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Norfolk Turned Out in Full Force
to See .Him.- ,
Daughters of lhe Confederacy Give a
.Most Enjoyable and Brilliant Even
ing ot Pleasure and Confeder
:-/:;ate Interest and Asscciation.
(Spccinl DJsr-atch to The Times.)
I XOIIVOIjK. v.v.. Januarys 2i.-Thc
■ cocial «'vent of the Wl: occurred
on -.Monday. It was the- appearance of
John Drevr in the i>lay of tho "Mwnmy
tr.d the'HUJnminjr Bird/* That was dis
tinctively, a society ovent because all of
the meni tiers or Uio social sets had made
preparations, to "attend " it.- and, to the
best of their ability, to enjoy iv By com-
Vmon content "it was understood that the
jniiii who really wished to compliment a
•t-irl should provide ".to -t« ]:e ller t0 l £ e
ihealricaJ event 01 the season and that int.
girl should have a special sown for the
. occasion. The women. who arrange
such things by strnio occult agreement not
coniprel)..;ndcd by men. had somehow .le
; creed that the occasion of the play of
John Drew here, dtsjiite the fact that it
c;inic on. Monday, was to be an opportu
nity for the men and a spectacular exhi
bition for the wojnen. The men opened
their purses and the wo.-r.en looKecMiana
some beautiful or charming, according- to
"age in the newest or the most becoming
gowns they could command. Thus it was
that a I'lay here, like a grand opera in
2CcW Orleans or a horsi-show in ..«;
York", became the most notable event ol
the social week or to some of those
-fortunate ones who realized on it, tr.e
social event of the season. The reputa
'lion of John Drew, ivs the leader of society
plays and the rumors of tho gowns trie
psetty women of the play would _v. ear,
caused tne women v.-ho- manage, such
things, to pass the word that everybody
vas to take his . very best girl and that
'every girl -was to wear her very newest
or her most effective gown-and so it
:WaS - ... /._-'
The tea which was given Monday after
noon by the Pickeit-i3ucjjanan Chapter
Daughters of the Confedericy anSi/Uia
-Uixiliary, 'was brilliant. l'id;ett-Buch
•anan. llall had been decorated,. with Con
federate colors, palms and lamps. A spo
oial-proffnunme w-as prepared.
rim was a paper on "Tho fetatus of
Southern Education." read by Mrs. R.
X, Payne." It was thoroughly prepaied
and was interesting:: Mrs. Payne, also
sang "Bonnie Blue Flag," and Miss Flor
ence Raynor -The Old Kentucky Home
and "Way Down Upon the ■ Sewaneo
PJver." Mrs.: James" Y. I:e!jjh was the
\n impromptu feature was the rec.ta
■lion of Miss Louise Tucker. Miss Tucker
recite' "A One-Legged Goose" and "\\a
termt .. ujis" in negro dialect.
Mr<= .Thorn WV Henderson, Mrs. James
Y. Leigh, Mrs. Charles G. Elliott, repre-
Benied by Mrs. .Washington' Taylor; Mrs.
K.L. Payne, Mrs. F. P. Webster. Mrs.
W P. Burrow, repmscntt d by Mrs. A\ a.
ter Irvine; Mrs. P. Hi Yeatman. Mrs. F.
•V. "VValke. Mrs. IS. M. Henry. Mrs. T. S.
G-arnett. Mrs. Lawrer.ce Atkinson Mrs.
-Gcbrgo W. Wilson, Mrs. Charles Mckeit;
Mrs J. L. Hubard,- Mrs. W. H. White.
Mrs. Xathanlel Ecanian. Mlks Gantt. ai:d
Jiiss Kensett received thoso who called
during tho afternoon.
The young ladies who served refresh
ments 'were Miss Annie' Yoight, : Mirs
Louise Tucker. Miss Virginia I'ollaid.
Miss Myrtle LeFauchure, Miss Lucrese
Godwin," Miss Etta Sharp. Miss Rosa
Saundv.rs. Miss Lclia Hobson, Miss Louise
rarwood. Miss Li-vise Hunter, Miss ITat
tie Payne, anil Miss M. Simmons.
Among those who called were: Mrs.
George W. Gordon, Mrs. C. C. Waddiil,
Mrs. Richard Mcllwaine, Jr., Mrs. An
drew Brown, Mrs. Charles H. Wood. Mrs.
Thomas Pur-die, Mrs. Harry Brown,
Mrs Walker. Mrs. E. B. Hodges, Sirs;
James H. Hubard, Mrs. J. L. Hubaru.
Mrs. Frank Bowden, Mrs. Armstrong,
Mrs. F. L. Sandoz. Mrs. Alfred . Eidredge,
Mrs. Fred. Curd, Mrs. Keeling, Mrs.
Charles Webster. Miss Rose Cooke, Miss
Law, Miss Bessie Conrad, of Winchester;
Miss Margaret Old. Misses Tucker, Misses
Serpc-11, Miss Achsab Dois«jy. of Elii
cott City: Miss Annie Henry, Miss Jennie
Drewcy. Miss Sarah Harris. Miss Fannie
Sams. Miss Bessie Marsden, Miss Poin
dexter. Miss Annie Thomas. Miss Gar
rett Miss Loulio Taylor. Miss Ar.toaio
"Welis. and' Misses Wilson. Rev. B. D.
Tucker, Colonel E. M. Henry. Mr. JR, A.
Dobie, Colonel Washington Taylor,. Colo
nel W. W. Sale, "Mr. K. H. Smith, Colonel
John Mann.- Mr. Creekmore, Judge Keel
ing Captain Thomas .West, Mr. D. .S.
Burwell, Mr. W. .W. Old. Jr.
■ Mrs. Gwj-nn T.; Shcppcrd -was hostess
Wednesday at a card party at her home
on Boush Street. M.i£S Hamilton, 'of.
Tr.irrenton, Xa., was the guest of .honor.
There were six tables of progressive
euchre. Mrs. Nathaniel Beaman received
the first prize,-; a picture, and Mr. C.
Brooks Johnston received the second, a
Dresden dish. The consolation, a prim
rose, was drawn by. Mrs. Charles Web
ster. Dainty refreshments wore served
on the card tables. Mrs. Shepperrt's
quests were Mrs. John G. Tilton, Mrr v
Charles Webster. Mrs. Alfred Page." Mrs.
Allan M. Cooke, Mrs. V.'. Dorsey Pender,
2kli-s. Frank A. Walke. T^lrs. Nathaniel
Beaman,' Mrs. T. S. Garnett, Jr.. Mrs.
Jtobcrt Hug.h<.>s, Mr?. Allan Burrow, Mrs,
William Taylor Ham. Mrs. P. T. Thomas.
Mrs. R. L. Payne, Mrs. Sidney Smith,
Mrs. Goorge M.' Pollard. Mrs. A. Plum
mcr Pannill, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hair
Browne, Mrs. A. A. Bilisoly, and Mrs.- C.
Brooks Johnston. ' .
The Soven-llana Euchre Club was en ? .
tertained Wednesday evening- by Mrs.
S. D. Puller, at her home on College
Place. The first lady's prize was won
by. Mrs.- Andrew Brown and Mr. Js^ies
Fox received tho gentleman's first. MNis,
WilliS.m- X. Waller drew the. consola
tion. Those present were Mrs. Sedley
Ware, -Mrs. J. A. Robinson. Mrs. Gordon
DeCordy. Mr. and. Mrs. W. >:. Waller
Mrs, William' Pannill,. Mrs. Andrew
Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Atkin
son," Mr. James Fox, and Mr. Duncan
Puller. , . , ' ;: . :
♦ • •
; fflie Current 'EA'C!jt3 Club . held another
ineetinß Tuesday afternoon nt the resl
'deace-.of. Mrs. Lucy Oksson, oii York
,' Place. .Several"- topics of ..the day were
"discussed, and this proved to be one of
the most interesting meetings. This was
•largely attended, there being about
thirty members present. The class is so
"large. it was deemed best by. Mrs. Oke*
son to divide it. One meets on Tues
day: afternoon and the other as before,
: On ij Wednesday.' Tuesday's class is com
r posed of the younger eet. • . .
.. ■ .-• v :> ■•: ;.v ;■ •;• i»: :'<: ;-■ ;;■; ■*■.
was r the . seventh . anniversary
otltho jnarria*TO of Mr. and B Mrs. A., H."
Erise.? •The\ pleasure of the ; annivei-sary
;vas V- Increased by -■•';. - : ta6 congratulations
cf ;'; friends. In the; evening the ..Misses
: Ilaj"den ' ? : *uid , ". Evans •;' assisted '.■. ■ Mr.' . . arid
| Mrs.'^Kriso'llnV receiving fat v.tlieiFJ.honie/
InJ;GhentS Ajpsurty-: of ; young : people scalK
•aF and x spent;: the :; delightfully.
?ln- r plaj-ing .gaihea ar.iJ. dancing.
m*D— P Thorstoa ;- tntex tatoett--v Thursday.
sass^r-. >....'. .. :: -^M
Prevents and; breaks
. up Grip and
W ■$&. Mzm& {<^,
evening at -her homo, in York Place, in;
honor of Miss! Virginia lialsey. ot ,
Rapidan, when a game of progressive
euchre wai played of five tables. The
first lady's prize, won by .Miss Giles,
was a. car<l receiver, and Mrs. -'Shackle-,
ford won a pretty pifica of ! china. Mr.
Treadwell Baldwin and Mr. Allen Coheu
won aji ashe receiver and a match-box.
Afterward refreshments" wero served..
Those present -wore:. Mr. and Ms. Allen
Cohen; Mr. and Mrs.Jajr.es D. Sliackle
ford. Miss Halsey, Miss -Hill. Miss Gile.s.^
Miss. Eva - Thornton, Miss Augusta.
Thornton. Messrs. F. W. Tatem. Dr. Bur
row, > -Edward Stribbling, W. Torry.
Tr.-adwell Baldwin, -Randolph Tucker
Harrison; Thomas Willia-mson, Charley
liardy, Thomas Perry Lancaster.
• . ♦ ■
A handsome reception was given Thurs
day -'aXterribbn by .Mrs. William H.;
Wliite. in Ghent. The '■reception room
was dressed in pink and green, carna
tions, and palms were .fused." The- library
and dining-room, were: exquisite in theli;
decorations of red and _: green. The
greatest profusion of American beauties
and palms ; : were used in these rooms.-
Jn the upper hall the Naval Post Band
played at intervals. Mrs. White was as
sisted in receiving by Miss, .-White, of
Chariottesville, and Miss Gray, of Rich
mond. Mrs. Charles Slaughter presided
over the tea table and Miss Uessie Grandy
over the punch.
Those who assisted In the dining-room
wcro Mrs. Brevard Miller, Miss Luia
Reid, Miss Alice Kelly, Miss Josephine
Cooke and Misses Elisa and Kate Bell.
* ,» *
Mrs. F. S. Roysttr was hostess at a
luncheon Thursday at her home, in. .Ghent.
The guest of iionor was her sister, Mrs.
Royster. of H3ckGrj%( N. C. The table
u-as beautifully decorated with La
•Fnuice roses. Covers wero laid for
eight and those present were: Mrs. Roy
ster, ' Mrs. W. L. Williams. Ms. E. T.
Lamb, Mrs. Do Jarnette, Mrs. J. M-^H.
Summerell, -Airs. R. L. Payne and Mrs.
•\V. Dorsey Pender.
Mrs Cecil Billups.^ entertained her
friends Tuesday afternoon at her home,
on Bute Street. The occasion was a pro
gressive euchro party g:ven In honor of
her guest. Miss Margaret Graves, of
Richmond. The parlors were beautifully
dressed in palms, flowers nnd lights. The
I'm prize, a cut-glass cologne bottle,
was awarded to Mrs. "P. T. Payne, and
the consolation, a fan, was drawn by
Mrs. Lawrenco Atkinson. Refreshments
were served on the card tables. Mrs.
Bi'.iups' guests were Mrs. Joseph Cul
pepper, Mrs. Junius Lynch. Mrs. James
B. McCaw, Mrs. Charles Parker Breese.
Mrs William Campe. M.rs. P. T. Payne,
Mrs. Xorman Bell, Mrs. W. H. Lums
den, Mrs. John G. Tilton. Mrs. Cornelia
Bull Mrs. W. W. Little. Mrs. Lawrence
Atkinson, Mrs. George Billups, Mrs.
Harry Rice. Mrs. Herman Stickney, Mrs.
Kenneth McAlpin'e, Mrs. John E'mme'r
son, Miss Graves, Misses Mary and An
nie Emmerson, Misses Mary and Mabel
Chamberlaine, Misses Jane and Xell Ser
pell. Misses Katherine and Lulie Heath,
Misses Elizabeth : and'; Jane Ke'ely, aa'V
.Miss Adele Biliscly. ■ ,'
» *■ * -
Miss McKirri Holliday Wells was hos
tess at a card party her home in Ghent
Wednesday afternoon." Tho affair was
given complimentary to her guest. Miss
Helen Rouse, at Bel Air, Md. There were
two tables surrounded by players, one
of five and the other of seven-hand eu
chre. Miss Xellie Little won tho first
prize at one table, a burnt wood candle
stick, and at the other Miss Lily YVood
ard was the most fortunate and received
a string- of South Sea Island beads. Mrs.
-Adams drew the consolation, a Japanese
A house party at Virginia Beach is
composed of (Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Shields. Miss: Florence Basshar, of Balti
more: Misses Florence and Molly Milll
•g-an and Mr. Tench Til gh man.
Miss McKirn Holliday Wells entertain
ed her frien<is at cards Wednesday after
noon at her home in Ghent in honor of
her guest. Miss Helen Rouse, of Bel Air.
• • »
Miss Laura AVashington, of London
Bridge, is spending a few days in Ports
Miss Grace Terry, of ■ Bent- Mountain,
who has been visiting 1 Miss Fannie Sams,
on Boush Street, is now the guest of
Miss Eugenia Pain, on Duke Street.
Miss Adelaide Worthington has gone to
Birmingham, Ala., accompanied by Miss
Lillian Kensett, whose guest she has
LeiMi while in Norfolk.
Mrs. Gatuwood, who has been 'visiting
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Gatewood, on
Boush .Street, has returned to Alexan
dria. . ,
Mr. Charles P. Breese, who has been
In" New York for several days, has return
ed home.*
Mrs. Thomas H. Wilcox is in Phlla
Mrs. T. A. Bain gave a party Tuesday
afternoon :to her daughter. Miss Kathar
ine, in honor of her thirdbirthday. Games
were i-dulged in. and. a delightful after
noon spent.
Mr. M. I*. Page left here Tuesday for
Indian Territory, where he has accepted
a position. g
Miss Mary Stuart Pattison, of Balti
more who has been spending some time
is the guest of Miss Helen Taylor, in
Granby Street, is now visiting her cousin,
Miss Nina Johns, on Botetourf Street.
Mi«s Pattison is one of the popular and
charming of the members of the' social
set of Baltimore, and is popular In Nor
iolk aa well, where she has visited for
several seasons.
- Lieut. J. F. Marshall has been detached
from the" Restless . and ordered to the
Mliance, which left Tuesday for the. West
Indies. Lieut. Marshall has . been station
ed in Norfolk for several months and
has many friends here.
CMr W 11. Martin* left Tuesday to be
the guest of Mr. Paul Mas!, in Roanoke.
Mrs James Pott*er*H*ggmson. who has
been visiting her mother, Mrs. W. T.
Walke, on Boush Street, has returned
to Ne\f York. /
Miss Mary Boykiiis, of Baltimore, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. R. B. .Baldwin,
on York Street.. '.\-
Miss Sally Staten, who has been vis
iting" Mrs. W. Dorsey Pender, on Col
lege place, has returned to: Tarboro, N.
C. ' ■ . .. I ■■':■ - *
Miss Abby 'Wilson' re-ttirned Saturday
from a visit to Miss Diana Riddlck in
Suffolk. . . ' '
:■ - - ' - - '':-■- -'• ' " ■■■'■- ■ .■■,■:-.'■.• '' ;
- Mr and Mrs. Shirley .Carter: left Sat
urday night to spend a days In
Richmond. -. * "
Miss Holcn Ktfuse, of Bel Air,. Md.. '-As
the "guest of : Miss Holliday ; Wells, '■' in
Ghent. '.'^ ' .:•.".:- " - -
■ Mr. Gray Tunstall-.left'.Sunday,:after
noon for New York.
I?' Mr -'"Walter ■< H.^-Taylor.-s left* Sunday/ ar»
Many Receptions, / Card / Parties
-and Musicals Reported,
Mrs. Leßoy Roper Entertained a* Cards
Tuesday Afternoon at Her Home on
High St. — Four Hand Euchre
■'..-- Was 'Play ed .
.(Special Dispatch -.to The Times.)
PETERSBURG. VA., . Jan. 24.—Recep
tion?, card parties, musicales, teas and
gennans. pleasantly entertained the so
ciety folk in Petersburg tills week. .
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Alexander
Hamilton entertained at a card .-party;
at her home on. Sycamoro Street. The
guests included Mr3.\ Alexander -. Donnnn
Hamilton, Mrs.: R. :-*R." Chisholm, .Mrs.
John McGiil, Mrs. William Ma hone, Mrs.
William McGill, Miss Mai"io McGill, Mrs.
John Townes. Mrs. -William A. Bragg,
Mrs. Georgo Guy, Miss Blanche Cuthbert,
'.Miss Annie ' Cuthbert, Mrs. John Lo
moino, Mrs. Alfred . Witherspoon, Miss
Mattie : Morton, Miss Betty Hamilton,
Mrs. Samuel Willson, Mrs. William F.
Drewry, Mrs. James Mcllwaine. Mrs.
James Iluffin, Mrs. 'W. H. Jones,. Mrs.
John Herbert' Claiborne, Mrs. Gordon
Remiie, Mrs. W. L. Venable, Mrs. Alfred
Friend, Jr., airs. Broocks Rogers, Mrs.
H. ; P.": Stratton, Mrs. E. C, Kent, Mrs.
R. T. Meade, Mrs. R. D. Budd, Mrs, Wil
liam Budd, Mrs. John Moylcr, Mrs.-Mont
gomery Jackson, Mrs. Robert Gamble,
Mrs. Jessie Anderson, Mrs. Leßoy Roper,
Mrs. John Herbert Claibome, Misses Mar
garet: Col Her, Ea'.ly Roper, Mary ' Bcas
lcy, Janet Bernard, Helen Venablo, Emily
Townes. Louise Zimmer, Faith -Hope,
Frances Reams, Grace Dunlop. of Wash
ington; Annio Willson, Bessie Stratton,
Martha Collier.
Mrs. Leltoy Roper entertained, at cards
Tuesday afternoon at her homo on High
Street. Four hand euchro was played.
The first prize— a v golf picture — was won
by Mrs. Robert Budd, Miss Mary Paul
Roper won; the second prise. The con
solation prize went to Miss Alice Spicer.
Among Mrs. Roper's guests were Mes
dame-s Robert Budd, .E. C. Kont, William
Budd, John L-ern.oino, George Guy, Pres
ton Roper, Gordon McCabe, Alexander
Donnon Hamilton, Robert Gamble, Mont
gomery Jackson, Misses Martha Collier,
Margaret Collier, Mary -Beasley, Emi.y
Roper, Mary Roper, Janet Bernard, Kato
Bernard, Alice Spicer, Jennio Sp:cer,
Maria McGill, Mattio Morton, Mary
M"eada Bernard, Helen Venable, Julia
Budd,. Page Nichols, Margaret Z'.mmer,
Gcorgio Willson, Mary Patteson, Josie
French, Frances Reams, Blanche Cuth
bert, , Julia Plummer, Grace Dunlop, of
Mrs. William A. Bragg entertained a
few of her friends at "cards. Tuesday af
ternoon at her homo on Marshall Street.
Her guests were Mesdajnea H. G. Leigh,
H. P. Stratton, K. R. .Chisholm, Alexan
der Hamilton, Karriss Donnan, Jame3
McClevy, Harrison Waite, E. O. Patteson,
Alfred Friend, Jr., Samuel Stevens, Pry
or Jones, Virg;e Campbell, Charles . Hall •
Dan-is, R. T. Meade, John "Herbert Clai
borne, 3»lisses Virginia Bragg, L. V. Jones,
Annie Wiilson and Bessie Stratton.
The Daughters of the Confederacy gave
a silver tea Monday : afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Bartlett Roper on Market
Street in honor of General Leo's birth
cLav. Tho rooms wei'ft decorated with
red and white, the Confederate colors,
and the color scheme . was carried out
in liberty and brtdo - roses and palms
and smilax.
Those who received with Mrs. Bartlett
Roper were Mrs. Robert Meade. Mrs.
Marie Morrison, iurs. W. R._ McKonney
and Mis's Morgan. Tho young ladies as
sisting in the dining room were Misses
Margaret Collier, Mary Roper, and Mary
Gee. Mrs. R. W. Collier poured tea. A.
P. Hill Camp of Confederate Veterans
and the Knights of Pythias attended
the tea in a body.
.The' Wednesday, music. Club met this
week-at .the- home 'of. Miss^ Mary Patte
son and the following-;. programme was
rendered : '
Waltz in D. Flat— Chopin— Miss Louise
• Zhnmer.:: ..:..'. f . ' .* , :
' Descriptive Analysis ot. Nocturne, Polo
naise and Erl King-By Ed. ; . Baxter Per
ry—Mrs. .R. C. Scott, Jr.
Songs— Adieu— The Liridentree, Schubert
! —Mrs. Hugh Jackson. '_
I Polouaise,in C sliarp Minor opus 26,
i No. 1, Chopin— Miss ■ Lee Booth. . ... '
i : Song— The Erl King, Schubert— Mrs.
Myer Saal. , . - ■ .- - •
| Andante Splanato, opus S2— Chopin— Miss .
I "x,. V. Jones. . .-..-. ''■ ' ; : , .. „. ' -
h- PrGluflc--No.l7 F : - Chopin— Miss Budd...
- ,- songs— "Who Is 'Sylvia?" '"The;. Matd
eh's Lament/.'Sohubert— Mrs. R. A..Gam
■ ble. .• , 5 • : .
Mazurka— Etude/-. , Chopin— Miss -;; Mary:
; PattesonT, i"v -f ' 'j / \ 0 \'- : -^-:. '■■'.: : - : ■.■'.':■■
The guests ?of -- the" club ; were . Mesdames ,
John ;^ McGill: "i Gordon ■' McCabe, : ; Mason^
■ Epes'il John iPecbles.^V'.^AvS.Witherspbon,*;
'Morgan. Foster, W. D. McKcnney, Misses
Vyauginus,, Ci-addocl£, Hofijnan( of Xt. ( y
York;: -.-; Hobble ,. v \ of ''A Camp,:
'Jones; ., Dunlop,' ; : of ' "Washington ; '.. 'Anabel
•Pattesori;'-;-^ "-''.;'■._ : ;■-'':■ J.^*-~- : '":;;'-:" '-:■[."'■
V w Mrs.V William / F.- Drewry'; gavo .a - recep
;tion .Wednesday afternoon' at her home:ih
Ithis ': city in, honoV.. of v Mrs. J Laff cr ty, rof
I Richmond. ..Mrs.: Drewry .was., assisted. 1 in
her '■ guost3 ; bjv .Mrs. .-Lafferty,
•oii' Richmond, Mrs. : Jessia - Anderpon, : Mrs."-
Robert liamil to n , Mrs. : E. -WV Finch J and
"Mrs.'^ArthurjKyle'Davis^-^jf;'^ :: >.-'-'-. ;i'"
:: vThe ydting ladies serving] In' the- dining
room were Nah : : ; ;Daiv"is, Helen
Leavenworth, Alice SplcerVi Biisle ' Wy the,
Fal th ' Hope, Martha* Collier,." Mary. Ellen
Wliytc; Mary Beasley, Bettle Hamilton
: and. Mrs. Samuel: Willson. J - ,;." ,"_-",• , ; :
/Among the two . hundred guests who
called-, during/ the afternoon's were Alex
ander ' Hamilton, Mrs. John McGiH; ; Mrs.
James Mcllwaine, Mrs. R. T. Mpade^ Mrs.
-R. -D. : Budd, MrS:. William Budd, Mrs.:
Montgomery Jackson; Mrs.- Robert Gam
ble, Mrs. Lerov IZoper,' . Mrs." John .Her
bert Claibome,. Mrs.; Seabury,' Mrs.
Broocks Rogers, Mrs., r A.' K. Davis, >r^s..
W. ' L'. ;: ;Venable, ; Mrs. "Alexander. Donnan
Hamilton,; Mrs. E.. C. . Kent, Mrs.' Camp,
Mrs. VW. -R. McKenney, Mrs. Preston
Roper and >.Trs. John Herbert Claibome.: •'
Mrs.- John Gordon Ronnie ; entertained
at a card party Thursday afternoon.
Among .her." guests"w ere- Mesdames Sam
uel .Willson/ William Budd, Itobert Build,
Gilbert . Leigh. Alexander Donnan H.rrn
ilton, John Herbert Cla.iborne, Alexander
Hamilton, W. L. - Venable. R." C. Scott
Leßoy Roper, R. C. Scott, Jr., John Mann.
•■Prosron" lioper. Alfred Friend. Jr.| Al
fred Witherspoon, Broocks Rogers. Misses
Mary Paul Roper, Marie Davis, Mary
Putteson, Bessie diamberlayne, 1 Nan Da
rts, Mary Beasley, Martha .Coliier. Bes
'sio. Venable,. Helen Venablo, Mattie Mor
ton Bettie Hamilton and Mrs. William
Many people enjoyed tho flance given
this week at tho Country Club.
The Wednesday Club Entertained by
Mrs. R. S. Kerr.
(Special Dispatch to Tl^e Times.) "'
STAUNTON, : VA.. January 21.— The
Wednesday Club was delightfully enter
tained by Mrs. Uichard S. Kerr on Wed
nesday .evening at her home, on North
Madison Street. Thosa--. present were
'Misses " Katie KlcHelber^er. Bessie Young,
Graco Elder, Katie Baker, Lizzie Atkin
son. Margaret Foster. Helen Hutchinson,
Florence Tyree. Maud -. Kinney, Bela
Mason, Snllle Barrow. Eva : Tyree, and
Mrs. Herbert J. Taylor, Mrs. Me. 11.
Holliday, Mrs. Heber Ker, Jr.. Mrs.
Thomas Hogshead arid Mrs. James . Fos
The Ladies' "\Vhist Club was charming
ly entertained by Mrs. J. Martin Perry,
at her home, on St. Calir Street, Thurs
day evening between tha hours of i and
7. .
Cards are out announcing the approach
ing marriage oi — iss Grace C. Hawpe,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Hawpe,
of this county, : to Mr. George W. Brown,
on January 2Sth, the ceremony to be
performed at the Greenville Baptist
Church. Mr. Brown is a Richmond, man.
Mr. D-; 11. Clemmer and Miss Sadie
Areheart, of -McKinley, this countj^, were
married Wednesday evening. x
Mr. 'Marshall ' ,.E. Brooke, of Waynes
boro, and Miss Bertha Harris, of the
county, were married in Staunton. by the
Roy. M. L. Wood,' of the Baptist Church,
Miss Rosa Harrison left for Richmond
this week, where she expects to spend
tho winter with her parents, Judge and
Mrs. George M. Harrison. '
Mr. John Walters, of Richmond, wht)
has been visiting Colonel E. L. Edmond
sori here for some timo, has returned to
Richmond. •
■ Mr. A. M. ITowison, representing the
Smith Premier Typewriter Companj'i of
Richmond, was In the c'.ty several days
this 'weak. Mr. .Eugene Summerson arid
P. F. .Burns returned to ''Richmond
Thursday after, spending several days in
the cltjv x ... •
A Darcsot Scottsville. ;•
(Special Dispatch to The Times.)
SCOTTSVILLE, VA., January 24.— One
of tho jnost • enjoyable events of the
'season . here was a dance giiven Friday
night, ; the" 23d instant, by Miss M. O.
Clements to a number of her friends at
the -Homo Hotel. Among, those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. Beal, Misses.
M. O. and Laura Clements. Nellie, May and
Louise Beal, Josie and Man' Pitts, Net
tie, Nannie and ."Minnie ' Scruggs, Leila
Leckie, . Mary DuU. Marjorie- Harris;
Messrs. 'W. S. John, Bledsoo . Beal and
Jackson Beal, Jr., Thomas and F. L.
Lsckio, T. E. and E. O. Clements. W.S.,
C. R., andß. E. Dorrier, S.- R.: Gault,
M. L. Pitts, Daniel Lc-wis, Giles Staples,
H. G. Harris, Lawrenco Snoddy, ." Cary
N. - Moon, ■ Frank N. Hamner and Dr. J.
O..Hart.. : v t " V : - '
".': To strains of the latest dance; music,
rendered' by Professora Dolin and Gun
ther, the young : people present . da*nced
tho ■'■ merry •'; whirl until about . midnight,
when/ all . hands "wero summoned to,a'"sup
per of ■ the sum.ptuolis viands - for _ which
the Homo Hotel is justly noted.'- After
this had "been heartily partaken ..of,
dancing; was resumed and continued "un
til-tho party dispersed.:: : ; '-- . - „- ■
Calender Party at Grewe. "■' :■
(Speci al Dispa tch .to .The Times.) -. ;,
: ■ CREWE,V-TA^. January • 2-i.— Ah : e > jnt ■ of
unusual r ; interest \in the ;. social circles V is
j tlici ■: calendar/, party.-; to -be; given jjin-: the VX.'
;M. I C- A.. "- Hall : /rhur?day : -;evenihgJ: January
29th.'. It '■'■ is ■■ given Sunder a- the % auspices .5 of
itha;Ladies'2 T AldSSocjety|pf^the>Mejhodist
Church, and promises "to t-e of "an Inter-
Tne Event One of the/ Features
of Week in Roanoke^Society. J
Another Notable Reception of the Wee:v
:VVas that Given by'Mrs. F, B. Webb ':■;■
at Her Handsome Home on ■; -■
•.--' /Tenth Avenue. •
(Special Dispatch to The Tlme3.) ■ '.;.'-.
ROANOICK,. VA., Jan. 2l!— Last week's
social pleasures closed "with one of the
moat riovei: entertainments of the sea
son. The Shakespeare Club- was enter
tained last- SatUi-aay.. afternoon ". by : Mrs.
Harry L. Daw, at - her hospitable resi
dence, on Henry Street.' . The invitations
and responses /wero written;. in Iquota
tloiia from- ." Shakcapeare. and were very
bright and witty, aa naturally might be
: expected-, from the rnembors " of ... Roa
noke's, leading literary club. The : pre
vailing color in tiie decorations .was the
color of the club— violet. Mrs. Massie
read, in her most charming manner,
the new parody on Hamlet by -Hawley
Smith, after which delicious refreshments
were served, for. which hand-painted
menu cards had been prepared in shape
of sack-'FalstntTs brand. Those present
were Mrs. Watts, Goodwin, Glasgo-w, Rob
ertson, Churchill, Coxe, -Dorney,'" Burnett,-
Allen, Massie Smith, Buckner, Darnall,
Jamison, Taliaferro, Terry, Hill, Matsle,
Massey, Baggatt, Darnall, Breckenridge,
Gambill, Perkins, Ravenel- and Robert
son. ' ■ 1 .
• * *
Mrs. Samuel B. Carey gave a brilliant
reception at her home. No. 2O3.!Albe
mario Avenue, S. W., Wednesday; after
noon from 3 to 6 o'clock. The-iparlbrs
v>ore prettily decorated, tho color-scheme
being-pink, red and yellow;- .the parlors
in pink, the library In red, and the din
ing-room in yellow. Mrs. Cary was as
sisted in receiving by Mrs."~Dickwich, of
Petersburg. Mrs. Gary was gowned In
gray and Mrs. DicKwich-in blue. Mrs.
Goodwin was. at tho punch bowl, assist
ed by Mrs. Frank Stras;, Mrs. BrajisCord
and Miss Sweeney. Misses Huger. Mas
sie, Moomaw, : Dupuy, Rust. Taliaferro
and Terry served in tho .dining room.
Invitations were issued for two hundred,
and the following are some of the
{ruests: Mrs. Terry, Miss Terry, Mrs.
Allen Watts, Mrs. Joseph • Coxe, Mrs.'
Robert Churchill, Mrs. ' Massie, Mrs.
Malcolm Bryan, Mrs. John Trout, Mrs.
John Morris, Mrs. B.oatAvright, Mrs. Kin
dred, Mrs. D. H. I'latson, Mrs. -Spratt,
Mrs. Hobart, Mrs. Morris, of Pottsvllle;
Mrj. John Morris, Miss Harris. Miss Kin
dred, ■ Misses Singleton and Hippey,
Misses Sloyler, of Petersburg, and Miss
Trout., ' -
\ s . c •
Mrs. Dr. F. B. Webb gave a brilliant
reception at her handsome home, No. 21S
Tenth Avenue, S. W., Thursday after
noon from 2:3 Oto-6 Mrs. Webb was as
sisted in receiving by her sister, Mrs. T.
L. Goff,-of Spartansburg, S. C, Mrs.
George A. Van Lear and Mrs. J. D. Hob
bi. ' Invitations were issued for 150. and
the .evening was one of rare pleasure.
Refreshments were served.
* • *
An organ recital was given at St.
John's Church Thursday nlsht, which
was attended by a full turn out of so
cloty and musical people. Profesaor H. F.
Williams was the organist, and Mrs. Lud
wig and Mr. Felsburg soloists.
♦ * *
jilrf). G. H. Dugdale entertained the
.Married Folks' Club at her handsome
residence n Walnut Avenue, at the base
of Mill Mountain, Friday evening:. Cards
were played and delicious refreshments
served. .
'• "• -'W - -
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Work entertain
ed the quartette of the Second Baptist
Church (of which Mr. Work is the- or
ganist) Saturday evening at their beau
tiful home on Fourteenth. Avenue, S. W.,
at supper Saturday evening. The quar
tette Is as follows: Misses Laura Moo
maw arid Maybelie Joel. Messrs. Her
bert Scatchard nnd Clarence Baker.. It
is doubtful If any quartette in the State
could stand In comparison with the four
people named. Their singing is ono of
the greatest attractions of the church,
Ons 'of the brilliant soctn.l events or
the coming week will be a reception
given at Hotel Roanoka on Wednesday
afternoo-n, by Mr" "^— k HIIL .
Mrs.' D. H. WaUon has issued invita
tions for a reception next Wednesday
afternoon, which also promises to be a
social eventi .
• v * t
Mrs. Morris, of Pottsvllle, Pa.. Is -vis
iting Mrs. R. A. Churchill.
Misses of Petersburg, are vis
iting Miss Martha Belle Trout, and have
become very popular in social circles.
Dr. WlcViurray, of New York, Has Vis
ited the Farmviite School.- . . .
(Special 'Dispatch to The Tunes.)
FARMVILLE, VA:, January 21— The
school has" been honored by, two distin
guished visitors recently. "-On President
Jarman's return from. Ricltmond, Friday
January IG, ha was accompanied by Dr.
MeMurray, of New-York. This well-known
educator is at the head of the Department
.of. Geography, Teachers' College, Colum
bia University, and is also one of the
editors of the popujar text-book. Fair and
McMurray's Geography. His visit was
far too short. A3 he wa3. in town only
Friday afternoon, all of the time being
occupied in observing the classes at work.
The students enjoy-sd the novelty of a
school session on Saturday, January 17,
in order' that . Mr. Cloyd, school visitor
for tha-General Education- Board, misht
see everybody, at work.; Mr. Cloyd was
introduced to the student body at opening
exercises, and spokei briefly of the. Super-"
Intendents' Conference at Richmond and'
at hi? own work as a school visitor, clos
iv.g with an Earnest, • helpful message to
the students that if they would be suc
cessful; as teachers they must keep al
ways the student attitude— aa -open -and
inquiring mini .The «ntira day was. spent
by Mr. . Cloyd in visiting ■ the: different
departments of the- Normal School and
Training School. \
The closing exercises of , the midwinter
graduating class took place Thursday
evening, January !•'-,." in the Assembly.
Hall.; Thi class history: was read. by Miss:
Hattie May.- Phelps, ; 'tho'- class prophecy
by Miss Nannie Healy' Turner, and; the
last will and testament to .the -Incomirrg.
Senior B's by Miss Eleanor " Cameron
.White. 'Miss: Eva 'Minor addsd :to the
pleasure of, tho '; hour by. two charming
sonars. ""Sunshine -Sons",,!a'nd-' "Tell- Me,:
BeautifuiyAaiaiden." President . Jarman (
spoke-briefiy, but" happily, to the-candi
dates for graduation. aftEr.which he;pre
s'entcd i a 'full classical : diploma : to ; Hattie ; j
May Phelps,^Bedford; county.; and prof es-, I
sional diplomas . to - Elisabeth ', Baskervill,'.
Clifton- Forge; Minnie , Cowles Taylor,.:
JamesiClty; "Nann'o Healy iTurn£r,';Kingl
and": Queen ; ; :; Eleano r;' ;: Cameron : " White; :
.Lexington; .arid rPearlSylvee'n.^'hitman,;
Tazewell. t - r -V-' ; :, ; ■■--/:.: 'o : i r.i. 1 -."-,- ' r.;-:'"'.- ■"■ -..:■. «- i
■ -Dr. vElmer;E. Jones,'^ofs the Department |
"o'f-f Education.? then Vadaressedjtha'gradu-j
ate9|onii^hot ? TeacJierJbf^Real^w;orth,''j
Inconvenience or Credit. '■'-■
i is rib: occasion to submit 'to"! inconvenience wh^ii
■our credit terms are so liberal and no extra charge for credit.?
f^s&^ Crn-Cs3i*+e^l9vZ Styles.
■'■r^^oM^\ -■-■ ; " V*^~" V' cl "" *-*^ - — -'...'/ rr — — — -r : £-f
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The Week a. Rather Quiet One,
as the Visiting Girls Have
Returned Home.
(Special Dispatch to The Times.)
Jan. 2-L— The present week has been a
comparatively dull ono in social circle*- :
a sort of calm alter the storm, as ft
were for tho last week was unusuaLy
gay 'due mainly to the presence of so
many visiting girls from Richmond and
other sections of the State. -
On Monday evening the V. \ . J .. the
well knewn dramatic club of the L.nJver
sity, gave two complimentary piay^ to
their numerous friends.
Over one thousand irritations werescnu
out and nearly all of them must have
been accepted judging from tha crowd
which filied the Jefferson Auditorium,
Charlottesville's pretty playhouse, from
pit to gallery. Even thosa who attended
the" commemoration exercises, in honcr
of General Robert . E. Lee's ."birthday, at
the Presbyteriaa Church, reached the
theatre in* time to see the curtain go
up. ■ ■■
The young ladies of Raw-ling's Ir-sti
tuts were present in full force and in
the upper left boxes were seated, in
evening dress, the staff of editors who
haii-o this year made College Topics as
good a college paper as there is in the
country and better than the University
has ever known the bright little weokljv
Society: was out e n ." sso.
The plays were rec. ved with uproar
ous applause. Both "Ice on Parle Fran—
cais," tho one-act farce, and "Sweet
hearts,-" ;the two-'aet comedy, wero clev
erly . presented. The players were beau
tifully costumed and tho stage settings
were excellent.
/Individual mention- will hardly permit
full credit to be gi-ven each participant.
Yet. with fair faivor. to all. it can scarce
ly be dented that the stage star of bright
est ma gnltuda was Mr. - Brent S?/earn
gen. He was the garrulous Frenchman
In the farce, and with vivacious. gestures
and natural rendition Vol.'-. his lines, kept
the" large audience . In continual good hu
mor."""■•■ His portrayal would have done
credit to ; many a professional. :.'.: .'. ,
" : Two other players who ' had ■ d'.fflcult
parts to portray, and who did well were
-Mrs. Louis T. . -Hanckel, Jr., and Mr.
Samuel. T. Caves as sweethearts 'n that
.pretty little" comedy.. ;V; V ; .
.Both handled : extremely difficult sit
uations.-.'.;with'.",manifest;"ease ,ar.d grace,
, Mrs. :>1 Hanckel whining n^ch
'applause; ■" • -. -; - . ■:.".- .: : .-' "'
•The -others enacted ..their respective
■parts .well indeed.:: They 'were Misses E.
Swearingen. Grant, : Hazel;:Bolton. , Willte
Jones '■ and Mac Powell, and Messrs.' Braw
:ley."Bryan:fandJ.Thomasv ■;, .:;.-.. -VV;^ ."4
■ : Ai. fashionable -'audlehce." witnessed ithe"
'of ,." Audrey": at: the^ audltoriuna
; on '; # night. % Several g hundred
fstudeivtaliwera? present ; and showed^ their.
appreclatiou j by Sfreo.ueht J coll©g#|y*ll*^g
Labor-saving,: -arid war
nnted to wash perfectly.
)nlj ■'-; .
/*■ tee
It Will Be the Production of '
Augustus Thomas' Great
Play, "AlabamaV-:
(Special Dispatch to Tie Times.)
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., January 24.-.
Tha social event of tha season in this city :
will be the production of AugusiU3 Thorn*
as' great play. "Alabama." by an ama« .'
teur theatrical organization composad oi
a number of tho best known young socU"
ety people. Several rehearsals have al-/
ready been held, and the caat of charac
ters has been complete for some time, but
on account of tho absence of Miss Clo
mer.ee Cooke, who is to taka the leadlnj :
ladyV part, and who has been visiting hi
Philadelphia for the past three weekv
the reheurslng has been suspended recent
■ Miss Cooke has re turn *d home, however,
and. on Monday night the first dress ra- ?
r.earsal will be held. It ha 3 been ar
ranged to present tlxe pl a >' at the Acad
emy of Music early in February for tha ;
benefit of tho hospital or for some other.;
charitable purpose, ami Mr. Frank Tay---;
lor. who Is the leading man and stas*
manager. Is working bard togst the com- .;:
pany in shape. •
The production promises to bo an elab- .
oiatt oae, and nothing will tie left undon* .
to "make It complete in every •Jetdll. '"Tfc* >-,'
costumes, wigs', etc., will be sscurod In
New./ York., and the house scenery at tha
Academy can be used with gootl tffect la!'
the production. Mr. Taylor has mada it .:
a point to 3tudy the various characters la
the play in or\ler that > ho may correctly :
Instruct those who aro to , play with hln%; ;
and h'j lnv collected valuable lnforrnutioa ,'
from the older people la rcsraril to hoi* j
things were done lriuhe ant'S-bellum days»i;
the'tlma of fhc plry.;
-Musical specialties .will be among 1 th» :
best features of tha affair, ami a (;uar- ■'■
tette, .composed of Messrs. Vernoa Payno» '
Georgo Howe, : Harry - Vandegrlf t and
Floyit Morrissette.: will participate. " :
An unusually pretty bal ; masque . wa»g
given Thursday evening by Misses Whtt-;|,
ins c.nd Cowles. of the younger society^?
set. There were about twenty-rlv-a coup!e*~
present,. and some of ■■ tha costumes wet*^;
unique arid ihan-dteomo. 7: , 'S'iill
The Compass Whist Club was ent«r*J
tamed Thursday -evening by Mrs. J. ■-.TO£j
Elliott. .■ 'Araonjf ■ thoss playing : were J iTea-^a
Barnes "William Young. "W. Sco:t Boyenton «
J. US Street. VJ. ; K. Corsa. George R.t>afc||
ney.= J. L. ' Curry, -William '* aylor. Jr.;?
Werthelmer. . Presaey and John Mattlnglyjl!
Misses Anne' Salley. Ellyson. Poanlnstoa|
aud Reynolds. :
The Matlneo; ' Euchre Club _was ;;ehteiw>;
tamed this week ;by;Mrs. : Stuart ;Lottleiv|
A large cro^'l of the: .society .;>eopt«7ptr:
this city went down (to' Old FolntHbraJsijll
to attend "thejSaturday ■ evenins^dancayitl
the Oiamberlin Hotel. : ThesexeveFit3Tay«'|
; i looked ; ; forwardl ;to twtth .; pleasuro^every^
". Iweek ; by ''■■ tho socle ty if oik of the ientiralljs^
; fninsuia. . .v
i ''f, illjts SEllzabeth I Cr ensba-w^. has "i Justlr*^
, turned. -f^om ; arts extenilctl visit to ttlch-*'
nioad«imdyL^chbw : it. < 'f>V-- ;". -^*!tr*

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