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The times. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1890-1903, March 10, 1896, Image 7

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'fte Cptoloib ol KaiiroadmeD, Police and
pin nut**.
in ii., i bam *i. i ? ? ol Mi ii ?.f ISblra, i bli
se. ,, -..-, in. \i....,i .- .......1 aa la) i'"" ?
N I lol., , I,,,, :. .'ii:. Il.'l l ? "' Bfl,
11,. HabJ* ?
. i
* ?
' '
13 flt.
?h.ms' th. ted to wea
naaOy >.lm wear a
)ar1*e of ar t
g.ttln* alon* all 11 vu "
Chief Enair.cer WoUtBI, of Wllmlng
ion. li* I : Malcolm, of Itoche.fer, Mar?
ni Charleston. S I ' . < -.,,, ]. of
: ? nu . Kenn, d) . Of New fi**
Miner, ni
Pa Wilmar th, ?.f Top, ka
itnrke. at Memphla; Applegate, of Ho
Webster, ..r Indianapolis; Lane,
? ? Manchester, N. m.. Knit'., of Elisa
N -i Glllol, y, of I avei port, low*;
s. bia*, >.f Quincy, iii and If* Mahon,
b*vi >.? .-ii nothing ui I u k
Dib. i . but I'hiet Larkin. Of
MO t of the laiK'
? I hil '. e )? . || . hi* r
red ta the district
?? I an i th<
? ? man Mo ll
, .. Pompiei drill
'?> the ? dring, wh, n he fell about
time !?> I- ng knocked
I wi 1.1 and bari ly."
"Vt ?
.it an]
. latalti
I ? ? ? ,
I., en i rom?ti I I
, ,?"!,. foi
I from Boi : . bul we
mg tl,
a nv t birt e. ? ?
lught to
I' 11 i t <-- < 1
? '
TALE OP .'? I.I" "i BTAH
[organ, oi
i . lt sect
while tr] nu: to
? ?
eily h
II ?
luly 18,
ii was
lied the
who . '?? I" not
for Hie
in* n " nh If ?
r . Mack,!
Ni. ho
I him
? How
iced In
sive*! thi
renll inl k:
Vt ii.ii-i:.mi;n wno i>< iN'T BEL! EVE
I '
. ion, IV1.; I
>-, 111.: Hes
v. .rid,
? , ' v
I ':
Hied at th.
il with I Iq ui
rial a n wit
N. ll
. yean
' Chief Platl
? i - wa?
tt. Will i.
? ii re
Rleff had hil
no luck I
Hui i
f badi
ll only
iii i? i..I
B. Vi Buck
1 I 11 ? m .
J o. N< blt than ?
'v is .Il
'a kv i
il ill-ti.i Inn. Georg, u
?inne,i ? ir on, and
\ med la tba >tn' Jim Salmon,i
"uk ii a badly i uti
..1 ott, hm h. atuck t.. the
? , When be latin ni d I "..i k
rota a cai and was compelled to Ila <vi
vs nacl
? la little uar. oi the ti,': i ?* n
lon i" be found among ll
v Th, Poi ? ? route
ad -..m.- trouble with raurlne ll on the
ol tv month bul lt fright, ne.i
?i oin
i .i tenet ? ?- "'the
I i^ cheat inn. r**pondfl "1 araa
un on th.- thirteenth 'lay of the month,
bali a hundred rea ra aid, alive
n,i tt.-ii When a creditor owes me
ballara I am always ready to sc
rpi ihlrtren in full payment, or match
I men tSI f win $1.1
.; Manurers i^,- of the Purllns;
>n * ST, W., lUyt. ot the ti. X. Stick
nev. of Ihe o. N. W., Banstead, or iho
D i. \ w , HnMie.it,. of the '' B I
,.? . In Nebraska, Btevens, or th. I
peaks .x ?>hio. iv.--, e.f the Cedar Rap?
id T..U'-"V', e,f the- K. v C A. ii R*.
N C. a si. I,. Childs,
ol ths M. v 0 t\ xx'., <;r. ? a-. nf tho C
N. k l> . \x 'iiifomii. eif the xv:
Cent rsl, McKlnnon, of the B a.- N . and
K-ri'ln. k <.f ll." N. I' . -in!" IhSfl
engine nor train il la any taara unlua kv
tl ni in) e.Mut.
V. P. lind 'u iu ral ManOgl I M' '
..i the ft itt snoop Pana, roeolls Hon srhen
a boy be xs;is iga .jr ibirt, en to
t ss .-ls <? ot auti.-s VS il ll .ll".l-l :
!,, the thirteenth, bul the number la good
enough f**r rallroadlnf Oeneral Manaaer
Ihe i'Ih ago Or, al xx ? it, rn
XX .- lu,*,.- an i nulli.- i:. wbleh
haa in-, ii in the len lac, several yea
: >iam ii i have ru v.-r heard any
complaints 11 gai ding the < nail
ri I "Taren I from any e,r the other eng|na*s;
. ? ? ?
\\'. J. Murphy, Bupeiintendenl er.f tbe
Division of tba
??? ami Tea
however, a-, folia
with i > fi i . h. ? to
? in talking Hus matt,
a,.- kn, vs -
ihlni thai ' ii|ni!i win. h
?if bsd lu, k in th
,-,. ? i a.n Ms atti nfl los ? ii . ali
ed !.. the I
I ita t, '., ?
nara k and
? n."
I I' M. ''.. ii. S ipa of M.i
H..u K. th
. brok i ... ? ii.ou h, i ?
', ss lille* being transferred
? ? ?
? k SS lt s
? lu.- ti, lin- nulli.-ky nomi..!', an.l ?
' ?
.it ii They had
lt an..ti,, i number, and I
!.!?? sstili il. a 'ii th.- loll ..!' -
ll , |.. Ml.tO
? . .
, : I..- big nea ateel bri
his tenter!!
? VS hui. \
tim. . lui ky an.l
? ba i' < imbil ?'
iiiuiv con
.HU IN LA NO DON lli;.x,
lin- --I.IIx Wliil-s"
?Ph,- ' Mly XX hr
? .
. iiiitn
lill form a fs
Iris I
\ i bsnge of Programme.
r is i si sTiisin.
finn* of the Tra* lion toinjiniiy for < r<>.?
? inga ut All Mala *??,"t B* tccep,.*,!
bf Hie m.. BaaSaynj.
, . ..( tim tW.) el", trh
,i,, iin.-s again Bsd kt appointment tn
I Cut office in ' ?? Pity Hull
I i'i o'clock to rr
. .,?... ii,., decision of me City Engine* i
,;,i ,? ti,.- difflcutfhrfl eslstl
? h.-m.
Th. . war*
PIdMai 0. Shield, A.
? | ifi ? .im. for
, l',.,l:|..lli: .
.' i w tn
n? ii,. Rlchraond Ra
.m.i ki-, uv Co* .
e them a
, C.m
it; h
ill,.I V.
? i rn- i
lott ll.
? I .I
.? vi
? il the np*ny
? . mil,i
: ii,ii- point
? i ?
.ml lu
? 'il.i be
? ? ?
i ?
lain |"
iii ile- in. bn
ling io
'.; |
?? ll I v - '
on Con
: ? \'
A i i n is ni i i ,. i i s smiu
""'i'' "' the >' a...-!, Ure, Ufa* h.. iii,.
\\ iliii-...-,l.
in Ile til
'. I
,v prc
? bilged |
It wa
Sweet P
I upon I
ii.i-. arlu
i ?
Po ?: mill
tm-, i:
ii th. l
.hi- . nab],
? i Mr.
? u
> iii rm the i e.
.. .
: v ini?
nti tri, iv..( man)
He Ul
.-! Uv I ' lt li
' I titi 1 l' '
..i country
Mace* I
lil. |) I IO 'I"
den, . :*jni. t. with n f.-.
... depr* dallons 11 mga)tted upon the
emptor)', and : ? i inlahjrwni of an) of
guilt) of such vi
Wiftly arri surely, on
\... other hand, the very approach of a
a ?
. Ui.- u.e.i ? ? ?! ap] Dinted at
vu,*- up wini, ar ta aseetlBg d<
?h.- bands .. the maurgents, In
,,.-...??? ti ?-. ?
? I ' . ii..,-, i ?
V .in effort io eera pe from th*-.
.. , UtthroatB Trie, they au
?up] eiii ,i\ mirri orri ar*,
ul the majority of Loth olfleers arni men
j whose acts of unwarranted brutal
\ I wai an . fe-flritn* s <\n n.t ileser\e the
.nm of -ohli.-rs. They are simply unl?
earned murderers.
"As an illustration, in Qulvican on Jan
j nary Nth, two 8paiil?>li eohimna or rois,
i Oalvis and am. eos xv re s, ? n spproochlog
rrom the wast. Two Spanish InbOOSfS
Who a'-n sngagsd iii makins repairs
lieneath boilers on a sujrar . a tu t>- WOT!
r-orp-tared by lbs advance guard or the
Spanish column. 3"bey were ml->iak>"i
for Insurrretionlst.s, an.l. in spite of their
cries .if 'Vivaeepogna!' sad protests or
Innocence srere asssod and bound, They
wire placed sid.- by alda with rsm rn
Burgenta who bad been eoptarod ia boat
befon Tin ss root ii.-i11 - mata,
with their iirms t!--i behind their bocks,
xv ere. horrie-.j along in fronl nf th** cotttaao,
Th-ir peogtsos over ihe groand ?a< not
?Jv rapid lo plage, noir cap?
tors, and In the preOMOO Ol Cols, ''-sis ls
AMoooa they srere jin. Meei m the
-V by the- troops erith M rheta
Until they r-ll d' ad hy th, _OV*
? tj ananda were oounted In the
. ( mn e.r the efethns. After the i
I hs cobnut tl were
. buried on tbe
farm of Esteban Mendes, belonging lo j
ulm.inti..!', of San Rafael, between i
lllroos sad Bon Agsotln.
i ti i'i .au.,- , i?? o ,
nam. -i Llb a common lo*
tm. frighten, d at the approach i
a 8potiist! - imn, snd ss as ? en i"
? ii imn hi -? house and bl I- tinda r ii bsd. I
Troo ad him In, and, w Ifl h two '
? pe of a sss dad '
He was th. :i drags, d out, and |
iirhi.oii'o w.-iik from loee of blood,
compelled t" march leven leagues. Al I
the solicitation ..f ms aunl ilr, i
.il.I lad). sv tbs , ..lonni pal ?
irgo lina ?? rited te>
perm I ii.ld darkey lo romain behind
Thirty colored lal.i
? doing plantation xv h., vs ?
? ..its Immedlat, ly threw
In i ? linn . drag*
rsa ai
ia 'ok. n ?
I ?? DI ans
kln.i sh-o to death The drugs
? : of Bellini
? lillie- , - - .\. i ? tb, ima
? i on til" " Her*
i-1/- n, w ii h Ihr. >?
Hider w lui. ? and 'w., negroef* nen
order ol Col. Begum, aim]
.. hen ashed to tell in vs hat du
.. . : i olumn wei ? th, y replla -i:
i .i n'l know.'
x- Bali oa, on Pi i ru urjr 71
Of the 'Ioai.ila I 'ls Ilia,
? the rnulatl
-!"?? I -
r - fr..1,1 B -
dungeons "f Havana in ten da) Miss
N- ss X .ok. ..?',''
Mle in
i i tha ? w. heard
;? mi vs,!,-,in the castle wai;* .'..-rv night
? ion*,'.
.1110 I wai
.an i* th<
!hai place. ha
? the t'wiit r .
? ?
jolne .1 'Li ' lomi .. Al M'l' ne d< I H u
. elmo /.-rt' ? i and ago mea
nm: the latta i ,
i , ? x- .... an oi !
? cittsen of Qulvtcsn, with 80 m< n.
?... ?,- menfl I iwenl s ho lo, k
? -.1 th, mselves In a i burch The vclun*
? ?
column waa approaching. t?"
? v.ilun
hun h. fol
er to thi in
ammunition Thi n Oo*
ind Antoni
Ol Illili'-. Bsqulv, I, a
,- iev< nty yenre obi H, a
Ol that
a little bil
" ?
nd.-r.-i far iiifllm off<
Col. Ma, i , ? lonni has
ii bas
. ? ' ? ?
??As .in Illustration of ihe l
? ih.- country
? .-? \ ? ir, ak. xvii, u
.ts had di pal ti d an
Ith th, rn hi ? saddl,. hia
? .
?<< ss Fork
sen // / // s ii u:s i n.
rogo Lew Peg asa Ittltadsof Church To
st .,*??I , ni in.ii. M, mit , - ..I *-?. i.i Orders,
Pope La ?? Xiii.
wOn. h I ' IthollC m< iii
.-. . Knish I -
m th, Holj
? 'athollc
? o u rs m. ni toned, xv ho
lld i,. olin.' ?
ilrlj Uta ml
? ?
i: ssa- a ked a
? I, .i Illari
une fl
on the hip and lo |
ia s, ai i io- appointed time.'
? Imp u tani qua stlt
ll ll' I I.s III . i I
As a ?-? ? mil iii.
provided the
? '.'.li to
Provided i
i sll lani*. :
tl m to thi - ?
I,at ba depri
. from all a
tn.n ir comraingllni of a ictei ssh-,
" Third. :
? mssll or his tan I and
'Fourth. Th. i | ,;,,,:.
? looa of faith ell
imus, ir or for bia lamil]
illy widi i.
n. and
? .i-rs posslbtllt) ol io.'
Catholic I ll -nova d
"Th- bc ondltions, winn th,
lo His Holm sa, wen fully ap
pi.is. .1 snd cont B ss ever,
the- ques in ls , ma
i alth 'lilli iltiea snd
?nd one whl i asTi ? mani dio*
.boo, b ii also -' cl, rdasttcal provli
ii.liv Kath, i ? ,i thai a uniform
tumid be oho, rved orders that in
parth . mr Bmlnei
ItpostoUc di l<
lion."*?I x. ik
sh ill oas
The pul.li' will l:av. an opportunity lo
WittUSS the- lie-W III.-1 li. m1 nf ph. .t UK ! apt, I ll .
through soll-ls at th.- electrical exposi?
tion, lo ba bold in Kow fork chy In May
in connection xv;ih t. >? nlneteeri
ventlon of tho National Els, t '. Light
at lon. Mi ljii*i..ii has ian,
offea-fd to eend to the exposition h -
? ..sv. ri ol and appi ova
makin! apl?. and lu- ..w
of laboratory a-'i-iai t t .
same. M R Ita, i ceded In mah*
: | i picture through . kjhl hm bri ol
yellow pins, and be antldpatea no
Ida whatever la makin* laatanl ?
shidowarapru* Mr K llson will also Bend
IS tha expoattlon lils luria collection of
experimental apparatus and designs i?.,
ta.nlr.g to his numerous Invantlons, much
of which has never yet been shown to
the public.
Tlirjr Will be Opeiiftl al ff*AB ami lilve
Kiuiiloyasent tn IMI Men-Mr.. Wll
li:iBBs'Ir uneivil nu,,., Saar*.
Mam mugan Ri-beai- Kn mmom. I mrs .
No. liri Ba*jd.Sf*j: :. Haarrtg Ku.-1. i
Mr N. W. Pow... au, lion. .
...| the OH Doaalaton <-ott?.n mun, <:
tinted aear the ead <>f Mayo'e atlas*, m
'lils .itv.' to jd'"<sr-. Harris \ BlflhOg, nf
N-w York. 4iid J A. Smith, of H.sscm. i.
v C., for iii\.">"" a.i- i v, ar Mac*
Hies,, mm- ?cr.' ...T red f..r nie, ana .-i
"'i'i "i ?-'ii.iaju received, whJ< b v.a. ,.
flt Sei|.
lh.- gentleaaga v. ,.. ,| tl,is ,???,,.
*!">' ?' . U ?? th" owners or tba
? reek Gatton Mun ,,, ,?),,,?,, ,:i, .]
county, which were recently destroyed nv
?.'/??' j' - ey will at oi
,'.'' Plani in operation ? mploj ilk about
-.H' Ill, ll.
11 " i''"l" ' "? -ol'i i* .!,. ? | |V,. ||...-|
*-*'1 obie p.n (h.. river lin*
"i ? "i ti,.- iiui.""i cotton nihls iii tha
-"*''"' been in.' tor th.- past
'I- i'' ? , , i, ,
small, a- the i ..mai i. ma. blt
tu he worth mole than thai am.min alone
I'i MvltAl. og MRS v\ I LUAUS,
Ti..- um. rai ,,f ute. James T. williams
a i??? died last Pi 1*1 , ?. aft, moon al thfl
re?l*l< nee ot her husband, on \\
faa t. in Ch* vt* 'hei I . .'univ i,,,,k ?. Ace
Sunda) aft* n oon al ? k irom
Bram if< chun h The rollowlna gentl,
men ai led aa i ill-b, ai ri M, ian, tl
raid. Judge J. M Gn gor) 'I H
I" Ueorg, V, i ... n,i. E. \
Clary, James Adkina, B. A. Oaterbind,
and .John I li.
Mrs i husband and
en?M - Busle M . Pannle
; Mewl irvey ai r ..u it
Th.- nm. ral waa ? ., large
'om. " i "' fri, ivis from thia < lt)
kihi: i\ thu coi n i\
rntl. m.ni i, aldin* In tha n* ghbor
I Hall iboro, w ho ?.i - In t
ays thal ti'
mc ni thi limber lanela tn thal , v In
.--. veral d iy?, and much damagi i..
vi altoaether lo ih*. woods, and
..\. h.. n iv the
i.i" i.,i\ an I Athletic ?Tnt,
are au*) making pn p*< -'; lon for their
i univ* i -arv . 11.v.: ii. which will
i .vi i rturadb) night, Man h until
, lon promts* ? to be an ela
i/able iffalr. A bahcuei
a lil i" ? 'i .ni-.! toast - w iii
beal oi Hors
iii. ciuii will hold i meei
nu; in ,i '. w ..ns, when Un- bldfl ttil! h.
,-ing th. banqu, i *'o*..r.*
will bo 1.1. i i 'i- about seveniy-flve. The
. n iw In a prosp* i "i.nditfon
ami nett members an being ateailllj ..? .1
th, io Ut
M ' '? I'tll .ll thi Cl III UL ll
Judge William I. Clopton
? i ti la) morning.
and im i let m. and m ?? h
h ism. ss tt iii Ih transacted The
Bud Harris, ihe negro chargi ?! nuti cat?
ii un Coleman, will come up ba?
lor* th. ???? ii 'I inrv. bul ii is hardly pro
i-. will !??? tried ..i nus
to th. . on.iiti.it, . t
ed mun * 'ol. man ls g< utiiK "ii aa
r. .1 w Uh his In
Th. , ? dion or itoppina all pai
go through th, cit) al their
v bli h w ..s broughl up al I hi me, I
mitt. - last Pi Ida)
night b) Mr Charles li sims, baa given
. much dis. u t) Mi
: this motton, and
i will I ? ? "W bl up ai the
meet I ni, of th. < -..un. ii n< xi Ki Iday
There are a numbei ol passenger rrams
tl th. M.' estel v.
? ?
;,\. Illili, e |,i
to leal I ? ' BB oi in.
?h and
ri i ot
vv .... willie
. ime ol crap ?as i- mn in
of negro* The
u ,-? quite
? , ih, ;,..i i| nd the game
, am,- to -? '! I" > W.
i and lined ?<i iterdny
murnini ila Mau
Mi .il' ? In Ihe
Rame couri on th. ' eng-aging
;? rith Mr. J E Goodwin.
,i -mular line Im:
upon h i
? m chun h will be di scon til.I un
?ion is due
||] h. a.th of R, I C N
\ in li "ill be
Mr Jami ? H < lox. fl
: .' ? a* . . I
?. th his
M .nv \i? \\ lilian i'"'. on
mmUte, n ill m. .i '?
Il ch uni" i. when mu, h
tO "
the ltui. o Hi W. M.
, k with tb,
I uv W. Iv III'
Ttl. ? wen n ad I rom I hi
u hil I.I
ii ellon
mu th, "i i" t- bi lld,
ment last
I: menl i, will
le* lille it I ll,
H i w ;, I d
i. J ' ?? .,i
ly at 3 P
End Metl lo Liberty Conn
|.*t, J " I A SI Ol Swans
I ? iond and Man
? -I ai
Mead i *. morning,
Rei Mt I ?? ti'"-. I
R I IV! !
Al tl.fl
? .i with ii powi r and
... tha Sta
R, '
Tu- n
? Fll
reports ? Bran
la i-- di '-I.
Mr Sarum I C. Ta
.),,. | r,. , of iron w bile at muk
the Southern ra Iroa i
Dr, Ingram attended
; man.
\n Ole tu *lur*h
\| u
i r won
?a ' tl II
? ?
li off lha earth!
nx ii. who struiglilwuy
ling with yow might lo I i lng ii.'
i ...ii, ih..
I I. il va ?
oi profsi
'I'll, well' It'l M ll
*DOr Mat'li'
aol I, i ilvir Blander ti oubl, j du
vivi, Man iv for beavi a*a aaa*
loi i sta \ a wai
s,,t ai] mai kind i
And yo ? mud
wo* i a , ,:
ai wnh aral > (je?
ni :l
ming for the
Vn.l .lear up Winter's nr.'.ss.
lo 'lo not let your anger at abuse
'au?e you to take a year off. Vou have
ind. Maren, a'note of mine* due April
Vnd there are others.
-H. L. Dunlap, lu March Ev'ry Month.
Bodies of a Munlrred Old Hun and a
CHICAQO, Msre-l! I -,'arefully conceal
di in a ham! and coverctl sith a mass
or old raga an.l oolloo, il a lead l'Odle*a
of a aray-halreil man and a newborn
j hah- we-re* round In an allay bl !!>..*
I'urk to-lay. lu eOMOgWOaoO. H.* poll"'?
ai.- working on what th?*y OOg-Mll a
il-"iii|<- muni,!. Only om- clew ls In their
-loi, an.i ur: ih. dtaooveray or the
identity nf rn woman. IS yet unkiiux* ii in
geo, depends ibm i*.i>*ii>i** solutloa
i ot the- mystoo
Bali) this Hu* office iu Ral*
-???ns Hyde I'.nk morgue was rung ?p
! eui thi* MtaplMSW and a \vo:iiien -wini <le
: cttnod lo gtva BS" I IBM M ?' I
?ii. s*. a*k-.I If the bod) ol S man hail
i ea u found m Hyde Park The edi ? si*
i tendani i-e-plted In Ihe negative and iheu
med the woman, bul hta heel ss*
forts failed lo gel any information cd a
decided character, although abe told the
clerk she woo looking for o niau **ii" aa*
mlssisg sin w:is finally prevailed upon
tn give ins description, which abe elid in
in n t, o.a ||| s a astonish, d Un- sses>
lua attendant, b) saying In conclusion,
thal be would certainly learn moro shoal
m. .ns.- later on
Kour hours lat. r thc barrel willi Its
^-'i.i-iis contents wa- discovered in the
roar ur the k ma asenu*4
The* h nlv uf itu man tallied In almost
avery respect with tha description furn*
i*>..si by ih.* mysterious woman over tha
telephone wire, and the polia*-, unhesftab*
Ingty connected her with Ihe ress, in
ti., barrel sam wa- ibo bod) of o
mu us > i 'i n .las s o|d
.1 A. Muree, i eetdtni In Pralrl
while emptying s pa"
alls) al i: real of Ma home, .ii*, ova i
i boi ml wi led hie cut lastly.
., open thi fee pto, le,
1 . ss i* inn rule-,i upon seeing ti"' I i
bod) of hu .dd man Inside li waa ? n
Uroly nude, snd wa? frightfully mull
int.*! Covering the corpse ama a thick
layer of cotton- The police ss.", a
niiiiii- I, and ih.' barrel waa removed !?>
tin- morguO, Tin. he-ad and tiuuk ga >?
.'.is i \ I lag of f.oil plas. Ihe a*koll
showtna scram! deep wounds os ilia
led for. arm were tstitne-'l nv** spots
together There ans nothing- else* to gi*-,*
?? t?i til.* man's Identity. AMt
tha severed glseee of 'he* iwvlv had been
lifted f'.'nt th.* barrel, tin bodj of ibo
baby wae found ii ama nude, -as. rm
a iiiin flannel shirt, and lhere wera 'wo
milks mt tba si,i, ,,f th,* head, apparent**
is mode with a blunt Instrument
The body of l bi . Mer me il sf
a man between stxty**flva ami seventy
i'i... poM e laugh ofl me* tiVnrv thal it
ons 'lie work of medical stn,!..its and
arr- po5itis?- in their statements thal
man and child wen murdered
PJfA HlOX OB H t sit ts D, ll ll lt ll.'
Ilia I.e...C .1. .ri!,-,I XX If. linills DOoMoS
tel TOfce I he- lOirtiu-r. a
ORA1 TON, W. VA., xi , About
tiiirtj tsv.i s. re* In - I iu Mu*
.Itv Main.n Hem and
Xl that tim.- il WOO not \ I i y Iii ali's lui
a mau to m.- bom unlem he wouhl loin
.?.i tbe utile*!- of Ihe armies, and Mr,
ih**. decided to fight fm tba i ntoo Proas
that tlm^ until fi fsw .lass a**., garah had
never board "f ber beloved huabond Dur*
lng thal time* Sarah, supposing her hus?
band dead, took until boreel I another,
ss ';,. al*.i ss as ., I'i.i-.11 BoMla I Th, s 1 I
.??i together foi a feu s.,u*. wbein h"
di, 1 Salad applied for and was g|
?i p.hm.ni on Un- loath of husband No 2.
Latei -ii" Bled an application for a pen*
alon on lc* ounfl "f husband No, 1 sim
had aucceeded In provfng his services! in
Hu- arms', an.l aN.i lu* .Lath, ano ssa
expecting t.. receive her -????nil penalon
wiaii Marlon turned up, alive, watt, and
nearly ss gay ia when l- left, a yodth
of twent)
Ila requested bbl long loo! lusa to re*
t ir r, and liv-' with him. I.ul sh.- con?
cluded ''.ai ? p. iisiuii un husband No .1
ssa batter 'lian to iak.- chancea with
husband No. I, and refused 10 rejoin lom
He, however, was persistent In his ds*
manda ami tl.teiried lo kill h< r if sin
.iii h.it come to linn Sarah, however,
shaw.1 grit, end appeared before Squire
Guard and awol.il s warran! for bia
1! 1 pla* rd th, tame In the banda
ithbl, 111 -v 01 foi ? tet utlon Tho
onatable has been aftsi 11- - ? t .Int e,
I et, has nol mi, ia ada <i In 1 aptui
in-*,- ins man. it turns .on tba 11,
ni*,, burled a wlf, during his al
from iiii-*1 Boctlon Tbe Amer! an
Hu- Lawyer's Blain r
a ? limn ai lau rer la < who is
not, o foi iu" !?" Ult) i" Bcqulttlnt 11 ?
In ss i . -.- defence he ?
,1 grui ? regard to the
?ir of the* evidence/, la In ure at
,..?. am. mi*- Ih..-.' wli-i
tea 1 thal theil
1 1.1 ,t 1. uar the .ah.0 .las ti.un
a 1 rtsoner In the ? l! ?? lated
il,ai the w- ' ted !"?
1 ss., ? indi ?? 1 al Ha'
ind 1 0 s ito.
dat 0 thal the writei had little hope -.i
...ii tali "' ould i? en
In his boh ii' ami hi Im gged ihe
laws. 1 I" iak. 11 a . Th, n .? mi?
lli.- pathetic pan ..i lin- I, '?? 1
1 1 tav.- no mono) the writer said,
? **? 1 pas for legs and van s in ti.
pi op, 11 s But ii" horse 1 1 good family
driving ,n .1" ?. mlle In
bi 1 i- ientle enough foi ans lady to os..
I'll give ? 0*1 the lao -? if yon 11 i.ik.- ip
the caa
Tho l.iwv. r la still undi elded. ,'
Charla** Baker, ol Pana, lil. wiuhos
- farm f... tha ? so n
sganfl price offered him when hi t. mi
ii:ii four-fool ?!. uf i^.u 1 bearii ..
the other day, Ula gold turha oul lo bis
mi a.
For the benefit of the hun
drecta of people that could
not be waited ?n in Monda) r*t\
rush vee offer the following:
il Ilea, li * 'eutun, lc. | ord.
Another lol of that Oood YoroVWIdi
i ? ale, I lt.. yard
1 ('-.'a 11 Cloth, j'l.-t th*' tiling 'or
sk.rts ind suits, In lan. brown, ariel gri*.y,
1 ? , for Mc, sail
Indigo niu" Prints, bool Kradc. fl. ? ipi
1 ;o 1 Beita Mt
?xx .11*1 s.i- off huttons aad liiree
-tu.ls al1 f..r MS. M '
Pun Um n Oa 1 iff- M pair.
Sn ip. ,1 and F - null. *, ere
q ulai te , tr., ts. 17c grade, U
l>, ptecea good Check Muelln, .'?? kind,
f..i- bc, 1 11 1
1 is, sn. ri Be k Poid Indio Lin rn,
legarat" Skirts, m.,,1,. ?f eXIra quality
il*{iira-e| lustra-, Kneel throughout velvet
bound, very roll anti fl..wini;, t3 i> St
itaauttful Skirt!". roll and Um .1 through*
ir. maile- or diagonal ariel tlgured Mo?
hair, MM.
Isaac Sycle & Go.,
103 E. Broad Street,

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