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(From a Staff CorrespO^denU
PBTEKSBURG, VA. October,?,-Tbe
reunion of tlie Conf??erate "W'lerans.
Which wil! lw held in this city tWswetk
}n eonnection with ilu> mc<-ting or u?e
fcrand Camp. will be one ^^??-*?-?h
?b!e events in the annala oi uaB.faawfTM,
city. lhc place and ihe orca^on w.u
be ln pctfecl hnnr.ony. < ertaln U <>o
-cltv m ail Virghila more nobly proved
hef B detity io the Confederaey in the
. ark and bloody days >>r the confllct and
nowhero ln all ibe land are the memories
and trndltior? of o::r trying tim <>s more
pacrediv cfcerfshed. Many changes have
been WTought by the fl ight of years.ar.d
Petersburg bas grown to bs pn. oi the
mopt beautlful and progresSfve dties m
th* Commonwealth. But time cannot
rhangf the devotion of a pcop'.e to the ,
Jjost Cause. When the old veterans j
.oine they will feel about them the beat '
(Ccnunar.der Grand Camp Confederate Veterans of Virphia.
ct twenty-six thousand hearts in lo\ing j
.welcome. The city is anticipatihg their
coming as affording an opportunity for
lhc long-cherished lovo of her people to
break forth In ,-ill tlve exuberance of un
. ostraincdi cdrdiality.
The cons of that illuetrious army,
wliose prowQss encircles eyen the brow
of defeat with an orioio of glory, will
etlso ii nd a welcome unstinted. They
jn per
will lre acofpted- as reprcsenttng.
haps a more jnodwn form. that a
of character which made their
the truest of the true and the bravest
of the brave.
The fair eponsors and mpids of honor
?will aud the charm (.1 their : .'- ace to
the great occasion. Chlvalr; has ever
paid its most devoted tribu::> ??? heauty,
und nowhere can a higher type of
(Who will reply io address of welcome.)
fcnlghtly chivalry be found than in the
Cockade City, nor can loveiier wnmon
be gathored to elicit that c-hivalry's high?
est expression than will honor this city
with their prcscuee d.uring the days or
the reunion.
Oratory. tmujy'o, tosuraaments, s-eoep
tions and balls will lill thc hours of rc
union-week. Thc flrst of the series of
jilea: ures will be thc tournament at West
Knd Park Wednesday morning. in which
about twenty. knights will ride. The
rner-t;n?: ot tho Cr;>nd Camp of Confede?
rate Veterans wiil bo formally openvd at
noon of that day at tbo Academy of Mu?
sic. R L. Matiiy. Grand Commander
of the State. will prcside at all the rs?et
ings and General Stltb Bolling. Past
Grand Obmmander. will !??> chief niarphal.
Mayor John M. Pleasant. will w.-lcomc
the viFit"r.s on behalf <?! "the city. and
fornn-r Govornor. AVilliam 32. Cameron,
on behalf of A. P. Hill Camp.
The parade vfill move at 3 o'clock ln
the afternoon and at S:50 a grand con?
cert, o.onslsting mosUy of war songs. will
he given at thr- Young Men's Christian
Association Hall.
Tbe camp wili hold another business
BCBSlpn Friday morning. At S:30 in the
evening a piano recital by the distin
guished plantst S. Becker von Grabill.
will be given at the Academy of Music
bv the Southern Female College in honor
of the Grand Camp of Confederate Vet?
erans. The coronation ball will be given
at. the Virginia warehoit.e Wednesday
evening and the reunion ball, in honor of
the sponsors and maids of honor. wiilbe
given at tbe same place Friday evening
immodinlely after the concert at the
Academy of Music.
v Mucii Enthumsm.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PETERSBURG, VA.. October 10.?Such
uhlversal onthusiasm has never t crn
known in Petersburg as that manifj^ted
in the Confederate Reunion to ne :n ld
here this week. This spirit of enthtisl
__a has eseaped no one, and the hitciisi
ty but increases with the approach of
the days. Outvard signs are vislble al?
ready. Many stores on Sycamore Muet
are now decked out as they nev .r were
before. Long lines of hghts . pan the
streets, and stores are covered with iacah
Oescent lighls. But it is not all ouiward
show. That hospitality for whl.h Ihe
Coc-kade City is known so well will be
extended to all who come to l' .tersburg.
The Enlertainmerit Committee bay per
fectcd its work, and every visitor w,U
be assigned to comfortable quart:rs c. r
ing tiie meeting.
Hundrccs who have no part in the pro?
ceedings will spend next week in Peters
burg, and many have already -ea.; .ed the
iatere3iinj Features Have Deen Arranged
for Ail Three Days.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
(Special Dlppateh to Thc Tiraos.)
PETEUKIiURG, VA., Oct. 19.? The ofli
cial programme of the meeting of tne
Grand Camp of Confederate Veterans and
Sons of Veterans in Petersburg October
23d, ?24th and 2oth is as follows:
Wednesday, October 23d.?Grand. Camp
convenes at Academy of Music 11' M.
Prayer by Grand Chapiain. Rev. Dr.
Tucker, of Norfolk. Address of welcome
to olty by Hon. John M. Pleasants,
Mayor. Response to same by Grand- Com?
mander R. L. Maury. Address of wel?
come on behalf of A. P. Hill Camp, by
Mon. Wm. E. Cameron. Response to
-une by Colonel Thomas D. Ranson. Re
assemble for business ct 3:30 P. M. Re
ccDtion at Y. M. C. A. Hali from 4 to 0
P. M. to members of Grand Camp,
sponsors and maid. of honor and Sons
of Veterans by the Daughters of the
Confederaey, Petersburg Chapter. S:30 P.
M. meeiir.g of Sons of Veterans at Acad?
emy of Music, presentation of sponsors
and malds of honor.
Thursday, October 2-lth.?Grand Camp
conver.c-. at 0:30 Ai AI. for business at
Academy nf Music. ni A. M. acuress to
veterans and tlie public by Colonel W.
H. Stewart. 3 P. M. grand parade. S:3U
P. M. grand concert at V. M. C. A.
Hall to veterans and' visitors.
Friday. October 25th.?9:3.1 A. M. vjmnd
Camp convenes fcr business. S:30 P. M.
piano. recital by S. Becker von Gra~--.,
given by tlie Southern Female College
in honor of Grand Camp of Confederate
Veterans at Academy of Music, Friday
evening. October 25. 1901.
Tlie l'nited Confederate Veterans, Vir?
ginia Division. assembic-s at Y. M. C. A.
lla.ll Friday. October 25th, at 9:30 A. M.
Programme for Sons.
The foilowing programme of Sons of
Confederate Veterans has been arranged:
Wednesday, October 23d-_5tb.?9:30 A.
M.. tournament parade. 11 A. M.. tourna?
ment at Wesl-End- Park. a P. M.. con
vening of the Division Camp. l'nited Sons
of Confederate Veterans. in the parlors
of thc Young Men's Business Associa
Wlltr*?iM?ttfleftS'fcrUl ba h*L
tion. S:30 P. M., Academy of Music, mu?
sic by the band. Prayer by Rev. 11. XV.
Fratt. Presentatlon of the commander
of the Virginia Division.
Thursday, Oetober 24l"n.?10 A. M.. ses?
sion of the Grand Camp, A^ung Men's
Business An:- iciation' parlors. 3 P. M..
joint parade of the Veterans, Sons of
Veterans, sponsors and maids of honor.
Friday. Oetober 25th.?10 P. M., Virginia
warehouse, reunion ball in honor of tlie
sponsors and maids of honor.
Merchants to Close.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PETKRSBDRG. VA., Oetober 13.
The merchants and manufacturers will
close their business Thursday afternoon
in order that their employes may partic
| ipate in the parade or witness it. The
j railway offices and freight depots will al
I ko close, and the pubiic schools will give
j holiday on that day.
Mr. Tlm Griffith, owner of the Crater
Farm has informed tbe A. P. Ilill Camp
. that all veterans will be admitted to the
Crater on tlieir badges, and that a charge
ol' only fiftfeen cents will be. made to
others visiting the Crater during reunion
week; The reguiar price of admissioii is
twenty-five cents.
Among the . many entertainments dur?
ing the meeting oi' the Grand Camp will
be one given by Polk Miller, of Richmond.
assisted by J. Calvin Neal, of Petersburg.
A P. Hill Camp hall has beon beau?
tifully decorated.
Messrs, W. Gordon McC'abe, Jr.. and
John Watson, of this city, will lead the
sponsor's german to be given under the
auspices of the Sons of Veterans, at Vir?
ginia Warehouse. Friday night
Everything will be free. There will be
no paid admissiqns to any entertainment
during the entertainment.
Aides and iilarshals.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PETERSBURG. A'A.. Oetober 13.?
General Stith Bolling, chief marshal, has
itnade the following appoimmenls of aides
and marshals for the grand parade, which
will take place next Thursday. Others
are to be appointed later.
Aides: Dr.- John Herbert Claiborne,
Geniral Cullen A. Battle. John II. Maclin,
General John E. Roller, of Harrisonburg:
Colonel E. M. Henry, of SXorfolk; Samuel
Y. Giiliam.
Marshals: E. M. Field, Robert A. Orr.
E. P. Goodwyn. William N. Mays, R. M.
Craddock. William R McKenney. M. C
Jackson. XX. C. Willson. J. J. Percival. T.
F. Heath, Edward Eigenbrun, Bernard
Mann. George Cameron. Jr., David Dun?
lop. Jr., E. M. Clements, George A. Bow?
man, Seward.
Tournament, Call, Concert and Olher
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PETERSBURG, VA., Oetober 19?
Twenty Knights will ride in the
tournament at West-End Park "Wednes?
day morning. The charge will be deliver?
ed to tho Knights by Mr. Charles T. Das
sitcr, and the coronation address to be
delivered at the ball, which will be given
Wednesday night, will bo made by Mr.
James T. Rahily. Among those who wiil
ride are Carter Meyers. Henry Patteson,
lierman Grossman, John Jones. Fred.
Temple. Ashlon Gray. Thomas Hoiden,
Willis BaskPrvillo, Jchn AVinn, Dr. J. H.
Dargrave. James T. Cuthbert, Thomas
Pa.rrock, Hugh Pereivall, Richard Perci?
val!, Hampton Harris and AArilliam Ra?
Dinwiddie county will have a Knight to
represent it on the occasion.
A grand concert will be given in- the Y.
M. C. A'. Hall at 8:30 o'clock Thursday
evening. at which famiiiar songs will be
(From a Staff Correspondent.).
PETERSBURG. VA., . October 39.?
Miss Annie Bannister Gill, sponsor for j
the Sons of Veterans, faom the Fourth j
District, is a sparkling brunette, extreme
ly stylish in appearance. Her charming '
Academy of Music Wednesday evening in
a speech by Colonel James Mann. The rc
(Why will welcome the Veterans to Pe?
ceptloii response will be made hy Dr. Bat?
tle, a member of the Sons of Veterans'
Camp in this city. Mrs. R. T. Meade,
president of the State Division. L'nited
Daughters of the Confederaey, Will give a
reception to the sponsors and maids of
honor during reunion week.
Among the residences in the city which
wiil attract special attention during the
reunion will be Simon Seward's residence,
on Market Sir.-^t. which was tlie !ast
mc-eting place. of Lincoln ajid Grant; East
Hill. where General Pliillips dlcd. and
Centre Hill. the home cf the Bollir.-.gs.
Miss Lucy Lc-e Hill, wlio will be a guest
of A. P. Hill Camp during the reunion,
wil! bo entertained at the home of Mr.
Robert Collier, cn South Sycamore Street.
Tlie snnv.il conv-ntion o" the Crand Di?
vision oi Virginia, United Daughters of
, _mi
(Chief Marshal.)
the Confederaey, was held in Staunton on
W'ectnesdayi ThiirSday and Friday of last
we?k. .Those/who attended from Peters?
burg were: Mrs". Robert T. (Meade, presi?
dent of-the-State Division; aml the foilow?
ing delegates. who wore "recently elected
to represent tho Petersburg Chapter: Mrs.
waverly Wilkihs, Mrs. William R. Mc
Kenney. Mrs., Maria Alexander, Mrs. R.
T. Stono antl. Mrs. E. A. Morrison.
Genei-al Stith Bolling. Past Grand Com?
mander, who will be Chief Marshal on the
s manner and graciousness have made for
! her a large circle. of friends and admircrs.
i Miss Bena Giiliam Johnston, mald of
honor to Miss Gill, is a debutante of last
i season. Miss Johnston is a dainty beauty
1 of the blonde type, with handsome brown
J eyes, and is exceedihgiy popular in socie
1 ty.
Beautiful Music for lhe Sponscrs and CtliJj
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PETERSBURG, VA.. Oetober 19.?One
of the most interesting features of the
meeting of the Grand Camp will be the
complimentary piano recitat ln the Aca?
demy of iMusfe on Friday night, given by
the Southern Female College in honor of
the veterans. Special seats will be re
served for the delegates. sponsors. maids
of honor and dis'.inguished visitors; and
th college students wil attnd in a body.
The occasion promises to be a most bril?
liant one. as the grand ball will be given
immediedy after the concert, ar.d all the
invited guests will attend in fu-1 dress.
The encrtainment promTses to be most
noteworthy. as tli?. artist of the occasion
is one of the few great pianists of the
world, and as he. will be heard in a unique
and beautiful programme. A'on Grabill.
the ptanist, has won tbe pralse of the
most cri:i2nl audiences p'f Germany, Rus
sic-. France and England. Ho has ap?
peared before the.erowned heads of Eu?
ropo. and has been associated with the
greatest living musiciarig of both con
tihents. In '94 Anton Ruhinsteiii said of
:h'-m that he wee "already a true artist."
ahd he was an associatc of Xaver Sc-har
?wenka. The Ifampus "Request Profane"
that he will render inciudes rare and
beautiful selections. A'on Grabil is the
only pianist in the world that plays many
of "these works. having received them
from the Chevalier de Kantski, who was
an as-sociate and personal friend of the
Witl'l such an artist in such a pro
S-romme. with a. new AVcher Grand Piano
soncially brought from New York for the
r"ce->,=ion. with a brilliant and appreciative
audience gathcred under tho auspices eiZ
fcha collese that represents the highest
culture of our city. and under the in
s-iration of this patriot.io and historfc
oceas:on. an evening of rare pleasure is
Location of Places Where Tbey Will Be Enter
(From a Staff CorresDondent.)
PETERSBURG. A'A.. Oct. 19.-The
homes of the sponsors and maids of hor.or
during their stay in Petersburg will be
as follows:
Miss Mary Custis Eee. sponsor. ot
Alexandria. and-'Miss MildTcd Lee, spon?
sor. ol" Covington, Va., will be entertain?
ed at the home of Mrs. Alexander Ham?
ilton, on South Sycamo.e Street.
Mrs. R. E. Bee, sponsor, of West Point.
A'a., and Aliss Elise C. Smith. maid ot
honor. of Heathville, A'a., at the home
of Mrs. AVm. R. McKenney, on North
Union Street.
Mrs. General AV. H. F. Eoe, maid of
honor, of Ruskin Station, Fairfax coun?
ty, Va., at the home of >rrs. H. Nolte
nlus, on Franklin Street.
Miss Lucetti Bealc, sponsor, of Ludis
neck. A'a.. at the home of Alrs. R. B.
Davis, on Union Street.
Mrs. AVashington. Taylor, sponsor, of
Norfolk. at the home of Mrs. Robert
Watson, on Union Stroet.
Miss Annio Kilby Henry. maid of hon?
or, of Norfolk. A'a.. at the home of ? irs.
Robert T. Meade, ot? Marshall Street.
Miss Amy McRae AVerth, sponsor, of
Richmond, Ara,, by Mrs. James AA". Clai?
borne, at her residence, on Sycamore
Miss Katherine Michaux, mald of hon?
or, of Richmond, A'a.. at t'ne home of
Mrs. XV. II. Harrison, on AVashington
Miss Lula B. AA'heeler, maid' of honor.
iMisa Mary' Chamberlaln Feild, sponsor
from A. F. Hill Camp, is tlie daughter
of Colonel E. M. Feild. of Petersburg,
who was one of the bravest soldiers in
ihe Confederate Army. Mirs Feild is
extrem.ely pretty, of gracc-ful appear?
ance, with a vivacity of manner which
makes her a 'favorite.
sung. A chorus of twenty-five voices has
been practicing several days for ihe occa?
The coronation ball and the reunion ball
given to the sponsors will both take place
in the A'irginia AVarehouse, at Friend and
Market Streets. This warehouse has just
been built, and is one of the largest in- the
Siaie. About 150 couples are expected to
participate in each of these germans. The
music for each occasion will be furnished
by Thilow's Orchcstra, of Richmond, con?
sisting of twenty pieces.
The entire city will be briUiantly illu?
minated for the reunion this week. The
Soutbsido Railway and Development
Company, besides liberally contributing to
the occasion, have also informed the Com?
mittee on Lights that it would do all it
can to assist them. The main streets will
be brilliantly lighted with are and inenn
descent lights. The streets leading from
A. r. Hill Camp Hall to tbe Academy of
Music and to the AMrginia AVarehouse will
be strung with thousands of incandescent
Every business house and most of the
residences will be dfecorated for the occa?
sion. The Saal Building, at Sycamore and
Tabb Streets, in which the Petersburg
Club has its rooms, and which will bo
used as a reviewing stand. -will be the
moat elaborately-decorated building in the
city. Next to this will be the warehouse
for the decoratlon, of which thousands of
yards of buntiner and flags have been or?
The business -meetingB of tho Grand
uamp will be held at the Academy of
Music, on Bank Street.'the balls at the
Virginia Warehouse and th'e receptions
and concerts at the Young Men's Chris?
tlan Association.
Dr. Battle will preach a special sermon
to the Sons of Veterans at the First Bap?
tist Church next-Sundav night.
. The sponsors and maids of honor will tie
ijiressnted to the Grand Camp. at tha
occasion, has announced the foilowing as
tlie line of the parade for Thursday:
The column, which will be about one
mile in length. wlll form on Syeampre.
Lombaid and Bollingbrook Streets. and
move up High Street to South. through
Southj to Washington, down Washington
to Market, up Market to Halifax, through
(Member of the History Committee.)
Halifax to'Liberty, out Liberty to Syca
more, down Sycamore aad Bank Streets
to tha Academy of Music, where the col?
umn dlsbands.
A committee has been appolnted to
mark the places of interest around the
city. It has been at work for several days
and has marked many of tho most impor?
tant points.near Petersburg.
ol" Dinwiddie county. Va.. at the home
of Miss Mary C. Field1. on High Street.
Miss Olivia Held, sponsor, of Richmond,
Va.. at the home of Mrs. Simon Seward,
on South Market Street.
Miss Maud Southerland, maid- of hon?
or. of Hillsville, Va.. at the home of
Mrs. Simon Seward, on South Market
Miss Ruth Jennings, sponsor. cf Lynch?
burg. Va.. and Miss Mary Fauntleroy.
maid of honor, of Lynch's. Cami_1
county, Va.. at the home of Mrs. Bart
lett Roper, on South Market Street.'
Miss Bessie P.Shull, sponsor, of Marl
bon, Frederick county, Va., andi Miss
Maud Kennedy, maid of honor. of White
Post. Va., at the home of Mrs. Thad
Woodv. on Franklin Street.
Miss Hattie Seleeman, sponsor, of Oc?
coquan. Va.. and !Miss Fannie B. Smith,
maid of honor, of Alexandria, Var, at
the homo of Mrs. J. M. Mullen, on South
Sycamore "Street.
Miss Sarah Bently, sponsor, of Pulaski
City. at the home of Mrs. J. Hampden
Chamberlayne, on Washington Street.
Miss Ethel W. Slough. maid of honor,
of Pulaski City, at the home of "Mrs.
Samuel W. Booth, on South Sycamoro
Miss Mattie Blanche Haden, sponsor,
of Palmyra, Va., andi Miss Edna V.
TwFn, maid of honor, of Centre Plalns,
Va.. at tlie home of Mrs. Charles Lauter
baok. or. Franklln Street.
Miss Grant, maid) of honor, of Newport
News, at the home of Mrs. R. D. Mcll?
waine, on Washington Street.
Sons of Veterans, aponaors and malds
of honor as followa:
Miss Lilly Tyler. aponior, of Richmond.
Va., and Miss Virginia Adair Minor,
maid of honor. of Richmond, will.be en?
tertained at the home of Mrs. William
A. Worth, on Hlgh Street.
Misa Daisy Yarbrought, sponsor, of
Staunton, Va., at thte home of Mrs. Dr.
James W. Claibprne, on South Sycamore
Street. -
Miss Alice *M. Gammon. sponsor, of
Fraderlckaburg, Va., and Miss Ellse Lick
lia, maid of Ixonoxv ol _*x?d_i_cksborg,?-%j
at tho hcme of Mrs. Bolling Jones. on
Wai'hingtoh' Street.
Mis3 I.dcretia Nasn Reid. sponsor, of
Norfolk, A'a., and Miss Mabe! Chamber
layne. maid or honor, of Norfolk, at the
home of the Misses Seay. on South Mar?
ket Street. .
Aliss Katherine Fontaine, sponsor. of
Hanover county. A'a.. and Mlss> Anna
Carr, maid of honor, of Richmond, at
the home of Mrs. Beach, on' Franklln
Aliss Nc'.lie McGiil Pajre, spopsor. - of
Berryville, A'a:. at the home of Alrs. Jno.
McGnl. on South Market Street."
I.Bss Mayme Elizabeth I.ynnr sponsor,
of Airmont. Va.. and ?diss Janct. Davld
(Only Federal soldier who is a member of a Confederate Camp.)
son, maid of honor. of Alexandria, at the
home of Mrs. Robert Hill, on. South Syc?
amore Street.
James Anderson, of Springfieldj
Fought in Union Army and Be- -
longs to A. P. Hill Camp.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
PETERSBURG. A'A.,. Oetober- 19.?Jas.
Anderson. of Springfield, Mass., a con
tributing member of A. P. Hill Camp in
Petersburg, is the only Federal soldier
who is a member of a Confederate camp.
In 1SO0, when a delegation from Mich
igan came to Petersburg to return the
old flag of the Petersburg Grays, James
Anderson was ln this city on a.. visit to
the old battlefields. Hearing that an
open meeting of A. P. Hill Camp .was
being held that night to raise.. the Hag.
he manifested so much .interest .that he
was invited to be present.- He. gladly
accepted the invitation and, manifested
such hearty enjoyment of all the speeches
that Mr. Simon Gunard closed^ his talk
by saying that he saw a Yankee over
in the" eorner, whom he'would be glad
to hear from. This brought Anderson
to his feet, and the meeting was com?
pletely carried away as he potired out
from his heart his delight at all that he
had seen and heard.
He declared that it re\>n!M tn -
Confederate cause in a. way thnt
was near to him and exn?? .=
ed the earnest desire that the' North
might have its eyes cpened as his had
been. He closed with a glowing tribute
to the gailantry of the- Confederate sol?
dier and the greatness of the Southern
people. amid a great burr.t of applause.
He left Petersburg early the next morn?
ing. but before taking his- train bought
a copy of "AVar Talks." a collection'ot
speeches which had been delivered trom
time to time in A. P. Hiii Camp. In this
book he saw and recognized a pieture of
Jlr. Gunard, whose name he had; not
learned at the meeting. AVhen Anderson
got home his account of what he hart
learned so worked up the people of
Springfield. especially his old companions
in arms. th&t they said: "If we cannot
all go down South and hear such thinga
as you have heard. why cannot some of
them come up here and give us tho ben?
eflt cf their knowledge and experiences-.'"
Anderson then opened up a correspon?
dence with Seward. and the rest. t was
that a delegation of six Confederate? waa
sent from A. P. Hill Camp to accept th?
Invitation. from the peoplo of ' .pring
! tieid to come up there and tell them tha
I truth about tbe war. Its cause andi Its
i conduct. The greeting accorded this
I iVIegatiort was most royal. Al! classej
! vled with each other to show their V
spect, and the memorahle Jiulsre Devery,
then hoiding rourt in Springtield. ordered
a recess "that he might have the pleas?
ure." he said, "of being presented to
each of those Virginia gentlemen." Large
audiences met them everywhere ana
heard with approval all that they r-n?i.
The press of the city took the matter
up and with a hearty welcome declared
that this was a stcp in the right direc
tion?the beginning of a movement cal
culated to do great good. "When. tne
delegation returned and reported to thfl
camp the cordial manner iu which they
had been entertained. the respect thal
had been shown them and' the oppbrtu
nities that had been given them ot up
holding the fair fame of "The Land- Wa
Love," the camp, in rceognition of th?
MU ?' . (^ -V1- ,_>> 'i^-'
(Sponsor from Second District.)
service rendered the Confederate soh.
diers. elected James Anderson a contrlbf
utir.g member.
Twice since then has Mr. Ar.derso:
been in Petersburg. each time makin.
many friends. both within ar.d without
the A. P- Hill Camp. He is a great
worker and he says he -will not rest till
two things are accomplished?the return
of the Confederate battle flag3 to tha
States and' the establishment of a na?
tional park on "tho ^attlefields arouni
the "Cockade City of the Union."
(Second floor is tha home of the Petersburr club. Tha balcony w!H ba tha miewtftg

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