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The times. (Richmond, Va.) 1890-1903, February 04, 1900, Image 9

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Rubber Goods Specials;
2-quart Fountain Syringe, 3 attacu
mcnls, hard rubber tubes, for- Cf|^
Monarch Bulb Sjriiige, with two
hard rubber attach
2-quart Goodyear Water Bot- pq^.
i-quartWaterBottles, "Good- Af\r
Women'8 Virgin Face
Pink, Blde, Red, and
Gray, have been $i,
make the waist a
to 3 inches lohger,
The same kind
sold in New York
for $1.
Three Leather Goods Specials.
CombinatJon Pocket-Booka apd Chatelaine Bajts, all tftat ?5*?"*_?* ?I?
95c. lines. Scveral styles, se-veral leatbers, seal and c*tf faced, sOBsewi.W.
large sterling silver 3nd o-ridked coraers, several styles and Mf\g%
good color??yon will snrely find on: or two to ycur hking from ^%J^?>
thisimmeuseassortment, allreducCdto*;!??*??;-'---.%"**
CombinationPocket--Bc<>i?vCh^e^^^f^teli^e^^S^Pin* B"P *nd*
Bags and Pt-rses. new. cIea?'-*R#? [Pnrses^ alarge^ assortment, ja^.^
goods, formerly marfced 45c ^ JC?jseveral styfcsy redaced to....?. ?***%*_
New Spring Suits and Skirts. !
Glearisig Sale of Goats, Capos, Smits.
Opening sale of the new 1900 Spring Dresses. Closing sale
of the lots left over. Occasions of rare importance.
New Spring Siyle
Tailor-^ade Suits.
All-"iVooi Black Cheviot Suits, made
Jaimty fly-front coat?, entire suit silk
lined. skirt made with the new box-plait
back. These suits are remarkably cheap
$10?ln our SlO Ilne you can get Oxford
and Ligbt-Gray Homespuns, Black and
Blue Cheviots, all shndes of Tan Covert
Cloth. Also the best Blues, made every
new stylo imaglnable. Tou will have. to
?ee these Suits to appreciate their value.
Ladies' Nobby Eton Suits, made of.
covert cloth. Thcso suits come in two
shades. of Tan and Blue, skirt box-plait
back, $0.50.
Handsome Black Camel's Hair Skirts?:
made invertcd plait back, stitched side
panel and bottom. heavy quality Black,
Taffeta Ldning, lor "T.9S.
Black Broadcloth Skirts. in the latest
cut. with Taffeta AppHque, scroll side
panel. Watteau plait back, ilried with
percaline. $5.yS.
Rich patterns In Crepon Skirts, made
box-plait back and have the proper hang
Ing effect, aro now 5S.50.
Plaid Back Skirts, $5.
Plaid Back Bainy-Day Skirts. box-plait
back. $5.
Covert 0001 Skirts, 52.n9.
Serge Skirts, in Blcck, $1.25.
Black' Satin Underskirts, made double
flounce, lined, for $1.
Colored Moire Underskirts. made double
flounce, corded. $1.
Black Sateen Underskirts, single
flounce, lined, S?c.
Best quality Importcd Sateen Un.dcr
skirts. made yoke top, decp flounce, with
flve corded frills. regular $3 kind, for
Clearing Saie:
Ladies' Double-Breasted Coats, of all
wool Kersey cloth. lined with satin,
taffeta, and some with silk romalne, fln
ished in rows of atltching, coats that sold
up to $15?now all are one" price, $5.
Ladies" All-Wool Kersey Coats, made
double-breasted or fly-front, some lined
with satin, others in silk romalne and
salln. sold up as high as $10, ycur choice,
All-Wool Kersey Coats, iincd through
out. double-breasted, the $5 up to $$.50
kind. you can have your cholce of these
for $2;SO.
Your cholce of the $2.50 and $3 kind for
Ladlos' Man-Tailored Suits, mad? of
chevlot, homespun, whipcord, covert cloth,
ahd styllsh mixtures, coats made fly
front, double-breasted, lined with best
quality taffeta, skirts are nearly all made
1 hablt back, lined with best quality per
i calinc, valuo up to $22.50. nearly all slzes,
thc* special price to close out will be $10.
The $12.50 Suits are- marked $7.50.
| The $10 Suits are marked $5.
Only a few slzes are left of these.
I Made of plain heavy face cloth, plaid
fiounce and hood. frlnge of same, these
marked to sell for $5.
Plain Covert Ciora Golf Capes, plaid
trimmings and fringe. also some Plaid
Back Golf Cnpes, stylos that have sold
for S6.50. now to be sold for $.:.?0.
Black Beaver Cloth Capes, special price
All of our French Flannel 'Wnlsld
tliat sold as high ?? 54.50 liave b'eeri
marked $1.50.
Flannel Waists that sold for $1 and $1.50,
are now 75c.
Black Flannel Waists, shirt-walst style,
Cotton Chevlot Waists, partly lined,
29c *
Plaid Waists, lined throughout, for :50c.
Winfer Utiderwsar
OwiuK to the advance In vfool,
present prices are- much lovrer than
thoxe vrhlch will rule next -vniltr.
lUc. will buy Jtten's S9c. Natural \\ooi.
Cainei's Hair, and White Merino Shirts.
33c. will buy Men*s:50c Camel s Hair.
"Natural Wool, and White Merino Shirts
and Drawers. all slzes. ,
?9c will buv Men'e $1 AllVWool Medi
cated Red Flannel Shirts ar.d DraWera
TS?c will buy Mcn's 51.25 -.*. right s
Health Undcrwear.
51 will buy Men's S1.50 Glastenbury
Bhlrts and Drawers. all sizes.
lCc will buv Children's Uo and 50C. M
tural'wool and Medicated Red Flannel
Vests and Panfs. ?
4f?c. will buy Ladies' SI Natural Wool
and White Lamb's-Wool Vests.
33e will buv Ladies' 59c Heavy Fleece
Lined Jersey-Ribbed Unlon^Suits.v : ; , ,
S?c. will buy Ladies' Sl.oO One ta
Wool-Mixed Jers-y-Rihbed Union Suits.
Priesiley's GeleEirated
Black Oreporss.
A sotb-crinc of cverj-thlng nexr
nnd novel ln Crcpons-n.il the ebojee
flntcd nnd fnrrovrcd Crcpons, l'acU
?d and Tncked Crcpons, Dlnipled
and Ulmpled Crepon, Crisped Crc?
pons, Supcrb-Sill" a-.d Wool Cre
pons, and Mohair Crcpons.
The $1.75 kind at $1.35 yard.
The $2 kindat $1.45 yard.
The $1.65 kind at $1.21 yard.
The $1.15 kind at oSc. yard.
The $4 kind at $2.50 yard,
Here ls a chnnce for llnen-bnyers
?o pnrchnse Lincns at RTently-re
fiaccd prices, owlas to our early
pnrchasea nnd complcte stock.
CG-lnch Double Satin Bleached Tablo
-Damask. new patterns, imported to sell
for 75c, here for GfJc yard.
i62-inch Satin Bleached Table Damask,
K?c. quality. for GOc. yard.
54-lnch Full Bleached Damask, 30c
quality, for 22 l-2c. yard.
CS-inch Turkey-Red Table Damask, all
new patterns, 25c. yard.
5t-inch Red Table Damask, 20c quality,
for 10c yard.
Double-Thread Turklsh Towels, XOo.
aach, for!21-2c. ones.
Extra-Sl7.e Unbleached Turklsh Towels,
17c quality, for J2J-2c. each; $l.3t>
Large-Size Fringed Table Cloths, 75c.
quality, for S'lc each.
Cotton Crash Toweiling. 2 l-2c. yard.
Linen Huck Towels. regular size, 12 l-.c
lralue, for Sc. each.
Linen Hemmed Huck Towels. 31--C
each, 61-4c. quality
Tailor LiningSa
SG-inch Merccrizvd Italian Cloth, all
colors. the 50c. quality, the yard. 35c.
Tard-Wlde Mercerizc-d Italian Cloth, all
colors and Black. SSc. kind. the yard. 25c.
30-lnch Mercerlzed Taffeta. bright silk
flnish. all colors i-nd Black, 23c. grade,
yard. 19c
Bright Sllk-Finished Percaline. Iooks
like near-silk,-worth 20c, all colors. yard,
12 l-2c
Black-Back Fancy Silesias. extra ilne
15c. quality, the yard. 12 i-2c
Best 15c Silesias and Percaline. new
shades and Black. the yard, 10c.
19c Silk-Flnished Striped Sklrting.
bright or dark coloring. the yard. 12 i-2c.
Tapestry Portieres, five
different styles, 2=tone ef?
fects, 3 yards iong, fringed
top and bottom, $1.98 a
4 different styles Fine 2-Thread Notting
laaro Lace Curtains. Kenaissance and
Brussels effect. 31-2 yards long. 54 inches
wide. Si.?8 palr.
fillkoUne and Golden Draperies. all
colors, 6c. yard._
You can buy Ready-Mado Sheets and
Pillow-Cases hero cheaper than the ma?
terial elscwhere. '
Heavy, Round-Thread Bleached Sheets.
laundered, ready for use, - SOxOO inches,
for 4!>c. each, tho ?9c. quality.
Hemstitched Sheets double-bed size,
G5c. each for (5c. quality.
Single-Bed TL'nbleached Sheets, 20c.
each for 40c. quality.
Large-Size Pillow-Cases, ready for use.
8c. each
45x30 Heavy Round-Thread Bleached
Pillow Cases, 121-2 quality for lOc. each.
Hemstitched Pillow-Cases, Iarge size,
12 J-2c. each.
10-4 Round Thread Bleached Sheeting,
12 l-2c. yard.
Yard-Wide Heavy Bleached Cotton, Gc.
Yard-Wide Bleached Cotton, free from
dressing, 7c. quality. for C l-4c. yard.
[email protected]?es! Walsl Effects.
Imported French Batiste?Slate, Blue.
Red, and Violet, Dottcd?all wool, the
yard, 5!?c
Imported French Flannels?Slate, White,
Red, Violet, and Blue, Botted?the yard.
French Flannels, all colors, plain, yard,
French Henrietta, 11-4 yards wide,
Black and Colors, silk dots, the yard,
3S-inch Venetian Cloth, elegant duchesse
finish, all colors, pure wool. yard. 50c.
All-Wool 3G-lnch Habit Cloth, nll colors,
37 1-2c.
66-inch Washed Wool Homcspun. for
tailored skirts or suits, three shades Gray
and Oxford. ready shrunk, yard, 85c.
54-inch Imported Golf Suiting?Brown,
Steel, Tan, and Gray?swell plaid backs,
the $3 quality, yard, $2.25.
1 piece Extra Swell Golf Plaid, navy
face, exquisite, bright plaid. an exeelient
$5 quality, special price, $3.50.
CO-inch Cloth and Homespun Plaids.
varietv of effects, worth $1.25, yard. $1.
3S-Irich New Plaids. medium and light.
'colorings, the yard. 50c.
SG-inch Fancy Suiting. wool and silk
mixed, an mieresting display ln effects
and values. worth 50c. to 51, yard, 37 l-2c.
A miscellaneous lot Fancy Suiting, in
cluding some of best 371-2 and 50c. effects,
to clear stock, the yard. 25c.
flen's White Unlaun=
dered Shirts, warranted
pure linen bosom, rein=
forced back and front, of
New York MiSls muslin,
patent gussets and stays,
all the improvements
of a $i.oo shirt, for
Men's and Boys' Laundered Percale
Shirts, some wilh attachr-d eollars and
cuffs, and others with 2 seParate eollars,
for 50c.
Men's and Boys' Percale and Chevlot
Working Shirts, yoke back and collar
bahd, full size, lig'it or dark colors, for
Men's Working Shirts, made of heavy
chevlot, yoke back and collar-bantl, full
size. all dark colors, a 50c. shirt. for 25c.
Men's Night-Robes, made of heavy
muslin, embroidered or plain white fronts,
52 inches long, finished with'pearl but
tons, for :?>c.
Men;s and Boys' Scotch Gloves, fancy
and solid colors, for 25c. palr.
Men's Pure Linen Hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs, full size and extra quality, for
12 1-2c.
You wonder at our_ .
A $22,000 stock, bought last September,
before the rise in prices.
English Long Cloth, 12 yards ln piece,
Extra-Fine English Long-Cloth 12
lyard piece, $1.15.
Extra-Fine Figured and Corded P. K.
the 25c. quality, at 12 l-2c.
Dotted Swlsses, the 25c. grade, 1- l--c.
Flno White Cambric. ? l-2c. yard.
The 121-2C. grade Indla Linen, 40 inch?
es. 7 3-lc yard.
Sheer Wliite Indla Linen, 6c. grade,
3 :t-4c. yard. n
40-lnch Lawn, usually 19c, at 1- l--c.
Satin Bordered Apron Lawn, the 14c.
kind. at 8 l-2c. yard.
Extra-Fine Linen Cambric, 36 inches
wide, sold upwards $1, at 75c. yard. ;
1,000 yards Fine French Nainsook, l?c.,
dupllcates will cost 25c.
Extra-Fine French Nainsook, 48 inches
wide, 25c.
36-inch Pure Linen Lawn, the kind
you'll pay 45c. for., this sale, 2Sc.
Soft English Nainsook, full yard wide,
12 l-2c. yard.
Extra-Fine Soft English Nainsook,
piece of 12 yards. for $1.75.
White Organdie, the 19c. kind, at
12 1 -2c. yard.
Two-Yards Wide White Organdie, the
kind you've paid 35c. for, 22c. yard.
Extra-Fine White Organdie, the 50c.
grade, 33c. yard.
Hair-Line, Plaids, and Striped Dimities,
the 15c. grade, at 10c. yard. ,
Biusiin Underwear,
for. coiintinpr yotir labor as nothing-.
H iN difflcnlt to make ihcm np as
nlcely or so chcaply.
At l?c?Good Muslin Drawers, 5-inch
cambric umbrella rufile.
At 25c?Muslin, wide umbrella cambric
rufile, edged with 2-inch Torchon lace.
Finer ones. daintily trimmed in fine
laces and embrolderies, 30, 40c, up to
At -5c?Good Muslin Petticoats, with
9-inch Valenciennes lace ruffie.
At !>!>c?Best Muslin and Fine Cambric
Petticoats, eiaborately trimmed in laces,
embroiderv, and inserting.
Finer ones. in tho latest Parisian
styles, handsomely trimmed, up to $17.08.
At 17c?Good Muslin Chemise, round
At 20c?Good Muslin Chemise, tucks
and embroidery inserting, yokes, ruf?
fie, trimmed neck and armholes.
At 80c?Fine Muslin Chemise, daintily
trimmed in tucks and neat embroidery.
Handsomely-Trimmed Skirt Chemise,
75, l??c, up to $-1.08.
At 40c?Fine Cambric or Muslin Gowns,
lace and embroidery inserting, rufile
At 50c?Heavy Muslin Gowns, 2 styles
low and high neck, 24 rows tucks, 4 rows
Hamburg inserting. cambric rufile.
At OOc?Fine Cambric, Muslin. or Nain?
sook Gowns, in 10 dlfferent styles, hand?
somely trimmed in laces and embroidery.
Finer ones, handsomely trimmed in Hm
pire, French blouse fronts, and short
sleeve effects, up to $<>.4U.
[email protected][email protected]?s.
At Sc?Low-Neck Perfect-Fitting Cor?
set Covers.
At 12 12c? Low-Neck. Perfect-Fitting.
lace trimmed neck and armholes.
At 25c?Full-Front Waist Corset
Covers. lace and embroidery trimmed.
At 40c?Fine Cambric Corset Covers, in
several different styles, full iace and em?
broidery trimmed.
Finer ones, up to $2.40.
S10.5G Shaving Stands, in mahogany,
swell drawer and door, French bevel mir
ror, special "pricp $?.oo.
$18 Solid Walmit Chlffonniere; 3 feet 0
inches high, 3 feet 2 inches broad, has 5
drawers, east brnss trimmihgs, shaped
tcp and swell drawers, special price
$10.50 Finely-Carved Side Table, special
price $5.
$25 Highly-Pollshed Golden Oak Desk,
special price $15.
$j Mahogany-Finished Desks, highly
polished, special price JS.Ott.
*3 50 Shaving Glasses, special price $2..?0.
$5 Revolving Book Raclcs, antique fln
ish special price $350.
$12.50 Golden Oak Library Table, special
price $15.
$55 Davenpcrt, of solid mahogany, up
holstered, with two pillows to match,
specin! price'$22.50.
$35 Solid Mahogany Bookcase and v\ rlt
ing Desk, 3 drawers and cabinet over
desk, glass doors, special price $25.
$2? Sample Hall Rack. solid oak, with
mirror, 2:;x2i inches. special price $15.
$35 Bedroom outfit, consisting of Bed,
Dresser, Washstand. Mattress, Woven
Wire Spring, 2 Chairs, 1 Rocker, 1 Towel
Rack special prlee 519.00.
$10 50 Golden Oak Wardrobe. well finish
ed 74 inches high, 40 inches wide, 16 inch?
es deep, with 2 drawers, shelf and hooks,
special price $8. .
s-'O Oflice Roll-Top Desk, solid oi-it
carved hahdles, polish-flnlshed drawers
on both sides, 12 inches long, 2G inches
deep,;-H"> -nches high, special price $1^.40.
Best 40s. and 63d.
! Ghocolafes5 20c. Sb.
! Chocolate Walnnts. Cl.ocolate FlSk,
Cltocolate Plneajiple*, Choco ? e
I Ncctar, Chocolate Xougrat, Cl.ocolate
I Globe Wafers, Chocolate P?coanut*
Chocolate l'eaunta, Chocolate .Itnl
,? creaius, Chocolate FnlmeUaes.
Chocolate A-..1 K.ofl, Choc^a e
I Carnmcla. ChiH"""
[ CrumtoB-^-gOc: ]ion?^_-?
a wv\ vww* wtw^wvi vw*? l ?
Infants' 50c.
Heavy Wool
Underskirts, > 10-4, silk bound,
cluster tucks t Knk, Blue, Red
above hem, ? borders,
China Matting,
weighs 65 to 70
pounds to the
2 Figured
5 Jacquards,
J Jet Black, 44
* inches wide,
J should sell at
5 75c, this lot
I2ie. I 35c.
20 inches
square, sold up
to 50c, at
12 inches
square, elabor
ate desighs,
25c. i 85c.
Shams and
elaborate - and
new designs, to
be sold
three tucks and
? Ladies Fine
t Muslin
* Petticoats, t
S five different ?
J styles, lace and ?
J embroidery %
trimmed, J?
made of good
muslin, worked
49c. I 5c
? Children's India 5 25c. Cloth
5 Linen ?
| Aprons, 2
# ruffics and lace J
J trimmed, J
1 ~?
Bound >
Books, <J
500 titles to se- 5
lect from, 5
$1.50 Black
$2.50 Black As- ?
trachan ?
Collarettes,. # CoJIarettes,
10 inches deep. K and Light Tan
lined Blacb^ opossum Scarfs,
satin, 5? 6*tails,
99c. I 59c.
$3.99 Revolving
Otfice Chair,
wood seat,
screw and
spring, very
r Persian, Draw,
K Plaid Striped,
j and Battenoerg
5 Fancy Ribbons,
J> sold upwards
J 25c,
Cambric Edge,
wheel design, 6
inches wide,
worth upwards
I2*<c. yard,
about 1,000
pieces, dozen
Guerre, Fils et r Woodbury's
Cie.'s $ Facial Soap,
Cream of Rose ?? |4C.
and Almonds, ? Meade & Ba
just like Honey ? ker's Mouth
Ahnond Cream, f. Wash,
Society Note
sold 25c. box,
Fngraving 100
Cardsand Plate,
silk aud cotton,
Tetzner's Ger
half pound,
Black Silk .
Spool Cotton, -2C.
Children's Black
and White
25c. \ 5c.
u p w a r d s, all
Heavy Mittens
for ladies, ioc.
% i
% Best ? Navy Blue
S Shirting ? Calicoes,
a Calicoes, ^ figures aud
# about fifty dif- r stripes, always
? ferent styles, J sell 6'4fc. yard,
/ yard > at
% op8C. 1
Mercerized. Foninrd*?""fe-rer dtd
cotton fibrlc ao?? closely lesentttle
alllk. The ltndinjt novelty and the
neiTcit dealffn*, 50c. -rnlne, for 33c.
Mercerlzed Sateens?tha ailky-looklng
fabric?25 different deslgns, on Black.
Navy, Lavender, New Blne, and White
grounds, 25c. valuo for 12 l-2c yard.
Tlsslu du.Liix?entirely new fabrie?re
sembles a fine batlste, with embrolderad
lace effects, all colors, all the very latest
patterns, 35c. value for 25c. yard.
Japaneso Crtnkle Crepe, in check,
stripes, and small plaids, the very thing
for wrappers and dresslng sacques, 16 2-3c.
value, for 121-2c yard.
Fine Irish Dlmlties, Fine French
Batlste, Fine Dotted Swiss, all the hewest
patterns, from a strlpe to a fieur de Hs.
16 2-3c. fabrio for 12 l-2c. yard.
Galatea Cloth. for ladies* skirts and
boy's pants. They Iook, wear, and
laundry -well, 16 2-3e. fabrio for 12 l-2c.
Novelty Madras, a wonderfulty strong
and pretty cloth. patterns are particularly
new. for women's shirt-waists and men's
shirts, 17c quality for 7 7-Hc. yard.
40 inches wide Fine French Organdie,
solid colors only, the 25c. quality. for lOc.
Pineapple Batiste, all patterns. on llght
and dark grounds, l6 2-3c. quality for
!> 7-Sc yard.
Dotted Swiss and Fine Dlmlties, in
short lengths (whole pieces would cost
13c), to bo sold for 8 7-Sc yard.
Andersun's Best Glnghams, smali
checks, stripes. and solid colors, the 25c.
grade. for 12 l-2c. yard.
Over 100 different patterns of Fine J?er
cales. "? 7-Sc. yard.
Fine Dress Ginghams, large and Bmall
plaids and stripes, 10c quality,- for 5c.
yard. ?, v.
All size Check Blue Apron Glngharn,
3 i-2c. yard for 5c. quality.
Embroidery and
Lace Headquarters.
A fact undlsputed, that thero ls "no such
stock of Laces and Embroideries by half,
as is to be seen here. Beauty of selec
tion and exteasiven.ess of purchases to?
gether Xorm a great collection in the
bargaln saie.
C-lnt-li -?vide Nainsoolc Embroidery,
tlie 25c. Uind, lor J> l-3c. yard.
lc. yard for Cambric .Edge, -fvorth.
O-lnch -wide Cambric Edge, wheel
I desijjnj nnd -iTortli 12 l-2c. yard, (or
30c. ynrd lor Open-\V"orl? Cambric
All-Over Embroidery, trortli C9c.
? P.ibbon Beadinga and Edgings, of all
descriptlons, plain, and fancy, over 200
styles to select from, starting at 5c yard.
15,000 yard3 of Cambric,' Swiss, and
Nainsook Edges and Insertlngs. wide.
narrow,. and medium wldths, made on the
very best muslin, for 12 l-2c yard.
6-Row Black Nainsook Inserting, used
as all-over embroidery, lOc for a slnglo
8-inch wide Swiss Embroidery, flrm
edge, mado to sell at 25c, for 12 l-2c.
Colored Insertlngs, 2 inches wide, Red.
Navy, Llght-Blue. and Pink, for O ?-i
and S-i-3c yard.
Finest Nainsook Swiss and Cambric
Embroideries, match patterns, over 500
styles to select from; starting at ? l-"c
Near about 3,600 yards Special Design
Val. Laces acd Inaertions. 5c. yard,
worth regular way 10c yard.
Match sets of "Valenciennes Laces and
Insertlons, bow-knots. sprays, Honlton,
and coffee-bean patterns.
Near about 100 different patterns of
Laces and Insertlons, patterns o? Real
V'ai., -5c. dozen.
Some special patterns, 1-2 to 1 inch wide,
at 17c. dozen.
Combination of Black and "White Honi
ton Lace and Insertlngs, match patterns;
starting at 4c yard.
lii-lnch Heavy Cream All-Over Venise
Lace. worth 59c. special for 25c. yard.
1,500 yards of Torchon Lace and Inscrt
ings. from 1-2 to 0 inches wide, 2 to .30e.
yard. ,
New Renaissance Batisto Cut-out and
Venise Bands; .itarting at 17c yard.
2-inch Black Cut-out Chantilly Band,
50c. vard. All-Over to match, $-? yard.
Effective Zigzag Patterns of Chantilly
Bands, in Black and White. variety of
wldths; starting at lOc yard.
hfants' Wear.
I Children's Walking Coats, of the finest
| quality of broadcloth, plaid and fancy
bouclcs, handsomely tailorcd. ln. large
! variety ot styles. actual value $0.50 and
! $10. oholce for $5.
Children's $1.23 and $1.50 Silk Caps and
: Ronnets. all colors. for 75c
Infants' and Children's Drcsses. Mother
: Hubbard styles, daintily trimmed in lace
; and embroidery, at 51.
j Children's Underskirts. umbrella style.
' a deop ilouncc, with xucks and Inserting,
embroidery, and laco rufllcs, at $1.50.
! Infants' Lorig Underskirts, fine Nain
' sbok inserting and tucks, Swiss embroid
| ored rufllcs, for $1.2."".
? infants'. 49c. Silk Bootecs, Pink, Blue.
? and White. for 3l>c.
j Infan's' Stocklnet Diapers, with patent
i clasp, at 50c.
i Children's Stockinet Eatlng Bibs, with
! patent clasp, 25 and 50c..
i Nurses Caps, trimmed ln fine Val. lace,
: for 25c.
! At 520?An Elcgant Whltney Carriage,
of strongest rattan, with large roll up
I holstercd in, the best wearing and most
j luxurious silk damask, with Whltney
i rubber tlred whcels.
; At $10-A AVhitney Go-Cart. with re
! cllnlng back, fancy brairicd rattan. Whit
ney's rubber-tlred wheels and brakc.
CIIIXE FOU ?10.!)5*
1 These Maehines are guaraniesd to do
any kind of work a $00 hiaculne will do,
and give as much wear. Wllh every ma
chine comes a set of nick': attachments
j and a ftve-year guarantee, slgned by this
j firm. Price, $10.95.
All-Wool Vestee Suits. In
'aid collar and vest, $1.08?
AII-Wool- Vesteo Suits,
1th vests, fof $1.48.
Boys' Plaid ?ps, the 39c
kind, at lOe.
Black Tuxedo Suits, slllt
vest, for $5.
Boys* 50c. Unlaundered
Shirt-Waists, "M o t h e r', s
Friend" patent bands, for
AH-Wool Casslmere and
Chevlot Knee Pants. 30c.
Boys' Knee Pants, of all
wool casslmere, invlsible
plaids, tiOc.
All-Wool Chevlot Kneo
Pants. 30c.
$3.50 for Double-Breasted
Flnest-Grade Chevlot Suit3.
Boys' Clothing.
n.09 for Astrachan.CIotn
"Reefers. sillor eollars, age*
] to I years. If bought la
regular way would cost yoi
$3.39. A
$2.50 for ChrachMIs Storsa'
Cbllar Reefers, 8 to 15 yearsv'
made of the celebrated Col
umbtan chlnchills. If bougrht
in the regular way wouIoJ:
cost for $5.
$3.39 for CYWert Top
Coats, velvet collar. 4 to IS
years. If bought in the reg?
ular way would cost you $7.
Boys' Knee Pants
Scotch chevlots. 30c.
Union Casslmere
Pants, 23c.
That Sale of Shoes
from th~ mnnufactnrer ln I>ynn, M?w? ha? provem one of our ojrentest
sun- -fforts With all of l??t ^eek's. incrensed ahoe trade the a-aort
ment * are Tvon.lerfolly good. Speafa* well for the parehnse, Uoe.n't Itl
But don't dclay comine too long, for thcae salea may close out the lot.
At $1?Cholce of 5 styles. plain or fancy
At $2-Shoes made up to sell for $3.50,
Box Calf. French Morocco, and Double
Sole "Walklng Shoes.
At 70c?Genulne goat uppers. solid lea?
ther soles. patcnt-leathcr tips, button
and laced, sizes 3 to G.
At 50c?Misses" and Chlldren's all solid
leather, good, styllsh shapes, button and
lace, sprlng heels. ?
Ajt 25c.-;Infants' Solid-Leather Shoes.
worked buttonholes, leather soles and
counters, patent-leather tips.
At SOc.?Infants' Shoes, slzes ? to J,
3pring heels, mado of genulne goatskln.
nicely flnished.
Specia! Sale of
Woolien Gloves and iiltsns
Ladies' 25c. Cashmere and Fleeced
Llned Gloves, warranted Fast Black, Xor
17c. pair.
Ladies' Cashmere and Fleeced-Lined
Gloves, all slzes, dQuble finger tlps, for
22c. pair.
1 lot of Ladies' I9c. ..Cashmere Black
Gloves, guarantecd Fast Black, for i?c
Misses' and Chlldren's Double Black
MIttens. the 25c. kind. for 15c. pair.
Ladies' Wqollen Fleeccd-tlned and
Cotton Hose. fall seamless, Solid
Black, for 12c. pair, Tvorth lOe.
Ladies' and Chlldren's Full Scamless
Ribbed and Plain Hose, for 7c. pair. in
stead of 12 l-2c
Sample sale of Chlldren's Ribbed Hose.
all slzes. different ribbed. light- or heavy
welght, worth up to 19c pair. choice of
them, Oc pair.
Ladies' Black Gray and Blue Gray
Woolien Hose, for 22c pair, worth 33c
y-j- -White Silk Chlffon
Stock, xrHh long jabot,
Handsome Pleated Satin
Stock. with satin jabot, rlb
bon and fringe edge, $1.25.
Fancy Stocks. in various
colors and patterns, 25c
Assorted Stocks. lOc.
Crepe"do Chlne Tles. with deep frlnge.
Mousseilne de Sole Ties. with embrol
dered an:l frlnged ends. 75c
Fancy Lace and NetJTies, In narrow
and wide, l?c. up to $l.25_
Third Floor Specials.
Garpet Deparfnient.
60c Brussels Carpets, for rooms and
halls, Reds and Greens, 35c. j
50c Full Yard-Wide, Half-Wool Fllled
Ingraln Carpets, 30c.
40c. Full Yard-Wide Cottago Carpets,
22 l-2c
$1.23 Wilton Velvet Carpets, all the
standard makes, 75c.
45e. Best China Mattings, 100 pounds
to the roll, 25c.
35c. Japanese Mattings, Reds, Greens.
and Blues. carpet patterns, 20c.
Extra quality Chlna Mattlng. 75 to 80
pounds to the roll, ISe.
Somo few rolls of Japanese Matting.
sllghtly damaged. O 7-Sc.
30xC0-inch Smytna. Rugs. fringfed. OSc.
Smyrna Rugs. tringed ends. door etze.
"linen Window Shades. 3x6 feet. mount
?d on good spfig rollers. with all flx
tures: colors-Terra-Cotta. Ollves, Greens.
and Tans?22c. _
Extra quality Floor Ollcloth, 4-1. o-4.
6-4, and 8-4, 20c. ?
Linoleum Mats, one yard long, ~w.
Fur Neck Piecss.
Tuia advertiseinent tella an inter
rHttrlng story of Fur Xeefcwe?r
X stock coniprinina- the Inteat *tyle?.
honsht from n bankrupt concerns
receiver, and thu$, accounts for such
50c.-BIack Fur Collarettes and Light
Tan Obossum Scarfs, with 6 talls. The
usual price was $1.09
Jl 50-Chinchlita Collarettes, with yoke
of electric seal and satin lined. The price
was $4.50. .
OOc.-BIack Astrachan, Light Gray
Moufflln and Krlmmer Collarettes. all 10
inches deep and lined wi'.h fancy. sat.n.
The usual price was $t
$i.tti>-Light Martin Collarettes. with
Electric Seal yoke and silk lined. The
usual price was $4.50
$2.50-EIectric Seal Stole-Fso" Collar?
ettes with 6 iarge talls and colored satin
llninc. The usual price. was $5.
Preparing for a Great
Evenf in the Basemeaf.
A HfiT atnlrvrny Is belnK erectesV
and whilst the alteratlon* are belhg
made. and room must be had. many lots
aro offered at quick-closing prices.
tirny or Brovrn Decoraied lOO..
plece Englian Dlnner- Seta, ?e???
aold for less than $0.05, alteratlon
sale, $5.2*>.
Spray Decorated Gold-Llned Englliih
Chlna Dinner Sets, 100 pleces, new shapo
dishes, sold for $10.50, alteratlon sale,
Austrian China Pink Decorated Dlnner
Sets, 105 pleces, with large soup tureen?
this set never sold for less than $18?al?
teratlon sale, $15.40-.
12-plece Decorated Tollot 9etn. ??
tr:i lar?c jnr. suld for f-i.75, altera?
tlon sale, :-::.(J!).
10-plcce Underglazed Decorated Gold
Lined Pansy Decoration Tollet Sets, sold.
for 34.98, alteratlon sale. $2.-l!>.
BIne or Broirn Decorated Ten "!eta,
the nfn'Mt sbnpea?tacae aeta nrs
-rrorth 94.50? nlterntion srle. ""l.tis.
"White Chma Fish Dishes, sold for JL
alteratlon sale, 50c.
"White Chlna Dlnner Flates. sold for
73c. a dozen, alteratlon sale. 50c. a <*o~en.
-Maddock's 3-pIece Cblna Butter Li.-'ica.
BOld for ?fflc.-ttlterutiQn saie. 25c. each. ?
Decorated Tea , Cttpa and Suucera,
alteratlon aale, 54c. a. do-xen.
? HoavVetarSleA TeR-Pot Restar'swftf-for'
Ioc. alteratlon sale. Oc.
Decorated and Gold-Uned f.arite
Oyater lloivla. aold for Jlic, altera?
tlon aale, !>c.
Bread and 1111k Sets, Carlsbad china.
decorated and gold lined, sold for lUc, al?
teration sale, 23c.
Flroproof Baklng Dishes?these ars
guaranteed sold for 10 and 12c?alteratlon
sale. 8c
Preaaed-Glas* IMctele Diahea, aold
for 9c. alteratlon aale. 5c. cnoii.
1-2-gallcn Imltatlon Cut-Ciiaaa Water
Pltchers. sold for 15c. alteration saie.
Fancy Cut Pattern Cake Salvers. sold
for 15 and 19c, alteratlon sale, iOc
I'reaaed - (ilnaa lli^hly - Klnlahed
Ifnoted Jelly Ro-rrJa. aold for 10c.,
alli-rntlon aate. 7c.
Thln-Blown Tumbiers. engravctl, sold
for 75c. a. dozan. alteratlon n.ile. 4c eauh.
2-qnnrt Drcaden Snnce-I'ota, aold
for 29c, alteratlon anle. 10c.
4-quart Convex Cooklng Pots, sold for
25c. alteration sale, 15c
6-quart Decp Puddlng Pans, sold for
25c. alteratlon sale. lt'c.
2-quart Coffee Boilers, sold for 15c. al?
teration sale. Dc.
4-quart B!ock-Tin Stewing Kettles. aold
for 20c. alteration sale. lOc
3- and 4-quart Granlte Tea or Coffee
Pots. sold for 33c. alteratlon saie. 20c
Medlum-SIze Granite Cake Turners. sold
for oc. alteration sale. 3c.
Covered Granite Buekets, sold for l"c,
alteratlon Bale. 10c.
Medltim-Size Dish Pans. lOc.
Galvanlzcd Iron Coal Hods, alteratlon
sale, 23c.
Large-Slze Favorlte Coffee Mills, sold
for 50c. alteratlon sale, 30c.
Nlckcl-Plated 3-prong Towel Racks.
sold for 25c. alteration sale, l?c
Jute Clothes-LInes, sold for Gc, altera?
tion sale. 3c
Weod-Rim Flour Sifters. 5c.
Brownie Soap, 2 bars for 5c
Large-Slpe Cedar Tubs, alteration sale.
S.3W Spring Sllks.
27 plecea Corded Strlpcd W?s!t
Sifka, Inclndlnjs new pnattlle ahnd
iuEt of Blne. I'infc. Vlolet. Tan. Cray.
White. nnd Koae, atriUlngly effec?
tive. price 4Sc.
New Silks. in handaome corded taffetas.
hemstitched, and crcpo stripc taffetas, in
old Blue. Castor, Red, Purplc. Gray. and
'White, price $1 yard.
Satin in all the newcat shades. for 4Sc
yard. *
All-SIlk Black Satin Duchess, 27 Inches.
for $1 yard.
All-SIlk Extra-Heavy Blacii Satin
Duchess. 23 inches. for St yard.
All-SIlk Black Satin Duchess, 21 inches,
for 75c" yard.
Extra-Quallty Full 2G-lnch-wlde Blaclc
Taffeta Silk, for $1.25 yard.
Pure.Dye Black Silk Taffeta. 23 Inches
wide. for "Oc.
Black Corded Silk Taffeta. reduced t?
OOc_?- -
CollapNO of tho Chnnecs of n Youiir
Camli<Iate for a L'rttt.uyterlan Pulpit
One of the Presbyterian churches in this
city; which has be<-n looking for a pastor
of late, is ipossessed of a Scotch sexton
who is Uie soul of the Auld Klrk conscr
vatlsm. One of the iirst conceras of the
oommitto? clmrgcd with the seloclion of
a pastor for the congregation has been i
to fnd ?? man that would be satUlactory '
to thc sexton. Hc lms regarded each of
the candldates who havo vhdted the pulpit
with a coldly crkical eyo anl has found
some way of dropplng a word of com
-snent in the ear of some member of the
committee after the scrvice was over.
. Sometlmes he has not waited so long.
A Sunday "or two ago the pulpit was
ioccupled bv a young man who r.tthcr in
dinsd to a iiking for the Eplscopaliah way
of dojig ihiugH. so long as that way vio
lste* none of the provisions-of 4he Book
-'? JMsclpllne. Tlie- old sexton watched
pkn first from the vestlbule outsldfr the
/gajrlnglsg doors. He seemed to be fascl
natod. Ono of the ushers heard him
"I wonder now what he is saying while
he does these things; we must go ins'de
to si-e."
The sexton wc:it Inside the glass doors.
As he listened and watched his interest
seemod to grow ard to draw him down
nearer to the pulpit. until he was almost
out from under the shadow of the choir
gallery. ( Tlje collection y.-as being taken.
When it was handed to the mhustef tho
: young man took the platea in both hands
and turn'iifr ralsed them toward Uie stain
ed glass wlndow hchind the pulpit.
"Now! now! now! will ye see that!" e?r
clalmed the sexton ln tones that were
I heard all over the back of the ehurch,
and, throwing both hands high in the air
and shaking his hea- disnially from side
to side, he hurried out into thc -<-estibule
again. He was followed by a smothered
but higrly appreclative chorus of glggles.
The vi'Uinpr mln;s?ter hns not yet receiv?
ed a call. The sexton is still at his post.?
Xew York Sun.
? . - - - ?
Iictter tolheCamp.
At the mestlng 6r Lee Cainp Frlday
nlglit, the following letter was receiva*
from Mrs. Thomas A. Brander:
Richmond, Va., Feo. 2, 19D0.
Commander D. C. Riehardson. Command
er'R. E. Lee Camp, No. 1, <2. V.:
The tender solicitude and loving sym?
pathy of the comrades and friends cf my
dear-husband, b"th during his illness and
since his death, to his broken-hcarted
family. has given us unspeakable com
fort. "i shall always Iovl- each one of
you and 'Uie dear old camp as h? d d.
and while he can no longc-r be with you
here, he has jolned the happy hosts of
comrades gone before, and they new
await tho siicrt pcriod when all will be
united agaln. Praying God's hlessing
upon you all, I am Sincerely yours,
Railroad Notes.
President George W. Stevens. of the
Chesapeake and Ghlo. returnoa to Jttich
mond from thc east last night.
A party of forty naval reerults en route
from Chicaso to Newport News, passed
through Richmond over the Chesapeake
and Ohio lines. ...
Mr. F. L. Marshall, traveling freight
agent of the Baltlmore and Ohio, with
headquarters at Baltimore, was a Rich?
mond vlsitbr yesterday.
Commercial Freight Agent W. N. Mitch
ell, of the B. and O., is in tliis city. Mr.
Mltchell makes Atlanta, Ga., his head
The pretty new depot of the Southern
railway is going up very rapldly. Mr.
Wirt A. Chesterman expccts to complete
the structure by the lirst of April. Cap
tain W. T. West will have his oflices lo
caitod In the building.
Tlie Chamber of Commerco has appclnt
ed the following committee to memorlal
izo the Legislature in advocacy of the
?bill "To incorporate the Richmond and
Washington Alr Line Railway Com?
pany: ,
Messrs. John B. Purcell, J. C. Freeman,
Henry S. Hutzler, Robt. Lecky, Jr., D. -
R. Midyette, R. W. Powers and L. C.
The following teleigram has been re
Mnrietta, Ga., FeB. 3, 1000,
President Chatnbsr of Commcrce; "Rich?
mond. Va. : . -V ....
Our Board of Trade earnestly rtquests
that you will use your, influence .to ln
duce Virginia Legislature to /authorize
Seaboard Air Line to extend Its line
from Richmond to Washington. This
will secure competition for our section.
President Board of Trade.
R-enili orntt Old Servant.
Critty Wllliams, an old family servant,
died at 'the resldence of Mr. John P.
Branch, Jn this city, yesterday.
Her fur.eral will take place from Mr.
Branch'S resldence on to-rmorrow morn?
ing at 11 o'clock. Funeral private.
/Real Estato Traiisfors.
. Richmond?Edgar Allan and wife to
James A Warde, 50 feet on Ckry street,
southeast cbrner of Gilmer, $6,300.
A. R. Courtney. special comhil3sio:!er. to
Orear L. Sweeney. U feet on west stde
6f Laurel street, 107 feet ribrth of Albe
niarle, $335.- V. ,
' \ . Scnrcltjr of Fnel.
?The - Cltlsehs" Reiief v Associs'tion' and
the City Misslon have found, great diffl
cuity ln supplying ths ,swt with fueL
They Intend at the next meeting, which
will be held on Monday, to ask the Coun?
cll to arsist them- in subatltntlng fuel
for the gas coke, which cannot now be
In Debt to the City.
All unpald city tax bills' for 1S09 were
placed by Captain F. W. Cunnlngham tn
the hands of Mr. T. C. Walford. the de
Itnnucnt tax colleetor, on Thursii iv. P !
tles desiring to avoid haying any addl
tlonal costs and lntcrest/can do so by
paying up in the next few days.
Architccts Ctiosen.
Messrs. Noland & Baskervill have been
chosen as the arehitects. for the new
Secoiid Baptist church To he erected at
Adams and Franklin street*.
The pfamx wbtn drc.wn; will oe s-.ib
mltted to the approval, of the bul!d:ns
committee, of which Mr. W. J.. While
hurst ls the ohalrman. The present
chnrch >W1U probably fce sold; a* the lo- .
cation is ln such a deslrahto gmVom ?C j
tte stt-r, :^::::-J.:. ?w ?__ ^v _ j
Old Law Will be Rcpcaled? Common
CoimclP* Meeting.
There will be-a meeting of the r-^-xm^n
Council to-morrow night at t oclock. _
Kiea--: deu. ot *>.|--'- ^?- :i- - J*"
be disposed of and . many ordlnanc-e* ia
torce durlns the past y ar art> tot Da
either repeaied or amenuen.
TVji ordinance regulatlng tnc postlng
of books in tho city tax ?l!cc(ors asl
welt as the city treasurer s - ofBee
wlll be repealed. An ordlnanc*
reuulrlng an exammer <>> '?*;"-<?? S?
the city offlclata will. it U thougjit. be
considered and pn*bftWv t^^f '?
of the ordinances ln force,last year -wlU
be sc* amended asi to meet tha requ-re
ments ot the present time.
-!McGiUCa?l??lic lluion. \
The regular monthly meeting of the
McGill Catholkt Untan will; be held< to
morrnw' nfeht Etfsiriess of special im
nertanc* srMcom* U?ftefore ihe meet?
ing/and all the- members are urged ta b*
?r?ieu?,!..,.__ ; i,. -;' ^ - ?.;-,' ').", ^ . .;

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