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Bills ? Making Changes Considered
by the Lecislature,
Senate Committee on FJiiaiico Kcports
the Bill?Favorable Aetion asto
tliePureFood and Travcllln;?
Auditor's Acts.
Tho limo ot tho Senate and Uic House
was occupied yesterday chWly wl_ the
<jonslderation of bills to amend the so
eallcd -land-grabbcrs' " law. A vote was
?n>t reaoiied in elthcr body.
tPho Senate Convmittce tn Finance yes
ierdav considered thc bill looklng to
the enlargcmenl of the buildings at the
penltcntlary so us to provide ample and
?omfortablc accommodatlons for tlie
convicts. It w*s decided to report thc
?rVa^rably. Thc bill makes an appro
priatlon of ?17:,.000. or so much thercof
L may be ncccssary to make the lm
PThc^r.itcntiary Is overcrowded. Into
some cclls there are crowded twenty or
TOOre prisoncrs. Thc superintendent and
directors of the penitentiury have for
several years been asking for an appro
prlalion to make thc lmprovements need
id. There is now some prospect of the
passage of this bill.
The Senate Committee on General
Laws reported favorably the Glass bill,
providing for tlie appointment of travci
Mnc auditors to cxamine the accounts of
?l oKicers charged with the duty of col
lectlng and rcturnlnc money belonging
to thc Commonwealth.
?V3nator Olas-s' pure food bill was also
favorably reported.
Senator Lylc will. before the General
Assemblv udjourns. offer a bill to au
thorissc Hon. T. C. Pilcher to practicc
law without passing the examination re
<iuired by law. Mr. Lylc, after serving
?with Mr. Pilcher on the committee to
?cxamlne the penltcntlary contract with
-the Davis Company. is of opinion that
-the Fauquicr gentleman is fully compe
tent to practlce law, and he believes it
would bc unjust to require him to an
swer questions thut would puzzle somo
ot the oldest and ablest lawyers ln the
State. Mr. Lyle thinks Mr. Pilcher is
ln every way fully equlppcd to beconie a
practlclng attorney. and he hopes his
bill will be unanimously passed.
The House Committee on Roads met
yesterday at 10 o'clock. A favoraUlc
report was ordcred upon a bill to Incor?
porate the Cltizens liaiiwuy. Light and
Power Company ivlth a Senate amend
ment. A number of uncontesled mat
ters were then taken up and disposed of.
The General Laws Committee of the
House was in sesion yesterday. Tlie
committee considered & bill offered fcy
Mr. Pilcher, of Fauyuier, pro.-iding ii r
?Uia purchase of toll roads or turnplkes
?in certain magisterlal districts, with ihe
?imendment that tlie counties of Alle
? gh&ny. Highland. Batli. Pagc. Rappa
harnock, FTederick and Shenandoah be
;exempted from the operations of the
low. Mr. John Whitehead's bill to r>o
Ivide stripes for wife-beaters was leport
ed with the recommendatlon that It do
j:ot riass.
, The bill of Senntor laipton. fixing a
?stcr.dard for the dimenslons of npple
'boircls, was taken up and favorably re?
The Soimlc
The Senate met with prayer by Rev.
Dr. W. F. Uerieux.
Senator Munford secured. under a sus
porvs:on of the rules, tha passaige of tho
House bill *<> aimend the charter of the
(Proiestant Eplsoopal Churr'i Hotiv.
The House bill in relation to the up
potntment of assessors of land in A\ ar
wlck county. was passed under suspen
sion of the rulcs. on Senator Tyler's mo?
By Senator Bruce?To Incorporate the
Pennington Gap Telephone Company.
By Senator Evle?A bill to reguiate the
rale of l>ound volumes of the State reports
to. iudges and coirmonwealth's attorneys.
By same?To amend the charter of the
city of Radford.
By Senator Shands?To amend the law
relatlng to the payment of mngistrates.
witnesses and tphyslcians ln certain cases.
By Senator Munford?To incori>orate the
John Marshall Memorlal Association.
Bv Senator l>yk?For the relief of
Maflha Britzman. widow of a Confederate
soldier. _,_
It, relation to advertisement and salo
of dcllnquent Iands.
In relation to procuring scrvants to
leave their masters.
To amend license tax laws.
The bllls ln relation to the sale of de
linquent Iands came as the special order
at 1 oclock. The measure offered by Sen?
ator Morni as a substituie for the act re?
ported by the Elnance Committee was
lirst considered. It was amended in some
particulars, and then was considered upon
11s roerlts.
Senator Mann n explalning the provi
sions of his bill said the "Land f'rab
bors" act i asscd at the last session was
basod upon the prlnciple that the ofll
c-ra of Ihe Commonweaith were unable
to collect the delinquent taxes, and oul
sldcrs were called in to aid ln the work
of collecUrn. His bill v.-us desigaed to
make the ireasurcrs collect the taxes.
Judgo Mann felt sure that. when the
tieasu-frs are made to know that they
will be lenuned to eolVct the deiinqnent
taxes 1his would be a long saride toward
increasing the revenues of the Common
?wealth. It was but fair and right that
The r-e*"al*ics lmposert upen pc-rsons for
fallure to pay taxes when due should go
into the treasury of the Commonwcalth.
and not in tho pockets of the "land grah
bere" The judge oxplained briefly the
provisions of his act holding the treasu
rers to strlct accountability for the collec
Uon of dellnuuent taxes.
Senator Jeffrles advocated the passage
of the commlttee's bill. He c-ontended that
.:rlge Maan's bill put a premlum on the
i. , : w of the ireasurcrs to collect taxes.
by' aJlos?'?-?% them ilve per cent. <m all
datids ;clu iy them for taxes. He figured
out tho fflci :.)?'< provided by Ihe Mann
t>Ul would, at the iowest calculaUcn. cost
? Jandowner owtag three or four dollars
taxes not less tiian *O0 in fees, penaltiea
4Uid costs. Mr. Jeffr'aa] tliought it best
lohold cn to the prtscht law and perfect
"To Err is Haman."
*Bot io crr aR iht timejs crimmal or
jdioiic" Dont conttnuc the mistzkc of
ntgkdingyour Uood. When impurHies
rrunifesi ihemselves in eruptbns or <a>hen
deordered conOttons of stomtch. kidneys,
Ifjtr or hovcls tpptMT, tdkt Hoof* Sv
stptrllU. ]l^ma!ktpurt,ltvtttood,
These Suils
may be worn
for months
and how ctmfortable
it is
to haye a snit
to start with
next fall.
instead of $20
is the inducement
we offcr this week.
.Many others
in every dep;irtmcnt,
it so as to provide for more arnple notice
to landowners whoso property is deiin
Senator WJckham argued that Judge
Mann'a bill was far more rigorous tlian
the "land-grabbers" act" which the com
mittee's bill sougiit to soften. He could
not <3efend the Mann bill before his peo?
"The bill offered by Judge Mann. if en
acted into law, will be like a cyclone com
pared to the balmy breezes of May, that
swept away so many members of the last
General Assembly," said Mr. Wickham.
Senator Cogbill opposed the Mann bill.
He thought it was wrong in the principle
upon which it was based, and that was
the failure of ollicers to perform their
duty. He agreed with Mr. Jeffries. that
the Mann act put a premium upon failure
to collect taxes. for the flve per cent.
upon the gross receipts from lands sold
for deliuquent taxes might amount to a
handsome sum.
Senator Mann said he did not think
his bill was fully understood by those
who contended that it was more rigorous
than the law sought to be amended. Hc
stated that the committee's substitute
did not differ from the present law ex?
cept that it provided for a grad'ed pcn
altv: requlred a deposit of ten per cent.
of the purchase price at the time the ap
plication is liled and provided for more
ample notice.
With reference to thc costs under liis
bill. Senator Mann said they would be
very much less than the costs under the
committee's bill, if the property is re
deemeu. These costs would not amount
to more than one dollar, unless thcro
should bo an order of publlcation. Thc
costs referred to by Mr. Jeffries were
what would be incurred if the land is
ln the midst of his address Judge Mann
yielded to a snotion to adjourn.
The Governor sent to the Senate the
following veto message:
To the Senate of Virginia:
I herewith ret.urn Senate bill Xo. 24,.
entitled an act "To amend and re-enact
section sr> of the Code of Virginia, relat
ing to the appointment of County Super
visor and Superintendents of tlie Poor
as to the county of Tazewell," with'out
my approval.
This is a measure of seemingly little
Importance, yet it involvcs a princlple
for which I vetoed House bill No. 173.
relatlng to the appointment of assessor
of Iands for the county of Warwick."
This measure changes the appointment of
County Survcyor and Superintendent of
the Poor, and in my opinion is contrary
t."> good public poiicy. For this reason and
also al the request of the honorable rep?
resentatlve from Tazewell, whose people
alone are- affected by the immediate pro
vtsions of the bill, 1 return the bill with?
out my apprbval.
Section !'.". of tho Code provides that
"each county court judge, upon the re?
commendation of the- Board of Super
visors of his county, shall at the May
term of his court in the year 1891, and
every fourth year tliereafter, appoint, for
each county in which he holds his court,
one county surveyor and one Superin?
tendent of the Poor. Provided. tliat
such judge may, if he thlnks proper. re
ject the recommendation-. and unless the
Board of Supervisors recommend other
persons suitable in his opinion lor said
officers withln thrty days after ther iirst
recommendation has been rejected,, he
shall fill the said officcs, or either of
them, by his own appointment in term
or vaca.tion." This bill amends this sec?
tion by providing that, "the County
Court of Tazewell county, or the judge
Ihereof in vacation, shall appoint a Su?
perintendent of the Poor and a County
Surveyor without the recommendation of
tho Board of Sirporvlscrs of said county
of Tazewell."
It is not nei-ossary to enter into tho
discussion of the merits of the general
law. or reeourft the reasons that might
be given for or against this proposed
speoial law. I would only call attention
to the advisability of having general
laws on all such subjeets. and of ad
hering strlctly to them. The number of
special acts which now encumber our
statute books aro strong argtiments in
favor of this princlple, The constitution.
article C, section 20. wlsely provides :n
regard to cities that "no special act shall
I be p:issrd except in cases when in the
jiKlgment of the General Assembly the
object of such act cannot be attained by
general law."
It ls lo bc regretted that the provisions
of this clause of the Constitution do not
apply to eounties. and in fact to all sub?
jeets of legislation, as well as to cities.
An examination of our statute books
shows. that the practice of passing spe?
cial acts, when tho general law covers
all that should be embraced, is increas
ing to an alarming eoctent, and I fear
that much of it has a demorallzing tend
It may. not be inappropriate to call at?
tention to the fact that I have before me
at this time a number"of bllls granting
special privilege* and favors to sevbral
oountles, and giving local authorities the
right to create aalaries where they do
not now exist, and to Increase the
amounts now being paid to county and
d"stlnct officers. If it is best to create
r.c?v salarled posltlons, or to Increase the
pay of those alrcady in cxlstence. gene?
ral gtatua fihould be pesssd on tho s"b
Jcct, ariving unlformlty of tompcnsar.on
Ihrouffeout the ?tate. When the officers
of one oounty or dlsti'et, roccive compen
eatlon. however small, while tho?e of a
neighboring county or distrlct do not
receivo a like compensatlon. or are serv
. satisfactlon - and results In less cfflclent
services even. from those who would
otherwise be wllling to servc without
I have not felt justlfled In vetolng these
various bills, yctl feel that It Is not im
prope>" for mo t0 makc thes;e general
suggestlons. for in my opinion the tend
ency of such legislatlon is bad, and it
followed to ats logical conclusion will
result not only in! great confusion and
inequaltty of compensation for the same
services rendered, but enable local au
thorlttos to expend the public moneys. for
salaries ln many cases against the wlshes
and interest of the people. I fully realize
the dlfHcultles that confront members of
the Leglslature, when reques'ed to offcr
bills of this character and a united effort
on tire part Of all would result ln lighten
ing the burdens ,that may fall on each
one And by adopting some flxed stand?
ard by wiiioh the pay of public pfneers
should toc governed, would greatly tend
to removo the embarrassment of each
indivldual member.
Very respectfully,
Senator St. Clair being absent. no ac- ;
tion was taken on the bill In qucstion.
House Proceediii^s. |
Rev. Gcoree H. Spooner. of Trlnity
Methodist chun-ch, offered prayer in the
House vesterdao'.
Hon. "john F. Ryan, of Loudoun, pre
slded in the absence of Speaker Saunders,
v.-ho I*; out of the cEty for a few days.
Mr. Clemcnt. of PKtsylvania. offered a
rcsoiuclon providing that when tlie House
adjourn. it adjourn to meet daily at 11
o'clock for the remainder of the session.
instead of at 12, as at present. The reso?
lution was lost.
Mr. Robinson, of Carroll, offered the
following resolution, which was unani
mously' adopted,
W'hcreas. This House learns with great
sorrow. of t'hc death of Mrs. George A.
Lamlbert, wife of our fellow-member
from Wytho county, now, therefore, bo
Resolved by thc House of Delegates of
Virginia. that we ext<>nd to our distin
guished member our heart-fell sympathy
in his sad bereavimenst.
Resolved further. Thai as a mark of rs
teem these resolutions be spread on the
Journal of the House.
When bill 318 was reached on the cal
endar. there was a. sharp discussion be?
tween its patron. Major E. H. Karclay,
of I/exin^rton. and Hon. John Whitehead,
of Xorfoik. The bill provided for regu
lating tlu? salaries of members anu' olli
cers of tlie General Assembly. and pro
hibited any member from drawing salary
for more time than actually served.
Major Barclay made a'vigorous appeal
for tho immodiate passage of his bill.
saying it had been on tho calendar of
the House for two weeks.
Mr. John Whitehad appealed for delay,
and said the aiml of the bill w'a.s to pre
vent the full payment of salary for the
session to the new member from Xorfolk
The bill was iinally passed' by.
Tho House had not progressed far with
the calendar when the hour of 1 o'clcck
arrived, and the special order set for
that hour was taken up, having for
its object the conslderation of a bill
amendlng the land-grabbers' act. Tho
question arose upon a substitute offered
by Colonel George Wayne Anderson, of
Richmond city, for a bill reportcd by the
Committee on Finance. and' Colonel An?
derson took the floor in advocacy of his
He spoke for more than one hour, in a
most eairnest and eloquent manner,, roini
ing out many objections to the <;om
mittee's bill, and urging the passage of
his own. ,
At 3 o'clock. Colonel Anderson. with?
out concluding his speech, yielded for
a rnotion to adjourn. When the matter
comes up, as a special order to-day at 1
o'clock, he will have the- floor to finish
his argument A vote will not be taken
before the middie of the week.
By Mr. iKowIes?For the reiief of John
II. Carbough.
By Mr. Musgrove?To .amend swetlon 472
of the Code, in relatlon to the asse.-ss
ment of taxes.
By Mr. Robinson?For the reiief of Stan
ley Gallemore.
By .the same?For the reiief of Pcter
By Mr. Clarke?For the reiief of F. W.
By Mr. Jennings?To provide for the ex
tension of the Corporate limits of the
city of Lynchburg.
By Mr. Toney?To amend and re-enact
section 417 of the Code.
By Mr. Bowles?To protect partridges
in the county of Roanoke.
By the same?To amend the law In rela?
tion to the protection of gamo in the
county of Roanoke.
By 'he same?To give George M. M<esse.
Tre.osurer of Roanoke county, further
time in which to collect taxes.
By Mr.E. C. Jordan?^Amending the
Charter of the city of Winchester.
'By Mr. Madlson?To incorporate tho
Loyal Kirights of the College of AYilliam
and Mary.
By Mr. Gent?In -elation to the title
to certain church property ln the county
of Russell.
By Mr. Galleher?To provide for a pub?
lic "library in the county of Prince Wil?
By Mr. Jones, of Henrico?To create an
addYtional magisterial district in the
county of Henrico.
By Mr. Moss~For the relief of R. K.
Gillispie. of Tazewell.
To allow H. C. Wheatley. deputy treas
urer of Culpeper county, further time in
which to collect certain tax bills.
Wiiite Bread
A piece of bread that is dry, white and
very ligiht in wieght s?ems to the thought
ful person like so much foam or othdr
useless and non-nourishing product.
If one rolls a pioce at moist light'oread
or the interior of a biscuit betiween the
?fingers, a ball of dough is the result, with
an appearonce of sol'dity that miikes one
quesstion how the gastric juiees of the
stomach can dissolve sucli a iwad.
?It is small wonder that such food
creates havoc in the iway of fenmentaition
and gias, and consequent disorder.
Many dyspeptics will find great help by
ieaving off the ordinary bread entirely,
and using in its piace Grape-<Nuts. ln
which the starchy.;and nitroenous sub
stances have ibeen thoroulily and perfec:
ly oooked a<t the factory beifore being sent
There is no posslbillty of the food as
sumlng the form of wads of dough. On
tho contrarj-, the food is already predl
gosted, nbe^starch of tSie grains has been
changed into grape sugar ln the, process
of manufacture and passes quicWy and
dlrectly into circulation.
Grape-Nuts furnlsh the elements need
ed (by the system to rebuild, parttcularly
the eoit CW matter ln tho torain and
ta-rouihout the nerve centres in the body.
Thia statement ?will be verifled by the-use
of the new food. It.!?. dellcloue enough
to recommend Iteelf.upon.trial..
All first-clp''? grocers 6e31. Grape-Nuts.
and the "iPosti-CTi Co., at Baittl* Creek,
A Vigorous Shampoo
once every week with
Scalp Cleaner, when
immediately followed
with athorough apph
cation of the Hair Grower, will make
the hair soft, silky and luxunant.
Unlovely hair means unhealthy hair.
Tnese preparations strengthen as well
as cleanse and purify. They make
and keep the hairbeautiful.
For men, ivomen and children.
Sold by alldrag&sts.
To incorporate the' Imperlal Union of
the city of Richmond.
To regulute the sale of clder in Lou
doun county.
To creat'e a board to ascertain the true
value of real estate which has been pur
chased by the Commonwealth at tax sale
where such value is less than the sum
prescribed by sections C154 and CU6 of the
Code to be paid in redemption or pur
chase thereof und to authorize the re?
demption or purchase thereof upon pay
ment of a sum equal to the value ascer
To provide for the payment out of the
treasury for losses sustained by de
struction of property and expenses in
curred to prevent the spread of smali?
pox Irom an epidemic of that disease
prevale'nt in the Indian reservution of
the Famunkey tribe of Indians.
To authorize the school board of Lipps
District, in Wise county, to issue bonds.
To prevent riotous and disorderly con
duct on any car or caboose, or on any
part of a train currying passengers, or
cmployes of any railroad or street
passenger railway.
To authorize the taking of depositions
under certain circumstances, and pre
scribing the manner of hearing-the same.
To amend and re-enuct section 0 of an
act entitlcd an act to provide for work
ing and repairing the public roads and
bridges ot lslc of Wight county, aiiprpv
ed Marcli 5, 1894.
To ratit'y. coniirm, and amend the char
ter of the Xorfolk-Hampton Roads Com?
Notes of the Members aivd Some Per?
sonal Mention.
Xews reached here yesterday of the
death of Mrs. George A. Lambert, . of
Wythe, wife of the popular member of
tlie House from that county.
Mr. Lambert is held ln high esteem
by his fellow-members. and the pro
found sorrow with which they- learned
of his sad affliction was littingly ex
pressed in the resolution of sympathy in?
troduced by Dr. S. M. Robinson, of Car
roll, and passed by the olluse on yes?
Governor Tyler has appointed Mr. Jas.
M. French, of Pearisburg, Giles county,
a member of the State Commission to
co-operate with the Xational Commis?
sion in ascertaining the positions occu?
pied by the Virginia troops in the bat
tles of Chickumauga and Chattanooga,
to fill the vacancy.caused by the death
of Dr. W. W. Parker.
Hon. W. H. Boaz-, of Albemarle, is mak
ing an admirable chairman of the House
Committee on Finance. He is a clear
headed, solid business man, and looks
diligently after the interests of the State
in "the capacity of "watch dog of the
treasury." He makes no pretensions to
"spread-eagle" oratory, but there is no
member of the House who can state a
?proposition with more force of clearness
than the senior member from Albemarle.
The wisdom of Speaker Saunders'
judgment in selecting him-for this.. most
important position is apparent.
? Hon. R. G. Southall. of Amelia, is one
of the "heavy weight" speakers of the
House. He does not enter into every
trivial debate that engages the attention
of his body, but when a matter of
sweeping importance is under considera
tion, he lets the House hear from him
in no uncertain tones. His effOrts are
alwavs convincing, and are listened to
with'marked attention by his colleagues.
Hon. W. H. Oravely, of Heno*, is oae
of the hard working members. He is
rarely absent during the sessions of the
House, and is a faithful attendant upon
the committees of which he is a mem?
ber. He is orie of Captain Parks' "stand
bys" on general laws, and Is always on
hand to complete a quorum. He is a
lawver of ability, and looks critically
into" all matters that come before him for
decision. ..' -l!
Hon. A'. L,. Cannaday. the floater dele^
gate from Floyd nnd Franklin, left last
night for his home in the former county
to spend a few days with his people.
Hon. Sturges E. Jones, ex-Mayor of the
city of Roanoke, was at the Capitol yes?
Hon J. R. Trotter, Superlivtendent of
Public Instruction of West Virginia, wai
a caller at the Capitol yesterday.
Hon. R. R. Hicks. of Roanoke, ex
me.mber of the House of Delegates from
that city. was on the floor of the House
Hon. W. H. (Lewis. of Fauquier, left
yesterday for Char'ottesvllle to pay a
visit to his son in that city.
Hon. W. P. 'McRae, of Petersburg, who
has been confined to his room at the
Jefferson by a slight attack of grip. was
reported as much better on yesterday.
Mrs. H. F. Hutcheson. of Mecklen
burg. Is vislting her husband, Hon. H.
F Hutcheson, of that county. She is
accompanied by her friend, Miss Adel
Stith M. Shepherd, Esq., a prominent
railroad man of FIsherville. Va., was at
the Capitol yesterday.
Hoh. A. E. Ewell, of Princess Anne
county, has gone home to spend Sunday.
B, Y.P. U. ,
Seventh Ann ?al Convention to LeHeld
in Eoanoke.
The seventh annual convention of the
Baptist Young Peoples" Union of Vir?
ginia to be held in Roanoke on Febru?
ary 21st and 22d, will be quite an inter
esting affair. An excellent programme
has been arranged and a full attendance
is expected.
The convention will be called to order
at H" o'clock on the morning of the
21st, the speech of -welcome to J>e de?
livered by Rev. T. J. Shipman, of Roan?
oke. The response on behalf of the con?
vention will be made:by Professor Frank
Wi Duke, of Richmond.
The'reports of the presldent and see?
retary will be read, and after addresses
by some prominent. ministers the con?
vention will adjourn at 1 o'clock until 3:30
o'clock ln the afternoon, when the ap?
pointment of committees wUl take place.
On the 23d the convention will be called
to order at B:15 o'clock, and during the
morning vaxioue addreeies will be' made
by the members. * VThe -eame general
programme will be-ri f ollowed until 5:15
o'clock ln the afternoon, when tb* elec
ttoa ot vfacerawill take piac* -:,i , ,,j.
The Property of Mr. W. W. Jeffries
/ of Chesterfield.
The Court of Mayor Mauricc?Services
at the-Churches?Aews, Per?
sonal and Brief, of
Manchester Bureau, Bichmond Times,
1112 Hull Stneet, Beattie Bloek.
The barn and much stock .fceftnSlhg to
Mr W. W. JeiSries, in Chesterfield coun?
ty, were destroyed by flre Friday night.
The loss ivas heavy. In the barn were
six snflch cows, some young -caftle, two
mules, one foorse, harness, a buggy, a
one-horse wagon, farming tools?and f-:ed
suflioient to keep the stock through the
iwlnter, all of which was lost. The bulld
in"- was 30x40 feet, and was built about
tiwo years ago by Mr. Geo. W. Freden
burg. 'Xo cause can be given for the nre.
All the work at the barn had been hn
ished before dark, and the -ba.-.i was
closed for the night.. It is supposed the
?lire- originated from tramps sleeping or
-plunaering. The building was insured for
$300 in a Chestertleld company.
Mrs. Rosa Campbell received a telegram
yesterday afternoon announcing the death
of her husband, Mr.< J. W. Campbell, at
tho asvluim. in Willicmsburg. Mr. Camp?
bell had been in bad hoalth for some
months. A few months ago his mind gave
wuy and he was adjudged insane and sent
to Wllliamsburg. where he has been since.
He Ieaves a rwidow and five children.
The remains .will be brought to Manches?
ter, where the funeral service will be. con?
ducted Monday. -
Wipgfield Xevelle. the negro who was
brought from Xorth Oarolma Friday
night by Captain Lipscomb, was before the
Mavor yesterday morning. On rnotion of
Xev?lle's counsel, Mr. Charies Page, the
case was continued.
?Grant Shaw, tlie negro who ^UCK
Cogbill (colored) at tbe tanneiy Friday
nisrht, was tined $2.50.
Asbury M. E. ehurch, James T. Green
pastor, Sunday-school opens promptly at
0-15 A. M. Epworth League meeting
begins at 7:15 P. M. Preaching morning
and night by the pastor. Subject tor U
A M "Whut Is in a Xame.' Subject
for 7:45 P. M., "The Glory of Divine Son
Central Methodist ehurch. Sunday ser?
vices. February 4th?Bishop John C.
Granbery will preach at 11 A. M.; Rev.
J. C. Reed. pastor. at 7:45. Sacrament
of Lord's Supper administered after the
morning sermon. All are invited.
Flfth-Street Methodist ehurch?Sunday
school at 0 A. M.; preaching at 11 A. M.
and 7:45 P. M., by the pastor. Rev. J.
S. Wullace.
Stockton-Street church: Prenching at
11 A. M. and at 7:45 P. M. The Ladies'
Missionary Society will meet at 3:30 P.
M.; (&. Y. P. U. at 7 [P. M.
There will be services at the church
during all next .week, beglnning with
Monday night. These services will be
in tho interest of missions. On Mon
newly elected assistant seeretary of the
Foreign Mlssion Board, will make an
On Tuesday night Rev. E. V. Baldy
will lead the servlce.
? On Wednesday night Rev. J. A. Sul
livan "will conduct tho services.
On Thursday night Rev. W. W. Sisk will
maku an address.
Tha services ?will bo concludcd Fri?
day night with an intitresting programme.
There will bo no preaching to-day
at Cowardin avenue Christian church.
Tho TJnion Class Meeting of the M. E.
churc-hes of Richmond and Manchester
will be held at Fairmount M. E. church
to-day at 3 o'clock P. M., services con
ducted by M A. Caimpbell, of Manchester.
All are invited to attend.
Regular services at Bainbrldgo stre?t
?Baotist church to-day.
Rev. Ohas. N. Van dlouten will preach
both morning and eyening at the First
Presbyterian church to-day.
Services at West-End church to-day:
Sunday-school at $:W A. M. Services
at 11 A. M. and 7:45 P. M.. conducted by
the pastor, Rev. A. C. Berryman. Ep
worth League meetings at 3 and 7 P. M.
All velcome.
Regular services morning and evening
at Clopton street Baptist church by the
pastor, Rev. Mr. iSisk.
All arrangements have not as yet been
completed in regard to the gas plant in
Manchester, but the men at the head of
the undertaking are sufficient to guaran
teo the success of the scheme. The mat?
ter will be laid .before tha City Council
next "week.
Mr. A. L. Adamson has returned from
New York.
Miss Nam le Sterling Neblett, of Bruns
wick, county, who has been visiting Mrs.
S. L. Irgram, has returned to her home.
The American Guild has grown greatly
in memtersbip since its organization.
Mr. W. W. Gibbs contlnues ill at his
home, though reported somewhat better.
Mr. D. E. Lipscomb entertained a num?
ber of friends^ at his home in the county
Friday evening.
The Ladies' Aid Society of West-End
church will meet Monday evening at 3
o'clock at the residence of Mr. C. A.
Ralnes, opposlte-the church. Each mem?
ber earnestly requested to be present.
At the regular meeting of the Swans
boro Conclava of Heptsaphs held at Cers
ley's Hall Friday night, new members were
received and appllcations for others were
received. This lodge is growing very rapid
and bids fair to do a gcod deal of good.
tMiss Cassie Foster, of Atlanta, Ga., is
visiting Miss Lillle Adams.
The Bcard of Health held an important
called meeting yesterday afternoon. Some
special and "important mattems were dis
cussed. . .
Mrs. iL. *M. Crump, of Wiseville, Ches
terfleld county, rwho has been quite III for
some time, was reported! -.not so well yes?
Mr. s. M. Perdue is'connhed to his
home on account of sickness.
The Middle DIstricfAsscciattcn of Group
iNo. 1 will hold a meeting at Oak Grove
on next Sunday. At to-morrow's services
the several Baptist churches will appoint
delegates to the meeting
Dr. Hazen, of CBon Alr, who has been
attendlng Dr. Fisher, of Midlothian, 'who
is sufferlng with an" attack of typhoid
fever, reports Dr. Fisher as somewhat _
Preparinj; for tlie Censn*..
The taking of the, next" census, the
twelfth, will be begun June 1st. next.
Schedules are now being forwarded from
Washington to all the census districts of
the country. Thlrty questions must be
answered by each resident.
for chills and fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chlll Tonic The . formula is.
p auiiy orinted on-each package. "It is"
slmply Iron and Qulnine in a tasteless
farm and ls compounrted ln corrcct pro
portlona. The reason imltator*. uu uotad?
vertise their formula is because they know
you:.' would - not touy* their m edictae
if you knew 1U - lngredients. Grove's
is the orlglnal, nr<d ?? the only'ehllLand'
fever remedvsold t.">ro?trb"ur the entlre.
malerlal section of the V. S. Nocur*. no
j, pay.. Pric* 80b. viLX_. ^v:^_.' X,',. t
?*. '-. HON. -WHjUAM F. REDDY.
Kcoolut lon* of Respect to IIl? Memory
Adopted by tho Bar ot. the.
City ot Richmond.
We print below the resoiutions of the
Bar ot the ctty of Richmond. adopted on
the 25th day of January, 1900, in respect
to the memory of their departed friend
and brother, Hon. WMIam-F. Reddy. The
rooms of the. Ear Association,. ln which
the meeting was held were fiUed by mem?
bers of the Bar, showlng in what hlgn.
esteem Mr. Reddy was held by his asso
ciates. Judge B. C. Mlnor presided,
and the following Committee on reso?
iutions was appointed: John A. Lan-.D,
chairman; J. R. V. Daniel. W, A. Mon
cure, R. T. Lacy, S. S. P. Pattes-m. C.
V Meredith, James C. I amb, Hill Carter,
Miles M. Martin and Harvey Wlllson.
The committee then reported the fol?
lowing resoiutions,. which were unanl
mously adopted:
We are assembled to pay our last sad
tribute ot respect and affectlon to our
departed friend and brother, Winiam
Francls Reddy, ho died in this city on
the morning of Wednesday. the 24th day
of January, 1900. at 2 o'clock ln the thlrty
elghth year of his age. i
He was a son ot Thomas and Mao Car
roll Reddy, of Waterford, Ireland. and
was born on the 9th day of April, 1SS-,
and was educated ln the private.schoo s of
ireland aad England. and graduated ?t
St. John's Unlversity at Waterford When
about twenty-two years of age he left
his natlve country and came t^AmerJca
a,nd commeaced the study of the law ln
the office of his cousin. James \. Reddj.
n this city. He attended the summer
law school at the University of ^rginla
n 1SS6' and was admitted to the Bar the
following year. Being endowed^with_ an
unusually fine mtellect. he soori took a
prominent stand among the members of
his chosen professlon, and when the dread
summons came. he had. by his( o*n ef
forts, established a good P?ctt(*- ..
In the year 1S95, he was elected to the
House of Delegates of Virginia romthe
eltyof Richmond. and was ^-elected a.
member of that body in ^"gggg
unnuestionably have serv;ed.aa^-ni?mber
of the House at Its present session nau
not tL condition of his health prevented
his candidacy. . ?.erv
Conscientious in the^ ^charge of ???
dutv devolved upon him m the practice
of his professlon ever alert ln niainta.n
m- the cause of his client, tenacious and
couraTeo^s in insisting upon every point
of defense, forclble in presentmgever>
view favorable to his cause. yet always
courteous and considerate of court and
counsel, and never harsh in his critic.sms
ot any opposlng Utigant, he won the con
fidence and admiration of his clients. and
the respect and esteem of his opponents.
In tSscharge of his official dutles as
a member of the House of Delegates he
was always watchful of the Interest of
his constituents. ready at all times to
champlon any cause that he thought
would be of benefit to his city and State,
and strong in oppos>HD3 to every meas?
ure that 'he considered detrimental to his
people. Sincere and earnest ln advocacy.
fluent in the use of lar.guage: quick at re
partee; never offenslve; possessing the
faculty of skilfully applying his hterary
attainments. he was pleasing. but strong
in debate, and a subtle and dang^rous
opponent. .
Few men were more familiar than ne
with the history and literature of both
his natl've and adopted countries, and his
exccll^nt taste and wonderful memory had
enabled him to gather a rieh store of
varied and valuable information, which.
with his graphlc narrative powers. a vein
of quiet humor. a ready wit, and a pe
culiarly magnetic nature. made him a
charming companion. and gathered about
him a host of personal admirers and de
voted friends. Possessing the highest
sense of personal honor and a wlthering
scorn for everything mean and base; in
adversity so brave: in prosperity so mod
est: in the discharge of every dity so
just, he deserved and received the respoct
and confidence of all who knew him.
Therefore. be it
Itesolved 1. That this meeting of the
Bar of this city records its sincere sor
row at the death of William Fntncis
IJeddy, one of its most beloved members.
that it deplores his death not only as a
personal bereavement to his assooiatcs,
among whom he was held in the h:gr.
est esteem, but as a loss to the proie>"
sion which he hono-ed, and to t'ie Corn
monwealth, whose intorests he ever stood
ready to promote, with patriotic courago
and devotion.
Resolved 2. That coples of this memo
rial and resolution be furnished by the
seeretary of this "meeting to the family
of the deceased. and that the chalrman
appoint one or more persons to present
the same to the courts of this city and
the Circuit and County Courts of Henrlcp
with request that they- be spread upon
their records.
John Does.
' One of Rtchmond's oldest citizens, Mr.
John Does, died yesterday morning at his
home. No. 511 north Sixth street, at 4
o'clock. ,?. ,
Mr Does had nearly completcd
his elghtieth year. He was born
in Rhine Hessian. Germany. and
came to America about sixty years ago.
In 1S4"> he located in Richmond, and prtor
to the war was engaged in the carriage
business at the corner of Ninth aric
Broad streets, in what was known as tlie
vswan Tavern." After 1SG5 he was en?
gaged in the show-case and fancy-article
business. his place being called the
"Temple of Fancy." During the war he
manufactured cartrldge-boxes, knapsacks
and bayonet scabbards..
rvtr Does through strlct integrity .won
the respect of all. He prospered ln his
business and amassed a competence,
which has rendered his old age comfort
able His loss will be regretted by hun
dreds in Richmond and throughout the
State. He is survived by a widow, one
brother and a number of nephews and
" The funeral will take place at 3 o'clock
to-morrow afternoon from the G?nr.an
Evangellcal Lutheran church, and tho
interment will be in Hollywood.
FerdiimiHl liavison.
Dr Ferdlnand Davison. who has been
known throughout the city ot Rtahmond
for a number of years. died rrlday
evening at 6. o'clock at his home. neai
Laurel statlon. in Hanover countj.
Bv his death the community has iost
one"of its best citizens and most beloved
SHeTasn-born in New York */&?*
came to Virginia at the age o. t*^?;
three, and bas since then made it his
homo. He was a dentlst of ability and
wlde-spread reputation, and h'ghiy es
teemed as such. both by the profession
and the general public.
He had been stck for a short while
and gradualty grew weaker until the end
came Friday. ' . _
He Is survived by three children. Drs.
W. F. and Georga J. Davison, well known
dentists of Richmond, and Miss Mary
E. Davison, -who Uved with him until his
death. His wife, to whom he was a
devoted husband, died last March, and
Dr. Davison never recovered from the
blow. ,. ? -..
* The remains will reach the city this
morning. and the funeral will be con
ducted from No. 629 east Main street at
3 o'clock. The interment will be in Holly?
wood cemetery.
John Winii.
Mr. John Winn died at his residence.
in fMacon, Ga., yesterday afternoom at 1
o'clock, inthe slxty'second year of his
age. He was a natlve of Albem?rle
county, and formerly of this city.
He leaves one son:and two daughters.
Mr. John Winn, Jr., of.Macon, Ga., and
Mrs. B. St. Clalr Watsaa and. 3l"s?
Blanohe "Winn, bothof thia city.
- air?, Lyiiwom! Tatuui.
iBAQULBVELIiB. VA., Feb. 3.?Special,?
Mrs. IflpuwoOd Tattan died at her koma
near *?erev Sehursday ?norniaa;? - at 10
o'clock. ?ie ?as Mlae HunC of Farm
. TUi^ ?bA t?d. ooJ-f *i*4 I* W? wnaty
since her marrto?e, several *?"? ??
but by her tfeaelng aualUle* of ??"?*?
and person had greatly endeared KXf?.
to every one. All that medical sklll, lor
ing hands and fond hearta could do. was
done to stay the dread disease. consump
tion. She was. a copslstent member or
the Baptist cliurch and a noble Chris?
tian eharacter.
The remains were taken to Fanavllie
for interment.
12* MEMORlASf.
?Died. February 1. 190f>. at the residenca
ot Mrs. J.-M. Balley, Barton Helghts,- Va.,
?ary Harrts Flippen. wlfc> or H. tB. Fllp
pen. Sbe was laid to rust ln beautlCul
Jrlollywood. in full vlew of James river
falls. As tlho sun <was sink'.ng In the west
and sending forth his golden. beanv* upon
the surroundlrig hllls and three 'tops, we
followed her to the silent torob.
From- the beghming the hand of fat*
polnted tothls dark hour?'n splte of all
that loving hands and tender heorta could
do In sipite of prayer and supplications;
in splte of all that mthlical sklll could
offer. she had to leave -us. After all we
are helpless bclngs burdened with sorrow
and tears?we cry aloud for help?the oaly
answer ls the echo ot tho wail. Life ia
a gloomy shadow, a dream, and death a
nightmare. . , ....
She ls now at rest. while those left be.
hlnd suffer. "After Ilfe's fltful fever. sha
What He Said Belore the Invcrtizat
ins Committee Friday Nij-ht.
In The Times' report yesterday of what
President A. C. Harman, of the Penl
tentlary Board of Directors, stated to tho
committee Investigating the contract be?
tween the Commonwealth aml the Davis
Boot and Shoe Company Friday ni^nc
the following appeared:
"In one ?mversatlon with Mr. Moseley,
Mr Harman asked him if the Williamses
wanted to bid for the hire of the convicts.
and lf so. what use was to be made
ot them. Mr. Moseley replled that he was
unable to answer the questlon, but sur
mlsed that they mlght want the convicts
to work on an electrical enterprise ln
which. the lirm was Interested.
"Mr Folkes said at this point: tVell
I am glad they did'n't get the convicts.
This thirrg is coming to a pass when a
fellow will have to go to the penltentiary
to get a job of work.' "
"Mr Harman. continuing his statement,
said the Williamses had been srlven am
ple opportunity to bid if they cared to
do so." ,. ,
Mr. Harman thinks the report did not
make clear exactly what he stated. Yes
terdav he wrote out the following.
which. according to his reeollection, U
what he told the committee:
"I asked Mr. Moseley who wanted the
convicts. He said the Williamses. I then
asked him what they wanted to do with
them. He said he did not know. he pre
sumed they wanted them: as they were
interested in an electrical enterprise. they
would want to utilizi the power. Mr.
Folkes asked me lf he said they wanted
to work them on the streets. and I replied
thac he said he did not know what they
were wanted for. but presumed they
were to be worked in connection with
the electrical enterprise. And I wtll
say here that I presumed the convicts
were to be worked within the walls of
the penltcntlary."
Mr. Berkeley Williams, who was th?
gentleman. it seenns, to have talked with
Mr Chesterman about the Davis Com
?pany's contract. yesterday gave out tha
following statement:
"Will vou klndly corxect the state?
ment which appeared in the papers this
morning that John L. Williams & ^ni
are interested in securing convict labor
for -any of their enterprses. It is a mis
apprehension entirely, and them are na
grounds for giving credsnce tc
such a report. Last fall when I en<*uir - 1
for a eopy or the contract T.<ith ths
Davis Shoe Co. it was with a vlew ot
rurnishing manufacturing cost data to
somo Xew Englantl . manufactnrers of
shoes. whom I understood were think
ing of locatinj? in thr> Soiuh. On hehalf
of the Virginia Electrical Railway and
Oevelopment Company. I was ftiil avor
lng to steer these rrople to Richmond,
becauso they 'would be Iarge consumers
of power, and because it would be of
bcnofit to the city.
"John L. Williams & Sons had no knowl
P(lga until to-day of what l had done.
have never intimated. or ever had any
idea of using convict iabor in any of
their enterprlses, but have strictly con
fined themselves to employing person3
through whom tho city and commuruty at
Iarge would be benetited."
I)?-<-r> rtmi Hn'nt CluK
The Deep Run Hunt houmls met yester?
day afternoon at the Club House, an I
Dwenty-tive huriters were at the start. The
hunt was very successful. tbough on ac?
count ot the frost the ground was slappery
"and numerous croppers was th? 893ult.
Several carrla-es saw the sta.-t. Inctud ih;
among their ccewpants. Senator and Mrs.
Henry Fairfax. Messrs. Robert ahd H. G.
Cheenv, of Connectlcut: Mr. X. T. P.ltse
fer of Xpw York; Miss K. Davenpert,
Mr'. E. J. Wlltis. Mr. and Mrs. A'exandee
f'ameron. Mr, and Mrs. Barton Cam con,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. FrankUn. Miss Fair- .
chtld of Roston: Mr. J. Stewart Hryan.
Mr. and Miss Waddey. Mr. and Mr--. T.
X. Carter. Miss Margaret Warwiclc, M'.ss
Gordon, Miss Lovelette L-.wis. bf tlot
Springs, Va.
Thosf who foltowe-I the hotind* were:
th*? matter, Mr. H. C. Reattie. Mr. and
Miss EUacker, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Chris?
tian. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. -Ml-n F-t't--. Dr.
.T. A. White, Dr. C. L. S-Isret. M-?--~r--. F.
D Meanlev. J. R. J. Anderson, J. T. An?
derson. J. D. Mathews. W. H. WasWng
ton, 9. L. Carter, R. H. Gain?-. "mc;
Rueger. Jonathan Rrynn. L T. Myer*.
and Master Stephen Putriey. Jr.. who fol?
lowed on his .pony for the first tlm-*.
?During the month the huntlng appeint
ments are as follows. starting at 4 o'clcck
Wednesday. 7th. 'Xew Reservoir: Satur?
day, 10th, Rio Vista: Wednesday. l-lth.
Fair Groiinds: Saturday. 17th. Weat
brook Gate: Wednesday; 21st. Xew
Reservoir: Saturday. 24th. Rio Viitar
Wednesday. 2Sth. Fair Grounds.
CARTER.?Died. at his res'dence. In Hen
"rico county. Friday. Fob. 2d.. ireo. ln
the 45th vflnr of his ase. ALBFjRT CAR?
TER. JR. Funeral Sunday. February
4th. at Qitlocasln Baptist ehurch (col?
ored) at 2 P. M.
DAVISOX?Died. af his home, near
Laurel. at <> o'clock Friday. February
2. 1900. FERDIXAXD DAVISOX. aged
77 years.
Funeral from. 129 east Main street to
morrow fSundayl at 3 P. M. Inter?
ment in Hollywood.
GAFFART.?uled. at her husband's resl
dence. near Xational Cemetery. at 7
P. M.. February 3. W0O, ELTZABETH
GAFFART, ln the fifty-ninth year of
Funeral will take place from St.
Mary's Oerman Cathollc ehurch MOX
DAY MORi-iXG. at 10 o'clock. with
requiem mass. ? Friends and acqualnt
ances invlted to.attend.
WIXX ? Died. in Macon, Ga.. yesterday
afternoon. at X o'clock. JOHN WINN.
a native of Albemarle county, and for*
merly of this city, In the slxty-second
year of his age. ? ?
Sprlng term beglns FEBRUAHY eth.
Students admitted to Academlc and Law
Classe* during January and February.
Catalogue and sprlng ar.nouncwncnt
?ent on appllcatlon. Addreea

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