, aud of course a number of
rumors as to the identity of the
criminals, were immediately circu
lated. Several asserted that the
firing was done by a policeman, and
a number of gentlemen visited tlie
Times office to make this statement.
— jV. O. Times 10M tust.
Jackson, Jan. 9.—A resolution
was passed to day appointing a com
mittee from tbe Legislature to wait
upon Grand Duke Alexis at Mem
phis and extend to him the hospitali
ties of Mississippi, and urge him to
include Jacksou in his tour.
The subject of per diem and tho
reduction of the clerical force is tho
absorbing topic.
A resolution is to be introduced
abolishing capital puuishmcu.
i lie Auditor'« report «hows an ex
ss of $300,000 expenditures over
Gov. Powers has been sustained
by tlie Legislature iu all votes and
The new apportionment bill gives
to Mississippi six members of Con
gress in place of fivo This will
necessitate a new districting of the.
State tiy tlie present Legislature.
The Governor of Mississippi has ap
proved, among other bills, an act to
reorganize tlie New Orleans, Vicks
burg and Baton Rouge Railroad
Company ; an act incorporating tho
West Point, Starkvilie ami Kosci
ko Railroad Company ; an act in
corporating the Helena, Water Val
ley and Eastern Railroad Company ;
and an act to incorporate the Vicks
burg, Yazoo Valley aud Grenada.
Railroad Company.
Tlie Rev. Robert Jefferson Breck
inridge of Kentucky, died at Dau
ville on tlie 27th ult.
Four Roman Catholic priests
on a mission from England to tho
uegroes of the South.
Tom McGeban, charged with the
murder of Thomas S. Myers, was
acquitted at Dayton, Ohio, on the
23d ult., ou his third trial. This is -
the criminal that Hon. C. L. Vul
lundingham was defending when he
accidentally shot himself.
Charleston, Jan. 9.—The Acad
emy of Music lottery is progressing.
No. 116,024 drew the Academy of
Music, 12,296 drew 8100.000, 94
79G drew 810,000,
Important to Creditors of Deceas
ed PEKsoNS.—By section 54 of tlie
"Act in relation to Chancery Courts,"
to be found in the new code of Mis
sissippi, it is proved that all claims
against tlie estate of a deceased
son, whether due or not, shall he reg
istered in the court in which tho let
ters testamentary or of adminstra
tiou were granted within one year
after tlie first publication of notice
to creditors to present their claims ;
otherwise the same shall bo debar
red, aud no suit shall be mainlined •
thereon in any court. Tho time al
lowed creditors under the old law,
was, we believe, two years. Tlie
uew law requires greater expedition.
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