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Time* Telephone*: Ras_.ee* offloe. He. Ml;
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SA I I LLAN.II NKlft, 1892.
.WU*, si HM A RT.
Pr sssorX I. Jarman sill adllress the alumni
oft of Albemarle at their an?
nual Bssstlns Lavni a. tnuToek. deputr
el-rk of Rockingham oountj and con;
I ..,lanius
An unknown BB-B was mitr?
es!! 11 Colbara, Wlas eoansy. ?The
criiiutT Ncwurk, sta' irfolk, ha* bees
for tsrgst practice -?The
atSSBlSI Hal br. . 8 Mink ni North r:\. r
? Sibley bill yesterday.
.: - hara ba n Iraehed ia Wash.
rof mi American._
artC Winn. i on, li dead.
i ' nari , t i?ifn*t,
i ? lay. In opposition to I
.? It i- \. ry probable ti '..llb?
of Becretnrj of stan., aa I
8Pt Bunn Pasha's death ls denied
I', i Loaaks, ol Huron, s. i>., ail
tho Isla C*-4oae] Polkas prssldsntof the Far*
mers' Ailinn
| o?r liht-rty.lorhia
' " the free nt
; ur uni ,,f
WM. , . ia $18,000,.
OOO a i array of only
("10,000 fl .?/t ur 1
? ?loO.OOO.OOO a year
u'"r ' -a lint a?,l
tiing, nnd
.- lated thai
a" ' ' ..,/,??
J ? ? .
M . BawABD Mii.iiiv. Jr.. ;_ the chief
np'teaman ut Chicago for tho New
anspiisrs, and in s___H__daj| mira
I... aa h.- lasass a pronuaoinraaato la which
he saws "What aroald ol
\ tk triad ta fores tham to taka a raadidstc
from theil Mute whom their united dolega
tum ..pp.,sad?'' apart from tho v, ry un
B*arnaaatsaal style ia whioh Mr. Ifarphr ex.
Brasses hf-sealf, be would have been far more
?aaaabla aaa* logical if ha had asked. "What
would other States suv il Ksw York tried to
8 upon them a candidate whom nine
sha af tin-; Blared the ll i :. :
aaa*, ead to deprive them bj triokerj of a
aaadldats foi who.,, tbej hi ahelm.
I^L'ly declared their preference;- "
> ut Chicago aro
tlj making prophecies about Mea
J rh bassdaaeapsriaaasa of the past. .Mr.
1 | ths manifesto of Mr. Ld
Ward Murphy, Jr.. says that it ia a _*ood
omen; thai lt doss not compare m ricleaes
with that m-uvdlbv J.dm Kelly against Til.
den BOT With ti.ut _88B_6d hf Tam
many against Cleveland in lass, yet Dotb
Tilden and Cleveland carried New York in
thoasyears respsotsraly. while ia i*ss wneu
Tammany indorsed ('lowland ho lent the
St;4t' any ut not New Vork by
S very larg.
-idly nee it stated that such and
auch a mun. though a Democrat, will not vote
sad li .".minuted. Th;*, of ooaree
boneo! the many childish scarecrows which
th* ' '?? t* *?a peoples candidate
are continually |s4lln| up BO weaken Mr
Cleveland ... still if there is any
aaaa La Virginia ar aaaawhsaa salllaa himself
a Democrat, w.h., will r,,,t IV* for the ajotal i
nee of the party whoever he may be. he is Bot
atnie Democrat, and the bo..uer he leave,
the party the hotter for all concerned.
Two zealous Lepiibhcans of Mary'and
bare sent President Harrison a OOaple Of
J'ung possums (or hi,,. to keep until frcai.
. then eat. Wonder if they are mn yona.
ahcata. Dollars to doughnuts that President
Hurt nt know th.- difference between
ashoat and a p as_OB kay more than he did
? and old Gilbert Wootton Vb,.*
down oa Jame, river. Cele Jerry Ifuakwill
undoubtedly have tu be called iu to bo! ve thia
semi-airrioultural problem.
It is a mutter ,-f history that BO Democrat
ever failed to receive the nomination i? _
?-t.on when he alerted out with w
,,iUJ 166. That wat
sectional an.muaity which had been ranklma
over amoe the foundation of tha liapublic was
approaching a cnala. and than the Democrat,.
mty aaa on tha verge of a fatal ruptuxs.
The convention to meat at Chicago na\t
Tuesday will be divided into two diitinct
ola****, on* representing the tieopl* and th*
other the politician!. That olaas tepreieot
mg the people will support llrover Cleveland
f..r President, while the other, with an eye
lingi* to future preferment, will mpport some
on* elie whom they think they c?n use. Thu*
the fight will ba Clevoland and Democratic
Principle against some one else and the Bpoila
of ofnc?. Fortunately, the friand* of
Principia ara in tha decided major?
ity, and it ii believed that they
are firm, determined and well orgar.i/.ed^
r opponents will make'one more Bsatnv
rate effort to break their rinks and detest
them, but th* indication! ar* that, hnving re?
mained firm and aolid against all th* roany
onslaughts which hare been mad* on th<-m
faring t*16 PMt rear, and having io far sig?
nally triumphed over ail their enemies. they
will remain firm and lolid to the lent If they
d ? then viet, ry is certain. Principle itself ia
Btrong; hut determined Principle tacked up
bv th* people ia invincible.
M after tbe people have triumphed in
the convention and Cleveland bas been nomi?
nated, the subsequent compaign v. Li Le etnv
teden tho same -dd linea ot Ma
vi. Corruption. On on* nd*, the Demo?
cratic ho-ts under the great champion of
Tariff lieform and the ligate of tt.
will be marshaled against the oohOTtfl i f Pro
tection, Monopoly and Vt ree. In this fi_iit
the Democracy will he i BB M I by the con?
centrated capital of the mon.;. 1 -t, for whose
henefit the people are now taxed bo bea
and the very tribute which is now a-BCted
from the great mass of consumers to enrich
the few ntanniactnrerfl will I cor?
rupt the people, nnd fasten about them more
firmly than ever the chaim- of Monopoly. It
will Le a campaign in winch principles and
rightewlll be attempted tobe
trolled by hugo corruption fund*, md if it
eeds not only will general debasement of
the country naturally follow, but anon its
heel* will come the infamous law of force to
enable the party which has thus bought it*
way into power to maintain itself in power
by bayonets, bludgeons and shot-gun*.
There can be no doubt as to how the c >n
test will end. For many years since the war
the monopolists arete, able to keep the nt
in subjecti n through ignorance and misrep?
resentation as to the effect of.a tariff reformed
bo as to weigh as lightly as possible up>>n the
masbe*. Put now tho eyes of these dupes of
tbe favored protectionists urn opened to the
fact that protection simply means their rob?
bers- {'ir the enrichment of a few
of fortune, and they will assert t
selves and throw off the shackles
of their oppressors. And the admistration
of Qtornr Otetoland, (.abed npon principle
and right, will bo conducted upon the same
ideas as those whian will govern the | ri
Itel aampaign, and for the next four venn at
lena! the afnira <>f Biala will bc mannga '
for the advantage of any man <>r clan*
but for the welfare and procperitjr Of the
whole people. Corruption fund*, however
large, will b.> inenffioieat te blind the pe
a* lo their true interests, or to agate dei
them as to the evils of ti tariff laid under the
guise of protecting them, but really framed te
keep them down and make th* rich richer,
while the poor are growing I rer.
This being the issue of the approaching
campaign it is not strange that every!
now terning their eyes eagerly towards Chi?
cago, if the ahnmpl u of Tai
which will lighten the burden* of the people,
be chosen as the Demo, ratio standard bearer,
there will be a sigh of relief throughout the
land; it he should happen to be defeat'
Democracy will loyally support tho ?
leader, bal there will be lacking much of the
enthusiasm which would be called forth by
the name of I troter < 'loveland.
In summing up the result that will occur at
Chicago, tbe Washington Post has the :
All talana I I. it seems very much
as though Mr. Cleveland would bo nominated
on the first ballot, and that from start to finish
that ballot will be little more than a acrsmbls
part Of huting and hesitatii
? get aboard the Cleveland band-wagon
as it pm
'Ihe Lost is perfectly independent .
tics, leaning rather 11 the Republicans than
to the Democrats, and certainly withn<> lean?
ing towards Mr. Cleveland, lt has sized up
the situation exactly. Hr. Cleveland is prac?
tically nominated and it i* because Le has tho
people behind him demanding his Helectiou.
In their presence the politicians those who
oppose his nomination because they ar.-un
able to usn him dissolve int.. their nyngan Btfl
like tho cloud-rapp'd I PrOCpCTOS
Mr. ('arl Bahari has recently expressed him
s.i! anon the subject of the Demaeratl
an interview in the New York Worlu.
ai. 1 rn it ht laid especial stress upon the fact
that Mr. Cleveland's nomination wai ope de
man-led by the people themselves. 'Too much
emphasis cannot bo laid upon this feet,
When it is the people themselves who de?
mand a man all those njfa
lb ?: wdl malt run to cover or at
left bleached victims on the road. Rarely m
the century of ..ur (i.\eminent has any man
had a popular demand for lum 'omparable to
tiiat made on Mr. ('lei etea t. I ieneral Wash?
ington had it, Qenetnl Jaoksonbad it, Mr.
Lue ..in ba l it, t ut la later rasia it baa
to the lot of no other except Or \.-r Cleve?
land. Tho onad?Inti ia already elect*. 1 who
han tin* p pillar dem md fur him at his back.
And why do the people lb as clamor lor Mr
BBt-td The answer is rery apparent.
have tried him and f.-und that he can
be trusted, and he represents in his person
that which the people desire, 'ihi* in to be a
war of the people against tho |
mon ' or thirty .wan the mon.
lists have forced the people by nets i f I
Kre*A? to pay lit fora tani that should c Bl
;i pair of shoes thut should coat 12, an
on in respect to everything la the daily con?
sumption af life.
The people have found this out and they
have determined to repeal theio acts of Con?
gress and get their coats fur (M and their
e#l Mr. Cleveland stands for thin
ci.uteit of the people, and the people will see
to it that he is given the opportunity t i right
their wrongs.
Wo have kept our ears wide open to hear
all the reasons that could be advanced against
Mr. ("loveland's nomination, and all of them,
like the roads that led to Lome, lead |
and the same proposition that he cannot
ui: rv Ken i ork. And why can he not carry
New York' That is claimed to be a Dem -
eratic State, and Mr. Clevoland ia certainly s
Democrat. Why should not Now York go for
this Democrat if he n? selected by the National
Contention as our standard bearer ai well **
for some other Democrat- "Oh." say -onie.
"tiovernor Hill will 'knife' him.'' and say
athen. "There are many discontented Demo?
crat* in New York who will not vote for him.''
Either argument assumes that the 1 larnoo,
racy of the Inned States is to submit t. dic?
tation: from one New Yorker in th* one case
and from several New Yorken in the other.
But ia either ossa all of u* aaa! gita ap our
free will to the dictation of an influence re?
siding in end confined to New York.
Now we say. once for all. that thia claim ia
Bat to be tolerated, lt la the claim nf the
highwayman-it ii the "atand and deliver"
argument. If 0018860* Hill and the disoon
teaasd New rorfessa are no better Democrats
than thu. they are not Democrat! at all. and
ought not to be for one moment considered.
If tbey are going to noa* 6ad sulk and betray
becauee the national Democracy will not am
render it* independence of thought and Bettoo
to them, the sooner the national Democracy
knowi thia and cuta loose from them the
better. If that ii the aort of Democrats they
are. they sre a lource of weaknen imtead of
For one. Tm Times ii tired of hearing this
clamor, that New York will go for the Pern'
crats only in caie the national Democracy put
np the man whom ? clique of New York p U
ticianB want nominated, and that it will go
for the Republicans unleis tho B-Bhaa of ihat
junta are respected. We had as well live lin?
tier RetrabUeaa misrule as under such ty?
ranny as this.
The completer "V too with which thiscii'i'ie
of New York politician! allows it to bo ku wu
that the Democrats at large in this I
l i. n will be permitt- I
I r tho ppr.-on who suits them, reminds ono
very forcibly of "The Sail, rs' Consolation. '
?'a itroni
sr it roar now*
i a I pities
i ahsppr folki s
Mr. Huidekoper stated t > some officials of
the Danville railroad yesterday that bein,
tended forthwith to obtain the necessarv or
rom Judge Pond toputintheOntr.il
Trust Company on or before Juno 1 th the
ri; ?irv to pay interest due July
1st upon the Si ' " At?
lanta and Charlotte 'Air Line railroad, the
?:t ? f the amount and at the tim
... named being required by the Air Line
He further said that tho Danville ra!ll
had several hui. 'and dollars tn bank
which had been accumulated for July inte?
rest, which would be pani as usual.
tha opposition to Glerelaad
succeed in defeating him at Chicago. The
interns ol the various other candidate*
would be ?o conflicting and varied that con
n would at once beCO-M worse con
founded. Lven if the ex-President did not
bara a clear majority of the convention, the
fact that his friends ure united and
while his opponents are divided into half a
dozen or more arr.ag factions, would be al
I certain finally to secure him the nomi?
Blj piper in tha
rday Bl< ming ti.at had full particulars
I fdr thi Kich
mond and Danville ra lr md
n / ii | so , i s oi i \ / / /; i si.
leal "f And
mis tullen 00 by the death
. balor brother.
I V..rk, who was
igooi will of bm ? ? tsin Eli bard J.
test the d' cumeut. 1 iv mil?
lions are nt ll
il ih to A. J. Drexel unn unosa the
deat aagbter Penny, the arifs of
JamesW, Paul. Jr.. ir :. where hbo
bad gons for ber health.
A mausoleum is to be erected at I
L. L, for tbs reception o! thsrsmsinsoi ths
barlee Pratt, tho oil maaufactt
Brookljn. lt wiU ba ia the osatra ol '
I Pratt h lt will take the
form ol S chapel, aud I ? ( tba
mausoleum will bl 'I hg
be abool
The '
is ha* undi Bhangs,
ths Northern Ps
ed to tin* Last. Communication with th<
and Wi sly cut off. J bi
and OBI ?? ry great, lt voil take
r it.
' Bullita, ? I
i ars said to ba ths leading promoters
iu the nea rai ros I to
dolphin to tupe May. 1 ho new
ii*-, t arith ths Heeding - > item st
on tho I eriptmn
hst! aro being cin
V until tbs ?
Ths Eastern Yacht Club i rill rsa
Bhsad har! annual
cruise to the SBStWSl .
. sequence of the unavoidable absence
of the . i inn. ? I rs, Viee-C mm ' rs (lard?
ner will take command ol thssquadroi
bs Puritan will be the hag
ship sad QaorgS ll. Richards the hrst cap
Ilia. leery W
city, has been sn,-"cs*: ul u,
lute di rorOS she brought ac .
Livini I : I >n the sp]
??ve ha* signed a d'-eree
ii. uer fa...r. Shstsswsrdsd tbs susi
her two children and Mr.
I to OBJ her $4,000 a year linn. Ile
18 required to sign a bond for $10,
tho payment.
ty Pastern Pei.. ankers
mat in Allentown Thunda :,d re?
's llaiike:
..ed at
. for the
Saba, uud thi-. sub,eel
. ' l.SCUBBloU. A ,', .
.tn ht [rasoa, one of the first
..cr to ent.-r the ?
,i term
in the
1. Cambridge, aud a do/eu
l led by (iover. | ?nd
taldra* P. I aa arranging *
boya for tbs training
itowa aud Portsmouth, r..,w at
rt, . o been
traiping station totbosa ty-fire going
lion of
tue Jameatown tb
tended voyage, buts
ist. lhe Porters nth and the
of tba navy bara i
for tbs ?
S?0***1 r "? N''* i ->rk harbor.
'?ia. Captain J v
8 Nor:, .ti.
mended for tbs position by tl.
' Commerce and bj Secreter? Fl?
inty it is to maka ths request for
the detail.
i.ekstein. the white lead manufacturer
? unati. while in Ibo eighth stor
new building at tho comer I j Kim
streets Ibur
the open door of the elevator shaft falling "to
the aecoud Boot sights teet,
end striking on the roof ,,f the cab He waa
conscious when picked up. and begged pit?
eously tor chloroform to relieve his i
inga. He waa taken t.. the h spits) wi
waa found that hi* skull ?..
tleath a matter o! .. _f. WBS
'?lie wealthiest and be oven in
in the Army of the Potomac ranj
Scranton on Sunday about two hundred
different organizations took part, (ior.ruor
B. attended by his staff, reviewed the
ion trorn the grand-stand on the Court?
house Sonar*, whore the members of tho So
C.?u ,' i Tirajjr * ,1!'* Potoaaacwaraa
The annual bati.piet of the society
wa* held it. the &BraBton City Guard armory
in trio evening. There woro about "bree bun
gueata preaeut. (..rioral Hutterrield
presided. 1 oasts w*reresponded to bl Lierj
Unant Uovernor Waters. (,.narai Horace
Prt?r, YV. IL MeLlroy and others.
The annual lawn tennis tournament for tbe
championship of the tnttsd ttutsain lsdtea'
singles sod double* sud io mixed double! will
be held under the auapice* of the I Bited
Htetai Nstionsl Lawn Toonil Aisociation. by
the Philadelphia Cricket Club, at Wtisahickon
lteight* Chestnut Hill. <n T uesday next and
following days. The tournament will alto in?
clude an open event in men's linglei. The
present holder of tbe ladlee1 Bingles cham?
pionship. Mis* Cahill, will be debarred rrom
competing tor the prize* la Bingles, bat trill
be required to defend her championship and
the Wissakick'.n Inn cup against the Aviur.cr
of the linglei.
Tbe commencement exorcises at St. Bte*
Khan* College Annandale, Dutchess county.
. Y.. were held Thursday, Th* graduat.ug
addresaei were delivered fr .m a platform 08
the lawn. Yice-President Morton *at beside
Bishop Potter while the addresses were being
delivered. At the close of tho val"
Bishop Potter called for three cheers f-.r the
Vice-president and they were given with en?
thusiasm. Mr. Mort n't speak.
were ten grad iates. \ .
Morton came up to Ellerslie, his country seat
at lthinebeck. on Wednesday afternoon. He
intenda lo spend his summer at Ellerslie. He
had a long conference with I'. Platt
{nit bef- ro he left New \ ork.
The golden jubii*.. .f M' Abet Superior
Marv I ( th* Convent of
?? pioaeera of tho order Ib
tin* country, waa celebrated at tha eon rani Ul
Pittsburg ihuriday. AL th-. >tb was
lorn in County Wexford, Ireland, in IS
on-lune Pi, 1842, n irldaadea*
e order of Uer* v ss at th.A
aoareal In Cai lon ? - ureieof
of the original band | - -ster* who
oama t thia eoe
Pittsburg br tbe leta Biibop M '"Connor.
She rece;v..' I'lpeoisl tbs Pope,
It is dated Hay u. mad ia gold.
Pontifical high mus waa celebrated by
Biah ip Phelaa, D D.. lal at chapel.
The convent i* the oldest in this country.
SearyS. [reennd George IL Stayner, who
i -year* ago electrified Well street with
their wonderful transactions in < taetannti,
Hamilton and Dayton arid Baltimore and
? Utorney
Nicoll amt Judge Cowing red from
the eight indictment* pending against them,
Be of theae indictment! Irei wast;
.ruff, who
Iowa andei I and for
md tba
? attorney
i obtained. 1 be indictmeate uro
iain in Wall
atreet, and aereral of his *cl
said trom time to time t bara beeaani
Thomee L. Doran and los friend Zack Hod
have just returned to San francisco from a
. elbrt to find the fhmoni Pegleg
mine in tin. ('dorado desert I -.??"
? birthday with a complete
outfit ami a men of tha district in wh cb Ihe
mille is said to ba,
ia the heart ol the desert, th rona
lag the country shout ('an
inty. Th I three
teeth, arid
? ing better than lon
\*r ? t In
with earthquake!. They counted two hun?
dred nt ry nea
Yuma road was rendered .0 in sev?
eral places.
tion of tba I -ike tho
ll : ..'-toa 1 mill mon I. ind te BB*
I tba grear I ?
by all ree of
- nhieh will recall La i ddo
, tho crisia comes.
Amalgams a of Iron and Meei
te?i of Mah.mug \ alley, I lb
They i Ia prondii
i.y tbe
rg maaafaeturara vs
'ibo Amalgamah
ition to
? ?
m ntba, and dui
that ..id
ition ar., using knowL
edge gained in its servico to help break it up.
Pl apia If I I?BSfBrS.
. ka ii Bolton, s[ ? :il com
.race street between L< urth and
to Bemud H. Pulliam. Lri
? ?
street between
f Commerce to |
T. N> U dam street, southwest
mer Ninth, resei g
. -?! ana i
ii> in.
near i
u ill.am Ellyi
u Lrouk turnpike ai. I
gary r i
Sara: tb to Lai
Hair's trail ? ' ' ittl side ?
Ella C. Staple* to Manmn.
of exchange reported from chancery court
Muy 38, 1-J-_
iH Geest,
Tho case I st the
trial v Blt.
Ob tho lit:
res car on Eighth atn -
ssh sad dre
..ir leg and ru-e.viL.
lit lalor tl
man aga..-' I I i and
and. the
t for I -''-. the au:
i I
as entered accordingly.
The def
Judgment whs i n tho
'd- uta
[*hel .. iring aniti eera instit .
I h maa Bari v ag linn tb ? . ! ar. 1
Seven Lines Itailroa I ' mi anj -
. oe against Hettie D. ind
li. La
Vhs Po.ul t.. I'.nrt.m BTeigann.
1 ba i bland I ^velop.
i ....
ss the Hart.-.i I
end ..f I irs! ^street!1 aili, it li
ine to be turned In 'li it dir.-. |
tbsshendonmsnt e and ti
P ia of aline from Clay down
..re of tl I
theu turn t
pen 1 ..n th! I
propel fran. .
will be al al
the uae Urea the electric line
r irst s: ? I drive, ai
lt will inako one of tue
prettied iu the may.
Ma*.ml. >o(m.
Lodge of Strict Observance N'.i. 2r>7. met
teeta ght ai I oferred the Third Degree.
The (.rand Master
ba* accept
it the Mei
pla 1 fa n ill be
Ju lg.. Wellfoi 1. Lev. H. p.
Orand Masrer.
Ltberte! Lo !ge of Pei
confer tbe Fourth and Fifi s ' next
Monday night rbi I
cufer th>> Pa-r. Masters Legree t .-night at
St. Albans Ha...
No. .< Cl aptet and Na 3 C mn.andery met
last Light al tue Temple,
i ? r ?iaB_B| neesseawlee.
At tho last aure a com?
mittee vs aa appointed fr.in tue two houses
.runty with the providions of
resolution, to meeta Bimilarcommitte
the Legislature of Mandari lt.. !.si lor th*
fishing rights of j 4 the tw 1
Statesm rocomokeao-nd nnd agree oat bona.
dary line. The two committees \Aiil ,-:
Old P..;nt on Jaij lath aad go from
pref the iahiBg g-round* m qusst ? 1 ..
Virginia o uimittee will aurt on tue eveniug
of July Kth and GoTBrnoi McKinney La*
ord*red CspUin Seth Loiter to have th*
?teenier Ches*p*ako iu realm*** at Uid Point
th* neil evening.
Statement ot Mee*?. Clyde, Mahen aad
Ooatlbv, ta* Cemplafeent*.
The New York Sun of yeaterdar say* that
aa soon as the newi of tho receivership nf the
Richmond and Danville railroad was r 11
the following itatement wss prepared md
issued by tho gentlemen at wm-se instancs
the receivers were appointed
"First Circumstances unnecessary
ment upon bal placed the property, ne il well
known and a* is *hown by tho market price
of the different securities, in u v?ry embar?
rassing financial condition, a condition which,
uni*** properly bandied ar. I relieved, threat?
ens the disintegration of 'die lystetB.
nd This condition, in itsei! .juite se?
rious enough, baa been vastly aggravated and
rendered much more dangeroiis thr< ugh tho
unprecedented, and. a* is believed, absolutely
illegal action of tho Federal (toort for tue East?
ern Diatriet i I Georgia, apon the complaint
I i urtiea buming to be interested in tue
i Central Railn my. a prop?
erty tho control of whi bbad been pubii'-iv
bou-ht. and for over t' without
challeaga or dispute by tha Terminal' m
pany, and smoe July. 1891, publicly operated
by the Danville Company. , .
"Third I he pur ??base. >f tho control of thia
i Central Railroad ( and tho
* . irrsd in ita ral amount to
rn re than the total ftoatteg debt, whmh is tho
present the .-mbarrasstnont Of the
layills, and aoaaa inantly of
tbeTermtesl Company. Loder this state of
fart* the ebon Qed court of the East?
ern district .d' Georgie at tne re.juest of BC
B Clark who. ac: rd'.ng to I 8
. - , says she never heard of thu
suit until after it wa* lr ught .
of fifty lilarea Georgie Ceatral
.t night and ft
BOtics te any one, seized tho G<
CentralHailro.il Company, placed tiie same
in the hands oi j-- and in violation
charter proriaiona of th>< Ge rite
Central Baily ad Company, this court ordered
an i ::re.T rs t r said company to
beheld. At th- same ti ne. byan order which
rt disfranchised tho
majonty i ; of said tie- rgui Central
*o purchased and oe
. "mu?
nal I
?li major;!
dad, bul that a
b er I be en?
tire: irt rhii
aquently made a farther order
li Of the New I Bgland and Savannah
Men av, Which bad I
l Georgia Central Rail
r ai <'ii mpany in I
Danville Company to meei Ita maturing obli?
gntiona in January last, arter the Kiel, i
an 1 i >eni
>? tu, thai 1 ir-.ty. ihould ba re?
turn- -I to ti." I leorgia (leotrai Bailroad Com*
pnny by the Richmond an) Danville Com*
Dany w;' I ad>
.^ii a sw ? made by
Mr s. M. auditor >>t tho
Bee "'ed and
pen al
tain - ...
and a court,
. Bount ex - fhn
court granted ;o said
? Da
? ?
14 apai | i 1 ita new mai
which the c
return thia security wthout any
lr .ni t
.us being
:t. aro. wo
are adi I worthies*, but also
00 dune 17tti why the
aa put into the bends of ereeeirer.
rai aaoni ?
"Meaara. clyde. Ifabeo aa I Goadby, being
rhe-e upparently arbi
ICteof I rt aro legal, a
? or tho interests
I anything further ??.
' thil ''.nut. the .
Vi. Hu.
uml inpaiiv.
"Mr H some year^
invillo Hail
Botes! an
and Mr. Reuben
Bl from
which tbe Da - it* largest
... 1 at the same time manager of ita
itel linsi st that i ort. sad
both ar. ? ..y familiar wit.
?riaking the applicat.
::!y had I
?>ta?U '.ti l:
I. but alao bad othi
nm to ba
1 in tho
alamity aa "nt further
spoil at.
property, the?o pa * ? I
?u t-j them to certain
such hostile act
:? anonoABtzai
appointment of receiver
' bs fiuanc.
tem, but will be foun I
: tion over the Dal
August 11 tb -
aagiag it i
I ? s
within . itt atjy
such rsori ? will ;ti the
.t tn m th>
(.11 be fur
of Gi
been attn-::,ed or
? l
ty. and In every in*
aa re.
release BC
.ch be?
la been
. it as it ba* be.
take thi iq hUch
' i mberrassment and
ip tho proper benefit of it* own busi
ko narai
- receivership do.-s n ate de
t can. aud.! lubA*
lesa will, be permitted
ev. ry propel'
a they
bel.mn under thin arrangement.
of the hostile attitude taken by t
l and the parties BOB
: but more
HOB of I lo systen. wi.l be powerless
ts farther
BB i.traiy. tl
th., name time properly asserted by tho re?
fs. "
Mr. Samuel Spencer wa* at hi* office tina
morning, but aaid thet he writ* not ready yet
to talk of bi* trip. u. r to make a full r
Ins tirm Hi irt Drexel If rgaa ashia
note* were ntitl m the rough shape in which
ttiny wero made. Ul - Drexel ' >rgna A
C... w.-;. ted before t',? p.
at..\e mentioned for receiri
. irilla wu* hied, but it is und
that it will not interrupt their consideration
of a phiu for reorganization.
a .
Mr. William Spicer u uuite iii at hu home,
816 NioholioB street.
act of the boerd. WM in attmida
lamed tbe detaile of the plan.
rill meet again to-day.
Mrn. Annie IV. Jordan
Of \(\t> Tremont Ht. Host., .
heilth. from bad ch- .
having rush of Mood I
gla of the
enid not take the ?' tor's i
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and soon fullv recovered, and Bon
feet health. She I
Bau tanarllla all day and then i
HOOD'8 PlLL8 ?r'
feet in composition. BBeasBrBSBs and aprieara-ce.
Reapers, Mowers and Binders.
and all other kind* of Rt
for tba ('LP ? HAM) l"\ !
Any part of 1 HAR.
VtBTlSIl ti \< KIN!
Repair Perta ar.- mads from tho orig.:.
I are
Warranted to Fit.
State Agent,
1528 Main Street,
HkhmoiKL V
F L _ - F A N
richmond china compaq.
III Tail ail. EH, HcW to $450.
B o s c H E N 'S,
TRUNKS FROM 51,25 TO $30.
(iUII'S .
LUI 1 hf] IL TB
Pace Block.
my tvtf
rmi a.
177_L 1892
Wheat tba M of ta.i
Grind the t_bisti fi 1 ?**'*
wheal Ststc of th
wUtat aud Pears
Vms ?? i ?< sui !
Qi ai: rt. Ills I'll ? .ieulLBa*s
ALL liaasos ru* -
Ask 1 r for
1**1 Al
l's ral
Ul ? iav
0_*?e. ho. tki COMn__J_C_. Uss

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