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Cfye C.mes.
THK _C*IW____? COM?*HT,
H ? DAILY Tl MKS lr served by^arrlere
oa their ewn account In in.s cu>.
HViirlioKtei. and Uarion Heights lot
li Mata a week. SO .enl* a month.
17 3) a Mar; by mall, outside of Hlch
Bi-n.l. th ff ms a month. $i>.i"o a year -
?n>? lure In the Untied Staten.
Tily. ?UNi?Ai TIMB? Three ??????
toov WM a year by mail. o.it-M<r
Richmond anywhere tn th. tmtea
T-UBW'CKKLt Tl MKS issued ana
malled In two paris-one oo.lar a.year
hy niall any*teri In the Llinea
States. , ??,
Address all communications ana cor?
respondence io The Times t'onj^' ?
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Ju cents per Maa. _ ?_ ,?r
Card of advertising rates Tor space fur?
nished on application , _, _ __..
H. m.: by .Iran, che.*, po^-offlrr-order
or resist, red lettei. Currane** Bani ?*??
mal' ia at the risk of the oertder
Times Telephones: Huslmss oii.ee, mo
1.19. editorial rooms. No. .36.
Specimen copies free. .
All subs, rip-Tons by mall paynMe in nd
vance Hat. h the label on your paP*^;
If you live out of Richmond, end soi- when
your subscription expires, so you can iw
new before me paper if* atopped. tou
should not miss a single copy of ino
a, lUUDT.
HALIFAX STREET, < ? I ?' ''>' .?,.'' ' '
?phi >si; iii.
rWDAT. NoVKMlU-.K**. 1H03.
TO.HW-* mu hm- ?? i aniw.
Dbm !__-__** Ha. ' "' ''''""V ,'.'?
I-,?,,,, i ,i ? rc-oran Hall
,...:r..' i o. ... .??-. oda-r.a.
VmxtflmiLtm, I. 0.0 F Powi ll*. Hall ..
.-., I,,!..-, I. O. ll M . < BTSl-J -
: i. K M . -'r. H. !' A.
Praternltj Li l*< ' ' ' " '' - ''' ,l,'n
Miilua tl ? ""'.",'* I,n"
l?.il. I>. u-' . K ol H.. Owens Hal!
, ( I. A. lr. Of Jl..
Druids' ll.ill ? ....
. (old. n Chain, "Schiller
n Chain, I '
Tin Sheet Iron, end Cornice WOrnera,
i ? . Hall
Enti rpi I, Jr, ??. C. A "
ki Hall.
lr O. U. A. xi , Jr. O. r
\ M Hall.
Sow s...;r ii , 'ouncll, Jr O. U. A. M .
Kl*.-1 ih and Hull streeu ,
Trinity Temple, I. o ' - 'Xv, Central
Sidney Lodge, I. O. Q. I'. Belvidere
East-1 ? !<>..; T. Bpi
West-K i .. .; '! , i latewood'i
Company A tlment, Armnn-.
n l. Lee . *.*i:11?. C V.. Lee i ..m*> Hall.
) ? Lod_-<. K ol P., Toi ? v- Hall
Virelnl . ' . Smith's
Aur.iri Council, .lr. n V. A. M. Qete
??.. . |'| H I
Till -manum I III Till PEOPLE.
The leeson of Virginia's election i* thal
thr- Walloa law must i*<- Materially
anuri.I..I ,it tbe ni?:>....i. htn| Bi
the Ls flt i hun The nan arlin
rr-a?l timi aa the Important declaration
t?y tfea poonta ..f Virginie la Mind Indeed.
Wa take lt, therefore, aa ri forogow
. loalon ih'i' au paitlea win ay-roe. when
the Lagtafattaf-o meeta, thal thli is the
tilt,! lind tha rr I duty Ural
matts mil hava "ir Ita inn.is. ti., que -
tion, th. ii. ls in what uay shall the law
he. amf-ii'l'-.i ' If is n ?( amendment thal
arlll enable sharp officers to make linter
nt,- m. n rata tha opp oasts way t.i theil
, bul am. ndiri. hi thal viii ? nar.'.
them tn VVta M they wish. This f.s the
]. bmw '-t i' I 'I'.- ? I"- > lection, Wi n
|i,-at ti.i- question, tti,n. how rs this end
le ba attained T
Tha ital qm Boa to be determined will
tie whether nun n inn-ms ar.- to ba BOT
mulaled Li a rn rel cnuoua or arhe-thei
they shan ba framed and debated in ii"*
otKii bod] ?>i" tba Legislature. Tha Ttar-aa
js ctOarlj of opinion thal tba Democrats
of tha l.i-'-isi.inn-.- win rnak.- a aerioua
blunder If -hay determine thal the lara I
t.i t.?- amended only in roch particulars
as shall ba determined on In i
?-au<-us. 'i I ? ; rple >.f Virginia ti I
caucus and all other metboda ol
deliberation concerning their Intereata.
T!ir-y want lu ki...w whatOTet ts p
or antd <-i.il-ri iniii; nBattera Bum
their interests, and they want all of thi lr
?I..I1 openly proponed in ti..
,,f th,-ir tagtaletlva b dj raported to tb an
ir.v tin- prows, arith ihe dtoouaeton ..t their
i*; r ? ? > ni itu aa. The l tamocratlc majority
in tha LafMatura ona, of course, al all
Uanna put aa i aabaigo upon nay legislation
iB-B-toal to th.- Intereata of lha people of
Vtrptnia, bul no laga-h-tkn oaa ba iniml.
? ai td thali Intoraata that la Intended
t.? mi nra fair aler Hone, and tba i tuaa of
fair eli, ti,.ns oDQftl all tba BUggeotlOI-l
that ena anana fi "in any qoartar. Our
etec-kM* lava ara net ah- Bon laws .,,,.
any part] . the] ara lha ? k all ? lawi ol
the j.,-..plo of Vii-ir.iiia. and Republicans,
i'oj.uhsts. PrahlMUonlatat aa wall ai Dem
'-ral-, nave a |%ht to ti; ve what IIlv
think bani in tin in ni h.st beare nnd
? ?? 'i. We nope, thi refers, that our
pnrty nrtU tppoinl atroag nlaril-aPa mwn
BBitUeo, on nrhlc-i iii partlna sh,.ii hara
wpm 'illation, hut oi whi.-h. of couran,
the Danae rata aban have the n
and thal au ntnppa nous for amandmg
tin- el* lion laws slull i.per, ly p
the Legislature, nani to hhaaa aoanmlttoea
? i ai d i' potti i on by thai and
t'wtt theaa reports shall ba dofentad and
dis. ns-, j balara all the paeplti ,.f virginia
? -i la rtalatff-j ? aalen.
The iirxt auggeattan w>- masha h\ 'hat the
panties- ? ali i u l oa the "Hotwaii Sloe
Hons' flatform ahall drop their already
'?'?"? '? hid Thara i- a areal deal of
pre.hi.ii. e ng_4t| .r t? n hill, ail it will
BBaiply ba b ir**-hraad la tha Log lal aim..
Let any K.iiti.iiwii B_eJM may panpoattloo
that is ooMalaad hn Hani bill -hal ba tlkea,
bal \td lt ...me |i jin Imii (M-n.lent | , ..
?llloli and not a.s an , rf.,rt t-. fOfOe Ural
till lt]..li tba l/< .rl-iali.i.
The laapeataal thing, though, after ali,
ls in what laapaet shan l;i,> i.iu ba
Slii,-r..l..l" An olli.1,1 l.allot. bal not th.
-Ind -ne now have, and th,* aaOlUflaO booth
we popular, an ! shuni,1 I..- h-ld og to.
Hut tn what raapael stiari tba Ina bo
Sbhe-ra-i-e amen i. d'.' There are several
paopealtlaaMa Boona non aaopaaa two oon?
lti_hli-?. -Aiih III.orly io th.- \..ter to ask
the jmiiri n arbatbat aaa ballot i* aevaaarty
nw.r*k< i O-ban prapaaa that the ooasta
:de In- alMilln.-ad ami thut the judj<. s t?
**i*riulred lo mark tba l.allot foi an Hilt*
nruto voter, ut.-ieis propOM tliat tin- OOO
Itahle Im, a'ioil*,he.l. tho oltl.ial ballal !><?
httmBt outside t'i<- rathlg I'la, e with ari
MiiWem over flBOh tn k.-t to dao_0ta that
Makai and that Uso voter ba raqalrod lo
i__rk Ma oma ballot hy i-on>^-,riin( it ?ith
ito emblem tliat d?iut,j? 11..- t.._r i \ .s in-k.-t
he wishes to vote.
Our own opinion ls tbat a combination
if the last two auggesVone might best
_t__4n rh* ohOect. The ballot should be
posted under any clrcUzTist__-res, and
whether Che _o__-u.__e be abolished Or not.
Hst we ballara that an honest constable
ta an Important facior In helping along
the voters, tho voter shotiid have the
right tc. auk the JudBen If li liol DSSa
naa_rh*4 -Eoeerallng to ivis nrlatM*. ff*
make these Suggestions with *liffl'l?-Tli e.
but with an e*tnic*?t deidre to a! I In ar?
riving hi tho common nr-ed, a perfectly
flair ele,Hon. and we are r.-edy to snp
<j>ort any other suggestions thal MMMf,
seem to tend in that direction.
It ls now a solid Korth and Wast, in?
stead of a solid South, with all of the
border ttateg and boom ot tnt Southern
' tremblliiK In the belano*, timi Inclining
toward Republicanism. Either last year
or this, thc Republicana hav.- carried
every sta:,' north of the. -.uh parallel
but one, amt tin* margin In that was
Very narrow. There are to-day only
nine Kta'-s to !-.? rockow.*d safely Darno,
eratic, or exactly ona in Av* of th,- whoto
Tulon Bine* t tah has practically be
come the fort*-fifth Sta.tr. Thos" OM
Virginia, South carolina, Georgia, I'Vr
hh,, Alabama. Mississippi J Louisiana,
Arkansas, Btid Texas. -""Ix oth.rs ara
! ' itabta ground-Dstawar*, Maryland,
North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee,
and Missouri arith tb* chance* decidedly
a, f.ivui- of the Republicans In ball of
H., m. The other thirty, or exactly two
thir'is of tba whoto, ought steadfastly to
}<* kepi in the Republican column.
Th" N- vv York Tribute has thus stated
t ? gad a melancholy picton it lo.
v. ? , it is recalled thal ovary .vii
from Which we Buffered, and whVh
p on tha panic of UH, was from
?on .i'lopt',] hy the Republicana;
, tha overflowing Treasury ttmtrad
ov< r by Cleveland to Harrison was re
turn.,I to him empty, that under Boigl
son tba pension Hst was nearly doubled,
anl provision made for < a irvine it to
j,-..,. ... ,,- nv. r par uratan, with no
ponding provision for Its payment;
;:,,r was put on tue fn-e list; tbs
io.*s thereby of -.<?.,?,,.,-n, of r.venue was
: ?l hy tba axpendltura of ii"."*.
. - 51 ..liti.tnHi for bounty to t ? .,-? i
ond Imposed "ti a nearly bankrupt
ry; thal th* maln_g*rlng of all
our WOO* waa thll condition Of the na?
tional Treasury, lt ls as auaadng BJ it
la distressing thai the Democratic party
should bav* bo utterly falk l ? i
th. ? mfldence of tha people which bad
I,. ? n transfi i r -i to ll from t hi Rep ib
Vt a may. when they gel into full control,
?riiiy look for n Republican pro
gnrnmma| of tbs old achool except th*
fOTCI bill. That injipiity, we arc glad
to believe, ta d*ad; tb* Republlcanj can
Aitho.it tba nagie, and I ,- |
never bed any use for him , *. ?
a voter. Wa may axpeel a frei
aoay admlnlatratlon of ail rxifling j" n
sioii laws, and, upon any sort of ? ?
? ? ? ia a sort. Louisiana will
<a!l for a bounty OB f-vvar, and lt will
ron, If thTe is any way to gel
along without the revenue from tt. Tb*
tai iff will b* Increased, and to this we
would not, nader the sainting demands
on our Treasury, object, provided it was
done uniformly ond impartially, and
then wo* practically no free list. Lut
thal IS not the Republican idea of B
tariff. They do not think they ar.- really
ng II ? ]?".'-' n of govi rnmeni
'mi'ss they me, in s,,me arbitrary way,
takintr money from som,, cltisena and
giving lt to others. Th* Idea that th*
Government la for all alike baa never
ye! goth ii Into thi lr mind*.
\ to Boanda! legislation, we may
i I.*,- to any boga for Btate banka
of Issue. The "hattlo-bora and blood?
stained" greenback win remain, t,> eons
us wiCi ita endless chain of drafts on the
gold of the Treaaury. lt may be hoped,
however, that snob legislation jrlU ba
pas*, i as will maka Um Qovernmem
payable explicitly In gold. Tins
will help the credit of this Government,
and so help th* 'inan, lal and h
situation throughout ths country.
it la u* el eos now to reproach either Mr.
Cleveland with bis free raw material iv?
ories, or the fret -sllvi r a Bator* and con?
gressmen with tin ir ananda] views, s.,
much our ,,f harmony with i)"- ruling
Idea ??? t ha world, or both * Ith tha In
laz, li la 'nougb to v.- ow
thal I ? V cisiatvn of ti,,- Demo
, -,iis waa noi sa enttdota for
on j.iii into our national
by the Republicana and thal tbe threat*
of Ananda] revolution made boldly bj
leading Democrats, alarmed thoughtful
ii:, ii of hoi h pot ? Il with
local disturbing elements, sa Gannan In
Maryland, brought about tha
overthrow of tha party. But, he it re?
membered, Democratic principia* sxa as
immortal as any ol tin- laws ,,i nature,
Whatever ls wlss ami just in thi ?
Usbod relationship i.< twei n the peopta
and th, ir government must be f:
?:i Ol St.' ! '' ni" tatlC l'i ni' ipi".
Th.- Bag fa, t is, however, our OWH so
called Democrat* <n<i not know?or, if
tin y .lil. f eared to pol la practice?the
principle* of their own party.
it wni not always t ?
I.HI*1\I lilt! l'l'.IO. 111 ILIUM.g,
TIM deetnH Mon by lire on the . .
iif election-day of the Bro-proof Manhat?
tan i*ank building. In Now Fork i Ity, has
naturally created much anxiety In tha
min,is ,,f the owner* aad occupants ol
Buck building* lt will ba remembered
'that a hie proof betel was Utterly d'
strayed by tu,- cs _ghl arrow tha atreet'
from Dr. Talmage'a horning Tabernacle,
Marked attention la non drawn to tho
lowering .-.liri, ? s which ar* going np In
.,1) lara*" cities, but which, un.hr the stim?
ulus <>f oompetitlv* advertising methods
carried oul In the botldtagi themselves,
hove teach ad Ihelr greatest height la Ni a
Y.>rk aad Chicago.
These BtrOCturea are stol frames COV
, ?. i arith g v i'?? i' ot Mah ot stone
literally m one building w<- bav* recently
?son under oonstnictton in Nam "."ii* a
mri.- v,n.er of granite so thia thal th*
blocks "l UM outer **vull lo.,kr,I moir Uk
large pa/ssaeat Bag-etoneo sol aa aggi
than tba walls with which one would
suppos,- a sat,- building should bc OOO
.-1 ruc ted,
When u flit- attacks tin se walls they
riv.- away, sa\fi tba metal nani,.-, twist
aad bead aa_tor tbs heat, _.n.i thoo down
gOSS tba building. These cvpriim, nts may
In the day of trial prove WOTSe than the
old-fashioned brick and WOOg housrs.
Where tbe walis gio of **-?t1.1 brick, of
thickness proportional* t> their height?
as, for I nan ara tM flallsgn MUla t-iVLi -
iii^. of tins ,itv they win mu univ ataad
t,y themselves, as dbl thc Gallsgo walis
after the tire of Mtm, ami aa tba rotaoda
watlls now do at thc t'niv ,-rsit>-, but if
fitted with iron or mU-,-1 frames within
*?.*?)! walls, would so protect them us to
make a really rtre-proof bull,lina;.
After all. In the case of fire* "ihe ounce
of prevention" ia the true remedy. When
a tire has once fairly atarted no ono can
say what 1b the valu* of a fire-proof
C~hic*go told an awful tale of dlsap
oointed hone* la UTI. when all aorta of
buildings Just vanished aw.iv to;*e-*her. A
! fOOd tire b-nartment ls the best proof
a_ nt,* I lire.
A rnii.li*-*> i.tt'L ni O-OTOAl. ley..
The Baagbanaa kl a ll marj Ooaapai
Hi- hnioiid, have published a Hf* Of G*tt
araJ Hoi,, rt l. Los, lor children, in ea y
words, hy Mrs. Mary L Will ?
which w.- r<ntr\ M a V, ur and itrii-..; -;i.-.t
addition to chOd'a literature Tba | I
I?a 1 Oren lg of liem-raJ Xjtmft Hf" are 6*>
tailed |a a plain and simple li.an ?
enable* a .wi to eomprohead tb
tive with aaa*. And ehOdran caanai have
tho lessons or this gr -.t and -? tod maa'a
life too much improaaod upon lbom. The]
n.o ni i,<- inatruetid la r ami
..ni i of Ufa fruin the lime they ar* abbi
lo rood anti] they ur, aufflctontly ma*
turod toeeleri their own reading Entry
iib lld will hrrome a betti r nan or woman
for atadylng tba reece | of th
and learning his unfaltering ('evotton to
tba dlscharga of his duty, .* ?
duty may have ix-, n.
A copy of i - publication has been laid
on our tabla, aad wa have goo. over Ita
pat,-,-s with the greatest pit i
should ba t-v. i to think ll was in thc
banda of every bttl. ? I giri In I r
Th* moo-'irient by a number of promi?
nent ladles of Rlchmot to ra
M in rebuilding tho ro!
utnez, reoently ? i
l'i,Iv, : 1 rn, ? t v. ith a ?
? mi nt ipoui alumni in p
tor, anl *r:.-pi-Is of t V t I . v* -,i- ,i
ll Vii
The movement la a omm
this time th. :
- raised ta *o i
realizing a nohl* objei t. v.
? ?
lng tbl B k, an-1
hm a, no a friend of l ?
., n -1 tbe cause I ? ? lucatton i r. tbe
Btate, wishes Ihe ledi, rai.
in their undertaking.
A ll isl stu MO ni' ii rn.
Work of Ihe 'I en, pei am e I ndBBl rial and
< ..lt. fl, 11,-lilllie itt I liireiiioiit.
ro 1 i. lit,?!- of Ti.,- Th
Sir. I i > ailee the f., ; u
will .---iv, ;i ? ow n problem ?"? i a ?
its own aalvatton, ;? I i rory Um* we
make a fih nd <-f the wi tte "..in ??
MOYing tO I 10 th
? I'M that vvr an I"
melllgent. Nelth.
p.I : I, In this COUnt ? .-"Iv. t !..
neap o probh
Thi solution of til.- i ai ? protolt m di -
? nt I rel v .| ? ?
liol*. I in i vi
: nm .,i:' ) . <- o'.oniy alni
h.iioi i ol race
pride, an.i ?? ?
thal must ! ? .
that hfl ma.. J.,,." bli pta ?
... I ?' to j." ;i!. V
Killi-Ul, ., - -
teach 11 g the
vu,.- |".(,. ::i th,
I to hate the i
him, vi?
ol ill ,! h! i R -l: 1|
'i'r - ? - i oi vv hi, h
P ? . radu g. We ere
poor, bul arork, an i
proving om
here, bul w? are helpful .,1*,, io tl
i thal byeducat
the bead, and th.
men and * ,,n be mali
ir st.H.
and our rac, v"ery truly ?
<'h.ri ii: I -. .-.
1 ll Ul I Ililli S si S us I HU n r .
Ali I,liliana Inuit |.. Palsied OV*l a l'<
sallar Damage Bolt.
M, Maati r, of tbe M
been wrestllni
law for s, v ral mooth*. Hi
? d for pi- ? di ii i by a I de tbe
in fha Union, bul ha* lound i
Ma: i)
. widow, and Mrs. John
-v arin frii ni-, -.'i-i when I
ti i' died, Mis. ii
til,- mos! sincere i
in pool , ir. um ld bulled hi
w if,- in an unpn tenuous i..i, but
ih- deceased tn.it i hi wan
mains t,> i. the hersell
some time
i led < 'an- ? to dtalntet - .
,,f his wife, and pin-" th,- remalm in ber
own lot. in Crown Hill Cern.
l',,r nv, Iv v . ,: | i '.? V. -. ? toy in the
." iv ?? i-i t v pi* i, ntloui lot of thi ?
mean un
a- 'I hi-1 .-'llnin- :
. lot and ri, ' t .: suitable moi. i
men! uppn lt- Hi
movi remains i
th- rlhodloua l"i.
toot ..I thi I milly monumi
p'.i.. ;. ? ? of th, lurfaci ol I
they came to a ooffln \ itroke or two
,,f i'ir spade hi,
was revealed,
ot hil v
?f a r. I,riv. ,.r Mis. I :,.| the
t a hotel of
Th- body ol kin C i
lo her huabond'a lot. i Iher two
? : in th.- gt ,
t,.;, o| tl"- "' er Chi!
ld suit against Mrs. H
rated, aad placing hla dei
The Court is nov. tl v :: a.- i... vail '
-lia; analog* ta to it in I -
Despised Hi* Opporttaaitlr* r..r Coed,
The occupation of Got
lng m power a
? : .1 :-i ol --,
foi m. !!?? vv.:. tri,- avowed and ,"ii
t< mptuoua fop of thc prlnc plea 11
in Ih, i'l..- f "i n. I --fi . \v bleb
ii., President . i i lb. .-.?.- lority of ths
party In < tongn --
p. . iv il-eei vi,.- reform. ll.
ISCd a little hal.'I -'I'
nate, and "hi
until he sad tbi
tin y dei in ins own .-'titi-, be
*.iz>,| ami kept th, machinery ol bia
i arty, (brough p
trigue and corruption, ai i thn ngh rio*
il- deep li 'i i hi h. i* and t hr
principle* the law is ;:i, ,ir.' to ,
The power of legislation a
simply a Boure* of piont
I Influence. Administrative onces In th.-;
banda .?f his ai
aatoa wi ra us. i In a Ilks monro i i. .
lui; In a small Stat.-, arith a D
hsavy Democratic majority, ba a i
with tin- ina,-hil,nv up BttO] to
sway ins party aad maintain his i?,*i
tkm ' 'w in.- to ;i:.- nai ron i a. a
?ity in th.- Renate, be ara
fr.un tins poeltlo*, t,, dominate tv
cils of his party. ll" V-. ur" I p-:*-ii
nf national importance, god gave to thc
i lemocraay :i si,imp of tr :, : , ry, h) po, ri
sv ami corruption, which tlie h.-st efforts
of the BOOl -BOO OOOld not wholly de
away erith while b* renaUned tn control
in his xtate. ii,- has lin.,iiy been over?
thrown hy I' m .ian votea With this
rid.lame, amt that aCCOmpllahed it: Ken
n. ky, the party ki nam. neely strength?
en! .I Now V.uk Tu.,' *
"To Thine On n Self be True."'
?' The lesson of the election In Pennsyl?
vania, (Hu,,, Now York, New Jersey,
Maryland, ami Kentucky, le of one tCUOl
No party can govern the country that
ls not true to itself. The Democracy
can only maintain the confidence of the
peoplo by putting: aside the huckstering,
professional lesdershtp with which the
party has been cursed, and w-hlch has
turner Its fist triumphs Into defeats
Phitad elphin Record.
cn tue j
:h has
It tba WO a Ile, rratie In .Number., but au
laewaee tn M_efeaep' -A IfambaaaC
Valuable lt,-,,, m mendal I-in..
ri.;..ne] jr0 Lsiae mtAtm, aaatatant in
-pector-Oeneral, has uut.mir
iniai report to tho Adjut
Which contains a niirob'-r "'
fflatiiaaatg. la Wi rapart i
;??-..:: uter of
, ..nipl'-t'-'l. I bOTi '
?o oabaui barowlth a
, -arith maw t aw ii
? n
tho thlrt*
of can of_,ar
" -
m. n. and t ? ulm i okwed mi
" - -
U were presenl
' ?
, ?
ra to drop i
Tho Inatru
t thatr i
' '
? ?
corni ' . 1
Companj a I
lt a
tr.,rn ll
, I t
' ' ' '
has nol '
:? duty si' t I
? ?
D Fit
... that lt
tv-ta - i '"'
Ul of I
the ui h
it r
been li
will i- , ??
aral ht
. ? :? | .' sri lil i .
The '
re not writ
: '
aid al om ?? I
in this matter.
? ?
. ely upon tri. ? I* I
of the
ar- alive i ? heir duU< -
taik di?
ll usn ,: ? !-i" "( """'.- t "? l
' I.
... t he calli "' ?
,. I, o ? li hint -ir !
in quallflcatlom to i omaaand. it maj
: . . . inion, or for a
Una tb attend to tba dottea of tha mt
If rt "i>- nUl and battalion commanders
-Ul require monthly reports trot
f. Tl 'a. ' ???ClC,.1d"_
, ,, ,, - , ,- rn ii be
tami with ,-f
'if'th.V.- matters be not promptly han
dil.I the evil gn.ws v. rv rapidly and tne
efflcli ; ompany lb deal?*;>??'
Quin i ; ;? bet ..I Bala and stair ..tv era
at stationl of one ccanpany appeared this
year at Inane tion in cittaen s dr, ss l hey
will hereafter in these reports be
listed if tb* failure :o appear In uniform
be repeated.
It will be seen fr^m the molter rolla
that but a umall nercentsire of the retired
offlc-rs were nresent st inspection, an?
the list of su. h officers shows that many
of them are not borne on the rolls of
their former .>mmands. ,
In conclusion I respectfully suggest, [
throeftt tMo report to the Military B '"'?
that Ina - a there la a o '
? of -orr,-- < on,.-<
k. Ihe Btat< property In order, lt wow] I
i?- well io readopt Ihe plan of deductlns
allowan. >? each a sum
as will I .? nuffl l< or p, _alty for this
derelh ;? m ot dot] 1 good i Beet of
tins ru -rent whan ll was
follow, I heretofore.
It li ii... sugp it, 1 thal until tin*
pr. -. rvatlon of the State protw rn -
ld occounta
bis for- Its li -- or li itm Hon, there should
. general Issui of ovei
is. many requti Itlor i for
havi been forwarded, Im ti sd of a -??!.
oral tao ie. a sufi nt sup
any i ic iv. rn y might be k>- I at RI
? .1 Lynchburg, and i-.
iua l to iro lervlce.
Doubtl, irrangementi
I . . ie to taki ? -per cara of
lt is very necessary to organize tue
rr,.-ii-ai deoartmerit and keep on band 'lu*
il stol !"? ? Increase In tin*
or tbe yuin:.r.??? 11 ni i ? a
? -
Until the ? ''ron 'ls
take commai -1 of one of I
? i .- little lei
??'. and this ?,.-? would
B_a__,ie_- rai Bast u lasrtono-t.
Stern li -
? ?
. and ci.up
ted hy
? ;
?; sw or'l
tied to
i. li omit!,' I
on; sev
Ae; collars no
. ?? did nol
v. i t h ?
ind re
? ?
? tm 'i
? .
ll front
rank men di I
t ??
- three
Fir ' ry:
? ?
n |n front i
I al ...
ni.ind ?
I n ha
VV .' I 11
and 1,
i'. on ly uni
,-, i u
-.number ...
? ;
fain ry,
I h.- I oin ttl l;,'_iio. ?| M a* Nor leting as
I ?. ... I Iii I bl <?>?,.-i roo al "il I.tula.
? '
ll G
ll MUi t
n .ii do more to v
*? .
? ? |
.nt lu?
la n ti ), Virginia I
? --ii. comm ?
o taki
i' ?? ?
tl.a- if
? ? I
' ?
nd to
n ii.- '
? ?? fl! ci r tain
j .ml. 1 him . ? the trip io \
ti.-.- corni
join '!.?? ' ? ?? al i! _nvtlle,
end from there trip on ibe
Bama train.
l hr*.-antIn nunn Silver Tin.
ng, I rom i to ii. at thi
.!? :. ? of I ir. l: ll- Pru. am Lamb avenue,
Hart..'. the 1 -.p..
ir ton i. _: ts tl
?rs. lt. tl. _>ttt ts pn -!
dent, win hold a chrysanthemum Wirer
ti i. io which a Ken, ral and cordial Invl
- f.iv ? . i hera a III bo munta, In
str.ri.nr.il and voeai, and a light repast
will be served. So .-nar-.' for admission
ar.l no charge ff: refreshments. Friends
ai., however, Invited to bring a piece of
silver (the i ;- .-? r th..- better) for the
cause of mis
Hm Uuke Coming.
The nuke of Mnrl^jrousi'i and hts
bride, nee Vanderbilt, will occupy a
suite of room* at the Jeffrreon on their
visit io Rlohmond which it is now settled
by a telegram from Sew York, they will
make very shortly. .
A Number of Opinion. Han.ted bown by
.lu,Ige* Loft". *.|i,i,i,itonmid Bradley.
The United Stat.s I'ircult .'ourt of Ap?
peals, November term, was In -? -
yest rday with Judge* Ooff. dlmonton,
Orawtoy, prestalng. Th* following
opinions wen rt nd. re i hy th* t ourt
ttouthern tadlway Company, pui
ap,"* Han.', sgunst .,<?.*'pn H. Boulknight,
appellee, tn caa* Ol < >t:tal Trust Com
? Ki w 1' rh against Chu i '
lum,ia and Augusta Ruined Con
Ima. A hi rm
Ti:-- Central Trust Company of New
,,,.. ..c.." - ? i ? .i a Madden,
p tltion, :-. app. ll"-. In aai i of I
?nd baker, lru*t*i s, agUnst A
Kulrogd Company. Appeal from ?
Com; of South Carol! a Atfirmed.
William Deaver*, pl*Untir_ in
I . t Semite! t-penc r, T. Vi H tl li
and lb ita n Toni r. ? ?
Richmond and Danville Itallroed Com?
pany, defendants In error. Error lo I ir
| nt Court of Lastern i'istri l of \ I
a. O. Rlcaad, receiver of vv-t Na
Tari-; of Wilmington, N. <
a...In ,t the Wilmington
Ti ust i 'ompony. Fann . O. I. I
): l". Tv ?,i . ?'" cir?
cuit Courl Eastern Dlstrl, t of North
The North British -r I Mi P annie In
- ,, my, -ipi" ll*' ' '-- ' H
tl rop el als., iii-!'' li'
? ' -?? ult .'ourt E -
\ trglnla, Aitirme.1.
,m H. Strickland, mast
,- ,,f st. a nstitp "i 'lei I
against Leo Lonrtm, master steam
t ? Dauntles ," appel!"
Distrtcl Court Eastern 1
P -Dee for U,***,
John W. iii ia '.,l". R d. Igh, N. c .
. . v.
liam Ho urton !<? nyon, Ni n * oi -
B Kenyon, New ti rfc, wi -
ttorneys ol th.:
Argument * ss "pp i ? i In
Bergner el a! - again ? w C.
? i ai- App- il I
Bargg *Mnltlier.
Mr. Robert W Bm 11, of i ;?
Mr John A. Bmll ? i Mo HMM ""to) i
., Ret I Morton Mercet
i.. i itali letea
???' ? ?
- It'.ey in Pe
? >-. Monday, and ?
The Episcopal High S hool ' -
gel \\ ii h.i m ?
eh i I.
I'ioihtM Transfer*.
\\ . Thom is, 4
I ?
t, $1".
?Sri* ll- Url Om, r.
The \
| '
\ ?: folk, Lynchb irg
Routh wi the West
ted I
JefTet R '" COI RI
DID V IV EVER thi:.'
laparlll i, because it makes 1
H<" >D"fl PILLS - un al! I -sr tl
lleve conatlpatloi u I
Every Day Finds
Big Values for Lillie Prices,
ro bu!
rough, curl) bou. le, lippi.
a li
Ka Blue and Black Ro
two or t tck, lj
. ripple t-a,k a Cos
' ? ;
on fr.-m H '
? '
Black Silk
Bia, k Silk V, 41
-.,, aol Dress Go I
-? aw Matting,
ARE I {.!?'.< 'Kl \ I NV ll-'LII I
Isaac Sycle & Co*,
103 E. BROAD ST.,
"*-'?*! I o.r I ir.t.
Sole /.pis New Idea Paper Pitta*
Horse Sinn iii New Mt!
V0VEME1 ll li) ii;, im?...
Von cannot afford i?> in:>s this
spli'iniiii opportunity of wsitinn
.\i'\v "fork ;unl iee thia grand
Th.* Old Dominion Steamship
Company trill run ii* mt,md per*
sniiallv conducted Ext aralon m.
New Voil, io lin* Bone show.
Party non foaming. J..*;i\r Rich
tiHuiiI SAT! BDAY, November
'.?iii. nt :,.::.. p, M. ria Chesapeake
and <>hiii Railway, connecting
arith oar new and elegant **t,';im
ihip "Jamestown*1 at Norfolk,
arriving in New York sun
la] ?'> P. If. Returning can
leave New Voil* Tuesday, Wed
neaday, or Thnraday al :> P, .M.,
or Saturday i P. M. for Old Point?
arriving In Richmond next even?
ing at S*50 via Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway. Flare for round
trip, iiH-luiliiiK meals and state
room berth on steamer, only si I.
Tickets good for ten <la.\s. and t<>
return ou any steamer ?>f the lim*.
Bpeeial hotel rates have baan aa
cured (American and Boropeaa
plana). Aa 'he party la limited
and Kew Vork will ba crowded
with visitoi'H at that linn-, early
application should bc* made, that
good steamer and hotel reserva?
tion may be secured.
GEORGE* W. ALLEN & CO., Agents,
ISIS MC IM-aaUa mmtrmwS.
are what bringa tha ? mord af bi.-*-!'" here
Weak b_ Wael VI _-_rga_ao grow
nn.r ,? , amman !'.
If you r... | ii , ?. R pftl" "EB " :'
tile n
niel Cloth-'
? 'o\ tn i Sal loi - i
Now 19c
tte Satin-Top S'avy ar 1 i.:.i k Ti ur.m.-i
Baili rs ar.
Now 38c
"? Trimmed Felt Si ich oni>.
Now 48c
n Balioraj
with !? ??' all , ..lorn and
Ma lc. aj-e
Now 62c
] ll i ',!'?'' \\
Now 50c
i ?
Wool , i n.W
Now 25c
Now 98c
Now 69c
Now $1.75
[*am O'Shani
Now 25c
Now 39c
Now i 9c
35 rrimmed str.-.c.t M.its.
made I wll
Quills, and I'henlllc-.Mi-e; In
Now $1.19
KBLT HA rs. \ BLVI .
ii \ I -
lt woul | be
? .
: ' illl.
, ? !o*j
PRIOI tx vi,I.*, \\
p?? __.___: _________-----? 3r!?!_-?__t__!=^S^
I mTTin iifPPT/ T
\! THE
fi hftasea' >r>ri!v Hi ?
. i I 95c.
li Hoy- Elag-anl Bchi ol 8 aa, .1.
rhti! ?( Strong B
fl I.adie
-. Shd -
nd Gent fl Hui.I-Welt
I.ii ti? \\ iiif Kid 9 ppora,75c
I colorB.
olri La - . 1.
Ho i ?? 8lhj>| ?'
Infanta Button Bl.
f Child's Sj,rm- lle-l Shoaa _to_a I
1 ?*) to S, :-sr. H
Ladies Hai
I- at |1 -
Shoe Store,
I 607 Broad St. I
Best Photos
Only the Best PtiotosraDii^rs,
K ?r inst**-.-?
112 North Ninth Street.
Mr. Poator'i I'l'Mni'.s combine
Liken] ss, Aj-TTstic Bi fect, ami
I'i.i.m'.mn. v. Hit -iroric ii U-au
ti fal ami udmired by every one.
Dry and Uniform Temperature
-AT ?
-rm: vik<-ima hosp rr.. i.. uno
east Cay B'.re'-t. **H! b. held r'KiOAY.
Noverno-r **. >??.'? tx-tweee the no, rs <?'
[j M. snd . I* ?">? t'.mtrlbuuoi.s ot
Grocertse, Linen, and Monry aili te
thsnkfully r??c?*lv?Hl bv the I.i, Ile,,- Aux?
iliary ol' ttte Virginia H-.ld'-l.

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