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Offerine* for Profits Were Less Easily
Any Considci*al>lc I_ccessloii i" 'hc
Piiun of Sfo;:ks Led to a Decline in
tlie Volumo *of O-Tcrin-gs and a
Doll MavkcU
NEW YORK. March __).?The Stock *2x
cliangv atmosphere was rather oppres
sivo during to-.i.iv's session. nnd tne <>i
ferings t<i take proflte were nbsorbed with
i'-ss lacilttv lhan on previous days during
tliis week. No better explanation of tho
roactionarv tendehej' of tiie market can
bo found than the falllng off in demand
for stocks. There was som.* msinipuia
tli.n for tbc decline. which was effcctivc
among tho industriais and spcclaiUes,
und whlcli brought out a volume ol olr
fexlngs tbat looked like the. uncoycring
of stop-loss orders. But in the railroad
11st there was no indicaUon ol lorced
selling. , ,,
Tlie prout-taking proceeded apparontl.
in an orderly manner, and any consld
erable recesslbn in prices led to a de?
cline in Ihe. vo-itme of offerlngs and a
aull niarkrt. Stocks which have gon-- np
the most during tlie week were naturaliy;
most. affected. notably the trans-contt
riental railroads and th<* southern Inink
lines. Thero wns some indication of posi
tlve weakness in some <>t the grangers
and the coalers, the tendency in the lal
ter group being due to the rather dlsap
polnting February statement of net ?irn
iug*. for the Reading-Company. rcierc
wero not lacking also points of strength
in the railroad list. Tin* most notable
upward movement of the day was in
stocks of railroads in central traffic t'.rri
torv, and what might be called subsirliary
Vaudrrbilt lines. C. C, C. and St. Louis
led tlie movement. and it was shan-cl ln
bv Chesapeake and Ohio; Pittsburg, C..
C. and St. Louis. Canada Southern. nnd
iii.. tcew york, Chicago and St. Louis
j i.e professed ground of this advanco
was a conference of railroad officials in
this citv. looking to the onforccm-nt of
agroetme.i.ts to mHintain rates. 1 he At?
chison stocks. Louisville. and iNashV-Ile
und oome other less conspicuous stocks
continued strong. Aside from the desire
lo take prolits. tlie. halt in Ihe buying de?
mand was due 10 apprchenslon over tho
eJfect "f tlie gloomy official outgiyings
r.-garding ihe prospect for future divi?
dends 011 the stock of the Sugar Com?
pany. A sharp break in that stock at the
opening seemed to have very little ef?
fect on the mark.-t. but when its weak?
ness wa.s seen to persist, sympathetu:
hcavin*-ss devcloped .*lsewhere in the in?
dustrial list. and among the local traction
.stocks. There was no indicaUon of stift
ness in the monev market. but probably
the relaxc-d demand lor speculatlve pur
poses had something to do with this.
London continued to trade actively in
this market. but with much less inlluence
on sentiment than heretofore.
The bond market continued active nnd
for tho most part strong, though thero
?were points of weakness in tlie list. Total
sales. par value. "3,815.000. United States
b'-nds unchanged in bid price.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
939,100 shares, including Atchison. 80,900;
do preferred. 57.770; Canada Southern;
<i.T0 ; Chesapeake and Ohio. 6G.5G0: Bur
linrton and Quincy. 33,465: C, C. G. and
St ' Louis. 27,570; Louisville and Nasll
ville 14 2S5; Manhattan; 39,1-?*>: Metro
politan Street RaUway, ex. div.. S,*"50;
Missouri _raclfic, 33,450: Northern Pa?
cific 45.850; Pennsvlvania. 10,910; Read?
ing flrst preferred. ll.:-''K): St. Paul. COiit);
Southern Pacilic. 41,103; Southern Rall
wav 10.625; do. nreferred. 8.470: Fnion
Pacific 52.S22; do.~preferred, 9.73G; Amer?
ican Tobacco. 27.500; Brooklyn Rapid
Transit. 41.385: Federal Steel, 1',::"0; Peo?
ple's Gas, 30,850; Sugar, 153.G25.
call steadv at [email protected] per cent.: last loan at
3 per cent.: prime mercantdle paper, 4%r<t>
;i*;. per cent. Sterling exchange lirm. with
actual business in bankers' bills at .f'.KtP.
for demand and at !??.*?_??-_.???..vj-1, for sixty
days; posted rates. f-4.s:P-2 and S4.S7: com?
mercial bllls, $4.ra%@4.S2%. Silver cer
tilicates. G0"[email protected]"-._ bar silver. .'>'.?"?,; Mox
icun dollars. 47. Government bonds
steady: State bonds inactlve; railroad
bonds dull.
Closlng Stock?.
Atchison . r*.'*
Atcliison pfd .-. <^%
Baltimore and Ohio ._ . M*
Caiiadian Pacific ..<%
Canada Southern . -j'Hi
Ches. and Ohio . *!-Vi
Cillcagb Great AVestern . 14*'fc
Chi., Bur. and Quincy.1.'2.?
I'lii.. Ind. and L.-. -?
Chi-, Ind. an- L. pfd._ . ->'
i !u. aud East lllinois .103%
Chi. and Northwestern .101
Cl_l_, Rock Island and I'ac_.113%
C. C. C. and St. Louis ..._. 04"
Colorado Southern . ?
Colorado Southern lst. pfd. 4i"'._
Colorado Southern* _ld pfd. 19%
]>el. md Hudson.110%
I'i-l.. Laclc. and Western.181%
Den. aud Rio G.-. 22%
Den. and Kio G. pfd. 74^
Erie .-. -M-4
Erie lst pi- . 12
Great Northern pfd.104
Hocking Coal . 19%
Hocking Valley. 36%
lllinois Central .115%
lowa Central . 17
lowa Central pfd . ?"?'
Kan. City, Pitts. and Gulf. 20'
Lake Krio and Western . 2.'5
Lake Erie and AVestern pfd. S7
Lake Siiore.200
Louis. and Nasli. 80%
Manhattan L. -. -H5%
Metropolitan Street Ry., ex. div-103
Mexican Central .?. 13
Minn. and St. Louis ._. 07%
Minn. and St. Louis pfd-. 96%
Missouri Pacific.,. 4ft%
M.iblle and Ohio . 47
Mo. Kan. and Texas . 12%
Mo., Kan. and Texas pfd. 36
New Jersey Central .__. .11$
New York Central . 13732
Norfolk and AVestern . 36%
Norfolk and AVestern pfd. 77'_
Northern Pacific._. 60
Northern Pacific pfd. 77%
Ontario and Western. 2534
Oregon Ry. and Nav. 42
Oregon Ky. and Nav. pfd:..' 7<*
Pennsvlvania. 1383
Reading . 19?
Reading lst pfd. <?>.?'%
Reading 2d pfd. 33%
Rio Grande and Western. 53%
Rio Grande and Western pfd. fil ?
St. Louis and San Fran. 11%
St. Louis and San Fran. lst pfd..., 70
St. Louis aud San Fran. 2d pfd. 37%
pt- Louis and Southwestern. 12%
fct. Louis and Southwestern pfd.... :i2%
Et. Paul .12-!*_
Ht. Paul pfd .172
St. Paul and Omaha .11.".
pouthern Pacific . 41%
Bouthern Ry. 15'.
Southern Ry. pfd. '"OS
Texas and Pacilic . IS
Union Pacific . r>7:-'
I nlon Pacitic pfd . 7V,%
Wabash.. 7*.,
fWabash pfd . 22%
(Wheel. and L. 12. 11
Whe.-l. and L. E. 2d pfd. 30%
W.seoiisin Central . lSi.J
Adanis .116
American .!?]!>
United States . 4S
AVc-lis-K^rgo .125
Amer. Cotton 011 . SG',_
Amer. Cotton Oil pfd . 1)4
American Malting . 4%
American Malting pfd . 23%
Amer. Smelting and Re<rn. 41*J_
Amer. Snu-lting aud Refin. pfd. SH>
Atnertcun Splrits . 2Vi
American Splrits pfd . 17
aer. oteel Hoop. 3t>%
Amer. Bteel Hoop pfd. 81
Amer. Steel and AVlre . 55!5'
Amer. Steel and Wire pfd. IX?%
Amer. Tin Plutc . 33Vi
Amer. Tin Plate pfd . fi2%
American Tobacco .104%
_-_n-erican Tobacco pfd . 138
-Aaaconda Mining Co..-., 49
Bf_>okl?T_ Rapid Transit.ii 70%
C_|io_?A-Ttial -U-alrea .......^^___, 4?Ji
Hamlet Had It
Shake**pe:ire says that Hamlet "had a
way of looi'-ng before and after," which
would be very liandy for traders to have
nowadays; most of 'em can only loo??
?'AFTER,*' or they wouldn't let this
chance l? buy some cheap "Wheat get
away: There was a standing joke on
many of the old-time jewcllers, who used
lhe old-fashloned large copper cents for
their alloys, that in welghing up the
metals _h'ey would not stlck at a cent in
civing Kood weight, but would throw In
:in extra- one for pood measure. The
value of that great copper disc before
and after melUng can be appreciated
cvon by the uninitiated.
nnd "Don't stiek at a cent" when you
want to buy Wheat, because you can't
expect to get the very bottom. and
WHEAT IS CHEAP AT G5e.; the aver?
age prlc-e of the high and low for the
past 12 years is 67c: think of that. and
do not lose this opportunlty. If you don't
Jradc in Wheat; try us on Siocks or Cot?
ton, and you will find that we have thc
best of facllitics for rjuick- serviee on
moderate. margins. Wc now have 3
wircs to New York, and own "5 Exchange
memberships?2 on the Consolidated and
one on the N. Y. Produce. lf you want to
keep posted; get our daily letter, and our
free book explains margin trading.
1001 Chestnut St.,Philadelphia.
62 Wall St. New York.
24 Congress St., Boston.
ontincntal Tobacco .11%
Continental Tobacco pia. 83
Federal Slccl . *,:'-*i
Federal Stecl pfd . 75*'',
General Electric .l-0%
Glucose SUKar . *>2%
Glucose Sugar pfd . 9.S%
International Paper. 21*.
International Paper pfd . GG
Lacledo Gas . 73
National Biscuit . ''?'??Vs
Nalional Biscuit pfd . 89%
National Lead .' -4
National Lead pfd .104%
National Steel . '?'%
National Stecl i>fd. 03
New York Air Brake . 132 v
North American . *?_;.*
Pacilic. Coast. ?"'2
Pacilic Coast. 1ft pfd . b2
Pacilic Coast 2d pfd . ''1
Pacilic Mail . 37%
People-5 Gas.1?-'
Pressed Stecl Car .>2
Pressed Steel Car pfd . 83
Pullman Pal.icc Car.1S4
Standard Hope and Twine . "
Standard Oil .524
Sugar . ?S%
Sugar pfd .108
Tenn. Coal and Iron . **??
United States Leather. I2*}_
United States Leather pfd. 7.".'
United States Rubber . 30%
l'nitcd States Rubber pfd . 07
Western 1'nlon . 83
Republic Iron nnd Steel . 22'i
Republic Iron nnd Stecl pfd. G5%
I'., C, C. and St. l.ouis. 67%
United States 2's, refunding.104%
United States 2's, reg.100%
?"United States 3's, reg.110"4
United States 3's, coup.110%
United States new 4's, reg.134*.
United States new 4"s, coup.134%
United States old 4's. reg.115%
TTnited States old 4's. coup.134".
United States O's, reg.114-14
United States O's, coup.lll*Ji
District of Columbia :i.Gr>*s .119
Atchison general 4's .102?4
Atchison adjustment 4*s . S4*!4
Canada Southern 2ds .106V.
Ches. and Ohio 4%'s . 97%
Ches. and Ohio 5's . 11?%
Chi. and N. W. consol 7's . 141
Chi. and N. W. S. F. Deb. 5's. 121
Chicago Terminal 4's . 93
Den. and Rio G. Ists . 103%
Den. and Rio G. 4's . 99%
East Tenn., Va. and Ga. Ists.102.4
Fort "Worth and Den. City Ists- 71
General Electric O's . 115k
Galveston. H. and S. A. G's.110
Galveston, H. and S. A. 2ds .108
Houston and Texas Central r.'s-110
Houston and Texas Cen. Con. C"s.. 110
lowa Central Ists . 114
Kan. City, P. and G. Ists. 74
Louisiana new consol 4's.-"''..,
Louis. and Nash. Unified 4'--. WU
Mo., Kan. aijd _"*_x_ls 2ds . G8%
Mo.. Kan. and Texas 4*s. !?:*
New York Central Ists .110%
New Jersey Central Gen. O's.123%
North Carolina O's .J271/i
North Carolina 4's. 10?
Northern Pacilic 3's. GS%
Northern Pacilic 4's .105%
N. -*.. Chi. and St. Louis 4's.10S%
Norfolk and Western consol 4's- 00
Norfolk and Western general G's... 132
Orecon Nav. Ists.110
Oregon Nav. 4's .10_*_
Oregon Short Line G's .12S
Oregon Short Line consol O's.135
Reading general 4's . SS%
Rio Grande and Western Ists. 99%
St. Louis and Iron M. Consol 5*S-113%
St. Louis and San Fran. Gen. G's.. 122*4
St. Paul consols .170
St. Paul. Chi. and Pacilic Ists. 119%
St Paul, Chi. and Pacilic 5's .121*.
Southern Ry. O's .11*'
Standard Rope and Twine G's . 7.'!
Tenn. new settlement .'J's . 9*5*4
Texas and Pacific Ists .11*"'".
Texas and Pacific 2c"s. Of!
Union Pacilic 4's .100
Wabash ists .117%
Wabash 2ds .100
"West Shore 4's. 114%
Wisconsin Central Ists. 92%
Virginia Centuries .-. S9%
Virginia deferred . 9%
Colorado Southern 4's . S4*i_
Southern Pacific 4's . S4"}4
Mbbile and Ohio 4's . 86%
Central of Ga. O's . 93%
Central of Ga. lst ln. 38%
Central of Ga. 2d In. 11
Richmond. Va.. March 29, 1900.
SALES.? $1.0(i0 Virginia *i per cents at
OO**-;; ?1,000 do. at 90%; S1.000 do. at !>0"..:
Su.'OOO do. at 90%: .**? 1,000 Virginia Cen?
turies at 89%; "f4,_00 do. at 8954: S1.000 do.
at 89.4: $1,300 Richmond city 4's at 107:
$5,000 Georgia and Alabama Railroad
Company consol O's at 94''': 20 shares
Yii-ginia-Carolina Cbemical preferred at
G("\T. KFCnRI'llES. Bid. Aeked
TT. S. 3's, coup.. 1H0S-191S.110
U. S. 4's, coup.. 1907. 11G
North Carolina 4's. C, 1910.. 100% ...
North Carolina ??*"s. C. 1010.. 183
Va. 3'S, new. C. ahd R.. 1932.. 90"4 90%
Va. Century, 2-3, C. and 11... S!l% 90
Rich. Citv S's. R., 190l-l!*or?.. __?_% ...
Rich. Citv G's. R.. 1904-1914.. 113
ltich. City .Vs. R.. 1S120-1922.. 112
Rich. City 4*s, R., 1920-19;:o.. 107
A. and C. lst 7'S. R.. 1907.... 117
A. and C. gu. In. G's. R.. 1900.. 102' ...
C. and O.. R. and A. Div. 4%"s 97
Ga. So. and Fla. O's. 1927.111% ...
Pet. Class A O's. R. C, 1926.. 110
i-ct. Class* B G's, R. C, 192G.. J25
R. and D. gold fi"s, C. 1915.. 121
N. -ind W. Ry. 4's, 199G. 9S?_ ...
Rich. and Meck. lst 4's, 1921. ... S3
Southern Rv. lst O's, 1994-112-;4 ...
W. N. C. lst G's. C, 1914.11C ...
Ga. and Ala- pfd 0"s, 1945.106 107%
Ga. and Ala. consol O's, 1945.. 94*4 !I4%
South-Bound lst O's, 1941- 99% 100
Rich. Traction Co. lst O's-103 103")4
Atlanta and Charlotte-100 129 ....
Ches. and Ohio .100 32 ...
North Carolina.100 150 .-.
N. and W. pfd.100 77% ...
N. and W. com. 30*,4 ...
Atlantic Coast Line "A".1S0
Atlantic Coast Line "B". 200
Rv, F. and F. com.100 175
R., F. and P. Div. Obli-100 1C0 174
R.. F. and P. 7 p. c. guar.100 1S5
Southern Ry. pfd.I0o G074 ...
Southern Ry. com.100 15% ...
Ga. and Ala. pfd. 53 54
Ga. and Ala. com. 25% ...
City .25 30% 32
First Natio.al .100 170
Merchants National .100 210
National Bank of Va.100 108V4 112
Rich. T. and S. Dep. C0...IOO 10S% 112
Security .100 114
State Bank of Va.100 103
outhern Trust Co...100 100 110
Union Bank of Richmond..50 125
Virginia Trust Co.100 110% 11S
Va. Fire and Marine.23 38
Virginia State .25 29
Amer. Tob. Co. pfd.100 133 145
_____-r,___ob. Co. ?0_a..._^...?? 1Q? ?j__? J
Old Dominion S. S. Co.100. 9(5% ...
Sloss-Sheff. S. and I. pfd. 7's. 0S%
Sloss-Sheff. S. and I. com_ 29% 32
West End L. and Imp. Co':.23 10 25
Va.-Caro. Chem. pfd.100 110 111
Confl Tob. pfd. 7 p. c.100 S4% 85%
Confl Tobacco com .100 31% ???
Richmond, Va., March 20, 1000.
WIIEAT- __ .__..
Longberry . '?* <**?'*
Mixed .$ %l'\
Shortberry . ?_?} @TJ*
No. 2 red . l-> ?_?
Dag lots. '0 @ia
White. Va. bag lots.45 @4G
No. 2 white . ?}?>
No. 3 white . *?%
No. 2 mixed .?%
No. 3 mixed .44
OATS- . _
No. 2 mixed .?.-_?,
No. 3 mixed.~nHr?
AVintcr seed .??? *_???>
NORFOLK. VA.. alarch 29.-PEANUTS
-Steadv: new fancy. -'ic; strictly nnrne,
-.-Cc: prime, 2"/,@2%c." common, l%_-'c.
Spanish, OOc. per Imsbel.
NEW YORK. March 29.-COTTOX-The
market for cotton was nervous. lrreguinr
ana gerierally weak to-day. Opening with
prices 1 point higher to 3 points lower. a
selling movement suddenly developed,
with but little reslstance. until the at?
tention of sellers was attracted to t.ic
less favorable character of the reports
from the South respecting -hc status ol
tbe new crop. These reports, while some
what conrHcting as to late planting and
urisatlsfa'ctory germlnatlon for thc more
sbutherly locfilities, with practically no
planting as vet was reportcd for the At?
lantic territory; A good deal of cotton
had latelv been sold upon. the basls of -
heavy acronge. This led to caution.
However. the general market showed a
weak undertone throughout thc session.
The English decline was attributed by
private cables chiefly to bearisli crop ac?
counts from this side. Tho local market
was almost entirely lacking in outside*
support. and dependod on covering by
shorts for business, public cables nOting
a further decline of 1-lGd. in spot prices
and 2%[email protected] l%-64d. in futures. Yarns at
Manchester quiet and very little doing in
cloths were decidedly unsatisfactory". Fol?
lowing tbe opening call, the market broke
sharply; There was general and heavy
selling in the afternoon. which Increased
thc decline 7 to 9 points. and closed
steady at the lowest point.
COTTON?Putures opened steady at. the
decline; March and April. 9.30; May. 9.:i7;
.Tune and July. 9.28; August. 9.18; Sep?
tember. 8.45; October. 8.18; November,
8.04; Decombcr. S.03: January.-8.04.
Futures closed steady; March; 9.16;
April and Mav. 0.22; June, 9.1G; July. 0.15;
August. 9.00; September, S.35; October,
S.12; November aud December, 7.9S; Jan?
uarv, 7.99; February. 8.00.
Spot cotton closed quiet at % decline;
middling uplands, 9%: middling gulf, 9%;
sales, 200 bales.
COTTON?Qulet: middling, 0%: net re?
ceipts. 816 bales; gross. 3,508 bales: sales,
200 bales; stock. i::o.o:;7 balcs; exports to
Great Britain. 10.500 balcs; to tlie Conti?
nent. 1,200 bales: to France. 719 bales.
Total to-day? Net receipts. 11,"47 balcs;
exports to Great Britain. 10,500 bales: to
France. 719 bales; to the Continent, 7.6CG
bales; stock. 77S.S7:! bales.
Consolidated?Net receipts. GS.721 bales;
exnorts to Great Britain, nS.O*!*; bales;
to "France. 15,000 bales; to the Continent,
43.059 bales.
Total since September lst?Net receipts.
5,912.210 bales; exports to Great Britain-;
1.S40.007 bales; to France, 0.33,781 bales;
to the Continent, 2,000.304 bales.
Futures steady: March nominal: April,
9.0S-J79.12: Mav, 9.14*50.15; June. [email protected];
July. O.lOWO.il; August. S.S7';/.*'.S.S; Sep?
tember. 8.17ffS.1S: October. 7.SG*;'7.S.S: No?
vember, 7.7."i*S7.70: December, 7.75*37.70;
January, [email protected]
Spot in limited demand; prices l-16d.
lower; American middlini-, fair, 0 23-32;
good middling. 5%: middling, 5 7-10; low
middling. 5 5-16: good ordinary, 5%; ordi
nary. 4 1-16- The sales of the day were
7.1 Oil bales. of which 500 were for specu
latio-i and export. and included 5.S00
American. Receipts, 20,300 bales, all
Futures opened and closed quiet at thc
decline; American middling, 1. m. c,
March, 5 19-04,- buyers; March and April,
5 IS-.., buyers; April nnd May, 0 15-64,
buyers; Mav and June, 5 13-64, sellers;
Ju'ne and July, 0 10-04*-"."", 11-04, sellers;
Julv and August, 5 S-64, sellers; August
and September, 4 G3-G4. buyers: Scptem
NEW YORK. March 29.?FLOUR?The
our market was not active. The late de?
cline in wheat caused buyers to with
draw before much business had been
done. and the close was steady at old
RYE FLOUR?Dull: fair to good, $2.90
*_.:;.15: choice to fancy, S3.20_3.50.
RYE?Quiet; No. 2 western, G2c.
BARLEY MALT?Quiet; western, [email protected]
WHEAT?Spot market steady; No. 2
red. S0%c. Options opened steady, not
very active, but developed a nronouriced
buli movement later in the day on heavy
St. Louis buying and local short demand.
All ol" the foreign markets came higher,
and, with rumors of a good export de?
mand AVest and remarkable strength in
pork, also contributed to our upturn.
The close, however, owing to late realiz?
ing, was rather easy to a partial %c. net
advance. Sales included No. 2 red,
Alarch closed at 7S%c; May, 73"j_c.; July,
CORN?Spot steady: No. 2, 45%c. Op?
tions market opened lirm on the advance
iri provisions. and ruled steady all day
without much feature. The indifferenee
of foreign markets checked buying some
what; closed unchanged to %c. net
higher. March closed at -15c; May, 43)C,c.;
Julv, 41c.
OATS?Spot dull; No. 2. 2S"'c. Options
very quiet and about steady all day.
Closed dull and unchanged. May closed
at 2.S*_c.
LARD?Steady: western steamed, SG.G5;
March. $6.75. Refined quiet.
PORK?Strong: family, $14.
BUTTER?Easy; western creamery, 22
@25c.: State dairy, 19*"?.24c.
CHEESE?Firm; fancy large, white,
13_.; do.? colored, 13*7l3'/ic; fancy small.
white, [email protected]%c.
EGGS?Easy; southern. at market, 11C_>
ll'.'.c: -western. at market, ll*"_c.
PETRODEUM? Steady. ' I
ROSIN?Firm. " "? ' *' ' i
FREIQHTS?Cotton by steam to Liver?
pool. 30c.
COFFEE?Futures closed steady at a
decline of 10 to 20 points. Total sales,
21,050 bags. including April, $0.45; May.
$0.00; August. $6.60. Spot closed. Rio
nominal: No. 7 invoice. 7%c.: No. < job
bing. S%c; mild market dull; Cordova,
SUGAR- Raw firm; fair refining,
3 3-32c; centrifugal. 90 degrees test,
4 15-32C.-; molasses sugar, 3 20-32c. Re?
fined irregular.
SEED OIL?Quiet, steady and a little
moro active, with less selling pressuro
than usual. May. prime summer yellow,
3G*J4c:; off summer yellow nominal; butter
grades. [email protected]; prime winter yellow,
39c: prime white, 3S*339c. Prime. meal,
CHICAGO, March 29.?Wheat was ex
cited at times to-day, tossed about by
confiicting influences, which in their turn
fteld sway, but the close was barely
strong and full of vitality. May pork was
up at one time 52%c, but closed with
nearly all of this gone. May lard closed
i*[email protected] down. and May ribs 7%c. im?
proved. May corn closed a shade "higher,
and oats unchanged for May and %@%c.
up for July.
The leading futures mnged as follow..
Open. High. Low. Close.
WHEAT-No. 2.
March. . 66%
May. 66% 67% 60*_ 6.%
July ..- 67"s 6S% 67% 67%
CORN?No. 3. , '78 "?<*
March...,. . .... -37 ,
M*r,,_-_., ?s__ s_*_ . ssa |_%l
Julv. 30% 39 3S% 3S%'
Sept. 39%: 39% .39% 39%
May. 2-t!Ks
24% 24**_ 24"r_
Julv-. 23% 24 23% 23%
M"'SS I'OIlK?hhl- . ^
Mav ...... 12.65 13-00 12.65 .12.75
July .12.50 12-00 12.35 12.37%
LARD?10(* lbs. .
May ... 6.55 6.02% 0.421. 0.50
julv.!.0.07% 6.72A _ G.52% 6.60
.HriH't' ribs?-?-> tb"?
Mav 6.67% 6.75 G.GO 6.70
?July ...... C.65?:-. G.75 G.52% C.C0
:.-;; r-*"tJ.?? ""r** as r_--"'..'v_: Kloii
steady: No. 3 spring wheat. or,%c.-; No. 2
red. i\0TUV.P/.c. No. 2 corn, 37''.c: No. 2
vellow corn. 37%'_:3Sc. No. ?_* oats. 24'.'?
24:,*',c.: No. 2 white, 207'*i;27c.: No. .'"white.
2i>;}.?27c. No. 2 rye. -Uyjc. No. 2 barley.
[email protected] No. 1 flaxseed. $1.05. Prime tim?
othy seed. $2.40. Mess pork. per barrcl.
[email protected] Lard. per 100 pounds. SC..8-3?
6.47-/-." Short rib sides (loose). $ti.a"i*-j.G.70:
drv'salted shoulders (boxed). [email protected];
short clear sides (boxed). $0.00?7. AATh!s
kv; distillcrs' finished goods, per galion.
$1.25. Sugars. cut loaf. *??': granulntcd.
?"5.44. Butter weak: creamery. 10Ji22r.:
dairv, l(5?22c. ? Cheese tirm at 12?13e.
Eggs steady: fresh. 10%c
Quiet and unchanged.
WHEAT?Dull; spot and March. 73"-,?
73T*.c.: May, 73%?74c. Southern wheat.
CORN?Firmer: spot nnd March. 42V.fi
42"4c.; April; 42V'l'H2%c.: May, ?_2%@42%c_
Southern white and yellow corn. 41%?
OATS?Steadv: No. 2 white, 30?30%c;
No. 2 mixed. 2S%c. sales.
RYE?Dull: No. 2 nearby, [email protected]; No.
2 western. 5_k5-*9c.
SUGAR?Flrm and unchanged.
CHEKSE? Firm and unchanged.
UTTTTER?Firm and unchansed.
The market has been very indifferently
attended to-day in any department, and
business was very quiet throughout.
There was no business of any amount for
export. which keeps coarso cotton dull.
Bleached cottons continue in light sup?
ply. Coarse colored cottons also <iuiet.
Ready suppiies continue scarce, with no
pressure to sell, and prices are well
maintained for all spot goods. Print
cloths irtle. but lirm in price. Narrow and
wide print-cloth yarri fabrics very quiet
and unchanged at lirst hands. I'rints and |
girigham's steadv: little doing. Cotton
linings lirm: no change in price.
CHARLESTON. S. C. March 20.?TUR?
PENTINE? Market lirm at 51%c.: sales,
ROSIN?Firm and unchanged; sales,
OF TURPENTINE?53c; receipts. 271
casks; sales. 327 casks; exports, none.
ROSIN?Pales nominal: other grades
firm; receipts, 747 barrels; sales, none;
exports, none. i
WILMINGTON. N. C. March 20.?
32%@53c; receipts, 19 casks.
ROSIX?nrrn and unchanged; receipts,
272 barrels.
<(p3.25; receipts, 8 barrels.
TAR?Steady at $1.20; receipts, 212 bar?
Richmond, Va.,'March 29, 1900.
Private sales to-day were: Fillers. 2
hogsheads: cutters, 1 hogshead; leaf, 33
hogsheads; lugs. 15 hogsheads.
Inspections to-day were: Dark. 41 hogs?
heads and 2 tierces.
Receipts to-day were 53 hogsheads; de
liverles, 05 hogsheads.
Loose sales to-day were: Crenshaw's
Warehouse, 9,300 pounds?highest price.
S14; Sho'ckoe Warehouse, 19,994 pounds?
highest price, $14; Stonewall Warehouse,
4,820 pounds.
Internal revenue collections to-day
were: Tobacco, $',7.'S.GS; eigars, $5,099.92.
Messrs. Frazer i__ Tompkins have issued
the following price-current and comment
for the week:
Sun-Cured?Receipts and offerlngs con?
tinue very light and market steady at
unchanged quotatlons!
Brights?Unchanged; quiet.
Dark?Fine stemming continues in good
demand at full tigures; other grades
steady at unchanged quotatlons; receipts
Lugs. common .$ 1.50|T$ 2.00
Lugs, good to prime. 2.50? 3.50
bnort leaif . 3.5u(j) 4.50
Long leaf . 5.0C-.S 6.5*>
Wrappers . [email protected] 12.00
Common . 0.00? -..00
Medium . S.OO'd 9.00
Fine .10.00? 12.00
Common .10.000 11.00
Medium .13 00? 15.00
Fine . IXoO-tr. 17.00
Fancy .18.00? 20.00
Common . 4.50? 5.50
Medium . 5.50? 7.00
Good . Y.tXj.}-. 9.00
Fine .10.00? 11.00
Common . 10.00? 12.00
Medium .12.U0? ,15.00
Good.2'_..*0_T) 27.50
Fino .?>:" 00? 40.00
Fancy .<-?.00tS_S '45.00
Lugs, inferior to good. 1.73? 2.50
Lugs, good to prime. 2.50? 3.50
Short leaf. 4.(KXt6 G.C0
Medium leaf . 5.00SJ 7.50
Long leaf . 7.00? 10.00
Selections and wrappers-12.00? 15.00
air. J. P. Harrls. manager of the E. AV.
Morris farm, in Hanover county. for Mr.
Rosewell Page, of this city, brought his
fine crop of tobacco to the city to-day,
which will be sold at Crenshaw's Ware?
house to-morrow.
Richmond. Va., March 20, 1900.
Apples .$2.75 (Jt$ 3.50
Lemons . -. 2.75 <_i> 3.25
Jamaica . 2.00 ? 2.50
Florida. 3.00 (ii) 4.00
California. per box .... 2.00 @ 3.00
Per quart . 20 @ 30
Choice navy. per bushel. 1.75 <fb 2.00
Mixed navy, per bushel. 1.50 @ 1.G5
Colored, per bushel- 1.50
Black-eye. choice . 1.35 @ 1.45
Black-eye. fair to good. 1.20 ? 1.30
Black peas. 1.00 @ 1.15
Clay peas . 1.00 (?j> 1.15
Mixed peas. 00 ? 1.00
Per truck barrel. 2.50 @ 3.00
AVhite stock. per bushel. 50 <ii 52
Rost- . . 50 ? 55
Virginia . '.. 45 @ 50
Per pound, farmers. 2\'.fa> 3%
Pitted, new, dry order.. 10 @ 11
Per pound . 8 ? 9
Per nound . 4 @ 5
Ter pound . 9 ? 11
Fancy . 4%? 5
Bright sliced. ' 4 @ 4%
Bright quarters . 4 @ 4%
Per pound . 4 61 5
ONIONS?Per barrels ... 1.75 @ 2.00
Turkevs, live gobblers,
per lb. 9 @ 10
Turkeys, dressed. per lo 12 <a> 13
Chickens, dressed. 11 @ 12
Ducks, dressed . 14 6i ln
Geese, apiece. 33 (S) 00
HENS?Live, per pound.. 8%@ u
Live. per pound . 10 <fi) ?ll
Roosters, old, per piece. 20 @ 23
CALVES?Veal, pound .. 5 @ 0
Crates, nearby fresh laid 11 @ 12%
Crates. fresh. 12%
Boxes and barrels. 12
Choice yellow, dairy .. ^ 21 @ 22
. Choice store-packed ... 19 ? 20
Good to prime . 17 @ is
Common to fair ....... 15 *_j) lc
Live goose. per lb. 45 -/_? 50
CEJ-ERY?Fancy large... 75 @ i.oo
LARD?Country prime .. 7 ? *.%
Per dozen .? 2.75 & 3,00
yroma RmgH. smoked._? aa.&, -#__.
<? The Store They Come io-for Miles Around!
A Store Run
in the
of the
Means and
evFrything for FVERYBODY
|f You Don't
What Yott
Bring It Back
and Get
Your Money.
All Mail Orders Prontptly Filled.
MARCH 30,1900.
$5 Wortb Sent 100 Miles Free.
Lucky Friday==Rernnant Day.
{Guari/bodjj Jfnotvs 2l/Ay.)
Friday is the test day in Richmond for everybody but The Meyer's Store.
because the bargains are open to everybody, bar none. You know us the rest of
the week by what we do for you Fridays. Pass the word along and spend tbe day
with us. You'll save enough money to spend elsewhere. Don't forget
Our Remnants are in Greater Volume Than Usuai This Friday.
Real Imported English Tea Cups and
Saucers, decorated inside and out.
usual price $1.50 a dozen. in Tuesday*s
sale. 5c. for Cup and Saucer.
20 4-quart Milk or Oyster Kettles,
vaiued at Wc. for lOc.
40 Tin Pudding Pans, 2c each.
24 4-quart Granite Convex Sauce
Pots, with covers, valucd at 39c, for
15 2- and r.-quart Blue and "White
Enamelled Kice Boilers, vaiued at -toe,
for ":1c.
20 8-quart Dish or Rinsing-Pans.
vaiued at 15c. for 9c.
7 12-*and ll-quart Dish-Pans. slightl.
damaged in shlpment. for 15c.
1 lot of Enamelled Ware. including
SIop Palls. Large Water Buckets, Cof?
fee and Teapots. slightly chipped. tor
_**_. _
l-~0 rolls Decorated and Plain Crepo
Paper. slightly damaged. for 3c. a roll.
25 Slightly Damaged Cuspadores,
valucd at 25c. for 10c
200 Odd Decorated nnd Wlilte
Sancers nnd Fruit Dlslies, vnlucd
30c. dor.cn. for lc. cacli.
35 Decorated and Plain White Plates.
vaiued at 65c a dozen, for 35c a
7 Odd Imported 15- and lS-inch Jardl
niere Pedestals for 30c each.
2 Slightiv Damaged Umbrella Stands,
vaiued at* $1.50. for SOc
C5 pairs of Decorated Cups and Sau?
cers, vaiued at $1.25 a dozen, for oOc.
a dozen. _
G only. Odd Sugar Bowls or Teapots,
decorated. vaiued at 50c. for -5c.
Granito Tea or Coffee-Pots. 4-quart
size, in to-day's sale at 15c, usual
cost is 35c _
1 lot Soiied Corsets, very short
lengths, in the popular styles, W. C.
C. and R & Q-. regular price $1.50,
remnant price SOc. pair.
1 lot Children's Ferris Waists, soiied
from show, small sizes only. 50c. grade,
25c. each. .
Embroiderefl Dot Curtaip Muslin 45
inches wide, the kind that cost 17c.
but this was bought all Red dots on
White. in to-day's sale. 81 -Bc. Y*?
2 pieces of 18-lnch Fancy Scnm,
with colored drawn borders, 19c. qual
itv, 5c a yard.
*13 Chenille Table Covers. heavy knot
ted fringe. 6-4 size. G-c. quality. slight?
ly soiied. BOc. each.
Man-Fixing Remnants.
"0 dozen pairs Men 15c. Four-Ply
Cuffs. plain or link. slightly imperfect,
l_Pdoz'en Men's 25c. Teck Ties. ln
dark colors, for 17c. _._--_,
20 dozen Men's 60c. Soft-Bosom
Shirts. large size, slightly soiied -Oc.
33 dozen Men's 19c. Shield Bot-s.
light and dark colors, for 9c.
13 dozen Mw."s 40c. White Tjnlaun
dered Shirts, reinforced back and rront,
14 to 17. 3*"c each. -"
Men's 49c Wado _*-. Butcher Razors,
only 9 left. for 19c
Satin Ribbon Pulley Bolts. thou?
sands like them have been sold for
50c. a large quantity in to-day 9 sale
at 19c.
Embroidery Remnants.
Torchon Lace and Inserting. 3 inche3
wide. for 5c yard.
**l-_-inch wide Point de Paris Lace,
the 12 l-2c kind, for ? 1- ?c. yard.
45-inch White Cotton Wash Blonde,
for ties and scarfs, for 30c yard.
Whlto Chenille Dot and Tucked
Mousseline, that was $2.50, for ?5c.
'e'ream Oriental Net, about 6 yards
left. that was $1.50. to close for ?Sc.
1 "Black Net Combination of Gilt and
Chenille. $2.50 value, for 75c yard.
Swiss Revering for 2c. yard
30c. yard for 21-2-lnch-wlde 2-row
Swiss Beading. worth 17c.
$12.-l> Oak Bookcase, beaded front.
glass door, 4 shelves for $.?.
$12 Hall Mirror. 23__!7. bevel-plate.
shaped frame. 4 hooks. for $t?;aJ
59.99 Oak China Press. best glass
ends 3 shelves, for $0.1?!>. _
75c Oak Foot-Stools for ? ?c.
$1.50 Child's Morris Chair for ;?"?<*.
53 White Enamelled Book Shelf for
S1$5 Mahogany-Finish Morris Chair.
Denim cushlon. for $2.0i>.
$9 Imported VIenna Rocker for $4.50.
An entire Bedroom Suite. mahogany
or antique. oak finished dresser with
cheval or square mirror, washstand
and bed to match, 2 chairs. 1 rocker;
centre table. and towe rack, in to
day's sale the entire outfit for ?**???*?'??
Credit given to responsible parties.
Cosmo Buttermllk Soap. tbe original
and only Buttermllk Soap. in to-day s
sale 4 l-2c cake.
27 bottles of Tan Shoe Dressing.
boxes soiied, special 3 l-2c. bottle.
15 bottles of Vici Kid Shoe Dressing.
special 5c bottle.
A lot of Extracts, some sold as
high as 43c ounce, special i.f>c. ounce.
Babesktn Soap. sold for 12 l-2c. cake.
special 5c. cake.
Ir the Ladies" Neckwear Department
wil! be sold nearly a thousand pieces
of Silk Neckwear, worth up to^ 55c.,
at a cholce of 6c. each.
Ladies' Net Barbs, with pleated
ends. 2 yards long. 19c. ,.'-,_
' No 1 All-Silk Ribbons, ln 4 shades?
Lilac, Green, Tan, and Hellotrope?2
yards tor lc.
3 pieces of 41-2-inch-wide Polka-Dot
Ponga Ribbons. all-stlk, worth 25c. a
yard. remnant price. per yard. 5c
' bout 33 yards of 4-inch All-Silk Per
*-ian Ribbon, wi-th Black satin edge,
soid for 29c. per yard. remnant price,
per yard. 12 l-2c.
Black Taffeta Ribbons, 31-4 inches
wide, thousands of yards ln to-day's
sale at Oc yard.
Our Shoe Remnants.
86 pairs Infants' 25c. Shoes, solid
leather soles,, sizes 3. 4. and 5, lOc.
136 pairs Ladies' Ftoe Boots, worth
not less than $2. ln sizes 1" 11-2. 2,
'21-2. and 3, for 49c
97/eyer's jtdaariijamant.
Handkerchief Remnants.
Ladies' Sheer Swiss Handkerchief?.
Valenclenr.es lace and inserting trim
nied. -lc.
Just a few left of our Sheer Linen
Lace-Edge and Hand-Embroidered
Handkerchiefs. I5e.
Sale of Hassocks irt the Carpet De?
Made of Brussels Carpet. IS 1?c.
Made of Velvet Carpet, 17c.
These are worth ftO and 50c.
Huribut's Box Paper. worth 7v> to
40c. boxes soiled. special at 17c.
-Waist-Band Hose Supporters. for
ladies, made up to sell for 25c.. these
aro in one coior only. sale at 7c.
Pearl Buttons, special, per dozen,
3c. _
Colored Spool Cotton, per dozen. ??c.
4c. Tubular Shoe Lacers. per pair, lc.
Halr-Pins. per dozen, 5c.
Dressmakera' Pln-Cushions. 4c.
Beading, special at tie.
Muslin Under wear
2-3c. Trimmed Corset Covers. sllght?
ly soiled. 10c.
101 59c. Good Muslin Chemisc. cm
troldery acd tucks, trimmed. slightly
soilod, "t-?*c.
82 ifl Good Muslin Gowns. embroidery
trlrnmed, slightly soiled. 30c.
Boys' Plald Caps. that sold for 33c,
nDt all slzes. for 15c.
Bova' Laundored Shirt-Waists. that
aro "sllghtly soil-d, former price 25c.,
for 15c. ?,
Boys' Ail-Wool Striped Worsted
Pants. that sold for SI, not all sizes,
for 43c.
27 LUtlo Boys' Vestee Suits. that
<sold for $3 and J-.S-, ages 3 years only,
for STc.
33d Doubl.-Breasted Cheviot Suits.
for boys. almost every size. 7 to 14
years, ready to wer_r, 09c. a suit. In
splte of all the rise ln prices. these
Suits are low:r ln price than similar
"suits have* been sold here in twelve
Hosiery Remnants.
13 dozen of Ladias' 12 l-2c. Full Seam
lesa Biack ttnd Tan Hose, ? l--c. pair.
11 dosen of Children's Fuil Seam
less Rlbbod Hoso. 7c. pair.
10 doz-Ti of Ladies' 25c. Black W ool
len Hose, ISc. palr.
6 dozen of Children's 2"c. Kibbed
Hose. 17c. pair.
12 dozen of Children's Lisle Ribbed
Hose. 39c. quality. for lOc. pair.
6 dozen of Ladies' 39c. White-Fect
Hose, for '20c. pair.
White Goods Remnants.
1 piece Fine White Organdie, !> 7-Sc
yard. ?
4S_ yards Satin, Plaid, and Stripe
Muslins. *? 3-4c.
106 yards Pure White Cambric, yard
wide, 7 1-Sc.
03 yards Satin-Border Apron Lawns,
8 l-2c.
114 Extra-Heavy Corded Rigas.
12 l-2c.
481 remnants Yoking. Pique. Checked
Muslin*., India Linen. at about half
Sterling Chrysanthemum Hearts.
very heavy, were 25c. remnant price,
10c. _,
Chased Sterling Silver Baby Brace
Ieta, with extra-good working pad
locka. wore 60c. remnant price *-?c
S-karat PSumb Gold Rings, hand
somely set In opals. emeratds, garnets,
were $1, remnant price :syc.
Heavle'st Chased Sterling Belt and
Gartc-r Buckles, were T-C pair, rem?
nant price 30c.
Babies" Gold .Tewelled Rings, were
25c. remnant price lOc
Extraordinary Special
Sale Fancy Dress Fabrics
With a view to rlddlng our stock of
rvnrv vestige of "has been?." we have
culle'd about MO pieces Novelties and
Fancy Stuffs. which we shall offer till
sold at following special prices?viz.:
Lot 1?Special price. per_yard. ."SOc?
constating of G-rman and j* rench Wool
and Silk and Wool Fancies. correct
spring colorings and good effects.
goods that cost $1.50 to $?. to land, your
choice tlil soid. yard, 50c.
Lot 2?Special price, prr yard, 20c.?
48 pieces Importert nnd Domestlc
Fancies. Stripes, Check.-s and Mlxes.
full range coioring. sold 50c. to S1..0,
your pick till soid 20c.
FloorCoverii.gs Remnants
I5c. Stair0n-Clolh,2-Vc.
Stair Oil-Cloth, short lengths, 15c.
quality. for 2 l-2c. ...
Matting Remnants. 5- to lo-yard
lonifths. worth up to 35c., for lOc.
785 yards of Fult Yard-Wide All
Wool Ingrain Carpet, short lengths.
SOc. quality, for 25c.
?00 vards of Best Brussels Carpet.
11-2- to S-yard lengths, $1 quality. for
Eton Jacket Suits for
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits, of Gray
homespun. newest box-plaited skirta,
bought to sell for $S.50. ln to-day's sale
for $-.05.
12 Striped Sateen Underskirts, with
d*er> ruffle,-were 8Sc. for SOc.
la Fine White Lawn Shlrt-Waist3,
were J1.50, for 50c.
1 Fancy Silk Dressing Sacque, lace
trimmed. sold for S2.50. for .1;
2 Llght-Weight Silk underskirts. sold
for J3.50. for it.BO.
11 Roman-Striped Silk Lnderskir's,
with deep corded flounce, sold for 55,
for JS.30. -_,
1 Fine Pink Cashmere Wrapper. lace
and ribbon trimmed. was JS.50. for $5.
2 Red Golf Jackets, were $6.50, for
1 Ladies" Red and Blue Golf Cape,
was $12.50. for 55.
23 Percale Waists. ln a variety or
patterns, for 25c.
_27-__/?r'_- jfdoartisantont.
1 lot of All-Wool Chevlot Skirts,
sold for 33.03 and $5. for $2 "*?".
2 S10 Crepon Skirts for $5.
2 All-Wool Plaid Skirts. were $5.98,
for $"-..""0.
13 Infants" Birdeye Df.opers, 1 yartl
square. 12 l-2c. value. for ic.
Infants' 50c Soft-Sole Keystono
Shces. for t"*_.
2 Children's Handsome Roefers. pret
tl'v trimmed in ribbon. wocth $5. for
Infants* Fine Nainsook Gowns,
slightly soiied. $1 values. for 3$>c.
11 Children's Mull Glmps. for Bt?c
7 Infants' Fine Nainsook Dresses.
daintliy trimmed, the 51.ro kind. for
Drummer's sample line of Chlldren's
Fine Mull and Organdie Caps. $1.-0
value. for SOc.
5 Infants" $'".50 Fine Dresse-s, Swtsai
inserting and Valenciennes lace yoke,
for S1.25.
4 Children's Handsome Mull Dresses.
lace and hemstitched trimmed, J
values. for f?Sc.
Infants" Sacques. of fleccy teaxlt
down. edged wlth silk eat stltchinsr.
pufTed sleeves. Priday's sale at l_lc.
you woulrin't like to make ono for the
Wash Goods Remnants.
Printed Plisse Remnant.. Black and
Blue grounds. sm?.ll WVite dots and
figures. 12 l-2c va*u?. per yard. 4 7-_?c
Corded Dimity, in all tlu* very la.-_t
printing. small and larga destsna, per
yard. ? 7-Sc "?__
MIll-Ends of Yard-Wido P_rca"c_\
stripes. plaids, ar.d flgur-s. 10c value,
per yard. 3 7-Sc.
Mill-Enus of Yard-Wide Percales.
plec.s of 1 yard and under. each fs>r
Sea Island Dimity, that in f-.'.I piece*?
cost 16 2-3c. mill ends. per yard.
7 7-Sc
Domeslic Remnants.
10-1 Bleached Shceting. 16c valuo,
per yard. 12 t-2c
Feather-Proof Blue-Stripe Bedl Tlck
Ing, per yard. 10c.
Remnants of L'nbl.achel Cbtton, per
yard, 2 7-Sc.
Blue Chccked Apron Ging"*"am.*'goo__
heavy quality, per yard, 2 "T-Sc.
Pillow-Cas.s. made out of mill-ends
of sheeting. cost in regular way 131-3
to 16c each, for lOc
Bleached Sheets. laundered readjy
for use. 2 1-2x2 1-2 yards. each SOc.
300 yards of 32-inch Madras Glng
. hams, stripes and plaids, 10c. value.
per yard. 3 7-Sc
Donble-Fold Scotch ".a3ma, ln
cIh-cI-.h nml utrlpc.n. aiatle to (irll
for l?2-""c., this special lot at
0 7-Sc.
Yard-Wide Percales. full pieces,
Sea Island quality. per ya*d. Se
Centraplnces. 2 rows of open-worlc
hf-mstltenlng, embroidered fcri fast-color
silk, 12 inches square. woath 39c, in
Frlday"s sale K>c each.
Turlcey-Bed Damask. full wklth, per
yard. 12 l-2c. ?
Turkey-P.ed Damask. 58 Inches wide,
5 new patterns. inrlu-JLug extractedi
polka-dot. per yard. 25c.
Pure Linen Rleach-d Damask. 70
Inches wide, with satin finish, per yard,
Pure Lincr. 62-inch Bieachexl Damasle,
3 new patterns. 50c. value. per yard,
y7 1-2c.
Union Linen Huck Tow-'Is. hem
med readv for use, each 't I-wC
Pure Linen Hemmed Huck Towels,
15x36 inches. each ~2 l-2c.
Turkish-Kath Towels. doub'e-thread".
1 1-4 yards long, 22 inches vi.de. lUc.
each, or 6 for $t
Black Goods Remnants.
1 piece of Fr**nch Poplin, 38 inche**
was 50c. yard. now *tf>c.
2 pieces of Jet-BIack Trlcot. at *"":c.
2 pieces of Fancy Jacqua-ds. 3?
inches. was 50c. now '57 l-2c.
3 pieces of Striped Novelty, 38 inches
wide, at 3!>c.
1 piece or Storm Serge. 40 Inches.
at 25c.
2 pieces of Habit Cloth. 38 inches, at
37 l-2c
A large lot of Black Goods Rem?
nants, Crepons. Serges, Mohairs, tlen
riettas. and a good many in skirt
lengths. at prices to Interest you.
Linings Remnants.
6 colors of Silk-Finished Tailor Lin?
ing, full yard wide, 15c quality, per
yard, 12 l-2c.
Black, White, and Slate Canvas-. tha
best 10c kinds. per yard. ?7-Sc.
Silk - Finished Skirtlng. colored
ground. neat strlpe effects, 17c quality.
per yard. 12 t-2c
All remnants of Lining Cambrlcs.
Black or colors. 3 to 6 yards, per yard.
.** Wc.
63 remnants of Lining Stuffs, includ?
ing Italian Cloth. NVar-Silk. Percallne.
and Silesia. AT LESS THAN COST.
White Enamelled Iron Bed, _ou_io
or single size. wlth Iron springs com?
plete. forming our patented 3-p!eca>
bed. regular price is S7. in to-day's salo
All the SllU BemiwnU, ?* to IS
yards eaeU, eat to lensth* to ?olt.
Waist Lengths. . .%
Skirt Lengths. : ,
Dress Lengths. \ -C
Fancy-Colored Silks. ?
Plain Colored Silks. - ? ,, -"*
Black Brocade Silks.
Colored Plaid S_tins. 17c
Odds and Ends All-Silk Surah. 2Sc.
8 pieces 75c. Pure Silk Taffeta. 4Sc.
75 and 85-. Fancy Waist Sllka at
Fancy Silks that sold up to $1.33. for
ttOc. a yard.
75c. Black Silk Brocades for 37 l-2c?
a yard.
Jl to $1.70 Silks at 75.. a yard.
Var.illa Marshmafow Drops. wero
20c. pound. special for 5c. pound.
77?a:/ar'j J7Cdvortiiam<tn(.
Hams, large, smoked... 10 @ lVri
Sides, smoked, new .... 7 <S> . S^
Shoulders, smoked, new. 7 @ . 7Vj
Tub-washed.free of burs 25 dv 2S
Meiino unwashed . 12 ? .13
Unwashed, No. 2 ...... 22 ii 23
Glnseng roots, per lb... 3.75 &' 4.00
Virginia snake-, per lb.. 12 <g> 121-15
Sassafras bark. 4 @ 5
Blood root-. .2 @ ' 3
May apple. 2 ? 3
Golden seal . 35 & _0
Burdock . 3 @ 3&
Yellow dock . 2 ff? 2%
Flax seed . 1.00 __> s 1,10
True. pink root ..,. 10 .._) 11
TALLOW?Per pound ... 4%
BEESWAX?Per pound .. 23 @. 2_
Green salted, per lb. 7%
, Green salted calfsklns,
each ...... ....*.": 60.? '75
Good dry flint' hldea.
, per pound .....? .14 ?__??
?_->?_*j_?i? v, ??-_.- __lu__bi aa ?
. Sheep skins, per lb_ 35 @ 60 1
Choice clover and timo?
thy mixed. per car load nominal.
Choice timothy, per car .
load . nominal.
No. 1 timothy. 15.50 "__??'-?
No. 2 timothy .K.00 @ 14..-)
No. 1 clover mixed.14.50 dS 17/.W
Va. No. 1 timothy. 14.51J
Va. No. 2 timothy-.. lo..<0
Virginia mixed . _???__
Clover. Virginia. .10.00 @ 12.0-*
SHUCKS?Baled .10.00
STRAW?Comprefsed ... S.00 @ 8.C*
Looae-pressed long bales O.OO
Barbors* Ball.
The grand ball given by tho White
Barbers* Union, No. 173. last night at
?Montlcello Hall, waa a marked success.
There were oh the floor s'xty couples,
grac-gfully led by Mr. Salovator Cas.atta.
cbadnnan of the Arrangement CoiiLi-Hf
tee. Other members of thi
-Uuther Estea. John
I John Enroughty. ?_.?_.?
' Prize* were a*v ?rd-'d ro the "0*?"?
? ful couple on the door by he WS?*
i jie?--i Tho-naa \V. Woc.iey. Lynwood
i Powell. E. S. Loterzo. B. S. Booker. aad
| ^gSSSi Uoyd and Jto- ?**?**?
won the prizes. the lady's- prUe ?*???**
beautiful fan. the gentleman rcceivlajf
a shopplng set.. _ __
(Music by the West-End Star C-U***. :
Wanted ro* Murder..
NORFOLK,. VA.. Mafctt ra.-Specia..?
Charles Ingram (colored) was *T*este:l af_
Baltimore to-day. and an o-t-cer left Nor
! folk to-n.ght to* brir._r .??hlnv here*. __-_-?
i FuUer (colored> "was reeently found on
the street here stabbed to dexth. incram*
waa aecustomed to visit the de.id woman,
and her deatl. l? laid at bla door,
Tho police beifevo -bey "?ve? e-vt^gac*
*_t-hic-. ?-__ conv-ot hi-n c_C "??"'-*?. ..^n

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