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Tbev ahall Mn-anm brirht ere Ion?.
Art we sowing the seeds of discord
They shall ripen iato wrong.
Ar we Bowing seeds of honor?
They nliall bring forth rnisen grain.
Are we sowing reeds of falsehood?
We shall yet reap bit rr pain.
WuaUoe'er our sowing be.
Heaping, wo its fruits shall see .
We can never be too careful
What the aeed our bauds shall sow .
Lore from love is sure to ripen,
Hate from hate U sure to grow.
Seeds of good or ill we scatter
Heedlessly along our way;
LBut a glad or grievous fruitage
Wlis na at the harve-t day . M
Whatsoe'er our sowing h.
Reaping, we its fruits shall see.
Ma who thinks a noble heart
KBettar than a noble mien;
.nuri Tirtua mora than art,
JBVl hourh 'tis less In fashion seen;
Whatso'er her fortune be.
She's the bride the wife for me.
She who deems that inward graee
Far surpasses outward show;
She who values lees the face
Than that charm the soul can throw;
: Whatsoe'er herjtortune be,
Sue's the bride the wife for me.
She wbo knows the heart requires
; Something more than lips ot dew;
That when love's brief rose expires.
Love itself dies with It toe
Whatsoe'er her fortune be,
She's the bride the wife-tor me.
Who wi'l care?
When we lay beneath the daisies.
Underneath the churchyard mold,
And the long grass o'er our faoes
Lays it Angers damp and cold,
When we steam from car-) and sorrow.
And the ills of esrthly .'ire
Sleep, to know no sad to-morrow.
With Its bitterness of strife
Who will care? .
Who will caret
1 come to weep above us.
on i so wiuie ana ssui.
nth the skies of summer.
Whn alt nature's pulses thrill
To new life, g ad and tender.
Full of beauty , rich and aweet,
11 the world is clad in splendor
That the years shall e'er repeat
Who will oarer
Who will care?
Who will think of white hands lying
On a still and silent breast.
Neve more to know of sighing.
Evermore to know of rest?
Who will oare no one can tell us,
But it Mat and peace befall.
Will it matter if they miss us.
Or they miss us not st all?
Matt at all!
We sing no songs of camps or kings.
We write no love-lorn story;
We lead no conquering column on,
Tat wa uphold its glory.
High, brothers, high.
The banners a 7 and fly,
-ar We brothers brow
We two bare hands.
. r SeW 1 2
In many a post the hatches fall.
The ship is full and roady
The craven reef U Just a-le.
Lock lively, lads, and steady.
Sway, brother, sway.
Haul and belay, belay
We brothers brown
We two bare hands i.
In forests deep awaiting us.
The keels to be are growing
The sea hath never sails enough.
The winds are ever blowing.
8wtag, brothers, swing.
The axes ring and ring
We brothers brown V a
We two bare hands.
The prairies roll and bloom and lure.
As were the world one meadow ;
The clouds are only looms that drop
Their rippling Wefts of shadow.
Sow, brothers, sow,
The grain will grow
We brothers brown
We two bare hands.
The sea is kind ; throw net and line.
It cannot well deny us
There's always need upon the land
The winds were made to try us.
Pull, brothers, pull,
Yonr nets are full and full
We brothers brown
We two bare hand,
"We sow and null
we swing and sway.
We whirl she wheel of
We bring the day wh-n kin
and king.
nut oe out nan an" ueuraoor.
Sing, brothers, sing.
Our song shall ring and ring
We brothers brown
We two bare bands .
The Timely Word.
In a field where the grass grew
green, there lay a little boy on the
ground. He was seven years old, and
his name was John Harold. The
folks called him Jack.
Near by stood an artist who had
been sketching a picture. All at
omce he caught sight of Jack lying
on the ground : and then the artist
made a drawing of Jack ; but Jack
did not know it.
Then Jack started up, and began
to ehase a dragon fly. Out of one
field into the next, back again over
the stone wall, and then over a ditch,
and into thebushes ran Jack ; but he
did not cntch the fly.
It had flown up on a large leaf of
an ash-tree. Jack did notgiveup the
chase. Up the tree he climbed, caught
the fly and jumped with it to the
The artist now stepped forward,
and said, "Do not hurt that fly, my
boy. Let it go, and I will give you a
penny was worth mare to Jack
than the fly : so he let it go.
"What is your name, my lad?"
asked the man.
"My name is Jack Harold," said
the boy.
"Have you no one to mend your
clothes for you, and to teach you to
be dean and neat? Have uu no
mother ?"
"Mother and father are dead,"
said Jack ; "and I have no one but
aunt to take care of me, and she has
too many cares of her own to think
rnurh of me "
much of me
"Then I would care for myself, If
I were you, Jack," said the man. "I
watched you while you were run
ning after the dragon-fly, and I
thought it a pity that so bright and
spry a lad as you, should look as you
do. You are not idle all the time, I.
I've nothing ever to do," said
Jack : "I wish I had. Aunt will not
send me to school."
"And so you cannot read or write?
Well, Jack, I was once as badly off
as you. I had lost my parents, and
was a poor boy; but I was just as anx
ious to get on, and to do something
as you were just now to catch that
"Well, 4ir what die? you do, if you
hurl no one to help yon?" asked
Why, I helped myself. I got
over one dimcuity alter anotnerjust
a you got over the stone walls, and
through the brambles ; and you can
do as I did. if you will be as eager to
get your living as you were to seize
on that fly."
Having said thus much, the artist
walked away ; for he saw he had set
.k ikinirini, A u.t T a . tr T aim
SSUS W AllAJA.AUg. QU j A. au
gla4 to say, did something besidesJ
think. He began to act.
He went in search of work, and he
found it. He now earns enough to
pay for bis board. He has a new suit
of clothes and a pair of good shoes.
The artist's word was a timely one.
A rapid penman can ' write thirty
words In a minute. To do this ha
drawshispeu through thaspaoiof a
rod. He makes on an average six
teen curves or turns of the p.
witing each word ; in a day of five
hours, tbifi amounts to 144 000, andl
la a year of 300 day to 43,200,000.
The man who makes 1,000,000 strokes
of the ben in a month is not remark
able. Many make 4,000,000. Hwice
we have, in
single year
The Timely Word. How Top-Knot Came Down.
"Come, my
White, to her
dew is falling.
dears," said Biddy
little brood. "The
It is time for us to go
"I don't want to go home yet,"
thought Top-Hnot, a half grown
chicken. "That old hen-house is
dark and crowded. I've a great
mind to stay out all night. I am
bit; enough to take careof myself."
So he hid behind a bush till his
mother and brothers and sisters were
out of sight, and then ran off in the
opposite direction in high glee.
"Now," thoughthe, "if I catch a
grasshopper, I can eat him all my
self, instead of sharing him with any
Then he went up on a . hillock, and
climbed a rock at the top to see what
he could see.
He saw a clear, geldon sky asd the
mists rising over the river, and by
his side stood a Grasshopper.
"My goodness I" said Top-Knot,as
he prepared to eat him.
"Take care," said the Grasshop
per, "the sun Is down. No Grass
hoppers to be killed after sunset, you
"How is that ?" said Top-Knot.
"It is the law," said the grass
hopper. ,TT didn't know it," said Top
Knot. "Your ru-tier ought to have told
you," said the Grasshopper.
"She didn't think I would be out
so late," said Top.-Knot. "Did you
ever stay out all night?"
"Oh yes," said the Grasshopper,
"I always stay out."
Just then a Turkey came by and
gobbled up the Grasshopper.
"I wish now I'd eaten him myself,"
thought Top-Knot.
"Why are you out so late ?" said
the Turkey.
"Because "said Top-Knot.
"What shall I tell your mother if
she asks me where you are ?" said
the Turkey.
"Tell her yon don't know," said
Top-Kuct as he scampered away.
"The foxes will otch you," said
the Turkey, but T;p-Kuot hurried
round the corner without stopping
to listen to him.
Here he found a few crumbs and
seeds, which he was very glad to
By and by he met Towser.
"Have you lost your way ?" asked
"No," replied.Top-Knot. "I am go
ing to stay out ail night."
"You're crasy," said Towser.
"The minks will catch you."
. "I am big enough to take care ef
myself," said Top-Knot-
"Big enough but not smart enough,"
said Towser. "You'd better come
home with me I'll take care of you."
Top-Knot considered. It was grow
ing very dark. The grass was cold
and wet. He didn't find as many
bugs and grasshoppers as he expect
ed. Kut to have to go nomesosoon
and with Towser, was rather i
downfall to his pride, so he said :
"No. I thank you," and turned
away, inwardly resolving to go home
alone in a few minutes.
"I'll follow Towser," thought he
"he knows the way."
So he followed slowly, keeping
Towser's white tail in sight In the
distance. Suddenly he saw a bright
light, like a spark of fire, in the grass
at his feet. He stopped to look at
it and it was gone, and there in its
place was a nice little worm t He
stooped to pick him up and he was
none, and tneie was we spars: again
He started back in surprise, and
there was the worm ! He turned
his head on one side and looked at
him with one eye, and there was the
spark I ' i must be crazy to be sure
as Towser said." thoutrht be, turn
ing away in dismay. "I'll go home
as fast as I can."
By good fortune he took the right
road and boon saw the hen-house,
but when he reached the door it was
shut for the night.
"What shall I do?" thought he,
and he ran all around it, trying to
find a place to get in. No Indeed. It
was never intended that any one
shoo Id be able to get in from the
outside in the night. He peeped
through the oa lines and saw b
mother and brothers and sisters sit
ting there, all snug and warm.
"Poor little Top-Knot !" said his
mother. "How careless I was not
to miss him till the door was shut."
"Mother, mother!"' cried Top-
"Hark !"said his mother. "What
did I hear ?"
"It's me ; I can't get In," said Top-
"Oh, Top-Knot ! how could you V
aaijl V iss mAthap
"I'll never do so any more," said
ToD-Knot. softly.
"Well, my dear," said his mother,
"cuddle down close to the palings
and be as still as a mouse. I can't
let vou in. but I'll keep an eye on
So Biddy White kept one eye open
all the night, and a miserable time
she had of it. you may be sure.
In the morning, when David
opened the ben-house to let out the
fowls. Top-Knot rushed in to his
"I thought I'd seen the last of
vou." said the Turkey. "How do
you like staying out all night ?"
Top-Knot hung his head and said
nothing. Children's Hour.
Wooden Toothpicks. Every
eating house visitor ot this city and
leading cities of the Union, has
i I . L . t I . L ,
N00"0,"8? u,il , J,,,
wooden toothpicks upon the counter
of the cashier, for the use of custom
ers. The toothpicks are a good fea
ture of the present day. The wood
en toothpicks have, to a coosidera
Ul- 1 . ,..,,..,... .1 ... 1 fKA MAM ,,...
ivorv. and other articles of the kind
formerly in use. Their manufacture
is carried on by bat one establish
ment, which has been in operation
four years. It is near Boston, and
employs thirty hands of both sexes.
The machinery has been patented
and is propelled by water power.
The woods used are maple and wil
low. The agency is solely in this
city, and all purchases for use else
where must be made here. The
toothpicks are packed in pasteboard
boxes ot two sizes, one is tnree incb
es long by two wide and deep. It
contains three hundred, and sells for
six cents. The other encloses twen
ty-five hundred, and is five inches
long, three wide and three deep
The boxes are packed in wooden
cases for shipment, or retailed in the
city singly by the carriers. The sales
are Quite large, and amount at times
to forty"or fifty cases a day.eaeh con
taining one nunareu tnonsaua lootu
picks. The aggregate number sold.
therefore, amounts In that period to
four or five millions. Manufactur
er and Builder.
A French paper prints the follow
ing : Tba-wife of General X. dying
suddenly during his at3ence,his fam
ily were grtly perplexed to dWde
how the news snouiti u cuu verm to
hinhf" nephew undertook the task
td'WUght out the widower :
tfWBim, my aunt is very ill."
Yotr frighten mo, " J3
Yes, I feat we cStmot save her."
Yon sly dog," cried the bereaved
husband, putting bis finger to his
nose, "I'll bet that sne s ueaa
Srm of Mm t 'riHia farmers have
t'-ucka good idea they have for-
The Connecting Link Between Man
and Fish.
[From the Scientific American]
To believers in the Darwin theory
it will be of interest to know that in
the quiet bays and rivers on the east
ern coast of Central and South Ameri
ca there lives an- animal which
might be rightfully considered as the
connecting link between man and
fish. It is the manatee, the water
siren, the sea-calf, er sea-eow, as the
strange animal is sometimes called.
It belongs to the order of the Cetacea,
and is altogether herbiferous, living
on grass which grows under water,
or ou herbs which it seeks on shore.
The body is pisciform, and measures
some fourteen or more feet in length;
the skin being thick, without hair,
and of a dark oolor. The upper part
of the body, especially ot the
females, resembles that of a
woman, the breasts being of the
same form. In place of the fins of
the ordinary fish, the manatee has a
short arm of only, one Joint, which
terminates in a sort of hand, on
which the nails are distinctly visible,
and which the animal uses with
much dexterity in moving about
when on land, and In carrying its
young. This limb has caused the
"animal to be called manatee, from
the' Latin word manus, the band.
The. writer, who for several years
resided in those c un tries where these
animals abound, has seen the animal,
and has been told repeatedly by the
natives that the female holds her cub
to suckle as the mother does her
babe. The tail of the manatee is
shaped like an open fan, and the
close observer will perceive ten
divisions, which mark the ten toes.
Manatees swim by the help of this
broad tail, which moves up and
down, and not from right to left like
that of the fish. This limb, which at
first appears to be a fin or nerve,
melts almost entirely into butter
when fried in a pan, and is highly
prized by the natives for ointments,
and for other medicinal purposes.
The animal weighs from 1,000 to 1,'
600 pounds, and the meat is consider
ed a great relish. It looks and tastes
much like pork, and needs a good
deal of cooking. It is a strange fact
that the flesh keeps longer from de
cay than any other, and it is, there
fore, salted and preserved like pork.
Thev are caught with" harpoons by
the Indians who know their haunts
and customs, and it seems as if they
were becoming, more scarce every
How the World May Be Destroyed.
Astronomy, in conjunction with
optics has been making some ex
traordinary discoveries in the last
few months. The spectroscope is a
wonderful aid to the telescope, and
as the latter brings to view distant
worlds, the former Indicates the
materials of which they are made
The late eclipse of the sun demon
strated that immense volumes of
hydrogen gas stretch upward hun
dreds of miles above its surface.
making reality the oceans of flame
which have often figured in hyper
A thought has occurred to us In
this connection, which we venture
to commend to the attention of onr
astronomical and geological friends
It is a well known fact in geology
that in past periods a vastly greater
heat pervaded the earth than at the
present time. The flora and fauna
of a tropical climate flourished at
the poles. Scientific men have been
ingenious in speculations about the
cause of the change. Some have as
cribed If to the internal heat of the
earths, which baa been gradually
evolved in successive ages. Oth
ers have attributed it to a- different
relation of the axis of the earth to
the plane of the ecliptic. Possibly
others may have suggested a change
in the internal constitution or the
sun, though we do not remember to
have seen it in our limited reading
But the phenomenon finds an easy
solution on this hypothesis.
During the last year a small star
in the constellation of the Northern
Crown suddenly became bright as a
star of the first magnitude. Astrono
mers at once resorted to the tele
scope to explain the mystery, but
could find only a confirmation of the
fact, with no hint of its cause. Opti
cians applied the spectroscope, and
at once the mystery was revealed. A
vast ocean ofbydrogreniwas in flame,
and its combustion melted the small
star, one of tbe most brilliant in the
firmament. The mathematicians
took up the data given them in the
increase ot light, and proved that for
any worlds of which this star may
be the central sun, there must have
been an increase of heat to seven
hundred and eighty times the nor
mal standard. If these worlds are
made of similar materials with our
earth, they mu-t have dissolved
under this intense heat, as in the
final catastrophe of ourglobe predict
ed by Peter.
Our thought, then, is simply tnis .
If by internal changes, or combus
tions in the central sun, the condi
tion of all the planets must be sen
sibly affected ; and, if our son is
liable to such changes as this star in
the Northern Crown (we know it
has untold volumes of hydrogen
above its surface,) why may not the
former extreme heat of the earth
have been due simply to atmospheric
changes iu the sun ? And why may
they not occur on a larger scale m me
future, heralding the final judgment?
I Providence journal.
Scarlet Fsvbr. As this is the
season when scarlet fever is preva
lent, the following suggestions are
timely: It is a dangerous disorder
when not Dromntly taken in hand.
Tt hesrins with languor and Iosb of
appetite, followed by fever and sore
throat : ana men xne --reu paioues
1 . , i
Oil the cneeKS appear. wneu iuc
symptoms are first observed, place
the child in a oea in a room wnicn is
warm but well ventilated. Admin
ister warm weak lemonade witn a
little gum arabic dissolved in it.
Cover the abdomen with dry warm
flannel, then take a neatly folded
bed sheet and place it in boiling hot
water: wring it out by meansor ary
towels, and place it over the nannei
on the child's abdomen. This must
be repeated until perspiration is ob
served, which will not result for
some minutes, when the patient will
diop into a quiet slumber, and with
careful nursing is saved. All oi this
may be done before a physician can
be summoned, and will prove a great
auxiliary to his course of treatment
in many eases it will'.enable Mm
to save the lite or a dear cnl:a ana
prevent the disorders which almost
always follow this dreadful com
plaint, when it is not promptly as
sailed by this simple preliminary
home treatment.
Don't Whip a Frightened
Horss. Never whip your horse for
becoming frightened at any object by
the road-Bide : for if he sees a stump.
log or a heap of tan bark in the road
and while he is eyeing it carefully
and about to pass it, you strike him
with the whip', it is the log, or the
stump, or the tan bark that is hurt
ing him, in his way of reasoning and
the next time lie will act more mgnt-
ened. Give him time to examine
and smell of these objects, and use
the war bridle to assist you in bring
ing bim carefully to these objects of
.Bring an oniecia, it cossioie, to
Sitting In a station, the other day.
I had a Tittle sermon preached to me
in the way I like ; and I'll report it
for your benefit, because it taught
one ef the beautiful lessons which
we should learn, and taught it in
such a natural, simple way, that no
one could forget it. It was a bleak,
snowy day; the ladies'room dark and
smoky ; and the dozen women all
looked cross, low-spirited or stupid.
I felt all three ; and thought, as I
looked around, that my fellow-beings
were a very unamiable and uninter
esting set.
Just then a forlorn old woman,
shaking with palsy, came in with a
basket of little wares for sale, and
went about mutely offering them to
the itters. Nobody bought any
thing, and the poor old soul stood
blinking at the door a minute, as if
reluctant to go out in the bitter
storm again. She turned presently,
and poked about the room, as if try
iug to find something ; and then a
pale lady in black, wbo lay as it
asleep on the sofa, opened her eyes,
saw the old woman, and instantly
asked in a kind tone, "Have you lost
anything, ma'am?"
"No, dear. I am looking for the
heatin' place, to have a warm 'fore
goes out again. My eyes is poor,
and I don't seem to find the furnace
"Here it is ;" and the lady led her
to the steam radiator, placed a chair,
and showed her how to warm her
"Well, now, ain't that nice?" said
the old woman, spreading her rag
ged mittens to dry.
"Tbanky, dear ; this is proper
comfortable, ain't it? I'm must
frozen to-day, bein' lame and wim
Ule ; and not sellin' much, makes me
sort or down-hearted
The lady smiled, went to the
counter, bought a cup of tea, and
some sort of food, carried it herself to
.the old woman, and said, as respect-
tuny and kindly as It the poor soul
dressed in silk and lur
"Won't you have a cup of hot tea?
It's vary comforting such a day as
"Sakes alive ! Do they give tea at
this depot?" cried the old lady, in a
tone of innocent surprise, that made
a smile go round the room, touching
the glummest face like a stream of
sunshine. "Well, now,-this is jest
lovely," added the old lady, sipping
away with a relish. "This does warm
the cockles of my heart."
While she refreshed herself, tell
ing her story meanwhile, the lady
looked over the poor little wares in
the basket, bought soap and pins.
shoestrings and tape, and cheered the
old soul by paying well for them.
As I watched her doing this, I
thought what a sweet face she had.
though I'd considered her plain be
fore. I felt dreadfully ashamed of
myself tLat I had grimly shaken my
head when the basket was offered to
me ; and, as I saw a look of interest.
sympathy and kindness, come into
the dismal faces all round me, I did
wish I had been the magician to call
it out. It was only a kind word in a
friendly act ; but somehow it bright
ened that dingy room wonderfully.
It changed the faces of a doien wo
men ; and I think touched a dozen
hearts, for I saw many eyes follow
the plain, pale lady with sudden re
spect ; and when the woman with
many thanks, got up to go, several
persons beckoned to her, and bought
something, as ir they wished to repair
their first negligence.
Old beggar-women are not roman
tic ; neither are cups of tea, beot-lac-
mgs or colored soap : there was no
gentleman present to be impressed
by the lady's kind act ; so it wasn't
done for effect, and no possible re
ward could be received for it except
the ungrammatic'lthanks of a ragged
old woman. Bat a simple little char
ity was as good as a sermon to those
Who saw it ; and 1 think each trav
eler went on her way better for the
half hour in the dreary station. I
can testify that one of them did ; and
nothing but the emptiness of her
purse prevented her from "comfort
ing the cockles of the heart of every
forlorn old womau she met for a
week after. rWi.a Alcott.
Inquiries and Answers
Horses Overreaching. How
can a horse be shod so as to prevent
Pare the heel of the forward foot
low. This causes the horse as he
moves forward to raise the forwarriJ
foot quicker, and allows the hind
toot to remain longer, so mat Deiore
the hind foot comes forward the
fore foot is out of the Way. Also,
make the forward shoe long. If my
reason is not plain let any one try
the experiment, and they will be sat
Hens Eating Feathers. What
will prevent it?
Your chickens are in a bad state o
health, and this inclines to raw meat.
Grass is good food. We recommend
purging with castor oil till no more
slime comes away, and feeding on
stale hrvad and ale to keep up the
strength We also advise a pill of
camphor, the size ot a pea, every
Swelled Limbs. What will pre
vent swelling in a horses legs?
When a hoise stands long in the
stable his legs are apt to swell. No
horse which is not di-ahled by sick-tii-as
or lameness should be a'lowed
io stand long in the stable. Inaction
produces a dropsical condition of the
ilr pendent parts of the body, and the
obvious remedy is to exercise the
horse every d-iy.
Foot Rot Ointment. What will
make a k"1 ointment for foot rot ?
Take J.u i and Venice turpentine,
rour ounces ucu ; meit ana ana one
ounce of blue vitriol. This makes a
A toune Rentleman sent seventy
five cents to New York, recently, for
method oi writing without pen
or ink. He received the following
inscription, in large type, on a card :
"Write with a pencil."
Should occasion require you to pur
chase that well-known remedy, JB.
A. Fahnestock's Vermifuge be par
ticularly careful to see that the ini
tials are B. A. This is the article
that has been so favorably known
since 1829, and purchasers must in
sist on haying it. If they do not
wish to have an imitation forced up
on them.
Taste and Discretion's Worthy
Choice The Phukolooical Jocbxal. Get
the February number, which contains bio
graphical and critical sketches or George
Washington, Confucius the Chinese sage, "Fa
ther" Hy acintbe , Kdw in M .Stan ton ; Clark M .
Loemls, Victor M. Bice, Charles Babbage the
Inventor-mathematician, Hon. J. Coogan;
with portraits. Besides, What Can I Do Best;
Han and hii Tools; My Brother's Keeper,
Address by Vice-President Colfax: The
Balondos, a Singular African Tribe, five illus
trations; Brain Waves; or, An Incident m the
Life of Dr. Wayland; Public Cheats, the
"Blues," The Rich and the Poor, A Petrified
Forest, The Turning Point, illustrated, Sp a
rrutn Analysis, Legal Bducatio'n. Catarrh
Cause and Cure, Appetite Us Sensualism,
Theory of the Aurora BoreaJla. Terms. S3 CO
year. SO cents a number. 8. B. Wills,
SUE, fVf i
Hear what Physicians Say.
Many high-minded phsicians,who
are above the narrow predjudices
which govern too many of the pro
fession , and are willing to acknow
ledge merit wherever found, aro us
ing Christie's Ague Balsam in their
private practice, with satisfaction to
themselves, and undoubted ben
efit to their patients. One physi
cian writes : "I with confidence re
commend the Balsam as superior to
any other preparation."
Says another : "I have used it
with uniform success, and can con
fidently recommend it for all those
complaints for which it is offered as
a remedy."
Onoe more : "To my knowledge
it has never disappointed the reason
able expectations of those who have
used it.'
Still another writes : "I have no
hesitation in saying that it Is a safe,
convenient and very efficacious medicine."
Card to Buyers.
As we are informed that some Watch Deal
ers are misrepresenting the qualitv of our
watches in the interest of other watches on
which a larg-er profit is made, wa desire to call
the attention ofbu ers to certain facts which
should insi'ire renewed confidence in the su-
tiennr aualitv and unrivaled cheapness of
Walibah Watches. We have an experience
of sixteen years, and our advantages are the
natural result (l the precedence acqn ired
the trade and the proportions to whi h our
manufactory has attained, making now twice
as many watches as an mc oiner manutactnr-
ers in this country comhined, and as no indus
trial law la better established than that which
cheapens tha cost of an article in proportion to
ine maaniiuoe 01 us pnjuuuiun, we are en
abled to offer our watches at less rates, qualitv
lor quality , than any others mads in this coun
try. The conditions which make this chesDness
possible are also favarable to the excellence of
We have the best workers In every depart
ment tuai are ayauaoie, anu wuu macninerv
perfect and ample, we make by far the finest
grade of watches made in this country, sur-
D&ssinic all other Auii-ncan watch manufactur
ers by our ability to offer buyers the largest
variety iroiu wnicn to seieoiuuy style mat may
be required.
Our watches have long been the leading arti
cle in the r line, and are sold by nearly all re
spectable jewelers at a moueraie. arom.
With these facts as a basis theOompany con
fidently appeal to watch buyers to insist on
having their preference for waltham Watch
respected by that small portion of the trade
whose bos.ility to them arises from the fact
that they are sold at less profittban nv others.
Buyers should also be on their guard against
purchasing worthless awisa w atones, oearing
colorable imitations 01 our iraae-marss.
Not satisfied with copying onr trade-marks
as nearly as mey aare, tne swisa manuzacrar
?rs send large numbers of their refuse to this
market marked ' ' Union Watch Co. " ' 'Massa-
soit Watch (Jo ." and 'Great Western Watch
Cor.." and other deceptive American names.
Any dealer wno mcum menus uiese worcnea as
genuine American Watches means to cheat If
he can, and when represented to be as good as
the genuine the object is, of course, to sell
the in at three or four times their real value.
Buyers wbo do not know responsible jewel
srs should send for our descriptive catalogue
which contains much, useful information to
watch buyers. IX &aaM
No watches retailed by the Company. Fer
all other facts and address
General Agents. 182 Broadway, N. Y.
Merit Rewarded. It must be
a source of gratification and pride to the in
ventor, after years of study and toil, to have
success crown bis efforts, and know his labors
are appreciated. This is peculiarly the case
with Dr. Walker's Vegetable Vinegar Bitters,
which Is composed of purely vegetable prepar
ations, making tha most effectual alterative
that Is possible for the medical intelligence
ana bkiii 01 our limes 10 proauce.
The Knitting Machine has taken
its place besiue the Sewing Machine in many
families. The American Knitting Machine is
the cheapest and seems destined to become the
most popular because It does psrfeat work and
the price is within the roach of all.
Royal Havana Lottery of Cuba
$300.000 in Gold Drawn every 17 days.
PRIZES Cashed and information
- furnished. The highest rates paid for Doub
loons ana an kinds oi uoiq ana buyer, gov
erment securities, Ac. TAYLOB 4 CO., Bank
ers, ao. w win at., a. I .
Cancer can be Cured,
A ND so can Hcrojfia, Tetter, and
M. all kindred diseases. I'rof J . Mac Nich
ol has made the above diseases bis special
study for many years, and has been eminently
successful in their treatment. He undertakes
no cose without a reatonjaule hope or succeBS,
haying failed but in threu (3) instances in all
his practice Send for treatise on Ac
JAMES MACNICHOL, M. D., 1339 Parrish st. Philadelphia, Pa.
If you do-not feel well you send for
a Moctor,ne calls upon you, looks wise, scrawl
some hieroglyphics upon a piece of paper
which you take to a drug store and there pay
50 eta. to 1 .00, besides the doctor's fee, for
remedy nine times out of ten not half so goon
as Dn. Morsb's iKDisif Boot Pills, which
costs but 25 eta. per box. Do yon think tin
former the best, because you pay the most for
it ? If you do, we advise you to use. just as an
experiment, the Morse's Indian Boot Pills
( hey are preparid from a formula pronounced
by tne most learned pnysicians or our country,
to be the best and most universal ot family
medicine. The Morse's Indian Root Plllt-
cure Headache. Liver complaints, Indigestion
KVBDensia. Female Irregularities. 4c. and
are put up both sugar-coated and plain. . Give
them a trial . Sold by all dealers
Irritable Invalids.
Indigestion not only effects the physical
health but the dispositions and tempera of its
victims. The dyspeptic becomes, too, in
measure demoralised by his sufferings. He is
subject to fits ef irritation, sullenneas, or de
spair, as the case may be. A preternatural
sensitiveness which he cannot control, leads
him to misconstrue the words and acts of those
around him, and his intercourse even with
those nearest and dearest to bim is not nafre-
quently marked by exhibitions of testmess for
eign to hi, real nature. . These are the mental
ohenomena of the disease, for which the inva
lid cannot be held Justly responsible, but they
occasion mucn nousenniu aisooraiort. it is w
the interest of the home circle,. it is essential
to family harmony as well as to the rescue of
the principal sufferer from a state not far re
moved from incipient insanity, that these
symptoms of mental disturbance be promptly
removed. This csn only be done by removing
meir puysicai cause, a aeravgement oi tne
functions of the stomach and its allied viscera,
the liver and the bowels. Upon these three
important organs Hostetter's stomach Bitters
act simultaneously, producing a 'horongh and
salutary change in their condition. The veg
etable ingredients ni which the preparation is
composed are of a ronovating, regulating and
alterative character and the stimulant which
lends activity to their remedial virtues is the
purest and best that can be extracted irom the
most wholesome of ail cereals, viz: sound rye.
No dyspeptic can take this genial restorative
for a single week without experiencing a not
able improvement in his general health. Not
only will his bodily sufferings abate from day
to day. but his mind will recover rapidly from
its restlessness and irritability, and this happy
change will manifest itself in his demeanor to
all around him.
Those afflicted with diseased Heart, Lungs.
Liver and K 'u-ya. which are often the result
of youthful lt4 cretions, excesses and pro
duces uyspepti. indigestion, constipation ot
Bowels, Asthnu, Palpitation of the Heart.
Nervousness, Dili, '.ess of Sight, Giddiness,
rains in tne nead, i k and su:e, accompanied
with sleepless night confusion of ideas, loss
of memory , and a gt . ral debility of tha whole
system, often leading I Insanity, Despair and
Death Also those nQi. ring from Private Dis
eases producing lumps n tone bones, eruptions
on me ioreueuu, uiccru on tne legs, inroat,
nose, and all forms of Hi t affections are in
vited to consult un. WMJtA -v letter or in per
son, as 30 years' experienc. in the treatment
of all forms of disease (part r which has been
spent in the principal IIosthi M of London.
Paris and Dublin) has enabled i ro to guaran
tee Instant relief or no mon i 'emanded
Bemedles prepared bv himself r yarded to
all parts oi the country. Letter.- ntsininjf
stamps answered. Communications confiden
tial Rememhor Dr VI vnn fa no ( itmc'.- hut a
regular graduate and a member of the Kiyal
College of Physicians and surgeons. London.
as his Diiilomaa will show, and therefore his
promises may be relied on. A trial will con
vince. All fiuale complaints ci'Rkd . Of
fice No. 809 St. Charles-St . between 8th and
9th bts., ut Louts, Ho. Honrs from 9 a. m.
rt 7 n m . u"fiHvs included.
Dr. C. W. Millard's
An nnfailing remover of obstructions , aad a
certain regulator ot tbe monthly tarn. Infalli
ble. Harmless and trustworthy . Sent free bjr
moil to any address on receipt of One Dollar.
O. BOX 6O.Kew fork Cliy.
T aales Private Irenlar.-For S molt nieful
Ji.rtlclas.yer InvenUd. Female aeon wanted ev
srj waara, AMrsss Wtm Dwv-ax, SasSSsV S-T. S-
Chicago Advertisements.
Purchaser and Sales Agent for the Ex
press Companies in Inlengo.
lAELI. attcnil to anv orders for purchase and sals of
v v BBM
S. BoT.di. Cnunons. Snoclo. andCanada moo
T. Also w buv
tor merchsutj, farmers, millers ana manufacturers ;
PrCM OoodsjCarpets.ftc. fer families ; TolVt Articles.
Book,medlclnc,&c ; and hotel supplies: to be shipped
by express and bills to be collected on delivery.
implements. Dei'on, nnu .MKciiinnrv
For those who wish to experiment in a small way
with these giant cereal, we nave conrraded to offer
chance to prollt by their InlrodactTc
m. Anr man. wo-
man or bov
As a tnrin, garden
or viilsffelot.can
make S.i
hy sending s i at once, for a package.
enough to grow in bushels. Sent, pist-pald, wltii
pnnteu r.lstory mil or Interest to i very farmer. Look
out for counterfeit seed. Order only from the origina
tors, D. w. ItAMBOKLL C"318 Pearl-it., Kew York,
orrn Laki-it.,Ohlcago. tar culsr free.
PUCSSINGS VIN KG A It-Ask your grocer
r Praising's Pure Older yinsgar. It Is pars and
palatable, and warranted to preserve plrklss. First
premium awarded at the U. S. Fair, ni. Stats Fair, and
Chicago Fair. Largest Works In tlieU.S Itatabllslied II
IS. Cilas, il. E. PacKsrKQ.389 andsu State st.,Chlcago.
Laws of
Containtnz fall directions and form fbr all trims
actions to every fttsta. by Thkopqilus Parsojtb, IX.
D-e Professor of IAw In Harvard University.
A NBW BOOK FOR BVKBTBODT ; explaining tse
rlgbts, duties, and ob'lgatlons of all tbe relations ot
lire, as well as very kind of contract and legal obli
gation. An economical and saT Counselor
-nd advisor, so plain, full, accurst, and complete
vuca- uu J.rra II ymu aUUI U W U W1IUOIII IU CiillKU -
Inst the ra -wilts of the laVrand study of the most pop
ular and snccesrul writer of law books In tbe conn
try. 8nd for our descriptive circular with terms sua
awsuuiiuuiu. auuicM
la presented to the public as the most
Simple, Durable, Compact and Cheap
Knitting Machine eVer invented.
PRICE, only .$25.
This Machine will ruu either backward or
forward wlih equal lacUIty ;
Makes the name Stitch as by Hand,
But fax superior In every respeet .
And do perfect work, leaving every knot on the
inside of the ork. It will knit a pair ot'stoolt
ings any size in less than halt an hour. It
Will knit '
Close or Open.Plain or Ribbed tVerk, f
with any kind of coarse or floe woolen yarn,
er cotton, silk or linen . It will knit Btocainics
With donble heel and toe. drawers, hoods,
sacks, smoking' caps, comforts, purses. mulls,
fringe, ai'rhans, nubias, undcrsleeves, mit
tens, skating caps, lamp wicks, mats, cord,
undershirts, shawls, jackets, cradle blankets,
leggings, suspenders, wristers, tidies, tippi as,
tufted work andin fact an endles variety of ar
ticles in every day use, as well as for ornament.
From $5 to $10 per Day
Can he made by any one with the American
Knitting Machine , knit tin stockings. Ac . while
expert operators can even make more. knitting
wut wurA, which at ways nas a reaay sale. -A
person can readily knit from twelve to 11 teen
pairs of stockings per day, the profits on which
will be not less than forty cents per pair.
Can sell their wool at only forty to fifty cents
per pound; but by getting the wool madt! Into
yarn at a small expense, and knitting it into
socks, two or three dollars per pound can be
On receipt of S28 we will forward a machine
as oraerea.
We wish to procure active AGENTS in every
section of the United States and Canadaajto
whom the most liberal inducements will be of
fered. Address,
iMVIllr-.v IT" XT I 'TT TVT u u'lltVP r-
Boston, Mass., or St. Louis, Mo
and others Interested rn Patent
Business shoald addrru Edaoh
BEOS., i-aieni lawyers anoBouciiora, saw ftmu-wr.
wisnuroioy, u. v., ror advice ana circular.
tarP 1 1 pd ts obtal oed or no chmi ire.
Letter from Hon. 0. C. Hollowat, former Commti
eivuvi ui a awuttiuntLu tt tvyuiufc Lcrjj, jBrtu injw low .
I cheerfully commend to all ncrsons who mav hare
business In the Patent Office the firm of Sdson Bros.,
as gentlemen of prompt bo trine habits, and fca erery
respect wortny of confidence.
X concur In the above. T.C Tirkazan,late Cob. Pats,
Great Medical Discovery
Dr. 'Walker's California
Bear testimony to their "Wonderful
Curative Effects.
Made of Poor Ram, Whiskey- Pmsf Avlrit.
and Hefnae Mquors, doctored-j iplced. and sweet
ened to please tbe taste, called Tonics,' "Apeetl
era, -ueawrers, ac., mat icaa
the tippler on
arunicenjiess and nun, bnt are
true MenlclnA- an
trom cue Native tteotw and Herns or California, fryrr
from all AU ohullq Htlmulaata. They are wt
.r al 1(1 ,.od-1'nnUer aim Lite- nItibc ftln
cl p I e , a perfect Ben v a tor and anvieorator of the
e, a periect Ke
sm.carrv intt off
tvaf-sm ran-v (id nfT n 1 nn sinnlii mil Ur am
n tem.carry ing off all poisonous ssaUer, aad res tor
Ins: the hlood to a h
tbe blood to a
m ficaituj cuuuiLiuo. no person can
bake these bitters according to direction, and remain
long on well.
win be riven for an incurable case, provided
the bone are not destroyed by mineral polsai
er means, and the vital organs wasted bey
vital organs wasted 1
itory and Chronic
beyond the
point oi re
ift ot repair.
For Inflammatory ana Chronic Rben
ism, and Uout. Uyepep
BtlloDB.Kemilteiit.and I
la.or lattic eetloav
iriarast-s ui mo uiuuq, savrr, nionf yi
Bladder, these Blttara have been most ancceaaful
FJaeh Diseases are caused bv Vitiated Blood
which Is generally produced by dezaxagexnent of lh
mceaiive urcana.
ueanse tna vinsua 0100a
yon find It
impurities oursung taroua;n ise sson m run pie
Eruptions, or Bore : cleanse It -when von find It ob
structed and sluggish In the veins ; cleanse tt when It
la foul, and yonr feelings will tall yon when. Keer
tbe blood pure and tbe health of tbe system will fol
low. PUT, TAPS, and Other "WORMS, lurtlnr In Che sys
tem 01 so many wouaanos. are esecsoauy oesiroj
and removed.
In Bilious, Remittent, and Intermittent Fevers,
these Bitters nave no equal. For roll directions, read
car e full v tbe circular around each bottle. Minted la
vsr imnyttaas misjiisii, uwiuso, r reacts, nu opan
J. wal&sk, t-ropnetor, commerce st., jt.T.
R. h. Mcdonald a coZ
Drngjrists aad Gen. Ajrenta. Ban Francisco and Sac-
uaento, California, S3 and 84 Commerce 6t N. T.
BsfTSold by all Druggists and Dealers. rs
Hinckley House.
A X American Hotel, eorTHlpb and rirst Nortu-st.
. v ui svius. 111. lDfueniu
pie finest hotel b bod th era
Illinois, ana Is kept In first-class style
GEO. W. KAWSOy, Prop'r
it-ciaaa bit in.
Publlshsi Sermons, a sarlml itarv for the Kunlly.it ntm
wMJdien'i itory every wsek.Chsts with the little folks.
Fontffn ana Hon
Mettaodiat writer, and othsra. 1
AJomeauc ixirrespo.aence, rail lAeDars
menu of Bellirloui and Seentar IntelHren
Secnlarlntelniri'.iir. In nhort.
wuaioter goes 10 mase .completer anuiy
92.30 . year. Liberal premiums to can vasaen. Teorly
tMcnpnons con nance ai any tune.
enclose a two centstamnto
an-at., !Tw Tort.
f A VKOOD and the Visor of Youth Re-
AjTSatorea In FisrTVeeki,
ft 1 1 1 i m rn
restores manly power, from whatever cause arlnns:.
ThaafrbxtanflHa at.t-lwr nrmlfW.n. tit. ri tsi SHl f-AbaflC
and ellraate.sri ve way at once to lals won lerful mod
Ictuejf taken reruKflv aceoi ding to dlrectlou(wblcb
are very aim pis ana require no rr 1 1 -1 n - ","v:r
i y.u....... T7mn i. ininoHslhle. Hold In
bottles r $ j or tour quantlcs in one for $9. Tobl
bad only ot the sole
.lvot the sole arD in-ea aCTns, ioaito-v
A Till ) u Av i
Or. Mansfield's Turkish Svrup
Warranted to care,
Trice $5. Sentbyeiiretosny
C. MaxiptslD, M. D.,
9 Main street, Worcester, Man.
Tn twt T. ,nm Madam p Ron afbnri Cordial Balm
of Syrtcum forfeuiaMcamplalnta, tlie laiest and most
rename remeuyeyeranowu
Warranted In sll
Price 3, with direct!
ons, sent bv express to any ad-
109 Main street, Woreesfr. Msas.
Saeorssfully treated. Permanent cures effect
ed or no ebarwe. Send stamp for ci'Oular.
s. Address J .n..uowt,ooiavuie,Lna.
3 O . I nroti v ITrTtwfitAA - t
s I c' 1
S -ManaasWTrLM 3 J
St. Louis Advertisements.
St: Louis Seed Store,
TWTO. 00 North Third St.. opposite Post-
lvt Office. Constantly ou band a complete
assortment or
Garden, Grass and Other Seed.
Send for seed catalogue . Address.
Fit ATT A CO.,
St. Umli, Mo
Fourth street, between Olive and Locust
eow ST. LOTJil, MO.
I 38 percent, lull oil than ordinary lamps.
r aaie unusr an nnuiaiwigw. rruDumt
meat and lsrgs discounts to active canvi
at once te
MiCHALRK.V Uen'l At.,
io son in rintvou, t. um
Woodward Bookstore
603 Fourth St., ST. LOUIS.
WhuUMle Department, 4 11 St.Chnrles-st.
OOOK9 forwarded by moll free of postage,
I on receipt oi retail price, I
Wholesale Dealer in
Nn. an VAPth Main Uf-.
s a? . XaQ-ET I S , MO.
Far Mil tori, (irocor. KArnsra and Vfrr.hsa.ntA fiun
ntea, bitmap. Be teste Ben. Pmrane, 4c.. . Ware
uuuae 1 1 i. Aiain aireex, bi. Loaia, mo.
8. C. DAVIS & CO.
Wholesale Dealers In
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Ios. S, 10 and IS, North Main S
lams BT. IOTJTB, fEO.
Commercial College,
8T. x. orrrs, itro.
secretary. i-reemesn.
CJ-Send for a Circular d
W7E will Furnish this Seed at the
v following- rates, for the present all ex
penses of freight or express charges to be paid
oy in. puronaas. unuii .noma oe accompa
nied with tbe money, which maybe sent by
draft. Dostal orders, or re.il tared letters. C.
O. D. orders filled, whan accompanied with a
in. rrom yonr express ag.nl 111401 oats win
be r.eeivad.
Bead address bit our large Circular.
D. W. Rams dell 8c Co
812 N. Fifth Street, St. Louis.
One Peek SO One half busL. . ..! 10
One bash, or more, per boon 7M
Packages Free. sold at standard oWlba.pr bo.
For sale by all dealers in
al 1 inHov I made It In Haw, with Bran.
'PiJ.'lVJcila sample, mailed free. JaLlajo,s.v.
The Married Lndlea' Private Companion
.on tains tbe desired mfarmatioa. n.nt free
ror two stamps. Address
MRS C. UnSEY, Hanover, Pa.
Swu opt 1 Swear Qo Laura, ts a.jiaasae
oweei enaal am for itoas to tan aal
. . I pbate (bitter) Qrihataa, with the
uuiNiNt rwKfuX-rjtfaa" -
1 Svarwu, Is Orcrra ruauutu Oi
I ita annnniM petaonows prop
I ertlea. It U tb mom pisfaul Ano
i nrawand Soornraa urtan yw
dVaPnia I Sold by tnmrlsBVpreaortbed b
' J tbe besf pkyBelan. Made on),
oy Bie.rni.rarr a uo- cnemine, mew Tats.
pas t.s
Tun PsorLK'a Favoitb Joumal.
The Most Interesting Stories
Are always to be found in the
At present there arc
running through its columns; and at least
One Story is Begun every Month.
New subscribers are thus sure of harlnr the
eocemrnt oi a new continue! story, no
r when they Subscribe for bbe '-'"
Each number of the NSW TORII WSMLT
contains Several Beautiful illustrations. IKiu-
ble tne Amount uTKrwdln. Blatter or aav pww
of its class, and the Sketches, short Stone.,
Poems, etc., are by the ablest writer, of Amer
ica and Europe . Tha
does not confine Its usefulness
but publishes a great quantity of really instrnc
tiwe Matter, in the moat condensed form. The
have attained a high reputation from that.
brevity, excellence, anu ourreoinraa.
tu. I'liASAirr PASAontras are made on of
the concentrated wit and humor ot many minds.
-th. Rnowlaqoi Box is confined to naafnl
Information on all manner of subjects .
Tbk Siva Itewb rive In the feweet word.
tbe most botable doings all over tbe world.
Th Gossip with UoanasrownaSTS owassfaa
answer, to inquiries upon all Imaginable sub-
An Unrivaled Lltorary Paper
New Tork Weekly.
r.i.h laaue contains from EIUHT to TBS
' The Term, to Sabacrfh SS'S t
One Year single winy .... ... . . -JOtki uo llara.
Four copies IOZ aunmii icauvuui.
i. Eight copies Twenty Dollars.
Those eendlng aao for s club of Eight, all
sent at one time, will ne entities to a copy
fill, ueiien-ip o wu' ot
ingle copies at as ou eatoai.
STREET saiiu, i ropnevnai,
So. sf Fnlton Street. B. Y.
. -v- -for
apooL cscrjox vIS JfJtmm i m too xtaua.
St. Louis Advertisements.
Osage Orange Seed.
FOR HALE In quantities to trait
parch ers . For prises addr . as
St. Los 11. Ms.'
Pure, Fresh and Reliable.
CT"Sd Almanac mailed free to ail appli
es. tl. Addr i aa
Deal sr In
So. Vn Korth td-St. , ST. LOUIS, MO.
Capture, the Prison-Pen and the Etca
Thli thrilling, aotheooe. aad IlllSli work, la a
al Kfcliinoi..!.
ixnomoia. aau. uta,
me. DeaenHag I
vottnaULM. tbe arrtr
taoo, wiva atimeroas mom
brM-lma. a lan th. ady entnra. of the la-
from CoTemMa, Boast OarnMaii Ms ra-
a. int. and Dial eaean. rrom Sylranla
. waat an anal la Mary Ian BMai
lath. " . - - .
u. s.
th. most Ubarnl
the eats of this
y.aog man. aad .
ear. and aofdlwe.
acmta. bnt oflhr rapeHor I
epafas aav. already been sold la the Bait.
particulars address
Ptbbeben St- Lona. Mo
Send for Prices andSamples.
dr. whut
rytaxATs suola j uu.t tu pbivatb ajtb
JL wervoas dliim
tanliia. la
in l
years than any other so advertising Tt i
.reaeot poelOos be stands without eoaoi
Ueau Me tbe doctor la Mraoa privately.
osUoni unaSjlllil Mwaiaiuary mmf.
anieea. n trienwy taut win eow
uaauoL, ret tanraa no. a it ac
Lasts. Bonn .. m. to 7 p. m.. I
tenlad pamphlet, tor two stamps.
Portna. wttata S aiontha. Sitiaf aad MS nftiria.au.
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Ornamental and Useful
O ELLH at slrht. Retail price $1 60.
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ties at AsKI'FlTMM.
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