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Caton Weekly Democrat
Roll of Honor.
The followiriK persons have
paid their eubscflpUon to the
Democrat, for which they have
our thanks, and be6t wishes for
long life and great prosperity.
We hope all others indebted will
follow their good example:
Jacob Kline,
Israel Cole,
D. C. Mackey,
Jacob Brower,
John A. Cecrist,
HenYy Shields,
to Aug.
to Feb.
to July
Meeting at Eaton.
On a call of the President of
the, above R. R. Co., a large and
very enthusiastic meeting of the
citizens of Eaton and vicinity
met at the Court House, on the
evening of the 15th of Feb. And
on motion of T. J. Larsh, Gen
Hendricks was chosen Chairman;
and on motion of J. B. Stephens,
J. M. Brown was appointed Sec
The meeting being called to
order, the Chairman stated that
the object of the meeting was to
farther the interest of the said
road, and to get an expression of
the citizens in regard to the prop
er heading for the stock ' books
J. H. FOos was called on and
ii spoke at length on the prospect
of the early completion of the
road; he was of the opinion that
if the sum of (300,000 in addition
to the old stock, (which is esti
mated to be -worth the sum of
250,000) could be raised, that
that amouut would do the grad
ing and bridging, and thus se
cure the road beyond a doubt.
The Stock Books are headed
on condition, that if the amount
of 300,000 is not subscribed,
then in that case the subscrip
tion is not binding on the sub
scribers; but should that snm be
raised, then said subscription is
absolute and collectable- Mr.
Foos went on to show the feasi
bility and superior inducements
that shoald actuate our citizens
to subscribe liberally, and put
their shonlder to the wheel and
help pueh this great work
through to completion. Mr.
Foos calling for the feeling of
the citizens in regard to heading
of the stock books Mr. Larsb,
Jodge Haines, Morris, Daogher
ty, Tizzard, Eidson, Acton, Ste
phens, Hendricks, and manyoth
er citizens thought that the a-
greement between the R. R. Co.
and subscribers was just right,
and that stock books should im
mediately go into the hands of
energetic agents for the purpose
of soliciting subscriptions. Judge
Haines made an excellent speech
and which was well timed and
right to tho point.
On motion of Judge Haines,
Q. H. Eidson and J. M. Daugher-
ty were appointed agents
licit stock.
At a late hour a motion,
made to adjourn, and carried yond
all went home feeling certain
that the road would be built
J. M. BROWN, See'y.
A colored preacher of Han
nibal, Mo., preached a fine ser
mon on Sunday, taking for his
text a passage from "Paul's Pis
tol to the Candians." It brought
tears to the eyes of all hearers.
"No Cards." Why, in thun
der, don't you get them, then ?
At the Democrat office, whether
they be wedding, busineep, or vis
iting cards.
A negro couple in Kentucky
have had 22 children in 31 years
of married life, and the county
remits their taxes in eonaidera
tiou of "distinguished services
done to the State.
A young woman in an Illi
uois town is so pious that she
has1 to get a furlough -from the
minister to attend a dance. This
is the latest branch of ministerial
trade aud commerce.
It as rumored that Gen. Grant,
with a lot of other iron-cladd,
will soon make a trip to Europe
to learn hew kings and things
act. The country would try and
survive bis absence if he stay
ed long enough.
jelf. Davis baa been left
f 10,000 by an English woman.
J. M. BROWN, See'y. [From the Seymour (Ind.) Democrat.]
Letter from R. M. J. Cox, Esq.
We take the. liberty of pub
lishing the following very inter
esting letter oh the above sub
ject, which was handed us by
Dr. Shields. Mr. Cox has had
considerable experience in these
matters, and his opinions are
worthy of attention.
Brownstown, Jackson Co. Ind.
February 7, 1870.
Saymour, Ind.
Dear Sir: I see your name in
connection with others of your
citv advocating the building of a
railroad from Brookville, Indi
ana, to eevmour, which in my
opinion is one of the best moves
made since 1 have been in tbe
county, and I do hope to live to
see Buch an enterprise completed
Commencing at Urookville, in
Franklin county, Indiaua, the
road could be located, most of
the way, on the Old Indian
Bouodry Line to very near Sev-
mour, passing through Southern
part of Decatur, Northern part of
Ripley and Jennings counties, en
tering Jackson county near the
.North-east corner or beymour,
and should Evansville be made
the true terminus, it would pass
through the Southern portion of
Washington, and through the
central portions of Orange, Du
bois and Warrick connties,thence
to Evansville through a portion
of Vauderburg.
The line is indicated as an air
line, and if built changes could
be made to suit or accommodate
county seats &c.
In looking over the entire sys
tem of Indiana railroads, I can
see none in my opinion that pre
sents so many advantages for a
paying investment. The true
policy of a road should be to. ac
commodate the local trafic; in
this case the road would be about
N. 53 n est, which is not very
far from the direction the streams
of water flow, that drain this
country. Ihe surl ace of country
through which it wonld run is
nviting for easy grades and few
bridges, the latter being a heavy
expense to all roads, tbe country
along the line abounds in timber,
stone and rich material, so dis
triboted to make it independent
for material to build; also, it
would have the advautage of ev
ery road it would cross, to reach
tbe Ohio river, or shipments for
the.intenor North sc.
I have hastily written tbe fore
going to simply encourage so
audable work having been in
my early life connected with the
roads first built in Indiana, feel
yet an interest, aud like giving
an expression to some one, and
in this case have troubled you
with my scriblicga, hoping .the
ball will keep moving in the
right direction.
Yours truly,
R. M. J. COX.
A High Estimate.
wWtH10,t'ate ,commnd of lan
The following estimate of the
qualifications of the President
and Lis Cabinet, is not flattering:
"Grant has demonstrated that
a very dull and stupid person
may be President, and we all
know that he and all his Cabi
net haven't an aggregate of
brains sufficient to set up a third
class local reporter: It
ronnrtpir Tf ftrmit
write better grammar than
be Uses in his message, and had
upiflgeY he might get a place on
tbe Mnquirer to report races and
horse markets; and Hoar, it not
too old to learn, might be edu
cated up to the qualifications of
law reporter. As lor the oth
era-, I see no possible use that
could be made of them on a first
class journal."
Give the stock pigs a good
warm bed tor the winter, and
don't forget to keep them clean
by frequent changes of atraw. A
cold, damp bed renders them
comfortless, and prevonts their
growth, it may be, will give them
mange aud other diseases that
hog flesh is heir to. Feed well,
houee well, and bed well; on
these three things depend thrifty
pigs for next year's fattening
The President had a coon and
a pair of rabbits presented to him
on New Year's day When a
gift enterprise gets to running by
coon and rabbit power, isn't it
time for a new deal? What of
fice can a man expect to get on a
ring-tailed coon, or a short tailed
Various petitions are before
Congress, praying an amend
ment to the constitution, ac
knowledging the existence of
God as the source of all civil au
thority. We don't believe the
present Congress is prepared to
eutertain any such assumption.
Fay us what yon owe us, if you
would relieve. a Publisher sadly
in need of money.
Advice of a Young Lady.
Some months siuce, we receiv
ed the following from a sensible
young lady, with the requeet
tbatx we publish it, but being
crowded with articles of a simi
lar character, it went to our
waste basket. Siuce which we
have come to the conclusion to
give it to our Eaton boys, and
urge that they ponder it careful
ly. Here is what she says, aud
all that you need to know:
"Dear gentlemen, between the
ages of 'eighteen aud forty-five,'
listen to a tew words ot gratui
touB remark. When you make
a social call of an evening, on a
young lady, go away at a reason
able hour. Say you come at 8
o'clock, an hour and a half Is cer
tainly as long as the most fasci-.
nating of you in conversation
can, or rather ought, to desire to
use his charms. I wo hours, in
deed, can be very pleasantly
spent with music, chess, or other
games, to lend variety; but, kind
sirs, by no means stay longer.
Make shorter calls and come oft
ener. A girl that is a sensible,
true-hearted girl will enjoy it
better, and really value your ac
quaintance more. J ust conceive
the agony of a girl who, well
knowing the feelings of a father
and mother upon the subject,
hears the clock strike ten, and
yet must sit on the edge of her
chair, in mortal terror lest papa
should put his oft repeated threat
yi executiou that ot coming
down and inviting the gentleman
to breakfast. And We girls un
derstand it all by experience, and
know what it is to dread the
prognostic of displeasure. In Buch
cases a sight of relief generally
accompanies the closing of the
door behind the gallant, and one
don't get over the feeling of
trouble till safe in the arms of
Morpheus. Even then, some
times the dreams are troubled
with some phantom of an angry
father and distressed (tor all par
ties) mother; and all because a
young man will make a. longer
call than he ought to.
JSow, young gentlemen friends,
I'll tell you what we girls will do.
For an hour and a half we will
be most irresistibly charming and
fascinating; then, beware, mono
syllable responses will be all you
need expect. And if, when the
limits shall have been passed, a
startling query shall be beard
coming down stairs : 'Isn't it
time to close up ?' you must con
sider it a righteous punishment,
and, takiug your. hat; meekly de
part a sadder, and, it is to be
hoped, a wiser man. Do not get
angry; but the next time yon
come, be careful to keep within
boutids. We want to riBe early
these pleasant mornings, and im
prove tbe 'shining hours;' but
when forced to be up at such un
reasonable hours at night, ex
hausted nature will speak, aud,
as a natural consequence, with
the utmost Bpeed in dressing, we
can barely get aown to oreaKiasi
in- time to escape a reprimand
from papa, who don't believe in
beaux as though ho never was
young and a mild, reproving
glance from mamma, who un
derstands a little better poor
daughter's feelings, but still must
disapprove outwardly, to keep
up appearances.' And uow.young
men, think about these things,
and don't for pity's sake, don't
throw down your paper with a
'pshaw !' but remember the safe
side of ten."
We never had "nigger-on-the-
brain,'' one way or another. We
don't take as much stock in the
divine African as his professed
admirers do, and we see uo reas
on why we should. But we have
got free trade on the brain.
Give us that; div.orce the Govern
ment from robbers and jobbers,
and we shall patiently wait bless
ed consummation which is cer
tain to follow. Even now, in full
assurance of faith, we are looking
for this mighty deliverance.
Marietta Times.
Money when loaned at 5 per
cent, per annum, compound in
terest, w.ll double in 14 years,
21 days, 19 hours, 31 minutes, 20
At 6 per cent., 11 years, 10
months, 21 days, 7 hours, 31
minutes and 20 seeonds.
At 7 per cent., 10 years, 2
months, 4 days, 2 hours, 21 min
utes and 34 seconds.
At 8 per cent., 9 years, 2 days,
6 hours, 1 minute and 37 sec
At 10 per cent, 7 years, 3
months, 4 days, 17 hours, 36
minutes and 51 seconds.
One dollar when loaned at 10
per cent, per annum, compound
interest will in 100 years amount
to ?3,367,56.3.
Our new Volume commenc
ed on 17th, and we want a full
settlement with one and all that
owe us. Come friends aud give
us a raise in this, our time ot
much need.
Sandusky, Seymour & Louisville
Railroad-The Prospect.
It has been but a few weeks
since our first article appeared
urging the importance, practica
bility, and necessity, ol making
Seymour the terminus of the
Sandusky and Louisville Rail
road, instead of running direct
to the Ohio river at Louisville,
without passing near this point
Since then, the good work has
progressed rapidly aud most fav
orably, until to-day, it seeme
that our ideas meet with univer
sal approbation of all concerned
or connected with the old road,
and it now only needs the proper
efforts on the part of our town
and county, to insure the com
pletion of a route, that will place
our city at once among the first
towns of tbe State in point of
material wealth, and commercial
It has beeu demonstrated be
yond tbe possibility of successful
contradiction, that the proposed
change in the route, running it
direct from Brookville, In Frank
Iin county, to Seymour, instead
of to the river direct, vou!d first
of all, make a vast difference iu
point of cheapness of construes
tion; passing through a section of
country where neither high
grades nor deep fills would be
necessary, and wbere no .wide
streams nor dangerous water
courses remain to be bridged.
Add to this, that the old route
would pass through a portion of
Southern Indiana -unusually dif
ficult throughout, and in places
almost impracticable, and the
force and importance of this
point can be at once seen. It
would make a difference of sev
eral thousand dollars in every
mile. The new route would pass
through a deb; undeveloped and
populour sectior. of country the
local earnings of which, would
in a short time contribute large
ly toward paying the running
expenses of the road. But more
important, perhaps than any oth
er consideration," is the fact, that
it saves the constructing of over
40 miles of road, making a sav
ing thereby or near a minion
dollars. The Jeffersc mville Rail
road company have offered the
faeeof their track from Spy moor
to Louisvilley if Ihe company
make Seymour their ierjninus
and have
aid beside
offered other material
It is reported in some portions
of the country that sharpers are
now traveling about the rural
districts buying butter, eggp,
poultry, pf fatcners, at high
prices, aud paying for the same
in well executed counterfeit mon
ey. Liook out tor thero.
We heard somebody remark on
tbe street the other diy, that the
Itegister man's apology in regard
to the puff he gave the Saloons,
in his issue of the 27th of Jan.,
"was just about as clear as .mud."
A Troy hotel keep er boarded
a clerical looking gentleman two
weeks on tbe strength of a copy
of the ten commandments, which
he had pasted on his valise, but
he went "where ihe woodbine
twineth." The next man that
comes along has got to pay in
advance, even though he carries
a whole Methodist Rook Con
cern unuerhis arm. -
gMarch will soon bo here,
but if you wish to buy good
clothing, and clothing that will
last a whole litetime, march to
M. Filbert's, and make your
purchases. See new, advertise
ment in another column.
George W. Julian, M. O, from
Indiana, is said to have premoni
tory symptoms of softeuingof
the brain. A common complaint
among Radical members.
The "Orphan Girl" Represent
ative is endeavoring to get a very
stringent Liquor Law through
the Legislature. He would not
deliver a Temperance speech be
fore the election, lest he. might
lose some votes of vehisky boys,
but he was pledged to the Terns
perance folks and is now trying
to redeem his pledge. We hope
he will succeed those who weie
fooled into voting for him ought
to suffer !
Carrying a boquet containing
chloroform, is the fashion among
rapid women. When a chap
with money concealed about him
gets spoony, they let him smell
of it, and the result is a lesson
spoony never forgetp.
The Union Saved!
"Spirits of Just Men Made Miserable!"
We are happy to inform "all
the world and the rest of man
kind," that a recent event trans
pired in "omt midst," which con
clu8ivcly satisfies us that "tbe
best government the world ever
saw'' is sound to the core, that
the National credit will go down
to future prosperity in an unim
paired condition, and that the
nigger should have a vote! It
is generally known that a coun
try editor has a "hard road to
trabbel," and that for his labor
he is glad to take anything that
will afford either temporal or
spiritual sustenance to his soul
and body, even unto the prayers
of our "free and easy" christians!
It was our good fortune, (no, it
must be misfortune) to become
in fee simple, owner and possess
or of one dozen of "London Roy
al Nectar Gin," and not feeling
ourself "well enough to do" in
this world to bask In the joys the
article would afford, we conclud
ed to expose it for sale in one of
our prominent Drug Stores, and
thus convert it into Natioual rags,
wherewith we might purchase
something substantial for the "in
ner man,'.' or pay oft a paper
bill. But, alas! for human hopes!
The manufacturer neglected to
plaster the bottles over with the
"hang dog" countenance of some
Moil" or "honest (?)" official,
which fact coming under the'ar-
gire eye of the Assessor, he seized
the aforesaid liquor, and we are
now mourning over tbe loss of
"depai ted spirits" which have
gone, no doubt, "where the wood-
bire twineth." We are a little
consoled, however, over our loss,
by knowing that we huve contri
buted liberally toward liquidia-
ting the great "National bless
ing, ouch vigilance on the part
of officials ot the "best Govern
ment the world over saw," should
be rewarded with higher honors !
Miss "Nancy" who ruus the
Eaton Itegister whines awfully
about the editor of this paper.
IPiii. ll.l.l.r . ;. v. ., I. ..
teasie is. tbe tetia resources
ot her malignant imagination, to
undo us. At one time, the Old
Devil was supposed to monopo
lize the largest share of jealosy
and impudence ot the universe,
bat of late, it must be acknowl
edged that the prize of cham
pionship for brass, impudence
and lack of brains, belongs of
right, to Miss "Nancy of the Ea
ton 'Register.' Even those who
have heretofore been her warm
supporters, are now ashamed of
Miss 'Nancy.'
.1 Good Editor The Chi
cago "Republican says, a good
editor mast combine the loquaci
ty of a magician with the impu
dence of .the devil. He must
know how to time a race horse,
gaff n cock, teach a Sunday
School, preach a charity sermon,
run a saw mill, keep a hotel, and
brew whiskey. He must be in
sensible to the cruelest snubs, and
manifest no sense of anger when
he is kicked down stairs. He
must throw modesty to the dogs,
and let the tiger howl. But
above all, he must be an adept
in the art of puffiing. He must
be enthusiastic on tbe subject of
hams, verbose in extrolling hard
ware, and highly imaginative in
the matter of dry goods, he most
talk learneuly of programmes
with a liberal mixture ot grow
ing words, such as "warmth,"
"foreshortening," "high limits,"
"perspective," &c. He must be
heavy on a concert, with a ca
pacity to appreciate Misa Sqawk's
execution of difficult feats in the
upper "strata," ecstatic in praise
of double headed calves, and elo
quent in behalf of fat women, and
eloquent in behalf of fat women,
and of living skeletons.
"The negroes are making
preparations for a general re
joicing over tbe success ot tne
15th amendment.
Negro holidays are mnltiply-
ii.tr so rapidly that they will soon
have hitle time for auything else
than jubilating and voting.
It is a long, long while since
Congress has given white peo
ple cause for rejoicing. Glory
hallclujerum !
New Advertisements.
jr h tr . -- 1
5 CO
I a
a o
Eggs of Pure Bred Fnoy Poul
WE have on hand the largest and
best selection of Fancy Poultry to
be fonnd in the counirv. Egga carefully
boxed and shipped to any part of the
country, for circuiara and prices a 1
dress N. P. BOYER & Co..
1 m3 Parkesburg, Chester Co., Pa
TURE .Blood Short Horn (Durham)
C Devon, Alderney and Ayrshire
Oalves, Merino, soathdotvn and Cots
wold Sheep, Cashmere Goats, Imported
Suffolk, Essex, Berkshire and Sefton
Pigs and all Choice Breeds of Poultry
for sale. Send for circulars and Prices.
Address N. P. BOYER Co.,
Im3 Par Kesburp, Chester Co., Pa.
FROM 10O to 130 bushels grown to
the acre, Weighs from 46 to 45
pounds to the bushel.
This Oats has been grown on every Va
riety of Boil, and in every State of the
Union, with the most perfect success.
The grain is very large, plump and
handsome, has a remarkable thin husk.
and ripens earlier thau the common va
The straw is bright, clear, stout, and
not liable to lodge, is perfectly clear of
rust; and grows from 4 to 5 feet high.
We have both tbe White and Black
Norway, both the same price and equal
ly productive.
e will send one quart of the above
Oats to any address pott paid for $1.00
Two quarts, post paid 2 00
One peck s nt by express or freight 6 (JO
Halt bushel, 20 pounds 6 00
One bushel, 40 pounds 10 00
UAL HUM, t0-we wish it distinct
ly understood that this is not a light
oats, weighing 28 to 321bs. raised is New
England, and sold under the name of
Norway, but imported Seed, every bush
el guaranteed to weigh 40 lbs., or the
money refunded.
Samples of both kinds tent free for a
three cent stamp. Also Circulars and
Address all orders to
N. P. BOYER Co.,
1 3m Parkesburg, Chester Co., Pa.
For the Relief and Core of .he Erring
and Unfortunate, on Prindiples of
Christian Philanthropy.
Essays cm the Errors of Youth
and the Follies of Age, in relation to
Marriage and social Brits, with sanitary
aid for the afflicted. Sent free, in eeal
ed Envelopes. Address, HOWARD
ASSOCIATION, Box P. Philadelphia,
Pa. feblO;1870-yrl
Sassafras and Witch Hazel,
A package will be sent by mail post
paid on receipt of iwenty-hve cents.
MyCa'a-rh was immediately relieved
by your Sassafras and Witch Hazel.
I can read without wearing spectacles
and the weakness is entirely gone since
using your Sassafras and Witch Hazel.
Your Sassafras and Witch Hazel has
never failed to relieve my headache
within ve minutes.
Circulars sent free and a liberal in
ducement is offered to Agents everywhere
1 mos3 Bible House Station, N. Y.
A circular sent free .on subjects of
great interest to mai rted Ladies, con
taining particulars of several very valu
able articles highly approved by the
Medical Faculty and the hundreds who
use them. Every lady should have a copy
in case of need Send stamp and address
Mad. MARY MOORE, 737 Broadway,
New York. 1 me3
The Cheapest Literary Paper
A new literary eight page paper con
taining interesting reading of great merit
by the greatest writers of the day. Terms
Fifty Ccnu a year. Specimen copies
rent free for three month. canvassers,
Ladies or Gentlemen are offered great
inducements. Address ,
Cor. Third Avenue and Ninth St, N. Y.
1 mos3
The wonderful Granules for Cough
Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Bronch
itis, Wheezing, Irritation of the Uvula
and Tonsils and Incipient Consumption.
One Box Cures. Price Twenty-five
Cents. Sent by mail on receipt of mon
ey, There is nothing equal to Brande'f
Tussilago, for Coughs.
Agents wanted everywhere, liberal in
ducements offered. Send for a Trial
Box. Address
J. F. St. CLAIR, & CO ,
1 m3 26 Third Avenue, N. Y.
We saw a horse on the street the othei
day so poor that the owner had tied a
knot in his tail to keep the body from
slipping through the collar.
Preble Com
mon Ple&s
s. No. 2689.
Charles Bachman et
Plurie Order of Scie on Mortmiqt.
BY Tirtne of a Pluries Order of Sale
issued by the Couii of Common
Pleas of Preble county, Ohio, in the
above slated Sse, and to the Sheriff i.f
siitd county directed, 1 will offer for sale
at public auction at the door of the Court
House, in .baton, in said county,
OF MARCH, 1870.
between the hours of 1 and 4 o'clock, P.
M. of said day the following deecribel
Real Estate, situated in the county of
Preble and Stale of Ohio, and described
as follows, to-wit-
Lots number Fifty-five (56) Fifty-six,
(56), Fifty-seven (57) and Fifiv-eiiht(58
as known aad designated in the plot of
me town oi norm caton as tho same is
recorded. TERM8 CASH.
J. H. BO8TI0K,
Sheriff Preble county, Ohio
Campbell A Gilmore, Attorney's.
February 24, 1870, ids. prf $l,ftO
Sent free in a sealed envelope my val-
uhdic lecture uu .ue errors OI I OUtn de
LI. 1 . . 1 TP" . -4
signed as a warning and caution to young
men, with rules and prescriptions for the
cure of weakness and lost manhood, by
on who has been permanently cored.
Send jtaud and address
Broadway, opposite Aator Place, N. Y.
1 mos3
How to marry, who to marry, and
when to marry, The eflections maybe
gained by following simple rules, and all
may marry happily without regard to
wealth, age, or beauty. Bend stamp and
Feb 17, '70 m3 Station D, . Y.
Plow Ml
aad all others wanting Plews are direct
ed to the above shop where we
factnre Plows adopted to both Sod end
Fallow ground. Call and
at oar stock of Plows, before purchas
ing elsewhere, as we have proven our
flow better constraucted for LIGHT
NESS OF DRAFT, Neatness ol Work
than any other Plow in tne market.
We are also manufacturing one horse
plows, Shovel Plows Ac. Plow repair
ing of all kinds done. Shop ne r Depot
Eaton, Ohio. G. S. BROWEfi.
Eaton, February 10, 1860 tl.
SEALED bids will be received b the
underrigne J, at the Mayor's Office,
in Eaton, until Saturday, February 12th,
1870, at 1 o'clock, P. M . for tbe sale ot
the following BOMBS of tbe Incorporat
ed Village of Eatesx Preble County,
Ohio, to-wit :
NINETEEN BONDS for the sum of
$100,00 each, dee Augutt 1st, 1871, with
7 per cent, interest from date, .he inter
est to be paid annually.
TWKNTY TWO BONOS for the snm
of $100,00 each, due August 1st, 1872,
with 7 per cent, interest from date, the
interest to be paid annually.
TWENTY-TWO BONDS for tbe sum
of $10o,00 each, doe August 1st, 1373,
with 7 per ceat. interest from date, the
interest to be paid annually.
sum $100,00 each, doe August 1st, 1874,
with 7 per cent, interest from date, the
interest to be nid annually.
sum of $100,00 eaoh, due August 1st,
1875, with 7 pe- cen. interest from date,
the interest to be paid annually.
No bid will be aceptei for less than
tbe par value of the Bond, and tne money
will be required on delivery of the Bond
to tbe purchaser. For the faithlnl pay
ment of these Bonds and interest the
faith of the Village is irrevocably pledg
G. H. Eiosob, 1
J. H. Foos, Building Com.
H. B. Vawaosdal. )
Feb. 3, 1870 w2prf $6,00
3dged Tools, Heavy Forging and
(.Prices Reasonable
"Eaton, Feb. aery 3, 1870 lyr.
William J. Gilmcre,
NOTICE is hereby given that a peti
tion will be presented to the Com
miisioners oi Preble County, at their
next session, to be held on ihe 1st Mon
day of March, A. D. 1870, prajiug for
the lavine out and establishment of a
Free Turnpike, to be a continuation of
the Seven Mile Free Turnpike Boad a
long the following described route, on
the following County Road, in said coun
ty, to-wit: Beginning at the Northern
terminus of said sevea mile free turn-,
pike road, at a point on the seotion line
between sections 11 A 12, township 7,
range 2, in said County, at a short dis
tance Southeast of tbe Saw Mill belong
ing to Jacob May Thence North on the
said section line to a point where the
Haid section line strikes or intersects the
Dayton d Western Turnpike Road.
Feb 3, 1870 w5 prf $6,50.
Never refuse to pay the printer when
yon have read his paper lor a year or
more. A man who does this is mean
enongh to steal acorns from a blind pig.
Subscribe for tbe DEMOCRAT.
Free Turnpike Notice.
is hereby given, that a petition
will be presented to the Commissioners
of Preble county, Ohio, at their next
regular session to be held at Eaton, com
mencing on the first Monday of March,
1870, asking for the appointment of
com misaiom rs to lay oat and establish a
Free Turnpike Road in Lanier township,
in said county, between the following
points, to-wit. Cosumeneing 10 pelea
east of tbe south east corner of t!. south
west quarter of sectioo number 92, town
ship number 5, range number fteatt tbe.
thence north on tbe old troaatr road
about 135 poles to a point betwnen fands
of W. Andrews and 8. Sprow. Tbenee
in a north wester direction with tbe
meanderings of said road tbrongh lie
tf . 0,..Lwi Albaogh, AfdersM
Beasley, H H. Eikenb-rry, C. Mull.n
Philip Andrews' E.tate Lewi Een,
berry and Christian Eitenberry to kbe
Eaton and Quaker Trace Free 1 urn pike
road and there to terminate.
February 3, 1870,w4i4.
Henry P Davia, ) Preble Common
V8 V Pleas.
Arthur Byrne, j
T Y virtue of an order of sale to me
JLJ directed by toe Court of Common
Pleas of Preble connty, in above stated
case I will offer at publio sale at the
door of the Court House, in Eateet, oa
On Saturday, March hth, 187(L,
at 1 o'clock p m. oft aid day, the follow
ing Neal Estate, situate in the Iowa ef
Gettysburg, Preble county, Ohio, and
and ins lot number 18 in sate town of
Qettysburg. being 4 rods in front aad H
rods back, containing 32 square rode.
Tom s of Sale CASH.
Appraised at $
Campbell A Gilmokb, Attorney's.
February 3 1870. w4 prf.t9,60.
Have porrhaaed the Stork formerly
. 1 I t Mi.. - J
umieuoi jir. iiosepn niison. and nro
i i ii. t . nr. ,
pose to keep constaatly on hand at the
old stand, corner ot Maid A Baron sts
and West ef the Court House, a fell sup
ply of choice, such as
The Best of Flour!
In- Barrels, or in Sacks,
together with a thousand other articles
too tedious to men'ion.
Country Produce
of all kinds taken in exchange for ' goods
or i ne aigoesi price in casn paid lor Mu-
eoo, Lard, Butter, to.
Sept 2, 86Tmos S.
I will offer at public vendue, at Swish
er's Mill, north of New Paris, Preble
county, Ohio,
On Wednesday, Feb. 9th, 1870.
The following property to-wt:
Two bay Horses, One sett Wagon Har
ness, One mill Wagon, 1 sett Fly Netts,
one wheel Larr.w, 1 sou I'sirbeuks
Scales, 70 Mill Suets 30 Fiour IV.rr. l-.
one Lot Mill picks, one sett sin?fu b ir
ness. one Corn Shelter Slid rigging, be
nder Damemus other articfti to tedious
to mention.
TERMS OF S AT K. -ATI snms under
$3 00 cash in hand, on all snow above
thst amnunt a credit of five months will
he given by tbe purchaser giving bis
note with approved security. Sale to
commence at 10 o'clock, a. m , of said
. Assignee of Emily ewisaer.
jan. 21, 1870. w3. pf 8 50.
Tc District Assessors,
A mtoe's OrrtCE, Treble Co,
Eaton, Jan 27, 1
The several District Arsetnoi are
hereby notified to meet at this iAce o,"
Thunder, March 1st for consultation.
Let every one He present. Tbe aeoesearv
books, plats. A : : , wiil then be ready.
Wanted Agents (male or female) for the
Physioal Life of
A dvies to the Maiden, Wifs & Molksr
by Dr. Napbeys, Chief of Ciinie of Jeff
erson Me 'ical College; Philadelphia.
Just issued. A Brave, Pore, Book. Dis
cusses topics of vital importance to ev
ery woman. The cost salable book of
the day. 10,000 copies sold already I
Becommended by Surgeon Qeneral W.
A. Hammond, Henry Ward Beecher and
hosts of other eminent physicians and
clergymen. Terms
asest liberal. Send
for circulars, testi
a, etc. Addr
CO., Ptibiisber.,
Agents for the
177 West Fourth Street
P. 8. Also wanted
People's Law Book, a
most beautiful
and other First-Class
ten. 27, wt
Agents Wanted every wbetw tor
Our Jfotne t'husirittn
By Dr. Geo. M. .Beard, ef the Univer
sity of tbe City ef Wr-, assisted by oth"'
er eminent practitioners Ihe irresar
household work for agents. KutireTy
uv, and bosotifully illustrate! KjK.
dorsad bv leading medical professors mwF"
journals aI over the Union. Expojk
?uackery ana patent meoirine humbaM.
s Aill of common sense. Tells how tb
fet well, how to hasp weil, and what to
o in ersry emergency. Betoad com- I
parison, tbe best and therefore thtcheay
est Family Guide in saoh matters ev '
published. Sells ranidly among all
classes. Terms most liberal. Bead for
lt page circular, etc , eta. Address. K.
HANNAFOBD h CO, Publishers,
177 West Fosrth St, Cincinnati. P. g.
Also, wanted, Agents, for our beauti
ful, low-priced Book ofFacts. for Farm-
el a. Mechanics, aed Workiagaren. Very
salable. jan. 27 w4
The undereigajso has just opened e
Shop on Dec tor and Beeeh Sts. Eaten.
Ohio just above Ihe Brewery.
Iiorse-Sbocin Plows, Harrows,
W agODB ,-KtlKea Toole, Ac.
made New or repaired. Also Doable
Linked Chains repaired or made. Bring
on your Work, Satisaotion H'ar ranted.
January. 27, 1870-yrI.
ajFThat Wood has not yet made ita

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