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Th* following w*e the range 01 h- ;; :
Trorr.r;<-r at '!"::<■. 'i :sn< k office J'C*tcraftJ : '.'
fcV ; :i'i'. X,.. 75; :- raidalffht, :_•; average,
Tr..4. . ......
VOL.;i(i. NO. 172
Democrats Agree on the
Principal Features.
One Adopted Only for That Length
of Time,
Must He Able lo Read or Understand the
Constitution, but No Property or Poll-
Tr.x Requirement Until After
January Isi. 1903— Must
Prepare His Own
)be S : ■ ' "■ ran ■• ■ has ; radically
:■ ■ : ■ . ; ■ .- • tions of Ihe future
: ■ . . One or two ri ■':■ ■ : ■ ;:. >y lf
• no nil ■ ' : ■ : '. will be
:na u v. I.- , ■ led in t 1j- .-'■ ' for
lot— \\ it houl ;-.-.. ice, . ■ • ■ icallv
■ ■ ■■',■•].
■ I
: ' ■ ' ■ '■ felt, that
i( .. ,:i
thai • i■ ■ • ,■ . ■ ;•• . . • .. ■ ■ . ■ .•..',..
""^ n 'orkod out. v i .•• committee will
< onfer again this morning
L'lcc! [;oib for Four Years.
■' ! - : ';■• ' ''■■ ;':; ' : "' ■ • onipli t< a its
■ : ■ ■ : : •'•■■•: be ;■:■■ sented
; ■'■' ■ •' ~--' ' ■■ ■ ■ approved by everj*
materia . ■■ made since
' '' ' " ■ : ' rh
;: ■ ' • UrtUS ■ of ]
■ • ' "■ m Mi.' to r<%
... ... ' <jnlvor- 1
S.hcni Supcrinicndents.
■ ■ ■ I not want
that • thi . ■ : t>c adnptcd The
■• ' tii Jud 3 ■ I luncock
! . , „ ■ DV' A '.VOtC Of
: :\ : ' ■ _ . in uf
i '■)■ .-• ■ r thi ■ hainncn
r;:i. 4- thai County Gov
theComn ■ . atl in.
Goverament »i Penitentiary.
' ■'■■ ; ''> ■'■:•• • : . ..■...,,. No
A\ • i:- ** ' ■ I i I > ■.-.-■.}-
>c governed
U i>. t■• : ■ i] : Gov< rndr by
\y..:y 1 1. .:.; bi I at. i ight In cells
witlj : iifl ■ i-entilati >x>
• o i!i.i Inta In 1 th ; rd o DI
!>; ry for that punms . for which II tn •■.
v..!-, i! ..- approval •■• th. G >v< riior, ■x-
V<--- ] ■''/' ''' '■ : derived fa ■■-. lln I
Section 4. The General Assembly -.' r'
upon appiicaiii.n of the Board ol Direc
tors of the penitentiary, approved by jhe
Governor, appropriate euch .-vims of monoy
v, addition M> Uie net receipts <if!i\-,-,'j
from hire of consols as may be neces-
to i.irovide .-uid maintain suitable
(Contisiucd on Fifth. Pace.)
Govcrnmenl Asked to Rebate .Money Paid for
Dispensary License.
(Bjr Associated Pn-sa.)
WASHIJCGTON, -Ant:. 1-7.— Franklin 11.
M ■ ■ ttorney for South Carpl,%'a in
• ' ■•■ claims for rebate of wholesale and
retail ),'p;.-.r licenses paid by tiie South
' arolln Dlspi nsarj% to-day filed an addl
:■■:•! with Mr. Yerkes, the Com
mlssl ■:. r of Internal Revenue.
le position taken by }Ir. Mac Key is
that. Independently of the constitutional
' ri in thi case, the revenue laws of
ed Bl t«»s have no application
• :■ to tht dispensary. Tho dispen
■ m. It la claimed, is a State ln
.' ' n and being: such, is not taxable
: ler the revenue law. Reference is
ma le to tii' 1 section of tli^ revenue law
•:: der -.■••: ■'.< h retail liquor d< alers are tax
al le, : i ■'■ 1 tmtends ;!:.■!; iht- Supreme Court
that the word person men
tiom n the law does not Include a State.
'' v Hi ■ s ries, he holds, are State ln
: ■■■■■ '■■■ ■'•:■■'■ the :.i*'S. if pay
: 11, are payable by the State.
■ ■ jonti ads is not liable tr. pay
:; ' ■■■ further insists that c-vn if
: d Intended to Include a State
■ ■' Istbns of the la<v such in
■ •' : - futile, for ever since
;' ■ ■':'■-• tice M irshall it had boon
Supn me 1 lo'wrt ir: repeated
the Federal Government
hai no more power to i.-ix a State i::: : !i
tution of the Federal Government.
Scabonrd Engineers Carefully Guard Subjec
of Their (irievance.
(By Associated Press.)
"'•■ '■ ■ ' ' : - : ' . VA.. Aug. 2~.— Tiie commit
'• • • ' '■ • ' ; •■ ■■ ers of the Seaboard Air
■ ■■ '. U her< . and which has been
in < ■ ■ :■ c svith some of the S.eaboard
.• ■ : 01 ih- i!- visit 11 is not thought that
the qu stion or wages is being discussed.
i ■.• :-:::!icr that the meeting was brought
' ■ • : r r order which required
ail f:i^:- rg :■ ling in.Raleigh to re
move to Hamlet, X. C, aXter the first
,-,;• September on account of moving of
shops and certain headquarters from Ra
leigh to Hamlet and Portsmouth
The rearrangement of runs for th^ eri
g ne< rs will also probably come tinker
General Manager and First Vice-Presi
3i nt Jarnee Barr, of the Seaboard Air
Line, i.-s r.ot in the city and tho commit
tee has been unable to wit upon him.
Monument Unveiled to Confederate
Dead in Presence of Great
Crowd— Howitzers Salute,
(Special D!spat.-h to Tho Times.)
BRANCH; Aug. 27.— The unveiling cere
■ ■ ■ .- "i tha Confederate monument at
I My i-'-at of Charlotte county to-day
were ;: complete and gratifying success.
Amid the shouts o£ the multitude and the
booming <•;' cannon, the graceful statue
■u.i:? exposed to view.
Tho ceremonies, which were under the
auspices of !!. A. Carrington Camp. >.'r>.
34, Conled r •■• Veterans, were imposing
ill ■■; inten -;. There w;is :• grand
] laughters ol the 1 !onf< deracy and Knights
Monument 10 Confederate Heroes of
Charlotte County.
of Pythias through Ena principal streets,
and the greatest enthusiasm prevailed
1 ill-: PARADE.
parade formed on Lc Grande Street.
a:nl the crowd that witnessed ii was one
of tin . th it .vi r assembled in
Charloti • mniy. Hundreds of ladies par
tl< ipan I in.thi ex< ;■•:>■ s and graced the
occasion with the Ir pri s< nee. A full brass
band furhisTied excellent music and many
places in the town were decorated with
Confederate colors.
Th< cord: to Uie veil over the beautiful
shaft wi-ie dr.nvM !.y .Mis.^. p J,,,ni«o
Carringtoh, Isabel Faris, Ruth Vest'
Emily Watklns. Susie Gait, Edwina
Daniel, Edmonia Lancaster and Mary
Kg-lestonj, graceful young girls clad iii
The immense crowd surrounded tine
monument and cheered with fervor when
the \<-ii was drawn. The platoon of
Howitzers, under Gaptain Mayer ami
Lieutenant Booker, in their bright uni
forms attracted the admiration of all and
formed a prominent part in Uie parade
They fired a salute at the close of the
ex • ises amid the greatest enthusiasm
C 1. 1 1-.. C. i'.i!"!!. of Danville, who
made the principal address, was»eloquent
and held t ln- crowd Intent upon his every
sentiment. H!s tribute to the bravery <>f
Uu^ h.Tufs of Clxariotto and the self
sacrifice of the women, to whose efforts
i.- largely due ills beautiful memorial,
were chaste ami beautiful.
P^iplo wcix"< present from several
counties. Among those on the stand with
the speakers were: Captain R. H. Parks,
(Continued on Fifth Page.)
Over Two Hundred and Forty of the Delegates to the Norfolk Con
yention Interviewed by The Times,
Majority, However, Think That Ekher the Abridged or the Present
Electorate Should Have the Opportunity of Voting to
Accept or Reject the Constitution*
Those Who Would Have the Organic Law Proclaimed Argue That It Would
Be Folly to Submit it to Those Who Would Be Disfranchised by Its
Provision— Many Contend That the Democratic Party is
Morally Bound to Submit it to Whole People.
In favor of proclaiming the new Constitution when agreed
upon 108
In favor of submitting the Constitution to the abridged
electorate 71
In favor of submitting the Constitution to the present
electorate 59
In doubt as to what course should be pursued. 5
Total number of delegates to the State Democratic Conven
tion heard from 243
In view of the widespread interest manifested by the people of Virginia in the matter of whether the
Constitution of the State now being framed should be proclaimed by the convention or submitted to the
abridged or to the unabridged electorate for approval or rejection, The Times has undertaken to ascertain
the views of all the delegates elected to the State Democratic Convention recently held at Norfolk.
Two hundred and thirty have been heard from. More favor proclaiming: the Constitution than either
of the two other propositions. But those who would have the organic law pioclaimed have not a majority
over those who would submit it to tiie abridged or to the unabridged electorate.
Only five delegates heard from are in doubt as to what should be done.
The following is a copy of the letter sent out by The Times:
, August 22, 1901.
Dear Sir: —
"In view of the Rre.it interest felt throughout the State in the new Constitution now being framed, and especially as to what
method shall be adopted for putting it into effect as the organic law of the State, The Times has undertaken in a direct, practical
way to ascertain what the sentiment of the people is. We will therefore greatly appreciate the courtesy if you, as one of the repre
sentative members of the Democratic party in your county, will indicate en the enclosed blank which of these three propositions
you favor:
"First — That the convention proclaim the Constitution.
"Second— That the Constitution be submitted to those who will be entitled under its provisions to vote.
"Third — That the Constitution be submitted to all now entitled to vote.
-We will thank you very much if you will favor us with an immediate reply, plainly indicating your position, with any
remarks you may think proper to make. Yours truly, THE TIMES.
The basis of representation adopted by the State Committee provided for a convention of 1467 dele
gates. The fact that many counties and towns elected double delegations, giving each member a half vote
greatly swelied the number; and in addition to this there were contesting delegations in several instances.
The Times has endeavored to secure as complete a roll as it was possible to obtain and has sent copies of
the letter above to about 2, 100 Democrats, it was not possible to get the correct postoffice address in
every instance, but this defect has been remedied as far as possible. The replies will be published as fast
as the} are received. The list printed contains all that came to hand up to 8 o'clock last night.
The following delegates express themselves as in favor of proclaim
T. Crawford Redd, Richmond city.
W. S. Gooch, Louisa.
Charles Smith, Northampton.
J. .1. Burke, Mathews.
John N. Tabb, Gloucester.
H. L. Sniitlier, Middlesex.
C T. Bland, King and Queen.
L. F. Mason. Richmond iity.
John W. Rawlings. Faijquier.
George 11. Pitts, Caroline.
F. Dahney Eastham, Rappahanhock.
Dr. E. N. Potter, Accomac.
William Reed, Richmond city.
W. K. Early, Carroll.
c. P. Wilson, Roanoke county
.1 Mac. Dickey, Grayson.
William N. Connor, Accomac.
Charles A. Johnston, M ihtgdmery.
George W. Walker. Montgomery.
W. T. Chitwood. Franklin.
.). A. Pack. Roanoke.
Julian F. Snow. Northumberland.
C. K. Johnson, Richmond city.
R. \j. Hopkins. Accomac.
C. I>. SJbicy. Newport N'nvs.
William R. Johnson. Norfolk city.
Thomas V. Stearnes. New-port News.
T. 11. Parramore. Elizabeth City.
A. K. Boschen, Newport News.
R. T>. Holloway. Newport News.
T. 11. Stryker. York.
M. H. Rowe, Frcder!cks?burg.
L. T. Fairness, Elizabeth City.
J. O. Branch. ls!c- of Wight.
li. B Baum, Norfolk county.
Dr. Floyd J. Gregory, Charlotte.
under the new oreanic law
T. N. Curd. Richmond city.
W. S. Hale, Grayson.
W. F. Jarvis, Qlathews.
Dr. J. \V. D. Haynes, Mathews
C A. Cutchins, Nansemond.
AValter H. Ryland, Middlesex.
K. E. Wiley, Danville.
William R. Mitchell, Danville.
A. Sou thall, Danville.
R, A. Croxton, Danville.
J. .M. Jennings, James City.
E. S. Mean-ley. Jam. s City.
\V. J. Mlcha :■■:. Newpori News.
John W. Sullivan, Portsmouth.
J. A. Stout, Norfolk county.
Charles C. Rowlett, Fredericksburg.
J Walter li sier, Nansemond.
John J. O'Keefe, Norfolk county.
C. G. Larew, Pulasld.
E. E. Holland, Nansemond.
J. Massie Smith, Albemarle.
George B. Marshall, Albemarls
P. 11. Marshall. A4bemarle.
X XV; Moss. AlCsemarle.
Edward M- Cue, Albemarle;
K. A. Ya.n -y. Henry.
B. W; Ejetlerman, Charlottesvillfr.
E. F. Martin, James (icy.
R. H. Stratton, Orange.
XV. T. Johnson, Halifax.
li. B. Hartley. Sussex:
<;. S. Wine. Prince Edward.
Walter Jordan, Nanseinbnd.
W. S. Mason. Rapoahannock.
Dr. S. J. Johnson, Rappahar.nock.
W. J Lee, Nansemond.
P, Fleetwc-od, Nansemond.
Tv. R. Powell. Spotsylvania.
J. H. Crank. (Louisa.
El P. Waller. Lculsa.
C. XV. BumDass, Louisa,
W. P. Hoskins, . Essex.
A. M. Hanger, Elizabeth City.
Thos. .T. N. Nottingham, Norfolk county.
T. Phil. Williamson, Norfolk county. ■
J. Tt. Jordan. Smithfield.
G. XV. Ijcuz, Warwick.
Jackson Beal, Albernarle.
[Contiuued on Third Page]
ng the Constitution:
John R. Henry, Montgomery.
W. G. Anderson, Montgomery.
G. M. Helms, Franklin.
J. P. Hontz, Roanoke county.
C. W. Burwell, lioanoke county.
John W. Sheffield, Henry.
Malcolm Griffin, Roanoke city.
L. C. Harden, Campbell.
H. C. Mich;.-. Charlottesville.
W. T. Richardson. Middlesex.
A. V. Cohway, Chariottesyille.
John S. Patton, Gharlottesvllle.
C. ir. Walker, Albemarle.
R. W. Eubank. Essex.
E. M. Holt. Elizabeth Crty.
John R. Wimhish, Halifax
T. W. Spindle .Roanoke city.
John Wood. Rbanoke city.
A. .B. parringtori, Pittsylvania.
W. XV. riark. Danville.
A. D. Clement. Danville.
W. V. Gregory. Mecklenburg. "
T. M. Scott, Northampton
W. If. Miller. Campbell.
Henry E. Byrd. Accomac.
J. B. C. Arr'.ros--. fienry.
Jnmc-.- J. Hickey. Danville
W. T. Balwin. Montgomery-
Abn^r Stalllngs, N-ansemond.
George T. Fitzgerald. Danville.
S. H. Hansbrough. Winchester.
Bruce Smith. Nansemond.
C. H. Birch. AJbemarle.
W. w. Williams. Gloucester.
Dr. J. S. Haile", Tittsyivania.
Dr. E. M. ttlagrruder, Charlottesville.
Notley Ball, Loudnun.
J. S. Bondurant, Henry.
George W. Graves. Madiso...
R. A. Scott. Rockinsham.
C. B. Cpnway. Charlotte.
John T. Loving. Pulaski.
M. L. Parker, Roanoke city.
Strike Can Be Settled Only by Men Returning
to Work.
(By Associated Fra*i.)
NEW YORK, Aug;. 27.— N0 overtures for
peaco have come to the United States
Steel Corporation from the strikers
through any of thfl intermediaries
named in the Pittsburg dispatches, and it
jyas stated at the office of the company
to-day that none was expected. J. Pter
pont Morgan returned to the city to
day, but it was said that his return had
nothing to do with the steel strike or
its settlement. An official of the United
States Steel Corporation mad.j the fol
lowing statement:
■'TlK' reports that there are negotiations
for a settlement of the steel strike in pro
gress are erroneous. The United States
Stct! Corporation hag "received no pro
posals for the settlement, and has niade
none. Many of our men are returning to
work and many others are desirous of re
suming their places. The strike can only
Vie settled by the return of the men to
their places."
Wanted to Lynch a Negro, but Was Without
a Leader.
(By Associated Pres».)
LITTLE ROCK. ARK.. Aug. 27.— A mob
of about l<»_> remained in the vicinity or
the jail at Fort Smith this morning- deter
mined to lynch Lewis Smith, the negro
who assaulted tho seven-year oUt daugh
ter of a. 'Frisco road employe. The mob
was without a leader and dispersed atter
making loud threats against the prisoner.
Negro Positively Identified.
(By Associated Tres*.)
DALLAS. TEX., Aug. 2".— This after
noon Sheriff C. B. Gs>rrett, O f Fort Smith,
said over the long distance telephone:
•"There has been a comparatively quiet
situation here to-day. It is impossible,
however, to forecast what may happen
this evening or to-night. Lewis Smith,
whom the mob wanted to lynch la.st night,
is still in the United States jail, but he
la to be taken before a State court this
afternoon for a preliminary trial. Lucy
Watson, the white girl, to-day Identified
Smith positively as the negro who attempt
ed to outrage her. There la strong feeling
among the people. The city and county
authorities will do all they can to protect
the- prisoner."
Has Difficulty With Watchman Hicks
Over Dog Fight—Danger
ously Wounded.
William P. Berry, the proprietor of two
saloons, at .No. IT" 1 East Broad and N<>.
rjl South First, and who resides -it the
termer place, was shot four times, prob
ably fatally, .it tl o'clock last night on
South Ninth Street, between Cary and
Byrd, by Watchman Water D. Hicks, of
the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, who
resides ;it No. 181S Carrington Street.
The trouble between the two men arose
ov.-T a small dog light between Berry's
white terrier and a cur which Berry
tnought the watchman set "ii hi? <!"^.
Berry was driving in a jumper with -i
young man named John Lamb, a bridge
builder, who would not make any state
nn :it concerning th. affair l;ist night.
The only other witness of the trouble w.ts
Conductor \V. H. Newton, who was in
charge of the freight train being mmle
up on the van!. Newton's statement Is
to the effect that Hicks shot Berry In self
defense after the latter-had knocked him
clown with it brick and was on him beat
ing him. Berry, while in no 'condition to
make a statement, managed to st,iU- ih;tt
his injuries were not dv. to l.imb and
that Hick- had kick< d bis dog.
Berry and Lamb were driving up Ninth
Street from the Free Bridge In a one
horse jumper. Berry's white terrier was
running behind th< vi licte. Near Ninth
and Byrd a car dog ran out at Berry's
(1 gr and there was i smalt-sized running
dog fight. Berry thought flicks, who was
standing on the easi side of Ninth Street,
near th^ watchman's house, set the cur
on his dog. and s oke to him. from the
vehicle very exclti lly Words passed be
tween th- rn- p. In rapid flow and in a min
ute or two, aci rding to Conductor New
ton's statement. Berry was out of the
vehicle and making tor the watchman.
Tho latter was struck over the head with
a hri"k. an ugi.v wound being made, and
was knocked down between the rails ot th-
Perkins side-tra It and just beside the
edge r>f the street Here, from the torn
up condition :" the ground, there must
have been quite a struggle, as of two rrwn
on th^ ground. This ended by Hicks
shooting Berry four times, probably fa
taHy. in the chest and abdomen.
B^rry with Lamb's assistance was nbte
to get back in thi* vehicle. They drove
to Polk Miller's, but found it clos>-ii.
Here they met Officer Bradley, who put
Hick's under arrest and sent him to the
station house. where his heat! was dressi r
by Dr. Harrison, of the ambulance. He
has a wife and four children, and has
h.-r-n a trusted employe of the Chesapeake
and Ohio for several years.
Berry nr..l Limb at once drove to
Berry's home at Seventeenth and Broad
v.-h^ro h* was gotten up t.-> a second-story
i-nnm. I.arnb, it seems, slipped away from
th** gathering crowd nnd a while iai-~r
was picked up by the police in a saloon
at Franklin nnd Locust Alley and taken
to thf First Station.
Doctors' Labenburg and Parker were
poor, in attendance upon th" wounded
man. and Dr. Harrison, of the ambulance,
and a few minutes laror Dr. Hugh Tay
lor iVn examination showed four wound?
of a large calibre pistol, three entering
the chest and one the abdomen. On»
wound was just over the heart, one just
over the navel and two to the left of the
navel. One of the latter entering f'.-
abdomen was regarded by the doctors
as the most dangerous. After a consul
tation it was decided^to remove the
wounded man to the Virginia Hospil il,
where the wounds were thoroughly ex
amined and probed at about 2:30 o'clock
this n;r.rr:i;.ff. At thai hour the mm
was still living, but the chances were
largely against his recovery.
Berry is a nwn f.bout forty years "f
age, anil h:is a wife and rive children.
Tlis brother and mother live in Rich
mond, ilu- latter on China Street. For
some ct n- Berry was employed at the
City tlatl in the basement. Later and
for a \<t'\S time he- UVed and ran a bar
•:-n Ores;cn Hill. The "'Ajax C.ife." at
Seventeenth and Brosd, he had been
running t'crn* six months.
Ranger Sails for Panama.
(By Associated Press.)
"WASHINGTON*. Aug. 27.— The Ranger
sailed to-day from Acapulco for Panama
to watch over Ameerlcan interests there
during the revolutionary troubles.
Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday:
Virginia— Partly cloutly aril occssfOtoal
showers. Thursday, partly cloudy; ilßht
to frrsh easterly wind*.
North Carolina— Occasional show.jra
Wedriesdsy an«l probabiv Thursday; light
U< fresh easterly winds.
Parade of Knights an Im
posing Spectacle.
Three Hundred Thousand Peopis
Watched the Marchers.
tie Was Expected to Participate in tiu
Parade, but Sent a Telegram Regret-*
ting His Inability to Be Present.
W. C. P. Br.ckenridge
.Made Chier Address
of the Day.
(l>y Associated Pr<?»«.)
LOUISVILLE. KY., Augr. 27.— 1t is esti
mated that 300,000 people to-<lay witnessed
tl-f parade of Knights Templar. Thtrtj
thousand Sir Knights in full uniform
were in line, forming an imposing spec
tablo with which to begin the twenty
elghth triennial conclave. The march
started at 9:40 A. M. and was finished at
1:30 P. M.. uat.-r covering a distance of
tour miles. The course was protected by
wit-*!? strung along- the sidewalks to keep
spectators In i-b'.-ck. This innovation in
har.dling holiday crowds was considered
highly successful, although a few adven
turous .spirits dodged under the wire at
various points along the route when the
police were not watching*.
The weather early was cleat and cool,
but by noun the heat became somewhat
oppressive, and there were eleven cases
oj prostration due to heat and exhaustion.
Sir Knight Irwin Batnard, of Greenville,
Ind., was overcome while marching. His
condition to-night was reported: serious.
a portion of the Y. M. C. A. reviewing
j-tan.l at Fourth Strvt and Broadway
■ ollapsed. Halt a dozen people sustained
bruises and Mrs. James Carnahan, at
Washington, suffered a broken ankle.
The crack commandrlea from Etttaburg;
i/hi ;ago and Saii t'rancisco attracted
soecial attention by their magnificent ap
pearance. Columbia Commandry No. ■_',
of Washington, l>. C.; cam.- in Cor wild
applause all along the route, as Sir
Knight Admiral Schley is v mi mber >>f
it and had been expected to march with
his comrades. Although he waa absent,
;it every point in the course when tho
V. tsnfagton men appeared the crowd cook
vi the cry "a hl.-y " "Schley. hurrah for
The following telegram waa received
frore Admiral Schley:
"May fair weather and bright skies
favor the grand ceremonies this week.
iiv disappolntmeni no words can describe.
l vi my heart is with you.
(Slgnedj •• w; S. S( 'JWETT."
Later; when the formal welcome t.. tiie
Knights was extt •.-.■{■•< l by Judge Barker,
'•;' Louisville, acting for Governor l.< ..k
ham. and former Congressman M «' f.
BreckenrMge, the mention o( s.-hi-'-.Vs
name elicited applause so enthusiasMc
that both speakers wens compelled t.. stop
toi several minutes.
Colonel Brcckenridge delivered the chiel
address at this function. Grand jrastec
Lloyd responded briefly. The key t<. the
city was presented to him by Mayor
Weaver. It was .«o late wh.<n th- p"r.
gramme was completed that there was
little time for the actual bu.-;;';- ;=.- of tiie
grand encampment.
Grand Recorder Mayo discovered that
there was a quorum present, spread the
fact on the record, aad a recess was
tak.-n until ;>:.;i> a. m. to-m .now.
Fireworks, excursions on the river and
other diversions occupied the visitors'
tiny- to-night. Several of the com
mandertes held receptions, amojig them
i.< ingr Pittsburg No. 1. Wheeling; Xo. 1. ot
Wheeling. W. Va.. and the Grand com.
mandery of .Vow Hampshire
A large audience was entertained to
night at thf> Horse Show, b-in^ drawn by
a programme designed to show how the
Southern knight enjoya himself. There
was a. cake-walk, negro melodies by a
chorus of 300 voices, and other features.
France aad Turkey Break Off All Diplomatic
(Dy Associated I'.-.-hh.)
PARIS. August 2,. -A seml-officlol note
hag been issued announcing that the
Porte, not having carried out its under
takings with regard to the disputed ques
tions between the French ami Ottoman
governments, li. Constant th^ French
Ambassador, acting under insi.ru<-tions
from the Foreign Minister 6t France, l>-rc
Constantinople August J>;th. the data
named in Ws last communicaUon to the
Porte on the subject.
An arrangement bad been effected Au
gust 17th. and its terms drafted by the
Ottoman ForHfm Minister, with th^ ap
proval of tht^ Sultan wh<> h.id promised
M. Constant that the text should be
handed to him August !>th.
jr. Constana telegraphed to Paris Au
gust 19th that none of t&e j>ro:n; -•-.-* h-d
b.-.-n fultilled. and M. n c-ass-. Minister
of Foreign Affairs. A^ ist L'l.st. tele-
Kraphrii M. Constans th;» , us view of so
flagrant a disregard of tl undertakings,
tto negotiations could not tons< r be ■ >n
tinued. nnil requested M. Constans to In
form th.- Porte that he had received *>r
d-rs to leave Constantinople. On August
M. Constana communicated w-th th-
Port'-. tlxin< August 26th aa the rtate for
ris departure', :-.n>\ ;>j the engj gementa
were still unkept, M". Constana left Coa
st tnilnople Augvst SSI h
With the departure or M. C-nsranss. the
rei.tti-.n* b.-iw.-.-n Kry .■ -.• Turkey
Munir Bey, th« Turkish Ambassador to
!•■;•:•. ■•-. has !,.. n ti K^rr.i^h^l to, not to
return to Paris.
Death List o! a Day.
(Bj AsaodateU Pwsa.)
QUEENS-TOWN. Aur 2Z.— Gen. Fa Ma*
Meade, ;t veteran ot the Civil War. an.l a
friend of Grnnc. Lojran and McCtellau.
died to-day, !n this city. Of constsrnptio-t.
General Meade was born in Raleigh, >f
C. in 1533.
iiank Closed Its Doors.
(By Associated Pre*.O
CHATTANOOGA, TEN.V.. Aup. 27.— Tha
Bank of Fentress county, located at
Jamestown. Term.. closed it 3 doors to
day. Liabilities tt^OOO; aaseus, W.CCOi

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