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Now Fair ly Entitled to the Honor of
Beinsr So-Cailed,
Somotlilii^ Alwnttlio llodics That are
to Assctnble Hcrcand Uie Dntcs
When Xlicy Coinc?.Many
VJsitors ICxpccted.
Richmond may be properly called the
Convcnlion City of the South. Bcsidcs
the hlstbrlca" interest that hovcrs around
the capital of the lirst English spcaking
colony cstabllshcd in the Xew World
as well as of the Southern Confederacy
and a climate unsurpassed the yi-nr
round, the hospitality of her people and
the splendid accommodatlona of her pub?
lic hostelries make Richmond an idcal
place for the assembllng together of
either large or small bodles. There are
many placcs of interest both in und
around the city where delegates may
pass their time and breatlie the alr of
early tradltion, while at the same time
(Superintendent of Richmond Water
Works J
they enjoy al! Uie luxnrlcs of the most
modern and up-to-date cities.
Tlie various bodles throughout tho land
iire not slow 'to recbgnize the attractions
and advantages of this city as a place
for tbe holding "f their national coun
cils and tliis year an unusually large
number have selected Richmond as their
place of meeting.
Ii would 1?- hard to overestin-.r.te the
advantages, both llnancial and otherwlse,
lhat accrue to the eltj' from the coming
of these bodies. Tbc delegates are rep?
resentatlve men from all parts of the
country and in addition ?- the amount of
money they put in circulatlon while here
Uiey dcpui-1 with a better uriderstanding
of tho people and always retaln a warm
place in their hearts for Vlrginla's capi?
tal city.
The American Water-Works Associa?
tion. a very ImpbrCa'ht body composed
of ihe superintendents of watcr-works
in the various cities of tlie United
Stut.'S and exports on that vital quos
tion to municlpalitles. will meet in Rich
(Member Commltte*
National I'liarmai
1 Arrangemerits for
tical Association.)
mond early in the month of May. This
ls a large body composed of Wcll-inform
od men in the country on ihe subject of
water and watcf-works, ar.d it is taken
for granted that they are also experts
on the amount o: other lluids that it is
proper to mlx with water to properly di
lute it into a pulatablc drink. and how
much it is sale lor each member to im
bibe. Tho attendance on this meeting
will be probably about four hundred.
Another large. and important body that
will assemble in Richmond during the
r.rst part of May is tlie American Phar
maceutlcal Associution. This associa?
tion. composed of prominent druggists
IbrouKhout t.io country. is a most inllu
ential body oi men. They will meet at
tlie Jefferson Hotel irom May 7th to
"LMh Incluslve. Mr. T. A. Miller. the lo?
cal seeretary of the association. has call?
ed a meeting to be held at ihe Jefferson
on Thursday. Februarj' Sth. at .S:.'iO. to
arrange a programme of entertainment,
provide ways and means of carrying it
(Prominent Oud-Fellow. who will Help
EsteruUn Visiting Odd-Fellows.)
out, and to appoint the various commit?
tees. The attendance on this convention
will be from four to five hundred.
Ki'OTHacp.Hoor> of st. axdrew.
The national convention of the Broth
erhood of \ St. Andrew ?? will convene in
this city on October 30th, and will be in
Bcssion four days. The Brotherhood is
composed of young men of the Protest
ant Eplscopal church und was founded
ln one of the churehes in Chicago about
fifteen years ago. The lirst chauter in
this city was organlzed in Grace church;
and after some reverses it prospered and
.did frood work. There are now chapters
at most. If not a.11, of the Eplscopal
cburcbei oi this city. The -utcadance
II ffliS OF
A Valuable Book Which Has
Been Put on Sale
Contains Maps, Illustrations
and Historical Facts Re
garding South Africa
and the Philippines.
Xow that interest in the war in South
Africa is so intense the people are seek
ing to become better acquainted with
conditions in that torrid country. Of
chief concern to them is its geography
and topography. It is necesiary to a
i full understanding of the news received
from there that the locations of the
places mentioned should be known. All
this information, and much more, is
provided in a neatly print ed and at?
tractive book now on sale at the count
ing-rooms of The Times.
The book is entitled "An Atlas of Two
Wars." It dcals with thc Spanish-Ameri
can and Boer-British strugglis.
It contains maps of Afrio. Alaska,
Basutuland, Cape Colony, Cape of Good
Hope. Cuba, Hawaii, Luzon, Xatal,
Orange Free State, Porto Rico. Also
Iarge scale maps of South Africa and the
Pliilippinc" Islands.
Of chic-f interest is the map of thc
war district of South Africa.
The situation of the places which have
now become so famous is plainly shown.
Ladysmith looms up; also Mafeking, Pre
toria. Joh.innesburg. Kimberley. wherein
Cecil Rhodes is a prisori'er; Bloomfontein
and others of equal interest.
The book also is profusely and beautl
fully iliustrated, containlng pictures of
persons and places, such as Cecil Rhodes,
President Steyn, of the Orange- Free
State, and some prominent Boers.
Majuba Hill. such a blttor memory to
the Hritish. is also shown, as well as
Joliannesburg, the falls of the famous
Tugela river, and other spots of interest.
It contains, more'iver, an exeelient his
1ory of the Philipplne Islands, their in
habltants and products, with a no less
inleresting and instructive sketch of the
South African republic.
The book can be sccurcd at The Times
eounting-rnnms upon presentatlon < f a
coupon clipped from any issuc of The
Times, accompanled by the sum of fiftccn
on the onnvention will probably be from
1MJ0 to 1,500.
One of the leadlng nntlonal enmmcreial
organizations of the country is the Xa?
tional Hardware Association. which will
meet here snmo time in Xovember of
this year. This is a Iarge as well as im?
portant body and will bring many sub
Stantlal men to Richmond. There ure
G00 cxpected to attend this meeting.
Other bodies that will meet in Rich?
mond this year are: The American Me'd
?icc-Psyolinlegica.1 Association, which
meeis here May 1-4; the Sovereign
Grand Lodge of the Independent Order
of Odd-Fellows, September 17-22: Xa?
tional Convention of the Order of Unit?
ed American Machinists, September 10
13; and the Xational Council of Duugh
tcrs of Amcrica. October 4th.
ln addition to the above, the Chamber
of Commerce has invited tho Southern
Ldueational Association to hold its next
convention in Richmond. It is held dur?
ing the Christmas holidays. This is a
very Iarge association, composed of
teachers, und the attendanee would prob?
ably be from 1,500 to 2.OO0. There is also
a movement on foot to have the Elks
meet here in 1?X.
. These mectings will bring many people
to the city and are of liiestimable value
to her progress and prosperity.
Another Itural Draina.
A "Country Visltor" is a rural
comedy that will appear at the
Academy next Saturday afternoon and
night. which will be presented by a com?
pany of high-class comedlans, vocalists.
dancers, and musical artists. whose com
bined efforts makes this production the
comedy event of the rural drama season.
The comedy creation. with all its wealth
of special scenery, mechanlcal effects.
and calcium liglits helps to add to the
suoress of this play. Hayes, America's
cliampion tr'u-k bicyele rider, will perform
many dlnTeult -feats while leading the
< - 3
Doctors Can't
Cure It!
Ccntngious blood poison is absolutelj
beyond tlie skili of the doctors. They
may dose a patient for years on theii
rhercurial nnd potash remedies, but ha
will never be rid of the disease; on tha
pther hiind. his condition will grow
ne.'idily worse. S. S. S. is the only cure
for this terrible ufllietion. becntise it is
the only remedy which goes direct to
the cause of the disease and forces it
from the system.
I was flfllicted with Blood Poison, nnd the
best doctors did me no good. Uiougn 1 took
their treatnient faitli
fully. In fiiet, I seenied
to get worse all the
while. I took almost
every so-eailed blood
remedy. but they did not
seeai to reach "ihe dis?
ease. and had no effect
whutever. I was.dis
lieanem'd, for it seenied
that 1 would never be
ci'.red. At the ndvice of
a friend I then took
S. S. S.. and began toim
prove. 1 continued tha
medlcine. and it enred ine completely. build?
ing upmv henlthand Increasing my appetite.
Althoiurli this was ten yea's ago. I have never
yet had a sign of the disease to return.
W. R. Newman.
Staunton, Va.
It is like self-destruction to continue
to take potash and mercury; besides
totally destroying the digestion, they
dry up the marrow in the bones, pro
ducing a stiffness and swelling of the
joints, eatising the hair to fall out, and
completely wrecking the system.
is guaranteed Purely Vegetable, and is
the only blood remedy free from these
:langerou8 minerals.
Book on self-treatment sent free b
Swift Spesifio Company, Atlanta, G?.
Those of Washineton and Vicinity to
Meet on Saturday.
One Year from To-day There Will.bc
a General Ceiebration ol' tlie Huu
dredth Anniversary offJIisTak
jn"- His Seat as Chief Justice.
WASHIXGTOX, Feb. 3. ?Special.?The
annual reunion of the alumni of the Uni?
versity o? Virinia of Washinton and iis
vicinity will be held In tho banquet hall
of the Shoreham Hotel next Saturday
eventng, owing to the fact that prepara
tions are being made by the authorUies
10 gather her alumni at the University
on the anniversary of the birth of her
ifouhder, Thomas Jefferson, on April 13th.
At no pcriod in the history of the Alum?
ni Association has the membership been
so large and enthusiastic, there being at
present 150 loyal sons of the old Univer?
sity in and around Washington. It is al?
so gratifyihg to the friends of 'the old in?
stitution to know that no American col?
lege is so largely represented in our Na?
tlonal Congress as the University of Vir?
The coming reunion promises to ec-iips?
all other similar meetings. Besides the
alumni, >the chairman. with others of the
faculty, and a number of distinguished
guests will be present. The following
committee have the reunion in charge:
Messrs. W. II. Saunders, Thomas Nelson
Page. Cazenove Lee. and Dr. L. W. Glazs
Representatlve Lamb, aceompam'ed by
Major Charles Selden, of Richmond. call?
ed at tlie War Department to-day in th?
interest of the Petersburg Iron Works,
who have put in a bid to build a dredge
for government work.
Representatlve Hay, of Virginia. chair?
man of the Democratic Congressional
Committee. has issued a call for a caucus
to clect members of the committee from
States who have no Congressional repre
sentation in Congress. Mr. Hay leaves
for Richmond this afternoon to spend
a few days with his family.
One year from to-morrow, February 4.
1901, the American Bar Association will
lead in a general eclobrntion of the one
hundredth anniversary of the day on which
John .Marshall. of Virginia, took his seat
as Chief Justice of the Suprerne Court
of the United States, a position he filled
for over thirty-four .years.
The ceiebration will be general all nver
the United States with its most lmpres
sive features in Washinston:' It is pro?
posed that "an exalted meeting shall
take place in tlie Suprerne Court room,
lo which the Presldent and the Gover
nors of the sevoral States and all the
high oflicials of the government shall be
invited. Under the diroction or tbe Cnief
Justice the judicial life and character
of John Marshall shall be the principal
theme of the orator."
At the same time appropriate memorial
ceremonies will be held in the joint pres
ence of both houses of Congress; in every
courthouse in the United States and by
the faculties and pupils of law schools.
The proposed ceiebration has been
heartily eridorsed by former Presidcnt
Cieyelarid, Chief Justice Fuller and Lord
Itussell, Chief Justice of England, and
other prominent men.
Tlie Senate has (onfirmed the nomina
tions of William A. Mosby to l>e post
rriaster at Bedford City, Va., and Eliza
beth Bamfield to be postmasier at Beau
fort, X. C. /
F. A. Bagg, Xewport Xews: Thomas
Anderson. Abingdon: W. II. Bond. Wise;
G. M. Tucker. Hillsville; E. J. Ware.
Pocahontas; and S. G. f^ett, of Rich?
mond, Va.. are, in the city.
Committee on Financc Recotninentls a
Large A pprbpriation.
Tlie Council Committee on Finance met
at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. and af?
ter a session of about two hours passed
a resolution appropriating about $'0,000,
to be expended in imprbvlng Ja.mes river
and acquiring the Justis Island property,
which is now owned by Mr. J. W. Justis.
The resolution is a lengthy one. It was
.prepared by City Attorney H. R. Pollard,
after a careful examination Into the costs
of acquiriiif;' Juslis Island. building the
dykes. and dyking and otherwise improv
ing the river so as to allow the William
R. Trigg Company to go ahead with tha
work of constructing the United State
battleship Galve'ston.
This aippropriatioh, with the one tho
Virginia members in the Xational House
?of Rupresentatives are endcavoring to se
cure for the purpose of improving the
river and harbor. wili afford Riclimond
one of the finest iniand harbors in Amer
ica. the amount which will bs expended
being about $200,000.
The resolution gocs to the Common
Council to-morrow, when iinal action will
be taken upon it.
Xorfolk to Builri Bnttlcshipsaiid Crui
scrs Ijike ltichmoiid.
A bill will be introduced in the Legisla?
ture on Monday by Mr. John Wlvtehead,
of Xorfolk, to grant the right to erect
and conduct a ship-yard and dry-dock at
If the right is granted the syndicate, at
the head of which is Mottu DeWitt &
Company. eapitali.<s. will at once com
mence the plans for the work and com
plete the necessary arrangements so that
the building of the docks and yards may
proeeed. The proposed yards will be lo
cated on the east bank of the Elizaberh
river near the mouth of Tarren's creek,
below Fort Xorfolk.
The firm of Mottu DeWitt & Company
ropresent unlimited capital in both Bel
gium and France, and the enterprlse will
have abundant resources upon which to
Tlie yard will be a large one. capable of
building the largest and mghest grade
men-of-tvar. and the dry-dock will be
sufflciently large to float the largest battle
Tho Virsinia Iron, Coal aiul Coke Com?
pany Pi'obable l-hrclinser.
BRISTOL. TENX., Feb. 3?Special.?By
a decree of court the Marion and Rye
Valley railway, reaching the iron de
posits in Smyth county. Va., was sold
to-day to A. J. Perry for $7,000. Mr,
Perry probably represented the Vir?
ginia Iron. Coal and Coke Company.
Miss Ethel Rader, dautrhter of, ex
Mayor W. A. Rader, died to-day of men
lngltls, aged twenty-three.
Dr. Rlnnioii Paralyzod.
OVERLY. VA.. Feb. 3.?Special.?D"r.
James M. Blanton. one of the most prom?
inent physlclans in Southside Virginia.
was strlcken with paralysis yesterday at
the bedside of u patient. and ls crltlcally
lll at his home. ln Cumberland county.
Dr. Blanton ls. an uncle of Dr. C A.
Blanton.) ol -your city.
The Most Refreshing
Morning Laxative
The one palatable.reliable rem?
edy for indigestion, sick head
ache and constipation.
Actinggently on all the excretory
organs, it expels waste matters,
removcs goiity and Rheumatic
poisons from the blood and keeps
the stomach and bowels clean and
healthy. joe and S1.00, at druggists.
interesting Facts About Uichmontl's
Citizens ar.d Oilun- Matters.
Mr. L. D. Lacy is quite ill at his home,
Xo. I2S south Fourth street.
Mrs. X. Blanche Bailey, wife of Mr.
Herbert H. Bailey. of ?m south Fine
street, is very ill at her home.
Tlie resignation of Second Lieutcnant
Joseph Lc-Masurier, of Company F, was
yesterday accepted by the Governor.
Miss Elizabeth and Katherine Rhodes,
of Xorfolk, are visiting friends in the
ci t y.
Mrs. Regina Xelson. formerly of Rich?
mond, but now residing in Xew York, is
in the city stopping at Murphy's.
Papers in the matxer of Mor.m ?t a!. vs.
Thomas C. Swect, were served to-day in
thc United State? court.
Jamie Byrnes will by special request
sing at St. john's German Evangelical
ehurch (Dr. Menzel's) this morning.
Hon. Thomas H. Edwards and family
are In the city to remain until the Legis?
lature adjourns.
Hon. Thos H. Edwards, of the House
of Delegates; is conlined to his bed on
account of sickness.
Mr. Xathan Simon Ieaves to-day to at
tend the Merchant Tailprs' Xational Con
vention to be held at Louisyille. Ky.
The School Board of Brookland distriet,
Henrico county. held their regular ses?
sion at the County court-house this
Mr. J. R. Trotter, Superintendent of
Public Instruction of West Virginia. was
at the Capitoi yesterday in company with
Colonel Frank P. Brent.
i Governor Tyler has accepted the Lcq
' Rillcs, of Xorfolk. as a part of the Vir?
ginia volunteer forces. This was for?
merly Company A, of the Fourth regi
Mrs. C. J. Johnson, of 512 north Twen
ty-seventh street. after a very severe
attack of thc grip for the past two weeks.
is now able to sit up.
C. E. Brown. through his attorney. Mr.
YV. H. Beveridge. yesterday tiled his pe
tition in Bankrupt Court, praying to be
adjudieated a bankrupt.
Messrs. J. D. Shaw, of Carthage, X.
C; S. X. Cox. W. G. Watson and L.
Thomas. of Jonesboro. X. C. were among
the visitors nt the City Hall yesterday.
Rev. Father R. A. Drake, recently of
Keyser, W. Va.. reacned the city last
night. on his way to Xorfolk. to assume
ehnrgo of the Church of the SacrtTd Heart
in that city.
The condition of Dr. A. E. Dickinson
was spmewhat hetUor yesterday. He pass?
ed a quiet nisht.
Dr. ITatchej- was summoned yesterday
morning from his own sick room to the
bedside of his eldest daughter. M'.ss Mary
liatcher. who is extromely ill at Careby
Hall. their country place.
A business meeting of the McGill Catho
lic Union will be held at the rooms,
Cathedral Hall, to-morrow evening at 8:::o
Mrs. J. Walter Bosewell has returned
to her home in Southwest Virginia, after
spending several weeks in the city with
her parents. ?-.
Mr. James A. Lawsoh, manager of the
billinrd pariors of the JefTerson, te still
conlined to his home, Xo. 301 south Be!
videre street, by illness. Mr. O. F.
Marrian is in charge during Mr. Law
son's absence.
A called meeting of the Piekett Camp
Auxiliary will he held at Piekett Camp
Hall to-morrow afternoon at :>::!3 oYloek.
The matter of securing homes for the
widows of Confederate veterans will be
considered at this meeting.
Vii-^rini.-uis in Xew York,
XEW YORK, Feb. 3?Special.?Vir
ginians in Xew York:
Lynchburg?J. W. Hill, Cosmopolltah.
Xewport Xews?J. E. Lang.-ton, St.
Xorfolk?J. Stern, Broadway Central:
Mrs. E. E. Siams, Tmperi.il; R. 11. Mapp,
J. M. McLean, Mrs. A. E. Sears, Marl
Richmond?J. P. Hhwes, J. P. Hawes,
Jr.. E. H. Spier, Albert- C. H. Ennis. Bay
State; J. Brvan, Xetherland; J. A. Walsh,
St. Denis.
Roanoke?J. L. Hill, St. Denis.
A Sorl of Sti-.-uv Vnto.
An ad'vertising agent, re;iresenling a
prominent Xew York magazihe, while
on a recent western trip, was dining one
evening in a Pittsburg restmirant.
While waiting for his order. he glanced
over his newspaper and noticed the ad
vertisement of a well-known dyspepsia
preparatioh, Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets;
as he himself was a regular user of thc
ta'olets, he began speculatlng as to how
many of the other traveiinjr men in the
dining-room were also friends of the
popular remedy for indigestion.
He says: "1 counteu twehty-three men
at the tables and' in the hotel otiice I
took the trouble to Intervlew them an<'
was surprised to learn that nine of the
twenty-three made a practice of taking
one or two of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
after each meal.
One of them told me he had suffered
so much from stomach trouble that at
one time he had been obllgc-d to quit the
road. but since using Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets had been entirely free from indi?
gestion, but he continued their use, espe?
cially while traveling, on account of Ir
regularlty in meals and' because like nli
traveling men, he was often obliged to
eat what he Could get and not alway.
what he wanted.
Another, who looked the plcture ci
health, said he never ate a meal without
taking a Stuart Tablc-t afterward be?
cause he could eat what he pleased and
when he pleased. without fear of a sleep
less night or any other trouble.
Still another used them because he was
subject to gas on stomach, causing pres
sure on heart and lungs, shortness of
breath and distress in chest, which hc
no longer experienced since using the
tablets regularly.
Another claimed that Stuart's Dyspep?
sia Tablets was the. .only safe remedy he
had ever found for sour stomach and
acldity; he had formerly used common
soda to relieve tlie trcuble, but the tab?
lets were much better and' safer to use
After smoking. drinking or other excess
es which weaken the digestive organs,.
nothing restores the stomach to a heaithy
wholesome condition so effectually as
Stuart's Tablets.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets contain the
natural dlgestlves?pepsln. dlastase. which
every weak stomach lacks, as well as
nux, hydrastln and yellow parllla. and
can be safely relled.-.upon as a radical
cure, for every form of poor digestion.
Sold by druggists everywhere.
A little book on stomach trouble3 mall
ed free by addresslng F. A. Stuart Co..
Marshall, Mich..
Fusionists Cannot Settle on a
i ?
! The Candidatcs Will Be F. A. Wood
nrd, Bait Gilliam, Capt. Thos. "W.
Itfason and It. B. Pcebles?Cot?
ton Goes to Eijjht Cents.
RALEIIGWH, X. C, Feb. 3.-<SpecIal.?The
plan proposed somctlme ago by J. J. Har
ris to let Sonator Butler head the State
Fusion ticket, sesms now to set well with
the Sonator. ? Some Republlcans favor it,
but some want to see their senator, J. C.
Pritchard. head the Stata ticket. Then
agaln, the Southern Republlcans want and
will sup{ ort Pritchard for the second
place on tho national ticket. All this is.
of codrse, only speculative. One thing ls
certain, the Democrats will leave no
stone untrurncd to wrest the Second Con?
gressional District from the Republlcans,
and no longer let a negro represemt It.
The special appropriation for the public
schools will give the children of Wake
county a par capita of 40 cents at ieast.
In the Second distr.ct the following gen
t-cmen will run for nomination for Con?
gress: Ex-Congressman F. A. AV'oodard.
of Wilson; Mr. Dan Gilliam, of Edgecombe
county; Captain Thomas W. Mason, and
Hon. It. B. Peebles. of iXorthampton.
It is tho opinion of some members of
the Legislature that when that body ad
journs it will adjourn to meet at some
dato named. This is to be ready to meet
any attempt at legal action which the
fusionists may resort to. At the meeting
of the Executive Committee of the Repub?
iican-. it is said they determinied to try
by law to amend the new election law and
the suffrage am-endment.
Cotton yesterday brought elght cents on ?
tho 'Raleigh market for the first time since
August, 15-DT. There has been 262 bates on
this market during the week just ending.
The corresponding week last year put
only eighty-six bales here. but the receipts
for this season. as a whole. fall short of
the ceason a year ago. This season's re?
ceipts are 10.413, and last season they were
The Cooper & Cooper Company. of Wil
mingiton. was incorporated yesterday.
Raleigh is much agltated over the plans
and ways and means for securing an audi
torium suitablc for the capital city.
To lio Opened in Ten Days by C. B. Ay
cb'clr, Candi'latc for Governor.
CHARLOTTE. X. C. Feb. S.?Special.?
The County Demoenitic Executive Com?
mittee decided to-night to open the cam
paign in this county inside of ten days.
Hon. C. B. Aycock. of Wayne county.
who is prominently mentioned as a can
didate for Governor. will make the initial
Dclicrcd Tlint All beposlrors Will be
I'aid in l-'ull.
CHARLOTTE, X. C, Feb. 3.?The Com
mercial and Farmers Bank, nt Rockhill,
S. C, closed its doors at 1:15 this after?
noon. A run started on the bunk in the
second week of last December and con?
tinued until yesterday. the total run
amounting to 5G**,00O. The bank directors
are men of means, and it is believed de
positors will be paid in full.
- ? ??-??
Street Car Incorporators Dei.y That
They Have l)eei<led on Plan.
Since tlie refusal of the City Council
to extend the- lime-lim't of the filing of
the bond by the Richmond Street-Car
Syndlcate, various rumors have been in
circulation. There was one on the streets
yesterday to the effect that Messrs. Pat
ton. Ainslie, Slterding and Travers. of
Richmond, all incorporators and Messrs.
Wilson and Watson. of Xew York would
aceept the franchise and post the $20,000
forfeiture bond.
This may or may not be done. Time
will develop that. but one thing is sure,
that at the time this rumor was given
currency no such plan of action had
been decided upon by the gentlemen
named. One of them, when seen. stated
in the most emphatie terms that no meet?
ing had bean held and no such decision
made. among the gentlemen named. '-The
matter." said he, "is in statu quo. We
do not know what will be done at this
time. We are simply waiting and while
I do not say. that some action may be
taken. before the time-limlt expires, I do
say that we have no plans now."
It is probable that a meeting will be
called for some time Monday. The time
Hmit referred to erpires at midnight
T. P. A.'s Will Help It Alou^?Thej
Discuss ltaiircad "llalters.
A e.penial meeiing of Post A. Traveliers'
I'rotective Assjciation or America, was
held at their headquarters last night to
confer with the Citizens' Comm'ttee with
a vie". of furthoring the contemplated
Street Fair, to be held in this city some
tiime during this year. In the absence of
the presldent, Seeretary Walthall called
tr.e meeting to order and asked the con
sont of ihese present to have Mr. J. H.
Warden take the chair.
Tho chairman called upon Mr. Alexander
H. Meyer. who explained in detall how
those street fairs were conducted
various cities. and after his remarks Mr.
W. O. MilVr also addressed the meeting,
.-etting forth many good features. whereby
such an affair would benafit the c'ty.
Speoches from a number of members
were made ir. rejponse to the remarks of
rlra Citizens' Cotitmi'tee, which brought
forth tihe following resolution as offered
by 'Mr. Moulton and seconded by Mr. J.
L. Hill. and unanimously adoptod by the
whole post:
"Resolved, That Post A, Virginia Dlvis
oh, Traveliers' Protective Association of
America, heartily endorse the contempla
tion of the Street Fair to be held ln our
city at some time during the present year,
and to request the seeretary to write to
a.'.dh ot the members asking them to co
operate in mak:ng this. fair a success both
financialiy and commarclally. by bringing
It to the attention of their custoroers and
their friends throughout the territory in
which they travel."
The meeting further dlseussed at some
icngth the bills now 'pendlng ln the Vir?
ginia Legislature regarding the "charters
for addtiional lines of i-allroads as North
ern outleta. between Richmond and"
Washington. and after considerable dis
rjussion the following. -resolution was
??Resolved. That Post A. Virginia Dl
vhrion. T. P. A, of America,. heartily
endorses a bill now pending- ln the Vir?
ginia fLegislature relative to the grantlng
of a charter to/the Seaboard Air-Line
railroad to build a railroad from Rich?
mond ta Washington, I>. C, thercby
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securing an additlonal Northern outlet;
that the secretary be also instructed to
address a letter to our representatlves
ln the Leglslature asking their vote and
support of said bill. and that the secre-.
tary of this post further be Instructed
to Issue at once a letter to each mem?
ber of tbe post. sollclting his co-operation
and Inftuence. and requesting the said
members to endeavor to have their cus
tomers write their several representatlves
In our Legislature to vote and use their
Inftuence for said bill."
The Nationat- Board" ot Dlrectors[have
just issued a letter to the various dl
vbdon secretarles. stating that the na- -
tional conventlon. .will be held ln. New
Orleans, La.. May 22. VKKh *a* tkat ?
the members last night were acqualnted
of this fact. and as the growth of the
Vlrglnlu, Dlvlsion has very much In?
creased since the la3t convention. ? which
entltles this divlslon to quite a large rep
resentatlon. many slgnlfted their Intention
and wllllngness to go.
The annual meeting of Post A. for th?
electlon of offleers for tha eoauinsr year.
will be held shortly. and about a month
thereafter the State convention will eon
ven? ln Rtehmond, a* suests of Post A.
The meeting last night -was very largely
Dr. I>'cte?i-*<m fcoti'T.
Dr. A. E. TMcklnson -was somwwhat ls??
tar laat night and w&* rcatla* o.ui*U*fc

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