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jticreased Salaries and Larger Appro- j
priations. )
tto Consider Iiicreasc or Salaries?Tlie
Matter Coiihidcro'l by Cily-At
tonicj- Pollard?A Favor?
abie ItjCjiort .
lAppropriat'ons mndo by the Council
Dommittcei on Finance for the present
>-~ir exceed those of the proccding one l<y
The flnanclal condition of the city* has
jiever been in a bt-U.-r state than lt is
Ut present.
A meeting of the Finance CocinilUec*
?trill be held at a ..'clock thls afternoon
to consider an increase ln the salaries of
Various employes of thc clty. The matter
*?ras reff-rred by the Council to Clty
Attorney _t R- Pollard and lt ls under
ftorvt ihat he has reported it favorably
to Ihe members of the Committee.
The budget of appropriatlons for the
ye-ir is ar. foilows:
tntercs-.S 3S0^2S396
J">oVmp1ion. 72.273 $3
Assessmrnt of taxes. 6,400 09
Asscssment of special taxes- 1.200 00
Assessment of public Improve?
ments. 1.35OO0
CollecHon of taxes. fi.r^o 00
Collection of delinquent taxes.. 3,500-00
Almshous^ expenses. 14,40009
*Mmshouse pay-roll. "8.2S0 00
Almrhouse poor of 1he city. 7.7S5 00
Almshouse construction. 1.000 00
City Mormic.-? 100 00
College Dispensary. 750 09
Eye and Ear Iniirmary. '175 ot
pemale Humane Association... 275 00
Friends Coloro-3 Orphan Asylum 500 <*
Home for Incurables. 30909
Homoeor>.ithlc Free Dispensary 350 00
l_adles' Clty Mission. 150 09
I_tUe Sisters of the Poor. EOO'OO
Old Domlnion Hospltal. 3""J 09
"Pickett Camp. -00 00
Protostnnt Episcopal Church
Homo.... 330 OO
Retreat for the Sir-k. 300.00
Flchmond Home for Ladies- IV) 00
"Richmond Male Orphan Asylum 700 00
Kc__mary Ll brary. 500 OO
f"prin-r-Street Home. 150 09
fit Joseph's Orphan Asylum.... MO 00
Et, Patil's Church Home. ? 300 00
?L Pnui's Church llome for
Aged Women. 100 00
*R. E. Lee Camp. C. V. 750 OQ
EhelterlnB Arms. ?00 OO
S. P. C. Animals. : ' '"'
University College of Medicine '.Ti. 09
Virginia "Hospltal. i30 ?*p
SVom.in's Christian Association.
Klndergarten. 55OO0
Oakwood expenses. S50O0
Oakwood pay-roll. 2,970 09
?Pay-roil Biver View. 3,700 00
Improvement River View..*. I,. '
f3hocl-oo Hill expenses. 1.
fehockoe Hill. repairs to wall... 3,109 0
fehockoe Hill pay-roll. l.-iSOO-l
SL John's expenses. 200 tO
St. John's pay-roll. QS3 00
General expenses. Il.S00.O5
Eay-roll. JJO.OOO 09
jecial repalrs. 4.000 00
"Contingent. 2.-""00-OG
Pay-roll. SS.m 50
Patrol wagon. 2.700 00
Contingent special. 5.050 09
Courts and jiirb-s. 7.000 (M
Coroner's inquests. 2,3*H' 00
Contingent fund. C.41J 71
Guarding, etc. ">17 ro
Eiscount and Interest. 1,000 09
Electlons. S.21H.00
Klectric light. SL-00 00
Expenses. 17.1S0O9
Pay-roll. CS,330 00
Fire lnsuranee. 300 00
.""ire-aiarin construction. 3,300 00
Expens<s. 2,00000
Pay-roll. 4.4S0 00
'Coal and oil account. 55,000 JK)
E-teifsion. 30,00000
*___i_ases....... 3_?000O0
Street lighting. 4.?00 OJ
pay-roll. 6S.150O9
Construction. :_*50OO0
Expenses. 1S.O90O0
Pay-roll. 1S.S91 09
Gas and water. 2.SO0 00
Kuadway lo Fulton. 4.000 OO
ilusic in parks. 2.500 00
Expenses. ll090 OO
Pay-roll. 45,*KK?"00
Crcmatory expenses and pay
roll. 4.CO0 00
Bpoclal vaccination. 3,00009
James River Improvement. 30,0-0 00
Dy-dng. ao.i-i'O oo
Library account. ~J1 00
First, expenses. 2,SyOOO
Second, expenses. 2..SO0 00
Third, expenses. 550 00
Mochanlcs* Institute fund. 3,(i00 00
Richmond Light Infantry Blues 1,000 00
Contingent. 3.000 O0
Pay of judges. 5.909.O.
Salaries. 20,707 50
Stationery and printing. 6,000 00
Sowers. 40.000 oo
JSnglneer's Department pay-roll 10,610 00
Generally. 60,000 00
Hands and earts. expenses. 7,500 00
Hands and pay. roiler and
crusher. 32.00009
Repairs to bri_ges. 4,000 00
Pavlng sldewalks. 20.00000
Piiving alleys for owners. 4,090 00
Sewer connections. 20000
Secret Service fund. 500 00
Taxes lefunded. 1.500 00
Construction. 12,000 00
Expenses. 1.000 00
Xlarshall Reservoir. 3,000 00
Xew Reservoir. 2.250 00
Water Department pay-roll. 9,400 00
Pump-housos. 17,00000
Purchase of water meters. 2.0)0 00
Cleaning reservoir. 5,000.00
Grand total.$1,4SS,000 00
Tlie Incorporaiors of tlio Xew Coni
paiiy are liet-itatinj; About lt.
Several members of the Common Coun?
cil. wben seen last night, were inclined to
think that the Incorporaiors of the
Richmond Power and Passenger Company
would withdraw.
Mr. Joseph Wallenstein. when seen yes?
terday. said that in event of the fallure
of thi jiicorponuors t? put up ihe Jl-J.'OO
by February 0th, the Council would sell
Ihe frahch*se tb the company able to j-ive
thc bcs>t serxiit-.
The f-ilurc of ihe Coun;il to extend the
time for llllns the bond ln the clectrlc
railway f-anchise matter has caused
much spcculatlon as to the outeome.
A tn.eOnt of tbe Incorporators will be
^ahO. aa *oon _i pr-ctlc&ble and _ome dc
WOMAN'S DAMm^**^%5?^EZ?*
ity, Female Weakness.
The Great Health-BuiMer, Herve-Strengthener,
and Vital Restorative for Women.
From the burning flames of womanlyweakness does Dr. Greene's Nervura
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oed. We don't believe there is _ woman in the world who
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*.Ir3. _u_u Erv-'OLD-, Brock
port, Monruc Co., N. _.', say*:?
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einploycd diffcrent doctors and
taken most every kind of medi?
cine, but I got no help nntil I
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f-hall always bless Br. U-reene
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__t I le'l so thankful for my health." I l-.ope otbers will r.iid outabotu P^Onene'^mvm,
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llLiv.'o -iVthev k.e.w what Vervnr-. l.iis dc.i.eTnr me. I tbawk Dr. Greene for lus wonder'nl
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35 Wc?t 14th Pt., New York Cltr. Ilero yotir troubles will rcceivo sclentitic diagnosis aud sym.
pathetlc consideration. All consultailoas. by letter or personally, are confldential.
iinitu conclusion reached as to what siial!
be done. As yet no meeting has been
called. It is quite likely that several of
the inccrporators may withdraw and that
those who remain may produce the bond
at the stlp'ulated time.
The Virginia Conduit Railway Company
Is in earhest ln their endeavbrs to have
the opportunity of securing the fran
cblse luid in the event of a failure on
the part of the Richmond Passenger and
Power Company to put up the bond. the
former will probably ask the Council to
grant th^ni tbe franchise.
The counsel for the Passenger and Pow?
er Compi ny have not been directed as t->
what iurther steps to lake, but at l"ic
meeting soon to be called, a linal de.
cisioi* will be reached. j
Accuiimlation ol'Ga ? Hills. !
The following report has been sub- j
mltted to Supeiintendeht ol Gas Works. j
Mr. W. I'. Knowles, by the Ins'pector
of Gas. Joseph M. Shelton.
The accummfulatipri of del.lnn.uent ca" I
bills, instead of increasing during the j
past year, was dimihlshed-by ihe sum Ot j
**10'..., as shown by ihe fbllbw-ng com
parlson: j
Delinquent gas bills unpa'd February 1.
ISiS, JLS7L24. * i
Delinquent gas bills unpaid February 1. i
jl'Qj. _i.;7-.?-... . . ? , - - I
Dbcrease, $10C.3*\
This decrease is partiy due to the re- <
occupying if vacant houses, aigai s |
-yjiich delinquent gt.-. i.:"..s w? e standing.
On Aprl! 13th. HmK", the mayor app.<-ved ]
an ordinance eahceiiing al! de i iq ent gas ;
bills ut> to Jan. lst, 1S92. CoriSequently t..i-- j
amount of i"l,77C.S5 represents an accumu
iatlon-of over dght years, which is about :
one-e'ghth < f one rer cent. of the amount j
of bills rendered during tha. period.
Fiutcral Scrvluc*. ]
The funeral of Mr. Frederick W. Cone
took place yesterday at 12 >I. from the
Second Baptist chui-ch. The services were
?_~-.-idiu-tcd by Rev. Jaihes P. Smith; aud
the burial was in Hollywood.
The obsequies of Mrs. E. M. Underwood
were cohducted from the residence < -i Mr.
John L. Cochran. in Charlottesyille, yes?
terday afternoon ai 3:30 oVIoc-i. I'he in?
terment was iti University Cdn-etsry.
The funeral of Mrs. Flippen. wife of
Mr. H. 1'. Flippen. who died Miursday
night. tojk place from the residerice yes- j
terday evening at 4:30 o'clock. The re- j
malns. w.-re laid to rest in Hollywood. |
The remains of Mrs. Ellen Cren, who j
died Thursday night at the heme of her ]
son. Mr. W. 1'. Gorman. Xo. 24 soutli j
Cher'rv street. wil! be laid to resl in ,
Hollywood. Tlie funeral will be conduct?,!
e.l from the Church or th- Sacred Heart !
this morning at 10 o'clock. j
l'ulilic-Spirile.l Man.
One of the most pubL'c-spirited business
men in Richmond is XI '/.. Morris. who is
a member of the large whole=ole shoe
lirm of Fleishman, Morris & Co. For a
number of years he -wa-s vlee-iiresident
and a metmber or several of tlie most im?
portant commltteos ol the Richmond
Chssnber pf Comnvorce. ;uid so active was
he in thc work .if building up the inilu
ence and membership of the Chamber
tiiat he was recently unanimously elected
president of tbe body. Since his election
he has started several mbvements which
are already addirig to the usefulness of
the Chamber.?New York Commercial.
City Hall Coupls.
The City C'rcuit Court will convene on
TMonday ait 10 o'clock.
Notice of suit by H. R. Pollard and
Jonn Bagby against Mrs. Cora I. Sieglo
for Si6.7.16 was liled in the Circuit Court
v_su-"day morning.
Motion was filed for judgment in the
Law and Equity Court yesterday ln
the case of E. B. Enslpw against W. L.
Seddon & Co for the sam of $.L',73. '
Cmirtof Apuealsol' Yirjriuia.
Poindexter vs. May. Argued by Irwin
E. Campbell for appellant and John G.
May and D. 11. Leake for appellee and
Oeters vs. Supreme Lodge, Knlghts of
Honor. Argued by Beverley T. Crump
for plaintiff ln error and continued until
The next cases to bc heard are Jeit vs.
Xoiton, etc. and Morgan vs. Common?
<_rotind-Ho_: Day.
The ground hog certalnly saw its
shad'ow yesterday. for the sun shone
b-ightly all day. ln accordance with the
legend there wiil bo forty days more
of seVere weather.
Will <oim* CpTo-Day.
jivsUce James T. Lewis. of Henrico
county will to-day hear the case of Ed?
ward Fuller, colored. who is charged with
Mcaling iron irom tho Chesapeake and
Ohio railroad. Tlie trial was continued
from yesterday.
Court ?>!" HjiiiMuptty.
Albert Coleman, R. X. Moran and Tem?
ple C Christian. creditors. yesterday filed
a petition against Thomas C. Sweet, a
retail grocer of Richmond, asklng that
_.? be declared on involuntary bankrupt
The counsel for the petitioners is John
A. Lamb.
A voluhtary petition in bankrupfcy
was filed by Marshull Willis, of Orange
countv, through his counsel, George S.
?"?halere-ford. Liabilitles (O3.i21."0; as
sets nothing.
Barnett Died frotn a Wouml Inflictcd
by Kliiales
Coroner Taylor and a regularly em
panc-lled- jury held an inquest yesterday
lnornhig at the coroner's oltiee. in thj City
Hall, over the remains of W. F. Barnett,
tire young man wlio died at Virginia Hos?
pital Thursday from a pistol-shot wound
received from W. J- Rhodes on last Mon
....' ffiilowing gentlehien were examined
i.:.i made depositioii as to what .tl.'e;**
.kr.ew of the occurrence:
Di-. U . ii. Parker, Muton E. Marcuse.
A. S. Cliamberlalh, Ii. Gullasher an?j
Orfi ?? r Zttitiner. ot" the First Police Ols
Dr. Parker stated that he had seen Bar
;:ett at the Virginia Hospital on Monday.
'ho.rtly after 12 M. and that he found a
..'.'-'....-shot... wound ia the cheek. whlcV
had been "packed with gauze and band
jgeui. J'l.o young man liad bc-.-i suner
ing with hemorrhages from the wounci but
had rallied under st'mulants. The pa?
tient retalned his eonsciousness unt:)
Friday, when tiie bandages were re
moveu am" ibe gauze lakeii oft.
When this was done a violent hemor?
rhage took place and the patient lur*.
eonsciousness. The hemorrhage was stop
;...'?!, but the patient faileo to rally and
died in :i few minuteo.
At 5:30 o'clock. Dr. PariTCr said that he
made a post-'mortem cxamihatibn and
discovered that the ball had taken a
slightly ilownward course and in its pas.
sage had seyered the internal carotid
artery anu lodged in the bone behind
tho ear. By some effort of nature, tbe
hemorrhage from the broken artery was
stopped, possibly by a blood-clot und he
was prevented frorn bleeding to death
until the ambulance arrived. and the
gauze was pushed in the wound.
The gauze acted as a stbpper aud plug
ged up the artery so lhat the injured
man continued' to live.
None of these facts were known until
after 'the post-mortem. and as a. fupture
of this large artery always causes .death
in a few minutes, it was not supposed
that such was the ~ase.
The other witnesses tcstificd to what
they knew of the cause of the shooting
and" it seemed that Rhodes had threatened
to shoot Barnett for making appoint
ments to meet certain persons at hts
(Rhodes*) home. but no one had heard
Rhodes say that Barnett' had been inti
mate with Mrs. Rhodes.
The verdict of the jury was that Frank
Pa'iiett oa.me to his dcatli^from a pistol
shot wound; inflictcd by W. J. Rhodes.
The funeral of Barnett will be con?
ducted from I'nion Station Methodist
chureh this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock and
the interment will be in Oakwood.
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Cherry. It stops the cough and prevents
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1 The Old Dominion Steamship Company's
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FAST FREIGHT sehedule to and irom
Xew York and Richmond, freight-- dellv
eries being made in this city on second
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The Great Dispenser Keeps a Straight
Boys Who Take Material from Citizens'
Yards for Bon-l'ires aic Guilty as
Thieves Under thc Law and
Must be Punislicil.
Thbugh the Docket in the Police Court
produced little money and few surprises
It was Justice .John's busy day, for the
long list of civil cases on Friday always
gives him hard work and something to
think about.
The Great Dispenser came puffing into
court yesterday as noisily as a steam
tug- with a heavy scow in tow, the frost
on hls breath making rifts in the ara
bient atmosphere like tiie Richmond
Howitzers" guns firing a sulute in Capi?
tol Square. Hc had as little regard for
people standlug in the way as a colored
nurse with a baby carriage, and cut
straight through the crowd like Ihe city
ambuiance on a hot call to the First
District. only turning from u straight
line when he encountered one of the b.g
pillars in the basement hallway. and
looked as it he might try conclusions
with that.
There were no kid gloves, corporation
bonds, bon bons. complimentary checks,
wedding invitations or other such things
in his mail as his admirers are wont to
send him. and he was ready ut once to
enlighten the morning class in the bou
doir on the current events of the world.
He was promptly on the bench and
brought down the gavel with a blow that
rung the cchoes in the vaulted White
Chamber and promptly called for the bill
of fare.
Mary Jones and Bettie Jones and Josie
Jones" answered to the roll. Mary Jones
wus the blackest sheep in the llook. Jo?
sie charged Mary with breaking open
her trunk and stealing thifty-five cents
and an apron. The evidence being the
fact that the trunk was broken and
Mary was the only one in the house. but
the Great Dispenser didn't "propose to
have niggers leave home and spend their
time galioping over the country ull day
and then . >rne back and accuse some
other nigger of robbing them."
- Mary got off with Josie. but with Bet?
tie she fured not so well. She stole a
cbunt.rpane from Bettie and the officer
found it in pawn. and Mary will spend
thirty days in jail.
John Roland. colored, was arrested
while trying to sell an old-gold brace?
let and charged with being a suspicious
character. The bracelct was remined to
asceftaih ownership and the negro dis
charged, hc claiming to have found it
and his father corroborating his state?
Casper Wendlinger and Aniile Wend- i
iinger, boys of highly-respectable par?
ents, were under the charge "thut they
did take, steal and carry away a lot ot
wood. the property of J. H. Stout," on
Second street.
Tin- evidence was that tbe Tioys cntere I
the 'back yard and took tnree sti-.-ks .,:" ;
wood with which they built a flre in the
?bottom, the rendezvous of -'thc f.ang." j
Tlie boys are far from b?lng common
thieves and did not steal tne wood for
gain. but it is a specics ot lawlessness, j
whilo very irequent a-niong boys !n R'c'a
inond. was too grave an offence aga ns:
the law to be pas?d lightly or with a
simple fine. yet he desired *o prevent
giving them jail punishmeni. '?:
The father readily cpnsented to wfclp
them in the presence of an offierr of the
court, and this was the sentence.
Arthur Wendlinger, white. and James
Bullock, colored, were fined .$2 for throw?
ing rocks in the street
Henry Bcnninger. for being drunk tn
the street. was tined Sl and costs.
The case' of William J. Rhodes. for
shooting and kiliing Frank Barnett, wss
called ahd continued ono day to await th-.
decision of the coroner's jurv. then ab.uc
to he called together.
The question arose as lo wiiethr the
a'-r-'i-ofi would have ro be present at the
coroner's examination. His counsel. M
lf. M. Smith. Jr.. said the law required it.
Justice John said if it was law it was not
often observed. Mr. Smith exonssed a
desire tb say'e his client the ordeal ,'if
possible. but did not sse how he could ask
it. The prisoner was turned over to th=>
City Sergeanr. and was taken immediatc-ly
to tho coroner's room.
Tho Prison Association of Virgiiiia
Submits lis rteport.
The Prison Assoc'ation of Virginia has
submitted to the Legisiature its report
for the years lSi'S and 1S39.
It appears from tiie tables tiiat for the
period named there were rec.-ived at the
Laurcl Reformatory 102 boys?16 in 1S0S
and 56 in 1S99?which, with tlio number in
said institution on tlie lst of January.
3Si!)S, amounting to 162, made th-e total
number 2C4. During the same period there
^were discharged from the it stitution 150.
leaiving IH as the liumbsr ia the school on
t*>3 31st day of December. 1SS3.
The youngest boy received was six
years ofjige; the eldcst, eighteen. Most
of :hem were between the ages of ten
ahd sixtecn inclusive. Of those received
in the institution. 70 could read and 63
could write; 2;! could not read and 30
could not write. '
The r?ceipts for tbe calendar year 1S90
were $11,590.14, includlng balanco from
prevlous yeur of S6S.2J. All except a few
hundred dollars was appropriated by the
?State. The expenses w.ere about the same
as the recf-ipus. The saiary account per
month was $360.99.
The total assets of the institution flgure
up J.S.002.10 and its liabilities ajnotint to
Presictent Rospweli Page says that tho
health of the boys i.s good. There. was
one death during the year 1S0S from con?
sumption. He says that during the greater
part of the period covered by thls report
the institution has been without any con
tracts from which the labor of the boys
could be turned into a peeuniary benefit. A
contract has been made for the working
of the boys in the making of shirts. w-hich
in the judgment of the Board is a proper
contract, provision being made therein
for hours of recreation and study and for
the cbservance of all holidays. Th s con?
tract is to go into operation on the 31st
day of January. 1900. but .ts the eaui_
ircent te to be paid for from the labor of
the boys, it wil! be months before the
profits "can be otherwise utillzed.
. The Legisiature is asked to appropriate
the sum cf $3,000 to pay the institution out
of debt.
His Present -IVhcrcabouts Still Uii
kiiown to tlie Police.
Sberiff Simon Sofomon. of Henrico
county, has received a letter from the
superintendent ol" police of Cincinnati,
statlr.g that T. F. Taylor, who was
thought to have been in that-clty, left last
Saturday. Hls present wheneabouts are
?unknown, and it is not eertain that the
man reiferred to by the Cincinnati police
, 1* ihe missLag Mr. Taylor. ,
Positively cnred hj these
Xiittlo Pills.
They also rclievc Di-tress Sr-jm *D*"-rpepsi;i,
[ndigcstion ar.d Too IIc_r'7 Eaiicg. A per?
fect remedy fer "Dizzinc*3, -Cause-, Drowst
?tess, Ead Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue
Pain in the Side, TORPID "LIVER. They
Rcg__te the Bo-.vels. Purelj Vegetable.
imaSJ Pill- Small Dose
' FarmSseds.
Our business in Farm Seeds is
to-day one of the largest in this
Country. A result due to'the fact
that (.tisiUy has nlways been our i
tirst consKler-ttion. We supply 4
all Seeds required for the Farm. i
Cow Peas, Cotton Seed, f
Seed Oats, Seed Corn, f
Soja, Navy & Velvet t (
Beans, Sorghums,
Broom Corn, Kaffir
Com, Peanuts,
Miliet Seed,
Rape, etc.
SVood's Descriptive Catalogue
gives the fallest information about
these and all other Sreds; best methods
of eulf.ire.6oU best adapted for differ
erent crons and practic.il hints as to
what are Iliely to prove mostproStable
togrow. Catiilogue nailed free upon
SEEDSfsEN, - Richmond, Va.
Used by people of refinement
ior oveirCa quarter of a century.
Rlchmoncr, Va.-; January, 1300.
To Our Many Fatrons and the Pub'.ic ln
We desire to express our thanks for the
liberal patronage bestowed upon our es
tablishment in the past. and be? to soiicit
a continuance of the same in the future.
a 9
establishnient is amon? t'ne most exten
sove in the country, provided with even
faclli'ty for the execution of all optical
work ess'entia! for fhe improvement und
Iireservation of the eyesight. We do not
merely Slil-L. optical goods. Our skill,
cor.science and .cuarantee is behind every
order and prcscription. Our
department. with dark room on the prem?
ises and free instruetion in photography.
is daily gaining in patronage, and its most
eilicient standard will be maintained.
Cor. Ninih and Main Streets.
oFDominion Steamship Go
Steamers leave Norfolk,
Va.. _-Al*_Y at ?:0O P. M
Passengers leave Richmond
via C. and O. railroad 9:??
A. _!., or R. and P. railroad.
N. and XV. route. 1) A. f_L
daiiy. connecting with steam?
er at Norfolk same evening.
Direct steamer carrying freight and pas
=en-'ers leaves Richmond every Monday
_t 5 P. "?? Additional steamers (freight
and stterage passengers) leave Richmond
for Norfolk the other days of the week.
pvceot Sunday. at a P. Al., connecting
with main Hne steamer for New York.
u-ROM NEW YORK. passengers can
leave "dAILV, except Sunday, 3 p. M.
fSaturday ' iJ- M-) for Richmond via Old
Point or Norfolk. .
Direct steamer .via James river leaves
every Saturday -1 P. M. (passengers and
?-r!vS'*_t for Richmond -received and for
w-irded daily. except Sunday, at 3 P. m..
Saturday 4 P..AU ^SaiUugs from com'
riv's pier, "">* North river.
p-nr full information apply to
For JOHN F. MAYER. Agent,
1212 east Main street.
Richmond, Va.
H E. "Walker, Traffic Manager; J. J.
Brown. Gentral Passenger Agent. Gen
er?.l OfTlces, Pier 2tt N. R., New York.
\ppointed ualling days: Every TUES
p'r-elght received daily till 5 P. M. .
For further Information apply_to_
Gen. Southern Acent;_of"tiee. Rocketta:..'?
11-00 P. M., Xo. 11. Southern Express.
dally for Atlanta, Augusta. JacK,
sonvllle. and points South. S"ee**5*"
for Danville, ureensboro, ^ll*bury;
and Charlotte. open at Ricnmona
9:30 P.M. Stops for passengers^ at
local stations. Connects at Danvllle
and Charlotte with New Tork and
Florida Express {No. 33). carryin*
through sleepers between New Yorlt.
and Tampa. ?-ith connectlons for ail
Florida "points. Also, connects at
Danvliie and Charlotte with Wash?
ington and Southwestern Limited
(Xo. 37) carrying through sleepers
between Xew York and Xashvllla,
Xew York and Memphis. New York
and New Orleans. with connection*
for"-ojl points in Texas. Mexico and
Caiifornla. Also. Pullman Tourist
Sleeper Mondays. "Wednesdays and
Fridays. Washington to San Fran?
cisco withou. change.
12.-01 P. M.. No. 7. solid train dally for
Charlotte. X. C. connects at Mose
ley wi:h Farmville and Powhatan
railroad. At K?>y<vi!!e for Clarks
vilie. Oxford. Henderson and Dur?
ham.' ar.d at G'reensboro for Dur?
ham. Raleigh and Winston-Salem;
?tt Danvliie with Xo. 33. United
States fast mail. solid train. daily
for Xew Orleans and points South.
which carrtes sleepers Xew York
to Xew Orieans" and Xew York to
Jacksonviile and Miaml for Xassau
and Havana. Throughout sleeper
Saiisburv to Memphis.
6:00 P. M.. Xo. IT local. daily except
Sunday , for Keysvt.le and interme?
diate points.
co- -o at i From Atlanta. Augusta and
t>._. r. m. i Ashevj;ie an<i _ii points
6:00 A. M. | South.
S:10 A. M. From Keysville and local
Xos. 01 and ">2. between Manchester
and Xeapolis.
4-30 "*? M Xo 10. "Baltimore Limited.
dailv" exceDt Sundays. for West
Point and "intermediate stations
makir."- close connection a* West
Point with steamers for Baltimore
Mondays. Wednesdays and I rldays.
-?30 P M Xo. io. local express. Mon?
days. 'Wednesday and Frldays for
West Point and Intermediate sta?
tions. Connects with stage at Les?
ter Manor for Walkerton and Tap
pahannock: also. at West Point with
steamer for Baltimore. Stops at aU
-> stations.
5:00 A. IT.', Xo. 74. local mixed. ^aves
dailv except Sunday from v .rginia
Stre'ot Station for West Point and
intermediate stations. connecting
&&aJp& ChesapeaRc
K-S-O; 40hioRy.
9:00 A. M. Dally. with ^***K?_*?f
principal stations. ^f^tfHS.^
Old Point. Norfolk and ?ol*wmOUtlt
Connects at Norfolk uany with OU1
Dom:nion steamshlp for New Vora.
3:4". P. M. Daily. with ^nn??tornqc?
stations. Newport News. Old Point
Xorfolk and Portsmouth. (-onn=c'^
at 0:d Point witn Washington
steamers daily and with Baltimore
steamers. except Sunday.
_O-"0 A. M.. Express. except. Sunday for
Clifton Forge. Connects at oordons
vil!.> for Orange. i.a'.verton, Manas
sa=. Alexandria and Washington; at
Urilon Station. Charlottesv.I.e, for
Lvnchburg; at Basic -Uy for
n-lo P M Dai'y. with Puliman to Cin?
cinnati. Louisville ar.d St. Louis.
connecting at Gordonsville for
Orange, and at Orange with >>outn
ern rallv.'ay. north bourtd: at Cov
ington. Va.. for Hot Springs. Stops
oniy at important stations._ Meals
served on dining cars. Xo. .. Ioea.
train except Sunday. foilows aoove
train from Gordonsviile to Staunton.
5:30 P. M. Accommodatlon. except Sun?
day, for Doswell.
10:30 P. M- Daily for Cincinnati. with F.
F. V. Pullman to Hinton. W. \ a..
and Gordonsv.i'e tc Cincinnati and
Louisvllle. Meals served on dining
car. Connects at Staunton (except
Sundav) for Winche ster. Va.. and at
Covington. Va., daiiy for \ lrgima
Hot Springs.
10:30 A. M., Daily. for Lynchburg. Lex?
ington. Va.. and Clifton Forge. Con
nocts except Sunday, with Burk
ingha'm and Alberene branches. and
at Clifton Forge with No. 1 for Cin
5:00 P. M. Except Sunday. for Columbla.
S.00 A. M. Except Sunday. from Doswell,
8:3" A. M. Daily. from Cincinnati.
i 11:20 A. M. Daily. from Norfolk and Old
3:30 P. M. Daily, from Cincinnati and
' " Louisville.
C:,"0 I*. M- Daily, from Norfolk and Old
Point. ?-,.
7:47, P. M. Except Sunday, from Cluton
S:40 A. M. Except Sunday from Colum
bia.. -.'. ?
620 1" M. Dallv. fw Clfton Forge.
Lexington. Va.. and Lynehburg. and
excepr' Sunday from New Castle and
Assistant Gen. Pas. Agent.
__^o V\m L>?
9:05 A. M.?n_;Fv
9:00 P. M. t Da,ly
for Henderson (arrive Durhatn daily, ex?
cept SanUay'; Raleigh. __.iifui.-d, Southern
Pines. Wilmin'gton, W_U..'sburo, -VIonroe,
Charlotte. Ltncotnton. SUelby. Ruther
forUton, Chester. Chnton, Greenwood, Ab
bevilie, Eiberlon, Athens, ATLANTA,
Augusta. Macon. Montgomery. New Or?
leans. Pe_,sac_ia. Jacksonville. Texas.
Mexico, California and the West via
Memphis or New Orleans.
Train leaving at 0:00 P. M. runs through
solid to Atlanta without change of cars.
Sleeper ready for occupancy at -.40 P. M
8:15 A. M. Daily. except Sunday tSunday
S-.00 A. M->
7:20 P- M- Daily.
For tickets. baggage checks. sleeplng
car reservatlon, etc, apply to
General A_ent,
836 east Main street.
E. ST. JOHN. Vlce-Presidem and Gen?
eral Manager.
V E. McBF'E. General Superintendent.
tt w". B. GLOVER, Traffic Manager.
General Passenger Ajrent.
Best Way to Help Yourself?
Price All KindHng.$1.50
Price Kindling w'rth Blocks - - $1.50
Ia orderlnjr alwaym- aay which you pre
?Pho_e_-Old, 3M; -*?-V?'"'*__?
_-t___j? __lvtry _?_-_*_*_?_, .____. j
Riclnnond, FrederickSDUfi
Potomac Raiiroad.^
i^_A.Vi_, _>iri_?-a'A'i___.>" ___-_lUN.
3:33 j*. _J. Daiiy tor >vasn.-sn,ton and
points Norui. Stops oii-y at MUtord
-liu i''r?iicm:?s.Uft iriutuiau ale-P
ers to New York. ^
7:30 A. M, Daiiy. except Monday, for
Washington and points North. tn<?
"New York and/Florida Special.-'
compcsed entlrety of Pullman. vesti
buleu sleeptug. tompartment, d n
Ing, library and observatlon cars.
No extra. charge oth.r than regular
Pullman fare.. ba?? not stop at
Elba or local stations.
?_& A. _J; Sund-y ou'y, for Washlngton
aad points iNorth. Stops at fclloa.
Glea Allun, Ashland. 'i'aylorsvUle.
Doswell. Kuther tiien. Penola. SIII
rord. Woo<t-litt.e, Guinea.' Suim-itt.
Frederlcksbur;-. Brooke. and WlUe
wattr Pullman car.
g-?*" A. __. Dally, -xcept Sunday. fop
Washlngton anu t.omts Xorth. Stop*
at Elba. Glen Allen, Ashland, Tay
lorsville, Doswell. Kuther Glen, Pe?
nola, -Ulford. Woodslane. Guinea.
Summit. Fr-r.l*r:cfc-bur*. Brook*
and Widewater. Pullman car.
12:00 M. Daily, except Sunday for Wash?
ington a'nd points Xorth. Stops aC
Elba, Glen Ailen. Ashland. Doswell.
MiW'oid and fredericksburg. Parior
car. Connects with . Congresalonat
Limited at Washington.
7:45 P. M. Daiiy, for Washlngton and
points Xorth. Stot-s at Elba. Ash?
land. Doswell. Milford. Frederlcks?
burg. Brooke and Widewater. Stops
at other stations Sundays. Sleeper
Klchmond to Xow York. Sleeper
Washlngton to Fhlladelnhla.
8:4U A. Mi. Dally. Stop? at W'idewater.
Brooke. Fredericksburg. Milford.
Doswell. Ashland and Elba. Stop.t
at other stations Sundays. Sleeper
New York to Richmond.
3:00 P. M. Dailv. except Sunday. Stops
at Fredericksburg. Milford. Doswell,
Ashland. Glen Allen and Elba. Par?
ior car from Washlnzton.
6:28 P. M. Dally. Stoos only at Fred?
ericksburg. Doswell* Ashland and
Elba. Pullman cars from Xew York.
3:40 P. 21. Daily- Stops at Widewater.
Brooke. Fredericksburg. Summit.
Guinea. Woodslane. Mllford. Penola,
Ruther Glen. Doswell. Taylorsvllle.
Ashland, Glen Allen and Elba.
Sleeplnjr car.
9:50 P. M. Daily. except Sunday. from
Washington and points Xorth. th*
"Xew York and Florida Spncial."
Makes no local stops and does noC
stop at Elba.
(Dailv. except Sund_y.>
T-OO A. ?_-- Leaves Elba for Quantlco.
4-uO "p" M Leaves Byrd-Street Statiort
G-30 P Ai. Leaves Elba for Ashland. .
?'"in A M. Arrlves Elba from Ashland.
8-20 A. M. Arrives Byrd-Street street
from Fredericksburg.
?-05 P __, Arrives Eib.t from Ashland.
_.w> tr. __. __, _. TAYLoR.
Traffic Manager.
Atlantic Goast Line
3:00 A. M. Daily. Arrives petersburg '):_l
A. M.. Norfolk U:_7 A. M. Stop*
only at petersburg. V. averly and
Suffolk, Va.
0:05 A. M. Daily. Arrives Petersburg l):_0
A. M.. Weldon'l:4"> A. Al., F-yetle
vilie 4:16 P. .-.. Cnariesion 11.-O P.
M., Savannah I_:~U A. M., Jtckson
ette* 7::.'0 A. M.. Port Tampa _:-'"'*?_"",
M- Connects at Wilson wi_. No.
47, arriving Goldsboro 3:10 P. M.,
Wllmlngton *?:?*. P. M. Pullman
Sleeper New York to Jacksonville.
U:30 A. M. Daily except Sunday. Arrive*
Petersburg l_:uG P. M. Stops Man?
chester. Drewry'- Bluff, CenttuU?
and Chester on slgnal.
3:33 1". __ Daily. Arrives Petersburg 4:15
I*. Al. Makes all stops.
5:30 P M. Daily e_cept Sunday. Arrives
Petersburg (>;1S f. .vl , Weidon *-t:'-U
p. M.. and Rocky Mount (K30 P. M.
Makes all Intermediate stops.
6:48 P- ._? Daily. Arrives Fet.rsburg i :__
P. M. Copnects with N. aud W. for
Norfolk and intermediate points.
Emporia '.1:10 (connects with A. aml
I>. for -stations between Emporia and
Lawrenceville). Weidon i>.:-H P. J?-.
FayettevlUe 12:1_ A. M.. Charleston
r?:_4 A. M., Savannan 7:04 A. 5_.
Jacksonville 11.5o A. lt. Port Tampa
. GIA POINTS?Arrlving Augus?
ta SIO A. M.. Macon II A. M.. At?
lanta 12:1.". P M. Pullman Sleepers
Xew York to ***Itm!ngtpn. Charles
ton. Port Tampa. Mi.imi. Jackson?
ville. Augusta and Macon.
-?00 P. M Daily Arriv-s Petersburg<J:_!>
P M Weidon 11:_) P- M. Makea
Iocal stops between Petersburg _and
Welclon. Arrives Lynehburg ?.:1a A.
M Roanoke. Va., ":30 A. M-. Brts
to* Va.. 10:4<> A 1L Connects at
Emporia for Danville, Va.. arrlvin?
5 :3_? A. M. Pullman Sleeper Rich?
mond tb Lynehburg.
10-00 P. M-. Da ly. except Sunday. New
York and Fiorida Special. Arrive*
Chari-ston 7s-M"? A. MC, Savannah
? ????I \. M.. Jacksonvilie 1 :><<) P. M-.
St Augustlne _:_'' P. M., Tampa !>:3<>
P. M.
10-4- P St Dailv. Arrive Petersbure
tl:?v A. M
i-f? \ ii Daily- From Jacksuiivllie, Sa
3* v-tmah. Charleston. Atlanta. Ma
- con Augusta and all points bouth.
"-Ii* A M Daily. except Monday. Fromv
St Augustine. Jicksonvvlie, Savan?
nah and Charleston.
----- * -.{ Daily except Sunday. Frorn*
A'rlAn'a Athens and Raleigh. Hen?
derson, Lynehburg ar.d the West.
S"37 A. __ Daily except Sunday. Petera
biirg Iocal.
SOo A M- -umSay only. From Atlanta.
\thei.3 Raleigh. and Henderson,
Lyi-.rhbur-i and the West.
11-lOA M. Daily except Sunday. From.
Goldcboro and miermediato stations,
Norfolk and Suffolk.
11-05 \ M- Suhday oniy. From Norfolk.
Suffolk and I'etersburir.
1-35 P. M Daily except s-unday. From
-??*-. P XI Daily- From Miami, Port
T-'-imti-i Ja.k-oii.iii-". Savannah.
Ch?r"e-ton. **ni__n_to_, Goldsboro.
,-_Hii'Mi"-"8"?- ?__* ?_
?_v___?fl__3Esi iw"b-?
Lynchbur. and. ^^^^ ,
JR.KENLV. " Traffic Manager.
J* General 'Mana-jer.
H' General Passerger ,*?*_$_&__
Division Pass-enger Ae-eiit'
NOVEMBER 10. 1800! _,,_.__.
?. dichMiiND \N_> NORrOLK.
9:00 ^X_B___T^*WEI>. Arr,*e at
N^Hl,_5 A ^ StoPS on.y at
this traln. CAOO BXPRE3S.
9:05/"; tVnchburg. Roanoke. Columbui*
f0a chl-a---. Pullman Sleeper Roa
_.nd C^c*S_'-_05us; also for Bristol.
nclce l? co'"aChattanooga. Pu?
Kn*f?le?er Roanoke to Knoxville.
"5*\forSuffolk. Norfolk, aml.In
6:?trrm^dli"sbtatlons. arrives at Nor
*?lfcvf f^LvncnWs and Roanoke.
D'OOP. -*--.*?^Lf vnchburg wlth Wash
Connects at ky-^ou^- Limited.
ington af*^* .ynchb.irs* to Mem
-^V^nd Ve- Orleans. Cafe. parlor
phis and -New J-" Radford to
*???*-,?^fct^. Pullman sleeper b?
Attalia. A^ r ,.yn<.hburg. and
tWeen "adv for occupancy at 8:30
?---__ S_l P-llmun sleeper Petera
bire and Roanoke.
Tratos arrive Richmond -y<-?-_^ync??
it-?-3 **?* re... dalty at Su_> A- __
burg and ??? ??J ^-rfolk and the Eni-t
l J"**!^ 1 M". mid VESTIB-LED UH.
wted T:?5r> P- M.
lTomce: _? V^^et.^ ^--^^
?W. B. B__V__|_ --t
a_-?r_l l-CMBC-r-___*-. {

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