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G, W. MEHAFFET, Proprietor & PubKsher.
"Principles, not IVEen."
NO. 8.
WHOLE NO. 215.
n tdl Its branches, nealij and piomptly exe.
iu J at this ofBoe on rewoctWe terms.
Arc reu.uest"l to band in tbeir favor as earl;
in tile week as possm.e.
All orders for job work or advertising, when
ten by mail, will receive as prompt attention
if potties oalled in person.
Advertisements not tuiiet contract mast be
plainly marked the length oi time desired, or
they wlli be continued and charged for till or
dered oat. -v bwi-BJ .sens
Toons Kitty sa knitting. "My darling," I
"I have bad a most beautiful dream !
. Shall I telf it ?" She gave a si ight shake of
the head.
And answered : "I'm torn ing the seam I"
I reached for the mesh, speckled soft like a
' That she held in her fingers so small ;
But she answered : -l can't leave my work
only tthlnk !
I'm knitting a seek foradoll."
tease me so.
Kitty, my dear litUe
Ton are dying to hear I'll be bound 1"
Just wait." she said, smiling as bright as
sue sun,
"Just wait till I've knitted round."
I waited impatient, and then I drew near,
And pushing the curls from her brow,
I said : "Are you ready, my Kittle, my
dear f ' . rr W7 l
She answered: "I'm narrowing now I "
Still nearer I drew pat my arm around her
And, breaking of silence the seal,
Repeated : "Dear Kitty ! why, what is your
She answered : "I'm Retting the heel I"
I smiled, and
I frowned 1 looked up at the
At the coals
'neath the foresticr ao-low
And then at dear Kitty she held up the sock.
'Would you put white in the
toe V
"Yoa shall hear me, Kitty, yon dearest or
And then . if vou will . vou mav seen ! ' '
ne in toose me nana 1
owls. ' j
had laid on bur
As she mild : "I
just binding off 1"
'I dreamed of a cottage embowered with
And nailer the bluest of skiea ' '
She cheeked me with' 'Sit farther off, if yon
My needles will get in your eyes 1"
l dreamed you were
my door.
there, like a rose at
And tba
bat love. Kittr.
love, made us rich 1'
'1 told yon to sit farther off, once
before r
itch '"
8h answered : "I'm dropping a stitch
She knittel the last, and had broken the
Whea l cried : ' 'Am I only a friend ?
Or may I be lover " She qnletlv said :
"Pray wait till I've fastened the end I"
"Will yen marry me ?" Here the worst came
lo tie worst. BEHLT
There was nothing to do but to go :
For I learned at the last, what I mieht have
Known -nrst,
It was all her soft way to say. No !
Apple ton's Journal for March 10
In tbe Senate, Mr. Sumner rose to
a personal explantation as to a state
ment that he had received from Spain
propositions for the Bale of Cuba. He
corroborated General Prim's denial,
and stated the facts which probably
gave rise to the story. Mr. Sumner
introduced a bill looking to the re
sumption of specie payment on the
1st of January next. Mr. Abbott in
troduced a bill to amend the Bank
ruptcy Act. At 1 o'clock the Georg
ia Bill was taken up, whereupon a
debate ensued until 3 o'clock, when
It went into executive session last
ing several hours. In the house, a
number of private bills were present
ed. A resolution, offered by Mr.
Iioughridge, was passed prohibiting
the carriage of nitro-glycerine and in
flammable oils on Western Bivers.
A bill passed giving Mrs. E. M.
Stanton a sum equal to one year's
salary of an Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court. The House having
gone into Committee of the Whole
on the Deficiency Bill, and after dis
cussing it till 4:45, then rose and ad
journed. In the Senate, bills were introduc
ed, one by Mr. Brake for securing
..,,, ..-, 1 1 IT1 I 1 1 1 1 1 aaaaamAn fdr ilia fiovn
KUlWtWIJ, DVmUVU aw twv J t
by providing for the appointment of
a naval apprentice from each Con-
Sesslonal District, and "another by
r. Fen ton, to regulate telegraphic
correspondence with foreign coun
tries. The bill providing for the ap
pointment of a Joint Committee to
consider all matters relating to In
dian tribes, was discussed daring the
morning hour. A motion to post
pone the subject indefinitely was de
feated on a tie by the casting vote of
the Vice-President. The Funding
bill debate was then resumed. Va
rious amendments were offered, one
by Mr. Sherman to the second sec
tion, extending the time in which the
four and a half bonds should be paid
from thirty to forty years, was agreed
to, and another by Mr. Howe to sec
tion ten, authorizing banks to be or
ganized on a capital of $50,000 instead
of $100,000. All other amendments
were rejected. A motion fixing the
commissions at one-half of one per
cent, was carrieu. -rue bill was then
passed by a vote of 82 to 10, and at
8 1-2 P. M. the Senate adjourned.
in tne nouse various reports were
received from the Committee on Pat
ents for and against their extension.
The House, in Committee of the
Whole, proceeded to the considera
tion of the Tariff bill, Mr. McCarthy
making a long speech in its support.
His views on the salt duty trave rise
to some debate. At the conclusion
his remarks the bill was laid aside,
and the Ueneral Deficiency bill tak
en ud. It anDroDriates an acorrep-ate
amount of $2,477,711 for deficiencies
lu the civil service for the present
fiscal year. The largest items are as1
follows : For Post-offices at New
York, $400,000; Boston, $200,000:
Mint at .San Francisco, $100,000, and
xteooDBiruction expenses, $385,U0U
In the debate which followed Mr
Beck made a lone artrument. in
which he arraigned the Adminlstra
i tion for extravagance, and as he
claimed, for misappropriating the
public expenditures.
Michigan University has eleven
hundred students, of whom sixty
five are from New York, and thirty
'three from Canada.
A Vermont girl laced her breast
bone into her lungs and died.
How "Marbles" are Made.
The chief place of the manufactcue
of "marbles" those little round pieces
of stone which contribute so largely
to the enjoyment of "YotingtAmeri
ca,"isat Oberatein, on the Nahe,
in Germany, where there are large
agate mills and quarries, the refuse of
which is carefully turned to good
paying account by being made into
t he small balls employed by experts
to knuckle with, which are mostly
sent to the American market.. The
substance used in Saxony is a hard,
calcareous stone, which la first brok
en into blocks, nearly square, by
blows with a hammer. These are
thrown by the one hundred or two
hundred into a small sort of mill,
which is formed of a flat, stationary
slab of stone, with a number of con
centric furrows upon its face. A
block of oak, or other hard wood, of
the same diametric size, is placed
over the small stones and partly rest
ing upon them. This block or log is
kept revolving while water flows
upon the stone slab. In about fif
teen minutes the stones are turned
to spheres, and then being fit for
sale, are henceforth oalled "mar
bles." One establishment, contain
only three of these rude mills.
will turn out fully sixty thousand
marbles" in each week Agates
are made into "marbles," at Ober-
stein, by nrst chipping the pieces
nearly round with a hammer, han
dled by a skilfull workman, and
then wearine down the edges
upon the surface of a large grind-
Judge Carpenter decided at Charles
ton, S. C, on the 4th inst., that
a note drawn payable six months
after the declaration of peace be
tween the United States and Con
federate States of America could not
be collected, as no peace had been
declared "between those Govern
ments." Exceptions were taken on
tbe ground that the close of hostili
ties was virtual declaration of peace.
Iowa, a State which
has not yet
completed her twenty-fifth year, has
r, hi
shown a more rapid increase in pop
ulation than Ohio. When the nrst
census of the State was taken, in
1840. her population was 4S.000. Iu
1860 it was 675,000, and in 1869 she
had 1,040,000. In 1865 she harvested
8.000.000. bushels of wheat; 1869 18
000.000. An appropriation has al
ready been made for a State Univer
sity and a State ikgrieuiiuranjunege
The Prescott (Arizona)Miner gives
a partial list of the persons murder
ed by Indians in that Territory since
March 4, 1864. The list contains
the names, so far as they could be as
certalned,ofl62 victims.and theMiner
expresses' the opinion that if it could
obtain the names of all the persons
killed in the Territory since its set
tiement at least uuu more wouia De
added to it ; while over 200 have
been wounded, more or less serious
ly, since the beginning of 1864. The
Miner does not care to inquire into
the robberies committed by the Iu-
ii (Ilia nml n.nlaa Itaaklf wiLH r.hft
thought that "hundreds of the mur
dermis races or savages tnat lniest
the Territory have beensent to their
long home, and will trouble the
white men or more."
Nervous and General Debility,
Heart Disease, and those chronic,
lingering diseases which are peculiar
to females, are cured by that wonder
ful and valuable remedy Dr.Pieroe's
AlterativeExtract. or Golden Medi
cal Discovery. In Bronchial,Throat
and Lung diseases it has no equal.
Sold by druggists, or enclose three
dollars and twenty-five cents to Dr
K. fierce, iranalo, jn . x ., ana get
three bottles, free of express charges
The reason of the superiority of the
watches made in this country by
machinery over the foreign watches
made by hand, is self evident. It is
an impossibility that the hand
should be controlled and guided with
the exactness of a machine, in Eu
rope the different parts of a watch
urn made bv different 'persons, per
haps a hundred miles apart. One
whole family, father, mother and
children, all engaged in the process
of making one of the five wheels of:
a watch: another family make anoth
er wheel, and so on. These different
parts are purchased by the Watch
masters, ana tne wsmju isput wgoiu-
er and made reaay lor tne muget
Perhaps it is sent to this country
and after being sold, a part becomes
broken, and the watch is useless. It
can be taken to a Watch-maker, and
he can make by band a new piece
but the cost of repairing will be great
and where the parte have passed
through so many different hands in
their construction and repair, it will
be a miracal if they are all made
with that accuracy and adjusted to
each other with the nicety that is in
dispensable to the correct running of
In contrast to this crude and dis
organized svstem of manufacturing
the mind turns witn renei to tne
method we have adopted in this coun
trv as developed at the factory of the
.National watcn company, at -cigiu
111. An immense buuamg is erectea
a corps of the finest mechanics thai
can be obtained is employed. A Su
perintendent of unrivalled inven
tive genius is placed in charge. Ma
chines are then "invented and con
structed for the manufacture of every
plate, wheel, pinion and Bcrew used
fh a watch. The different parts of
the factory are filled uu with these
machines. Men and girls are employ
ed to operate them. The wheels, the
pinions ana tne screws are turned
out by thousands, every part exactly
alike, rnese are Drought together
under tne same rooi, maue into com
plete watches, and sent out into the
market. 11 alter purcnase, a wheel
breaks, the dealer has bat to send to
the factory and purcnase us uupn
cate. and the watch is as good as new
Surely this brief comparison Is suffi
cient to convince any reflecting per
son of the superiority of the Ameri
can mechanical system. It is super
ior in theory ana fact. The Elgin
Watches are selling in all parts of the
country, and are recognized by deal
ers and experts as surpassing in du
rability and correct time-keeping
their foreign and other competitors.
The March Number of Domoreet's
Monthly Magazine is all aglow with literary
gems, useful information, and a beautiful dis
play of the Spring Fashions. No magazine
that comes to our table is so welcome, or is
carried to our homo with bo much satis
faction as Demorest's Monthly. The ladies
are always in ecstasies over its mint
of attractions and artistic beauty. Each
subscriber at S3, besides securing a model
parlor magazine, also receives aa a premium
a large and beautiful engraving, valued at
10. Address. Demorest's Monthly, 838
B roadway. Long live Demorest.
ASplendid Magazine for Boys
and GinLS. The March number ofDemorest's
Young America is fall of entertaining Stories
and Poems, Puzzling Puzzles, Music, and
numerous elegant Illustrations . The supple
mentary Chromo picture in the March
number is a real gem, and altogether Young
America is a great prize among the juveniles.
YearlySl.90, with a splendid Chromo, worth
So : or a Dounu volume oi rtouinsuu urunw
a n
remnim to eaoh subscriber. Address,
W. Jennings Demorest, 838 Broadway, K. T.
Page 1. Two Sonnets, by Jean Ingelow;
r rente et oaruie, a suort serial bwij
by Kdmond About (continued) .
Page 2. Mardi-GrasinJewOrleans; ThcBos
ton Massacre; Birds; Gen. Sherman's
Letter ; The Late Anson liuriingame;
Loss of the Oneida; The Great Denudoff
Collection .
Page S. Mr. Bryant's Translation of the Iliad;
liattie ot tne uoas; notes; misceiiany.
Page 4. Editorials; Religious Inhoepitality ;
eunaay rteaaing ror me poor ; a wo tum
ble Book Sales ; Montalembert ; Current
Pages. News of the Week; Washington DIs-
paccneg; small able.
Page 6. New England News; Agricultural
news ana aiisceuany.
Page 7. Marriages and Deaths; Advertise
Page 8. Financial and Commercial Sale oi
StoCES; .Boston r-rouuee marset; afcoeion
Market Report ; Keceipts of Flour for tbe
Week; Dry Goods Market; Wool Market;
Boot and shoe Market; Hide and Leather
Market: Lumber Market; Boston Live
Stock Market.
few davs asro a man entered an
insurance office in Buffalo, and toss
ing a paper on the. counter, said to
the cierK : "xnat's run out, anu i
want to get it renewed." As the
clerk unfolded the document a broad
arrin spread over his face, and he in
quired: "Are you sure that this haB
runout?" 'Yes,'' said theman, "my
wife told me it ran out yesterday
mornine:" whereupon the clerk
handed back to him his marriage
certificate ? " -lh r
Should occasion require you to pur
chase that well-known remedy, is.
A. Fahnestock's VermifBge be par
ticularly careful to see that the tnl
tials are B. A.. This is the article
that has been so favorably known
since 1829, and purchasers most in
sist on havine it. If they do not
wish to have an Imitation forced up
on them.
Read the Evidence.
Hear what disinterested Agents,
who are selling Db. Ciimstik's
Ague Balsam, say of it :
Extracts fbom LrrgRBiis.
Owatonna. Minn,. March. 12. 1866
H. Scovil Dear Sir: Please send
me' four dozen unnstie's Ague
Balsam. I find this. Asrue Balsam
to be a sure cure for the Ague. Per
sons having tried everytning eise,
and failed, have been cured with one
bottle, and in no instance has it ta
two. Yours
LITTLETON, ILL., August 23, 1863.
This is to cerury tnat, unrisue-s
Atrue Balsam is an invaluable medi
cine for that disease. There is not a
single case among those who have
bought the medicine of me, and used
it according to directions, that failed
of a cure. It gives universal satis
faction, ana is a very popular reme
dy for Ague in this community.
Please ship me two dozen mere bot
With its gloomy attendants, low spirits,
depression, spermatorrhoea, lose of pow
er,dlcay head, loss of memory and threat
ened Impotence and Imbecility, And a sov
ereign cure in HUMPHREYS' HOMEO
Composed ot the moat valuable mild and po
tent Curatives, they strike at once at tbe root
of the matter, tone up the system, arrest the
discharges, and impart vigor and energy, life
and vitality to the entire man. They have cur
ed thousands of cases. Price 5 per package
of six boxes and vial, which is very Important
in obstinate or old cases, or SI per single box.
Sold by ALL Druggists, and sent by mall en
receipt of price. Address HUMPHREYS' SPE
Broadway, New York.
We call the attention of our read
ers to the cM-d of A. Ballakd A Sox, in this
week's paper. We consider the ' 'Champion
Shoe' ' a most valuable improvement, as it
does away entirely with the use of strings.
They claim for the
Champions," durability,
ease and comfort.
In numbers there is safety. It was
upon this principle that the formula of J un
sow's Mountain Herb Pills was prepared.
D-. Judson, Intending to spend a fortune
in advertising his pills, submitted bis re
cipe to the revision of the moat intelligent
and learned physicians of the age, and
the result is a simple but most ef
ficacious medicine the Jndson's Mountain
Herb Pills. They purify the blood, remove
all obstructions, cleanse the skin of all pim
ples and blotches, and are perfectly sure and
safe in their operation. The Jndson's Moun
tain Herb Pills ertre Ullliousneaa, Female ir
regularities. Headache, and many of the dis
eases arising from impure blood and a derang
ed digestion. Use the Jndson's Mountain
Herb Pills, and when yon have proved their
virtue recommend them to your friends . They
are both augax-coated ,and plain . For sale everywhere.
Dr.Mansfield's Turkish Syrup
Warranted to cure. Price K. SsntbyexprasCtoany
auureea. U. MAN SFTSLD, M. u.,
Main street, Worcester, Mass.
To m LAsras. Madame Bonalbnr's Cordial Balm
ofSyrtcnm for fcmalecomnlalnts. the satsst and most
reuDuic nwwi "crKnowu. narranveu m an t
Price fS, with directions, sent by express to any ad
dress. C. MAjrairraLD, M . U. ,
IM Main street, Worcester, Mass.
I call this ointment "Salt jBheum" because
it has such a wonderful power of allaying that
sharp acrid discharge from the surface of the
body which by common consent is named Salt
Rheum. Whether this depends on climate,
soil, or some peculiarity of the Individual, I
have never been able to determine; I only know
that I have a certain cure for it, and have re
ceived thousands of letters from parties un
known to me. who give me an manner of
thanks tor the comfort and solace which this
Ointment has been to them.
It is particularly adapted for the Western
States, as it gives a healthy oleaginous surface
to the Skin , and neutralises the acids of the cu
ticle which are excited to action by the varying
influences of heat, wind and moisture. Hence
it has proved a cure for all diseases of the skin
dependant on too much heat and in tta mutation
such as Salt Rheum, Seal-: Head, Sore
Eyes Burns and Scalds lor which it is in
valuable, dialing o uny part of the body on
man or beast. Sore nipples, Xtirsing Sore
Mouth, Old Sores, Inflammatory Files,
Venomous Bites: Dryness of the Scalp,
nd Loss of Hair when the head is hot or cov
ered with dandruff, and all Skin Diseases of
a hot Itchy or Inflammatory nature.
The best Kmolllent for tlie Complexion
I give yon a large bottle roll, Use It freely;
Bab it in well. :
Sold by all Druggists . Price SO eta .
Manufactured by
Boxbury, Mass.
or "Poor Kan's Cough Balsam."
A safe and reliable antidote for diseases of
tbe Throat and Lungs the most effectual pre
paration in the wornf for Coughs, Colds, Influ
enza, Croup, Asthma, Consumption of the
Lungs, Spitting ot bleed. Whooping Cough.
Bronchitis, Tightness. Soreness, and all affec
tions of the Throat and Lungs, 25 cent per bot
tle, manuiaclureu only at tne proprietary
Medicine Warehouse, of the BOCK Y MOUN
TAIN BITTERS CO. , S07 Fulton-St. , N. Y.
Avnr Tin Evil.. If mothers would five Mrs.
wnucomD s eyrnp to meir cnuorcn wneu uck, mor
tality would bo leas among them. It costs only 25 cts
Hmovl Tsi Cjlttsh. Ooatlveness. which produces
serious and often fatal diseases, is removed by the
use oi ut. ricury s itooi anu riant jrius. oca auvur
flsrmsnf w rtSMrii m atssBssst. sn
If you do not feel well you send for
a doctor, he calls upon you, looks wise, sora wis
some hieroglyphics upon a piece of paper
which you take to a drug store and mere pay
60 eta. to tl .00, besides the doctor's fee, for a
remedy nine times out of ten not half so good
aa Db. Mobss's India Boot Fills, which
coats but 25 cts. per box. Do you think the
former the best, because you pay the most for
It ? If you do, we advise you to use, Just as an
experiment, the Morse's Indian Boot Pills.
They are prepared from a formula pronounced
by tbo most learned physicians of our country,
to bo the best and most universal of family
medicines. Tbe Morse's Indian Boot Pills
con Headache, Liver complaints, Indigestion
Lyspepma, xeuiuo irregular mts, auu
are put up both sugar-coated and plain . dive
them a trial. Sold by all dealers.
Liver and Kidnevs . which are often the result
of vouthful indiscretions, excesses and oro-
uuces uyspepsia, luoigesuon, oonaiipaiion 01
Bowels, Asthma, Palpitation of the Heart,
Nervousness. Dimness of Sight, UMdiness,
w.th .leepleee nights, oonrtisron oi lilras; loss
or memory, and a general aeotuty oi tne wnoie
system, often leading to Insanity, Despair and
Lieacn. Also tnose sunermgirom rrivaie nia
eases producing-lumps on the bones, eruptions
on the forehead. Dicers on the legs, throat,
nose, ana su rorms ot Heart anections are in
vited to consult DB. Firwa? bv letter or in per
son, as 80 years' experience in the treatment
or ail rarms oi disease ipart ot wuicu nas oaen
spent in the principal Hospitals or London,
Pans and Dublin) has enabled mm to guarantee
instant relief or no money demanded
Remedies prepared by himself forwarded to
all parts of the country . Letters containing
atamna aaswercd. Communications confiden
tial. Remember Dr . Flynn is no Quack, but a
regular graduate ana a memoer oi tne nvyai
Coikege of Physicians asyi $nrgeons, London,
as His Diplomas will show, and therefore bis
promises may be relied on.. A trial Will con
vince. All, miALS complaints cdbkd . Of
floe No. 809 St. Cbarles-St.. between Sth and
9th Sts. . St. Lotus. Mo. Hours from 9 a. m.
to 7 p . m . , Sundays included .
The Season and its Dangers.
The human body is chiefly composed of tis
sues and fibres aa sensitive to every change in
the condition of the atmosphere as the most del
ioate electrometer, or the quicksilver in a bar
ometer tube.
The stomach, the skin, the nerves, the lungs,
and the excretory organs are especially liable
to be affected by these variations, and the best
defence against the disastrous tendency
tendency is to
keep the digestive macmnery ,
wbiuh leeds and
nourisnes tne w::oie system,
n ?ood worViiio-
If the stomach is weak or disordered neither
the blood nor the bile can be in a healthy state.
ana upon the litness ot these two important
fluids for the offices assigned to them by na
ture, and the regularity of their flow, health in
a irreat measure dene nils.
When tbe air is heavUy laden with chilling
vanor. as it often is at this season ot the vear.
the digestion should be an object of peculiar
care, it it is wear ana languiu, me wnoie
physical structure will be enervated. If It is
vigorous, the entire organization will be
strong to resist the untoward and depressing
influence ol a damp and vitiated atmospnere.
A pure and poweriui tonic is tneruore ea
Denial! v needed aa a aafeamard against the dis
eases most common m the snrinr. and Hos
tetLnrfl Rtomach Blttsra bolnr the most whole-
some and potent medicine of the class at present
known, a course of it Is particularly advisable at this
period of the year. The stomach will thereby be toned
and strengthened, the liver and bowels regulated, the
nervous mam oraceu up, uuiuuiniru.iii,iiMD
active d
defence against themlasmawnicn supennunc
Intermittent and remittent levers, rheumatism, ner
vous debility, headache, hypochondria and other
lainm wnien aru ant in aasau ine oiuntn uunu
ed organizations. The body Is strengthened
wllhniitPTfltlnirthe hraln. and consenuentlv no un
pleasant reacton follows Its. reviving and renovating
fc1fl Worth of Books for Nothin
VVu v.Hiialnal Planner for"3
1A naves ol choice Musio and interesting Mis
cellany in each number. Well printed on fine
Saper. Only 50 cents per annum, in advance
nlendldlv Illustrated Books for Premiums
Circulars with list of premiums and specimen
copy or noneer sent on receipt oi stamp, w.j
HUNTINGTON A tx. , OU DIWJUli: Okreei,, j. A
"Economy is Wealth' Franklin
Air ITT will people pay (SO or more tor a Sswnre Mi
W mrrmm w firm SOU will buv one that has a Btandar
repatatlon.ls doable thread, complete wllhTable, con
structed upon entirely new and practical principles,
runs b v nictton. excels alUotbers ? These celebrated
Machines, miry ncensea, are lnveuueu ior ponr people
who want to save time, labor and money. Agents
Wanted. Machines sent to Agenw anu gi ven away 10
neeay mmiues. r or circulars anu . c,u,. diic, u
dress J. C. Ottib 4 Co., or Franklin and Diamond 8
it. Co., Box tar,, Boston, Mas.
m AS. A. DANA, bituj.
KVHThody llVe.lt. Three cdljpoi. Dill.T, SBl Si
V.OTned.1 fmiJfcia"r
rthHaa . r..l IrV It. w-
vr. ENGLAND, PubuAhar Hon, new ior.
O rtrtfi YEAR and expenses to agents to sell
5 i X nj a new Shuttle Sewing Mashlne,the best
and cheapest machines In the world, "stitch alike on
now Slues. rianipm hiwhmw, .n.i. ro, mm
ars address J- xt. bovaan, uwom .
iJkX -ssbswsbbbbbbbbV
"Ned Btnrn.nrE" will mall, post-paid, on receipt of
price, any of his own Books on annexed list. Also his
new "Banner Temperance Sons," with a large tint
ed imcii bh8 oi nimseiL on uue page, music oy v. t.
just out, anu can De oruereu wnoiesaie ana
Price of sons: SO cents ner codv.
Address R
Z. C. Jueson,
Fork City.
I too in 47 , LoveJOy 's Hotel
The Mysteries and Miseries of New York
a Vols, in 1)
Three Years After .....
The B'HoysofNewYork -
Ned Bnntllne's Lite Yarn ....
$1 50
The Conspirator's Victim ....
i ue wilic cruiser .....
The Jew's Daughter-
Norwood; or, Life on the Prairie
The Red Right Hand .....
The Buccaneer's Daughter -
Trot Pboflc's Favorit Joubnal.
The Most Interesting Stories
Are always to be found m the
At present there are
running through its columns ; and at east
One Story is Begun every Month.
New subscribers are thus sure of having the
commencement of a new continued story, no
matter when they subscribe for the
Each number of the NEW YORK WEEKLY
contains Several Beautiful illustrations. Dou
ble the Amount of Beading Matter of any paper
of its class, and the Sketches, Short Stories,
foems. etc., are oytne aDiest writers oi Amer
ica and Europe . The
does not confine its usefulness to amusement,
but publ ishes a great quantity of really Instruc
tive Matter, in the most condensed form. The
have attained a high reputation from their
brevity, excellence, and correctness.
The Plkasant Pakaorafus are made ud ol
the concentrated wit and humor oi many minds.
The K.no wlidqx Box is confined to useful
Information on all manner of subjects .
Tub Nawa Itsucs give in the feweat words
the most notable doings all over the world..
Ths Gossip with Correspondents contains
answers to inouiries upon ail Imaginable sub
jects. "
An Unrivaled Literary Paper
New York Weekly.
Each issue contains from EIGHT to TEN
smDiva..ji nirvnriErsra -.i nil v s no7.
Tbe Terms to Subscribers :
One Year single copy Three Dollars.
" Tnnr Annies r9 SnsaehlTenDallara.
" " Eight copies Twenty (Dollars .
Those sending S50 for a club of Eight, all
sent at one time, will be entitled to a copy
vree. Getters-np of clubs can afterward add
single copies ax S2 60 each.
STREET A SMITH, Proprietors,
Mo. 65 Fulton Street. N. Y .
For sale by all dealers in
A verv sunerior resrulatinsr Tonle. Dleasant
to tne taste, imparting vigor ana strengtn to
the constitution:. A thorough
a resrulator of nervous force and a Dowerful
BUBtuLner of health against the encroachments
or Disease. -
that bane of Americans, is speedily cured by
tne use or tnis t onic, a:so ior saver Diseases,
Disorders of the Kldnevs and loss of muscu
lar power, it will be found a specific, and as a
freveniative ox
or a restorer of the natural powers of the sys
tem when Droken down py continued ague at
tacks, it has no equal as a curative for the in
valid and a preventive for the well. It can
not oe surpsBscq.
FEMALES whose constitutions have be
come nervous and debilitated through sedenta
ry habits and close confinement to household
ana otner aomestic auties, win una in tnese
Bitters a Tonle possessed of intrinsic virtues,
able at all times to establish a healthy standard
and bestow a new lease of pristine health.
cheerfulness, and alacrity ol spirits so neces
sary to the hanoiness of WOMEN.
if you cannot obtain the Bitters from your
Druggist or urocer, you can remit tne money
to us and we will send as you direct, one dollar
per Dottle ,or six Domes ior nve dollars.
S07 FtvUon street, New York.
A VICTIM of early Indiscretion
xa- causing nervous debility, premature
decay, c. , naving tried in vain every aavcr
tisea remedy, has a simple means of self curi
which he will send free to his fellow sufferers
for a stamD. We sell no drugs or patent pol
sons, but simrdv do as we sav. Trv us. and
don't send to a doctor, quack or any other
fraud when you can cure yourself. Address
C. MACKEY, 90 Centre St., N. Y. .
Sweet QniMiaa. is warrant
Xsl dose tor doseto the sui
te (bitter) Quinine, with the
important sutuhrs 01
sweet "'' of Bitter.
Svatitia, Is Oprtm Pusiiibjd ot
Its sickening and poisonous prop
ernes. It Is the most perfect Ano
dyne and Soothing On ate yet
Sold hv DrassULs.preacrlbed bv
the best physicians. Made only
by Stearns. Fan- A Co.. Chemists. New York
American Soil Co.
Haying succeeded to
the business of the
American Bell Com
pany , all orders should
now be addressed to
Send for Circulars.
JAB. L. HAVEN a, 00,
10, 140 Walnut
rOHN E. PETTIBONE, Wholesale
f dealer in Bags, Metals, Manilla Bags
Flour Sacks, Wrapping Paper, Twme, Ac..
104 A 106 Bandolph Street, Chicago. Price
list sent free . ,
and others Interested In Patent
Bnalnesa shonlri sSrlif Rnaoir
BROB rauent Lawyers and Heucltors, 49V nlhth-WAsnrs-QTOE,
I). P., for advice and circular.
tVPatents obtained or nocharire.
Letter from Hon. D. 0. Hollow at, former Com mis
woutu- oi i-aienu,uaicu vv asningion, jsarcn au, lose :
1 cheerfully commend to all persons who may have
business in th Patent Office the firm of Edson Bros.,
as gentlemen o." prompt business habits, and In every
rvapwb wormy oi commence.
I concur in the above. T.C. TnsAKEx,late Com.Psts
J9k ki"
sJB sV JbebbbbbbbI -Sb W mtm
$125,000 for $5.
Heavy Payments Met With a Five Dollar Bill
Little Risk with Fair Prospect of Heavy Gala.
Try itl We pledge ourselves to give each of
the following articles enumerated below
for Five Dollars :
A Hotel Property, - valued at S4O,00O
A pair oi I rotting Horses, "
A Chickeiinsr'eConeertOrand.'
A Trotting Horse, (blooded.)
a Bteinway nana,
A Double Carriage, '
S Rosewood Pianos,
lOO Pare Gold Watches,
lOO Sewing; Machines,
lOO Solid Gold Chains,
iuu soua uoiaitnws.
Ana o trier uuts, valued stS52,uuu.
In addition to the above we will give with
every 100th order, received before the 1st of
March, 1S70, a Gold Chain, and with each BOOtb
order a Gold Watch and Chain. With eaoh or
der Is a gift. Numbers from 1 to 60,000 inclu
sive are written In a book, and against eaoh
Biunuer some one 01 tne a oove gins is written.
All communications strictly confidential. Each
member or the Arm Is reliable, and has pledged
his individual estate to the fulfillment of the
company's pledges. Send your orders at once
to H. DODO, Agent Eureka Gift Co.,
Box 391, Saratoga, New York.
I amaelllnir the celebrated P.,,, O
fRamsdell slockl. warranted Genuine and nnre. at
fS.OOperbus., .!J0 per half bus., S3.00 per peck. Also
iree dt mail hogsiii per quart or au cents per pint.
Circulars free. Address HENRY WOOD,
10S ITsminn T . i nlraf n
BaraaaacB. Manufacturers' National Dank.
$732 in 31 DAYS
Made by one Agent, selling Silver's Patent
Elastic Broom. OverSO.OOO now in use. Ke
nnmmended bvHon.HoraceGreeley and Amer
ican Agriculturist. One county reserved for
eacn Agent. L-.a.i.LiuiHayo,ia ujrwuuioi,
N.Y., or 126 Washington 8t, Chicago. Pi.
Seeds and
Special Catalogue ef SBBDS .either Whale-
sale or ttetaii, sent to applicants
oa receipt of Stamp.
Our laree Cataloaae of Asriealtural lasple-
. ta . . ' t u 'W . . k.,.
10m. voinmenf shout anil bus. . containing near
ly SOO Illustrations of the newest sad best tor
arm and Household use. and Is seat, post-paid by
mall, on recent of tl ; but we will refund this on re-
celnt of the
tne nrst oraer Bir our eooos. Asona au ev-
iss 10 n,
LKrl as
P. O. BOX S7
N. B. Iff on want anything tor use on your Fsna
wnrt a lUmn tn na and we will either write vou th
desired Information, or send you a special circular o
wtucn we issue a large num our.
We do not wish to Inform yoa, reader, that
Dr. Wonderful, or any other man, has dis
covered a remeay mat cures ionsumption,
when the lnmrs an half consumed. In short.
will cure all diseases whether of mind, body ox
estate, mace men uve torever , ana leave aeatu
to play for want of work, and Is designed to
make our sublunary sphere a blissful parft
diae. to which Heaven. itself shall be but side
show . Yon have heard enough of that kind of
numDUgery, ana we ao not wonaor tnat you
have hv this time become dlssrasted with It.
Rut when tell vou that Dr. Have's Catarrh
Remedy will positively core the worst eases Of
Catarrh. I only assert that which thousands can
teatifv to. Trv it and Ton will be convinced.
I will pay S500 Reward for a case of Catarrh
anas a aaEssen SBsre.
TOB SALS by most DBUuGls re Kt.
Price Owlt 50 Cbwm. Seat by m
nald. for Sixty centsirour paokages ior ax.un
or one doaen for $5.00. Sends two cent stamp
for Dr. Sage's pamphlet on Catarrh. Ad
dress the Proprietor .
14-am K.V.PIKBCK M. D. kWJiaio.B.X.
Improved Aluminium Bronze
$16, $17, $18, $20,
I W eKOK a-am. T.rl (ava
eflajawa fawJ, 1V1 AJBruivD
l&na wents.
Also Gents.
I chains, from $3 to
Iaadles' chains, $8
JE Improved Aluminium ssroaa is m
etal differing entirely from any ever of
to the nnblic. Its Qualities and resem
blance to Oold are such, that even judges
have been deceived. It nas aenousi
niArTThn attention of scientific men and
onl v called forth the eulogiums of the press in
consequence of its peoular properties but
alar. ofcaJnad a Ooti Medal at the Parts .
position. The movements are wen unisneu ,
perfectly regulated, and aa they are all mana-
fmtnrmA In our tulsn at Loci. Switaer-
land , I am able to warrant them as excellent
time keepers. Price for LadlSS
finish. IS. 17. IS. SO. S3 and ZD
dollars. Cents. ' chains from3
toSS. Ladles' chains from SS
upwards. Each Watch warrant
ed for ono year by a special cer-
mba yeonj sent nv exareee v. v. a.
Aaents win suiow uie muwm w
examined before taken, upon payment i
a. us
charges both wars. Parties order la,; will
please write plainly name of Town, County
and State. Circular sent on application .
a & U Hassan St. , New Torx City, doors
from General Poet OfBce
(tIRBK A." "UHAVE IT." Send ten cents
Ti and two postage stamps tor I
, v , . ,, ...Irntanaa nrAttv
mv elrcular.
' T'ortotss shall
Si" .. i?SiVawV..Vn hLexve BcTmsa Jet
K aeelegs or Pies, or a splendid steel EngravUg of
-General Grant,'' Else 10x34. Commission from S 00
to tao 00 per day made.and no inursvrenea wrmeyvry-
day duties, uesiniioa snwia soot, am sonoi
but offered as an Inducement for Ladles to seed for etr-
cular oflnlormauon. uajimiiHwsiwi.
Address, Sarah B. Laasklrt, Boston, Mass
A sample sent free with terms, to clear from
bio to au per aay . i wo entirely new articias
aaieauie as nour. Auureas
N. W. WHITE, Newark, N. J
gents Caavasslnc Books seat Free.
By a Prominent Officer of ths Treasury Servioe
showing up the seereeu and Inner workings of the
BevenueHepartmenta, lUe Wtnstj Hng, Gold Ring,
and Drawback Frauds, systematic Bobbery. Depreda
tions. Conspiracies and Balds on the Government,
Malfeasance, Tyranny and Corruption oralgn omenta.
Thn moat atarillna. anil ItnnortADt hook nnhllShllE
Containing about SeO well-nUed pages, spiritedly Il
lustrated. A sen i. Wasted. tyMslBg Bsok
and comnlete outfit sent free. Address HH.
FLI 1VT, Publisher, Pblladelpbla, Pa.; Chicago. Ill-;
oruineinnai., unw.
-10 new article ir Agents. I
H.B.SHAW A --ltd Ms.
pies tree.
s a ws of All ilescrintions. AXIS. BELT IN
with Solid Teeth, or with Patent Adjustable
Points, superior to au inserted r eetn nawa.
rf-Prieea Reduced. JX
rj-Senilior Price List and Clr ouiars Jb
Boston, Mass.. or Detroit, Mich.
HI SSING'S VINEGAR-Ask your grocer
for r-rusang-s rure cider vinegar, itls pure and
Dal stable, and warranted to pi esai sa nioklsa.
premium awarded at tbe IT. S. FAlrJIl. State Fair, and
Chicago Fair. Largest Work. In tbeU .8. Established 18
48. Caas. O. BVtwossixo aj sad SO Mata-st.ateago.
Farmers, Mechanics, Miners,
and Laborers,
Time, Trouble, and Vexation,
MO MORS LACING or breaking of laces.
A V ovau uj HI DWt sou BB0S EBaUSTB , AH
or them they will please yoa.
Tbe use of strings has always been a great
source of annoyance. In the "Champion 8Coe"
this is aU avoided, being eonstruotsd oa pre
cisely the same principle as the ordinary boot.
It has all the hold sad bearing upon the foot
tnat is necessary to keep It in Its place without
lacing. The seams are at such points aa can
never hurt the feet, and the part above the
counter needs only to be closed by a simple
buckle and strap to keep oat dirt and rubbish ;
aaving time, trouble, and vexation to the
wearer. They have been thoroughly tea'ed,
and maintain the rood TtmotmHam law asm sa
Justly acquired. They are now being sold in
nearly eleven hand red places, and are giving
universal sansraction . xaey are made at take
most durable manner, and every pair war
ranted. Manufactured solext by the BAT ST ATX
Street New York. Aadisas
tteow p. O. Box 8000, New York.
$30,000 Given Away
Mvrtal Soap Go.
m a
7 VKRY purchaser of oats box ef their extra
M2A family washing soap containing 40 lbs . for
nve dollars, will be entitled to an equal chance
of drawing from S to ,. Money must
be sent witn order bv Express, registered lat
ter F. O. money order or dralt oa Mew Tork,
with fail directions for shipping. A receipted
numbered bill will be seat tor lack box This
great outlay la made for tne purpose of intro
ducing the beet soap known. Cisetilars of par
ticulars will be sent if desired. Send orders
to TIN K HAM, SCOTT CO., Art's Myrtle
Soap Co, Broad Street, Haw Tork.
A Book for the Million,
TUT A 13 "D T A aTL V 1 A Privet
us ra gy sajj, sBa.njr.s5a i c-uaninr to
rnnlslas TMnsntn lnsormauoa mwrm
rted ot contemplate asarrtage i still li
oaxht to bo ander lock and key And n
las lav SUHBU. moi mi aar wav uiw ot pqaiaasi
cts. Address Dr. BattrTEaf ssssrj, So. UT.
k street, St Iulakto. .
; totaenotortoastiaacEa waoacver
srsor using aay Oaaak Hesaedlee,
work, ao matter what your itlsssn
r condition. Dr. xwus can
Mrs. c umres eone
Sara a
ib 'a
It Vthe Great Infant'
edy In all hsord brought en
aa. tTenaran ny tne
Botnuy ai'sil' ana
labor. Prepared by the I
Emiflpantt lid Settler.
90TJLD read tne ass
book Is published espea
tiers, and contains Just t
anxious to obtain. 44 1
Price 90s, or 1
of price.
iuvJMJtHi. Mrs. MrjrEaa,T. O. Bex, aslt, STT.
Read the FoUowing!
City Missionary of Boston
There certainly cannot fee found a better
As an Expectorant It Has no Equal.
F. Davis Soe:
vou sent nss to
rilw BUEoSAn worEL
ble and useful. It hasawaa la
with remarkable anBetia every
One woman nas beea i esse red
Another oersouA
which was of months1 staaoiBg. I gsttiag better, and
she bas purchased iheseeoad botUa. anu has every
botue, nas reeesvi
indication of l
OTvaaEla, niood. aad
k. has by the ase of two Bottles beea
A young maa
maca Improved, and is able
to do a huts at his work.
a young man to
A vonne man to whom Ivan
a wist ot it.
who nas had a bad oough aad much Bant la his mags
lbr months past, aad unable to get net or eteea, kas
oomsaenced laEins i vabu is now usEBg use id ana sov
tm with great basest. Tie assrl to nss on a reeeut visit.
be would not do without U. He Is hoping (and
onablv It sni aas to mel tobeahla to lesaiiss hie '
again. Very respVy and gratefaOT yours.
('has. A. Maaadv.CttyMuKdoaary.
I. IV. HARRIS eh CO. , Sots Proprietors. Oa
saw-Sold by all IlrugrlsU..
Royal Havana Lottery of Cuba
SOO.OOO la Oold II raw a every 17 days.
PRIZES Cashed and information
furnished .The highest rates paid for Doub
loons and all kinds of Oold and Silver, gov -ermrnt
securitiee, J. TATLOB OO., Bank
ers, No. IB wau at., n. I
ana griplrc la 1 FTte.
bowels, sad Bselutaua SS
r me process os teaesaar. it.su.
Tlna'cSlSSS't SoothbS Bwu
bytesnuagar anyeUi
"trwtng nieis Swstawof rtne Eody oTufiunl! r
BSBlOBS of 1U functions. Being tree from mercury
Tor other poisons, they 'An be taken at afi usssa
Jsad ander all circutiistadcee without regard tc '
Price xTSeut
r ski asisa-run. a
Bosroa. klAsa-, reb. is, um.
mou the aahotsd peer la mr
kas uf uvea verv aeeasna-
lo sereral amities, sad
keavhttka; shya
tratlon, so that sae Is able now to do housework and
assist la the support of bar nvmlly.aad utthean aad
eonttnaed ase of the nsl hn srasans satire res tor-

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