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., <Continucd from First Page.)
eye. Gilllgan was a few feet Jjchind Miss
Turne.\ e
On cross-examiiMtion the prosceution
tried to weakea the ovidenco of the wit
nees by having hbn idehtlfy the person
whom Attorney Holland winked at when
ihero wcro -cveral persons standing
Gilllgan will probably be the last wit?
ness unless attorneys change their plans.
There are about thirty of tho letters and
notes and many rcpititions oeeur in them.
The .ollowlng aro tlie princtoai letters ln
tiie p-ckage:
(Bura this letter un.) ,
My Own Dear Nick:
May 7, 1S98.
Your letters of April ISth and Alay 2d
reaebel me safely and I was glad to hear
from you. but, oh! so sad to know how
things are. I am not angry with you,
Dwir Nick, and please don"t think so,
but I am very much hurt by some things
1 have heard. I am sorry that you could
no: beiieve me when I told you .that I had
not heard anything about the note, a.nd I
will tell you again, whether you beiieve
me or not. I liave not ju-ard anythiii
about it except what you have told tne.
I have heard other things, though, and I
was very much grieved and it made me
very sad to hear them. too. Don't set
angry with me because I am going to tell
you just what I heard and I want you to
tell mo the whole trulh about them. If
they are so I want to know it. and if you
won't tell me the .truth I will find it out
whfB I come home.
Mother wrote me a long letter last week
ond tofld me that you were changed; she
said that you had not stayed there with
th*?m for some Ume and that you did not
etay at home to come over there. -She
said she did not know where you stayed,
but seemed to think you stayed where
you ought not to. Since gettlng your let?
ter I suppase you stay at Grey's store
v.ith Air. Hunley. Do you? She said that
6he -was grieved to t?ee such a change in
you and. worst of all, Nick, she said that
she heard that you drank, 'cursed and
Oh, Dear Nick. can it l>e possible that
you, ln whom we have placed so much
confidence and who I think so much of.
ran it be possibie that you have spoiled
all my hopes and are doing this way? No
one knowa how it grieves me to think of
it. Nick, you joined tfr?. church and were
baptiseJ lost fall. 1 was Uiere and with a
happy heart to see you tike the step, and
there were others who were hnppy to see
you do so, too, and have you so soon as
this -orgotten the vo-w you took then? Are
you now in thoughtless monients profaning
and taking in vain that name which you
then vowed to God to take as your motto
through life? Are you bringing shame on
Him who died on the Cross for you? Oh,
Nick, I cannot beiieve it of you. 1 never
once thought you wouid curse, and you
j>rt*nised me you wouid never drink. Tell
me, Nick, are these things so? I want to
know if they are. I cannot beiieve they
are true, and I will not till I hear it from
your own lips.
Mother said that she could not beiieve
it, and said she truly boped they were not
true. She said she had never heard such
things of you before. and she thought it
very strange that she should just hear
them now. and that she hoped they were
not true. She wants you to stay there all
:!..- time. and I wish you wouid. I am
not nngry with you an.l I will not forsake
you, even if these things are so, but it
will make a wider space between us than
before. I love you, Nick, a-v.d I beseech
you and beg you by the love you bear me
if you have done these things turn from
them for my sake. If not for your own,
do it for my sake and for the sake of Him
who died for you. Wil] you promise me
this, Dear Nick. and keep your promise?
You are the one who has changed, and
not they. They think lots of you. and
you ought to try to please them. You say
you feel like you haven't but one friend,
.nnd that is me. A'cs; I am your friend,
and always wili be, and you have two
...ther friends?one is my brother: the
otTier is the friend of all sinners, and the
friend of us all; it is the blessed Jesus
Christ. who said, "Come unto me all ye
that labor and are heavy laden and I will
give you rest." He will give to you, Dear
Nick. if you go to Him. He will not iurn
yuu away empty-handed. Will you not go
to Him? I am sorry you are going away.
I wiil miss you lots, and it will be very
?vad for me to come home* and not nnd you
there. I hope you will change your mind
and stay. Don't worry about the note;
I wil! get out of it nil right. They are
not going to say anything about it, any
way. A'ou ask if 1 have forgotten you.
No; that I can never do. because every
time I kneel ln prayer I think of you and
pray for you. I have not missed a day
for nearly a year. I shall always do it.
and I will never forget you. I shall look
for a letter from you next week, and tell
me ail. Let me know where you wil] be.
as I may write some times. God bTess
and take care of you. Answer all my
questions. Pour best and truc-st friend.
My friend came over as far as Peters?
burg. and I received a long letter from
him ye-sterday, saying he was almost heart
bnoken at my absence. but he does not
Jove me as you do. and never will, and I
I don't care anything for him. He is very
nice to me and loves me, without doubt,
?but not as you love me. I could hardly
keep from crylng like a baby when I came
up on the train, for I kept thinldng of my
j.oor darling at home not able to work.
nnd so bad because I was gone, and I
Icng*?d so to be back with you. How is
your hand? I do hope it is getting better.
I am so uneasy about you and am so
nfra'd you will get -sick while I am away.
Please let me hear from you often, and
I will try and write a longer letter
next time, but I am so tired now, can't
wrttc any more. Take care of yourself
and let me hear from you soon. As ever
Your own little
February 2, 1S9S.
My Dear Nick:
Although I have a headache to-night.
as you asked me not to forget you. which
I cannot do if I wished to. I will do my
best to gladdcn your heart on Friday. I
?was glad to receive your last letter and
have read it several times. I think of
you so often?in fact, nearly al! the time,
and I was talking of you this morning
to one of my best friends and saying what
a noble boy you are. Dear Nick. al! of
us have a very high opinion of you, and
we all think a great deal of you. I am
-readlng a sp!c-nd:d book. and the hero is
a man of the highest honesty and uprfght
ness of character, and the only person
1 know of that is near the ono in this
book ls you. I like the hero very much,
and, of all the people I know, you are
the onSy one which is like him in char?
acter. That is a compliment whtch you
ought to appreciate. and one I know you
w-.il, as it eomes from me. and you gen
?-rally take -my word for anything I say.
Why won't you do as I asked you to, and
tci! me your troubles? Do you not know
that tlie troubles of a friend do not make
the sharor sad but rather happy in the
love and confidence which they feel for
each other? I want to know your troubles
so I may have the privllege of a friend
ln consollng and comfortlng you. AVhy
flo you say, "If I ever see you again'*?
I expect to see you in a few more months.
unless Providence intcrposes Hts all-wise
hand.. Do not forget. Dear Nick, that you
: re a eoei-ber of the church. and profess
to be a Christian, which I hop<* and bc
-p you are; and don't iorg-t itiat you
n sed me never to do what you
t-_ine so near doing Christmas. Ask God
to he>p you koep that promise, and re
member that each day of my life I pray
for you. Don't _orget this. Dear Nick.
To* <_d not n_du> rae iaush am you thought
(,?. -USER-B-S-flj,
is a liquid food
that tones the sys?
tem. Its use brings
appetite, health,
and'vfgor. Aids the nursiiig
mother and the baby, the aged, the
ill, the convalescent. Physicians
know and recommend it. All
Druggists sell it. Prepared by
St. Louis, U. S. A. _.-',_,
Brewers of the Original Budweiser, Faust, Michelob, Anheuser-Standard,
Pale-Lager, Export Pale, Black and Tan, Exquisite and Malt-Nutnne.
JqS. STUMPF, Manager of tiie Richmond Branch.
you would by telling me you cried all the
way home from Ivor. My poor boy, you
must not let my absence grieve you so.
I will be back home when school is out.
and if you will look on the bright sido
and hope for it, the time will soon pas3
and your angel will soon be near you
again. I am glad my picture is some cora
fort to you, but be careful and don't be
tray me. Don't worry yourself about my
being sick unless I send for my .parents,
for I just don't feel very well sometlmes,
I am sorry that the day I left was such a
sad one for you, and I hope you will never
see another such. My Ietters hereafter
wflll be s-igned Elizabeth. My head aches so
I must close. Good night, Dear Niok.
Angeis watch over and protect you.
Yours always,
January C, 1S9S.
My Own Dear Nlck:
Have you thought -of me more than I
have of'you since I left? I douot it, for
you have been continually on my mind.
You have not left it for books nor any
Ihing else. I hope you got home all
safeiy the day I left and stayed with
mother and father that night, as you
promlsed. I reached here safeiy; but was
very tired and so homesick I could
soarcely hold my head up. I would .keep
Uiinking of the night bef-.re, and being
with you. and how I longed to feel ence
more the throb of your heart against
mine. If I could only stay by your side
alwaysT wou'd be so happy, and I know
you would. How hard it is to be sepa
rated so long and so far apart; but it
makes the meeting sweeter. The time
will soon pass between now and June, and
1 will be home again. 1 will be so glad
when that time comes. Won't you, dear
Nick? Did anyone at Ivor say anything
to you about me before you left? Tell
me all about yourself and let me share
all your troubles because I love you and
want to share all the troubles of those
I love. It makes me feel happy, to have
my friends confide in me and tell me all;
won't you do it? About ;m hour after
I left you: last Monday I was sitting on
the train and the tears were slowly run?
ning down my cheeks as I thought of
you with a sad, aching heart, when a
young gentleman friend of mine from
Hampden-Sidney step_e_< up and spoke
to me.
1 only knew him slightly and was not
very glad to see him then; but he is a
very nice boy. and he talked with me
a while and laughed at me for crying; but
he was almost as homesick as I was.
Several of my school friends were on
and others got on later, but I was too
sad and homesick to talk to any of them.
1 send you the picture ln this letter;
be careful with it and don't let anyone
see it. "Write soon and a long letter to
your little Isabel.
My Own Dearest Nick:
I have been sitting here watching for
you all the evening and I do want to see
you so much. I sat here by.my lone
self till'really late last night and longed
each moment for you to come. Father
did not get back from his business till
nearly s o'clock, and as 1 sat by the
fire light all alone and thought of you
1 just longed for you to come. I never
realized how much I lov_d you till last
night and to-day; but I really do love you
and a great deal more than you think I
do. I cannot promise you what you. want
me to because that would be an impossi
bility. If you should be taken from me I
could not help, but grieve for you, and you,
do not know what you are asking when
you ask me not to. 1 do not think there
is any danger yet, and you ought not to
think so. but it is natural that you should
feel uneasy. I am so glad that you have
gotten over that wish of a few days ago
when you wanted to leave me. Aren't
you glad now that I wauld not release you
from that promise. I am. You ought to
have se<Mi me this morning crying over
your note. You must not talk to me about
such a serious thing as dying in the way
you do, and it grieved me so to hear you
italk about it that I could not keep tlie
tears back, and if such a thing were to
happen, do you suppose I could keep from
crying then? Xo, love, that I could not. I
guess I will be here all alone to-morrow
while they are at church. Good night,
sweetheart. 1 hope your hand won't hurt
you so you can't sleep. Goodnight.
Yours lovlngly.
My De-arest One:
if you want to kill me with a brok'en
heart* just keep on doing as you are. Oh.
if you write me such notes as you have
this morning it will put me in my _:ravc.
How can you be so cruel and heartless as
to say anything about my dancing over
you? Oh, my bay, my dearest friend, and
the one I love better than all else, why
will you tear my heart and hunt me by
saying such cruel things? How can you
th:nk that I could see you Iaid in the cold
ground and not care? Are you trying to
break my heart? I am not ansry and
have not been. and I love you so dearly,
and you think I don't care anything for
you because I must put a limit to some
things. Don't get angry with me because
I must do that, for I am ahvays happies'.
when I am in your arms. For heaven's
sake, don't kill me by wSsh'ing you we_e
dead and hoping thait time whl soon come.
Isn't my love something to live for? Please
don't write me any more such cruel n<;tes.
Yours as ever.
My Dearest One:
f do not know when I can seen you
again now. 1 do not expect to be a. home
to-night and do not know where I will be
to-morrow, but I want to see you a^ain
and must do it. 1 did not sleep any at all
last night. and feel so badly this morning
I can scarcely hold my head up. I have
not said a word about last night and do
not intend to, but, oh, dear ore. my heart
aches' so that I feel as if It will break. I
cried all night nearly and have been cry?
ing again this morning. Oh, if you raise
your hand to harm yourself the rest of
my life will be just so. You say you are
on your way to hell, and I know that I
amsending you there. lt will make me
crazy and kill me, too. For heaven's sake
spare me such a life. .
Yours _3 ever.
My Dearest Nick:
Pleaso do not think hard of me for not
writlng to-day, for I have been on the go
all day and I have not had a chance. I
have "thought of you so often and have
wished for you so many times since I
enm. hem.; but, Dear Nick, you have
hurt nie by being eo chr.nsed at first. J
do not think you tiive really changed any
at all, but when y.u did me so mean yes?
terday morning i'? hurt me very much. I
know I have beer. very cold to you ln 'the
last few daye, but I am obllped to seem
so becaaae X am so much a^rai* XB.rb_r or
mother one will see something in me and
make trouble. They do not watc'a you;
they watch me, and they wateh me all the
time because they are so afraid they will
lose tne. Please don'-t think hard of me
when I seem cold; I am Just the same as
I was when I was here last winter, and I
won't ever change. I could not see you
last night, and I cannot get away from
them very often. You said that I saw you
Saturday night and did not want to come.
No, you are mistaken. I did not see you
nor know you were here. I am so sleepy
that I must go to bed. Good-nlght. Come
over as 6ften as you can, because you are
always wecotne and I am always glad to
see you and have you about. Good-night.
Alay God's rlchest blessing rest upon you.
As ever, your own sweet,
May 1C, 1S9S.
My Dear Nick:
Your very short letter "was received last
Tnursday, and I wouid nave written
sooner, but had the hardest examination
I ever bad in my life on Saturday, and
could not spend a moment of time, even
to eat and sieep. I have been getting up
to study so early every morning. and have
been studying so constantly that I ani
afraid I am going to be sick again. Why
did you write me such a cold letter, Nick?
Are"you angry with me? I am not at all
angry with you, and have no reason to be,
and 'vou letter was eo cold it hurt me.
oil m that these things are not true.
Why should I not beiieve you? I do be
Heve vou when you say so. and I.am M
very glad to know they are not true, and
I nope and trust they may never? be true
o' th- one I have trusted so far. un
Nickhif you knew how much I thought:of
vou. vou wouid never do such a thmg.
Remember what I told you in my last
letter. Write to, me again and tell mo
that vou will never do so. and wlien-iou
are tempted to break that promJse think
of me and how much I love you. andTef
vour love for me keep you from it. un,
Dear Nick. live right, so that if we never
meet on this earth again we may meet
in that beautiful world above, where sor
row and pain are known no more. Dont
break vour promises to me. You promiseci
never to break them. Try to live right,
and remember that each day I pray for
you. Pray for me,. that I may be led in
the right' way. I hope you will change
vour mind and npt leave home: but if
you must go, then write and tell nfe
where you will be. I want to know. I
will be here until the 27th. then I will be
at Alleghany Springs for a week. I shall
look for a letter soon. Farewell; but God
forbid that this shall be the last time.
Let us strive to meet in heaven, if we
never meet here on earth again. Goed-bye.
Good bless and keep you.
You own truest and best frienrt, anc
sweet "PIG."
Dear Nick:
Alother has been feeling very badly all
day and is still, and she and I both want
some one in the house with use Won't
you please come over and stay with us?
She asked me if I wouid write for you,
and she will send it by one of the hands.
Don't get wet coming over, but be sure
and come. ? I am very uneasy about
father. He fell down a while ago. but
I don't want mother to know it; so please
don't say anything about it where she !s.
Yours hastily,
July 0. 1S9S.
My Own Dearest Boy:
It is long past midnight but I must
"write my boy a few lines before I seek
my pillow. Even though it is late I do
not beiieve my boy is asleep, for the
sad -thought that this time to-morrow
night your angel will be so far from you,
is too deep for sieep; but, dear Niek, it
will not be long before I wdll be back
again. Try to bear up under it and
live for me and' in such a way that I will
be'proud of you. I will not forget you
because I am far from you. I know
that it almost breaks your heart to see
me go. but do your best at work not to
think too much of me and kiss your
little angel good-night in your dreams.
You will still have your angel to love you,
for I can love you just as well, at Hol
lins as I can here, ancl I do love you.
Dear Nick, to-morrow night I will not
be with any of my swecthearts, but will
be back here in heart and thought with
my only sweetheart, Nick. You need
not ask me to think of you sometimes,
because I will do that'any way. Don't
forget that you promised to stay here as
often as you can, and I leave my all in
your care, for you and father and mother
are all I have. Did you hear me sing?
ing just now? It was for you, and these
were the words:
"How can I leave thee, how can I bear
to part,
That thou hast this heart of mine.
Dearest beiieve, so wholly is it thine,
That I can love none else but thee
They are so beautiful and true. And
they speak my thoughts. Good-night,
Dear Heart. Alay God 11ft the shadows
from your life and make it all sunshihe
and happiness. Pray for_rne, please,
and remember that you are a member
of the church, and, I hope, a Christian.
| Good-night. dearest.
Y'our own little sweet,
My Dearest Nick:
I cannot tell you how it grieves me not
to bo able to grant you your request; but
it is just impossible. Alama's and my
doors both stay open all night, and thev
Food wiil lay
in the stomach
undigested for
days and then
you wonder
why you feel ill.
Cleanse the
bowels with the
Bitters and you
will not suffer
stomachi ^ ItwiU strenth.
en your stom?
would hear me If I ralsed the window, and
I cannot sleep with tbe window up. It
would make me sick,;and I can't afford
tb get sick now. I arri sorry you take it as
you do. I do want you, but I don't want
to be that near you and be denled being
closer to vou. Those three nights last
summer were three very happy ones to
me for I loved you and I was happy there
with you. And I am just the same little
girl now as then and love you very dearly.
You do not think so, but 1 do. I love you
just the same that _ did when I went
away. I think I have done everythlng for
the best, and you are never forgotten in
my pray'ers, and I hope you remember me,
dear heart, for I can't help things being
as they are.
Ever yours.
Mv Dearest Nick:
Your sweet note done me so much good,
for one reason, because I can assure you
that all vour fears are ungrounded and be?
cause I "have been so sad and loneiy all
day that I felt like I had lost my last
friend. and it reminded me that one was
true to me still. Dear Nick, I am so sorry
that vou think I want to forsake you, for
no such thought has ever entered my head,
and 1 have no such intention. You are
dearer to me each day. and it is harder to
"ive you up now than in the
past. Dear Nick, I am sorry,
but I cannot release you from
your promises, and when you think of
it you will not want me to do so. I have
heard somo ahings about you and I, but
do not beiieve anything. Some of them I
knew to be impossibilities; others I can
easily account for, and I do not blame you
for anything that has happened. I told
you some things she said, and will tell you
ihe rest now. She said some one, but did
not tell me who, told her that Mrs. Batten
got mad with you and showed a letter I
wroto to you to my father. That you.know
not to be true, because father would surely
have said something to me about it, and
he has not mentioned your name to me.
I have told you all else she said, and I tell
you again Ido not beiieve you are one of
my best friends and always shall till you
prove that you are not. Please beiieve me
as ever.
Your own
? _*???
Dear Nick, you have lived 'right, and
you are a good boy, and _or my sake try
not to give up, so I know that you live
for me and I want you to, but you must
not die for me, because then I will always
be sad and unhappy, and I think you ought
to be willing to live to make me happy.
Nick, I cannot re'lease you from your
promises, because Uiey are all my hope,
and, oh, Nick, if you do break them it
will kill me. I can never stand it, and my
home will never be like home without my
Nick there. It is hard to be unhappy all
tlie time, but if you would only trust me
and beiieve that I love you you would not
be so unhappy. I know that you have
suffered a great deal for me, and I know
that you will always love me and be .mine,
but, Dear Nick, you must not talk to me
of never seeing me again. It nearly kills
me, and we must meet again. May God
blcss and take care of my dear boy, and
lift tlie dark clouds from your pathway.
Read your Bible often and pray for me.
Good-bye, Your own
Promise ime once more that you will
keep your promises.
My Own Dearest Nick:
I have been trying all day to write to
you. but have not had a chance. Dear
Nick, you do not know how much I was
grieved by all that passed to-night, and
what grieved me more than anything else
was your asking me not to think of you
any more and not to write to you any
more, and that you would not be here
when I came back. Oh, Nick, when you
said that my best friend would be Iaid
under the cold sod when I came back
and not to look for you any more. I
thought it would break my heart. You
do net know how much I love you, and
you seem to think that I can forget you
and not grieve when you are g_ne, but,
Dear Nick, if you were to follow in the
foptste.ps of your brother and take your
own life, it would almost kill me. I would
never get over it, and I beiieve it would
run me crazy.
Please, Dear Nick, never say any such
thing to me again, and remember that you
promlsed me once never to commit suicide
and told mo you wero going to keep
that promise always. Won't you take
back all you said to-n'ght and forgive
me for distressing you so? You asked
me to forgive you for all that happened
to-night, and you know that I have for
given you already. I was not angry with
you, but I was hurt by your manner to
ward me.
When I moved my seat and put my head
on your shoulder and you did not put
your arms around me it was like driving
a dagger through my heart. it hurt me so,
and I could not help crying; and then you
said you could never be happy with me
again and told me not to look for _-ou
when I came back, and tnat only drove
the dagger deeper into my heart, and then
do you think I could help crying? I love
you, Dear Nick, and have proved my love
for you by giving you all tho privileges I
possibly can allow, and yet when I do not
do what you want ma to, you 'think I
don't love you and irilstrust you. Dear
Nick, please never think that again. I do
trust you, and you know it. If you will
take back what you said about not being
here when I come back and will promise
me never to break that promise you made
me, I can be happy, but not until. I heard
you cpughihg just now, so I know you are
not asleep. "Well; the clock struck twelve
some time ago, so I must close and try
to sleep some. Good-riight, sweetheart.
God bless you and may He lift the dark
clouds from your path and make life
bright and happy. Good-night.
Your own little
My Dearest One:
I cannot allow you to come to t'ne win?
dow, because 1 think this negro knew you
were here the other night, and he is on
the watchout and mother is going to stay
in my room to-night. I don't know when
I can see you unless you come to the
fence by the wood-rooni as soon as you
Yours as ever.
Burn this letter up and te'll me every
thing. I want to know where you will be
when you leave there. I hope you may
find friends wherever you go.
, Good-bye. Good bless you.
Hofflns Instttute, March 12, 1S9S.
My Own Dearest Boy:
As I promised to let you hear from me
on Monday, I will take the time to write
to you, though I ought to be studying.
My*Dear Boy, I know you are lonesocne
to-night, and yet I hope I am mlstaken
as to your being sad, for I hope you are
happy. as far as you can be away from
me. I know you cannot be happy when I
am so far from you, but, my love, try to
be for my sake. You know I love you.
and that you ought to be happy when you
know that. I have thought of you so often
since I left, and I know you have been
thlnking of me constantly, for you could
not help that. It hurt me so bad to leave
you the other morning, but it was well I
left when I did, because I would have been
left, and then, too, if that person had seen
you' any further in my buggy it might have
been bad for us. Mr. Tyrie came up on
the boat with me, and Was very nice to
me, but that did not keep me from think
ing of you. The boat got _o Richmond be?
fore five, and I went over to see Brother
Charhe before supper, and after supper,
when I was sitting in the parlor talking to
a friend of mine I thought of you, poor
bov, at home almost heaftbroken because
I was so far from you. But I did not for?
get you. * * * *
1 coulu not help h_r bein. with me tais
ove, I had .t_<-t. _, find mr-teer- made rar
stop and walt for her. I will come out to
the'wood-room early to-nlght if possible, I
wanted to see you, and am sorry I was
not alone. As ever.
? ? ? ? jrill 7- _> -^P __* *? -bear -tbe
burd'en of sorrow if it Is not His will
for them to"be as we want them. He
has said that He will not forsake us,
and that He wiil not leave us comfort
less, and we shomd seek comfort from
Him. You have always been a good
yoiing man and have been a good Chris?
tian boy. and you are now a member
of the Church. and you ought to be hap
pier and seek comfort from your heaven
ly Father, and He will grant it if you
ask for it. Pray for me, Nick, for 1 am
not the girl I ought to be.
You need not be ashamed to make me
another promise, but I do hope you will
keep this one and not want toureak it
for nothing, as you did the last one. If
you ask me to release you from your
promise, it is not granted, and you are
not free till I tell you you are. So
please don't nearly kill me again with
sorrow and anxiety. You ought never
to want me to release you. I have no
desire to be relc-ased from mine. Never
be ashamed to ask me to forgive you,
for I always do that and have forgiven
you long ago. You said you saw my
old sweetheart. I do not know who you
mean, unless N. B. I want to tell you
one thing once for all, he is no sweet?
heart of mine, never has been, ana
never will be, and if you ever conn-ict
his name with mine in any way or ever
say anything about him in connection
with me, I shall get angry with you.
I am not angry now, for I w.ll excuse
you this time, but you must not say
such a thing again. I had a big fuss
with one of my best, friends for just
saying ^he was my sweetheart. I have
been right sick since I came back, but
am feeling very well now. My dear
Nick. I said that I Ioved you and^ al?
ways wouid, anu you ask what will I
do when I have some one else; that may
never be, and if it should be it will be a
long. long time first. If that ever is it
will be His will who doeth all things
well and for the good of those that love
Him, and He will take care of my dear
Nick when that time comes. if at ever
does. Don't think of that now. but en
joy what you have. If it should ever
come I will tell you before it does, and
a good while before. I do not think it
will come for me. I have forgiven you
for all, and am not a bit angry, and please
don't think I am. I must close now,
for I -have so much studying tb do and
I am so tired, too. I took a walk and
it made me very tired. Keep all your
promises" and be a good boy. I do wish
I were at home. Good-bye.
Y'our own little sweet,
May God bless and keep my boy.
Oh, dear one, my heart is breaking: I
am going crazy. If you leave it will kill
me. I have forgiven ydul It was my
fauit anyway; it was all my fault. I
have forgiven you, and, oh, I beg your
forglveness. Oh, dear one, don't go
away. I beg you for the sake of my
parents. Don't kill me by doing this.
Please don't go away. I will go crazy.
I have been half crazy all day to-day.
and it will finish me if you go away, and
that will kill my parents. >
Yours as ever.
ALadyin Kinjj George County Gives
Her Age as IOC.
Special.?Aliss Sarah Jones, sister, of Mrs.
Thomas F. Proctor, whose funeral took
place yesterday afternoon from the Aleth
?odist Church, was formerly a missionary
from this country to Rome. Her death
was siidden.
One of the census enumerators in Ki:i_
George county has listed a lady who gave
her age at 106 years.
Judge R. H. L. Chlchester has appointed
Doctors F. F. Nindle, V. O. Caruthers,
M. AV. Alinor, Messrs. Allen Smith and
E. L. Hunter, a Board of Heakh for the
county of King George.
The Masonic Lodge. of this city, has
elected tho following officers: Hon. A. T.
Embrey, worshlpful master; W. H. Hur
kuinp, ' senior warden; 'Maurice Hirsh,
junior warden; E. AI. Young, treasurer,
and Captain S. J. Quinn, secretary.
ln King George county persons have
placed gates and bars across some of the
pubiic roads, causing great inconvemence
t> travellers. Complaints have frequently
been made nnd the matter was br;->u_ht
before the June term of the County Court,
with the result that the gates in contro?
versy wero all ordered to be discontinued,
the order to go in effeet January, 1501.
Air. Charles Chilton, of Fauquier county.
has a fiock of 140 sheep this year from
which he raised 1S0 lambs that he sold at
?$?! each. He sold his wool at 25 cents a
pound, and some of the sheep sheared
fourteen sounds each.
Dr. AV. A. Gordon and Miss Sallie J.
Willis, both of Orange county, were mar?
ried last week at the residence of Mr.
Isaac AViilis, near Indlantown, Rev. F.
H. James officiating. The attendants were
Aliss Ruth Willis, sister of the bride, with
Air. Herbert H. Gravatt, of this city, and
Aliss Lelia Spotswood with Air. Genie AVii?
lis. Both the bride and gro-in have large
family connections here.
Air. C. H. Hurkamp, of ithis city, has
twelve fino jumpers and other fancy horse
stock on exhibltlon at the UpperviUe Colt
Show, ln Fauquier county, this week.
Government work on the Rappahannock
River, with dredging machine and other
appllances, has commenced at thi.s place.
Tho work of rebuiiding is going rapidly
forward at Bowling Green, and soon the
burnt district will have substantial new
structures on most of the sites of the
houses destroyed some months ago.
--? ?-?
Sergeant Reynolds, of the Newport News
police force, carried William Harris, the
young negro wanted at that place for
hrmsebreaking. bnrk Monday night. Harris
was arrested by Deteetive John Hall. and
part of the spoils were- found on him.
Old Dominion
Steamship Co.
Daily Line for New York, the North
and East
PASSENGERS can leave DAILY, ex?
cept Sunday. at 0 A. M. ~via C. and O.
and N. and A\'., or 3:45 P. M. via C. and
O., or 3:15 P. M. via N. and AV., con?
nectlng at Norfolk witi- direct steamers
sailing same day. 7:30 P. 2.1.
Steerage passengers can leave by aux?
iiiary steamer Aionday. Wednesday and
Friday at 5 P. AL. changing to maln-line
shipe'at Norfolk.
FREIGHT tor all northern. eastern
and foreign ports received und forward?
ed dailv, except Sunday.
PASSENGERS can leave DAILY, ex?
cept Sunday, irom Company's pier. No.
?'ti North River, at 3 P. AI.. for Old Point
Comfort and Norfolk, connectlng with
C. and O. and N. and AV. trains for Rich?
mond. , ,'
r _?_IGHT receivect and forwarded daiiy
except Sunday. - .
Tickets on sale at -Ucntnond Transfer
Company, 'JtX" East Alain Street; Jeffer?
son Hotel, C. and O. and R. and P.
depots. Richmond. Baggage checked
through to all points.
For further information, anpiy to
JOILn F. A1AVER, Agent,
1212 East Main Street, Richmond, Va.
General Olfices: &1 Beach Stree', corner
West Street, New York. N. Y.
H. B. WALKER, Gen. Pass. Agent.
Trafflc Manager.
Appoii is-d r?aillng daya: .Every TCE_.
DAY. FRIDAY and SUNDAY at (iay
Frelght received daily till 5 P. M.
For further ^^^ccf^mCK.
^finW & Ohio R~, i
7:uu A. M-. Daiiy local for Newport
.News. Old l'oini and Norfolk. Par?
lor car. _"-, ... ..
9:00 A. M. Daily "Fast Line for New?
port News, Old Point. Nortolk and
Portsmouth. Parlor car. This tram
stops only at Williamsburg.
_:__ P. M. Daily local tor Newport
News, Old Point, Nortolk and
Portsmouth. Pullman to Old Point.
10"0 - M. Ex. Sunday. Local to Clif?
ton Forge. Connects for Orange.
Calverton, _Ianas.es anu W asn
"?lo P M Dailv limited to Cincinnati,
Louisville and St. Louis. Pullman
sleeping car. Connects at orango
with So. Rv. north ot" Orange, and
connects for Va. Hot Springs.
No. 7 local tram tx. _un.. fol?
lows above train -trom Gordonsville
to Staunton.
0:00 P. M. Doswell Accommodation, Ex.
10 30 P. M. Daily F. F. V. to Cincinnati
and Louisville. Pullman sleeDlng
car. Connects for Va. Hot Springs.
10-0 A. M. Daily for Lynchburg, Lex?
ington and Clifton Forge. Con?
nects. except Sunday, with Luck
ingham aud Alberene Branches.
5:00 P. M. Ex. Sunday, Columbia Ac?
S00 A M. Ex. _unilay from Doswell.
_:_0 A. M. and 3::. > P. M. Daily from
Cincinnati and Louisville.
11:20 A. M., 7:10 P. M. anu 10:30 P. M.
Dailv t'rom Nortolk and Old Point.
7:45 P. M. Ex. Sunday, from Clifton
S-40 A. M. Ex. Sunday. from Columbia.
_:-0 P. M. Daily from Lynchburg. Lex
ington ana Clifton Forge. Ex. Sun
dav from New Castle and Rosney.
For detail information. connectlons,
etc, apply at Richmond Transfer Office,
903 East Main Street; C. and O. Pass.
Office, S09 East Main Street; Station
Ticket Offices, or address
JNO. D. 1'OTTS. A. G. P. A.
ll-CO P. M., No. 11. Southern Express,
daiiy for Atlanta. Augusta, Jack?
sonville. and points South. S'.eeper
lor Danville, ureensboro, Salisbury,
and Chariotte. open at Richmond
9:30 P. M. Stops for passengers at
locua statior.s. Connects at Danville
and Chariotte with New York and
Florida Kxpress (No. 33.), carrying
through sleepers between New York
and Tampa. with connectlons for all
Florida points. Aiso. connects at
Danville and Chariotte with Wash?
ington and Southwestern Limited
(No. 37) carrying through sleepers
between New York and NashvlIIe,
New York and Mrmphis, New York
and New Orleans: also. Pullman
Tourist sleeper Mondays. Wednes?
days and Fridays Washington to
San Franclsco without ehange. with
connc-.tions for all points in Texas,
Mexieo and California.
12:01 1'. M.. No. 7, solid train daily for
Chariotte. N. C-, connects at Mose
Iey with Farmville and Powhatan
railroad. At Keysvilie for Clarks.
vllle. Oxford. Henderson and Dur?
ham, and at Greensboro for Dur?
ham, Raleigh und Winston-Salern:
at Danville with No. 35. United
States fast mail. solid train. daiiy
for New Orleans and potnts South.
which carries sleepers New York
to New Orleans and New York to
Jacksonville. connecting tor Nassau
and Havanai t'hroughout sleeper
Salisbury to Memphis. Buffet-Par
lor car between Richmond and
6:00 P. M.. No. 17 local. daily exceot
Sunday, for Keysvilie and interme?
dlate points.
~ __ _, . 1 From Atlanta, Augusta and
_.__ _. ai. t Ashevllle, and all points
6:00 A. M. j south.
b:4o A. M. From Keysvilie and local
Nos. 01 and 5_. between Manchester
and Neapolis.
4-30 D M No. 16. Baltimore Limited.
daily"' except Sundays, for West
Point and intermediate stations.
makin-: close connection at West
Point with steamer tor Baltimore.
?-30 P M No. 10. local express. daily
'xcept Sundays for West Point and
Intermedlate stations. Connects
with stage at Lester Manor for
"Walkerton and Tappahannock: also.
at West Point with steamer for
Baltimore. Stops at all stations.
5-00 A M No. 74. local mixed. Leaves
daily except Sunday from Virginia
Street Station for West Point and
intfrmediate stations. connecting
with staere at Lester Manor for
Walkerton and Tappahannock.
915 A M daily from West Point. witn
" connection from Baltimore, except
10:45 A. M.. except Sundays and Mon?
R-'O P M., daily, except Sunday, from
West'Point and intermediate sta
Steamers leave West Point daily.
except Sundays, 5:50 P. M-. arnv
fiv- BalUmore 8:00 A. M.; returning.
leave Paltimore at 5 P. M., daily,
except Sundays, arriving Richmond
0:15 A. M.
Steamers call at Gloucester Point
and Almonds Wharf Tuesdays,
Thursdays ar.d Saturdays; York?
town and Clay P.ank Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Traveling Passenger Agent,
No. 9_0 East Main Street.
Richmond. Va.
J. ___ CULP, , V. A. TURK
Traffic Manager. Gen Pass. Agent
F. S. GA.\:sON.
Third Vice-President and General Man?
ager, Washington, D. C.
Rr.hadiila in F___e.
MAY 21, 1900.
9-00 A. ___" NORFOLK LIMITED. Arrive
at'Norfolk _1_20 A. M. Stops only at
Petersburg. Waverly and SuffolK.
Second-class tickets not accepted on
this train.
ior Lvnchburg, Roanoke, Columbus
and Chicago. Buffet Parlor Car
Petersburg to Roanoke. Pullman
Sleeper Roanoke to Columbus; also,
for Bristol. Knoxville and Chatta?
nooga. Pullman Sleeper Roanoke to
Arrive Norfolk 5:35 P. M. Stops only
at Petersburg. Waverly, Suffolk.
Second-class tickets not good on this
train Through coach to v lrginia
G'50 P. M.. for Suffolk. Nortolk, and in?
termediate statior.s. arrives at Nor?
folk at UK-iU P. M.
9-10 P M for Lvnchburg and Roanoke.
Connects at Lynchburg with Wash?
ington and Chattanooga Limited.
pullman Sleepers Lynchburg to
Memphis and New Orleans. Cafe.
narlor and observation car Radford
to Attalla. Ala. Pullman sleeper be?
tween Richmond and Lynchburg.
Berths ready for occupancy at S:30
P. ___ Also. Pullman Sleeper Peters?
burg ana Roanoke.
Traln3 arrive Richmond from Lynch?
burg and the Wt.Ht daily at 7:35 AM.
____ 8*3_ P. M.. trom Norfolk and tha E__t
uV 33:11! A. __?? ---*- A. M- "-a ?:-0 {?, AL
Office: No. S_- Main Street.
City Pass. and Ticket Agent.
District Passenger Agent.
?' - ' " W. B. BEVUX.
. ^ ^ General Passenger Agent
Atlantic _Opast Lin
SCUEDCLE LN ?__rj_C- JLNK 3. llXW.
a_--___rj -TAtiu.N.
Arrtves r.tersourg :>.m a. AL, Nor?
folk ll:_; A. Al. stops oniy at
Petersburg, Waverly and auifoiK,
3:05 A. M. Daily. Arrives Petersburg '*:30
-v. Al., Ufidon 11.:*) A. Ai.. Fayette
vilie ___} P. M., Cnarlcstou ll>:33 P.
M.. -av-nuah I2;3u A AL. w-eH-ou
ette 7:3o A. AL. Fort Ta-ii.--. -i.3*j P.
AL Cor.Qect- ut Wilson wt_, N~.
4i, arriving Goldsboro 3:23 P. AL,
Wiimington 6:00 p. AI. Pullman
Sleeper New York to Jack-onvi..-.
11:30 A. M. Daiiy excepi _.__.day. ?,rr:ve.-?
Petersburg I?_.0 f. At. su?ps Man?
chester, Drewry's Bluff. Ceatraiia.
and Chester on signal.
Daiiy. Arrives t'etersDurg H.-K> F.
M.. Norfolk 3:33 P. Al. Stops only
ut Petersburg. Waverly and sutToi
3:03 P. Al. Daily. Arrives Petersburg
_;__ P. AI. Alakes all stops.
5:30 P. AI. Daiiy except Sunday. Arrivea
Petersburg 6-23 f. M.. *> eldon S:-0
P. M.. and Rocky Myu.V _>:_U P. AL
Makes all inlcrruediate stops.
DIAN LIAHTED. Daily. Arrives
Petersburg '? :_3 P. M. Con?
nects with N. und W. for
Norfoik aad intermedlate points.
Emporia i>:l-> (connects w:th A. and
D. for station- batween Kiuporia und
LawreneovUle), Weldon S:33 P. AL,
Fayetteville 12:19 A M-, Charlet?loi:
B.tH A. M., Savannah 7:04 A. M..
Jav ksonville 11-!0 A. At.. Port Tampa
?:4o P. M.
GIA POINTS.? Arrlvmg Augus?
ta 7:53 A. AI.. Alacon U:I3 A. AI.,
Atlanta 12:::.". P Al. Pullman Sleep?
ers New York to AVllmington,
Charleston. Port Tampa. Jackson?
ville. Augusta and Macon.
0:t0 F. M. DaUy. Arriving PotL-rsburK
0:55 P. AI. Connects at Petersburg
with N. and W. Ky.. arriving
Lynchburg:2:30 A. AI.. Rounoku 5:00
A. AI.. Bristol 10:40 A. AI. Pullman
Sleeper Kiehmond to Lynchburst
11:00 P. Al. Dailv. Arrive Petersburg
U:-i.-. A. Al.
3-23 A. AI. Daily. From _acK-onvule, Sa.
vannah, Charleston, Atlanta. Ma?
con Augusta and all _oiiit_ fcotuh.
7:33 A. Al. Daily. From Pftersburg,
Lynchburg and th- West
8:37 A." Al. Daily except Smnday. Peters?
burg local.
11:10 A- M. Daily except Sunday. Front
Goldsboro and iiUermediaLo atatlons*,
Norfolk and Suflulk.
11:42 A. Al- Daily. e'roni Norfolk. Suffolk
an>l Petersburg:
11:05. A. M. Sunday oniy. From Norfolk,
Suffolk and Petersburt.
1:33 P. AI. Daily except sunday. Frora
I'etersburg. _
7:25 P. M. DaUy. From Miaml. Port
Tampa. Jacksonville, Savannah,
Charleston. Wilmlngton, Goldsboro,
and a',1 points South.
8:30 1*. AI. Daily. From Norfolk, Suf?
folk and Petersbur?.
8:M P. M. Daily. From Petersburg.
Lynchbur.and AVes^Mr;i>^oN^
J. R. KENLY. Traffic Manager.
Lleiieia! Manager.
General l'as.-,er.ser Agent.
Division Fassen^r Auei^.
Richmond, Fredericksburg and
PotomaG Raisroau,
Schedu'le in effeet JUNE ::. WOO.
333 \ Al. Dailv for Washington und
points North. Stops at -lilforu,
Fredericksburg ..nd Quantico. Pull?
man sleepers to Washington ancl
New \i.rk. _?_?,
S:2U A. AI. Sun.lay only. tor Wasbing.
ton and points North. "^oijs at
Elba. Glen Allen. Ashland, Tay
lorsville. DosweU. Ruther Glen,
Penoia. Milford, Woodsiane, um
nea. Summit. Fredericksburg,
Brooke, Widewater und Quantico.
Buffet Parior Car.
0:01 A. AI. Daily except sunday tot
Washington and pomts Nortn.
Stops at Elba, Glen Allen. As i
lan.l. Doswell. Alilford. I- rederieks
burg and Quantico. Buffet l arior
Car. ,
12:00 Al. Dailv. except Sunday. for v, asn
Ington and points North. Stops a:
Elba, Glen Allen, Ashland. L-..s
well AlilL..r.i. Fredericksburg and
Quantico. Buffet Parior Car. Con
nects with Congressional Lunited
at Washington.
7:43 P. Al. Daily. for Washington and
points North. Stops at E...a, Asti
land. Doswell. Miltord, Fredericks?
burg, Brooke, SHJ.dewar.er and
Quantico. Stops other .-jL.aa.ns
Sundays. Sleeper Richmond to
New York. Sleeper Washington to
Doswell, Ashland and Elba. Stops
other stations Sundays. Sleeper
New York t.> Richmond.
3-03 I*. AI. Daily. except Sunday Stops
at Fredericksburg, Milford, D..s
-iv.11 Ashland, Ulen Allen und
Elba. Buffet Parior Car.
6:30P.M. Daily. Stop* at Fredericks?
burg, DosweU, Ashland and ESba.
Pullman card from New Y'onc ancl
S-40 P Al. Daily. Stops at AV idewater,
Brooke, Fredericksburg, Summit,
Gulnea, AVoodslane. Milford, renpla,
Ruther Glen. Doswell, TaylorsvUle-,
Ashland. Glen Allen and Elba
Buffet Parior ' rar
AC("' 'AI MOl?AT i I '>?' '!' RA1 Nb.
11 ? dly, exc< ;.t Sunday.)
Sis \ AI Lr-av-s E-LBA f..r Quantico.
_-00 P Al. Leaves BYRD-STREET Sta?
tion for FredericKsburg,
6-50 P AI. Leaves ELBA for Ashland.
tl:4ii A. Al. Arrives ELBA from Ash
8_S ^"''m Arrives BYRD-STREET
Station from Fredericksburg.
6:03 P. AI. Arrives ELBA from Ash
&o:axd R- F. & P- P- R
c. & o.
5-13 -A Af. Dailv. f?r Washington and
points North. Stops at Doawett
Fredericksburg andQuantico. Pu.l
man Sleepers to New \orl_
6-00 P AI. Daily, for Washington anci
points North. Stops at D-swel t
Kr-dericksburg and Quantico. PuIN
man Sleeper fo New *i ork.
?>-30 P AI Daily. Stops at Frsdaricks
bitrg and Doswell. Slesper front
10-30 P* AL Daily. Stops at Fredericks
biirg ani DosweU. Sleepers from
P T 'M:VAlvV-:rRS. W. P. TAYI....R.
K- T' x^AJlXC Trarflc Alanager.
S. -A. !_??
7--10 t AI. Daily. except Sunday. fol
Petersburg. Heuderson. Durhnm.
Ralelgh, Atlanta and all ?olut_
South and Southwest.
???33 P AL "Florida Aiail and Express."
Daily for Peter-burgr. Hendersoni
Ralelgh, Cheraw. Caniden. Coraza
bla Savannah, Jacksonville. Tam
r,a ' Fernandina and all Florida
P M. -FLORIDA l.lVlTillV
Dailv for Petersburg. Henderson.
Ralelgh Wilmlngton. chariotte,
Chester! Athens, Atlanta. AIo:-.:
gomery. Alobile. New Orleans.
points" South and Southwest: Che
? raw Camden. Columbia. Siivan
nih Jacksonville. Tampa, Fernan
dina and all Florida point-.
Trains arrive from South at C. & O.
Broad-Strc-t Statlon, .":1a A. M. and 5:4<1
r M Daiiy. Also, 2:00 P. M. Daily. ex?
cept Sunday. (
For ticket*. chaekin* has{ga*8t a:?uslng?
car fi-ervsUiait. otc. aBPjy ta tne a--?
boa-d Air Line Railway offic-. .V.a E.a>?t
Ala'n Street; Rlchmord Transfer Com?
pany. U? East Maln Street; JeffcrsoiX
ixotel aad to Depot Ticket Agent,
t G?teral Ax?r.t,
_ ^<_ _> -28 East Maln Streatk j

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