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A rcvicw of the week in society eliows
peveral delightlul Vii.s. an olt-gaiu rt
reptlon at~the JelToison and one at the
Governoi's Munslon :md two cotillons?
the Monday and Friday.
For wext woek a number of dclightful
affairs are alroady announced.
On Monday afternooii a chn.rming musl
calc will be givon at the AVoman's Club;
Miss Nye. Mlss Diggs and Miss Xorton
will be thc ariists of lh<- afternoon. Mrs.
S. A\T. Stcv<M:s. chairman.
To-mornnv afternoon the ladies of the
Confederate Mi?morlal l-jlorary Soc-lely
will tender n. recption nt Ihe museum 1o
the members of the Assembly and their
wives. ,
Tho Tuesday grrman will take place
on thc f.th at ihe Masonic Tomple.
Tlie Diiughlors of Ihe C'rnf.-dcracy will
give 1h?t!r anuual tea on Tuesday nftcr
noon from 5 to 7 o'clock.
. A chiumlng social function of Tuesday
evoniiig will bc the card party to be givi-n
by Miss Mary AVilliaims, of west Frank
lin street.
Tho Misscs Tyler v.-ill give a rcception
on AA'odnosdav rvenlng.
?Mrs. John Rkellon AVilliams will enter
tain at an olegant diniier on the 7th.
iMiss Edna. Forlxis will be hostcss at
a dellghlful tca on Thursday afternoon.
?On tli-e cveaing of the same day tho
mairriiige of Miss A'irginia Hayes and
Mr. F. AA*. McCulloh will take place.
? *
lJa?t nwk was op'.nrd with Ihe Mond-iy
Germswi, dano d at tih* Masonic Templ<\
Wilia 11s nsual brilliancy.
Colonel Jo Uine Stern led thc beautiful
tliguers of the g-'rman.
Ainong Ihe idnnws were Mr. and Mrs.
3i)c<li?ols. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Buuk, Mr.
and Mrs. Allan Potts, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
AVtiWard, Miv?. MJary Cnxe. Mr. and Mrs.
G. M. Andi-nstm. Mr. and Mrs. T. X.
Carter. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Young.
AV. J. AViaJker. Mr. and "Mrs. A. St.uxke.
Mr. -ar.d Mrs. E. A. Donmm, Mr. and
ifj.-ti. An-vin Joyrnes. Mr. and Mrs. T.
M. Pi-rklns. Mr. and Mrs. AV. Wnller
iMiorton. Mr. nnd Mrs. L. E. Ji;ir>. Mr.
and Mrs." AV. Strollher Smith, Mrs. JiimM
A. W'i'loh. Misses Katlieriii" Heath. of
?Xoi;fnlk: Page. of Cinrke county; Krmp,
or iAVa-sliington: Brsslo Loe. .Uanover:
e-ui'.lio ItondoJ^h. S.U'liu Setldon Bruc*.
HulUmore: Bvelyn Gordon, M:irnarW
B.-anrJi. Mrunie Jennlngs. Murgucrile |
AVurwick.'joniilo Boyd, Maria WiU'.nnis,
U-iza Blerne, Anule and IvClia Gray. So
lihlu Mer.-dltli, ElizabwSi D-ivi n;> ut. Lucy
Haiyi-s. Kiiite M^mliUi. Mary H.iy<. El
piin'or Bo-^hcr." Flnss!" Tulbott. M iiiann
Moaidi*. Mary IHill. Bcss'e W.-nkins. Elsle
<'amfwn, JudUi Denw, CIal.ro Bii'Mie.
Bessi" Pare. and Mossrs. C. J. Anderson.
Grauvillo Gra'y. C. B. Antrim. E C M y i,
O. 12. M-'Vaibc, J. T. Anderson. .T. L. An
Irim. G. K. L<-o, AV. P. Gray, Cr-nrg'.-- M.
Beid. Archor An-iers-jn, .lr.. S. L. Cnr
tor, AA'. S. r. Mayo, J. R. J. Anderson, ;
Q'. Mcl>uiu.!d, 1'". A. D iveni?ort, J. B. j
Young. R. H. Gaincs. AV. H. Blair. 0:is
!M. Alfriend. John 3*. G"org*\ S. Hobson,
Oi. B. Catnpbcll, Jcflin Currle. Gi-orge A.
Gibson. 1). Currie, AA'.'R. .li-hnstone, J.
^^. Walker. JL.. R. Pagc. J. J. Leake. Jo
J/ann Sti-rn. 1C. Mitchcll. C. S. String
follow. C. A\'. Branch. A. C. McJvInney,
rciv-cy Ttoslior, E. T. Robertson. Jultin
flllll. 'Clarl 1-1. Xoltir.ir. Frank K. i.-tlank
<>nship. Edwin L. Hobson. AA'iiiam R.
MasslV. Arthur L. Pleasants, AV. O.
Young. ]">. R. F. AA'illams. J. AA'- Gravrs.
lonaih.in Bryan, Ben. P. Clalborne, J. T.
Pattcrson. C. E. Buck. AV. J311?-rson, J. S.
Bryan. AA". S. Grant. Jr.. l>i-G. Hob?
son, K. A'. AA'illinms, AV. Dnuglas Gordon.
.tolin P. 7>ea. Jullan Binford, Ed. A'. Hnr
rlson. AVilliam A. Smith. Allan Potts".
C. E. Pniitih, AA". <3. Groyl>eck and Sena
tor Morris.
Th?i For-ond of th?? moctlngs of tho !
AAliist Club was held' at the home of j
Miss CaTtlo Rylaud on Mond.iy after- j
jioon. Tho followinc ladic-: n-iiov(M tlie i
game. Mesdamos James AValk'-'-r, Allan
Donniin Ashton StarKc M'nu-uro JVr
klns. John P.iit?. J^v<n .loyf???. ri.-.rios !
E. Buck. AmiPtrni'g AVe'ch, MIwcs M try
Oiancron. Mary AVilliams, and Hiien
At Mv* AVcsnnn's Club on Monday after?
noon Dr. iCarl Gnumm^r gave a ma'stcrly
dlscou'"1^ on Ruskin, his pofitlon umong
the wrltcrs of Englimd and his gr?.r.it in
fluenoe upon arL
Aflirr tlie locture Tvfreshmnits wera
j?ervod by Miss Lii.ura Oirrinston. Miss
a^tmlah Pa.ttison. Mrs. Ayli-st. Mrs. Lv
froy and airs. J. AA". Gordon.
The gucr-ts or Mi-s. Ualyhmfon. the
rfiairman, were Mrs. M. L. n.'a:rington,
MltiR Clinflotte Pr'ee. Miss Xina ' L
AVrlght, Mlss l^uckc and Miss Mary Spar
Among the visitors from a distance wrro
Mrs. AVilliam Todd, of Xl>w l^a.ven-.
"I iell <Iown the steps last night and was knocked senseless."
^^!RtoiWi:40:-'you-?*-pe<*i:"*o.'regaJa conaclouajiess" , _
Conn.; Miss Loulsa McGcc. of Albemarlo
county: Miss Sally AVcllford, of Scott, N.
<.".; Miss Hlldegarde Brooks. New York
Miss Fk-!d. Prov'drnce, R, I.: Mrs. Over
ton Howard, A'irginia; Miss Joser'hinc
Stilos, Montgomery county; Mrs. Halr
ston. A'irginia: Mrs. R. AVatkins. Hali
ffljc; Mrs. AA'alter Addison. Ptilaski; M'ss
Sarah Harrison. Miss Lucile Nelson and
Miss Ladonia Harrison.
* . ?
Mr.*. Emanuel Milhlser on Monday af?
ternoon onu-rtaim.'d twenty-livre young
ladlcs at an elcgant violot lunchcon at
the JefTerson. in honor of her sister,
Miss Margaret Kohut, of New York.
The table was bea.utifuly decorated in
banks of maiden-hair fcrns and violets
and at each cover wsis a dainty btiok
with a bunoh of tpo fr.isrant violets
tied with ribbons- of the same shade.
Those present were: Mrs. K. Miiihiser.
Mrs. Clrircncc Miilhisc.-, Mrs. Phil.
Sfhlos=. Mrs. Kohut. Now A*.irk; Asher.
Pittsburg; Simons, Mabel Sucle, Carrie
Bloek. Corinne Slraus, Miriam Rosen?
heim, Amclia Kahnweiler, Florc-ncc Green?
wald. Sallie May. Sadie Thalhimer. Co
t-inne and Irmii Rosenbnum. Marion Hel
lor, Cora Binswangcr. Greentree. Edna
K')hn. Norfolk; Minnle Rlock ar.d Miriam
* * *
Miss Mary Thomas gavc a very dciight
ful "at home" _nn Tuesday afternoon. in
hnnor of her jrucst. Miss Margaret Roper,
of Norfolk. The rooms were beautifully
decorated' in American beautios and La
Franco roscs.
Assisiing in roceiving v.ero Mrs. AVm.
IX Thomas, Misses Roj'C-r. Thomas, Marj'
TlKiiniis. and Mrs. Thos. Ruthcrfoord.
Mrs. 1!. Gardiner Tyler presided over
tho son 1al:le. and scrving were Misses
Mary AA'illiams, Laura Adair, of Atlanta;
l"iaii<"s (>K"lwin, of AVytheville. and
Miss Elizabeth Davenport. Some of tho
calk-rs were Misses 'Margarct Branch,
Maudc Slokes, Anna Boykin, Bessie Pace.
Delia and Nellie Tompkins. Louise and
Lina Mayo, Kdyth AVhite, Ruth Tanner,
Maria and Hek-n Mosely, JJaisy AVilson,
Annie Gniy. Blanche Morgan, Mary Ba.ll,
Davis. Mary Lama Turpln. Helen AVaddey
Estelle Tayloe. Ramsoy, Allen. Florenio
Dillard. Alice Hotchkiss. McAllister,
Synir.iiton; Masda.mes Ado*ph Williams,
ii. Buek and L. K. Hamberlin.
The Coiillon Club gavo "a delightful
daive at the Jcfferson Ilotel on Tucsday
evening. The handsorne rooms were de?
corated with palms and eut-llowers. At
32 o'clock an elcgant collation was srrved.
The (,-cnnan ? graccfully led by Mr.
M. M. Mitteldorfer.
Among the dancers were Mr. and Mrs.
Ix-on AVallerstein. Mr. and Mrs. ]. 1.
Straus**. Mr. and Mrs. ?.I. M. Strause. Mr.
and Mrs. Meyer Frank, Mr. and Mrs.
Mose. lloffheimer. Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Mever, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Strause; Misses
Fannv Mitteldorfer, Florence Greenwald,
Saldlii Thalheimer; Edna Kahn, Norfolk;
Marion Sehrier. New York: Hattle Schaff
ii.t. Cleveland. O.: Miriam Lovenstein,
Vhiladelphia: Byrdie Ashor. Pittsburg;
Mossrs. M. M. Mitteldorfer. M. M. M;4*
c.use. Nathan Simon, Albert AA'Ise. H. 0.
Ki-auer. Stanlcy Strause; Maurice Brandt,
of Norrolk.
* * *
On AVednesday afternoon Mrs. Pleas
nnton Conquest gnve an informal but
very delightful tea in honor'of Mrs. Chas.
I'arker. of Swathniore, Pa.
Mr.-. Oono.ue.-t and Mrs. Parker rc
ceived nlone.
Mrs. Bosher. Mrs. Funsten and Mrs.
Gillis nsslsted in the dining-room.
Arm,ong the ?eallers were Mesdrimcs
John <*. Fnrland. AVilliam C. Benllry. A.
K. Ellerson. Frank Nalle. AVm. Tr.-i-.p
klns. L. R. AVarren, Jackson uiiy, A'.'altsi
1'almer. Samuel AA'all.K-o. J. C. Freeman,
John P. MeGuire. John llunter; Abbott.
Selden. Montague AVinn, Marlin and
Wednesday afternoon the Matince
Euchrc Ciub was entertained by Miss
Grace Swasey. Among tlic-e present
were: Misses Helen Stovcns, Lowree, of
Annapolis: Sadie Jeffress. Agnes Mr
Carthy. Kdith Jones. Mitkrewitz, Lottie
and Bessie Lambert. Bessie Catlin. Janie
Schoen. Annie p. Gordmi.. Mamie Baugh
nian, llllis Glcnn, Hernard lla'fvie, Helen
and Lucy Quarles, Jones. Julia AVaddill.
Marv and Le.iise MK'arthy. Kthel and
Lucille Carlton, lulyth AVhite and Miss
Hos-.vell. |
Miss Florenee Greenwald and Miss
Amclia Kahnweilfr entertained their club |
und the visiting young ladies, on Thurs- \
day afternoon most charmingly. Each j
young lady was rcquireil to sing a song |
iinil . illustr;*,tc it with an original draw- ]
imr. The prize-winners were Misses
Miriam Millhiser, Marion Schrier and j
Clara Straus. After tlie game an ele- i
gant repast was served. The decora
tions were violet.
Th.i stiangei-s present were: Misses ]
Hattio ijeliaff::er. Clevcland: Marion j
Seh.-ier, :<ev,- A'ork: Mariam Lovenstein, j
Philadelphia: P.yrdie Ashor. Pittsburg,
and Clara .Straus. Charle.-rton, AV. A'a.
The tea and reception given by Mr. j
and Mrs. C AV. Tanner on Thursday J
afternoon at ihe Jefferson in honor of j
their deliutante daughter, Miss Ruth I
Tanner. were among tho most brilliant
of th< sea;:on's soi-lal functions.
1'Toin i; <o S o'eloc-k Mrs. C. AV. Tanner
reeeived her friends.
The handsorne re;eption-room of the j
hotel was beautifully decorated in palms 1
und ferns. and tlie cafe abound'ed in }
banks of growing plants and American
beauties. On the ccntre of the table was
a mammoth mound of^ American beauties,
and at eltlier end of. the table were
tall vases of the same stately rose, while
the -shaded candelabfa lenl their radiance
to thc beautiful scene.
Thilow's band, stationed in the court,
?wafted sweet strains throughout tlie
Tlie, receiving party welcomed' the
guests in the reception room, and were
composed of Mrs. Tanner. gray crepe.
duchess lace, diamonds; Miss Ruth Tan?
ner, an exquisite gown of tucked mousse
line de soie over white satin. with jewel
cd bodice, American beauties: Mrs. John
B. Pinner.of Suffolk, pink crcne. waist of
pink panno and point lace; Mrs. AA'.llinm
E. Tanner, black satin and lace.
Tho young lad'^s assisting in the d.n
ins-room were Misses Annc and Julia
Grant. Mamie and Emily Jennings. Anna
b"l Jenkins, Emily Knox, Kate Doggett,
of Fredericksburg; Hattie Tyler a:id
Celc-sle Berry.
Mrs. It. C AVorthington and Miss
Roberta Edmonds jjresiued over the ptinch
The invitcd guests were: Mcsdames
Thomas Jones. Samucl Regcstcr, Thomas
X. Cartcr. Sam Pullia.m. John Munce,
Thomas Atkinson, C. C. Bosiier. AV. E.
Grant, John M. Xolt'ng, A. A. Smith, A.
R. Xclson, S. M. Price, B. II. Xash. AV.
AV. AVright. T. AV. Chelf. Marian Chalklcy,
T AV. I'cinbcrlon, S B. llughes, Fairiax
Moniagtie. J. S. Ellett, C. C. MePhail,
Josiab Rvland. AV. P. Trigg. Levin Joynes,
S. AV. Travors. A. M. Lyons, R. H. Har
wood. J. II. Pleasants, H. T. EUyson. AV.
B. Saunders: R. S. Bosher, C. E. Uoyle, C.
O'B Gowardin, John B. Puiner. 1'. II.
Starke. AVilliam Ellyson, Drewry, Urqu
hart, J. E. Elcheson. Jr., Dick W'orthing-.
ton, A. B. Clarke, J. A. AVelcb, B. H.
Grundy, Bowe. AV. J. G. AVatkins, L-. B.
AVarren. Conway Gordon, Dan Talley,
Porter Gucst. T. M. Perkins. AV. S. Smith.
John T. Kn'ght, AVarner Mcoro, AV. II.
McCarthy, Arciier Aiulerson. Edgar Tay?
lor, C. E. Buek. Jaiiey, J. \V. Gordon, Ar
thur Pleasants, Buck Millcr. AVilliam Hill,
Grav AVatson, Jenkins, John Harwood,
Hotchkiss, Mrs. Edmund AVaddill, P. L.
Conquest. C. L. Todd, J. Shafer, B. A.
A'alentine, AV. R. L. Smith. C. Kpps. S. B.
Hughcs. AV. D. Chesterman. John Gravatt,
Tap Scott, R. R. Roberts, E.
H. Clowes, Southall, E. G. Gunn,
Xormon Xewton, E. AVaddey, T.
M. Binford, AV. H. Brown, Liilie Mc
A'oigh. AVingo, M. C. Childrey, J. B. J--f
fress, \7. H. Sadler, J. J. Monague, AV.
M. AVoodward, Sa.vage, Crcnshuw, E.
Pleasants. D. E. Lumsden. Durrett. Estes,
Parr, J. B. Pa.ce. II. L. AVatson, Xeil, A.
II. Hill, C. T. O'Fcrrall, L. 11. Moore, H.
M. Boykin. J.-A. Xelson. J. D. Crump, ,1.
Taylor Ellyson, C. D. AVInglicld, R. E.
Glovor. C. AV. P. Braneh. George Gil'iicr,
Minoi*, G. Xoal. Frank Crump, T. F. Jcf
frcss, R. E. McComber. J. 1,. Hill, G. C.
Jackson, Fred S. A'alentine, T. H. Ellett,
E. Ij- lldwiU. O. H. Sands. M. S. Quarles,
L. M. Cowardin. H. Thomas, IX. AV. Pow?
ers, Dawson. Thomas. AVortham, H. A.
Claiborne. Frank Powers, R. B. Morton,
Charlcs Davonport. T. C. AA'illiams,
Charles AVortham, AV. J. AA'hitehurst, .Tas.
Dooley. AV. D. Thomas, E. C. Chapin,
Charles Robins, John Tyler, Evan Ches?
terman, R. T. AVllKon, J. A. White. R. E.
Glover, Jseph Montgomcry, Malv:-rn Pat
urson. Chiles Fcrrall, Ad. AVilliams,
?Stepben Putney. J. S. AA'illiams. Christo
?pher Tompklns. MoPhail, Graham Hohson
L. R. Hamberlin. Maurice Smith. X. II
Boykin. It. L. Powers, Ben Purcell, Jas
AV." Anderson. Robert Blankenship, Laf
forty, Henry A'alentine, Carter Scott, B
V: Mayo. Adolph Blair. Gus Breaux. Atts
tin Brockenbrough. Stevens. John Skeltoi
AVilliams. Ashby Jones. A'irginius Hall
Misses Ruby Bodeker. Fisher. Xe'.li
Lyons. Adele AA'illiams, Mary Frazer. Jen
nfe Ellett. Boykin. Louiso AVilliams. Mary
Shelton, L. Polndexter, Thomas, Cowar
tiin. Montngue. Mary Shelton. Mabel Toihl
Parkinson, Moore, Catlin. Shelton, Bowe
Cary Laws. L. X. Knox, Mary C. Ander
son, Mary C. Hatcher, Julia Edniond
Price. A. Blankenship, Tyler, Binford
From 0 to 12 o'clock Miss Ruth TaniKr
rcceived her friends. She was assistcd
in receiving by Mr. and Mrs. C. AA*. Tan?
ner, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pinner. Mr.
and Mrs. AVilliam E. Tanner Mr. anc
Mrs. R. C. AVorthhiRton and Mr. and
Mrs. Bierne Blair. Among those invitcd
were Misses Lillian Augustine, Kate and
Sophie Meredith, Hattie Ross. Anne an.I
Ju'ia. Grant. Mary Thomius, Elizabetii
Christian. Mary Ball. Madeline English.
Elise Watkins, Pauline Powers, Janie AA'in
go. Sara liarvie. Marian Miehaux, Powha
tan: Ella Jackson, Bowe. Stegar. Daisy
AVilson. Maggie Shields, Mclntosh, Booker,
? Belle Tyler, Sue Tyler, Elizabeth Daven
[ port. Florence Talbott, Mary and Lucy
| Hayes. Gc-tlie McGuire, Mamie and Emiiy
Jennings. Daughtrey. Bessie Pace. Ethel
| Pace. Susie llarrison, Alice Hotchkiss.
! Amelio and Florence McAllistier. Evelyn
I P.ridges. Calvin Bragg. Edith Jones.
Katherino Montague, Florence AA'ilson.
Jennie Boyd. Evelyn Young. Maria AVil
! liams. Annic Maury. Kate M'chaux. Mar
| guprite AVarwick. Ruth and Eliza'oi'th
I Bobins, Evelyn Gordon. Mamie and Bessie
I Dunlop, Emmie Thomas. Mary '?"!e:t.
' Empsic Pegram. Blanche Morgan, Edyth
AA"hite, Agnes McCarthy. Be-lton. of Xew
A'ork; Lizzte AVedilell, Jones, Maria and
Helcn ?Moseley. Lclia Gray. Roberta
Ellerson. Lilly Hill, Bes-ie AVat?
kins, Elie Maury AVerth. Amy AA'erih,
Cooke. Waddell. Gr-.ice Shields. AVhitiocic,
Mary Donnan. Marriane M?id<\ Margaret
Braiich, Beulah Pattison, Stevenson, Anni
Mayo. Emily Addison. Stokes, Lindsay.
Lucile Xelson. of Culpeper; Kate Talley.
Gabriella Page, Staniey Atkins, Chaniber
layne, Quarles, Hariz, Gordon. Emily
Knox, Lambert, Kemp. of AA'ashington:
Snllie Randoiph. Kate Doggett. of Fred?
ericksburg; Annabel Jenkins. Da'sy Yar
borough. Rebeccah Diclwrson. Caroline
county, and Messrs. R. C. Taylor, A'enable
Johnson. Jack dc Treville. Zar AVhite Ful
ler, R. Guy, Allie Sairds, C. Taylor,
Daughtrey. AA'atscn, Henry Carrington,
Percy Bosher, AV. M. Parker, Tes Hobson,
Curry, Heth Tyler, Edwin Tanner. Joel
Pcrrin, C. Montague, Montie- AVortham,
Lee Bragg, Legh R. Page, Linwood An
trim. A\r. S. P. Mayo, McAdams, Berkley
AAllliams, John Rutherfoord, E. Strlngfel
low. George Gibson, Ormond Young, julian
Hill, Carter D. Johnston, A. AAr. Weddell,
Ed. Quarles. Max Dei'trick. C. AVithers,
W. Palmoi, E. M, CrutchSeld, Sklpwlth,
Spotswood Wellford, Granville Gary. G.
Hobson. John Lay. E. C. Mayo, P. Clai?
borne. T. Carter, AA*. M. Bridges. L. Fitz
gerald, John Lee, Beverly Lucfce, Ran?
doiph AVilliams. Barton Haxall. Jordan
Lcake. A\r. S. AA'eddcll, Frank Blankenship,
D. Claiborne, Robert Cabell, Julian Bin?
ford, D. Adair. Gustav.us Millhlser, Geo.
AVillis. Judkins. Primer, of Suffolk, Pol
?lard Cardoza, Tyler Brock, Granville G.
A'alentine. J. J. Pollard, AVm. S. Weddell.
AVm. Hanewinckel, Dr. Lewis Bosher, AA".
G. Fergusson, Blanchard Forbes, Overton
Stegar, F. McCarthy, H. Cary, A\'m.
Jones, George C Bidgood, MacChesney
Yarbrough, Robert AA'illiams, Carson,
Stuart Bowe, C. Pleasiuits, Albert Tanner,
Guy Mosley, Otis Alfrlend, A. C. McKen
ney. Hugh Antrim, Preston Xoland ,Clif
ton Miller, Ben. P. Tal'aferro, Jr., M. M.
Gresory, AVilfred Goodwyn, D. AV. Dur?
rett, T. C. AVilliams, John Ellett. N. G.
AVall^R. H. Gaines, T. Fitzgerald, Geo.
A. Laithrop, B. Jones, Pegram, E. O.Mc
Cabe, Allston, Tom Armlstead, Cary Carr,
Gus Drawrj', Knox AVllson, Hodgson,
Henry Hotchkiss, " 6am Tyler, W. H.
Habllston. (Richard "Wortaiain, Eddle Har
rlson, .Gesoner Harrlson, Charles Antrim,
Victor Willlams/Julian McKenney, Philip
Powers. John A. Coke;' Jr^;- AValter Hdl
Iiday, AVm. H. Walk-.r. M." B.' Langhorue
and George Gregory.'
* . ?.
The informal reception tendered Dr. and
Mrs. Wbodrow .Wilson on Thursday at
the Woman's Club was a most pleasant
one. After meeiting the ladles;Dr. Wilson
gave one of his always delightful talks;
and h's remarks on "style" in writlng
wer-o of exceeding interest.
Mrs. Halyburton was chairmau, -assist
ed by Mrs. Ladonla Dashlell. The guests
of the Club were Mrs. W.,T. Robins. Mrs.
E. L. Bemiss, Miss Roberta Minor, Mr.
J. R. A". Daniei and Mr. Archer Fatter
Tea was served by Mrs. Richard H.
Smith and Mrs. Aylett.
Among the callers were - Mrs. Charles
E. Dickinson, Albemarle; Mrs. Thomas
N. Jones, Isle of Wight; Mrs. AV. R.
Buke, Charlottesvllle: Mrs. W. D.
Thomas, Mrs. I. N. Jones, Mrs. Scott,
Mrs; Howard Hoge, Mrs. Junius Murris,
Mrs. Pemberton, Mrs. Munce, Mrs. J. R.
\r. Daniei, Mrs. Southall, Miss Mary E.
Moore, Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Bosher and Mrs.
* . *
Mr. and Mrs. Hall, of Fairmount ave
nue. gave a delightful c-ntcrtainment on
Tuesday evening. Good music was furn
ishcd by the Church Hill Quanctte and '
the Cliurch Hill Mandolin Club, and at !
ll:-7) a delicious supper was served. !
Among those present were Misses Annie
nnd Bessie Hall, Mary and Matt'e Pond
Mamie Kteyensteuber, V. A. Alston, An?
nie Bottorr.s, Julia Ililderbrand, Sadie
Prufer, Matel Rradshar.v, Lidu Pollard,
and Messrs. Lony Hall. Frank Crcery. j
Gordon AVood, Leonard Graves. George
AVoody, Hddic AA'oody. Louis Kley<msteu
ber, Ramy Carter, Howard Mundin, E:n
ec<t Gibbs. Louis Dystjn. Luko Points,
Krnr-st and Westloy Whitlcck, AVillie and
Arthur Dunivan. Robert Lce. .Teff. Smith, j
Charlie Ramic and many others.
The public is cordially invited to attend
divino sorvii.cs at the Sheltering Arms
Free Ilospital on Founders* Day. Fcb
ruary ]4th, at 12 M. After services there
will be a reception till Z P. M., when all
interesled can inspect the building.
The Board of Mnnagers have decided
to nsk tho friends of the Ilospital, that
instead of buying tickets or sending
sui>plies for the dinner to give the ee.uiva
lent in money. This plan, adop'ted last
year, succeeded so well that it encourages
"the managers to try it again. Any
amotint, however smail, will ibe gratefully
Money must be sent to Mrs. B. B.
A'alcntine, 101 south Third street.
Any one preferring to give groceries can
send them to the Ilospital, 100S east Ciay
The Sheltering Arms, founded by Miss
Ue'oeecah Peterkin. is the only entirely
free hospital in the city, and the great
good accomplished by the lnstitution is
hard to estimate.
Miss Dunnington, of Farmville, will,
after Monday, be the guest of Mrs. Chas.
T. O'Perrall at Rundee.
* .. *
On Thursday night last a delightful re
erpticn was tendered the Red. AVhite ant
Blue Club at the home of Mr. G. AV
McGown, 2'itf north 21st street
Among those pres.ent were the follow
M:sses' Annie Duke Gracie Bolton. T.iz
zie Fieming, Bertha Bolton. Sadie Fleming
Anniei Fat-mer, Pearl Davenport, Dora
Carson. Bertha Davenport. Gracie Butler,
Corinne Pearsall, P.iuline Priee, Nellis
Basquet, Annio Higgins. Lilly Bolton,
Messrs Mike Higgins, E. L. Pitts, Frank
Toler. AV. H. Carter, Carl Lnwrcnce, J.
AV. Pearsall, Lucian Dyson. Dr. J. F.
H'ielc, Sam Duk?, Dr. Sherrill, AVillic
Robinson, Sergtant John Pitts, Frank
Pearsall. Curtis Thompson, E. K. Faison,
C. AV. King. E. S. Robinson.
The next meeting of the club will be
a taeky and pie party, at the home of Mr.
IC. F. Pearsall, 2201- east Broad street.
The D'Arville D.ancing School, corner
Fourth and Broad streets, was crowd
ed last night to wilness the dancing of
the pupils, which afforded much pleas
ure and enjoyment for all present.
The following dances v<:re given:
Fancy dance?Misses Maudie Miller
and Muy Ledford.
Tamborine dance?Misses Agnes Coop
er, Katie Miller, Alice Noble, Marie Lit
tle. Marie Archer and Ethel Phillips.
Cake-walk?Mr. Charles Bain and Miss
(Continucd on Eighth Page.)
"When I pray I pray in secret."
"Ycs, and then you come out in public and blow about it.'
All lovers of etching will regret the
death of M. Gaujean, the famous French
master of the craft. which has just oc
curred at the age of ?fifty. "Ali over Eu
rope," observes the London Daily News.
ho has been recognized "as a master of
etching, with a style peculiarly his own,
and it is not ?isy to see who can take
his p'.ace. AA'altner taught him much of
his art?though he was a pupil also of
p;:s?but his nie:ihod was more t r.^cise tha i
AA'altner's. Ono refers him rather to Al
bort Durer, w-hose iprccision he admired
and, in his work, reproduced. He has in-r
terpreted many English masters. and al
ways sympathotieally. Among his works
may be mentioned Mr. Frank Dicksee's
'A'ows,' three s>mall p'ates after Fred.
AA'alker, one after Sir Thomas Lawrence,
and the I.ady Fsgjry Primrose, one of the
most engnging of Milla's' child portraits."
Thc Russian artists in Paris have just
celebratod the hundredth anniversary of
thc painter Orulloft's birt'hday, following
the lead of their St. Petersburg brethren.
Brulloff was, perhaps, the finest painter
of the grnnd school that Russia has pro
uuced. It was his pieture of the same
subject that sowed the seed of "The Last
Days of Pompeii" in Bulwer Lytton's
brain. That painting was first exhibited
in Rome, where it was rapturously ad?
mired. Brulloff became tho fashion there
and in the other Italian citles.: He took
it to Paris in 1S33, but, as a Russian, was
coldly reeeived. <Xicholas I. afterward
employed him to palnt those sacred im
agea that adorn the interlor of St. Isaac's
and of the Cathedral of Kazan.?New
York Evening Post
' ' ? ... ?*?
The March and April ntimbers of The
Internatlonal Studlo -wlll'contaln artiolea
on John S." Sargent,. by A. (L. Baldryy
written ?with the^ sauction- and liapproyal.
dGoks and
'Gray, author of "Tlie Silence of Dean
Maitland." etcl, etc New York. D.;Ap
pleton & Co. Bound in paper; 2S7 pages.
Price 50 cents. ' '?:'?
The Iatest issue of Appleton's Town and
Country Library series is a. collection of
stories by Maxwell Gray, the initial story,
"The World's Mercy," giving its name to
the volume. Maxwell Gray needs noln
troduetion to the reading. public. This
volume contains . five short stories, the
iirst being the longest and most preten
tious. "The World's Merfcy" would be
more truly named "the AA'orld's Lack of
Mercy." It is told in strong. virile fash
ion, and is a tale of sin, sorrow and re
pentance. "Sweet Revenge" is a brlght,
witty sketch, and "The AVidow's Clock"
is a pathetic Iittle story of rural life anu
love. "An Old Song" and *'A Summer
Night" complete- the collection.
THE- FINAL GOAL. By Bessie Dill, au?
thor or "The Story of Bell." Lippin
eoitt's 'Select Novels. H'hiladelphia, J.
B. Lippincott. Paper, 50 cents.
It is refreshing to read a. novel which
'ends happily. "They were married and
Hvcd happy ever after" was always the
favorite ending of the much-loved fairy
tales of childhood. AVhile in this matter
of-fact day and generation such an ending
may seem juvcnlle, yet even in this age
of matsrialism there are those who be
liove thfc "world well lost for love." In
"The Final Goal" Bessie Dill <L. Beith
Dalziel) has writtcn a fascinating love
story, which c-nds happily for all con
cerned. There is nothing especially novel
in the plot, in fact there is not much plot
in the story. The book has its shadows
in a man's inhumanity to a trusting wo
man, his tardy act of justice and of sep
aration so far as lay in his power, but
the record of the love affairs of the
younger generation is a pleasing story.
The scene is niostly laid in Scotland and
the author's exquisite descriptions of the
natural beauties of the country remind
one of the gorgeous word-painting of the
lamented William Black.
Tlio Majrazincs.
"Armies That Do not^VIean to Fig'nt" is
tho opening article in "KVERYBODY'S
MAGAZINE" for the current month.
Unde-r this hcading, Herbcrt A'ivian writes
of the standing armies to be found in va
rious neutrnlized countric-s, which are
guaranteed by the'Powers against foreign
invasion. James Scott describes "Some
Intercsting Insects," and J. Macfarlane
tells tis "What a Typhoon Can Do" and il
lustrates his article with photographs
s.howing the effects in Manila of the terri
ble storm of 1SS2. The "Simple Explana
tion" from the month makes plain the
mystery of "The Trolley Oars." The
cbief pictorial features are the snapshot
interview with Ella AVheeler AVilcox and
photographs of weil-known women of Cu
ba. The number also contains six short
stories, the most pleasing of which is by
Athol Forbes, entitled "A I'rivate Chiv
A striking foature of FRANK LESLIE'S
POPULAR MOXTIILY for February is
the high grade of exeeUence of its numer
ous illustrations. The opening article, by
Mabey De Zapp. on "The Centennial An
niversary of the Peath of AVashington"
is greatly enhanced in interest by the re
productions from rare old portraits.
Agaln, the excellent article. on "The
Fighting Boers" by Harold Bolee ga>ins an
additiona! value from the excellent draw
ings of Greenwald. AVarren B. Davis.
Frank Adams and S. H. Persick. Major
Geaoral Miles contributes an intercsting
sketch of "An Army Career," and Dr. An
na Randall Diehl. President of the Fort
nightly Shakespeare Club, writes of "Wo?
men in the Study of Shakespcare," re
viewing in partieular the work of the
Fortnightly Club. the oldest Shakespeare
sodiety at present in New York city. Flc
tion is represented by "The Youngest
Miss Piper." a bright story in Bret
Ilarte's own inimitable style, and a short
story by Jeanette II. AA'alworthe. A val
cntine poem by Jennie Belts Hartswick,
and a sonnet by Esther AValiaee, stipply
the verse. An article describing the work
of the railway mail-seivice. the third in
stallment of Agnes and Egerton Castle's
of the artist, and the Iarge number of
illustrations which will accompany the
been specially selected from
his most interesting and sueec-ssful works.
Biograrhies of other American artists
will foi'ow during the year; among them
an nccount of Frank Miles Day and
Brother, of Philadelphia, arc-hiteets, and
papers by Ernest Knaufft on George de
Fore.-t Brush, Edwin Blashtield, AVilliam
AV. Chase, Frank Fowler, J. Alden AA'eir.
John L:i Farge; Henry AA'oIf, the wood
engraver, and Charles A'olkman, art
? ?
The juries for paintings, drawings, min
iatures, etc, and also for sctilpture, to
be skown at ihe Paris Exposition by
Americans living abroad have been nam
ed by Commissioner Cauldwell. The for.
mer cor.sists of Edwin A. Abbey, John
AV. Alexander, AVilliam T. Dannat, Alex
ander Harrison, Gari. Melchers, F. D.
Millet, John S. Sargent, Jiiles Stewart
and John B. Cauldwell (cx-offlclo). The
latter coitiists of Paul AV. Bartlett, Fred
erich MaeMonnies, A. Ph meister iPfoc
tor, Augustus St. Gaudens, and John B.
Caudweil (ex-offieio).
An exhibition of the works of Biihu
A'edder is now open in Boston. The col
lection, which is comjrosed of both.old
and new works, includes twenty-elght oil
paintings, six drawings. twelve reproduc
tions colored by the artist, four bas
reliefs, and four bronzes and silver-giit
works, making a total of fifty-four works.
A considerable number of the paintings
and drawings are decorative panels.
* , ?
The members of the- Xational teague
of MIneral Palnters gave a receptlon to
Mrs. Mary L. AVagner. of Detroit, Thurs
doy afternoon at the studio of Mrs. Anna
B. Leonard. Mre. AVagner vsai!s to-day
to install her league's exhibit in Paris.
The league is a. federation of keramic
clubs throughout the country, composei
of amateur as well as professtonal potters
ond porcelaln decorators. There is no
organlzation;llke3it in-rEurbpe,"and the
exhibit: being:-the t-wbrkSof;. the - members,
and having been'eelected Jwith^care, will
doubtless vreflecti credlt iiipwci^taa' kerainic
'? ".?'?:??- ?-: ^r*%">^^,'-i?'.?v*^^!!i3?K"v?iSWiS>*4?SK>S'e!-*!5Wi '?
"I thlnk Archer is the most eve n-tempered man In the worM."
"v??. tif>*s alwavs jrroHrting."
"Yes; he's always grc^Jting.
serial story, and "Marginalia" complete
this interesting publication.
ary has for its frontispiece a portrait of
Donald G. Mitchell, recently drawn from
life by A. I. Keller. It is accompanied
I with an article on "Tlie Master of Edge
wood." by Arthur Keed Kimbatl. who
writes on that gracious and personal side
of Mr. Mitchell's long literary career
which is associated with his farm and his
friends. "The Opening I'criod of the Boer
War" is brilliantly described by H. J.
Whigham (who made his reputation as a
correspondent in the, Spanish AVar.) The
odore Roosevelt's second chapter on the
career of Cromwell deals with the "Long
Parliament and the Civil War.'" Major T.
Bentley Mott, lafe adjutant-general of
the department of Havana, descrlbes
"The Social Life of Havana." He eor
rects many false impressions in regard to
what society is in that capital. '"The
Problems of a Pacific Cable." by Herbert
Laws Webb, is another article of import- j
ance in our colonial rclations, and esne- ;
cially so at this time when several bills
to lay a .Pacific taMe are before Oor.grrss.
The fiction inchtdes a talo of the iTecon- |
strudlon period in middle Georgia. by j
Joel Chand'.er Harris, entitled "Miss I
Irene," and a powerful story byTWilliam J
Allen AVhite. entitled "The Mercy of |
Deatli," which has to do with the career j
of a AVe/tern senator in Washlngton. The !
second installment of "Tommy and Gri
zel," Barrle's great serial. a brtl'iarit < s
say on Chopin as a psyeho'og.'st. and p^ut
by James Huneker. an art article by Frel
erit- Crowninshield, and an illustrated
poem by Oliver Ilerford complete the
"The First Night of a Play." "Through
the Slums with Mrs. Balllngton Booth."
"What It Means to be a Librarian." by
Herbert Putnam, IJbr.-irian of Congre.-s.
and "The rew and the Man in It." by Ian
Maclaren. are among the norable features
of the February LADIKS* HOME JOt'Et
NAL. An Amerlcan Mother answers con- :
clusively "Have AA'omen Robbed Men of :
Their Religi&nV anl there is an int:r,sU;:g
article on Mlle. Chaminade, the famous ;
composer and pianist. Another article <Ie
scribes "Frank Stockton's New Home in
West A'irginia." The opening chapters of
"The Parson's Butterfly," a new serial
by Mrs. Charles Terry Collins. are also
presented. Molly Donahue discusses wo
man's rights with Mr. Dooley, and "Edith
and I in Parls." "Her Boston Experi
enc'es," and "The Autoblography of a
Girl" continue with increusing interest.
The pictorial feature, "In Honor of St.
A'alentine," by Alice Barber Stephans,
will recall some happy, bygone days.
MOXTHLY for February contains much
of scientific interest. The table of con
tents Is as follows: South-Sea Bubbles in
?Science, Professor John Trowbrldge;
AA'hat Makes the Trolley-Car Go (Chap?
ter II., illustrated), William Baxter, Jr..
C. E.; Is theChrlstian Religion i>><-lining?
Rev. Charles Augustus Briggs, 1>. D.; A
Century of Geology, Professor Josooh Le
Conte; The Applications of Explusives
(illustrated), Professor Charles E. Mun
roe; A Year's Progress in the Klondike
(illustrated), Trofessor Angeio Hoi'nnn:
Decllne of Criminal Jurisprudsnce in
America, Gino C. Speranza; The I'i'nd
Fishes oC North America (illustrated),
Professor Carl H. Eigenmann; The Man
of Science in Practical Affairs, I'ro'essor
F. AV. Clarke; Forenoon and Afternoon,
Charles F. Dowd, Ph. D.: President Jor
dan's "Neminism." A-Pang!oss; Corrcs
pondence?Faith and Knowledge, Fiske's
Views Compared. The Location of Vin
land; Editor*s Tablo?The AVar Spint,
Language and Life; Fragments of Science.
* ?
The salient feature of the February
CENTURY ls the first installment of hlth
erto unpublished extracts from tho it>
vate diary of Dr. B. E. O'Meara, Napo
leon Bonaparte's physician at St. Helcna.
These "Talks with Napoleon" will form
an important feature of The Century d'ir
ing the year 1000. The editor has ev!d-*r.t
ly had in mind the multitude of visitors to
the French Exposition in organizivig the
series on "Paris of To-day." by IJIchurd
AA'hlteing. author of "No. u John Sueet"
and "The Island." The first of the-se pa
pers, "Paris Revisited." appears in this
number. The French illustraior Cas
taigne, provides a running pictorial cnm
ment on the text. The AVest as the Kist
ern author sees it, or at least writes
about it, and the West as It aetually is.
are the theme of a trenchant essay by E.
Hough, author of "Tlie Story of the Cow
boy." In "Midwinter in New York, * Ja
cob A. Rtls tells ineidentally how the
Amerlcan metropolls looked to him from
his native Eenmark. and how he \>oru a.
riavy pistol strapped arouud his waist
when he Ianded In New York,-and was
keenly dlsappointed at flnding i.eUl.er
buffaloes nor* Indlans in Broadway. Oth?
er contents of the number are a group pf
poems, "The Hoosier Youngster," by Jas.
Whttcomb Riley, illustrated by Florence j
Scovel Shinn; an anonymous article on j
"The Milltary Eilement in Col. Waring's j
Career," and a poem. "AVaring," by Helert
Gray Cone;; and the last Installment of
Capt. Joshua Slocum's narratlve. of hla
solitary voyage of 48.C0O rotles around the
world. In. the fourth df his -Cromwell
studies. Mr./3<Iorley treats of the execu
tlon; of - ArchWshop Laud,' Cromwell't* reT |
organization of the arniyV: aad the batU? j
of ^?*aseby*sV4'whIctt^ put an tend to^the;'
VKin**r,?>njgharigry'f6rce.\: George Morlahd'* j
???The^ Halt^ia^ajmonth'a <M?'Ba&WiJ
f MUSIC *?" I
i. 4.
"Music is almost ali we have of Heav
en on earth."?Addlson.
Oliver AVendell Holmes was one of tho
earliest admirers of Miss Leonora J.i.'it
son, whose performances on the vioiia
artj uow winning so much apprqval iu
Europe and America. AA'hen she was lj.-t
in Bostcn (J.inuary, li'J-D prior to }-.'???;
final departure for Europe, he had 1i>t
ccrae st-veral times to pl.iy to him qui-t
ly in his study without accompaniment or"
piano. He said one d.iy th.it he h.id
once Dtudied the vioiin for some time. but
uddeil quickly. "not because l thouglit [
could ever piay it, but bucause I want^d
to know its difficulti'-s and see just wh >:
a violinist'.s muscles are called on t.> do."
When Miss Jackson last took lcavt* uf
Dr. Holmes. he wlshed her Goils;.ee<i and
every sueeess with hcr vioiin sciuiies, and
then brokt- up a set of his best-bounJ
works in the Iibrary and grive hfrr a. eo;-..y
of 'Over the Tea Oup.-s' vith :.r. ;r.s--;rii
tion consNting of a ver?:e uni the wiris:
"AVith kind regard? and ucst v.isiir:; <-f
her listening and admirirg friend. Olivr
Wenilell Holmes. Bostor., January I, loj-i."
?N'ew York Evening Pust.
* . *
The Sooiety of Gernian Composors as
serts that about l.W.Offii persoris In Gcr- ,
many earn their living in connf.'-t.'-:n n-i.h
?music. There are :V0 so'o ?!r?-frs i-V)
pianists, F,0 violinists, f'^> orgrir,;?ts, Ii.\iv-0
orchestral playcrs, 1,:XX> conditoto.-s, ?$';">
conservatories, S-IO anrnt'MT orchestras,
C.SSO singin-g socioti^s. i.f-".J concert hi'.ls,
273 publishers, and so on.
* . *
After the American tnur Patlerewski
and his wife will go to Eng'.asd for a f*w
coneerts, and then take a rest at the
nevv estate he ho.s fcougbt !n a va;!?y ot
tlie Tatra Mountains, Uiwecn Ga-Wa
and Hungary. The r!.we. he says, is a>
most as prlmltive as when it was f.rst
conciuered by the Emperor Traj'in, and
his own estate is upwards of 3.C0O ,-vres,
largely hill and woodiand. but with a
chateau surroundeu' by a park, and inter
sected by two rivers.
He has laid the scene of his opera upon
this estate. It deals with the ardent
lovo of a. Gipsy hero and Slav herolne. at
a period when the two peoples were in
deadly feud. It is a tragedy. and M.
Paderewski believes the music to be quite
in the modern style. In the first act.
there is a Hungarian ballet u'action. Iast
ing upwards of half an hour.?Musical
' ? '
Sixty-nine new operas (oratorlos axe In
cluded in the ofllclal list) were produced
in Italy last year, but none, it seems,
with any special success. None of the
Ieading Italian composers, such as Mas
cagni, PuccinI, Leoncavallo, nor, ot
course, A'erdl and Boito, were represented
at ali.
* ? ?
IJ11I Lehmann is as versatile and as
Hberal in her taste as ever. For the
present concert season in Germany she
has as many as seventy different songs
ln her repertory.
* . ?
Donlzettl Is not forgotten In "Italy. Hts
"Linda dl Chamounix" was Iately revived
ln Spezzla with Signora Raspisard'l in the
title/role. Boccabadatl was the great re
presentative of the part in the years gone
by. In this character she was what Grlsi
was in "Xorma." "Lucia" and "Fa
vorita" are among the operas of the
present season at Cagliari. "Lucla"
flourlshes agaln at Carrara.
? ? *
Mlss Estelle- Llebling. an American g'.rl
of elghteen, has been engaged aa color
atur singer at the Dresden opera.
* ?
The reason why Brahms refused ali the
invitations to come to England and be.
"doctored" Is out at last. It was hl? '
hatred of the swallow-taited coat and oth?
er conventlonallties of English Hfe. Dr.
"Wldmann has given an amusing lecount
of Brahms' home llfe. his early rislmj
to make for himself a cup of coffJe ln a.
Vlennese machine, the coffee berrics be-/ ?
ing sent in prodlgious quantities by iv
lauy admirer of Marsellles. his work un
der the veranda. at Thun, a'ndt his. dlnneir
ln a restaurant garden. where he -could.
wear a striped flaanel shirt and no coltar.
with in colder weather.a. brownlsh. gray
shawl thrown Over; his shoulders. Wld?
mann " waa: the Germart librettist :of
Goetz's "Tamln^ ot the Shrew," and^rfc
his company Brahms coneetvedL. the Idea
of wriUngaa opera. Brahms-aertbualy.
suggestedT Gozzl's ^Kbag; Hlrach'^.-and
Grimm's. **FaIthfut John." Braana?;6c
casionally'reverted to tbe 3t?bjecti< down
to 1S3S. when h? wnlmsically declared that
he had flnally resolved ?t? try nefthoF- an "^
opera nor marrlage-Vt Brannui preten^cd ;
to-'.be^^ the.'husband!??T.^WJixaxaj^^ttnT.:S
daughter Jobanna. an?:^hea "r th* ';yi?n- :,'V'
state, he iaaatfcalby;repUed^^'Itrtomy p
mUfortsin* imtWf&S^&imtn^^

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