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Tftr thwroomctrr ranged as follo^ at
Tfoo 'Ts*« rs offloo 5-cat<?rJ}4.y: SA. >L. 75: 12
M.. SZ; 3 P. ML, S5; C I*. M., 90; 9 P. M., $0;
32 xntoaisftU Si. Average, 83><«
VOLJK). KO. 161
Is Nominated for Attorney-Gen-
eral After a Close Fight.
Wild Scenes of Enthusiasm in the
Convention Hall at Close.
The Vote Made Unanimous and the
Defeated Aspirants Speak.
The Successful t«n!idate Congratulates the Convention and HiniFclf
Ipon the Good Feeling That Prevaiicd-Mr. Jeffries Crcales
Great Enthusiasm by Pledging Himself to Go Upon the
Stump and Work for the Success of the Ticket.
Mr. Wiiiard Receives Many Conjratu
lations-iiis Fine Speech.
Staff Correspondence)
NORFOLK. VA., Atij. 15.— 1n accordance with the forecast
made in The Times th : s morning, the Democratic State Con
vention to-day i impleted its task by the nomination of Major
Wm \ Anden m. ■■' ;'■:■ county of Rockbrid^e, for. Attorney-
General. The plitforiri, which is identical with the forecast
e<nt out by this correspondent last nigrht. was adopted atj>:2s
o'clodi and five mlnirt -• thereafter the great convention ad
journed sin< die and Ms labors became a<p
matter of history.
The d« :: - I feature of to-day's pm
ceedings was the bard fought battle for
Atton ■.-''.' :i>r;i:. which, though highly
Interesting and spirited, was y«1 good tia
turod and culminated in the clv ■■■ •
Major Anderson bet r< th. rol) .all on
t j ; , ■•■-.. \ ;■■■...■ ■■■ - ■"■;''• •' '■-
l.AMii LION OF I i:XiX*'T(X.
It became evident to good political
■h>dr"s after adjournment lost night that
the "Lame !-;••:: of Lexington," as he is
■:. ndly called, had by far the best of the
„,;i KJ;!I. ana his boom gathered Mroir-r-h
steadilj up to the moment Chairman
; ' . : ■ ■ :.■]■:■.•..] liall Of
n ■•■" that '■■ '"'■■- ■ :" • ' " ; *■"'
party for AM rney-C*neral. Although
. . ........ v . „.. of great warmth
ol the various can lidates, yet it wa^ a
clean and manly one and was as free
from bitterness and viiupi ration as any
ih.ii ever tool? place in a. Democratic
State Convention;
The defeated aspirants, along with their
successful rival, were brought before
the body this afternoon and vied with
him in speaking words of good-cheer to
Hi,- party, and i:s appealing to their
• M-:. <:s i" rally t-> the standard of the
entire ticket.
Major Anderson was presented first and
the battle-scarred herb, who had given
:.i limb for Hi-- cause of his State, was
accorded one of the grandest ova-:.. 'is
Imaginable as he hobbled* forth t<> thank
his comrades and friends ror the great
honor so recently bestowed. Senator .!■ I
fries, who, though he had seen the coveted
prize of his life's ambition placed in the
hands of another after a long and ardu
ous oanvass, in which he had grown .-:!■
bAw :y contiU nt of vii lory, made a
:na::!\ . splendid S] ■ b and charged his
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Who was nominated for Atlorn:y General on th; second ballot.
Cities Flooded and Great Loss of
Life Feared.
Telegraph Mires Arc Down and the
Raiiroiii Trzii'; L' SuspcnScd— Mobile
C-ut 0/f tinlirely From Out
side World.
(Ry Associated Press.)
XEW ORLTCANS. LA., Aug. 15.— The
stoirm which has been sweeping the Gulf
coast from Pensacola and moving west
ward during the past two days has pros
trated telegraph anS telephone wires to
such an extent that news from the out
lying sections is hard to get at. The
greatest fears have been entertained for
the safety of the people Jiving at Port
Eads, which is at the mouth of-the river,
and for the ships that started for sea
just before Uie storm began.
■Jin- wires there have been prostrated
since Tuesday night at s o'clock, nut
The Picayune reached a man who lived
at Port Eads at 2 o'clock on Wednesday.
]!<> was seen at Buras, which is sixty
miles diown the river, ami i.s the farthest
point witli which there is any communi
cation up to the present time. This man
describes the storm which swept that sec
tion as a regular tidal wave, similar to
the one which resulted in such awful
loss of life in 1593. He says all the peo
ple living on the oast bank of the river
have moved up to the "Jump." which
is fifteen miles from the river's mouth.
The house of a man named Cobden, half
a mile above the quarantine station, was
swept away, and the fifteen members of
his family, including nine children, were
drowned. The quarantine buildings were
badly damaged, but no one injured. The.
bis tow-boat Chamberlain was driven
high and dry in the marsh, hut her crew
was rescued. Captain O'Brien's house
was swept away, but he was on the boat
which was believed to be outside. The
river pilot-boat Reeves was sunk.
The tvg 1 Velasco went down to pass A.
L. Outre, which is the western mouth of
the river, with two barges. When last
seen, sue had her dceTtS iWasK, .tn-l it is
feared she has gone down. If this boat
and her barges have been lost, twenty
"^ JL & 0 •••
Confined to State Issues f Commends Tyler 's Administration, and
Declares for Employers' Liability Bill and for Nomina
tions by Primaries for All Elective Officers*
Following is the platform adopted by the Sato Democratic Convention at Norfolk:
Tije Democrats pf the State o£ Virginia, in convention assembled, reafßriru their allegiance and unfalter
ing devotion m the National Democratic party and declare their admiration for the leaders from Jefferson to
Bryan, who have borne the party's standards in victory and defeat.
We commend the administration of Governor -Tyler- as eminently wise, patriotic and efficient.
As a convincing assurance of the results which may be t exported from the continued control and manage
ment of the affairs of the Suite by the Democratic party, whose membership embraces the great mass of the
white people of Virginia, we point i<> the record of what, it has already accomplished within a recent period.
Since ISSS the public debt has been satisfactorily settled., the annually accruing' interest has be.en prompt
ly met and the market value of Hie bonds is nearly par. The credit of the State has been placed beyond ques
tion. There lias been a net gain of over $300,000 in the .aross yearly revenue, without any increase of rate of
taxation, and without any increase in the average assessed value of agricultural lands.
The public school system has been steadily maintained and improved. In.lSSy there^were. s,9oo schools,
while in 1901 they number 7.255. In 18S5 the annual expenditures, State and local, for public school pur
poses was about $1,400,000, while in I.sin it. will exceed $2,100,000;
pjsabled Confederate soldiers and the widows of these, who were killed, have been as liberally eared for
as the resources of the State would permit- The annual outlay for pensions, and for the Soldiers' Home is
not less than $120,000. An agricultural department has been established and also a bureau of labor.
Notwithstanding esveral years of severe financial depression, population has grown, cities and towns
have been established: manufactures, trade and commerce have advanced: lands heretofore vacant are being oc
cupied and the volume of farm products constantly increasing: capital already invested is yielding profitable
returns, and outside capital is seeking investment.
It is a settled and unflagging purpose of the party to further improve the public school system, to ex
tend the greatest possible aid to deserving pensioners, and to omit nothing in the \yay of the enactments and
executions of laws that will tend to promote the intellectual and material progress of the Commonwealth. We
promise that in all departments of the government that rigid economy shall be practiced, which the tax
payers are entitled to demand.
The condition of Hie public roads is a. matter of serious importance to all the citizens, and we are in
favor of the adoption of effective measures to secure the obvious and manifold advantages to be effected
by their speedy and permanent improvement at. the expense of the counties in which they are located.
We are in favor of the enactment by the General Assembly of a bill modifying- the fellow servant doc
trine so as to impose a just and rea sonable liability upon hazardous transportation companies in respect t->
their employes.
We declare unalterable opposition to criminal trusts and to every dlegal combination of capital. We
denounce such trusts as a serious menace to public welfare, restricting the opportunities and absorbing
the substance of the people. They are the direct product of partial and unjust legislation, and a reckless
multiplication of corporations without suitable provisions for their control- The rights of American free
men must, not be sacrificed >n the interests of corporations banded together for their destruction. We ar
raign the Republican party, both for its failure to enforce existing laws and to enact others against the
The Democratic party recognize, as it has* ever done, the great importance of the tish and oyster indus
tries of -the State of Virginia and it pledges itsolf to foster and encourage those industries by all necessary leg
islation, and that public rocks and bottoms shall be held for the exclusive use of our own citizens.
AYe declare ourselves as favoring the principle of selection of party candidates by primary election, believing
this to be the surest method of arriving at the will of the people andmaintaining' Democratic institutions.
We accordingly direct the State Central Committee to provide a primary election plan for the choice of pair-:
tj-% candidates 'for the United States Senate and for all elective State officers; and for members of the House
"of Iteprcseutativcs of the United States; for members of the General Assembly and for county and municipal
offices,' except where no party nominations are made, and except in the case of county and municipal .offi
cers where for special reasons, the local party authority should deem it expedient. And the party plan of
or-aniz-ition insofar as the same may conflict with any of the above requirements is hereby altered to
that extent. We further favor the exactment by the General Assembly of a law legalizing the primaries to
be conducted under the plan herein provided for, the said plan, by the committee when adopted, to be vmh
form as to method and to require the elections to be held on the same day throughout the State, districts or
counties, as the case may be.
people more have been drowned.
There are numerous reports of individual
casualties all along the river from Buras
down to the Passes. All the steamers
which started for sea Tuesday remained
inside the Passes until Wednesday, eve
ning, and then went out safely, among
the number the Cromwell liner Proteus
and the British transport Mechanician,
which was dynamited while in port a few
days ago. Not a single vessel has passed
up the river since the storm began, and
great fears are entertained for the ves
sels which are expected.
There is serious apprehension concern
ing the. Cheuicre Caminada and Grand
Isle sections, ■■n the Louisiana coast, west
of th..- .M";ss.i.r~., ;>!, where 2,000 lives -v.ere
lost in 1893 by the tidal wave. Up to this
writing, no word has been received from
that section, which is largely inhabited
by fishermen, mostly Chinese and Ma
lays. Up to last midnight everything
seemed to be safe at the Mississippi coast
towns, Bay St. Louis, Pass Chrstian,
Biloxi, Mississippi City and Ocoan
Springs, but since then ot a word has
been heard from them. All wires art
The only reports of damage so far
received are of destroyed bath-houses
and uprooted trees. The Louisville and
Nashville is blocked off beyond Chefe
Menture, 30 miles from this city. The
big steel bridge there is safe, but beyond
there are several washouts on the road.
The New Orleans and Northeastern Rail
way 3s also blocked by washouts on
the lake and its big treotlf- over Lake
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A Small Cloud on Political Horizon
That Blew to Be a Storm.
The People With a Desire for Change
Fought His Battles.
His Followers So Far Have Secured
Dr. LeCato Called Home to Attend a Patient and Wa3 the Oalj De.
feated Candidate Who Did Nat Make His Bow anJ Pledge of
Fidelity to the Nominees of the Party— Governor Tyler
Immensely Pleased With the Work of tiie Conven
tion and the Platform— Attendance Greater
Than at Any Previous Convention.
CONVENTION" HA!. I.. NORFOLK, VA.. Aug. 13.— Now that
the battle is over and the smoke Is clearing away, the nelli '
strewn with political corpses, affords a subject for a most
Interesting study. Uis too early as yet for one to forecast
what the harvest is going t.> be. Theso who followed Mr.
Montague in his !ate campaimn have gobbled up everything
that was laid on the first pie counter. There will be another
delicious spread next December when
the Legislature meets. It is quite
evident that some who haye 1 been
feeding there for years are un
easy, for an invitation will not come
to them as it has cm- biennally :'"r a
number of years.
This new element of leadership that
is f^oin.ir to try and bring about many
reforms, or so-ru.il- ■'. .-• forms in the party
is apparently •:!.-;!."■-.■<; not to run rough
shod over their l:>-: !:■ r !>• r::iu-r;tts who
have seen- tit to take sides with Senator
Martin, Mr. Swanson, and others who
have, directed the policy <>f the party
for several y<':!r«.
Finished First by Half a Length in
2:03 1-4.
In the Second Heat The Abbott Made a Dis_
astrous Break and Before He Could Re,
covet His Gait Crcsctus Had Gone
to the Front.
(By AssoMato.l Ft ess.)
NEW YORK. August 15.— The trotting
interests of the Empire City have not
received sul'U ;i boom in a quarter ol a
century as was developed to-day at the
Brighton Beach track, when, under the
auspices of the New fork Trotting As
sociation, the champi n stallion and
champion gelding, Cresceus and The Ab
bott, came together for a purse of $12,000.
The Abbott, with his record of 2:03 1-1
of last season, and Cresceus; with his
mark of 2:02 l-!. mad.- at Columbus, were
to decide the question •■: which was the
one to d° down in history as the fastest
trotting horse now living.
There was ;l larger crowd present than
was ever seen on ;i New >>>rk trotting
track. It was estimated that I ii.> 15*000
people were present. The weather was
simply perfect for the great trial, ami the
track was like velvet, tii mhU probably a
second slow. Several times during the
afternoon both horses put in som< pre
liminary work, am! each time they passed
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Who made a game fißht for Attornsy-Gsnsral but lost.
Forecast for Friday and Saturday:
Virginia and North Carolina— Bain Fri
day; clearing and warmer Saturday; fresh
southeasterly winds, increasing:.
All the Emoluments.
Staff Correspondence.)
But the woctds? a.-v full of men who
would like t-> occupy some of those al
leged soft bertha al Eh« Capitol or St;»te
Library. Tin froth ; -. roree ot th-jse
who hav< been down In the swamps are
nearirig th< edge of tin woods and "nos
ing around to set how the ground lay.
It need surprisi no one should there bo
opposition to several of !!'■■■ State offi
cers. It is the ■ ise now, as it always
has been, when political revolutions were
wrought that the original band wagon
crowd is many tirr.- s ;:s nun jrpus at the
finish thai; when that vehicle started oat
on its journey.
To-day there were hundreds if not thou
sands to !>t- found who were willini; to
swear by all that it good and holy th.it
he was the original Montague mar.. Just
who Is entitl d to that claim im one can
i ; ; 111 1 this much i.-. certain, and that Is
the movement thai has sw< pt ayer 1 the
State ai.d placed Montague, VVUlard and
Anderson upon the ticket had Its origin.
at a confereni ■ o£ :i few Democrats in
a little room :■.: W ishington soon after
the Roanoke Con eriti n four years ago
turned thi resolud aof Mr. J<-, n <>3
V\ AXTili > A ''i !.\ N< 'K.
it' was evident to one who mix<*l
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