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He Will Preach a Special Sermon to
Men To-Morrow Evening.
I>r. Gacrram Will ?Leave lor Kentucky
. Next Week?Movement u> Erecta
a Monument to "Uncle Larry"
by Uto lloscbuds.
Riehop Jaggar will deliver a sermon to
anon aa. St. Paul's Church* next Sunday
?veiling at S o'clock. This will be such
a one as Die delivered here last spring,
end whSch ?-as so much talked about- ?
The entire middle aisle will be reserved
for meji only until the hour for - ser?
vice, after which the whole church will
be thrown open to the fiublic, and a
cordial welcome js extended tu all. The
students at tbe medical and other col?
leges iit-re are especially desired to attend
Ulis service.
?Sunday nlshts services will be the last
that Dr. Gucrrant will? conduct in Rich?
mond, as he leaves for h-is bornie in Ken?
tucky next week.. Those who would like
to hear tnc gospel presented in its ?im
piicity und power, should not lose the
opportunity of hearing ??s earnest di?
His labors have .toj-en signally blessed
in the south and southwest during the
past tliri?? months. liis own church is
in Wilmore, Ky.
Revival services beg-ui Thursday night
at Bi. Jamos Methodist Church. ? I-aree
congregation was present, and the inter?
est was deep. There was one conversion.
The pastor preaches nightly.
.UT5S'10.V.Vi IX A'LlihANCE.
Th? afliecrs of Centenary Methodist
episcopal Ohtrrch, of* winch Rev. Dr. S.
A. Steel is pastor, have tendered the use
of the church to the Christian and Mis?
sionary Alliance, with heaiduuarters at
New York, liichmond has this year been
selected as tho place for the meeting,
which will be held April Sth to 12th, inclu?
sive. This is not a denominational asso?
ciation, and a. -meeting is held annually
for the discussion of missionary matters.
Three services will .bo held daily, with
"MissUns" the topic for addresses. A
number of eminent .men from New Tork
will be present, . ? i
Dr. Steel during this week will give up
his Wednesday service. The conference
will adjourn In time to allow the mem?
bers to attend (the Ecumenical Confer?
ence, to be held at New York, on April
21st. ?;
Revival services are being conducted
in nearly every Methodist church In
Richmond. Rev. L. IS. Betty, pastor of
O.a.y-S"tiTN.t ?Methodist Church, is preach?
ing Interesting sermons appropriate to
the season, and (Mr. Maxey. at Asbury
churcii. Is conducting regular services.
Rev. 'W. 11. Beuuehamp, of Broad-Street
jxLste?dist Church, w-jll .-vtart a revival to
inanFow night, air. Beau?hamp tried to
secure Bishop W. A. Candler, of Atlanta,
tin., for Sunday. lie, however, re
ccflved a letter from Ure Bishop yesterday
morning, staling that he would not be
able to toe present, but that he would
try to come at some later date.
The work of repairing the Broad-Street
church will begin -about July 1st. The
contract has .been awarded for the fres?
coing of the main auditorium, which work
will occupy about six weeks, during
which timo the basement will be utilized
for eshiurdh services'.
llev. Or. W. A. Barr preached at Mon
UKi?naal C21iure.li last night amother ser?
mon In the. series on "The Elements of
Christian Manhood." These sermons are
very interesting, and the service was
vieil attended. On to-morrow Holy Com?
munion will he dispensed. Dr. Barr will
prca ili at both morning and' night ser?
y<K5t?-day ended the. week during which
???". Barr conducted services for St An
-dicw's (Brotherhood a.t No. 1305 East Main
Street. These Lenten services will end
" next week, during which ministers from
the various churches will conduct the
Dr. Haw-thome will, on to-morrow morn?
ing, -deliver a sermon at Grove-Avenue
on "What :1s (True Religion." At night
he will exchange pulpits with Dr. Battle,
of Petersburg.
Dr. T. 3?. Hale, who is to assist Dr.
Hawthorne in a series of meetings at
tjTo\v-Av?nue Baptist Church beaming
?the second Sunday in April, is a native
of Alabama. He was graduated from
Howard College. In that State, in 1S7S.
Ho afterwards took the complete course
In the Southern Baptist Theological Sem?
inary, at ?Louisville, Ky. After leaving
the seminary he vent to Europe and sub?
sequently to "Egypt and Palestine, where
he spent .much time in the study of the
localities connected with biblical history.
He was elected to the pastorate of the
Southsld'c Baptist church, in Birmingham,
Ala., where he was Instrumental in build.
Ing a very commodious and beautiful
house of worship, and in gathering one
of the largest and most influential con?
gregations in the State. Two years ago
he succeeded (Dr. Broughton, now of
Atlanta, in the pastorate of the Second
Baptist church at Roanoke. Va. He has
been in great demand -for evangelistic
werk, and' has had distinguished success
in revival meetings in rijany of our large
clues. iNorth and South. \ About six years
ago he aided Dr. Cooper in a series of
meetings In the First Baptist church of
this city, and under his ministry there
were many professions of conversion and
accessions to the church.
T!>e movement to <u-ect a monument to
"'Uncle Larry" toy the Rosebud Mission?
ary societies is now well under way.
A circular letter Iras been sent to the
preachers of the Virginia Conference ask?
ing for their endorsement of the move?
ment, and requesting that they call the
attention of the Rosebuds in their church
and tihe "former members of the societies
to the noble, work which has been in?
The Rev. Mr. ?Bosnian, of the Park
Place Methodist Church, will begin a se?
ries of sermons Sunday night, to b? con?
tinued -every Sunday night through the
anonth of Apri!. The services will be for
the benefit of me young men and women
of the congregation. The subject for
Sunday night Is "The Elfe of Peter," and
the sermon will be more particularly to
young men.
Professor (S. C. Mitchell, of Richmond
College, will preach at Calvary Baptist
Church. Grace and Pine Streets, to-mor?
row morning at ' o*'clock, and Rev. 13.
?. Romar, secretary of the Foreign ?Mis.
j?on Board, at S o'clock !P. M.
. Rev. Carey 33. Morgan will preach at
Seventh-Street Christian Church in the
morning on "Tempted toy Qu?st?c is."
His evening subject will be "TI*?. Hosts
of ,the Lord" Marking Time."
Dr. Smith, of the Second Baptist
Church, on Sunday morning will speak
of Religion In .the Home. At night ths
fourth discourse of the series will be
delivered on the subject, "Christianity
and Statesmen.'?^ j
?""Mystlc Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to 3
days. Its action upon the system is re?
markable and mysterious. It removes
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5 JMECG CO.. Richmond. Va.
He Charge* the Lewis faction With In?
stigating ?ami Plowing the
To My Fellow-Citizens of Rockingham I
County and the Blate o? Virginia:
Inasmuch as there was a convention
held at Harrison burg, Va? on the 17th
day o? March. 1900, of the. Republicans of !
Rockingham County, for the purpose of ?
?electing delegates to the Republican State '
Convention, which meets in the City ol
JCorfolk on the 10th day of April, 1800,
and electing delegates to th? Congres?
sional Convention, which meets at lfr'oiit"
Royal on the 3d day of April. 1900; and
inasmuch as seid convention at Harrison
burg resulted in riotous and unlawful
conduct on the part of certain members
of? said convention and their adherents,
and various misleading statements have
been circulated as to-what transpired on
that occasion, I deem it proper in vlndi- t
cation of myself and the gentlemen'who ?
are in sympathy with me, to make'tthe j
following statement: j
The convention was called to order by '
Mr. Chas. .M. Keezel, the County Chair- ?
man. He selected as tellers the ?Rev. A. |
P. Funkhouser and Mr. M. B. Lewis. Un- j
der the rules as announced by the State ?
Committee, Mr. Keezel; the County Chair?
man, called th? convention to order, and
after reading the roil of delegates as cer- j
tilled to him from the various precincts,
announced that nominations were In ordej ;
ior the election of a temporary chairman
of the convention. Dr. J. B. Webb was
pieced in nomination by what !s known
as the "Lewis faction." I was placed in
nomination by Mr. J. W. Deputy, of
Bridgewater. Thereupon Mr. J-.'sc-zel, the
County Chairman, proceeded to call the
roll of delegateti as certified to Mm from
the various precincts of '.le cojnly, and
upon the completion of the roll-call, ?nd
b?fore Chairman Keezel, io whom it was
the duty of the tellers to report their
count, and before Mr. Funkhouser. one of
the tellers, could report his count to the
chairman, Mr. M. B. Lewis, the other
teller, a son cf Mr. D. S. Lewis, the lean?
er of the "Lewis faction." without deign?
ing to report to the chairman the count,
arose from his seat, end with his hands
over his h?ad and at the top of his voice,
approached the front of the stage and an?
nounced: "Webb 35, Acker 30. We have
got them"; which was not . true, and
which statement was immediately contra?
dicted by the chairman, who announced
that Hon. John Acker was elected chair?
man of the convention. The \-ote was
49 for Acker and 36 for Webb, as shown
by the official report'of the convention.
Immediately, upon the announcement so
made by Chairman Keezel, that I was
elccied temporary chairman of the, con?
vention. I prociT-eded lo the platform to
take the. chair, but before 1 could address
any remarks to the convention I was vio?
lently and feloniously assaulted. be:ns
knocked down not only by the fists of
tho opposing faction, but also by clubs
and other dangerous weapons, and l'or a
while rendered unconscious. After being
taken from the stage and administered
to by a physician, 1 was at length ena?
bled to preside over the convention,
though still bleeding.
The Lewis faction having in the mean?
while, before 1 was able to t.'tke the chair
?by reason of the injuries inflicted upon
me, taking the advantage, of my being
thus incapacitated, had proceeded to in?
stall Dr. Webb as their chairman, and
appointed their committee on credentials,
when I. though still bleeding from t!:e
wounds I.had received, assumed the chair
upon the same platform, and proceeded
with the convention as prescribed in the
oflicial report hereinbefore referred to,
whilst the chairman of the Lewis faction
and his adherents were going through the
form of holding a convention on another
portion of the stage. The convention, as
presided over by me, an<3 as certified as
above stated under the organization of
the party, as announced by the State
Committee, could only be considered to
be the regular and lawful convention of
the party in the County of Rockingham
for the purposes for which it was assem?
bled. The action of Mr. M. B. Lewis,
one of the tellers appointed by the chair,
in recording the vote otherwise than as
announced by the chairman, and the ac?
tion of the -Lewis faction in not waiting
for the announcement of the County
Chairman, as to result of the vote upon
the roll-call under the certified list of dele
* gates, or waiting until all of the precincts
of the county had been certified to the
chairman and been \-oted upon, and the
action of their adherents in rushing upon
the stage and attacking, and for a time
incapacitating mo from acting as chair?
man of the meeting, showed a predeter?
mined purpose not <o abide by the re?
turns from the precincts, but to control
the meeting without regard to conse
Qiiences. or. as expressed by one ??G their
active adherents on that occasion, "that
they intended to control that meeting if
they liad to wade through blood to do
My injuries received on that occasion
have been such as to prevent me, until
to-day, from giving any statement to the
public as to the occurrences on the fiaid
17th day of March, 190G. and the Hepubii
can Convention held in Harrisonburg. I
deeply regret that any Republican Con?
vention should have been characterized
by such lawlessness, and that any gentle?
men claiming to be members of the party
to which 1 belong should be so far obli?
vious to their obligations as citizens of
the State of. Virginia and the. United
States as to be guilty of conduct, which
I have this day felt it my duty as a citl
Z' to swear out warrants agallisi them
fo. elonious assaults; yet, still as a
matter of duty to myself and as a citi?
zen, 1 nave thought it proper^to place
my vindication and the vindication of
the public peace, as well, in the hands of ;
the proper officers, and leave It to them
to determine whether I and my followers !
who were in that convention assembled, I
ajid at all times during th? proceedings
of the convention were ever actuated by
any other purpose than to give expression
to the opinion of the Republican voters
of ?Rockingham County, as certified
through the proper officials. I never
dreamed of attacking any person or per?
son's whatever, or of being attacked, but
the conduct of my adversaries, as exem?
plified by the fact that none of them'
wore injured, but that only I and my
friends were injured, and that there is
no charge against either me or my friends
for any violation of the law, and that
my adversaries immediately after the
vote "by the said M. B. Lewis, jumped
upon Ihe stage from every accessible
point with clubs end ' sticks in their
hands, is, I think, conclusive evidence of
the fact that they were the aggressors,
and that they were the disturbers of the
peace, and that they were an organized
body, by a preconcerted arrangement, to
set aside Ihe will of the people as ex?
pressed through the returns to the County
Chairman, and to accomplish that result
both by the purloining of papers'evidenc
lng the will of the people, and to inflict
personal .injuries both upon me and upon
my friends, so.es to prevent the will of
the people thus expressed being carried
Into effect
Conscious of the fact that I never medi?
tated or conceived of ah. attack upon any
one, and that I was violently, and I may
say. murderously assaulted upon that oc?
casion. I will leave this question to the ,
courts on the one hand, and on the other
to the Republicans of the ?Seventh Con?
cessional (District, and of the State of j
Virginia, at their conventions soon to be
held, to decide. .Very Respectfully.
March ?ta. UM. ; , JOHN ACKER. I
There Was No Deception for Fraudu?
lent Purposes.
He Was Charged With Obtaining
Money From Mr. Pat McDonough
on Falso Pretences?Other
Cases in Court.
T?tere was only one ease of inter?
est before the Great Dispenser yesterday,
that of Mr. Pat McDonougb against
Frank j. Columbini, who was charged
by Mr. ? McDonough with procuring the
sum of Si,-j(X) from him on false pre?
The cause was ' that of the sale of a
piece of property by Mr. Columbini to
Mr. McDonough, on the representation
that the property was not encumbered so
far as a wife" was concerned. It turn?
ed out later that there was a wife in
tho case, and that she held the natural
lien of a wife on the property, amount?
ing to something like {"300.
Mr. McDonough was anxious to let the
whole matter drop, for. he said, he didj
not believe that Mr. Columbini intended
to deceive him for the purpose of fraud,
but that the deception was practiced to
conceal certain family troubles.
Mr. H. M. Smith represented the de?
fence, and upon his motion Mr. Colum?
bini was admitted te bail in the sum of
?500, and the case continued until April
Mr. Columbini is a resident of New
York, but is a native of Richmond. He
is a sou of the late D. Columbini, who
was at'one time in business in this city.
John Bowery (colored) was fined $10,
with costs, for careless and reckless driv?
ing on the road at Reservoir Park.
Henry Tyce was taken up a second
time for being drunk on the street 'with?
in three days, and he was placed in the
tender care of 'Squire; Sugar-Bottom
Jones for the period of thirty days. On
the same charge Wm. Hannon was given
a similar dose.
Maggie Gibson was before the throne
yesterday for being drunk, and she was
sent to her old home at the aimshouse,
but she got out again on a tear and
was sent down for ninety days.
Matilda Epps, colored, was up for tres?
passing on the premises of Dan Hanni
gan, but for more information the case
went over to April od.
Students Who Have Won Special Men?
tion Because of Merit.
Weekly Roll of Honor of th? Rlch
mond High School:
Post Graduate A?Sarah Bosiier, \rida
Chalkley, Ina Clendon, Nina Latimer,
Ida (Lee, Emily Royall. Mabeth Russell,
Helen Shirrell, Helen Ezekicl, -Ella .Mar?
shall. Susie Pollard, Pansy H?ney,
Eulalia Hasher, Lizzie Mackie, Janie
Rogers, Iva IBass.
Post Graduate B?Maud Chewning,
Mary Sutherland, Florence Thalhimer.
Senior A, 1?Norma Beveridge, Hattle
Robinson, Elizabeth [Morton.
Senior A, 2?Rhonie Hutzler.
Senior B, 1?Bessie Moss, Harlle
Schultz, Lula Angle, ?Mary Murray, Janie
Goss, Howard Twining, Mary ?Mondy.
Senior P.. 2?Catharine Qlauzy.
Intermediate A, 1?Arthur Gathright,
Warren God'dard, Eddie Pearman, War?
ner Robins, Cora Briggs, Louise Catlin,
Elizabeth Hall, Louise Barber, Sarah
Forbes, Wilbur Weisiger, Floyd Alvey,
Willie Augustine, Harry Daniels, Nena
Adair, Marguerite Davies, Alice Ratcliffe,
Nunnie Walthall. ,
Intermediate A, 2?Robert Barnes,
Maud Beck. Mamie ?Black, Lena Burton,
Bernadette 'Meredith, Nannie McCarthy.
Intermediate A, 3?Thomas Gay, Harry
Frischkorn, Laura Carney, Monica Far?
row. 'Kate Stith, Mlnnette Lowry, Ruby
James, Ethel McCurdy, Lillie Gibson.
Intermediate B, 1?Yetta Goldenberg,
Clara Morton, Louise Morrow, Elva
Stevens, Rena Strause, Kate Snead,
Clara hacharlas. Browne Fleet. ,,
. Intermediate B, 2?Susie McCarthy.
Intermediate'B, 3?Lucy Hughes.
Intermediate B. A?Lola Gary.
Junior A, 1?Mamie Gathright, Alene
Jennings, Annie Hanewiftckel.
Junior A, S-jlrma Pillow.
Junior J3, 1?Edward Jones, Garland
Ruckcr.? Lucille Alvey. Ora Abbott,
Grace Fletcher, Minnie Hetzer, Madeline
Kratz, Alice Ratcliffe, Alice Penick,
Mary Wilkinson, Catharine Watkins.
Kaglo Paper Co. and Bennett Liivcry
Co.?City Hall Courts.
A charter was granted the Bennett
Livery Company in the City Circuit Court
yesterday afternoon. The capital stock
of the company is to be not less .than
$1,000 nor more than $5,000. The officers
are Mr. A. W. Bennett, president and
treasurer; Mr; Robert W. ?orthen, secre?
tary, and -Mr. A. J. Bennett, general
A charter was granted in the Law and
Equity Court yesterday to the Eagle
Paper Company to conduct a general
manufacturing and providing paper and
card-hoard business:
The capital stock is to be not less than
550.000 nor more than $100,000 In
shares of $100 each. The principal
offices is to be in Richmond, with these
officers for the first year:
President, Sol. Haas; Vice-President,
J. Liebmann ; Secretary. Wm. S. Now
lan; Treasurer, Meyer Frank; Directors,
the above and L. J. Trounslie and Isaac
G. Haas.
Suit was instituted by O..H. Peckman
Candy Company vs. W. L. 'Fleming,
for $150. Contested.
In the City; Circuit Court in the eject?
ment suif, of the city of Richmond vs.
Rcbeccah G. Myer, George R. Cannon and
Henry M. Cannon, trustee for Mary.D.
Barksdale, the jury returned verdict for
the d?tendants. .-Motion of the plaintiff
to set aside verdict was overruled, and
judgment of court for defendants.
Suit was instituted by M. Millhiser &
Company vs. H. C" Parkinson for $3iS.34.
The plaintiff excepted, and leave to
file bills of exception at any time dur?
ing the present term was granted.
The regular term of the Hustings Court
begins Monda}';?-:"" ; - .
Hoy Hock MulesTwo Trumps Give Up
Their Stolen Property. *
Hoy Hock, a! fourtecn'year-old boy, the
son ?G?G?.. D. W. Hock, who has very re?
cently moved outside the city limits, was
put to a very severe test of Ms personal
courage a' few days ago and was not
found wanting.;
"Mr. Hock during the early part of the
we?ek moved to the corner of Thirty-third
?nd O Streets, and opened a grocery
stc-re and bar-room.
Mr. Hock and his family wore away
from home about 4 o'clock Wednesday af?
ternoon with the exception of Roy, who
was In ?. charge of the store.
i About the hour named,. tiro very, dla
'"' - -?? -?. ?' v y
reputable-looMeg characters entered the*
store and engaged the boy; In convenor
tion, aekmg for his father, and appearing
to be acquainted frith him; Th? men oi
fered ?to play die? for a pint of whisky,
but Roy ?reftes?sd. ?One of the' men then
?old ?the boy that he ?-anted some candy
and th?sy.-went into the front ?part oC
the stqre, leaving the ether man in the.
bar-room. This man soon Joined them
and together the tramps left the premises.
Roy suspected that something had been
taken and on Investigating, the circum?
stances, he found ??large* show-bottle of
whisky gone. " . "l* ,
Roy did -not think twice about what to
do, but taking the pistol "from ihe ?shelf,
he started out on(the track of the tramps.
He found them not far "off ; and drawing
a pistol, he'told them to give up the bot?
tle or he would fire. The .'men told him
to 'corhe and search thenv but "the boy
refused and told them to drop th? bottle.
This they . did and the . youngster told'
them' to 'moye.'?n. rWli?n they weire a
eafe distance away Roy picked ;up the?
bottle and'returned to the store, not ?t
all excited. .'. , .
The Reason Why He "Was Not Re
elected to the School Board.
There was'much talk lit political circles
yesterday over th? def?s?t:?f Hon. J.- Tay?
lor Bllyson for membership in t'he City
School Board.
Major Sol. Cutchins, who was chosen
to succeed "him, was very much surprised
when he was elected to succeed Mr. Klly
son.. Said he:
"Not a single person had mentioned the
matter to me. The. thing seems to have
been done upon the spur of the moment.
When I was placed in nomination I
protested, but the question was put and
I was chosen."
"Will you serve as a member?" the Ma?
jor was asked.
"That I cannot say now. I will confer
with some friends and be guided by their
advice. I shall reach a decision before
next Tuesday."
It is stated in Council circles that the
defeat of Mr. Ellyson was due solely to
the fact that he was one ot the corpora?
tors In tho bill incorporating the Vir?
ginia Telephone and Telegraph Company,
which was defeated by the General As?
sembly at the last session. The City
Council protested against the passage of
the act.
Efforts were made to induce Mr. Jas.
D. Crump to run, but he declined. The
opponents of Mr. Ellyson had no one
especially in mind when the Council
met. After a conference among a few
it was decided to sprins Major Cutchins'
The Major not only voted for Mr. El?
lyson, but it is known that he was very
anxious that that gentleman should be
Mr. Ellyson has been president of the
School Board for many years and has
made a most efficient officer. - He has
always taken a lively interest in school
Rev. R. H. Bennett Will be the Speaker
The men of Richmond will have the
pleasure' and privilege ot hearing Rev.
R. H. Bennett, pastor of St. James
?Methodist Episcopal Church, who re?
cently came to Richmond, in Association
Hall Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mr.
Bennett will tell the young men "How
to Choose an Occupation." and his ad?
dress will be- full of both helpful ami in?
spiring words. iMiss Mamie Harrison, the
popular sweet soprano of Centenary
Methodist Church, will sing. All men are
cordially invited.
Boys' Gospel Army will meet at 2:45
in the anisic Room, opening with the
usua! service of song. .Mr. R. N. TiVatts.
who recently came to itiohmond, will
speak. ,..- ? ..... , .
Workers' iBible Training Class will
meet in the parlor at 5:15 o'clock.
Meetings for to-day:
Junior Bible Class will -meet at 9:30
A. M. Boys* Bible Class at 10:30 A. M.
Dr. ?Pell will give one of his helpful
talks on the Sunday-school lesson in the
auditorium , at 5 o'clock. All teachers
and students are cordially welcome. r
The athletic field of the Young Men's
Christian Association, immediately in the
rear of the building, has been placed in
condition for this season, and is now
ready for use. The grounds are in fine
shape, and will be very popular this sea?
Firemen Deny the Charges.
In regard to the letter signed Fred.
H. ?iegley, which has been published,
alleging that some of (the firemen are
taking an active part in politics. Chief
Piiller said last night that he knew of
no such action on the part of the men
as charged in the letter. One of the
department regulations specifically for?
bids the firemen from active participa?
tion in politics. So far as he knew, the
charge was without foundation. Tha
Chief stated .that he would refer the let-?
ter to tlie Board of Fire Ccmmisioncrs.
The board meets in regular session next
Monday night.
Assistant |Chief Shaw denied that he
had asked any individual to vote against
any candidate for the Council, as charged
in the letter. The men of the engine
house and the truck company located In
Jefferson Ward likewise denied the
charges made.
The woman who
?puts her head in
the lion's mouth,
seems the type of
reckless women.
But she
isn't. The
really reckless woman is the one who
braves Nature day after ?day, by neglect
of the health ?of the delicate womanly
organs. "Crime and punishment bios- \
som on one stem " says Emerson. When
the cycle of self-neglect .is complete it
includes the pains and sufferingsiwhich
are the inevitable penalties inflicted by
outrage Nature. The drain winch to?
day is counted an inconvenience, be?
comes in succeeding days a horrible and
offensive stigma. The passing depression
of an hour grows into a permanent mel?
ancholy. ...,.-..
The timely use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription will save young women from
suffering, as it. will cure those who
through neglect have become martyrs
after marriage. No woman who suffers
with backache, pain in the side, bearing
down pains, debilitating drains, ulc?ra?
tion or inflammation, should delay an?
other day the use of "Favorite Prescrip-;
tion." Its use helps every woman and
heals ninety-eight per cent, of all who
gi\*e it a fair trial. It contains no opium,
cocaine or other narcotic, u ;?
"l was tempted to try your m?dianes after
seeing the effect upon my mother;" writes Mrs.
Flora Arn, of Dallas, Jackson Co.. Mo. ",At
an early stage of married life I. was greatly
bothered with painful periodi.'aUb a trouble?
some ?Irain which rendered mr very weak
and unfit for work of any kind,' I txecame
so thin there was nothing -ietti of "me, but skin
and bone. My husband t>ecam,e.alarmed and
got me a bottle of ' Favorite Pres?iri'p?it>n.? ' After,
he saw the wonderful cficctsof that one he sot
nie two more,'and after I njed those -up there
was no more pain, and I began togain ta flesh
ver? rapidly. I believe I weigh twice as much .
as ? did then, and can do ?? of my ?work., I
think I o?j*c all praise to Dr. Fierce and his won?
derful curatiw medkinee." . *
Doctor Piece's Pelleta Jwe specially
adaptad to th? aecda <*?ddkata mania.
m im spring
Strengthens the Tired
Strengthens the Nerves
Strengthens the Stomach
Strengthens the liver
Strengthens the Kidneys
Makes Rich Blood
Nourishes the Wasted
Muscle Tissues
Restores, Invigorates the
Human System
"My nerves have been so distracted and broken clown by over?
work that I have had but little rest, pleasure or comfort. I have
been obliged to entirely suspend my ministerial labors for nearly
a year. Some said try Fame's Celery Compound. I did so, and lam
glad to say I am now almost well and have resumed my ministerial
duties. I can eat almost any kind of food and digest it without any
trouble, and I do not have that harassing pain in my head."
The Railroads Meet and Decide Upon
the Schedule.
Wagons for Floats Ordered?More Ad?
vertising Posters?Surplus From
the Sim brick Celebrations.
News of the Carnival.
In order to decide upon the reduction
to be given in the passenger rates to all
persons coming to Richmond during Car?
nival week, a meeting of the representa?
tives ot the various roads of the State
was held in the oflices of the Associated.
Railways yesterday at noon. Several '
roads were not represented, and tha "
schedule, which was drawn up and agreed
upon, will not he given out until these
roads have passed upon it.
The Committee on 'Police and- Lights
met at the ?headquarters yesterday at
noon, and took up the question ot the
contract with . the (Richmond Railway .
amd Electric Company for the lighting'
ot" Broad Street. A contract had been
drawn up by McGuire ?& i?ryan and- John
Garland (Pollard, counsel.. for the Asso?
ciation, and Mr. Wyridham Mereaun,
counsel for the Electric Company, and
after the various points had been ds
cussed, it was satisfactorily closed. Presi?
dent A. H. Meyer was authoiized to sign
?the same for the Association.
, The (Parade Committee has ordered ten
light wagons, which are built especially
for floats and use in such Carnival worK,
to be delivered,at an early date, and the
work of building and constructing the
floats will pot be long postponed.
The work of advertising the Carnival is
being very thoroughly done, and the Ad?
vertising Committee has just placed an
order for a large number of posters of
all kinds, which will be sent out througn
the State.
The prospects for the- musical feature
of the Carnival are. very bright. Ar?
rangements are -being made. to have tit-.
teen bands here during the entire week?
among them the. celebrated Stonewall j
Band, of St?uhtpn, Va. ,..-.'_.
There is now in the hands of the Exeeu- |
tive Committee,..w.hichorsanized<and con?
ducted the Civic Carnival at the iaunctU
ing of the Shubrlck, $5S0.S2, surplus from,
the subscribed fund for that occasion.
At a meeting held Wednesday night. Mr?
?L,. Z. Morris moved that this money be.
turned over to the "treasurer of the-Rlch-L"
tnond Carnival Association, to tie used '
-In the coming celebration. The- question."
was discussed,, and It was decided tha? |
as the amount was 12 per" cent, pi t?e
whole amount subscribed, It should ;b?
?held until April 10th, subject to the'order
of the subscribers, and" after that" date
the balance should'be turned over to the"
treasurer of the Richmond Carnival As
sociatlon. . . ,?.">.
aira. Mcl.ae Belter.
Mrs. Shervln McRae, .who has 'been
sick jat her home for several days,' was
reported as. being somewhat better last
night. -
Dr. Starr Needs liest.
Kev. W. G. Starrr, president of Ran?
dolph-<Macon College, at Ashland.- . Va., -
has been, informed 'by his physicians that
he is suffering with laryngitis, and that I
he -will lhave to 'take a long" rest from [
any work that requires.speaking.- | j
Mr.-. ?.??????.t ut H<:a,.?I?I. |
Mrs. W. W. Bennett, of Ashland. Va.? j
widow of the late Or.vW*. W. Bennett. ?
president of Randolph-Macon College? |
and a very prominent minister of the j
Methodist Conference of Virginia, Is now j
under treatment at the Virginia Ho*? '
pi tal. She Is the mother Of Rev. R. H.
Bennett, pastor of St. James Methodist.
. Church, of this city. /
Difficult Case.
Lena Tenser was before Justice James
T. Lewis yest?arQay morning on a war?
rant charging her witn ? busing Susan
- The 'Court had some difficulty in pre?
venting all-parties from -testifying - at
once and ?the Svilire was very Indulgent
with both defendant and plaintiff, who
repeatedly interrupted each other In the
He settled 'the matter by requiring- bond
of $50 ifor their good behavior for twelve
months, and also requiring the defendant
to pay 'the costs.
Transfer?* of Property.
?Richmond: Pollard Sc Bagby to R. H.
Harwood. 25 feet on south" side'of ILeigh
Street. 107 feet from Norton Street, S60O.
A. C. Stevenson and wife to Mrs. Bmlly
R. Blanton. 30 feet on west side of
Twenty-sixth Street. 7B7-12 feet south of
Marshall (Street. J3.250.
Henrico: Annie IM. and W. O. Shel
burne to 33. D. Starke, lot No. 12 In block
No. 23 In plan of Barton Heights, $2,175.10.
.\tljoiiriimI for ? he Term.
The Supreme Court adjourned yesterday
after transacting a great amount of busi
>feetiii?t <>r'ii?ce Camp.
R. K. Lee Camp, No. 1. Confederate
Veterans, held .? their regular -meeting
last night. Commander David C. Rich?
ardson presiding.
A letter was received from Lindel
Cleveland, Roslindale. ?Massachusetts,
asking about J. W. Sheppard, C. S. N..
if living, or any of his relatives. If dead.
The following comrades were \ selected
to serve on the Pension Board for the
city: Rev. Land'on R. Mason and James
T. Gray. >
An Invitation from the Ladies' Aux
Timely information given Mrs. George
Long, of New Straltsvllle. Ohio, prevented
a dreadful tragedy and saved two lives.
A frightful cough had long kept her
awake every night. She had-tried many
remedies and doctors but .steadily grew
worse until urged'to try Dr. King's New
Discovery. One bottle wholly cured her.
and she writes thi* marvelous medicine
also cured Mr. Long of a severe attack
of Pneumonia. Such cures are positive
proof of the matchless merit of this grand
remedy for curing all throat, chest and
lung troubles.? Only 50c and ?*?.0?. Every
bottle guaranteed. Trial bottle free at
Owens and Minor Drug Store.
To be .bound hand and foot ior years by
the chains of disease Is the worst form of
slavery* George D. Williams, of Man?
chester;? Mich., tells how such a slave was
made free: He says: "My wife has been
so he!S)ic.33 for ti ve years that she could
not turn over in bed alone. After-using
two bottles of Electric Bitters, she is.
wonderfully improved and' able to do her
own work." This supreme remedy for
female diseases quickly cures nervousness
sleeplessness, melancholy, headache, back?
ache, fainting and dizzy spells. This mir?
acle working medicine ?s a godsend, to
. weak.-sickly, run down people. Every bot?
tle guaranteed. Only 59 cents. Sold by
Owen and Minor Drug Co:, druggists
IT S.% VKD ? IS lif?.
. P. A. Danforth, of LaGrango. Ga-,
suffered, intensely for stx months with a
frightful running sore on his leg.-but
writes that, liucklen's Arnica Salva
wholy cured It in ten days. For Ulcers.
Wounds.. Burns. Bolls. Pain or Plies it's
tho best salve in th? world. Core
?uarunteeO? Ony 25c. Sold by Owen?) ft
Minors Drug Co.
Was tho result of his 'splendid health.
Indcmitable '? will and tremendous energy
are not found where Stomach. Liver,
Kidneys and Bowels are out of order. If
you want these (inaline* and the ?acc^rsb
they bring, use Dr. Xing'? New Life
PUIn. They develop ?very p?*w?r ot btato
'and body, ??aiy ?r. at Ov?taa ? Utoef*
Drugstore. ,
illary Corps ot George E. Pickett iCamp>
for Lee Camp to attend the Confederata:
Carnival on. (Monday nicht next, was
accepted, and the comrades were re?
quested to assemble in Camp Hall that
night ,at 8 o'clock.
Comrades David A. Brown. .Tr., B. M?
Parham and John Boiling were appointed
a committee to confer with the Ladle?"
Auxiliary Corps of Le? Camp Iti regard", :
to- the charities of the camp. .
luteresti,.:? Facts About Itici.menti'?
Ci?.zensa.'iil Other-Matters.
Mrs. Garret G. Cooch. of Staunton, Va.?
Is at the MC. Vernon.
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Crump are spend?
ing a short while in Washington. *
The list of census enumerato?? for thls^
city will probably be announced by May'.
ist. !
Captain G. G. Rosser, who" has been',
quite iit for several months. Is not so-j
welt. ' _ ? 1
Mrs. Ben- Jacobs has returned to Nor-! '
folk? after sper.ding several weeks wit.**;
Richmond fri?nds.
Mrs. Louts* W. Parker, of Greenville,,!
S. C, Is visitirig her mother, Mrs. Austen?!
Smiith. of Mt.?Vernon. j
A request for discharge in bankruptcy*
was filed in the TJnit?d States Court, yes-?
terday by R. J. Rutherford.
Mrs. JD-avid M. WThitehead imprijvea
daily, and her physician ho?ws Ccir a com?
plete recovery at no- distant day.
Miss Virginia Alien, of South ThlnS*
Street, left for Atlanta, to visit Miss
Mary Wuyt? formerly? ot this city.
Mrs. A. M- \Ve3t, of Creer? Springs.
Louisa County, is visit.ng her daughter?.
Mrs. Alien.' Xo. HOt South Third Sire?st. .'
Miss- Lulle 'Sh:H-kelff>rii.J of King, andt
Queen county, who- has-been sick at th?
homo of her sister, ?Mrs, Sarah Pleasants."
Is convalescent.'
? Mr.. R. J. Christian, of Church Hilt?
?stepped on a piece of ?pple-peel. on the
street, and Cajl.^spruinin;- hisankie, from?
which he Is confined to his bcil.
i The Grace-Street Baptist Church con
j ?;regatlon has?'decided to complete Our
main auditorium of their church as soon
i as the $15.0u<> necessary can be raised.
I Postmaster Knight is pri-pnring his an
I nual report." He says his office .3 Int
splendid.shape, and that the business of
Ithe year will far exceed that of any pre- -
vlous " year in tha e.vistepca of. the of?
! A.notice has1' been posted at the post
t office calling for proposals to supply ,???
I government with irt>s't-, beefi and vega-,
cables at the vario'.!? army posts. The?
contract Is to be made fronis July 1st for
six months.
j Mr. J. B. Corrrwa-H? of Bridgeport. Cbnn.?
!? is at - fiis Jefferson with hi.-* son and?
daughter; Mr. Corn-walTls a KnfgM' Tern-'
plarr and potentate of the tem?le -af
I Bridgeport. He will be here several, days?
Virginians to New Yorfc.
'NETW* YORK, -March 30.?Spadai.?Vir?
ginian? fit New York;"
Danville?IL Robo, Albert. ,
: Lynchburg?W. K, Cranes and* W. Ci.'
Ivey, Hoff man.
CNOrfolk-A?. I". Porter, Cosmopolitan; R.....
Walke. Imperial; Dr. E. Eberson, Mart-,
borough. ' ?"'.'. v..t
'Richmojfid?J. IT. rDickman. Astor; R? T.;
Cole. Broadway Central; Mrs. S?, Smith,"
Mre. 'F? L. Vaughn? Mrs. M. J. Vaughn. ?
H. g? (Hotohkisk, Continental; 'S. ?
Cary, TX H. Maison and velie. Imperial; .
O. S.Me?ae."irentrd Square; ??. X Mar
cuse-, Hoffman; H? S- Goodman, St. Cloud?
! Virginia?If. ?. "Murphy. Ashland.'
_. i';"-' ."'".?????:,-? -
DI?;?** Typho???-Fc*er. : --?
- F?*DD1^1*CKS?BrRO. VA.? M? reit.? ??
Special.?A meeting? ?? the RaPTehasmoel??
Medical Associati?"* wat?. Heidi he?? lart^.
night, A lengthy paper on typhoid? 'tgtrerV
.was read by I>r? J- E- Totnpk.ns, wfclc'?
vwa? followed by an fcitereattng d?*cn?li.np,>
A number, of. pkystictanss frera a Jistaacw
were present, '
.??tr. ??*|?? Bet"
Mr. John R. Taylor? whL
treatment at the ?"* Pilwli?
was ? agowwtat: la-vrovoA ~tait

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