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The times. (Richmond, Va.) 1890-1903, November 10, 1895, Image 1

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ll-y-f-lB^^ ' ?-^^
??W'PeWlM- IfPtaJr^/^-wlr!
Ul tilt Facis Indicate .hat He and Ms
Alleged uum Are One and tbe Same.
Nan* OaaftieCtasj at ataman ta * laaawl*
lam I m.. ? lui p..i din; to BS Iroin
t*. >. >!?,>?,.ii m. fpsfkartara
i i"in i mi i ii > alBanlaaaa.
'"'?Iv AA ul, I I, ,1 ..I BJ ??
and Mi.. QaMslab His
ad bs Harli ? in rws
big mit uirn.
Kan i In I - M
? . katani
'?" tbroa i .? ii of ?
.ns of
I ?
? r m:ui
r hy lils dun.!'. ?
this atty,
? i
? ' burri* d
ka tba
I Um letter ls this:
inn. r
and aa
m.,\u. ii mi
? I U '? :
easy matter to In
I for Mi
pe the
HAT> '
i witta tha
I of iii
i proba
. i no
1 H
? ?
: tin
'" M '.
v i mark
., " ?
I Bat
the t
? !' - left ?
? ?
rs Mr
>f R?
.. ? '
" I of tb* Ma
.\ hlch wfiir, my Inventions.
aan v, i r bm and la ab*
' ?.. in. ti wo ara mutually In
writtan t" Mrs J H
? ?, ?? i tt'n ready ai
to a Air M
Information looking la
nd i r*aT*4 rarj muck tim ?
inti) more earoful Invaal -?? ri aaa not
afore myself and cousin wera catt
.' ,.,i- if Inq 'irv had h??n aiad* at th* I
Btlslfi wm re we ??.?!? cu..j toardina*- J
Tru-tin-* rea win aiv- thBeesamnnlentlon
ronslderetl * an I do what tan ian la
... ons ''"''' '" " '? " ''"' ' "
? | .un rnui 'i tity.
?-,; .-. MAXWELL*"
?Mit.. IBTTBB.
'i ?. about ttds 1?
, ? ,. (? ie;ht fl In lae
Sr t piece. Um letter I* wrttli n In *
th* h Uer l- vu"''' In ? fem.
- -
? Br. Maxwell I
t be la aa la*
I ..' . -?; I me devlci i
1 ?'
?h, not '<> apaetc of |
., i parsgi ? ?
nt in thees various
?. to Mr ' ?? orge H M
Ith lUS V.l'a
., -i . hildn n rn ' Hoti!,
. , . ? lr. George
' '
? . ? : on
: applli i i". board at
. . . itch ths
, . . . in,-i in
lark i
? Ballow, . "Ul ?? ?? . ai I
i ii. aaa In ai
? . . ? ? ? li
li,.',. 1 ... .., ll I ? ? ' I "f Inn
.... ... ),a. BU '?'... "r
? it Bis time. vv hi I
? tha st. - -airs
.- ; -r*rn, bul ii'- tooti iii
. rani I trltjr.
Him ur a DOOBLI :
On October Ith. a men rt Binti
Maxwiil. <?? Kentucky, uni ?
inga Hoi
? ?
run.w black
s waa
? :'(. thu
: wit li
. Telephone Company. (i
if talk uh ti. v. .
?. opie wera
giving I ?f an
Hy like
' t',.. min, v ' '?? I -i
ng with his' ? rt ..*
lt ia true. I from tim
. ? y Ti ??
w ni ti ii ai t he
i-s- Mr,
? : - ?. ? . porty,
mei - pi obebly tbs letter,
tnt tas.
il. :? '
. .it thc
v.. n known tba! when
: lion I
y, will ill'.
Wit ll 1 .
;.. bs
i 'CS
BJ itv of thl '
? . | I be i
? ? I
? . . re st
? ? half a
? ?
i. n ol
Mi. ur BOABI ? , |,-.'
I Hotel
- .
Rh, Hi-.
which G. 8. Maj
' ? '
?ll I a. -
lOtb, ami wont I
?in- CS' , ,
Gottlieb, in v
i at 1
M r.
boat g In the houst al
i . i
y mn c I Maxwi:; ?
? ?
' '
' ' ' **?
? l.-r mau oj
ind Mmk -aunt . ?
n i t? be of a nwvo
I i; i BOB v. laang
" '?''?'?'? -''?'? O. s. Baxneu, who
boarded at tl . ? ? -.:.. n..?.-i -v.-nr to
?he Chess . ,,,,,? ,,, tim
P. M., put lu.- B fl SI : ? , .| ... . ,, i,?ir,,
ila in i -? ? ? them , . i .
K ! turn ?! t.. ' , st,
Claire, ami gft< i ? unlng a ara ?
' " . c ll Attar rea*einlng
anny about thrae-querti ri ol aa
... .. "u H.-1 tr, th* i .-tri, got nw aotcnel,
uni i.-rt nord that tu- would lee-re tor
tin* North ut ":B a'stoek,
<ui on tut. er z'a Bra, rrntuioh mid toa
ii ' r -? Hi.:, i people teat s:ip and
^Continued on Second Page.'
The Lnnenbnrg Prisoners Wiil Not be
Taken to lfeat Coonty To-lay.
? liidci. WHIfnrd la****" This I ant Night.
Tk* i,fi\rrm,r Si??? lt I* MU linty tu
l'roint th. OMfaananf virginia
and If* AA ill li,, lt .1 .!.!(?
tainan* N.itiiini ay ?saanal
j im oondemni i LunanbUra bri
Mary a.- : .,ti,y, Pokey Barnes, and Bolo
","" ? i noi be taki n I
nburs; county, v .
"ii With Attorney-On
""'',. "'' ," "!,-'-l U]
termination bs arrlvi I al
j ii
'?? ?'? ?' li ??. ."\..v H, : -
t ol
1 ?
Do not di liver Um L i ira i
retain them un til ]
snd beat ti n .
I liwil.i.. T "j BRR ILL
1. ??? raor "t \ in
au day j?? ?? : . i. tl ? ifMs ur mr
t wal
until . : . ? ? thal Govi
O'Porrall ? . rmlnn
W tilla he wa
- ?
? nfl ? time,
? i,ul...i : e I.;
? ?
? . to I
?, . I ...
. ba k
IO I ,-??:: , i ?
? ptain Heath, who
: up Peters
? ? ?
a than in t
V, lill .: :
. ? ',
I al I 'I.lilli I I '. v.lr.. .
n, who wei
lie was fully
- Ids dmy ??
to p ro tee t I
. entlri ly U]
.? ?
nd h'
wail I- ?
- hlch had a< luateil him In
by Mi
... ' ? Whirl.
i had t
Th- Iel
. ? ? the i
H'l kl
N.ill'.w AT C. H.. 1 !
lion fi
Titi-: pftit
TH Kin
ertj lo
M wv
? i f
hi-, rh
? ?
? n
. n this
Heath, t to
ai.i\ ot nun ia
i ?
lt. AV, ri.. mi oy,
men, a dr '?'? M
writ duly i
? i
> ? -.: . ' .i
.... nor li
snd i Uer In the
si I wt-? Informi I -n reached
. ? I abo ve wei
.. flay "f ti I
.. i . r ul! the msit. r
? ' I', r
lli.- IV-f-r
lltid th'- I'.invlll-'
^ li nts
and to pn k stay In Lunsn
bura cannu ?
.\ ? \ ; |..n
While Hm ''...%? raw a
nsi ? tor i ..
'.' .-? for in Injui -*t-am
Sheriff ' !ardosa from tnkliin tl
?tody They pro ? ? ?
omi a of thi > about but be
waa not In, and n sw nearly I o
before Judas Witt, wno was abaei
business, returned, whan be
Pity Hull he tudsd after <i bril
. . nunsel, t.> hear I he arau
m.-i.i in retard to tin- petition '?'??
bj M**srs Plournoy, Wis*, si I Gulson
in hw private office T*ba county ol i.
nenhurs asa represented bi Mr lt. .;
Southall, "f Anulii Courthouse, white
Plournoy snd Wis* looked afu-r
thi li tan -t of the prisoner*
Judye Plournoi wei**, a brief history of
ii:.- raa< since counsel 'si bean secureit
for th?- prisooi rs, and statM In his last
telf-sreiri to the <governor Judge Mann
bad decided lo a.-nulewe in m.- opinion
ut tho Aiiwiiit'i-'JeiJid'aj, Lu uta affect
fl ,i the pp ?sen--*' ot Hi" prfmtrT-* at tho
L ? ?'?tra "luntv court-bouse would not
mmh on Mon t??y mom tug wh-u
lha moUon 'to amond tho rararaa In tho
? arlll be beard. Ju'U?> Mann had done
so, declining to a--ttme any -reaa-os-afabUily
In th-- rna ?? ? . . .
.. pioornoy *-l'l~i thut rm Informa?
tion bed t". n received *"* ?" ?.
. ge ' .n-aln. of the Lum ului-g County
ha l reratvsd tho opinion m* tao
*ittOI*ni \ .;??!,. -ral. )<?' thar., v. ia ?-v ry
.... |SMtl if !"? kn.-w Ma.nr
s otes vi.-vs in regard to tbs .-aae Mo
i da ot-dar lo have tho
- n in court. Besides, there waa an
t to be considered, r hi ? ?
i of p.Ht-rniiy wm- lm-pendlng
Mary Abernathy, ona of the prisoners,
wis very dotiMrul v.. ether sh*
.....M safely undertake tho trip under
All ,-.i.
I for tbe f-rtapners Baked for, ho
,..,? to har.* her kept here until
I . . mond at-- with juoge i
bs t,a ms poaJUoo ' -ken by tba
.ic the ground tl -
.... rurtadi ti"-- n he ?
. h a-? lt wa" ??? ordinate to .1 idgi
OnrsnYa c-ourt Lesmlly tha prtsoners
-...r- ft.ll lr. tho ?is*4edy of tho fthertSJil
, ,r-r county. ?????? '"J,1: ?**'?
. . . t tho 1' tv of J- ?timon l
n the pres
? la In
rney-OenjieJ had noth
K to do .-.' ' 1 '?*; ? :'' ' ?''?,-;
mmonwealth's Attorney of L
, . ....:*? ??? who h.1 I to
IPs issi.
mts ese still In ohante
and no oth. r
... aith tl I ' ',':'! ???' m
sing* l ?? ?" " '?''??
AN pat rn si ona
judge l-awrnoy aakl tba County Coari
" ,
. ..( ,., be reaaoneble In the ...
U cane, and - .
.. rn .''
:, r , un . u 1 oaanas.
TAU ?' ? MST
.. . ? ? ? ? -i a ? I, Inti
ey will
, Scott
. -rill repre
, 'h.
? H 1-. -ll!"'. lMll.i'.NAHI.T.
: at his
in rm 1 1 s 1 11 st n 1 Mi.
Haf-tlgeal OdBsers In santa I areUeeta as
Dspnaod 1.Oases.
BRIA B '' ? v" ? !' ' '
- '
. '
.r lawfully
. ? -Wi ii BSSW
-, a
., ..ii 1.. ... : ? ?
and U'
i*t or
mitti 1 ? ?
m md tried
t, in
. e of -'1 n.n
and for
g section o
a ri nso.sjt. .nit Bt 1 rios.
Tin- n*assas*eeaa ?t"' Olde -te laaabtp Deas*
pun. eddlei ba I 'irir 1 lees.
NI.'WI'"HI' NKWS, VA, Nwt, I SpO
0I ,i . 1... .ii bi 1 Br. vv. T. Boss
. ...
met I . ? ...
. Dr. Bagby ceiled Mr. Moss
ni k bbb tn tnt
gherin Mii-sten.il aannreterl lassa altar a
fen blow* bad 1 asa L Dr. Bagby wa-,
: .1 ... and coals in thi M igtstrate'a
and tbe t
by Mi Dr. Bagby
for bia
ra to tha- growth
of tha- forslg ' ' NsejUllll News
c..rn tba ai.iiti'"-- which tbs Ckesapeaks
a., 1 Ohio Bteemahip ''umpany prapoaa
thia y.ar. Tim In
,,1 tbs I Bitch trade ha* rn
? . . wary to open a. dtieet imo between
tht* etty and Rotterdam Bl 1 Atii-t.-rdam.
The eteatiiHhlp* Lambert's Point and
Imrhain City l?*ve banu acrjulred tor
thin Lg
C.. foi., the Bret of January steam-hlpa
will have -?*:led on regular trip* for
Leith a* well a* for lUaagow. Turee ad
dltlona to tne i-omi>any'a f.*et have been
talked of for *om* tkna, but now Wey
bv*-m io be a reality.. _ ^_
Is tile Spectator's Plan lor Sewing Ef?
fects Protection.
Two Reasons Assigned fortlir Drop In Con
soil; Ona, tr'ears nf AV ar; snd His
Other, the rliir-stlng ot thc* Kufflr
Hubble The I ht****
Ind.-in nil i.
LOrTDON, .Nov. |, Thc appotntRaant or
Mr. fl stahl ""Balfour, tin* 'jJiUM a* n tau i
far Iralaada la use hi* laffnanec tu s.-t
t.. the troukdes bntwoen IM Belfast I al
i lyda *blp-bulld*ra sad tbati enaploysa
is directly due to th* admiralty** urasot
;? |uest. Tbs Government ha* always
lulh' rt.) h. ld ......of in labor dlapntH -. B*t
ll DOW claims tin- rlcfct t.. Inti I 11 i.'-. W
View of the delay that may PT* 0**8 ty
aria* la existing contracts. I ad*r U*V?
arwnant panania, the s*apiojr*ra alli ba
oomp Had to either subtnit to m nitration
ur a.-. apt 'he terms ut the in.-n.
'?'ii* . onaarvnttva gr***, notably tno
St. James Gazette, sid. * with the cin
ptoyss, holding* that Uta Bslfaat strike
apljr ? iiio\.-iii,m roc a ratnra to
the old Ava^cs, thal w*r* raducad under
th* aaaaat uf thu- men whit* ilma* war*
i'ii? price af con^oi? aaa shaken dur?
ban; the sr***, a* if Oraat Britain w*?
on th* arra ot war. lama authorltli si
tribute th* drop of 3 l-l thal baa o
durna-) tl.'' iraak partly to a I
Thi -? knowlas; lb* axaci character of
consloa at ats l bal lt la da to i
Isa* mall fanaVbotdata sslltng out la
ni'-ct lb*lr lassa* ba tba Soutb Afrii in
nuning; specuatlon, M ilatora
have, as usu.il. skinned thc sinai
lallat* abo amalad te add something to
their little jul'a aXQUlratl by years Ol
Tnt. mot i ai cs v (Nu,
Ifany English bouaaholdj bava a black
wintai I., look torw*rd to, owtni to tb*
?mala of apaculatlon that lumad tha
<>r their bread-winners, meas
? ? -. bowevi r. di i not prevent
air .)" ?? si. iii Bala, _ i.. ? .
tu '? or ' t London, fro* anquet
lay, at tha Manama Hon**, iii* of
ii. lal reslden :e,to air. Bara*) Barn
kaadi t af ta* KaJBr dre**, sir J
reputation my pa m*t
a "guinn* i'll*, rory bi 'riv pt r
vented his ali rtlon a* chief maaistrati ol
th* riiy of London. Hts career since
. has 'UStlfll . thi 0) ,
ahoarn la Mi alsatian t'> tha ofttoa. Tbi
Time* di alan squat to Mr, Ba r
I warning to incoming Lord
Mayors what I at I. Tl* >'? ? : i
? i.i/.- tie aald: "Mown/ ra 11 -? than In
Kiit.ua would auoh ? gutbertng
bat ?? ba n posslbls." The rei
? ii tal 1..n.k^ and til tun l*fU I ?:
?I'-Ild ll!'- I Oft till!
Lord Maj or descrl u
"I rilli* ? -: In th* ni -i ?
tb* eini'lr'-." 'I b* Ult Ot ?
Iud) ! I ' : ? "'' ? I I rsa. Da*
l< i Marka, Woolf Joel,. Meara H
<'ari Meyer, Ham dbraaaj. Jonas
and several m< i
Las. ia**. i ii" Lard
proclaimed slr. nanny Barnato, ai
a .-..rt Pi Sat ?? ' Ol -:'" ?'?'?? ' >?'??
ii.,ti to lt* ta - ' i Wi atmlnlst i
danette. "Athena proclaimed "Tbemia
to kee' Ita savior; Rome, n-* 1|uiatus
y. Ita- 'Har
we bars uar Barnato."
it ih right i" ,i 11 ii.at among hts infi
U h. Though bi ls aka b ? ? sa man,
ry j - . i that he
is i.ow worth i i.ooi. ,
i . DJ I BABb ash fagans** BUI 'ti.
The Conrt ""iii raataa* fr*** Balmoral
t.i wi' lam ' ss tis on November 1Mb,
whan Priace Kari, "f D*nmark, whose
. . Maud, ) ?
of Wale* waa i a
. mci i. will vi.-jt t:." '.
. s Prii .-ii', saa of Wall
bi utd, and other a ami ara
i family will The
rr* '?? f fara**]
? thi ? image of Prlaca Karl ai d l'rtn
The i h inge of ",? ? rei In offli lal
? ible to
. p ta Hoi thal tu I tan I
to i. agitation by f arming a
nen constitution, containing the la
lea of Rlfal - t iffl
rial corni ittona ;-'iiii to thia, b il
tame time tb* Sultan's Intentions
aili da na i . i off t
The B which at pn
with a ?."!.I in star authoilt) I
I !nailah paper*, boMa I
ol I ? ' ? tal ed I.' tlvet] . ?' I
i ion i mya tphat thi 4utlon of
t ' ? Situation ll' -lilli he |i. .v.. r 1 . || m i
n Turklafa provinces, ur the d
and c. placement af him
' . r pl
Uonalky. Th- Ipectator, In advocating
ii ion of tbe
n is rrdlltnr i a of Turk' y.
lit. SIT'I A K'i.'i il.W.
it grass a ratbsr en atlonal plan ot
ng through country
aart of
iu, \t sa;
? .
o balo
nica bj .rn un li l ?? I ii
ibis. wo lid ba li
Bgdil I
jointly v. I th Pr
le, * bile I ii co?
ln aJaaanla Thaai
out "t thia pla* would bi
i.i tba ab neaabi i nant of I
..te Spectator prac?da ta say
that Europe'i gigantic araaasnant* could
not ba batu empto] than in i
i be i an of civil
it saj s, ?? .'?> .11 be ;
pUshed Within a year, and itv.-n'v rmi -
. ' mas waul 1 be lin*Hy di I
dnatruotlv* horde, which, since
o .i pl Mongolia, baa e\ 11 i rovi i
- t I ratal b Sui Ivlllsed
world.'' The article coaclades with lbs
i im that * wool i
be wall *"n*r*tB a eartala war, fur t-> do
tbe ? ?ttomans lustl they ar* ea ade of
I tba whole arorM tai arma baton
ttlng. But lt la the only ebano*.
Wa-:. iv.I leading Unionist ?>r*-:iii WTttaa
. it I ii ri li ai tani tb* tia* at th*
Turks ir. Europe ls obvlouslj dost nf,
Before tha tend bet wen the Healyttes
and M''"ai-tnyties reached ita |
(.-Umax, efforts t* eaaet a reconciliation
thara w*ra privately made by aingiian
Libera -. who ar*** al asl ram of prevent
lag another irish spin, uni eeooadly ny
eartala Irtah-CathaU* ptaiat**. Th* iiea
hrltss raaaated th* inti i ft i
Liberals, bat ida. ?? t taesanstvea at um
alapoasl of th* prolate*, wno in tara
found thal UM Ml'?"arthyites r*J*et*d t ti. tr
overtui' $,
mu. B*J*Jj***S riiiisioN.
Mr. Healys expulsion from the Kx
seuUvs I'ummlttee of the irish League
of Hreat Hrttain will be followed by more
extreme measniree on aa eiinearjay, arana
he, Arthur oVonnor, Ur. yoi, and other
Hnalyite* Will ne removed from the
rJxeiutlvn Committee of the National
K'dnation. The Council will meet in
Dublin for that purpose. The Mealy
Iles are lu a minority in the Council,
hut they mean to make a stiff fight.
Though they are oertain of defeat. Mr.
Healy shows no sign of taking a heatine.
lying dona. .When Parliament resumes.
it*. 505-iion, the BcCr^rthyttes win o*iiot
r.im from th" Pertuunsntery Ceeunltteet
Wbee Mr. lia aiy wm no. .?ta? trom Ct*
party, taklm? with rum a barga Beetloo
of lt* mipimrtert-. wlm pnBBBB l-crsonally
what Weialtk tho party ever had, and
win-) are ready la spong H in campMim
A report that gums ITSOII in city eBSHB
i? thatn'hina wents to reopen negosta
lions W*lth Japan, lu utter to aet a re?
duction tn the indemnity of thirty mil?
lion tael-j das tn UM latter -ountry on
the evacuation Ol the l.u.. Tut: * pcn'ti
aale. Tbs Oevareaasat at t*anai **saa*e>
n titi that the BnOtS at rutur.'tnent BBS
Battled by """renco, Sr-nata. aad Oorsaany,
Sith the final assent of Chum. Japan
has rudertaken to eeaaptataty a vacua ta
the peninsula by the aad of January,
bet lt i? Wkely mat ?ha. win hestteM Betti
nho ls saBaSed with ilia' Ku.??stan geer*
antee for tho payment of me Indemnity,
tn th* fBA-e of a -Mintie. Chtne-o prote-u.
A 1. s. rossi i. h iBBfBt.
Main Milt MID* I* M eal al eal to Mt** Cor*
Kit.-tlle Nillir.
itvirnvN. va., Nov. i), SpselBl
Tho most faSblonebB uti-! v. I '.I'ly-.ittendeil
m.irn.i<ai of tbs BBBaOa ? '.ty 00*
OUITOd thia ev,.,,!,.,^ ?, !,, ,, j,,, -- al ,|lu
il n.ui^ of Mi, Benjam 11 f, Nalle,
of the bride, who res
?:.< 11
Tho occasion waa the murtags ol Miss
Oore itu. hil Nal ., the - I ..ri iii g ai d ai
tractive da uchter of Mr. B. 1-'. Nalle. io
Hon. Ellis Milla, 1 onsuMleneral to Hono?
lulu, Sands 1 1 i;.- . . ??
was ; ? ? foi m. rt by I La
Promptly at the appoint I 1 a. to the
strains of the Wedding ?? bri le
, 1 the beau t If u ll- let-orated parlor.
on the arm of her *.. hei pn
: Ml** Helen WTlmter. of
n ore, mel 1 ot I follow .1 by
the bri li -mal 11. Mli He**l. ?.: I
il : lim, nu I Miss Bi Ile Bolton, "f
igton. Tti?. nr.Hiin entered from
ls door ?Ith his broth, r (beal mae),
Mr Harrv Mills, of N. w i mk Tba
- wan Joseph Will leldlng
U'tllt*, of Rapldan. Tl ?torc an
..-..|iii*ir,. .ir, M nf ivory satin and ross
? ; iee, a Ith pearla 1 I* en
1 lin The maid of honor and brtdi b*
maids wore white organdie over silk
Vmong the guest* present wera Bra.
I> ,1 k Salle, pink 1 '' Turner
.?in ht. I bia - of Roil ?'
Bra Borton, of W
. ? Bl
Louisville Ky, arhtte aattn and rhlffon
peal la and '' ? VV llllams, af
Rlcbmon I. white 1
? '1 Ml"* 1 'ami ron, of Pi I
; ii, blu< ? " ? Mr* Btuai'
; iii om* -.1 i 11 1 nilli.11. -iii- .
Bi tee, of it 1111 in, yi fl ie aattn,
M Holllday, ?.f
black allk; t; Miss
Mary 1 -ids 1 'r. ? - 1 bia k
silk; Miss Kleckner, of ' tl yellow
irk - Ik Mn R ?
bai a ?l - ind ma ny others.
ti,., grath n ? ittlred In 1 roe*
Tho l.rldnl partv let - Inlicht
for Ban Tr u*. li n en route to
ii lol the beal wish* 1
of a heal "f fr'
r> 4 r BOI BJ lt ? >' tri rn.
Hollier, tba. I?. 1.1.1. r it o ? .tn.lt-lat.., ta At
(?tared la Kxaailn* tbs Ballade.
?TAUNTON, VA., Nov. si. gpss Bl.?lr
i ? Blt) un 0 I ' dbsssas,
I with I
la.st. ssas 11 QJttlUi '.,
nhl.ri ? the tury, TM
. grant lats- - 1 I
iii.ii bs 1 been going an fer
Ua ...
in tbs
? 11 ?. uni ... kl y, in m.
? 1. vv, Hon 1 wa
' BBp. 1. at
? ? 1
oflii lal count, but 11 ? tl in to
ms hsi
1 lind r
?y waa
? -? a- W BS '
as found mit, sa Kotnet 1 attor
1 novel 1.-seeing.
and tl - ruling ia n sui
? nu.1..1
lowed to I ?
is of fraud, "r -
Ia mis ran. Kolm ? >?'ty*
1 tn iv got pa h.id. it
The 'ion an t the returning
lui., all HU ll ? 'Hy and
in or. i. ?. bel a a bm
souioius 1 1 m n u iiiiioisu.
I oi. Ls 1 "v sin- li- Mi-.ion to pyaaaanaSae**
v Irgtatn Paepla.
\V VSHI VC M IN, D C.. Nov I
actor ot tba
1 .
?on of the 1.uil'l:
.1,.mi nt. i Judge
1 1 . ' lur a
I.-,,.,, 1 1ma.1i ha
'? ii
'. ,i
ni... Imroona
II 1 ?.--. ni.-, h. ir..1 d count), vii s ' Voa
nm. vic*
.- c. 'i I: M ' .' ?
. vli-i vi - Kati
vv . lt. Millet
e W. tl. Nye, n
? ?
fritsi iso TBA rm sos 1 us.
ina-r inn B-aadi-edTBaesned foaefls al
la.'i.l.aa. N ll I pp.-.I III .. Wart..
vv inst* is, N. c., N... 1 Ipa ' il
? :.? tr ? -? .i>
from Jail -'ld ??'
:, . will gi i ' ??!,. ana ol UM ra
smears to
an ? ki ? mo ol
- ni. 1 no iia.t->. au I oas Brag
il moat psatlaas.
1: 11 liva vs k ii. t
1 - 1:... 1 rw ta.
I...-. .1 ysei 1 - das avro
ur.. and tbs h inui - tarara
... BB.OB i
tom 1 .ut: fob ms ruisosi it.
the (trim Iteaper'a Kcjiii.illa.ii BegBBBOd
BeOsee North Cesnltno o-steass Asst ie.
DANV7CRS, MISS, Nov D Two State
? ?iii ?? is came t.< thia toe ht wttii
u reaulaltlon ft- ra the Oovern .1 of North
na for a young man n imed Ki 1 -rt
Nelson, who wait wanted on -i charge
nf Imriclaiy Itt that .sun-.. N.lied
a ftw naya ago at Danverepori and waa
? ui li 1 b) tbs P tor 1 ? pat tment of th.*
A I'etitiOU lur l.aallwlll.
LKMNC.T"N. VA., Nov. il. S?H*clat
le of Robert K. Oodwln, a-x-teller
of itu. defunct Hunk of Lexington, now
Bertina a '.iiii of four ..ai* In tbe Slatai
:.:!ary for comollclty with Charles
.M. H?jr?u. tho dcfaultinif casbler ot that
bank, are >r.-tttng i?> a iioi.*ter petition
to I*- presented to Oovsnmr n'Kerrall
a.-kln?r for hi* pardo 1 1* tulon la
clrcvuaUrg ail over th* county, and baa
alreaaly been kanraty ?urned bv thousand*
of the landina nuaena of i.utn town ami
county. Tin- pai-a-r I.* i?-liig .-:,....1 by ail
idas-iea of our ix-oi.Ie, as they believe tJuii
'io.iwlii was tn. du the Innocent tool of
KlXgalt and never r-acelvsd ono cent of
th* fund* taken from the t-atik. hut a*
he ra-nmilnat-l here and bravel) faecal tm
conaeojitences. waa made to 1-k-u- all Om
tilame and *-iffer the runlfchineiit that
Mhoul.l hnve been mote-i oat lu the eb
, e.'ettdifle*. cosbisr. - -, _ ,_
The* Only Wog toa Cana toa. Conall
bj a Pet Secotus' TIM.
rrlnratoB Was Amajlagly tr.sk for Bell
Kept the Hall Well Down In Their
Opponent*.' Territorj rieree
Vtaaaag at tn* cioee.
Titree Nm Hurt.
NSW STORK, Nov. ? -lTlnreton 0>.
teated ''omni tt,,a afternoon li, one ol
the closest f et-ball tjame, that has been
witnessed m some time. Contrary to
all expectations, run. eton was amening.
-? nea* lng thi name she put
U|> s?ain.it ll ar. a ttl a week ago. Kor
Use gr. , pa al me tune cornell sept
th. ball weil town iii iMncotaa* te*rrt
i ry, sad lt ?hh :\<h um i within a few
momenta af tan .mi of th* last h.tir
thal ttl- i'm,i inns bra eel anani forced
the ball |i)\?.u ii UlB c,,rm-ll a.ml 11r*.? .
The tim.- was slsaaal SBA sud it was a
gUCStJoB iii great t.i.-eitniniy whether lt
ana [eeesrble fm tba riger* to carry tho
bud tan rasaalnliig dsaiaaaa oetore the
r. :? i" .? whistle eouiidr-l. .Mr. I >ufTtel4
annoaacad thal mero wum hut two min*
Htea af play abe* rna.ai n nad the
bail on Cornetfa twenty-Sea-ga**. ime
l'h'ii lt waa thal the Tm-rs put form
ih.-ir utmost ertoits. The Cornell sai>
?,">rter? Brat* already cheering, as thoiiKh
th* umi^ w.t.- saar, with the s-ove at
xi ro, but at every play Princeton pained
li.mi four to Bkrhl ?.ar.'.m. Kennard and
Roeeogartea ware teing their very seat.
Clunie alter ptangS was Blade, and arith
Hie aid "f UM I SUB* IIB*) tua** play, tho
ball Brent down t" nmhin n>e yard*
Si ta* in.' Tws saar* Saree assnalta and
tbs Btr**ggtteg Bl*** settled doBll ill*
rectly overq the lina. Th* <ifHi'i?.is bar
'i'd aa, and as the niass tx-gan ts
un, Bannar* wa* (bund holding m. baal
duwil kial beyond cornell's x?>ai Maa.
...is now fi nil ton s tn- 'i in cheer,
for lh*j bad ?' iea.?t msd.i b teach*
'I'lnn. Raj . t ii.- seal bstwasa me
i a t* e. sud
ima waa practically at an end.
?uv it" i i -a K i.n .
The gridiron ?as in excellent condition,
and tn.' waatber *u tnat aatdd well b*
? \.... i. i foot ball lavara turn. <t
out Iii largo inifiii'i r?, and witnessed a
match that \ ltr*ss*a*B, evin in
the Baast 'it" ai sh| portera af Ilia batuna.
No one thought.sftei Cornall had baan om*
I ... r. i', md Prince*
ton inf! ia min bents* Murrara, i- te '.
U '? > tera waa an] show for the cornell
ti am puttlt ? ? bas**
against the winning Tiger*. Bal m?
comparative work <>f me two stevana
w*s i" leo* surprising. l*rinc*ton's
? bad Bcaroelj any rsssBBtdnaa*
itasi Harvard, ?*?
? ?. - 11 ?? uork was lil
i ni the ni li. r
hand, Cornells defence daring the ttrst
4 lb* aajaa wai avaaa **>
perlor to tl ?, bal wsni
aa the Tigers n
tl i- winning meant nani and concerti i
Wonk. Al Critical Mines, lb* TlK<-r?
rad thei ?' whla* Bp
and pUylpg in 'Varsity farm. Th* worn
and tbi I ' of tba m-n tnajV ntl i
i ;. ',\i i Kn - sp* lal feature In the
\e. rk of t!.a 0 of both teams ns a
whole and ? Hy ol the ind. f** N
it ri. ten pntaa "*? msbs
. ki. -. or i mi i I' lUegitirnat*
Inurfo-ences m.'Ht frequently season
I il ? ? ?, six to not bl Ag.
i ba Una up aaa aa folio* i:
Pi im . ton, ii. Position Cavana*, o.
Cochran .... right end.Tnueslg
Church .right tec kia . sv...ilan?l
rVhoade*.right guard.McLauahlln
Hunt..entre . s e-h
.left a'aird.Kr-.
. I. rt tai hie.Pitch
Tl "H.| on . ...l. 11 end J-yi \ '?'? ??? ' un
Suter...quarti .Wyckofi
Rosengartea., riuin half ha*s*>....Sa*a*iiu
Bannard..l*ft ball t>aik. cool
Baird . full bat k. RH
Suma u > c. fi i" Ls*, pl ita- trana.
t . ; ii- Paul Da ah I, ?>< LcMgb, i.
men (lodgers, <>: Cornell| end DufReM,
ot Pr I rest on. Touch* do*r aa Raatngsr*
i ? Ooah* fri.ru lOUCh-dOWa. luaus-.
Men hi'' (Talley, (Html); Anaatrongi
(Bari ird); Lyla IRrsi bam), Time-Two
? ,i , ai, i iaenty-8ve ?tawta*.
baacka**a*| a ins.
ROANOKK, I v . "faa, I special. Tba
ii and Mi chanteal Cat
? ..h. ..i Blackaanrg, battled mr
sgainai la* ? ? M. C. a. *
ii.? BlhlatM ttroundi
una afternoon, In au sxetuag gams of
Ul, and BBB BP tho seora of l?
tu ft,
(llliri- lind. Itali luim*\
manhattan i'ibld m v. nov ?.?
Ci Ino ' I 9,
CAMBIUDOK, MASS., Mott. 9 H/ir
? ? i ikblgsn
PROVIDENCE R. I. Sot I. I'rnwn,
ii, t , i.. ..
BETHLEHEM, PA., Nv | :,? Fly
' -t.. pj; libajrh. 12.
lt, ivt. ra I'.-ithedrnl.
On Wi dm -'.i. Ute Uti I So***** Trt
duum al . - ?'!'.' -.nt.- dial
. ? ? ic ted bj tbs Very
Rev. Xi T O'Sullivan, 8. J , ivreeter aaa
i rad Heart.
. Thi r*fi*y. Kai*
.. a ?? a .-i".-a.
livered on tho**
? P. \l . followed ly Ken?dlc
r the 1 - "i ?acraaaaai
,a:i the men df ? ? Cathi lal i""? i
. '? | to assent*** in Tn*eday
rn aathrdraJ
ball, whi . Father t utter wm cajjlala tha
motive < ? the bu I ..
I, il lunn'- W oiid.'i lill Kldo ???t?,r?|ie,
Lath*n i i.id..i ? i.. n..w exhibiting
at ? ?? ic., tuiioi. i Theatre, ts a nasalatfai
rnaehtne and i* eacttlng me iuinuiation
of uil ah* havo seen lt. it ia tho tn*
VenUOJ of Mr. \\ .->dvlile lAthain of
Virginia. tts perfornBUvea are truly
?*. ti I- rf ul and avery motion of natural
life a* exhibited in whatevor nicturre
lt shows. The pria*>Sgbl Vlwwn Orir
fo ant Jharnatl ls Just us nstural as if
you stood by the prlse-rlng.
The a.-.riAiatle danoa of tie NI. h. ls
?lunn la | feel The n-achlin is on
le-fblbilte* at lb* TbenUt, from i ?) **< io.rkj
in the afternoon until ii o'clock at night.
aa i triir.K rORsTCAST.
W.aSHIN'.IuN. D. c, Noe. 9 ^F*iire?
cant for Sundav;
Kor Vlratnia Raia followed by clearing
?,, ither dunns tha day; '"/id.r, with a
cold wave The temperature will fall
from inlrty to fony di>gre*? by Sunday
night; lin-r. asing northwesterly winds.
Cr North Carolina -iihoweni. decidedly
colder, northerly winds.
Th. barometer has fallen <sn i he Atlantic
coast, in the Ht l*awienc? Vsllsy, and
in the extreme North, and I; has n*.n
raj.Idly In ?he central valleys It ls I mr
over th- middle AtUnlic Statei and aottu
of Montana arid high lu the .'m iii*..*t
ami over the central plateau legions.
It is colder In the central valleys, the
lake rexton, and **-w Kngland, and warm?
er on the AU?nti.< coast south ot New
York, and In the. Northwest.
The tudleat.o'.e are that the tempera*
tare will fall from thirty to forty deareea
tn the middle South Atlantic and northern
?onion of South AUeatle Stales, ineiud*
mg ..'orthern Georgia, by Sunday night,
with ratn. followeo) by fair Blather.
Cold ant fair weather alli prevail
Uuroughout tba central vaUaya.

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