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Iv-Tlowln--: -was the ranse ef the ther
tnometcr at The TS*m-_ otllce ye-lerda.":
f A. M., ?;T4_ M., '7: 3 P. M.. *.; . P. M..
?.: 9. P. M.. 45; 13.M., .0. Aver-age teni
_**r_-nce. _3._".
VOL. 15. -NO. 44.
Forrcss. .or JWday and Sto-u-rttay--__
-elearing-; coldte*;; h>. ?!_*lR*?_i_-^S
.'?;--.- -.-' Saturday 'foitv wlnds becon"-"n_f .W""**
northerl-*'. ? _ ?
North C!aro_tna--?RaJa Yn&ay...oolae^in:
westem aj-dl wntral portioT-**. Satdtday
fair. fresh southe-iy winds shlftingr **?
?nerthwesterly-. , ' . :" ?
ToSucceedLate Congress?
man Sydney P- Epes
Strong Fip-ht Made Atrainst the Dual
Wns I-'nilorscti as a "IVholc and a De
claratiou Made Againsi Iinprrial
ism, Milltarisin, and Uie Acqtil
sition of Forci__u Liatuls.
Monopolics and Trusts
PETHRSBCEG, VA., March 29-Si)e
cial.?Tlie Fourth District Democratic
Congressional Convention jnct here to
day and nominated Major Francis T.
j l_asslter to succeed the late Sydney P.
?Epes in Congress. A. big light was
made over the question of nominating
candidate fur tlie rbgulai* as well as tlie
unexpired term, and the dual proposition
?was carried by a vote of !)71-3 torS8,_t_3.
Major Eassiter being nominated for both
The convention was ca'.ed to order by
John J. Coclce, member of tbc commltlee
from Prince Goorfge county,- who- a
nounced ihe temporary organization.
Chairman. Judge .1. F. West, of Sussex;
Oeerotary, S. 11. Gill, of Petersburg.
Judge "West. on taking tbe chair. spoke
iiitingly of Hon. Sydney P. Epes, and
definod tlje obj.ect of the meeting.
Oomniiltees were appointed as follows:
Conimittoo t>n Resolutions?Chairman,
Oeorge Masoii, Pct*'*l-s'>urg?S. V. Soutli?
all. Jr.. Gleonsvillo; A. 1>. Watkins.
Greensville; AV. E. Holmes, iMecklcnlmrg;
J. I.i. Price, ?Briinswick. AV. E.. Kerinbn.
Powhatan; J.. C Smith. Dlnwlddie; Dr.
J. AV. Bryant, X6ttpway_ George E.
Smith. ?l.unmiluirg; XV. 11. Cocke. : Sus?
sex; A. H. ..obbsj Prince George.}- R. G.
Soiitliall. Amelia.
iiommittee ori Credentials?Chairman.
C. S. Barrow, Brunswlck?E. C. Goodc.
Mcoklonburg; J. D. RryiVshaw. Xotto
way; Gebrge AV. Pegram. Petersburg; E.
C. Palmer, Grcenf.ville; T. H. Diekerson,
?Prince Edward: P. lttnch. Powhatan: T.
A. Brown. Prince George: AA". D. Fal
conef, Dinwidiile: T. J. Arvin, Euncn
bafg; AV. B. Cocke, Sussex; R. G.
SouthaJl, Amelia. ^
Committee on Permanent Organiza?
tion?Chnirn-an. A. R. A'enablc, Prince
Edward?T. M. Dilla-d. Is'nttoway:
George P. Rridgeforth, Euiienburg; J.
P. Tuckcr. Dlnwlddie; Charles Cojrter.
Prince George; Dr. R. A. Tncker. Pow?
hatan; J. B. Evans, Petersburg; J. AV.
Bailey, Brunswick; F. B. Roberts, Meck?
lenburg: Henry Maelin, Greensville: R
G. Southall, Amelia: AV. B. Cocke. Sus
. sex.
Hon. T. C Pilcher. of Fauquler; Hbn.
Jo.-e.rfi T. __aW.esa, Sedrctary of the Com.
nionwealtli: JelTerson ? AA'ullace. Denio
crn*ic eha'TTnuTi of R'ohnlonrt. were among
those Invited to seats on the rostrum, and
. a* h man Cillcd tiypn for a e-secfti and
rcspomVfd to the reduest
Hon. T. C. P-tcher paid n high tribute
to the CocJcadc OlVy and its nbble women.
and Mr. l.awless p-i.lil a splendid tribute
to his lale friend, Congressman
Epes, whom he depljtiiatcd as a man of
God's own chosen ones.
Mc. AA'allace, of Richmond. made a
Democxartic speech. in whieh !re snnko of
Democnacy as his re-Mgion. Hi<- rributes
to'-Eas-s-lter. Bryan and the Chicago plat?
form were cfaecrod to ihe echo.
Tlie convrmtloo adjourned at 1:40 o'clock
to give the committee time lo formulate
thelir rcipcrts.
The convention rcconvened nt o:20. The
Commiittee on Permanent Organization
reported Uvit tlie temwrary co.?vnr.'tice,
with Judge West as Chairman, had been
niaxle .vermanon*.
The Committee on Resoluttohs offered
the following* whloh vvore unaninioutiy
Resolved by the Democratic party of
tlie Fourth Congrewional District of A'ir
__dn_a in ooiiveir-tson asscmbled, That we
reaflirm our allegiance to the prliicblcs
of Democraey as j,et forth atid declared
ln the platform of tihe last Xational
Dcmonrat.c Convctitien.
Rceolvod further, 1'hat we are op:>osed
to im_wnialis-m and mllitarlsm and Uie
acqudsit-on of dlstant foreign territory.
Rosolvcr' furthoir. That we are unalter
ably opposed to monopollcs. combine.s and
lru*-'ts, whieh inerilably tend to tlie as
grandizement of the rich and jiowcrful
and the opprosslon of tlie weliJt and the
The O0"n-n_Uce on Civdentials reported
126 delegates present. All the reports were
u-nanrmot sly adopted.
On motion of R. G. -fout'iall. lt was
decided that tlie delegates .present frostt
any county be allowed to east the full
vote of each county.
rThe lTominations of candidates for Con?
gress to fi'l tho unexpired term of Mr.
Epes was t!:en made.
The name of Major Eassiter was pre?
sented to the convention by Alexander
Ho-_ps of Prince George county. ar.d his
nonrination m-as seconded by Mr. A\\ D.
Fa-i-Jkner. of Din-widdie. Mir. Faulkner
also cmoved ^that Major Lassiter be nomi
inated by acclaniaikm. A\*. M, Powell. of
.'Greejisvile. opposed this motion, and nom?
inated Judge l._iK~nidas D. YrirreH, of
Greensv-lle, for Congress. The vote was
C3'led. and was as follows:
For Eassitor?Amelia, C; Brunswick, 14:
blnw-ddie. 11: Greensville, 5 1-2; Lunen
burg. 10; Mtvklenburg. 21; Xo-ttoway, !?;
IVwhatan. *?: Prince Edward, 10; Prince
George, H; Sussex, 7 1-3; Petersburg. 17.
Total, 113 .">-*".
For Yarrell?Greensvile, 5 1-2; Sussex,
2-3. Total, G 1-C.
Mr. Powell then withdrew Ihe name of
Judge Yarrell, and Major EassHer's nomi?
nation was made -unanimous amld deofen
Jng checrs.
Judge Hotncsi of Mecklenburg. then asl
?d that the convention proceed to eli-ct
a candidate tor the full term. This re
<_uest brought on u heated fliscussioti.
Mr. Faulkner. of Dltiwiddie. said that
fftls delegation had been instructed to vote
ft?* Liasslter for tho ehovt term, .and pre?
vent any noanination for the full teran.
He said the <*onv?nt"cn was about;to es
tablK-h. a preeedent, and he was unwlSlng
that a convention patched up in a ft?w
? dmy* *ehou"<! anak'o a. nomination for rhe
ftfij term; that tbo people of thts Fdurth
ipoatiduei on Eightii P-uje_)i \ ;___. ^
Contract to be.Given Out
Early in April.
Sub-Contractors Have Been Given
Copies of the Specifications.
Mr. Wirt A. CliCFterniaii aiul Mr. W.
O. Jliirloii, of Kiclimoml, and Mr.
Petiyjolin, of Lynchbiiri*', are ,
Aiuhiis Those Who Will Sub
mitOfl'ers?Ground May
be Urokei- iu May.
The contract for the -erection of the
union o'epbt for the Chesapeake and Ohio
and Seaboard Air-Linc roads wil! be given
out about tlie 7tli of April.
A few Richmond contractors have been
asked to submit bid*-. They will do so.
Mr. A\1rt A. Chr-sterninn, who is erectin**
tbe *depol building for tlie Southern Rail?
way, wiH be -one of 'trrose who will sub?
mit -proposa*-. "Mr. W. O. Burton, of
Riohmon-1. and Mr. lvttyjohn. 01" Lynch?
burg, will also seek to secure the contract.
Sub-coniractors yesterday were ftirindi.
ed copies of tlie spcclfications and -plans,
in order tliat tliey may make propisals
to the general contractors. Plumbers,
brick **rias_ns. excayators and others went
to work yesterday afternoon with a view
to j-ro-mrstiy s'ubmirfing lo the general
coniracfors their preposltioni".
These will have to be in hand within Uie
ncxi few day*".
lt is cxpertc-i tiial g|-mnirt will he broken
fo-r the depot during thc month of '."May.
Woi k iwrll bc rapidly pu-"ied to coo_cle
tion. 11 Is hoped to have tiie depot under
roof. before nex't.-*n"!ntcr-.
A party of fllsttng'llshcd -?._. Louis
S-mtbv.TStprii <ifil.fa!? Will arrlve in K'cri
mrm-.l thCs -moriilrig over the Southern. They
will leave ,f.r Old Point Comfor. over
the Cheiaiieakc and Ohi. at !' o'clock.
and will remain there for a short time,
?vhen they will again reMinie tbe jourh'y
north. Tbe party is headed by Mr. 1_ nvin
Go.tild; and is travelling ln Mr. Goutd's
privnte car. The part." h ive iorae from
?Owing to the absence of Piesident Geo.
W. Stevens. thc report that the C:c!;i
l-eake and Ohio was trying tc secure cJn
Irol of lhe Ohio Central Line coUld not
be verified. President St-'vcns, it is <*ix-,
pected, will return to this city to-dsy.
Stnce Mr. Dec-'tur Axtell's Fi-Hrotibn as
president of tiis Toledo :.nd Oh'o Cehtrai
rumors of the cohsoltdattan of tlie Ch.s'i
peake ahd Ohio and Ohio Central lines
have been rife. They have. bowever, ai?
ways laclced officiul cbnnrmtiuon.
RA1LKOAD nOtiss.
Considerable interest wis taken in tbe
mnetlng of the l-xecutlve Committee of
the Burlington ahd Olilo. in .New l'or.*
\Y< dncsday. President .T. K. Cowcn w s
present, but nelthet' Mr. Cowcn nor n:iy
of the other directors woul-1 speak about
the possibllity ot' a dividend un the c un
nioli stock, n'<r would thfc.V expi*in wliy
ihe common stock had crossed the pre?
?"?"liere is a riinior that the St. Paul Road
will issue new stock. Oflicials or tne
eompany ure non-coniin!i.tal. Bt. Pau '."
February gross incrcased **_ii"!,3_4; net
.decreased ^31,0*11. Last year d'ebruaYy
gross jiicreused $11)9,1-.* net decrea.-ed
Thc spring anthracite coal clrcular is
likely lo be put into ertect April lst, and
thc iridications now are tliat the new
spring prices on bolb line nnd tide will
average about twcnly-five cents a lon
higher than thc spring circular prices of
last year.
Both Sides Would Prefer Another
Postponement?Love Letters'Have
Been Copied as Evidence
SUFFOI-K. VA., March _"..?Special.?The
trial of Andrew Carter Gilligan. the Isle
of Wight young man, .harged With shoot?
ing down in the dark C. Bever/y Turner,
father.of Miss Isabel Turner, whose suit
or he had been, will be called at tlie court
hoxise next Tuesday. That is in pursu
anc. of a imotion *n?de by tlie defence
and .sustained by Judge Atkinson, March
13 th.
One of the attorneys in the case tells
me that on Tuesday the Commonwealth
w-li likely move for another continuance,
owing to the expected enforced absence
of a lawycr for the .irosccution.
But ln dcfaii-t bf such niotion by fhc
6U_te the <lefencc wou*~t probably ask
tfor a postponem;ent. because W. II.
Weods, who is alil.ged .<-* be a material
witness,- is now iu l__.r_i)e .on a tour of
indclinite duration*. Weeds -is.a well-to- j
do farmer, wlth whom Gilligan had lived,
and who __ said to have a'dvi.ed Gilligan
concerning the propriety of a suiTender.
With the exlstln**l condition of affairs,
each side suspeeting tbe other's unreadi
ness, it is possible that both may hesltate
to riight for the continuance, and the case
may go to trial on its merits.
The -result will hahg on t'he evidence,
and letters of Miss Isabel Turner, a pretty
young woman," nineteen years old.
The iproseciiilon now has abotlt twenty-"
five of her love epistles addressed to Gil?
ligan. The Court has ordered that dupii
cate copies be furnished for jfche defence,
pendlng a setttement of their legal title.
? -
Casuntiies in ?l?e Phlllpi-tnes.
WASHINGTON. March 29.?The Senate
Committee on Military Affairs to-day au?
thorized a favorable report upon Senator
Allen's resolution calling upon the S*cre
-tary of War for information regardlng
casualtles of all sorts in the Plif.ipplnes.
The committee amended the resolution
so as to call for information as to the
comparative losses and disabilltles of col?
ored troops ln the Philipolnes as com?
pared wlth white troops.
*.!a*le IU*nr-..*liniinl.,
WASHlN*Gl*ON, Maroh 29.?The Presi?
dent to-day nominated.-Captain Charies
6. Cotton, United States Navy, '._*?>
K-ar-Admlral. . ,.?
ecl for School Board.
Joint Meeting of Aldermen and Coun?
cil Very interesting.
Member or Tbat Body Snvcioly Criti
ciseil by Mr, Marx Giiiist?Mr.
Joseph C. Dickcrson nnd Gen?
eral A; L. Phillips Eleeted
Xi'ustces ? rilr. "Waller?
stein Speaks.
Major Sol. Cutchins was eleeted as a
trustee of the School Board from the
Second District over Hon. J. Taylor
Ellyson last night. There seemed to be
some diversion of opinion as to the ad'-*
visabilily of the re-election of alr. Elly?
son, owlng to the statement by Mr. Tan?
ner that the Iiicumbent would decline
to serve if re-elected. "Mr. Joseph C.
Dickcrson was a'niosl unanimously eleet?
ed as trustee from the First District,
while General A. U Phillips was e'.ccted
from the Third District.
The joint meeting of. the Common
Council and the Board of Aldermen for
the purpose of electin*; school trustees.
was called to onler at 7:_l> o'clock last
night by President Ttirpln, of the Board.
Those of the membera of the Board
present were:
Messrs. Allen, Bahen, Burton, Cutchins,
Donahoe, Drewry, Ferriter, Ha-ruwictte.
King, Eawder, Mosby, Mom->omcry.
Jeay, Smith, Gordon, Whlttet aud Presl?
dent Turpln.
The following members of the Councll
were. present:
Messrs. Bloombcig.-Cnmp, Curtis. Ebeli
Fergttsson, Garber, Gibson, Gi'imes,
Gunst, Hnrrclso", Hobson, McCarthy,
Mills, iMiner, Xeale, Peters, Pollock,
Shea, Tanner, Teefey, AVallerstein, West,
AA'halen and Caskle.
The president announced that the nrtler
of busiiicss was the clection of three
school trustees to fill the tcrms expiring
on April 3d.
Mr. AA'allerstelh moved that the elec?
tion of trustees be postponed until April
12th, and in advocating this he asserted
that the sacredncss of the schools de
manded that careful and proper atten?
tion be given the selection of men who
were to gulde our schools. He main
tained that this had not been done for
many years. and' that. lt had become
the custom to select men either because
they -were popular citizens or they had
political influence. The time had arrived,
in his opinion. When they should en-.
deavor, with calm. deliberate considera?
tion to select school trustees Who pos
sessed the highest qiialilications for this
position. He maintained that there were
three great requisites that could best
promote the efficiency of the schools, and'
it should be so aranged that at least
three members of the nine should un
derstand the science of pedagogy; an
equal number should be familiar with
promotion of .lygeinie and general sam.
tary conditions, and lastly, three mOm
bers Who should possess good business
and executive ability. _.?__
Mr AA'allerstein recorhmended that post
ponement was hlghly advlsable ln order
to g've the Councll an opportunity to
look about for men With these qualities,
and that upon the eve of a political
election the independence of thought and
action necessary would' not prevail. He
was not prepared* to name any particu?
lar man and had no man's e.a.m to ad
vocatc. but he was ready to adVocate
gfeafer improvement and better condi?
tions in our schools.- He had no desire
to crlticlse Ihe management of the
Schools. t?ut he contended that they were
sUsceptible of great improvement, and
they needed- much to put them upon an
equal footing with' schools ln many cities
of tho same size In other sectlons of
tho country. He earnestiy. pleaded for
rhe setting.aslde of every other consid?
eration when the welfare and progress
of public schools were undex considera?
tion. ? >. ':
?Mr. Wallerstein spcjke In behalf of. se?
curing school trustees who were effictent
school . teaehers as well. He said that
ifien of other cities considered". It a high
honor to ho'il-a position as school trustee.
Mir. King placed the name of .Mr. Joseph
C. Diokersoii in nomtoatlon for the posi?
tion of school trustee from the Flrst Dis?
trict and was seconded by alr. Sear.
- 'alr. Wallerstein nominated Mr. T. Wiley
"pavis. He speko very Wghly of Jlr..
?Dayils in placing bls name- before -the
'tnembers, but when tbe vote was taken
Mr. iJav-S'was>defeat___.
Major Allen arose .and. stated. th<ithe
'-?: _ (Continued on.Second-Page.)'
Car Runs Over Them Near
Soldiers' Home.
The Other Three Badly Mansled and
Samuel Amlcrson, Alice Goode, Emma
Andersoii, and Albert Davis tho
? Vietims?- Were AValkinj;
AlouK the Track When
thc Car Caine
The lives of Samuel Anderson, Emma
Anderson, Alice Goode, and Albert Davis.
all colored. narrowly escaped being
cruS-ied out beneatlra Ti-actlon car on
Robertson Street, near tlie Soldiers' Home,
-at 1~::12 o'clock last nlght.
At the time of the-aceident the victims
we.a walklri'g along the track. carelessly,
tinaware of approaching danger. and be?
fore the -mo-orman on the car could check
its speed the four were run over and bad?
ly mangled.
The ? exact particulars of the aceident
could not be le-arned at an early iiotir this
morning, owing to the fact that bone o?
tho slreet-c-ir-men seemed "nelih-i" to talk.
rn.ni.cliately after the aeeidetit. however.
the viotjnis* were taken to the Traction
Co-ihl-iny's c-a'r-sheds; where thc arnliu
lance wa_ at once called. Drs. Parker and
Gtfls rc-sp*>ndlng. ,
The condition of Samuel Anderson was
found to bc* very serious. His left leg was
broken. and hc was otherwise badiy
bruised. -His leg was ampu'tated after he
wai tuicen to the Almsh'ouse.
Emma Anderson Was very dengerously
bruised and injured aboivt the body.
'Alb'.rt Davis had his back. arms and
h_iad bruised. He was frightfully injured,
but may recover..
Alice Goode was. cut on the head and
bruised about the "body.
The -Wctims ,w-ere''treated by Drs. Park?
er'and Gill*-- Some of their injuries ap?
peared to be very dangerous.
Albert Davis, Birnma Anders*on, and
Alice Goode, after having their -wounds
sewed up ahd their bruises treated. were
taken home.
At n late hour this morning, Samuel
Andorsotii'v.-hnse leg was amputat'-d. was
in a very critical condition, and it was
not thought he could recover.
Some of those who wit-nessed the acei?
dent stated that tney thought the victi-ms
were drunk and could not get out of the
Way of the car.
Tlie l-'oniial Ordrk* Issued Iiy Dirnction
ol'the Pri-shl-MilYostiri-d-iy.
WASHTXGTO-*,*. "March 20.?The fofmai
order dividing the Philippines into four
military departments was Issued' to-day.
It follows:
By direetion of lhe President, the De?
partment of tfie Pacilic is disconti: uctl
and a military dlvision to be known as
th**. division of the Philippines, com
prising all the islands ce-ded' to the
"L'nited Slates by Spain by the treaty of
Paris. ratificd April 11, 1S!*S. is created
under command of Alajor-Gcneral Elwell
S. Otis, U. S. V., with headquarters In
the city of "Manila. who. in addition to
command of the troops in tbe dlvision,'
will continue CO exercise the authority
of military governor of the Philipptne
Islaods; the division to be composed of
the following departments:
Department of Northern Luzon, under
command of "Major-General HacArthur,
Ui s: v.
' Department of Southern Luzon. to nv
clude all the rema-ning part of the
Island cf Luzon, under command of
Major-General John C. Bates, U. S. V.
Department of the Yizeaya, under com?
mand of Brigadier-Goneral Robert P.
?Hughes, U. S. V.
Department of Mindanao and Jolo, to
include all the remaining islands of the
Philipplne archipelago. Brigadier-General
William Kobbe. IT. S. "V.. is assigned to
the command of this department.
The division commander will-designate
the places for the several department
headquarters, and will also assign the
! -necessary staff officers and make. such
!, distribution of troops as in his judgment
! wil! best meet the requirements of the
; servlce in the division.
I buoITtheatre
New Organization to be Chartered
Here Within the Next Few
Days?the Officers.
' A company has been orgariized here
with a capital stock of ?-.,00., to b.
known as the "Bijou Theaire Company,
and a charter will be applied for within
the next few days.
The purpose of the. company i_ to form
a circuit of vaudeville houses cf the
highest class.
A most desirable lot has'been leasect
in -Norfolk. adjolnlng tho property of the
"Monticello 'Hotel. A new theatre will De
built at once, and a cireu't will be for'm.a,
embracihg the Bijou theatre in this city,
.he new one in Worfoik, and later 6th* rs
!n the largerSoutnern cities. - .
The plansiof: the- company Have been
settled, ahd it is ?believed that.by the
heginnlng of next! season a circultof some
dimensions may he establlshed; .and tbe
very"fiinest acts In vaudeville introduced
here. '?'? -. - ?; -
The officers of the company Tor .the
present yeer are: President. Jake Wirlisr
Vice-'President, vThqmas. G". Leath; Secre-.,
tary;Charies I; McKee. '.ana-'t'ne-?, -._=?-??
-ethet?with W. Greanor Is'eal- and A; B.
Blair, constltutetafi -Board of Directora. j
,*?'?/"?-':-'?" .:"'.-"?' :t_ .'- ??.:?..-.:' .. ?""___????-<
Direct Vote Taken in the
Senate Yesterday.
Of the Bill But Does Not Indicate the
Final Majority.
( ?
He Advocated I-eciprdcity Between
the L'nited States and Porto Kico,
But if All Efforts Tor Free Trade
I'ail He "Will Support tho
Pending Measure?Pro
ccedliiK-s in House.
WASHIN'GTOX, March 29.-A. direct
vote was taken by" the Senate to-day on
the prqposftion to strike from the Porto
Rico measure the provlslon levylng 13
per.cent. of the Dingley law duties u_>on
Porto Rico produots. The proposition
was defeated by a vote of 16 to 33.
AVIiile the vote is regarded as presaglng
the passage of the pending measure, lt
is not regarded as tndlcattng the final
vote on tfie bltl.
The foat'ji-e of the debate to .day- was
the speech of Mr. Beveridge. of Indiana.
AVhile he advocated reciproelty between
the United/States and porto Rico, he-an?
nounced that if all efforts to secure free
trade should faill, he would support the
pending bill. The bill was under discus
slon tr.roughout the session,.-severai Im?
portant amendments being agrted to.
The conferenee'report dn the dlplomatlc
and consular lappripflatlon bill was
agreed to by the Senate soon after lt con
vened. '.
' A concurrent resolution, offered. by Mr.
Culberson,. of Texas, dircctlng the Seere?
tary of AV'-ar and the Seeretary of the
Xavy to keep "seasonably advised" the
families of wounded soldiers and sullors
of the condition of the men, was agreed
A consideration of the Porto Rico tariff
and government bill was then resumed.
Mr. Beveridge addressed the 3enate ln
support of the proposition for free. trade
between the United States and Porto
At the conclus-ton of Mr. Beveridge's
address Mr. Foraker asked that the 'Sen?
ate proceed with the consideration of
The flrst amendrnent was one imposing
a duty of 5 cents a pound uyon .coffee
Irraported Into Porto Rico.
Mr. Pettus, of Alabama. moved to strike
out the amendrnent and demanded a vote
on his amendtneat. which involved. tlie
question whetter a tax cOuId be Intposed
upon imports Into Porto-Rico which was
not imposed on the same proditcts im
ported" Into" "other parts of the L'nited
Mr. Gallinger defentled the amendrnent
Of the committee. During the Spaiiash
regime, he eaid, a tariff had. been irrt
nosed upon co*fee Importcd into Porto
Rico- because the coffee jralsed there is
resafded as the best iti the World, and it
was desired to prevent lt from . belns
spoiled by being blended with inferior
- "If you have a free hand. to mutil-.te
the constitution," said Mr. Pettus, "then
yoii can pass this bill; biit if the consti?
tution means anything when it says thaf.
taxes and duties shall be uhltorm,. then
vyoU have. nC'such right."
Mr. Pettus' amendme~ht was def-atea,
13 to 32.
alr. iBacon.- of Georgia, entered an
amendrnent in" the form of a substitute
for sectlons two and three of the commit?
tee bill. establishlng tbe regular Dingley
tariff rates of duty on article.. Importe-i
from foreign- countries . Into Porto Rleo,
and providing that no duties shalf he
leyied ,on articles imported Into PcrU
Rico frOni the United States- or into the
United States from Porto Rico.. Mr. Bi
con explained that ft was his idea to es
tablish inTorto Rico the tariff system In
vogue ln this country. He said the
amendrnent -presented, a Sauare issue "bf
the question noW before the Senate. '.
Mr. Gallinger said the bill, as lt stood,
was Inflnltely more liberal than was the
"amendrnent offered by.Mr. Bacon.
?Mr. Eindsaj-j of; Kentucky, offered an
amendrnent to.Mr. Bacon's amendrnent,
providing for absolute.free trade between
this country and Porto Rico. He wanted
to afford the Seriate oppbrtunlfty tb/v6te
dlrectly for:free trade."*' "'- ??"".'-.
He then? offered an". amendrnent, to' Mr.
Bacon's amendrnent." providing -for "absb-^
Iute free-trade .between-this country and"
the island. Mr. IBafibn "accepted the
amendrnent. -"
?Pending action vupbn: the Bacon amend?
rnent.'sections 2 _unT3 of tfle bill wefe..|
perfecTed '?'-by ? the'.. co_fimlt.ee.' .'.
. Mr. Pettus- .then moved to strike ,ont
"IfiV provlauVn ;Sn se6Qon.'?'%; pr6r.dh._r tor
(Continued on B-cond Ptje.) ?._. -'??, j
'-?;-. ?/?:?*?' vV-'vv'-"-'-'=".- -.'?' ''?-?"- '/??'?-- '<*->? '
Close Hack Surrounded
by Armed Deputies.
Emanuel Morton Receives Eighteen
Years for Murder.
Fenriii*. Mob Vlolenco the Offlcers
Were Armed With Winchesters.
"Will BrinsthePrisonertoKich
moiid?Fear of Trouble at
Clover AVhero the Mur- ?
dered Man tiivcd.
HOUSTON. VA.. March 20.?Special.?
Enamuel Morton tried here this week
for the muxder of William Snead, at
Ofeiver. V*a., received eighteen years
ln the penitentiary this afternoon.
Public _entiment ls surprised. and the
Clover population are very indigriant. Two
of the jury stood out for eighteen years,
and .won over. The other ten were for a
long time for hanging.
The reason givert- by the jurymen for
their verdict is that the intent to kill was
not plalnly proven. * .
At half-past 5 o'clock this afternoon the
prisoner was taken out of town by the
-Cieriff and his deputies in a close hack, -Or
fear of mob violence. ? ' ?
The sheriff and deputies Were well
armed with Winchesters and -plstols. It
Is theugh that they will reaeh Richmond
to-night.. provided that they caa get.
through Clover.
At a late hour this ?morning no* further
tidlng had been .reecived from the sheriff
and his prisoner. The only train by Which
they could reach Richmond arrives hero
this morning.
The following..acount of the crlme ap?
peared in this paper at the time of its
Clover, Va., Feb. 5.?Special.?In a'seml
drunken state. a negro struck a young
?white -man. named Snead, who llved two
and a half rn-'los from here. over the
head wlth a heavy stlck, and young
Snead died at 4 o'clock . this morning.
Tne negro was -arrestcd, and this morning
carried to Houston for -safe keeping. as
there was tailk of lync-hlng him.
It seems the men commenced to quarrel
in the bar-room and the .proprietor asked
thom out The negro went tirst. .ollowed
hy Snead, and in a 'few minutes the negro
returned and said: "I have fixed . blmr
No one saw the deed done, but -thero
are many witnesses to the above remark.
This -morning after the young man died
there was considerable excitement. and
the negro was carried to the county jail
"for safe keeping.
.Some time ago a similar dlfficulty arose
between two other men in a drunken
state, and so much resis-tance -vas made
.when the offlcer attempted to arrest them
that one of the men nearly met his death.
Statement of Mr. Warbiirton Fnts au
13.-d fo Rumors of Foul Play.
MIAMI, FLA.. March 20.?W. H. War
burton, eastern agent of .the Clyde
Steamship Company, has just arrived
here from 'Merritrs Island. He was a
guest at the Riverview Hotel when Wil?
liam Henderson was taken 111 and died.
Mr. Warburton says Mr. Henderson
was coming out of the toilet room when
he was seized with a faintlng spell. and
in falling struck his head against the
door jamh, cutting the scalp and bruising
his face. He did not recover conscious
ness, and cxpired in a few mlnutes. ?
This statement from a gentleman of
Mr. Warburton's sitandlrtg effectualiy
puts an end to the rumors of foul play.
The Officers. Escaped in Only Boat
and Four Passengers Were
g.*_NTO -DOMINGO, March -O.-The
French steamer Georges Croise, bound
to Cuba Wlth cattle and eighty prussen
gers, Is sunk outside this,Dort, The
steamer New York, which has just ar?
rived here, rendered her assistance. Four
lives were lost.
Accordlng to a report the only boat on
board the Georges Crolse was used by
her captain and officers to save them?
selves, the survivlng passengers and
crew being saved by the Clyde line
It Is said that the loss of the steaaner
was caused by' her officers leaving her
ports open, and water.entering the vessel
She sank.
The Georges Crotse *".*as built at Glas?
gow ln 1-SS. She was 350 tons and was
153 feet long ahd 20 feet 1 inch wide. and
had a depth of 11 ieet S inches. Sho was
owned by the Coropagnie de .Xavigation
et de Colonlzation des Antiles, of Dun
klrk, France.
* . i . ?'
"W.-mr tli? THsar Plant.
AliEXANDRIA, VA. March 23?"Special.
Efforts are being made by the city ofB
clals to get the Trigg Shipbuilding Com?
pany. of Richmond, to locate thetr pll_it
At a meeting of the City Council.?
resolution was adopted otterbig that
company the u3e of the-old canal pr-***
_rty gratis if they bring I_heir plant he**,
The ground offered consists of about
ten acres. and sitnated on the jlver tnat
"wl-ha deep harbor.
,," ; --. ? - ? ? ?
Steamer ClaudiuM Still Fi.*-r.
FORT I_AU"DBRDAl*--k 5H_A., March. flL."
Thev'Steamer Claudlua; of the Munc-_n
Line,riCSwtain. Schunner, from Philadel?
phia fori"; Havana. with a cargo of coal.
iI_s__l been ashore about two mil-j* oBf th*
House of Re-us-e s_i.ee Monday eventn*. *
Attemrrts to float be* have been un_rac
;c-HsCot.. fflwr ls ln nfr -*w_r*r m-Im-ta
Drisk nort_te?ua ot t^*efa-a*laaa?:m*)
erew-nnmber tMrty-_*_t.
I_at-*?Tto CUqdl*-*
Philippiiie Commissioa
Behind ClGwSed Doors.
Their Establishment in the tsfandi.
Primary Object.
Tiie Conm-i-wioii Will 3feot Agnin To
Day Tor tho Last Timo Before Their
Departuro Tor the- Scette of
Tlicit* Laborsand Ucucivo
"Their Final In
WASH-tNGTOIN, March 23.?The mem?
bers of" the new Pbtilppine Coinmiss-on
spent three hours behind closed doors ln_
earnest conference with Seeretary Root
at the War Department to-day.
At the concluston of the conference the
Secrets_r_- ? said that tho dlscusaron had
coverei. the probable scope of the work
of the Comn-lss-on for the next two
ye_vrs. So far he had not been able to
present the ccmunlssloners' written in
structlons. and what passed to-day was
rather preparatory to the reception of
those Instruc-lons.
It was not the intention at th"3 time
to make -he^instructlona imbllc. But lt
might be stated In general torms, tha
Seeretary said, that the new Commlasion
would have much broader powers ln deal- .
ing TOith tho problem. arlstng ln the Phil?
ippines than had its predecessor. The
prlmary purpose wus the establishment ot
local oivll governments throughout tha
Islands. In the selectlon of the) oivll \
officers tho Commlssion would have a
tree hand.
When asked whether the clvll aut__orl?
ties would d<-mlnate the military. tha
Seeretarsr conteoted himself wlfih the
reply that as he saw tt, no nuestlon waa
likely to attlse on that point; thero would
bo no chance for frlctlon.
The Commlssion will meet agaln to
morrow and will continue the conferenc.
with Seeretary Root ln the afternoon.
That will be the last meeting ot tho full
Con_n-"sslbtt ln Washington before the
departure for Manlla. The members will
dine wifih. the Presldent of the tWtedy
States at the White House tc-morrow eve?
ning.. antl to-morrow night, three of them,
General Wright, Judge Ide and Prof.
Worcester, will go to their homes to pre
pare their private affairs for a, two years'
absence in the Philippines.
Judge Taft. the ohairman of the Conv
mission. goes to New Tork Saiturrtay. bul
will return to Washington before startbi?_
on -.Is voyage. Prof. Moses also leave*
Saturday, going directly to hils home ln
The Commlssion will gather at San
Franclsco on April 12th and will snll tot
Manlla on the 15th on the army trantsporl
T-T ji j-[42Oclt-.
Tlto personnel of the attaehes and start
has been practically completed, but Judge
Taft preferred to defer the announce
ment ot their name.-* until to-morrow ln
order to comply wl-h certain necessary
Two Hours* Session Behind Closed
ALEXANDR.A. VA.. March 2!*-Special.
A Repubiican conference ot two hours
was held here to-day behind closed
doors. Chairman Park Anew presided.
and Alex. Httrrls acted as seeretary.
Others present were General J. A. Wal?
ker and Judge Strocher. ot the Xlnth ;
District; L. M. Glbbins and C. M
i-outhan. from the Seventh; Captain R.
W. 'Nlchol. from the Second, and J. A.
Turner, from the Flrst. .
The main object of the meeting was
to reverse the action of the Starte Con?
vention at Staunton, ln 1SWI. preparatory
to the Xorfolk Convention April 10th.
Congressional candidates and matters
pertalning to the party ln Virginia wero
?The Bijou Theatre Company to be
C -Contract for the ereetion of the new
depot soon to be given out. ___.___" ,_,
-Dr. Hunter McGuire*** condition Is
*? Meeting of the political clubs.
-Chief Puller reruses to lnt-rfero wlt__
nolitical work of rtremen.
-Major Sol. Cutchins succeeds Hon.' J.
"-avlor Kllyson on the School Board.
^Suprerne Court of Appeals refuses
mandamus ln the Epps case. .
?Four negroes run over by a street car
and badly Injured.
?New Good Templar Lodge organized
at Falrfax Courthouse.
-Captain Lewis B. Evana and two aons .
drowned ln the Potomac. _.?,.__,,,___ '
-Three negroes" on trial at Ablngrton
for breaklng Into apartments at the
Stonewall Jackson. Institute. One ot them
S'^two negroes break out of the Jail at
Lexington and are recaptured at Bu
^Lexington District goes dry by a ma
?ttoc'-wt'-shap man decamps from New?
port News.-with warrants- taken out for
h ?Cavatry arrlve by transport at New?
port New* from; Porto Rlco.
?The Kearsarge goes to- sea to try her
superimposed turrets. _
^The 'cilllsan trtal *-'?"X;V
Isle of Wight Courthouse T^day The
love letters to tlgure lmportantly ln tne
^Repubiican State Chairman Park
-.-tnew holds- two hours' conference with
prominent Republlcans behind close.. j
U-MaJor F. R. Lassiter nominated to
succ-eTlthe late Congressman Sydney P. .
t-pea for both short and long terms.
v Genert-L. ...>
?FTee trade amendrnent to Porto Rican
*-_to-?t!t??l -*"">* -Approprtatlat* j
bll^brder for division of PhUlpptnes l_?- '?%
S?Phllipplne Commlssion ln secret eon- i
ference wltht Secre-ary of War.
" __T?*xaltow"* Dlck CombB arrested v*.,-x?s
technlcal charge-?.???;?:.. ? ??
?French ?.teamer sunlr. oft -"ant<> _"*?*_??-, _'.jj
^Hoeis coacentr-itin? north otmm.
_M?.hue-t tmhwed b-vsh ?t? Kh-H-ift-Br
I^Ku5-lMr*?2y b? -_M_-l?
?rtaiJMita. :_.?-.*

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