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The times. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1890-1903, November 22, 1890, Image 1

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vol.. V.?NUMBEK L526,
?Vtpftpasj Mrasplhtt.aoplh
Mind.; f,.r North fhinltpa. slight ? ?
Atfaatpal ?m : ,? th<.
? ? "?? ft motion for the appoint
sat ? --? ? ? .f arassBiaaa]
? ?t ala sKain.t u u Msysi ? t nu'
G?p asan t.- harpas11?? ??? ?tti tu hu
tortala? nre.?a house trae burnsal
? , 11. une . turnpike a?, out Binili- north
... ili??- tv Mi *?. ?; i^imrle. nsalKned
- Weaaaaet awalkMrsal stnitsnaip.
bat ? -M s. Liiura Walton.
? OttSej b? : hliN'iaiid. will be
r. 1.1?** I on lu? 11.
? il:?.?? \
Beate srhlsh aahsertbed
|1,?00.000 lo ! .;?|,.
? w In the
.? 111 I? ?:,\ Ule over nu attempt
I : 0 t?. .ut m .i.r reicular limur
i-.ly ..I Itelln Til? k? :, 1? -
BPSPPS ' uuly,
I, With b#I child, found drowned.? ? ?.?
? '. d >. sharped with
tord? ? ?.? l'i ? - ? .
ur,i, and Hi?? accused dis
! 1 he ...tiier-Ktoite of th? I
titilli ehimh, In l'llnce
? 1 loste) p??
s III II . Al
i. at ocoansd y as?
n In wi.ich vrs. p/, 1, p/ali
M - t-. .j. Wlngats pinftablj
R? v. i?r Wllltaat s. Blaeh
? ? ? n eiset? d snpsrlat?
fbrpl .:. A.ylutn.-"Pag-Leg'i
'.ormi; p> ?et up linotlier
1 ios m Noith carotina.
sss ? -? the H?.uks Appi, pi la
hard st work getting
1 appropriation bills
wlisii tVngrtSS me. t? ...u. tu al ve Inore Unie
? I K.'piibllciiii p.rtlsati
? ?. ara that Wars ? 111 |
?ne nit? 1. st na; 1;. ptililican ?marr?is
rei ihe qaSStlOD ?>f
. ?u tin? neu Oongraat
do not want an extra asssloii. but tap If Re.
pal s by tht nsbordlnatioa of
? . ? I to tl I op s nu?! He
- IhSJ w III have to be ?r
. - -The ess?? >.f lagatto,
tSBtSneeOl t .
?.??? 's ?nu, ??. hsard la tns
: reine Osan yesterday -
f the HtiU-lottcry i:?W lilts de
- ??. ..? th?? New Orleans
m w rojur.
?\ Inns Instil? 1
?? ik is tin? resalt?le irotrad.
\\ ?Main I'e
K m. :, . .[.mum t Its, is !.. be s.-nt
? to t^si Koch's methods,?la*
? ??, appear at the rark
play prep .r? .? ? ?
for 1 "ih?? Inspector "?
- brsneb of the Irish
. \. w ? ?uk have ISBMd an
?. ih.us chara
- nul..u und O'Brien. ? Dr.MeOlynn
ii*-1> toon ??> be relnstate<d,
Bt hit tl.eol les
? ?tors mat y
He ..Iti, ?111 ClVIl
? th.? third New v?.tk distri
iimJ'U it.y of BIOS.
> 1. 11. li muid, hat? iiislitiited
? I Mr?. Aithur Balenimi
- 100.0OQ dai 1 prison?
. ;,?, New Yoik register <>i
1 table sliovy
Ing 'in? deaths from <?'> tnmptlon and
j ?llirili? the paSI
tth Ward 1 .?11 k
: - ..?HHI.
n .- formed
? presented bj Ot orgi
? , ? ? ?"<>.. Jay
and ih?? Standard
: ? collll.lHHtioll by
: li. d by ihaSB
in ?.??????? esotras ????
... '? ! Ihlit II
musi go. The Tories
. ? - ragli ?. ?? tin* 1 lbs?
? threatens ??? opea
: tterlea of tbe ti els I porli) party oa
? Isadershlp <>f
rtj within twenty boon. ? lb?
? y mouth
. ??: in? s,.r|?.i,t.
1?.ne Ridge BSsmei lire t?
1 that th.? Indiens are stIU sxelted
.ml that ?
iisncrc ?mi ronlli u General John B.
taagulOcent ovation al
l -
.iiip.iiire Legtelature will be
BBIBI ? 1 y KAM*.
I Of the Knlghtl Ol
I . I ave suspende?! A M,
the ? - uibiy fu five
IWltCll the KnlKhts
. h anta tot ? ?elaaaatar.
. u 1. coin..Uve and
. one "i Ute bridges
? the Baltimora and Ohio depot
\ -? lloa. Engineer i riese,
II libera, and ?....ite ? hu?
?? ti ? ? ?? id down
.. t basil- hurt.
': m Webeter, Ma., eays Peputy?
nuel 1^ at range was shot and tn>
11 ? ..? toU i) by ? ? ? in lord.
?. di Ite tri??.! chimi no \ 1 ...ling ili?? poa
stilli s ?. i ? threatening letters and
. . 1 the muli?.
Mrs Ines ???<??1?? was began al
ind fi pro
. ' 1 i-l.c of
he 1? the woman
cal?il u kcli
sa-!.m ? and k ng Jtitlgs Mea
?Usili. ?Isuili ?i.utity. I ex?.
I !.. ?.iti in -.pam.
m Bpala the tir*t
don.*? 1 *en ? ? foie the christenla ?. is
us and pul in tin ni
a pn sent Itou, the
1 .. . - pia??.? when th?? Bina
' ?> Ot tvv?? old, and is th.
a lOPS chain of empiet?
ti umi tbe i Ib rj are built
s .?? ihe baby ?re
1 ? ?( Hi t.uni.
? , .. o notions and
? 1 bathed, oalj
a bat "i,, ntiajhl call "a
? itbing <i?ti well be
i than a irue-born
and with an Ui-'U cap tutl on its
? ?h niter the ? uild is born it is
? inn .-h io be nhrMsteped A
.- many as eight or Line
? .111?? ot them sound lunny yy a. ?
? sglish, su.h as ? oaeha, a
im . ilion, iiiinty or 1)
: I h? Id at
'?y the godmother nrhlte Iba prtew
Ips, atabes a erosa with ?>ii
: lor tbe first and
I .ii >r of Ih?? Spaniard loi
ist liete in it* ufe, poors sold
- ? t?l.
? two y.ar., tlu, little
? In r ama,or wel nurse,
ti BSsPSaat woman, win.
ipsak loudly, ??, ci y for
.? d spolia hag more ...laphtily
I ? ? .? : ii.i^lit have POPS.
, ? bahlis, ??. sarlj lao atoa lad, neve!
? 10 1?. r ihioiik'h lib?. When at
-? n??? nurse 1? uhsaniSBsA the ehlM ?toes
-l ?h . I -.li? ?Jin??? at table and
| tli-h. Her Opts playmates
. ...s. and the never ?iAt* Jo bed
? sspj. 1 have seen little girls
1 . apt all up beyond mid
or six years old.?Dal
' N< yv..
? hile Ihe JSSptjIPtlOP nt the ?,, ? midi P?<a>
I HO? ? nere seed irosi t?i,iP?,?ssi ??.
?? -?. UPA, the luiiiiUi ol unii? ?-?f
? .??..! li .in I7.?>1? ???,???, <>r
'??.? Ib :.-"?7 t?.oi,e in ?,???? parsone. Kg
lhal tin? prnfeeeloas are overcrowd?
> aitati Malos Pli annua.?? ??.
?nie number ol the ggPt edu
stsU class of her citizeus.
Ait Rjraa Oeatred sa efasBsSeae?If ii?? a?i
vtsesPavaellBeOe ??? >i,,.t uaee ?The
lori.?. Sileni lier Majesty lo??? Her
Walt-It?? t ?urini I ?SBtS ??.p?.???.
. l?> I lu? Time* l,\ Huulai? OaMS OO.l
LOXDOB, N?iv. II, Political int. p
"liti. * about l'arnell, the storni becoming
more violent ,iaih. ? au Irai though!
that the d? cisi?n would rest with the
llisll, but It Is liUW S.el, Dolt '
aaaatna la, Waal will tbe English
Liberal? del The 'lorie* are sib nt, but
a Blent i* ragtag in tbe Uberai ranke.
BOB-ooafonnlsts sinpty want to
Bave l'arnell. ami are Ih?? bacK-bOUe "I ?li'
party. Tbe Liberale ami tbe leadi re o? ih?
Liberala nust decide i"i or against l'ar
aell. Tbe dilemna le mosl serious.
Stone cannot keep silent much longer, n
be aeeepts Paraell a? a colleague, ae be?
t?re, the iion-conlorinists will nppOW
It, II lie BdvlBM Paraell to re?
tire he must ?ro. There ?- tbe bigbe?!
authority G? laying teal Ulsdsloi
Mee will l.e givefl 111 a V r', I? -w dill?. ?I le?
bas not airead] privately gives II to l'arni II.
If the latter th? ? i? lu-? s t , relire, it is
general Ir admitted that home rule will be
put latea ? ?? cade.
???1> I III; G. ? IK\- A 1 I -Il M'I !.
Mr. Bleed, the edimr of tbe Bevlea ol
li rvlews, called t" dai at tbe London
of the Freeman's Journal, Hlaobiecl was.
With the national ni"il"stv that distingllisbl *
bin, lo present an ultimatum t" Mr.
l'an,?il, to whom be wished to bave il con?
veyed that unleoe Mr. Paraell Intimated
within twnty boms to Mr. Stead that be
bad reel rnedtbe leadersblpol tbe Irish party,
In?. Mr. Mead, would proceed loopenttae
batteries ol tbe social purity movement on
bin. It ie not the offense against morals that
excited Mr. Stead's wrath, who tayainhis
ultimatum "Ian prepared to allow, if you
like, that eommittlng adulter) ?- no worst
than taking a glass of whlakr." Wbal Mr.
Stead deee stiege t?i be the cauae "t
?ih ?* that Mr. l'arnell ha- .1. ceived
hi* friends. Mr. Stead -a?.- thai be pro
? publish He? verbatim report ol the
Unga udori? ih?? divorce ???
which ii" will prefli anild criticism and
commentary. This panpblel be proposes
tosili at "ne penai each.and thus tin
moral cruaade, a* all other moral cam
- "i Mr. Stead, will bave a practlc il
? UK G?? ? is?. STILL QBOa MO.
London, Nov. il, ili.? r. ellng ami
Enguata Liberala on the -
revelation? continu?e to grow. Mr. I'.. Rick
aid, ?. I'., "in? ot tic? moat influential
among tbe worklngnen's representatives in
Parliament, i* quoted a* speaking ver)
strongly agalnat tin? continuance "i Mr.
I'.uiieii as a Liberal I isder. Mr. Kickand
*aid tin? Liberal party represents the work?
ing people, and the so-called middle ?lasses.
smong whom th?? purity ?? borne lil?? is held
m hi.-li esteem. We 'hum? seither the time
nor th" inclination tor ili baucber) . and WC
w ant ?uir lead? ? t" I?? nieii thai v
take bi the hand. When Joseph ?
? deal of prop?rtj t?' un
illegitimste son ami the son's mother we
? good 'lai sui im-? ? ami shocked,
llllt Ulis ease Is |.,|? wise. I | ? ? CUI WC
.'.d'uni the aristocrat*] (or th? ir licen?
tiousness If our leaden are not ne ? at has!
decent in their domestic bebai ?
Mr. Long, M. P., aara half of Mr. Glad?
stone'? unexanpled influence with the
British masse? -?? m.?* from lila ? ?templan
itic life. 1 thmk Mr. l'ani? il should
? ? til things bl ?w over. The non?
conformist clergy who ? ? vast In
fluence among tbe bulk of tbe English Lib
prala being non-con!.lists, are quoted b)
tbe provincial papers as calling for ?
change i;. the Irish leadership.
HKK MA.II -I 1 I "V - BBB B M? 11.
Mir tbe arrival Ol her Majesty, the
at Windsor t astli ,yestei
a-, ertained thai bei watch had been Ii fl
behind in the train. When the loa? wai
discovered the train had quitted Windsor.
A message w as wired to Lond in
and tin? watch a as found In the sleeping
saloon occupied by her Majost) ai
Princes Beatrice from Balmoral
watch was promptly forwarded to bi r II
featj i._\ a special messen
l.ANi.l l:\ \ .*. Ill , ??????.
The pelai "ti which Mr*. |,an.-tr> h?-! bei
*uit with Mr. Buchanan was the cleai
it shi a is pn paring t" pul Mac
betb "? when Buchanan'? plaj ?
lur, which Indicated to the jury ih it
did not care to have Buchanan's work, awl
ha?! no Intention of pi ? I udiri '?
?umming up lavored Mr-. Langtry, but the
jurj lini not b ave Iti
G, ?li lew?k\ fr teil.
si celui io the Tinea by Dunhvp Cable Co.]
1'akis, Nov. 21. The alleged aai
I'edelewsky, i* believed to have fled I
land via Belgium. French detectives bav?
arrived at rartoua point? in England, and
every effort le being made to prevent bla ee
cape to Anerica.
Serpent Sin ? Ivor*.
[Mpeelal t" the G??? s by DunlopCal
Pi ? moi ? ii, Nov. II
l>m? ha* arrived here, bringing il?'? three
?r* of the Ill-fated Si ? peni.
eieaaow Pallare??
[Bpeelal to Ttas Tinea bj Dunlsp Cable C
?,? A-i.ow, Nov. 11. A sevi re tall
prleee ha* ??aus,?,? the failure of op
in both stocks and pig-iron bere,
rim Hmi Brilliant Ovation ? verGlvaa a
??.? -m, ?. *.. Nov. al.?Ou hi? arrival
her?? to-night Ueneral Gordon received the
grandee) ovatta everglveatoa Georgian
It included a militai j escort and a
torch-light proct salon a nllc long.
At tin- ? ?|, ? ? House U?? ral Gordon
spoke to an mini, i,s,? audience, ami also
addressed an assemblage "i thousand?
?i.iiu the balcon) o? the Arlington Hotel.
The city i* Illuminated, and to usandsol
M*lt?Ts are in tow ? troni South Carolina
andGeorgia. General Gordon will be the
.?I the leath l?
tli * will continue. ?
a Basslal 8 seal sa Probably im hm ? ilUd
??? Hay.
? ,,?,?????, N. il., Nov. II. Ooatraryto
reaeral expectation? the Qoveraor Bad
? ouncil took BO action to-day on the sub
j.-ct to calling e apeolal s.s,.on of II
Mature, all their tune being consumed in
-u..? Senatorial returns, li ?* the
universaloplaion to-nlghi thai a special *? --
sum will I?? called before noon to-BMHOa .
. aat ? ? ? -
l.oulil anil lite I tiloit l'ari fit-,
\kw \ ?mi,. No?, II. ? be t anderbili
peopleaow admit that Gould baegotcon?
t??,! of tin? I iiiou Pacino. One of th? pai
,, a ducei'? - , i ?? I
w di ?o??? be reor moised, Mr. John D. Rock?
lelier, working With Mr. Gould, II. ?.
Hyd?. and M? ? indi ? l*rr, v.?:i take th?
place o? hair o! the pre?e|i! iiienibci -.
? Basasses Beah Paitare auawvasi.
Kan-a* ? i!? ??)., ???. IL II ?* re?
ported here lo-oighl that an extensive bank
failtlle ha* ocetirnil. Involving BO I? -
Ihwi ?tern flnaaclal ooaceras, which
>?,. re ail practically under one ?
ment. Th???. arc tin? NeWtM Nat.al Bank.
at NtVtloi?. Kan,, With brauche? at Giitb
rie, .Normal. El l'eli", MillwaUi' ami White?
Itrok? Ih? 11. ? mil.
M..MKKA1.. No?. IL Louis Cyr, the < a
nadian ????????," Un?? BBOrnlag broke Ine
world'? record for putting tip dumb-bell? bi
raising t08pounde with one band, ihoulder
to arili'?? l.-nis-tu above BBflulder, twentj
?even tune?, lie BtBO In hl l":''a POttBOB Bl
arm'? h n/tb,
limili i.l ????. ' Krumm.
NaiV Y??Kh. Nov. 81. ( olonel Beleih
heiino?. who seriell in the Confederate
aiui> and ititi ?, ii? ? suddenly in Brooklyn
to-iluy Of belli"!rh.tec of the biaui.
the war Coloael Kennoa eatenaj uM aervlct
,,? the alhadlveof Kgypt ile wa- born In
Vi? gioia um) hi? rather wa? a coin inodora
in th?? Lulled Maus uavy. |
t* ... d s.,,,,,?,,??,,,, pallarse, but th.
outlook Piionanaglag
nkiv y?.m,. .Nov. ?. ? ??? r?gulai
weekl) review of trad?? will say: Btrtu
:. ?- ?in eked aonte buy Inf. Difhcultv
ol making : bange tbreateae to
retard ?: ? mov? m? nt of cotton, and i? more
itivn !? iiip.r is seen in tradiag, but
lilnc; Ihus fai IB sounder
ronditi? ii of I ? itlmate busi nets tb in many
?. l u ? ? illapse ol raanj great
ipeculal ? ns bi s brought ? eai y loss?
the pul ? iking much ? ut in
such ??. ? ,'ioiis.
win!.? moue) m.uk? 's are generali) light.
tl.? re i- itili nounusu ?! complaint as't.. ???|.
h'l-iii ?? ?.- ?y i!s and ?<?<!?
? ? ? lai .??. The volume ? ! busin? ss
conio ? ?I (hat ol any pr.y n.us
of New
? 01 k abolii I n?. tor this .nth
Hu.s in. ??G n- hay.? !>??? ?; el
at n u ^ irk falllug 0 per ?cent, below those
of the ? love. Imp??its here In the
h ill .-? Sovemlier exceed fasi year'sbr SB
P?i??!'.i. I'rices are yielding wbicb will
h? lpex| orts of products. Cotton Las falten
'. on sales ol ??,??? bal? s. ?:- ports of
trade are encouraging. The South Is mov.
i >: .? -t ? rop of cotton ? rer gr .y\n.
and v. bile ? xchatij - me ? ubar*
ras-m? n? tbe iin.y. in? nt is rapid.
? yy hoi? the commercial outl - ?
decidedly more favorable than miu'lit have
been expected. But while tbe outlook la
I) eh? ?? i'i-. it is a It? to r< ?..
thai ih?? ?liilii'uiti? s have not )et vanished.
it failures during the past seven
?In - muni.er tor the I nit? .1 Rtatee 217 and
? total "t ? ?. as com ? ircd
with a total ol MB last ?rot k. For the cor?
responding week of leaf year the figures
were -77. representing '-*?"? in th?? I'nlted
and 32 m ?'anni.?.
-??. ?fc
tadlani still I ?. Ii. .1 and Obesi Dan?? s
Kepi I p.
W y IHN? Ins. ?. ? '., Nov. 21. The fol?
lowing dispatches hi arin,' on the Indian
situation were received al theWai Depart'
men! io.d..y from Ueneral Mil??-: "Reports
are reo? Ivwl il Brooke appeau?.?
al l'ini Ititi re il.i ? morning. The Indians
tire much ' \cil? d and ? ? s ar.
coming oy.i from Rosebud agency, lift]
liei nit, ?.host dances still continue.
. m it ion his hen i. ceil ed tint
1 ? I \ .lilies, ..? the
uppi r Missouri, and al-?, tboee arni
old Kort lelkiiap bave unanimously
ml ipted tbu Messiah craze. l'I e
lattei are ipiite ugly, siitim.' Bull has
? ics, ii,:., s. and i" forty
??L'ht 1 ? ??I ? ?- ?? Sioux north "t tu.? Ibitish
line, iucilinu ihem to get arms and ammu?
nition ihe ???? t warrioi - oeai th?
mils ,D n.. gprin effort is
h ii._' in id ? to ali.iy ami restrain the turbu?
lent, bin ????. violent overt aot of any small
..?? i ma) ?
d uprising. The lateal report, from
?: tit in ? hi.?unes is that they have
lusion. There should be
?y "y r, In putting our tr ...ps in
? ? ft im nis m proper equipment
for Un? h? id.''
SU -an lier ri??. lu A la. Ka.
Alaska has usually b? en looked upon as
:^ and dis|.i,,t section "i ? ocle Sam's
domain, where tbe land was most!) water,
furnishing seals and saim?n, while Iceberg-?
u.d glanders adorned wonderfully pictur
stiue landscapes and wate recap? t, the de
I summer tourists who ? [ell that far
northern clime to ? ? longated
Among tbe irrivala In this citv y? -'.".I ij
? ics ? o\. who h i'i her,? for I lull, it it
?.-., la-t April yy il'i his ? mill
a ii?? and ihr? e children. Mr.
iiuite yy il pleased with the ?Minati
.- si.tjj,ned, the t. nip? rature
-.?,lorn dropping t?. 15 degrees bel?
tu.) ' ? no Inconvenience. He
? nice garden hist aumn r. Id
which be raised Une vegetable! turnips,
potai ?, II??
.ii-! n? d woman at
? mission, a f.? vv miles i asi ir
? liilkat, yy bo has rait d ? otatoet und y?
? ??- past, luis la?! sea.
!'!???? with Sim.? itraw?
- in,l -u??? ?. .1? d in groa ?
:iin? oin s. Attorian.
About I h ?.pilli?? ?.aulici.
very Int? resting m?moire ?. ?> ntli
? Ihil dresslnij yy ss y\ lu
a m iti? r of sei ions moment. Il?
i me '.y? ? his toll? t. ?I? I
In perfume?! ?? il lis and ? ind d? -
?????? d ni m? ?? ? n costumes of man. The
?dea thai lie grew older waa Indnitely sad
lo bim. ? ine ?I it be Usti
ins daughter t?? the portrait of him?
i by ? batiUon. "That is
? 1??"?>. .1 at twenty-eight." be s ild,
? - il, t ? is ||.,v\ | should like VOU tonni, ml?, r
? would destroy all the
, less hid. oils ? ortraita ?\ lilch
? ? n taken of me. Physically a nan
elf lit tnirly. Aller that be h .'ins
i : ? hill. I sual
? late, and h) tri it lime
ihere is nothing lofi one but a bod) worn
: !.. the fatigu? - and trouble ?.t
? man ? Id never have
,ii taken." < bica 11
?? ? in? As?relas."
u ?? lo ge isoli declarea thai
nothing can be more inai reloua tli in the
. da] ?...-is ..? life, lin?
? Ide. ?? ? and
,y?.iii.". f? ? in? p :?nd women. In
lives is all tbe tragedy and ??II the
co.iio.i?, th d Ihe) ?an compren od.
? at? ? no longer <-r. w. ? - bit canvas
with tl ? I nnpo? -iiic be paints
aa he knots s them.
ind in whom be i-? Interested. "The An?
gelus,' - nothing
but tv bending their Ina,? in
? u tin? solemn s< und
d the dis!.in! bill lanl ?> y\h?. have
nothing ? ? lie ?I. inkful t ?. : notbin? Ian
Il in. bui Ih.? crusts
ii . -"ii? u ?y Ito lb ir lean nothing.
And yet us y "ii look at that picture )ou feel
? hai ih. y have something liesides to lie
the) have life, love, and
Ii ? ml bt 11 ???.?? ? music
- ? ,
A I ...I \il.
Dg short dial??. :. ?," -alii
. ? ?iv ? ditor ol one id II .
- | riixlicaia, "died with th.? late
I'hillp II. VYelah. lie had a curious and
attractive geniua, and be made hi- Imprint
?ii ? ?? ? ! i- m in an unmistakable
? ?I ii,? moventi nt for
writing the little two and three line dia?
logues wbicb while
be was alive. And after ins death, Iront
canci? In ih?? throat, hundreds of men turn?
ed their pens iu imitation oi hi- tl|o||s, ?
nave for some weeks made a careful oonv
n ?d ih?? work of V* clsh's inn: it ? s
with a distinct ?.imercial object m view.
I have????m?? t.. the conclusion that Welah
peculiar kink in ins brain and thai
the kink b ul bo felloa. There is ?
The sty!.- of humor and pathos
which be originated hat died with him.?
\. yv \ oik World.
The Owf af llatlera?.
A peculiar Incident occurred ?ii board
acbooner Howard Smith, of (tTewport, just
pr vious to ber going ashore at I'.?y 11 .ir,
?..?. .lust utter leaving Halteras, up t?>
tue I bad been pit I- in!.
.. threatening, ?n?l an owl cam.? upon
.tbe s ?ihus ?? .-aid? tl
evil .un n. I'tn y tried again aad
again todrlve1 the bird away, bul id vain.
Boon the storm arose, but IhSOW] yvoiild BOf
di part. I rest ? the experi? nee In the
known. The nten forfof ibsprsppaoa
owl and fought the storm. The \???
.ck ami lin? m ki P$ve ????? ?I kWgJ
the bulwarks. < spiala I llfbid and ih??
m. ? sou-;,! the oroes-Uese of the l?reDast,
win r?? they remalasd all nii-ht. lu lbs
morning the owl agahi boarded tbe wrack
aall It had been his work, The bird was
naught and will be Bar warded to Newport
wh reit will undoubtedly be a great euri
Oglty. B*l ? Ihdlolil st.iiul.ild,
It is ???? .s. ?'. ??. s. yci a! wealthy grudu
?als.of whoaa Bobhlpg Battell, iba
d.r of ih?? Battali Thtptf*. is.?, t.. found
a school Ol music in coiincclion with the
l nlveraity. The plan larludas ? hill ?-oris?
of Inslru? ? ?- ana .? baUdlng a rasi to these
ol Ihe ?P-at ?? '?'-? iviilofies of music. I'rcei
u. nt Pwlgbt approves the plan.
\ ?, trolsuui ? ?- I Inteodnoad
,?-??????' In siothmd lor forklat BBi
, ?.? fog-signal apparatus receutly In
tir.? ?'.,???,?,? of the <<la?go\v Itrltlih
Bratteata Bad BaMHa in sa??rx ? mm
tf ?Jnltn Lewis f.'ottvlrtrtl of Ai.ault in
PolesshaiB Oves th?. state.
I ? a ? \ ii.i.K, Va.. Nov. ?. -|"?lal.
Than i? arowlfl iba iBBTiiaawaanp There
has been nach complaint in tin* ?itv lor
fi at* past about what ha? BB88 re?
garded a? exorbitant insurance rates on all
l'Usile -s li-i-, sspeelally tobacco m
?ttrance. The rate? have for year? been
ili?-tatei| ht a local Imurd of underwriter*,
which a ?* under a Mate board c n,.
?"-,,? 'f ., neral BSJtntB, with lead
quartan at rUcanaoad. The local ?n?uranoe
board, it ha? beea abargad, ha- nt
?.? ii- l mei! a s .rt of insurance trust,
ami ha? ruled the insurance beali
this citi with aa Iroa head. Much kleklag
b] business unii resulted m sn announce.
un'Ut, not loag since, by w. .1. Daaos I < e .
a large laeurai. ageaey, thai ussy would
"it. r a rebate ol tea cent* on all tobac
iisk*. Innediatelj m thepronalgatioeol
I i'1'?? another iii*uraii??!? agi i.ev
weal to Mohamad and enployed the
general board to pel a earboaOBaee A
? o. Accordingly, s meetlsg of the g? aerai
board wBI be held next Wedaesdsy t?, a\
"lile a* to the advisability of ?iippi
Dance A Co. lathe neantlne the people
have ri*? ? in their night, aad sn te ah sod
toe-nail with Dance J ( ??. The aghi go ?
bravili, and ha* attracted ? |???? il?'.il ol
attention, ami the iBSUllSg public ?eeui to
be deriving a great deal of confiai from the
-nielli?? lijr Diawltaa ?1?>1??? lent* Con?
ili It ?I of 1 ?santi rohm ? u Sal, ?.
Pbtbbbbi bo, ? a.. Nov. IL? Special.
Tbe body or Bella Tucker, residing m ai
Stony < r> , k. in -uss?'\ COUBty, and that ??
her tWO-year-oM Child, wer??found la I well
yesterday. The woman had been s
to flts of despondency, end it is supposed
that while temporarily in*.un?, abe commit?
ted suicide by junplng lato the weU with
lier child in her arms.
'???? Hustings Court,Judge l>. M. Bernard
presiding, met pursuant t" ad.i ennuient, at
lu o'clock thle morning, wheathe eaee "t
John Lewis, colored, charged with the nwr
derof Dick lira,,?". ai*o colored, was called
tor trial. A BUnbOT Of WiUMBBeS WCTB BX>
ainiiieil. but the test inioiiv did tmt dilbr ina
terially Iron Ute fad* airead] given in thia
correapondenoe. Lewie, the accuaed, beat!.
n? il that alter his troiibb? with l?ra"_' Ie
went to Belfleld to see ins (Lewi?') si-ter,
and that while there be beard thai Bragg
was dead, a* soon a* be heard thia newt
h.? came to Petersburg sad lurrendssrefl
himself to tbe police. < aptalaJ. M. Mullen,
tbe sttornej lor tbe l onnonwealtb, *? ii??i
tiiat alter bearing the teetlmooy be eould
not conscientious!) prosecute the socused
"nenie, and "that se the prisoner bad
dread) been coaflned la jail lor thirty
-lais, he would DO) prosecute Bin lor as?
sault, aad he therefore asked the jury to
return a verdict ol noi guilty, which tbey
?lid, ami Lewi? wssdisensrgee. Uleaiater
Men rame within tbe bar and th usked the
iry and ?.it f??r releasing ber ? ??-? -t ii**r.
The corner-stone of tbe Gregory Memorisi
I'n ibyterlsn church, In IMnce George coun?
ty, a short distance from Petersburg, will
? c laid to-morrovi \\ ith appropriate Mas?me
"CIV.IM -.
? u?? sal? * of loos.? tob?ceo .il the diteti m
wan hoiis.-s tin, w? ok have been the I
known for some years, and tbe prices bare
been rerj satisfactory. Two wagon-load?
ot tob?ceo, raised by Mr. J. Kavenscrofl
? ii, s, ,,? Brunswick county, weighing A,470
pounds, brought!8037.17, or an av?, ?
<? 1..?? tor "m? hundred pounds,
I till r mar ? I ninrot < nu nt 1 m S limili.r
(Ohi t imi <.? Tsnelers?
Ai.KWM'Kii Va.. Nov. ti, -pccial.
ih, ?adie* having the lafrnary beaeBbi in
char.'?* have turned into tin? ???????]
fl.T70.HB, ? huh. With the Other item* i?r th.?
Improvement fund, assure? Ibooe improve*
in? nts proposed.
Nee s na? reach? d here of another lad hi
coal up ih?? road thle tine in Pauuuier,
aear Delaplaine, li leoa Mr. K. w. Mad
lox'a place, better knoara a* tin -?\\.?? :
lu ni." Judges ssj that the quality ie cea
ml ooal.
G?,? united Statee Floh Connlssloti
?tesmer Pish Hswk, wbicb has beea oa tbe
>* at tin? ship-yard for some day?,
tsas launched thia afternoon.
Some believe tbe grippe ie coning back.
la considerable oi thle wrn ?>f sick
n ?-* now noticeable lere.
? .? thud quarter!* s.-ssi, ? ,,f Dlatricl
. *. No. |8 ,,? ?, i?i l? tupiar*, which em?
brace in its jurisdiction this Citi ami 0OUB
:, aid Fairies oounty, waa held at ? lakton,
ia colini), yesterday, The following
lodge? were represented! Pioneer, Provi
,1 ?,,?. Ialini?? lb,w man M, ni ? iti, I.? w ins
wile. Golden Light, < lilton, Keystone, Al?
itili alni Iti s in- -tir. I nr> pi es.nt. ,i :
l'alisinan I iraiiesiill?? ami >t..) ulisii. The at?
tendance WM larger thae usual, over on
bundred delegates and visit?n being pres?
ent. Tbewepcrt of tbe district cbiel tem?
plar and the district secretar] n. re submit?
ted. The f ports show a mi mbership ol 533
m tbe dlatricl and ? ?.?.1 sum la the treas?
ury. '????? oiiiiiiitt.c on State of theUrder
? I the order m good condition. BBd
?ubmittetl a number of recommendations tor
Ita advancement, all of which, after discus
.i ni, wen?adopted.
ih, BritUh *> iiiiie.tie Make Piral Par?
as, ut on I heir -im L.
Gl IBOOW, N a . Nov. IL -peci ,
cablegra.celved bere tin- Btornlng by
tien? ral Fitshugh Lee, pi? ?uh nt "f the
Koc'kbridge ? ? mpany, from Ljoedoa. sa.
s tiial (be tirsi panni lit ha* ? ? ?,
inaile t" the Hi it ??1?-.\??,?|,;?? Tinsi UOBB
?'???? oi London of the one and a aalf nil?
liars, Which i* 10 give a ?indicate
inaile up '?! 1 roiuim-lit l!m.'li*liiii?'ll an later
eat in the capitai stock of the eonpany
which control? the Iowa ol Glasgow, The
arrangement is similar to that inaile by the
Middlesborough Town Company of K? n
lucky with a ayndioate, soste o| theearaa?
li I- "I'Which are illsu interested ill iila*
gow. There wa? at one Une some doubt
? l.oiit tin? payment of the money on account
? tin? paniik) condition of tbe bmnmb] ? n
k-t in England, aad the aew? that the
money baa bow been paid overwlUbe re?
: with pleasure bj iaveetowehen.
llulil the Mo?t Illuminimi? ???????? of
lin- llrrk.
t ?????,?, N"i. -I.?I'o-dai'* *? -
the World'* Fair National OobubIbBjOB was
UN BBBBt liarinoiiiou* me?rtlag "f the Week.
The rc|'ort Of the ?pecial committee BB?
pointed t?i con?itler the rc*olutioii? ot t oin
iui**i"iier* -t. ? lair and ??????? wa? pre
aented. it dednee the dattes of the ????
nlssloa and My? Tin?*?? powers are m no
?sass dlnlalebedorabridged hi reason"!
the fact that th? larger portan of the fuad
lebeaesd la astttag oalbot sadcarryiag
intoeuceessful operation the World'? ? ?>
? it m iiian Eidos Uob Ie to be ralead Ihrtwgh
the instrumentality of th- local corporation.
It 0 'lieltlile? by raOOBUBeadlBg? eoiiferelH'e
wuh the loeal boafd. The re|?)rt wa?
uaaauaously adopted aad ? oonnitl ?? ap?
pointed to conbr with th?? loeal director*
i'laliie t<> th?? iliitie? and BOWenOf the two
Terrible Kunaway Act bleut In Durham
A?' luin Superimi inlriit.
lUl.Kiiiii, Hi I'., Nov. BJ,- ;S|i?'cial.
New? ?. receiit ?I Ban to-nkht Of a terrible
runaway tragedy which (?fiirn-d at Dur?
ham tn-dav, in which one lady lost
her life and another was seriously if
not fatallv injured. Thi? morninK Mi*.
1'. .1. Wlngatc. wife ol the Kpi**?'pal
iniiusti r of Daraaat. ami Mr?. Vi.
?.. 8TbII started eat aalllaa ta a two-horse
phaeton. l'In ? had cone onlv a few ? ?,?, s
ii un Mr?. Wail's G?????? when they
?topued an I ?cnt ;ti?? tlr'w r back for ?time
M.itlug oards. As be was reluruiug th?
horses took Mffbt and started of. Both
ladies: BWtBe alarm?-:!, and Mrs. Wall yv.w
th? hr-t t?. jump. The BOtsea WSjfg then
?min.' at a break-tmk irallop. s|ie wag
throyvn violently, and ivas tirili, ly cut and
bruised. Bba was taki'ii pn npoopeetoua
and aOPVpysd t" a tobacco factory near by,
ami medical ani was summoned. It was
.?..?? s?sti that her injuri? s w. r.? Fatal, ami
-Im dtod PbPBl I :i'.n )'.-lo?k. Mr-, Wingal.
eootinosd la the earring? far soase timi
gfles Mrs. Wall jumped, whan she also
jumped and was tertoualy injured, sh" i?
in a ? ritieni condition and is thought to be
nijureil inliTiiiilly.
Mrs. Wull was forty years old.nini leaves
? hushand and three ehlldr?'ii. IBM had ?
?laughter in St. Mary's school, in tlii-?-ity.
win. ?as summoned by telegraph, hilt ?lid
.? h Durham in tfasptoapa asvasotba
iliy a.
llosnl of Pirn-tors of the Oxford
Orphan Aaylum aset here ??-day, and
h?, ? d B? v. Dr. William B. Black. Of
Raleigh, tuperlnteadeal of the asylum, to
-u.???..?? th?? late Bev. .1. T. Harris. I>r.
Black i-on.? ot th?? !'.r. most ministers of the
North Carol hi a Methodtist Conference, and
la at prenant presiding ekler of the Raleigh
ilisirid. ii,< wae for :? naatbsr of years
? diior of th?? Raleigh ?hri-iim ihdvoeate.
I'?- will take char.'?? of the asylum .lanuary
let, and l>r. It. K. DiXOP, former superiti
leadent, who baa besa planed lam poi arUy
in charge, will remala till that tun.?.
p?.? T. R. Jernigas, editor of Um North
Carolina Weekly Intelligencer of this dir,
will start an afternoon daily her??. It will
bo thoroughly quipped, and will publish
? ,? |.r, v, dispatches.
?IV.'-l.og" Willi mis. tin? (am.ms mirro
esodne agent, baa reaewed ins campaign,
ui.I passed through hers today soatP ring
lilt circulars ami advertising for uegioaa hi
pa Booth.
Aim? of the liallw ?? ?-?????t?.' fluii of
man?enla ?
????. PoQowlpg figurons and excellent
ttatentsnl of the aims aad objecte of the
Railway Employes' ? lub, of Minn? iota, h:is
?oat been Harneo, and will !..? circulated in
? imberi throughout the Btate,aayt
? ? Uwesb rn Bailmsder:
Tbe Railway Employ?es'! lub, of Minns?
sota, has been organised solely for th?? pur
: Ms of protecting the interests of the em?
phvyes and securing and malntalnin
sonable wages andperntanancj and regu?
larity of employ ment. It is not necessar)
to state here how iniiclt this protection is
seeded, or bow mu< h ? m ploy es hay
tend daring the last f??? years, ami are
suffering today, from ?.rwagoa and un?
certainty ?.? empio; ment.
In the year 188T there were In the Btate of
Iowa more than Uve thousand fewer em
? cm m th?? year ?-??-. Theee^nsen
were laid off ?? oauae the railroad oompaniei
found It neceeaary to cut expenses as much
is possible, and had to reduce train servi
decrease th?? muni, r "1 Ih? ir shop hands,
and in ever) way work down their pay-roll
to tbe tow? it '
in tin? s,;1|,. ,,| Minnesota in the year
1889 there were near!) eight hundred fewer
employes Hum In the year 1888, At tbe
sain?? inn.? there waa an lacrease of SBO
milis in tin? amount of railroad operai..l m
th.? .state, an lacrease of ..yer loo locomo?
tives, and all ????t??.?.f over 7."">> can.
Instead ol tin ? b? ing BOO lewer dm ? em?
ployed there ought te bave been nearly ?,???
Why w-is u ? ? ,s.tr\ [or th" railroads to
i-cliic.? their nu ..-?? thte yy a. I There Is one
.?ml only one reason for ll namely, the re
in ????? m earnings cnuasd bj tbe constant?
j Increased i. ductiona in rates. If tin
rates m force ten yesrs ago bad remained in
force up to to-day, the railroad companies
iv..ill?! last year hav?? ? un.?.I alM.ut twelve
iiiiliioi) doll ara m ire tban tin y did earn, and
ibaea would have been no occasion, or ai
least no excuse, for th.oomtee and re?
ductions in tbe torces which have taken
pi ice.
This coastanl ?l-cr ase of ? ah - and earn?
ings hay?? been brought about, ami s siili
beleg brought about, bj what is known a
the granger ??.1???? ?.i the Northwestern
?I Legielaturea bava onlj ..neo''.?.'; Ib
rten aantely, to p i-s lawa which -.y ill beip
ih.? ? .inner, and yy ill yvin the farmer vote.
The Railroad ? ommlsstonert oyv.? their
plants to political Influence, and it the)
wish to retain their places musi thoa them?
selves, on every oeeaalon, friends of the
(armera, it yy.is under these conditions,
under tbe accessit) of yy Inning sud keeping
the farmer vote, that tbe granger iiolicy waa
adopt.it in tbe Northwestern Bi ttes, and
.? followed until tbe present rondi
? ??? ..? again baa be? ? reached.
The <u u..? ? | liti? Ian see? rts that tat
railroad companies an earningeven mov
mor.? inoli, y than they deoerve, and thai
iiiillions ..? rjnli u ? yy ?,, b ought either to go
t.. the public m reduced rates, or else be
paitl to employ,, in increased Wages, are
being swallowed up annually by stockhold?
ers. As a malt? r of fact, tin? annum! .?!
m .n. y paid as dividende to ttockbolden in
the Northwestern Btatee during tbe yeai
?--?? yy is leee than .?m -halt of ? per cent, tx
their ttook.
In tin? yy hoi.? 1 -.. tin? BVeiMg
return from all Investmeol in railroad pn
I "ity t per .'?!??.. yy Inch is |,?.
'h.tiiis p.ii,? b] the railroads of an) other
country in the vv..i Id, and less ?.?? SI D< ?I
b) the Inveetmt ni la ?m ota? ? lin?? ?.? busi.
n?es la Um l Bib d States. I oder iln-s.? eir
C!|ll|s|.l||Ce-, Wfa II live Olli Of I'VelV -|\ |all
loads in the NorthWl St at'?' tO-dS) (ailing t"
earn their expenses and axed chargea, and
m? on the v.-ry ??i.'?? of bankruptcy, tbe
claim of tbe {ranger thai tbe railroadaan
earning tea much money is tonxei d -
Rut the granger does not >?.??? whether
lbs investors In railroads get any atonej or
not, nor whether tbe railroad emploie i
paid wages that be eau Uve upon all tbe
year round or not.
But it is perfecU) cm.lent that the rail?
road rompantes cannot pay their employes
money which they do not earn.
It is als ? plani Ih it BObody ???? i- ffOlBg
to ?.?.? form ar.i und protect tie- laten ?t -
the employes agallisi tbegrangi r uni
with tbls conviction the members of tbe
Railwaj Employe*' Club bare come to?
gether. The t'lui. has nothing to do with
any political part] nur is it tied to any po?
liticai gang. I'.?? Muh has nothing to do
with iiny egietlag orgaoixstiofl among em?
ploy is. it does ii"t Interfere with any
brotherhood. Order, association, federation.
orsootatj now In irthrtenrn It is intended
io include the members of allorganlxa
Uona, and employes of ail class, s of <??.t?
department.ofever) railroad in Um Blata.
[henan twenty thousand railroad em?
ployes m Mian - ?.?, aad they can influ?
ence tweiit thousand othervofeeip additi ?,
!?. Unir own. Wiicii th?? granger pollini in
ami the granger commiaaioner Dnderatand
mat th?s.? v.te. will be cast against them.
ami the inlltn ?.?? of th?????? tin.iisanils will
ha Us.-d- to thwart iheir anib;!ioiis, t ! ? ? ? ?
will noi dan t" oonUnne, :is th y h n?? don??
iuth"pa-t !? Ignon tPS yycll'ue of the rail
r?. ni ( ?????'.? > s. la otite laws win eh will rol.
th??. aploy? of his wagea, ..r to issu., antera
which strile at the employe's means of
livlihood mid the ooenfbrt ?>f ins boom.
Then la no employe bitas >t it.?, who. it
u. he understands th?? situation thor
oii.'hlv. will not imnic.liat.ly join tboClub,
is in ? employe who can ipfpaaj ? I
assist us in ..in- unis without being untrue
10 himself, his orihr. ami his home.
w.? an? shls to [.rottet ounalvse. It is
i-owardii" as well as follv n?.t to do it.
Ii.iiii.iki lilitu (iras. I! >?-..??.
1 Kentucky breeder has Icimed that
Hier.? is much t(. b.? p. rh.rme.1 by Dama
Natura in tas production ??( tin? grsal raoa
horse, ami he has birm-d that in many of
??G tatti Natii:.? peli'orills ??? !" Lest aspri
,1'iassisted. Thus it is that in? tOOOgaigaa
the value of 111" bin I Ta-s for tie? glow in.'
youngster??, as BJpU as |,,r Hi. ? r d uns, and
Ills caie js to see that it is supplied 10 111- ill
in abondance.
Sature unahletl, however, ?'??uhi Basset
hav?? ppiluce?! Un rSOS bOTM Of !.. day, and
BMMgaiaibg Ibis fact the bps'der of the
Uwrougabnd will not let his baby race
I ran go buagrj when th?? pastuna no
longer tiirni-.li tlnan will; a bountiful -up
l'I ? ol nutritious gfgpjgg, lorn, ?lats and
hay ol lbs be.t ijuulily an- supplied so litv
erally that lit?? y o inastar dopa nut .nitor ?m
account ?d the il. n.?. ?,? ?tiiiplv of grass.
Hay, ?-..ni, and ?.atacan be grown m ? :??
ahiiinlain.? Ih?? ?helper laud- oi iti.?
s is ..? th.? other ?id?? of the Ohm, ami
? Uns n is thai the proprietor of a Keatuekj
farm, ? util tino l?. ISO per acre, lind- it
pi?.Ill ile !.. W?lk it to its lullest capacily
asahl.i <r.i*. pasture ami buy his ??.rn,
bav, and ..it- from iho?? who grow these
nradpeteoo < hesperUsd. t "ireepo?deuce
5ew Orloans 1 tiues-lieiuourat,
Their Object BB Hitrrj anil Make linoni
fur Forre anil Apportionment Hill?
lleinoerat? Heteruilnetl to fight Hurt?
ful regulation.
M ?sitiNi.ioN, 1?. ?'., Nov. 'il.- SaeeiaL
snh ITOnnillSSS Of Ihs llou?e Appropriation
loininlttee an? at work daily at the Capitol.
???? Republican members of these commit
lei sai race a BOBaswhal lew lea bastala pu -
parlag esvanl Of th? annual appropriation
BMteeeme. Tbej are staging then tog
with iii'.n h speed. Thaj *av that before th,
lirst week of Coagress hai closed they ?vil
tinish end repon to the Mouse the G :
tion bill and th?? Military Acadeni bill.and
that before the holiday at her? will be pass.,.
by the lower branch of Coogreeetheoe ta
bill?, and perhaaa two others, Theyn?)
be niait, but all the cbaaoee ere the otb? ?
arai. ih?? wi-h i ? fath, r t" the thought
when they announce what will I?? sccom
nlished at so early a date. It i~
the policy ?? the Republican sj,ic in tin
Mous,? t?. gel the Appropriation lull thi
with all the celerity possible, for that
rive then a clearer wa) Ihr their Appi
tiounent bill aad other partiean pi
Hitttheli.ii.rats an? lull] aware Ol thin
.raine, ?ug, therefore, the Republican? will
not go at is ? ipnl a -'ill a* tlu-y think
they will. Itefore they .an sink'
that piai??? they will I*? compelled
bt tin l?iniocrats to siiow their bands.end
If what is contained therela Ie not satls
ti'oin a lieniociatic standpoint, tin ?
will the Deaaoeratk Brakes be applied ti
appropriate measures. The D?mocrate ? III
not be eaughl by the stale en f huelan?.
L'hainaan Caaaoa,ofthe Bouse Appro
prlationi ? bnnlttee, is bere endeavoring t?
?iH'k ??!?.? crini ami to encourage Republican?
bj declaring thai it wae.onlyasmallehowei
and not a deluge. Cannon, of cour??,
predicts Republican aucoeea in 1882
but hi* prop?neles amount to noth?
ing, while hi* utterance? in
to the policy ?,?' lutili??? appropriation!
lin?? an important bearing. Cannon is
one of the Republicana who really believe?
in public economy. During the last session
be opposed as far as he dared th" extrava
? ? ins party, and he succeed' ? In re
?training tbe House upon some measures.
It wa? said that the pfund of tin? direct
ti\. th" French spoliation claims,
ami otii.r measure? Involving tin
expenditure "f public money, which
? ennon strenuously oppi sed, would
be passed at tin? m \t or short session; tbal
after tbe election < aanon would ? Ithdraa
bl? Opposition to these measuree, Now tin?
chairman nt the Appropriati": s ? ,,mmiMe>
intimates ver] plainly ? hai be intends ? n,
sist upon a mon rigid sj iten 11
econony than in the pa-?. II" lay?
that eoononj muel prevail, and thai
in? will exort bineelf to enforce it.
I'ner?? i* reason t" heilere that Speaker
Ret i. in wording two ,.ibination last
session, appeased some discontented R -
publican* by promising the passage at the
next session of moneyed lull* m uh ich tin
malcontent? were Interested, Il ?- certain
that not a ?, ? Republican? are countins
upon getting moneyed billa tbroueh at thi
Coming Session W Inch Were ol,
political reasons bf) parly leaden last ses?
sion. *
N'ow. according to Mr. Cannon's declara?
tions, lie W id ll"t let Up 111 .1111 ot tie -
sin? s. bul will ?tisis! upoBBJforcing down ali
tue appropriation? t" tin- minimum. I here
lore there is an opening pro?peci foi
interesting quarn ?* in the ? publican
tamil) durili.'tin.?'"111111'-' *? **ioii.
? ?'??." ral??? mi rabei* "t tbe House
now in tins city all agree in declaring tbal
the] ?" not want an extra session of tbe
next < oagreae, and that it ?un? shall be
made necessari tin? Itepnblicana Will "??!
th?? responsibility. Mr. Haven, "i faxa?,
Democratic leader mi tin? Appropria?
tion? Committee, taya the Democrats
will co-operate cheerfully ami activelj in
tbepaassgeof all th?? appropriation bills.
-huiild tlie It? pillili??.in- subordinate tin? ap?
pi ? nation lull* to partie in le.is'ati' ?
su. ii as a reapportionmenl lull, tin ? ??
?,ill, et??.. Mr. -.tiers s,i\s tin- | >,.rat?
will insist upon ooaflniag tin? scM?tnu
lo its I. .'iliiu.it" w.'ik, and will li.1,1
it out on that liti??. The Force lull can
only gel before th" House again by comino
'.in k with -'li?t?? nui? ml nulli-.. KbOUld it
reach that stage "i progren tbe lleinocrats
Mould ?"iitinue to antagonise it, and to
demand that regular appropriation meas?
ures b?? consideri ?l.
THfl CASB <>f JBQI He?.
Argumi m waa m ide m tbe ? nited Stab -
Supreme! ourt to-da) m tbecaaeol Ju
tin? Japaeese un h r ? it? at - "t ?hath bj
electricit) in Jiea York. Roger M. Ober
man mail'? th?? argument foi Juguigo. II"
els.A tint the execution ol Remunera <??
cruel am! unusual, an?! not t -?-e n y 11
kir. Sherman asid : ?? This g? ulti ?
I,umili.' ai the wir? instead "1 ai ti.?? -? iki
?- a ?? limiti? ut ululi ali cruelt) which ha ?
elei been deileed."
Attorney-?eneral Tibor will lollow Mr
-in rinan fol th? -tal. ol N? w V, ik. ? le
e.t*?? coin.?* t" tbe Supreme < ouri on an ap?
peal from tbe decision ol Judge Larcomh??,
of the United State? Ciri for the
? ? ilistri"! ol N' i'? York, den)
ipplication for a wrii ol , ? pu?.
inri ? ?>? 111 j-: ? ?ii ? BBY LAW.
I'h?? action ?? the Lotten law b is arcati)
decrea-ed III" business ,,| the ? ? '? < ? I??.? Il s
|, ?stolli.?.?, ami "ii Hits BCCOUbt < hll I PoSt
oiiice Inai.tor Bathbone to-da) diai
uni" empi lyesol thai "ili -e. The withdraw?
al <>f the lottery business from the tbe mail
m ??h- a decrease o? aboul (130,000 a ye ir In
the poetai receipt? of tbe ? iti *,or ab
third Of ItS entire business. lie sal ,
the employes ?lisiiiiss. d iiii'iint'il ?
a rear.
IHK ??'??? ? RASE
Acting?! ommissioner Belt, of the (odian
Buresu, received tbe ?? (lowing U
from aperta per, ol tin ?
Mtenpy, Ibis afternoon; -??????. *pap? r
la false, Agent Royer at his post. De?
tail? bj m til. 1? di.in* -lid damn. -
police report that 800 Rosebud Indian?
bave arrived at the poet, and six or seven
hundred more an aboul the agency. We
hope to aettie tin* ladina erase without
bloodshed. All kind* of rumors in circula?
tion, w ?ii keep the Department fully in
? un m. so/rae.
The following p'-tu; isp .- ,?,,]. ;,:
ed to-ti.il In virginia Laacj C. Powell,
at Air l'oint, Ritaaoke count) ; J, -. t?
nani, at ( ? itimi'?* Station, An. i-t.t OOUOt) :
ll. l.. Ko ont/, at Markeville, Pagi.untyi
L'allei ?.Wood,al (Leva, Bedford county:
W. P. Bray, al Walana, Klag William
county, in North Carolina !.. -win. at
Amanilla. Watouga county: W* W. Bald'
a la, al Rise, M??n county.
A Telegraph Operai, r'? Itliimlrr >avea
Hint from ffsalh
From an sxohBBge i* lakBB the Mkrwmg
a?count nf th" SBaape "f ['resident 8
lanaghtha nlatake sf a le* .'rapii,,:
Preetdeat Robarte, of the Peaaeylvanla
railroad, ha* nisi had a r. mat ?
fron deal ?? -? ne Important bueln
rolvlag use Westers eoaaectioas
railroad, d? inaii.l? t Mr. Roberts' pi -
la Pittsburg ??? Frida? latti. Us expected
to start im rut-i'ur?.' Thursday evealag
and had "iileied hi* pi ivate ear to lie mad??
readvto beattaehedto the |iat section ol
w 'stein ? gpreeo leafing Broad*etreel
station at 8:80al Bight All thai afternoon be
aaxkmsly awaited e dnpatchfron Pittsbura
lafomlag hha thai all anaagaanate had
been mail" ami that I.?? ?a* to ?.?. but
no BBBafeags hsvfag been naaired apte I
o'clock he concluded hi* |<reeencewae not
required after all. ami tBSrefofS , ouutcr
BWaded the older fo; the preparation of bi?
u \t tin, yen nOBBSBl the look, ?l-lii
. --li? was Inn*,' on the table if an "p?
rator at Pittsburg, havlag l?een careles?!)
oovend up with severa! papera.
Atlo'cmo? ih?? seat awralag tu?? -
asettea of the Western Expvan eaass thua
dcriuu B?BBI at New Floren,??? at the rat?? of
fbfty-BVS mil,?? an hour in it deaae fog
-uiiibiily the ?tarlici eaglMM ?aw looming
up before bin tin? outline of a tram,
another instant tin? locomotlv{ ?.m plunged
mio the rear car of tue Ur?t section, sb it
tetti.' tt trout end to end. Two person*
wei ? killed outright,one mortali) mu,?.,?,
and e.i-\en more Mere lyaimtai, ?,m?? oi
, Unlit for life.
I If Prealdeut Kbits bsd taken tbe train,
laorlgiaallj Intsn?sd, ins ear would havi
? ? u the inst one t.. ha tatPBasPJ bj th" gap
i-ion. Tbe construction of bis a u ?
-ud? that he could not h ?? ? - ????'? mstani
i. ss lelegrapli ots'rator, wb"
found tin? dtepatch addressed to ?? si.lent
l!"!M>rts just us he was BbOPl to go h mie
? Tburadav Bight and Had it uiil'si tn?
impression that lie bad sent it, nas nt pat
?en dteebarged, ami aaaitranea has been
oaveyed to bias that bis pestttea wsemin
i.r tie present, ? is said that a hap he
beard ?>i lbs ascisVpf next momteg bis
irst thought w s that Mr. Roheppj inns
en kilted. H.aid aot aadsntsnd
yiiv the brief dispatch aanouaclpgt
??.lent which be received and transmute
? iti" tupsrintendsnl Banda no Btenttepsf
t't . r !?. log en the train,
rhlnkiog be might be mistaken as to th??
?.?. .. to '.. a'??? Philadelphia, at
lurocdtotas III to see Ihe dtepatch lo
I .resides! Bob? its. To ins astonishment be
m .?? .in ck-marks a ? ?
not on u. ami u snudi niy lashed through
ile brain that he bad aof taut It, He w.i
n a cid -u ?? ? r moments, not knswlpg
sbatte think, ii.? expected a discharge
for not sending ine telegram, although hie
u. .? bad - ivad Praekteat ?
II.? w. nl to : i- -up? ? or and told the BtOTJ
frankly. The reeull was saOisfactor) lathe
Mieta??, .u d the ope ? itor Is ooogratulaUag
blmsell th ?t tor once derattotkm in Ins duty
?- iik? i\ to redound to his ben? it.
On ? lac ?? <??? G?.? Ctatsstseg et Basali i>*
I . ? . utdl upon the BovPtPBtSPi for
lurrenc) ol tin? tatattet osmoaalaatteaa bava
teldom been mon extended or aeUvsthna
In y have been for UM past two months.
??. ? com., troni all sections, but especial!)
nom the region between the Mississippi
?tut the Rock) mountains. Hut little of the
diver coined under the Bland-Allison Ini
reni uns id!" in the Treasury, his men?,
?ulat. o, except to the extent of a few mU?
' liars, ??iher i,y certificates or as
?ni. lb. i,i|.s which have I., en Issued
inder the Bberman bullten law bave besa
principally ol the terger denominai.s.
Non?' under II" apt cu? thus for te
been pal out. The denomina?
li fot ai" ont s. twos,
imi lives, rin s.? will be furnished as tar
. ? of tbi <? ?\???????? nt will per?
mit and butin? -s demands, beginning a fow
l.lvs Qi ne??, bui II" y U? II??! Ilk"ly to be
u. in.unt, for a month or two yet
to come, to fully me. t lb?? cminiry 's BOOBS
In th.? exchanges. Then will ban
eoi ? agi G silvers Btontb k?pt
up for eight or Bine months y?-t. In BOe
! .iheprovisi ns ol Un? Boermaa a? t.
and tins.? pi.?.?, s will undoubted!) .'" Into
,! circulation noon alter thsy tenn
un? ml
This demand la one ol the enoouragiag
lime?. Il shows that gt in i.tl
nad" is active; that sil work? r- ? bo d? tire
work are employed, and that the ?country is
laiily prosperous, Currency ?>i ih>? larger
denominations mrate the neceeslUes m the
, transactions, but tin? smaller notes
tre indispensable when activity Iswldel]
litlus.-d. in the utter condition ?.ley,
though in -mail amounts, pasees quickly
li m band to hand. E very body Is busy, anil
? of comfort and content?
m? nt is at its hi.-hesi. This -. .ins to be the
ii nt present. .Ml of Ihe si.-n.
which have huh? rto b en considered trust?
worthy) buslnesa "pointers" are turned In
ime direction, ?: lUws) earnings an
itili m ah.un e of tn"-.? of ? ye u ago, al
, ? hose were lurgeh in eie? ss ..t tbe
Bank otear
Lbttnndlng tbe ? uH that
tb.nparlson i- made with a psrted of
uoiisuallv higb average?, continue to thon
? ? ? Um ' .m s.
? ondili/ tin!?? in I" ". Mosto! tl"? tending
Industries sie busy, with the prospect, tbo,
that Ih" activity Will last .u lo.i.t tblOUgb
IUl !ii - isid". Ih" hi.sin. M
iiil""k. as most persons whose judgment
.? tuis ,pi. sl-.-ii Is worthy of attenti?.? will
admit, is rulli I bas !??? u al
any time w Itbtn the last half dozen r?
st.' Loult (Hob I? mocrat.
Bs Organised a Wat klag stateh Bsiwssa
1 ..? l,t ? . an.I ?.?.
n BheridsQ waa bard op for cash he
Used to m .k? ics wit earn the mSSUS Of tub
-ist, ?..?.?. an I ?..old accoinplisli tins Do
! ? Hi by !.. ' ?. ?- With tin?
prince ? ??? ?V dis? ission nace ?
to ib? ? -?? ? UV w iikin.' capabilit
itirkeysaml geese, and the wit expressed
binisi it very Inereduious of tu.? assertion
thai ?',G?,".- would walk twtee salai aa
01 ?, 11" tit"?!? .1
li v. ? as foal
oil tin? load I in.? tbe tbii
" u I so ? luru ih.it the prince lu?
st triti) ml -????!?
. .
? the ?? early
Il t" ar?
io h?? travi raed,
, ? in il lau Ib ine
after.n. t , ? nee wae that
? venin : -? ? m hi p lb? ? Ival ?? ?
- ? iti.il,
nul although th?? turkeys outstripped tbe
il Urat, a- - . . s ,.| night Idi
thej rel.ised to lie driven forward, and fot
? :. h. the ?.?-.m.?.n s ol th
u ihe ??, idsld ?. I - . sevi r, wan
rara t<> tbe goal, and th??
is' his v.
Bis Well Buna <<??? Bad silver,
Then la a wondei ful well don a nani the
-. art? sum well a th an
alum.lani Mow ..? pur?? water, lufheient
!.. irrigate a roasiderabto aatouatof lapd,
' '. any OPS 'ml ? san
Lula man. But tins la mineral water. It.
is effervescent, v..? palatable and sx
i reu.? ly healthful. SorlatldsaU; tIn? force
of tu? water brings op from tbsdtptheea
? ?. luv.? silver or a gold
former baa pi teed a aat k ..r
? v. r the mouth of the well to
?? itch tbe m. tal and \ ? v-i.t If boa ehob?
lag the cows. I. caltpcientists tlslmthatat
? d ????? and under eu? ?,.????- pi
the water is washing sway a lege of r??'k
whose - Ion tad rifa
the water its mineral uuallttes, but wbaaa
{old and -.;?.. i. noi being dteaolved, an
brought to Hi?? surface m u metallic state.
Pike's V
? ?ubiiiii.es. v;isapptlasL
? ? lieg Wife t. Ils ..! a trying butlssth
ncldent which offered a lalr chapes
.ai of temper? ??? was the m
of a brisk young mate of .?II w..rk, BfhQ
uiah-r en enthusiastic mietross -.mu? i>??. Bang.
interested In the prettj neu bont? muda
bright ' y m in) w. . ate Annaig
lbs latti r i.i? inw ly-man i..| pair wer?? very
ptOUd ' I IP? "ii I'i.it yy as s, nt frppj
! -. and o. sid.s a --lojstory " had
tome o : ? ????... ? oxidising andcaastag.
? ras ining Um silver under b>
stnicii'.ii givenbf the young housekeeper,
. tbe came rushing htto tbo iposj
with ? ..... ..? rounpMapos,
ixelsiming with great ,..??.?. ???'vp tl? m? M
at last, .,,.;. itef Ute eurtoue
? tux otii and ?biny
?. renof curlot an lit to imagine
Urn feeUaga of the misti te. Exchange.
\ ' , ? . ? ..ir slt'iwlaa
? the I nite.l
has .?? ? IT?!,. 00,000, or
170.000,01 o In , is ? receipts, m thpi
..? Bl fot p.-i:
t C the
pincha?, of ? ????,??,??? went
t?. Mfall atmet la the purchase of lanuti, to
tega that iasaUable market, ? in? Treasury
is reducid loinuU change without appris
oiably imppDving the flaaneial tttuaUop,
I'll* surplus is ?one ami tax. ? ai is ?,??.?? ici.
All because ? 'migres?, at its tasi ???????mo,
w is ,I'iuiii.il. tl b) -pec?, private Interests.
r.altliii.'ie ?un.
Not th? Youngest ?Uovernor.
It is a in.stake t?? say that William E.
? ?ss,-n ,, ni,? yobagesi man ever steeled
Governor of Hassaehu>satts. Mr. Uussell
was ? ..in ? tauari o. iv.7, an ? i? now con
sequen'li tbirty-thrsa vppn Md. 0<rsrgsH,
tsjoutweU was bora January m, is|s, ai>i
wasch. :.?.! l.oVciitor iu Novsmbpft !>>>, ?il
? ! thirty-".. | ? w.^ ,\.
I scUy ou? yeat y..uig.i- than Mr.auaaaatl
I was pa G??? day be was sleeted, tpppaxl
voungiMt ?Ouveraor of MaananhpnaMn wag
l ? uh ?m. ? r. Baaka, who wu? tirst atentod
wb? ? he was | rty-two. ltoeton lierai^.
All th? Perirle Itoart. and Their ('??nee
tlon. to he Operates! I ruler <?ne Mea
?Kiiiinil .I'ttvir. la It?' ?? Atitlrl
li.tnl Srlrn|iiillt.n Mertlon.
Rii HMtiMit Daily Ttaas, .
Noieiul*r H, 1"**M
It is ?tatetl that an alliance baa beta
lormed between the inter??! p pn ?tented by
Qesajaaj ('. Magoun, of Knlder. I'ealtody A
<'?>., lay leiiild, f. I'. Huntington, and lit?*
-landard oil party, by which all the rail?
roads owned ,,r control!???! by them, indi?
vidually or jointly, will be operated to.
?ether, practically under Gould's dint-lion.
I III* alliance includiti the -?ut hem PsCigC,
I tu ? Tactile, Mlsaoiiri PaetBe, Northern
l'acuii?. Atiluson, U abash. Kanaaa ami
? ? ?-. fax as Partie, aad mam other ? ads.
lh?? Barilagtoa ami ? hloace imi Alton ??ill
ICI with th?? alla d rOada in ahab'it r -?teii*
osai han nier be takes, if tin? \ aaawrhlln
md the road* BOBtrolled b) J. 1'i.r.BBBJl
Morir?n can ??? brought in, a in?? tin?,? ?>f
the beaten and railroad preaieVanol all
th?? roads in the BOBBtTJ ?ill U? called, a
new BSSOrtattea fan niKi. and tb*-n an immi?
llate ami material adi ance in all rallntatl
rate? will at once be ordenti.
I he Kasf Tennessee tlireclora to-day
lected >. M. Kelton. .Ir , president of then
Company : UOBQtBlTwuneo. chairman of the
.aid of ,1 rectors; t alMii s. linee and
Henry hink, ? let-pn ?nient?, and I.. M.
-? ?iwan. secretary. Mr. I. It. ? will t?kt?
har.e a? s<-oii as Ii?? can retire from the
I o*iti??ii of \ ice-preeident and sonerai tratti ?
?aaageff of Ma. The head'iuart n?
? the pie*i,|?ncy of | i*t leu?
's. h ti beloeated at Ulartaeatt, <>.
u is ?oaanally ?tanti that the cher???? ???
m nie to reukm Deaerai TheasM Ban Hat
detail woik ? ? nsssgtag the property, and
will place s practical railroad as?ate tbe
field where tas property i? locateti. General
Ih in is will hereafter delete Ins attention
to the fluamial direction and ???????? of
th? property.
???????? hkmiii ???? ? i oajNkUMBf?aa
Tilt? olitela! cani ass <>l the \,.t,. on < on.
B! ?sun ii m the Third tlittrlet eltt'ts to*<lay
Coonbs, Dsssoerat, i>y ? Bnjarttj ti nine
roles ever Wallaos, Uepubltesa. There ia
? nominal U? publnan majority in the die'
Biet of 8,88?.
si ir BOB PAUB ?????.-??????.
Ionise Lochet, the Fremii maid ?ho waa
m? s'.dia-t w.*k oa saspirtaa of havtasj
stolen $11,000 werthol diaasaaas fnnn Mm.
Arthur E. Hal, in.in. has decided I" bfflag
suitagaiaetMr sad Mr?, galsnaa lora?
cover the sum of llBByfBB damage?, f?r faite
impri.i'iii.i' nt.
IHK BBOOBI ? I t KN-i s.
The la?t clceiinii distri??! ?,f the |BJ
a inch comprise the jetty oi Broohlya has
????? caniassed by the police censii? takers.
I lie hook* hau? all Kii'ii handed to thu
Mayor's secretary, who'aspeen them t?t
foot Up ?BB\000 lUllie?.
|ir. Ragle, re.-ist? ? of vital *tall*fic?, has
prepared a table which show? the ini|*nt
ance to the resid? nt* of this eitv I III?? ills.
covery ??f a preveatlve or ooasunptioa. It
ri veo the deethe ooeerriag m ??? ioli m
the last '.'il years trom consumption ami
from pneumonia, the death* limn ? odi
eau???? is'in^' (tilen because ?>as??? of eon
sunptlon frequenti] termin?t?? in pnru
iiioma, ami 8MB] case* of pneumonia
an- of th?? chronic variety, although
not always ?o ?lateil in th?. Math tertitt
oate. The tienili? from th????.? eaaeae ?lurin?
ih?? lit tin years iiiiiubertil ??,???. The
total sanberrt Booths Iron all oaasas ??
? in? table ?how? thai the ??t
ol the death? troni consumption to
ih'? total deaths la ine citi m these tea
vean ? as ? LU,
HANK K'iltllKH.
ih? mat ? hat tin Tan ? fr-sMMl Wui
I'.ank "I llrooklyu ?as leaterday roblatl of
15,000 in ?'ash wa? mail?? Mfllfl to-dav.
Sneak thrtvee areaaaaaeed to have cui
uillted th?? crime.
I "ill IMI ?? ? ?IN A HANK.
on?? ?.? tn? ?a.i.icst aaaaai ot bjb ?vail
street eollepn is the daveloBnesl of a
sudd? u ind apparently grow tUsSS panic
aiuoli.' the depuetten it MaaCtttseaa1 -j
i in/* I aatttutwa, Mo?l of then are aliene
bi birth, who aadentood aothlBg shoal the
siniati'.u, ami w!i??se free/y 1?, tberf.
all the non eoiitariou?. gol t .nateli th,
bank profess?e to be bum to assai ali de?
in.m.?* W Itlioilt beiiiL' ObtlgSd lo sa? rill? ? Ila
valuable investment?. Ili?? list ol th??
bank'? depositen ?hewe thai then an sheet
1,000 RUBSiBBB, lii"?lli .1. ?%-; 8/88 Pole?,
4OOO Austrlans, and J,1"") German?.
A 1'AIIK.Vr KC!( Kim II.
The recent laiorabl. result? ??? the ciperi
imnis "I tin? Bertis scientist, Dr. Kov! 1, baa
prompted Mr. W . J. Aiki.ll, ol the Judge
Publishing! "inpani, to send over ? ? ?tient
Iron In r?. William Degna, Of Bti l.aixbt
-ir? ' t, who ha? been siimrinir for miuii?
tun iron ni?? ravages ??? oonaunptb s, aad
WhO i? Bt | ???' lit 111 Olli .,I till' W .?.ril* ??I Ma
Krancl*' H"*(,ital, has bSBB seit?bBbJ to 111 -
Barga the Koch Inatneai, lit? istinrt?
sevea ?ear? old, aad both braga ar?? aft atad.
Ih '"inpaiiy ?Uli In. W, A. I allai ail.
licitan will seil ?or Berlin lOBBOIIwa. All
?\???-?-. ol tbe trip ?ill be nani Bf Mr.
iV-lKi RBI 11? UM?* as AN At ink.
The tirst ambitious effort which has ever
bara untile la put baajaaaM Hi me? ?n tin?
?tage baa beea successful!) scbteved at tin?
I'ark lin-atre. Tin re 1? BfebabtJ liu man
in \? a \> rk ?ho-?? ?* rsoiiality ?* *o replete
1 with lulei'st a? lbs aitai!?? and trsa?|uU
'. .. I I the poke? dcparttiieiil. -in???? -u
|.??? lu ?mteiit Murray went t,;, Kurupe OD
ui-eouut of Ill-health, Hi rut-s has Im-cii In
eonnaad, ami i? is not aallketf
that he wiU remain in that pg.
siii,ii. i'i.oie is no ?eteetive ie
Kur??;?. ? ho is ?a ?????? now
es luHpecior Hvriitt?. American? abroad
arealwaya queetteaad a? to his i<?iks snd
nsthods. Viiiie time age a shrewd aad Ib*
duatrlaBB Bswapapat ?riter hegaaaitad*
"I (he character ot iBaBteUf Ityrnrs, aa
well ss devollnif mmtt Of In? IBBB to tue
?tmly of the poli,?? d?partaient and ita
manner of dealing win, ?rime. Kruaa hht
observation? tie w,,,,? hi? idea? into the
plav, --Hie '.?speetor," a iu. lo drama.
.Minili?.-, piacisi (aseestoi Byiaeaaa tbe
-? >.eln a truthful and ditmu.tii?? fashion,
ami which "U??? a taUhiul and a? curato
?li?criptioii of tin? jajJu-e departm? nt Ol New
IW lui; s. tina. Charge? As*i.,,t |)|||0b and
??BJ 1.1KK, Nov. ?I._??U memla-rsote
local brauch -i (be Irish l.and league bave
iiuiieil in isatiing an address criticiaiR? th.?
mctSod? and motives of Metiers. Dillon snd
?>'Hilen that ?ill stiraci wkle stlen'i. 11
among the friend? of lr*lsad. It noes ao
far as to ('bar?,'?? tc,m they fear to bave an
lush laud '.?.--Km? here to ? in? h tbey
woi|li\ h-.?? to account forinonev ?tib*cribeU
ay IriB?-Americau?. ami that they bave en?
?>?\ored to ?top the. rahmiK of moin-y to
prepare for th?? bBBSadlaf f.nnin?? in Ire
i.ind for [\j&r iSat it would intertere with
; their ... n ?-.? 1 ?? *?
Ur. ?? ?<l?nit latervl-N.r.1.
Nr.? Yuss. ?". -?. I?r. McGlvnn, in an
lab ?????? ? .-siding tbe publUbed ?tate
lueiit? thai he ?a? **ui to be rein.tated,
?aid that he did a<>l attach much Impor?
tano??: lu It- He ?a) ? he will nevar r? cant
lit? theories which are dearer to him than
hie Church oae ever be. lie emphatically
tftlrnied the, truth of hi? theories, and ?alii
tbe Church mu?l inevitably accept them.
B|?*? ralBser's Ur?>saaaahlaa>
Uaa of tbe beat amateur tln??aiaaerv in
New York Is tbe wife of Masaxvr A. M.
Palmer, who doesn't gel many op|*>rf umtua
to iiuliilge ber ta?te, l'ari? robes being suf>
mi.utly abuuUat lu her wardrobe. Ik
1. ipj. ned ?"I losg ???>. boweier, thai a tit?
ilo incuti, rieber in hope iban m oaaa, wat*
?m tbe eve ul marriage, and Mrs. Palmer
eiere,! with a woman'? /??I nt? tbe <iu?a>
lloa of the troiiraeau,. aitiug. lilting, ami
eoatrlvlag evtrj ^mt. m. At ih* seni?*
tin e ?he w .is watch ???.' al Uh* betlkleV ?Mf <a
sick vv.iMisn sud tieinou-trallaaf la halt ?
jna*a waja at once her pesarssion of ? a I
[ eicrgy.

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