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.'':•'' '-''■' -'■ ". f_ r - ..■>.■*•'..• ....■ ■'■■■■■■■ '.■■■-,."■ ■■■■■• '' - «.■■■- ;,'.'■■■ ■■■■.■■'.■.■■, -..■■. ■ ■ .".-.":" .■,.:■■ ■..:■■'■- _'J_ _i i— -'-*_ ~ ~ it, A J n f« -nr 111 'mroTnnii
"■•Jt Is always';. Interesting to
c notes between : the - past; and;, the present
:: c-v«c -v« the account o.' a boat race and;. ban;
= : ttlTappalianriock, Va-. which' took : place
i In X the; year; J754.n-.akes- rather lircly
* readlnp. * The rinrrp tion is- given' in an
'extract " taken from tho ■ diary., of onc>c
; l>hi;ip FithitmV published recently, by .the
"Princeton University Historical Associa
tion.-, ' . ■..■•■ '■': .■' ■■ C ■•■" : ' ■.'. '■■ ' -.. ;
K^VljcnMrV- Fith'.fin, who -wasfrom >cw
'Jersey "recorded his impressions of Vir
:::gJn)a%:social" Hfo-. In .the eighteenth cen-
Ilury^lieirwas flllin'g' : tho ; place of tutor
-of ■■ Mr.." Robert Carter, of
.AVcstinoieland county. On the day of tht
a-aie,'-. which: he; describes, Mr. Fithian
f rode ' rrora Mr. Carter's " home to "Mount
= r Airy,V in Kichmohd. county, and went
■from there, with Colonel Tayloe's family,
:;to: a point or ■ landing opposite Tappahan-.
-siock. ; There . the'- parly wa3 "taken on
:ix>ard]" thei "Beaufort:'- by ■ Captain .; Doby,
'/«iijd'- Joined a company which numbered,
themselves, as" Mr. Fithian
•' says, "forty-five "ladies and sixty . gen
tlemen, ?. 'besides the crew."'
The' boat race seems to have . mado a
irctnor impression on' Mr. Fithian f s mind,
•Jor he has little in, mention of it except
: the : record of the fact that Captains Doby '
'and Benson wcretbo steerers.ln the race,
that :' ; the "betts"' were small and that
Captain Benson was winner. If tho race
did not . weigh with him, however, tho
f company, did, for in referring to "the
; forty-five ladles", who made up tho Beau
fort 's list. - ho being a stranger, writes
: plaintively thus:
:>"X: was not able; to Inform myself, be
causo it seemed improper to Interrupt, the
General pleasure with making circumstan
tial inquiries concerning individuals &.
saying. Sir. what .young- lady is that in
' «' lute String Gown?" She seems genteel;
•s "where docs her' father- live? Is she " a
girl of Family and. Breeding? Has she
tny, suitors? This when one could not be
cut ' of'thei inspection of the company
would i have seemed, impertinent, 50. that
I did not "much enlarge my acquaintance
■with the" ladies, which commonly seems
pleasing and desirable to: me; but I took
notice of Several and shall record my re
The "remarks" are so critical and ex
pressed in so different; aV. manner..' from
-.th«; Virginia masculine fashion of the pe
riod, that some of them are given here,
tolling, what the writer thought ''and -•3lt
In" the ball-room at "Kobbs" Hole," to which
. he, repaired after the race. He says of
Mr. "•' Archibald Richie, the father of the
brilliant": Richmond journalist, Thomas
Vichie. that "Mr. Richie stalked about
•ie ball Room. He was Director & ap
pointed a sturdy two listed gentleman to
oj'cn the Ball with Mr?. Tayloe. -He
danced midling tho'. There were about
six' or eight married Ladies."
"If the young- ladies set , down • in his
Cazry could have seen what comments lie
made" about, them it is hardly probable
that Mr. Fithian's record would have sur
vived until to-day. They would certainly
•have torn H 10* pieces. He disposed first
of JJiss Riichie in the following manner:
"At. 3ast Miss Ritchie danced a minuet
with Hen Carter. She is a tall., slim pirl.
dances nimble and graceful. 'She appeared
in a blue f;ilk sown; hor hair was done
'up r.oat without powder; it is very black
and .sot her to' good advantage."
. ICvidently.: he considered Miss Edmund
fion, by way of contrast, as too much
of a coquet;, for there is an underlying
tone to his mention of her : that is not
altogether complimentary. As the reader
may perceive, oven in his introduction,
■which, brings the young- lady on the
cccnc in this fashion:
"Soon ' after, that Is, Miss. Richie,
danced Miss Dolly Edmundson. A short
pretty. .stump of a girl. She danced well:
.sung a- song- with great applause; seemed
to enter.' into tho spirit of the entertain
ment, -j A young- epark seemed, to be fond
of her; she seemed to bo fond of him;
they were both fond of each other, and
the company saw it. He was Mr. Richie's
clerk, a limber, well dressed, pretty
handsome chap he was."
-• .As may be seen he has , nothing but
praise for Miss Alphia Fauntleroy, con
cerning whem his pen runs glibly:
"Miss Alpliia Fauntlc-roy danced next,
thpTjest dancer' of the whole- absolutely,
and the liriost pirl. Her head, though,
was "j)owdel"cd white as snow and craped
in the newest taste. She Is the copy of
the Goddess of Modesty. Very handsome,
she seemed to bo loved by all her ac
quaintances, and admired by -:\ every
■ctrnns-er."; . ./' /
I This Miss Fauntleroy married 1 Captain
John Champe Carter,- of the Revolution,
"and afterwards lived in Pittsylvania
county. Other young ladies mentioned as
belles of • the ball Were "Miss McCall,
Miss Ford. Miss Brockcnberry. Miss ' Ball,
two'; of the- younger Miss Richics and
MissTVado." ;.,- ■ '
Mr. Fithian confides to his dIaTV that
lie and Mr., Ben Carter accepted Colonel
Tayler's hospitality for tho night suc
ceeding,the baJl, and naively adds: "We
got to bed at tnree. after a day spent in
violent exercise, and drinking an unusual
quantity of ' liquor." Then. ? the next
morning, he says grumblingJyr "We were
called; up to. breakfast at half past eight.
' "Wo" all looked dull and hagpard. But the
company .wss tnlivening. Three of the
Miss Tayloes; tkr?e Miss Ritchies and
Mips .Fauntleroy, tho loveliest of all the
ring." ' '„ '
• Th 3 ;. ihome : accompllKhmcnts were con
.Fiuered of prime. Importance in womanly
■Vdisfifitlon -. r.t the period of which Mr.
•Fithlan* writes, for, although ho Is by.no
rnoana a partial chronicler of Southern
life: and manners,': he is constrained to
testify further ■'■ that: "After breakfast
the young ladies favored us with several
tunes on the harpsichord.- They all play
and, most of themin .'good taste."
- Then "with the statement . the . he took
leave of iiis entertainers at -11' o'clock
; the :■' s:inw forenoon, the extract Jn rela
tion-to the -ball episode closes. It is ex
tremely entertaining and gives "the Sdv-a
which Virginia society in ITG4 conveyed -to
'aftrangor. who watched its performances
.Avith alien eyes and a certain alobfr.-ess of
eplrlt, .and. so was wholesomely severe.
■Th^ 'Tirgiiiia belles " of to-day ; will; j?oino'
of-theni.-. find- th-eir ancestresses in Wie
■pretty : Virginia ladies who; witnessed
the race at TaoTwvhannock and danced
the minuet at, "Hobo's Holo". afterward;
Tt : Is : to be lioped that they are as good
; breakfast company, on tlio morning after a
ball' as those fair ladies, were esteemed
■to ie. a century or so" ago by Mr. Fithian.
Bazaar Tables.
.At the meeting of -tho Confederate
"ißazaar": Association; Thursday at noon
.>lrsJ ; ,--J'ohn C. Hagan.^bf: the. Missouri
table, announced the - following conVmit^
1 tcifii: Miss ■ : Eleanor ' Treo;- alternate; : Mrs.
• Jlobert '. iii :'; Hai;rlson,- ; ; treasurer: "Mrs:
; Geprco ; P. ;; Stacy. .:Mrs. Warner ; Moore,
-Krs.: ißooton. Hill. Mrs. •• N'ortonlSav
ege. Mrs.^^Holfo; : Glover,'" Mrs. Rich
•; ejd- ■> TV iZZ, VTllsonr :-^ Miss,. . Julia"- Anne
MlssT Loullc. Powers" Guest.' Miss
•jE^becca'; Storrs.": Miss Pauline* Gran t.-: Miss
*E«la^ Jackson. v.Mlsb Bessie J Seldcn;'Mi,'«is
I Tjorothjr .; JJecVi Miss "■ Marie j Wgh tfootS Miss
Miss \ EUsabeUi V Fisher .1 M is 3
>liosby k SneadJ;. Miss's RobertaTAl^
flS^JllJiai§lrenO;'; liOEslcux,';- Miss;':Meade
iVurwell;?Mips:esv;.Booker. '-'of '• ITampton;
Mrs. Ii."i»I. Blankeiiship and Miss Sue
Spilman.' -The pretty name .of the.- Mis
souri table is taken from the. title of.Hiss
Hallie Brminie Rives' book .'.'Heart Cour
ageous." ; - ■ ' ■■': •■■ ' '■•'.',..'■-
The A'lrshiia. table is, to. :be called
.vVanitj-.'Tair."-' Its revised, ilsrt includes
Mrs.' AVcher,' Anderson, chairman; Mrs.
Thomas B. ;McAda»ns.' Mre. Charles ■• E-
Boiling.^ Mrs. J. Taylor Ellyson.-. Mrs. S.
T. McCullough. of Stavnton.": president of
the JefTorson Davis Monument Associa
tion; Mrs. ■ I'itzhuffh-Lee, Mrs. Hugh Tay
lor Mrs. ■'' Thomas '.-'Boiling, .Mr:?. W. L.
Royal!," Mrs. James P. Smith, -Mrs.
Gaiber, Mrs. George AY. Bagby, Mrs.'Me-
Cormick, ' Mrs. ;H. "' L. Valentine, Mrs. J._
G. Farland. Mrs... Levin Joynes, Mrs^ J.
n Pace, Mrs. J. W. Allison. Misses Munf
ford Mrs. B. M. .Talbott, : Miss' Srilly A.
Andsrson, Miss. Kathleen G. Anderson,
Mi=s Sally Reid- Anderson, Miss
Ellen Bagby.- . : Miss r Kate ; ; Talley.
Misses Gibson. Misses Whitlock, Miss
Rebecca Glasgow. Misses Meredith,
Deane, MJss Blankenship. Miss Katie
Blankenship. Miss Berta ■ Jeff tar, Miss
Adair Jlinor, ' Miss : Nellie Boykin, Misses
Coleman and: Miss Louisa Claiborne. .*
The r restaurant.'" committee, of w-hich
Mrs Ellen Wade is chairman, has the
names of Mrs. W.H. Tyler, Mrs. Herbert
Stacy. Mrs. J. H. Capers. Mrs. J. H.
Capers, Jr., Mrs. . Maria Robinson, Mrs.
W. A. Powers, Miss Elle Wertli.iMiss
Connie Evans, Miss Lnura Powers, Miss
Mary Higginbotham. Miss Louise Catlin,
Mrs." Rosencranz, Miss Lillian Haynes
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Waverly R. Townes, of .Petersburg, Va.
and .MSss Belle Chamberlayne. The name
of the restaurant Is the "Wayside Inn."
Weddings of the Week.
One of the most elegant weddings of
tho winter was that of Miss Lucy
Champe Hayes and Louis Charles But
trick, of Broowlyn, N. V., Which was :
celebrated in the home "of the bride's
parents, Mr. ajid Mrs. James "Hayes, of
Ko. 817 Floyd A-renue, last .Wednesday
nipjit at .8:30 o'clock, by the] Right "Ke>'.
Robert A. Gibson. . "
■ The bride was attended by , her .sister,
Mrs. Frank "\V. McCuliough,..of Xorfolk,
as matron of honor, and By Miss Louise
liuttrick and Mary Stuart Hayes. " Mr.
Harold Buttrlck, of New York, v/as best
Mr. and Mrs. Buttriclc left ■ last ' Wed
nesday night for a. wedding, trip .of some
weeks,, after which they will return to
Xew .York, where Mr." Buttrdck Is a
atiemb'er of thiirm of.C. A. Buttrlck .&
C 0.,.; Wall Street brokers. The only re-,
grot attendant .ujK-n one of the most
brilliant and -fashio-ria'ble weddings ; of
the season in Richmond, is that the bride,
an ornament to society hero, since, her
entrance into it.' should be trapsnlanted
by marriage- to gay Gotham, '-"making an-
Oi:»ier : name to bo added to the already
long list of southern belles who have
wedded New Yorkers.
• * « -.■*--» '■ '
A very- interesting' church wedding of
Thursday, was that celebrated at 6 P._M.,
in- the marriage" of Miss iMsmle Leslie^
Jennings and Mr. Philip; Henry Powers."
The : ceremony was ;> performed in St."
Paul's Episcopal Church by . the i. Rev.
James Morris. -■ , -.■■■■.
Professor Relnhardt, who was ;at-.tho.
organ; played the ..wedding, marches" and
during tho service the lovely air, "sße-;
lieve -Hie, if '.all those :; endearing young
: channs." The ushers/ were Mr. .A.-.8. :
Alsop. M^r. E. O.; Alston. Dr. Clifton M.
Miller. Mr. W. Guy Davis, Mr. W. l^Vank
Powers. ' Mr. Ed wa rd ■ Tucker; Harrison; ■
Mr. Hunsdon. Cary ."; and ' Mr. Richard;
Gwathmey. They wore frock coats, with
white .carnations in their lapels and.-car
ried their' hats. / -• • . • -
I The bride, handsomely gowned. ln cloth,;
, with close^ cut coat, ; and., trimming- In
hand-wrought emoroiderj- and applique,
* wore with . it a. black 1 chiffon hat. ; having.
a mass of white ostrich; tips,; and \ carried .
a shower of lilies of the «\"a.lley. She was
attended by her; maid of ij honor, v Miss
Emily ? Subleett* Jennings, also attired |in
cloth, with a verj'. becoming American'
Beauty, hat. ■ and "a bouquet ■■ of American"
Beauty ;i roses; The"; groom and ■ hisl* best \
man, Mr.-; Edgar Tay lor. Powers.. of Mem
phis.^ Tenji., -mot , : the - bride \ at, the altar.- .
■'Master; David ; Porter j; Guest; and;; Miss
: ZJbh'a "., May Dbnnan, dressed in white, •_ were
charining- little: ribbon-holders.'. ?>? > ■;..";
(■' Gerrnans«F:uture dnd^Pasi:^ :
■ The Richmond'; German Club? will :. give
ra^cotlilon; inutile": Miasonlc Temple -itbrinor-;
row^ evening, at ; - which fipcletjrjrs jvlll,'
; THIE' TIMES : ; !llGHMb^b,vVA.,:Stn^
gather,' and in so gathering will exemplify
once : mdi-e the: reputatibni : .tho' club sus
.tairisfo'r fashion- and? excluslvencss...aho
feature :of' the.' germans ; . throughout ;. the
winter has- been the .number, of ;. beautiful
girls - from 'other, cities ; that • have > attend
ed them. Tho-fair) visitors;' will not be
lacking to-morrow evening. Colonel. Jo
Lane Stern-: will lead the". cotillon. ; -". - _
. -- . . . .V, .-..»;■•;.•':: '■ ■_- ..":
The', fortnightly .danqe of ".the .Rich
mond i 'Assembly was held last .Monday
'and'V was .- ;■ cha peroned by . Mr: • and :'; Mrs.
Adolphus Blair. .-Mr. : and -Mrs. R..JM.
Blankenship; Mr. and- Mrs. : Clay Drewry,
Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George 8.. Elliott, -Mr.
and Mrs/ John G..; Farland, Mr. "and Mrs.
Bernard Guest, Miv'aiid Mrs. Egbert G.
Lfeigh, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs.'- M. . M. '■! McGuirU,
Mr. and M^rs. J. • Scott ; Parrish. ; Mr. : and
Mrs.' R, Carter .Scott,. Mr/ and ' Mrs.
Georgo W. Stevens, M^r. and Mrs. 1 Wil-.
liam "M.-Taliaferro, Mr..; and Mrs. Henry
V. Williams, Mr. and^Mrs.: Richard T..
Wilson. Mr.' and Mrs. Clifford Caperton.
; Among the_ ladies'; present "were ' Miss
■Lidio Lane, of Auburn, Ala., the -guest
of Jliss . Marianne Meade; ": ■ Miss ■' - Lucy.
Arider ton, of j'appahannbek, .'visiting Mrs.
Marston; Mass .Elizabeth Worthington,"
of T>. C.,' who is being en
tertained in Richmond . .by Miss 'jAddie
Bowe; Miss Annie;: Churchill i Berkelej
arid Miss Ethel Lipscomb,. of , Danville,'
and Miss Virginia McCandlish.Vof Saluda,
Middlesex county; who ; until last Friday
wero the guests of Mrs. Andrew' J Mon-
tague at the" Executive mansion; Miss
Harris, of Lewisburg, W. Va_, who is
spending some time with Mrs. W. H.
Parrlsh; 1 Miss. Hamilton, of v Baltimore,
visiting ' Mrs. E. . T. D. Myers, Jr. ; Miss
Elizabeth Crutchfield, of Fredericksburg,'
who is spe'ndfng tho winter at Mrs.
Duval's, . No. SOI East Franklin Street;
Miss Ma jorie Loweree, with * Mrs. ' Samuel
Regester; Misses Powell, .of Baltimore,
visiting ■ Miss Mary: Ball ; Mis 3 Katherine
Fauntleroy, of St. : Louis, ■ the guest of
Mrs. E.J. Willis; /Miss Katherine Pat-
ton, of Danville, visiting Mjs.-J.V D. Pat
ton; Miss ' Edith Whelan, of - Baltimore,
who is Enending'some time with" Miss
Sophie ' White; Miss Caroll Wellford, -, of
'•Sabine Hall," Va. ; Mrs. Elizabeth Dim
mock, of • Newport :•'" News, tlie guest of
Mrs. Henry' A.' Williams. . -'.'• v
■ ■ ■ ■ • • * ; ■ ' *
The j fourth cotillon in. the series given
by the" Richmond Colillon' Club this sea
son, was? danced in the Masonic (Temple
Friday evening. Among . the out-of-town
girls attending were Miss " Worthington,
of Washington, "in white r organdy, ; tuck
ed and .Inserted ; with -Valenciennes V- lace
and •■ worn ; over blue, with blue 'ribbon;
Miss Louise, Selden, of . ."Snbwden,"
GoocWand ■ . county, the guest of ; Miss
Helen ■ Stevens, . in white over pink,- -pink
ribbons; Miss Lena Leary, in white chif
fon, accordion-plaited - above \ pink, | coral
ornaments.. Miss Leary : is : the guest of
Mrs. ; James ; Tyler, Miss ''■ Bessie Doyle,
of . Norfolk, In wlilte silk mull, 'Persian
embroidery on . corsage, and : iorming a
pointed girdle, _• .." ',
The german was led by Mr. Adolphus.
Hon.uGeorgo W. Merrill, .member- of the
Virginia Legislature from. Bedford City,
; was j tho guest of th'© evening. -'.New club
members dancing, .included ; . Mr, - Percy
Montague, -Mr. ■ Mason :'. Wlilte,.' and" Mr.
Menalcus Lankford.
Hostesses of tHe Week.
Mrs. J. Ta> r lor Ellyson and Mrs. Frank
T. Crump .will entertain Tuesday "after
noon next from;s to 7- in ; honor of Mrs:
James Ilubard,'. of Norfolk, Va-i who is
now : the guest of Mrs.: Ellyson. r. . : ';
'.. Mrs. Ellyson - was r.'the '.hostess ;of ;•• a
luncheon ;given; last Tuesday, at! 2 P. M.;
In honor of ; Miss Nora Leary, ." a : debu
tante, of this' winter.--: -Invited-.; to' meet
Miss Leary '.were: 1 iliss- Bessie Bosher,
. Miss : Katherine' 1 Patton,'; of Danville; ' Miss
' Berta; Atkinson, -Miss Helen'Stevena,'; Miss
Mary.: Beirrie,:- Miss j- Floral Cameron. •, Miss
■ Loulle' Whltlock;^ '-'-Miss:: Katherine !Faunt
leroy,': of St: Louis; .Miss'.Sßessiei':hElly
[son;-Miss-Sue Spilman ; a».id Miss v Marga-'
ret Shields. : ~ ' : >''v \ : [ y •'-''■'■;}: ;' : .-"
■■..■■■■■.•-■■ :-': -' ;.;'.'■-"■ -"• ••'.■•!'•••■-;'! ■ ■ --a-V '' ; ■; •"-■ '■:
\- Miss ■ Edna r Forbes ; gave , one of the' most
: elegan 1 1 and | fashionable ?; card ;'. of
"the ; winter*; at ,4:30: Wednesday';; af terhbon
; in ' honor of I Mrs. : Richard ?E velyn"- Byrd.' -^
'•" Mrs." \ W. ; ; S: ;.' - Forbes ; ; and & Miss vForbes
; were ;- assisted ¥ in ;. receiving J byA the v guest
; bf s Honor*^^"aridjMJiss '^Geirtru'de^CammM4'f?r§
X: Other^ guestsiwere SMrs.r Josephs BSfWllf
i lard; ; j MrsJ^ H/S L^*- Cabel I.l| Mrs/;) W. % Bry-
Tenrianti-Mrs. - r John;- Atklnson;r= Mrs.*
Miller & Rhoads
P™^P^»^E^^^^^SS;^: ' ■":■>■ -iS^SS^:
Pretty Patterns in
Spring Silks and Dress Goods
i f : While, strictly speaking, Spring isn't here and , the Frost King wil
make many a demand on our winter goods before the warm days really
Spring gowns— possibly they're going ..to, the^far South, -while; others like
to haye v time ; to examine' at ; ;thcir leisure' the:. different .fabrics for the
coming season. ' .-; _ ■■":. : : < ■ . -.
f Some of these beautiful things, such as the Black and Printed Japanese
I Silks, have travelled many a long mile and gone through many, a process^
before they.made their bow to Richmond women. ' : " ;^-v
; Made in Japan bya people in many ways the most wonderful in the
world— thence a long ocein voyage half ' way, round: the world to\Lyons >
in Southern France, where the dye or the print' was applied Jn the; manner
that only Frenchmen can do— from Lyons' another trip. of 3,000 miles
! brines them to our counters and to you. ; ;
- ' Silks.
Black Japanese. Silk. ,
■:" Fast black, spot-proof, waterproof
r and 1 perspiration-proof.
23 Inches wideV KOc. "
_-'.•-. '-".27 inches wide, 750. ' ;
Printed Javanese ■ Silks. 50c.
' 23 inches; wide, Sprinted in Lyons,
' in' black : and navy grounds, with
smairdots. of white.'-
Black Peau da Soie, $1.00.
■ .27inches wld* and very lustrous. .
Black Tcff eta, 95c. . /
' .- 27 ' Inches .wide; guaranteed to wear.
Dress Goods.
All-rtool Batiste, 39c.
' ■". 83 Inches wlda, all pure wool, soft
. and clinging. Twenty shades, in-
N eluding black and cream.
20c Corded Madras for 12 I-2c Yard.
Beautiful fabrics in a full line of desirable stripes.
We know it was made to sell for not less than 20c and some of it 25c :
Here's an incident to, show what a substitute for it is selling for
A lady from 'out of the city was in tho store the day It came in, and no
ticed it justlas wa were marking it 12 l-2c. ' ...
Although t wasn't on sale, she insisted on taking some home with her,.
and said it was much; better than a . madras she'd Just paid 19c. for in
another store..
The mill owner that made it was
pushed- for money, and while he
didn't sell us his whole output of
this weave (which isn't so very large)
yet he did close it out to one large
jobbing house and we secured our
share at a very low price.
' Imported Novelties in White Goods.
The very newest fabric for shirt waists is a fine Imported Mercerized
Damask, 32 inches wide, in beautiful designs. You'll be pleased with it
the moment you look at it— soc yard. ■
Imported Morcorized Oxford, with and tho silk-like stripes across it
•Dlaln stripes for 450 a yard.. Tho make a very- handsome fabric. Sev
- pretty basket weave- of the cloth eral designs In this cloth.
Sale gf Cmthlmand Rugs
• at JKedticed Prices.
' Lot's'of people taking advantage of this sale and there's many a bar
gain to be picked up if you watch; the announcements and visit the
department. -«£■
Pretty window display of them also.
60 Scotch Net Curtains, in Bruj>
se^s effects. 3 1-2 yards and 4 yarda
long, reduced to 92.05..
?3 00 Cable: Net Curtains, wlth.wido
Battenberg effect borders and plain
centers. Reduced to $3.50.
56.00 Heavy ' Rep and Armure'Por
tleres,: In' Oriental and floral designs,
reduced to $4.50 per pair.
$7.50 Mercerized Silk Portieres, in
solid colors and two-tone effects, in
red green and rose, 3 yards long and
extra^wide,. reduced to ?G.GO per
pair. '-. . '...:.■■■--.■ ■
515 CO,' Satin Damask Portieres, In
rich scroll . effects, 3 yards long and
E0 Inches "wide; made with heavy
tasseled fringe, 12 inches long, re
duced to !?12.50.
A Word About Spring Suits.
"We'll bo brief, about them to-day.-
Just wa.nt to tell you about two of
the early arrivals.- The first is an All-
Wool Venetian, made* with an unlined
Bklrt The jacket has - the Peplum,
back-- taffeta lined, and is flat around
the neck. §17.50. . ,_.
YounWV Mrs/ - Ellis , Talbott, . Mrs. James
; Welch. Mrs. Adolph Williams, : Mrs. it.
Carter Scoot, Mrs. Eppa Hunton, Jr.,'Mrß.
Fred : R> Scott; 'Jr., Mrs. Robert Groner, :
Mrs. i Egbert G. '. Lel&h, Mrs. Thomas " Ar
mlstead; i Mrs. Franlc . Hobson, ' Mrs. ; Lang
■horne- Putney- and Mrs. Walter ._ Hern
doniMiles; ■•'"■ - . ". „_ .'-■ ' -" "■■ :;•
A^ pretty 'feature; of tno ent«rtaanment
was found i in the" number, of lovely young
brides " : It -brouglit together. • : .
•'"":■'-'"; ';'.',■■; - ■" ■■'■ ".'•'■ •/••-.■■•■■' v■'
-Amonsr the many social gatherings of
Thursday, "onb" of- tlie most'. 1 elegant ■■.was
Mrs:-;E.;.T.. Robinson's reception. tea. :
from;s-tb".7 .p.m;. .;/:: ••{-, :.; ■ . :'.. : ; ; :. ; ', :
-Houso" khdJparlor, floral ■ adornment ,tos
I very; ; ar fistic-' and •■beautiful.'vtha? color
scheme beinVdeVeloped;in^ : red 'and ': white
carnations; and "roses and: In : red-shaded
! candelabrafl-holding: ■ white ; ; wax '_■ tapers?:
'"Hanging .^baskets • s.w'lth \ plants,-
■ palms 1 aid > ferns I made an^effectdye^ -back-.
ground -for Jthoi blossoms.^ ;v; v' ■•■■-•■ -■•:■._,." ■■.": .;;.;.;
>*,-Recoiving with; Mrs.'Ro'blnson were Mrs.;
l>on i Halsey,^ M>s.' ; - Edward' J.V,"Willis ' and
fMrsSVWllliamSNoel^Mrs. > GardinerftTyi;
;ler.^ofsSh«rwobd^Fc.rest,;,formerly4Mis3; ler.^ofsSh«rwobd^Fc.rest,;,formerly4Mis3
Mar/ Aloxris Jones.: of ■lUchmond. '•was In
'MMI?:- . '. . . . -ISS'fi
AllrWool Albatross, 39c. i :
'■". -So Inches wide, all pure wool, in the
new spring shades. :
Printed Albatross; 50c. ,
27 inches wide, In dainty pin dots
- and hair-line stripes. " This Is one of
•the newest fabrics for shirt waist
'.. . suits. , . " '' .
Flecked Venetians. 50c:
3C Inches wide, colored grounds,
. with flecks of white, in reseda, navy,
black, green, tan and gray. /
Corded Batiste. 50c.
80 inches wide, all pure wool; this
is one of the new spring fabrics, and
".". comes in black and cream aa well as
Bfoadcloths, $1.00. -
60 inches wide, -all pure wool. We
''think we. have, the best .JLOO Broad
cloth In the city.
S3 ', Inch White Oxford Cloth,
32 l-2c.
27 inch Fine Figured Madras, 13c."
40 Inch Sheer India Lawn, oc.
80 Inch Fine Persian Lawn, 134 l-20.
2S inch Check and -Plaid Lawn 3,
7 l-2c.
40 inch Bordered Apron • Muslin,
1 l-40.
In addition to our other reduced
rugs we have some All- Wool Smyrna
Rugs in Oriental and floral 'designs,
36x72 inches, reduced from $3.50
to 53.00. ... „-"""' •
Good Window Shades.
"We mean that they're good Linen
Shades, made with good rollers. 43S4 3S
Inches wida and 6 feet long. -All col
ors. 25c and 50c. '• ' . '
\ Nice quality of Fringed Shades,
in the same size, for 390. ■
-"•■■■■"■•'■ ■-■■ ■■"■ .''..• •■■ ■:-■■:■■■ - -. ■■■ . ■■'■■■■ v .■■■■■■■
charge of the punch bowl. : Mrs. L. "War
rington Wise 'was ;at. tho chocolate table/
and • Mrs." AVade : Lamb; served the sal
ad. '.- ■ ■ /"■ ■■ Vf-; :-; : -v, : - /,
: -Young: r ladies" assisting- . included Misses
; Flora . and- 'Jeanv Cameron,'- Allsa 'Anna'
Boylcln, ; Miss MaTie lightf oot.l ITiss Ma.ry
Ball, '-■;. Miss Berta ;, Wellf ord. Miss | Bertha
Adanison, of Bon Alr;;Mis3;Augusta .Tal
cotit and . Miss Mamie Harrison Tyler," of
'NeW;York: ■: ,' -." ' -. -." '
- ■ -••"■■■ -■' "'*:*, •'-': V-'j, .''- : ''-- . :'i
'I Mrs.-Steph^n Putney, of N0. : 321 "West
Franklin \ Street," entertained .brilliantly:
last 'Thursday- afternoon in honor of - Mrs;
.Walter:'-Herndon/;Miles,' formerly-.;. Miss :
lElizabeth^Dame. the 'daughter; of itha. Rev.
;.,^MII;Tm; E.-;;DaJne,Vof- Baltimore.'- . .. :
■;Mra. c " Putney^ 3 f spacious ;; home-^paTlors, .
: lib rafy,;; square hal \ ;. and r din ing- j room—
.were ; thrown open: to; her.guests.^Tilte
satin ropes," trimmed \vlth; Southern.Bml
lax,'_' caug^ht \ up'; with >a % choux ;• of
r roses ; and |- ending-: in : tassels ( ; of .the jsame
snowy, blossoms, vformed 'Ja' half jtent :.ih
the " hall: ., 't Smllax- and"-- white; barnations
were "twinedSiriV the': grill VworkSbetween
ithe"parlors.-S Baskets ■btJwhlte'rdses,%wi»lte'
'azaieaß, whtte; ■ carnations, salm^and
■ for Spring.
The first of the hew Wash Goods have been withus for.a fewdaya.
and while we thought 'last, year that designs and makers ;Had about';
exhausted' their "'efforts in patterns and : quality- it seems as if this Spring's ,"
fabrics will surpass them in every way. - -' • :. • ■
."■■■■.'-■'• Let's look: at the Ginghams first/ and heading the list cornea.:
'Anderson's -Fine Scotch Zephyr Goods. ~~ ' * r% < - -'.
"Anderson " and Fins "Ginghams " are : synonomdus .terms in Scotland, v
and the shipment we received is the best we've ever, had. A beaatifalljF
striped cloth that is really a; Madras, it's that fine. -. >; f "" ;
-■■ -Certainly the model goods for ladies' and children's wear and alaa
men's shirts, 25c the^ard. , '
'' Ginghams -of the'" .regular 12 1-2 c; ; v
■ grade. In stripes and~solldt colors, -.New .Cheviot* with coJoreiS'Strtpe*
10c . * -_ and- figures. Suitable for Separata »
::V;: :V ; Dress Ginghams in the newest; " SSlfpf^fS" A :good ; .
■ patterns,^ l^Jc.- .: : - :- ; ; valuo at l-l-o. ■. J >
'Oxford CJcths in w-hite grbunds.v ' Co-ded Had-ns with coY
wim- colored-, stripy and' figures. |4y^^s Inl fSuS^uT *aU ! S :
Very stylish effects. 15c. now patterns. You'll find this cloth -
Percales, this spring are prettier to. be of an excellent .quality for
than- ever".. The n=w ones . are hero . IS l-2e. . ' , >
in the best grades for 12 l-2c.. ; . • '. - -
- Styles 'in Spring
:W:alSkmg--;cii2. Dress .Skirts.
The nsw skirts this spring are
- : made" a little fuller; than usual, al
though the fullness Is noticeable
-more on the bottom. of the garment
than anywhers else, as the yoke
"around the hlps^ modifies the;other
v/ise"full appearance of that portion"
of it. We were early In the field,
and succeeded in securing the pick
of the skirt stocks.
Diligent search also enabled us to
purchase, many of them at prices
somewhat under the ordinary. Our
friends who came in yesterday have
a fair idea of just how much of a
saving is 'possible on the garments,
such as an all-silk •' taffeta for
that's sold many a place for three
dollars and a half more.
Nine 'gores, with perpendicular
tucks to a flared net bottom which
is trimmed with four waved-rows of
taffeta and the top cf the net finished
with wood silk . trimming. Drop
skirt of good percsline.
Among tho now Woolen Dress .
Skirts we have an All-Wool Cheviot
-;■ :for ?5.00, made with perpendicular
•tucks, to a box pleated flared bot
tom, and finished at the top of tho
box pleats with 'three rows of
Btitched taffeta. It's a well-tailored
skirt all through, and extra largo
sizes of it are made for stout ladies
'at an additional cost o£ 500.
New M&ttings This Spring.
• Both the China and Jap. Mattings
are In beautiful colorings and pat
terns this season— more so than
usual, we think.
The prices we quote includes laying t
the mattings.
China' Mattings, 2Oc, 23c, 250,
2Sfi and S'.lc per yard.
Jap. Mattings, 25c, 20c. 3Sc and
We have them early thi3 year,
that people may have time to maka
their selections . .
Nickle Piated Chafing Dishes,
Tea Kettles end Coffee Pots.
There's nothing in the whole rour.d
o£ housekeeping furnishings that
has the same amount of usefulness
in it as a Chafing Dish.
Our Nickel Piated Chafing Dishes, .
-with a black irnn stand and hot
water pan. for i?2.o:). have all tho
utllitv and enough of the stylo 0..
the very expensive kind to make
them just as desirable for use
' Larger size for. i?:s.sO. Nickel
stand complete, with hot v.-ater
. /The Marion Harland Coffee Pot
for g1.25, in a 2- quart size, is one of
the .best made— the name fits the
article perfectly.
3-quart Coffee Pot, with bag, nickel
'plated and -silver lined, ?2.50.\
- 7-quart /Nickel Tea Kettle, 7ou.
5 o'Clock Tea Kettles, of solid
brass, on brass stands, ?3.50 and
maiden-hair ferns w-ero all- used in tha
wonderfully ■effective . plan of decoration,
which .was- the /outcome of Mrs. Putney's
'artistic* taste In conception iand In ar
rangement. : In the .. dining- room : the ta
ble was covered with lace over, red -satin,
and > the centerpiece ; : .wasTa .great; plaque
of : red roses delicately frinsed | with ferns.
"American ; ;beautie3; and palnjs were
grouped: and placed wherever elsewhere
'the 'eye could fall on .them "with; pleas
: ure, and individual . candlesUcks. : shaded
in red." added to the riclmess of thecolor
.tones.'-- "'.--,,■."•-."" . _;'= ■*.■:■ ■.-.. :
•/T.hilbw f3f 3 Orchestra,'. ;from ■ the second
hall. ' played \ a . well-chosen ... programme
:'durlng the reception hours. Jlrs.'.-Put-^
ney-,was T - : gowned = ln^black chiffon; Sirs.
Miles': wore -her wedding dress of ' white
panne.crepeand duchess-lace., i; " . ...
V. rAt :; tlie ; -punch :bowl ".'_ were-" Mrs.' Junlua
Mosby. and;Mrs.'Dabney. Crenshavr.Apol
linarls lemonade was j served : by ; Miss Gra^
• ham^ Beli; -of feWasn toSton^ and : Mrs. Lang
: hbrne- Putney, W who ;had Yon j a '.very » pret-^
t ty '- toilet of ; blue 'panne ) crepe. Mrs Charles
■E.l Boiling; presided fat ,the \ chocolate ;, table."
flnithe dlning\roomiwere.Mlss l Al4ce;Doyle;
; MisaVWim ß |^lth«^jMl^^^ily|:Gra^
Black Cloth Dress Skirts, madeirt
the same 'attractive style a3 tha
cheviot, for $-1.-iS. Extra slz«3 la
these skirts for. #-*.i>S.
All- Wool . Etamins Dress Slcirts,
trimmed .In "buttons and taffsta
bands, the taffeta bands forming- tho
yoke. 1 ' • . .• •
. Nine gores, each on» trimmed with,
bands of taffeta.
This Skirt has a flared bottom
and a good percalina drop skirt.
Light Weight, Unlined All-Wool
Broadcloth • Dress Skirt for ?T.4S.
Yoke formed of taffeta bands.
A handsome Dress Skirt Is of
Diagonal Cheviot, made with nlna
gores and perpendicular bands . of
self-material, with yoke effect, and
trimmed with crocheted rings and
small buttons. It's one of the bast
values we have in tha store, &J.OS.
Tho now Walking- Skirta are on tha
same high plane of excellenoe aa tho
Dress Skirts', particularly so is a.
Melton Skir:, in navy blue, for 33.C0.
It's mads with seven gores to a.
flared and stitched bottom. Thar
■usually retailat So.OS. but we pur
chased them under prlca.
All-Wool Melton Walking" Sltlrta
fcr .?."». 00. Eleven ' gores,' every sesun
bound, kilted bottom. A finely ta^
ored skirt.
All-Wool Cheviot Walking Skirt,
In blue, blade and Oxford, with nin»
gores, stitched and* strapped yok«
and kilted bottom, $G. 93.
Tie Blankets are Going Down
in Price.
As the winter wears on t?.-. prices
of blankets wear down vnv\ fe-
AII-Wool Fillstt "VThlta 3lanket-V
11-4 size and silk bound, for i?3.rn;
were 54.50.
All-"U."ool Red Blankets, 10-4 size.
9^.25 per pair. •
Extra Fine Wool Blankets, 13-4
size, §5.00 per pair. They wore 53.50.
Fines California Blankets, silk
bound 12-isiz»; for $S.OO per pair,
deduced from 510.C0. * Each pair in
a box. ■ )
The New Trunks arid
Suit Cases are Here.
If you're going South to spend
the remainder of the winter or con
template a spring trip to Old Point
or Atlantic City you'll need one— *
and it's not a bit too early-to plarv
for the June days, either.
Exceptionally good valuea ta
Trunks, from $3.75 to .$5.50,-.ac
ccrdins to . size. SO inches to 33
inches long.
Covered with hiiavy canvas, hard ,
wood elats, malleable Hteel corners
ar.d clanips. full Excelsior locks,
and iron bottom. , ..--.
Sole Leather Suit Ca3C3, extra,
quality, 22 and 24 inch, sizes. Good
brass "'locks; trimmings and j strap, -
and linen, lined, §5.00 each. ■ '^,
A Word About Spring Suits.
-Tho other, suit .13 of light^weight
Cheviot, cape -collars," with, boloro ; «f
' feet.:- Lined with taffeta,.^and th»
skirt trimmed and mado with. th» now
yoke effect, $30.00.-
vatt.. Mr 3. Thomas B. McAdiinis. Mlsa '
Virginia Chaniberlayne, Mrs. William E»
Dame; of Baltimore, ' and Miss JosepMn* .'
Putney. '-■ " ■■' " ; '■-:: : - ' ' .'■ ; '" „ ■"„
---■•".•■•■ .- - '
The annual ; tea of the Richmond <7fcap^;r;
ter. Daughters -of the Confederacy, wl% X;
' be given in -Lee . Camp Hall Wednesday,^
January.2Bth,.from'4:3o.tO,6:3o.P.'M. AIJ |
Confederate organizations and all vistt-*gS
ing Daughters got ;tho;: Confederacy ara»; «;
cordially invited .to; be present. j> "
There will be a" called meeting "of th» §
chapter held to-morrow i ' morning- at '3 ll|||
o'clock to make- tha final arrangement :-n
for tha tea. *' ..■■.-". «~ < "-■•-*
■ -.. ' : ;. . ■ ■.- „: - ' : .-;'. -■ .■ .- . C-'i .J
Among the Clubs. ;
Mr. TohanrionVof Oromla. Persia^^rjaa^
has been'in this country^ for some; yearj.';*
■ and'havtng;cbrftpletedi;hl3 : stwlls3,at;th«i&:
] .Unlonl-.Theolbglcal | Seminary !s ; abautjvt«|gj
retTjrnUo his: native land; as, a naturaUae«tig|
- s AmerlcanTciilzeh;fhas"kindly cons€ntedU<»B;
■ give a taUc- on 1; Persia 'it .tfce:^Vomaa>||~
'■ Club Monday afternoon. '<^ r {;\%S}S'££ssJ!!LM

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