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liacrestin^ Facts Made Known at
Meetlneof Board of Aldermen.
Seaboard Air hme's TrncTs? Exchainjc
of City Property Ibr Xhat of ihe
l-ocomotivc aml Macblno
The regular tr_-_ting of the Board of
Aldermen was called to order at S:_u
o'_".oek las t night by Clerk [Ben. T.
__ugus_. Maj it Drewry moved to elect
J_r. Hardwieke to act as president pro
iem. which was dane.
Those of the members who were present
were Messrs. Bahen, Burton, Thomason,
SDtrewry. Ferriter. Gordon, Hardwieke,
i-iug. Lawder, Mosby, Smi-h-u-d VVtiltte-.
A resolution _o_?_-tcl_ng the Auditor to
place to tho- crc-dit of the Ooromitteo on
Grounds and Buildings tiie sum of J100 for
Otia purpose of defraying the expenses for
jras .iad water u.-M.d by the vLi'ling mililia
during Carnival week was concurred in.
An amendment to Uie resolution ;n
strueting the Auditor to issue his warrant
ior $:>0 i:i favor of Louis E. Cammerer for
Snjuries received at the corner of Beech
an-d Chaffin Streets, was adopted.
An ordinance to amend and reordaln
Section _f? of Chajjter 2., eoncerning the
.Fire Department, rcquiring ihat all pubiic
'ouildings over two stories have fire es
cape.'= to the top of same, was read. Mr.
Ferriter moved to lay on the table.
Major Allen thought that the people
were getting very derelict in their duty
In regard to fires. He was in favor of
the ordinance, and it was absoOutely ne?
cessary for Uie proteetion of human life.
Mr. Ferriter's motion was lost, and the
ordinauce was then concurred in.
An ordinance requiring that all .printing
for the city contain the Typographical
"Union lahel was read, and, on motion of
ilr. Lawder. Iaid un Uie table.
The report of the Committee on Streets
was. on motioii of Mr. Hardwieke, Iaid
on the table.
A resolution authorizing that a special
approprlation be made and charged to the
contingent fun-l for the erection of a wall
on Klneteenth Street was referred to the
JTinanee Committcee.
A resolution requiring the gradipg of
Sixth between Broad and Grace. and Tenth
south of Byrd Streets, was read. Mr.
Thomason moved that so much of the
resolution, as referred to Sixth Street, be
not concurred ln. The motion of Mr.
Thomason was defeated. The resolution
?was then concurred in.
An ordinance granting to R. 11. Hardesty
Company pennlsston to construct bvens
a. their buiiding, was concurred in.
An ordinauce authorizing that the Sea?
board A_r-L1ne to connect its line wi_h
that of the main line of the C. _- O. over
and across Fifteenth Street and Leish
Street, was read, and, on mot'on of Mr.
K:ng. referred back to tlie Committee on
A resolution apprcpriating $300 <for the
purpose of purchasing a certain piece of
property on First between Baker and Du
val Streets, for improving and widening
_ae etrec-t, was concurred in.
A pr-ajuble and Ordinance exonerating
from orroncaua taxes the estate of P. 1.
Willis wa_> concurred in.
A reaolnt-on authorizing that the Com?
mittee on Light be granted permission to
exo-ed tneir aprpropr-atiou for coal ar.d
oil was r<.-ad. Mr. Mosby moved to amend
C- nesoluitlon ^>> i_s to read $12,000 instead
Of S4.O00.
The amendment was adopted and the
resolution was concurred in.
Mr. Mosby stated that th ? r ?? ipts on the
account of tlie City Gas Works from Jan?
uary lst to June 3, 1900, were S107.3_l.37,
while those of that perio l ln 1893 amounted
to $1<X>,S3S.T3, an excess in favor of 1900 of
56,"__.u4. The receipts for tho lirst five
months ending June lst, 1900, were 5C0O in
excess of the first five months in 1S99. The
total coal and oil voucher for June. 3S90,
was S2.ail.0-. while for Ihe same mon-th
this year it amounts to S12,331.69. The lo
__1 excess cost for naptha for the month
of June, 1900. wa_ -2,_30.S_. The amount
o: gas consumed dui-ing tiie month of May
aniouut.-d to IS.UOii.IU cubic feet.
An ordinance. authorizing the exchange
of oertain real estate belonging to tiie
city for thait of tlie Kichmond Locomotive
and Mach-ino Works was concurred in.
An ordinance- eoncerning the election of
tlie members of the James River Improve
ment Committee and requiring that they
be members of the City Council and the
Chaliiber of Commerce was read. Mr.
Whittett off.red a substitute, which was
adopted, providing that the Pres?
ident of the Board appolnt three
members of that body, und that five mem?
bers of tlie Couneil shall be appointed,
with seven citizens, who are nor members
of the Oouncii, together with the president
of each branch of the Gity Coi acil, shall
e___st_tut_ the committee.
A resolution of thanks was adopted,
tendexing Messrs. Chas. XV. Hardwieke,
James I. Smith. Wr.i. M. Turpln, Otway S.
Alien, Seargeant-at-Arms Ruskell. Clerk
August and others, for their faithful aud
edficent service.
Major Alien also thanked the members
of tlie body in a very well-worded speech,
announcing the fact that it would adjourn
and that at the next meeting the uew
tnembers would -come in.
Bbe Succeedod Dr. dudil B, AVoodat
tbe Head oi* tho S. I*. C A,
T"he regular monthly imeeting of the
"Board of Dir..-ct..rs of the Richmond So?
ciety for the Prever.tlon of Cruelty to
Animals was held last night at tiie resi?
dence of Mr. AV. Ben Palmer, No. 12 West
a^ranklin Street. Dr. Jud D. We.od was
cn tlie chair with tiie folowing members
present: Mrs. AV. Ben Palmer, Miss Pearl
Boceker, and Messrs. W. Den Palmer,
John Chamblin, Wlham Rehling, E. C.
Mayo, and Captain Cyrus Bossieux.
Miss IVarl Bodeker, who has filled the
position of managing director ? >: he- <"hurch
"Hill Branch so aceprably for th< last year,
was elected president by a risinj,' vote, to
1:11 tiie unexplred term of Ai.-. Ira Alow
ery. Dr. Jud B. Wood declined election
on account of private business. ,
The agenfs report fcr the month of
"May showed that 51 cases were attended.
to which were classiiied as folows:
Animals suffcring with sorc backs and
and laxne.9
Animals unfit for work and sent to
Cruelty to teams, wMpping, &c. 7
Cru.-lty to cats and <lo^.<.. 3
Cruelty to goats.1
Cruelty to hogs. 1
Cruelty to calf. 1
Overloaded teams. s
iCompialnis Investigated of a triv.'al
Admonh-ons to driwrs.
Animals suffering for want of shoe-s_
During (fc<- m>n!h the fOlloivlhg an:
?nals were humaneiy destroy ed: Cows, 1
dogs. 4; cats, 2.
Si. .lohn's L<mI_o.
#t John's Lod-e. No. "it-". A. F. and A.
yt~ at Ui?ir stated couimuutcatioa >--*
evening. hald. at the Matonic Temple,
elected the following offl-ers"
a.i. n u. Ouarles. Worshlpful Master;
Frank u. Cur.nincham, Senior Warden;
Joiin s. Smith. Junior Warden; \V. H.
Tatum. Treasurer; AVorshipful Junius A.
Cosby. Secretary: Frank M. Cunningham,
Senior Deacon: John G. Thomas, Junior
Deacon. W. Lcrov Sutherland and Ii. R
POIlar'd. Masonic Relief Board. D. F.
Craaaock and AVorshipful Allen G.
i uo master made the following appolnt
rnc-nts: Chaplain. John H. Dickerson;
btewards. A. S. Owens. James Augustlhe;
Masonic Section. AA'orshipful J. J- Crutch
field; Masonic Home. Worshlpful H- Car?
ter Osterbtnd: Tiler. W. J. Lynburn.
The committee appointed to make suit
able arranjrements for St. John's Day
made their report. and it was adopted,
that thev celebrato tho day on the night
of the 25th Iristant by having a reunion
ol thu members. their wives and daugh?
ters. confer the Master Mason Daughters'
dejrrees pn same. have a musical aad
vocu.1 entertainment and banquet.
It IsSitid That Hev. Riddick May Go
io Asyturh.
It was learned1 on yesterday that coun?
sel for Rev. J. B. R. Riddick wouid prob?
ably make application to the Governor
for a pardon of their client from tho peni?
tentiary, and aslc that he be transferred
to an insane hospital.
Governor Tyler stated last night that
be had heard nothing offlclally of the
matter, and. therefore, had' nothing to
_ay on the subject.
Will Close Early.
The following down-town retail plumbers
tlnners, gas and steam lltters will close
their places of business at 6 o'clock P. M.,
from June 15th to September 15th:
L. W. Glazebrook, W. F. Mahoney & Co.,
J. W. Anderson, (for AV. J. Anderson).
Jno. Bowers, Jr., & Co., Morgan R. Aliiis
?t Co., AVm. S. Barrett, Daiton & Chap
pell. J. E. Phillips 6z Son, Jno. H. Rose
-j Co., C. Alanning.
Plumbers to Resuine Work.
There was a meeting of the Master
Plumbers" Association at the office Of Air.
John II. Rose yesterday afternoon lor the
purpose of discussing tne strike of the
journeymen plumbers. which has been on
for several days. The journeymen are
now contemnlating acceptlng the terms of
the master plumbers. Some of them will
resume work at once.. while others will
contend for Sli for nine hours' work.
lUabel Pa_e I'.i-ought Buck.
Mabel Paae. a white woman, who is
charged with stealing ?:'?'? from Laura
Nanier. in this city, was arrested in Nor?
folk and brouaht back to Richmond last
night by Sergeant A- M. Tomlinson.
Transfers Issued.
The Richmond Traction Company Is now
Issuing transfers at Seventh and Broad
Streets over the Richmond and Alanches
t.-r line. Transfers are alsojssued by the
Manchester Une, good over the Traction
lines in Richmond.
A Broken Will.
NORFOLK, A'A., June 12.?Special.?
Judjje Hanckel to-day declared invalid the
will of the late Pilot Joseph Rumville, by
which Rumville sougbt to disinherlt his
infant son by bis divorced wife, and willed
his $1_,0G0 estate to his uncle and aunt. An
appeal is probable.
Shot From Amlmsh.
ALEXANDRIA. A'A.. .Tune 11'.?Special.
John II. Swartz, residing two and a half
miles west of Halifax Courthouse, was
this morning, while on his own premises,
shot from an ambus- by two strangers,
who have not lx-cn apprehended.
Three balls entered uis body. The
wounds will not prove iai.-.l.
Jonathan Pierpont, n well-known citi?
zen, aged sixty-one, died to-dajr.
Vii-*iuiaiis in New York.
NEW YORK. June 12.?Special.?Vir
ginians in New York: Lynchburg, O.
Carr. imperial: Newport News, J. Plumer,
inui.ii.il; Norfolk. J. AV. Martin, St.
Denis: Petersburg. W. B. Bradley, Astor;
Atrrahia?G. N. uud AV. Conrad. AV. lt.
Rohr, Imperial; J. C. Barry. E. Moore
Ali.-s Myrtle S. Redford, who has been
studying music under Dr. Alason, at Con
way Hall, i:i New Y'ork, is at bome on a
Captain Angle, Sergeant Cosby, Sergeant
Epps, and a number of police officers were
sworn in by City Clerk Ben. T. August
yesterday morning.
Without Change ot* Cars via N. & AV.
The "Ocean Shore Limited.'1 the Nor?
folk and We.-tern Railway's new train,
leaving Richmond 3:15 P. AL, and leaviii
Norfolk 9:25 A. AI. daily, covering the dis
tance between the two cities in two hours
and seventeen minutes, carries a through
coach to and from Virginia Beach. This
means that you can now travel between
Richmond and A'irginia Beach without
ciianging cars.
8 A
For Infants and Children.
Tne Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tlie >-*"
Sigiiature of f?-?
The Southern Bell Telephone and Teie
graph Company announces that tele
phonic communications can be had over
its li.T.-r with Lynchburg. A'a.; Danviile.
A'a.: Roanoke, A'a.; Wakefield, Ara.: Ap
pomattox, A'a.; Farmviile. Va.; Crewe,
Ara.: Salem, A'a.; Bedford City, Va.; Reids
ville, N. C; Chariotte, N. C; Columbia,
S. C.
For further particulars inquire at the
Pubiic Pay Stations and at Manager's
r.ftice." No. 1211 East Alain Street.
Bears t_. ^A Ttiti Kind You !iavs Ai?a)s BOUghf
Before you travel North or West ca'.l
upon or address the undersigned for low?
est rates via York River Line and Bal?
timore and Ohio Kailroad (Royal Blue
Line). Superb steamer service to Balti?
more, connecting with the finest. fastest
and safest train in tlie world. Leave
Richmond daily (except Sunday) from the
Southern Railway depot at 4:b'0 P. M.
Apply t'> C W. Westbury, T. P. A.
South.rn Railway. 920 East Main Street;
Richmond Transfer Co., 903 East Main
Street, of Arthur G. Lewis. Southern
Passenger Agent B. and O. Railroad, Nor?
folk, Ya. -
Bears the /} ^ Ki_- Ygu H-V- M*8)? B?L--hJ
Byrdtori, Va., June S, 190i>.?Ethel Potter,
of this place, has written to C. I. Hood &
Co.. Lowell. Mass.. as follows: "We have
taken Hood's Sarsaparilla every spring
for a number of years and think it the
best spring medicine made."
Beara the /i ^he ^ntl You ^2VB A!wa)'S ^0U_f!'
Best American Beauties io be had in
town. Matitt & Brown, No. . West Broad
Stteot. \ ._ ? . .
Delightful Prosramme at the College
Last Night.
Mr. and Mrs. Boatvriijrht Lnteitained
the Members oi' the Ciass of
Niuetccn Huudt-ctl?Th*
Degree -*_cn.
Despite the inclement weather there was
a fairly large audience who witnessed
the exercises of tho graduating ciass of.
Richmond" Coicge, which were held in
Assembly Hall last night. The exercises
were of a very interesting nature, and
afterward a reception was tendered the
ciass by President and Mrs. Boatwright,
The address of welcome was made by
Mr. F. W. Moore, president of the ciass.
Mr. G. G. Lumpkin, the academic ora?
tor* delivered the oration?"Literature
Preservation of the Ages." The oration
showed thought, and was well delivered.
Mr. Lumpkin dedared that literature was
the incentive to man's ambitdon, aud by
it the world's progress was mado known
Tho historian of the academic ciass was
Mr. H. L. McBain. while Mr. J. C. Page
acted as the historian of the law ciass.
The local hits made by these gentlemen
evoked round after round of applause.
"Opportunity" . was the subject of the
oration of Mr. H. W. Brunk. the orator
of the law ciass. The speaker empha
sized the fact that in no time as in the
present was the demand so great for
men who could think and would labor.
He spoke of the many facilities for the
training of the mind that were oftered,
and paid high tribute to his alma mater.
Tho closing address was asslgned to
Mr. Fletcher Coleman, vice-president of
tlie ciass.
Master of Arts?E. A. Winnstead, C.
Cottingham, J. E. Hicks, J. D. Lee, F. W.
Moore, Josiah Moses.
Bachelor of Arts?E. L. Allen, E. A.
Winnstead, XV. S. Boatwright, J. XV.
Cammack, A. C. Harlowe, H. C. Leon
ard, G. T. Lumpkin, H. L. McBain, C. S.
Pi'tt, J. P. Scriiggs, J. XV. Shepard, T. B.
E. Spencer. W. N. Trnder, A. A. Toder.
Bachelor of Laws?H. S. Bloomberg.
Carlyle Broaddus. H. XV. Brunk, F. C.
Campbell, F. W. Coleman. W. M. Crump
ler. A. C. Goode. H. W. Goodwyn. W. H.
Grifiith, A. D. Jones. J. S. Mcllwaine, J.
C. Page, XV. C. Pulliam, J. B. Welsh, D.
XV. W'hite. W. A. Willeroy.
Law Department?First prize. J. W.
Welsh; second prize. W. C. Pulliam; third
prize; C. Broaddus; fourth prize, J. XV.
Prolicients in Evidence?Allen, niggte
ston, Hazelgrove, Pattie. Ec-w, Russell,
Schawburg. Smith. Tidler, Davis.
ISntitlod to Full Specials?Booker, Moore,
Parker. White.
Proficients in Constitutional and Inter?
national Law?Aiexander, Alion. Bosher,
Davis, Eggleston, Guerrant. Gunn, John?
son. Moyer, Moore. J. H. Moore, Jr.. T.
V. Parker, Pattie, Rew. Russell. Schaw
Ijurg. Smith. Tidlor. White, Fitzhugh.
l^rnfleicnts in Criminal Law?Allon. Eg?
gleston, l-arinnoit, tntznugn, uuerraiu,
Parker, Pattie. Row, Russell, Schawburg,
Smith. Talley, Tidier. White.
Senior Philosophy Gntermcdiate)?King,
Williams.; both exammations, Cotting?
ham, Hart. Lc-e, Moore, Moses, Walton.
Junior Philosophy (Intermedlate)?Blan
don, Durham. James, Lower, Yoder.
Final?Cammack. Spencer. S'ratis.
Both Exanunations?acruggs, swart
want, Tabb. Trnder. Waltono.
Intermediate Philosophy (Intermediate)?
Lower. Williams.
Final?Cammack. Hicks, King.
Both Examinations?Allen, Armistead,
Bitls Opened for New Electric Plant
-ii Fredericksburg.
Special.?Mrs. Aiexander Ijvely, who with
her compa'nion, Lhnerick Gale, attempted
suicide by taking laudanum, as published,
|is improving, and will probably recover.
Mrs. Liveiy declines to talk about the mat?
ter. She is a daughter of Aubin Bussie,
and was visiting at the latter's home near
Mu'd Tavern, when the tragedy occurred.
Gale was the overseer of Bussic's farm.
BiJs were opened to-day for the erec?
tion of a new eh.-etric light plant here by
the city. The. bidders are Baltimore,
Richmond and Philadeiphia parties, and
they will not be made pubiic by the com?
mittee until the City Cuoncil meets Fri?
day night.
Fire destroyed tho residence of F. E.
Harding, in Stafford county. Sunday night.
Nothing was saved, and the inmates had
harrow escapo from death.
Young Man Drops a Pistol aml Wounds
Three People.
LYNCHBURG, VA., June 32.?S.necial.
Two nersons were wounded by a pistol
which was dropped by a young man from
Campbell county, Fleetwoo'd H. Holt, this
fiiorning. The Chesapeake and Ohio Sta?
tion wa^i crowded with excurslonists on
their way to Norfolk. Young Holt was
in the crowd, when a pistol fell from his
hip pocket to 'the platfoivn, and was dis
charged. There were a number of screams
from the wonic-n and several exclamations
of pain.
j'otin Tarode, a white boy from Amhetrst
county. was shjt in the left leg just above
the ankie, and Miss MauJe Johnson receiv?
ed a wound in the ttllgh. Both were flesh
wounds. But the builet did not stop afl, <r
hitting these two people ,but grazed ti.e
Iaft foot of Mrs. D. Goodman.
Holt was placed in jaii, and will be held
until his preliminary trial.
John Ward Atkins in Custotly After
Being Alany Yeui-.s at L;u_re.
DANA'ILLE. A'A.. June 12.?Special.?
John Ward Atkins. convicted of murder
in tne second desree in this city in 1SU4,
and who made his escape while* en route
to the penitentiary. is now under arrest
in Alabama. according to a telegrain re?
ceived bv the sherilf of Pittsylvania coun?
tv this afternoon.
Atkins was indicted on a charge of
killine liis uncle. He was taken to the
train from the iail here b- Deputy Sheriff
Moses P. Richmond. a brother of the
superintendent of the penitentiary, who
left him in tlie car handcuffed and went
out to a lunch counter.
While absent the prisoner waiked from
the car. was met by a friend, and in a
closed carriatte was driven away.
Tne affair wus thought by many to have
been prearranged, and Moses was dis
mlssed from the service of the State.
Since that time no clue has been ob
tained reuarding the missing maii until
A Medalist.
SALEM, A'A., June 12.-SiJectal.?The
contest for the medal in oratory between
the Demosthenian and Ciceroniau Literary
Societies of Roanoke College took place
last night in the Town Hall. Mr. J. D.
Alanney. of North Carolina. won the medal.
Mr. Manney was the representative of
Roanoka Colle__ at tha State Intercolla- j
giate oratorical contest held in Lexington
last May.
_.-9.- i
Dr. Kosebro llonorcd by His Oid Flock.
Death of Base-Ball.
PETERSBURG, A'A., June 12?Special.?
Mr. Thomas Whyte has accepted the posi?
tion of ticket agent for the Seaboard Air
Lino Railway in I'etersburg.
Air. Whyte has been in the employ of the
Norfolk and AA'estern Railway Company in
this city for ten years. When quite a
boy he secured a position in the freight
department, and his diligence and strict
attention to duty won for him successive
promotions. At the time he accepted the
position with the Seaboard Air Line he
was assistant ticket agent for the Norfolk
and AVestern in this city.
Air. Fayette Laborn, of Norfolk, succeeds
Mr. Whyte as assistant ticket agent in Pe?
Mr. E. Reinhold Rogers, son of Capt.
Rogers. of this city, has graduated from
the University of A'irginia, with Alaste-r's
Air. H. Herbert Wright, son of Air. Au
gustus Wright, has graduated from tlie
same institution as Doctor of Medicine.
Aliss Waite. of Tenn.. is visiting Aliss
Perciyal, on AVashington Street.
Rev. Dr. Rosebro received a handsome
silver service this afternoon from tlie con
gregation of Tabb-Street Presbyterian
church. A letter, vritien by Alessrs.
A'aughan and Parhaia, representing the
clders and deacens, accempanied the ser?
There will be no game of ball this after?
noon in Petersburg. The manager of the
Petersburg Base-Pail team is unable to
keep anv longer the men who have been
plaving "with the team, as they have not
received enough in salaries to pay neces?
sary expenses. Alanager Kelly has done
all "in his power to keep the team together,
and only surrenders when he iinds it nec?
essary. " f
Tlie ladies will give a lawn party Inurs
dav afternoon and evening at the Heath
Pla.ce. on Alarket Street, t'or the beneiit of
tha Home for the Sick.
Closing- lixcrcises at the Virginia Ee
inalc Institute
STAUNTON, A'A., June 12.?Special.?
The tinais of the Virginia Female InsU
tute-, the Diocesan School for the two A'ir?
ginia Diocesc-s, began Sunday." when the
baealaureate serrnon was preached by Rev.
Dr. Arthur Lloyd, of New A'ork.
The art exhibit of the school took place
Monday. This department is in charge of
Aliss Marsh, a graduate oi" the Kensingston
Art School, England. The exhibit was
very rine. The eoncert and closing exer?
cises took place this morning.
Tlie music, both instrumehtal and vocal,
was of a high order. The:-.' was only one
graduate. Aliss Blanche Palmer, A'irginia,
being awarded a diploma in the school of
The medalists were: Instrumental mus?
ic, Aliss Alargaret Goodwin', Arirginia; Gym
nastics. Miss N'annie Cowardin, Richmond,
A'a.; Collegiate Scholarship, Aliss Carrie
Cbhway, Miss.: Academic Scholarship,
Aliss Hattie Henkel, Staunton, A'a.: Pri?
mary Scholarship. Miss Mattie Taylor,
Staunton, A'a. These were delivered by
Rev. Rolx-rt C. Jett.
Tlie benediction was pronounced by Rt.'
Rev. Robert A. Gibson, of the Diocese of
Two Ilaiigings Are Probablo in
DURHAM. N. C June 12.?Special.?
Deputy Sheriff John F. Harwood and
Coroner J. F. Maddry last night captured
tne negro murderer, Simon Harris, who
kined Bob Tate near Holloway Station,
a year ago and escaped arrest. The ne?
gro had his gun. and was with three of
his pals in a log cabin when the arrest
was made bv breakinz in the door oi the
house and covering tiie gang witli pistols
in both hands. a daring feat. This cap
ture brings before the- next Criminal
Court of Durham two capital cases for
trial. Since the forraution of the county
there lias never been a legal hanging in
it. but the lawyers say there will be two
when these cases come to trial.
Tbe Seleciion Will Be Made on Fri
d.iv Next.
CHICAGO, June 12.?Chairman Jones, of
the National Executive Committee, will
meet the Committee on Arrangemc-nts at
Kansas City next Friday, when the selec
tlou of a temporary chairman will be
It is admitted that the choice lies be?
tween Mayor Rose. of Milwaukee; Gen?
eral Thomas, of Colorado, and James T.
Richardson, of Tennessee. Others whose
names have been mentipnsd are Mayor
Harrison. of Chicago; John Atwood, of
Kansas. and Congre-ssinaii John L. Lentz,
of Ohio.
Trying to Aboiish Newport as a
PROA'IDENCE. R. L. June 12.?The
General Assembly to-day, by a separate
bailot. re-elected George Feabody Wet
more. the present incumbent, as Senator.
Tne House to-day voted to submit to j
the people an amendment to the Constitu?
tion oroviding for the abolishment of
NewDort as one of the State capitals. -
Wins A* t Stakes on Lord Carnav
voii's Bay Colt Baldim
LONDON. June 12.?The Ascot St ikes
was won by Lord Carnarvprfs bay colt,
Baldur, ridden by Tod Sloan.
Lord Durham's Osbech, was secon I and
Lord Roseberry's, Tom Cringle, was third.
Cambridjre Corti'ers This Honor on the
D. S. Ainbassador to Enjriaiid.
LONDON, June 12.?Cambridge Univer?
sity this afternoon conferred the degree of
LL. D. on .Joseph H. Chbate, the United
States Ambassador lo England.
BnckiiiAlinin' Delegates.
BUCKFNG'HAAI C. H., A'A.. June 12.?
Special.?Pursuant to Uie call Of County
Chairinlan AV. E. Pratt. a mass'-meeting
of the Democrats of Buekingham was held
here yesterday (Court Court day.) to select
delegates to the Tenth Congressional Dis?
trict Convention. which .meets at Buena
Vista on August lst next.
The following twelve delegates were
chosen: John Twynian, C. Hobbouse Pat?
teson, AVlillain WiHiams, F. C. Aloon. J.
T. Kenna, A. L. Pltts, P. A. Forbes, P. A.
Gfigg, E. W; Hubard, H. M. White, E.
C. AA'ooldridge and J W. Hebditch.
The delegates were instructed to vote
for Fiood as long as h:s name is before the
Buena Alsta convention.
After delegates had been chosen. Hon.
H. D. Fiood addresscd the meeting ln a
graceful and well-delivered speech. Cap?
tain Camm Patteson and Mr. E. AV.
Hubard also made speeches.
Judjre. Piitrick Henry Nominated
VICKSBCRG. MISS., June 12.?Incom
ulete returns from the congressional dis?
trict Democratic urimaric-s in this. the
Third MissTssiboi District, indicate that
Jurtiro Patrick Henry, of Vicksburg, has
been nominated bv a large majority.
This- election was to choose a successor
to Thomas C. Catchiugs, who retires at
the end of his present term.
Circus Sents Oollapsed. '
CHICAGO, June 12.? Reserved seats in a
circus at Fifty-Fifth Street and Khhark
Avenue _Qll-.p_._f to-nlght. carrying to the
ground hundreds of men, women ar.d chil?
dren Fourteen people wer ircjured. while
many otliers sustained slight bruises. No
ana ?b.'-us fatoiiy J_urt_ ._.__: _L ....
Dr. J, L. M. Carrv Delivered the
Address in Auditorium.
Aiiifual JVIeetin^ iu Afcernoon and
Reception at. Nijrht in tho Ro
tunda With a Lar__e Attrudaucc.
The Annual Gcrtnau.
Special.?This was faculty day in the cora
mencement week of the University of Vir?
ginia, and the address before the faculty
was delivered in the auditorium at 11
o'clock by the Hon. J. L. M. Curry. of
He discussed the general theme of "L.iw
and Liberty." Here'are some of the se'nti
ments expressed in his chaste and able
Liberty, if we mean capaeity for free
government, ls the due and right of disci
plined, enlightened cltizenship. It wouid "
be ooth absurd and criminal to bestow
seJf-government on Cuba, the Philippines,
Turkey or Sedan. * ? Liberty :s the
highest and nob'.cst reward bestowed on
mental and moral development. Liberty
and equality are prizes to be 'won. most
dlfficult to be won and preserved; Ohe
more so by the dangerous error that
all men are bom free and equal. * * All
men are created equal is a generalizatii n,
nuc true historically, politically, ndividual
ly, ethnologically, in Heaven or in earth.
Gov.ernmen.ts derive their just potvers from
the consent of the goverasd, if put in
practi.e would upturn every government
Oil earth. No miJi consent was ever ask?
ed or had. Only a selected portion wus
ever privileged to represent society. * *
The experienee of the wise dictates a
sharp limitation to franchise. Suffrage of
light beionys to those Oest able to guard
and promote the pubiic welfare.
Touching on the negro problem the
speaker declared that every considera?
tion of justice, humanity. self-preserva- !
tion, matcrial prosperity, demands that .
the State, by wise and liberal provision,
shall secure the proper education . t the
'itegro. * * * We are tether ; to the \
lowest stratum of society, and ::' we do ]
t:ot lift it up it will drag us down to the ',
neth rmost bell of poverty aud degrada- ]
tion. * * *
Reverting again to our present duty,
?the speaker urged that whiU keep::.;:
fragrant and perpetual the deed's and
principles of '.1 and '65, we sh >uld not
seek to revive dead issues. Why ar
ray ourselves in medieyal armor to
wage a hopeless struggie against In
ternal improvements. sounil money or
manifest destiny, or more important
still, why a vain sulcid'al attempt to
bring the death to life?
This government is ours. We are a
part anu parcel of it. What page of
history, prior to '61, is not illumined by
our deeds? ** Why renounce pr.v.leges,
honors, rewards, beuetits, to gr ,.
way to darkness, poverty und obscurlty,
to read epitaphs of departed greatn - ?.'
Tho war between the States deciminated
our population :;n<i wealth, crlpplied u.^
ln the terrible work of rehabilltation, but
we still possess elements of succes d
greatness, which should be tur:: ! to?
wards the sunrlse, disciplined with high
purpose and deathless resolve. * *
By the loglc of events, our eountry has
been swopt into the possession and sov
ereignty o? pacific terrltory^ and peo
ples _ * ? and it w ? u d '.. the su
premest folly in the South, a criminal
abhegation of responsibili: , ; and dutles,
not to assert our right ta partlcipation
in the meeting and management_of ques
tions and problems, which are :i >t likely
to be too well solved, even with fhe best
contributions from every State and sec?
The annual meeting of the General As?
sociation of Alumni t 10k place at 3
o'clock, and the reception to alumni and
guests occurred at S o*e'?_k this evening
in the Rotunda, Several hundred per?
sons attended.
A Brtlliant Scene in the Fayerwcather
Special.?The T. I. L. K. A.'s had their
annual germau ::i the Fayerweather Gysn
liasiium last night, and it was C-nsidered
by all one of the most deh_rhu"ul features
of the finals. Besides the regular mem?
bers of the fraternity there was quite a
number of invited guests, who came to
enjoy the hospltality of the University
boys. Th, partlclpants were:
Mr. Pillow wtith Miss Boyden. .Mr. Stiles
with Miss IJ.:ii:..s. Mr. .X Cocke with
.Miss Ansley, Mr. Murphy with Mi.-s
Slater, Mr. MoCall with Miss L. wis. Mr.
Burwell with Miss Howell, Mr. G. Nelson
with M^iss Dam., Mr. Perkins witli Miss
Laughlin, Mr. Toole with Miss Bu: w- 11,
Mr. Furnise with Miss Vaw,,v. Mr. Davis
with Miss Harrison, Mr. Spilxnan with
Miss Diilard, Mr. Ge,.r4c Wertenbaker
with Miss Roller, Mr. R. D. Cooke with
Miss Emily Gibson, Mr. Paul Cocke with
Miss Hill, Mr. Osven with Miss Worthins:
ton, Mr. Griffin with .Miss Owen, Mr. L.
Hexton with Miss Maliory. Mr. \V. C.
Moore with Miss Holt, Mr. Venable with
Miss Bonn.-y. Mr. B. Cocke with Miss
Walter. Mr. Caves with Miss < -lai'-a Cocke
Mr. O'Brien with .Miss Shields, Mr. R. R
Page with Miss Weddell, Mr. Mathewson
with Miss Moore, Mr. Jones with Mi= i
Baines, Mr. Archie Hoxt n with Miss
Tayior, Mr. Gariand with Miss Crutchfield
Mr. C. U. Williams with Miss Riley Mr'
Walker with Miss Bolton. Mr. Aston with
Miss Smith, .Mr. Hanckel with Miss Nel?
son, Mr. J. Tayior with Miss Humphreys
Mr. Gordon with .Miss Gunther Mr
Grandy with .Miss Mary Watts Woods
Mr. Peters with Miss Sallie Woods Mr'
Brent with Miss Jones, Mr. U . w Moore
with Miss Hanckle, Mr. Paine with M-"_s
Wolfe, Mr. Burks with Miss Walker "Mr
Nalle with .Miss Bettle Cocke, Mr. Sands
with Miss Lucy Cocke, Mr. Swift with
Miss Louise C cke, Mr. Mc-Pheeters wlfh
Miss Masters, Mr. Cary with Miss Annie
Mason, Mr. R^gers with Miss Thomtton
_.f;-. Roger Walke with Miss Lile, Mr. L'ur
dean with .Miss Lyons, Mr. 3. Fleet with
Miss Baker. Mr. Price with Miss Bryan,
Mr. Lee Tayior with Miss Rosse-r Mr El
liott with Mis_ Gdrdon. Mr. MaHory with
Miss De (Wifct, Mr. Hanckle with Miss
Findlay, Mr. L. M. White with Mi-s Jo
seahine Gibson.
Stags: Messrs. Shibley, Clabbvne __9tes
Cocke. Dolie, Baker, Clay. Grubb. "_>illard'
Wellford, Jones. Vickers, Michaux, Ower:!
Spillman, East, Womley, Smith, Baxlow'
Hiaroka, Alex. Nelson- and Melntosh
Chaperons: Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Dabrey
Prof. and Mrs. R. C. Minar, Colonel and
Mrs. Carter, Prjf. and Mrs. Tuttle. and
Meslames Bolton, Lile, Thornton, Cocke
Ekfhols, F.otz. Smi'Uv Barringer Harmon!
Pc-rkiiisin, Wc.o2s arul Btickmaster.
iWBEK-ENpTICKETS K., l\ & p. ii. ft
epmmenclng Saturday, June 2d. and con
tinulng during the Summer, the Richmond,
Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad
Company will sell round-trip tickets from
Richmond to stations on its line on Sofc.
j urdays a: the one- fare rate. gojd to return
j until' the- following Alondays, Tickets on
i sale only at Byrd Street Station.
^ ,_?... Trafllc Mai__.eE.
Ow?ns 8, Minor
Drug Co.,
T. A. Miiler,
Bodeber Drug
Purce'l, Lddd
All of !?:?? i.-noai
f BifiPW
,! iHAbN
4 Phffl VftBir firrforc ffl
| bl?o IBUi uiBBtS Iu
n Qppyn
The Events of tlie Transvaal War by Slcetches" and Protogranhs
frora artists at tlie front. showiu.cr the darintj deeds, desperate cou
flicts and marvelloos strutrglesof the contcstiug forces, also repro
ductious pf photographs and drawings portraying varied features
of* South Ahieau life, the sceuery, the cities, aud places of artistic
and historic reauvvn.
Terms of the Distributicn.
Every reao'er of this paper is entitled to
participate ln this dbtribution of "Glimpses
o* South Alricd" Fortfolio. Briiin or send 10c
for each Pori'olio d?'sired. Each Fortfolio
contjins Vj patjes of photographapic repro
d_ctior.s, 9 '.--KI2 1-2 inches in size. Favor
your friends who may not be regular readers
of this paper by informiiiy them of the par?
ticulars of this unrivalled distribution. Call
or send to the Portfolio Department for
one or ir.oro Portfoiios " Glimpses of South
Africa in Peacc and in War," at J0 cents eaciu
THE TIMES, Richmond, Va.
One or More PortfoHos
when accoir.panied by Tt.M
CLMS eac!i. .\o ox*.:a ciiarije
for ihoiiing. Address
Richmond, Va.
Women Passengers Returned io Start
in_r Point Under Arrest
Judge Waddill Sentences-TIieh. to tbe j
Moundsville Pciii-entiary f?>r Four
Years Each?John .Mitchell
Goes to Same Place.
NORFOLK. VA.. June 12.?Special? j
Madellne DeLacey d ? ! irris, tirst- j
ciass passengers, who < rrb . hen on the j
steamer Norfolk from Washington. were .
arrested on arrivali !>!;?? ! in jall and <
shipped back home to-nlght,
Thev errew boisti rous on the steamer, j
and wi re locked ud in their state-room. j
This anaered them, and they smashed ti: ?
glass In their : m . Ith n il c j ifr.
Thev raised such a . ? h .' th y v.- re ;
ii;iii",l%- Dut in irons on thi ' ??? - d .:. j
Passeneers sav there was an awful time j
uboard the Norfolk. ;
John Mitchell. keeper of a sailors'
boardlnsr-hOuse at Newport News, was
sent to Moundsvllle Penitentlary for two j
years bv Judge Waddill to-day. Mitchell ',
forged another*s name to a postoffice
order and made away with hi.; money. |
Tlic four men who gave the names ol
Wiiiie Dunn. John Anderson and Thomas
Blackburn. and who robbed the
Charles uostofficc of some ?500, were
each sentenced to serve four years a?
Moundsvllle Penitentlary and to pay a
line of S100. The men are ill-favored
crooks. Thev are believed to .
wh0 robbed the Williamsburs BanK ar.d
various postofflces.
j. ii. Van Vranken. who arr
from Baltimore with an educat d horse,
a donkev. monkey and dog, was arrested
at I'ortsmouth on the telegraj luci lest
ot the Baltimore Dollce he was later re
leased and left for North < ai Up l ???
Vranken claims that hi r -as un
warranted, and.it so appeared.
Bi- Cooperaso Plant i.urned in
Br .1:5 vn.
NEW YORK. June 12.?Three men were
kilied, eight so badlj burn? l ot maimed
that they are ln th? hospitai, _:- I tnr
other men are missing, ...- ?-?': ? resuit oi a
flre in the cooperage establishment of
Paul Weldmann, at North Eleventh,
Street and Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, |
Brooklyn, to-night. The property loss j
is variously estimated at from 575,000 to
The bui'ding was four st.ries high. and \
there were over one hundred employea In '
the piae-- at the time. Many of these
Ie-aped from the winSows aad' made their j
escape. i
General Assembly oi" Xorth Carolina
Assemble in Ualeljib.
RALEIGH. N. C. June 1_.-The Gen, r.i!
Assembly of North Carolina met to-day
ln special adjourned session.
Xfc_j -Democratic _uucu_> ilatsc nisht was in ?.
itl . '? 1: vi is decided to han
. .thing antH thi ??:? rtion bn an I n
? - inen ;...- ai 9 . - i_.__fa itorily
...... :? . I ___t ."t-lr
Sk 11 :'.?'. rnmittee of h\*e?
-..". ;?: bills should be referred before
ntro . to either botl ?.. and it waa
th .- no bill, other than ot u.
politl. . natur . ghoul I he considered
. sri aj this session. There were elghty
?:. - -f the House present, and forty
': o .. ? crealtlng th Corporation Com
:: . in will be ;sr:. n !.' 1 by th.- Legb-t
-. :: Th< Commission aska tlie Legtsl_
: ?? 1.sid :? : bill which 1- to gtve tlui
Commission in plain tanguaga the t.-ixing
power. Th-- court gives this power. but tho
?.....'; leglalative authority.
(! ???. : ilsc be . ' t to allow the C'.ni
mission t.. ' ' ' -?-... ..i;..re *han
h.-r.- In Raleigh :' c ::.-- convenlence of
.,:?? es having to the .- ..? ? ma in
??:* Inv rtlgatioa.
Tbe Governor Will Mako No Statement
i-i >fo_^rd ?<? Removal ol'V.-m Wyek
AT.l'ANV, N. A'.. June L'.-i"'rt-.ucraor
:: proce .Ifrt-_r very bei ?; ?'-.
. ;.?'. the Ice trust matter. fle
?a 1. .. ? i: ? - r* his Inten
t: m i-; the matl ? far as the rcmoval
of Alayor Van Wyck is concerned.
sr. Lou?) Strike
ST. I.Ol'fS. MO., Juna m.-There waa no
important developmei ta ln th? street-cai
"?-? ' ? ':>n to-day. The Transit Cora
pany claims t..> have th-- stioatfon practi-'
cally under control qy reason ?f the pro
UfOrded by the police department
. : he sheriffs posse comtl
I: Is claimed that tho cars are running
on .i:l lines, going above tl: ? scbedule on
some lines, and meeting ail demanda of
_ The suhurb line wis rtmnteg f.>-n;-rhr
for the :..--?_ time since tha strike. This
lin ! !- considered by tha poilce ts the mo=;
?:' -:' one -.> protect after d.irk.
?'"D.S?-Vr?If Wt.ll't Bu<t<{e.
AI-BAJnr, X. T..June __-Governot
??? ' ' "? ?' :- relative to acceptmg tha
-?'"' sid ? ..: ? :... ... ,,n the Re?
publiean N.iriomii ticket, which he has
absolutely dechncd:
'T h;i.ve nothing to add." .--ii.f th.- Cjv
ernor. "to what I b ??: aJp . .-' jaid, -.7
decision n irrevocable."
AV :iA:iii.-=- Itulii...
WASHKfGTOX June li?The Secre
t.-.rv 01 War haa dire<?;.?.! that upon the
arrival of an army transpori at a foreign
port the -ronsDort quartermaater shall
ln Derson call at the r'nit.-.! Str^es Lega?
tion or consulate and report the arrival
of the sliio in nort.
Ut't-ipro.rify With Fbrtusat.
WASHJNGTOX. Jurw 1_.-The PtmI
dent.has Isaued .: Droclamation fcrmally
announclnsr the establishment of a reci
procitv agreement with Portugat
A perfect mouth wash. A large bot
tie, a smull price. 25c.
T. A. MIU-ER, 519 E. Broad 5 f

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