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Io Haw tba Finest Building of tlie Sort
In Virginia.
|trrB_B*>m*nt of the tlMftVreiit Department*.
|e enrl Dressing Itooma De?
scription sud rjima.
The finest s> .liding in '
Sill before, loaf ba <-..-?. tVOBg
Mens chr tum Association ot Petersburg.
For ioma tim* past tho conniaittee on ,
and building b*ve l? aa I ? to itody
np the heft pinn and they fa H
with the architect. Mi
1'etersburc visited tbe I I buddings
of New York. Brooklyn, w Ma**.,
lYovidence. K. I.. Alban'.
The committee con?.ista of Messrs. (J, B.
Morgan, Captain I- L Marks. Auguatna
"Wright and Sirbob Seward, four prominent
Vinsiness men la ihe i Joekade I .*? Aftei
rable work the committee have Bpp
of the plans, as published in to-day's col
of Ths Traraa
Ths building will bfl n Sycamore
Bear Tabb street*, on the site of tl
front building which burned down
eighteen month- ag ildinfl frill
{frontage of _ ie 176feel
t will pi
tbe rear build dcb will '?
gymnasium, baths and ? t on wbieh
the atructure will be ere
?11.000, sad the of the
building will involve an ox?
fpnditare of I* ,000.
19,000haveh!read. ribed, and the
J round fur the building will be broken by
uly tai, i
been able in tLe meantime to
addition. '1 hs committee are hard at work in
rat* in? funds, and t ht t am cn eded during the
past few days t^t se.' .nnt
tngto*4,000. Btate Secretary H. O. Williams,
who has spent a good di d' I his time during
the past two we.ks in Petersburg, hus ren?
dered valuable assixtance in the raising of the
Tb* building will Le entirely fire-proof, arni
{t Will be constru'ted out ol' Philadelphia
;riok with red sandstone tun.mint's.
windows in thu fi "ui <>f the building will all
be of Kron, h piaf-, ? building will
beti ? 9 high, withamaassrd roof sad
a tower on the upper end re street,
-i aa safc aaa r.
The basement of the building in the rear
will cmum taro bowling all
fitted aa ia the latest style, i most
interesting feature* on that floor will be
plunge bath or *wimming-pool, l*x50 feet. In
winter time the water lg ming-pool
will be bested by ?
lockers wfll be eonstiir-t.-d for the
of the gymnasium, and it is the il
provide for 460 or 600 roch I lhere
still be als.) six sh v.
baths and two bath-tubs.
This part of | 'lent will be divided
from the front by Bfl area len feet a
fi oat i>art of the beaement is to c.,main b
(md eng.ne rooms, oma, Ac, and
also three sepaim.- three
stores to be fitted up in the next tory. 'The
whole basement will have, a concrete door.
rae* b-oob.
The first floor will nt the tippet end ci
tlie entrance and hallway containing i
cases twelve feet wide leading into I
stories. The rest of this floor will be *
up by three large stores i sch are tw<
three feel wide and 10S, 106 and li -
de.-p respectively, In the rear building,
which l> separated li', mi th" I1..1.
the area, the gymnasium will bo I.
part cnn be reached only from I
atory, although sn iron bridge bas been pro.
vided ii.moss thc Bl ? -Mtv.
1*_e gymnasium will be 40 by 10 feet, ai
m furniabed with the ti parataa of
the lut.st j attorns and improvemei
The i ? r will contain a reception
room ;.'"> by -.-7'.. feet, a genera! parlor ?I by 25
feet, a ladies' psi lor 14 by 24 f_ I
a ls by . urary 17 by 31 I
directors' room i ixl? feel h b is i.v
19 feet, the set reta I 10 by ifi feet, an
aa*, r a 80 by 40 feet, and the main
hall .'.:: i [hs hall B
a_neted similar toa Iheatre, and
?tory, will be ?
patten, will form the scats both iu the ball
and gallery.
? vs.
In the rear ol' thc ball will bea stage with a
araasing-room on each end. At tin
of the main hall a c | lead over aa
boa brid
bailcl i wn into tbe gymnaainm
the fool of the atairway v.
saide ?
Be.-, .nd atory of the r< ar bu
up by the visit
a gall.:.
gymnasium. . turned in! ?
a running track; it will be
whst alantiag toward* I
will be mp. k\ co. red rn . nty.
four rounds or lau* wi.I make a i
9MHil. B?DOB.
The third floor, which will i |
over the ry ol th* Idii g
IB - linthe gai!.
I'"*" - il to ii 'here will be . s
kit.il ?
trout par!
slaaasooasa, v, . fa .
to ba avant nally tl
oaej ? phere ?*..[
be*1?""-' floor two lodging-rooms,
which will be furnished sud attended to bv
the ih.J . - A
ti-.n. l
bubb,member* ol tha As
abie ngi.
The whola building will be heated by ateam
t,' mu .n of
petersburg ha* at presvnl Ind
?'? ne of whom pavs ? member.
!irP i thiscity only
mT**?};' I?a'v
?6 and the rust ar.-aatiMied with am. ml ai
_oa*e tar U pot year. As soon as tim new
Guiding ls orient the saganWW* <{?
-burg Assotiation will no doubt
largely increeeed.
tho intention to pnph the building so
? put under roof before the nen
winter seta in.
St tr l At. Arr Al RS.
Slit* Thaw** Military *T**?cman--MUi BUI'S
PrlvHt* Party.
Miaa Mary Thaw gave her last german
,v evening, anti the entertainment
wae-afittine;nna!.) to the WCCeseful *
v a lathes ??
Hall, ami
? ifl their evening's ,
part of th.,
was later assisted hv
Mr John Wiiborrf. Much beaut.
flag wnile tl -T" mtb ,'?,'
\ , ii was
lerveddui :
k in tbe morning.
many , .
There waa a K've'1 'ast
Pinn street,
nt were M
. v Haynes, RlaieCel I
and Olive Bethel, Limier Toler, Maud
??? Blanch ftn.l Mitchell
I Blanche Trevilian, Lillie I
I i. A. Ca
and" I irfoot. Messrs. I
Hill, .1 D I I, -lr.. Willie
Baynes, \ irgil Glazebrook Jr.,
Charles Owens, Perdinan I I.. I
Mr Smith lb il Crouch
John Vi
Wilton i
auk Wella
Hundley \wt\ta
young people deft for their homes nt an ?
I nder the auspices of the Friday ??
f , iepar.lt."I -..made 1 .ll e
a vc. Immedial
arrival at Warwick Park a gera an rn
ed under the well-kn
red by l'i/zini.
The flral mooniigl I
.; (iap on ? ' be stearne!
will be given neil 'I u< i
f..r th" bent lit of the Church renant.
The le ' B church, under t: ?
known leadership of Mrs. Wi!
Lpos, ! 1 their arran-'
Refreshments wdl be furnished on
board of the steamer at very
and a large crowd is expet I
already bel
rniia i-si < i-*. n RBI s nts
or tbe Richmond Him, Itaera at Vonni;'- Pond
The thirty-second annual reunion ot the
Richmond Howiters will occur al Young's
Monday. ?
M. sharp. 1
ire tl :
Invitation ,1 'i M.
W. McK. i
| W. S. Wi
Amut I 8. Kubank.
!l. <.. Wi ld.
Vf. C. An
MB, Mi//1 s /:/ \i i i ,?.
lt Bids lair u, p.. a Moat i njoyabb
tiim by Ins
friends, will occur Monday evening in the
will be
I be following ia the i ?
< niiuiinrbani, Ma , ,1 Lobmun;
? Ukin and I
L1"1*",''*' "dui M.
uk ( an?
ani an I ch
n, ?vith its i
I on a field i
feet in
tbe i rank < unningnem quarti tte and cl
Mr. Bl
Q truth
1 ugh it tl
'Ut H po
' !?? Bell Hu- House.
The ladies ol
v" ? ":: adding at I
'"'' "f ' loon as poa
ive the
? dav at
D I iylor, b
ii" Purchaser put in
During th- Mr. Ta-, i
endeavor to t the hui
tributiona in :
.' lied to -
litisons Dead,
Mrs. Anna Parsons, wife of Mr. \v. K Wt
fit her horns
I ? i.'h.'US". ?
night, ii
;'"wr) ?" Go. bland, where she
i 'tilLmny tr^u:te- pwWeweethetofanoble
Umetaau. and her deeds wiii eoutmue W live.
Earnestly Preparing for tba Contest Here
Keit Joly.
Hail Weather Int.rruple?l MwtSSJ Hnrlni:
tbe Ueck Hornew hat-General Notee
1 rom Um the State.
Tho week -i been rather un
. the
? ,. r, ,. v ll iwever, the
. training far th
ip at the oomiag E
as it dui not rain bricks, and in tha'
I pped fur fear that
th'ir bott Bight bo injured.
Bi rent doe
river, and it goet Without : the
boya are progn
.-> now. will consist ot B
\ ? . :;. Vf. P I
e. Mr. Ad
only began row og this ?
well '1 'bi''" :
r.iws a forty-etroke whi h
unless it should seen ed
dug of the season Mr. Di I
be bad ti
'1 lu
man ? ? the
'?lr. William Tinsley, an
.:.!>. made
1 bv
tim.-- > victory.
rr ,.f
: (altimore and i
ip away h
Warwick Lark.
Mr. I.
beer <
Mr. \. ' 'bib of
Ni **
m the
u B.
in ti
w w 1'
be C
? i. Mr. Janies ('. I..nub. -.iii i
of thi ? au.
i i
A year a
with -
this department.
anti ?
two A
field il
tl. ? fc
b air |
?i ml
nil Vii
nis. altai
lull *-w
willi A1
il ?
four ?
'. mo
U i. Goldsbj Dead.
vM: ' '
; I
tion he ? .
rulth for
theil ' uru
hta. has
' i
* HO. tl rx
Bocondrioor. ml7
the A*air ha nm.
Hst. Mr. Csv lari. Boam to Tek* Charge ?t
Itata Al. ah ?
Ber. KdwsH S. Ciliicb *-__g?in*dthsthe
would accept the pastorate of Beth Ababa oon
trregation. and wiU soon leave his home m
Teoria, 111., to .Io so. , _ _?
Mi. OUMsefe waa born in Toledo .lune 23,
lsr.y at pet * twenty-five years of ape.
His parenta mosed to Michigan BOOB there?
after, and remained till he w*s ?x years old
I .-.- tlwn mosed t ? Chicago, just one month
prior to th* great tire of 1*71, where every.
thing wa*- theelothas tllay wura. Mr.
?'-h, with his motlier *nd brother, I
. | .. his father el
iblieb a borne. Mr. Calisch re.
turned soon afb-r. Bad went to school until
? died.
nr.v. edwakd a. __a
He wai then at the age of ten years and
:. R-ork ai i rina
ewish Orphan Moment c
.. ar*, and
. lei
lughea High School
ed in Mav.
?Ul. dine
M UM. ll. .ter Nol. a.
iffolk, te visit
? t. > preach
church this morning, aa
I h" ' -hmond and
B e ex.
continued uutil
v. \V S.
.'ry lor bu
Grymes to Co to the Penitentiary tn a
Few Days.
It is Probable That a .'ardon or ? Com?
mutation tv 111 be Asked
E. B. Oryme-i was sentenced by Judge
Aiken in the Huatings Court yesterday. A
moments after ll o'clock the prisoner waa
brought into the room bv the Sergeant and
Ij 111 i toa bette friends gathered round bim,
pressed his hand and gave cheering words of
enci uragement.
There were quito a number of spectators
ai bul not of the personnel that made
up tho er wi the latter flays of the trial. Mr.
('? ry me-,'wife and mother were not present,
but his brother, Mr. Leyton Crymes. who
has remained DJ hi*? side, during the entire
trial, was present and occupied a seat by his
Mr. Louis Rawlings and other p*r
nemls were pn
\- ii o'clock ludge Aiken seconded the
n, and .nafew mom v' r Btring
a- un's,. ami, addressing tLe Court,.--aidhe
felt certain that every one woi ld agree that
the ends of justice ha. 1 been reached in the
verdi rendered against his client,
and while he and bi itel entertained
exactly tho same opinions wey did when on
'dav evening tl COT an arr>
judgment, they were willing that the contro
end. nml, ther I with
tiri w tbe mi tion he baa made, and fell that
Qonwealth's attorney would be sat
? nd the proeecution.
I IO s^Y.
Tlie clerk then told K. H. ("rymes to stand
np, and the prisoner aroa I . I . I
him if ho had anything to say whj sen
shou "1 npon h m. Mr.
iee with s motion of his bead indicated
?? bad ni t.
. who had been looking the
judge in the face, now cast I
. while Judge Aiken in
? ?'??I that the per?
form was ko painful' lim
and there confined for the year
I aice with the verdict rendered by
the jury.
i ommonweall ney said he was
and with '
sining indii tm<
The court then took a recess until i o'cl
in order to give the clerk time to p
As * rn as t! e adjournmi i *.ikon
ral friends
Mr. ll. M. Smith. Jr., who ha rep
ivealth, althous,
tuan whom il i
. went i j
hands with Mr. Qr*ruieuund Ri* brothew. ?_*
in a low ton* whispered a tW words of
sympathy with them.
Mr Grymee was then taken tojall, smltha
ahortjy after Judge Aiawn signed the rewed,
raxaoa oa oo?wotatiov
Judge Aiken, the prieonrr** soaaai
mother and bia brother were in eoneolu
veaterday. but no action was decided on it
is probable, however, that a petition will bs
potten up asking th> Governor to p*H' ?
prisoner or commute the sentence to
nnsonment in jail.
Mr Gryrn** was asked last evening: ,
Timks' reporter what u_ opinion was
verdict. , ...
BB rajpttM li* had nothing to say. jj,
further said that he did not know aa
reference, to the conference held yesterday
"on- ,, ^ j .
Mr (J ry mes will be marte as comfort*-!* ai
possible wbilein jail. f'?r every one hnd ? '.
lo anything that will ami
?i He ha* tendaysin whi'h ' ?
jail before he ie conveyed to th
lt is but just to nay that the trial and lb.
vesti-'ation ot the Gryu. . Q.
elusively that Mr. Kobert M ..
was at one time employed In I ?? |
office ly Mr. Grynie*. was not in fi?
ted in tho discrepancies '
in his testimony that in u
be rind Mr. Ks
was thought by many at
that th* defense would attenij I
Mr. Beyaolds was connected with the
Judge Aiken while in I ! ??
the I
r?,ns cial attention, ead autos i
Danville last evening. He is a;: ?
? and lawyer, and the Danville .
vry proud of nim.
Thre* PardOBB.
The Governor yesterday pardoned Bit bari
renville Mood-.
r arab
cats of ths prison Burgeon ti ?
a h jr he ehota
longer term than ti:
with him and con
aud whoso ten
. Mifferiug with ?
I to Pardon Ms
...ing in 1
Dooks Bacaivd.
"Elisabeth,'1 ~?*n
Porter J
lelphia, Pa.
"In tho Hea
ll. Mar: I
ll. Tolman. Americaa Book
?tperin." ft
Belford < '? rk.
. rsnnanic '
?v .
ford Comp '
"In 8 om the I
Belford Corni?i
"Widowed Wife and
I ompeny,
iny. New .
Thc arrival here of 7- ? Merchandise on Saturday last will give such an impetus to trad
ired here for weeks. The mere fact of its arrival would not b< rficient importan I thc
ruination of the items below that these goods are all . which
, ott' in our usual way; that is, as quickly as possible, though tbe profit be small. With the open?
ing of our di
?roods e How long thev will be here for sale remains with our patrons and their applications:
We close al 6 o'clock.
20 piecea, no
, of
Pr i ti ted
h Cham
be a
:. for
< a Ina i
77 I
' J V tincr's a
'? A?
? :. for
I i
i. ?* ,, .
'? ard.
1 Plaid W i
ss will un
.? r.
17 diffi . a yard.
ah '
?filv or 30
? ?
i Bleak 1
17 cases were
the share
of the B
Counter. La?
dies'Mon's and
Children's join
forces and
must attract
wide sp read
Ladies' drop
?citch Tan,
Brown and
. ..lor
Ht.-**.*--. a pair.
?i. \r..c. a pair.
'Gloria I
H.,.. in tins pur
? and
are one ol
f J Wa
land J ie China Silk Waiata at
?i. r anl Blue Surah Silk Wa
il hine Waists at
Linen Lawn Waists, lauu lured collars ant
ii Lawn Waiata, i eated. BO ami '5c.
l.tiiht Btriped Settees waists, si.
k rjnaen led, Sleeveless
. i lu tn i b
Ledi! ? Faucy BIM
vnats, 35c.
??al Lisle- '1 bread Kiblwd
? ?
? ma Straw Mattings.
V . ttl
There must ol
neceasit j
great sale h
week of all I
Mulls. Ac.
. in offering half so
I over by the ku
Eight difl'i l;' ?1- ri '
I Wide,
All-\i lb*, with 'hort plaid -
i .
Tan silk Flail
m ard.
i figures on bla-V
- in t.. ?
?ll for09o. n yard.
?ll-8ilk Tlaek Surih
draw d
? vari.
<ar t
a sun:
fr rc
home. Wi
Savj Bine lb n h*w
-.es. 50, fla
?ns, #l and
Na vj ir?
. iou?.
Nari i t Imo
. rard
r.l-gaiit Wo l.n Dress Tatterns at a'* *'
? . i
SH?irav Kobe W ItaUSSal?BS ' I -
S'AJ I an Robe, ilai k '
. hit* Check Kobe ? ? _? i * fo*
Mb* Combination, garnet mik ??
foi . .'wi
Si? lam
elute tv
tann:. I
.lust 18 Pal
Preach Wo< len Drees Material* ?
uni Strip** a:
_ffe? liing now lor 50c t.
Agent for Mun 1>. merest I Taper Tat'erin
7/le^AVtX-Gtk&J9A0lMi& W<^e^-*f7eXi^Kte>a^ Wfcp^^<^*4WuV*#UPl#iP^

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