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TOWN AND COUNTRY! Encourage Home Industrv.
Person indebted ton for one years
ascription will find an "X ' tollowmg
the names written n the margin. 1 wo
year, two XX'. ,. Weant
and must have these little bills settled.
ar All ntvj Subscriptions to
the "Democrat'1 must invariably
be paid for in advance. Terms,
$ 2 00 per annum.
on subjects of local and general interest
will have the best attention.
NO letter will be inserted unless the
the writer communicates hie real name
and address, not necessarily for publica
tion, bnt as a guarantee of good faith
of beautiful Visiting Cards, neatly
S rinted, fifty in a case at 2tOO oan
had at this Office.
LO.ofG. T. Meets every Tuesdav ev
enlng at 7J- o'clock, at Temple Hall.
Louisville & Sandusky R.
Meeeting at
The largest and moat enthusi
astic Railroad meeting for along
time was held at Milton on Tues
day last. After speeches were
made by J. H. Fdo;, President,
and A. J. Lippencott, of De
Graff, book6 were opened for
$1,000 subsections, and $6,000
was subscribed in a little while.
All feel itt that section, that the
early completion of the road is
certain; and nil are sanguine that
the road is a success.
Louisville & Sandusky R
Meeting at Lewisburg.
There will be a meeting meld
at LwUburar. Preble conuty, O ,
on Tuesdsvy eveuinir, Mrch 1st.,
1870. J. H. Foos, PreeJeVaodTime
others will be present nd ad-
dress the meeting. All are lS-tlft
te(J Vn
' v -
On t
i23rd of SeptiMber, t9,
I ins
iv property, coi.siet
ing o
allonge, furniture ana
Clothing, with the Ohio
er's IsecUANCK Com pas
I1 AI-4ib
flR -
Holmes, Agent. On the 4th of
January, 1870, the house waaen-
tirely consumed by fire. My in
6tiranOjB . 1- reoeived promprlj
from -the Company. I heartily
recommend every farmer iu the
Ftate, who hes property not lu
suri'd, to insure with this
pany in preference to any other,
M. F. Stephens
has gone
West on a prospecting tour.
Jos. Donohoe is building a
large Fancy Soap Factory in the
north east part of town.
Q. H. Eidaoo'a Stock Book
for subscriittions to the Louis-
v ville and Sandusky K. li. is fast
filling up,
Nothing on theslate at J
lice Court for the past week.
" The Camdeuites want the
Louisville & Sandusky li. tt. to
run through their place.
Israel Township think they
can grade the L. & S. li. It.
through their Township.
Whew ! but it has been ccld
for a few days, and out of wood,
too. Think of that, delinquents
Don't let us freeze.
John R. Cofftoth.a promi
nent Democrat of lluntington,
Ind.,"has inoved to Lafayette.
Willard Eidson has been ap
pointed by Mayor Foos, Treas
urer of Eaton until April election.
We would call the attention
tmasters to the fact that when
k . . m, .
newspapers are not laneo irom
their offices, tbey are required by
the law to write a letter to the
editor ot the paper informing
him:ofthe fact. We trust this
notice will be sufficient to cause
postmasters to observe the re
quirements of the law.
)ftsaOne ot our subscribers sent
us two dollars, the other day,
with the request to "send the
Democrat as long as the money
lasted.'' As the money didn't
last more than about two hours,
we hereby ask for another remit
tance, for, according to his terms,
ain't his time out ?
DIEDIn Eaton, en the lkh instant,
of Congestion of the Lani, Mainline
Laninor. wife of Edward Lanine. and
daughter ol the late Isaac Stephens,
aged 49 year4, 5 months ai.d 20 days.
Club Dance. Prof. Eson,
will commence his Club Dance
a l miuui a Juan, on x ivj ij xi.,
March 4th, 1870. Those that
dance will be charged fifty cents,
spectators, twenty-five cents.
large turnout will be expected.
The Ice Crop.
Considerable apprehension is
manifest throughout the country
that the ice crop this year will be
a failure. The winter, thus far,
has been remarkably mild every
where, and many of the rivers
which are generally blocked up
long ere this are even open now
to navigation. Our great lakes
too, which furnish a large por-
tion of the ice cousumed, have
scarcely been touched by the
frost. Very little ice has been
cut anywhere, and next to none
in this vicinity. Once or twice
workman began to harvest on
the mill dam, but in a few days a
thaw interfered and the ice
houses are etill nearly empty. It
is predicted, however, that we
shall have yet considerable cold
weather and experienced judft-es
affirm that there will be enough
to yield all the ice needed. It
will be remembered that scarcely
any Ice had beet cut up to this
time last season, and fe,ara were
entertained that the crop would
be a failure, but the mouth of
February was favorable and the
harvest was abundant.
Only about two weeks will e
lapae before the great story of
Marian IIabland will commence
in the St. Louis Home Journal.
No time should be lost in sab
scribing. The Homb Journal
contaius, besravk Tie great stt,
other .continued serials of great
power, and a great variety of
sketches, short stories, and inter
esting miscellaneous matter,
which make It equal to any lite
rary pape". Send for specimen
uu ruber to Home Journal, St.
Lauie, Mo.
The Ice Crop. Time to Settle Up--$500 Wanted!
. d tieilt, for
y " , i,
fftf, two, three and four years
upon -many of our patrons for
,)ur p8yt and now would respect
fuUy request U those knowing
th,,mf0lvtB ii.debted to this office
ror ... i,8crii)tionf . advertiume or
work, to call and eettle the
fthie bv cash, or if that cannot
TT '
be done, by note, as it is necea
sary for us to raise $500 by the
middle of April. Itvou owe l)s.t
m small sum call and see about
lit, as money we mu have, and
we have no other means of rais
hug ir, except through those who
Jtfter TJm. -The Wapa-
koneta Union, talks good sense
in the following paragraph,
;u, 0,t nran
J .
and propose adopting as our own
. e r
'Hereafter we will parblish the
Union for $2, in advance, and
you don't want to take it at that
rate, you can let n atone, iubi
what's the matter."
All deaths and marriage
notice Bent to us for publication,
must be accompanied with the
real name of the writer, if not
they will go to the waste basket.
"Mr. Kindig," of Lewisburg, can
very readily account for the non-
aDnearance of several articles
from that quarter.
Snoaz Hand Without a Mas
ter Phonics, Phonetic 1 he
Phokic Advocate is a Monthly
Magazine, jlevoted to Spelling
and Writing Ketorm. It con
tains sixteen double-column
pages, printed on nice white book
paper, with neatly printed cover
Part phonetic and part common
type. Terms 75 cents a year.
Specimen copies, 10 cents. S.
Marrow, publisher, 80 South Me
ridian St., Indianapolis, Ind.
New Billiard Hall. Amid
wreck of matter and a crush
worlds," our benevolent eyed,
warm-hearted, undismayed Bil
liard "shooter," Ment Stannah,
has opened and fitted up in su
perb style, a "popular" and
"trump" Monitor Billiard Hall,
on Baron street, one door north
of J. P. Brookioa & Son'e. Drug
Storo. JLent will survive and
stand erect, inviting his old cus
tomers, and new visitors to "call
again." Meat's a "trump !"
Franklin Odtdone. Beoja
min Franklin once wrote :
"He who by the plow would thrive,
Mast himself either hold or drive."
Theee lines were very popular
at the time when men wore knee-
breeches and long cues, and wait
ed six months for the mails,
some person has eclipsed
by bringing out the following :
"He who by bis biz would rise,
Mast either bust or advertise."
Keveis is a new name, but Dot a
i thing, in the 17. S. Sebste.
JRoor Economy. As soon
as the times become a little hard,
quite a number of business men,
feeling that they must economize
aud retrench their expenses,
commence witl the printer and
stop advertising. That is a poor
policy, it would seem a Uttle re
flection would convince most any
one, scarcity of money naturally
makes the purchaser desirous of
making his cash go as far as posj
sible, and in order to do so, he
looks through the papers to see
where he can buy the cheapest,
aud the man who keeps his name
most prominently before the pub
lic, and fulfills his promise, will
inevitably reap the harvest. A
judicious expenditure of printer's
ink will pay a heavy interest,
and these remarks are -not alto
gethef inapplicable to subscri
bers. An instance came to our
knowledge the other day when a
person, had he taken the Demo
crat, would cave saved enough
in one purchase to have more
than paid two year's subscrip
lion, but had he been solicited to
subscribe for the Democrat or
any other paper, he would un
doubtedly have been too poor
when really the economy he was
practicing was the only thing
that was poor.
Somebody, on Christmas
Day, presented Mark Twain
with a fox. On the same day,
somebody else presented
With a coon. Mark Twain pro
poses to play Grant the first game
of "seven up" to decidj which of
them shall have both presents.
Mtte Mioarer. Here is an
accurate description of a class of
men who infest every communi
ty :
"The rnoet r.:iseraile hopeless
scrap of humanity is an idle man
a man whose chief aim of life
s to loaf to waste in the listless
longings, aud mental and physi
cal inaction the years of this short
life. There are scores of such be
ings in every town and city
miserable loafers, whose occupa
tion is to avoid employment
whose lives can scarcely be call
ed lives who die one after an
other and leave behind them
what? A vacancy to be mourn
ed? No, for they themselves are
vacanc;es, not men. To these
atoms, siMoety owes nothing.
The history of the world's prog
ress ignores their names and ex
istence; and when dead, the grave
contaius no more inert, worthless
earth than before. Thty become
chronic nuisances as regards
their worth or value, and from
day to day in the haunts of busy
men, they pass as uucurrent funds
at so much discount that they
can not even buy themselves.
Buch are loafer3-miserabie worth
less beings, who die only when
they get lazy aud too indolent
use their organs."
atThere are in Congress
bout thirty contested elections.
is safe to conclude the whole
number of seats will be given
the Republicans claiming them
by the Radical majority.
gss."There was a nigger pray
er meeting going on in Colum
bus, Ohio, the night the XV
was passed by
Ohio Legislature, the prayers
were suddenly interrupted by
perspiring African, who tore
the alsie or tne church gasping
out : "Its done passed." 'Thank
God for dat !" responded a darkey
Deacon from the pulpit steps.
"Hold on, dar !" interrupted
sooty "cruder. "Better thank
Republicans fust." And it
done by the following resolution:
"Resolved, That the members
of the Ohio Legislature who vot
ed for the fifteenth amendment
be enrolled upon the books
this church as members thereof."
WANTED Aerents
(J anv ass ing nook
Great and popular work, "Before
Footlights and .Behihd the Scenes."
Descriptive of the Theatrical, Lecture
and Amusement world in all their branch
es, from Puppet Shows to' Grand Opera;
Mountebanks to Menageries; Learned
Pigs to Lecturers; Burlesque Blondes
Actors and Actresses. With Reflec
tions on the Morality and Immorality
Amusements. Being truthful and m
as well as sensational and amusing.
Sales immense and unparalleled. Can
vassing book and Circulars free,
addressing PABMELEE ft CO.,
Race Street, Cincinnati, O. 1 m3
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed
administrator of the E tate of Isaac San
ta, late of Preble County, Ohio, dee'd.
J. H- Foos, Att'y.
Feb. 17, 1870 w3 prf $1,75.
Books for Farmers and Stock
Bonnd Volumes of the American
Stock Sourna). for 18K8 containing 384
large double column pages, sent post
paid for $1,50
Bonnd Volumes of the A merican 6 o . k
Journal for 1869, containing 384 pages
sent post paid for $1 50
The Dairymans' Manual lor .'25cts
The Horsemans' Manual ' 25cU
The Hog breeders' Manual 25st
Th Sheep Breeders' Manual, . . . . 25ct
The Poultry Breeders' Manual, . . . 25ct
The whjlefive Manuals sent post paid o
one address for.. . $1 01)
Agents wanted, to whom liberal in
ducements will be offered. Andrew
N. P. BOVElt CO., Publisher.
1 m3 Parkesburg, Chester Co., Pa
vrrantimust state each seperatclr, and the price
SEALED bi.U will be received by I he
Council of the Incorporated Village
of Eaton, Pr eble County, Ohio at tnt
office ol the Clerk of said Corporation
until Saturday, March 19th, 1870, at 12.
a' clock, M.. on said day. for building the
Town Hall, Council Chamber, Ac., in
said Village. The bids will be required
to be made ssperately for the dinerent
portions ot said work, as follows, to-wit:
1st. Bids for furnishing the brick de
liverc-d on the ground.
2nd. Bids for the brick and rtone ma
sonry, including lime and sand.
3rd. Bid j for the finding and cutting
the necessary stone.
4th. Bids for the carperter work and
finding the lumber.
6th. Bids for the galvanized iron work
and slating,
6th. Bids tor plastering, including
7th. Bid . for the wrought iron work
8th. Bids for constructing said Build-
inas an entirety. i
The work to be done in accordance
with the plan and specifications now oi
file in the Corporation Clerk's office.
Each bid must contain the full name
ofany pe:son interested in the s.me,
and shall be accompanied wi h a pull: -
cient guaranty of some disinterested pe
soa that if the bid is accepted, n contract
will be entered into and the performance
ot it properly secured.
?ina for hntlt Iflhnr a.nd materiills
th reof.
None b'.it the lowest responsible bid
will be received, and the Council reserves
the right to reject any or all the 6id?
The contracts will be paid in the bonds
of the Village, which sa'd bonds, as well
as the p'ans and specifications of the
work can now be ;een at the office of the
Corporation Clerk.
By order of the Town Council.
W. AV. SnEALOB, J. H. Foos,
Clerk. Mayor.
Feb. 17, 1870 w3 prf t'O.OO.
HAVING determined to dispose of a
start of my property, ( will sell at
Private Sale, the following property, to
wit: Fifty acres of Hand lying on the Day
ton & Western Turnpike, 3 miles Eist of
Eaton, on the above is a good Hon. e,
Barn, Oi chard, running stock water Ar.
(tenon n as the Hewitt Farm). Also, the
Hewitt Saw Mill, together with 10 acres
of land adjoining the above. Also, a
good bouse and Lot on High Street,
Eaton, Ohio; on the Lot there is Fruit
Trees, Miik House, Cistern, Ac. Also,
two Lots on Baron street, opposite the
Depot, on one of which there is a good
new istnble.
I will also offer my Stock of Groceries
entire., and rent the room 1 now occupy
as a Grocer Romas. Any, or all of the
above property will be sold on easy
B6f Call early and secure a bargain. .
Feb. 17 1870 w3
Legal Notices.
Sheriff's Sale.
meudment the
Abner Haines, 1 Preble Common
vs. V Pleas Order of
Simon Marienthall. ) Sale on Attachment
of Sale, on Attachment , in ihe n-
bove stated rase, issued from the Court
of Common Pleas of Preble county, U ,
and to me directed as Sheriff of said
county, I will offer for sale, at public
auction, at the door of the Conrt House,
in Eaton, Preble county, Ohio,
On Saturday, February, 19, 1870.
between the hours of one and four o'clock
P. M., ot said day, the following de
scribed Real Estate, situated in th
couuty of Preble, and Mate of Ohio, and
described as follows to-wit: Eaton, Pre
ble eouuty, Ohio, and bounded and de
scribed as follows, to wit: Being and
lying on the north side of Decatoi
street, in said town and on the vest side
of Beech street beginning at the point of
intersection, oeing the north we.-t angle
of said street, and running thence north
on the west line or side of said Beech
street, six ("61 rods. Thence west five
(5) rods. Thence soath six 6 rods to
the north side or line el Uecator street,
and thence east on the north line of
said Decator street five (5) rods to the
place of beginning containing thirty 30
square rods, More or less.
Appraised at $2500
J. H. BOST1CK, Sheriff
Eaton, Jan 20, 1870.tds prt$l0 ?0
. r
al, by
John D. Baker, 1 Preble Common
vs. Pleas Petition for
Daniel Stump et al. J Partition
THE above named defendants, Daniel
Slump, .Andrew M. Baker, Hannah
Mariah Avery, and Albert Avery, her
husband, and Mariah Stump, widow
John Stump deceased, are hereby noti
fied that on the Uth day of January, A.
D. 1870; the above named petitioner
John D. i?aker, filed in the clerks office
of the Court of Common Pleas of Preble
county, Ohio, his petition against them,
the snid defendants, wherein said peti
tioner as owner of the two undivided
sixth parts, demands the assignment
the dewer of the said Mariah .Stump
widowl in, acd partition of Ihe follow
ing Real Estate, situate in the couuty of
Preble, and State ot Ubio, and describ
ed us follows to-wit "Being all of the
North half of the North-east quarter of
section number thirty-six (36) in Town
ship number six (6) in range number
three (8) east, Ac containing eighty
acres ot land, more or less.
And, the said defendants are further
notified, that said petition' r will at the
March term of said Court. A. D. 1870,
applv for an order that said dower may
be assigned, and said partition made ac
Attorney for Petitioner
Attest H. Shane, Clerk.
January 20, 1870, w7, prf. $ 14 00
Legal Notices. Aew Advertisements.
i curiT r im
inv I uwn-'i'U)
How York Office, 27 BEEEMAN 8T.
The first (ditiou of One II indred nnd
Twe-iy Thousand copies of Vick- Illus
trated Catalogue of Seed. end Floral
Guide, is pnblsh rd and readv to send
out. It is elecrantlv printed on fine tint
ed paper, with about 200 fine Wood En
gravings ott lowers and Vegetables, and
a oefiumui colored iTlate consisting of
seven varieties of I'hlox Drumm ndii,
making a fine
It is ihe most bexutifnl, an well as tlie
most instructive Floral Gnide published
giving pla'n and thorough directions Bjt
Culture of Flowers & Vegetables.
The floral Guide is publis .-d for thu
benefit of iny customers, to whom it is
seut free without application, bnt will
be forwarded to all who apply by mail,
far Ten Cents, whi.h is not half I lie coil.
Addrci s.
lm. Rochester, Xew ork
""j. r. Bli(JoKNi3 &sonT"
ietail Druggists
Baron St., Eaton, Ohio.
14 G9vl
Ohio F armers
Insurance Compaii!!
incorporated Feb. 8, '48,
Charter Perpetual.
Cash Surplus, Sept.
29, 1889 ---- $251,828 39
Losses Paid over - 278,000 OO
Insures Farm Property Only.
KXriCNSKS LESS, in proportion to a
mount of business than anv ether Coin"
pany doing business in (Ahio. and let
tins reason its rates are lower tain tnose
ofany other Company,
Without any Further Liability,
Has been in successful operation
over twenty years, and by reason
of its low rates, fair dealing, and
prompt settlement of losses, lias become
the most popular Company in ihe States
among Inn Farmers. In case of Ic-s,
j.this Company pays the full value of prop
erty, destroyed by
JFire or JLi-ghtning',
up to tha amount insured. For Insur
ance or further inforrnnt.ion applv to
For Preble ttparlofMontrjom'ryOouiities.
ADDRESS, Gratis, Preble Co., O
.Nov llth. lS69,rrt.
A Sp'endid Chance,
An Extraordinary Offer,
Don't Delay, Send at once.
The Leading Agricul
tural Journal
Th American Stock Jotjrval, A
first class monthly, containing 32 Urge
double column pages devoted to Farm
ing and Stock Breeding, containing reg
ular departments for the I radical Farm
er. Dairyman, Stock Breeder, Wool
urowcr, suu rounrj jvecpar, ac , sc.,i
1 T I. 17 a
ec, Illustrated with numerous fine En-
gravmgs and boued m handsome tinted
covers, farmers will find in
a very efficient aid in all the de
of Farming and Stock Breeding
a Veterinary Depart uent under the
charge of one of the ablest Prefessorsin
the United States, wh nswori through
the .tovbkal frer of cha.
, all questions
relating to Sick, Injured or Diseased
Horses, Cattle; bheep, Swine or Poul
try, lhus every -Subscriber has a Horso
and Cattle Doctoree.
we are now prepared to oner the JL.-
free gitt for one year: to all new tub.
sctibert (or renewals) to The Democrat
who shall subscribe immediately and pay
in advance. This is a rare opportuuTty
which the intelligent people of our sec
tion will no doubt duly appreciate.
Hand in your S'ibscr.ptione at once and
secure the STOCK JOURNAL free for
a year. Signed &c.
Weo. Vv. MEiiAFFEYj Publisher.
Nov. U, 1869tf.
NEW!! NEW !!
WOULD respectfully J announce
the citizens of Eaton and vicinity
that having purchased the entire stock
of Groceries of Stannah & Bro , will al
ways be found on hand one door West
the 'National Bank, with a larire and
well seleoted stock of
Coffe, Tea, Sugar!
loui'j Bacon,
Molasses, Syrups, Nuts, Fresh & Oove
Oysters, Sardines, Indigo, Starch,
Soda, Matches, Candles, Lamps
Queensware, Fresh Butter,
Crrckers, Cheese, Cigars, Smoking To
hacco, Chewing Tobacco, Blacking
Freth & Pickled Fish, Ac. Ac.
Bring Your Country Produce
here if you want Cash or Cash prices for
it. I take pleasure in showing and wait
ing upon customers and ask a liberal
share of the public patronage.
Eaton O., Dec. 23, 1869 raos3
is monthly
- T. .
Attachment Notice.
Joseph Trunk, PPtff. ") Belore John R
vs I Stephens. Justice
John W. Tingle and j of the Peace,
l 1 U' I .1 l A17 LI rr
v uui tea .uimci, .- n aaumiuu 1 V
partners as Tingle Preble county,
and Winder, defend- I Ohio,
ants. j
' AN the; 21st day of January, A- D.
J 1870. said Justice issued an order
of attachment in me aoove action, tor
the sum of Sixty-five Dollars and eight
een cents. JOSEPH TRUNK.
Feb. 10, 1870 w3 prf 2,00.
- 1 . 1 , ., . .
Is it that Dr. Roback's Stom
ach Bitters increase in sale
every year ?
They are the best combina
tion ever made.
Do the Druggists recom
mend Dr. Roback's Bitters
to their customers ?
After years of experience
and trial they have been
proven to be a sure cure
for Dyspepsia and indigestion.
Is it that Physicians use
and recommend Dr. Ro
back's Sugar-coated Blood
They know the ingredients
of which they are made.
Are Dr. Roback's Blood
Purifier and Blood Pills
the best remedies taken to
gether for the cure of all
diseases of the blood ?
The Blood Purifier is the
only article in the market
which contains the celebrated
costly Drugs imported ex
pressly from Sweden for its
manufacture, and the Pills
contain the active principle
of Podophyllum (Mandrake
Root,) and is a substitute
for Mercury.
Are Dr. C. W. Roback's
Stomach Bitters, Blood Pu
rifier and Blood Pills the
three greatest remedies the
world has ever known?
After eleven years' experi
ence and trial the sales have
increased each and every
year, and thousands of let
ters (unsolicited) of the re
markable cures they have
performed bear witness.
Read the letters in Local
Column of cures by these
Manhood: How Lost. How
Just published, a new edi
tioa cf Dr. Colverweirt
Celebrated Essay ou the
radical cure (without mcdi
cine) of Spermatorrhoea, or
etc. ; also, Consumption, Jbpilepsv, and
Pits, induced by self -indulgence or sexu
al extravagance.
f rice, in a sealed envelope, ouly b
The celebrated author, in this admira
ble essay, clearly demonstrates from a
thirty years successful practice, that the
alarming consequences of sjlf-abuse may
be radically cured without the daugerons
use of internal medicine or the applies
tion of the knife: pointing out a mode of
cure at once simile, certain, and eff c
tual. by means of which every sufferer, no
matter what his condition may be, mar
cure himself cheaply, privately, and rad
Stiff" This Lecture should be in the
hands ol every youth inid every man in
the land
Sent, uuder seal, is a plain envelope.
to any address, postpaid, oa receipt of
six cents, or two post stamps. Also,
Dr. Culverwell's "Marriage Guide," price
so cents. Addtess the Publishers,
CHAS. J. C bU.INE & CO.,
127 Bowery, NY, P. O. Box 4 586-
Nov 2j, i860 yl
Nominnl Wanlrnpaft lnvn.nnt.1rv SAmintl
. T ' t..iT7i" i
T r t j: .
incapacity, jmuvuuuuiiu iu juarnacn.
Or $50 worth of New Musio for $3.
Purchasers of Music are constant
ly paving from 30 to 50 cents for ev
ery piece of mnsic thev buy. This
is a waste of money which no family
can afford, for bv paying 30 cents
lor a copy of "PETERS' MUSICAL
MONTHLY" you will get from Four
to Five Dollars' worth of the latest
and BEST MUSIC, by such authors
. as Hays. Thomas, Kinkel, Keller,
Becht, etc,
We have limited our circulation to 1()0
000 copies, believing that a larger month
ly edition would defeat our ends name
ly, the after sale of the Music in Sheet
trat every subscriber, after our limit of
100,000 is reached, will have to pay 'io.
(and cheap at that,) whereas our present
price is only 98 per year. Sample copies
mailed, on receipt of 30 cents. Hack
numbers supplied.
It is our aim ti give GOOD MU
sic, and PLENTY OF IT, and we
wish it distinctly understood that not
single piece is put in to fill up its
dages, for wa expect no profit from
its circulation beyond the introduc
tion of our Music, every page of
which is afterwards nrinted inSbeat
No matter where you see a piece of Mu
sic or Music Boole advertised, it can al
ways be had st our establishment, and
will be mailed to yon, free of postage, on
receipt of fhe marked price.
No matter how small your'order, we
shall be glad to fill it.
198 Broadwav, N, Y., P O. Box 5429.
Nov. 25 1869tf
gotten, up vyeaaing uaras are rur
nished pronaptly at this Offioe.
Important to Farmer.-,
And nil People Uriag in the. Coun
try! aRKAf IM3TKI I'.'w von of
Sewing Machines,
Clocks, watches,
The irreat Now l ork Aeiicnltsial
Hortii ultnral,and g-iieral Family I'., per
.he EL'BtL. MtU.UU AN; i. VREA U
InmiHiy n.xl I No other )iprofi
timet s f lare nor so cheap, nor n
practiral. It m ain doub e thr
rci'.li. g luxtier ih .1 li.Miid in oil,
er sin ilar iitiVics'ioin, '..r the BMM
price milv f I 5t a ear sinrly, Slid
$1,00 in Clubs! A sew mlume 'hr
fonrteeuth begins ranu:.ry lt; lW7o ;
and its subscribers wi'l receive gratui
tously the most magnificent dii tnbutir i.
of elegant First lass Setting Mi
dlines, Eight-day Clocks, so'.'m Gold
and o-.taer WatCiloS, ever i-i.ir outrun
riub Azen-s are ounted everywhere; a
h- j. . per is Natiunnl an I t-in-uUtes If
all the States and Territories. The yen-
eral Premium l.ixt is more liberi.l than
was ever before offure by niv jmblisher
.n ihe United States A splendid $40
iewinc Machine, (renllr w.irth fW.) t
.ffered ten for a Club that enn be ab
ained snrwhere "n thn-e day ' Mi
nfSeent Eight-day Clocks, worth 1, for
a Club that may' b not np in one day;
with solid geld and other w.itchc .sc.,
it similar raiei ituw is me lime ior
Club Agents to commence their lists, so
n to leceive the pper tree lor the bat
inc.- of the rear We invite all person;
.vantfiiir the bust and chrnnes iurl pa
per in existence to send $l,rX) to os, and
receive it from now to January HTli or
to send tor a sample copy, which will be
tent fr e. Clnb Agents snpplied with
4p4cnnens, Irreniiiitn Lists, oCu.
(jireat M'retntutns ror
Early Clubs.
Per euly ten subscribers, at $1 each,
sent in before the 1st t.f January next
v. will send the i;lub ajrent tree, a eOf.y
.f the UUKAL AMERICAN, one rear.
and a cony of the NKW YOK1C WKEK-
IjY MiN, ore year, the bet paper pub
lish. d, nil partizun in politics I fh.s
iffer, for two or three h mrs work on'J,
4 th most libc-al eve. befor offered la
he history of the rural press.
N. B After January 1st, twelve tab
tcribers at $1 will be required to entitle
'he agent to the ahova Premiums.
Address-, V F. MIXKB A CO , New
Drumwick, New Jersey, (near Ke
Yore.) where the Editorial Office and
aim are situated
Nov. I!, GO -to Mayl870.
Subscriptions receired at the office
1 50 for six months
Ti.c Dkmocrat one year, and th
Monthly six months for $2 50.
Any one sending two subscriptions foi
the Democrat for ore year, will be pre
vented with t nix months' subscription
to the Monthly. Ed
Democrat" and
'Rural A-
We club the Uemocrat and
ral American at the very low rate
of $2,50, lor both papers, for one
year, (1870;) and the Rural A
merican will be sent Free (or the
balance of 1869, to all Biibscii
hers who genu iu their names
early! Here is a chatico to ob
tain the largest and best Agri
cultural, Tiorticujturat, and gen
eral Family Paper published in
the United States, and the cost
only fifty cents more than the
regular price of our paper! duch
a chance is rare, and it will be
to the interest of our reader to
call and subscribe soon, so s to
secure the Rural Americas for
the balance of 1869 Frbb
Geo. W. Mehaffkt,
fpHIS justly celebrated native Wins is
X made from thejnico of the Oportive
Grape, raised in thu country,
Tonic and 8tren?theniue Fro'
are unsurpassed bt any other natiye
Bei g the pure juice ot the grape, p
ed under Mr. 8 peer s own personal sup
ervisiod, Its pirity and genuineness are
guaranteed. The youngest child may
partake of its generous qualities, and the
weakest invalid may use it to ad van t ge
It is particularly beneficial to the aged
and debilitated, and ia suited to the var
ious ailments that affl.ct the weaker sex
It is, in every respect, A WINE TO BE
Speer's Wines in Hospitals are prefer
red lo other wines.
Sold by Druggists generally, who also
sellBpeer's Standard Wine Bitters.
Trade supplied by all wl olesale Dealers.
See that the Signature of Alfred Speer,
Passiac N. J.,is over the cork of each
A. SPEER'S Vinevard, Newjersey.
Office, No. 243 Broadwny, Jew York.
For Sale by J. P. BRO0KIN8A8OM
fillvr Eaton. Ohio.
03 O O O w ;
S O M M C3
S w g 3 x
99 20 S
3j m a m w
Its vali.
2 B
3 R-J.rS
Boot& &hoe
Herlicli'a Duildiiip, M.in S:JM.
The- f'rtjrewd San ,' foiS.ic n -
partnership, una ini-.l i uixfce in vr
Mer and k-Cn ro'iErnnt'y on hand S p. od
supp'y rr Jteaify Ud (oar wwn mu'-. y
BOOT6 ft 8liOK.-.
$tj RepaHosr nest k chenf.
Dl) 22n.8 llCTTK efe L0i:lt.
Por Sale
A Good Two 'r nrfl!:ng Ifonre in
or; ailhftoxd . -ii. r ami J r 5 l.ot;
Vlso 4 f..rt iifr the Depot, rll undvr
'eiice. Term ra ot.abl -. fir acticu
fars, call oi. or ddrr- th Proprietor
in Eaton. S. II. LOCKWOOlr
July 16, GO w3 tf.
jyew muot. "
The undersigned bavim; mil aua Kw
8hon op, i'e Honami . Cham V A Ifo'a
Machine Shop, on the corner of Mkplef
ft High 8trets,is now prepared to do
f It Kinds Rcparing
n short nofu-e, having hnd years of
practical c-sprrieuce, he Batteaa hisas. If
'hat li - can give Satisfaction to all who
may fttvor him with thai r pstrouage.
Srtecial attention given lo
Plow & Wagon Work?
Horse -Shoeing
NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Caton Business Cards.
Cards will be admitted in mis column
at f. tier year. wherw cot is und in
earn iwe luiiiiuiii g uj u
Office oa Baron street east aid?, three
doors nor tli ol Miu. Teeth extracted
absolutely withoat pain. sepIO 'S8yl.
Tvv OKHstjriK,
IVirchant Tailor.
One a jot north of Brookini' Drug Store;
Baron street Eaton, Ohio.
A Large Stock of Bead Made
Hats, Cass and Gent's Fore ishingAoods
eonstanU on hand. Ioct2',l
Tar r 9b &
Main Street, Eaton Ohio,
an. 21. loW-yf.
Kline's Building, 3 doors esiat of Na
Baak. jan 09 Stoor
Roddy Reynold,
Uaron Street, west of the Court Hoase.
- Eaton, Ohio.
Spouting&PoofTg done toOrder
II kinds or Stoves on hand.
jan 21. 1809 j l.
jous v. CAxrasiA. j as. a. oinob
(Successors to Gilmorw A Campbell,)
Gov't Claim Agents.
Offio at the old stand, oa Uarron dtreet
Jan. 1 I8W. y 1 .
Dayton & Eaton Om
iv .
nibus Line.
UBdermgund will.raa
baa wiwe bstweeu
Baton daily at j 30 a. m
vinr a Day tow at 1 0 a
Leave Dayton at
at Eaton at 6 30 n. m
I p. sa.,
: Prompt connections madewith Noith
ern trains at Davton.
Passengers will be enlled far bv lead
ing their address at the Djup Sottas,
Dayton, and the E xress Office, fat
ibe Drog SUre of J . I pBrookls jsj..
Baton, O.
All orders aitdcommissiona promptly
atteeded to. JAB. TORRE NCR.
a. 1 68 yrl.
William Kelly s Bttatev
THE undersigued has thii day been
oly appointed ana qualified as adaain
s. raior oi the Bstate ol William Kelly
l..te of Preble couu'.y, Ohio. decetSasvl.
Aaraau. A GiLaoaa, Aitoroefs.
Nov. 25. 1869 w3 p.'i.7
Cherry Street, EATON. OHIO.
Eaton, February 3, lO.rrl.
Written by Himself. In Ja '
Lureo Octavo VolTme Near
ly 800 Pages Printed in Eng
lish and German 33 Elegant
Pull Page Engravings;
It embraces Forty Years RecollecUooa
of his busy life, as a Merchant, Maaafsw,
Wan Ice, fyectnrer and 8 bowman, an4
srives accounts of his Imprisonment, his
Saccesfnl European Too re, ant impor
tant Qlstorieal and Personal Rami na
cences, replete with Humor, Anecdotes
and Entertaining Nariative. No book
published so acceuuhle to all claise
Every one wants it. Agnts ar soiling
from 60 to 1 ) a weak. We after extra
tarras and pa; ftwifht. (-r IHu.iraterl
Catalogue a n4 Ttrtns io Ageats seal free
J. B. BURR & C0,PuVsf

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