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Mtempted Spite on Part of Prosectited
lllicit Whiskey Sellers.
Nctcr a Case or Smallpox in Crai's
County in Its H fstory?-Mr. Cald?
well "Will Follow lioi.icsick
AVilcto Jhe West.
!>-r_'WCASTI>E. VA., March _"*-.?Special.
lt .s -with much gratilication to your
correspondent tliat success attended a
vigllant effort to run down a piece ol ma
lieious blackmaiiing in tliis town.
Some days aso a report was current
ihere and reached Tbe Times that one
of tlie county ofliccrs would bc indicted
lor unlawful se-Ung of whiskey some
years :igo. Report did not name the ofli
<_cr. and I could not disrover until to
da- just how much malice or truth, or
Tathcr the lack of it, was in the report.
-S'o evidence has been prodnced and no
indictment has been made. The ev-idence
jiroves the affair to be about as follows:
?Mr. George XV. b-ym;in, graduate of
IKichmond College, pract'iced law >n Xew
castle for some years. Hc is a very pros
.)erous. a shrewd. -well up-to-date lawyer.
and is now Commonwealth's Attorney.
<.-r_.i_: has never had a better one, and
-ately he has vigorously pioseculed law
"M-eakers. especially a gang oi men who
?were engaged in retailins iliicit whiskey.
(Some. men, allied to the gang by syni
_>nthy and .riendship, if not actually part
of tlie gang. tried to bring up the charge
that Jlr. *I_ayman bad sold whiskey years
ago "without license.
Letters were -written in the interest of
these charges to the Judge of the United
Siates Court at l.ynchburg. and some men
of a. certain class announced themselves
ready to swear to the charges. "Whether
the court considered tlie naked oaths of
such Virginia citizens above the word
of an honorable, fcariess ollieer, who in
?the t.ischarge of his duty had won their
enmity, is not certain. but no indictment
?was made or could be without a. manl.v
protest from every thinking citizen in
tlie county.
Mr. Uayman was nndcr the improssion
that this ivould cost him some money
and a good deal of trouble. -but it seems
now. since no notice was taken by the
United States Court, that it will amount
to nothing
It has crea'.ed quite a deal of talk. and
one is forced to ask tlie question just
how much a man should be amenable to
the law when he attempts -blackmail upon
an honorable man for political or other
reasons. lt is the open opinion of the
best citizens in the town that Mr. Lay
inan is entirely innocent, nnd their con
Jidencc in him remains unshaken.
Another snow fell this week, about ten
lt is now state,] by the authorities that
no /juarantine is believed necessary here.
lt wns dlscussed as a measure to jire
vent the appcarance of small-pox. which
was in Clifton Forge, fifty miles or more
(from here, and no direct communication.
There has never been a cas? of small?
pox in the who'ie of Craig county since
Jt has been a county. Newcastle is pecu
Jiariy blessed with a freedom from many
things that produce undesirable conditions
elsewherc. Fvw negroes are seen here,
and these are of an honest. cieanly.
thrlfty kind. Tramps do not find a suffl
clent temptation to bring them into this
lovely little valley. and there is believed
to be absolutely no danger of small-pox
appearing here. All the sickness in the
village has been incldent to cold or clilld
The young men who were off at col
P'ge and came home sick are better.
Birney Caldwell, wlio was at Richmond
Medical College, was broken down from
over-study. Ile has had to give up his
studles for the present.
lW-X_t_ FOl.l-OW* HIS "WIFE.
As a recent report from tliis village
stated that'the wife of Mr. AV. O. C.
Caldwell had in a fit of despondeney re?
turned to her home. in Kansas. it may
be well to say that she was only .home
siek for her pralrie home, and has in?
vited her young busband lo follow her.
Mr. Caldweli's friends say that he will
do so, and will go into business in tlie
Tliis couple attracted public -attenlion
only because tho man never saw tlie
lady till ho went to the wedding, and his
friends. doubtful of the result, are very
Klad that there is to be no tragic separa,
lion, as Mr. Caldwell is a. line citizen.
He had the sympathy of the county in
Ms supposed trouble and the congratula
tlons of every one in tlie amicable re
adjustment. lt is nnw stated that the
woman did not object to >her husband.
but to the mountainous country.
Lunibcr l.u.vcrs I'l-oin Europe Buying
Waliiuf in Botetourt.
SPRHNGWOOD. VA., March 2S.?Spe?
cial.?The recent heavy snow and rains
have seriousiy delayed tlie farm work ol
this section. and contlnues to do so. Tlie
farmers. as a whole. are a ".a.rd-work
ing, wortliy people. and as they supply
the numcrous canning enterpri-es, this
delay is & very serious- drawbaek.
La G-rlppe is prevalling ln tliis county
in a very distresslng typf. "While there
bnve bt-en no deaths from it, the disease
llngers and totally prcstrates many.
This immediate section has been greatly
"henetited by the business activity wb ch
bas been set in motion from various
causes. Eumber buyers from l.urope are
here taking ail the wainut; and the ship
taents of ties. produce and canned gr>od;
ls unpreccdented in the history of this
neighliorhood. The Chcsapvako and Ohio
Railroad Company aro making some
changes here. They recontly extended
the old switch, and are now locating an
otber.. which is nearly completed. The
tcifgra.p'; offices will be distlnct from the
depot. and a special building erected lor
tliat purpose.
The c-lection of George AV. Stevens to
tha presidency of the CRfesapeake and
Ohio ls full of promise to Virginia.
Thnugh an Ohio gentleman. he is n->
floubl in fuil sympathy with the progress
nnd advaneemciit and general gocd of
tho State. It is lenrned that there is an
Idea to estahllsh a pleasure park on th?
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad line be?
tween Clifton Forge nnd Uynchburjr.
The Constitutional Convention exciUs
some interest among leading citizens.
Tho Iron Oro Gotten Out Wot-lll Fay
for tho Work.
MONTVALr-.. VA., M-ircli 29.?Special.?
Some of the energetlc business men
here are aglt.it Ing n posslbllity of Ititer
dStlng ;)ie diff i rent railroad magnales as
to the construction of a railroad ucross
from Danville. Va., to Buchanan. tun
neillnj. through ihe Blue Ridge Moun
tains at the head of Goos<* Creek. at a
point where the width of the mountalr.s
is sniallest.
1 am infonned that certain . railroad
oflielais have coneented to look Into the
matter. "Xls said that iron oro sufueient
to fifty the .xpt-nst* of tbc luunel can
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hoadache, dyspepsia, inalaria, consti
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v-hecl of life. I sliall ever be grateful for
the aceident that brought them to my
notice. J.Fairleigh, Platte Cannon, Col.
bc mined ond taken out in the passage
of the tunnel.
Messrs. Dooly nnd Tyler have. tought
tho interest of Bishop in tho canriery, and
will operate it this season, fcr e.imiing
tomaloes, aipples. tpeaclies and vegct.i
blcs. All of the goods canned last season
have been sold, and there- is a demand
for mor--.
(Mr. Fletcher Harvey, a cousin of Sena?
tor Maupin. of Richmond, lost an infant
son on Saturday.
The late snow has delayed sowlng ot
oats. Farmers are very much pushed ln
their work. and cramped as to labor. lt
is Imposslblc to hire good men for farm
work. Th?- two mines and two mills west
of this place demand all good labor.
Tlie Question of Labor Very Serious in
Rappaliaiinock Valley.
Special.?A sna-S-meeUng of the Demo?
crats of this city for the selection of
delegates to the State and cdngressional
convennions will be held Thui-sday nigiit,
April 5th.
Tiie itepubiicans iwill -meet Tuesday
night, April 3d, to elect delegates to. tho
Cape Charies and Xorfolk conventions.
Orange Democrats will elect their dele?
gates at tlie next t(,rm of the County
Court in April.
Two new telephone Iines*re in prospect
to connect Mineral City in Louisa county
with Spotsylvania Courthouse or Tlnders,
or both. One of these, which it is pro?
posed lo eartehd, is operating in Louisa.
and in ad.lltion to having 'phoncs ail over
tlie county, connects with Gordonsville
an-i Orange. whi'.e. the other is the Orange
and Spotsylvania line, running along the
narrow gauge raiiroad between this city
and Orar.ge. If tlie conipanies desire to
have free connection at Fredericksburg,
an inducement will be offered for people
to bave 'phoncs in the surrounding coun
The Association for the Preserv.-.tion of
Virginia Antiqu.ties have received some
valuable relics for tlie Mary "Was'iLngtoa.
House, in this city, whicii is being fur?
nished by the association in antlque style.
Among other things -recciv-ed are three
old engravlngs which "once belongcd to
Mary "Washington herso'.f. The ladies are
worl-ing bard for the object in view, and
hope to make tlie Mary Washington House
ono ot the most Interesting of the 1__5
kirical buildings of the State.
E. T. Brockman, of Orange county, has
purchased of Captain A. M. Daniel his
farm of 300 acres. located near "Mathews'
Mill, in that county, for $1,400 cash. Other
sales are .said to be in contemplation.
Sign boards have been erected at the
interesection of all public roads in Heaths
viQa towmshlp, Xorthu.m'berland county,
to the great coiwenience of travelling men
and the public generaily.
A large. portion of 'last year's wheat
crop is still held by farmers in Orange.
Joseph Henderson has 1,-00 bushels, M.
E. D<*eker und D. M. Frasier _00 each.
and nunu.-ous others hold from 100 to
500 bushels, waiting far a rise in Uie price.
Truckers in Xorthumberland complain
of some nipping freezes on their young
pl:ir.ts. The loss especially of tomato
rplants has been considerable.
l-*rank Mars-h. Eso... of this city. and
Miss Lulu Bryan. of Xorthumberland
county, were married at the home of the
bride this week.
1-tobins have been unusually plentiful
in this .section this spring, and have nf
forded much sport to tho gunners. Quan
tlties of the red-breasts have been killed.
but, strange to say, very few of them
wore put on the market.
Colored men are leaving this section in
larg,- mini'irr.-- for New Jersey and Penn?
sylvania" higher w.-iges being the indure
men.t. The scarclty of labor is causing
great inconvenienoc to the farming *.c
John L- Jenkins, who died sudde.nly .-.
few days ago at his liome, in "Westmore
lan.l county. was a galiant Confederate
soldier. He was standing in his yard.
complained or feeling badly. S-'.it for a
doctor. went to his room to Hc down, and
was dead in half an hour.
New Gcod Templnrs" r.ort?*-r.
FAIRFAX. VA., (March .O-Special.?
A lo?__rf: of Good Templars was organizod"
last evening by George *W. Hauxhurst,
grand secretary. assisted by the mem
Viers of Providenee Lodge, of this place.
The following officers were duly elected
aml installed: Chief Tcmplar, Miss Edna
Brvce- Vice-Templar. *Miss Bortha Har?
rison-' Secretary. Mr. R. T. Baliard';
Finaneial Secretary, Miss Oliver Harri?
son- Treasurer. Miss Ethel Haihes; Mar-\
sbai Mr. Albert Bherwood; Tast Cliief
Ten-plar, Mr. J. W. Bryce; Chap'.ain.
Mr. John F. Jerman: Assistant Secretary,
"\Ir*= John F. Jerman; Guard. Air. Joseph
jlorris: Deputy Marshal, Mr. "Wilbur
Jerman. Mr. John F. Jerman was
rccommendod for appolntment as lodge
deputy. '?Sunshinc" was selected as the
name for the new lodge.
ROAXOKB. VA., March 29.?Speclal..
\t the residence of J. E. Craig. in
Souiheast Roanoke. to-night his daughtor.
Miss Cora, was married to "W. A. Hin
ehee Rev. H- Q- Burr, of Belmont Meth?
odist Episcopnl Church, South. officiated.
The a'tendants were W. B. Mays. Chas.
-Ullson. and Adnm "MeKinney, and Misses
Cora Smith, Florence Craig, and Mattle
Orownoil in tho i'lilom-tc,
AVARSAAV, VA., March 29.?Special.?
Capiaiir*Lewis B. Evans and two sons,
of Ophelia, Xorthumberland county. were
drowned yesterday ln the Potomac River
near the .nourh of Little AVycomico River,
where they had been to bait their traps.
They were rcturning 'home when a se?
vere" wind storm struck them. Their boat
drifted ashore last night. but latest in?
formation to hand is that their bodies
have not been recovcred.
Two Years for Uousebroak in_r.
LOVIXSTOX. VA., March 29.?Sp2cial.?
Tlie County Court of Xe'son convened
on Monday, Judge *W. G. Loving presld
ing. The case of the Commonwealth
against Lin Rose (colored). for house
breakin'g. was tried o*n Monday, and
Rose was sentenced to two years in the
___* ? i . .
Kcsitlent Airont.
At the last meeting of the Board of jDf
rectors of the Anhauser-Busch Brewing
Association, of St. Louis. on the 12th
instant. Mr. Joseph Stump.. or this city,
was cLcted resident ngent tor the State
of Virginia, and a copy ot tne charter
of the association was yesteu"day; filed in
tho Ohancery Court, i ,
Cotton Mill Earnings are Phenome
nally Large.
Every Iron Furiincp aml Coal Miiic is
licing Pusl-ccl to Its Utmost Ca
luicity at I'rofllS Tliat Glad
den Stoekliolders.
BALTIMORE, March CO.?Special.?It is
estlmated that at least 5100,000,000 are now
going into ?ntw industries in tho South.
With cotton now ebmmanding $10 to $15
a bale more than for some' years, the in?
come of the South is increased by $75,
000,000. This indicates that the
South w'll be able to contribute
additlonal capital to the move?
ment of prosperity in that section which
is thus summariztd by the Manufacturers'
"Sout-iern cotton mills are making phe
nomenal earnings, and about 100 new
mills are .under construction, while es?
tablished mills are steradlly enlarging their
plants, the aggregate new capital now
going into Soutiiern cotton maimfactur
ing being about ..2,1,000.000 to $30,000,000.
"Every iron furnace and co-.il rnine in
the South is being pushed to its utmost
production at prolits that make glad tiie
hearts of stoekliolders. New coal and oro
mir.es are being opened as rapldly as
iposslble; and the South's annual output
of 40;000,009 tons o-f coai and about 6,0^)0,000
tons of iron will be wonderfully increased
during tne coming years.
"Phosphate mining is steadily expand
ing, and coincident with it there is a
great increase in fertilizer manufactur?
"I.nmber interests in the South are
evervwhere prosperpus, and the activity
ln every line of Iumber bitslness and
woodworking generaliy is adding millions
of dollars to the prosperity of this sec?
tion and rivaling cotton and iron and
coal in its inlluence upon .the South's
iipbuilding. .
??Turning from these leading industries
we find equal activity and prosperity in
everylhing e'se. Railroads are over
burdened with business; new electric and
water plants and building operaUons are
equa-ly as conspicuous, and along tne
whole line of (human industry in tne
South. vou hear the 'untoroken strain of
what has been airtly -termed the music
or pnogn-ss-the wiiirr of the spindle, the
buzz of Uie saw, Uie roar of the furnace
and '.he tliro'o of the loeomotive.' "
Tiie export trade has again taken a
Eiand 5n the Blrmliigliami iron; district.
Orders to be shipped from .there have
been booked in N*.-w York. and small
orders have been registered at Birmtng
ham, o*ne of them for a Uiousand tons
to Jlamburg, Geo-many. on the basis of
$16.50 for No. 3 foundry. Negotiatioas are
in progress for other Icts for export. with
a prospect of favotv.ble conclusions. I.ns
fresh addition to the -ranks of buyers
senms to indic-ate that there is no danger
of asagging market in the near future.
A.mong the notable textile announee
mc-nts of the week were plans for a 5,000
spindle plant. to cost about $100,000, tor
the Elk Cotton Manufacturing Company
of Weldon. N. <_.", to accommodate 2,000
spindles for the manufacture of the yarn
to be used bv the company's hosiery
knitters: a 5200,000 plant for the Lime
stone Manufacturing Company. of Gatl
ney, S. C to accommodate 10.000 spindles,
2,500 twisters, 300 looms. and other ma
ehinerv for the production of yarns and
cloth-"a knitting mill with its own water
supply, dveing plant, electric light and
power plant for the Mathis & Davis Co..
of Chattanooga; a 5,000 spindle plant for
the manufacture of hosiery yarns at Val
dosta Ga., and a waste factory at Char?
lotte, N. C. The Pacolet (S. C.) Manufac
turiiig Companv will, in connection with
its proposed mllllon-dollar cotton factory
near Gainesville. Ga., construct 300 cot
tages for its operatives at a cost of $120,
000 and a system of water works; the
Greenwood, S. C, cotton mill will add
10.000 spindles; Ihe Barker Cotton Mills,
of Mobile. have awarded contract for the
main building of a 20.000-spindle mill. and
the Martinsburg, W. Va., Cassimere Com?
pany has increased its capacity.
Other industrial announcements of tho
week made by the Manufacturers' Record
include": $50,000 wagon material company
in \rkansas; $20,000 ice and cold storage
?plant in Florida: $15,000- wood-working
company and !$25.r*"0 naval stores com?
pany in Georgia; $23,000 tobacco 'factory
adilition in Kentucky; $112,000 water and
electric plants in Louisiana; $20,000 oyster
cultlvation company. $10,OCO eopper and
brass works. $10,000 Iumber and _briek
company, and $75,000 telephone company
in Maryland; $1,000,000 Iumber company,
3375.000 water works. electric light p'l'-mt,
ctc.', and $22,500 water and electric light
works in Mississippi; $25,000 Iumber com?
pany, .V-5.-00 bardware company, and
$3,000 telephone company in North Caro?
lina: $-.000 general milling company,
$2,,00 steam iaundry in South Carolina:.
$10,000 nhosphate mining company. 1520,000
brick company. nnd $30,000 knitting mill
in Tennessee; $7,500 telephone company
and $5,000 telephone company in Texas;
$50,000 iron and mar.ganese company.
$500,000 cotton bailing company. $25,000
ice. light and cold-storage company,
$5,000 tobacco company. and $~.*0,C00 mica
mining company in Virginia: $150,000 coal
and coke company, $25,000 plumbing com?
pany. $1,500,000 coal and iron company,
$100,000 contracting company. and $75,000
Iumber company in West Virginia.
Two Negroes Brcnk Jail at Lexin-.toii,
Captui-c'. sit I-uchniian?Drys IViii.
LEXINGTON, VA.. March 20.?Special.
Two Buena Vista negroes. Arthur Grayes
and John Sale, escaped from tho county
jail last night. They prlzed up a portion
of the tloor, which covered a fourteen-lneh,
hole in the under tloor, th^nce worked out
a three-foot stono eight inches thick, ln
the wall, and left.
When their escape was known this
morning and telegraph.-d abroad tbey
were anprehended at Buchanan. They
u=ed a piece of slat iron and a stick of
wood to effect an exlt. They were place.)
here for safe-keeiving by Buena Vista au?
thorities, for robbing a store there.
The "Drys" carried the local option
election to-day in the Lexington District
by 107 majority. The .vote east was C7t.t.
Four out of the six districts in Rock?
bridge now have local option. with refer?
ence to the sale of intoxicating liquois.
___.-,- _-??
Negroes Broke Into Apartmcnts at
Stonowal! .Taekson Institute.
ABINGDON. VA.. March -"-.?Special.?
The three negro men who broke into the
apartmcnts of the Stonewall Jackson In?
stitute last ^November are being* tried by
the County Court here. Blackbnrn and
Anderson were subseo.uentl.v- indicted,
and yesterday Blackburn was convicted
and given six years in the penitcnti:;ry.
Anderson will be tried to-morrow, and
a special grand jury will be at once im
pannelled to indlet Wyndham Laws on
newly-found evidence.
The ^partmept broken into ?was occu
pied by three white charr.betm.iiQS of tie
An-ciidrnciit-i liiiro-iucc'l by Scn
ators Foraker mul .Pciius.
"A'ASHiIXGTO'X, March 29.?Senator
Foraker to-day Introduced the following
amendment to the Porto Rican bill:
"That on and after tho date when this
act shall take effect, wares and mer?
chandise previously imported from Porto
Rico into the United States for which no
entry has been made, and all goods.
wares, and merchandise previously en?
tered without payment of duty and under
bond for ware'iousing. transpprtation. or
any other purpose. for which no permit
of. delivery to the importer or his agent
has been "issued, shall he subject to the
duties imposed by this act. and to no
other duty, upon tho entry or with
drawa! thereof; provided that when du?
ties are based upon the weight of mer?
chandise deposited in any public or pri?
vate bonded warehouse. said duties shall
bc levied and collected upon the weight
of such merchandise at the time of its
Senator I'ottus also intrnducoj, several
amendments to the Porto Rican bill, as
"Providing a duty of 3 cents per pound
on all coffee imported into Porto Rico.
"Prohibiting tlie proposed Porto Rico
Legislature from enar-ting any law in
eonft'et with the Constitution of the
United States!
"That the Constitution of thc United
States.* and also the laws of tne UnlTed
States not Idcally inappllc.-ible. shall have
the same effect in Porto Rico as in other
territoric-s of the United States.
"Restoring the original provision of thc
bill for a duty of 15 p--r cent. of ?"--*
Dingley law on goocls going both w.iys."
Tolie Given in Pwrcliase of Supplics
for Military Srirvier*.
'WASlIIXGTONi. M-irch. -*>.?Senator
Berrv to-day introduced the foildwlrig
amendment to the army appropriation
"The Quartermaster's Department in
making contracts and purchases of arti?
cles and stipp'ies for the military serviee
shall give preference. ail other things, in?
cluding price and quality. being equal. to
articles of growth. production and manu
facture of the United States; and as be?
tween the producers, manuf-acturers. mer
chants and dealers of the United Stat.s
preference shall be given. all other thlrig
belng equal, to those producers. etc-.. who
are not members of or in any way to.i
nected with any trust or combine, framed
to produce, manufdcture or sell a'rtVcles
which are being contracted for and pur?
chased by the Quartermaster's Depart?
ment for the military serviee."
Tlie Conspiraoy Cases.
SAVAXXAir. GA., .March 29.?Five
boxes conta-inJng tlie records in the
G'reene-Gaynor-'Ca'r'ior-C'or.r.eHy conspi
racy cases were received to-day from Xew
York by the United States District Court
oilioials. Dis-trict Attorney Erwin went
to Xew York several days ago, and is
said to have forwarded the documentary
evidence to be used in the trial.
Judge Speer has assigned cases for next
week. making it plain that he moans ta
continue the term lonsc-r than was ex
pected. This is taken in court cireles to
indicate the early beginning of the trial
of the alleged conspirators of the Atlan?
tic Company; provided. of course. that
Judge Rrown. of Xew York, decides that
thc defendamts Greene and Gaynors must
come here to stand trial.
.Vliat Pastors aud Their Flocks are
Rav. AV. A. Barr will preach at -'lonu
m'-ntal Church to-night at S:30 o'clock, on
"The -Elements of Chri-itian "Manhood."
All persons are cordially invited.
To-day from 1 to 1:30 P. *__.-; at Xo. 1-03
East Main Street, Rev. W. A. iBarr will
complete his series of addresses to busy
men. The services are being held u:id.r
the auspices of the Brotherhood of Bt.
Andrew, and ail men are eord:ully in?
vited to them.
Tho Bible Class of Centenary Methodist
Episcopal Church, conducted by Air.
Somers Morton, has grown so iarge that
it has been found necessary to make
several changes In their quarters. These
alterations will entail an expense of seve?
ral hundred dollars and will be com?
pleted by next Sunday. when the class
will occupy its now quarters. ?'
Dr. Steel is preaching a series of very
interesting se-rmons. The attendance ls
rapidly increasing and much interest ir.
manifested in the meetings. Dr. Sle.l
will preach Sunday morning on "The
Christian 'Minister?liis Relations to tho
Times," and in tho evening he will preach
on "Jesus Before Pilate." This v/iil be
the third discourse in a series on "Tne
Trial of Jesus."
Dr. Battle, of Petersburg, who is well
known in Richmond and vieinity, will
preach at Grove-Avenue B.ipt'-st Church
at the morning serviee next Sunday. Dr.
Hawthorne will preach in Petersburg.
Xext Sunday night, Dr. Hawthorne's
subject, at Grove-Avenue. will be "What
is True Religion?*' This will be a sermon
of special interest and a large attendance
is e-xpected and desired.
Dr. P. T. Hale, of Roanoke. Va., will
lead a series of special meetings to be
started at ? Grove-Avenue on Sunday
week. Dr. Hale has tiie prestige of great
success in evangelical meetings and it is
thought tbat under his leadership, these
services will attract very large cotigre
A feature of these .ccasions will be the
great chorus choir which is now usine
organized especially for these -meetings.
Captain Frant. Cunningham. Dr. Clesn
ents, Jeter Jones, Misses Xye and Mc
Bain and others will sing solos.
Dr. Carey E. Morgan. of the Sover.!'i
Strect Christian Church. together wlth
several other ministers of this city, wtll
attend the Ecumenical Conference to be
held at Xew York, April 2ist to May lst.
This is the lirst conference of ks kind
ever held in America ar.d thc third ever
held. Tbe other two were held in^Lon
don in 1S70 and 1SS0. lt is for the pur?
pose of discussing the status of mission
ary work and will be attended by fttlly
3.000 delegates, representatives from every
naticn. ?
'Ihe International Christian Kndeavor
Conference, to be iheld in London next
Julv, wii'l have several representatives
from Richmond. The president of the
conference will be Rev. F. B. Meyer, of
London. and the representatlve speakers
from the United States will be Revs. Geo.
C. Lorimer, of Boston; Charies M. Shel
don; and F. E. Clark, of Boston.
Dr. Smith. of the Second Baptist churcn,
will preach his fourth sermon on "Chris
tianity and Statesmen," next Sunday
Dr. Pitt, editor of the Rebgious Her?
ald, is attehding the Georgia Baptist Con?
vention. He will return to the city next
Saturday. *_ __ ,
The Methodists of Falrmount-Avenue
Church have been ho'.ding a series o? re
viv'al services this week.
The pastor, Rev. F. E. Shipp, is preach?
ing every nlght to large congrcgations.
and the interest in these. meetings is
growing. s
Veterans Attr-?il Carnival.
The Confederate Carnival continues in
popular favor. The veterans attended in
a body last night and enjoyed the pro?
gramme of the evening.
The famous cake-walk, .under the
leadership of John Taylor, with sorrie
of the best known cake-walkers in tha
eitv, was given last evening.
Tho gyps"*-*> at the fortune-teller's
booth. each night rcads your future, and
tells interesting experiences in your past
life. _....,- .'.'".
Auditor Not Empowered to Draw For
City Serg-eant's Fees
Distiiifruisltcu From Those of the State
Action for Defamation; Qncstions
of Agency; Ne__li__encc; Con?
struction of Lease.
The btdget of opinions rendered by the
Suprerne Corrt of Appeals yesterday was
<iuite large, and cmbr.iced some interesit
ing. cas-es. The case which is probably of
the most Importance localiy is that of
City of Richmond vs. Epps, Sergeant,
which was appealed from the Husting3
Court of this city. and is a petition for a
iiMndamus to compel the Auditor of the
city to draw his warrant upon the City
Treasurer to pay the fees of the City
Sergeant for receiving and subsisting the
prisoners in the city jail which have been
committed there for vioiation of the ordi
natiees of tho city.
The mandar.'.cs was refused, and there
was declared to be no authority of law
r'cr the payment of fees to the Sergeant
for such service. in the absence of an
or.lir.ance of the city directting pa.yment
of same.
The case of Payne vs. Tar.cil. also a
ca'-'S of local interest. appealed from the
Law and Equity Court of Richmond. is an
action tor defamation, and involves some
important rultnge as to the pleadings
required to properly set forth words of
an actlonable and tnsir.ting character.
Tne case of the Riverview Land Com
panv vs. Dance & Co., appealed from
the Corporation Court of Danville. is an
?cton *to -rticover certain moneys ad?
vanced by the agents for the principals,
and presents some important phases of
tho application of the statute of llmita?
tlons. , __-_-_'?-__;
? Tiie case of Dingee. Weinman & Co. u.
Cnrue's attaiinistratrlx. which was appeal?
ed from Uie Circuit Court of Lynchburg,
is an a.-tion for damages for the killns
of Unrun. while engaged at work in the
nilnes of the'company.
The case of King vs. Wilson, from the
Hustlhga Court of the city of Ports
?mOuth. invo.ves the construc*tion of a
fease, and presenfs the doctrine of
t&nancv for a term of years.
City of Richmond vs. Epps. Sergeant.
Opinion bv Judge Riley. Dissentmg
opinion by Judge Harrison.
This case was appealed 'from the Hu.t
lngs Court of the city of Richmond upon
.- writ of error to a judgment ot said
court in favor of the defendant in error,
upon a petition filed by the City Ser
geant for a writ of mandamus to compel
the \uditor of this city to issue his war?
rant upon the Treasurer for certain sums
of money claimed by the Sergeant to be
due him as jailer for receiving and sup
portin- persons incarcerated in the city
jail for violating ordinar.ces of the city
or under a capias pro line for failure to
pay fines imposed for violation of the
said ordinances. _'?.-_. ,:
The Hustings Court awarded the writ
of mandamus.
It was admitted in the case that tliere
was no ordinance of the city of Ricn
mond authorizing the Auditor to issue his
warrant for any sum whatever to th.
Sergeant of the city for receiving and
supporting persons incarcerated in jail
for a violation of the ordinances of the
city, _>u*t it .was contended on behalf^ ol>
the petitioner that section 3*532 of the Code
of ISsT prescribes and flxes the compen
sation he is to receive for said services.
The city denied the application of (his
section "to the case, but contended that
even if it should be held to apply that
his compensation should be computed
with reference to the whole number of
prisoners in jail. those placed therein
for offences committed against the Com?
monwealth as well as those incarcerated
for offences against the city.
Upon examination of that section and
the preceding scctions to and including
section 3527, it was held that they apply,
only to payments out of the State Trea?
sury for services rendered to the Com?
monwealth with respect to- persons who
are charged wlth having violated her
laws or been convicted therefor. It was
also held that section 1017 of the Code,
relating to duties and fees of clerks and
Commonwealth*.-- attorneys of cities being
similar with Dhose of the counties, and
section 101S of the Code, relating to duties
and compensation of city sergeants. be?
ing such as are prescribed by the char?
ters of their respective cities, did not
furnish any authority for the present
case, because sergeants are not enume
rated in oection 1017, and there is no pro?
vision in the charter of the city of Rich?
mond such as is contemplated by sec?
tion 101S.
lt was held that the two classes of
prisoners are as distinct as the distfnc
tion between a violation of the laws of
the- State and a violation of the ordi?
nances of the city, and the compensa?
tion against the State or city, as the case
rnight be, should be computed without
reference to the number of persons in
jail' for the violation of the laws of the
one or the ordinances of the other.
In summing up the opinion for the ma?
jority of the court. Judge Riley said:
"As no provision has been made by
statute fixing the fees or the compensa?
tion of the sergeant of a city, who is by
vlrtue of his office the keeper of its jaii,
l'or receiving and supporting persons
piaced in jail for a violation of the ordi?
nances of the city, and as the city of
Richmond has not adopted by ordinance
the -scale of fees fixed by statute for re?
ceiving and supporting persons inc.irce
rated in jail for tiie violation of the crimi?
nal laws of the State, nor prescribed any
other specific compensation to its Ser?
geant for like serviee towards persons
placed in jail for violation of its ordi?
nances, it therefore follows. lin accordance
with the well-established rule that man?
damus only- lies in a' case of the natuoe
where there is a clear right to a ftxed
sum -of money, or to an amount aseer
talnabie by a mere computation, and
where the issue of the warrant therefor
and its payment is merely a minlstertal
duly. that the petitioner is not entitled to
the writ."
The'judgment of the lower court was
reversed and the petition for mandamus
Judge Harrison expressed the opinion
that seetion 3532 was broad enough to
cover the present case, and that this uni
formity of compensation was intended to
be secured to the jailer touchtng his
fees for State and city prisoners, and
that this view of the law had been acted
upon by the city of Richmond through?
out its history. and that lt Is not llkely
that the Common Council of any city has
ever passed ahy -ordinance nndertaking
to prescribe such compensation, having
properiy regarded the State law as con
trolling in the matter.
Payne vs. Tancll. Opinion by Judga
Buchanan. Appealed from the Law and
Equlty Court for the City of Rlchmonrt.
This was an aetion for defamatlon in
which the declaration contained two
counts, both of'which were demurred to
in the trial court. The tirst ig a ,common
-law count, and sets out the words com
plained of. The court held that. the wcrds
in question were actionable per se. Tfte
second count was objee'ed tt* on the
ground that the plaintiff hud blended in
it the common law arid statutory causcs
of aetion.
It was held that an utterance or publi
catlon gontaioins insultlns vords may
be declared on under "the ****?**. af;
though It ls IlbeHons at commoti 1a?. O-t
?todo this. the connt must s?J8tt'-*??\
show that it was Intended t.? be a cottni
under the stat-te for insuKlng woras
and not for common law defamation
The demurrer to both counts ot tne
declaration was held to have been prop?
erly overruled. as was the motion o. -tie
plalntiff ln error ln arrost of 3udsl?..en.'
The judgment of the Law and Lqu.ty
Court against the defendant ln the case
was affirm?d.
Riverview Land Co. vs. Dance & Co.
Opinion by Judge Rllcy. Appeaied from
the Corporation Court of Danville.
This was an action by the real estate
firm of Dance & Co.. of Danvilie. to re
cover certain moneys advanced and ex?
penses incurred by "them as the agents ot
tlie Riverview Land Co.. ln Improving
and disposlng of certain lots in the sut?
tirbs of the City of Danville.
The evidence as to the extent of tho
authority of the agents. ls m contiict.
While the defendant company der.ies that
the agents possessed authority to con
struct houses on its lots and charge lt
with the cxpense of said impnvemcn's.
Dar.cc. -the managing partner of the nrm.
and who upon the incorporation of the
Riverview Land Co. bccame its seeretary
and treasurer. testifled positiveiy that
his firm was expressly authorized by lbs
owners of the property to erect the said
buildings; and also that If the Sflmlta
Book. containing the proceedings ot t .?
company. which was lost. could b. found.
it would show the regular proceedings ot
the board of directors of the company.
and the resoiutiens authorizing the 'con?
struction of the houses, and the borrow
ing of the money to reimburse the agents
for the moneys advanced by them in the
crection of the buildings. etc.
Deeds were executed by the company
to purehasers of severai of the lots on
which improvements were made by the
agents. in which the improvements as
well as the land were expressly men?
tioned and conveyed, and their cost. ada
ed to the list price of the lots. Includ.ct
in the amount expressed as the conside?
ration for Ihe conveyances.
The court said: "Considering the evi?
dence upon the writ of error, in acc.ird
ance with the principtes we are required
to apply to it, the verdict of the jury be?
ing for the plaintlff. it must be heid that
the agents possessed the authority clalmel
by them; not, however. by virtue cf their
business merely as real .estate og-'r.ts,
but because it was specIHcally conferred
upon them."
The trial court at the instance of the
plalntiff gave the following instruction:
The court instructs the jury that
where there is a continuing agency in
which the agent advances money for the
use of the principal, the statute of llmi?
tatlons does not begin to run from the
date of 'said! advances. but only from
the termination of the agency. in a sutt
by the agent against the principal for
such advances.
And it refused to- give the defendant
an Instruction'to the effect that so much
of the account in question as accrued,
and became due more than three years
prtor to th*i Institution of this suit un?
less based on some promise or ob'igation
In wrlting. is barred by the statute of
limitations. but did give the instruc?
tion with the following condition: "Un?
less the agency of the plaintiffs was a
continuing one. In which ca3e the statute
of limitations dots not begin to run until
the termination of the agency." To both
of these rulings tho defendant exceptcd.
Tho Court of Appeals held that as
given the Instructloris forbid the jury
to compute the running of the statute
against any ftem in the account sued on
prior to the termination of the agency.
although the jury should believe from
the evidence that the right to demand j
payment of such item acrued. or that it
had been repudlated more. than three
years prior to the institution of the
suit. and that the said instructions. if
given, should" have been accompanied
with the qualification that, if the jury
believed that Dance & Co. had the right
to demand payment of the advances
during the continuance of the agency
and prior to Its termination. the statute
commenced to run from the time the
right accrued to make such demand. or
if the advances or any of them had
been repudiated by the defendant com?
pany when presented for want of au?
thority to- make them, from the tirae
of such repudiation.
For the error in giving these instrue
tions without the qualification hereinbe
fore mentioned. the ju,dgment of the
Corporation Court was reversed, the
verdict of the jury set aside and! a new
trial awarded.
Dingee. "Weinman & Co. vs: Unrue's Ad
ministratrix. Opinion oc." Judge Buchanan.
Appealed from Circuit Co'irt ot Lyne'n
This aetion was brought by the admin
i**tratrix of John W. Unrue, deeeased. to
recover damages fro.ni R. S. Terry and
31. H. 'Dingee. partne-rs, trading under the
lirm naim'e of Dingee. Weinman & Co.,
for causing the death of the praintlff'.'
intestate whilst worklng as a common
hiborer in a barytese .mine of the defend?
Upon the trial of the cause there was a
verdict and judgment in favor of the
plainUff, to which this writ of error was
Tne first assignmen. of error, is that the
ccurt erred in overruling the dem-urrer
to the fourth courct of the declaration,
which was upon tiie ground that it did
not show the connection between the acei?
dent and the alleged acts of negligence.
This aetion was held not to be error. The
Court said: "Whils. lt might have been
better -pleuding. perhaps. to have S-<t out
more fully the rnanner ln which the al?
leged acts of negllijence caused the Injury
complained of, still we are of opinion that
their connection is averred with sufficient
fullness and cleairness to enuble the de?
fendants to uhderstand the case -made
in that court. and to know what they had
to meet, and under our practice this is
ail that is required."
It was also held that the Court did
not err in Tefusing to exclude the evidence
of :the incompetency of the foreman in
charge of the defendants' works at Uie
time of tiie aceident; urpon Lhe ground,
urged by the defendants, that there was
altegatlon in the declaration connecting
the injury complained of wlth the alleged
ineompetency. Exeeptions w?Te taken to
the instructlons ot the trial court, but
they were all he"d to be propcr.
The assignment of error based irpo-n the
refusal of the trial court to -set aslde
the verdict was also overruied. The court
said: "The questions involved are those
of negligerrce and contrtbutory negligence.
They are questions pecullarly within tho
province of the jury. and especially where
the evidence is confl'cting a3 ln the pres?
ent case. The jury saw and heard the
witnesses. They found for the plalntlff.
The learned circuit judge who prestded
at the trial refused to disturb their ver?
dict, nelther can we, since we cannot say
that the evidence ls clearly insufficient to
support lt."
Judgment affir-r-iod.
King vs. Wilson. Opinion by Judge Har?
rison. Appealed from the Hustlngs
Court of the City of Portsmouth.
The parties to this controversy clain.
under a lease dated July 1. 1S56. By t"_is
contract, the lot ln question was based1
for one year or ten. with the following"
provision: "Renewable or "pay for tae
lmprovements at their valuation."
This aetion of uniawful detainer vtna
brought by the defendant in error to re?
cover the premises from the plaintiff IB
error. who holds possesslon under -3t
original lease.
In construing this lease two questlrtjis
artse. (I> What i? the extent of the tun
ancy of tne tessee? and (2) _s th? lessee.
at the end of such tenancy. .ntltled to
recover the value of the lmprovements
tTr.der the terms of the contract the
lessee Held, as be had ? right to do, for
ten years. thus making the first term ?-.
plre with June 30, 1SC8. Under th?co*-*
naat"lor reoewal he conUnae# la pMKf
H-f_5-_-?4*4?**-K" i1 . . 'I 'M',-"Ml14-"r***
I: W9 Can Save You Money on X
t Large Cans Tomatoes 6c. X
f Gocfd Tea Dust, 25c lb. f
| 1 lb. Package New/ DatesX
t 6 Jefferson Sprin" - Wheat *
X FlouV, $4.50 a barrel, dr 29c.
| a Genuine Porto Rico Molas
V ses 40c galion.
? Pure Su-ar Syrup 25c ?al.
r " Lion & tevenng Coffee, 1-lb
T Papers, 12c. *
? Fresh Lemon Crackers, 5c X
| p0SUonur'Plckles, 18c -allon. |
*!- Best Canned Corn, 7c, or4 X
fnr 25c T
? 1-lb. BricksBonelessCod-r
?I-fisH 5 c* _ ._ ?
T Earl- June Peas 7c can. f
I Cocoa, 7 and 8c can. * T
f 2 bars White Floating Soap j.
k ?Fine* Mixed Cakes 7c lb. jr
f Standard American Gran-X
T ulated Suga.. 5 1-4c lb. ??
I Four-Year-Old Rye Whis-T
T ke-' $2 a galion. f
T Best Java Green Coffee, f
3. 12 l-2c lb.; Roasted, 10C Jb. j_
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1. Buckwheat, 25c. ? , T
?f Ivory Starch 4c Package. T
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XFamily Flour $4 Barrel, orf
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3. Vp-Town Store. oO? E_ Marohall S**|.
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We run Fourteen Lelivery ?
?*?_ *1*
Wagons- j,
Our New i'rice List maileil otii.
?_? ..... .______? . ? -
??.-j--i?_"*i"_'V"-'--"V'. *. * *'
sion another ten yeara. mai.ing the s.o
ond term e.tpire June SO, -S.?. Bince tho
expiration of the seccnd term the I.ss..
has remained in possesslon. without any
new agreement.
?Held thn_ a general covenant for re
newal does not imply a perpetua.1 r-new.
al. and the most th_ .essor is bound tj
do, is a rentrwal Tor ono term oniy; a-.d
where the tandlord allowa a lenanc, tor
a term of years. to hold ov- r Htter th *
expiration of tht* iease, with nt: a now
agreement, he becoatea a ie:i.snt isqm
" Had there I.n no renewal the Ie-se:i
would have been entitled to the ralUo
of the improvements. but when tiie 1. iso
was rem'W.d for the second te m the
contract to pay for tlie ln_prov_men-3
was thereby satistied. The ?doforaian. in
error was held to be entitled t> ceraoyex
the preailsea, ineluding the improvements, '
d'.sch.irs 1 >*fall obligurion to pay for the!
value of s:ich ?.mprovements. Judgment
Lor.tlon-Virgir.ia Mining Company vs.
ifoore ?< oCa Opra in by Judge Har?
rison. Appealed from Circuit Court of
Btsckingham county.
Tliis cause was heard during vocatton
upon tlie bill and demurri r theretb-, ar.d
tlie decree appealed from was entered
sustaining the denrurrer and giving the
appeliant leave to amenil. psovt-jtng
further that "unless tiie plulirtltt shall
amend tho biil in sfacty days from tiii.-i
date the saimc shall . he dismissed at
plaintiff's costs."
Without amending the bill. aud before
the expiration ofi tha time allowed 111?-r.-?
for. th.* plaintirf obtained an appeal to
Chts court.
The Court of Appeals held tbat as long
as the privilege of tillng an amerol* 1 bill
can be exerclsed th>- decree ls not timl.
and the rights of the parties have n.it
been settled. Cntil Bhere has been a
tinal decree. or one settttag the prlnci?
pies of the cause. -hid court eu.rr.vct take
Appeai dismissed. ?
Judge John W. tfctl !v:
City of Richrr.or.il v--. Eppa. Hustings
Court of the city of Rlc**uncmr. M.mda
mus dismissed. Jvulge Harrison dlssent
Riverview Land Company vs-. Dance ??**
Co. Corporation Court of the city of
Danville. Revera-d.
Judge John A. Buca.ni.m:
Dingee. Welnnvm & Co. vs. Fnrue's
Adm'x. Circuit Court of the city o?
Lynchburg. Affirmed.
Payne vs. Tant-il. Law and Kq'-iity
Court of the city of Richmond Affiraied.
Judge George M. Karrison:
London- Virgini.i -lining O-mPOaj" vs.
London :i.nd als. Circuit Court of Buci
ingha-m county. Appeal di-_mis**e*t
King vs. Wilson; Hosttogs Court <>. Lie
city of Portsmouth. Affirmed.
Jfetroporttan Enaurance C-mpnny vs.
Rutherford. Petition .to rehear. Petition
refused; note liled.
Laurel Creek Coal Company vs. Brown
ing. Circuit Court of Tazewell county.
Appeal. Bond. $1,<*0*">.
Wlilard vs. Wltt-rt*. Hustlngs Court
of the city of Roanoke. App-'.tl and su
P-rsedea-t. Bond, $250:
Xewberry. etc. vs. French. etc. Appeal
and super-sede.is. From the Corporat.on
Court of Radford. Bond, $20,000.
Curry vs. Bell. etc. Circuit Court of
AUeghany county. Appeal refusetl.
Tihe* court wil! declde the cases o. tho
Commissioner of Valuation to-morrt-w
morning at lt o'clock.
Richmond Collcse Library Uecoivo
Kare Books and Papers.
Richmond Coilege l_ for-umt te in havins
au invested fund of Sff.000 on which to
run the library. The Income from t*-3
fund is put into thc hands* of a commit?
tee of which Rev. Dr. Cooper is chalr
__,_. Two membex- of the faculty ax_
on this committee, and aid tn makinar up
the yearly Ust of boolts and maga-inea.
The book list for the s-esslon. la about
completed and some valuable aiidltion*
are being catalogued. Among tii-se ar?
a set' of the Johiis H-spkln-! publicatiorut:
?*-*tudies in H-Btorlcal and Po-lticai
Scienee: B/axt's EpocKs of Amaricun Hls
tory; The State. by Woodrow WH-on;
Tho Dute-h and Quaker Colonie* ta
America. by _*-__-?, Home Life ln ColoniuJ.
Days; History of Alodern Europe; !?*.-*
pension of England; Kpo--l__ of America:*
His'tori*,. Dlvision and Reunion. by \V.
Wilson; Sha.ke_._iea>.- aa a Dr_.R-i.tio Ar?
tist; H-3toricaI Geogr;.phy ot tho Holy
Land, Gt-orse Adam Smith, -_?. &c. Wo
note also a spri'ikli*"'"- of the popular
novel--- To th-ve and to Hold. Juntce
MerenHBh. Whtm Manhood Was ln Flower.
These lighter works hav- a run amonfi.
the boys. _ ? .', ..
Mr William Warren. ,lr.. of this city.
has recently domated two choico v?*?n??
entitled "Portnilt Qoilexy ot Erainent
Mea and Women.". by Duyckin-k. Theso
lar**e volume-t contain some 120 sketche?
of "famous m." and women wlth roaay
portralts. They are raro and sreatly
prized. _
Wanted as Witnej-ses.
Deputy Marshal Berullt went to Dinwid
clie county vefster-lay to serve aubpoenas
upon Messrs. S. C. Wood. 8. O. Kerns
and J?bn E. Redd. to appear in Bultl
more at tho trial of Charies R. French,
w*io t* charged with having robbed tho
pt. totlice at Houawn, lEasUfa-. county,
sorce wsefa-* ago.

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