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ness and LOSS OF SlEER.
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Emplovers' Liability Act Adopted in
i the House.
Senate Votes lt Doivn Because nl*
Movcniciil to HoIU ,t Coiistitiilioiial
Coiiveiiiion?i'lic Morris Blll
"?'avorably Actod Upon.
The House passed yesterday the Parks'
Employers* Liability biil by llf* close vote
Of 42 to 40.
In the Senate the Morris biil to in?
crease the taxes upon telegraph and ?-\
press compur.ies was ordered to 'its en
grossmen? *
The Barksdale biil to prohibit and pun
iSh tbe eorrupt use ol money ln elections
will come up iu Uie Senate next Tues?
day for consideration. lt was unlavora?
bly reported by ihe Committee on Privi?
leges and Elections. J_h Barksdale ox
pects to make tbe speech of his life on
thiK measure. The biil wil! meet with
very strong and determined opposition.
The Committee on Courts of the Senate
t-pent some time in the eotisideralii.n of
Senatof Mann's biil in relation to tho
collection of unpaid subseiiptions to
Joint stock compiiuies. Hon. A- -*
Phlcgar. of Chrisliaiislmrg. addressed
the committee in favor of the measure,
and Hon. K. T. Barton. of Winchosu r.
opposed it. The committee reported tbe
iict favorably.
Th? change made by the amendment.
whicli commcri.-.-s with section 3. is te
provlde machinery for carrying Iniq tffeci
tho provisions of tlie oihcr sectlons, and
provides that when a stoekholder has a
defence whieh is applicablb tu some of
the eredttors. be may fllo a plea namins
The ereditors. who wiil thereupbn be sum?
moned. A jury will lhen be empanclled
and an ifiuie dlre.cted. Upon coming in
of verdict it will be .eriitie" to the judgo
Ol the c-ourl having in charge 'he settle
inent of the affairs of ihe eorporaiion.
and if no such suit is pending. one shall
be brouftltt and the assessmenis aynlnst
stockholders shall be based on the vcr
Tho Sen.-U.-.
The Senate mei with prayer by Rev. Dr.
W. F- Derieux.
Senator Munford offered and had pit'-s
*d, under suspension of the rules. a blll
toineorporate the Yirginla Club, recently
_r*-ani_cd on Chureh Hill, in Richmond.
A letter was read from the Confederate
"Memorhil Literary Society invititig the
membe.rs <>f the General .\*-.tmbly io at?
tend the reception lc. be held at the* Con?
federate Museum n. st Monduy afternoon.
By Senator Donohoe?To] authoriz" 'ho
ticirs of lxmha Showden to pay certain
taxes on a trict of land in I"_irfax coun?
ty. iu satlsfactlon <>f all taxes asscssed
against it.
By Senator Bgg*CSton?To amend sec?
tion O" ot the Co-ie. in reference to the
form' of Hsts and oath to be made by
treaf-urcrK in retumlng lists of uncpllected
Bv (Senator -Lupton?For the relie" ef
_*-. j*. Bragonler. a Justice cf the peace of
h'e -citv of Winchester,
By iin-tfor Flood-For ihe relief of R.
9, T_fl_w, - . Confeo'er*** ?oKJItr *f Ap
uvmy, w
Henry E. Barksdale, a disabied Confed
:,t,. soldi.-r of ?-li.nl-.it" county.
Senator llartley Introduced a biil which
amends section 1S1 of the Code so as to
provirie that if a member of tin- Senate
or House of Delegates die during the
session of the Legislature his personal
ropresonlative sjii II only be entitled t
that portion ..! the salary of the de?
ceased member which he bad earne<**by
service rendered in his llfetlme, and his
successor shall be paid only for I'i: ? time
he aetuiilly serves.
Senator Harilc-y also offered a biil in
c r.-asing Ihe salary of the judge of the
Second Judicial Circuit to .?"i'.imki a year.
i:. i". .?;? i'S OFFER}
A hill was offered by Senator JeiTries
t.. authorize and rcquire the commission?
ers of tlie Sillking Fund of Virginia to
accept on beliulf of the Commonwealth
the offer of t*u- Richmond, Fredericks
bnrg and Potomac- Railroad Company
giiaranteelng ;i dividend on the State's
holdlng in said railroad company of
not less than twelve per ceniiun per an
num and lo enter into a contract bind?
ing tbe same.
At l_:30 o'clock the Senate proceeded
to the execution of the joint order hav?
ing for itsobj.it the election of judges of
the County Courts of Buchanan and
Dicklnson. Alexander Beavers received
all tbe votes east lor Judge ol I'uchanaii.
and A. A. Skeen ali those east for J-tid^e
of Dicklnson. They were declared eiect?
The Elood joint resolution. nroyiding
for submiiting to the : -op'.e tbe* qucs
ti.-u of calling a consiitutional conven?
tion. c-anie up as tbe soecial order a:
12:45 o'clock.
Senator Lupton suggested that as 'hen?
were changes necessary in th- resolution.
ii ho recomtnitted in order tnat it mighl
be perfictcd.
The cpjestion behig raised on what elec
Uon law wouid "govern th.* vote upon this
cpiestion, Mr. Flood st;.! it wculd un
questionably be bel ?'. over the Walton
Election Law.
Mr. Lupton and Mr. Blakey had sirap
doubt as to th:s. but Mr. Flood n-=:s:el
that tho law was very el ar on the sub?
ject. Ail elections aro l.eld under th.;
Australian Ballot System.' except a-j?'tn
<rwlse provided. tbe exc.-ptinn bins
wlv-re nonilnatlc:ns are not made by an?
i party.
j :.ir. Finnd finally consentea to ti-.r re
j committa! nf the blll and it went back
J to tne Commlttes oa Courts.
i Tho Lo Cato joint resolution looking to
amendlris tho Oonstituti.m sn as to ma_-"
th.* payment of the capitation tax -i pre
requlsUe to votins. came up as the --pe
cial order at 1 o'clorx.
l-i view oT th? action of the Pemncratic
c.-iucus ln declding in favor of a Consti?
tutional Convention. Senatq- Blakey mov?
ed to pass by. Indbfinltelv. th- csn"-lderaT
Uoh of this measure. This motlm. was
adopted by n vote of 1" to H
j S-nator Morris' "snbstltute fe- the
i Barksdale biil In relation to taxln-r t"l
rgraph and exprees companies. eam> up
on Its thtrd reading and rngros-ir.ent. Mr.
j Morris explalned what the measure was
designed to accomplish. He Jld not ihinl"
the telegraph and express companies we-s
paying as much for the supp Tt of th?
Government as they should contrlbute.
and he br-llevod that this proposed legis
l-i'ion was tho best that could be had at
this f-i-sslon. Should this bi'I not ~c
cormplish what was fxpected or it. Mr.
Morris said Mr. Barksdale could heroaf
ter press his blll.
Mr. Barksdale said that there mK'ht b?
no political hereaftcr for the Senator
from Halifax.
.Mr. Morris replied 'hat he could not b^
l|e\-r thi? pe.-pin of Halifrx wou'fl rbnsen!
to give iir* I'"'* s'-V'*es of so'ab*">'aru*l ure?
rai a reiireseniative in th; Senate a-t
Mr Barksdale.
This fjyu-flseioii. was heartlly aajJUJ-i
ed b>' tne SVnatbrs.
The Morris hill was then ordered to Its
cngrof?ment. .
1!0V*? P1UR 1?A?8__).
<,r execution on wages of State pfllcia's.
To amend section :;:;!:? of Code. in r.ia?
?ori lo appointment of conimissioncrs in
cliaVv ery.
To incorporate the Samaritan Endow- .
ment Asso< iation.
To am< n 1 act incbrporatihg trustees of
J:r<--.. >?'.. nl Episcopal Church.
To iinund charter of L-Medmont Soap
stonc Company.
To incorporate Tidewater Transporta
tion Company.
Tb aniend act Inborporating trustees of
Union Theoibgical Semlnary.
To amend section **>9S of the Code, i'ie.,
:is to what cbnveyahces for religious pur
poses :ire valid.
To amend tlie act in relation tn j'udg,
ments against rectivers; commissiuiicrsj
[loiiso I'l-nccodiiigs.
Rtev: George II. Spooi-er, of Trhiiiy
"Methbdist churt-h, offered prayer m the
j tiOUSe.
Mr. Ilur.diey, of MatMiews. offered a
johit r-.soiution. calling upon the State
iiward of Health to report lo the ijext
General Assembly some more htiniane
i lanner bf ih-lieiing the death perialty..
and also to look into the a'dyisabilily of
recpnimendlng Uiat tha puhlshment be
Infllcted at sorr.e particiilar point in thc
State, Inslead of at the several county
and city jails, as at present.
The Hoiise then went into the execution
of the joint order. which lnd for i.s <<!>
jeet the election of county judges for Bu?
cnaiian county, and for the district cpm
J prised 01' the counties of Dickinson and
1 Wise. Mr. Gent, nl" Russell, nominated
j Judge Alexander Beavers for the forni'.
and A. A. Sktehe; Esq., for tiie latter.
! There beir.g no other names before the
) House, tlie vote was taKcn. and the nbml
? n. es declai-pd elected,
The hotir of.one o'clofk having arrived.
j the House took up the conslderatlot of
! lh_ special order. which was tlie Parks'
|. employer's liability bill, and Cap'ta'.
i Parks look thc floor to ciose the argUr
: ment in favor of his rneas-jre.
lle took up the points brought out by
the opiohcnt of the till. ar.d ariswered
I them oiu-hy one. He then praeeedtd to an
| elaborato " -e-.ission of ihe measure,
i handllng ii ;n detail -n a niasterful man
j rief. The hour of _ o'elock (the limc- set
j for the vote) iarrived before Captain
Parks had concluded his spe.-eh. He was
again and again intcrruptcd by applause.
; and when (after the roll call) tlie speakcr
j announced that tlie bill had passed, it
! was load and lqhg.
; FollbVirig is the vote on the bill:
i Yeas?Messrs. Anderson, Baker, Bland,
j Boaz. Buntlni Cowan; Crowell. Dona
j hoe, Duke. Early, Embrey, Epps, Ewell,
l Pitzpatriek, Fleet. Fplkes. Garnett,
I Goad. Gouldman. Gravely. Hunley. l\cy,
J Kelley. Lacy, Lyons, Matthews, M.-iA.n
riell. Murreil, Xottingham. Parks, Fat
leson. Pettis, Powell. Robinson. Ryan,
| Shelion, Southall, Toney. Tuck, Waring,
Worthen and the Spe.iker?total, 42.
Nav's?Ayei-s?; Barclay, Baugh, Bowles,
i Canro-day," Cardwell, Churchman,
Clarke, "clement. Davis. Dodson. Ed?
wards. jFeatherston; Galleher, Honaker,
Horslev, Hubard. Hutclieson, F. M.
| Jones. T. X. Jones. Jordan. King. Lewis.
Leech. Madison, MeAUlsler, Moss. Xew
I house. Palterson, Pilcher. Pitts, Price,
Priddy, Stickley. Stpver. Todd, Wnre..
j Wellford, J. M. AV-hitehead, Willard?total,
! 40.
!By Mr. Hunley?To exclude from trlals
for eertain offences, all persons not neces
By Mr. Embrey?For thc relief of Wil?
liam Haislip. ??'.'-. ,,..,
I By Mr. Robinson?For the relief ot \\ ll?
| Ih.ni Durnell.
! By Mr. Baker?To increase the silary
! of "the* judge of the Second Judicial Cir
By Mr. Hunley?For the relief of Frank
- By Mr. Whitehead. of Xorfolk?For-th.
relief of the Savings Bank of Xorfolk.
By same?To allow additional,powers to
the Board pf Supervisors of the county of
?y ?came?To r?n?.,*l ?? aet In T**nt"nn
to application of d'strict road funds in
tin.tnty of Alleghany.
Rv Mr. Shelton?To allow John S. Swift
furtheV".yme in which to distrain for cer?
tain uri< b'jecti il taxes.
OX THE i.'.M.rii'i'Ai:.
By Mr i'ricldy?To aan nd 'section IT"'.) of
tha Code. in relation to the practice of
pharmacy in Virginia.
ii; AR". Barclay?Tb authorize the Board
of Supervisors bf Roekbrklge county to
11.-; the compehs-.ition of the Qverseers o?
the pao.- in Lexington distri- t.
Ry Mr. McC,on\ie"l?To prohibit the kiil
i::g'o(' ii.-i: ih'CIeuet river, in the county
of Scott, with dynainile.
Ry Mr. Garnett?T" approve the charter
ot ;' i ! . u ?? a id !.: ;)it S. ciety of ICiag
c-; ?? ?_- ? i ottnty.
i -? .-.;.-. i ?iik.im- 1 :i relation tb hogs run
i iiing at large in the county of "Mont?
Bv same -To provlde for the issuing of
boii-s by the countt ef Moiitgontery.
By Mr. McAilister?To amend section
?"31:1 of fhe Code, in relation to tie a >
poinlmcnt of ? ?rnrn's ir.ners by Cin ail
ah '. .Co'rj oration <". iri --.
;.v s-.? ''.. iir :d tiri act i:i reiai'o-:
to work'ing tin p.u! i Is of thi i ma
ties bf Aileghany, Highla'nd and Ba h.
To authorize the Board ???' Supervisors
i. c?
-,,;--. <l :?-. -
fa'surer i ti
tricolie ti I
;. and m .
>n 2 of an
r workin
hlic rci-iji
id Ceme?
tery <'. r.-.:> my of Manassas.
Tp p'rov de for i road law for Stafford
Reperiling the act wh'sh was approved
j on March Sdi ISOSi auUiorizing an election
I in Buckingha-h cbiinty'-apon the question'
i of the rembval of thi court house of the
j sald county.
?-. To allow F. P-. Smitb, treasurer; of
-'Ma-lison county, Eurlher t'rr-- within
wh'ch to distrain. levy and collect certain
tax tl'-k -'s for which he has accounted
t? the Sla--'-.
To incorporate th? Newport News Gen?
eral Hospital As'sociati n
'?".. !i.j-rbr-te I"" l "' ?-':-''"""- CoUege.
To ratify and confir'm the charter of
tbe - Luinbermari's Marine Insuranee
To amend and re-enaet section two of
an act entitled-'an net to incorporate the
Abingdon Coal ahd Tron Railroad Com?
panv. approved April 11, 1337. and to ex?
tend the time for the compTetion of line
by road of the Vlrglnla-Carolin'a Rail?
road Company. '
To amend and re-enact section 0 of
an act entitled an act to provide for
working and repalrihg the public roads
and bridges of Isle of Wight county, ap?
proved March 5. l.S'.M.
To proteet wooden bridges. in tbe coun?
ty of Roekbri-.igo from lire by steam en
gincs passing over the same.
Senate blll to 'i'heohpoikia the Peters?
burg an-d' Claremo'nt Terminal Railroad
and Improvement'Company, and to de.'ine
its powers.
Senate biil to incorporate the Southern
Court and the Board o' Su.pervlsors ot
SeTdnrry ju Bowling Green. Va.
Senate biil to authorize the Con-ity
t "Tazewell county to allow a monumen _ to
'? tho Confederate dead to be erected.
maintained. and cared for In the public
square of Tazewell, in said county.
Senate biil to authorize School District
N'o, 1." in the county of Tazewell. a cor
ooratlon. to allow a monument to tbe
Confederate dead to be erected nialn
taineti, and cared for on the grbunds cqn
!,. _ted with; and a part of, the Tazewell
High School property.
Senato bill to amend and re-enact an _
act approved March 1, 1S92. entitled an
an to amend and re-enact Section ?? of 1
an act entitled an act to amend the ehar- ,
ter and extend and deline the boundaries ,
of tlie eitv of Xorfolk. approved April 6,
1SS7. as amended by an act entitled an |
act I" amend and re-enact Sections ?>, 0
and i'i "i" an act to amend the charter ;
and e?a.-nd and define the boundaries
of ih<- eitv. approved April 0. 1S.7, ap?
proved March ::, 1S"*J. I
Senate bill io amend ar.d ,re-enact See
;-.,,, 2 ot an act entitled an act to pro- j
wide for working and keeping in repair the !
public roads ana bridges ot the-county j
,,i <;., hlpnd approved January G. 1S9S. |
?Qn-tte !>il! to compensate school trus? j
i.-.- other than -clerks of district boards.
;? Craig countv. and members of the
eoiintv school board of said county.
Senate bill lo atithorise the Board of ,
'?Ticrvisori- of Roekingham county, in \
";-.'-ir uiscretion. to levy a tax. not ex- j
eee.ilng fit'te'en cents an the one hundred ,
_o"?'ai -" ? i" taxable values in any of the
rhagisterial uistricts of said county. for .
d'strict school purposes.
. senate bill to repcal an art. entitled an
?.' io incorporate ihe Virginia Union Unir j
vcrsitv, approved March 1. 1"~C.: and to ;
amend an act entitled an act to amend
ar. act entitled an act to incorporate the
Kiehriond Institute, in the_ city of Rlcb
raond. approved February 5. 1.-.?-"??
Senate bill to amend and re-enact Sec
-i a 10 of an act entitled an act t> incpr
jorate the Gla-evil'.e Railroad Company,
a Wise ejiiP.ty, apprpveiL-February --'.^
Senate bill to incorporate the Fal'sburg
?'.??, - and Manufacturing Corr.p.i:iy.
Seriate blW lo allow H. C. Wh.-atiey.
deputy treasurer of Culpeper county.
further time in which to collect -:ertam
t tx biils. , T ?
-...(,. bill to authorize tjie Je-.erson
,':-j: Jionument Association to transfet
and -deUver ail its funds.,.assets and
pr?p ;rty to the United Daughters cf the
- To iheprporate Virginia Transportaticn
Companv. .,-;-.' ",
To aniend'ind re-enact an act entitled
.?' act to amend and re-enact section
?'-- ,- (shouid be 335(1) of the Code of Vir
cinialn relation to kiliing trees r.e.tr
hghwavs. injur:nK bridges. obstructing
r'.,u -{nd riding or driving animals or
. .'" ., oidewalks; &c; how punished;
?'^.i-.-^i-March'":;. 1S3S-'
. '?.'-, ?j_cc | ac'd re-enact section fO of an
I act -lmroved F?bruary 2S. 1SSG, entitled
i an -act-'to provide a new charter for tho
eitv of Roanoke, in rtlatiou io justlces
i of-the"vPca - in -aid city.
To alit>w C W. Thomas. treasurer of
! the cUv of Roanoke. further time to col
! i,.... rprtain tax tiekets in his hands.
' Repealing the ac: which was aprrovt-.l
1 on JlTcli'3 1WS, authbrizing an el-ction
in Bucklngltn-n county upon the c.jest.' a
of the re'mOyal of the eourt-hoJ'e of the
said cocnty.
Regulatinij appointments of assesSprs
of lands and lots in th- county of Wtr
wick. and providlng cotnpensat'on *'>r
t same.
i To ra'tify nnd confir'** th*> charter of.the
{ Lurr/berm-in's Marine lnsuranee'"orrn ir.y.
J To regula-o hunting partridgC3 in ihe
I countv of Xelson.
I Allowing the city of Xorfolk to increase
! the salary of the judj-o of the Court of
j Law and Chancery of said city. and to.
!' still further increase the salary of the
tudiso of the Cerporatlon Court of s'a:d
i To adow J. H.. Whea.Iton and E B.
J Blackman l^> rrsc." a br;a*--water on 1 w
e;- <>r eastern side of Whealton wharf^*
Rappahannock river.
To- amend and re-enact sectior; -IH of
the Codo pf Virginia, as amended by an
act approved March 8..IS9.. lH<relatlonto
the c*orT?'"?"? '* , *""* "?"?"???Tnfint of
? lands. '.
For the relief of W. C. Sanders, late
treasurer of Wythe county.
For the relief of WV H. Purkir.s.
treasui-er of Middlesex county, to give
him and his former deputles powers o\
levy and distress to collect certain un
cbllected tax tickets not in their pr.s
sessibn and for whicli they have ac- j
counted to the proper tiscal agents.
Tb amend and re-enact an act an
Pi-oved February 2. 1S0S, or.tltlcd an act
to amend anci iv-enact section :'?!..chup.er .
1 of an act entitled an act to prpvide ,
for the assessment of taxes on persons. |
propertv and incotr.es, and on licens.
to transact business. and in paying taxes
thereon for the support of the govern?
ment and public free schools. and to pay
the interest on the public debt, ar.d pre
scribing the mode of obtaining Iieense
to sell wine. ardent spirits. -or malt
Iiqubrs, or any mixture thereof. ln cases
?where a court certiticate ts nequtred.
approved March ti. 1S0O, relating to sale
bv peddlers. ,i,.?a
To amend and re-enact an act _ntltle?
an act to incorporate the trustees o,
.-unds ot" the Protestant Eplscopal
Chureh. in the diocese of Virginia. ap?
proved February 2, J8S2. -
To incorporate the New River Cele
phone Companv.
To amend arfd re- enact section mi> oi
the Code of **irginla. in relation to wrtts
of venire facias in cases of felony, as
amended and re-enacted by an act ap?
proved February .". 1S0C. '
To authorize and empower the Boaru
of Si'oervisors of King William county
to build. construct aid maintain a bridge
over tho Parminkey river. near New
Castle Ferry. between King William and
Hanover counties.
To authorize the Board of Superyisor?
of Oiles county to issue bonds of the
! county instcml of connty warrants. m
; .-ettlement of a contract with *. lrgmi i
i Bridge and Iron Company. for the con
I struction of a bridge at Rip-U.mea.1,
Giles county. Virgtn'a.
To amend and re-enact section 0 .->f an
net entitled an act to piovide for work
-n~ and repairing the nublic roads and
j bridges r?f Is'e of Wight county, ap?
proved March 5. 1S04.
To allow the directors of the Ohio and
j Big Sandy Coal Company to change the
i name of said comnany.
1 To prohibit the takincr of fish in Goese
creek. in the counties of Fauquler and
| Loundbun above Outlands. with a s-ine
or other device except hook and line or
Sixteenth Aiwiiversary.
Dr. Robert P. Kerr was Installed pastor
of the First Presbyterian chureh sixteen
yeart- ago to-morrow. At that
iirnej the chureh stood where the Clty
llall now stands. The ofUclatins clergy
men were Kev. M. D. Hoge. _>. D., who
delivered the sermon: Kev. Charles n.
Read, D D., who made the change to
j the pastor: and Hev. XV. T. Riehardson.
i D. D.. who delivered the charge to tne
! people. ...
! At the morning service Dr. Kerr wiu
' preach a sermon glving a history ?? nu*
pastorate and of Presbyterianism In ttic
I city and suburhs for the last sl.cteen
! years. lt will be an oceasion of ""?'cri
! interest ti the First Presbyterian chureh
j and to the .people generally.
| i:<.-* *>*e.~ **.'?'"=
i R'c*-mond: Chx lntte Bu n tt'S ttus ?"l
' Jno. T. J. Melton. 22 feet on east side
j Thirty-flrst street, 130 fett north o-. Mar
| ehall stree*. Jl.SS.
j PhUip Gibson and wife to W. E. arw
I H. L, Terry, 20 feet on Olays-treet, sout_
1 east corner Fifth street, &*.(""**.?
. W.ngReld Scott ar.d wife to Ashtcn
Starke. 4.T--12 feet orrXocus: alley. uorth
we- corri?r Trueheart alley", ?-cofr.
B B Van Bur-n and wife to Mlnnie
' tewis lo feet on s-uth side Wl*tt**n*
; -tree*, "S teet east of Oak street. S-0.
Same to ?Caroline Mims. 14 feet on sotuh
! side Williams tftreet, 4"" feet east of OaK
' street, ?150'. ' - __,._ ^.
i iHenrico: Thomasi C, Siwan a?^'".?
j ?___, B. ??-*?- 28 f??f ?? **""*! *^*,,, a*T-'-1?t?
fourth street. ?;2 feet south of 1***_ street,
subject to two deeds of trust, St.-i
Presiileiit Stevens.
General Manager Ceorge'W. Stevens. 08
the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Com?
pany is hereafter to be president as well
as general manager. He has had a Ufe
long experience in the railroad business,
and has made an excellent record.?Han
over Herald.
Kev, Carey B. Mnritaii's Subjects.
Rev. Carey E. Morgah's subject at}
Seventh-Street Christian chureh to-mor?
row morning will be "What Think Ye o*
Christ?" At th" evening service thero
>will be a "chart sermon" on "How to
Stitdy the Blbfe." The public is cordi_U_"
i invited to these services.
Justis IsIa-.-.iI.
It is learnCi Uh it the Council Com*
j roittee ou James River Improvement ha3
recommended the purchase ot Justis ls
! land bv an issue of bonds. The amount
| stated by the committee "hich will ba
1 offered t'or the Island is *17,0vt).
S A Doubt oT tho Gcinilneness of tho
I OLGA.. VA., Feb. 2?Special.?Reports
i are rlfe of smallpox in several wido apart
sectlons of the county. lt is said tha
I doctors ar" at varlance in diagnosis.
| There is an expert, so-called, afflrmlns
j it to be smallpox. wliiie a respeotablei
' minority say ir is Cuban or .Vfriear*.
i itch.
l Compnlsory vaccination has been or?
j clered. but our correspondent has heard
I of no further official action to prevent
i the spreatl of the Infection. A strongly
j felt uneasine.-s pervades the people, for
j this reason: Iu all prevtous nuthreaks it
! has been the irtvarlable custom to estab
j lish a pest-house and quarantine agalnsC
j centres of dlffusion. At one time a per?
son will be heard to say he does not be
! llev'e the authorities think it ts sima.ll
j pox. or more preventlve measures would
! be adopt'd: another express.es a fear
that a most dangeroirS and foathsome
scoUrge is being ignorantly or carelessly
? trirled wlth.
It is tiie delight of the leglstator when
be carr dlscoyer new subjects of t.ixa
tion. . What a revenue would a per
caDita upon dogs bring in! Why. the
ferti'izer,tonnage tax woultln't be ia tt.
Ky the way. as a "*op- to Cerberus."
would it not be well to exumpt the owner
of laiuls from the operation of the game
laws on his own lands for his own table?
Thus favored, I think the law will Ivf
vastly more efflcient. It Ls an admirablei
idea. to forbid the sale or expor!tat'on o*
game. By this the ground ls cut fr-im
under the feet of the rot-httnter. Tha
exemptlc^i of the landlord may op
may rot be a good thing. In the past.
r-r-rv laws b tve no.t been too favorably
viewed by this class. whose good will
and active aid any law must recelv_
to accompHsh its object. In some cases
?' is r.e.-'ssiiry to conciliate ..and maka
him see that it is not for the purposa
<>f saving the game for his city eousinv
but that game may tecome abundant fo*
all. ?
Gayton Goal! Gayton Goal!
We are prepared to fumlsh this popular
Coal to constimers and dealers. Ask youif
dealer for it.
No. 815 east Carr street. .
Vew 'Phones :*""") and 44"; Old 'Phona
?_-?_- fe_
e____._nt tmin'flf l?r? _.
Ptro?ntn ? ___?at (_*?_.
Kav_p. -_1_ to _ertoj-*?_J"n
H-ir t? it? To-_t

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