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Magnolia Gazette.
Magnolia, March 26,1902,
•• I
Mr. Wm. Lindsay, of Gills
burg, was here Tuesday morning.
Judge T. E. Tate, of Osyka,
Was in town Tuesday and honor
ed this office with his genial
Girls get too old for Easter
eggs, but never too old for Low
ney’s candy. For sale at Cor
ner Drug Store.
We regret very much that Mrs.
Mary Ulmer has been on the sick
list for several days, but she is
now much better.
Hons. J. H. Prioe and R. W.
Cutrer are engaged in a murder
case before the Amite county
court this this week.
Mrs. W. W. Brice of Gaines
ville, Florida, was in town this
week. She is a first cousin of
Hon. W. J. Bryan, of Nebraska,
of whom a few of our people have
Mrs. A. P. Lagroue desires
to see the ladies of Magnolia at
her residence any time they may
-ftnd it convenient to call. She
has something interesting, in
structive and useful to show
The charter of the local chapter
of Daughters of the Confederacy
has arrived, and we are author
ized to announce that a meeting
will be held at the residence of
Dr. A. P. Sparkman Thursday
at 3 p. m.
Public improvements should be
municipal as well ag private.
While we are discussing private
enterprises let us look into the
question of municipal improve*
ments. Streets and sidewalks
should be will worked and well
kept, and all sanitary laws rig
idly enforced.
A delightful party from Mag
nolia went to New Orleans Satur
day to witness Marlowe’s justly
famous production of ‘‘When
Knighthood was in Flower. ” It
was composed of Mr. and Mrs.
T. B. Lampton, Mr9, McDavitt,
Mi83 Re'd, Miss Mat Lampton
and Mr. Leslie B. Lampton.
the sooner we-realize that only
harm for our community wijl
come of despisable jealouev and
malicious envy the better'it will
be for all of us. There are a few
characters in Magnolia who are
actually afraid to give their aid
to. a new enterprise lest it be of
slightly more benefit to some one
else than they would like to see.
A jolly crowd of Masons wont
down to Amite City Saturday
evening to participate in a spe
ciil meeting of the lodge there.
The Grand Master of Louisiana
wis present beside a number of
P. G. M’s. Those who went
iC JKs Cur
C.Briley, N. G. Webb, W. w.
LegettandL. H. Hungate.
rie millinery openings at
Laipton’s and Mrs. Pendar
vis Tuesday were splendid suc
cess if beautiful creations in
fenuine headgear and hosts of
prey women in attendance count
for aything. We are poor judges
of hts and hence cannot venture
upoi an expert dissertation of
the nsrits of intricate adornments
displyed at both these popular
estabehmenis. It is decidedly
more nan enough for us to know
that hey cost like holy smoke.
Tue^ay’s dispatches from
Washiiyton contain the news
that thi President has re-ap
pointed Mts. Sarah K- Travis
postmi8te93 of Magnolia. Mrs.
Travis’ ‘e-appointment will be
received with satisfaction by ev
eryone having business with the
postoffice She and her assist
ants have ke?t the affairs of the
office strilly in accordance with
governmental regulations and
yet at the same time they have
been uniformly courteous and
accommodating to the public.
Some excitement was occa
sioned at Osyka directly after
midnight Sunday morning by the
rapid discharge of fire arms on
the streets. Investigation de
veloped the disturbance to have
been caused by a lot of boys who
were out on a ‘ ‘lark’ ’ and found
amusement in shooting their pis
tols. Somebody in Osyka was
badly frightened and telsphoned
Sheriff Leggjett and Marshal
Miller to come at once. Mr.
Leggett went down on the first
morning train but found every
thing quiet.
- The Gazette ig glad to note
marked increase in interes
among the people of Magnolia o
the question of providing em
ployment for those of our citizen
who are at irregularly at work a
well as creating a demand fo
labor which will be answered b;
the coming of people to swell ou
population. We hear much tall
of some sort of a manufacturinj
enterprise, and it is a source o
much gratification to us to not'
that some of our most prominen
business men are discussing chi
matter with much earnestness
The necessity of some kind of in
dustry in our town is most keenly
felt. As this paper has time anc
again pointed out, we are de
pending almost solely upon oui
agricultural friends for our trade.
'That this trade i9 fine and flour
ishing does not by any means af
ford an argument against manu
factures. If we desire to have a
town which wil be able to sus
tain itself upon its own popula
tion, then we must provide some
means whereby that population
can feed and clothe itself. To
illustrate: not every boy now
enjoying the advantages of our
public school, will want to be, or
will be fit for a clerk when he
grows to manhood. Yet to our
shame be it said, that is the only
avocation in Magnolia in which a
young man can be assured of
regular employment. It is there
fore inevitable that as these boys
grow to be men they will be
forced to leave the home of their
youth and seek other fields of la
bor. The idea expands itself al
most without limit when we come
to consider it. Given a strong
manufacturing enterprise in our
town and we shall furnish em
ployment to labor which is ours
already, we shall be able to in
vite new citizens to make a home
with us, and the new enterprise
will send a current of new blood
through every artery of oar local
industrial life.
out wnue it is distinctly a step
forward that our people are in
terested in the matter, it is indis
putably true that mere street
talk will not accomplish results.
Street talk is all one-sided; if
defamatory, nothing can hurt a
town more; but all the talk all of
us can do, all talking altogether,
will never result in any actual
benefit unless it is followed up by
ACTING. So we say now let
the t.'dk oe followed by earnest,
concerted action on the part of
our citizens, and we shall most
assuredly attain that which we
It has not been so long ago
that a famous American when
asked how this government could
resume specie payment replied:
“The way to resume b to re
sume.” Following that inde
pendent spirit in this instance we
beg to say: The way to build a
factory of any kind is to BUILD
Under the caption, “Killed
Her Lover,” the Clarion-Ledger
Hart, a young colored woman
living near Gillsburg, shot her
lover, Milas Magee, with a pistol
which she didn’t know was load
ed. As' we have not been able
to verify the report, we conclude
this is the same Ella Hart who
shot and killed her lover, Milas
Magee, near Waterhole, in Ma
rion county, a few days prior to
the 15th of February. On that
day ttte Gazette published a full ]
account of the tragedy, which
was obtained from an eye wit
ness. The Clarion-Ledger ap
parently has got hold of an item
of news some forty days old.
Capt. J. J. White, commander
of Stockdale Camp, U. C. V.,
has appointed Drs. W. W. Moore
W. M. Wroten and Mr. W. C.
Vaught delegates to the Confed
erate reunion in Dallas next
Dr. W. W. Moore was a mem
ber of the 7th Mississippi Infant
ry, and participated in every en
gagement of this regiment, which
at the close of the war only had
men enough to form one com
^ Dr. Wroten and W. C. Vaught
were in the 4th Mississippi Cal
vary under Gen. Forrest, and
served with honor and distinction.
Capt. White always knows
whereof he speaks.
TJjfs signature la on every boa of the genuine
Laxative Bromo=Quinine Tablet.
'the remedy that cnreu a ««><! ln one d,y
J. C. Hough, = Prop.
All the Standard Medicines kept con
stantly on hand.
Toilet Articles of the very best quali
j ty and fine writing payers are classes
of goods to which n't give especial at
‘Prescriptions accurately and cor
rectly compounded. We are emphatic
ally opposed to the practice of substitu
tions. You get at our store exactly what
your firesct'iplion calls for.
Coqey $ Davis.
# Exclusive Agents
| for
Clover Hill Butter.
Best Creamery Butter on Earth.
A. T. GUY.
On the 20th inst., Mr. A. T.
Guy, living seven miles west of
Magnolia, passed peacefully
away after a prptracted illness of
veral months, in the 65th year
of his age. He was^buried in the
family cemetery at Mr. E. B.
Mixon’s on the following day.
A large assembly of people from
the surrounding country and
friends from Magnolia, Chatawa
and Osyka being In attendance.
The funeral services were con
ducted in a very solemn and im
pressive manner by Rev. J. M.
Cook, after which the Osyka Ma
sonic Lodge, of which he had
been a member for a great num
^fcof yc..rs, performed their fu
0fjjal sc ices.
a in Marion
its most profnini nt citizens’ lie
joined the M^ th^Uist church when
quite young and has been a
faithful and consistent meifib&ir
for more than forty-five years. /
Early during the civi/ war' he
joined the Quin'Guards, 39th
Miss. Regiment, and served with
i distinction uritil the close of hos
tilities. A loving husband, an
indulgent father, a faithful
Christian, a kind neighbor and
friend, and a good citizen has
passed away. We will not for
get him.
At her home near Gillsburg,
at 8 p. m. March 13, 1902, Mrs.
Ophelia McMillan Wall, wife of
E. S. Wall, and daughter of
Archie McMillan. In early life
she united with Silver Springs
church in Pike county, where
she remained a member until
death. She leaves an infant a
few days old. Burial at Wall
cemetery March 15th.
T. C. S.
I am now ready to collect the
back taxes from all persons who
have agreed with the Revenue
Agent as to their back tax as
sessments, and under orders
from the Revenue Agent this tax
must be paid this monih.
W. W. Leggett,
March it, 1902. Sheriff
Watch the window at the Cor'
ner Drug Store,
| '-)! Ifs K
► If you have any old furniture to
| repair or revarnish.
If you want your matting or
carpet neatly laid.
If you want your house painted
or your rooms nicely papered.
If you need any special paint
for any speeial purpose
Telephone No. 45 and your
wunts will have prompt attention.
C. Loch,
“■ The Painteis
,ipHt8e > — V- * > rot
>♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦♦♦♦
''Us, president o
U., is au
foment tha
Miss Will Brumfield has%een
appointed maid of honor to
sponsor of Miss., Division U. C.
VL, which meets in Dallas April
22nd. She will be designated as
maid of honor of 1st brigade
commanded by Brigadier Gen
eral Webb.
No better selection from all of
Pike’s fair daughters could have
been made. We congratulate
Miss Fill, and anticipate for her
a plessant trip. On the return of
all ok vets from the Dallas reun
ion, re shall hear them say, we
were >roud of our little maid, she
did fill honor and graced the oc
sion Ike a queen.
•On refrigerator in first-class
cond'.on. Good as new. . Five
dollai gets it. Apply at Ga
zetteiffice, or at my residence.
2t E. D. Safford.
FC SALE—One half dozen
headnf good plow horses and
mule for cash.
Fernwood Lb’r. Co.
Mi Purl is prepared to put
eaneoottcms in chairs, make
overattresses and do all kind
of quing. See her.
‘‘.it anything to please the
chilcn.” Easter egg dyes for
sale Corner Drug Store.
Will surely go away if you cleanse
your system ‘with
Plantation Sarcajafi
For sale by
■Ell lit SUE
to be closed out at
♦♦♦ *♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ® ®
Having bought the Holmes interest
in the firm of Holmes & Ratliff, I will,
and continuing as long as the goods
last, sell the entire stock at actual cost.
This is not a bankrupt stock, but is
a well selected lot of first-class mer
chandise. Remember everything goes
at .cost pricj$.
..irnfti oao « .on
wasret first choice.
ie ^ove is that I
7er<k asiness to
eat. In ,IIn„
lAAOAri t ' .dfor $80*
Tin and Sheet Iron Worker.
Roofing, Guttering, and all Kinds of Tin Work.
Smoke Stacks of all kinds and Blower Pipe, such as Cotton Ele
vators and Exhaust Pipe etc, Manufactured on Short notice.
Steam and Sanitary Plumbing a specialty.
Complete line of material constantly on hand.
Magnolia Bank.
Directors—W. M. Lampton, P. H. Enochs, Thad. B. Lampton, John Hough
J. H. Price, W. A. Gill.
Oa.plta.1 Stock, $38,000.00.
Bands. Of ID ©posit, mscount, larxa SavirxBa
Secn.ls.: Special _A_tte>:n_tio:n. G-i^rem. to Col
lections. "W© Solicit "5TOTJLX Account
W. M. Lampton. Prea
P. H. Enochs, V.-Pres.
W. A. Gill, Cashier,
Magnolia., Miss

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