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Sugar Outdid Its Traditional Uncer?
?licrc Was? no Stiffness in the Itale?
for Moimy. But a Strong Bant
Statement is Xot Anticipated
for To^O.iy.
NEAV YORK. March. SO.?The railroad
?tocks retir??d into the oachground of the
stock market to-day. and gave place to
the industrials and specialties. Sugar
silmost outdid its traditional reputation
?or uncertainty by suddenly retracing its
course of vesterday and inouiillng well
above yesterday's high point. There was
?i momentary decline of less than a point
?at tlie opening, and then a quick rally,
and the stock never got back to last
?iight's l?Vel. ' Twice during th?? late deal?
ings it was l.'t points above the low level
in the morning, and its net gain is IVA?
Th?; transnctions in tlie stock were enor?
mous, and the buying without a doubt
came very largely from the outstanding
allori interest, but the urgent demand
from the shorts was prompted by what
they believed were evidences of buying
ior the account of inside Interests. The
course of the stock clearly demonstrated
n cynical skepticism on the part of the
speculative public regarding the sin?
cerity of the ptissimistic official outgiving
?which caused yesterday's slump in the
price of the slock. All sorts of sensa?
tional rumors were afloat regarding meas?
ures for compromise of the sugar-trade
war, ?nd ihcre were veiled intimations
that tlie opposition reJlners liad been
emulating the example of the Metropoli?
tan Street Railway interests in the Third
Avenue coup by acquiring Sugar stock
at the decline.
At all events, the shorts in the stock
were acutely perturbi??! in mind, and
scrambled to obtain stock. The local
traction stocks furnished the other sur?
prise in the market, and. like Sugar, de?
veloped aggressive .strength in the face
of bad news. The demand in this group
undoubtedly came from the shorts. The
figures given out from Albany last night
?? the valuation that is placed upon the
franchises of th<fc,New York traction com
'jianies were as high as ilie most, extrav?
agant estimates in Wall Street.
t With tlie exception of a preliminary
?drive, which carried the stocks down
3rom IV? to 4 points, the whole group was
??eagerly bought all day. rising well above
last night's ligures, aud not falling far
below that lev?-l again. People's Gas and
a number of the steel and iron stocks, by
rising sharply, completed the demonstra?
tion of strength in the industrial group.
The demand for the railroads seems 10
hnva quieted down for the time being,
-with the exception of a stock here and
There in tlie list, which showed a good
Profit taking was the motive of the
welling, prompted by th??'week's consid?
erable advance. But the pressure upon
the men?;}? market incident to tlie quar?
terly settlement next week, which was
manifest in foreign markets even more
than here, had its influence in checking
?uie buying movement. As the buying ol
tlie specialties was largely to cover short
contracts, it was not influenced by money
market consideration. There was no
tstiffness in tin; rates for'numey, but pre?
liminary liguies of to-morrow's bank
statement failed to indicate so strong
return as has be?ai counted up.
Owing, to the falling off in the amount
of Government bonds offered for conver?
sion, the disbursement of premiums has
decreased, and the week's gain by tlie
banks from the Sub-Treasury will be less
than a million dollars. On the interior
movement by express the net receipts ? re
estimated at less than a half a million.
As against this small Kein in cash the
expansion in loans has unquestionably
been large. There is grouml for doubt,
therefore, whether considerable inroad
has not been made on the surplus.
Business in ine bond market showed a
falling off, but pri?es were about miiin
-laincd. Total sales, par value, $3,390,000.
United Slates *.'s, old 4's and new D's
tltx-llned a4 in the bid price.
The total sales of stocks were 800.000
?shares, including Atchison, 41,500; do.
preferred, 21,472; Baltimore and Ohio. 15,
lm-, Chesapeake and Ohio, 23.530; C.C
C and St. Louis, 10.007.': Iowa Central.
M.354; -Manhattan. 19.0SO; Metropolitan
Street Railway. 21.375; Missouri Pacific,
S.554: Norfolk and,AVestem, 7,035; North?
ern Pacific. 13.940; Ontario and AVcstern.
{?,9114; Pennsylvania. 10.70S; Reading first
preferred. ?-',810; Southern Pacific. 21,420
Southern Railway, !>,<i50: Union Pacific,
22.500; -\Visconsin Central. 10.250; Ste?;l
and Afire, 15,450; Tobacco. 11.050: Ana?
conda, 13,033; Brooklyn Rapid Transit,
42.405: Colorado Fuel and Iron. 8,075; Fil?
erai Steel. 14,833; People's Gas;- lKt.i?70;
Sugar, ]ill,<503; United Slates Leather
preferred, 475; United States Rubber, 450;
Rpublic Iron and Steel, 1.410.
call steady at "\</(HV? per cent.: last loan
at 4V? per cent.; prime mercantile paper,
4%@5Mj per cent. Stm-ling exchange, ac?
tual business in bankers' bills at $4.S0lii
for demand and at .*?4..S21?''<t4.82?';;, for sixty
davs; posted rates. ?>4.83><.(ix4..S7; commer?
cial bills, ?4.&i*v?#LSl. Silver certif?cales.
????.?(?i-Ol ; bar silver. 59%; Mexican dollars,
57%. Government bonds weak; State
bonds firmer; railroad bonds iireg-ular.
BANK CLEARINGS.?Total bank clear
lnKs at the principal cities of the United
Slates for the week ending March 30th
Avere ?1,729,.S50,S70, a. decrease of 3.S per
cent.; outside of New A'ork city. ?570,
742,200, an increase of 1.0 per cent.
Closing Stocka
Atchison . 2S?^
Atchison pfd . "?2)'s
Baltimore and Ohio .- SI vis
Canadian Pacilic . 97*
Canada Southern. 54
Uhes. and Ohiij . 32M.
Chicago Great ^Vestcrii.i.... 14%
Chi.. Bur. and Quincy?. 131
Chi., lnd. and L. 25V4
Cm., lnd. au.. L. pfd. -5S
Ol?. and East Illinois . 102
Chi. and Northwestern . 104
Chi.. Rock Island and Pac.112?%
C. C. C. and St. Louis . 00^
Colorado Southern . 0%
Colorado Southern 1st pfd. 45
Colorado Southern 2d pfd. 19
Del. and Hudson.11?.?%
Del.. Lack, and AVcstern.182
Den. and Rio G.,...? 22V4
Den. and Rio G. pfd. 74V*
Erie . 14
Eri.; 1st pfd. 41%
Great Northern pfd .JtCAi
Hocking Coal. 20'.
Hocking A'alley .:. 3tf%
Illinois Central .115V..
Iowa Central. 19V?
Iowa Central pfd . ftS '
Kan. City. Pitts, and Gulf. 19
Lake Erie and AVcstern. 23
l^ako Erie and AA'estern pfd...:_. JS7
Lake Shore .200
Louis, and Nash. 80%
Manhattan L.?. 93%
Metropolitan Street Ry. .104
Mexican Central . 13%
Minn, and St. Louis . G7?
Minn, and St. Louis pid. SKJ'
Missouri Pacilic . 49%
Mobile and Ohio. 40>>j
Mo.. Kan. and Texas.G... .12
Mo.. Kan. and Texas pfd. 3rt"
Now Jersey Central. US
New York Central, ox. div...... 137%
Norfolk and AV estern. 30y,
Norfolk and AVestorn pfd. 70%
Northern Pacllic.?... 00
Northern Pacilic pfd .. . 7714
Ontario and AA'estern . 23'4
Oregon Uy. and Nav. 42'.
Oregon By. and Nav. pfd..... "if
Pennsylvania.?.... .... 138%
Reading-. 3i?Vfe
Reading 1st pfd._ ?323!
Reading 2d pfd . 33?4
Rio Grande and A\rcstern...??.. 53?,
Rio Grande and AVestern pfd.. jx)u
M. Louis and Sau Fran. 11%
._, Louis'and San Fran. 1st pfd. 72
ait- Louis and San Fran. 2d pfd." 38%
St- Louis and Southwestern . 12?
mu Louis and 'Southwestern pfd.... 3????
St. Paul.125a}
St. Paul pfd.'....- J7i#
-ml. Paul ?nd Omaha. 107VC
Southern Pacific,_:. 41?
Southern Ry.... jr,%
Southern Ry. pfd . ?0?%
Teicas and X'aclJlc_. j7?k
Union Pacific ......... j?
cniou Pacific pfd.;... 70%
Before tnc completloi of the Northern
Pacific R. R: .there was a stage line run?
ning from Fort Kcoeh, Mont., to Helena,
and on this stage, one day In" the" 80's,
was a X. Y. dude travelling overland to
me Pacific coast: The stage stoppe? at a
little relay station to change horse?, "^ind
Ita occupants. Including the dude,' went In
to get a drink. The bar consisted of a
pine board laid across two barrels,, and
the only liquor in 'stock was whiskey,
served.in tin cups. The dude, however,
stepped up to the counter and said: "Bar?
keeper, I-want a little sherry in'a glass."
The barkeeper glared at him, and ? ?
pulled bis "gun," cocked It, and- levelled
it. at the unhappy dude, saying:,.'-. "You
th!n-lcgged, slap-sided apology ."for a
right-angled triangle (or words to' that
effect), you'll drink whiskey, and you'll
drink It out of a tin cup,-too." The dude
accommodated himself to circumstances
and drank the whiskey. .There.? Is .nothing
like accommodating yourself to clrcum
.stances: If you are wrong on the mar?
ket. CHANGE, and change quick; If you
have been selling 3d Ave., ?hange; If you
have been selling ?\G1??3? or. Cotton,
change. Get in step with the market and
make money; our free book tells how.
H.O ? ? 1001 Chestnut St.,Pli?!a
oward.brosby&bos? m* ?t.??* ???<
Wabash . 7%,
Wabash pfd ?????^.?. --%'
Wheel, and L. E. 11
Wheel; and L .E. '-'d pfd... 30%
Wisconsin Central . 20
Third-Avenue .,. 102V,
Adams .. ?0%
American.- .149
United States. 47%
Welis-Fargo . .125
Amer. Cotton Oil . 30>,i
Amer. Cotton Oil pfd. 94%
Amreiean Malting.-. 44%
American Mailing pfd' . 22%
Amer. Smelting and Refin. -1-Vi
Amer. Smelting- and Refin. pfd. 00
American Spirits . *-'/4
American Spirits pfd . IT
.ner. ?-steel Hoop ,. 3.>%
Amer. Steel Hoop pfd. 81
Amer. Steel and AVire. G>0%
Amer. Steel and Wire pfd. 00%
Amer. Tin Plate . 33
Amer. Tin Plate pfd . 82%
American Tobacco .106
American Tobacco pfd . 138
Anaconda Mining Co. 50%
Brooklyn Rapid Transit . ~1??
Colorado Fuel and Iron . [?0V,
Continental Tobacco .- 31%
Continental Tobacco pfd. 84%
Federal Steel . ;'4%
Federal Steel pfd..-.. 74%
General Electric .i.B-8
olucose Sugar . :,3
Glucose Sugar pfd . ?'S'A
International Paper./.. 21%
International Puper pfd . 60
Laclede Gas ... 75
National Biscuit. 3tj
National Biscuit pfd . 80
National Lead _'.. 21'
National Lead pfd ..'... 3051,4
National Steel . 4"4%
National Steel pfd. !M
New York Air Brake . 330
North American . 15'4
Pacific Coast .? 52"
Pacific Coast 1st pfd . 82
Pacific Coast 2d pfd . 61
Pacific Mail _,. 37
People's Gas .105%
Pressed Steel Car. 51
Pressed Steel Car pfd. 83
Pullman Palace Cur.184
Standard Rope and Twine . 7
Standard Oil.525
Sugar .309%
Sugar pfd ...308
Tenn. Coal and Iron . 07
United States Leather. 32%
United States Leather pfd. 73%
United States Rubber . 31
United States Rubber pfd . 00
Western Union . -S3%
Republic Iron and Steel . 22%
Republic Iron and Steel pfd. CO
P.. C, C. and St.. Louis . 06
United States 2's. refunding.104%
United States 2's, reg.100%
United States 3's, reg.:. 330%
United States 3's, coup. 310%
United States new 4's, reg. 334'/,
United States new 4's. coup.134V4
United States old 4's, reg. 115%
United States old 4's, coop.130V?
United Slates 5's, reg.114%
United States 5's, com?.111%
District of Columbia 3.6-Vs .110
Atchison general 4's.102%
Atchison adjustment 4's . 84%
Canada Southern 2ds .306
Ches, and Ohio 4's . 081-4
Ches, and Ohio 5s . 319%
Chi. and Northwestern consol 7's.. 342
Chi. and X. W. S. F. Deb. 5's...... 321V4
Chicago Terminal 4's . 07
Den. and l?io G. lsts ..'..103%
uen. and Rio G. 4's . 09V,
East Tenu., Va. and Ga. lsts.102!;
Erie general 4's . 74
Fort AVorth and Den. City lsts.... 71
General Electric 5's (offered).315%
Galveston, H. and S. A. C's.310
Galveston, H. and S. A. 2ds.108%
Houston and Texas Central 5's_31(1 .
Houston and Texas Cen. Con. 6's.. 110
Iowa Central lsts (offered) .114
i\.an. City, P. and G. lsts . 74%
Louisiana new consol 4's.107
Louis, and Xash. Unified 4's. !>:)%
?Mo., Kan. and Texas 2ds. 60
Mo.. Kan. and Texas 4's . 03%
New York Central lsts _.310%
X. J. Central general 5's. 324\\
North Carolina 6's.127%
North Carolina 4's .'..106
Northern Pacific 3's . 6S%
Northern Pacific 4's. 105%
N. V.. Chi. and St. Louis 4's.108%
Norfolk and Western consol 4's.... 0!)
Norfolk and Western general 6's... 132
Oregon Nav. lsts.110 .
Oregon Nav. 4'si. ..?. 304%
Oregon Short Line 6's . 328
Oregon Short Line consol 5's .114
Reading general 4's . S8V?
Rio Grande and Western lsts. 00%
St. Louis and Iron M. Consol 5's_133%
St. Louis and San Fran. Gen. 6's.. 322%
St. Paul consols .370'
St. Paul, Chi. and Pacific 3sts_.. 310U.
St. Paul, Chi. and Pacific 5's .121%
Southern Ry. 5's .H-?4
Standard Rope and Twine 6's . 73
Tenn. new settlement 3's. 05
Texas and Pacilic lsts. 314
Texas and Pacific 2ds. 56
Union Pacific 4's.305%
Wabash 3sts .117"
Wabash 2ds . 300V'.
West Shore 4's.114%
Wisconsin Central lsts . 02%
%rirginia Centuries . S0%
Alrglnia deferred (offered) . 1)U,
Colorado-Southern 4's . 84%
Southern Pacific 4's . S4%
Mobile and Ohio 4's :. 85%
central of Ga 5's . 93%
Central of Ga. 1st In. 3S
Central of Ga. 2d In. (bid). 11
Richmond, Va., March 30, 1900.
SALES.?30 shares Virginia-Carolina
Chemical common at 63%.
GOV. SECimi'J'ltiS. Bla. Asked
U. S. 3'S, coup., 190S-193S.110% ...
North Carolina 4's, C. 1910.. ICKPA ...
North Carolina ?'s. O.. 3010.. 133" ...
Va. 3's, new, C and R., 1932.. !WU 01 '
Va. Century, 2-3, C. and R... S9% 1)0%
Rich. City S's. R., 1904-1909.. 128% ...
Rich. City C's. R., 3904-1914.. 115 ...
Rich. City, 4's, R.. 1020-1030.. 106?% IOS
A.'?nd C. 1st 7's, R,-1907-137% ...
Ga. So. and Fla. 5's, 1927._112
Pet. Class A 5's, R. C. 3026.. 137
Pet. Class ? C's. R. C., 1026.. .120 132
N. and ??\ Ry. 4's. 1990. 1?S% ?...
Rich, and Meek. 1st 4's, 1921. 81 85%
?Southern Ry. 1st 5's. 1994-m ../
Ga. and?la. pfd. 5's, 11*45.... 100 ios
G a. and Ala. consol ?Vs. 1045.. 04% U5
Char, and W. Curl 1st 5's. 1040 109 * ...
South-Bound 1st 0's, 1941- 99 101 :
Central of Ga. Ry. consol 5's. 92% ...
Atlanta and Charlotte ....100 129- 131
Ches, and Ohio.100 32% 33
North Carolina ............100 150 ...
N. and W. pfd....100 77, _
N. and W. com.,. 3C% 37 -
Atlantic Coast Line "A"..... 195" ...
Atlantic Coast Line "B"- 180 "00
R.. F. and P- com.100 175 200
R., F. and P. Div. Obli....l(? lft) 175
R.. F.'and'P. 7p. c. g-uar.300 190' ...
Southern Ry:-com.100 ?0% CI
Southern Ry. com-.100 15? ...
Ga. and Ala? pfd.'.. 52% {?3%
Ga. and Ala. com-. 2j ?gii
Ga. So. and Fla. 1st pfd..... m 98
Ga. So. and-Fla. I'd pfd...... 72 74
Ga. So. and Fla. com. SO -... '
City. ...... ...... ,....25 ?Hi 3M4
. '.'?-.??'-? . ???? ^-,~?. -.s y . .? ???-.. ?-*?.',-. .*?.'?. -.? -:??.%?. .-'y??:;?:?.-.?
First National .v...?....?.ioo ITO ..?
Merchant? National ...;...100 210- ...
metropolitan ....?. .........23 -?4%
National Bank of Va.. :.. .100 10854 100%
Rich. T. and 8. Dep. C0...IOOIO8* 112
Sav. Bank ?t Richmond_25 38 ...
outhern Trust Co.".......100 100 110
Union Bank of Richmond..50 128 ...
Va.'Fire and Marine ......25 39 ' -mmm'
Old Dominion S.S. Co......100 ?"' ,_
West End L. and Imp. Co. .25 li} ""
Ara.-Caro. Chem. pfd.......100 HO ni
Va.-Caro. Chem. com......100 61% -
Confi Tobacco com .:100 3V/j . _.
Richmond, Va., March 30, 1000. '
Xongberry.73 <g!7C '
Mixed .'..73 @70V.-'
Shortberry.-...73 @70
No. 2 red .75 @76
Bag lots ......1.70 @73
AVhite, Va. bag lots....43 @4G
No. 2 white . 43
No. 3 white.:'?..44%
No. 2 mixed. 44%
No. 3 mixed. 44
No. 2 mixed .28
No. 3 mixed.27%
AVinter seed .......;..nominal.
?Steady: new fancy, 2%c; strictly prime,
2%c; prime. 2"/1@2%c; common, lVf?@2c.
Spanish, 90c. per bushel.
NEW YORK, March 30.?COTTON?The
action of to-day's cotton market reflected
hesitation on both sides, and the volume
of business was not large, cable accounts
showing a further decline in spots and
futures at Liverpool, with Manchester
yarns easier and cloths verv dull, were
unsatisfactory. The opening here was
barely steady at unchanged prices to' a
decline of 4 points. For a time business
was exceptionally dull and entirely local.
A spurt of covering followed the sudden
drying up of liquidation sales, the local
bear contingent being easily alarmed.
?Prices advanced G to 11 points from the
lowest without developing much specula?
tive interest on the buying hand. Some
tning like a relatively lirmer temper was
given to the new cror? positions by un?
even accounts respecting the status of
cotton planting. During the afternoon
the professional contingent was in con?
trol, without, however.'-showing much
disposition to press matters. Early in
the day houses with AVall Street connec?
tions were occasionally conspicuous as
buyers, but there was no special feature
in the trading at any time. Much of the
business was for the purpose of chang?
ing interests in the old crop to the new
crop months. There was some buying of
the crop positions on the idea that they
had been oversold. The market closed
quiet and'steady at 4 to 11 points net
COTTON?Futures opened barely steady;
April, 9.24; Mav, 9.22; June, 9.10; July.
9,10; August. 9.00; September. S.34; Octo?
ber. 8.11; November, 7.93; December, 7.93;
January, 9.93.
Futures closed quiet and steady; March,
9.27; April, 9.27; May, 9.27; June. 9.22;
July, 9.21: August, 9.11; September. S.42;
October, S.17; November. 8.02; December,
8.02; January, 8.08; February. S.O4.
Spot cotton closed quiet: middling up?
lands, 9%; middling gulf, 9%; sales, 3.550
COTTON?Quiet; middling. 9%; net re?
ceipts. 300 bales: gross. 2.114 bales; sales.
3.550 bales; stock, 134.79.'*? bales; exports
to the Continent, 2,91,3" bales; to France,
-<95 bales.
Total to-day?Net receipts, 11,591 bales;
exports to Great Britain, 20.954 bales; to
France, 495 bales: to the Continent,, 9,009
bales: stock, 758.937 bales.
Consolidated?Net. receipts, S0.312 bales;
exports to Great Britain. 53.9S7 ?bales; to
France, 15,501 bales; to the Continent,
52.008 bales.
Total since September 1st?Net receipts,
5,923,151 bales; exports to-Great Britain.
1,861,021 bales; to France, 034.270 bales;
to the Continent, 2,075,313 bales.
COTTON?The following are the total
net receipts of cotton at all ports since
September 1, 1900: Bales.
Gaiveston .1.018.133
New Orleans .1,003,541
?iobile . 190.207
Savannah .1,014.532
Charleston . 247,900
Wilmington . 200,999
Norfolk .;... 339,240
Baltiminre .:... 80,905
New York . 80,075
Boston x. . 83,492
Newport News . 15,327
Philadelphia . 42,207
Brunswick. Ga._ 90.437
Sabine Pass . 53,190
Pensacola . 11.893
Total ...-:.5,923,131
Futures steady; March nominal; April,
9.14; May, 9.19; June, [email protected]; July,
ii.15ffi-n.lil ? August. 8.93078.91; September,
[email protected].*>; October, 7:[email protected]; November,
7.83??7.85; December, 7.83,??7.S4; January,
[email protected].
Secretary Hester's statement of the
world's visible supply of cotton shows a
decrease for the week just closed of 108,
355 bales, against an increase of 44,104
last year. The total visible is 3.499,734
bales, against 3,008,2S9 last week and
5,231.371 last year. Of this the total of
American cotton is 2,810,734 bales, against
2,892.289 last week and 4,074,371 last year;
of all other kinds, inelwKng Egypt, Bra?
zil, India, etc., 09S.000 bales, against 710,
000 last week and 157.000 last year.
Of the world's visible supply there is
now afloat and held in Great Britain and
continental Europe 1,S81,000 hales," against
3,007,000 last year; in Egypt. 187,000
bales, against 252,000 last year; in India,
329,000 bales, against 051,000 last year,
and? in the United States, 1,103,000 bales,
against 1,201,000 last year..
Spot in limited demand; prices 1-ltid.
lower; American middling, fair, 5 21.-32;
good middling, 5 7-10: middling, 5%; low
middlin. u"4.; good ordinary, 5 1-10; ordi?
nary, 4%. . The sales of the day were
7,000 bales, of which 500 were for "specu?
lation and export, and included 0,200
American. Receipts, 1,000 bales, includ?
ing 800 bales American.
Futures opened easy and closed steady
at the decline; American middling, 1.
m. c, March, 5 18-G4@5 19-04, sellers;
March and April, 5 17-04, buyers: April
and May, 5 14-04, buyers; May and June,
5 ll-04@5 12-04, sellers; !June and July,
5 9-04, sellers'; July. and August, 5 0-04f
buyers; August and September, 4 02-04,
'sellers; September and October, 4 44-04,
buyers; October and November, 4 34-04,
buyers; November and December, 4 28-04,
sellers; December and January, 4 26-01,
sellers; January and Fpbruary, 4 2-4-04?
4 25-04, sellers.
NEAV YORK. March 30.?FLOUR?Firm
but nuiet, as buyers held off,- hoping to
secure concessions; winter patents, tf3.05
@3.90; winter straights, $3.'[email protected]; Min?
nesota patents. '[email protected]; Minnesota,
bakers'. ?2.85@3; winter extras, ?2.00?
2.90; winter low grades, [email protected].
RYE FLOUR?Quiet; fair to good, $2.90
3.15; choice to fancy, [email protected].
CORNMEAL?Firm; yellow- western,
87c; city, S3c.
AVHEAT? Spot firm; No. 2 red, S0%c
Options opened easy, owing to the break
in provisions and larger Argentine ship?
ments, but soon rallied and for. the bal?
ance of the day Avere very firm, closing
?<4c. net higher. Bulls were aided by re?
newed buying for St. Louis account.
Crop' damage rumors and general cover?
ing by early sellers. May closed at 74c;
July. 74%c
QORN?Spot firm; No. 2, 45%c Options
opened weaker as a result of lower pro?
vision prices, but rallied later on a gen?
eral speculative demand, large export or?
ders and covering. Closed strong at V?&
%c. net advance. May closed at 44Vic;
July, 44%c ? ? ? . r.
OATS?Spot quiet; No. 2, 28%c. Options
dull but steady; May closed at 28%c.
BEEF?Steady. ?
CUT MEATS-Steady; pickled bellies,
ftf.75@& .
LARD?Quiet; western steamed, -$?q.75.
Refined quiet; Continent, $?.05; South
America. $7.25; compound, $???.1214.
PORK?Firm; family, $14.
BUTTER?AVeak and: unsettled: west?
ern creamery. 21@25c; dairy. 19@24c.
CHEESEj-Steady: fancy large, white,'
14c; fancy large, colored, 13@l3*,4c ; fancy
small, white. 13@13*,ic; fancy small, col?
ored. I3>4??'13J4C ?
EGGS?Firm; State aniL Pennsylvania,
at market, I2@l2?4c.; southern, at mar?
ket, tl@12c: western, at market. 12c. ?
POTATOES-Quiet; Jersey?, |?^df?.50?
New'Tork, f 1.50?1?75: Long Island. fl.aO ,
?1.75; Jersey sweets, |2.25'<ii2."5.
TALLOW?Quiet. - , - -" ? .
-. ROSIN?Steady; - strained, common to
'good, fl.70. S '"-, --.:.
RICE-Steady. ; ,.??.
CABBAGE?Quiet; Long Island,1- *4i?t?
per 100. " '
PETROLEUM?Strong. ..; ,
COFFEE?The market ,for futures
opened steady at unchanged prices, ruled
tame and featureless on indifferent ca?
bles and lack of public speculative inter ;
est Small local dealings within 0 points
of previous closing -prices. Confidence,
was checked by -lower quotations from
Europe and Rio, and the continued weak-..
ne-=s In the local spot^department; closed
barely steady, with prices net unchanged
to 5 points lower. Total sales, 10.2.?
bags, including April, $6.40; May, $0.45;
September. [email protected]. < Spot?Rio dull;.
No 7 invoice, 7%c: do. jobbing, SVic;;.
mild market quiet; Cordova, 9%f?fi4c. .^;
SUGAR?Raw firm; fair refining. .??,,31
bid; centrifugal, 96 degrees" test., ?4.15
bid; molasses sugar, ?3.25 bid. Refined.,
irregular. '? _V ?\
SEED OIL?Firm and. fairly active, with
prices somewhat higher; prime crude,
33%?34c; prime summer, yellow. 37c; off
summer vellow nominal; butter grades,.
:57<S39c; prime winter yellow, 39c.': prime
white, 3S@30c. Prime meal, $20.50@27. _
CHICAGO. March 30.?The wheat mar?
ket was strong* and fairly active to-day.' ;
influenced bv reports of damage from
abroad and "the strength, of corn. /May
closing %?%c. over yesterday.. The. corn
market was broad and active, with a :
good export demand, May nt the close ?
being -%ff?%c. up. Provisions were active ?
in a sort of way, but hogs were weaker, I
and this, together with proflt-takink, de?
pressed the market,'the close being ~m
7%c. lower. Oats closed t-,c improved.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. Low. Close.
WHEAT?No. 2.
March_ .... '??:. ?>":s
Mav. 00% '? 07% 06% OiV?
Julv. 67% CSV? ?7% 68%
Sep*t. 07% .GS% 67% 68%
CORN?No. 2. ?_?,
March- .-??. -3,,?B
May. 38, 38% 38 ? 38*
July . :?%.?? ::?)% ? :is% .30%
Sept. 3'J 40 30 ..MJ'/s
OATS-No. 2. '_,
Mav. 24% .24% 24 >4 -4'i
? July.23% 24% 23% 24
MESS? PORK?bh . ?
Mav ..?...32.62% 12.j>7% 32.60 32.70
July .12.27% V2Ar> 12.17% 12.25
LJ It D?100 lbs.
May.0.45 . 0--50 0.40 0.42%
Julv .-6.55 6.57% 6.50 0.52%
? ? OR ? BIBS?1?> lb?,
Mav ...... 6.02% 0.70 0.62% G.G..
July ...... 0.52% 0.57% 0.30 0.55
t'.-isli'-qiior'iiMon!? ?-r?!? :?? follow*: ??-itir
steadv. - No.? 3 spring wheat. C:'.@G6c; No.
2 red! GOQlOc. No. 2 corn, 3S@3S%c;; No.
2 vellow corn. 38%f33%a No. 2 oats.
24%c; No. 2 white, 27c; No. :'. white, 20%
Wife. No. 2 rye, 53%c. No. 2 barley, 40@
43c No. 1 Haxseed. 81.05. Prime timothy
seed. [email protected]. Mess pork, per barrel,
S12.05'i?12.70. Lard, per 100 pounds, $0.30
?0.42%. Short rib sides (loose). SILGO?
0.85; d'rv salted shoulders (boxed). SG.25-3?
6.50: short clear sides (boxed). $6.S5@7.
Whiskey, .distillers' finished goods, per
gallon. $1.25. Butter- weak; creamery, 19
@23c; dairy, 10if21c. Cheese firm at 12@
33c. Eggs" steady; fresh. 10%c.
CHARLESTON. S. G. March 30.?TUR?
PENTINE?Market lirm at 51%c; sales,
ROSIN?Firm and unchanged; sales,
OF TURPENTINE?Firm at 53c ; re?
ceipts, 590 casks; sales, 350 casks; ex?
ports. 2'.iS casks.
ROSIN?Unchanged; pales nominal;
other, grades tirm; receipts. 1.236 barrels;
sales, none; exports, 751 barrels.
WILMINGTON. X. C, March 30.?
52%?33c. bid; receipts, 49 casks.
ROSIN?r;;-m and" unchanged; receipts,
355 barrels.
@3.23; receipts. 10 barrels.
TAR?Steady at $1.28; receipts, 320 bar?
Richmond, Va'., March 30, 3900.
Private sales to-day were: Fillers, 1
hogshead: leaf, 25 hogsheads: lugs, 25
hogsheads; stems, 30. hogsheads.
Warehouses report 50 hogsheads re?
ceived:? deliveries, 41 hogsheads.
| Inspections to-day were: Dark, 3G hogs?
Loose sales were for the day: Cren?
shaw's Warehouse, 29.S85 pounds?High?
est price, $11.25; Shockoe Warehouse,
8.945 pounds; Stonewall Warehouse. 3.150
pounds. For the week?Crenshaw's, 70,
440 pounds?highest price, $14; Shockoe,
25,304 pounds?highest price, $14; Stone?
wall AVarehouse. 17,000 pounds. For the
month?Crenshaw's, 544,710 pounds?high?
est price, $14; Shockoe. 200.820 pounds
highest price. $14.50: Stonewall AVure-"
house, 110,290 pounds.
Crenshaw's Warehouse has s-.:ld this
season 3,030,040 pounds?highest price, $10.
Saturday, March 31, 1900.
John C. Calhoun died. 1S50.
Sun rises .5:59 A. M.
Sun sets .0:30 P.M.
Moon south .12:5:?. P. M.
First high water. 4:51 A. M.
Second high water. 4.50 P. M.
PORT OF RICHMOND, March 30, 1900.
Steamer Albemarle, Glover, Norfolk,
merchandise and passengers, Old Domin?
ion Line.
Steamer Winyah, Simmons, Philadel?
phia, Pa., merchandise and passengers,
Clyde Line.
ateaiiier Pocanontas. Graves. Norfolk
and James river sidings, merchandise ant?
passengers. Virginia Navigation Co.
Steamer Albemarle, Glover. Norfolk,
merchandise and passengers. Old Do?
minion Line.
PORT NEWPORT XEWS, March 30,1900.
Steamer Arnold Luyken, New York.
Steamer Hestia. Glasgow.
Steamer Rowter, Alexandria.
PORT OF ??"?8? POINT. March 30, 1900.
Steamship Charlotte, Murphy, Char?
lotte, passengers and general cargo.
Steamship Elm City, liaynes. Matta
poni river landings, passengers and gen?
eral cargo. --
Steamship Charlotte, Murphy,. Char?
lotte, passengers and general cargo.
Steamship Elm City, Haynes. Matta?
poni river landings, passengers and gen?
eral cargo.
The Jo'ly Owls.
The Jolly-Owls'will hold a meeting at
their hall, on Seventh and Broad Streets,
to-night to consider taking part in the
Carnival festivities.
INGE.?Died; at the residence of its par?
ents, af'C:0S A. M., March 30, 1900,
JULIAN CABELL, infant son- of "J; W.
and Minnie M. Inge; aged four months
and fourteen: days. -??
Funeral. from residence, 2011 Venable
Street, at 3:30 o'clock SUNDAY EVEN?
ING. Interment in Oakwood. :
'< . \
"? precious one from-us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled, ~
A place is vacant in our home -
Which never can be. filled." .;
"Lynchburg, Va.; Baltimore, Md.; Sc
' dalla. Mo.; and Birmingham, Ala., pa?
pers please copy. .
HANCOCK.?Died, at half-past 12 o'clock.
Friday, March 30th, after- an Illness of
several months'," at the residence of her'
aunt?Mrs. Florence G. AVatts. Tazewell.
only daughter of Mrs. Sue G. Hancock,
and grand-daughter of Mrs. Emily T.
Hutcheson, of Richmond, Va.; aged
eight years and live days. ,
tVlCKHAM.?Died, - at ' his residence,. in
Powhatan.county, Thursday evening,
March 29th, W. F. WICKHAM.
The interment will be ' at - Grace
Church, near Clay ville,; SUNDAY, April
1st, at 3 P. it : " :-:i. .('_._.,_. j "?__;-:. .^V -
-rFor-eSe.?TheTower?- and ?Dross,
by Seton Merrlman: Gloria Mun?i. i
Caleb West. Master Diver, by Hop-;
kinson Smithr Th? Adventures of
Captain Kettle, by Cutliff ?yne;
The Massarenes," by Ouida; The
Choir "Invisible. ,The Celebrity,
Tekia, ?fcc. ? ?.. t
For sec?The *73c. cloth editions
of The Pride of Jehnico. The Choir
Invisible, The- Honorable Peter
For lSejuA"?" Tennessee' Jud?. A
Kentucky Colonel. The Waters: of
Caney ?Fork, The Jueklins, :^c. by
Opie'Re?d. ' .
For IOc.?Young Mistley. Prison?
ers "aind; Captives, by Seton Merrl?
man: Concerning Isabel Carnaby;
also. The Works of Charles Gar?
v?n, Ge?rgie .Sheldon, and other
popular-..writers. ? . (
Dainty Easter Cards nnd ?Book?
lets from 1 to 39c.
The Negro Admitted That He Hart
Threatened to Kill Farrior and
Started to Grab Him When the
Citizens-Fired on Him.
-. ??*
William Broyies' Slayer.
ABINGDON, VA., March 30.?Special.?
The case of Edmond Longley, in Jail here
for the shooting or "William Broyies, near
Saltville, a few nights ago, seems to be a
bad one. He called Young Broyies to his
front door, and, without notice, shot him
dead. H? claims not to remember any?
thing about the affair. He was doubt?
less drunk, he being a habitual inebriate.
He Is a grandson of Prof. Edmond Long
ley, long of Emory and 'Henry. College,
and now "living in Pulaskl county, at
eighty-one years of age. ?
His father is Edmond Longley. an ex
merchant of Glade Spring. Ills own
name is Edmund Longley. there being
three Edmonds*. . He is a nephew of
Judge Seiden Longley, of Pulaskl Coun?
ty Court, and also of Prof. ' Vawter.?, of
the Miller Manual Labor School, and of
Prf. Jordan. Dean of the University of
East Tennessee, at Knoivllle. ' ? >
. . ' Satall Fta*.; '?,.''.'.'
iNo. ?.Truck Company was called, last
evening at" 9:55 o'clock, to No. 121 Norta
??Eighteenth - Street.- occupied bv KUty
Drew; (colored). The ?re originated by
the overturning o? ?,?"
was don?. . .
The People of-Wilson Excited Over
the Affair.
WILSON, N. C, March 30.?Special.?
The people of'.Wilson are very much ex?
cited over the shooting of A. V. C. Hunt,
a negro, .by Mr. J. D. Farrior. one of
AVilson's most prominent business men,
Tho shooting comes as a result of threats
made on Farrior by -Hunt. ?During No-"
vembtir, 1S3S. Mr. Farrior lost some valu?
able property by fire, and Hunt is thought
to have been responsible for the burning.
Evidence sufficient to convict could not
be obtained. Farrior was active In the
die met the negro on the street this
evening and asked him about the threats.
Hunt admitted that he had threatened
?to kill him. and at the same time grabbed
Mr. Farrior. who, as soon as he could
free himself from his grasp, pulled his
gun and shot four times, every ball
taking effect.
The doctors pronounce his wounds
fatal. Mr. Farrior is being held to await
the sesult. \ H s?i?i1
The Amendment Will Disfraiicbbie
Only Illiterate Negroes.
DUHHAiM. ?N. C., March 30.?Special.?
The campaign was'opened here last nignt
by H. A. London, of the Plttsboro Record.
(The? court-house was packed. He ex?
plained that the constitutional amend?
ments would not disfranchise any ??a
Confederate veterans or any illiterate
white men?that only the illiterate negro
would be deprived of his vote. He made
many votes for the amendments.
The game of base-ball between Lafay?
ette (Pennsylvania) College and Trinity
. College yesterday resulted in a score of
6 to 4 in favor of Trinity..
Enrisbt Failed to Score at the Legal
Rat?The Dollar Dinner.
NEWPORT- NEWS, VA.. March 30.?
Special.?Judge J. W. G. Blackstone, of
the Circuit Court, to-day, after hearing
argument on the demurrer of .the de?
fense in the case of 'Morris Enright vs.
?Newport (News Shipbuilding and Dry
Dock Company, set aside the ver?
dict, which gave the' plaintiff ?2,5??
damages (one fourth of the amount
sued, for) for injuries sustained while the
cradle was being removed from urfcler
the battleship Kentucky, In March, isas.
The 'whole issue hinged on a construction
of the application of the somewhat nebu?
lous theory of the fellow-servant, the
point being, could it be applied to Mr.
Charles Swaim, then boss rigger at the
Th- Newport- News Democratic . Club
to-night gave its "Dollar Dinner" at the
Casino, some two hundred' guests sitting
down to an elaborate spread. There
were several distinguished guests, includ?
ing Hon. J. Taylor Ellyson, of Richmond,
State' Chairman; Hon W. A. Young, of
Norfolk, and Hon. Charles T. ?Blend, of
The local lodge of Elks to-night elected
Mr. T. F. Fitzpatrick their Exalted Ruler.
? The four troops?A, B. C and D.-^-of
United States cavalry, which came in on
the transport Kllpatrlck yesterday, left
this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock over the
Chesapeake and Ohio, for Jefferson City.
Mo., where they .will go into barracks.
The train was In two sections, one carry?
ing horses, and the 'other men'and offi?
cers. '; '.ty?,i \ '? ' .
S* ?? 1?.
9:05 ?, ML ? n_;|w '
for Henderson (arrive Durham daily. ?*
eept aui?aay>, jutelgh. Sanford. Southern
Pines, Wilmington. Waa?sboro. i?esro?,
.Charlotte. Xincolnton. Shelby, Rttthes
fordten. Chester, Clinton. Greenwood. Ab?
be ville. Elbertoe, Athens, ATLANTA.
; Augusta, Macon, Montgomery. New Or?
leans, Pen?aco!a. Jacksonville. Texas.
Mexico. Calif orni? and tbe West via
Memphis or New Orleans.
"Train leaving at 9:00? P.M. runs through
solid to Atlanta .without change of cars.
Sleeper ready for occupancy at S:40> P. M.
S:I5 A- M- Daily, except Sunday (Sunday
: 8:0? A. M.)
:ta? P. M- Pally, ?
? For tickets, baggage cnecks. sl-repiny
car reservation, etc.? apply to '
"-"?.... H. M. BOYKIN.
General Agent.
., 836 east Main street.
E. ST: JOHN/ Vice-President and Gen
.. era! Manager. ?
V. E. McBEE. Generat Superintendent.
H. W. B. GLOVER. Traffic Manager.
- L. S. ALLEN.
General Passenger Agent.
Southern Railway
11:00 P. M.) Daily for Atlanta. Augusta
12:01 P. 31.) and air point?t South.
?:00 P.-M. Daily except Sunday for Keys
|ville and. intermediate sta?
tions/ ? -
5:00 A. M.) Daily from all points South.
6:25 P.M.) . ,. .
8:40 A.M. Dally except Sunday from
- Keysville.
' 2:30 P. M- Daily except Sunday for West
Point and Intermediate sta?
tions, connecting at Lesto'r
Manor with stage for King
William Courthouse. Walker
ton and -Tappahannock?? and at
? West Point with.steamer for
Baltimore.; . .
4:30 P. M. Dally except Sunday, connect
. ing. "with^ steamer for Balti?
more. ;
5:09 A. M. Daily except Sunday for West
Point and local.stations.
Tork River Line steamers- leave West
Point at 5:30 P.-M. dally, except Suijday.
arriving Baltimore at 8:30 A. AL follow?
ing morning.
9:13 A. M. Daily from West Point with
connection from Baltimore
? -?, daily except Monday.
10:4S A. M. Daily -except Sundays and
Mondays from West Point* and
Intermediate stations.
?:40 G. 31. Daily except 'Sundays.
- Steamers call at Gloucester Point and
Almonds Wharf Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday; at Claybank and YorEtown
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Information as to schedules, rates and
sleeping-car reservations furnished by
Richmond Transfer Co., S03 East Main
Street or Depot Ticket Agent. Virginia
Street Station. C. W. WESTBTJRT.
Trav. Pas.; Ag't, 92? East Main Street,
" Richmond.? Va.
Traffic Manager. Gen. Pas. Agent.
FRANK S. GANNON. Third Vice-Presi?
dent and Gen. Man., Washington. D. C.
Oct. 29/99.
Leave Richmond. Broad Street
? Station
>:W A. a*. Daily tor Norfolk.
3:43 P. M. Dally -ror Norfolk
10:? A M. Ex. Sunday for Clifton Form
I J? P. M. Daily ?or Cincinnati.
?:? P. Jf. Ex.' Sunday for ?oswefl
IC:S? P. M- Dallx (or CtnclBBatl.
beavo Elahth-atreet Station:
U:3D A. M- Daily for Lynchburg, Lexlng
tan and Clifton Forge. ^
l-M ? ? Exrept Sunday for Columbia.
?a. d. pona
Old Dominion
Steamship Co.
Daily Line for New York, the North
and East
PASSENGERS can leave DAILY, ex?
cept Sunday, via C. and O. at 3:45
P. M. or R. and P. and N. and W. rail?
roads at 9 A. M.? connecting at Norfolk
with direct steamers sailing same day.
7:30 P. M.
Steerage passengers can leave by, aux?
iliary steamer Monday. Wednesday and
Friday at 5 P. M.. changing to main?
line ships at Norfolk. *
FREIGHT for alt northern, eastern and
foreign ports received and forwarded
daily except Sunday.
PASSENGERS can leave DAILY, ex?
cept Sunday, trom company's pier.' No
26 North River, at 3 P. M.? Saturday 4 ?
M., for Old Point Comfort and Norfolk*
connecting with C. and O. and N. and \v
trains for Richmond.
FREIGHT received and forwarded dalle
except Sunday- w"y
Tickets on sale at Richmond Transfer
Company. 003 east Main street: Jeffen,on
?otel. C. and O. and R. and P. depots
Richmond. Baggage checked throush t?
all points. ' ? "*
For further information at>ply to
1212 east Main street. Richmond Va
General offices: Pier 26 North river ?*?
Tons, N. Y. J. J. BROW*!
?? ? WALKER. Gen. Pa^ AgV?t
" Traffic Manager. -*gent?
jrvLYDB STEAMSHIP co.'s ^fig
Appointed sailing days: Every TUES?
DAY. FRIDAY and SUNDAY at day.
Freight received daily till 5 P. M.
For further information-apply to
Gen. Southern Agent? office. Racketta.
??--. ?'. - ? ?? p. CLTDR ?COt
The Best
on Earth,
" .??? ':'.'?.
RicfeMi^ FM?! icksaqE ?
?Mine BlHftti?
lea v? BYJCA-axjujbX ?i'au?ft. r ;
SU? A. M. Daily fer Vtaanmgien ??#
?oints Nwfta. Mope ?mi ?t MUf?M
< und t'.edericksburg. Pulli.?mm
??? er? t? .\ew Verb. : - _?
i t-J? ?. M- Daily, ?ucept Moo?**?, f**
- wasnington ana points Noeta, tu?
"New- ?ork and Fiori** special.????
compasca entirely of pullaa? reatS
? bulad sleeping, compartment, din?
ing, library and observado? ?ars.
No ?atra charge other than regular
Pullman fare. Dot? not at?? at
Ciba or local station?.
' ??? A. it Sunday un i*. tor vVaafclaa-tine
auu iiumii .North, stop* ?t *fita
uien Alien. AsD.anti. 'leyitwaviu?,.
Doaweii, R?ther Glen. Panai?*, atu?
fara. \voo?l?:ane. Guinea. Suonane?
Frederlcksburg, Brooke, and Wide?
wat&r. Pullman car.
?:43 AM. Daay. except Sunday. Mr
???<?????, wuvnvi?, nHUIH una, ?w .??
?eia. MUford, Woodslane, Guiaea?
? . Summit. Frejarlcktburg. broeke :
? ? and Wldewgtar- PuIImaa. car.
E:0? M. Dally, except Sunaay. for Was*. '
ington and point? (North, Stops aC
Elba. Glen Allen. Ashiand. Dea well.
Milfo?a and Frederlcksburg. Parlo?
car. ? Connect? wick Congressional
s_ Limited at Washington.
T:45 P. M. Dally, for -Washington an? <?
points North. Stop? at Elba. Ash?
iand., Doswell. Milford. Frederlcks?
burg. Brooke and Widawater. atop? ?
sx other station? Sundays;? Sleeper
Richmond??to New York... Sleeper
. ?n .^ashtngton to Philadelphia, i ..
8:40 A. M. Dally. Steps at Wute waier.
Brooke. Prederlcksburg, Milford.
Doswell. Ashiand and Elba. Stop*
at other station? Sundays. - Sleeper
New York to- Richmond.
.3:0? P. M. Dalty. except Sunday. Stop?
at Frederlcksburg. Milford. Doswell,
Ashiand. Glen A".en and Elba. Par?
Ior car from Washington.
?:2? P. M. Dally. Stops only at Fre<?
erlckabuTg. Doswel!. Ashiand an?'
Elba. Pullman care from New York.
3:40 P. tl.. Dally. Stops at Wlri ewater.
Brooke, Fr?Jerieksburg. Summit.
Guinea. Woodslane. Mi'.?orJ. Pen?la.
-Rather Glen. Doswell. Tay?orsvll?e,
Ashiand. Glen Allen and Elba.
? aieeolnrear.
i 9:50 P. M. Daily, except Sunday, from.
Washington and points North, the .,
"New'York and Florida Spectal.?*
? Make? ho local stop? and does not
stop at Riba.
(Daily, except Sunday.) *
7:00 A. it.. .Leaves Elba for Quanttco.
-?:0O P. M. Leaves Byrd-Street Station
for Frederlcksburg.
i ?$:30 P. Si?. Leaves Elba for Ashiand.
*\;4<y A. M. Arrives Elba from Aahlamf.
8:20 A. M. Arrfves Byrd-Street street
from Frederlcksburg. ,
??6 P. li?. Arrives Elba from Ashlan*.
Traffic Manager.'
E. T. D. MYERS. .
_^^ President.
Atlantic Coast Urn
b'i.'iUUi? STA'l'iuN._
9:0? A. il. Daily. Arrive? Petersburg ?:3t
A. M., Norfolk Mttff A- 3m. Stop?
only at Petersburg, waverly an?
Suffolk. Va.
0:05 A. Ai. Daily. Arrive? Petersburg 9:3*.
A. M.? Weldon 11:45- ?. M.. Fayette
ville 4:15 P. M., Charleston U:S0-P.
SI'., Savannah 12:M A. AL, jteksun
ette 7:3? A. M-. i'ort Tampa. ?:*?>- P.
' M. Connect? at Wilson ?l'i No.
47, arriving Goldsboro ??? P. ??..
Wilmington 6:45- P. M. Pulimaa
Sleeper New York to Jacksonville.
11:30 ?. M. Dally e*cepr. Sunday, .vrrlvea
Petersburg- 1*2:06 P. M. Step? Alan- -
ehester. Drewry's Bluff. Centrali?
and Chester on alenai. .
3:33 P. il. Dally. Arrive? Petersburg *:UT
P. li. Make? all stop?.
5:20 P. Si. Dally except Sunday. Arrive?
Petersburg t>:l? P. AL. VVeldou a:*???
P. II.. and Rocky Mount 0:UO P. Al.
Make? all intermediate stop?.
C-.4S P. AL Daily. Arrive? Petersburg T-.2** -
P. M. Cornect? with N. and W. for -
Norfolk and- Intermediate ?joint?.
Empori? 9:10 (connecta with ?.. an?
D. for station? between Emporia an?
Lawr?sncevltle>. Weldon 8:08 P. M-.
Fayetteville 12:18 A. M.. Charleston
fr:0* A. M.. Savannah 7:04 ?. ??.
Jacksonville 11:50 A. M., Port Tamp*
9:??5 P: AL _
GIA POINTS?Arriving Augus?
ta SUO A. St., Macon It A. it. At?
lanta .12:15. P. M.- Pullman Steeper?
New York to Wilmington. Charles?
ton, Port Tampa, Miami, Jackson?
ville.. Augusta and Macon. _
?;0O'P.- M. Daily Arrives f *tei-suur?tt:Jg>
P. M.. Weldon 11:20 P. M. Make?
local atop? between Petersburg an?
Weldon. Arrives Lynchburg rj:l5 A.
M.. Roanoke, Va.. 4:'H> A. M, Bris?
tol. Va., 10:4O A. M. Connect? at
Emporia for Danville. Va., arriving
5-35 A M. Pullman Sleeper' Rich?
mond to Lynchburg.
10:00 P. M.. Daily- except Sunday. New
York and Florida Special. Arrives .
Charleston 7:46 A. M., Savannah.
?>:l?l A. M., Jacksonville 1AH> P. M..
St. Augustine ?:20 P. M., Tampa !>::?>
P. M. _
1045 P-: SI. Daily. Arrive Petera burg
11:30 A. M.
3:23 a. M- Dally. Prom Jacasonvtlle. Sa.
vannah, Cbarle?tont Atlanta. Ma
con Augusta and alt points South.
7:15 A. M.. Daily, except Monday. From
St Augustine. Jacksonville. Savan?
nah and Charlestons
S3? A. M. Dally except Sunday From
Atlanta, Athene and Raleigh, Hen?
derson. Lynchbursr. and the West.
t:37 A. M. Daily except Sunday. Peters
burs local.
a-?? ? m ounday only. From Atlanta?
-When?. Raleigh, and Henderson.,
iiynehburs and the West.
11-lOA- M. Daily except Sunday. From
Gotdsboro and Intermediate eta tion?.
Norfolk and Suffolk. '
11 05 A- M- Sunday only. From Norfolk,
Suffolk and Petersburg:
t:3T> P. M. Dally except Sunday. Front
TA? ?- M-* Dally. From Miami. Port
Tampa. Jacksonville, Savannalt,.
Charl?sston. Wilmington. Goldsboro,
and alt point? South.
g-35 p. M. Dally. From Norfolk? Suf?
folk and Petersburg.
8:M P. M. DaUy. ? From Petersburg.
-Wnchburg ***** "emersON.
J. R. KES?LIT.. * Traffic Manager.
General Manager.
?. M. EMERSON. ? .
Ge-neral .^^^^SSwWBLU
Division passenger Aaeti*.
l?:0? A. M.r RlC^iJAONJ>A2a*NORf.1>Ufc
N^oii Uii* A. M. Stop? onl? ?
Petersburg. Waverly ami Suffolk.
Secon?-claas ?ckeU net accepted ob
?hi-i train. ?
a ?? ?- ?*??? CHICAGO EXPRUSSt.
for Lynchburg. Roanoke. Columbu?
and Chicago.. Pullman Sleeper Rea
noke to Columbus; als? for Bristol.
KnoxviUe an? Chattanooga. Pu?.
man sleeper Roanoke to Kaoartile.
a 4ft p. M . for Suffolk. Norfolk; an? In
' termediate stations, arrive? at Nor?
folk at 10:4O P. M
?.?& ? M-, for Lynchburg and Roanoke.
Connect? at Lynchburg with Wash?
ington an? Chattanooga Umlt?*d.
pullman Sleeper? Lynchburg to Mem
abls an? New Orleans. Cafe, parlor
and observation cs.r Radford to>
Attalla. Ala. Pullman sleeper be?
tween Richmond and Lynchburg, an?
bertha ready for occupancy a: S:3g
p. M Also. PuIImaa sleeper peters
iburg and Roanoke. : .
. Trama arri?? Richmond fron? Lynch
bora and the West daily at 8:13 A. M.
?ndV?& P. M-. fion? N..rfuik and the Cam
!,jl;Ol a. M.. and VESTiBCLED LIM.
?TED 7.0? P M.
dec?: MB Main ??reef.
once. ?- ?*- JMO, _m ?????1?>
?Metrfct Paa^ne^r^A??t

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