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RICHMOND. VA., SI \D\V, JUNE 19, 1892.
They Claim Fiw Hundred and Fifty Yotes
od tte First Ballot
flltti I*i_i .any Kule aud May B-WSlt UBI
tntter Telegraph for HU'
alola Hels'gatK".
. June 18.- The \ 'iririnis d
ing *****
MS toor-cm-y ia
ional friends. ' leland,
and ma;;
defeat. I
' ll
of I
upon a ? and
fdane, ono that will
lemocrnt* u;.
Denisl has a friendly fee.
I t any can I ths
? t ? ere Cl .eland ran get tho a
? ?.
themselves as i
' bal.
? him the norniuu
ific aud keeps u duse cn.
nd to
tw : .
: has the cal
erev* as nih alon thnt
? 1 re
er, is
una.t- I
i by
D the
? i
la Will be .
o rank
It v
ii L. 1). V,
mend. U !
Lut telagrsma .
arri ra! the little
? i r.
y of the
, even if t
Ith a
?ld !? i. it war
lould he ii .ut i*.
OJ ' ItVOl
ra el foagrsaa Lenvs
isl. I
1 i
tbiuga that
? .
lng togiva Mi ?
? -ted
rs and rapruse-tatlrus at t_*
tis gathering, home ol th. 'dignam
am .ilk bedgbs upon which wei the picture
i..ll." "No
I j,,, ... \ <*ro few in
rima had Leen
.1 it would have hh"wh that at ISSSt
i_dit thut
relsadougl ' l,ut tnut
tl it Ara ha
.? iiull irani tbs up town
fl in the t ?
?r i biesg i this m. i
? '
and thu a. nd in
ir ol
ra delegstloni from
: l wsatj third
1 iiere
1 ba waa
for H
- i me
the ruor in tbe sbson
Ha. lab,
led al dose"
and Ohio railroad. Tl
-en. lhe Ball
B (doth wait sud white hi?h
also the regu Hal
i tha
puny the club.
. June 18. ? Ab-.ut KK? r>romi
Hill, hare arru ivo fcllmii
toa;: kio Natioual Convt-u
I ll 1 MOVBl '. i: t i
Mr. Mi'Mil lin Make. ? hintomont la liefer
i BS Hilliness Dour.
Wi I hs II' ise took a
lay until next Wednesday. Mr.
Lilin in making the motion that this Le
;-e was very well for
ward in its hu* | all of the
appropriation asia]
hill Jjlt wu- much further adv
I' .
..e. The tv rt ol tho pi g .
nothing in th'
entiou \s ia session. .Mr. ldc
Ailinn also made a a*
Uliaues .
ire particularly interested. Ile aaid
that tho Sub-Trv.
?dd he reported from thu
ins at an early
dato .1 toih.w the thr.
a time ag" the Committee oo
sbarfl decided to grant to tbs Lui mers'
Alliance members. This debate promises to
be interesting and piquant.
nVeaae el Rnpreseanatlrea.
? nn.) thi
. rt agreed that when it adjourtiB to-d
he uutil Wednesday next.
Wed iiry bill si
bo c
of yreat ia! ntire country
was a public clamor for such le?'ia
Mr. BfcMilliB ? hills were before tbs
11 ins, who would
? !'or such action ?< it
lt it WIlM
r to
t to I
? ney bill during the
lauree wore , >
i-ereturv oi th? Interior
ne of
? m declaring the 21st da.
the four hundredth annirsrasrr ol
?he Tin Plate bi
Lem., (.a., in tl
fl against the
meri Bg direetso
a -
fine vera! member
I .ts.
1 "hat ths
ll il ooh
I to.
irasd until Wodnes
unmittee on A;
i bill. Tiie ai
I : ? .
priations earned hy tho bill ure as fol
rtmont. |
ury Department, i? ? [nb
s War
' . -, De pail
d tai
llttiral Depart.
;? mted Btstea Court judgments I
:.biii mer improvements. I
/; Uti Ll / s ir ,.ii uti TOM'S t i rr.
B snnjrtleine I>r*s;ee<l hr a rivlnu Pmtxj.
i . in Mag Prevented.
I Vi.
W. [liddle w.i*i shot and killed yeateida.
aEsst Dalles aboemaher. A
year ago Miller to k up with Mattie \
a bu | her
. in the police o
srn. Fes.
? with a rerolrer, the bullet ju
his eur I arly foll to tl
pera I e, ahootiag
ind tho fatl ?
? d n A
I ??;
I rig nn<l a
applied wh<
I rope was
r'a neck, and the other
I 'der v.
.. i ? '.;
lt the ropi
' BO. until ho had
been bestea seer ti .-i i r; ]^r
v jail
and, turned over to ]
A ur lurrounded the jud. butaorlo?
About.'' ' v.nin^ ta-i thousand
? laded the city hall.
b and tall . law
er. May
rt to violence.
Whi ? r wsa apt . r ar
' ? . r-rmratJona
i pri oner
k a tan
rgaoizs anotiier
will hmixii four
'. _uur.hid and
; 'linty
uiortuuitv praseuta itself.
. | of tho BJ
WV |>. C., .lurm lt. Commander
0. F. lLyorman bus boen detached as iuspuc
tor and placed on waiting orders.
iburg, Pa., and
urearge ea executive.
Lieutenant C. W. ilu.^cheuberKer, detached
;.--..-targe and ordered to duty at
tbs Midvaia Hteel Wo'ka
Major Homo aa Second and I-ampUabUr
Thlr.l An limneiiao ( rowd Freaent,
The Winner, (,.,?>,1 lime.
Sur-ZIHIIKV |:Vl J . r June I*
/*_ ,38anl *!*"' great race event,
w^**\ j^^th* Bantu
.,.. L.r obi
j lur^est Btake*
year, wa* run to*
day over the: I
head Lay track;
distan' I *
and a quarter. 1 ?
weather co,,
were not
witl i track was
remarkably ri
ry weathei
ii left the ground in such
rapid.v a
track ire.
a.* it ? atly transpired, the'.
far off. Montana, the winuer. going 1
tinco within n .
time, when that te
diatenoe b
contested by tha three leaden and I
-.howing unacr the wire only a beed in
while tho lat: lt a short hci.iu
front I
in rHBomui
The wenthor was anything I I
dawn. Yet thia did not deter tl
sud from
inted lima Lr the
? ? .
.-ven until within ?
o\ent. lu-ide tbs grout. I
.?ne . a Barging meei ? '
Ty that li ?
The ;ei ble-deeked |
m the latt furlong v
I in magnificent t ilet* nnd da
of the rainbow, wero heated,
* ansi u* than tha i
bsi ru to Die aee* aeoBteq
,y been on the
similar event. A thanksgirin
with it When tha I
the weat!..-,
r ceased to threaten, was even
The rail a ra?
tha mnltil
It that fully 80,000 pennie
wera present at the time ot starting of the
big event ll M.
"thet'be .
Tho ho: ? .' ? . latent * with
Bg. In tho Iii
ell ren up to the Major*! beeli
- were d itehis WM
itelr last.
Ma gib in front ol I
making tbe turn int.. (bi
indar B pull. There was
chango in I
Montana nnd
risly out
. i lui og Lom the bigina
upper turn Garrison drove Montana a
rail,' Maren* Lair's BOlofl shot up into the
An instant later, however, they wero com?
gap Ot five Isaf r turn, ai.
I wildly.
\I i r boa '.va* a wild
.ado play
.-.no alaruie ui to urye the al
ia then knew that tba
i into tho
itch Konti
furlong from the
| - -
They .
worried about Garrison arid Lei
? ? i
I -/en et ri.* l Balah and it was
kfontena's rsee. Garrie. ring, while
"V ami Bergen w?r.
rinner ot tlie ,
irban hand
air ningi
? the place
? I amplightor Ly a h*ad.
Three lenci bs aw*
lowed in the order named by His IL,;l
'I co ttehia LeriUard i
'ter than last. ? wai
tuall paid ? sight an 1
ri*. B place, amatol D
v tana, lltofj
and 4 to to I.
, ighter, 16 to 1 ai
11 ii the
mid thal Farly prod ii I
the ti ware
Matu tl
-thethcr they hud ba
bini or not
?.-.- reealtod as f llows:
race, swe^p-lnkea I . BS, {We
? Daly thu .
narnia **.?
i hird ii ...Ida I utority
eoarse Zorltug first, Yemen second, (.rand
Pru third, lime, 1 ld
.rth ra-e. the Hurl-urban Han-:
Bweep.stai each, wit
? ?
. I Lump.,;;
I nih race, eweooital
one-half mile Ll .vs ?<? ,
?eoond. \
Sivth rae, Kweepetakes, for all |
mile and an eighth Tami
second atari Stone third. Time, i :
Seventh race hv...eps>ttk?* ona DB
lixteentii I.:tr> .'uvanagh
: Sai w Lui! third Timi
rtra.ill* ..I . ., Ofl.rr Ha
! lowing
are tba
?and. Time.
v and a hali furl'rn,.
noa !:r-t, Delusion aocoud. Bi, Laurent third.
Tune, i ??
ri mid a half furlong*
Undia! second. General <
thud. lim- .
Fourth moe, seven forlonga -.hick lb>*a
nd, Raleigh third.
'. 81.
I nth race, bu and u imarter fui
Blackburn first, Comrade aocoud. Ja .
third. Tim*. 1:1
Birth race, four and a half furlongs dim
(ilites Drat, Banner Bearer aecond. Cloverdale
third. TtLuo. .V
vviNNeaa xe st. ubi
Kr. Loi is. Jon* Pi. Eollowiug are there
?ult* of to-day'i raoei:
First race, four aad s half furlongs? Mil*
fir-t. Lucy Howard second, Maud li.
-nd race, four and a half furlongs -Os
i first. Ithaca second. Tnxey Gardner
i ime,
I Ird ri b (>?aco stakes, tw -year-olds, six
cmg Leo first. Fellstafl sec nd,
?sely third. Tune. ll*,.
F arth ue handieap. seven fur
n Kclipee second,
Fifth race, one milo Harney first. Hertha
se nd. Relief third, i
kfery Sue first. Dave
:. Cusiell- third. Time, i ?- ?,.
Sev**r!h race, mile and aquarter Kenwood
1 Willowbrook second, Kmms Prim
Time, 2.1 ?
. .Line 18,- To-day's races at Gar
I ark resulted as follows:
ice, thirtesa-sixteeatha of a milo
? | 1 I rd second, i ira third. Time,
I race, one-half mile Johnette first,
.peter third. Time,
1 race, three-quarter* of a mil"
ballarat second, Gaylord th
tb raoe declared
i ra irfield derby, mlle and a
> adsworth sec
ttfa ra< e. thirteen-sixteenth! of a milo -
Light first. Vattall! *e< md, Friday
. aa ?
ian at auwiaoaaa.
ll lay'! races at Haw
? resulted a*, tall
First race, five-eighth* ..f a mile- Lookout
.nd.'o third, i
1 race, three-three ijuartera cd a mile
Levy fir-t, Jo'.n G. aecoud, Hock third.
! race, 'milo and seventy yard* The
shono se ne third.
?bras .inrters of a mile?
Bl - :. : li -t Powers aeoond, i>. H.
Us uml a .jiiarter Spec,:
bia il il ec nd Hardee third.
- ._
Reston neaten Onee Mileage, rsl.ut lint l.y
Cincinnati -Oilier eames.
Sr. Lon*. June ISth.
oi un illf. look
t -day's game fr. rn
the Broaas bj
-tick w >rk. 'the
Hrnwn's played h*t
le-sly and
wonk at tba
Saunders the y
college pitcher
mad? his ;
pearance with
Louisville, and
honors arith a b.
McFarland, .s
em League ex,
aaa a tn >e nervoua. bat showed'his
tv as ti clean, sharp fielder. Tho had
or kept the attendance down to
n. i
,11 10 60 101 '-' 0 a
-*:._ 00111008 B ld
-l and Huckley, Meekin
r?*. Hurst.
eras, 2 I ra 6iaaroha, 6?4.
iMWBlB, Two gamea were played
ur. eeo- elah viaaiaa a
I nee. and ling wu*
i J'.oston'a defeat io tbe
u ffbn effective ulter thetoird inning.
ey In the second gamo relieved Gsatright
the first inning, if" did ' rs.
port both in the field and at
the ' D I fielding WM the
*t game.) ?. B
Ot 1000000 ? 1 6 7
Waa] 11800 0
rk.*on and Kelley, Killen and
in. Lmp.ro, Linslte.
10 3 0 Ifl
0 0 0 2 0" i I I
?ts ami Kellev, Ga-dnght,
I here
ring butti
. r bits ax
... . a! div bltarioas.
lt game.) >?. ??
...2 0 0 0 I i
' 0 0" l ll
. neb
fi. S.H. 6
2 0 1 0 '?? 0 I * *
,...-. I 001
amenta: Stem, I
vue h.
, 0.
limati won tn. |
fourth inning. After \
. [i . row .wi i
?etire the side, u -
trii.l.. ible sent in the unearned i
rs were playing the..
the ufth ra ? Bsras. h
ila < with tbe
? fail inning! were BOt
i(. mu. t.
.00000-0 I I
ii 0 o j 0 I 4 I
:ind Kittredgo, Mul
Pa., June 18. The I
to hunch their error* al
tim.. | ? ?? md fsatlsBsaa wea
I he homo team outputted the
:t not at tue proper time.
n, rt.fr. r.
.0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 I I I 4
0 n 0 a? 5 7 _
Mack: Davies and
I mpire, Maculiar.
, io.
i i;e New Forkspatap
?t ag.tiust tbs Orioles, and l< ^t be?
ll buttiu?. Jtufhutoii tor tue
? team gave way to McMahon. King
v. phenomenal one-haul a
. sloh iu tho ninth tumng was a feat
a. ?._. _.
I'.iltimorss.1 0 4 1 6 0 0 o u il H a
New -oataj '.ill 0 I I?hi 18
Batl M Mahon sad I'.obin
l mpire. Sheridan,
Won. I o*l Av. lt, Av.
. - ? w York, vi
i IttsbuTB i
.-Uialtimore.ll 17
Q-jcaaHcnEtit i -"*v.
Li uiswlle at Ht. Louis.
TaiaahteTrnatera Kiiir.i aa l_Bjajfn)laaj<
.. li'., June Ik. In a light
nine, ? -.erday af'- me Wal?
ton, i daed at ti.ooo. owned
Mayor Foster, and Lo^ue Hogae. relued_et
elo.oon. were kthe<l br the lightning. Fd.
Hunter, tho traiaer, wa. .tunned and is still
unconscious _
M. am iarUt Kaca F-S?fM?n_.l.
?asa Yoiib. June 1H. Word hs. been re
ceived here that the Norwood- \ arai>oe steam
yacht rac. bee been postponed un account of
bad weather.
. . ?? ?? -?
t*f-_-r to Ka Captain aad Manaear.
Lot lHvii.i r. June IK. President Stuckey,
Of the Louisville Haae-Hall Club, has sold bia
stock tu tbe club, lie wdl remain president.
Lt et! er will be made captain aud niuuuger.
Chapman will be buainees manager, lt is ap
uarentJy a compromise o* d-ffsreaeea.
A City U Swept by a Mlghtv Torrent?A Kc
mar kalila tiaeape from Death?Steraia
le Illlnol* and I.ouI.Iiom.
Manana* Citv. Pa.. June 1-.?At about IO
o'clock last night tho whistles around town
started th* alarm used in case of fire. In a
short time tho streets were rilled with people
rushing wildly to lind the causa. They were
attracted BJ Main street, aud iiefore proceed?
ing far a carriage dashed t ward them. Tbe
?Bl waa driving for bis life and crying;
"The dam is broken; fly for your Urea."
iim crowd turned and tied, nnd in tbe dis?
tance could bo hoard the rushing ol the
mighty torrent.
annai to i
By th* time the water reached tho comer
fre streets the crowd had
ned t- the hills. Tho people living ni the
:. rthern end of Hie town hadn't time lo
reaeh the moaataiaa nft"-r the alarm was
given and sought ^helter tu their bone
a few Btiantoa the deina bud blocked th*
streets. Thero were huge troe*. telegraph
poles, logs, stump* of trees wagons, Barna,
parts of Bonan! brought hythe roaring cur?
rent. Cellars and stores were flooded and tba
street* were made impasiir
After reaching this place tho water took a
westerly course and the eastern cud of the
town wa* not damaged. Trams on tho Lehigh
road between hero and lark Place is blocked.
the tra-k.* being washed out. and huge log!
and tree* are lying acroasthe tracks, plied lou
and fifteen feet hied.
Telegraph wires on the Lehigh Valley rotal
are dowe, and it ii reported that a nunton ol
i'b.a small mining village
about two n hero and right iu the
path of the flood, have bern carried away.
i KAI'S | | mn lUNIKS.
After tho flood had subsided the greatest
fear among the people was for tho miners
working underground, but information '
to the belief that BO lives were lo-1. ihe
br ken nani : cen roached, ?
r ia knee deep. 1 WO people ir* reported
ag. The lower business portion of the
town waa nearly ail had their
stock* (bunaga . I The e\.
of ti lanot i<s ascertained.
Ci liners arriving ia t am report a great deal
? f du cat,'" d ic- and - me -t the min** aro
\di. h amana bo a irk at tho mmei
uut-.l tho water ia pumped Oat,
Leter information ia that thero is but one
person missing. Hi* nan ... an
old man who Bred in a ibantyoo tha Iii
tho flood. Tba total lona will exce<->,
dbe s.-rtb aaahanoj oolltery wa
washed away, as was ates ii portion of tho
SohuykiB colliery. N'<> traine have pesaed
Weet since 'J o'clock last Bight over tho Le
high Valley railr
Great Paniage Dane la i'urtloua of rennayt.
vanni anil l.o.iUltw *?
Boauwrow, Pa., dune L.-Ari' thor severe
storm swept the city last Bight. Wind and
Bghtaieg dil great damage, everything on
tata aide bfehg pr la portion
of sc!.. ii away.
;ted from their feet anddashed aguinnt
buildings. The Saqueit Silk Mill was earned
away in uart and two I houses were
blown over. A Flack of the Lackawanna
Woolen Mill was blown down and the
the button mill badi) damaged. A number
of bouses wero itruok ' ig.
feet of the cribbing at
' raak at Suipy's la now eight hundred
foot wide and the Belmont break ii six
dr.xl feet wide. BuperiBteadent Dunn wnl
put :i great men on the WOffg t<
and engineers il* dsclars that
n.w on tho Bater will fall with moro or less
Ii i., Juno 18, A cloud-hurst i*
rn 1 to have taken pl ttateworth,
?tl "-terday afternoon.
.rider water. Ibo waler
two feot deep on th- Toledo, Pi
and Weal ri tra! railroad tracks. A
high win ed small
structures to th* gr ? wisted strong
: BOt
St strong as at Chatsw rtb.
ji m. t nt>io,.t s hut:
Lawyer Uvury I -.t. I Mr** Two Pullet* In
Illa Head Without W.truing.
Tinn.. Juno J.
Horgan, ex-cim^ressmau from Mississippi,
was killed this morning near Horn Lake by
Henry Foster, a lawyer.
Foster walked into a car and fired two bul?
lets ir m's head.
n ii i OR nu. sui t i; rn i sims
fBe Senator Woiil,| .Not Vein au A?ie.|uat?
Peas celaaae attt
tx, K ks. .dune iv The following lit?
ter from Governor D. P Hill was r>
Mr. Charita K. li lllday, Jr., of this
proprietor of th* Kania* ! and
; air cotnmissloaei for a Da.
,jer lust, lt eoitaiued some mutter-.
i mal nature, a..
nd not feel al libertj to publish it thou,
ikes it clear thal Hill, if ole
.dent. WOUid n.T veto an sdsqBBtefree
ooiaa pissed by a Democratic I
.; lotter read* as follow*
I AM heh, '
. u L. Hoilidny. Jr., I.poka, Kai;
"Dear Sir For rei>!> t.yoin lotter of tho
24th :- Rt
Elm . 1 intend to confirm
?md reit... . I rt farewell address us
....vernor of New i ork n New
., eve. Ify faith is unshakable in th*
tound . sense ot our ; ? atry
uien. - . know that the Don
party at tue present time is the
r-ol* effleient instrument for tax
and monetary reform. They will not
mit their Inter asia to tho Republican party,
which 1 i *!? ''"th reforms our i
necessity. Tba Democratic partv might as
weil commit suicide a* shirk either duty, nor
will it betray th* people* Brant by
allotting the executive power to any mau
whose ttewa ara ?imtter te the view
of President Harrieon. and v
pledge.! like him lo block e\*ri ipi? roath to
tree bimetallic coinage. It is a loendaioni
misuse of eie.iitive power lo em,
m preventing remedial legislation fr.-ni being
carefully planned and passel when so greata
nty of the people's repr**eutati\ os huvo^
?I by the people expressly tot that ?
very worn L. repeal th" SUrtnan silver law
and t<> piQQtota the return to Deo biuietaliic
? ? ? * *
"1 am indignant at tho rapacity of the gold
so rookie** science
aud of paWI r,ee bttti ?
rho demand f a viet majority f the
wader it gav
tho party of tho silver .1- Uar and th* gola dol
uighty y*?rs. I
il tho laet work t monetary *cience. To
reeler* it aefslr. wisely and finally
. i the I 'eui. eratic i>arty Mr. Harrtsoa
compel! us to submit t inaction during
the present eswmto'o term. That 1 Boga
may lie tb* limit ol our inaction. His
believe thai be la leta Bjrnoertte. Ile will
not recant or : suppress his conscientious
scruples tu get a second ter.u. Blend Jar.
Blaine will fuss up an int. r
r delay. That is a State a.
cou?e?|Ueiice of our euforuod iu?
that thu li naumai portent* and threateued
disaster* fast approaching will be seen by eil
to b* caused by past sacTpreseut Kop. . au
wrong* Bot by future Democratic remedies.
?Yoara .truly, Uajid li. llua."
Second Son of Jama, tt allele* Ole. 6udd*s_J_p
In < li leas; o el asplin ala
c ttcAno, Jun. 18. Fmm<>us Blain..
m of Jamel G. Hlaine. ex-r*neretsrjr
of State, died at IL 15 o'cl-ck thia morning aa)
the McCormick mansion. 136 Bush street*
He bad Leon ill but a few h?urs sad bis death
waa wholly unexpected. Septicaemia, which
developed late last night from a bowal com?
plaint, was the immediate eauee of death*
Mrs. F.mm ns Hlaiue and her eon, McCor?
mick Biain*. tw.. y.ara ,,!._, alij _!,;, Cyrua
McCormick wero tbe oulv membere of thal
f imily present at the bedside when Mr. Bliinat
passed awav. Death came so swiftly that
there was tot time to summon the othes
members of the McC rmtck fsmdy. Mr. an4
Mrs. W. G- McCormick, who wsre io that
houie at tbe time. Ineffectual efiorti wersj
made through' ut the night to reach Jame. (A*.
Liam, and Sirs. Hlaine o? telegraph to *?_*/
vey the intelligence ot their son's cou-?
ditton. The family left Augusta several!
dav* ago for liar Harbor. Mr. Idamea
r residence, but it waa impossible Lent
night to effect tb* delivery of a tol.graa*
either to Mr. Hlaine or to any one who wouldV
I the message to him. The New i or__
and Boston representatives of the >i< ('ormicg*
company were instructed to exert every wBolM
to convey tue information to some member oj,
Mr. Blaine's family or to Mr. Cyrus McCoa*
mick, who went to New i ora aome days ago.
but up to no. n to-day tue efforts had avaiTesi
nothing. ' ,
Mr. W.n. McCormirklinmediatelysBBumeal'
charge of all mattera incident to the c . ?_mU
tous event. Representative* of the local
press and th" press associati"tis wero admit*
ted to tbe house a few mon nt* after Mr*.
lilaine s death, and were given tbis statement
?f theatteridiug pbyiioiane, Dre. HilUm end
Alpost. which wai as follow.:
"Mr, Fm mons Hlaine .lied ai 11:15 o'clock!
? f septicemia (bl"od poisoning) due tax
disease of the bowels."
lt was impossible to obtain fuller parties*
lars from the medical attendant*.
Tl... PantB of Ci.p?-l_. Blairs Itrcalla B)
Ilrilllaut Isrwr.
News has bean received of the death Ul tia*
Zambesi region of Captain Stairs, the aa*
piorer, who was in command of one of tba
expeditions aent hythe Congo Free Btate ta
Katanga. Captaiu Stairs went out ia May,
l-.ll, in tbe interests of the Anglo.B.l_tiaa
Katanga Crnpauy. He had the active sup
th. King of the Helgisn.. who wag
anxious that active operations should bsf
begun for the development of Katanga, a
region rich in auriferous copper, and includ?
ing high lands capable ..f areal development.
The main ? 'aptaiu tstsire' .ipedu
tlou was to take actual poiees-iou of tba
cuutry on behalf of tho Congo Fine State
and tho Katanga Company. Two J iel*-lac*
expeditions preceded him iu th* same r?gto_t
under Lieutenant Le Marine! and M. DeW
commune, (aptaiu stain' star} tnuluded
Lteutcmtut Hudson, the Marquis de Lou*
champs. Dr. Moloney and an Lng Uah carven*,
A great outcry was raised in LngUud when
Captain Stairs was appointed to the command;
.I tho Katanga expedition. Gue paper thus
1 the general sentiment:
"Most ridiculously incongruous are the cir*
lances aita-liing- to the occupation, ia
the interest of the Congo Free State, of Ks*
tanga, by ('.ptain Stairs, presumably of the
gian army. As a matter ol tact, bowey .
this political agent of his Maiosty of HelgiuBB
is a very youthful and junior centurion ia
one of our Infantrv battalions, In which a I
ho is distinguished, som. what on lhe lucys a
non lueondo prim ii ? ? tv ?
that lu* oom^unny hs* not y .*t a?eo ila captain,
who is also an intangible, lt might be said e
Mahatmaiike personage to the rest of tba
regiment. For, with almost iacouceivabla
fut mtv the wiseacres of Hall Mall bars iee-.
onded htm from regimental duty to .nebia
him to accept service under a foreign power,
the interest of which rn Africa are certainly,
in tho case of Katanga, distinctly opposed t0>
thoo ot tl , Lritish-chartered co?_*>
. which has been br .ii-ht into being bjr
the Premier of one of our principal colouies."
..rs set out seels to
i Katanga by way of, Fagamoyo and
..unka. At Karema tho French MUaion
ila party with opeu arms urn! fur
1 them with tbree canoes, with which
-aniuiBde HouchampB. w ho accompanied
h.:n. traversed Lake Tanganika for fifty kilo
metres in four or five days with l
ired last April that Captaia
Stairs had arrived on November 17, J- ..
ihoi Lona| .ula, to the north of
ara < ?n the war he suffered much
Irwin kidney and liver disease and probably
>m that ailment.
Captain W. L. Stairs was horn in 1886 st
S , wh* educated at Ldinbnrgh,
1 through tbe Canadian Milliter/
o at Kingston. Ont. He went t> New'
and, whore he was employed two years
in en. dt?r which he returned norna
.med the Loyal F.ugineers. He u BnV
I anted Stanley t-n his expedition to relievo
i min Pasha.
When Mr. Rtsi l 'me _-. 1687, left
I Rarttelot in command "f tbe rear
ri with the st res at iain buys, and set
forth with the advance column to march
through the forest to Albert Nyanza, Cap?
tain Stair, accompanied Mr. Stanley s6
annand of the advance column;
and no ..fi. .edition perf rmed
greater services in that arduous march. Of
-vus a larger share of praise of its sue.
., ace .ii plishment. Mr stanler. bl ha
letter of August 31, ls*'.?. beers teatimonv V>
tho iutelllg I ability of Stain, who
alto seems to have had to do a gxn d deal of
the t'ghtmg with the hostile native trib**.
On August 19. l**7, at Air Slbbe. about
halfway between Lanna Pall, and tbe Ne
* i. tue natives attacked tbe camp in e res?
umed fashi-m*. Their .torse
soned arrows, they thought, fare thea
every advantage. snd, indee*!, wheo the
:resh it ls most deadly. ( ap tala
Stairs and rive men were wounded hy thees
arrows but Captain Stairs'wound, just be*
? ie heait, was from au arrow tbe poison
ot which waa dry-it most hay* been pot oa
.lays before. After three weeks or so
he recovered strength, though the wound
waa not closed for mouthe < me man who
v.d a slight puncture near tbe wrist died
from tetanus five day. after.
Another received a puncture near tha
shoulder in the muscle, of th* arm, end died
?ix hour*laUr than th* first case- -of tetn*
nus also. On* wa* wounded in th* gullet a
X puncture he died on tbe seventh day.
There was much curiosity to know whig
thia poison might be, and on returning from
tiie Nyanza to relieve tho ree/ column soma
rummaging among tbe huts, fount
inverai packet* of dried md ant*, or piemire*.
it was then discovered that th* dries, bodies
of tbeee, and of still more eepoaious luce***,
caterpillars aad spiders, ground into powdar,
cooked in palm oil. ana mistered error thi
woo<len point* of the arr ws, made the poisons
Ly wii rn not only men but the larg**! ai
mais eau b* killed with terrible sufferings
ll kppily. Captain Stairs' life waa preserved,
bud he waa able, iu about a mouth
h. uveservioe. i>? December ll tb. in Maraju.
* country. Ix* oominandei) tbe largeet
I roe. while Mr. Jephson led another detach
men, to driv. away a hoet ot eoenii?*
tempting lc- atop lhe expedition se it c_i_*
near tbe lake. Supra waa afterward* seat
beck fr. rn ibatri to KUioge I* uga* v Lags
?ig up ths b.?at and store* aad wa* es*
. .. .t pg I rt Dodo, of which *
wai left m cm mend on Jone 16. Haw, wbea
Mr. Stanley went beck to the Aruwlnu
r the rear column.
in February. I Hsu. arter bringing down the
_nder of the fore** to Kevalli, on the
lake ah.ire, when F.mln Leah* aud Mr Jeplu
. id at ieaat ..Hilted th* stallone on the
Nil*. Captain Stair* sided lo preparing for
tb* final departure of the expedition, lita
prtaenc* with it aubeequeut'itr, when the iav*
;. rtaut geographical discoveries wera mad*?
ol th* p. hit iou of th* Koutbera lake,
-rt t'dward Syatu* aud Kuweauori, tha
I idaiusof tb* Moon' added mach 66
tb* scientific worth to tn* explorations. He
a-ceod*d ltuw*a~uri to ths height ol l&elf
teat, aud wrote aa exact report ol hie obeaBs
rations after his retura. which ia laaaV-iTaA
u? bars much patnMBn&t ral gav

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