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Jtmodern advertisement teeminy with a multitude of novel and unequalled values that illustrates an Oetober merchandise
ma movement. Vhe many-sided interest involved appeals to everybody. Jfiaryains follow baryains with unfailiny reyularity.
Uhe ayyreyation of economies are matohless and resiatless. Q/ou may comprehend the scope and maynitude of thio aate when
inform you that these specials are merely a few winnowed from here and there throuyh the store. j{ll who are in the mood
make their dimes and dollars command the best baryains in fresh and worthy yoods should not fail to be at 9??iiler d
worth of new merchandise must be sold before we move.
to make
fihoads' to-morrow, or any other day this week.
Every woman needs these goods, and here is her chance
to save money.
Special Prices on
Ali Lace Curtains.
Crash Items.
Russia Crash, pure white, extra
lieavy, a good wearer, Monday's tyhr
Standard Crash, all pure linen, 18 -g A,-.
Inclies wide, the 12jc kind, lor.... * vv'
Huck Towels.
Extra heavy, 20 inches wide hy 40 % Hn
inches long, a' great towel wonder at. * * y.
Hemstitched, pure while, 22 inches wide by
*4 Inclies long, soft finish, a good dryer, O Cr
\ reguiar 33c towel. special...**Ct\*
Table Damask.
Irish Linen, 64 inches wide, ali pure BTQr;
linen, extra heavy, a 69c value, for. . ?-?* Y,
Irish Linen, 72 inches wide, a fine straight
fibre. entirelv new patterns, usually "7Qr
sold at $1, our price.* ^ ^
Dinner Napkins.
Irish linen, fastselvedge,a!l pure ?{ A()
linen, good size, worth S1.2S, lor . *P * >vv
Scotch Linen, three-quarter slze,
all the new patterns, a special nap- C| CQ
Lining Specials.
Percalines, 36 inches wide, fast black, i f\r
soft finish, a new number, at.*vy
Shrunk Canvas, colors slate, brown and
black, 30 inches wide, the greatest \_\\L.r
skirt stiffening ever sold at. . . . J*/2V
Crinoline Canvas, 40 inches wide, medium
finish, a new lapel, interlining special | C,-r
value at.* ^^
Mercerizafl Italians, 36 inclies wido, all the
new shades, soft, medium weight, a _\^r
new finish, at. ?
Tailore' Canvas, all pure linen, soft, me?
dium weight, one of the best values to "_> Cr
New Silks.
Princess Crepe, 89c.
20 inches wide, all pure silk, soft and lus?
trous, non-crusliabie, and guaranteedto
wedr well.
St'riped Novelty Silks, 98c.
19 inches wide. taffeta grounds, with
black and white stripes.
The New India Cords, 48c.
1 19 inches wide, in white and colored, with
large lustrous cords.
Black Satin de Lyon. 75c
19 inches wide. rich and lustrous, guar
anteed to wear well.
A SaJe of
Ladies* Knit Underwear
Ladies' Jersev-Rihbed Vests and Pants. in
Meachcd. unbleached, and gray, 9^r
Ribhed Vests and Pants. wool mix- Cfjr
ture, in white and gray.u\Jmt
Oxford Cut Ribhed Vests and Pants, 75**2
white and gray.
Heavy Ribbed Union Suits, Onei- <g jj QQ
Children's Heavy Ribbed Union jZr
Suits, in a!i sizes .
Bovs' Ribbed Vests and Drawers, 9trr
fleece iined.^^^
New Dress Goods.
Iiairline Pebble Suiting's, $1.00.
50 inches wide. good heavy weight, in
Black, Brown and Navy, with white, hair
line stripes.
Prunella Cioths, $1.25.
44 inches wide, smooth, even finish and
very lustrous in the new autumn shades.
All-Wool Homespuns, 58c.
50 inches wide, a regular 75c value, light,
medium and dark, Gray, Brown, Cadet.
and Reseda.
Waist Cloths.
We are showing tlie largest and most
complete line of up-to-date Waist Cloths
in the city. Prices range from 2Sc for an
We sell all kinds of good Cor
[ sets?prices range from 39c to
I $10, and the cheapest has merit.
E We shall offer to- morrow a grand
I line of dollar corsets in the foi?
lowing makes: W. B., R. & G.,
\ C. B., Royal Worcester, Glove
Fitting and" Girdles?
One Dollar.
ail-wool Trlcot up to 75c for a striped and
corded novelty.
Ihe New Dress
Trimmings arid Buttons
are here in great profusion.
Embroidered and Applique Chif
fons, Velvet Appliques, Velvet
Disks, Braided Boleros and Girdles,
Wide and Narrow Braids, &c. Pearl
Buttons, in half, three-quarter and
full ball, as well as the new Dresden
effects, in large and small sizes, for
trimming the new waists.
BldJiket Bargains.
Fine All-Wool Scarlet Blankets;
10-4 size. fast color.s, S3.50 value, (g'") QQ
per pair.xP-m-.^W
Sample pairs of White and Gray Blankets,
all 11-4 size, made of best quality
wool, silk bound, regular rive-dol- <??_ _\0
iar value, for.?P^'yo
Marseilles Eed Spreads. full 11-4 size, large
assortment of designs, the two- ?| JQ
dollar ones for.*P * "T*5-""
Extra quality Crochet Bed Spreads,
full double bed size, hemmed ready for CQr
Wash Goods Items.
Exceptionally Cheap.
Cheviots, light and dark grounds,
stripes and checks, a bargain at . .
Percales, 31 inches wide, colors
blues, blacks and reds, a great Mon?
day bargain at.
Ginghams, light and dark dress
styles, a line cloth, readily worth 10c, Q\Ar
Fine Percales, 36 inches wide, a soft,
well-made cloth, the newest printings, | f\r*
Monday's price.1VC
Domestic Items.
Lowest Prices.
Unbleached Jeans, fine even twlll, a E~
genuine bargain at.u%*
Canton Flannel, unbleached, a fine
even back, with long fleece, special fZIAr
Canton Flannel, bleached, a smooth,
even back, with short, soft fleece, a | f\r
great wearer at . :.l\f^
Jeans, bleached, 36 inches wide,
very fine, soft finish, worth 12?c, spe- 1 A.-.
cialprice. . . IXJ<"
The best tailored dresses are made in New York because the best
talent is there. The tailors who make our Dresses, Skirts and Wraps
command not only the best talent in this country, but also from Europe.
Consequently they have unequalled facilities for turning out a superior
class of garments at just about one-half the price charged by those who
make to measure. Please bear this in mind.
Ladies' Suits at ?10. Ladies' Walking' Skirt'.
Made of Venetian cloth, double-breasted
skirt Eton, in Black, Castor, Brown and
Ladies' Norfolk Jackei Suit, $10
Flounce at bottom of skirt, jacket trimmed
in stitched bands of silk, double-breasted,
with turn-back cuffs.
Yoke Etons at $15.
Of Covert cloth, in Castor, Oxford Gray,
and Tan, pointed flare drop skirt, velvet
collar piped with satin. ,
Ladies' Eton Suits at ?15-00.
Double-breasted E'on. girdle effect, in
Tan, Black and Blue Venetian cloth, drop
skht, accordion pleaied ruflli, skirt trim
i.ied in stitched satin bands to form a
Ladies' Norfolk jacket Suit.
Made of cloth. most desirable colors, dou?
ble flounce, skirt trimmed in nar- C9()
Ali-wool kersev-stitched flare flounce.
with heavy stitched strap of <?/i AQ
Our New Line of Ladies' Skirts,
nade of all-wool serge, nicely lined, trim?
med with wide or narrow bands of stitched
taffeta silk. ruftle flounce en- CE AA
tirely stitched.$>0.\Jy
Taffeta Siik Skirt. S25.
Tucked al! over, graduated fiounce, with
ribbon ruffles.
row satin bands.
New Vest Etons.
In Blue and Black Broadclotli. trimmed in
narrow fancy bands, new flare ^2S
S^rnple Furs at Half.
A furrier sends us 150 pieces of Neck
Fr.rs?salesmer.'s samples. Prices are
about one-half value. .
Fine Scarfs, $3-98.
A\ade of selected raccoon fur, six oxtra
tails and chain fastening, worth S5.
Genuine Marten Scarf, $5.98.
With six 12-inch tails, value SS.
Other Neck pieces from SI up to SlS.
Fiannelette Specials.
Outing Cloths, light grounds. with
stripes, in all colors, worth 10c a yard, OI/-.r
Monday's price. H/0~
Flannelettes, light and dark grounds,
stripes, figures and Persian effects, a 1 A~
great value at l2ic, Monday's price . . * w*"
irish Point and Arabian Lace Curtains,
wide renaissance and scroll effect jtC f\(\
borders, 3"; and 4 yards long, pair. *?*}?** V
Fine Nottingham Lace Curtains, 20 different
styles, made of best quality double-thread
net, 34 and 4 yards long.' per &'} ^0
Special Sale of a Carload
of Toilet Sets at One-H&lf Price.
Lot of 12-piece Toilet Sets, all new shapes,
f inted pink, blue and bronze green. C1 A
worth S12; our prices are. . ?9.50 and v1"
Lot of Toilet Sets containing 12 pieces,
shaded pink and blue, heavy gold stipple,
fancv shape jar, worth 510.00. <?>C fCQ
Special price. ?PU?V^T
Lot of Toilet Sets, containing 12 pieces, new
shapes, floral decorations. pink. red and blue.
heaw stippled, would be cheap at it/C ") E"
12-piece Toilet Sets, decorated
and gold traced, new shape jar, ?r AA
Men's Underwe&r.
Our line of Men's Underwear at
$1.00 is exceptionally strong, and
the values are the very best to be
had in the city.
Below we quote a few:
Norfolk and New Bnmswick
Natural Wool.
All-Wool Scarlets in single
and double-breasted. I _+ _ nr.
H eaVy white Woetf. f S) I. U U
Heavy Ribs, in stripes and
solid colors.
Heavy Natural Wool Double
Breasted Shirts.
At $1.50 we quote you a few of
the big values at this price.
Extra Heavy Natural Wool. ^
Norfolk and New Brunswick.
Extra Heavy Pure White
Extra Heavy Red Flannel,
medicated dye.
These goods are made in the best manner
possible and bythe best makers in this country.
Lot of Toilet Sets containing io pieces, as
soited colors and tints, all heavy stippled,
about seven styles to select from, &A /Lr\
worth S6, special price.?p*r.Uzf
S5.00 Toilet Sets. 10 pieces to a set, floral
decorations. new shape and heavy gold stip?
pled. roll edge basin, this week's C "1 _\ C
S5.00 Toilet Sets, containing ten p'_:es, tint
ed in pink and blue. roll edge basin C"_ AQ
and gold stippled, special."P"'""
10-p:ece Toilet Sets, decorated
and gold traced, assorted patterns, M CA
Madame Le Fevre's
Tjoilet ZPreparations,
We are sole agents for Rich?
mond. For the next few days
we will give to all purchasers of
$1.00 worth of her preparations
a sample box of "Velvo" and
"Cucumber Cream," the two
most delightfui facial prepara?
Draperies, Lambrequins
Ready-Made iW.intel Lambrequins, made of
French satteen. full lensth. hand knotted
fringe,- fast colors, one-dollar value, 'JtZs.
Turkish and Oriental Draperies, one yard
wide, all colors, 17c qualitv, per _ *J\'/ ,-,
Major Howard Speaks in Highest Praise of
His Men?Perfect System Under Which
They Worked?No City in the
Country Could Have Done
Any Better.
The good work or the Police Depart
Oient during the Carnival was most re?
markable rrom the small numbpr of ar
PSSXB made.
"The number or arrests made by tne
police ls r.o criterion of the effectiveness
of the department," said Major Howard.
"The work tliat tolls in a policeman is (
his ahiluy to keep down crime. Because
a policeman has few arrests to hls credit
ou thr; blotter is r.o indication that he. ls
not a worthy member of the force, nor
does it mean nc<-cssarily that when an
olllcer has a long list of arrests to His
credit that he is a good officer.
"You take a house that ls ovorrun
with rats that are destroying everything.
Tut a eat ln that home. Tho eat wlll
catch few of the rats probably, but tbe
larger number of rats will leave in lear
ol Uie cut, and as long as the eat remains
tin rats wlll keep away.
"So, w ben a good policeman .makes His
appearance in a bad ncighborhood the
law-brcakcrs get away and crime is held
down. Richmond has the reputation all
over the country of being the worst place
tor crooks. Thos? that do come here
are almost invariably caught, and in re?
cent years the number of noted1 criminals
who have paid Richmond a vi&t has
been few indeed. They know what our
tk-tectives and police force is and they
stoer clear ?f the city.
"\Ye have the grcatc-st trouble with our
?local peity criminals: There aro no real
crooks here. \Ye have a number of
raciUi thieves and alleged "bad" men
and boys wbo glvo us a lot of trouble,
but the excellence of our force ls break?
ing up much of the work of these pctty,
unnitc-ur criminals.
"Richmond can do better still by la
creasing its force. so as to give the su
burban and outlying districts of the city
r wldcr protectlon. A few mounted of?
ficers for Lee District and Church Hill
t would also add' to tho offectiveness of
the force. v
"As ut present coustitutcd, the force
5s a good one, but, natural'.y, with tho
growth of the city, its police protection
bhould also grow."
Major Howard said that tne work done
by the fifiy special oGicers during tho
Carnival was moet effective and that
?onie of the va.cn detailed from the va
riouK dtetricts to do detcctive work was
of ihe best.
"The men wiio did work . in 'plaln
clothes' dwervc credit." said Majcr How?
ard1. Each man put his energy Into the
work. They watched theo trains and.
tejrt in toycb with every suapiclous
looking person who came here, and not
uxtfii tho* ware satiafiftd tliat thes* par*
sons were all right did their eurveUlanco
"Araos, Wernrr, Folkes, Lamkln, Wilt
shire, Marrin. MeMahon and Schlief each
are entitled to praise.
"The system by which these men
worked was perfect. They always kept
in touch with jitadquarters and with
each other ar.d were all under the di
roction of Captain Tomlinson. Had any
cases of emergency ariseen he wou'.d
have known just where to have reached
his man.
"In every big- crowd were always founti
two or three of thc plain-clothcs men,
while the specials had their eyes on all
that was going on.
"Of course, the experienced, seasonefi
old reiiahles Gibson. Wren and Hall did
jooman service. The two former con
cfentrated most of tnelr efforts at the
Horse-Show, whero the big crook would
.aturally have gravitatt-d had he made
his appearance here. They also worked
th'i noighborhoeds where trouble was
most likely lo spring up, and the effect
of their presenee was remarkable.
"1 doubt very much if any other city
in the country could have handled the
blg croivds as we did."
Misses Norfolk Waist?Fhe-Gored Skirt
Rough materials or all soris are much
iu vogue, and make admirahle costumes
ior young girls. This stylish suit il
lustratea one bi thc latest designs) and is
shown ln (pebble chevoit, in m.xed tones
Oil duil iuue, trmmed wiih bands of black
velvet. With it ia worn a hat of blue
felt, trimmed with ribbon ln stripes o?
"blue and black with bnght lines of red.
The founualion or Citted linging for tho
waist is snugly fittcd, and closos at the
centre front. The waist jiroper ls lald
in box. iriaits that are .'itehed at their
under tolds aaid extend .'irani the neck
and shoulders, thc closlng being effected
hy nseana of ibuttons and touttonholes
worktd through the p'.ait at the centre
front. The two seamed sleeves are in
dresa style. with slightly flaring cuffs.
The neck is finlshed with a standing col?
lar that teTminates in a -point, and at
th_ waist is a narrow carved belt.
The uj>per j*orUon of the sWrt fits with
perfect smoothnese, tho fulness at the
back being lald in inverted plaifcs, while
ibelow the-knee. it takes th . Sashionahl*
flara. _%. flownoe can bo ar_LHffefi QrVZ9
the skirt on indicated lines, or if pre?
ferred, tlie material can bo cut away
beneath and the flounce seamed to the
edge or, again, tlie skirt can be cut full
length and left plaln.
To cut this costume for a miss of liour
teen years of age 0 1-2 yards 20 inches
wide, 9 1-4 yards 27 inehed wide or 5 3-4
yarda 44 inclies wide will be required,
with 3-4 yards of bias velvet to trim as
iliustrated; to cut the waist alone 3 1-2
yards 20 inches wide, 3 1-4 yards 27 inches
wide or 2 yards 41 inches wide; to cut the
skirt alone C 5-S yards- 20 or~27 inches wide
or 4 1-2 yards 44 inches wide.
via C. & O. Railway and Old Point U.
S. Mail Route. -
Leave Richmond via Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway. daily, except Sunday, at
4-45 P. M.. connecting at Old Point with
the superb steamers of the Old Bay Line;
leaving at'7:lo P. 1X1., arriving Baltimore
-6-30 A. M. in time to make connection
with all trains North, East and West.
Short rail ride and all night on one of the
finest steamers in southern waters.
For tickets.and general information ap?
ply at general oflices Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway. Richmond Transfer Com?
pany. -' ' ?'" ?"' "'.'
and No. 836 East Main Street.
YOU AlU') u ,VttSED
To avold as you would a poison; the
many so-called "Syrups of White Pine."
If you have a cough, cold, Croupe, Bron
chitis or any throat or lung trouble, take
Dr. David'.-? Cough Syrup of Pure Pine
Uar, Horehound, Wild Cherry, etc. Price
25c. for a large bottle everywhere.
' *mff?AA,:
Iontague to Make tha Opening
They Have Been Selected, bui Nooody Knows
Who They Are, and Qrcat lurioilty
H?3 Been Aroused?Some
of the Exhibits.
FARMVILLE, VA, Oct. 19?Special.?
Tho gates to the Farmville Fair will be
thrown open to the expected multitudo
next Wednesday, Oetober "3d.
The opening address will be delivr.rcJ
at 10 o'clock in the main building by At?
torney-General Montague, and it is ^afe
to predict that he will stand before a
larger crowd than he will again have op?
portunity or addressing during the pres?
ent campaign. Of course, Mr. Monta
gue's address will be noh-political, and
yet he will impress our people.
Tho agricultural part of the Farmville
Exposition is not expecten to come up
to the standard- of past fairs held' in this
place, and yet it will be interesting to
see. There will be no hors-2-show, and
the races will be as good as= are usually
witnessed at district fairs, and there
will be interesting tilting at the tourna?
Among the outdoor attractions none
affords the anticipation ot' greater pleas?
ure than the pubiic marriage, which will
be solemnized in front of the grand stand'
at the race-track on Thursday, the sec?
ond day. Such a marriage has never be?
fore occurred in Farmville, nor in the
State, so far as the recollection of your
correspondent goes, but once, and" thea
at the Richmond Exposition, some twelve
years ago. .
The contracting parties for the fair
marriage are well-known young people of
an adjoining county. Their names, tho.igh
known to a few, havo not been given to
the pubiic, thus heightening the curios
ity of the femihinity throughout this
section. It is stated authoritatively that
Rev. Joshua S. Hunter, of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, will bo tlie officiating
clergyman on this novel occasion, which
may be taken as an assuranee of the
prospective bride's d'enomimitional per
suaslon. The couple will be accompanied
to the grand stand" by four young gen?
tlemen selected for that purpose.
The merchants generally of the town
will make exhibits of their 20 3dJ r.niV
wares, and farmers from this and adjoin?
ing counties are already entering for
premiums samples of tobacco and other
products of the soil.
The Roanoke Band will be here three
days with sixteen pieces, which will
furnish the necessarv music.
Messrs. J. M. Venable, A. A. Cox and
W. XV. Jackson, the well-known horse
raen, promise that the races will be the
best ever seen here. The committee have
been working earnestly for the ontdnor
attractions, and have succeeded in se-.
'' ''."?'- AL'L " - '? -':-'" ? . : . ' :
curing some of the very beet. At the Op?
era House each night will bc an attrac?
tion of the hig-hest merit.
The linest fruit and stock v/ill bc, on
exhibition, the manufacturers .-md i.gents
of agricultural macbines, the owners,
riders and drivers of thc best horses are
gotting readV for the exciting contests,
and not the least, the pretty girls from
thc country and the town will be on hand
to contribute to the success of this most
interesting occasion.
Prof. Kabrich, of Philadelphia, has
beon engaged by the Fair Association to
make three balloon aseensions during the
fair. It is said of Prof. Kabrich that ho
has this year broken all records in this
country iri point of altitudina successes.
Chier" Marshal Alajor J. R. Martin is en
rolling a list of knights for the grand
tournament to be heid on tho third c"ay
of the fair, October '25th. There aro al?
ready a score or moee knights enlisted
for the tournament and others f,re ex?
pected. Each knight is charged an ad
mittance fee of $2 and wiil bo i-.llow-d
three rides after a trial-ride, and prizes
wiil be awarded according to the number
of rings taken. The prizes will be as fol?
First prize, S30 and the Queen cr.wn;
second prize, $20 nnd the first maid crown;
third prize, $13 and the second icaid
crown; fourth prize, 510 and third maid
crown; fifth prize. ?5; sixth prize, saddle;
seventh prize, saddle; eighth prize, Dridle;
ninth prize, pair riding gloves; tenth
prize, pair of kid gloves. In addition to
these, quite a number of valuable prizes
have been offered by the merchants of
All knights will wear an appropriate
costume with sash. The coronation wili
take place at night in the Opera-House,
followed by customary ball in the Guard's
Altqgether, there is a promise of a
splendid and most satisfactory fair.
Whatevcr success attends the approach
ing fair will be due in large measure to
the enterprise and constant work of it3
otticers, who are as follows: President,
XV. 11. Richardson. VIee-Presidonts?
.Messrs. XV. G. Dunnington, of Farmville;
A. Ai iiaskms, of Prince Edward; J. W.
jdCebditch, ot' Buckingham; J. AV. Fowlkes,
? of Amelia; Li. Q. Eggleston, of Charlotte;
j J. K. Atwood, of Appomattox; O. L.
Flippen, ot Cumborlarid; Cralle StoKes, of
Lunehburg; Walter Watson": of .Vottoway;
judge T. Af. iiiller, of Powhatan; ;and
judge J. AI. Crute, oi. FaiTtiville. Treas?
urer?\V. H. Ewing; of Farmville. Execu?
tive Committee?Captain S. VV. Watkins
(.hair man), W. Lf. Rlchardson, W. H.
Ewing, J. AI. Venable, J. R. Alartin, VV.
XV. Jackson and R. B. Berkley. Ladies'
Auxiiiary Cou.n'ittee?Mrs. J. L. White,
Mrs. XV. P. Gilliam, Alrs. P. Winston,
Alrs. W. P. Richardson, Mrs. F. AI. Bugg,
Mrs. J. R. Alartin, Alrs. W. G. Dunning?
ton, Alrs. W. H. Richardson, Miss Addie
Venable, Alrs. Alonroe Jones, Aliss Anna
Hurd, Alrs. C. AI. Walker. Secretary?J.
L. Hart. Chief Alarshal?Alajor John R.
The Norfolk ar.d Western Railway and
the Farn.ville and* Powhatan wlll sell
round-trip tickets for one fare. and am
ple accommodations wili be provided for
all who come.
Higgins (wlth his youngest in his arms)
?They do say the little fellow looks llke
me. >
Wiggins?Oh, well. I wouldn't mlnd'what
people eoy; th . best way is not to notice
'em^-Boston Transcript. ?
Richmond Manufacturers and Merchants Are
Urged to Secure Proper Representation
for the Occasion at Charleston.
Tho importance of securing proper rep?
resentation at the South Carolina inter
State and West lndlan Exposition, which
will be held in the city of Charleston
from December 1, 1901 to Juno 1, 19V-, is
now securing attention from the mem?
bers of the Richmondi Chamber of Com?
President L. Z. Morris, of that organi?
zation, at its meeting last Thursday
evening. urged the manufacturers ot
Kichmond to make an exposiiion Of th-Mr
products to awaken interest in this mat?
The Charleston Exposition is assuming
a wider scope than was at iirst expect?
ed and its success seems assured. Xho
part to be taken by the West Indian
cduntries will be prominent and will show
the wonderful resources of thls country's
new possessions. The Philippine Isi
ands, Mexieo and the Central American
and South American nations will havo
excellent representation. ln addition to
thls, it is proposed to remove many of
the most interesting features of the Paris
Exposition to Charleston to be exhibited
during this fair.
The scope of the Exposition is thus very
broad, and while it was designed pri
rnarily to tell the world the story of the
g:eai revolutlon in commereial cdnditions
wnich has taken place in the South dur?
ing the last o.uarter of the nlnetcenth
century, it ls also designed to do far more
than this. One oi* the main features of
the Exposition will be a textile building.
m which an object-Iesson will be given of
the wonderful development of cotton
manufactures in the South in the past
twenty years. Liberal space will bo given
to exhibit? of agrlcultural products pe?
culiar to the South, such as tea. hemp
and tobacco; also to home exhibits of
r.cn-agriculturai products, such as phos
pnates; to exhibits of forestry, of lish and
The varied resources cf each county in
the State will be expioited in detail, and
the exhibit of live stock will be especial?
ly. fine. The good-roads exhibit will prove
of paramount importance to the people of
the country, and, above all. the exhibits
from Cuba, Porto Rico, the Philippines,
Mexieo and the South and Central Ameri?
can republics will command the most
general-and vltal interest.
With Cuba and Porto Rico Importing
most of their rice from the British East
Indies, and importing also all wheat. corn,
breads-U-tt's. hog and dairy products?in
fact, most of the necessaries of life?and
with alLthe West ladian Islands import?
ing and needing' large and constantly-ln
creasing supplfes of. cotton goods, there
sliould be a market for everything raised
and produced in the South and in Amer
ica, at our very doors.
-The site chosen is a tract of about160
' acres of land on the eastern bank qf th*
' " -
I Ashley river. about two and a hali
I miles from the business centre of tho
| city. and within the city limits. This is
ar. Ideal site for the fairy land of pal
| aces and towers and garii'e ns which 1.
j sprlriging up there like magic undsr the
touch or Twentieth Century wizards. Th .
[ slightly rolllng country lends itseir read
| iiy to varied ar.d artistic effects, and th .
? magniticent live oaks. with their shad
[ owy and graceful pendants of Spanish
i moss, constitute a feature which nu
I money could supply.
In the natural d'vision of the ground3
will be a lake with a wide embankment.
In this lake wlll be Eiectrical Island. on
which wlll stand an eiectrical fountain oi
' uniqiia and sympolio c. sign. 'j.h:s aka
| has been fanclfully named by tne archi
I test "Lake Juanlta."
THE r:Ult>PIXG3.
Upon thr eaatcm an.1 western embank
ments of this lake v/ill be the many
beaut?..l Exposition P.ui'.ding . amond
which may be mentioned: The (Maryland,
Alachinery, Transportation. th-? Art. Flsh
erip.---. Woman's. Intemation _!, Intcr-Stat.1
and West Indian. T?-xtile and Cotton Pal
ac", Administ r.it'on. Minerals, Forestry,
the Midway. Uye Stock. etc.
Spar.ish-American styles of architectur .
are generally in vogue, and present a. very
pleasing effect upon the eye. They ara
frame, covered with "staff," tinted a soft
ivory color with pure white trimmlngs.
The amusement prlvlleges. such as re
freshments. races. etc. have to a greal
extent beon secured by a syndicate oS
Richmond men.
Charleston. it is alleged. wiil break tht
record by opening her Exposition on time.
The hotels and boaniing-houses are ar
ninging to handle the crowds in good
shap-e. and there need be no -f^ar of lack
of accommodation. Charleston will takt
good care of all her visitors.
~ "" 'i
tne new City Drug Store. No. 1444 East
Main Street. corner of Fifteenth, wher.
wlll be found everything usually kept in
a first-class drug store, wholesale and re
tail. A ntceJine of dne Candies. Cigars.
Tobacco, 'iw." _temember tha place.
No. 1144 East Main Street.
If lt don't curo your chills and flfty centi
if lt does. so why not try Dr. David I
ChlU Tonic. Every 50c.-botUe warrant*
ed to cure a dase cf chills- Prlce _._ aui
50c. a bottle. __._?_,_, ..?
O __. _3 ~x7 ?3> T7- X A..
Searath. _?T1? Klad Yw faw AtaE 38i%|)t

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