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9b limes.
THE DAILY TIMES, when delivered by
carrier, is iv coins per work or Ck> cents
}kx- month. By ir.nii. s:>.w pw y«ir.
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TC3SSDAY, AITJI. s:. 1901.
Tlu> <pi!>;i<»ll li:is-bf(Ml l"iisc<l .is t<j
hOT> 111.- fortJlcOUilng <'< iK .;tuliou;jl
< 'onvi-Dt i-tii v, ill |m'imc'-(1 hi <iri:;Miiz< % .
Micro oil-in lo lie no (llfllcuUy on this
l»ohM. for luvceilriii.-. nrc abundaut; For
rx.'unplo. tviicn tJie cpuvcuiion of ISim
met. Mr. Madison arose and addressed
the body, He KUggo&bcA 1110 propriety
of organizing liy tJic ai>j>blutineiit <>f ,i
piv^'i-.li'jii. :i!i<l ilu-ii uouiliwuod Mr.
Mtouroc as qualified to lill ilie cliatr.
Xo oilier candidalcs bciug i>"l up in
nomination. Mr. Monroe was unani
mously olocicd.
Mr. Monroe liien hkklo. :i brief au
divss. ju wliidi he ]»aul ;i liifih tribute
10 1110 AanerJcan renuMi>\ :ui«l Mr.
Gordon 'then moved Uial tli<> conven
tion proceed to iii«- election of :i clerk.
Several candidates were put. in aom
inHiion. and Mr- George W. Mmmonl.
of RiHimond. wis elected oil the sec
ond ballot.
Mr. Poddridire Uien moved that ilie
rulos of the House cf Delegates 1)8
adopted, so fiir ;is Uiey would apply,
to rpjrnla.o 11k* proceedings and delib
erations, and the resolution w:is ndopt
A twpeauWii-.-irnis -was next eler-iod
nnd a resolution was adopted provid
ing ihai "the reporters ft:r fli-e new::.
p;i]>ers in the i»\vn of Hichinoiid be ad
mii'ied to seals for ihe purpose of tak
ing- notes of flic proceediugs of Hie
The roll *vas called and wfitli few ex
ceptions all i!m: delegates answered to
l ln-ir unmos.
The Convention then eieeiod two
On Hie second day of the Conven
tion a resolution was adopted 10 ap
poinrt a committee of twenty-four, one
from ea<-h Senatorial district, to w.horn
should be referred line duty of devis
inp the best mode of arranging tue
luislness of ilie convention.
On ilie ihird day the committee was
announced and ou the fourth day re
ported a method of procedure. They
recommended that a committee be ap
pointed to lake into consideration the
Kill of Rights and report to Uibe con
tention whether an their opinion any.
and if any. what 'amendments are no
•es-jiry n'liereiu! Thai similar com
mittees l>e appointed to take into con
sideration the legislative department,
ihe executive departmeni. the judicial
department and soon, and recommend
what, if any. amendments should he
made in the Constitutional provisions
relating to these.
Mr. Thomas K3tcbie was elected
printer and with* a report subsequently
of the Committee on Credentials, ihe
convention was ready for deliberation,
and after some preliminaries proceed
ed to the work in hand- We taJie it
that This will in the main be the
course off procedure of the convention
which 'is no meet; in Juno.
Russell .Sago thinks thai Wall Siivet
is on the verge of collapse. He de
clares that values have not increased,
ilia! properties now so high can be
produced for one-half of what they are
selling for. and that rlie present condi
tion of the market is unnatural and
liable to lead to great losses. But all
men are not fools, lift says, and so ho
predicts that ihe public will get iis
eyes open very soon and see ihe .'ib
surdity of trying to represent railroads
as worth double what others could be
put down beside them for. "Now is
Ihe time,"" says Mr. Sajre. "to exercise
prudence, reduce prices, take in sail
and keen close to the shore"
Mrs. Sage, who was present while
her husband was talking to a reporter
of the Now York Herald, said: "They
are all drunk with speculation and
don't kirow what they are doing. They
have sent stocks of all sorts up in U-i
ioons and think they will never come
down, bur. they surely will-*'
"That's just it," remarked Mr. Sapre.
approvingly, "li's inflation, nnd H has
continued longer than I thought it
would. It did seem as if there vres in
iAiligence enough among the men hi
Wall Street to see the utter impossi
bility—the folly—the danger — of trying
to do business on a fictitious basis.
Vnlcss mliore is a speedy change, aUu "
the men who are vow adrift come io
their senses and return to sound busi
ness methods, disaster is inevitable.
"I consider it the duty of the press to
tell the truth about the situation, that
honest men may take warning before
it ih. too late.
"The longer this financial condition
continues, 'the greater will be the sac
rifice in the end. for priev* have got to
come down. There can be no other
\vny. They must come down."
Mr. Sage is right only 'in part. There
hae been a vory givat increase in
values, and many good stocks are not
seliing at higher figures ulian they are
actually worth. But in tuher cases
valuw have been iuflauni aud ihe spec
ulative craze hat? tak^n hold of the
people. We do not think that ihe tiling
hae gone far enough as ytH to do any
material harm, because 41ieSe are d;syx
of wonderful prosperity iv the Uiiitod
Slat.es, aud 4 ho earning capacity <tf t\w
raUronds and the industries of tin*
country is grrator than ev<*r before.
Rut. wild sppcuhd-ion, *«eh a* we hat«
caen during the past several weeks,
menus inflation, and inflation means
collapse It would be a great sin for
the general prosperity of Hiis country
to be impaired by a wild speculative
boom, and it is to be hoped that. Amer
ica ti cun>.iv.i:iMii will prevent it.
9 Si!M)<- iiine a^o w<- mentioned tho
fa< i thai a crowd <if while men in
r.-i:irs;)ii. N. .]., ihreatcned to lynch a
hogix) bpcause, while riding on a bicy
cyo. he h;id run into a while boy and
knocked him down. ••Supposv." we
asked, "this negro had committed a
nameless asj-.inlt ou a liule frirl. what
would this New Jersey mob have
In reply a friemi kindly sends us ihe
following item which he clijuied n
ccntijr from the news columns of the
Philadelphia. Kecord:
SAi.l.u. .\. .1.. .March 27. -At his
lieaiiiu i<i-i!.iy iii .in- onice <»r ,lus.;ce
of tiie penes Wood. George Newsoine
had a uarrow e^cajx: from violence :it
ilie bail. is <!i' jlte t.-iiner of little uiabel
]• iniay find <-i tup assembled crowd.
N» wsomo is tho tall, heavy negro
who was arrested yesterday on ihe
charge of attacking Mabc], th<> four
t<>en-ye;:]-ol<l d.iiiirliter of Charles B.
I'inlny. ;i fariuer near ihis city, an-1
silencing ln-r by Hireats to kill her.
At the hearing Finlay and his wifo
became s:» enraged while tlieir diiugli
ler ■wtis rel.-iting the terrible slory of
'ihe crime that ii was ;ill the officers
could do t<> keep them from attacking
Hie ugly prisoner. Gqprge White, also
a. colored farm hand to whom New
some is said to have told of the crime,
testified to what he knew, and h«
proved an excellent witness for the
On cross-examination Xewsome tried
in implicate WJiite in the trouble, and
ihis so enraged the latter that he seiz
ed the chair in which he -was sitting
and would have brained the defendant,
had it not been for the prompt action
of Detcerlve Carney, who was close at
'.lafid. Justice Wood held Newsome for
court without bail, and White was
helii as a witness. Xewsome is a biir.
muscular negro, six feel and over in
height, of about twenty-three years
old. There was a strong sentiment in
favor of lynching ilie negro here this
morning, and had any one made the
move it would have been accom
We repeat what we said in the origi
nal article, that the northern people
are fast opening their eyes to the true
status of the negro question in the
.South. The negro question is now
coming home to them and they no
longer view it altogether from afar.
Hence the difference.
Hon. Charles A. Towne intimates
that Aguiualdo's proclamation was
dictated by the American authorities.
Is it possible that Mr. Towne holds
any American responsible for the flam
buoyant language of (ha>t fearfully and
wonderfully made document?
That car of the Presidential train
which was set apart if or the Presi
dent's special use has l>een sidetrack
ed In Chicago for the sufficient reason
that it. bears the name "Imperial" on
the side and that, too, in gold letters.
The President may be an "imperial
ist," but he is not yet ready to wear
the label.
Why should our people be the only
ones to close their eyes to vhat is go
ing on? Why should we move along
in the same old ruts and insist that
political policies and old traditions lon-sr
since dead are vital living issues, and
depend oii them for the salvation of the
South.— fcenaturMcLauriu.
Many other southerners are asking
themselves ihe same question.
The Springfield Republican says:
•'Tin proposal to divide the school fund
of Virginia between the- while and black
rocos, in proportion to tho amount of
taxes paid by them
AS VIEWED respectively, has been
AT Til]-: NORTH, given its death blow
by Senator Daniel.
Writing to a friend lie wisely says that
the plan is 'lacking- in just regard for
the natural relations of the State to its
citizens, it would contain a restriction
upon legislative power unprecedented in
the United States. It would put us out
of sympathy with the great bo>iy of our
fellow-citizens elsewhere, as well as a
lars<" mass of them, both biack and
white, in our own coii.ir.onweaith.' The
Richmond Times supports Senator Daniel,
denouncing .such a step as cruel and cal
culated to -advertise the Virginia whites
as possessed with 'a hatred toward the
lilack race.' The division of school
money in proportion to taxes paid makes
r.o headway, happily, anywhere in the
The Indianapolis Xcws says:
"The Young Women's Christian Asso
ciation of this city, while young- in years,
is rich in usefulness. It has made most
gratifying growth.
A HOME FOR Already it has a
YOI'XG WOMEN, membership of SOU.
To these it offers
meals at bare cost, wholesome, well
cooked food, which women, and women
who work particularly, not merely mcd,
but .must J>e encouraged to eat. The in
stitution offers besides, all i-orts of re
creation and education. There are
classes of various kinds in physical, men
tal and moral culture. There are social
opportunities. All sides of life arc looked
after andj ministered to. l'here is, in
Fhort. here an ideal institution for women.
Standing for a 'home' to women that
need a home or natural protectors, it is
one of the most beneficent institutions
that honor this community."
Richmond has a similar institution, and
authough not as well supported as it
might be, it is doing a no'>le work.
The Norfolk Dispatch says:
Colonel Marshall is posing as the Tide
water candidate. He appeals to us for
support on tho ground that he will rep
resent our interest
XORKOLK WANTS at Richmond and
TO KNOW. obtain for this
section sadly need
ed political recognition. Yet in what par
ticular has he promised to forward a
single Interest of this section? Where
has he attempted to show us that our
section or any section of the State will
by»b v » bcnelUed if he is chosen to the Ex
ecutive chair? lie Jias never come across
the river to say a word to the people of
Norfolk. It is true that he has held con
ferwioes with "friends" here just as have
the other candidates in the race. As for
the man Echols, he seems to nhv» deter
mined to give us even I<*sk satisfaction
in this most important mntter.
A special from SpringlleJd. Mass.. dated
Saturday, says: Mme. Lillian Blauvelt
made her first public appearance since
her arrival from Europe at the Music
Festival here to-night. She was greeted
by an Immense audience and was given
n. most enthusiastic reception. She sang
the mad sceno from "Hamlet."
• , •
Tho Klrminißrham Ag<vl!erald says:
<".'ia. lUclunond Pearson Ilobsoa has
written a letter to Mrs. Ellen Peter-
Bryee, as president of the R. E. Rocics
Chapter. U. D. C, accepting her invita
tion to be present at" the Memorial Day
on tht> 26th fhst. Captain Hob
pon was uncertain when he left Alabama
fla to whether ho cfiuld return to Ala
bama and take part In the excrciscy.
■ *
■ 'How's this?" demanded the magis
trate. "You have your husband arrested
for assault and yet you refuse to testify
against, him."
"Well, your honor." said Mrs. Mc-
Glone, whose heart had softened, "I ain't
shure 'twas him done it."
"But you told me ho punched you in
"Thrill for yo. Somo wan did punch
mejn th' oiyo, but 1 ain't shure who, fur
mo back wor turned at the toime."—Phil
adelphia Press.
We have a copy of. tho Manila Times
of Rlarcii 101 h. In which it is announced
that "Miss Annie Wheeler, daughter of
General Joseph Wheeler, is recovering
from the effect* of a surgical operation
for appendicitis."
Ada Rehan, the actress, is ill at Cleve
land, Ohio. {
• *
New York -will reduce its tax rate to
$1.23, the lowest since 15v3.
A careless Remark— "i.-am really afraid
you hurt that actor's feelings," said Miss
"In what way?"
"You said he played his part very well.
You know hn Is very sensitive, and by
lining the word ';i;trt,' he. may have
thought you were trying to imply "that he
is not the whale show."— Washington Star.
* ' ' " •
Owing to the existence of ;i scarlet fever
epidemic in Keene, N. H., t!ie local bank
now sterilizes all the money which passes
through Its hands. The notes and coins
arc placed in a galvanized iron oven, lined
with asbestos and heated by means of a
Bunsen burner. A .thermometer is pro
vided to show the interior temperature at
all times. The oven is heated to 000 de
grees when in use.
Dr. Gills on Duty Again— Ben Bushel in a
Critical Condition.
The condition of the Rev. J. 11. Riddick
continues to grow worse. He was thought
last night to be very much weaker.
Dr. W. Armlstead Gills, of the city
ambulance corps, who has been confined
to his rodm N by sickness several days, is
able to be on duty to-day.
Junius Swanzlnger, the man who drank
laudanum Saturday, with the intention of
dying, was discharged yesterday from the
There has been no material change in
the condition of Ben. Bushal, who is at
the Virginia Hospita! in a critical con
dition as the result of his Injuries.
Some Extensive Improvements Will Be Begun
It is understood that improvements to
the club-house of the Westmoreland Club
will be faeiruii In a short time. The im
provements were decided upon some time
ago in Jieu cf removal to other quarters,
which was advocated by a small minority
of the club.
The nature and extent of the improve
ments have not been made public. They
will be quite extensive, and will add great
ly to the beauty and comfort of-one of
the most home-like and altogether pleas
ant places in the city.
Couch— Terry.
(Special Dispatch to The Times.)
PA'MPLIN CITY. VA., April 22.— A quiet
marriage, i>ut one of great interest because
of the prominence of the contracting par
lies, took place to-duy at Darlington
Heights, near here, at the residence of the
bride's mother, Mrs. M. J. Terry, whose
daughter. Miss Georgia Anna, a popular
teacher in this section, was led to the altar
by Professor Willie Carlton Couch, of Dur
ham, N. C.
•The bride's father was the late Dr. N.
J. Terry, a prominent practitioner for
many years. Mr. and Mrs. Couch leave
to-morrow for points o£ interest, and will
soon be at their home in Durham.
The ceremony was performed by the
groom's brother. Rev. J. H. Couch, of this
piace, whose wife is a sister of the bride.
His Application Denied by the United States
Supreme Court.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 22.— The
United States Supreme Court to-day de
nied the application of Captain Ob»rlin M.
Carter to be admitted to bail.
The court confined itself to' a Jr.are
rtatement made by the justice of the Su
preme Court of its deliberations. No rea
sons were assigned and no references were
made to Carter's motion to strike Solicitor-
General Richards' brief from the files of
the court.
Will Adjourn on the Twenty-Seventh of
CBy Associated Press.!
WASHINGTON, April 22.— 1n the United
States Supreme Court to-day Chief Justice
Fuller announced the final adjournment
of the court for the term on the. 27th of
No intimation has been given by tho
court as to when the decision of the insu
lar cases may be expected, or whether
they will be decided at all before final
Captures .Made by British.
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON. April 22.— Lord Kitchener in
a dispatch to the War Otlice under date
of Pretoria, April 21, says.
"Since my last report the British col
umns have captured 242 prisoners, 2-1S
rifles, some ammunition and wagons, and
carts. A few men have also sui'iendcred."
Positively cured fey these
liittle Pills.
They also relieve Distress from Djspsps:
idigesuon and Too Hearty Eating. Apt
ct remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowi
ess, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongt
'am in the Side, TORPID LIVER. Thej
Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
»mall Pill. Small Dose
Small Price.
(Continued from First Page.)
]t was mainly due to restriction of power
in tho hands of the people. They are
being overreached, said he, by public
agents, powerful interests. This is tht;
"apron Rtring" ot polities'. Said he, Man
na. Quay. Platt and others were the
aprorip. Mahono once wan the apron in
this State, and ho urged against any repe
tition In Virginia.
This was received with shouts of ap
proval. He said of all governments tho
most corrupt is oiv-wan power under a
rejiiiblfcan form. He only alluded to his
own candidacy by saying he h;t<l nor. and
would not promise any place in advance
of his election. That ho wonted to be
free to nwkf appointments In the Interest
of the public, v/elfiire and not to promote
'his nomination.
His address, which was chaste and elo
quent, elicited great enthusiasm, and no
doubt added a number of friends to his
Politics in Botctourt.
(Special Dispatch (•> The Times.)
FINCASTLE, VA.. April 22.— The gu
bernatorial contest in this county over
shadows everything of a political nature.
Early in tho action it seemed as though
the county was right evenly divided be
tween Mr. Swanson nnd Mr. Montague,
but Montague's strength has been grad
ually growing and now il is generally
conceded that he has tho county by a
safe and good majority. It has been
stated that Swanson's friends will try and
secure some of the delegates for Mr.
Echols. While our people entertain a
high regard for Mr. Echols, yet they be
lievo the fight lies between Montague
and Swanson, and Montague's friends will
not agree to such a proposition.
It ih. likely that Montague clubs will, at
an early date, be organized throughout
the county.
Fluvanna and .(ioodiland.
(SpdClal Dispatch to Tho Times )
KENT'S STOKE, VA., April 22.-The re
sults of the recent convention, held at
Columbia, Va.. for the purpose of nomi
nating a candidate for the Constitutional
Convention by the mass-meeting- advo
cates, has pretty well determined what
should have been the proper mode of ac
Indications arc now that both counties—
Fluvanna and Goochland— will rescind all
former actions in the mntter and hold pre
cinct meetings, as recommended by the
Goochland county chairman; and should
this be done, it will no doubt heal the
breach in the party in Fluvanna, and
both counties will then work together for
the election of the Democratic nominee.
The voters at large in this section are
heartily in favor of this plan, and hope it
will be carried out.
Beverly Nominated.
(Special Dispntcb to The Times. l
TAPPAiPfANNOCK, VA.. April 22.— The
delegates from Essex and Middlesex met
in Tappahahnock for the purpose of nomi
nating 1 delegates to the Constitutional Con
vention. A large and enthusiastic crowd
was present. J. H. C. Beverly was put in
remination by iB. J. Saunders and
seconded by H. L. Newbill. Judge A. B.
Evans was put in nomination by Dr. Chris
tian, of Middlesex, and seconded by Mr.
Walter Ryland.
Mr. Beverly was nominated on the first
ballot. The nomination was made unani
mous on motion of 'Mr. Willis Evans. The
convention was very harmonious.
Danville Delegates.
(Special Dispatch to The Times.)
(DANVILLE, VA., April 22.— The Dan
ville Democrats to-niglu selected the fol
lowing delegates to the Chatham Conven
tion on the 20th, and instructed them to
vote for Withers as a delegate to the Con
stitutional Convention from Danville and
Pittsylvania county; Harry Wooding, dele
gate at large, and Berryman Green, O. W.
Dudley, P. H. Boisseau, J. K. Anderson,
\. B." Carrington, Li C. Berkeley. M. .P.
Jordan. E. K. Jones, Julian Meade, John
!F Rison, W. T. Jefferson. A. M. Southall,
J. S. Adams. W. H. Buntin. George L.
Corbin W. D. Cook, A. D. Clement, C. E.
Slaughter, E. W. Daly, 11. M. Jefferson, It.
E Cook W. R." Mitchell. W. 1. White,
George L. Newell, L. G. Martin. E. £.
Swain J. L. Vaden, W. S. Harrison. W.
W. Waddill, W. A. Taylor, C. D. Ponton
and John W. Smith.
Total Number of Foreign Workers Killed by
Chinese Was 186.
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 22.-Fig
ures received at the State Department,
compiled by J. W. Stevenson, director yf
the Chinese Inland iiission, showed that
the total number of foreign missionaries
killed in China during the recent dis
turbances, including children, was ISG.
Of these 2S adults and S children were
Two Trees Planted in Agricultural Depart
ment lirouuiis.
(By Associated I'ress.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 22. -Arbor
Day was celebrated here by the planting
of two memorial trees in thu Department
of Agriculture grounds. The trees are to
commemorate the work ot: the late Secre
tary ot Agriculture, J. lv. Rusk ana the
late Assistant Secretary, E. M. Wlllets.
Secretary Wilson, Professor Galloway,
director of the Bureau of Plant Industry,
ana Mr. Subworth, one of the three ex
perts Of the departmeni, made addresses.
Firm of Which lie Is nead Makes an Assigr.
(By Associated Press.)
NEW YORK., April 22.— John Kelly &
Company, stock broKers, made an assign
ment to-uuy for the bent-tit of their crtUi
•-.Honest John" Kelly is the senior mem
ber of the nrm.
Messrs. Levy and linger, attorneys for
the assignors, issued this statement for
Mr. Kelly to-day:
"Mr. Kelly has made heavy sacrifices to
tide over the^ affairs of the tirm. The
firm will eventually pay one hundred
cents on the dollar and that -within a
short time, when it will resume business.
The liabilities arc not yet known. We
may add that a number of Mr. Kelly's
friends have offered him financial assis
tance, but Mr. Kelly is resolved to adjust
through his own resources."
Right of Protection Against Infectious Disease
(By Associated Press.)
WASHINGTON, April 22.— The attention
of the United States Supreme Court was
given to-day largely to the question of
the right of one State to quarantine
against another. The contention arose in
connection with the case of AS r . P. Smith
vs. the St. Louis and Southwestern Rail
road Company, involving quarantine reg
ulations against the importation of cattle
in 1597.
To-day's opinion holds that the. State
had a right under its police power to pro
tect itself against Infectious disease, even
though commerce may be incidentally in
terfered with by tho regulations for such
Justices Harlan nnd "White united in a
dissenting opinion; and Justice Brown de
livered a dissenting opinion of his own.
s Magnificent through and Local Possen
senger Service between the East
and South oad Southwest.
■LINE, because It enters the Capitals of
the six States whiob it traverses, exclu
sive of the National Capital, through
which Us trains run solid from New York
to Jacksonville, and Tampa Florida. It
runs through Richmond, Va., Raleigh.
N. C, Columbia, S. C, Atlanta, Ga.,
Montgomery, Ala., and Tallahassee, Fla.
This road will continue to run tho fa
affording the only through limited service
dully, including- Sunday, between New
York and Florida, and is the shortest lino
between these points.
These splendidly modern trains of the
rive at and depart from Pennsylvania
Railway Stations at Washington, Balti
more, Philadelphia, and New York, car
rying Pullman's most improved equip
ment, with unexcelled dining car service,
compartment, drawing-room, and obser
vation cars. It has Pullman service five
times per week each way from Washing
ton to that celebrated resort, Plnchurst,
N. C.
It has the short line to and from Rich
mond, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Raleigh,
Southern Pines, Columbia, Savannah.
Jacksonville, Tampa and Atlanta, and
the principal cities between the South
and East. It is also the direct route to
Athens, Augusta and Maeon.
In Atlanta, direct connections arc made
in the Union Station for Chattanooga,
Nashville and Memphis, also for New
Orleans and all points in Texas, Cali
fornia, and Mexico.
In iddition, it Is the orr.y line opera
ting through trains and Pullman sleep
ing cars between Atlanta and Norfolk,
where connections are made with the
Old Dominion Steamship Company from
New York, the M. & 11. T. Company,
from Boston and Providence, tho Norfolk
& Washington Steamboat Company, from
Washington, the Baltimore Steam Packet
Company, from Baltimore, and the N.
Y. P. & N. Railway, from New York an-J
Through Pullman cars also operated on
quick schedules between Jacksonville
and St. Louis, via Montlcello. and be
tween Jacksonville and New Orleans, in
addition to through trains with Buffet
Chair Cars between Savannah and Mont
The local train service is first-class with
most convenient schedules.
RAILWAY will ticket passengers for any
points, affording the quickest schedules,
finest trains, and most comfortable ser
vice. Its 1.000 mile books sold at $25
arc good from Washington, D. C. over
the entire system of 2,600 miles, including
Twelve years ago J. AY. Sullivan, of
Hartford, Conn., scratched his leg- with
a rusty wire. Inflammation and blood
poisoning set in. For two years he suf
fered intensely. Then the best doctors
urged amputation, "but," he writes. "I
i;sed one botle of Electric Bitters and 1%
boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve and my
leg was sound and well as ever." For
Eruptions, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum,
Sores and all blood disorders Electric
Bitters has no rival on earth. Try them.
Owens & Minor Drug Co., will guarantee
satisfaction or refund money. Only 50c.
Memphis. Term., May 28-30, 1901
For the above occasion the Southern
Railway will sell tickets from all points
on its line to Memphis and return at one
■■^nt per mile in each direction for the
round trip. Tickets to be on sale May I'oth,
•'(ith und 'Jlth, with return limit June
4th By depositing ticket with the joint
a^ent at MempliJa between May :.'Sth and
June -'id. an extension of limit until June
3!»th will be grunted upon payment of 50
cents. The Southern offers the choice of
routes from Virginia and Carolinas to
Memphis through Asheville (Laud of the
Sky) and Chattanooga, or through Atlan
ui/and Birmingham. The rate from Rich
mond to Memphis will be $17.C."» for the
round trip. Only one night will be re
quired on the road from Richmond to
Memphis via this route.
Detailed information will be furnished
by any agent of the Southern Railway,
Richmond Transfer Company, or C. W.
Westburv, D. P. A., Richmond. Va.
District Passenger Agent.
If he'd had Ttching Piles. They're ter
ribly annoying; but Bucklen's Arnica
Salve will cure the worst case of piles on
earth. It has cured thousands. *• or In
juries, Pains or Bodily Eruptions it's the
betr salve in the v/orld. Price '-'jc. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by Owens &
Minor Drug Co.
Pinehurst-'Washiiigton Sleeper Now
Operated on the "Florida & 3letro
politan Limited."
On and after Friday, April 13th, the
Sleeping Car service, now operated five
days each week on the "Florida and Me
tropolitan Limited," will be discontinued
and in its stead extra cars will be oper
ated, leaving Washington April 13th, 15th,
17th, 19th, 24th and 26th. Returning, leave
Pinehurst April 15th, 16th, 17th, ISth, 23d,
!3th and 30th.
The Pinehurst-Washington Sleeping Car
service to be entirely' discontinued May 1,
District Passenger Agent,
Richmond, Va.
General Passenger Agent,
Portsmouth, Va.
Countless thousands have found a bless
ing to the body In Dr. King's New Life
Pills, .WfuCh positively cure Constipation,
Sick Headache, Dizziness,* aJundice, Ma
laria, Fever and Ague and all Liver and
btomaeh troubles. Purely vegetable;
never gripe or weaken. Only Hoc. at
Owens & Minor Drug Co.
Little Rocfc. Ark;., May 10-2 S. One
Vain Unto Via C & O. R'y.
For the above occasion the Chesapeake
and Ohio Railway Company will sell tick
ets to Little Rock,. Ark., and return at
one fare for the round trip May 14th, loth
and 16th, good until June Ist.
Memphis, Teun.. May IMS-30. One
t ent Pov *! He R.i»e Via V. & O..K'y.
For the above occasion the Chesapeake
and Ohio Railway Company will sell tick
ets to Memphis, Term.. and return at
rate of one cent per mile travel. Rate
from Richmond $17.65 round trip. Tick
ets will be sold May 23th, 20th and 27th,
good until June 4th, subject to extension
of limit to June 30th upon payment of 50
cents and depositing them with joint
agent, Memphis.
Washed down a telegraph line which
Charles C. Ellis, of Lisbon, la:, had to re
pair. "Standing waist deep in icy water,"
he writes, "gave me a-, terrible cold and
cough. It grew worse daily. Finally the
best doctors in Oakland, Neb., Sioux City
and Omaha said I had Consumption and
could not live. Then I began using Dr.
King's New Discovery aftd was wholly
cured by six bottles*" Positively guaran
teed for Cough». Colds and all Throat
and Lung troubles by Owens & Minor
Drug Co. Price 50c. and $1»
Aguinaldo Thinks Insurreclion Will
Soon End.
(By A*soclnted Prp.«s.)
■MANILA, April 22.— A representative of
the press visited A'guinaldd ihis afternoon
at No. 56 Solonc Street, whither he was
removed from the aialacananj and found
him in a large room upstairs, furnished
with a table, typewriter machine, three
settees and twenty chairs. His wife, who
was entertaining ■'<• number of Filipino
women friends, sat at one end ot tiie
room, while Aguinal.lo, smoking a cigar
and chatting with Benlip Legardo, occu
pied the opposite corner.
Ho was rather reluctant to talk for pub
lication and considered every question
carefully before answering. He said he
was doing all he ould to assist In tho
pacification of the Philippines, and «
pressed himself as surprised at what the
Americans had accomplished.
•'I am now urging in the strongest pos
sible manner." said Aguir.aido. "that all
insurgents should surr.-irler and swear
allegiance to t».e Unite.l States."
He expressed the opinion that Tinio
L'ucabah. Malvar and other ~i preserva
tive insurgents will surre.irler as soon as
they como to understand the nature .->f
the" amnesty offered Uiem. He saidj.e
hoped that when the work of pacification
was complete and conditions were sett'ed
the prisoners in Guam '.v.v.ii-1 be teheed.
After referring in grateful term* *o the
courteous treatment accor.l-d him try the
military authorities, he declared Ins con
viction" that the civil wrn-h
would follow pacii'.catii.i WyU'O ictO'ze
the highest hopes of '.he Filipino people.
When questioned regarding t.i<-. report
that he would visit the United States: be
replied that ho would iik^ t.. 'lo ■•-■>. but
had made no plans as yet. placing hiaifelf
entirely at the disposition of tho Vr.i'ed
States Government.
Tn concluding the interview he ods- rvefl:
"Every word in my addri*s to ny cun
trymen, the Filipinos, c.imo from Tny
heart. I hope the ■Amerisns belisve me
thoroughly sincere in my efforts to s e ruro
peace, and, under American nus;>sW3, to
promote the welfare xnd |>r.jsp-ierity of
the Philippines."
Hampden-Sidney Orators.
(Special Dispatch to The limes.)
Orations were, delivered Saturday after
noon by one-third of the junior class, the
speakers and their subjects being as fol
lows: Mr. E. H. Cohn. Norfolk, Va.,
"Justice"; J. F. Epes. Blackstone, Va.,
"A Higher Patriotism": Cabell Fitzger
ald. Richmond, Va.. "Ambition": R. S.
Graham. Tazewell, Va.. "Our Country's
Call": P. B. Hill, Richmond. Va., "The
Triumph of Perseverance"; A. P. John
son, Christiansburg, Va.. "Virginia's Mo
tives and Position In the Secession"; R.
IT. Johnson, Petersburg, Va.. "Calhoun.
the Champion of State Sovereignty"; Mr.
F. A. Brown, Norfolk. Va., a senior,
spoke on "The True Value of History."
Iron Trestle Washed Out.
(Special Dispatch to Tho Tlmns.)
WINSTON, N. C, April 22.— Four spans
of the iron trestle across Yadkin River,
on Mocksville-Mooreville Railroad, were
washed out by high water yesterday
just after a train had passed over.
Passengers and baggage will jo trans
ferred until damage is repaired.
Snowing for Two Days in Montgomery and
Drifted four Feet.
(Special Dispatch to The Times.)
Snow has been falling- here con
stantly since noon Saturday, which
v. ould be a foot deep had It not melted.
Drifts are four feet deep in many places.
It is not thought that the fruit is in
jured, as it is slightly warmer to-day.
The Storm in Be Kord.
(Special D'tßpiitch to The Times, i
EEDFORD CITY. VA., April 22.— The
heavy rain of the previous two days gave
place Sunday morning to a genuine snow
flurry, which melted as rapidly as it fell.
The heavy snow storm from the west was
broken by the protecting mountains, and
these are -white with one of the heaviest
falls seen this -winter. It is feared that
peaches, cherries and plums have been
seriously damaged on the mountain sides,
but in the lowlands the great humidity
has so far protected the first blossoms. «
No Damage at Buena Vista.
(Special Dispatch to Th<» Times.)
■BUENA VISTA, VA.. April 22.— The rain
storm for the past three days . has done
little or no damage here, other than flood
the vicinity -with mud and -water. North
River, a branch of the James, is not un
usually high.
Fruit Killed.
(By Associated Press.)
About six inches of snow has fallen here.
Fruit is believed to have been killed.
Bishop of Oxford Dead
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON". April 22.— Right Rev. William
Stubbs, Bishop of Oxford, died this morn
ing. He was born June 21, 1525.
saIe firm wants Office Manager at Rich
mond; $i,500 salary and largo percent
age: $700 cash required, well secured.
Position permanent. Address MANU
FACTURERS, 1332 Cherry. Phila.. Pa.
WANTED FOR U. S. ARMY: Able-bodied
unmarried men between ages of 21 and
35; citizens of United States, of good
charcter and temperate habits, who can
bpeak, read and write English. Recruits
specially desired- for service in Philip
pines. "For information sipply to Tif>
CRUITING OFFICE, No. 110 B, 3road St.
Performers to play brass. Could place
amateur lady or gentleman with small
capital: permanent positton. Address
MODEL COMEDY CO.. Glen Geve. Va.
Washington, D. C, April 17. 1001.— Sealed
proposals, in triplicate, will be received
here until 2 o'clock P. M. FRIDAY. May
17. 1001, for furnishing- during fiscal year
ending June 30, 1002. fuel and mineral
lamp oil. Information furnished on appli
cation. U. S. reserves right to accept or
reject any or all proposals, or any part
thereof. Envelopes containing proposals
should be marked "Proposals for Fuel (or
Oil)," addressed T. E. TRUE, Depot Q. M.
. I'Olt X ISN'T.
Street, a neatly-furnished back room*.
Gentleman preferred.
tween Bank and Broad Streets, a PAIR
black case. On the case was the name
. of the Tom Rico Jawelry Co., Greens
boro, N. C. Finder will please leave
same at this office anfi'recelve reward.
and Boulevard, on Main or Floyd Street,
gram "Mi AY." Suitable reward if re
t«rned td D. M. WALKER, lUIJ Ha** '
In the Matter of i Xo. — .
Bankrupt. . ) Bankruptcy.
On this 16th day of April, A- D. IWL
ou revving tue petition iur JL-m. narga ot
the bankrupt. It ts—
Ordered by the Court, that a hearing b«
bad upon the eramc on the -il D\X
Of MAY. A. I), loot, before said
. court, at jtUehmonu. in sousl uisir-ict. at VI
o'clock nni.in; and that notice thereof bo
published in The Times, a newspaper
printed in satd district, and that ati
known creditors and other persons in In*.
terest may appear at the said time and
place and show cause. If any they have;
why the" prayer of the said petitioner
should not be granted.
And it is further ordered by the Court,
that the clerk shall send by mull to all
known creditors copies of said petition
and this order, addressed to them at their
piaces of residence as stated.
Witness thw Ifonornble EDMLND
WADIHI.L. Jr., Judge of the said court,
and the seal thereof, at Richmond, in said
district on the HJth day of April, A. D,
Attest: G. E. BOWDEN. Clerk.
By Joseph r. Brady. Deputy Clerk.
In the Matter of ) No. 298.
Bankrupt. ) Bankruptcy.
On this ltUh day of April. A. D. 100U
on reading tlio petition tor discharge oC
the bankrupt, it is—
Ordered by the Court, thnt a hearing hn
had upon the sumo on the 2d DAY"
OF MAI", A. D. 1901, before said
court, ;it Richmond, in said district, at
12 o'clock noon; and that notice thereof
be published In The Times, a newspaper
printed in said district, and that all
known creditors an<2 other persons in In
terest may appear at the said time and
ptaco and sliow cause, if any tliP3- have,
why the prayer of the said petitioner
should not b-i granted.
And it is further ordered by tho Court,
that the clerk shall sfnd by mail to .til
known creditors copies of said petition
and this order. aOdressert to them at their
plnces of residence as stated.
Witness the Honorable EDMUND
WADDILL. Jr.. judge of the safd court,
and the seal thereof, at Richmond, in saW
district on the 10th day fjf April. A. D.
Attest: G. E. BOWDEN. Clerk.
By Joseph P. Brady. Deputy Clerk.
In the Matter of ) No. — .
Bankrupt; ) Eank'pcy.
On this 16th day of April. A. D. TJOI,
on reading the petition for discharge
of tho bankrupt, it is—
Ordered by the Court, that a hearing ba
had upon the same on the I'd DAY
OF MAY, A. D. 1901, before said
court, at Richmond. In said district, at VZ
o'clock noon; and that notice thereof ba
published in The Times, a newspaper
printed Irt said district, and that all
known creditors and other persons in in
terest may appear at the said time and
place and, show cause, if any they have,
why tho prayer of the said petitioner
should not be granted.
And it is further ordered by the Court,
that the clerk shall send by mail to all
known creditors copies of said petition
and th's order, addressed to them at their
p!t>"ot3 of rt>J= : rt»noe n* .«f->*orl
TTitness the Honorable EDMUND WAD
DILL. Jr.. judge of the said court, and
the seal thereof, .-it Richmond, in said dis
trict, on the 10th day of April, A. D. IDOL
Attest: G. E. BOWDEN. Clerk.
By Joseph P. Brady, Deputy Clerk.
K. TRIGG COMPANY will be held at
the office of the company, in Richmond,
Ta., at 12 o'clock noon on MONDAY,
.April If). ::"»ot, for the purpose of recorc-
SlSering or E-ri.o ding 1 , or both, the ac
tion taken by the stockholders at thenr
cdjourned general meeting 1 , held on Feb
ruary "8. lUOI, i:i reference to authoriz
ing an issue of Lends, che pxecutlou of
a mortgage or coed of trust upon the
franchises and property of the com
pany securing said bonds, end the
authorization of an amendment to the
charter of the company r-erivJtUn? an
Increase of its capital stock: Aiso. for
the purpose of authorizing an increase
ot* the capital stock. e-nd for any other
business that may lav/fully come befora
the meeting.
By order of the. Board of Directors.
Richmdnd. Va.. March '22. 1001.
Southern Hallway Company.?
Richmond. Va.. March 22. 1001. f
general nieetins or the STOCKHOLD
COMPANY has been called by the
Board of Directors, and will be held at
the principal office of the company. In
the city of Richmond. Va.. on WED
NESDAY, the 24th day of Aoril. 1901.
Nt JIO o'clock In the iorenoon, for the
purpose of—
Approving, ratifying and confirming
the action of the Board of Directors a(
the meetlnp thereof held Wednesday.
January 30, lfiOl. In authorlzlne tha
purchase of General Mortjrasre Bonds,
and of shares of the capital Btock ot
the Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company,
upon the terms and in the manner se(
forth in the circular notice, dated Jan
uary 31, 11101. and addressed to the holdi
»;rs of such securities, and thereupol
issued and published In the name of th.'
t-outhern Rallwav Company:
Approving, ratifying and confirming
the action of the Board of Directors
and of the officers of the company In
entering into arrangements for the pur
chase, and in purchasing, such bonds
and stock of ihe Mobile and Ohio Rail
road Company: and
Approving, ratifying and connrminn
the execution, issue and delivery of tha
4 per cent. Collateral Trust 3ond3 and
the Stock Certificates of the Southern
Hailway Company at the crices. on tha
terms and in the amounts so authorized
by the Board of Pirectors at the meet
ing thereof held Wednesday. January
30 1001. and -the receipts. In payment
therefor, of the General Mortsasre Bonda
and shares of the capital stock of tha
Mobile tind Ohio Railroad company,
-iton tho terms and In the manner set
forth in the said circular notice dated
~\Dprovlns\ 'ratifying and confirming
the action of the Board of Directors at
trie meeting thereof held March 22. 1901.
In consummation «.nd completion of trie
pjrehase of the said bonds and atocH
of the Mobile and Ohio n.iiJroad Com
""/'order of the B^rd^gng^.
3oard of Managers of !v- Old
dominion Tlospital will bo hsMTOK
DAY -Vyril •_'.>. 1001, In the college build
'ng at 5 o clock P. M. All members art
urgently reauested to attend.
the '"abl»s at 7 and 0 North eighth
Sireet. loimeriy cccupied by -Mr. W. D.
Sutherland, v.c are now in a beUer po
sition than ever lefore to J-erve our
patrons. Both of our stables— Jefferson
nnd Canal Streets ;=nd Eighth Street
will be open all night nnd our patrons
may rest assured that their cnlers will
bo promptly attended to any ::me day
or eight, with the beat there Is m mod
ern up-to-date livery equipment. Tour
natrona?t> solicited. RICHMOND
TRANSFER CO.. S. H. Bowman. Gen
eral manager. W« East Main Street,
"phones: Office-Old 40, new 40; Eighth
Street— old -«S. new 21; Jefferson Street
—old 437, new 90k
~^ Richmond, Va., April 22. 1001.
in all its branches heretofore conducted:
by T L. ALFRIEND and OTIS M. Al^
FRIEND, under thefirm name of T. L.
ALFRIEND & SON. at No. 1203 East
\rain Street. Richmond, va., wilt be con
tinued by OTI3 it. ALFRIEND and
Mr" KLIZ\ S. ALFRIKND. the widow
ot "T L. Alfriend. deceased, under tha
■n-imft firm name- of T. L. ALFRIEND 4k

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