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Said Bar Dr. Tudor May Return
to Pastoral Work.
?aie*_ .
They Raised Over 517,000 During th: Year*
Dr. Kcrr's Sermon?Dr. Hnt son's An
civeteary?Introduction of the
Rev Mr. fc'-jjlcstcn.
Much interesting gossip aj-int the prob?
able changes which will 1..? matie a; tlu
next ?????????,.| conference to bo held in Ne w
port N? v.s next wv-U is g dog the
rounds m .?(????'.??:?? circles, isobody, it
appears, is .ii?.\i.,us> t.. vohth for tl?? .??
curae? of ihe rilinors. Irii they arc
uevi-rtheiiES living discuss? <l.
1 rol.i-.iiiy ih.- most lut? r. Ming spceula
?????? In ill's cdnnection, and certaiiiiy tli-i
lnu?rt. is that whii.li is t ? th? effect thai
tile Kev. \\ . V. Tudor. D. IV. now ,)re
eidin**; t-ldcr of West Hi?hmond Disine!,
\flll return io pastoral veni;, and ihat the
Rev. ii. rinley Gayle. who h:us >crv.-<l his
lour y.-ars at L;.i:re-l-Stroot, will lv given
Dr. Tmlor's present position. Dr. Tvulor's
abilities as preacher and pastor are too
Well known to need c-ommt-nt. it is safe
tei say that there? are numbers of church?
es which would jump at him. if he would
Stop again into the field e>l" ? lie eligible?.
Carrying out this schedine, further, it is
reported iliat the Rev. J. C. Reed. -??
M ai ich est ?er. pastor <>f the Central
Methodist Cbur.cn then??, will be moved
and will be given charge of Mr. Gaylc's
present pulpit? I^aurel-SIre-et. On the
other hand, it is also stated that Kev.
Gi-orcr.? K. Booker, of Portsmouth, will
be Sf'iit to Laurel-Street. The Rev. J. S.
"Wallace, of the Fifth Street Church.
Manchester, is also likely tei be moved,
and the Rev. R. Ii Beadles, of Hasker
Pde-morial. this city, may ;ind another
field of werk.
The- above are the new names being dis?
cussed. Among the other? likely to change
mention of whom has already been made,
are the Kev. J. T. Routten. of Fulton: the
Rev. lernest SU?, ens. of Barton Heights:
and the Rev G. E. B. Smith, of ICp
vorth. While the name of the Rev.
G<? rge IT. Spooner, of Trinity, is also lin?
ing mcntior.<;ll'.'-'It'is not thought probable
that he will be changed.
Work of Women's Missionary Union.
The AVoman's Missionary Union, Auxil?
iary of the Baptist General Association
of Virginia, will hold its annual meet?
ing: to-day and to-morrow in th??
Baptist Cb'.ireh at Culpeper, Va. Several
del??gatcs from this city, among them
Mrs. A. L. Stratford, Mrs. G. F. Williams.
Mrs. ?\\ F. Hatcher and airs. C. I'.
Stfalpy. left yesterday morning an
others fe.llowed later.
'the work of ine Union during the year
just gone has overstepped anything oone
In the past. The annual re-port of -Mrs.
Stratford as president of ine? executive
Board will show that $17,200
lias been raised by the Union dur?
ing the year?an asionlsiimg sum. ror
the coming year the report will recom?
mend several new features of work,
among other things the support of a fe?
male missionary in the mining region ol
the Indian Territory.
Mrs. Stratford, by the' way, has just
declined re-election as president of the
Board, and Mrs. li. A. Colejrian. corre?
sponding secretary, has decided to take a
like net ion.
The officers of tho .Union are: President,
Mrs. John A. Barker, Clifton Forge, Va.;
First Yitc-President. Mrs. A. K. Dickin?
son. Richmond, Va.: Second Vice-Presi?
dent, Mrs. A. J. Camp. Roanoke, Va.:
Secretary, Mrs. Alexander Miller, Bed
ieird Springs. Va.: Treasurer. Mrs. 1'"
P. Robertson, Rottky Mount, Va.
The object of this Union is "to stimulate
a broader religious development on the
paru of the Baptist women and girls of ?
the State; to train the children in Chris?
tian work and to enlist all in active serv- ?
ice for the Muster. To cultivate a mis?
sionary spirit and the grae?c of giving.
T-o aid in collecting funds for missionary
purposes lo 1?? disbursed by the boards
of the General-Association of Virginia."
The- Executive Board of this body which
is also one of the boards of the General
Association of Virginia, is located in
Richmond and cemsists of ten resident
members?two members each from the
Jive geographical sections of the State,
and the vice-president for Virginia of the
Woman's Missionary Union of the South?
ern Baptist Convention. The president
of the Woman's Missionary Union of Vir?
ginia is also a member of this Board, ex
Th.? oflicers of the Executive Board are:
President. Mrs. A, L. Stratford. Rich?
mond: Vice-Pr?sident, Mrs. A. B. Dick?
inson, Richmond; Corresponding Secre?
tary. ? Mrs.i.IL A. Coloniali. Highland
Park; Ree-ording Secretary, Mrs. A. XI.
GordstroiiR?. Richmond: Treasurer, Mrs.
AVm. Ellyson; Auditor. Mrs. W. R. Jones,
Barton Heights; Sunbeam Leader Mrs. G.
l'\ AV?liams. Pichmond.
The report of the general work by lhc
different oflicers. shows most aggressive
The doctor sometimes passes a harder
sentence than the judge. But the sen?
tence of the doctor is more often set '
, aside or overruled than is that of the
? ? judge. In the case of Sirs. Reycraft.
?' given below, the eloclor sentenced her to
?about eighteen years of physical punish?
ment and misery. But she rebelled
??against the sentence, aud commenced
the use of Doctor
'Pierce's Favorite
'Prescription. In.
a few weeks she
?was a well woman.
It's a peculiarity
.?of the cures ef?
fected by the use
of Doctor Pierce's
Favorite Prescrip?
tion, that they are
'? generally cures of
chronic diseases.
A ?woman suffers
with diseases
peculiar to her sex, she takes medical
treatment, gets no better, and has no
?-hope held out to her of improvement.
Then in her discouragement she turns to
:Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and
finds a prompt and lasting cure. " Fa?
vorite Prescription " establishes regu?
larity, dries unhealthy drains, heals m
Ifiammation and ulc?ration aud cures
female weakness.
"Four years nco my health brfran to fail."
?writes Mrs. Nellie M." Rcycrait. of Glenvrood.
Washington Co.. Oregon. ""I had a very heavy
draggini* ?nd weight in the region of the uterus,
?pnin in back and loins, could noi lift anything
i heavy, rest at night very poor ; stomach dc
'rang?td. One physician sa'id I -teas overworked.
another said I had ?cong?cstion and falling ot
;*atenis. He treated me nine months and said I
' would *not'b???**!! until I hael passed the change
?oflife:J-.I'?^n*oHly twenty-seven years old then.
!l "oeefthie- -discouraged, and began using Doctor
?: Fierce ? 'FavoHtc Preserription. Took a tca
; spoonful three times a day ; began feelin? better
???ht -away."- An using my third 5>ott?e now.
fend feel l" am io go^ health. 1 believe I>r.
'Pierce's Favorite Prescription has restored me
.to health. If suffering women would give it a
fair trial ihey would give it praise."
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, paper cover?, is sent free on
?receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to pay
? expense of mailing only. Address Dr.
IE. V. Pierce, Buffalo, ?. Y?? ->
There isacertain?
disease that has
come down to us
through many cen?
turies and is
I older than
. history itself,
?/. yet very few
outside q?
those who have learned from hitter ex?
perience know anything of its nature ?r
characteristics. At first a little ulcer, or
sore appears, then glands of the neck or
groins swell; piniples brc.Tfc out on the
breast, back or some other part of the
hotly and ?11 with yellow pustular matter :
the inoulh and throat become sore and
the tongue is et nit times badly coated.
Headaches arc frequent, and muscles and
joints throb and hurt, especially during
damp, rainy weather. These are come of
the symptoms of that most loathsome of
all diseases, Contagious G-lood Poison, j
. This strange pois- ?
C0?lta^*4.0*U.S on docs not affect |
Blood Poison ?^?Siy
caten up with it within a short time after
being inoculated, while others ???how but '
slight evidence.of. any taint for a long
titne after exposure, but its tendency in
every case is to complete destruction of
the physical r.ystejn, sooner or later.
S. S.S. ins aaafe and infallible cure for
this bud disease?the only antidote^ for
this specific poison. It cures Contagious
"Mood Poison iti every form and stage
thoroughly and permanently. S. R. S.
contains no Mercury, Potash or other
harmful minerals, but is strictly and
entirely a vegetable remedy, and we offer
$1 ,???.?? reward for proof that it is not.
CUR. MEDICAL?? **-*-*i'*?"? *w'ao ostab
DEPARTMENT, ]?^?e????^
work in relieving Buffering. Give our
physicians a short hiotory of your case
and grot their advice. This will cost ?
you nothing, and what you Bay will be
held in strictest confidenco. "With
their help and a copy of our boot on
Contagious Blood Poison you can
manage yotir own caso and cure your?
self at home.
and earnest work and the rapid and In?
telligent development in missionary ?.vork
ammig the Baptist womtti of Virginia.
Tho homo department introduced by this |
board has been c??nsidered one of tne
most important advances ever made in
the work. The ollicers of this board ha?.-??
been untiring in their efforts, as their re- I
ports to the Union will evidence. Besides i
performing the regular duties devolving
upon the president of the Executive
Board. .Mrs.. Stratford has edited the |
Woman's Column in the Religious Her?
ald and has published a leaflet for the I
young girls in the State, entitled "Girls j
Wanted" and has lately published ii |
pamphlet. "Our State Denominational
Work." and a loving tribute to the Bap?
tist women of Yirginia. To the regret I
of the Slate workers. Mrs. Stratford has j
been compelled to decline re-election to i
her office as president of the Executive
Board. At the meeting of the Union, a
most interesting: programme has lieen
arranged, which will give evidence of the
? arnestness of the Baptist women of I
Virginia and of their spiritual seal and j
The Executive Board reports about |
$17.200 raised by the missionary societies
and Sunbeam bands of the State, end
there are still several associational reports
to be sent in.
One of the recommendations of the
Executive. Board is to urge the y?.u?g
girls of.Yirginia to support a female mis?
sionary to labor among th??. women and
children i:i the mining regions of 'Indian
Territory. It is also recommended that
tho annual collection of the Union this
year be to aid in the erection of a house
for the unmarried female missionaries :n
Canton. China.
To the regret of every worker in the
State. Mrs. H. A. Coleman declines re?
election as corresponding secretary. This
has been known to the Executive Board
for some time but it was hoped she would
consent t os-rrve the Board again: As.
however, her reasons for ? declining tre
purely personal, they have been com?
pelled to report Mrs. Coleman's decision
as linai.
Would Have the Bib'.c Taught
Tho Rev. R. P. Kerr, D. D.. preached
Sunday at the First Presbyterian
Church on "Lawlessness.'' lu the course
of his sermon Dr. Keer took occasion lo j
remark that il was his wish that the j
Bible could be taught as a text-book m j
the public schools. Dr. Kerr said in part: ?
"? nere is a drift union?? American peo- ]
lile towards lawlessness and anarchy. 1
do not lake a pessimistic view of the
situation, but an optimistic; believing
that the evil tendency will be stopped
and that the good people of this coun?
try will rule its affairs. But it is a
serious blow at the majesty of the law
and the authority of the courts for tho
people to lake the executive of law in
their own hands and inllict terrible pun?
ishment upon alleged offenders. One ot
the saddest facts in connection with this
matter is that we arc getting used to this
thing and that it docs not have the in?
dignation which it once did when we
read the daily, accounts of lynching.
Xorth and South.
'.'The remedy for this, I believe, to' bo
to teach all the people to fear Cod and'
ke?. his commandments, for only as they
arc taught to reverence God will they
reverence law and the civil majesty. This
can be done only by teaching the people tho
Bible. 1 wish the Bible fcbuld be taught
as a text-book in the public schools, not
iti a sectarian way, for surely it is not
sectarian to teach children the Ten Com?
mandments, the twenty-third? psalm, the
twelfth chapter of Ecclesiastes, the ser?
mon on Uie mount and the thirteenth
chapier of First .Corinthians on Charity.
There is little or no prospect of tlie i>i
blc's being taught in the public schools,
mere's the pity, and the church of God
must put forth all its resources to leach
the masses rind the classes, the rich and
th?? poor, tin; corporations and the la?
borers, the gospel of Christ. The only
place where tho antagonisms between
capital and labor can be solved is at the
foot of Christ's cross."
Dr. Hutscn's Anniversarv.
Tlie celebration by the Rev. J. B. Hut
on. D. D., o: his twenty-ninth anniversary
as pastor oi the Pine-S tract BapiJist
Church was an occasion of the greatest,
int?r?t to the congregation of ihe church.
'The attendance upon. the services was
cxceptioi.a..y larger, and the day was al?
together a n.emorabie one.
-\t Cue morning service'* the building
was crowded ' to overiluwiug. The ros?
trum was profusely 'd?coruteu with palms
and cut Powers. Back of the puiplt
hung a large crayon portrait of the pas?
ter, and on either side, in gilt ligures,
??)v?--.",nl," denoting the period of his
After reading (he annual report of the
work done Dr. Hutson preached from,
the text: "1 must- work the works of
Him that sent me, while it is day: the
night eomeih, when no man can work"?
St. John ix.. 4.
At the Baptist preacher?-' meeting yes?
terday morning a reception was given Dr.
Kutson. A paper, offered by Dr. AV.' R.
L. Smith, and highly commending Dr.
Hutson'S work was unanimously adopted
and beautiful tributes were ??aid the suc?
cessful pastor by Dr. W. E. Hntoher and
the llcv. M. Ashby Jones.
Rfrv, Mr. Eeglcston Installed.
The Rev. R. B. Eggleston was Sun?
day afternoon at 4 o'clock publicly in?
stalled as pastor of the Third Presbyte?
rian Church, of this city. The congrega?
tion was a large on?? and much enthu?
siasm was manifested.
Dr. R. 1". Kerr preached the sermon
of- the occasion, piopounded the consti?
tutional questions to the pastor and the
people, and also delivered the charge to
the pastor. The Rev. J. Calvin Stewart
delivered the chsirge to the people. - and
tli.e Rei-. J?mea;K:Gook made tlie Instal?
lation prayer. .Tlie either members ?f the
. commission, which waS'?ppointed by East
Hanover to take charge .of. tho installa?
tion; were Messrs..S. H.-Hawes and Rob?
ert Whittct, Sr." y ' " '"
Brief Church ?Notes.
The Methodist, preachers, at their
meeting 'yesterday, decided to formal?
ly invite the annual conference to hold
its meeting in .1902 hi this city. One of
the ministers w,\s .delegated to ?convey
the Invitation' fo'-th'e;* body. 'There is a
reasonable probability that fhe matter
will be acted upon favorably.
The services at Immanuel Baptist
Church on Sunday were of special inter?
est Rev*. Mr. Solly preached line sermons
and there were large congregations. At
t Igh*. the house.? was crowded to the doors
anel' many ' were turned away. There
.were sixteen additions to the church in
the morning ami two conversions and six
baptisms at night.
A Special service for boys antl girls was
held Sunday afternoon nt -1:30 o'clock
at the Vv'est-Vicw Baptist Church. The
Rev. W. R. 1j. Smith. D. D.. of the
Second v....urch. preached, and there were
about twenty professions of faith among
the children. At night Dr. Siplth. preach?
ed again, and Dr.' L. M. Mercer, pastor
of West-View', filled the Second Church ?
The revival at West-View will continue
through this week. There will be preach?
ing each night by Dr. Smith.
The union communion-service, which
was to.be hejd Sunday afternoon at
.1:30 o'clock at the Seventh-Street Chris?
tion Church, was postponed on account
of the -chenil of --r. George Vv. Ander?
Bishop Whittle was at the Episcopal
Clericus yesterday. The Bishop is
still feeble, but is able to get around.
0!d Firm of Davenport, Morris & Co. Goes
into Liquidation.
It is officially announced that the old
firm of Davenport. Morris & Co. will go
out of business on the 1st of Jajiuary.
This action is due to the death of Mr.
Air. Junius A. Morris, which recently oc?
It has been formally announced that
the firm will go into liciuidation, and that
the three surviving partners, Mersrs.
Isaac and F. A. .Davenport anel Ralph
E. Glover, will sign the firm's name in
It was reported Mr. Glover would go
to Xew York, and engage in business,
but he stated yesterday that there was
n? foundation to this umor.
One of the most notetl mercantile
houses in the South will e-.sappear with
the passing away of the old firm of Da\'
enport. Morris & Co. It is the largest
of its class in the South. The lirm was
established long before the war, and has
an enviable record. It occupies the large
.building at Seventeenth and Dock Streets.
and a large number of clerks and laborers
are employed.
It .s saiel that another firm may be
found to succeed this one. but tnis can?
not be stated as a fact.
Air. Newton, Hswcvcr, Has ths Matter Under
There was a rumor afloat yesterday to |
the effect that Delegate Virginias New- ?
ton has placed his resignation as a mem- j
her of the Constitutional (Convention in !
the hands of President Goode.
Mr. Newton denied the report when seen |
in regard lo it. out practically admitted
that he still had such a course under ad
visem'entp He said whatever he might de?
termine upon would not be mad'e public
until after the reassembling? of the con?
vention, as it would be proper for that
body to have the lirst notification of his
resignation should he deciele to send it
in. Mr. Xewton added:
"If 1 do resign "? will say it will be a
source of deep regret to me."
Mr. Xewton ?'pp?em piateci resigning
some weeks ago on account of his health,
but his colleagues purstiatled him to re?
tain his seat, and it is not improbable
that they may succeed in setting him to
remain in the body until the end. of the
session. Mr. Newton's health is consi?'- j
erably improved anel he is able to be in ,
his office every day.
Wells-Whilehead People Believe This to Te
the Last ?'??; of the A. T. Co.
Representatives of tho Wells-Whiteheael
Tobacco Company, of Wilson, N. C, who
have been in this city for the past week
or more, believe that this last move of
the American Tobacco Company to run
tne Carolina Brights" cigarette off the
market to be the final gasp of the trust,
so far as apposition is concerned. A
former attempt to crush the intlepenelent
article was a disastrous failure, and the
Wells^Vhilehead people and their friends
confidently expect this ,atest effort to go
the same direction. This time they believe
the trust will lind quU to its entire sat?
isfaction that the. "Carolinas" have come
on the field to stay, and .will hereafter
cease its efforts to chase the popular
brand off the field.
i.etail dealers have taken advantage of
the scheme of the American Tobacco j
Company to sell twelve packages of its
, "Virginia Brights" cigarettes- for twenty
| five cents. The dealers buy up a lot of
i the cigarettes themselves, getting them
! thus considerably below the wholesale
? price, anel sell them at the regular rate.
I -
To Support the Military.
An effort will be made to have em?
bodied iu the new Constitution of the
State a clause requiring every citizen be?
tween the ages of- .vighleen years and
forty-five to l.ay-'t tax of 25 e?cnts per
capita per aniuim for the support of the
State military establishment.
Tne tax is to lie in lieu of service in a
j military cen i:any. A man. who is a
meirber of o:?e of the volunteer compa?
nies of the State, will not be retiuired to
pay it.
Colonel Jo. Lane Stern, assistant in?
spector-gei eral of the Virginia Volun
Very few could believe in looking at A.
T. Hoadley, a healthy, robust blacksmith,
of Tilden, Ind., that for ten years be suf?
fered such tortures from Rheumatism as
few could endure and live. But a won?
derful change followed his taking EleetWe
Bitters. "Two bottle wholly cured me,"
ho writes, "and I have not f?lt a twinge
in over a year."' They." regulate' the Kid?
neys, purify the blood and cure Rheuma?
tism. Neuralgia, Xervousncss, improve
digestion and give perfect health. Try
them. Only 50 cents at Owens & Minors
drug store. - .
HARD COLDS?People whose blood is
pure are not nearly so likely to take hard
colds as are others. Hooo's Sarsaparilla.
makes the blood pure: and this, great
medicine recovers tne system after a cola'
as no other medicine does, lake Hood's.
via C. & O. Railway and Old Point. U.
S. Mail Route.
Leave Richmond, via- Chesapeake and
Ohio Railway', daily, except Sundav, at
4:45 P." M.. connecting at Old Point" with
the superb steamers of the Old Bay Line;
leaving at 7:15 P. M.. arriving Baltimore
6:30 A: M.. in time .to make connection
with all trains Xorth. East arid West.
Short rail ride and all night on one of the
finest:steamers.in southern waters.
For ticket?.and general information ap?
ply at general offices Chesapeake arid
Ohio Railway,?Richmond Transfer Com?
pany, and No. S3S East -Main Street. .
Hakes ?n Important maternent
of Interest ?to All Women.
??BEAnJins? ??->?pa?:?The hon?
est, - intelligent physician is above the
?School' -?Whatever is best m each
case shou??cbc.-?sedi'no raatter to what
school a physician belongs. I, as a
matter of conscience, , can only pro
DR. WAKATA, of Lansing, Mich,
scribe the best, and as I know and have
proven that there is nothing-in Alateria
Medica which equals Lydia B. Pink?
ham's Vegetable Compound in
severe cases of female disorders, I
unhesitatingly prescribe it, and have
never yet been sorry. I know of noth?
ing better for ovarian troubles and for
faflicg of the womb or ulc?rations ; it
absolutely restores the affected parts
to their normal condition quicker and
better than anything else. I have
known it to cure barrenness m wo?
men, who to-day are happy mothers of
children, and while the medical pro?
fession looks down upon ' patents, I
have learned, instead, to look-up to
the healing potion, by whatever name
it be known. If my fellow physicians
dared tell the truth, hundreds of them
would voice my sentiments."'--- Dr.
Wan at a, Lansing, Mich.
$5000 forfeit if above testimonial is not genuine.
The record of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound cannot be
equalled. Accept no substitute.
Mrs. Pinkham advises sick ""wo?
men, free. Address Lynn, Mass.
teers, in his annual report submitted to
Adjutant-General Nalie last week', recom?
mended the. imposition of the tax. An ef?
fort will be made l? hay i the convention
adopt the clause providing for such tax.
and there- is likelihood of its succeeding.
Term Begins To-Morrow?Judge Waddill is
The regular, term oC the Un.ted States
?Circuit Court of Appeals will begin to'
moriow, and Judges Goff, Simonton,
Jaclc-on and Furn?..l will constitute the
court. They are expected to arrive to?
night, and will sto.) at Rufger s Hotel.
?ludir? Waddill. of the United States
District undCteuit Courts, is n.it at all
well-, and has not ueen for seveta! days.
He was driven to hi.= office yesterday
mvirnlng' and remained ?rome time in
Consultation with a number of attorneys,
?but returned io his home in the after?
noon. The Judge's health was net good
in the early: part of the suintnerj bat a
few weeks at Kockbridge Alum Springs
strengthened him greatly, an-.l a few
weeks ago.-when he returned, hi was'in
better health than fora long time.
"Mr. A. M..Seddon. of th.is city, has been
appointed by' Captain Asa' Rogers Dep?
uty Collector ili the Internal Revenue
Office.-' Mr. "Seddon is widely known in
the city, as iw? has made Richmond his
home for many year?. He gaes on as an
additional elerk in the dcpattmeni.
The receipts in tlie Internal Revenue '
Office for the month of October are SI'S',.- j
'.S'.'IT. They show ; a'?'steady growth In
the business of the office, which proves ?
the increase output of the tobacco manu
f?ctur?rs of the city.
Making Heavy Purchases In Danville
While denials come from various sources
that the American Tobacco Company is
buying up ail the tobacco it can get its
hands on. the facts remain, as stated in
Saturday's issue, that the trust is making
heavy purchases here; that it has been
doing so for-some time, and that so far
as can be learned, it will continue to d?)
>.ot only; this, but tlie American Com
?pany is pursuing a like policy in oth'.-r
places. Letters just received here from
Danville slate that the company is going
it at the same rate there. Whether this
means that the trust is making a shrewd
move to keep this tobacco out of litig?
himi, and thus ?tipple the British mer?
chants, or whether the American Tobacco
Company is merely replenishing itslstp?k.
is a matter ol" conjecture. Many local to?
bacconists arc inclined to believe the
former view of the matter the'correct
Regarding Electricity.
A very interesting pamphlet has been
issued by tlie Continental Fire Insurance
Company of New York, re
presentee! here by Messrs. Samuel
11. Pulliam & 'Company, is circulating a
pamphlet, which will be of great ?"value
to property-owners.
It is headed "Suggestions to Aid' Prop?
erty-Owners in Determining Proper Elec?
trical. Installation" and gives the rules
laid down by the National Board of Fire
Underwriters for safe electrical work. It
should be read by. all persons who hav?,
property to insure.
Children to Stag.
The custom of haying singing by the
children at the 0-o'clock service at St.
Peter's Cathedral will be revived. Ar?
rangements w.a be made for a chorus of
200 voices,-one' hundred each of boys and
j.ne children will meet every Saturelay
morning in the basement of the Cathedral
for rehearsals'. Father Waters will be
on hand to look after them.
On next Thursday evening, Xovember
Tth. at S o'clock. St. Patrick's Club will
give their first musical anel literary en?
tertainment at their ball. Twenty-sixth
and Grace Streets, to their lady friends.
Captain F. W. Cunningham has the en?
tertainment' in charge and a pleasant
evening is expected."
Lecture On Hygiene.
A course of six free lectures on I-Ivg'ene
will be delivered by Dr. Greer Baughman,
lecturer on hygiene at the Medical Col
lego of Virginia.. They wil! bs given once
a month, beginning Thursday, November
7th. af S P. M., in St. Andrew's Hall oh
Beverly Street, near Cherry Street. ? The
course is Intended especially for all mem?
bers of Stj Andrew's School with their
families anel friends, but. the public gen?
erally is invited..
Colored Organizations.
Dr. R. R.. Jones announces the follow?
ing meetings for. thisweek of his organi?
zation of trades:-Waiters to-night; dress?
makers Wednesday; cooks Thursday
night, and Friday .night Superintendent
Fox will address the teachers.
These meetings will be held at the. Wo?
man's League Training School-rooms.
Architect West Working on Plans
for the Bank of Waverly.
Other Notes.
Architect -Win. C. West is working en
tne plans of tho Waycriy Bank, an at?
tractive building. ' The plans will prob?
ably be completed within a week or ten
the handsome Y. M. C. A. building at
Blacksburg, designed by Mr. West, will
be dedicated this month. This is the
most complete building of the kind in the
South, and cost about $20.(W0.
Mr. West has completed the plans for
the Chase City Bank.
The contractors for the Cottrell SadJl ? y
Company building at Fourteenth i.nd
Franklin Streets are making rapid pro?
gress, and work on the Chemical Com?
pany's office building on Twelfth Street
is going forward encouragingly.
?Contractors are figuring on the Fair
mount Avenue Baptist Church, which is
to be erected- in that prosperous and ct
tractiye suburb. The plans were drawn
by Architect D. Wiley Anderson.
Mr. A. H. Kuhn, well known here, and
representing the firm of Hirsch Brothers
?fc Co.. vinegar, sauce and p?enle people,
of Louisville and Pittsburg, has decided to
make Richmond his headquarters. His
business has grown so much that he has
settled upon Richmond as the point from
which he will work his territory.
The Citizen's Building Fund Association
will meet at Lee Camp Hall to-night, when
a new series will be organized. This com?
pati?.- is the oi est in the city and is pure?
..The report cf Secretary Andrew "az?
zini. Jr.. of the West End Natatorltim.
shows that institution to be on a paying
basis. The plant is valued at $25.
000. Receipts from all sources last sea?
son were S4.453.7S. and there is a balance
of $1.468.72 in the treasury. Tne capacity
will be enlarged next season by the addi?
tion of 110 dressing rooms and a gymna?
The Buckingham Slate Company starc-d
work yesterday in Buckingham county.
The officers of the company are Rich
monders: President, Frank S. Bradley:
secretar?.-, Wilbur Turner; manager, C.
H. Clark. The quarry is located nrrar
Arvonia in the vicinity of the Wil?ia?.?s
and Pitt quarries, on the Buckingham
oranch of the James River division of tne
Chesapeake and Ohio.
The Southern Weighing and Inspection
Bureau, whose headquarters are in, At?
lanta. Ga.. have established in this city
a district office. Mr. C. R. Saunders.
for many years past the chief billing
clerk of the Xorfolk and \Vestern Rail?
road and Old Dominion Steamship Com?
pany at Xorfolk. is in charge as deputy
inspector for this district.
Interesting Occasion at Barton Heights?News
From the Nortliside.
The Rev. W. T. Hundley, the new pas?
tor ot the Barton Heights Baptist Church,
was publicly installed Sunday afternoon
at a service which was largely attended.
The exercises opened with the reading
of the scriptures by the Rev. F. V. Baldy
and prayer by Dr. W. ll. Whitsitt. An
address of welcome on behalf of the
Baptists of Richmond was delivered by
the Rev. George F. Williams. Dr. C. L.
Gardner also spoke. Response was made
by the "new pastor. The Rev. Krnesl
Stevens, of the Methodist Church pro
nout.ced the benediction.
Mr. Hundley narrowly escaped serious
injury Sunday evening. While at?
tempting to alight from the car
at the drug store, corner Xorth Avenue
and Robert Street, about 9:'M P. M. he slip?
ped and fell, but fortunately was not se?
riously injured; t-ut was considerably jar?
red. He was returning from services at
the Grace-Street Baptist Church.
Mr. C. D. Gaver, of Monteiro Avenue,
who has been in the employ of tli?-? local
freight office of the Southern- Itailway
Compuny iti Richmond, has been promot?
ed to a position in the Auditing Depart?
ment a? the came company in Wash?
ington, for which point he left on Sun?
day, attended by the b.st wishes of his
many friends.
Tne Rev. W. P. C'hrisman. who has
been assisting the Rev. E. S. Hepburn,
of Oliver's, Hanover county. Va., return?
ed Saturday night to his residence, and
also held the usual Sunday services at
the Epiphany Church.
The Town Council of Barton Heights
held a meeting on Friday night in the
Council Chamber. Xothing of importance
Parisi} School, roll of honor?Miss Brog
don. teacher?Miss Mary Sharp was the
recopient of the first honor.
Mr. Hunter Ware has returned to his
residence, on Xorth Avenue after a suc?
cessful hunt in Hanover county. Va. He
said he found game very plentiful.
Mr. Fleming Christian has returned to
His home, on Monteiro Avenue, from a
very successful hunt.
State Officers and Clerks Have Gone to Their
Hcra:s to Vote.
All the State officers and. their clerks,
from Governor Tyler down to the Capi?
tol policemen, have gone home to vote
for Montague, Willard and Anderson,
and their respective House and Senate
nominees, and in couse.menee of that
there will be but little business.' of Im?
portance transacted at either the Capitol
or" State Library to-day. Indeed. ? there
was nothing of public interest going on j
yesterday.? Colonel Marye. Mr. C. Lee j
Moore, and Mr. Lawless were about the ?
only out of town ?-oters who were at ?
their offices anel they will leave to-day. |
All the Capitol ' policemen except -Mr.
J. P. Pettis. vote ?without the city antl j
have left for that purpose.
"Uncle Ned" Williams and Captain I
Diek Richards will do police ehity to-1
Breaking into a blazing home, some
firemen lately dragged the sleeping in?
mates from death. Fancied security, ;:nd
death near. It's that way when you neg?
lect coughs and colds. Don't do it. Dr.
King's New Discovery for consumption
gives perfect protection against all Throat
Chest, and Lung Troubles. Keep it near,
and avoid suffering, death and doctor's
bills. A teaspoonful stops a late cotisa,
persistent use the most stubborn. Harm?
less and nice tasting, it's guaranteed to
satisfv by Owens & Minor Drug Com?
pany. Price, 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle*3
SK?S?N. -
The Southern Railway, which operates
its own lines' over the entire South and I
forms the important link in the great :
highway cf travel between the North and
South, Florida. Cuba, Alexico, the Pacific I
Coast anel Central America, announces j
for the winter of 1901 and 1902 the most
superb service ever offered. Its splendid
regular service will be augmented by the
Southern Palm Limited, a magntttcent
Pullman train, which will be operated
between Xew York and St. Augustine,
Florida. ?-*?"
t '
Good, health in late banquets?l??ss of sleep? cxhaustinsr -?I'-a^uree?
snap and vigor gone. Here is sure help to get it back which wit] put
any debilitated man or woman on their feet. Take away that senso
of fear?helplessness?brace them ??,?. The quicket-t, safest Dyspepsia
cure known. The best brain and' nerve invlgorator. Xo reaction.
Masons YELLOW Tablets cure DYSPEPSIA
Sea and Car Sickness, Headache-Brain and Nerve lavi-*ora!or
?Jo C-?!-?r-i?l, Aloes or Optare?.
Mason's Yellow Tablets Cars
Sta aad Car Sickness, Headache?
Brain and Nerve Tonic, 10c
Mason's Brown Tablets Care
Billons aad Liver Trouble?.?
0. K. Id the morning. Ilk.
Mason's Red Tablets Core
Br-)c.fil:i3. Bad Breath?
Sure ol a aijbt's rest. I Oc.
Mases's WWte Tablets Care
SORE ??????
TensiHtfo. Colds?
Redace IntlanrnutfoR. l?e.
Mason's Cream of Olive? Cares
Croup, Pimple?, Nearalffla.
Borns and Piles. ZSc
AU Drnjj?sts or mailed far price by
bZi Arch Street,
PWUdelohla. P?
Connecticut Pie Company,...
811 Mosby Street.
Makes Pies Fit for the King.
Fresh from the Bakery Daily.
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Delicious, Delicate and Whole?
Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
Connecticut !Pie Company,
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in a little kingdom of her own is a bride and her beautiful
surroundings of Silver and Cut Glass! Our Silver and Cut
Glass?with its inimitable grace and certain suggestion of
refinement and taste?especially deserves your attention.
For wedding gifts this is a wise solution.
Our stock is artistic in design, new and perfect. We give
? per cent, discount for cash.
C. Lumsdeti & Son?,
Manufacturing Jeweler and Opticians. 731 East Main St.
day. as they will not be kept busy j
running the elevator and the Capitol j
engine, which is their usual duty.
Secretary Joseph T. Lawless iti'
in the city, having come up to take 1
charge of the office of Secretary of thei
Commonwealth, in order to allow As?
sistant Secretary Haukins to go to Hali- j
fax to cast his vote. Mr. Lawless will :
leave for Portsmouth ? to cast his vote !
thi.i afternoon.
In discussing? the political situation. Mr.
Lawless said Tidewater would efo lier du- |
te> to-day', but he feareet there would
be ugly fights both in Xorfolk city and
county. Mr. Lawless has been stumping
for the ticket and believes tne people will
turn out anel vote heavily to-day. He es?
timates that Mr. Montague's majority
will be entirely safe, anel that the Legis?
lature will be Democratic.
Cases Will Ee S;t for Trial?True Bill of In
dlctment?Corri Items.
The Hosting-? Court will not he in ses- |
sion to-elay?election day?but will meet |
to-morrow, when cases will be set for ?
The granel jury yesterday handed In I
the following true bills of indictment:
Percy Brown, burglary; B. F. Bryan.: j
burglary; William Cannon, criminal as-i
saulf. Ralph Carter, burglary; Gertrude"*
Johnson, malicious wounding: George l
Jacksori. burglary; Stephen Love, house
breaking; Thomas Latin.ore. entering !
raiiroael car: Bruce L?tlmore, sanie;
Clarence- Morris, same; Kirby Motfitt.
game; Mary Pollard, malicious wounding?.
James H. Robinson, malicious wounding;
William Henry Taliaferro. murder: Fred- !
crick Wi'liams. entering railroad car.
Mr. John M. Hig.^ins was the foreman
of this jury.
Mr. P. P. Winston, clerk of the Law
and Equity Ce urt. is taking advantage
of a i nil in his court, and has been out
hunting. He is expected back to-day.
Divorce wag grantee! in the Law an-:l
Eepiity Court yesterday morning to
Harry C. Rbee'e?. against Annie- E.
- The suit of Antonio Petri against tre?
city of Richmond ' and others fe.r ??5JDQU
for damages aliegpd to have he-en due
by falling in a hole, was eompromis????
out of court or.;! the suit withdrawn.
Julia Grant 'Moore (nullified as adrmn's
trix b. d. n. of James H. Grant. Sr.~ap?
proximate value of estate ??.ixir?, in the
Chancery Court yesterday.
Mr. Frank Bates, of the City 'Engi?
neer's oitie*?, said yesterday that pro?
gress was being made on the new jail.
The work of tearing down the oid wall
on tho Jai! Alley" siele is now going on,
and Contractor Fox hopes to make rapid
strides on the new structure from now ?
or.. ?'
Mr. L. S. Jones, secretary of the- Board
of Fire Commissioners, has ju?t Rotten ?
out a neat ani valuable tire alarm book.;
with all information concerning the lo- ?
cation of boxee, ele. The books are lor:
free distribution, and tire handy for the |
The police ere' active iu their Quest :
for signatur.?:- to their petition for in- |
creased salare. Several'officers were? on!
the streets yesterday for signatures, and
many were secarcel.
A small sum e.r money was found in j
the City Halt y*:-terelay morning, which
e*nn be reco\cici! freun the Chief of
Police unon k"* ntititation.
A marriage l:e> pae has been issued to
Frederick L. W;;!le-r and Sal?e McGhee, j
the marriage to take place to-day.
Death of Edward S. Stokes, and Killing of
Fisk ia ?d73.
The death of Edward S. Stokes, which j
occurred in Xew Vork city on Saturday I
I?ist, recalls a tragedy, trial, imprison
nient and restoration to the? full rights
of citizenship, that make tip one of the ;
most chequered care -rs it has been the
lot of any man to run.
Jt was in the year 1S72. after a ?
ej?arrei ir.vr.Iving large financial interests j
anel the favor of a beautiful woman, j
that James Fisk. Jr.. was shot and killed ;
by Stokes. The woman in the cas?- was
an actress, the celebrated and beautiful
Josie. Mansfield. ..
:The tragedy occurred on the stairway
of the Old Grand Central Hotel, now th?? !
Broadway Centi al, on the sixth day of '
Janiary. Fisk lived until the next morn- ?
lag and Stokes g ?.ve himself lip to th.
authorities. The .trials.of which there were .
fifur. were bitterly fought and created the j
widest interest. Finally Stokes was sen- ?
tenced to four years in the penitentiary. !
SpottswoocL House
New and Modern
Convenient Location.
???(??????....FREE FROM THE....
Noise of Streets and Cars.
Heme with *ll th?. Comforts of a Hot?
Until further notice no
change will be made by us
in price of fuel. Those in
need of fuel, however, will
make no mistake in pur?
chasing now and having it
put away.
' As usual, we are weil
stocked and able to make
deliveries at short notice.
Our prices are regular. We
are not cutters.
Our fuel is ciean and dry
and we have never yet been
called upon to furnish guar?
antee certificates to our
Eoth 'phones. .
Secretary and Treasurer.
Cured by
^.?drese X)r. TAFT. Tt E. ISUtb 3t.. New
York City.
He served out hjs terni and white It?
prison he met Richard Croker and John
Scaline!, then awtitins trial anil the trio
became fast friend*??.
When Stoke* s term was lip be retiirn??ii
t?? N"ew York, during Cleveland':? a<*
mir.istration :?.^ Governor, wind wna by
that officer restop?? t?-* citizens-hip, IT??
embarked in bus'uies* mal was Interested
In the HclTmaii llou-ua.

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