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it. 1IATTON. E1. Jlepublicau,
C. . ALLF.X, I'M. .Vdii.iW.
The Vice President ot the 1'nl
iel States The Kind of Man
itt was Elected to thwt Po
sition by the Jd and IJii-miinlty-"
I'aity. .
We direct the attention of our rcadm-s.
and crpccially of thoe men calling thein
f elves "Ministers of the io.-ol." to tits
lolloping articles taken from the New York
Tniunt, Cincinnati Commercial ni Cinciir
na.ti OiMfeeoneeniing the drunkenncs i of
that notorious vagabond, Andrew Johnson,
when he was inaugurated on the 4th of
March, 186.0, Vice President of the United
S'steg the second office in the gift of tho
American people. We a?k thoji mon to
read these articles carefully, and look Luck
at the deception they practised upon tlm
p;o;!e, through tho pulpit and their , pres.-,
irhn they urged them to vote for this An
urew , Johnwii for Vice .President, while it
n notoriously known that this same An
Johnson wis in the regular habit of getting
Jtunk. Tie was a drunkard when the other
'model of perfection," in their estimation
Abraham Lincoln appointed biia Militaj
jy Governor of Tennessee; and he was stil
a drunkard IfTheu nominated for. Vice Prcsi
ihnt ly the party that professe3 to have nil
the '"loyalty, religion, humanity and thorala"
ther in in the "country, and he Btill remaius
r. drunkard when inaugurated Vice Presi
dent, '
The. paper from wiiieh the following ar-
tides arc copied, were all warm imd ardent
rupportcrs of this notorious drunkard, An-il.-cw
Johtisor), for tho Vice Presidency, aad
xhat they say ahput his drunkenness ou the
tay ; hfl 1 was inaugurated, will Show the
American people tha kind of a man that
Jias beeu elected to tli second of5e in tlisir
gifi, in a yreat measure through their' in
i.tmuicntality..' -;
"Tho1 New York Iribunt, tfhich has a lar
ger criu1,ation in Harrison county than the
C.vliz' EenublL'an, ihui alludes to the drun-
Leiiuesa of .this vagabond on Ihs d iy he was
inaugurated, through it.? Washiiio'ton cor
respondent. UaaJ it.'yo 'so-CHlled Minis
ters." who make up tho principal part of
your sermons from that sheet, and don't fail
to tell yom hearers, that this drunken Yico
President is the man you urged them to vote
ibr last futl: .' -
' ''The speech of Andrew Johrison was, I
rulnre to say, the most remarkable ud ut
terly inaj.proprjato hiiranfrue that ever, fell
from the lip'f of a icj I'residont vf the
I'nited States. Ilin manner whs that of a
tturnp orator, and his laiuiniKe bucIi a Vfo'd
be linwurthy of even iin ordinary ward poli
tician. . His peculiar intonation ami vtl.e
jiieiH'C of his manner, arreted tho attention
of all who were in the galleri;: aiii at , tho
ionclusion of his addrcs there were imiuer
a expression of indignation that an officer
eJavatod to so high a position by ,tha will of
the people should stoop so low as to Vent
jroaal spleen on his own count y nun, , in
the presence of the distinguished repnwn
m fives of European Court.'. And. Mr.
.Tjhnson did uot stop there., lfo even took
t'iw Iiberty'an wnwarrantaWo liberty in ono
who was iiot yet legally entitled to address
the Senate,; frtr the oath hid not; yet bro?u
a iministiirod to hi-ho cvm took tho lib
erty of cnliinxtlio1 attention of the iip!oJ
juatio Corps to the wild and fnrivms epeoch
be was then itrakine1 and 'wrid he wanted
fhHs 'Hertate, tlio;p(iplo, nrv tho ih!nisfn;
tli .n ytcxin lu un:loMaiiid t h:xt ho, Arnlfow
Johtljonyistood Uiero to annnutioiJi that Ten
HSsisee win a free S..ate, and thou iuiiuiatud
vevy broadly that Tetiu)se v,;t perRoniiitd
iii'Androw Johnson: ;?1 aimouiieu here to
day," we repeated' at: ka4 twenty limea
during the twenty tn;riut.3.U!i,ud by ' Mr.
Johson. and thors wswt a K'jueral wlitst felt
throughout the Senate wliou he concluded
his undignified and vituperative sisch. It
lnus a!mvst.itr,po.'iible to follow Jlr. John
Kfn in 'hi very strange harangue. . At onre
Moment his voice would well until it eovild
1)0 distinctly hoard in the lobby and on, the
tairs ioaiing to tho gallery not. in' tho co
noribus tones of orator, but in a wild back
woods shoe.t and as suddenly drop bo low
ato be inaudible in the reporters' gallery,
immndiatly above where ho fitood.
Tho 'Iribunt correspondent, on account
of hWaeuth-t modest;, "draws; it 'Vuhie
what inikl" ubout. tho drulikemicsn of Jchn
kob on the day Uti was inaugurated, but the
AYashittglon oiirrespondjnt of the Oineiuitati
:ojnpl'rctul not ijuito WtimVir'oUsl aV bi
l',iuiJt' ai-. 'the, Tribune, iiiiJ tells lis reader
jn a plainer matinuc about Johii.u's drunk
WnDCsrf ou thlt 6a-flon. in the foilowing ar-
t'cicir";;.;,-' :." ' ,
Til JSACiJUHAt, t'tKKM,fXiJW, .
r, Tbi who feul inclined so to.do, are vA
enmu tothu Uk of drawiiiKfintjdiic pictures
i. f the scenes HttcnJaiit upon the in.talla
lion of- Mr. Linwln for hi. necond tcna..' I
candidly fonfew that, as for ish, all tho poo
try wm extracted fronirtho occasjou by the
indoeeut miiwt of Mr. Jolmsou, imd the
tn.:: undignified di-wat'ogicttl fjMh jutiue
l.y.iiin.-whfm called upon to tutu .tbts ..oath
.i.'''fii3u for tho Seeoud pmt'wn'c ft, gift
f Uie Am'mcan ioplc i IiwUjad vf a few
i.'urr-:anodetly craving thjuhaiity of . the
peiiHto loward any-arrot'foiuiasioiiorcora-Uii-sion
he-iuihttKiinuiit i:i iircsiding over
their dciiberatiftwti be dijisuwtpd. e.very..wic
v.ithin th tuga3ot-Uit toitt'n by a low,- vul
l$arVl!!ilente liarfla?u.,.4o!hic.b Jie wtfidd
.Me ln hooted from t.ijv '?tniH, t u(y,
resjifOtsLle uiaM meeting. K lninken:ie
jijay be entftcd m h I'ka i a' atoiueiit for
Ji-m, for Jl4 hi'l been' eruod with liquor fo
vcrl prieediar tlaya. nni as he enter ,1
Ac rvnate Ctiand er, Lin fiviiuo ihook with
tbt trptnornf debjuch. lie roniutCDced his
rpitch with a Here, typed Ltadatioo of (he
(Treat power of the ropk; and then, turn
i(F to Mr. Char, who, with hi Awociatcs
of the Supreme Beueb, was seated on the
risht of the Chair, piped out, ,-I ai- loyou,
the Suprvme Court, th all your power
copra froui the 0-lc." Not content with
thio vn ccinly renm.k to the Chief Jif-tiee,
ha whetltd round, and addresfc'.nfr liimM-lf
to the uicml'ers of the Cabinet, laid: "J
say ( yon, Mr. Sivrolary Seward, aiid to
you Mr. Srrctary tcnittti, and to you, Mr.
Avivl.iry " Here bis uicniory failed
him, rnd he had to be prompted to the
name of the Scciotary of the Navy, after
which he proceeded, "1 wy to you all, that
you pet your power from tho people."
' l.Jt even this bad as it was, was not the
worst. He then nd.irc..d ho toivign Min
tbterx who were seated ip front ot him at
tired in court costume. ""1 ray to you for
eign Ministers, that I am a Piibcian, that I
was a tailor's boy." This wni the climax
of his e.ar?'nes" and vulgarity, and its ttfvct
wa. visible in every coiiDtenaiue. It w:ii
cay to sec that every one in the audience,
t'cnatois, Cabinet Ministers, Supreme
Con it, and all. felt th:it they had letn deep
ly in.-ultc J by Mr. Johnson's erfort to piay
the deinagoftuo when he wa called upon .to
a.;t the Statesmac.
Mr. Forney, who was fitting near the
Vice-President elect, tried in vuin to induce
biui to take his seat, an 1 whispered to him
that the time had come for the dissolution of
the Thirty-eighth Congress, but bo would
hear no advice, lie kept on tepcating him
self over and over again on the subject of
I ho cw ;rs of the people, iu language the
most unbecoming the occasion and the uioal
illiterate tv.T uttered in the tiunate.
Iut the subject is really too tic'.;euing to
write about. All I have to t;ay about the
inauguration is, may He who controles the
livej uf men and the destinies of nations,
preserve the life of Abraham Lincoln, and
spare tho country the humiliation it would
be made to fed in the contingency of An
drew Johu.'cu b aebUf!iitiou of the reins ol
Tho Washington corrospniident of the
Ciuciiiuati Gazette ihus alludes to Johnson's
drunkenness on the 4th of March, in a man
ner not to be misunderstood:
As the hour of twelve approaches, Vice
President Hamlin takes his leave of t he
donate iu a lew tidy worded tentences, and
iutroduc:a h's rtd-faced and contused eue
cCf.sor. . Wb.at followed cue might wclUeek to es
cape recounting: but this thing wasnot don'!
iu a corner. Thc iunti was the Vicc-Prosi-dent
elect: tho time was the hour for his
inauguration; the post that he was to as
sumo was that of the second executive offi
cer of a great people; be nppcared iu the
presence of a brilliant audience, gathered
from every quarter ol the land, of our own
highest dignitaries', and if the persc;.iil rep
resentative of the powers of Christendom.
Then and there and thus tlii.i man stood, to
say, with many a repititioii imd r. any in
on or of grammar, that the Constitution of
the Tinted States was a striking instrument;
that he felt here before the St nate, to day,
that' ho was a man find an American citi?,iu;
that this was a proud illustration that a
man could rb'c from the ranks to the second
place in the gift of the American people;
that Senators and Supreme Court and Cab
inet should know, and he would Jell them,
thr-.t they wire the mere creatures of the
people. ' ' : :
; ;Yoii; Mr. Chief Justice Chase, though
you arc now so high in place, your exalta
tion atid position dcpeild upon the people.
And I w ill say to you, Mr. Secretary Sew
ard, and to you Mr. Secretary Stanton, and
to you, Mr. Secretary, (to a gentleman near
by, ttn voce, "who is Secretary of the Na
vy?" Thoper-on addressed replies, "Mr.
Welles,") arffltoyouJir. Secretary Welles,
I would s y yr.uall derive your power from
the people! I want to say it, to all .who
hear inc, in the face of the American people
that all power is derived from the people.
I say, in the presence of you foreign Minis
ters, ior I am going to tell the truth. here to
dav, that I am a plebeian. It is the popu
lar heart of this nation that is beating to
'i,:..,j. o;. un ;,i c
the United States. '" '
All thi and' tvjiich lniifc, ' Willi .clenched
fists and veliemcntgasticu!atioiT.j;'vvhile Sen
ators and Supreme Judges, ithdihe Jlepre
sontanvca, now filing in, bung their beads;
end the foreitu ministers looked agaue with
open-eyed innazcmcnt. Vice President
Hamlin, who had restlessly borne thus far,
now whispered, ' Mr. Johnson, you mutt
conolude, the prcccrlbcd time Ibr adjourning
the Senate has arrived." Hut the flood was
nt to be so stayed. .
Moi ft vehemently than-evcr the Vice Pres
ident ilsit resumed, lad entile iroiii Ten
nos e :' HC 'thanked God for it. . He
tlianked (iod TeiiHossee was a State in the
Colon,' anil had never been oiit. The State
Government had been discontinued lor a
a time; there had been an .interregnum, a
hiatus, but she Jiad never been out of the
Union. He stood here to-day as her repre
sentative. ' On thin day she would elect a
Governor mi J l'gi.-laiiue, and she would
vc y f coil send Senators and members to
Congiii-s. ' .'. . , . ' ' :
An 1 so on, ngtin, with iteration and am
1 Kiica'ion. At lat the retiring Vice-President
would wait no longer; and iu a whisper
no assyi-cd the. Vice Presidentelect that the
S-.-.tiate had to be adjourned, and that if Mr.
Johnson" wouldn't Mop and take tho oath he
must go without it! ' fhi. checked the ora-toi-vj
and he swore the oath, with a flourish
cvlfod 'the Senate to Order again, in extra
session, find sank into his scat. The proc
lamation was read, rnd the now or newly
e'ected Senators came forward to take the
oitli, cx-Set-retan Fcs.cden conspicious
anm!g tlicni. 1'he icc-Prcsideiit ap
l)roa:-hcd, with the l?ible, to administer
thi oath: but, as if infiviu of - purpose,
changed his mind, find began an effort to
sYnke hands with oil of them.- At lust Col.
Forney,' the Secretary- of the Hcnate, ended
the scene by coming fbrwurd and , aduilnis
tCrtng the 'oath himself. '' ,:
TU'tiditor,' iu tlio sams issue of bis paper
that contatiu the above WashinjtOu . torrcs
jiondcnc', thm speaks out in utronj tones
about Johnson's drunkenness, not only at
Waihiu,"ion,, but iu Cincinnati on his way
1)0 the Federal Capitol, imd wants him to re
sign Iris office; but that he will not do, for
like all other ' 'loyalists" he wants the
spoils, drunk or sober: ' " '" ' '' 1 " '
the ix.a'C!;r..i,' iieMiUATio.V. '
; ''Andioff Johnson, tha,. ico 1'iesidunt
elect, presented, himself drunk at the great
inauguration cerctnuyy, in the presence oi
tho assembled executive and judicial depart
ments ol' the Government, the roreseutatives
of the people, tho Senate over wjijch he is
t-.i piesido, a large concourse or cilizeiisfrotn
a!l .parts of the country, and of the foreign
diiiki'.uati.'its and iiitfcis. ileibre that im-iKi.-iug
concourse u bellowed for. half an
hour the idiolic bahle of a mind bespotted
by a fortuiglit K debauch. Ho bonsted him
self, us a apueiuion of tho workif American
iictitulions, which brought such a man as
he to the scuiiukplacc iu tlicGuvenmieut.
He dragcud its ptoukst ev;euiony into
the slough of his degradation, and turned
it to shame pud mortification., ''
This cannot be covered up as' a privftle
itilinnity, Iiw;us orliibited befor the world'.
We havu'ta dUciws it as a public, calamity,
anil an a national ittaulr. 'and disgrace which
demand relief. Mr. Johii.foa should iit once
resign the .plat SSJin t so dislhynpred," and
in whkh hi caii heyerhavc tBc refpect of
auv.Aiiiflricah'itiz'jhJ::'nd should retire to
private Ufe.'whevii'bis'wallqytw will belbul
no. oua imtbuiMyV. ue nation cauiiotsul
fcr,thji ihJi.ou.K.titat'a' tua)twbo. 'as jntlug
urutidi druukVvho' 'Jii'v.e'lr.iTov'rt' tho Uyly
Book a JaV. took tliii fjlh or'ofliee," anil
siliained tTie iiatioiMii tlut eJ iSs 61' the world,
should set to preside over tho Scnate-and
represent tho iseooiid executive oflicc. And
i; caiiuol iiH'ord to keep open the lijk ol'
ouch an alternative in enfe of the death or
disability of the i'rrsideii!.
Mr. Johnson uiadn a similar exhibition of
biiusclf here, and we then refrained from
eoiaiuriiting on it beca'Oe we thought it
ndht be only a lape in the interval when
he was free from ohicial duties; and that if
he were habitually intemperate be would re
tain dcTvm-y umogh to retrain from d'.moling
himself tr public occasions. Our forbear
ance wis unfortunate, for bad we then coni
uicnted ou his coudition it might have bro't
tit., iO a sense of it, or have forced his Ten
nessee friends to nt to him, or at least it
would have thrown the people nt Washing
ton on their guard, and perhaps havediuiin
islied bi opportunity forsUch a humiliating
W'e arc not inclined to palliate theop re
luaiks by any lefen iic to Mr. Johnson'
previous Sci vices. He h exhibited to the
world his unfitness for his present position,
and be has dishonored the institutions of
his country. He should make the only rep
aration in his power.''
1 h. above articles are no "copieahead"
fiction, butarc fromlpaprrs that cveiy Abo
liueiiit considers purely "loyal." 13ut
there is another matter that needs some ex
planation: It is we!! known that on the
day of the inauguration, nearly every po
litical preacher in the country met iu ti e
churches for die purpose of asking the Lord
to give favor and countenance to tho inau
guration. If the men had faith even "as
a grain of mustard seed," and their request
were proper, the Almighty would grant
them. Now, the" question is, were these
men sincere in their prayers, or did the Al
mighty loi'k upon them and their prayers as
of no account? We all believe that the
Omnipotent has poTcr to do any thing He
sees proper, and Ho can control the actions
of men. Was;heJn that occasion showing
these 1 oliiieal parsons that their prayers did
not emcnatc from a pure source, by permit
ling the becond officer iu tho gift of the
American people to become beastly drunk
while these preachers were praying for the
Almighty to give su -eess and respectability
to the Inauguration ceremonies? It looks
yury much as if the prayers of there politi
cal persons did not a.-eend higher than the
ceilings of the churches they were fraying
Header, after you have read these articles,
hand tho paper to your Abolition neighbor,
and a:k him what be thinks of the drunk
en Vice President ho helped to elect.
Tlic KxiJcusscm of Mileage--.V
Members of Congress aro paid, in addi
tion to their salaries, forty cents a mile for
thoir traveling expenses from Washington
to their places of residence. It. so happens
that Senator Sbcrnian (Krpublican) and
Win. Johnson ( Peniocrat). a member of the
House cf I'cpre-cntalives. bolh- live at
Manslicld, in Ohio. Yet In uator Sherman
get s $.V.O for his mileage, to Mr. Johnson
444'), both -traveling the tame distance.
Sherman is Chairman of the Finance Com
mittee in the Senate, and is the loudei-tin tho
demand tor iuerca.-ed taxation upon the pf.o
ple. See .correspondence of the Cincinnati
Gazette, id another column.
iwmajf il ii iLTH
Tlse SafstalEatlon of Vlte-l-rcsi-tW'ijt
.So St n 8 on Ells Suutiigui-al
On the 4-th iust., at. 11:45, Vice President
Hamlin e-eoited tho Vice President elect
into the Senate chamber ami a lew niomcnts
afterward Messrs. fieward, Stanton, and
Speed entered, and seated themslves to the
left of tho chain. The, judges of the Su
preme Court eutcrcd immediately afterward
and heated themselves to the light of the
chair. .
At 12 o'clock, Mr. -Hamlin briefly addres
sed the Senate, thanking tho members for
the kindness and consideration that had been
shown to him on all occasions. '
It was impossible to hear the speech of
M-. llamlin distinctly, owing to the contus
ion and coin en a; ii 'ii contiuu 1 y kept up be
tween the-women in the galleries.
Mr. Johnson, before taking the oath of
office, made a short address, w hich, as in
the case of Mr. Hamlin, was nearly itiaudi
bi t, owing to the want of order which pre
vailed aineiig the women in the galleries.
It is characterized by tho t'ltvyal'' press as
' a shameful and on incoherent Kpcccli,e.tu
listen to which oven the most ardent sup
porters of the Administration felt it a dis
grace." To be plain, the new Yico Piesi-,
dent, whowas elected by the party of "great
mora! ideas, in the interest of God and Hu
manity," issaid to have hren quite drunk
on the occasion! Here is the speech: t'i'o
,bV.cMT. '
"By the choice of the people, he raid, he
had been made presiding oftieur of this body
and, iu presenting himself here iu obedi
ence to the behest of the Constitution of
the United Status, it would, perhaps, not be
out of place to remark ju t hen! what a
striking thing; the Constitution was. It was
the Constitution of the people of the coun
try, and under it, here to-day, before the
American Senate, ho ielt that he was a man
and an American citizen. He had a. 'proud
illustration of the fact that, uuder the Con
stitution, a man could ri.-c from the ranks to
occupy the second place in the gift of the
American people and of the. American Gov
ernment.' Those' of us who have labored
our whole lives for the establishment of. a
free Government knew bow to cherish its
groat blessing. ' He would ay to Senators
and others before hiuito the Sny.venic
Court, which sat before him, that they all
got their tic-wcr from the m-opla1 of this
country. Turning toward Mr. Cha;c,Mi.
Johnson said: And voinf exaltation anil po
sition depend upon the people. Then turn
ing toward the Cabinet, he said, And 1 will
say to you, Mr,' Secretary Seward, and to
you, Mr. Secretary t-'tantoii, arid to vou, Mt
Secretary (to a gonikrnnn near by, sotto
voice, W how Sec: clary of the' I''avy? ' The
person addressed replied in a whisper, Mr.
V'eHs.) and to yom-iMr.. Secretary Welles
I would say, you all derive your power from
the people, ' Mr.1 Johnson then remarked
that the great t-ktMitt rf vitality in this
Government lias its nearness and proximity
to the people. Ho wanted to Ray to all who
h'mrd him, in the face of the American peo
ple, that all power was derived from the
people. Ho would bay, in the hearing of
t'uc foreign ministers, for he was going to
tell tho truth here to-day, that ho was a
plebeian lie thanked God fojt it. It was
th i popular heart of this nation that !ws
h tating to sustain cabinet officials and tho
President of the United States. It was a
strange occasion that called forth a plebeian
like hurt to te-11 ntch thirtgits these. Mr.
Johnson adverted to affairs in Ten-ncsKce,
and the nbolitiou of -slavery- there, lie
thanked God Tennessee was a State in the
Union, and had neven been out.. Tho State
Government had been .discontinued' fur a
time there had been an' interregnum,, a
hiatus bufsliubad never lieen out of the
Criion. He stood there to-day as her rcp
rttfentativo. On this day -she would electa
Governor and a Legislature, and the would
very-soon scud Scuatois and members to
Congress. .. ' . . f
Mr. Johnson then-took the oath of office,
and Mr.. Iiuuiliu declared the Houato ad-
jourusd gine dir.-
Hoiuethlng of a C'oiite8Hlon. '
'ForiM'y'V Wciithiiigfon Chronicle quotes an
extract lfom Hunter s late speech at Jticli
Uiond and says: The implication is that a
fcU'Cuient' miglit have beeu made on the
fxim of a rrsloration of tU Union, if Mr.
Lincoln had been aa magnanimous as Mr."
Hunter though he should be."
Kevolve that iu your mind.
CufrBst-j County.
From the Guernsey Tiiuoa.
DKR. One of the most horrible, daring and
cold-Mooded murders ever 'perpetrated in
any community, ixxurred here on Sunday
night last, of which John li, Cook, Deputy
Provost Marshal for this county, waa the
victim. Mr. Cook was idiot through the
heart iu the back yard of his own dwelling,
about eight o'cloc'c in the evening by tome
unknown person, and expired aiimut in
stantly. 'I he particulars of the murder, so
far as they are known, arc as follows. On
Friday evening last, Shortly aitcijdiisk, a
man called at the residence of Air. Cook,
and inquired -f Mrs. Cock it be was at
lionie,' and on being, informed that he was
iiot, asked whin he woultl be at home
Mi's. Cook told him that he would not re
turn beloro Saturday night or .Sunday morn
ing. He then said to Mrs. Cook that be
w ould call again, as be wanted to report a
deserter that the brother ft the man be
wanted to report had reported his brother.
On Sunday night about eight o'chn k l be
same man called again and asked if Mr.
Cook had returned 'yet. Mrs. Cook told
him that be had, ani-i that be bad just gone
out into the garden and would return won.
'1 he man then raid that be was riding a
colt, and inquired if there was a stable down
the alley that he could bitch it in. He then
started out and as he stepped out of the
front door a mau who works for Mr. Parks
passed along and they walked sido by side
up to the alley, when the murderer turned
down the alley, and the gcntlcmau contin
ued up street. Mr. Inskeep who lives in
the lot immediately above Mr. Cook's, was
standing out on his back porch and noticed
the man going down the alley and heard
him ask Mr. Cook, who was walking up tho
garden, if he had seen a colt going doivu the
alley, stating that his colt had got loose and
went down the alley, lie then asked if his
name was Cook. Immediately thereafter
Mr. Inskeep beard the report of a pistol
and beard Mr. Cook ask, what did you do
that lor? lie noticed Mr. Cook fall nud
seen the man ruu down the alley Mrs.
Cook beard the report of the pistol and
went out into the yard and found Mr. Cook
lying on bis face, just as he bad fallen. Her
screams alarmed the neighbors who ran to
see what was the matter. Mr. Cook did
not speak after any one arrived where ho
was lying, and ouly breathed once or twice
ulierWiiid?. . ..... '
The wholti town wa3 alarmed at onee,
and squads of men Mailed out -in. search of
the murderer, in different directions, but did
liot.succaed in finding him. It appeals that
there were two men engaged m the murder
although only olio was seen at the house.
Mr. John Gallup who lives at the northern
side of the town heard the alarm and start
ed to see what bad occurred and met two
men running out the north road towards
Liberty. Ou Monday morning a meeting
of the citizens was called and men sent out
to all the neighboring towns to raise the a-
larui, and if possible" to jet on the track of
murderers. These men who were seen run
nirg were tracked in the mud three or four
miles from town and seemed to be going in
the direction of L-iidgexi !e.
: The mui dcrer is described as being about
live feet eight inches high, slender, dark
hair, sandy complexion, slight mustache,
slight whiskers no the chin; wore reddish
brown pants, blue blouse, and low crowned
hat. His accomplice it about five feet elev
en inches high, dark whickers on bis chin,
tliglit mustache, light complexion; wore
blue slouched bat; heavy black sack coat,
dark pants and vest.
A reward of one thousand dollars is of
fered by Sheriff Stewart for tho apprehen
sion of the murderers. Gov. Brough offers
a reward of $j00 (increased to 1,000) for
their arrest, or half that sum for the arrest
of either of tlienr. The House of Repre
sentatives adoptee! a joint resolution on
Monday, authorizing the Governor to offer
a reward of five tl'iuusand dollars for their
apprehension and conviction. The resolu
tion will no doubt pass the Senate.
, The general opinion ' is that the murder
was committed "I y "seme one whom 'Mr:
(look had arrested for desertion no other
cause can be assigned. It is hoped that the
perpetrators of this cold-blooded and inhu
man murder may be brought to . justice
and that the penalty for the commission of
a cntiio ol such tcartul magnitude may do
fully meted .out to. them. '
The Mckderers. The. supposed mur
durci ii of Mr, Cook, called at the house of
S. Skinner, about two miles from Washing-
toil; at eight o clock on iuesday night and
called for something to eat, saying that they
had not eaten anything for two days. Only
one of the uicn went into the house. Miss
Skinner war somewhat frightened and re
marked to him that she was afraid that ho
was the man that had killed .Mr. Cook.
lie asked if lit was dead, saying that he
was alive when he left.
Shortly after they were gone Miss Skin
ner went to Washington and gave the alarm
-word was also sunt hero immediately aud
a force gathered to go in pursuit of them.
If those aro the men, slroug hopet are en
tertained that they w ill yet be caught.
The funeral of Mr. John li. Cook, who
was cruelly murdered on Sunday evening
lust, took place on Tuesday afternoon., The
funeral services were conducted by the Or
der of Free aud Accented Masons, of w hich
ho was a niembcr. JJis remains were con
veyed from his late residence to the M. K.
Church, whore an appropriate and touch
ing discimrso was delivered by the Pastor,
Rev. E. Ellison after which the body was
conveyed to the cemetery and deposited iu
its final resting place, iu accordance with the
rites of the Masonic order. .
The funeral was attended by a very large
concourse of people, whosympathized deep
ly with tho bereaved family and lrkuds.
The. death of Mr, Cook, whowas a worthy,
upright man and good citizen, has caused a
deep gloom over this entire community, and
the circumstances under .which his death
totk place will not soon be. forgotten.: :
Stuke EoiniED. On : Thursday night
hit the store of Mr. Simeon Haynes was
broken open .by burglars, who entered the
store through a window at'tlic back jjatt of
the building. From the quantity of goods
taken it is supposed;' that there woto sever
al pel suus engaged in the theft. Mr. Hay
nes estimates his loss at from live hundred
dollars to eight hundred dollars. . The goods
itohjn consisted, of cassimers, ladies dress
goods,' ribbons, muslins, boots and Shoes,
coffee, &e. From the care taken in making
their selections, it is evidently that they
were in no great, hurry, but took tiuie to se
lect the best and most valuable goods iu tho
house. Tho night was dark rainy, and was
will suited to their purpose. On Friday
morning a number of our citizens turned
out and made some search for the , stolen
goods, but did not find them. '
Akhestm). On Thursday night Mr.
Benjamin David was arrested at the Eagle
Hotel iu (hi place by-John Thompson,
Constable, en a charge of horse stealing,
and lodged in jail, i'hc horse was stole at.
Iteynoldsburg, about ten miles east of Col
umbus, on the National Road, from a liian,
for whom David had been working, and ta
ken to Columbus and sold to a man w ho was
buying horses for the Government. Hav
ing ascertained that David intended moving
to this county, a man was sent here to look
for him,' and arrived here one day in ad
vance of him. David's wife arrived on the
morning following his arrest, and found him
at the depot in the custody of an officer,
waiting tor the weitern-boung train to take
him to Franklin County for trial. His wife
accompanied biui back., :
' IloMiEKRY. Ou Saturdayjnight last, the
dwelling of Mr. Burton, who lives in or near
Now (jottinger, this county, was forcibly
entered bv two men, who demanded bis
money. Mr. Burson not atoncecoraplyim?
with their request, they told him if he did
not do so they would bang him and cut off
a piece r f the bed cord for that purpose, Mr.
Burson-being, satisfied that they would put
their threat into, execution if he did not
give up bis money, banded it over to them,
amounted to about cdb hundred dollars.
Ti e Uicu tried to chanrc their volie but
Mr. liars o fe.-'t tatisLel that be kuows
one of them.
Lor;ia is ni Cauvboose On Fii
Jay ni.i:ht Marshal Thompson nnvslod a
Mr. McManaway, for disorderly conduct,
and furnished him with lodgings in the Cal
aboose. Mr. MeManuway bad evidently
hern imbibing quite freely of a very noisy
kind of whisky, aud at the time of his ar
rest was making night hideous with his al
most iit'.eaithly yells, aud horrible oaths
disturl ing tho iai-2 and qiriet of the town,
and very much annoying m.;ny of ourciii
icus. He was relca cd on Saturday morn
ing, and immediately d nrtcd for bis home.
We hope this limy be a warning to hi:n not
to re; cat the offense. Should be do to, he
may not get off so easily next time.
, JrCrricu Crin:;iy.
Frni the Steuben villi1 ilerald.
Attempted St icihe. On last Saturday
Mrs. Charles Montgomery, who is living
near tbe Jlouth of Yellow Crock attemntcd
to commit suicide by taking arsenic and su
gar of lead. She took the oisonous drugs
at the Railroad Depot, and started for the
residci.ee of the person with wliniii she was
living, about a mile distant. Ou her way
she was taken villi such pains that she
screamed, attracting the attention of some
persons near at hand. Medical assistance
was scut for, and her chances of recovery
are fair. She had taken to much poison.
She stated that she was led to the rath act
by tho bad treatment she bad received froui
her friends.
Dead: Mr. William Speer, Clerk nt
Averick & Co.'s Coal Shaft long a dry
goods merchant, this city who had a hand
Badly lacerated last Wednesday, while at
tempting to couple cars, died Simduy morn
ing from theflects of the injury. The in
jury, though not apparcctly a severe one,
brought on paralysis, and flow of blood to
the bead. Mr. William Speer was an ex
emplary man honest, trustworthy and
highly esteemed.
Election fou Post Masteii : The elec
tion for Post-master, this city,, came off
Saturday. The content was a spirited one,
and a pretty largo vote was pol.ed,. in view
of the tact that the voting .was confined to
thu;e who had supported Lincoln aud John
eon for the Presidency. The result was as
follows :
lVr (ieorgc C. Filson..... M!)
" Augustus M. Worlhiiiglon ti-ll
I'liaon's majority 78
So, Mr. Filson iselectcd for another term
of lour years and, from the fact that a
worthy soldier was competitor, he hai a big
aud very flattering majority.
EJelmoi.t County.
From the HI. Clairsville Gazette.
Court adjourned ou Friday evening last
after a busy and active term. 'There was
more business done at this term than at any
two proceeding terms ior several years,
James Trainer, bieakmun on the Central
Ohio R. It. for stealing Coffee and Tobacco
from the Train, was convicted and sentenc
ed for Grand Larceny to one year imprison
ment iii itieNieuileutiary nt hard labor.
Isaac Booth, for breaking iu and taking
from the Store of John W. Stephens of
Barnesvilie. $40 in money, six Revolvers
and other articles, having plead guilty was
sentenced to two yeais imprisonment iu the
Penitentiary at hard labor.
David Summers, for Stabbing with intent
to kill, atTcniperanecville, had a closcshave
for the Penitentiary the Jury remained up
two days and a night and finally brought in
a verdict for Assualt and Battery, was sen
tenced to 10 days imprisonment in the comi
ty Jail, ted on bread and water, and to pay a
hue of one hundred aud fifty . dollars and
TllE quota of this County under the last
call for 300,1X10 moro is now vwy.uurly fill
ed, the most cf the Townships bejg emire
ly out, and our people rejoice that they have
again escaped the drag net of Abraham Liu
coln with their lives. But those who im
agine that they have safely encountered the
last peril, will, as they often have been here
tofore, find, themselves grievously mistaken.
The time is rapidly approaching when no
exertion of energy, and no liberality of con
tribution, will "get the'i'owuship out," and
when those who are drawn: will have to go.
I his, we say, is quitu.sure, il the war lusts;
and it will lat so long as Abraham Lincoln
can find means to-prosecute it. It might
bo closed honoribly in thirty day?. But
those' who have it iu charge have no dispo
sition to bring it to an end.
From the Belmont Chrftniolo.
The meeting we last week sp'Ae of as
then in progress in the M. E. Church of t?t.
Clairsville has been continued under the di
rection of Rev. James M. Tkuburn, with, ex
cellent success. . . ',
Since the commencement of the meeting
over fifty person have given their names to
the Church, uiu&t of whom have been con
verted, and among them some of our uiost
infiue'iitial citizens. It is lnauy years since
such a revival has visited this place, and we
hope it may continue until its spreading in
fluence shall bring serious thoughts to the
hearts of many w ho have beeu neglecting
their religious interests.
A meeting was also commenced on last
Wednesday evening. .hi the Presbyterian
Church that promises to .-accomplish much
good. We .hope ithiay'be equally success
ful vi i;Ii the one still in progress m tho M.
E. Church. St., .Clairsville has certainly
long needed such a wholesome visitation of
the spirit ot God, and her jieoi.le would do
will t,o take advantage of tac favorable sfea
sou. ... ;. . ; . ','
Carroll C'ctuitj.
From the Carroll Kr.ie Press.
Well REniKKE.NTr.D. Tho . C'ierks of
this county are well represented in the lStith
0. V. I. John C. Baxter has recruited a
company, Jas. K. Philpott has recruited a
company, and Ileury Laiuhright is 2nd
Sargt. of Capt. Philpott' Company. Three
Carroll Co. , Common Please Clerks iu cno
Rcg'ir-.ciU, ;'.', . .. ;',' ',".' '. r
Tuscarawsi County.'
From the Tuseurnwan Advocate.' ,,
Tiiuee rebel doserters, from Le.c's atiiiy
stepped off thc.other day at Uhrichsville.-T-Thcv
state that the rebel anny at Richmond
amounts to about 70.C0J fi. htini men but
they think the robellion will, soon co)lupso.
AH of them are Alabamiaiif. . ; , ' ,'
Mr. Solomon GulM, of this place, lately
killed two bogs one weighed 750 pounds
dressed, and the other 510. Tho; two
weighed 1,00, pound?. Tho largest hog
produced iftO pounds of lard. He was tho
biggest hog ever killed in this county.
The Appointment of jncC'ullocb
as Secretary of tSse 'fl'icstsiii'j .
The Chicaeo bsi says the reason why
tho members' of tho Illinois Legislature
signed tho petition for .MoOulloch, of Indi
ana, as Secretary of the Treamry, was tho
hope that it would drive hecretary LMior,
of Indiana; fiiim the Interior Department,
and thus leave a vacancy for Hon. Jesse K.
Dubois, of Illinois. The I'mt adds ! '
"That is the way tho Legislature of Illi
nois were enlightened as to the eminent' lit-uc-ss
erf McCulloch for the office of Secre
tary of the Treasury. They- sought to
force two Cabinet officers on the State of In
diana, hoping thus to accomplish a new
deal, in which old Jesie could bare a
chance." -..''.
At Home. Hon. X. Vi. White arrived
at home on Tuesday night last, his connec
tion with the House baying ceased on the
4th ot March.,: Mr. Wruto,. during his ton
trressional term has always acted and voted
as a consistent Democrat, and he will rocoive
the approval of all bis right-minded consti-
tuetita. iurrritrii Jrjr. ;.varcn II.
The neonleof .North Carolina are fai'd to
pay but little attention to Governor Vance's
proclamation, and to have great confidence
in Sherman. Slaveholders are arming theif
slaves to resist Conlcderate authorities.
A IjuI' Washington Correa
pondent ou I tie Mileage 8v)ln
Clea of Loyul" Senators.
tpeciul CorresjKiuddne the Cincinnati
.Washington, Feb. 2?.
Certain references made yesterday by Mr.
Thad. fctevens to the odorous mileage ques
tion may require explanation.
Sundry gentieineu iu the Senate whose
uotiou of economy seems to be to keep up
a vigorous watch upon the droppings at the
spigot, while the great leaks at the bung
bold go unnoticed, have of lute exhibited
unwonted virtue on the subject of a resolu
tion which the llou-e passed at the last
ssJois making a t"Uporary iucrease in the
pay of its own employees, out of its own
contingent fund. Ai to the proprioty of
that resolution I have not one word to say;
but it is worth while to see what maimer of
men these in the Senate are, who think
themselves pure enough to enter upon the
very unprofitable business of throning
stones at the House of Representative
The Senate of the United States is, in all
matters of . provision for its own comfort
and convenience, proverbially the most ex
travagant legislative body in the world .
For its fifty-two members it spends $17,000
stationery. The Y"2 numbers of the House
only ask for their whole number $12X00!
The filty-two members of the Senate man
age teeourame in a session more ice than
all the 192 members of tho House! They
piy their Secretary $4S0 a year more than
the House gives its Clerks; and the Clerks
of their committees $14 more per week.
They order just four times as many of the
expensive ( 'onfressional Globes as does the
House; and, to be brief, their other expen
ditures are in similar ratio.
That they. are. unduly extravagant I do
not say; but it is interesting to oh. en d that
they are the parties to charge the House of
Representatives with extravagance!
Mr. Senator SlsCimau has besn conspicu
ous as tho leader in this virtuous rigidity of
the Senate. A prying wretch, lor whom
capital punishment would be too mild a 'ate,
thought he would look into one or two items
of the virtuous Senator's little private ac
count with the Government. His first dis
covery was the interesting fact that, ectn
puti.ig his mileage from Mansfield, Ohio,
by the shortest route, 4tho Senator has to
spend (and draw therefore from the Treas
ury) $530 50 for traveling to Washington!
Mr. William Johnston, a member of thu
House, lives in the same town, mt manages
to get here for $4-10! The Senator, who is
one of the most honest men in public life.
has been too busy watching the rascality of
the House in Us expenditure ol its own con
tingent fund, to discover this trifling leak
out of the Treasury into bis oWn pocket.
But this is mere bagatelle. Mr.. Senator
Sherman may be readily excused for so
trifling an accidental overcharge; but what
shall we nay .of his friend, .Mr. Senator
"Jim." Lane-, of Kansas? That incorrupt
ible worthy lives (according to the ollieial
Directory') in the town of Lawrence. He
corr.es from there to Washington by the
ncarcit traveled route, and he swears that
it costs him two thousand one hundred s;nl
sixty dollars. It happens that the Repre
sentative from Kansas lives in the same
t iwn; but by some superior skill of his, be
manages to get here at a cost to the Gov
ernment of only twelve hundred and seventy
three dollars aud six'y cents.
There is another incorruptible Senator
from the pleasant State of Kansas, known,
unto men as Mr. Pomeroy: lie is n corded
as livinc iu Atchison, forty or fifty miles
nearer Washington than Mr. "Jim'' L.me
but it costs him precisely the eame, $2,100,
to get hero, while Mr. Wilder, the Rcorc-
scntrffi$, living back at Lawrence, can trav
el tlrtiW'xtra fifty miles and get hero for
nearly half the money; or, t0 put it accu
rately, for $1,273 CO! . ,
But Irom the Kansas Senators nobodv
would expect niiylhir.g else. Iowa ought
to scjid men ot a dilicicut stamp, and it
must bj that the euriou-i facts about their
mileage need only to be called to their eco
nomical attention to be corrected. Mr. Sen
ator Grimes lives at Isunington, on the
Mississippi viier; Mr. Senator Harlan 'lives'
at Mount Pleasant, just one county west
from Burlington; and Mr. Representative
Wibon, from the extravagant House,' lives
it Fairfield, just one county west from Mr.
Pleasant. Now it curiously happens that
Mr. Senator Grimes charges the Govern
ment $1,515 M for traveling here from Bur
lington; and.Mi'. Senator Harlan $l,oOQ 40
from Mt. Pi.tasatit; while Mr.1. Representa
tive WiKon is able to' get here from Fair
field, just beyond both tho . economical Seii
atoM, for $tS2 40,'
It has been seen that Mr. Representative
Wilder Could get to Washington from Kan
sas f'orJ?l,27;J, 60; niid that Mi. Representa
tive Wilson could get here from Iowa -for
8iW2 40; but it cost's that parnitoii of, 'ft'ii
atorialiuodesty and virtue, iilivi Dnolittle,
of Wisconsin, $2,1(50 to get here-from' Ra
cine, on the lower coastof Laku Michigan;
almost down to Chicago! 1 will' uudertako
to get there, without the use ot any of the
dead-head tickets which tho Senator has in
his pocket, and stopping every night to
slocp at. a first class hotel, for the odd sixty
dollars; and so leave him tuo round twenty
one hundred for stealings!
These are nil the items of .the Scm.torial
mileageaccount I have been able.tn procure.
I called at the proper quarter for moro, but
was pleasantly told that they were constrain
ed to regard the accounts of the Senators
with the Government, left in the hands of
officers of tho Senate, as private! . T hap
pen, however, to know a way in which they
cau be shown to be not private; and I may
havencension yet to return to draw from
fresh illustrations of Senatorial virtue and
economy. . ' Agate. .
A "Loyal" Paper AbltslJi?'' lbs
" ' ' ' Soldier. ;".''. '
The "loyal" Cincinnati limni'xv, noti
cing the 187th Regiment 0. V. I., which
passed through that oity last Saturday, thus
abuses the gallant men .who have gono'.'to
the front iu obedience to' President Lincoln's
larlcalh;,. i l" , , ,. : , . .'. .'.'
,,Wc would, like to inpi'ro why it is that a
pcrfon takes to strong drink as soon ,as be
dons army -blue: Tho. opinion seems to
vary generally obtain among . soldiers, , that
tobe soldiers, they must exhibit a certain
amount of sxaggeringbruta'tty; must drink,
must utter lenrlul oaths,; must Indulge iu
obscune language. Why cauiiot- they be
gentlemen a well as soldiers?'' ' ,Ji " -A ;
Mauip Connected with Settle
ment of Estates.
: By deci.ion of the Commissioner of In
ternal Revenue, the presentation of a will
for probate,, application for the appointment
.of administrators and guardians, do not re
quire stamps.. . The . probate of wills, lot
ters of administration,; and bonds of exoou
tors,' administrators, guardians and trus
tees, aro subject to, stamp duty, a is also
the appraisal or inventory of. the estate, be
ing an appraisal of valued' 'But all othir
.prooeodingSj such as petitions, orders, no
tices, certificates and affidavits used in tho
settlement of tho estate, are exempt.
F6h 'thirty' years' Wm. Lloyd Garrison,
the editor or the Boston Liberator, was an
avowed disunionist. , His paper bad this
motto: "Tho American Union a league
with hell and a covenant with death," lie
has lately soot to the President a painting
most appropriately entitled, "Waiting for
the Hour," which the latter acknowledges
in an affootionato ' letter, directed to "My
dear Garrison." Tho latter felt that the
hour he so long waited for, that was to wit
ncss the destruction of the Uniou, had
como. . .' . ' , '
' Tub Pooa Man's FaitttD whv? ' be
cause he can be PERMANENTLY CURED
of Catarrh by tho iue of Pr.D. H. Seelyo's
Liquid Catarrh Remedy.- Ordiqary cases
cured by one bottle never known overthreet
bottles to bo required in tbo raoit obstinate
cases. '. . , , , .;.'' '.;
' ' ' " K ' i'i i ' ' : ' '
The rebels have organized an extensive
contraband trade on the Rappahanoek.
For the purcbuw, Stdo and RrjrUtry of
Cadlc, llui-rlsoit Co., Olilo.
Jan. 11, lsUS.
A pair of good 1)RIV1XI HOUSES, well
urn lei ai to Age, Size, Style aud, Action.
March IX
A srooU FARM HOltSF. from 4
to 7 year
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ilun-h 15.
FAT SHEEP, !:i lots of various am, ver
ttiing from 100 to lUt pound. . . - .
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and promptly kltwndad to bv
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Feb. ,
f A K T K
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riotiesof CiRliEN APPI.F.S.
I) I
Keoping Va-
,ii", 11. M. TIPTON
W i
N T 'ft" ' T
Kocxl HORSE.
b v Y
well trained to
Knquir at tlm
Kudillo or Light IlarnesK.
ooulstry olllee ot , .J.
The TU'bellkm will dlo out, tiut w e must
live. Thcro is n tide in the al'i'airs of meot
which, taken tit the il.jod, leads on to for
tune. Onn of the best ways to attain that
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"B S Kosidont Agent for thf- following ohl,
3. osl iblisliod. and n-linblu , X'lltK uuJ
LI FK insuranco Companies: - ,
.'KTXA, of llartfwd, -Coniicod'cut.
MK rROl'Ol.rfAX, o Xew Tor: Vil)i. . .
XOKT1I AM EJtlCA, of Philadelphia, fit, '
Ml"n:At. MFK,w'y.M York tVfv. .
TH A YKIiLKK'S l.'FE, 'of Hurt ford. Conn.'
TJ-OllK'c, corner of Main anu. jiartct
over Xatlonnl- I'.auk. , fc".nlirice
Market atreut, first door below -National
iiiink. ' ;,
Cadiz, Xov. 23, WOi-lyr.
ItafttoT-il : Coanootie.utr ..
. s
c , . OF :
KViois v jioscii.rrio m,
CAPITAL 4()(),()0().
Will insure $5,000 ugainst acciduntal.loss f
lifu while traveling 'by any. public convey
SnciiroB b policy for 5,0(10, uuil jdso $25 par
w'k compensation for porsonalinjury in
enpneitating tho assured from his ordiiiary
businosw. :-
Sueures n lull policy tor $).000 and $23 por
week compensation" for nil and every 'In
scription of accident. trnvlin or othern 18.
Policies' for yilli, wit htW per: week eompeil
sation. onn ln tind for $. pur annum, er auy
other Hum Iwtwcem ?0OU uud $3,000 at prt
portioniitc rates.
J A MFIS (i. liATTKHSi iX, President,
' UorXlSY bKXXlS, Uteeretury. '
riKXRY A. I'YHlt, General. Agent
,1. O. THOMAS, Ayeni, t'adiz, Ohio..
KOV. SI, lHB4--lV. . ,' ' .
16 Goms for $10
Octobor ia,.1864. ' ''
And other CKovarmnoDt Ponds, kept on bap
and fornale at tbii baulc, at Ooyernment
prlcea, i '"' V " "
' .0 M.jr.Bnowy,fihi;
Sept.'H,'196i '-';"'. ' ' ' i ''. 4j
' .. , U ' t - ' . : . j rti.ii, ,-.,;
;: f' "';-ia to' s..Ii.?ci! '--:"
;''.'-''"''' ' ' ' i ' " - "
',. ; Admtnliitrator's Notice, :
THE undersfofnod'lias boon .duly s'poolnt
odand quabflad as administrator o
the estate of EfiaiiiheUi Stall, lato -of Harri
mm county. Ohlt, deooaeod. All persona iu
terooted will kike uotico of th iwine; . .". .
March ?, lSGo-SU

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