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XbM strain once more ! O touch those chorda
pin !
They call from out the put
Sweet joys, that could bat last
IB memory'! soft refrain.
When the tether and the mother,
When the later and the brother,
Beneath the old elm tree
Shared one dear. homo with me.
Ah 1 well aan I recall that craning hour
When I mid childish play.
First heard that simple lay.
And felt its gentle power.
As awhile entracted I listened.
Fairy-like the flre-niee (listened
On the soft evening breeze ,
Flitting among the tree.
Then wake! for me once more that long, loud
And by sweet music's power.
For this one blessed hour
I'd be a child again ;
And through the twilight half discover
Angel forma that round m borer,
Their hand upon my head
In tenderest blessings laid .
An exchange expresses wonder
that our reformers have not agitated
the revival in this country of the old
English law, now repealed, against
obtaining husbands under false pre
tence. It was: "That women, of
whatever age, after this act, who
shall lmnone upon, seduce, and be
tray into matrimony any of his Ha
leatv's aublects. bv virtue of scents
paints, cosmetic-washes, artificial
A A- nlan Uoi- 1m, afava Kuluf HT-
ed hlns. or hisrhheeled shoes, shall
incur the nenaltv. of the law in force
against witchcraft and like misde
meanors; and the marriage under
such circumstances upon conviction
of the offending parties shall be
null and void."
It will be member ed that a short
time since a grand hullaballoo was
raised about the franking privilege
and the House, smitten by an econ
omic spasm, passed a bill abolishing
the business and Bent the same to
the Senate. A few honest, unso
phisticated people have been waiting
to see the Senate ratify this bill, and
supposed of course that they would
do so beyond any doubt. To these
persons thus waiting we will say
that they need wait no longer. The
House Mil was merely a piece of
very cheap and very effective bun
combe, and when passed, the mem
ben voting in the affirmative knew
that the measure would be killed in
the Senate, and therefore that it was
perfectly safe to let it go there.
The certificates published below
are not fictitious, as is the case with
most of the certificates published
now-a-days, but are from bona fide
living men, whose places of business
we give :
Jonbsboko, III.., May 8,1663.
H. Seovll, Dear Sir: I have
sold Dr. Cabxstik's Aous Balsam
during the last three years, and
have not heard a single complaint
of its failure to cure the Ague or
Chills and Fever permanently.
Wherever tried it has given full sat
isfaction, as the increased Bales will
NEOGA, ILL., September 26, 1865.
H. Sco vil, Dear Sir .-Please
sesKl me four dozen more Chkistie's
Ague B ALSAMflmmediately, via ex-
l am entirely out. The lour
osen sent on the 20th inst. were all
sold in five days, and still they cry
for more. Our wants are great, tru
ly. Send it along wi thou t delay.
I call thai ointment "Bait IRueum" because
it has soon a wonderful power of allaying that
sharp acrid discharge from the surface of the
body which by common consent is names! Salt
Rheum. Whether this depends on climate,
soil, as tome peculiarity of the Individual, I
have never been able to determine ; I only know
that I have a certain cure for It, and have re
ceived thousands of letters from parties un
known to me. who give me all manner of
thanks tor the comfort and solace which this
Ointsnent has been to them.
It is particularly adapted for the Western
State, aa it give a healthy oleaginous surface
to the skin, and neutralises the acids of the cu
ticle which are excited to action by the varying
influences of heat, wind and moisture. Hence
it has proved a cure for all disease of the skin
dependant on too much heat and Inflammation
such a Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sore
Eye Boras and Scalds for which it is in
valuable, Chafing or any part of the body on
man or beast. Sore Nipples, Nursing Sore
Mouth, Old Sores, Inflammatory Piles,
Venomous Bites : Dryness of the Scalp,
nd Loss of Hair when the head is hot or oov
ered with dandruff, and all Shin Disease of
a hot itchy or inflammatory nature.
Thebest Emollient for the Complexion
I Siva you a large bottle full. Use It freely;
Bub it In well.
Sold by ail Druggists. Price SO eta..
Manufactured by
Koxbury, Mass.
Occupational Ailments.
Fresh, pure sir is a vitalizing elixir. Whoever
is debarred by circumstances from unrestrict
ed access to this Invisible , but powerful sum'
ulant, needs a medicinal invigorant of some
kind. The great object should be to choose
the best. Popularity is a pretty good guaran
tee of merit In this scrutinizing and intelligent
age, and tried by this criterion Hostetter'i
StomachBitters stands first among the in vigor
ating and regu latin g medicines of the present
day. To the want of persons engaged in In
door employments, especially In crowded
factories where even ; with the best possible
ventilation the atmosphere is always In some
ilum anllntsil thlssslnT-rirnit vegetable tonic
1 peculiarly aaapiea. ine nature oi tne in
gredients la no mystery . It consist of an ab
aointely pure diffusive stimulant, tinctured
or rather surcharged with the fluid extracts
of sanatous roots and barks and herbs. The
nharmaooocsia has it tinctures, but what are
thev The jnice of only a single root or
bark or plant is present In each. Not one of
them combines Use three properties of a tonic,
aa alterative, and an aperient. All these ele
ments are blended la theBittters ;nor are these
the sum of its medicinal recommendations. It
is also a blood depurent and antispasmodic .
The baleful effect which air that ha been
partially evhantted of its oxygen by frequent
ljinalahsg produces on the vital organisation,
la notorious, and when to this devitalised as-
lamilihars is superadded the mepbitic vapor of
hot air furnaces, it becomes deleterious and
nap I easing tn tae extreme . 10 eaaoie the sys
tem to hear up, even for a few hours each ofay
against the debilitating influence of a vitiated
atnvtSTft a wholesome tonic and alterative
la aaaaailr required. This grand dislderatum
la snsllal in Hoatetter's Bitters, which as a
strength-sustaining, health -protecting agent
nas ao rival e liner among omcinai or auver
tised medicines .
PaavasTiojr Banaa tbajt 0xna. Dr. Henry's
Boot and Plant Pills arouse the liver and secretive
organs into healthy action ; throwing off obstruc
tions which cause disease .
UH1CAUU Abiuii juw n. nn..r . i
road This old, reliable and popular road
the shortest and moat direct route betwe
84, Louis and Intermediate points. The roi
.l fa
i. . .
U. 1 iQSIIS aapS as W inn ir wmi,. auv nrw
in Am i nnalaar order, and the elegant Pull
man Palace Sleeping and Dining cars are can
TiaisSBfisa that tiaveleaa will appreciate.
A MSeTT Hotbl.. Those who visit Chicago
will And the Briggs House, corner of Wells ft
Randolph 'streets, to he one of the best, and
most conveniently located hotels in that city .
B H. Skinner, the proprietor of this favorite
house, is alwavs most attentive to the comfort i
Should occasion require you to pur
chase that well-known remedy, B.
A. Fahnestoek'a Vermifuge be par
ticularly careful to see that the ini
tials are Jt. A. This is the article
that has been so favorably known
since 1829, and purchasers must in
sist on having it. If they do not
wish to have an imitation forced up
on them.
In numbers there is safety. It was
upon this principle that the formula of Jro
boh's MouwiAot Hun Pills waa prepared.
Dr. Judson. intending to spend a fortune
In advertising his pills, submitted his re
cipe to the revision of the most lnieuigeni
and learned physicians or tne age, ana
the result Is a simple but most ef-
ficacious medicine me jeuuon
Hrb Pills. They purify the blood, remove
all obstructions, cleanse the skin of all pim
Dlea and blotches, and are perfectly sure and
safe in their operation. The Judson's Moun
tain Herb Pills cure Billiousness, Female ir
regularities, ueaaacne, ana many ui iub ur
eases arising from impure blood and a derang-
nH Hio-AAtinn. ITae tne Juuson's Mountain
Herb Pills , and wnen you nave uruveu iuen
virtue recommend thera to your friends . iney
are both sugar-coated.and plain . For sale everywhere.
Bum Qcnrara, warranted
rmTiil rtnT tor dose to the sol
pirate (bitter) Quinine, with the
important advantage of being
sweet instead of bitter;
Bvanrta. Is Oram PtrarnxD oi
Its sickening and poisonous prop
erties. It Is the most perfect Ano
dtbtb and Sooth tso Orura yet
Rrtlrl hv Tlrnrvlata-nreoerlbed t
the best physicians. Made only
by Stearns, Farr
Co.. Chemists, Hew York.
Pomeroy's Democrat,
FOB 1870.
Unparalleled Inducements for Subscrib
Pomeroy's Democrat for 1870 will
be the best newspaper ever printed. It has
now a larger circulation than ever before the
largest circulation of any political paper ever
printed, and is now so flrmly established it
eannot Dy any possiuie means tail.
Mr, Pomeroy, Editor and Proprietor, will de
vote his entire time and attention to editorial
and literary labor for the Democrat alone, each
week adding to the power, interest, worth, and
variety ox tne reaaus-matter it will contain.
With Ae people to back him abundant means
at his own disposal, he is devoting his life to
wis paper, tne people wno support 11, me
cause it advocates, and the principles it de
fends, without fear, favor, or hope for re
Read the terms and inducements!
In addition to its political worth, the Demo
crat will eacn wees: contain :
Pomeroy's Saturday Night Chapters .
Letters of Correspondence.
Editorials on different topics.
Pomeroy's Social Chat with Friends.
Terence McGrant's Letters.
Full Market. Produce, and Money Reports
A Splendid Masonic Department.
HaDDlnas Here and There .
Brief item of Satire, News, Sarcasm and
Descriptive Letters of Travel.
Occasional "Pomeroy Pictures of New York
A First-Class Agricultural Department.
In short, everything to make it the best and
most readable paper in the United states .
Politically it will be the Democratic red
hot and reliable, earnest and continuous in its
war against the bonded interests of the coun
try, and determined in its labors for the earn
es. Democracy which believes in the restore
tion and not in the reconstruction of the Gov
Thanktul to those who, in every State of
the Union, and almost every county of the Uni
ted States, have so generously sustained The
Democrat, before its removal to New York,
and since, we offer the following premiums
as an eviuence 01 grautuue to loose wno ior
ward. from time to time, subscribers:
Single copies, per year S3 50
Ten copies, one year to one postoffloe we
writing the names of the subscribers on each
oaoerl. and one copy for the year to the one
who sends us the club 20 00
Twenty copies, one year, to one postofncewe
writing tne name oi suoscrioers on eacn pa
per, with an extra copy for the year, and a
oopy of each of Pomeroy' s two books , " Sense "
and "Nonsense." to the getter -up of the
dub 0 00
rnirty copies, one year to one poBiomce (we
writing the names of subscribers on each pa
per.! with! two extrfteoBies for the year, and
a oopy of each of Pomeroy' s boohs , ease
"Nonsense, " and "Saturday Night, " a new
book now in press, to the getten-up of club
WilooxftGibbs Sewing Machines as Premiums.
For 56 subscribers, wim ails, a aoomacmne.
For ft subscribers, with lag, a 60 machine .
For SS subscribers, with 130, a 100 machine.
For 100 subscribers, with 300, a 100 machine.
Imsortaat Notice.
If youjeannot conveniently raise subscribers
enough to entitle you to a machine, as a pre
mium, send what yon can, with two dollars
for each subscriber so sent, and the balance In
cash for such priced machine a yon may de
sire, when the paper and machine will be sent
aa directed.
For example, where thirty subscribers and
Boo are sent, It win require wot in oaan In au
dition to the subscription money to purchase
a OK" 1 luovam. v., .v. ,j uuunv.. ..s.i . .uvi
tot), sixteen dollars additional will be requir
ed to purcnase toe aamtt priueu luacuine, ana
SO on in proportion .
We offer these unrivalled machines, bellev
ing them to be the simplest, most durable, use
ful and desirable sewing machine in the
world, with a view to giving workingman, or
deserving women a chance to obtain a machine
for mucn less money man in any oilier possi
hi 1 WAT
There is hardly a township In the United
States, a person can in a day or two, earn lor
himself a family machine actually worth the
price asked ror it tne same as soiu, wnen pur
chased of Wilcox and Gibbs, the manufactur
In many cases a few gentlemen might by
sending tneir names to us as suoscriuers, re-
nelve for themselves The Democrat each week.
and a machine for some poor widow or ; other
deserving woman, thns giving her the power
tooare for Her sell, and ramuy , ana live indepen
dent. Each machine we send out will be perfect,
and of the very best.
Address all letters on business connected
with the office to C. P. Sykes, publisher, P
O. Box. 5.217. N. Y.
Letters on political matters should be ad
dressed to M. M. Pomeroy, and if the writer
wishes them to be seen only by the person to
whom they are addressed, they should be
marked, when . if Mr . Pomeroy .is not in the
city, Ithey will be forwarded to him imme
diately Dy mail, express, or epeoiat messcn
In ordering papers, be careful to write the
names of subscribers with the postoftice, and
State very plain, that there may be no mis
takea In enterins- names or forwarding naiu-rs.
Retail price ot tbe paper when sold by news
dealers or newsboys, six cents.
Additions can be made to clubs at $2 per
Sneclmen conies sent free.
In forwarding sums of money for clubs of
subscribers, or arts or money orders snouiu al
ways be used, as, if lost or stolen, they can be
duplicated . anu no unanciai loss win De bus
tained by the parties Interested.
C. P. SYKES, Publisher,
P. O. Box 5,217, New York City.
We do not wish to Inform you. reader, that
Dr. wonueriui, or any otner man, nas ois-
OOvereor a remedy mat cures consumption,
when the nines are half contained, in short.
wiU cure all disease whether of mind, body or
estate, make men live forever, and leave death
so Play IOT want oi won, anu i umisncu su
make our sublunary sphere a Blissful para
diae. tn which Haavanltaalf shall be but a aide
show. You have heard enough of that kind of
nantDugcry, and we do not wonder teat you
have by this time become disgusted with it.
But when I tell yon that Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy will positively cure the worst cases of
Catarrh, I only assert that; which thousand can
testify to. Try it and you will be convinced.
I will pay S500 Reward for a eaae of Catarrh
that I cannot cure.
FOR SALE by most DRUGGISTS Everywhere
Pnica Only 50 Cists. Sent bv mall noat
paid, for Sixty Cents; Four package for $2.09;
or one dozen for 15.00. Senda two cent stamp
for Dr. Sage's pamphlet on Catarrh. Ad
dress the Proprietor.
14-3m K.v.riautuc M. XI. Buffalo. N.Y.
The Secrets of Youth Unveiled.
'IliAXlJS ,
a- xta hw t&
A ill , M ... .ID., w . ............ , .
post-paid, on receipt of two three cent postage
stamps. Address M. B. La Croix, 31 Maiden
. 1 1 w V
Lane, iuuiuiy, a. i
St. Louis Advertisements.
Thbbox Barn cm . L. A . PbAtt.
Second and Walnut Sts.,
Barnum L Pratt. ST. LOUIS, MO.
Importer and wholesale dealers, have
tbe largest stock of
Ever offered in the West.
No. 502 North Main Street,
Bet. Vine St., ft Washington Ave., St. Louis.
45,000 DOLLARS,
To be given away by the
Soap Company
$25,000 Brown Stone House,
$18,000 X3sr 3-OI.ID
$20,000 in Greenbacks.
EVEBT nnrchaser of one box of the MYRTLE
.-..a nA .h,nn in tlu iUstrihntlnn of the followln:
named prises: First ONE BROWN STONE HOUSE
la Brooklyn, New York, located on Third St., No.
vIMiln tvn uiiinm ofPrmnect Path, containing Uf-
teen room, and combining all the improvements of
a well built modern city residence. A notice Is post
.A ii m t.tiA hnnip. eivmfir an onnortnnltv to all oetsons
to visit and Inspect the property S25.0O0
Second Prize. 1.000
Third WO
8 Prizes ago each
8. 30 " 600
15 a. 2.400
800 " 10 8,000
1500 5 " 7,500
KflnPriTM.. 845.000
Being one prize to twenty chances Independent of
the arat erand prUe, In which all have an equal chance
New Yorlt, have an oia estaDusneu DnsiDeaa, ana
adopt this plan of making Valuable Donations, la con
necfton with the sale of this particular lot of FIFTY
for the Duroose of more exten
slvely advertising and lntroducin
Immediate dlstrtSntloB among SO,
nnl 1 1,1. TTnllMl RtatML Th If Ifl
and Introducing their SOAP, by an
so.ouo ami hob taroagB-
aad used. Confident that this Soap Is In reality the
pany have decided to make this ontlay In order to
rapidly Increase their already extensive business.
Every family must have Soap, and the Myrtle Soap
Company offer boxes containing 40 Bounds of their
soap for VlVK DOLLARS per box, every box of which
not aireauy uown
will go as tar in a lamiiy aa an ou pouou mix oi oral
nam anui. TlinA .V.TV tMirehaaer of a hox. obtains.
not only more value for 85 than coold be got In any
otner soap, out in uuiuu, wture, wo fiumuyv la
twenty or oecomlDg tne.possetisor oi trom so to i w r..i
not cost the for ton ate person one cent. Every family
should purchase a hox of this soap without delay. Of
coarse with such liberal Inducements families are
buying rapidly. The objector the company being to
distribute the soap ever as reat an extent of country
as'poeslblc. It is not desired that too many of the boxes
nld mi nils nlan. tro Into anv one locality. Only one
box of this lot will be sold to one family. The follow
ing Express Cornaenles by special arrangement carry
our soap by the single box at their heavy freight rates.
Adams Kxn. Co.: United States Kxo Co.: Wens. Paiwo
SB to.; n.uuDAi xvAp.: Auiufn.il Asercxiania t. ill oil
Dtp. CO.
By frelEht Uses the cost on lots of SO box, win
averave anons one nau cen. per poonu.
Tn. five dollars may be sent by Exoress with an or-
der to send a box of soap by return Express; or it may
be seat by post office money order or draft on New
York, with uirecBons lorenippingine soap,
Any person retting up a clnb of twenty families.
win receive an extra box. Including a chance In the
drawing, tree of charge.
We will on receipt of the money, forward a bill re
ceipted and numbered, keeping a correct record of the
Name of each purchaser and the Number, so that when
the lot is closed out we can tell who holds each num
ber. A drawlag will then he had on the plan of the
Royal Havana Lottery, which Is the moat correct and
Impartial plan known to the public. All purchasers
will oe nounea wnen me urmwanR; win MAO place, 1
that those who wish, may be present. But whets
p reseat or not, the Interest of each and all win be
guarded ante, anu tne fortunate persons notinej lav
mediately after the drawing.
Th. noted of the Hsovs STOTTB HOttSK Is dfmooiftovl
with the Safe Deposit Company, No. 148 A 148 Broad
way, n. I., m truss ior toe lucay winner oi tne nrst
No. mu.
AMOUNT rSStTRED, - - - - 825,000.
1 txa, sara uzruoi i tu jar ah i ,
am araw yobs,
14 and 148 Broadway, cor. Liberty street.
r KAJ.C1S at. Jautajs, Pres't.
Fkidiricx Fostbr, Sec'y.
njaMSvavt- Vint York. Jan.
Tor. Jan. 18, ltDu, from the Myrtle
Anu, no:, a deed of a brown stone dwelling, situated
nn th, mnrth side of Third street i No . 5aR.)Tn thn iH I v
Of Brooklyn, Kings county. New York, for account of
wnom IV may concern, sir aaxe Ktropuuc wim ana UJ
this company, for tbe sum of twenty-live thonsanc
rlnllAra. lawftal monev. to which amount the reanonsl
Olllty or in la ouuipauy mtAru to tms ueposit 15
hereDy umitea.
Signed by FRANCIS H. .TENETS. President.
Countersigned by Fhidkbick Fostbb, Secretary.
The Integrity and honorable management of the
Myrtle Soap Company of New York
Is vonchftd for hv many well known rentfemen. a few
or wnoee names we mention oeiow :
rion. waiter rtamraan, ti-oov. oi - ew nampsnire.
Hon. E. D. Webster. New York.
Hon. Galusha A. Grow, Ex-Speaker .U. S. House of
Major John L. Woods, St. Louis, Mo.
Georfte W. French, Esq., Agent South Shore Line,
Evansvllle. Ind.
Hon. N. O. Ordway, Sergt-at-arnis U. S. House of
All communications and remittances must be made
Commission Merchants, 70 Murray st-, N. Y.
Agents Myrtle Soap Co.
N: B. One reliable business man In every town Is
wanted, to act as local agent. T. fa. t Co.
All proposals ior advertising tne aoove mass oe
mdeto LEE at CO'S. Great Western Newsnnoer Ad
vertising agency, 407 and 400 Walnut street, St. Louis,
MANHOOD A" Womanhood. Essays for
voungmen.i.ee in sealed envelopes . How
ard Association-, Box P, Philadelphia, Penn.
a t trfliA
For sale by all dealers in
Seeds and
special Catalogue ofg tDS, either Whole
sale or Retail, seat to applicants
aa receipt of btamp.
Our large ( atalosue of Asrlrultural Imple-
nic ui, .T.iai ii I ii r. miu oh.1i a VVII oa a uauu-
some volume of about 300 paes, containing near-
y SOO 111
iilBairatioaa ot tne newest anu nest ior
d Household use, and Is sent, post-paid by
recent of $1 ; but we will refund this on re-
r Arm an
mall , on recent c
eeint of the nrst
order for oar goods. Address all let-
ten to R. H
l.l.H.V oV IJU. ,
New York.
P. O. Box 37 o
N. B. Ifvon want anythlne for use on vour Farm
send a stamp to as and we will either write you th
desired Information, or send you a special circular o
which we issue a large number.
d-i - A flHow I made it in 6 mos. with Sten
PjLttJclla samples mailed free. AJ.Fullaiiu.T
BE ST SIX tOBn f f ana .lOefb asattSt'WABHANTirD
A DAY. 40 new article for Agents. Bam
pies free. H.B.SHAW A -Jed Me.
St. Louis Advertisements.
Has the Patent Reversed Wooden agraffe
Bridge, patentFull ironFrame andPatentUiag
onal sustaining bar and compound Wrestplank.
The Patent Anon Piano remains in tune long
er and has the best quality of tone of any Pi
ano in the market. L .
It was awarded the 1st premium overSteinway
rhirb.vin .mi nth.ra at thePair of the Ameri
can Institute lpNew York, after a blindfold trial
The Patent Anon Pianos reiu.svi anu
Ohk-Thibd Octavbs. Price Lowbb thak
ANy othbr First class ihstbumbnt, ssw
Warranted for a Lrm Tims.
Fnll novpnOctuvM over S trans-Brass elegant
ly .i.h.H T,ri hA all the late improvements.
mis Piano is aecuieu uv an
al.nr. tr. i. tho. hBt PianO for the DTiCC in the
VTorld. This Piano is so low in price ir.ai naru
times can not affect it. Money invested in the
Parlor Gem is better tnan twenty per cem. in
terest. Agents wanted everywnere.
Wholesale and Retail Agent at the Music
Store of J. L. PETBBS ft CO., 212 N. Fifth
Street, St. Louis, Mo.
Temple Organs
Are the standard reed instrument of tbe age
containing the Patent Harmonic attachment
Manual Sub Bass Patent Knee Swell, Patent
Organ Bellows, Patent need noarn, patent ju
Diiane sou patent vox Human a iTcmoio.
Every Instrument warranted.
Send for Circular.
General Western Agent at Music Store of J
L. PETERS A CO. ,212 North Filth Street, St
t3 Churches, clergymen and teachers lib
erally dealt witb.
In ordering please state what paper you saw
tnts aavertisemem m.
Send for Prices and Samples
JL Nervous diseases, typhtns, gonorrhea, gleet,
stricture, chronic venereal disease, aflsettoB. of the
throat, skin or bones, as well as the effects of aendenl
or imperiect treatment ; also speruiatornea, impoten
cy, c The Doctor la a regular Graduate of Medl
cine, aa dlDloma at his offlce will show. His onpor
tunltlea 1b hospital and private practice are unsur
passed in this or any other city. Back flies of city pa
pers prove that he has been located her longer by
years tnan any outer so advertising, tae awaoiisii
meat, library, laboratory and appo
rivaled In the West, nnsnrpaased
with eznenenoe. can be rallad arjon.
oaa refer to many physicians of tala aad other all
t position he stands without competitor,
see the doctor la nerson orlvatelv. (Joint
cations oonfldentlal. No mercury used. Cures guar
anteed. A mendly talk will cost nothing. OtBce
central, y retired No. SIT St. Charles street.
aauis. Hours v a. m. to i p
tp yhlaSi tor two ittmii.
Woodward Bookstore
S03 Fourth St., ST. LOUIS.
Wholesale Department. 41 1 St. Charles-st.
DOOES forwarded by mail free of postage,
on receipt of retail price.
Wholesale Dealer In
20 North Main Street, . I '
SL. & Xj. CHASE.
For Millers, Grocers, Farmers and Merchant Gun
nies, Burlaps, Seamless Baps, Twines, Ac., Ac. Ware-
uouse a n. nam eireei, ol. i-ajuu, jso.
"Nbt BtrjTTl.nrB" will mall, post-paid, on receipt of
price, any oi ins own uooka on atmexeu list. Also ms
new "UAirjrBTt TBarrxBAJtcB soiro," with a large tin t
ed likeness of himself on title naare. Music bv C. E.
Pratt. Just out, and can be ordered wholesale and
retail, i rice or song &u cents per copy. Address k
7j. V. Judson, Koom 47, Lovejoy's Hotel, Kev
rork City. . .
The Mysteries and Miseries of New i ork
(2 Vols, in 11 - - - lr
si 50
Three Years After
The U'Hoysof NewTork
Ned Bantllne's Life Yarn .
The Conspirator's Victim
The White Cruiser
The Jew's Danghter-
Norwood: or, Life on the Prairie
The Bed Right Hand
The Buccaneer's Daughter-
f aTYrBlTlflillfJ and others Interested In Patent
JJll 1 KJtXO Business should aertress Edson
sv Patent Lawyers and Solicitors, 45 Nihth St.,
WASHixaTOX, D. D., for advice and circular.
tw-parMitinnrainMnr nn rnAinL
TattAr frnm H.n Tl C HotUSlT. former Com miS-
sioner orfatents,datea wasmngion, jsarcn su, mm :
I cheerfully commend to all persons who may have
bnslnAoui in t. p,tMit Office the firm of Edsou Bros..
aa gentlemen of prompt business habits, and in every
respect worthy ol confidence.
I concur in the above. T.U. THa.ABit.Ute com .fats.
felO Worth of Books for Nothing.
AWII.Y.HJIulpaVl Pioneer for'JT)
16 pages ot choice Music and interesting aiw
cellany in each number. Well printed on fine
Saper. Onlv 50 cents per annum, in advance,
plendidly Illustrated Books tor Premiums.
Circulars with list of premiums aad specimen
copy of Pioneer sent on receipt of stamp . F . J.
uuBTiseioN A Co. , 45a iiroome street, a . x .
"Economy is Wealths-Franklin.
WHY will people pay 50 or more for a Bawora hta
oarara when pa will buy one that ha a standard
ropntat.on.ls double thread, complete wlthTable, c
tr acted upon entirely new and practical principles,
runs by friction, excels allfothera ? These celebrated
Machines, biUy licensed, are Intended for poor people
who want to save time, labor and money. Agents
Wanteds MAchlnpaaent to Airenta and irlTqrn awav to
needy families. For circulars and reduced prices, ad
areas j . u. uttts m CO., or rranaun anu yuimuiw o
M. Co., Box 397, Boston, Mass.
CHAM. A. UAH A. r "
TV. -I,.. JtrtcU. and bia New Ytwk swwsgsper.
Everybody akes IL Three emttn.i Dailv. i ssi
Waajri-r, SEti and Wkilt, syear. Au.bb Hjwa
at nsn-pnee. ruu ivpori. o. ..... -v-
and VTult Grower.' Clnbo, and a eoaiP""V '?'',
una rruii urowcr. y.uijs - of v.luAble
weekly ana Beml-weeAiy nuiiiqiri. ... ;:"" .. .
tTindUin to e-nbrlberi lada-JWats to e-
Mowing MAefOneV'PArtor Onmn., StTMnrta.
among the premiums. Specimen, and lists free. Bernr-
DoUr V7. ENGLAND. Publisher Bun, New York.
" a si nm .A InaiirinrM. Viruilil x lain-
Important to Farmers.
THE Patent Chemical Barometer
will give 24 to 8 hours, notice of the ap
proach of a RTOttM and the changes of wind
and wxATiran. Every family should have one.
Sent Free on receipt of o.ii dollar. AddreBS
r . .11. n . i ' .
Room No. C, Times Building Chicago.
Glond for Price liatl
No. 372 Free. . CAtunrA V Irvncic
Make no mistake luwai u I iJUiiiiOi
in my address, or j
number of List. J Blnghamton, N. Y.
ImDrove vour Seed "The Best is
ine tjneapesi."
TIipi Premiiim
Sandxord Corn.
The earliest and most productive field Corn,
havinir vieldpd the naat unfavorable season
over 100 bushels Shelled Corn per acre. Jn
manv instances when planted in the same
nolrl with enual chance, has rinencd from
to 3 weeks earlier and yielded double the
umnnnr of other corn. Two busneis tnorease
in yield per acre will pay cost ol seed, senu
stamu for Descriptive Circular, with testl
monials trom reliable farmers throughout tbe
country. One quart, by mail, post-paid 75c. ;
two quarts, ei-zo : lour quai ts me
neck, bv exoress or freiaht. i ; ball' bushel
$3 ;one bushel, 5. AddressS.E FANNING,
Grower and Dealer in Farm seeds , J amesport
Lone Island. New York. 1 mo
DISEASES. A Physiological View of
Marriage The Cheapest Book Ever Published
Containing nearly Three Hundred Pages and
130 line Plates and Engravings or the Anatomy
of the Human organs m a state of Health and
Disease, with a Treatise on Early Errors, its
deplorable Consequence upon the Mind and
Body, with the author's plan of treatment
the onlv rational and successtul mode of cure
aa shown bv the reDOrt of CBSes treated. A
thruthful adviser to tbe married, and those
cnntemnl itintr marriane. who entertain doubt
of their physical condition. Sent free of post
aire to any address, on receipt offsets, in
stamps or postage currency, by addressing.
Dr. La Croix,
XTn Q1 M ; . 1 ,, T..T.A A IKanv "NT V
U.'Ul ill uiill-U q ... a . a.. - ' tJ u u j , - .
The author may be consulted upon any of the
diseases upon which his book treats, either
personally or bv mail, and medicines sent to
any part of the world.
Imperial Grin,
TO which we call particular attention, takes
the place of tbe Imported, and is far bet
ter than anv mixed Gin. bavins the same medl
clnal property as OLD GENEVA, at one third
the coat.
It is a distillation of the very best of RYE
SPIRIT and imported ITALIAN Ot.MI'til
will not milk or cloud. when mixed, a it con
tains no oil of any character whatever. For
thirteen years this brand has been favorably
known from Omaha to Portland, and New
York City alone now consumes 100 barrels per
Reins' the drat Distillers in tbe country
Gin distilled in this manner, parties ordering
or us can always obtain the original prime ar
tioie ; all otner d ran as are mere imitations.
rt' ami r o !a- J llL!.l.!..
uisiuiers ot opirirs ana vrni3.iBb,
S4 A 56 S. water Street, cnicago.
1.TVLD EYES made
IV new. easi ty with-
out eoctor or niea
llrlneqa. BqBDt BOqrt
I paid, on receipt of
itf cent.. Address
Dr. E. B. HOOIE,
lSSLellagton are
cor. of East 28th st.
IN. x.
Comfort and cure
the rupture.
Bent poet-pld on
receipt or iu cenis.
AdrtrMH Dr. K. B.
OOTE. aatnor oi
Medical common
mL K.n till 111 fl
alk, AC., C, ISO
Hfnt In sealed en
velope on reeejpt of
I1U CCUtoi. a".i i
1120 Lexington its.
eor. ot ri xntn st
Hew York.
rsr-rrtaxslTri nfirmr niiirw mrnt free on re
ceipt of one letter stamp. Address Dr. K. B. FOOTE.
uu Lexington ave., N.Y. .
Head the Following!
1 1 ) ' r
City Missionary of Boston
There certainly cannot be found a better
As an Expectorant it Has no Equal.
Bostok, Mass., Feb. 13, 1369.
Mxssbs. P. Davis & Son :
- OsUATUtaauv The package of Allen's Lung Balsam
you sent me to use among the afflicted poor In my
city missionary work, has proved very accepta
ble and useful. It has gone into several families, and
with remarkable effect in every Instance
One woman has been restored from what bar physi
clan pronouaced Consumption, after several months
sickness witb cough, great pain m the rungs and pros
tration, so that she Is able now to do housework and
assist in xne support at ner lamiiy, ana wuncarw anas
continued use oxu
f the Balsam, she expects entire restor-
Annthpr nprson.a vonnfir woman to whom I eave one
bottle, has received great benefit, so that her cough,
which was of months standing, is getting better, and
she has purchased the second bottle, and has every
indication of speedy cure.
A young man who wss raising blood, and quite
weak and sick, has by the use or two bottles been
much Improved, and Is able to do a little at his work.
A young man to whom I recommended a trial or it,
who has had a bad congh and much pain In his htngs
for months past, and unable to get rest or sleep, has
commenced taking lttal 18 now using tbe fourth bot
tle with great benefit. He said to me o.. a recent visit,
be would notdowlthoutlt. Hets htrplng fend reas
onably it seems to me) to be able to resume his work
again. Very respty and gratefully yours,
has. A. KoBav,C1tyMs1onary-
I. HI. Ii V KK IH fc CO.. Sole Proprietors, Cin
cinnati, Ohio. ..
amu uj tui 1 1 1 nga ' ss s
Improved Aluminium Bronze
$16, $17, $18, $20,
eoo aoc n. Tai..
Ioiuwqa, eAM, Wi iiauirn
and Gents.
Also Gents.'
chains, from $8 to
I $8.
Ladies' chains. $8
Improved Aluminium Bronx is a
diBTerina entirely from any ever of
fered to the nublic. It dualities and resem
blance to Gold are such, that even Judges
have been deceived. It has seriously oocu
aied the attention bf scientific men and has not
on I v called forth the eulosTiums of She press la
consequence of its peculiar properties but ha
also obtained a Gold Medal at the Pari, atx
poelUon. The raovexDenta are well flntahed ,
perfectly regulated, and a they are all maan.
tactnred tn our Kaotarj at Icle, Swltier.
land, I am able to warrant them as excellent
time keepers. Prices TOT LBOItS
and Cents.' size s"accordln g to
finish, 16, 17, 18, ao, 22 and 25
dollars. Cents." chains from f 3
to $8. Ladles' ch alns from 8
upward. Each Watch warrant
ed for ono year by a special cer
tificate. Goods sent by express C. O. D.
fexpreaa Agents wiU allow th good to be
examined before taken, upon payment of
charges both ways. Parties ordering will
please write plainly name of Town, County
and State. Circular sent on application .
42 ft 44 Nassau St., Mew Tore City, 8 doors
from General Post Office.
lii I i qsWqtaaaa avaBMBJ I
Alum & Dry Piaster
Axe most desirable for quality,
finish and price.
Cannot be Sledged!
Cannot be Wedged !
Cannot be Drilled
Please send for a catalogue to
(oldest tafe manufacturers)
. . , (2G5 Broadway, Now York.
Principal )?21 chef,lIJUt g,,., pUla
Warehouses (logu st.,cievcln.i r
And for sals Dy our agents fn th
principal cities throughout the
United States.
Burglar Safe
By our patent we entirely obviate all objeo-
tlrvna aa we nse o.rfe.tl v flrv fillinLT comnoaed
Dry Calcined Plaster
Paris and Alum.
We pack the mixto.-e between Use outer ana
inner cases, where it remains any number Ol
years, until Are melts tbe Alum, which con
tain a large quantity of water, and Urns satur
ates the Pla4WT,ea loraa tbeMowiB which al
ways preserve, the content, or the Safe, tbe
Plaster, by being wet. sets flrmly i and ewe
the Alum nar the outside is entirely naclled,
It forms cells which retain the precise shape oi
tbe lamps of th Alum; aad tbe SlUtut ol
Plaster keens the Sale as weH ntjed ae helore
the Are. The advarrtagea of oains; a dry fll: inj:
are very apparent, viz: it dr cs not mould tbe
contents of the safe; it never can rust the iron
it will always remain perfectly are-proof.
Alum & Dry Pfaster
Are most desirable for quality,
finish and price.
J V.ttf .10 1
Cannot be Sledged!
Cannot be Wedged
Cannot be DrillSdl
Please send fot a catalogn t
4 (oldest safe mannlartarersj
Princioal ( 206 Bdwax, New York.
And fr sale by onr agents in th
principal cities throughout the
United States.
aaSaSaVaSaSaSal PjsSJ.aAr
i ,i;C! Otil
tun tfitA
s better than cur reruiar shaped Axes for these rea
oaa. Klrst tl cat daiasr. Second U on't stick la
he woo. Thlr.l-It does not jar tbe hand. Foart
-" y me i. nqqiim m taairis; us, axe in . n . ...
Fifth With the same lalr you will do one-third
more work than with recnlar axes. Red paint baa
ap thing to do with the good qualities of this Axe, tor
all oar Axes are painted red. If your hardware store
does not keep our goods, we will gladly answer In
quiries or 01) yonr orders direct, or Ave you tbe same
or the nearest dsoxler who keeps onr axes'
Pltt.burg-h. Pa,
sole owaemaf QaBsrs' sad Bad Jacket Patents.
A Book for the Million.
A Private
Cuanselor to
the mrrted
or those about
to marry, on the ptiyMoloclca MStartee and
revelations of tbe aeznal my item, wltti the latest dla
oorertes In prodncluc and preventing oflsprtne. pre
serving the complexion, c. This is an taUrasuac
work of S4 paices, with numerous enc-ravtngs. and
contains valuanle Information Cur thoas who arenar
rled or contemplate marrlaite ; still It Is a book that
ought to be under lock and ky,aiiti not laid careless
ly about tbe bonse. Sent to any one rYs ef postage)
Ibr SO cu. Address Dr. Hutu Dispensary, No. UN.
Klghth street, Bt. louls, Mo.
Notice to the Afflicted and Hnlbrtunate.
fore applying to the notortonsUnacks who adver-
tlse In pobi
iduc pa
HiCDSDSxaor ustoif tiiv OuacL
peruse Dr. Itutu work, no matter whatyo
(a or how denlorabl vour condition. fr.
be consultsd, personally or by mall.
Of! tl)f 'lir
mentioned In hu works. Oil
Omce, No
12 N. Bctb-sU
bet. Market aCheatnat. Ht.uui.Mo.
Tbe Great Southing Remedy.
t Cures colic and
U'hlteooeb's tin- bowels, and
btros. (
the process or teetblns;. lOata,
Subdue, convulsions and; Price,
overcomes all diseases lad- SS
ilent to Intaats St children. ) Cat
On res dtarrtea, yseatry i Prlea,
and snmmer complaint In 9S
xblldre. ol all aaea. i Ceaea.
K v run.
It la the Oreat infant's and Children's Soot hlnr Kern-
edy In all disorders iiroucht on by teethlue or any oth
er cause. lSreparfd by le
Gbatton Mxdicjk Co, St Lools, afo.
Sold hy drnaxuta and JiqqrslniaBdlclBeeverrwbair.
By clsanslng tbe Wood and aronslns; tbe II
d secretive oraans to a healtkr aritVon. th
. Ibe snnprwed they no a Id teach, au.b a. HeadarbeJ
"TPaln In the side, NumhneaM of the hands and roetJ
run cure mmnv riimn .mi. wiiien in wimin rtrqn
Unllneas, Cblulneou JtbeomatUmearalala, iMmm
lolanoetite. BUtona DvasaBs. . . Klduev aWlionaJ
Klconstlpatlon, Debility, Fevers of all kinds, Iys-TZ
bpepaia, jaunaice, ana outer Klnorasl coBipsauitai'
arlslnx from a low state of the bodv or obsti aaSr"
Tf1"" of Its fttnctlons, Bcln free from merearyL
ir otner posvHi usoj tsas, bob sunn ,i qui uaqass.
.nd under all clrcnmstances wltboat recard tor
,il.t or bu.lD.sa.
Price 2 cents a box. Prepared try tne aranoni
Kedlotoe Co, St Lou Is. afo. I
ooiu Dy uruggiqHa inn nosier, in mwicuio uvoarj.
American Ssll Co.
Havinr sneceeded to
the business of tbe
American Bell OOaa
pany , all orders should
now be addnssaed to
Semi for Clroolars
tf, O.
jab. l. hates
Is. 140 Walnnt
A VICTIM of early Indiscretion
causing nervous debility, premature
decay, ate. bavin; tried in vaia every aaWaf
tlsed remedy, has a simple means of self cure
which he will send free to hi fellow aaSerer
for a stamp. We sell no drug or patent poi
son, but imply do as we say. Try a, aad
don't send to a doctor, rjuack or any other
fraud when von can cure yourself. Addraas
C. MACKEY. uu Centra St.. N. Y.
Plantation Bitters.
S. T. 1860 X.
This wonderfol vegetable roster
tire is the afcnnt irhsr of th
feeble sad debilitated. Asa tonii
and cordial for the aged and langoic
it has no equal among stomachics
As a remedy for the nerroas weak
bess to which woolen are especially
Hubject, it ia tniperaeding ererj
other sttmolant. In all climates,
tropical, temperate or frigid, ii
acts as a specific ia every sseeles ot
disorder which iiimailaiii tlu
bodily strength aad breaks dowr
the animal spirits.
For twenty-flye cents yon
can buy of your Druggist oi
Grocer a package of Sea
Moss Far iii e, maniifactiiret.
from pure Irish Mow, 01
Carrageen, which will make
sixteen quarts of Blanc
Mange, 'and a like quantity
of Puddings, Custards,
Creams, Charlotte Russe,
&c ate It is by far the
cheapest, healthiest and
most delicious food in the
08 Park Place, V. X
Carbolic Salve.
, ri Kll wII,
lie reaaBlta mt
medical research.
ctwll war l(
exteaalvelr awed la the
lossM to
oaly a
V ever
St i now presented la a
arcades, la the for of a
8AJLVK; ana, havias; befs al-
wraaai awa u wiy aianaa i
Sctif mmm9e9rm wmwmA.
and cffiM tn-i resnrfor afl
Stores and V ' .fj r.T iu.
aal roVskin dUeaaes ireneraliy.
Sold by H Dnisgiata. Prioo 9S osnss.
JOHN F. HKHB , Seie Prep "r,
N0.8C0LLECE PLACE. New York.

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