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Eaton weekly Democrat. (Eaton, Ohio) 1866-1875, March 10, 1870, Image 1

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TOOLE NO. 211.
... . :rr. .1, , 1 , ." z-'-'7 ; ".zrzz --rj j -h : - : :
r "fea!& MEHAFFET, Proprietor fe Publisher. "" - "Principles, not Men."
I brnei . iUy and nrCTBVUT
fitted at tmn oSoe reasonable tenn.
i ad vb jar i is -E i
w r,u -Med lo timid ;ir rvir u enrtj
I' l'Ui week aa poaltlt.
A U-OTaerrfM-Jobw-irko ivlvertiatnc, wbtn
aebt by nrf. will ii-. ewM prompt attention
a. If fcyilaa MBtdfayMMi;' i
Airrerttaenienta not-nntrw omrtraet mutt be
aJ IwPBHWmw ter tU or
dered antr"
fc-i'l I iliii'T 'I in ill.
Tars House committee on appr
priatious has cut down the estimates
for the Indisn Bureau dearly $2,000,-
Tiir Denver (Ooforado) Herald
"prints announcements of births.aiar
7tfl ,Wlag,ivrees and deaths under
(U ,the hee-i tgs c Aj-TivalB -Copartnerships
iiDiw 1 a tious Depa r tu r e s .
Progressive people, those Rocky
l '. trMVP tmvvj iejj v : ti- Vtnai
(sail uri ttM 1 ire lull ! '- IT If"wH
paf'W thJIquor trad
of the United States arxjounts to toay
ifuV5 ginel fr the fact that on the
1st of December last there were in
I i m tlwnBttt the enntry 13,402,-
-JmUIons enough to make a good-
-ulmd mmkm This is exclusive of
ferfrpe, spp and peach brandy.
region la
L from its
th'rteerf&lnes 709,387 Bet tfcnfl. jfdj
aed 4.168.100. the total pVoHbtai
th mines litwing the tiiin they have
oeen W(red beinK 3,944,677 nt tons.
The eleven furrMoes in 1869 hiSaf3B,q
504 tonn, aiuea ai i,ouj,j.
The unfortunate natives of Alas
ka ham had their ardent spirits cut
off'by an order -from the President,
prohibiting the importation of those
fluids into the Territory. Also, nre-
taimiT Now this Is all very well
M$4f thfe nrli areigldly enfon
Uw sre tbet Mkilers and Uni
o fa oars to get
1 srtms ? It is easy enoueh to
i laaii liiWiBli.ftli'i
- . 1 1 - . A t I A
out now is. uurst
. ages I but how is I
UMHf I i
grog and
geep rum.
oi vae sav-
to be aa-
iqh was recently
m ardered at Fori Wrangle. AlasKa,
, murdarer,whereuphe copn-
aer or.ne rortsneiieane vuiage,
irarnnsning, nre M9(R, "fyl
nimcieu, wicu ' y uuu..-.iu ""i,"r
niMsitu ntaln Bmitttrtiii
,.J-aiaetnu,e4 sdi
.Hrrj." 1 t"Mrr
mi mm
a.McWkl fliBMAMteA J.W 1 1 i ii fli 1
ligmmi nyperoorjsag coth
to Congress "numero
asking for a territor
TD H.1W . ....
e necessary c races, the petition
doubtless been made out and
utuiaf JflHriofSan
to b pocuiii&f i
ionbf a-fcrritotral
go ve rtShWl
I fact for England is
IMMHi resources lie so ranch out-r
. sMl sd ' h enmhLa Haf i soil does not
feed her 'people, and she depends for
her wealth on mamrTaotares and
commerce. Let a great naval war
come and the English supremacy on
ie lw Buumiiaicu.
of laboring peo-
out of employ
igerous classes
untless horde
won id become a
discontent or resolution would
' lmaavyto HtB fouhdatloas, andpro
' T"1 ductlon he so impeded that Eng
landwould Boopfeae its finanr.ii.l
l'Mtdattton and sink as Holland sack.
10 HE3te internal
mm 1 i ! lUlilli 1
. . . i V
Francisco, wno pect
lv benefited bv the
t z w .
-3. iPj
trrlg lady recently applied for
-x4!rKbbta5ned relerkshS in a dry
tomoasretore in Concord. NTH., and
araltod herself nuite freels-ol the
priVilege of buying at cost pP
rttiatahe wanted for her qWi
At the end of two monthirshe resign
ed, and very soon after she was mar
rled, as was also her sister. It tea
alhc transpired that she acceptwl tbe
itlon merely mat Bnammatmaj
the liberal supply oi ury
mysteriously necessary on
aoxe, of land,dQnatedTy Congrefee
for: internal iampaovements f i ' aud
there ha beeta a pewerl lobby,
late years, seeking to get this land
in satisfaction of tho swindlingleJl-
fOMd debt oilfiSS. whlch represents
"no value" to the State, arte) jSIWf
the State has repudiated. To end
tne ciamor i is proposeu w vuc
"Legislature, this winter, make a fln
Su Oisposltion of the land to several
new1 railroad "ompaniea. The St".
Paaf'WefMj rfeepiy Interested in the
- j9fittUftg Wild scheme, denomi nates
this latter' as "a large land-grab
not in lis
goods bo
I I II aauail OMBUBi
less Idleness, not in puerile dejection.
jbot inafoiaaX, steady fulfilling
l)mafr& b weal to the occasion,
J TMWfn of iKcIsi is nothing more
than doing wat you aan do well,
without a aaauttBt oz iame. ii
- comes at all, it will come because
is not sought after. 1 1 is a very
and troublesome ambition
wnich cares so much about fame.and
aid! ifm shouting ever to hear the echo
- jtf)JWW uoloe.
,,. . r
The Senate referred to JtsJsHiciary
or j i
ruon oil
Mr. Feu
Cornmittee the credentrals
Hill and Homer V. M. Mill
tors elect, 'of Georgia, ettWenf-by
tho present Legislature as nist jas-1
sembled oader the proclamation of
Gen. Meade. Mr. Morton, of In
diana, called for an invest!
charees aaainst himself am
ton. of New York, who are stejpposed
to "ruo" the- Government "nfinting
office, which, he denied. ,Mr.Wirpen
ter reported from the J udiciiftyCom
mittee a bill to increase salaries to
: sums. viz. : (unierjus
: Associate Justices o
the supreme Court, io,uuu ; tiircuii,
Jadges, $6,500 ; District Judges, $5,
008. The Mississippi bill was taken up
by the casting vote ot the Vice-President,
and was debated by Messrt.
FTowjird. Morton and Yates in favor
of conditions being imposed, and by
Mr. Carpenter in lavor oi uDctnwr
tional admission.
111 1111 11UU9V, v " C O I
of Iowa, offered a resolution declar
mir that the business interests of tle
aomana an increase ui w,
oljMKdf circulating
tjommiLi.ee ou
Banking and Currency report a bill
to effect this purpose. Mr. Ward, -of
New York, moved to lay the resolu
tion on the table, which was not
d6he (ifeas "78, nays S8),and the reso
lution went over. Mr. Morgan, of
Ohio, Introduced a bill to reform the
currency altogether by an iBSue of
Treasury notes redeemable in specie.
Mr. Logan, of Illinois, spoke at some
length in favor of, recognising the
belligerent riehts of Cuba. The
y 78 to 104,
e rul iinA
ipon tto resolution ot Cien.
f a relftrnred praotice in cori-
lection (Cais. After dispos-
wo nacres "Ol-irrer iskjvibdii
appropriation bill.theHouse adjou
- The Senate concurred wiih the
raaolalMon donating cer
notes, and that the
tic- nrt.
aefpfed to sus
laKef immediate
Hooee in a
tjnaaptured ordnance toBridges'Bat-
tery Association oi unrewu.nu
rlll, of Vermont, madean argument
in favor of modifications of the bill to
abolish-the frriKiagprvliege, wnicn
n W aside ana toe mis-
n up. Messrs . JOay-
t nnlnnr.M u n.l CiarrAX. I in via.
UU Ul llllltinMl, uu " -. . i
of Kentucky,inade speeches upon it,
ana tne tsenate.aujouxueu.
The House, after a half hour's
e on ujc uiuu ui uuoiuuoo,
' J .1 . ...1 n Mtunlnfiin
auu auuuieu a iiviuv
oh W HsftJnt
bill was the
I 1 1 till k,W.
Mil 111 LJ 11 1 a
or infor-
Lng theFenlan prison
tain . The ebateated
of Charles H. V
George. W.-'G
was nej
er oi toe uaj o
oooupiau yie remain
TbaBfinntn niaWf
ij.'ii. tin .,. i
lalMMllhillirTT ituipsMml
iiirt IB (D afllMWi liiiatuui
I" rift. rmTWrriy certain, atp
tlsisMpjt nh edjBbatad by
a Mf ill
T bull
the "West Point
from, its
o. Sena-
V 1MV.
ds to
ft Ana' Irnrwaed hv
stricken out. and
Lba: naya,'!.
'CiHiteSH. Vi
e Dm pa
I XX7rrVr ,irio an-nrn oa mm mpnihAr. Mr.
Ans of hi bin to ttrevent and-
UiuM. P- The Legislative
I WPP??. T J?Z?tXm
riarougn two pmom, auu ucao,
irw -j .u. . t l : . I . . . I '.nir-f
t ri.lmi .la Prmidant's Private
seaiatMles, and Architect Mnllett of
She Xreaaury.
Tm privileges of the floor in the
United States House of Representa
tives were extended, a few days
ago, to John Kitte, one hundred and
eighty years old. Mr. Kitte witness
ed tie serrender of Comwalh-y and
took part in the last war with Eng:
land. V " "" l inu0 -.,
The Ottoman Government is giv
lng Its support to found an agricultu
ral school for Jews in raiesiane.
Funds have been raised in Turkey
f and Germany: i Many Jews migrate
to Jerusalem.but together with those
resident, spend an idle life. The
Puitu wmii wttti fchsne who think
thatm developmant of the resources
of Palestine, and nromotinir Industry
I among the Jews, will be of general
jglTiMOBjsijpncreasing rapidly
y branch of commerce. In
1869 goods were imported valued3t
llSLOOO.OOO, whilst the foreign
iot ine year uuiuuuitu w .
agaiast f 14,69o,9?o In 1868 Tho in-
crease in receipts of coal over those
of 1868 was 573,654 tons, and the in
crease of cotton receipts was 91,315
ales. The inspections or, lonaooo
T V.MAiaia.Mk-..n ...Inof
shipments 44,494,aa?ainst 34,800 hogs
heads the previous yeat.
discreet of
Twin Aid Drolect for a
teleerraph to Asia has b
This time, howeyer, no subsidy has
been sought, furtthan a provision
feftQtatailing United States vessels
to assist the promotion of the eater-
orise ; and to this, TTe suppose, there
will be no objection, If the privilege
vn used in moderation. The est.
n.hment of a Pacific cable is,
courBCj but a question of a very few
years at wio iui.ubo.. . .hv
lantioliuee now working, and
others in prospect, render ocean tele-land
graphy no longer an experiment,
may therefore be questioned whether
the exelusLve privilege of fourteen
years demanded by the Company
should be granted. Certainly the
element ot risk formerly presented
to Congress has now greatly dimin
ished. However, it Is clear that
shall soon have a girdle round
earth, which will make Pitch's brag"
of "forty minutes" a mere relic
the slow-coach era
E? cargo
1 Seventy thousu
a-vtiSfcd to -h
brother, Banja
against N. U.tree
. The "people of
Tenn.. will vote
NMrmm I'trrav
Miss , has just im
of two hundred
nd acres of land are
e sold for taxes in
la baina .
of Yazoo county,
true bills atraiust
thev murder of .his
min Roach, and
t as accessory.
McNairy eounty,
on the 15th on the
jpedftve the court
to Bethel Springs,
an tue JJflobiie anu uaiorauroaa.
A. scamp by tbe name of Derwort,
pi ufealng" to baa Mason, has bean
doing the good people of Harrison
burg, Ya. He is a sandyhaired , good
looking" gentleman of thirty-six to
cat-fish at Nashville was found
contain a gold watch chaiu.eigh.ty-
five cents in silver, and various
pieces of Jewelry. The trade has In
creased wonderfully since the dis
covery. Al. Bourlier fc Bros, of Louisville,
h ave received the contract lor roof-
e over the Tennessee
MMh Alabama, and
ereae- bridge over the Ala
bama river, at Monteomerv. Their
bids were under Cincinnati , "Memphis
and St. Louis.
Messrs. Watts, Taylor fc Co., of
the Selma oil mills, made their first
shipment of cake to Liverpool one
day last week. There is hardly
fat cow in Dallas county,! and whole
boat loads ot the hest cattle teea in
the world are being shipped from
our doors to England for a market.
Selma Argus: J -
The Lake Village (Arkansas)
sasieays aMetetoa, supposed to he
of Mr. James -mobs, who disap
peared mysteriously about a vearl
since, has been found in Saw Grass
nave reueiveu
river, at Flor
also the great I
JLake. The skull showed fracture1
bv a pistol shot.- It is supposed he
was killed by a man with whom hef
was riding when last Seen
Dr. W. L. Moore, of Hickory
Plain, Prairie county, Arkansas, hfa
imported nearly two hundred im
migrants tmV year, mostly froml
Middle Tennessee. A Duval's Bluff
gentleman has amply' supplied has
i labor wants from
Mr. Tetar, who
orth Carolina.
was bitten b
mad oat a few weeks aaro. at
rodes burg, Ky., says that uponHrtP
plying the mad stene to one of the
wounds it would adhere very close
place for about
mnlied to an incision made with
tnife the stone would not stick
the wound at all.
, TJie.bufinesa on thje Sou thern rail
road isTmported to be improving.
During the paBt week seven new lo
comotTve engineSr wfa tenders and
three, passenger cars where sent
SBVth thTonjrh1' Washington to va
flbot I Mil ' 'Bhrpmeo t of rolling
stock are reportexl to be passing
whenit would fehS Mtti
DiitrlbuUonof Polite Documents.
; writer in the
ts the su
Philadelphia Press
that Congress,
. 1 v
supplies the deficiency
Mtinna t.l
view of the proposed abolition
the "Jlrnlrti)nrlvalege," pass some
act whereby - 'persons can procure
public documents from the Govern-
PY oVIUM 10 r mcin. mireu
nay be done ta. a proper and
eious distributi6n of these docu-
menie, which we have, never yet had.
eretofore Congressmen have been
1 tided to a certain number.-
which they relieved themselves
sending them indiscriminately to
favored few of their constituents
The intended compliment is of course
recognized : oui, m most, cases,
a thus aearxinuiea. anu wnicn
1 been prepared at great eost and
nala for by a heavily-taxed people,
are thrown aside without examin
ation, and eventually pass into
hands of rag and paper dealers. Prob-
ly not; one in a nunorea or
itent Office Reports are of theleaat
service to those receiving them, and
yet they would be ofgreat service
others, who, under the present sys
tem, are unable to procure them.
The same will apply. In some meas-
sure, to every other book published
by the Government. To suspend
the publication of such woras wouia
be a ef eat error, for it would cut
the sunolv of information which
be obtained in no other way. But
greater amount or good can De errect-
ed at less coat than formerly.
the Government charge for these
books a price sufficient to pay
nostace And the partial or entire
of publication, and then mail a copy
... .
ng ana paying
ue issued
ons, witn
the prices attached, ao that the peo
ple may know what they are. These
catalogues can be sold In the same
manner to those desiring them ;
an officer should be appointed to
applications for, and attend
distributing public documents.
some such course as this were adopt
ed the Government would be partial
ly reimbursed fdr the money spent
for public, punung, ana more oenent
would be derived therefrom.
The managing woman is a
amone women : she is one 01
prima m the great lottery of life,
the man W" no draws ner may rejoice
for the rest of his days. Better
riches, is a fortune in herselfa
mine never talking in its yieia
springi of pleasant water, whose
banks are fringed- white with sterile
sand. The managing woman can
anvthincr. and she does everything
well. Perceptive and executive,
. . . - . 1 . 1 1. .1 1.
K ajgakauu uwu uauu, sue
a known exactly whatis wanting
tact and cleverness peculiar to
self. She knows the capabilities
persons as well as things, for she
an intuitive knowledge of charaoter.
The managing woman, if not always
patient, is always energetic,
can never be disappointed into
Though she has to teach
tame thintr Over and over gain,
Site is never weary of her vocation
arranging and ordering, and
lees men noperui 01 iavoraoie
George Peabody the Alien.
From the Philadelphia Gazette.
In view of the seizure by theCrown
of certain property of Mr. Peabody
under the alien laws, it becomes a
matter of curiosity, ax least, to know
what the rights and disabilities of an
alien are under the English law.
In the olden time an alien had,
practically, no rights, and all disa
bilities. Now the rigor of those old
days is relaxed ; but not as much as
civilization, Christianity anu com
mon intelligence demand.
By the express provisions or 7 and
8 Vict., c. 66.s. 4, and alien may take
and hold every species of personal
property, except chattels real, as ral
ly as if he were a natural born sub
ject, ineludiug those acquired by
testamentary dispositions, ne may
be executor or administrator and, as
to personal property, "may be a
trustee, like anybody else."
The Incapacity of aliens now con
sists mainly in three things :
They are incapable or any politi
cal rights, including that of holding
any office of trust, or becoming a
member of the Privy Council, or of
They cannot hold landed estate ex
cept tor a term nor exceeding iwen
ty-one years.
They cannot own jtsritisn snips.
There are. also, in the same stat
ute, regulations by which an alien
may become entitled to. all the rights
and capacities of a natural born sub
ject, except the capacities before nam
By force of an earlier statute (11
and VZ Will. Ill, o. b, s. b) all per
sens, including naturalized aliens,
may inherit and make their titles by
descent from any of their ancestors.
lineal or collateral, although their
father or mother, or other ancestors
by, from, through or under whom
they derive theirpedlgrees.were born
out or the .British realm.
This last provision effects the
heirs Resident in this country of Eng
lish aetates rather than aliens on
English soil. ;
Although this Seizure of the Pea
btldy property Ja spoken of by the
Ctown, if Is not likely that the Gov
ernment is moving actively in the
matter. Information has probably
been made anon proceedings institut
ed under some one of the older stat
utes eivinar the informer a share
and the informer is always, in such a
case,. to be looked on as the actual
It seems singular that Mr. Pea-
body, an intelligent and shrewd bus
s man. guarded" at all times by
the best legal advice of this country
and Emnand. would have owned
W realestate exposed to the opera
Although the crown of BBiAawt
may not be the immediate mover In
the atrair, it is responsinie io, , tne
shame and odium. . The disgrace of
the action cannot In any wy t
I thatycan made wouU behjfre'peiS
of trie barbarous statutes.
Their alien laws are a reive of. par
barism and of a time of ignorance
and illiberal thou eh t. ThevMeaUme
r r w T rm r . " . . m . . -
efV TCfMgtieV To be; an enemy ana
the State- Modem in-
uoh .boi
jlaacer0ue,to4h) State.
1 fceiiigeuce rtjcogiuiiee no p
I a rirl iinAArlahan ii loriAl infillon
a nattofe, hajfe praott
proved Its fallacy. Wlltera
ly uuut ourselves u
. -
and en
wealth of musci
Tf this discredf
ip witu aiiuu in
mind and money,
le system results
iti an agitation -and discussion of
those statutes which shall lead to
their abrogation, it will be, after al,
the best seizure that has been made
for centuries, and Mr. Peabody, .-vcn
in his death, will have conferred an
other benefit on the common people
of England.
Curvature of the Spine.
ceive to
As we may deform our spines by
unnatural attitudes, and by many
the absurd practices of civilized life,
so we may straighten them, ana
cause an erect carriage, by many exer
cises and employments. TDeboutnern
negroes, ana other races, wnicn carry
heavy hardens on their heads, are
proverbially erect, inespinai mus
cles of the back being habitually
brought into energetic action, thus
counteracting the natural tendency
of the spine to curve forward. Vari
ours exercises of the gymnasium ef
fect this for boys ; girls, however,
having to contend against addition
al causes of deformity, from pressure
applied to the chest, aremore in need
of supervision in this respect.
It is not necessary to carry heavy
burdens on the head to correct the
tendency to curvature ; a very little
weight, even a small bag of beans,
anything which requires attention
and muscular effort to retain in posi
tion, Is enough. j j
-. When parents, then, see a child
becoming round-shouldered, as it
called, let them not encase the chest
in corsets, or support tne spine
complicated ana galling apparatus,
out examine into tne causes, ana sup
ply the remedy by removing them
in nine eases out of tan. the deform
ity does not depend on any weakness
in the spinal column, or want of tone
in the muscular system, but
growth in an abnormal direction
as "just as the twig Is bent is the
tree inclined," so the spine in
young will curve forward or later
ally, as bad positions at the desks,
in the chair, in the bed, at the sewing-table,
or in daily sports and
avocations, may determine.
Add to these causes the absurd
modes of dressing children, the man
ner in which they are carried
ignorant and careless nurses, and
injudicious tossing and j urn pings
parents, and the wonder Is that any
of us arrive at adult age without
spinal distortion, and the fact
very few of us do. If we must
cross-grained mentally, or what,
called "crooked sticks," let us
least walk erect, and not creep along
through life prematurely bent,
suffer the little ones in Infancy
ay the foundation for life-long
Good Health.
tion. the
According to a letter from Shang
hai, the Chinese Government
about to take part in the establish
ment of a code of mercantile law
Internationa lei vil eases, founded
the principles of European law.
Curvature of the Spine. HUMOROUS.
: A.t a late Woman's Rights Con
vention In Washineton. a member
said that "Woman wants bread, she
wants work, she wants clothes."
Especially clothes. If there is any
thing a woman wants worse than
clothes, it Is a husband until she
gets him.
Poetry Is the flower of literature :
prose is the corn, potatoes and meat ;
satire is the aquafortis ; wit Is the
spice and pepper ; love-letters are the
noney ana sugar ; and letters con-
taming remittances are the apple-
A woman being enjoined to try the
effects of kindness on her husband,
being told that it would heap coals of
fire upon his head replied, "I have
tried boiling water, but it didn't
do a bit of good.
"My dear Polly, I am surprised at
your taste in wearing another wo
man's hair on your head," said Smlh
to his wife. "My dear Joe, I am
equally astonished that you persist
in wearing another sheep's wool on
your back. There now I"
Opportunity is the flower of time ;
and as the stalk may remain when
the flower is cut off", so time may be
with us when opportunity is gone
"Do all the good you can,
To ail the people you can,
in an me places you can,
By all the means you cap,
ai an tne times you can,
And as long as ever you can."
would you be popular." says
v oitaire. in one ot tus essavs. "star
tie your public whether for good
or evil it matters not, but be startling
at any price.".
A man in telling about a wonderful
parrot hanging in a cage from the
window ox a house which he had
often passed, said : "It cries 'stop
thief so naturally that every time I
near ii x always stop !'
Fifteen hundred dollars and a post
office clerk in Hartford. Michigan.
have gone "where the woodbine
twlneth." The clerk took orders
from Uncle Sam money orders
In a Brooklyn staeet car, a night
oriwo ago, an oia negro who had
received some information from
young man of the same color about
tne discovery w America, exclaim
ea :
and. newer see him nor heard
discovery Of ' America, exclalm
: 'WM'Ihi. Christy Columbus?!
e been ih his country forty years,
Jt nearer see nun nor heard no-
e of him afore :" and than, after
kuilf.he added: "Where'd you
aahiwtahiia ridrfn't believe vou
can , read anythmg bnt an old' al-
AHnntinordonPA nriibirammii
AO. increase liihiH famifrahd
is "iffrlfflcation -Wooounds this co-
What is. the difference
i aWMnanna v m t Vi
and matrimoniael
eiormar the
in tne latter
over ana see now oia Mrs. Jones
few 'mlnnteV tlilifhenrntfcrri
that Mrs. Jones was se
1 ' iray gl
y ears te n months and igh t days
'fW-many gepdeas.ere there?"
leda schoolmaster.
replied IM blue
l feminine and ne
e an example of eacjayvl
use yo
ter. "Wy yea
because vnuare a maun
feminine'. riecauseT am a arlrl.''
; vtelL, preceed." "I donffcl
know,", said the girl, "but I reckon
Mr. Jenkins is neuter, because he
an 01a oacneior."
ormlty. . Beets. The culture of the beet
said to be worth . more to a countrv
as a fertilizer than tbe product di
rectly derived from the treatment
the root, the waste pulp proving
more valuable than the sugar. It
fed to barned cattle in large quanti
ties. It is stated that in rrance,
where the business has grown
enormeus dimensions, the increase
cattle on account of beet pulp is won
derful. In the district of country
surrounding the city of Valenciennes,
where, before the production ef beet
sugar, seven hundred oxen are the
total amount, e.even thousand five
hundred are the total amount raised
last year. But this is not all. This
enormous increase of stock has
much advanced the fertility of
land that one hundred and ninety
two thousand bushels more wheat
are raised in the same district per an
num than were ever raised in pre
vious years. N. Y. Com. Bulletin.
Impbovbp Wbitino-Iitk. In
mulitipliclty of inks and writing
fluids of various shades and colors,
the inquiry is frequently made
some of tbe old-fashioned recipes,
known to our fathers, by which
ink could be obtained, indestructible
in its nature and jet black when
used. Our readers may, perhaps,
thank us for a recipe, which is
to fulfill the above mentioned condi
tions : Three-fourtbs of a pound
bruised nutgalls are to be placed
a stoneware jar containing a gallon
of soft water ; and the next day
ounce of ween vitriol, six ounces
gum-arabic, and a few drops of kre-
osote or carbolic acid are to be add
ed. The bottle in which the liquid
is placed is then to be corked
left for two or three weeks, being
shaken up once or twice every
A fter being allowed then to stand
a few days undisturbed, tbe
liquid is popred off and Is ready
Use". . ' ' '
The oriein of the word Texas
thus'relared by the Austin Record
"It is said that when some of
tribes from the dominions of Monte
zuma, in their travels eastward,
Hei Lilt 11 VyO till uuc (Jiaiua ti
thev almost involuntarily exclaim
ed. 'Te has! Tehas!' meaning
hnnv huntinir grounds. This
nressTon of their admiration is
to have given rise to the name
Texas. The buffalo, deer and
then fed In herds almost undis
turbed upon the prairies. This,
doubt, served to highten their
liwhr " '
aa . .
There are nineteen
published in Paris.
A Word to Women.
The following ia clipped from the
Laws of Life :
Very few ladies know bow to appre
ciate an easy, healthful dress. They
think their dresses are loose, when a
man or boy put into as tight would
gasp for breath, ana reel incapable
of patting forth any effort except to
Dreafc the bands. Ladies are so ac
customed to the tight fits of dress
makers, that they "fall all to pieces "
when relieved of them. They asso
ciate tbe loose dress with the bed or
lounire. To be up. they must be
stayed up, and to recommend a com
fortable dress to them is not to meet
a conscious want of theirs. It is a
great pitv none the less. If thev
could once know what a luxury it is
to breathe deep and full at each res
piration, to feel the refreshment
wnicn the system takes on by having
theblood enlivened and sent bound
ing through the arteries and veins, to
have the aids to digestion which such
process gives, to have their own
strong elastic muscle keep every or
gan in place and themselves erect : if
they could for a good while know
this blessed luxury, and then be sent
baca into 'tbe old stilt strait-jackets,
they would fume, and fret and rave
in very desperation If they could not
?;et rid or them. As it is, they pre
er to languish and suffer dreadfully.
and die young, and leave all their
friends, and their husbands and their
little children, and I do not see any
other way but to let them be sick
and die till thev are satisfied. If on
ly tne sinner was tne sunerer it would
be worth while to make a great ade
about it, bnt the blighting of future
innocent lives which must Follow
renders the false habits of our women
In the highest degree criminal.
At the restaurant of a wealthy and
jolly old caterer in Hamburg, a gour
mand wno naa not a smiling in
his pocket feasted sumptuously on
all tnedenoaeies cue bill offareanord
ed. When he had finished his repast
and also drauk his bottle of Kuedes-
heimer. he quietly said to the land
lord : "i have no money to pay your
mena ; out 11 you win let
bill, my
nte do so, I will give you apiece
of advice that is worth more than
the money." The landlord, though
of course somewhat .tatnen aback at
tnecooi enroncery or nis impecun
ious guest, laughed and said o him
"Well, sir, if you have do money to
pay for What: you ' hav eaten and
drana, let us have your valuable ad
vice." "AJ1 right," replied the
stranger ; " bow lis ten . If y o u should
ever be sent to the Penitentiary,
and have there to walk on the tread
mill, always be sure t o choose the left
I side. You will Audit much easier.
-A chua waue playing near urog-
rtotts piece
aka'Ur'iPM i
i urea
heagV Ireland, found ac
of metal whMi she gave to an old
woman who fbox it to a dealer in
old iron and got a shilling fee It. The
dealer in Ms WTB -sold -ft IPX twn
pound andarhT.ifaH tow Tislly
been uUrchasfB for
, oneorihe most -emarkablel
ed goldsmath'B
it la rormed
robabiy sav
m wnicn
of. acai an
c-ensignedtha .sun
execution. Sueh is 1
or h
k 0
k known
hite bronze
ft from the
untlestf treas-
f surpi
delicacy O
that- oae.eC.JJUu most aoeomplished
ledge and ap&loen?
make such another,. ,
,y eminent men, literary in-i
al, and practical, In proportion
inhabitants, as Connhettcnt.l
CoNwacTtcirr ru History. No
spot on this continent has produced
so many
to the
Mr. Calhoun once remarked that
had seen the time -when the natives
of Connecticut, including the gradu
ates of Yale, wanted but five of mak
ing a majority in Congress. De To
que ville, at a Paris dinner, once said
"Connect de coot, de little yellow
spet on de map. (Lit makes) de dock
peddler, de schoolmaster, and
Senator. Ue nrst give you de Time,
and second tell you what to do with
him, and de third make you law and
civilization. An 1 gentleman,
lee tie State you, call Connect de coot
is one very great miracle to me."
cat no
A Delaware widower recently wrote
to a friend in the same State, asking
him to look around for a lady suit
able to become his second wife-. The
friend selected a widow and inform
ed his correspondent, who came
own quickly and was introduced.
ut the lad v . who had been informed
of the object of the visit, wae much
disappointed in her suitor, and
extricate herself frem the dilemma.
told him that her first husband had
always carried her upstairs when
she was Bieit. ana waiteu upon
very attentively, i ne widower wa
taken aback at this declaration,
fn formed her that he never served
his former wife in that way,
the narties separated mutually dis
Some Congressmen make a mean
hnainesa of interrupting their
ipifnpn durlnir debate, so as to spoil
theentire continuity ana iorce 01 wuut
the speaker may Le saying, the oth
er dav. Knox, ox Kentucky,
speaking, and was interrupted
fhn lianaT "Will the sentleman
vleld?" HereuUedtbat he hadn't
troubled the Houbc with a speech
three years, ana xnongnt ne snouia
now have bis say uninterrupted
"there are some members here.'
said he, "who would have stopped
the sermon ou the mount by asking
the Saviour to yield to them."
Rufus Choate was the worst
man ever connected with the Boston
He could not deoipher his
uu ""J
recalling the sense ef the subject
matter la band. After his death
friends could make little or no use
tbe manuscript matter which he
and to this circumstance is 'main
ly due the iact that ao complete
of his life, writing, etc., has
been published.
The election returns in Spain show
that tbe people havedectared against
The London omnibuses carried
forty millions of passengers last
Only Webster and J. Q. Adams ex
celled Peabody in the magnificence
of their funerals.
Gen. David Atwood. editor of the
Madison Bute Journal, has been
elected to Congress from the Second
District, Wisconsin, to fill the place
of Hon. B. F. Hopkins, deceased.
The Canadian Government has
ordered a large number of river boats
to be built for the conveyance of
troops to Winnepeg, at the first open
ing of spring.
An old miser, having listened to a
very eloquent discourse on charitv.
remarked, "That sermon so strongly
proves tbe necessity af almsgiving
that I've almost a mind to beg."
The windward side of San Fran
cisco harbor is filling up with the
sand and dust drifting into it during
tne prevalence or toe westerly winds,
which last througn half the year.
A Loudon merchant advertised for
a clerk who could "bear confine
ment." He received answer from
one who had been seven years in
Jail. BW
Two brothers recently married two
sisters in Chester, Del., and now it
has been ascertained that they both
have wives and children living in
the City of Brotherly Love.
A Nevada paper Insists that Taboo
In the Indian tongue means grass
hopper, and objects to the proposed
change of the name of the lake by
tne caurornia Legislature to Bigler,
contemptuously asking what that
According to a San Francisco sta
tistician our commerce with China
amounts to this : We sead them an
nually $9,000,000 and receive $4,000,
000; the balance against us: being just
The California branch of the Cen
tral Pacific Railroad has recently,
drawn the Government subsidy for
the section of its line between Sacra
mento and Ban Jose. The total issue
to date for tm - Ad la $t,970,660,on
Lamilea. .4 3ta
Pertruset the lion killer, a giant in
form and strength, is one of the curi
osities of Paris. He ha a chamber
carpeted with the skins of lions slain
ta Algeria, and gives' recherche
mnnerstherein. H.s gun can hard-
y m in lew uy au uruin ary man .
Somebody says that Ike's last
thWdlady down from the third
1 f
I ,.
.crib W a prfyatoian, at 1
I times a day, exceptlngeMei
e an alley-gaiter. He
called to her Just before
oor to see
he threw rthe . gaiter) from the win
dow and asKed her to see "Shoo fly."
A. Bronson Alcott, of Concord,
1 visiting tbe TJnlver-
ity af Ann Ax box. and apldlnir "oon-
ita. He
f action
tm 44at itituionfcrta
1 witn me stuoet
o tlio
in admitting women 1
lubHc fies on till Thames during
aae years from 1889 to 1867, writ
that of tbe first 2-5, which wre rowed
1, he
on ordinary alcoholic -
won 15 and .lost 10: but of the
26, when th. principal liquid con-Humed-
waanfa.uk, he won and lost
T'Watertafryr Conn., youth, re-
. over, his
patlon. signed . the following
ire : "I somnniy promise to
stain froan" te- tatey all mtoxl-
verages, oth-. jrlse than as
a an nx ana proranity, uni
ess ore-
it rour
The meanest case of Swindling we
have re d pf lately, says the Cincin
nati Times, occurred in Columbus, the
other day where a man borrowed $lo
te cay express agrees oa the corpse
of his brother, and left the box "in
soak" for security. Both the bor
rower and the brother were "dead
beats," and the lender was swin
dled out of his money and his corpse.
The Nicaragua coffee crop is an
entire failure. A rising of Indians
in the interior of Bolivia has taken
place. The town of Hueyoeho has
been captured by them, and a Gov
ernment force was being sent against
them. In toe batUewhleh previously
occurred it was reported mat ine In
dians and troop lost each an hundred
men. imnim nif"
A servant girl got up in her sleep in
Concord, N. H., one ' night, and
her movements awakening her
mistress, the latter thought burglars
were around, and vigorously blew a
tm horn to attract the attention or
the police. The girl was awakened
by the sound, and imagining it to be
Gabriel's butt trump, very promptly
fainted away.
No HusrarjaiNG I No Cheating !
Apint bottle full ofDr. Saga's Catarrh
Remedy ia prepared from one flay
cent package, and the proprietor of
fer $500 reward for a case of Catarrh
wnicn ne cannot core. Bold by
druggists, or send sixty cents to nr.
B. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
receive It by maiV' jlfi
Zlon'b HbratiD. An illustrated
weelrly rellfloua Journal. Tto ehif ntpapar
In ttocflauajry, Catend adtahed oftheaame
size aa Harpar'a Weekly. Price t JS per
year, la adranoe; clergymen, SI, 00.
men cop lea lre. K. I. Wtsslow,
11 Cornbin, Boston
mr 1;
Ln numbers there is safety. It
upon Una principle that the formula of Jcd-BO-'aaf-i-l
Ant Bsna Fnxa waa prepared.
Df. Jtt- Ma, Intaadlfft to spena a fortune
in adrertialna- hU niUa. aubmltted hla re-
pen- JJTSfcoZFSL
1 J ii a aiV but wSi f
bar. own 1 floacioui medietas tto "JmAaon'a Itoaataia
J arVHi-'rfl'4kl. f .11 rlm
ume yet
ni awrt hlnlflhli mmA mtm I faml an
aafi In their omMUoi. TaWudMn'a Moun-
nmie ir
tba dla-lcranir-
-.IS re-4rTnr ISy
augar-cood and plain. Foraatoay.
in Uerb f ilia cure uuiioaanaea, ww
- - r,iMii 1 iBiiun blood and a
mi Ai.iitr, Va. Ika Jtaon'a
are both aui

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