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Carnival Vrizes at The Meyer Store Booth |
(For Out-of-Town People.)
(You Haven't Seen Richmond Till You Have Seen The Meyer Store.)
The Meyer Booth Nursery and Rest
(We Take Care of You or Your Child.)
Our $2.98 Awnings Fit Atiy Window?Easy to Put Up.
Beginning Tuesday. May 15th. 19M. at
12 o clock, ?prizes win be given a-wav at
The Meyer's Store . Booth, corner
?Fou<tiee and Broad Streets, every ?Jay
Ot noon, Ihrougbout Carniv.il Week.
All contestants must be at the booth
promptly at noon on tho ?fey their
prizes are to be awarded. All state?
ments imi? be made in Tvriting, and
turned over to the judges, who -will
snake the presentation.
The Lady School Tear-hcr -who han
taught continuously In one school the
longest period of lime "will receive one
Pair of The American I^ady Corsets,
valued at $4.
To trie "wife of employe holding one
r>r>!i!tion continuously the. longest pe?
riod of time we will present One pair of
The American Lady Corsets, valued at
t *s?
o iNTE.ST NO. R.
To tfie Wife of Editor holding posi?
tion <>n one paper continuously the
longest period of time, w? will present
one pair of Ttie American Lady Cor?
e?is, valued at S2.
To the Wife Of popular Official hold?
ing the s-ime pos tion continuously The
longest period of time we will present
one pair of The American Lady Cor?
sets, valued at 53.
To the Wife of Minister who has
married the greatest number of couples
we will present one pair of American
Lady Corsets, valued at $2.
To the most recently Married Couple
we will give to the bride a pair of
Eggebrecht ?: Bernhardt's celebrated
?Margin-rite Jvid Gloves.
At Tne Meyer Store, Corner Fous'hee
and Broad.
To the best .all-around baby one year
of age and under, to he judged by
prom'.ncnt citv officials.
A magnificent Whitney (best made)
go-cart, value $25.
A complete set of Infants' wear (the
celebrated. Arnold's knit outfit), value
Paper Festoons,
Paper Lanterns.
Flags & Poles
for Booths and
Houses. Flags,
Largest to
?Smallest Sizes?
Ail Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
MAY 13,1900.
$5 Worth Sent 100 Miles Free.
With the same spirit with which the city will be thrown oncn
2 to our visitors we have thrown open onr entire establishment for
2 the purpose of getting better acquainted with our friends and to
X make new ones. Rather th??n make use of our booth for business
? purooses it will be devoted to the public's welfare in the best
X r
t manner for the most people. One end of The Meyer Store will be
X .
? fitted up as a ?nursery, where children will be checked and cared
X for by competent nurses, while the parents can look around.
T.Swings, to}Ts, and every necessary article for the amusement and
t health of the little ones will be provided. We enclosed a space
X for those desiring privacy. The entire east end of The Meyer
? Booth will be fitted up as a Pavilion of Rest, where cozy chairs,
X ice water and other articles for vour comfort will be fonnd.
i. A most excellent view of what is e-oins: on in the street can
J. be obtained here.
X Drop in for a rest, then drop in The Meyer Store and look
2 around. Come.
(The Meyer Store Free Serviced
Our Store is a delightful place for a rest-up after "doing" the Street Fair. Throughout the Store ample seats
will be provided, and on our balcony will be found stationery and writing material, ladies toilet, etc.?get stamps at the
transfer desk. From the balcony a complete view of the entire main floor can be obtained, presenting a most inter?
esting picture of a big store's pulse?its surging mass of eager shoppers. We will check and care for or ship any package
free of charge with every purchase. Everything has been arranged for your comfort, and those who wish to combine
buying with sight-seeing can make their purchases at a remarkable saving under a policy as fair as you would make for
yourself. "If you don't want what you buy, bring it back and get your money."
. ("See You at the Meyer Store.")
Whenever great crowds are attracted to Richmond yon will hear "See you at the Meyer Store" wherever, you
chance to turu. This is prestige which accrues from leadership, and as you have not seen Richmond until you bave
seen us, we cordially invite everybody to make our big store their headquarters. Meet your friends at the Meyer Store
and otherwise avail yourselves of the preparations we have made for your comfort and pleasure. We are right io the
heart of the great Carnival District, and have barred our doors wide open to'all visitors. Don't forget the interestiag
contests which take place at the Meyer Store Booth daily. Unitine selling will prevail throughout Carnival Week, and
you will learn a lesson in economy Irom every penny spent with us?investigate.
We Originated,
(Second Floor?Front.')
Our designer has been on a
sketching tour through all the
metropolitan cities and not a sus?
picion of what is new in Millinery
, lias escaped her critical eye. Th?
most desirable hats were found to
be those costing from $!0 to $20,
'} but we have copied thiss hats and '
* they will be coming from our own
work-room all the week at from
__ $2-cgO tO $6o50.
($10 to $20 Hats, remember?!
This is our offer for Carnival Week, and we will not turn out a hat
but what would ordinarily bring twice the price. You can't go wrong
with the many styles to suit the most fastidious. Come and be greeted
by the grandest galaxy of Trimmed Hats your eyes have ever i'etiSted
on?ready to put right on. One or one hundred?justas you like.
Children's and Misses' New Straw and Mull Hats, not ^?^
75C but. 2?L
A Special Sale of 300 doz. New Sailors, Golf and Walking Hats.
ee You at The Meter Store/'
Sumiller Muslin Underwear.
(Second Floor,)
One big lot of fresh, sweet carefully
made Muslin Underwear. They are sam?
ples for summer trade, and come to us
because winter goods will take their place
In the hands of the drummers. Fine Cam?
bric Drawers, Gowns. Petticoats and Cor?
set Co\*ers comprise the lot. and in quali?
ty, trim and make nach garment is worth.
at least calculation, si.OS. We have
enough for a great many, f.p.f
choice .yyt
Lare and Embroidered Trimmed
Gowns, worth $1. for.
soil for 50c.
Chemises, made t?
for .
India Linen and Nainsook
mese, worth $1.09, for .
Too. Petticoats for 49c
.??.-? ?
Chi- /?-'??
. 99e
Cambric Umbreil?-Sha
inserting ui:>i wide
worth 7-"r?., but .
?Joe. Plain Muslin Dr:
hem and tucks .
wers, with
wers, wiih
"See You at The Meyer Srore/'
Popular Gloves Popular Priced.
{Main Floor?Centre.)
Walking Gloves,
-clasp, mode and
Just a f?W hints from our Glovers
?he little""??xings which enable you to
make an intelligent selection. A new ar?
rival if a Double-Clasp Washable Suede,
in choice of the season's wanted
shades?White, Gray and Natural. ,-.
They're .
"See You at The cMeyer Store.
Wash Mocha,
Double-Clasp While rione, real Eng?
lish cut, with Paris point cmbroid- ?,
11 y . ??*
/ t
For Men Folks.
Mm'* Negligee Shirts/ ?ade of woven
madras, witto one pair ?G sf??we cura,
these shirts are made weh, <??????"?*
?a? colora, and as ?rood as ?he custom
??adeshirt you pay $1.00 for; tne pnce, is
^Men-s laundered and Un?aundered Neg
V.zZe Shirts, some with two serrate col
Ers? some With laundered collars ana cuff
bands. Others with .ittarfiedco?a? and
cuffs: a larKe assortment for *?*?
Men's Laundered Female. Shirts, .?witto a -
taoiWl collars and coffe Ml'*?? and well
?nade, finished ?with? P?arl buttons, for
Men's Wollte rnlaundcred Shirts the fa?
mous Cariami brano, pure linen ho^oins
riinioreed hack and front, patent gusset
and continuous faein*. every improvement
cf the $1 sort, for 50c.
Men's Bleacslied Jeans Drawers, double
?teats, reinforced fronts, cut the same as
the Hte. ones, ?for SSc
See You at The Meyer Store.
Parasols for Little Money.
(Main floor.)
Ladies' White China Silk Paralsols for
Ladies' White China Hemstitched Para?
sols, with natural wood ano "White han?
dles, for Jpl .??i>.
Ladies' China S'lk Parasol.-, 'wirh 3 row3
of sai ? ribiion. in all coiors, crooked
handles. Sl.OO.
Ladies' Black Hemstitched Twilled Gioria
?Parasols for Si .-?">.
Lad'es' Black and Colors Hemstitched
Tatifeta Silk Parasols for ?2.50.>
"Masses' Parasols, In all aie leading
?hades", 50e.
Children*? Cerna Silk Parasols, all rut
fleO tops) Sl.-?*?
Cnikiren's Mercerized Silk Parasols, all
colors. 39c.
Cambric Parasole, 13c.
See You at The Meyzr Store.
(Main Floor.)
We have gone through our Silk Stock and made some price cuts you never saw equalled before; still
you will not believe it if we tell you calmly about it, so here goes.
Astounding Reductions in Silks.
lS-inch ??-Silk Black Taffeta ? nr
only. 4?*~
JT-ineh Full Silk Black Swiss Taf- mnr
feta only. /V1
Black Swiss Taffeta, we guarantee not
to croek or break, will be replaced if Ci
it does, the yard. ?t71
Pull Yard-Wide Taffeta Silk, C. ->
G'ossy Black.?i7*._?5
Pure .White Ail-Silk Taffeta, full f\-n
bjdy, for. UD*-'
Pure White All-Silk Taffetas, ncr
Swiss makes, only. /J1?
Solid Black and White Pure Haaitia ->nr
Summer Sriks. OV*
Heavy Plaek Japanese Wrater- cnr
proof Silks, worth 51, for. OV*-'
Heavy Milanese All-Silk China CO/>
Silks, yard wide, worth 1.115, for_ <->?_
Heavy Corded Black Taffeta,
worth, 75c. 'for.
All colors Plisse and Taffeta Silk. _<?*/
?worth $1, for. OV*"
Foulard Silks, effective patterns, *(\r
every shade. ?4??(
Twilled Poulards, in desirable ?-(\
shades. with -colored figures. i*)!/1-'
? Finest Satin-Finish Twilled, all nf\r
?the newest patterns. "Ul
Crepoli de Foulards, new and de
sirablo s'tvles, ?was 51.-A the yard, ?.
now. V*
"See You at The ?Meyer Store."
"See You at The cMeyer Store/ '
Second Floor-fFront.
To be sold at cost of material because we cannot afford to
carry over this particular stock. Consider ever}1? suit advertised
and see them before you spend a dollar.
Full Silk-Lined (both Skirt and Jacket) Tailor-Made Suits, made up of
S1.50 grade of Black and Navy Cheviot Serge; lapels faced with Peau de
Soie silk: the new. ttight-fitting, double-breasted Eton and fly- /r* q
iront jackets; there is no exaggeration in saying these su?s Gd?^.??
will readily bring ?i">: our special price was $20; new sale price. ^ "
There are five other styles, including suits made of Venetian, fancy mixed
cheviots and whipcords, which have been selling upwards of ?22.d0.;
h A Tailor-Made Suit for ??-.?)?) does appear ridiculous, and it is, for the
7 tailor -who makes them ge'ts that muoh for his work; ?but we have many
hundreds of Thin-Cloth Tailor-Made Suiti, in Blues. Browns <??
and Grays, bought to sell for $5.98, but which we are determined Gp'2.?'
to sell in The Meyer Store way.
Taffeta Silk-I/ned Jacket Suits; your choice of single-breasted, fly-front
or tight-fitting Eton, 2 to G? rows?? tailor's stitching, and skirts with box
plaited backs. T'nese were .bought to sell for $12, and ihave proven good
S?Ucrs at this "price, because the material is all-wool homespuns, ?G? / q
taking six yards of dollar material to make; the new sale j5{J,(}0
. Best Taffeta Silk-Lined Jacket Suits; your choice of double-breasted Etohs,
fly-front, tight-fitting, very pretty shade covert cloth. Cadet Grays, very
Light Blue, National Blue, Navy Blue and Black: some with tailor's buttons
and some w th pearl buttons: various style skirts, including and comprising
plain and dou'oie-box pleat, inverted pleat, made up in man
tailored, best style; cannot be duplicated under $15; new sale
\ The very fino suits -which have, been selling at various prices, from $35 to
} SCO. are not in such large assortments, though we can easily alter them to fit
without extra charge; new sale prices are ??-5 to ???>.
ti ?.???f? istilla
Si?k Appi?H_wd Dress Skirts.
These Ali-W?ol Homespun Dress
Skirls, made with side pleat, elaborate?
ly appliqu?d, at a price which is $2.50
less than usual; sale price, #5.
Accordion Plaited Flounce Skirts.
Very newest things, made of very
fine gradp Black broadcloth, over^kirt
cfi'eet. appliqu'ed, under which is a 12
incli Black Hilk accordion-piaited ruf?
fle: price, $12.50.
Spring Cloth Dress Skirts.
Colored Cloth Spring Dress
Skirts. narrow Tan stripe. in?
visible mixtures and Tan cloth
mixtures, skirts we could sell for $3;
through this purchase they are ?2.
d Dark Colored Laundered
:-, all sizes, separate col
Jars, for 15t
I/ght and Hark Percale. Lawn and
Dimity aiirt-Waists; in a large, va?
riety, some tucked back and front,
Fin?^ Figured Dimity Waists; in Pink,
Blm and Lavender, with the new
White handkerchief yoke, the newest
th ng oui. for :?l .'??!>.
25 dozen "White; Fine Lawn Waists,
broidery, separate laundered coliar,
with two rows wide Vandyke em
F'.ne Sheer Nainsook Warsts. 3lso
Invn and percale, in the latest cut.
some embroidery trimmed; special,
''See You at The ?Meyer Store.
Percale Wrappers, in Blue, Pink and
Lavender, figured, braid trimmed,
around yoke, and deep flounce, lor
Fine Sea Islaud Percale Wrappers,
with Pique yokes and shoulder epau?
lettes, braid trimmed, and lS-inch
flounce at bottom, for sp 1.
Fine Percale Wrappers, in a large
variety of patterns, some with pique
yokes" and epaulettes, others embroid?
ery trimmed, for S 1.25.
Fino Satin-Striped Dimity Wrappers,
with flower designs, cut t'ght-iltting
and weil lined, tor ?5o.
??'3-Piece Chamber Suit for $14.50.
(Third Floor.)
Cheval bevel-edge mirror iSxoe-, shaped top on dresser 22x42, cast
brass trimmings, large washstand with shaped top, full size bed 6 feet
2 inches high, both bed and dresser nicely carved.
This suit must be seen to be appreciated; for $14-50.
"See You at The Meyer Store/'
Summer Bed Spreads.
(Second Floor?Rear.)
We will only mention two offerings from
our Summer Bed-Spreads, and if you ex?
ercise your wisdom you can cut a new
"buying tooth" at The Meyer Store, no mat?
ter how sagacious a shopper you are. You
have never dene better than a White
Crochet Bed-Spread, double thread, hem?
med or fringe, just as you like. V? feet
long and nearly 7 wide; take thi3 ene for
. This will be Oxford Shoe Week.
(In "Tbilly" they're $3.)
Long'feet, short feet, stubby feet, and the sort of the feet not cast
in a beauty mold, all look alike to the Empress Oxfords?the Ladies*
Shoe that is built to make the foot look right, feel right: you will find
them all-right. 32 styles that have never failed to please?everything
new in hee!, last or finish effects. Most every large city paper will
show yon that the Empress sells for $3 and is worth $4. <?_ _~
The Meyer's Store price is. ?P-"*?^"
7S0 pair of Pin
i.\ new up-to-d
Kid Oxfords, in
. all finished up
izes, broad and
t^f? p.i:r o;" Ladies' Eine Oxfords'? Cin?
cinnati and Rochester-made goods*, every
lady knows how these ?roods wear, style
and workmanship canno: bu beat; price:
1,100 pair of Ladies' Vici Kid Oxford
Tes and Southern Button Oxfords, noth?
ing but good material used In these shoes,
all finished in the best workmanship,
tinned sol?- leather used in all the soles;
price, :? I .'-???.
Ladies' Vici Kid Sandals, that sold for
$1.50, toe a little pointed for this season;
your choice for 75c.
Boys' Vici a
Enclisia cut, n;
Shoes, new
r ?I.U.-..
r.a ::? ?"
tons, in
rsot be i
here $2.
Pine Oxfords, Southern But
27 new up-to-d ? ? wo
workm mac
i-i tur less 'tha p. &: anywh
"See You at The Meyer Store. "
Summer Black Goods.
{Main Floor.)
Black Goods in all their dignity, quality and assortment, find their
way to the Meyer Store at pricings not known elsewhere. Everything
is called by its right name here, and if we don't speak of any imper?
fections in quality or quantity, why there are none. Black Goods,
Summer Black Goods, just come in and still coming?not the left
overs. Listen to what they say?come and see that it is right,
full iiO-inch. ,-.-,, ! rial, full -10 Inches wide. The
Jet Black Diagonal
The yard .
Afghan Pebble Cheviot
inches. The yard .
New Summer Plaid Grenadli
?It inches wide. The yarn .
Chenille Grenadine, a beatiti
and dress fabric. 41 inches wide; the
quality von cannot deny. The C-? sr.
yard . *PJOu
Krinkle Crepon, in Black snow it, ?^
effect. 44 inches wide. The yard F*?G>"
Diagonal Cords, very dressy mate
. 75C
^u/:s $1.25
f: 35c
?d waist
vard .
42-Inch M? rcerlzi
3S-inch Striped X
33-Inch Crow
for .
Yard-wide Xuti'
yard .
All-w.-oi Veneti
[ inches wide. Tho
full 44
. Utile.
Hack Albatross
Veiling: The
"See You at The Meyer Store.'"
Boys' Blouse Suits,
Worth $3.50, for $1.98.
(Second Floor?Centre.)
We pay as much attention to
the wants of the little fellows as
We do to the big ones, as this sale
of Blouse Suits will show.
Blue ?erge. Invisible Plaid Serge, I [air
Lined Striped Cheviots, large inlaid sailor
collars. silk-embroidered and brai i ?!:
same suits we hau1 at ?;."?", and from same
manufacturer, which we closed out at a
loss to the manufacturer; new sale price.
Men's S2.50 Pants for Si.48.
Few men think Pants at 91.-IS can be
good, but we arc selling <l very neat pat?
tern All-Wool i'heckf-d Cheviot Pants at
S1.4S. equal to ?'. Pants you sec here?
about, and 'we bave sold many a pair not
any better at S'i/^'. We regard this the
best purchase of Men's Pants ?we have ever
Corduroy for boys' pants, 'has gon?> up
nearly double in price, consequently this
Corduroy Pants bargain is a. very spi lai
bargain; pants thoroughly made. tape
waistbands, "."???.?.
Dark Brown, Invisible Plaid, Dotsble
Breastcd Suits, for boys. 10 to 35 vom
Of age only, are in this sale, SSe. suit.
See You at The ?Meyer Store.
For Summer Floors.
(Third Floor.)
40e. Hxtra-Quality Full Y ;.-...-Wide In?
grain Carpe .-. is i--e.
SSc. Best Ail-Wool Ingrain Carpets, full
yard Wide, 35e.
?l P.- - ????:- '?irp"t:. for roonu and
B6c. ?: . els? irj ts; ? lots, Red?. Greca
65c. Brussels', 15 patterns to select from,
:".-.c. Best China .Hatting, close weaves,
all perfect, .':'>??.
35c. China Siati nt?s; color?, Reda, Olives,
Blues and Tans. ~5t-.
? ?. Ja] mese Mattings, carpet patterns,
best fimlity made, ?">.???.-.
C'Xr. Japanese 3&Rttin?s; t!Sc.
COe. Japanese Slatting?, small weaves, ia
all the new colors, iSc.
EXtra-Heavy China Mattings, 75 pouncii
to the roil, lOe.
oOc C?x?a Door-Mats?, aye.
{I Cocoa Door-Ma'.-?. ?5e.
Onr 25c. linen Shade.
Linen "Window-Sh id-s. 3x6 feet; mounted
on ?fvxi spring rollers, fringed end?, -5c.
Smyrna iltugs, S0x6O Inches, fringeti
ends. ?)?>f.
Smyrna. Rugs, door size, frir.ged ends.
See You at the cMeyer Store*
The Meyer Store.
tnterosttiijr Facts About Kichmoiuis
Citizens and Other ?atiera.
? JudK? B. A. Hancock, of Chesterfield,
iras at the "Library.
? Miss Bissie Cohen, of BalUmorc. Is the
tuest of Miss Beulafc Myer, No. 100 East
I>ro&d Street.
'. Miss Eena Harrison, of Leerburg. Va.,
t thf guest of Mrs. B. Tatum, No. 9 West
Franklin Street.
? Dr. Boss, now attending the Medical
?' (invention at Charleston, S. C, will rcacn
orne to-day.
? Mrs. J. Kmory Hughes, of Lynchburg,
ta., is visiting Mrs. W. A. Chambers,
K'o. 8 West Grace Street.
Mr. Edward \V. Hall, advertising man?
ner with Tee Meyer Store, has quite re
?overed from his recent Illness,
Mi*? Bessie Etherldge and her sister,
_:? ,_w_. rf J__r___^ p?U *toit _?_
The Meyer Store.
J. C Arthur during., the Carnival.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Masonic Home Auxiliary will be held
at the Temple Tuesday at 11 A. M..
Rev. Dr. Henry Alexander White and
hit? wife, of Lexington, are at Judge
Wellford's, 400 \Vest Grace Street.
Misses Ida Glass and Willie Ellison,
Of V?"aynesboro, Va., will be the guests
of Mrs. Chas. A. Phillips during Carni?
val Week.
Mrs.. Nettie Hoffman, of Roanoke,?"and
Mrs. Otey Hoffman, of Rocky Mount,
Va., arc guests of Mrs. Lizzie .Davies
Miss Nina Butler, of Norfolk. Va., will
spend Carnival Week with her cousin,
Miss Ellen Davis, at No. 310*0 South
Laurel Street.
?M. E. V. Cogb?ll. clerk' of the County
Court of Chesterfield, and O. Alexander,
sheriff of Hsnover, were visitors at the
Auditor's office yesterday.
Mr. J, etu__ *_??__? 1__ -grasteras*
The Meyer Store.
for a short visit to Lyrichburg. His little
daughter, Ailene, will return with him to
spend the Carnival week.
The little granddaughters of Mrs. B. T.
Watkins, Mamie and Blair Taliaferro,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gervas
Storrs during the Carnival.
Miss Carrie Rison, who has been visit?
ing In Washington, has returned to her
home, 1009 East Clay, in time to take
part in the Carnival festivities.
At the annual meeting of the Rieh
?nond-"Wyomlpg, Mica Co., of New York,
Mr. Lucien ?. Tatiim, of this city, was
re-elected president of the company.
Miss Gay Ragland will sing.'a solo at'the
offiertory at -the Second Baptist Church
to-night. The title is "Serve Me or God,"
and is one of Ranrti?gger's compositions.
Mips Sallie Crawford Roler, of Staun
ton, V??., is visiting her friend, Miss Mar?
garet. Rison, at Jio: 100!) East Clay
Street, and attending Biclnnoau'a big
f araival ibis week?. ?'?' ' "? ?
The Meyer Store,
Mr. W. P- M. Kellarn and Mr. Joe
Vaughan, formerly of this city, but who
for the past year have been living at St.
Louis, left last Thursday for Cape Town,
South Africa, via New Orleans.
Miss Willie Withers, of Mi t ? hell vii'.e, and
Miss Louise Wright, of^ Smlthville, and
Mrs. Richard Farrish. of Charlottesville,
Va" will be the questa of Mrs. R. R.
Robinson during Carnival week. -
Mrs. James W. Weimer will sail from
New York on the Teutonic May 23d for a
three months' visit to her parents, in j
County Mayo. Ireland. She will attend the
Paris Exposition befora she returns. I
The Howitzers are making extensive
preparations for their trip to Louisville
the latter part of this month. About
fifty members will go, and they will act
as escort to the Richmond veterans.
Little Miss Helen Gerard, of ?Elmont.
Va., is now up and about?well again
after her bad fall down the steps at _er
home several days ago: She was not
Jurrt as. Jjadte*S-#5*?S at .first-A'e_-e_,j__
The Meyer Store,
Miss Edith S. Chalkley and her friend.
Miss Sadie Jacobs, of Montana, pupils
of "Blaekstone Female Institute," will
spend "Carnival week" with her sister,
Mrs. Marion H. Chalkley, "Llaourn"
Grove road.
The annual tour of visitation of the
members of the School Board' to all of
*he public schocis of che city concluded
with the visit of the board to the High
School on ? Friday. The visits to the
various schools $ia.ve been highly satis?
factory this year.
A most enjoyable banquet wa3 given the
students who attended the Young Men's
Christian Association's night school last
session in the association music room. A
large number of toasts were made, and
the solos rendered by Messrs, Morrlssette
and Hundly were very happily received.
Mr. W. J. Boykin. of Wilson. X. C... re?
turned Thursday night from New York,
where he landed Wednesday on the
Oceanic from Europe. Mr. Boykin spent
two weeks at the Paris Exposition. He
^Kas mud? pleased jfitj? #a ?[?oWj, ijuj J
The Meyer Store,
said that the exhibits were not yet com?
plete, and would not be before July 1st.
ilr. Arthur ?. Glasgow, formerly of
this city, but now of London. England,
was recently awarded the Beat medal,
offered for the best paper read at tne
meeting of the American Gaa-Light
Association, held in New York, last
October. Ills subject was "Carburettcd
Water-Gas as a Coal-Gas Auxiliary."
Mr. Glasgow Is a son of Mr. 5*. T.
Glasgow, of the Richmond Tredegar
Works, and a brother of Miss Ellen
Glasgow, the authoress.
Virginians in Xmv York.
NHW YORK. May ?.?Special.?Vir?
ginians in New York:
Danville?F. P. Johnson. Albert.
?Norfolk?L. S. Allen. Huffman; W. M.
Rettow. T. M. AVilcox, Imperial; J. E.
Evans, Martboroush.
Richmond?T. T. McCarthy, Aster; F. C
Lowe?. Bay Slate: .V Simonsatrc. Mary?
borough; F. B- Moore,' Sinclair.
Virginia?L- H. Lyne, Albert; W. John.
#&e? ?U* &> &* Z^nX? Misa A, i
The Meyer Store?
Barrili. G*. W. Good, S. If. Han-brough.
C. Maxwell, B. I. Taylor, S?. D-jo-s.
LEVY.?Died, in the ?-it?,? o? N'-w York,
on ?lav !<?. !:??!,>. Mr?. FRANCES ??.?'
LEVY, daughter o? the late Airs. Caro?
line Philip, also granddaught? of the
late Jacob- I.yon, o< tins city:
PHU.i.irs -in.d. at l?...? residence. Cos
N'i-rth Twcnty-f'ii.rth Str. <a, Thursday,
.May loth, at 3:53 P. M., CHARLES E.
l'ilit.l.lPS. aged thirty-eight ?-ars.
Funeral will take place from Union
Station M. E. church St ? DAY F.VK.V
IN'G. May l?:th. at ? o'clock. Friend;,
of family requested (to attend.
Baltimore papers please copy.
HARVKY.-Di.d. at the residence of her
rather, ?. 8? H,u\<v. ? ?. mit East
Broad Street, yesterday. May 1-th. J>:lO
the second year of her as?-.
Funeral service privat.-iy.
Burial at Oakwood SIWDAY'. May
13th, at 8 P. M.
Newport News and Portsmouth paper*
fileasa s9syA ? ,w, . __ ^_ -?

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