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The times. (Richmond, Va.) 1890-1903, August 24, 1894, Image 2

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Wlrslnla representative, al Ihe Capitol.
0i?i?lft*els finn, (lie fBBBBSM Unreao.
loslrli In Frraixl \ *.. Matriel.
Tims* RrafAi. Ram rv Bhi.pino.'
VA ."itiV'.uiv. AngOBtsVk lake.I
a*of lan first ttBM alnc* inst Monday
1 : 'i ? . ? ? ? : '
tins m..nilli'.-. ... ,M"
i., . 1' i *? ""?
, . i ..... ? isa be round la tl
this tun.-, ti a I ? ? ' ' "' '??
Senate put front
lr ul.l" to ' ' m "'
, whirii pro i ompeWni
U ?IU hardly
: . ',,.,- tb* I" ? ?????? r ?- taal ?n. In
ti..- un a Ii Ij Porno rat! mn
? away, ana n
t ,- .-a i ...I i"
a few days lol would noi
l?, In - libel i
? "fi
iiuue than ? and
ii it, in h. ?
to their ri iiulred
, . . willing to
ut ai ? ,,ul
tl.al ll".- sholl
, me oppoi tur.lty to loos
iff aim
mp. .1 (TRI Ad.'s BBTPSa
Ti.e !, t ira of the Pi
,.. ? ,.? fate "I tl
thrift ;
rrlval, amoi
I ihe 'I lea.- ,1 V Ul I
ga, but t iwardi
i I to havi maim
i ';,! '" "
Beved nform ? -
i. ii loses) fri
The Impression that he will veto me
|. I out, and I
ls that it will t?- "nie a lal
I ?hl ii will be
,. mt-1 bj
? ne ii will
t" thi
. the latt< : co ii-", thi rc will noi
ippointment should hi
t- ti days. Anything would bi
I., ti,, prei ;?? nae, and, ai
Clevi ? aware ol this
by his advlsei I ;
a. itu- th-- me
v.i.'.i ia soaiaaaUN.
Ti e Virginia congn :"" '??
tbe city to-day-Id ' "'"-?
Men nth. 'I'M. i ..ii ii t thi
ii. ? md the
but wen bl* to ? mi
:. ? ? ? . of thi
loi il ? toi
i May and the Si
( ? during the frequent i dj urn
men! I aaa
jr l - ? ' the short
i ? re a fe w du j
bx t the < 'ap'-, w here Mts Mun
ton and tor, Miss ?\ aro, an
Ung permission to thi
Washln :ton, Alexandria -? i M u il \ ei
non Kl<
to gel
Tne recent Ihe Cei
. . ? to I
? v of "? hoBi wi re womi n,
Borne thi lam
lan there s< ? rn - to be no help for
ii as the work ol tnat bureau la nearly
i ompleti d, Tlioae appl ? i tab
i nins ttiat it
i be Imp ini vv.i i
. the month was lne\itable.
ow RBCOXD ll'-l '?" 1 OOBTBai
The !? poi t h. I- to-day thal Port
tn..nih hart I elected
the norn lr. Han v I. Mayi ai d
for Coi
? . i 'a n- 0 -.- t
frtendi "f Hon. I ?. Bar ll er 1'ih r,
ls wi ll om
pllmentni vote to Mr. Mayi ?
Mi ,? i. ?? ry p ipulnr In Poi ??
ith, and it ls natural that his peo
I - pliin- nt ol ?
, ?. bul rn ' nor
llr. Mnvnird hlmseli
fui ol thi '? '
11.alli.-i bj Mr. I v 1. i.
No n
linire Indui tn nsl;
In tn Coi
U : .lames I,. T .'i . ?
,-..,n ty, wm '
nam.-d hy lin to
potlfj 11 \ Jo ? of his re
? Hie Lift
and fl 11 bil i.ii nppoi
ni ni In ? ton, there
e I ut llttl
First dil (rici B<
II. L. W.
Fifib Muon it ?aaovat* koloot Him foe a
Sn ..mi ronn Ke*olniiea* Adooted
sr: ART. \ A., ria l'A\\ ii.i.i. \ \
n ha* bet
erowdi i to-day with I letic I 'em,..
nt ii.-- Den
dlatrl l. i he i onventl >n v ai i ailed to
onli t ,u :: ... end I*. P Wal ion, ol Ben.
ry waa i chair
the permanent organli itl rn
? led bj thi eleell >n ol Colonel K
? ? on takui:, in- chair,
? " i:.titi, apt . ch. \\ liile
thi , i.nv. nti'.n was Aaltlns
t<? i om* in lo
brought A. i. Mun tun ie, ol i lanville, to
ind, and he mane an earnei I
A.ter mn, ii delay the platform com?
mittee ? ,.ianiti.-i, through Mr. Prank H
.iiman, .i s. t ,,| reaolu
I i with
vii.I i nthualai m The reaolu ion re
Mii'im ihe pu i iplea ol Demi racj com
ii" ad Mt ? < md thi p.
Representatives for their efforts io carn
rm, vin, i, h
II ? larlfl bill i i. luctng the - "-t of i',v
stlil greater redm lion;
'-,"'' '" ''" ? ? ? th gold and stiver aa
! mi.a,al money metals
" ??o ? inti .. .iii demand the Imme
dlate restoration ol the ? olnage of suv.-.
ll estated prior to iv I
li monett*! d by tbe Re
; ,n party.
mini Swanson to
nt. bank ta*
ci.- applauded, ii no its repeal la demand
?Oj }"? -"li'.n "i the admlnlatratlon lo
. i otherwlae
r'''"' " sn applauded also
d I- approved; the
li.." ne tax is esp,, ian, approved Inns
- the'poorol SinuS
mes of tho
grown rich through the vicious cl
Lianna ,-r the Rei ublican party.
Th*'resotuttona ??* in this meaaure, and
rn/:'. "?,|" ""' "' "?'? Posion
rotlB. the ?.mei :,??-.it's Opportunltj 1 ., li,
ie to permit
witton of tb, tag ,? ,,,,.
I 'V.'MIV'llll..
,,",, ' "??'? '? * Sw.ms..iv Sv .? ??,,,
chwnatlon. Mi Hwanaon mad" : rouafns
speech in accepting , lamination, aft*
?\ ."'." " "'t1"" held in thia
?estate! adjourned.
?tATM CBBTBAl liusru.u
Meeting of the N..a..l ..I Uti. rt?r...l>inv
??tee li. Min, 1,1,11,,
. | ' 1!,;' VA., Auk. U s,,,,,,,
? quarterly .,,.,. ' ,
, ii, ,.,,, ?rn JJjJj
county" Julina ' ,;.'?
ie- i ?',':? ?'*.. r Rich
i ? aptatn c s ia loudoun .
'" I ' - uitv t^ Ma1r"K"?- '
?omeo wn.**?r!^T,8^^^|
BlSS BfaBldSBl of Ihe hoard, who wa* tin
avolifabl) detained
the boan! derided to change the Aime
f,,r their regular .niartnh mi etna to
Ihe third wedneeda*, In January, July.
?I lie Ihw fixes the I 'Ul 'I '\
I aa ii,.- .I.,i. for tbe annual meet
In*: of thc board Ai the meeting "f thc
board i" day tbe question of bari'Ct
, . , , n hi on the hospital
la f<>r the nine. r? nf thal Institu?
tion who have t.miine- mix talked of,
hui rn tu il action waa taken tu the mat
l( r -nu rn, mi,, ra of tl" i"","l with
whom i miked on tha Bubk*' ?ere '
tbi opinion thal th. se residi
I . erected, ax they think it"- off!
the hospital ehoula bare their hoi
it.- i,..! '.it.a c.,nr: i , especial!)
Tbe offlcerB <>t tho R?vltim ?!?"?
to be ol the sum.- opinion Pin ii ai tl< n
in tbe m.iti-r will probabli bc taken al
the neal meeting of thc boord
A letter wa
from ii un i. nani ? ?' Petersb irs ?
me of the atti
I , it.ii on ' ri I.'.
that the boai i take ?epa '.mpi i the
said attendants to pay their prlvnte
hills. Thc board dei I led to i ike n
In Hu- mattel inasmui h as if waa one
with a had in.thin..- to
ts receiving
treatment al the hospital; BM of them
Mr. P.
tal, has
i in i titivation.
niswiMiir I'SiiMH -
ed and most enjoyable
I as t e ve n I ? i - ?
: ? nwl Idle 11.imty. :
I up until ii lah- hour. An I. IC
... i about midi ighi
Tue following weie iii.- couples: Mr.
hardson, of Dlnwlddle, and
: ?niii.i Allen, ol Petersburg: Mi.
Stratton and Miss Mary Zeil ne
Petei rg Mr J. i;
and Mil Mabel Haley, of Itttsbui.
Mr Hines, of Richmond, and Miss i
ol Amelia < ounty; .Mr. S. T. fl
i'.l MlBB Mart! I Ulm
? mond; Mr. Robert Coleman and
Organ, ol Lunenburg county; Mr.
M i; i.-111. -. Of Pi '"'I Mr.
Ken Pitsgerald, of 1 . Mr. v- alter
rta Hie liolssi au, ol i ?ln
wi'l.ii.- county; Mr. John Bolling Bnd .mis"
Gertrude Hale), of Pit! Pa.; Air.
I Miss
ol Richmond; Mr. Na!
I inti Mil Bi
? Pittsburg, Pa . Mr. -
? Booth, of
I dnwlddh Mr Meade Do) le, ol
burg, and Miss .lennie Mines, of Klch
,- Clark, ol Dlnwlddle,
and Mi ; ol Nelson's, Va . Mr. J
I' Davis un l MU i ? "i. ol
Ile; Mr. i harles Davis, ol i rewe,
'inn un. "f Din ?
Mi .' \ nston and Miss Sadie HimM
aon, of Pi John C. Griffin,
r Peter* ri I I
- -
and William Eowlkes, ??( i' na Idd'e
-,'.'. I: K Suth, i ;i
Mrs. Thomas Bootn, ..( Dlnwlddle.
r . ,.; i a S 1 ?
a parn i of land In Prince George coun?
ty, ti.-.ii thi rn
,.i. i-t ;, ii i iit public ii i< Bon lu
lay. .iii George C tmeron waa tl
ehasi r. ;irni ihe price paid waa
ll. Vf. Battle, D. 1?.. pastor of the First
Baptist ? ni ii
few days t" s tait Mr* i;
stay here ti" \\ iii ?< cupy i ?r. Battli
pit, i u Battle la noa ofl un hi- summer
ut ot ti srr.n lorie.
Uh limoiiil People Vi? mc lu thwt < oin! y.
Perce nat b,
GLOUCESTER, C. H., \ A . Aug. 28.
: " m and
? r, Miss Mar). are ? n a ?
rciuiivi i:
Mr. Maloney, clerk "i the United
,, i:i. ii-..,..h.i. mid wile
ir un:- month.
Mrs, Hunter, Mrs. Saunders and Mu?
li, i of Norfolk, ure spending ;i
month .ii Ml t l' tbne) . tne
Mr, Kidd, ol N".> "i oi<?
rest of the
Mis. Gri frir. E. h
who have been on a visit to
Mrs Norton, al ii"!"- Haven, have ?'?
i to Bedford City.
Mlaa Cl rvtne, who :?? en on
.in,! Tallaferr ?, nus re
I . Norfolk.
Several <>! old ' lolui ? tei
h po Ullina in other sectloi
i to their 'liii'.s. count) i
? aora T. Jefferson Stubbs, ol wil?
liam .uni Mar) College, and W. c r
? ol the Loulslai
un-ni st.ii; -i, are \ Isltli ? iHi li
.1. rt. \\. Stu! '
. tlarj
? li ..li iral Colli ? i ??
? .-I urned to 1 - State
alter u short visit.
Profi i i -i"! n i. WI
tow n ' 'olli ? ?? hi . -iii ' ' tary ol
1 nlti i
?; .\ ei un" nt, nu
Alu . is w nh j-, lativi h here for u lew
I am glnd to
.Ililli, S. Se.l 1
T, s. Tallufei i". han taken nuch
atand in the nev State ni vt yomi
is me Mayoi Bl ? r, and came
very nen r being nomlnati i for < oi
i h.- woiil I have received Ihi
nation for Governor, ha i he I.i i
: -
ACCMVBB1 io ti I \ is mn a i n>\.
>iiaa Breagle Seriaasly Barned .Mr. i>im
u?! Bcid's 1 Mimili.
ALEX \M'K1 K, VA.. :
Miss Minnie Bri ?
. hen ,i
?. .in i. .ii ron
li her?
self iiii- evening. I
and, un iii' ? I ? ' .- ti lt,
uppi r part ol house
until n.uie dared appro u h hi ? Her
father shoved her down a High! of atalrs
..,, i mel otheri who i
? ? lad) wa
i toual) hui in I I, face,
ti... k iiii'l h "K . and i ri Inly bi ii
Mr. I 'nu. ? i ?
home hi re this nfl
remains w i re laki n thi ough
h. poplar Hill, iii Prii
and there Intel n I
I he 'limes' t porting n.?> ?.
LOUIS \. VA., Kin pee al Ri v
wets, i>. n . from i; . mond ?as
l hs Mr Ellie, the paatm ..-' 11 ?
Episcopal i burch al tl is place in a
.ii-ti , tivi an i wi- well - - ,.. i h\
med to his woi k
m thia city mi the .- irly train lo
The many readi ? i of The Timea In
tl ? -inly, though no| sporting peo
plc, i.ike gre n intei ei i In the very fn 1
reports, dal i
the raci a. They won h i how it i th it
the wea M got on so wi u for so
time without thi
I"-, nilly the base-bull.
Vat era a*.
chas,. City, Va., Aug. 23, ISM,
Editor Timea; a few days ago you pub?
lished in yow correspondence from this
place that the reunion of tin- Confederate
veteran lenburg w ld
here on thi Ubi ol August Tl is lc r il. n
lati I to iud we n lah n i doubt
t" es -1 about the tune. 1... >,. can lon will
be mi Thin .-.lay. a ugusl nd thai
date was i ela ted from the . | d< elston
to bavc the reunion here,
still Ii.e? Come,
Three abel Illa called at tbs offli e of
th.. Auditor "i Public \ ? mtc In the
? Capitol building j esti :,| t\ after
in. i onvicta al the i ? , -| ?;,. ?
Wi re Sherlfl 11 Blush, r. ol Floyd coun?
ty, a ho l-fi iii iii-- pen ii Inst
i homaa G. Cia) ton (col ired), sci
to two yean and a hali imprli
rebreaking; Sheriff a. T
pf H.uty i?(ninty, win. had brought J. I.
Gibson, sentenced to six years for h.u ie
.. shciin a il Baker, ol !
a ho turned ever i" Ma lor Lynn
tnt t..ll..wine , oh>r. d c mvli ta \\ cati
Mason, s.: i, no -l t.> two yi
onment for housebreaking; John inn
aentem ed lo .-. ven yeera1 Imi
f ' .'"'K-i - ll an.l tn ten y< ?
more In another; Eddie Mason, Ben!
to Hire- yean for housebreaking.
suiid-M Bebeal QcaccBteeV
The Virginia Baptist state tunday
? ;v ';.','"; ? ;,??.wjorrdi is m
' irte.nl hs- . .,
lol iv m. and I io rn p. m 'V M
'?'^?nnvenii,,,, cbnma Sun.l-iy cTening
Ike i'm ?trcrt Tei.t
v^,"" ! " ^"'-;''?Av.,,,,,
'" ,l"' ,l,';i ' ? f Clay street hui ,!i,.i ,' , ' '
52S at' wtfBaaJ-1
'?'?- K'k The riaSirIil^fC< '" "'Kn' ??' s
ax ruo ni teh ix ctnToor.
Two Strangers Arrive from lite Test aa the
Laaaal ?**aM***ak*ltvB* of the itafo
gees?Arrests Authorized.
United State* Marabal Baldwin, accom?
panied Ly four deputies, Lteut*nant
Stoney, and lalvadorean Conaul Cal
deron, lefl th a morning on ? nu; for
lb* cruiser Bennington, whl h ba b
lying off th" ||. 1 Civil
jurisdiction for ninny .lays, awaiting
ti m VI ? rtlngt' n to enter thia
port lin- Marshal can led w?i
sued by United Btati a Uiatrli I Judge
Morro* ror the arrest of the
When the Ben
tied Marshal Ba
and ins di i ? ??' an I the
? med "Ut ? '
ipi,it, iini then ti'.- wai rani'- wen
little formality, lt -??- i ' ?'? ?
ti,.- Bennington w >uld pr >ceed to Mare
i-i m I, whi ie the would be
transferred to thi
Howell and brought to the i By.
This morning, on motion ol tl
I lorney and on i n of a
?' from
United Stab a District ind ( i ut Curta
wa a
have i ? f?r the
W VSHINOTi >N, !'? C., Aug. 2 td
. ., ? of the
Navy, ?
, ..nilli.nii'-i of the Man Island
navy yard, Insti
tat, : , ? : out t" ti,- Ben?
in a lui.. ' ? an l permit
him to serve warranl L'nlted
RIVE l'EM li nil BB ATV MB.
Much Smithies Bl tlerOM* I'erk ? flooil
Spoil nt t'irBloga.
JEROME PARK, N. 1 . Aug. 23 Aa
the programme I
with the blue pent ll. The firs!
were won by ravoriti . bul
mall and all th
were v ell ba ki
Look mal ' ?? event
"i heal
uhj, h flftb race 1 etwi en
Albert A. and Midstar. In the run-off
Albert ' the work until the
?a post was i, ,t. hed. Mid
st,u ? ip under pul Ishment, and
nive, won cleverly by a
l ? . selling,
mil- ? ,. . Lightfoot lbw,
?i third. Tune, ?_? uo.
upwai ls, si lllns allowani es, mile and a
live Oak ri".' 7 tn
.. w. it. third.
Tin ? 1 -?' * inly thc ?
' '
|?lxon, Jr. HOS,
? ,, :, nose. ?
Halton ttl I,
I Hm n thu
I rtl ra." for I
longs Albert \ (HW,
? M , uri, i ? ?> ran
? p.i In ?
Tl ne,
Ki doo it- '
\ letberl I UV.,
li .,, .; Rolli r
Time, li .
Hil til" evellts Wei'' Well
1 02.
..ii.- mil. i
Third race the Call!
? pei
ll to
12 1-2.
i, Leonardo
' I fl i ll tl. I i s JJ IC gs,
Third Day's R vents rho RI. vein Coatests
?" "Mr.- \\ le.ler Winner.
dal t the Chesa]
. waa vi. i, .
. . l
. I
likes (by Black Will ? ll.
I. I. ?' . -'. -', i.in.
I, :;. ?? Paney Medium, :., p ::. Clayton
C. ::. ... :.; Nelli.- Kii,K, dist. Time,
- :";,. 'J :.-",. L-.:i -,.
for two
- lille Henton
lbj Bi n li ? '. l. ::. i. i I, ..
1 ? l M uiiti. -J. 2, 2; N .ii,
: iii
lt ki tn ? lu ih. m., by i
- ... -'. I, I, I . Rober) C (pa.-ei I,
1, 1. lt, -. I; Lottie M. ipai er), -J. .'.. 4,
?'!. 2: Kiii". I, 1. 2. I, '?'. Sordine (paeerl,
:i. -. ". dr. Time. 2 -'.'?. .
... ftoo, runnln I
mlle .... Glenn, I, I
| 2 M .. ?-. ::. ::. A. I: M
? olonel Johnson, 2, dr. Time
i" dash, pursi ? ,
Winier il
How ard J. I lopl nco. k. '? , ,
second ?
Time, -'
> r ii-s "/? i a a \ Arr.
Capt. Itnlirsmt S..I li. ri|.-ii lt 1,1 f,,r Sn.
rle? mtier Mattera.
m ' ,' -
tain M i: l; I" son la not Incai
fife, and thi
i. ? n api rovi
? rj ol that Navy. Ci] I
n In |i or , Vr,t.
it waa m ,,,. (,,n|
for the pu..
? - beni nth ', ? rank, li
l ? hal s.v ei,ii ?,e .,, '.uv,.
' '' ' iard ' . ftnd him
?? that ih< j
?I ll e
?al'i fall i" thi ?
? v. r ink. ' 'aptain Robesi i ,
Bl iii.-I Cns.
? ' '"iiiin indi i A. R < -"inlen
: Or the past tin. .? v eai
? ..: the lea Iii
ivy, will ts
in ih" duty at the Naty
inder ?tau en t
w hl< h le general y consl lt re i u
euee it ls ncc< asarj t, at he
' ? i service, and no other
commander duty is it pn sent a
i h.- Pinta ls a amati \ ? eel tho ?
leaves the ini.t- ne ir Sith i
of I
t . h
AA hi.
ak Examiner Miller Killel HiBMelf
.TOONA, PA , Aug a Th* romner-*
? Impanni lied to Invi stlgate tl I I
lank I.v.Minn, r Mi
f. it ihe d
is death from tbe result i t a pistol
I. the weapon baring been
nj nts own hand, t.ut whether le
loni or ii.tet t "1. to tin- jury unknown
e hearing of Bank Clerk Cia
?h was P. lav.- bean held thi
was postponed until Uaturdaj
Hollis "loaest K'oolloo l.-s^ue"
l'.ii: dlNOHAM, ALA , Aug l-Ai ri
in i i - bout three hundred
i i orders, aboui
lowi rs ol Reuben Kolb hall of them
? ni!.:.-1 at wm len Hall mu ,
city, to-day, for thc p ir, N ur i>iyiti,tzii^ I
an Bcmeal Election. kaasJcM, P. fl BBW*
man. Kulbn lleutenanl general, sra the
chief Baaater "f ceremonies. Speeches ..r
thc st>t.\t?"i nature were mada
Prom specials to tba Ags-Herald from
oth.r cauntlea ll seems 'h.- order was aol
..hi red, ti'" people seeming t > tire of tba
mandate of i a ian. Si ?>?-.? .?. I
rare .mired out.
som tn n OOUBTt DJ? i.koatkh.
Tanner'! (rank l.i.et* Trier Men dalma
??f Calooa] oar'* Prteaate,
NORFOLK, va, Aug. !
Tanners Creek district, of Norfolk
ly, to-day . li ? i.-l six Tj lt
to the ' mal Convention. Tba
Berkley Democi ' dele
i ? ?? . 'mal < ???I.
will be hem to.morrow- night
. i harmony,
and lt les i"i
rep a ted that the 1 faction
of Rep . i the nomi?
nation of Mr, T. k Borland Bute
Senator Ma? ? ?
h" nominate l by tl
in .
lo Mnke a Sarre* "f Hi" liu'ilanf.
Sui'TH \MPTON, /
. ! i Harvard Bili s.
naval ari
I.ike .'I SJ'i "
cia! sw viRilanl for the pur
i ..se of proving the falsity "f the ?
. I'lciit ?
epult In
lt to he t u
of thc - to ai ?
i er tain the extent to her
.1 d. To -I ??? workmen Lk; i
\ the l rona
w im li ? ? trard ii t ?
l and Its com aln and
will pi
Blllllllilfo |n a ghe ,f nf Wheat.
AKRi IN, "v
' work on thc farm ol
Milner, on the a i ol thi city.
:'.. Half Hi ho
had bi -u
the bi .
the m.I. hine an I
.hum \\ . li
f itally Injured. I ? muli
and si".
and Hltner's entire u lu
and m Implements wi
Narnia*! on for < tongi?.
I ?.'. ? i i . ' 11.
Indii alt
son will h.
Si ptemln t Jth
Mr. i
A Bicycle Cost Him ll". Eye Ight.
Dr. l-'i'
a new
., Pai
I r..li. Il
Hal ' ?<? Pimui.
; -
i late I
? Club, oi
t mi. i 'slonal Nominal on -.
ILLE, FLA., Aug.
i fl '
I h ii in a hit
, Va.?
I N ? ..eli?.e.
'i t t
|. iliad,
lui I
r .uti-, I a not only
S. nial i
Lowell word.,
md poll , of the
Waa it wit
thal he h.ld do this thli .
, ' . (ell .
i ad requ re ! Blr I
.! linn whl
.-.owner. ?
? of git lng Instruction to ..
hen "picked oul .. middlli
ind told lum that were lt?" .
C'.ili ur Isabel e
.r. a i ? ??? ui.-I ii. ih
?aid to I
im ih.- bpi ?f some
il linen. Isa
r of Phillp il. "i Spain, ai i ol
lizabeth. ter ol Henry n
led Albert of Austi i
daxlmlllan : I. Her father g t\- her tl e
uni il was ? bile
.\ hlctl W8S In a stale Ol
tl i she gave to a
?olor. ; e not to chant I ? i
In.-n till the toa ii wai taken, 'i hi
asted I earn, with the result that
he lim
' t another Isabella
?lana, hitherto, i had thought, In dispute
I d . tn.- Cati
ni iii- Ila, Phillp ll. ol
ipaln .uni Ai.ii' Austria, to
rivi her name h> Ihe - yellow
??dor which her unchanged linen had In
? i lime acquired. Tbe Oral ol
,t w llb ber h'lsh.ir.'i 1,.
kpril, H'M. mi their .Tu.s i ie against i;re
i.hia. which di'i mu capitulate until No
ember. Ki'1 " ' AC 1."
n inge in li' i ii'-1.1. li ? . . I tn,.
! that |.> il ..I. sh- w.i.s l.ir .
ry me second i.-i'i-. wi;..-., similar voa
vi th regard t ? ? | ? tatead tn
BU left her free from washerwotnen'a
,UlS till IBM i '.' ?? rieji.
Aa amateur ocultat In Michigan made
i glam ? ?>..- for bl ? ap inlel
inlmal ma used to the ai
l.tin'j' r.
Oeesrrapby as a aclence waa introduced
tito Europa by thc Moors in Lu.
/ n rt E TUE M trott AMI HOES OX.
A Tittle Girl Struck In the Ere -A Fire
(bier ami New tl'inli.n Klftetad ?
Arrested for Cruelty to Animals.
M*vritrsTir Rt/ggso RlCaTVOtrn Tivrs, I
Charlea Smith, the colored tuan who
Hmo ago charged with
lultlng tho Tink, David Prai
tried in the May..r's court yesterday
in .I ni to tbe grand Jurj
c.t.un. nwt Mr.
AtkiMon and tl r hy Mr. W. H.
Elli ? with
. rt atlng a ?'? turbam >? In th* bou?
Ai n li.nish (colored), was lined Si and
, he little girl of Mr. Lue! Fa wla, who
resldi on Pen n Seventh
and Eighth, wai In the i ye i
,i I . wi'"
was "ii ti Phe little girl
ng "ii h.-r rathol a porch when Hie
ld render?
ed the necessary medical aid.
The Fire i nera met Wt ln?s
ght and dei ted Mi
-r of the Pira Department.
Mr. lt. E. Owens, first plpeman; lil
i }al leg har, second plpeman; W. E. S
:?an. The old :r. ni,.-:S i if i he
i I litton
i Mea rs. J. L. Re [ford and Willie B
A Wa ? v .. ?(? clay bv
Mr. Tayi ir, agei I ? the
Prevention ??( Cruelty to Animals, against
\ li Slmmona Mr. Simmons was ar?
ny officer
Wright and balled foi i i ? -
' la ror's i '? uri nlng.
The funeral "f .Mrs D. D.
fen the l'r. sbytel i nt
The match game ol lawn ten
'il .street
. '
Mr. Oarles <:. ai ii -. who til froi
ill"-, lg i] |j ai
' uuier the clrcura
Maater Melvin Pitt has returned from
Mti| ? ? lent John < i i
the Richmond Iroad
i w iii he mot "i fro
; Mount, N ''.
/?//.. a ii IBU O KN BB AL,
In terell I og Facts About lib lunnmCs titl
? viol (liligi Al .tt<.i?.
Mei tale of ? icked on
? l at
Morph) s ||
Mrs W. VA i
t, 1 - ? t hei
Mr. and Mra if No
!*;.? \ lum ?
I. ? ?w, of Norfolk
? ? '?
' I
? ?
treel Watei
? ? '??
of Wait.r l>. Mo
lim TOMS i "lt i UM BOOM.
I li ev VA ant Mora I'm ami Wk nt I he ( ll y to
i sh H..- ?? ?
E. I*. Ri
ot the
11 ? . 111 c.
' ?
A i.
milted a petil
in .nth ?
that I
with thi
would ie.!
- \ loo tor a
ll Di
,<nown thal thi
; .
Iter the
The Ol
nuilee. WI
Seal h of Mn I uni- |,e f| , .??
? i home in i'
ld. She
I as a w nt'-i- and --i1111
vati 1 in ma nj ? . rt was
.ttul ot
'i he fi I at SI
.-.Ul a< t
? u I ii
W. P. DeSauasure, W. A. Luce
v liter M. l;.
arrested r" ?' ho r .
and Of
i lodgi : .
Second atal
of I reakin ? and enti riot,
the hou Ll on Ti nth
.. rn .nth a '"? ' : Maine.1
to be i which
were i- ive been otolen. h.
s,,ii be b ughl t ?- ahoe* froui
named Anal ??? The
will have a hearing before tn* Police
Illdn't Know the ILaanan,
\\-|,0'l ? ?? ? ?- ? ? ? P*?1t\
Boldon, of Um Unin-gti tl line,
s.n.i i.,a. ,,, ,,|., ,,.,i ,.
i onductora on the electrle lino a
driver on tin Broad-street l!
dtschargt d H* Bra* acUng In
witii orders rocolvod from Mr. Fisher ia
New York. Mr. Fisher Beal the Bumbora
of tba badges and ordered that those
min bi '.. Some ?>< them had
bass, bnh tba company t"r a tunk' ubm.
lr, lt.-1*1 lisa-il r. i lo- Violinist.
Mr John Reinhardt, tha erett-hnoT.n
? bs been ei for li am i
nf the theatre - vYhen the
it'!,- ls m.t opet, li- wm I-' <n th.
Ira of tim ' sf Music.
UM*. MALU* ? uti' iioitMt hti>>;.
Sha Was Ones Famoiia lu I.oiil.Tll'e for
Uer Ult and I'.nuir
\ - ,,! fi..tn '
,lli,. Ward Downs, '
belle'of th- South In ante-bellum days,
,11 al tin (Salt '
Her nhvsl
h. r r<. m.. ry, a
i? the il thi lab I
one of the wealtl
planters of ' , I
,no in thi ?
and -l ti In -. h . ,. girl, Be
?n years old che waa
? h. ile and '
ville and New < irleans beaux. Ii
?ii.I and V
for Hi" i.ii-.in i- an i
splendor of 'he given
there, i *?'??? "'I'"1-'
for violets for thc drac
Sallie Wai ' in-led to I
Lawn e. of Hos!
tc was no!
,-n-t fr*. ! Miss V\ ii I
w,is nfl lill-.1 ti Kr. Hunt, of
Louisville, c
?isl..md waa
mg. also .fl..
also died A few
thal she cv*
a rich rel ? ? Mr.
? her carl-. .
nedding was a \. r\ ipili
ii thi pair have always lived simply
comly, ll. i repul ?
a well know rt I
af hi 'in-, ai I her soc!
evi iv where *? ie w ent. ll
hi ring t'la.-c of cl
? centre. Her 'ii s wee
probably th
salon th
Mir t iiii.r ul tba I
a dark
w hi li ? ,
The d
li nt ai:. trablan
ll: ?
too 1
itch if oui
? '
the V
with '. - ?
? ?
rh" A
wlil'-h Bive him
li ?r?
We mus! j
the : I
point. Iii- ll
? -
An English s.|inrr.
M r. Il f our ai
ol the
with marrow
The i
tile pll
I". li
1: V' -1 ll
I a k -. ll. T.
I hu K Jtlioini. .1 ig|
With m
! Hms
nexi w<
lui. stu?
nt ely tl
fraternity arc In tbe I
spike bi MiwaM
uv-r li
river, All th
? ; over. 1 ?
be who i an endure - ail
? nth
? Creal r ? ef the lamg na'i"i>.
1 %
ai ter in )
Th.- Author "\S
? i. with tl
? -
Hi lal
lohn Slmonui
native ol Berkshire, who was hom arm
!? .... lld C
tt.i- ni a nei die with hts i
ai -ls and d i aime
nether pera >a
I/ av:: k. m taft*, lug B .
Hills will ipen In all departm
I l) iiioi liing and gi*, ?? cm pl ii ii.
:.>. Hu) have been ..
July Sd.
STri I
HAVKRHILL tl ? < ?
K feowler died al bl ?
I of he*
. i .
Brm of
th- lin
fall "f '?
I ' ?
S- Timk* to Th* Tim
'? ?
5 . neil ki -<.'! K AMI
?. n ?
* taken. ?
FARM t IO :'.: UFA Bl
! r.arf
lill ^_
? ? i >a? |H
Part of HOOK OF 1 MK K, I.!)!.;.> W
' ?
J wo ce-.
parts 1 in 6 B
Nu-. I to 22 R
Lt*:*! ???'? ?
. ? ?. - . .
? l :rCL0P?i)IA ANO Uh:
: Nos. i io ?::, Ke.nij.
MT' !
* os.' '-. sn cv
I '!?r
-1 in;
id two ceul-i in'.'A
'is Pl eli !. Bl SI Ml.Ml.
No I, 1 '?? -I" l.eaily.
' 'Upon* mi '
I i on
' (.i:\liil- .
!F ? ID.
rios, i fo i4.
Bring tait to the cT.ce sf The Ilmat
o- ftnii Ly mall, '?? lo sato,
and iou alli rbcaine oat) part of lh?
(.rest ponton.) o? art.
Mo Ibu*** I >
Complete Set, bj mail, $1,."io
.. iv ?. .
. . "lit.
.. e.
. Dream L
- 1 I
). Mo ' ...
... Pau. an I Vin
of the. Seo I -
, io*.
. iuty.
, nu.
:or Mar.us
Ar.:- IS
? "ll.
. .-I
r* laocond
>?::^\ ?,"? ., . <* ***?*
'-' "itomol i;'
L Poe*
t?a of these coupon* cut from The
si^a .tili'i'i ol
Mvisa a u, . >-u w
K i ?tam?* taken.

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